Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election ... Oy

This is my brother. This was his Halloween costume. I loved it. I laughed. It was some needed humor in an otherwise awful election cycle. Honestly? I'm not a political person. I live in my little bubble. I must admit, I'd never voted or paid that much attention to all the political hoopla. I don't know that anyone was able to avoid it this year. 

There are people who are actually excited about their candidate and are absolutely voting FOR that person. Then there are party people, who admit their candidate is flawed and is not their first choice, but is better than the alternative. Or they simply stand behind the upcoming Supreme Court posting positions and base their vote on that despite any dislike for the candidate. Throw in a few third party candidates and some extremely unlikely ( but not impossible) scenarios ... the election issues have been going on for a while, but really intensified in the last few months.

I've spent some additional time on the internet attempting to educate myself on some of the issues. I'll be the first to admit I don't have an understanding of several still. 

The comments section on posts and articles? Downright dangerous and disheartening to read most of the time. And the errors! When attempting to persuade others to your point of view, can I just say ... please proofread. Your instead of you're (heavens, use UR if UR trying to save a step, not your), are instead of our, their or there instead of they're. Heaven knows I'm not perfect, and if I don't catch and edit my own errors (especially if it's the your/you're) you can call me on it! Facebook allows editing. Fix it! I'm much more willing to accept (not except) a logical, well-thought out argument over the biased memes and tabloid articles. I've seen it on both sides, and it unfortunately undermines my opinion of whatever is being said. I'm more impressed with a list of positives.  I might be persuaded. Attack ads often create a backlash effect and put me on the defensive, especially with unproven and inaccurate allegations.

With my anxiety issues (crowds, lines ... leaving the house), thank goodness mail in ballots are an option (even postage paid). Additionally, I still needed info for voting beyond the presidential choices. It's the local and state policies that will be more likely to impact us immediately, yet they've  been a bit overwhelmed by the national debate.

All my reading up ... it's time I haven't been exercising. There has been some stress/emotional eating. Some curling up into a fetal position in bed. Sometimes more sadness about the conflict and hostility between family and friends than the actual issues. I've had to unfollow friends on Facebook, just because I couldn't stand the constant negativity filling up my Facebook feed (I'll have to try and go back and check into their lives after the election, if it's safe). I was not one to post political stuff myself. I'd hesitantly comment here and there, on friend's feeds, but didn't dare on public accounts. Here's hoping there is an actual END to the election itself, eventual acceptance ... and moving on, come what may.

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