Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016

November ... it can be a little tough on the eating/exercise front. We get busy with basketball, back in full swing. A couple birthdays (mine and Hubs) and of course Thanksgiving, which not only includes indulgence on the bit day, but candy corn and turkey cookies during the preceding days. It all showed up on the scale.

WEIGHT: Scale started at 175.8. Ended at 178.30. High was 180.5. Low was 173.3. Average was 177.05. NUMBERS: No deficit for the month, over by 2199. Average intake 2418. Average daily burn 2665. Step average 18194. Only 40min weights, 3091 cardio minutes, 238 exercise miles. FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical 20 days this month, 16 Zumba classes, hit the treadmill three times (wimpy walking, not jogging though). I'm unimpressed with myself. 

Here's a look at the day by day. 

*** JenB's Journal ***

1101 (Tuesday) 175.8. Steps 26075. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1357/1235 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Slight shift in the scale ... not as much as my usual post-Monday drop, but then again, I wasn't very motivated yesterday. Nor today. Just pushing through. I did hit the elliptical in the morning. Got the boys off, walked to/from Zumba. Got rained on for the walk home. Did some cleaning, blog posts, etc, but not a super-productive day. Didn't get around to doing weights. Middle school pickup, and elementary. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along to help. Open gym in the evening at 8:00, which coincided with #5's basketball practice at the middle school nearby, so he was able to hitch a ride with older brother, although I was on pickup duty at 9:00. Hubs dropped #3 off at the school after the derby so he could hit it partially too. 

1102 (Wednesday) 175.8. Steps 22220. Total Burn 2875. Exercise Burn 1048/1063 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs up and off early (like 3:00 early) and wouldn't be home until late, as he had a derby in Kaysville and would be leaving straight from work. I got the kids off to school and got in a couple elliptical sessions. Zumba with MZL. Class Stats ... 6336 steps, 2.88 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 372/441. avHR112, high133, in zone 8 of the 60min (I got there a little late, I was happy I still got my hour in). Scosche said 479 calories, avHR112, high150, in zone 15min. Stopped at Sam'sClub after to grab a few groceries, fill up with gas ($2.09 there, but $2.35+ everywhere else) and a stop at Lowes again, to grab another tarp. The pumpkin catcher is due tomorrow, not sure if there will be time for tweaking. #3 had his roads test after school and passed (but he said he almost didn't) so now it's just finishing up the hours and getting in for paperwork and picture. I picked him up from the high school when the test was done, and stopped and grabbed Dominos for dinner. #4 was trying to watch an NBA game and it wasn't working. I'd paid for League Pass through, but hadn't activated/linked it to our Comcast. The games HAD been showing up, but I guess it was a free trial that was now over. I told him to log on through Roku, and I'd try to link the accounts. He couldn't log on, and I couldn't log on either. Not on roku, the computer, an app ... anything. It wasn't really giving me an error or anything, it would just get hung up on the log in. I tried calling ... on hold in the queue for an HOUR. Finally got someone, and he has me clear cookies and restart the computer ... I know that's not the problem. He did say there was a problem with Roku streaming, but that it should be accessible from the computer, and we should be able to get the authorization through. Finally, he said something about my account being locked or blocked, and he took it off, and I was able to log in and push the authorization through. Not sure how long it takes for Comcast to get the info and make the channels accessible though. I told #4 he could watch on the computer. I'd had to call Comcast too, as I needed the account# for the authorization, and I noticed our bill had jumped $70! I'd added NBA TV, but that was just $10 a month. I guess our "special" had ended ... I don't recal being on any special or price time lock. But we lost out $20 discount for our bundle, and the "free" HBO and StreamPix (I don't even know what the latter was, but we had enjoyed the HBO GO from time to time) were suddenly not free anymore either ($15 for HBO and $5 for the other). So I cancelled those two ... unfortunately can't cancel cable or internet and there really aren't other options ... anyway, it was a long, frustrating and unproductive evening. Looking at numbers, calories in seem low. I need to do better at my calorie counting (in addition to quantity and quality). I'm wondering if I forgot some stuff, even with my bread binge today. Also, steps ... I should have walked TWO more!

1103 (Thursday) 175.4. Steps 24138. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1245/1159 (80minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2000. Hubs slept in a little, as he was sticking around, needing to help #3 get his "pumpkin catcher" to the school in the morning. Early elliptical sessions in while getting the boys off, then I hit Zumba with MountainView (6030 steps, 2.6 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 377/429. avHR116, high136, in zone 21 of the 59 minutes (I was a little late, they had started). Scosche said 587 calories, avHR128, high161, in zone 40min. I stopped at Maceys for some groceries (gotta restock the pebbled ice). I had to remember it was an early out day at the elementary (no school tomorrow for them) and when I went to pick up, #5 wanted to make sure his friend was covered as he hadn't been picked up yet and that mom is never late. So we waited while he called home and she had forgotten the early out but was able to come get him. I had told #5 he could come home with us if the mom couldn't come immediately and I think he was disappointed when she said she was heading out. In the afternoon, I dropped #3 back at the high school for basketball stuff (oh, and he did text during the day to say their pumpkin catcher successful caught all four pumpkins dropped from the school roof ... one of the only successful ones!) Hubs went straight from work to a derby, and then he and #3 went to the school to pick up the pumpkin catcher ... as it's also our duck pen, and the tarps and bungee cords can all be reused. 

1104 (Friday) 174.3. Steps 14624. Total Burn 2428. Exercise Burn 625/618 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1500. The littlest was out of school today (teacher prep for PT conferences next week) and with late start at the high school and middle school, I slept in a bit. #2 wasn't even going to school, as the girl's volleyball team was competing at state, and kids could get excused to go cheer them on. He still took #3 to school for me, although I was on pickup duty later in the afternoon. I got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical, but not feeling motivated enough for more (or weights). #5 had practice in the evening. Both teens were out with friends (and girlfriends) in the evening, but #2 brought #3 home, so Hubs and I were to bed early (with my "Find my Friends" active so I know exactly when the boys do get home).

1105 (Saturday) 173.3. Steps 10906. Total Burn 2168. Exercise Burn 105/357 (10minElliptical, LawnMow). Calories in 3400. I know I'm not motivated to move as much on the weekends. I keep trying to tell myself that it's okay, as long as I don't go overboard with the eating. Like yesterday, just keep calories in check. Good plan ... right? I was STARVING in the morning. We'd gone to a family baptism (nephew Will) and there were eats afterward. Some cinnamon roll pull-aparts, and orange-roll version too. I was so hungry and they tasted so good. And then I kept eating all day. It didn't help that Hubs grabbed Popeyes, and then made popcorn later too! There were treat temptations all day too ... Hubs had gone to Costco and brought home some salted caramels. I like the Costco ones, and they are a little less expensive too, so I don't feel as guilty consuming more (less cost, but still calories!) #2 was working (although we had him with us for the morning). #5 had his basketball game at 12:30. Unfortunately, while we'd won this team before, we weren't able to get the win today (and it was the start of the single elimination tournament, so the 5th grade team is done for now). #3 went to a movie with friends in the evening, which did require a drop off and pickup ... I was anxiously awaiting it so I could go to bed. So tired! 

 1106 (Sunday) 175.7. Steps 5004. Total Burn 2019. Exercise Burn 0/196 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. We didn't have our usual big family breakfast ... not waffles and smoked bacon anyway. I still made hashbrowns and pancakes, but didn't make a big enough batch, so I didn't have one. Not a big loss (other than in calories, which isn't a bad thing). In the early evening we headed out to my brother's house of the monthly gathering on my side of the family. Scones at Scott's this time. Some visiting and eating and then home and to bed.

1107 (Monday) 175.6. Steps 24976. Total Burn 3066. Exercise Burn 1341/1243 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1995.  Back to the routine ... although we're doing a switch up with the middle school carpool, as a couple of the kids will be practicing for the school play after school, so their mom wouldn't be wanting to pick up just our kids. So now I'll just drive to school on Wed/Thurs, and pick up after on Mon/Tues. It gave me a little extra time this morning, and I got in an extra 10min elliptical session (in addition to my regular two 20min ones). Hubs didn't get up though ... I checked on him after my first elliptical session and he was having a mild meneires attack. Not full fledged, but felt like it might be coming. I got him a bucket and made sure he was settled. Not a whole lot else I'm able to do :(  I got the boys off to school, and I hit my Zumba with Southziders. Slow start, as we didn't have a key to get in originally. Stats ... 6225 steps, 2.78 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 409 and 432. AverageHR121, high143, in zone 31 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 624 calories, avHR126, high157, in zone 38min. One gal I'd chatted with at Debbie's class a few weeks ago had mentioned that "Three Little Birds" was a favorite of hers (mine too) and I thought about asking Nina to put it in ... but she did even before I said anything. Afterward the gal came up and gave me a hug, and with tears in her eyes said she'd really needed the positive message of that song that day. I know it's impacted me too (Marian put it in the day after my dad's heart attack). I did a stop at Smiths on the way home. Hubs had done a little shopping on Saturday, grabbing a couple of the "buy 10 get $5 off" deals, and had accidentally only grabbed nine of one of the items, so, I bought one more and got our credit, and grabbed some groceries ... but forgot bananas! We needed bananas. My son thinks the "Yes we have no bananas" song is stupid, especially when true. Hubs was still in bed. His attack never fully manifested, but he'd planned on coming home from work early anyway, so there wasn't much point in going into work. He got started prepping dinner. Yes ... my husband does dinner as often (or more so) than I do now. Smoked chicken and turkey breast and mashed taters. I did pull some Rhoads rolls out to rise. My contribution. I also do the dishes when he cooks. I was on triple pickup duty. #2 was staying after for basketball tryouts. BASKETBALL TRYOUTS! My senior is a shoo-in, but there is quite a bit a competition for the sophomore. Anyway, I had to pick up #3 has his tryout time wasn't until later. I thought I left early enough, but I was running late to pick up middle school, which stresses out my son. Then elementary school pickup. Dropped #3 back at the school for basketball and texted #2 to tell him to plan on coming home for dinner. It was nice to have him around, and he even went back and grabbed his brother when sophomore tryouts finished up, saving me the trip. Dinner was good. I got my "after eating sleepies" really bad ... I was so tired. I was almost asleep when the youngest came in saying #3 was having a bad cramp and crying out. I guess this has happened a few times before. An intense cramp in his leg, super painful, lasting about five minutes. Not a lot that I could do other than waiting it out with him.
1108 (Tuesday) 174.6. Steps 25021. Total Burn 3134. Exercise Burn 1245/1225 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 20minBike). Calories in 2000. Got the kids off to school and walked to Zumba. It was a beautiful day out! Even nicer on the way home, when I was a little warm from my workout and the brisk air felt great. Stats for class were 6028 steps, 2.6 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 381/417. avHR117, high140, in zone 21 of the 61 minutes. Scosche said 566 calories, avHR121, high161, in zone 24min. I had my three school pickups in the afternoon again. I left a little earlier for the high school, so I wasn't late for the middle school today. There was a Charmelon on the "nearby" feature for PokemonGo! That's pretty huge! We drove around for a bit hoping it would show, but no luck. At least the kid isn't quite as fixated on it anymore ... although his obsession has had some good points (getting him out of the house and active). Needed to run #3 back to the school at 6:00 for second day of basketball tryouts. Pickup at 8:00. Aunt Olivia had mentioned coming over to cut the boy's hair, but I think she forgot it was the election when she had said "Tuesday" ... she went up to the Utah Republican headquarters for the evening. She likes to be involved. We did end up watching the election results. Even the kids were interested (they'd held a mock election at the middle school). I must admit I was surprised at the turn of events. I guess I'd believed the polls and predictions of an easy win for Hillary. I just can NOT picture Trump in the role, he is not presidential! I didn't vote for either of course. There had been a huge push in Utah for 3rd party Evan Mcmullin and there had been a time I had thought he might take the state anyway ... but it wasn't even close. I'd been really nervous all day, afraid the election might be too close to call (and thus NOT ending ... please just let it end) and also fearful of violent reactions from Trump supporters if HRC won (they'd been proudly posting memes about taking up arms and storming the white house), but the results are in, there is an end, and while I heard about some violence from discontents, the speeches given were good and hopefully we can move on.

1109 (Wednesday) 176.2. Steps 24716. Total Burn 2964. Exercise Burn 1242/1143 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. The bigger boys didn't have school today. There were some ACT prep classes going on at the school that I thought would have been worthwhile, but the boys opted to sleep in. I drove to middle school today and had pickup also, as the gal in the carpool was out sick today. I'd gotten in my early elliptical, and then hit Zumba with MZL. Class stats ... 6159 steps, 2.71 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 340/389. AvHR113, high138, in zone 9 of the 60min. Scosche said 566 calories, avHR122, high179, in zone 23min. Sam'sClub afterward for some groceries. The day after the election, Hillary did give a concession speech (I don't think Trump would have) but there is obvious discontent, especially after it was shown she actually won the popular vote. While the effects of this election don't impact me personally as much as for many out there, I'll admit I had some nervous eating today while I was reading up on issues. Seriously, I could NOT stop! The boys had basketball tryouts in the evening again, and made the cut again.

1110 (Thursday) 177.2. Steps 21438. Total Burn 2818. Exercise Burn 1049/992 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. It's my birthday! Regular routine still ... which I actually like. Got the kids off to school. There has been constant construction in front of the middle school since it started (and all summer actually). This morning it was really bad, turning in on 9800 I couldn't even tell which lane I was supposed to be in. I was in the wrong one for a minute before I saw a car coming straight on in the other direction. A mess! After getting elementary off, I hit Zumba with Mountain View. Class stats ... 6317 steps, 2.76 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 410/421. AvHR115, high142, in zone 16 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 558 calories, avHR120, high156, in zone 19min. I stopped at Smiths to grab the bananas I forgot on my last trip ... some other things too, as always happens with shopping. Got a call at 2:00 from the munchkin telling me it was a short day! Oops. I didn't forget, I didn't even KNOW it this time! Grabbed him quick, then picked up #4 from middle school, then #5 and I went back for his PT Conference. #3 had stayed after school today for final tryouts. Hubs and I met my parents at Archibalds for dinner. I also brought one of the stainless steel tumblers we love for Mom for her birthday. Dinner was good, I was full ... and sleepy, as I always am after eating. Back at home, #3 was anxiously awaiting the final results posting (at the school, but a friend was there and would take a picture and send it). He made it! Seven sophomores and five freshmen. Final varsity announced tomorrow after interviews ...

1111 (Friday) 177.7. Steps 12949. Total Burn 2390. Exercise Burn 650/561 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2005. Late start, no elementary again either. #2 had brought cookies home last night (from his girlfriend's house) ... I'll admit, I had some for breakfast. Then a couple more. I'm not sure if the universe was prompting, or if he just knows me, but #2 texted from school "I'm going to want some of the cookies" ... unfortunately, he was too late. I mean really, you can't just leave things out like that when CookieMOMster is around. I felt guilty for eating all his cookies and made a batch (I almost told him to have Kate text her recipe so I could replicate more exactly, but then I just used our old chocolate chip stand-by). With varsity practice right after school, I was on pickup duty for #3. As I pulled up I witnessed a hug with a girl ... so if he hadn't come clean to me a couple weeks prior, I would have suspected something at this point! I ended up needing to pick-up middle school too, as our carpool kid had come home early. Lot's of driving duty this week ... I'm grateful I'm a SAHM with a flexible schedule (other than my own inflexibility). I don't know how working mom's work it all out. Sometimes the older boy's basketball overlaps and #2 is able to provide rides for #3, but often the varsity and sophomores are on different schedules. I had to drop #3 back to school for his practice. This was at the same time as #5 needing to get to his, but team members there helped me out getting him to/from. After some back and forth pickup requests, #2 was able to bring #3 home before heading out for a mini-golf date. My MFP "said" calories were in check ...with all those cookies? I try to be honest with my input, but admit I'm not a weighing and measuring type of gal. Estimates can be so off even under more strict circumstances. Arrggh ... the eating! 

1112 (Saturday) 177.4. Steps 13824. Total Burn 2508. Exercise Burn 450/712 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Not a ton on deck today. I was able to get a couple elliptical sessions in fairly early. Some cleaning. Hubs had the kids doing some work and we got the bathrooms cleaned, even the downstairs one (it was pretty scary!) #5 had his basketball game at 4:00. They got an easy win again, so onto the championship against Mayhem again next week (we are 1 and 3 against them). Hubs had put ribs in the smoker, and we invited my folks out to eat with us. They hadn't experienced our smoked meats yet. I hadn't planned on Brazilian cheese rolls (I'd put Rhoades out to rise) but then made some for my dad, who has Celiacs (and the Brazilian cheese rolls are gluten free). Then Aunt Olivia came over to give the boy's haircuts ... they needed it!

1113 (Sunday) 177.6. Steps 8233. Total Burn 2025. Exercise Burn 200/209 (40minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 3200. Lazy Sunday. We had our big family breakfast, with smoked bacon, eggs and waffles. No big dinner today, but I still snacked and ate plenty, then had Hubs make popcorn as we finished up season 1 of "Strike Back" (I'd already seen it, but now he's caught up to me). I did feel a little urge to move, but not quite the motivation for a big workout. I walked on the treadmill while I watched an episode of "Containment" ... which is catching my interest more than any of the premieres I've been attempting.

1114 (Monday) 177.5. Steps 24182. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1330/1241 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Back to my daily routine. I got in a full hour of elliptical in while I got the kids off to school. Three 20min sessions. Double drop off this morning.  Zumba with Southziders. Stats ... 6791 steps. 3.06 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 458/502. avHR124, high149, in zone 40 of the 65min. Scosche said 652 calories, avHR127, high163, in zone 38 min. Hubs had put a brisket in the smoker and I needed to wrap it when it hit 160°. I had thought of stopping at a store on the way home, but didn't know if the brisket would hold. It did. Stalled for hours, and I didn't end up wrapping it until after 1:00. I was on double duty for pickups after school. The middle school had a complication, as we weren't allowed left off Bangerter and I had to take the next exit and circle back. Constant construction there! All the carpool kids, which is a little harder, as we have to flip the seat up and get one in back. After school, I took the littles over to the neighbor's house. They have a puppy, and the Mr is off hunting (usually he works from home, or can get home to give the puppy some play/potty time out of the pen) so we had been asked to fill in. The two boys played with her for a good 45min! Hubs came home from work and finished prepping dinner, making potatoes. I'd put rolls out to rise, but they'd over-inflated and fallen. I had to go back to the high school to grab #3 from practice. Maga had come over to join us for dinner. With my early exercise start, I'd planned on getting some additional in, but had just done one more 20min on the elliptical. But by 9:30 I was out! Even beat hubby to sleep.

1115 (Tuesday) 177.4. Steps 25638. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1388/1242 (100minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Another good morning, with a full hour of elliptical in-between getting the boys off to school. It helped that I didn't drive middle school this morning, or I probably wouldn't have gotten a full 20min for one of the sessions. The weather is still nice, although there is a cool down in the forecast. I took advantage and walked to/from Zumba. Couldn't quite get the HR up today. Stats ... 5390 steps, 2.37 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 347/357. avHR111, high136, in zone 12 of the 58 min. Scosche said 479 calories, avHR116, high153, in zone 14min. I've been so unmotivated in my home alone time. I did go down to the bike to get some reading/riding in, but was feeling a weird pain in my left leg. It just wasn't comfortable and I didn't think I could do a full 30 min. I did another 20 on the elliptical instead, as it didn't seem to aggravate the issue at all. Should have done weights, I just can't quite push myself to start it lately. I was on triple pickup in the afternoon. We were on puppy duty again next door. Hubs was home early and left with an unwilling #4 for a derby. I ran #3 back to the high school for his practice, with a pickup three hours later ... long practice! Horrible with the eating today! Hubs had picked up some caramel/pretzel snaps and I just kept sticking my hand in and grabbing some until I finally bagged it up and put it out of sight. Then Hubs brought home some chick-fil-a after the derby.
1116 (Wednesday) 178.3. Steps 25759. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1216/1201 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning send off. One 10min session instead of a 20min one. Just got up out of bed a little late. I even had the morning off of middle school carpool. Still got in my 80min total for the day. Zumba with MZL. Class stats 6221 steps, 2.85 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 319/408. AvHr109/high143, in zone 7 of the 60min. I didn't have my Scosche today. I couldn't find it. With yesterday being Marian's class, and me walking, it wouldn't have been in my purse or car. I was perplexed and frustrated but didn't want to be late so I went without. I can't help thinking about it though ... when I got back home I looked all over the desk area, because I was sure I'd taken it off and put it down there. Then I looked to the side. A kitty must have knocked it off as they are notorious for doing. It was there in my shoe basket. Glad I found it. I need to consistently put it in one place. I had stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. We were almost out of milk. Grabbed a few other items as well. I'd been battling a headache since the morning. I don't eat in the mornings, and didn't want to take any medication on an empty stomach. I'd hoped Zumba would chase it away, but it was still there. I took some ibuprofen, and ended up taking a little nap ... because I can. I'm spoiled. I just couldn't read or move without aggravating the pain in my head. It was better after the nap. I wasn't scheduled for middle school pickup but the gal who was said her girl was staying after. I didn't think the others in the carpool were coming either, as they are in the school play and often have practice, but they there. Came back over to our house after drop-off too, as their mom wasn't home and they didn't have a key or any way into the house. I had to run for elementary pickup, and then the little boys went over for puppy playtime (but our neighbor did get his buck, so he will be home tonight, so it was the last day, although they've said our boys would be welcome to come play any time). Poor #4 had an allergic reaction today! I guess the puppy was more licky and scratchy on his face than the past two day when we didn't have any issues. Today ... lots of bumps and swelling. I gave him some benedryl, and it knocked him out for the night! I made a food run to the high school, as the boys were staying for practice and the "Meet the Team" night activity ... wouldn't get home until late and they were starving. I just dropped off some stuff, then went back around 6:00. Good thing I went early, because it started early! They introduced the sophomores, then split them into two teams and had them scrimmage. Even with only six players, #3 didn't start, but made two quick baskets as soon as get got in (and played the rest of the game). His team won easily. Then the girls played, then JV vs Varsity, and then Varsity vs the Faculty. I got a little stressed out, because they were passing around the sign-up sheets, and I didn't want to get last pick! We are required to volunteer (isn't that an oxymoron?) for two shifts in the snack bar, hosting a team dinner (with a few other parents), and providing lunches for the team on an away game day (with another parent). As I have two on the team ... double for me. I'd only want the JV snack bar shift, as I'd want to be watching my boys in the Soph and Varsity games. By the team the sheet got to me, there were only three JV shifts even available. I took those and they said that would be fine (although I technically should have done four). I signed up for the last dinner date (Hubs and I had discussed him smoking ribs for the team, we'll see) and a lunch ... taking two of the four spots for my double duty on the dinner and lunch. After the games, it was the parent meeting, which was mostly old info, as this is our third year. #2 had headed home, but #3 had come to the meeting (still eating some of the food I'd brought) and when we left the building ... SNOW. Huge flakes, and it was freezing! I know it's November, but I'm not ready for snow. They had construction on the corner, saying we couldn't turn right ... onto the street the leads to our neighborhood. It wasn't a huge deal, as there is another entrance if we kept going straight, but I'm so dreading all this construction starting up again. They completely tore up the road not that long ago, and it was so terrible! They'd completely block off the roads/turns we needed. Sigh. Hubs was already asleep but I wasn't quite ready for bed. I had a treat ... which I shouldn't have, because I'd actually done okay on eating up to that point.   

1117 (Thursday) 177.3. Steps 27734. Total Burn 3086. Exercise Burn 1228/1286 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 1.75mileTreadmillWalk). Got in my three 20min elliptical sessions, even with driving middle school carpool to school. Elementary as always, then off to Zumba with MountainView. 5937 steps, 2.64 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 349/415. AvHr117, High 143, in zone 25 of the 55 minutes. Scosche said 516 calories, avHR123, high154, in zone 31 min. Class was complicated by a cleaning crew coming in. They didn't kick us out, but shifted us over while they started on one side. The smell was a little overpowering at one point. Christa wasn't there today, so it was just me and Marian and a fairly small group. After class, I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some bananas, ice cream and other things. Restocked our Fresca. While I was walking in, a guy in a car beckoned me over to chat ... politics? He was so soft spoken, perhaps high, I could hardly hear him ... and what I did hear didn't make any sense anyway. Something about having me sign something for a million dollars, not liking Trump, and thinking he would be a better president. I was freezing (in my sweaty clothes in the cold) and finally was able to excuse myself to go shop. Worked on some video stuff during the day. Got in a couple 10min sessions to finish up my 80min elliptical, and then did an easy walk on the treadmill. Should jog, but just haven't felt up to it. #5 asked if a friend could come over after school ... I said yes, but then the friend never showed, so we recruited #5 (unwillingly) to go help Dad with a derby. He wasn't happy about it. Hubs had been up uber early again (3:00ish ... same as yesterday) so I was surprised when I fell asleep before him. I've been wiped out every day!  

1118 (Friday) 176.9. Steps 14832. Total Burn 2456. Exercise Burn 840/679 (80minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Late start so sleep in. 7:00 instead of 6:00. Got an elliptical session in, then woke the elementary and high school boys and got them off to school. Another elliptical, and got #4 off. Spent some time on the computer putting all the boy's basketball game on the calendar. Also did a couple Muvees. The bigger boys need to get a physical before they can play basketball, so the deadline is coming up. I tried calling our pediatrician, but just got an answering machine to call back during business hours. Didn't say what business hours were ... not open on a Friday? We've been with this guy for a while, but it's been a struggle to get calls/appointments and such. Might need to switch. Happily we haven't needed our pediatrician much. I had sent out a couple messages to a couple neighbor/friends who would be able to fit the bill (chiropractor, helped us for a scout physical before) but hadn't heard anything back. I tried calling MY physician, but after waiting on an annoying beeping hold for 15minutes I gave up. Tried looking up some on our plan ... my first call, they said unless you already had a relationship with a doctor, they couldn't get you in until February! I tried a couple more and finally got an appointment for Wednesday, when the boys are out of school. I'll be glad to have that done and turned in and off my mind. Hopefully we won't have a billing fiasco like last year (I did end up calling the same place we went last year, but this time our insurance should be up to date. It is brand new but they are on the list). THEN I get an email from Amazon about my $99.99 and $49.99 in app purchase for Gears of War ... WHAT? I quickly jumped online and reported it, although they didn't have a "fraud" option, just "purchased in error". I saw a new device, and de-authorized it. I deleted the game purchase (the original free one) and then was on the phone with customer service, and they will refund it. Of course we also reset the password to the account. Fraud is so frustrating, even if it's taken care of, it ruins my day. I hope our actions made it so whoever bought the stuff wasn't able to play it for long. This happened right as I needed to leave to pick up early out elementary. I had to drive with my hands free mode activated. Then I was waiting for #4 to get home. If it goes past 3:10, I start to worry. More that HE is freaking out then really worrying that something has happened. Waiting. Waiting. I finally texted the mom who was supposed to pick up today, and I guess the other mom had said she would, but then forgot. Poor #4 was in tears when they finally got home and wants to quit the carpool and just have me drive him to/from everyday. It is a little tempting. While having backup and a break is nice, sometimes it's hard to rely on others ... especially if they aren't reliable. I had to remind him I'd been late myself once (not THAT late, but things happen). But still ... stressful!

1119 (Saturday) 175.5. Steps 10858. Total Burn 2192. Exercise Burn 415/376 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3200.  Happy birthday to Hubs. What does he do on his special day ... goes into work. On a Saturday no less! Silly Husband! #2 had early basketball practice, and then stopped and grabbed some Dunford donuts to bring home afterward. Donuts. When Hubs came home, guess what he brought? Donuts. From Tasteys this time. Both are yummy ... which I know from personal experience. I did get a couple sessions on the elliptical in. Finished up the show "Contagion" on Netflix, which ended up just being the one season. Then #5 had his championship game for the 6th grade lower division. Against Mayhem ... again. We've beaten them once, but we're 1 and 3 against them. Make that 1 and 4 after today. Just couldn't make it happen. I think the boys held it together a bit better this time though (there were some tears last lost championship). Maga wanted to take us out to dinner for birthdays (mine and Hubs). We had thought adults only, but I thought the kids might like to get out of the house and join. We went a little early and stopped at Maga's house for some kitten time. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. We just beat the rush. It's always been a favorite restaurant, but since Hubs has started smoking meats himself ... well, Texas Roadhouse, and any steakhouse or BBQ joint has lost a little appeal. I mean ... he just makes it better, at home. We had our meal, took Maga back, Hubs was in a bit of a hurry to get home because ... he had a turkey breast smoking. Not that we were hungry, he was really just testing it out prior to Thanksgiving. We were still too full from dinner, so I told Hubs I'd make him a lemon jello birthday cake tomorrow. Between donuts and dinner I was already uber over on calories anyway. 

1120 (Sunday) 176.7. Steps 3704. Total Burn 1921. Exercise Burn 0/122 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early to put the pork butt in the smoker. With it in there, he couldn't smoke bacon for breakfast, so instead of our big Sunday Circles waffle breakfast, we just did pancakes. We had the pulled pork for a late lunch, after church, before #2 had to head to work (he's so seldom home for Daddy's smoked meats). It was a very lazy day for me. I did go hit the stationary bike for a bit (but didn't bother moving the pedometers to catch the steps). I only did it for 8min/2miles, just testing out how my leg felt, as it had bothered me Tuesday when I tried to bike. It was feeling fine ... but it was my rest day today, so I stopped anyway.  Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of "Strike Back" and I DID make the lemon jello cake for Hubs today.

1121 (Monday) 177.2. Steps 24713. Total Burn 3053. Exercise Burn 1312/1227 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I didn't get my full hour elliptical in this morning. I was just running a little late but figured I'd hit it again once my middle schooler got picked up, before re-checking a text from the other carpool mom. Last week she asked if we could switch the drive to school (her Monday for my Wednesday) and I realized she meant every week ... so I was actually on driving duty today. I was a bit stressed about it, because there had been signs on the road the past couple days saying a portion of the road would be closed completely, to take an alternate. Of course the alternate route is also under construction for the past week, not allowing a turn onto the street with the school, so what way to go? The road WAS open, turns out they couldn't work in the rain, and it was raining. So the closing is pushed to tomorrow. Anyway, just two 20min sessions in the morning, then off to Southziders for Zumba. Had to put chairs away, as it looks like there had been a fireside or something and people had just left everything out. I also realized I forgot my water jug! I remember feeling a little light as I left this morning. The water fountain in the building had COLD water (I like it cold) but it's just hard running out of the gym for a drink. I got good stats though. Heart rate anyway. 6289 steps. 2.83 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 470/455. AvHR127, high161, in zone 45 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 739 calories, avHR136, high187, in zone 51min. I stopped at Reams on the way home to grab a few groceries. I was on triple pickup for the afternoon. #3 had agreed to let me come late, then go straight to the middle school ... thus avoiding the closed road, which didn't end up being closed. Had to run #3 back to the school for basketball practice a bit later, and pick him up again a couple hours later. The rain in the morning had stopped during the day, but started up again just in time for all the pickups (the kids got pretty wet) and for the later drives. 
1122 (Tuesday) 177.2. Steps 22157. Total Burn 2967. Exercise Burn 1251/1145 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950. I was able to get in my full hour in the morning. It helps when I don't drive middle school carpool, although I usually don't dare go down until I know #4 is off for sure (whereas on driving days I need to get it in before we leave). The day was nice, there was sunshine, but 39° ... wasn't sure if I wanted to walk. I decided to just drive. Class was good, a minute or two short as Marian needed to get to an appointment. Class stats 5918 steps, 2.66 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 375/434. AvHR120, high147, in zone 32 of the 58 minutes. Scosche said 576 calories, avHR126, high158, in zone 38min. With early and close Zumba, Tuesdays are the day I have the most alone hours to accomplish something ... yet very little accomplished. Double pickups in the afternoon. #3 was staying for basketball practice. I was ready to pick him up after, but he decided to stay and watch the girl's game (they demolished!) so pickup was pushed until 8:30. He hadn't packed an after school food for staying so long. Hubs did a grocery shopping trip after work (yes, he's often doing the shopping now too, as he's a bit more particular about certain products) and picked me up some red icing I needed, as I was making turkey cookies, a Thanksgiving tradition. According to MFP I didn't go over on calories ... did I remember to log everything? I THINK so, but didn't feel deprived or that I'd been "good" so I wonder. I need an implant that I can't fudge.
1123 (Wednesday) 177.1. Steps 10351. Total Burn 2263. Exercise Burn 250/455 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was off to work as usual, but the kids were out of school, so there was some sleeping in. I'd planned on hitting Zumba, but as I got up, I just felt off. A little lightheaded and fuzzy. I skipped Zumba. I did go down for a session on the elliptical, but then I never made it back down. Pitiful. There was some cleaning and such, as we are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Funny how one thing leads to another. I had the kids pull their shoes from a basket upstairs, taking them to their room. This lead to a complete shoe and closet cleanout that really had nothing to do with prepping the house for company (which the boys reminded me a few times ... "WHY are we doing this now?") The older boys had basketball practice over at the high school. I dropped #3 off at 12:00 and planned to grab him at 1:15, as we had their physicals scheduled. #2 ended up going back to the high school for something and grabbed #3 and met me at the doctor's office. Physical done. I've uploaded their report cards and paid the fees, so now they should be good to go. #2 took off as he had work. #3 and I went to Sears as he needed some new jeans. We don't do the traditional "back to school" shopping, but just buy as needed. He hadn't gotten new ones for a couple years. Still fit into the "kids" (sz 18/20) but they are about half the cost of the mens, so yea! Also grabbed him a couple dress shirts as the one he's been wearing on Sundays is too small. Lots of waiting and walking around while he was trying stuff on. #5 got picked up for a playdate with a basketball buddy, which was fun for him. Daddy and the boys left around 5:30 to head downtown for the Jazz game. Hubs had received four prime tickets (price said $650 each), row four, with parking and dinner included. I enjoyed my quiet evening at home. I should have hit the elliptical again, but I didn't.
1124 (Thursday) 178.7. Steps 9582. Total Burn 2248. Exercise Burn 200/414 (30min/1.5mileTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2300. Thanksgiving Day! Hubs was smoking turkey today! He'd bought two 12-pound birds and a breast ... the variety was more for his desire to try different cooking tricks than to make sure we had enough food (we had SO much). When he was done with his prep, I did my stuff ... making jello cubes and a cool-whip dessert. The boys were very good, chipping in whenever we asked (moving furniture, peeling potatoes, getting out tables/chairs, etc ... even cleaning the bathroom!). Maga brought rolls and pies, Aunt Ana brought a salad ... we were set. The joke is that Maga (Grandma Pammy) never gets a warm meal, because she is always still working in the kitchen. Well she did today, and it was Hubs who never sat down. He did a great job though, even though ONE turkey would have been enough. We had plenty to send leftovers home with everyone. I liked having it here at our house. We don't have a ton of room, but we didn't have a big crowd this year (one brother is out of state, the other was doing Thanksgiving with friends). Just a dozen of us. I loved being able to sneak away to the bedroom and just lay down for a bit after. I am always SO tired after a meal. Need that horizontal time. We got things fairly cleaned up. Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of "Strike Back" and then time for sleep.

1125 (Friday) 180.5. Steps 15398. Total Burn 2648. Exercise Burn 620/650 (40minElliptical, 35minZumbaPractice). Calories in 2300. Black Friday ... certainly so on the scale, black as in BAD though, not "under" or a good deal. I had tentatively planned on hitting Zumba with MZL. I had wimped out on Wednesday and hadn't been to them this week. But when I checked Facebook, they weren't at the West Jordan church, but the Kearns one. That further distance was enough to dissuade me. I have been to the building a couple of times, but it's out of my comfort zone. I got in a session on the elliptical. Hubs ran some errands, and took #3 to the DMV to get his driver's license. The boys and Dad had a game of Clue, and then I took the boys to the church for some basketball. I did some practice Zumba while I supervised. Didn't bother with the Schoshe, bit Fitbit stats were 3689 steps, 1.64 miles. 199/202 calorie estimate. AvHR106, high127 ...35 minutes. Had to cut it early as #3 was meeting friends at Sunset Ridge. Not quite comfortable with just letting him take MY car. #2 was around and was willing to drive him. I was on pickup duty a couple hours later. I fit in another elliptical sessions, 40min total. Hubs barbecued burgers, topped with the leftover pulled pork. I don't do burgers, but was at my calorie limit anyway. Which didn't stop me from requesting popcorn from Hubs as we binge watched some "Strike Back", but he apparently wasn't in the mood, as he ignored my request. Better for the calorie count I suppose, but I missed my popcorn. 

1126 (Saturday) 178.9. Steps 12416. Total Burn 2268. Exercise Burn 620/451 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. #2 was off playing basketball with buddies, then went into KFC for work. #3 also had me drop him off for some basketball. I still drove him (well, had him drive) ... not sure when I'll be comfortable with just letting him take my car. Did some computer work, made a muvee, updated the blog, paid bills.

1127 (Sunday) 179.8. Steps 10087. Total Burn 2245. Exercise Burn 420/394 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Hubs smoked bacon, and we broke out the new, bigger griddle for some sausage and hashbrowns. Hubs made waffles, for our traditional Sunday Circles breakfast. I went to pull #2 out of bed at 10:00 to come eat with us, but he was gone to an early meeting. He made it back for some breakfast though. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical. Watching a new Netflix original "Glitch" about people coming back to life. Australian. I tried one of the other originals, 3%, but it was originally Portuguese. It had been dubbed into English, but I can't handle the moving mouths and words not matching. The captions also didn't match, like they had been captioned from the original (translated) not after it was dubbed. So although the meanings would be the same, they wouldn't match (i.e. "That's horrible" being said while "That is terrible" being the caption). I also spent quite a bit of time in the downstairs "Lego/Scrapbook" room. I was pulling papers and embellishments for a giftbox for the basketball auction. I also spent some time sewing (had done a bit yesterday as well) making hanging kitchen towels for another auction item. I got everything ready, and did the write-ups for them, as well as the Muvee downloads (donated! yea!) Drop-off is tomorrow. Working with the scrapbook stuff ... I have SO much. Probably could sell some, but I wonder how many people still paper scrap/craft. Digital seems to increase in popularity each year. I'll need to do something with that room though, as I need to make it a bedroom for #2 when #1 comes home in a couple of months. Hubs and I had a little binge watch of "Strike Back" finishing up season two. He did make popcorn. I actually didn't do too badly on calories today, even with that!

1128 (Monday) 179.3. Steps 25696. Total Burn 3225. Exercise Burn 1335/1402 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. There had been a winter storm warning in effect for the morning, but the school carpools to school were fine... after school it started snow/hailing right at pickup time, so the poor kids were getting pummeled. Then later, it was even worse, as I had to drop #3 at practice and drop off our auction items. Complete blizzard conditions, roads and traffic were scary! I'd made it out to Draper for Zumba, stopped at a store (Maceys/groceries) on the way home... it was all fine earlier in the day. Zumba stats 6895 steps. 3.1 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 435/513. AvHR119, high153, in zone 26 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 691 calories, avHR131, high166, in zone 50min. I stayed pretty productive during the day ... laundry, dishes, blog post, finished up a highlight reel. After school I combined high school and middle school pickup (grabbed #3 then #4&carpool). Dropped #3 at the ortho, as he needed more bands for his braces. He elected to walk home rather than come with me to pick up #5 from school ... he got home about the same time we did (yes, the orthodontist office is THAT close!). I packed up the auction items and the required bottles of water donations ... and I made the munchkins come with me to help carry stuff. Because it was snowing so bad, I dropped them as close as I could with the items and had them head into the school. Then I parked and ran in and got it all taken care of with the Booster moms. Then to brave the drive home. I was seriously stressed about #2 driving home! He went and hung out at a friends for a bit, then offered to grab #3 from the school when his practice ended. That saved me from having to go out in it again, and they got home safe and sound. Hubs too, he'd met up with his sister and mom for a birthday dinner for said sister. The Chinese food apparently didn't agree with him though, as he wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. I wasn't quite tired yet and figured I could go down and get in a session on the bike ... but then I got distracted by ice cream in the kitchen (#5 was having some ... and then so did I). Never made it down to the gym.

1129 (Tuesday) 179.3. Steps 22509. Total Burn 2997. Exercise Burn 1250/1178 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. Hubs didn't have a great night, not feeling well. Tummy troubles. He slept in a bit. I was actually up before him. I was a little late getting down for my first elliptical session, which made it a little too late to get a full 20min in before middle school carpool. I did 10, and then #4 and I were ready to leave when I realized ... I don't drive to on Tuesdays since the schedule switch up. The ride was a little late, and #4 was getting quite anxious. Sometimes I wonder if I should just offer to drive every day both ways. Thinking about it. Not driving should have saved me 20 morning minutes, but waiting and watching out the window was a waste. I was so off I miscalculated the time so I didn't get in a full 20 before elementary carpool either. Just 10min again. So 40 min total, instead of my usual hour of elliptical.  Zumba with Marian. It was freezing and snowy, and I was late, so I drove. Small class, just seven of us. Class stats 5956 steps. 2.64 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 346/410. AvHR115, high144, in zone 15 of the 57 minutes. I had my Schoshe, but I must have forgotten to turn it off yesterday because it was dead. I did get in two more 20min sessions on the elliptical, and I even did weights, although I'm out of practice and routine. It was a little haphazard. We'll see if I did enough to feel sore tomorrow. Better weather for after school pickups. The sun was shining and melted all the snow on our southern exposure without me having to really shovel (I'd done a bit on the front sidewalk). Got another basketball highlight muvee done and scanned in and uploaded the physicals to get the boys all registered for the school sports. Dragging a bit during the day, almost gave in to a nap. #3 had basketball practice after school, then he stayed to watch the girls game. Hubs had a company gathering (dinner and NBA game) so he wasn't home until late. 

1130 (Wednesday) 178.3. Steps 26085. Total Burn 3123. Exercise Burn 1064/1315 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. I got in my three 20min elliptical sessions in during the morning rush. I finished up the show "Glitch" ... usually having 20min left on a show is what gets me back to the gym later in the day. Without that, I didn't make it back down, staying at my hour of elliptical for today. Zumba with MZL. 6749 steps. 3.07 miles. Fitbit Calories estimates 397/435. AvHR110, High135, in zone 10 of the 68 minutes. Scosche said 515 calories, avHR110, High156, in zone 8min. Not the best HR, although I seem to get the steps in here. Not really feeling sore from my weights yesterday, but my usual dragginess of late. After class I stopped at Walmart and Sams. Picked up some fabric for more hanging dishtowels. Back at home, the 12x12 boxes I'd ordered had arrived, so I spend some time in the scrapbook room ... although it's going to take a LOT of time to get anything done. Even without my additional elliptical I got the steps in today. Putting away groceries, vacuuming, cleaning. Hubs came home preoccupied. He apparently has invested in a hot tub for Christmas (and was starting on some prep).

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