Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Report #227

While technically it looks like a loss from last week to now ... it's still up from the preceding weeks. Why is this so hard? I did good on exercise Mon-Thurs, but the eating is the issue. While four of the seven days intake was below burn (estimates on both of course), I wasn't able to keep intake under 2000, which seems to be the key. This girl likes to eat.

**Fitbit failed to send my weekly report ***
Again. Didn't get one for my ChargeHR either. 
Come on Fitbit!

NUMBERS: Official weight down one pound. Average down a smidge (-.13 to 166.54). Tiny deficit for the week (-55) with average intake at 2393 and average burn at 2843. Step average was 23939 with 68 logged miles. Cardio minutes 840/848/839 with 30minutes w/Weights. Four 30k days, those also had 3000+ burns. 

Life ala Life Cycle ...

The first four days were good ... Monday through Thursday I got in my hour of elliptical, my hour of Zumba and hour of treadmill.  I hit the bike once, and got in one weight workout.

Then, the weekend. I failed on Friday, hitting the elliptical and treadmill for 30min each. Only 30min total time on the elliptical for Sat/Sun.

The usual driving around, grocery shopping and basketball games were the other weekly activities (I know, my life is exciting!)

Here's the day by day ...

  • Monday (1204) Back to the routine. 30k day. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Debbie and two treadmill times. Stayed busy w/blogging, shopping, laundry, dishes and ducks. Made a muvee too. Chicken&wild rice soup for dinner. 31634 steps. 3236 burn.
  • Tuesday (1205) Productive day. 30k. Got in my hour of elliptical early. Zumba w/Marian. Two treadmill times and weights during the school day. Bike before bed. Made coconut goodies ... ate some too. Over on intake today. Under burn, but ... 33777 steps. Hubs worked until very late! 3273 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Wednesday (1206) My usual for a 30k day ... hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. A little grocery shopping. Taco salad for dinner. Mint brownies for dessert (most went into the freezer for storage). 32566 steps. 3328 burn. 2150 intake.
  • Thursday (1207) The numbers are very similar to yesterday ... of course the workouts were pretty much the same. Hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times. Some shopping at Sams. Pot roast for dinner, gingersnaps for today's baking. #4 and #5 had basketball practice in the evening. 33540 steps. 3329 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Friday (1208) Urrg ... feeling a bit off today. Nothing specific, but I attempted elliptical twice in the morning and gave up after five minutes. Very unlike me. I did eventually get 30min on the treadmill, and 30min elliptical. Double practice for #5 in the evening. 16312 steps. 2369 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Saturday (1209) Just one 20min session on the elliptical. Busy with four basketball games with the boys. Chocolate milk taste test in the evening. 11258 steps. 2261 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Sunday (1210) Rest day, although I did 10min on the elliptical. Family breakfast, brisket dinner. Cleaned out a closet. Made a muvee. 8487 steps. 2106 burn. 2700 intake.
 What I Watched While Working Out
Just four days of good workouts ... just four movies. Brimstone (2017) kept my interest. Very dark and disturbing. Had four "chapters" with time shifts (present, past, further past, back to the present). Mr. Brooks (2007) was interesting, if a bit far fetched. I'd heard of The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) but had never seen it. I really liked it, even though I'm not into golf at all. Finally there was Cold Creek Manor (2003).  I think I was expecting more of a supernatural scare, but this was just a mystery with a crazy previous owner.  I liked all the movies this week. Bagger Vance was the one I'd most recommend. Just a "feel good" show.

Five Featured Photos ...

 #5 got new basketball shoes ...

 We have Christmas Lights ...

 It was "National Brownie Day" ... HAD to celebrate ;)

 Kitten "helping" #2 with homework ...

... and a chocolate milk taste test!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Weekly Review #226

Well ... this wasn't the week, or weigh-in, I wanted. It started off good as far as exercise, but eating was never quite in control ... and it got out of control a few days there. Unlike last week (with Thanksgiving and kids out of school), I had NO excuses. Hopefully the two pound jump from Sunday to Monday morning was some water retention with our late night popcorn binge and it will quickly correct. It's the eating. I need to do better.

I DID get my Fitbit report this week 
(after it mysteriously disappeared for two weeks).
 NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up 1.6 pounds. Average up too (1.16 to 166.67). Average intake was 2564. Average burn 2937. Intake over burn three days ... no deficit. Over (280). Average steps 25,915 with 7607 logged miles. Cardio minutes 900/979/976/909. Minutes with Weights 30/15.

Life Ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: Hour of elliptical completed six out of the seven days. Treadmill time five days. Just four Zumba classes ... no MZL class on Friday. I'd hoped to do an hour on my own, but I didn't. One session on the bike. One weight workout, one Abs.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: The usual driving around and grocery shopping. A little Christmas shopping too. Basketball started up. Four games on Saturday.  Hubs and I went out on a dinner date. 

A look at the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1127) Back to routine ... got in my hour of elliptical early, then Zumba (Carma and I subbing Debbie's class). Two treadmill times, bike, and a little extra Zumba. Weights too. Had hoped to keep calories under 2000 but I was hungry. 37373 steps. 3509 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (1128) Hour of elliptical then Zumba w/Marian. I did some practice on my own at home too. Two treadmill times and some abs/core. 34276 steps.3255 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Wednesday (1129) Hit 30k, but didn't feel very productive today. Got my hour of elliptical in early, Zumba w/MZL and two treadmill times. #4 had "Job Shadow" with Grandma today. A trip to CalRanch for duck stuff. 31305 steps. 3103 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Thursday (1130) Didn't quite hit 30k ... so close but just too tired at end of day for those 500+ more steps. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL with a stop at Sears and Sam'sClub on the way home. Also a wasted trip to Big5, as they were sold out of their sale items. One time on the treadmill. Made sugar cookie Christmas trees yesterday, cookie press trees today. Ate said cookies. #4 had practice, I dropped him off and #3 picked him up so I could head to bed. 29484 steps. 3204 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Friday (1201) No Zumba :( Did get in my hour of elliptical. One time on the treadmill. Lots of "end of month" stuff to do (blog post, photo backup, number crunching). Stayed busy. #5 had double basketball practices in the evening.  19768 steps. 2702 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Saturday (1202) Busy day with basketball, four games with the boys. Fit in 30min on the elliptical. Hubs brought home some donuts in the morning, and there were still cookies and other treats around too. Hubs got a dog run set up ... for the ducks. Christmas lights up on the house too. 15210 steps. 2495 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Sunday (1203) No big breakfast. Hubs and I did a lunch date (chicken fettichini for me) and some Popeyes in the evening. Plus popcorn ... uber over on calories in. Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical at least. 13986 steps. 2294 burn. 3250 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out ...
An odd assortment of exercise entertainment this week ... Burke&Hare (2010)... I've enjoyed the silly Simon Pegg in other movies. This one didn't quite do it for me. Just ehh. Brooklyn's Finest (2009) with an all-star cast. Totally dark and depressing. Big Night (1996) had high reviews, and I really like Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub, but ... again, it was just ehh for me. I could see this being discussed and dissected in a book-club like setting. Mark Anthony had a cameo role ... never said a word! Killing Season (2013) with John Travolta with a weird beard and accent. Didn't have good reviews, and unfortunately, I agree! I was just shaking my head and rolling my eyes. The Last Survivors (2014) is one right up my reading alley. Wast this ever in theaters, or was it a direct to streaming? Again ... just ehhh. I don't think I'd recommend any of the movies I watched this week.

Five Featured Photos...

 #4 went with Maga to work ... Job Shadow

 A couple of my cookie creations this week ...

 ... and these cuties (#2 and his girlfriend) made cookies too.
Is it any wonder my calorie counts are out of control?

 New Office Space -- the bedroom desk HAD been my spot for 20 years. I decided it was time to let Hubs have a turn there (he is less cluttered, which is nice for the bedroom). My new spot isn't bad at all ... kitty seems to like it!

... and we got a dog run set up. For the ducks ...

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017

There were many family get-togethers this November ... all involved eating. My birthday. Hub's birthday. Thanksgiving, and my BIL's annual "Leg Lamp Lighting" (are you familiar with the movie "A Christmas Story?" Fall basketball wrapped up with a 1st place position for the Grizzlies, and Cooper went to the Capital. 

NUMBERS: Weight started at 165.8 and ended at 165.9. The high was 167.3 with the low 163.5. Average 165.13. Average Intake 2327. Average Burn 2927. Deficit for the month (-7177). Total steps 773,455 with the average at 25,782 and 334.86 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 4160/4409 with weights 120/30 for the month. 

Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: I got my hour of elliptical in 24 days, just missing three days overall.  Also 24 days for treadmill time. 21 Zumba classes, with a little extra on my own. Four sessions on the bike. Weights three times, Abs/Core twice.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: More eating out this month with the birthday dinners. The usual chauffering, and grocery shopping. Some non-grocery shopping as well, and salon time getting my nails done.

I did mow the lawn once ... I guess I forgot to log it or it wasn't enough to make it on the monthly graph. It's been a nice November weather-wise.

*** JenB's Journal ***

1101 (Wednesday) Weight 165.8. Steps 32581. Total Burn 3290. Exercise Burn 1550/1529 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2400. Leftover Halloween candy ... for breakfast and during the day. #1 even went to the store to try and grab some after-Halloween sale Reeses pumpkins. I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Then Zumba w/MZL. It's been a smaller group lately. I'm fine with that. Used to be predominantly polynesian and hispanic too, but not today. Stats: 6497 steps. 2.8 miles. 457/419 burn. AvHR116. High 141. In zone 22 of the 65 minutes. I would have stopped at a store on the way home, but as #1 had run to Walmart in search of clearance candy I'd given him a list of the few items we needed picked up. It was a bit breezy out. I don't think the duckies liked that. They retreated into the doghouse and I didn't open up the pen until later. Spent some time with my "end of the month" activities ... getting a blog post up, one second every day video, backing up photos. The latter was made MUCH more difficult because when #2 backed up his phone (upgraded to the new iphone8) all his pictures appeared on my phone. All 2500+ of them. Ahhh. It was a little fun to glance though, I'd seen many of them. Attempted some research to see if there was an easy way to get them off. Turned of the stream and icloud and I think that should help future stuff but didn't impact those already on my phone. I guess I get to do it all manually. Got in my two treadmill times to finish up my movie, a "zombie" one called "Cell" where cell phones are what turned people. Eh. Also got in a session on the bike before bed. #1 was feeling off again and skipped class again (biology this time). It's hard when college kids live at home. I wouldn't be aware of it if they were living on campus somewhere. #3 also ducked out of school early (basketball class). Took a nap, I felt bad waking him for his 4:00-9:00 shift.

1102 (Thursday) Weight 165.2. Steps 31212. Total Burn 3211. Exercise Burn 1450/1453 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Hubs was up and off early (around 4:00) for a long weekend with his brother in Canada. I couldn't get back to sleep though ... although I still didn't get up until 5:45. Got my hour of elliptical in, then Zumba w/MZL.  Stats: 6908 steps. 3.05 miles. 427/441 burn. AvHR 115. High 143. In zone 17 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Didn't let the ducks out immediately as they were in the doghouse. When the sun came out more a bit later I went and let them out for their free time. Nice day today, but the weather is turning this weekend. Early out at the elementary. I really have to remind myself of that these off schedule days. Finished up my movie "Secrets In Their Eyes" (Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman) with two times on the treadmill. Really meant to get back down for abs or bike. #3 was around after school and did hit the gym for a bit. Cooked up Snickerdoodles with the dough from the freezer ... still waiting on the replacement parts for my mixer. Spent some time out with the duckies prepping the pen, changing the water, and put them in for the night. Dropped #5 off at bb practice, picking up Collin on the way. They help us with carpools so often it was nice to be able to return the favor, and he's right on the way. Back later for pickup. Having some tummy trouble tonight. Actually went down to the gym to bike, but wasn't sure I'd be able to make 30minutes. I was already at 30k, so it's all good I guess. The boys were watching "Stranger Things" and passed up where I was. I had to run in the kitchen to take my pill and try not to catch anything.

1103 (Friday) Weight 164.9. Steps 26372. Total Burn 2961. Exercise Burn 1200/1204 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Elementary was out today, so I planned on sleeping in some. Up around 7:00. I almost forgot to give the duckies their breakfast (a salad and kibble) with the routine disrupted. They always seem like they are STARVING. Not sure how wild duckies make it! Got in 30min elliptical before heading out to Zumba w/MZL. The parking lot was still almost empty when I got there at 9:10 (supposed to start at 9:00) but more people trickled in. Stats: 6255 steps. 2.7 miles. 429/396 burn. AvHR111. High 141. In zone 20 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at the salon for a fill afterward, as it's on the way home. I'd been biting at my nails and picked the topcoat off some on several. Poor #5 was pretty bored I think. His Minecraft hadn't been working, but I got it up and running. That entertains him. We don't have any friends in the neighborhood and hadn't really made plans with any outside it. #1 had cut his work short to go to a doctor appointment ... they basically said "if you think it's eggs, stay away from eggs" ... they didn't do a blood test for celiac or salmonella or really anything. Very disappointing. He missed his school class for that too. I still had the usual middle school pickup. #5 had his practice, our usual ride wasn't going so I was dropping him off at the coach's house (closer than practice, which I CAN drive, but it's out of my comfort zone and takes a lot longer). #4 wanted to hang with friends, and I dropped him off afterward. They played basketball at the park for a while, then went to play games at one of the nearby houses (all the other boys live close/walkable). I was a little late putting the ducks in their pen for the night. It can be harder when I'm late, as they don't see well in the dark and it's harder to get them where I want them to go. But I'd left the pen propped up, with the light on, in case they wanted to go in for the warmpth or doghouse, and sure enough, they were already in there waiting. I gave them their dinner and put the pen down for the night. I was feeling a little off and tired and texted him around 9:00 asking him how much longer he thought they'd be going, and he replied a while. I might have pushed him coming home, but he so rarely goes anywhere or does social things, so I didn't want to cut it short. But ... my feeling off went to feeling terrible. Such a bad headache, and nausea and cramps. Is that what a migrane feels like? #3 was home, and I made arrangements with him to pick up #4 when his activity ended (about 10:30). Then #3 went to a sleepover with his Copperton friends.

Saturday (1104) Weight 164.9. Steps 13746. Total Burn 2385. Exercise Burn 350/629 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Last night at practice, #5's team decided not to play in their 9:00 am game. It was against the top team, who had already smashed us once. There was no possiblity of a win and they all voted to sleep in and save strength for the 4:00 playoff game in the Dimple Dell league. I sure didn't mind sleeping in after my night. I was feeling back to normal though. I went out and fed the duckies. I propped the pen up while I put their food in, and while my back was turned ... it fell. I saw two startled ducks at the back of the pen, one outside the pen and ... where was the fourth? He was pinned under the log I use to prop up the pen. Poor baby! I rescued him and I think he's okay. I watched for a while and he seemed to be walking and eating normally. I dug in the garden for them, and cleaned out the pen area, refilling the water and pool ... the next few days are turning rainy and colder. I got in a session on the elliptical, and did some cleanup of the house. #1 had invited friends over to he wanted it straightened ... he even cleaned the main bathroom, which really needed it. Then #5 and I were off to his 1:00 game with his Grizzlies. It was against the #1 seed, a team we hadn't played during the regular season (Fire). They had beat the two teams we'd lost to (UBC and Legends) but not by much, and we hadn't lost to those two by much, so we figured it was winnable, should be a good game. It was. Very close the entire time, and then our boys pulled ahead and got the win! Onto the championship game (a rematch against either UBC or Legends). We had a bit of time to go home, change uniforms, restock the water and recharge the camcorder ... then off to the Wolves game. Another good, close game. The other team had good defence and kept our boys from attempting shots, and the shots they did get off weren't going in. They pushed through and pulled it out in the end. Onto next Saturday, and if we win that, then the Championship game the following week ... but I looked it up and it would be at the exact same time as the Grizzlies championship game. Arrgg! I guess we'll see what happens next week before we stress too much. #5 wanted to go play basketball with friends again. Originally the plan had been 4:30 ... a time I'd be gone and couldn't take him, and #2 was leaving around 4:00 to go play ball with his buddies. I suggested he take #4 with him, then when #4 got the call that his friends were at the park, #2 could take a quick break and run him there (the church he was playing at was not too far from the park). But ... #4 never got the call, it got pushed to 6:00. #4 played a couple games of 21 with the bigger kids as he was there with them. I was home in time to run him at 6:00 ... although at that point it's so close to getting dark, I wasn't sure it was worth it. I stopped at the store on the way home, and sure enough, before I was even done shopping, #4 texted for pickup (it had been about a half hour). I quickly checked out and ran back to get him. It was completely black! #1 had his friends over and played games ... figured they'd get that in while Dad was gone ;) He comes back tomorrow.

Sunday (1105) Weight 164.7. Steps 19408. Total Burn 2623. Exercise Burn 950/865 (60minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Slept in ... and we benefitted from the extra hour due to daylight savings. I won't like it getting dark earlier though. Without Hubs home, and with a family activity later in the day being breakfast stuff, we didn't do our big breakfast ... just cocoa and toast. I did a quick store stop to grab a cake for the family gathering tonight. I got some workouts in today, three times on the elliptical and one treadmill time. Finished up the second season of "Stranger Things" and successfully watched it myself before seeing spoilers while the boys watched. The three (#2 and #3 aren't watching, too busy) brothers watching have just two episodes left (which is what I had when the day started). We headed out to my folks for a family party. Celebration of November birthdays (both Hubs and I, my mom and more). I brought the cakes and some peppermint patties for a gift for Mom (she likes them) and all the kids went in on an Instant Pot for her too. My youngest brother's family left early, when their oldest threw up. My oldest brother was there with a couple kids as well as my Aunt and Uncle. #1 brought his girlfriend, and #3 came as he had the day off work. Missed #2 as he was working though. Hubs was home when we got back, even though he had over an hour delay waiting on the plane. It snowed in Seattle as he was leaving. Good to have him back. Regular routine again tomorrow ...

Monday (1106) Weight 164.3. Steps 30863. Total Burn 3247. Exercise Burn 1350/1494 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.56milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. Happy that the weight didn't do it's usual weekend bump-up. I did TRY to keep calories in check. Was able to do so today ... even with a little leftover birthday cake for breakfast. Three 20min sessions on the elliptical early. #1 was home, the pancakes from last having disagreed with him again. He missed work, but made it into school. Zumba w/Debbie ... I was running a tad late but still got in my hour. Stats: 5876 steps. 2.53 miles. 359/351 burn. AvHR107. High138. In zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Stop at Smiths on the way home, as even though I'd just been on Saturday, we needed a few things. Unfortunately my prescription didn't get filled in time (it was actually out, so they had to call the doctor for a refill which was authorized, but I do need to get in for my annual physical)... so I'll have to go back again in the next day or so. Wasn't super productive during the day. It does take a while to unload the groceries and get them all put away. I did spend a while down in the food storage room getting everything in place (sometimes I just drop the bags and wait to put away another day). #1 helped me out by returning the cable box to Xfinity. They have such poor customer service there though, took him over an hour, and all he had to do was drop it off and get a recipet.  That should be a 5min process. Could be automated. But I'm glad I didn't have to do it. Got my weekly weigh-in blog post up. Unload and load the dishwasher. Garbages. Laundry. I got one time on the treadmill while the kids were at school, and another after pickups. Cooked some chicken for dinner prep (tomorrow's) and made black bean and spinach enchiladas for tonight. #2 was at work though, and Hubs worked late and then wasn't hungry, but #1 ate them ... he was the one who requested them. Trying some elimination of wheat and egg, so I used corn tortillas, although they sure don't keep rolled as well and break easily. Prepped some bread crumbs for tomorrow too ... they get nice and dry and crispy when I leave them overnight. Last day of decent weather for a few days, so out with the ducks I refilled their waters and turned over the soil in the pen, restocked the bedding and got them in for the night with their dinner. Then I unhooked the hoses so if(when) it freezes we don't get broken pipes. Hubs was up for watching an episode of "Outlander" before sleep.

Tuesday (1107) Weight 163.5. Steps 28021. Total Burn 2985. Exercise Burn 1340/1234 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 3100. The days started off good, normal. Got in my hour of elliptical ... Showtime had signed me out down on the gym Roku though, which was annoying. I had to re-set that up. Luckily I had gotten up a little early and had a little extra time so I stayed on schedule. Cold morning, so I fed the ducks but kept them in the pen with the heat lamp until later in the day. Brrrrr. Brisk backyard ... and it will just get colder, and snowey! Got the boys off to school and hit Zumba. I had Marian's bag, so I have to be on time! I usually am anyway. Stats: 5760 steps. 2.52 miles. 357/328 burn. AvHR109. High134. In zone 6 of the 59 minutes. I knew #3 would be around after school and probably using the gym, so I made sure to get in my two treadmill times during the day. Watched "Southpaw" which I didn't think I'd like (but I am much more willing to give movies a chance in the gym than in the theater) and it was actually pretty good. After school pickups, then I made chicken pillows for an early dinner. Hubs wasn't going to make it home until really late anyway. Trying to catch up on work after he missed a couple days for his getaway, they lost an employee, so that work is falling to him ... and they are just busy regardless. I lost ALL motivation in the early evening. So tired. Didn't feel sick or even off, just exhausted. It was about 6:30 and I only half jokingly asked the kids if it was too early for me to go to bed. Yesterday part of the drain could have been the low calories ... NOT the case today, as I'd been a nibbler, eating everything, including half a carton of Moose Tracks ice cream. Uber over. Hubs had been given two tickets to the Jazz game for the evening, but as he was working late, he was passing them on to the kids. #2 was too busy, #3 a little young to handle the trip downtown on his own and #1 had school ... not that that stopped him, he went, taking his girlfriend. I did go to bed early. Not to sleep really, but just had to rest my eyes for a while. Was still awake when Hubs got home and we watched an episode before falling asleep.

Wednesday (1108) Weight 164.2. Steps 35040. Total Burn 3521. Exercise Burn 1550/1773 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600 . Slept better I think. My stats (Fitbit and Sleep Center) didn't really show it, but I know I had a couple dreams that I still remembered when waking ... although then they fade pretty quick. One had to do with the ducks ;) #3 didn't have school today, as the sophomores were taking a practice ACT and seniors had college prep ... Juniors just had the day off. He slept in until quite late, well after I returned from Zumba and a shopping stop. The morning was very cold, so I fed the ducks but had them stay in their pen. Had to break the ice on their water. Everything was frozen over. I even wore a jacket to Zumba (usually it is just tied around my waist ... it did end up there after a few songs). Carma came, and I brought one of #4's Alta bands, as hers was broken and I'd bought him a set. Class hasn't been big lately, and was pretty small today. Stats: 7596 steps. 3.43 miles. 494/491 burn. AvHR 117. High 137. In zone 24 of the 70 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. I needed more lettuce for the babies, but there was a ton of stuff on sale too. Grabbed #4's favorite cereal, usually over $4 priced a 3/$5 and the cookie mixes (I wanted to restock on the sugar cookie and peanut butter ones) and a bunch of other stuff. Even with #3 home, I was on my own unloading as he was still sleeping. Took much of it downstairs, but didn't get it put away immediately ... but I did by end of day. Still quite cold out, but I let the babies have free run of the yard. #1 showed up at home. Should have been at school after his morning work shift but was feeling yucky with a headache, sore throat and fever. He was freezing, so he bundled up and got under the covers and I got him the heating pad and some hot chocolate and some ibuprofen. He slept for a while and then moved into the overheated phase. I got two treadmill times in before afternoon pickups. I whipped up one of the fancy brownie mixes (cookie/brownie) I'd picked up earlier ... they all got eaten. I made macaroni rosa for dinner. I thought all pasta had egg, but it actually does not (although processed on the same equipment that does the egg noodles). #1 was too hungry to wait for it though, so he had leftover enchiladas. #2 had some and Hubs later, after work and a derby. #3 was at work and the littles don't eat it. I don't eat it. Still ate plenty today. Did okay, and was under goal just barely ... then Hubs brought home some glazed donuts from the derby and they looked yummy. I did get a session on the bike in too, so still kept calories under burn, but over goal.

Thursday (1109) Weight 164.2. Steps 31071. Total Burn 3099. Exercise Burn 1330/1351 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3500. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in early ... got a little off schedule having to check credit cards and such when Hubs got a suspicious email about a $50 giftcard he'd supposedly purchased. Although he had set up an Itunes account for him originally, he now uses thes family one, but doesn't even have itunes on his computer. So ... I think we are okay. Think it was a phishing scheme. There had been a "click here if you did not authorize this purchase" and I had warned Hubs not to give out ANY information, and he said it did look suspicious. I forwarded the email to Apple security. That did put me behind schedule, so I only had time for a 10min session before elementary drop-off. Zumba with MZL. Feeling a bit sluggish this morning. Stats: 6651 steps. 3 miles. 391/342 burn. AvHR109. HIgh 128. In zone 3 of the 63 minutes. There were a lot of instructors there today, as they were having a baby shower for one of the ladies afterward. I just do the dancing though, not the social stuff (of which MZL does a lot). I usually stop at Sam's, but skipped it today, as I knew I had to make a run to Smiths. I saved that for later though. #1 had skipped work and school again, still feeling flu symptoms. Not a productive day ... just not feeling motivated. I'd put a roast in the crock pot earlier, and I roasted some baby potatoes to go with it. Baked some cookies (just a fridge pack ... still don't have my mixer parts). Afternoon pickups ... early out at the elementary, then middle school, then back to the elementary for parent/teacher conferences with #5. Raving review of course, as always. I did get in two treadmill times. Hubs and #3 did a derby. The ducks were out all day. It was really nice today. Sunny and warm (60°s) and I even had to turn on the a/c in the car. #5 had practice in the evening. I dropped him off then ran to Smiths. Picked up my prescription, and some stock up on good sales (brownie mix for 49¢ and Cream of Mushroom/Chicken for that too). Grabbed more greens for the birds, also a big mini watermelon. Hurried home and unloaded, getting perishables put away, and other stuff downstairs (although not put away, that will happen another day) and back to the church to pickup #5 from practice. Feeling very tired and ate EVERYTHING today. Didn't take my thyroid medication (that was the prescription that needed picking up) nor my SQ. Not sure if that affected my energy, or if that's all just psychosomatic.

Friday (1110) Weight 164.2. Steps 28308. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1340/1265 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Happy Birthday to me. My weight really hasn't fluctuated this week, which is a little surprising as eating has been a bit (more than a bit) out of control. Today too ... starting with #3 making me waffles for breakfast. No simple mix, but from scratch, with separated eggs, whipped egg whites and everything. A candle in it too. #5 was out of school, so I didn't have the usual morning school run. Got in just one elliptical session, then off to Zumba. I didn't do a store stop on the way home. Got in my remaining elliptical to add up to my hour, and got in one time on the treadmill. No elementary pickup with them out, but still had the middle school pickup. I'd planned on dropping #5 off for practice at 5:30, but Hubs wanted to do a family birthday dinner and wanted #5 there ... so no practice today. Coach ended up cancelling as a couple other kids couldn't make it either. Friday nights can be hard. We all loaded up into the Sequoya and headed out, but not too far into the ride, Hubs pulled over and he and #1 switched places, as Hubs was spinning. He said to continue to the resturant, that it would either pass or he could stay in the car (although I would have been fine going home too). He ended up feeling okay and eating with us. Maga came too. Yummy cheese sticks and fish and chips. We had made it there before the dinner rush, but it was sure packed as we were leaving. We also hit horrid traffic on the way home ... the power was out over a big area. Traffic lights out at the intersections on 40th at 98th and 90th. Smiths was completely black, as was the gas station and McDonalds and the other stores in the area. It must have been an interesting experience for those inside the store (Smiths) away from windows ... would have been pitch black! I guess these days everyone has phones, so they have a "flashlight" with them almost always, but still. Power was one past 90th (in fact Smith's gas station had power). I hadn't put the duckies away before dinner, so I prepped their meal and got them in their pen for the night. Hubs is always a bit "hungover" after an attack, even a minor one. He lay down for a bit and I teased him that I was afraid he'd be asleep if I hit the treadmill for 30min. He said he'd still be up ... but he wasn't. He did wake up though, and we watched an episode of "Outlander". ♥

Saturday (1111) Weight 164.5. Steps 24420. Total Burn 2828. Exercise Burn 965/1081 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.58milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. Love being able to sleep in ... even if I don't really sleep in. Awake and up around 7:00 anyway. Hit the elliptical for a session first thing. Hubs headed into work, and then was meeting a friend to go to Wendover for a guy's night, early birthday for him. #5 had a couple basketball games in Lehi, and I wasn't up for the drive or three hours there (games at 12:00 and 2:00) so I just sent him with a teammate. Dropped him off. Got in another elliptical session, one treadmill time and weights. Spent some time outside filling the green waste with leaves. We don't have one tree in the yard, but still manage to accumulate a lot of leaves. Refilled the ducks water and turned over some of the soil. I meant to mow the lawn, but ran out of time. #5 had a 5:00 game at Eastmont, and I was taking him to that and watching and video taping it. We won this one, which means we play in the championship next week at 1:00 ... the exact same time as #5's 6th grade team playing in their championship. We've both been stressed about this for well over a week. Hate to miss an important game, to let a team down ... but I feel like he should play with his Grizzlies, as they need him a bit more and we committed to them before we agreed to the Dimple Dell league. I did approach the coach about our predicament and he was understanding. Still .... arggg!  With Hubs gone in the evening, I got in a late treadmill time. Not bad steps for a Saturday, and knowing I wasn't getting in as much activity as a weekday, I really tried to keep calories in check for once this week!

Sunday (1112) Weight 164.2. Steps 11097. Total Burn 2228. Exercise Burn 440/494 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs was home, so we did our big family breakfast. I put on hashbrowns and sausage while Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles and eggs. I always feel so full after our big breakfast ... just want to go back to bed! But, Hubs wanted to make dinner and needed some stuff from the store, and I wanted a couple things, so we went together. I was a bit silly. I'm not sure if he'll go shopping with me again. ;) I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical, catching up on a "Grey's Anatomy" while I worked out. The older boys were all gone in the evening, so it was only four of us (Hubs and I and the two littles) for his yummy bacon wrapped turkey tenders and mashed taters. I had made sugar cookies, pumpkins and my annual turkey cookies. I had a couple of those too. Calories uber over. Back at it tomorrow! ♥

Monday (1113). Weight 166.4. Steps 33246. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1475/1646 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2200. I beat Hubs out of bed ... that's pretty rare. #1 was still asleep too. I had hoped he hadn't had to call into work sick again, but he said he'd arranged for a couple days off. Got the boys off to school, and fit my hour of elliptical in as I did so. It is cool out, but the sun was up so I let the ducks out of the pen before heading out to Zumba. It was fun, we had quite the crowd today! Several new people, one gal and her little girl that I recognized from Thursday's MZL class. Stats: 6567 steps. 2.92 miles. 420/440 burn. AvHR113. High 139. In Zone 14 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Costco on the way home. My salted caramels were on sale, and I figured I'd grab some, although they were priced higher originally than I'd thought, so it wasn't as good a deal as I was anticipating ($6.99). I'm always a bit annoyed when in their mailer they just say "$2.50 off" ... and don't say what the price actually is. Grabbed some lettuce for the ducks, some chocolate milk for the boys and a couple other items. I'm more comfortable with Sam'sClub. I know where everything is, and I LOVE their Scan and Go for checkout. This was probably only my third or fourth trip to Costco myself. Brought in the groceries. I still haven't gotten the last purchases put away downstairs, still need to do that. Did some dishes and laundry. Hit the treadmill once while the boys were in school, and then again after afternoon pickups. #5 had a friend come home with him to hang out. I made them Mac&Cheese, as he didn't get picked up until after 7:00.  No real dinner as we have leftovers and Hubs worked late. #1 was gone all day, off to his girlfriend's after his college classes. #2 had a basketball game and #3 had work. #4 watched all the NBA games of the evening, several close ones. I hit the stationary bike, watching a show rather than reading. Trying to get in the Starz/Showtime stuff as we have them for three months free, and then I am planning on cancelling. Tried to keep calories in check, but went over goal. At least stayed under burn.

Tuesday (1114). Weight 164.5. Steps 33371. Total Burn 3395. Exercise Burn 1425/1648 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.1milesTreadmill, 15minBike, 15minAbs). Calories in 2500. Hubs was up uber early this morning. I got in my hour of elliptical early. Got the boys off to school, pets fed, ducks out. Zumba w/Marian. 6228 steps. 2.7miles. 414/380 burn. AvHR116. High140. In zone 21 minutes. Marian had to head out to work so I finished up class. Not super productive during the day, although I did get in both my treadmill times while the kids were at school, as #3 didn't have work and planned on hitting the gym in the late afternoon. #4 wanted to go play basketball with friends. First it was just at the local rec center, then it was to be at one further from home (Herriman) and a little out of my comfort zone and willingness to drive ... but I said I could get him to a friend's house if he could catch a ride from there. Then it switched back to the nearby rec center (Gene Fullmer) but they were still meeting at a friend's house. But when I got there, instead of dropping him off, we were picking up and I was still taking them to the rec center. It was fine, but I wondered if it was an "oops" or if it was calculated. #4 mentioned "I don't remember Gene Fullmer being this far away" ... and it isn't, but it takes a lot longer if you go the opposite direction to pick up a friend, and then have further to drive and there's rush hour traffic. Took a while to get home, and then they only hung out there for a little over an hour before wanting to be picked up again. Traffic was still bad. So that was an hour+ of driving I didn't have planned in my day. I had gone done to hit the bike when I got the "come pick us up" text ... so only 15min rather than the usual 30 minutes. I did some abs too, and also got in some Zumba practice. I haven't been doing much of that. I'd spent a little time earlier rearranging playlists into 1. MY songs that I do regularly 2. Songs I know perfectly but don't really consider them "mine 3. Songs I know pretty well and can do if I'm Zumbaing on my own and 4. Those that I'd need to look up steps, can't do without an instructor. So lots of activity today ... but also lots of eating. I'd made frosted graham crackers with the leftover frosting from the turkey cookies (those were still around to tempt too). I posted about frosted graham crackers on social media and it was fun to see so many memories and responses about them. Then #2 brought home donuts from Dunford. I cannot resist them. He brought a pink cookie and also had a belated birthday present, a cute keychain with a picture of all my boys (including Hubs). Hubs worked late again, overwhelmed with work :(

Wednesday (1115) Weight 165.3. Steps 37207. Total Burn 3448. Exercise Burn 1450/1698 (60minEllptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1950. Hubs slept in until 5:00 today ... that's about his normal (whereas Monday he was later and I beat him up, and yesterday he was up and off at 3:00 am). I didn't feel like I'd slept very well, although my trackers didn't seem to indicate too bad of a night. I felt like I'd been awake since 4:00. Dragging a bit, but my hour of elliptical is habit. I got it in, and once the boys were off, I hit Zumba w/MZL. There have been low numbers there lately. Stats: 6551 steps. 2.86miles. 415/414 burn. AvHR113. High 136. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. The tub/shower in the master has been a bit backed up. I had a little tool for clearing it out, but it had been misplaced, so I wanted to grab another (grabbed three to have extras). Got a thermometer for out in the duck pen (wireless, so I can see it from inside) and a small one for down in the gym ... I like to see the temp down there. It's usually pretty chilly! Picked up some fruites and veggies, and when putting them away, I just pulled out the crisper drawers all together. They have been sticking and ... yikes, I could see why. Something had dripped down onto the bottom of the fridge and, it was scarey! Took a while getting that cleaned up. Ironically, as I was on social media a bit later it was posted that today was "clean out your fridge day" ... who knew? The toilet in the main bathroom also had its flusher broken (slipped off) but #1 was home in the morning and was able to get that repaired. Did a little more Zumba practice and got in one treadmill time while the boys were in school. Afternoon pickups, then I mowed the lawn. It hasn't grown much lately, with the cold and the water off, but it's still nice to get it evened out, and to pickup up the leaves that have blown all over. I'd planned on doing it today, but when I was unloading the groceries earlier it was SO cold. It had warmed up a bit in the afternoon. Then I spent some time out back with the ducks. Turned over the pen and refilled all the water tubs. It gets dark so early now! I put the duckies in the pen for the night with the evening meal ... keeping an eye on the temperature now that I can. For the most part, the ducks don't gather under the heat lamp most of the time, but huddle together in a different corner. Sometimes in the morning when the temperature drops more, I do find them closer to the heat. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along to help. I hit the treadmill one more time, even though I was already over 30k. I needed to finish my movie of the day. Did a little better keeping calories in check ... quantity if not quality.

Thursday (1116) Weight 164.6. Steps 33628. Total Burn 3348. Exercise Burn 1351/1600 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Another big day.  Got in the usual exercise, although I got a tiny bit off schedule in the morning. After the initial 20min, I only got in two 15 min sessions, and had to finish up with a 10min one later in the day. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6657 steps. 3.01 miles. 413/419 burn. AvHR118. High 155. In zone 19 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Sears on the way home to pickup an item I'd ordered. I had some "freecash" and I wandered the store to see if anything struck my fancy, but nothing did. I'll check out online. Quick stop at Sam'sClub too. One treadmill time while the kids were in school, one later in the day. Hubs and #3 had a derby. #5 had practice, and #4 wanted to go play basketball at Gene Fullmer with friends, so I had a bit of running around in the evening hours.

Friday (1117) Weight 164.1. Steps 25945. Total Burn 2858. Exercise Burn 770/1110 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little this morning. Only got in one elliptical session before getting boys off to school. No official Zumba class today either. MZL got kicked out of their building ... for the next several Fridays too, with holiday parties and such. I could have hit Debbie's, but #5 didn't want to go as early as usual (it was raining and cold out) so the timing didn't really work ... and I figured I hadn't done an hour on my own in a while. So I did that. StatsL 5953 steps. 2.57 miles. 401/325 burn. AvHR112. High 137. In zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Got in my two additional elliptical sessions and one time on the treadmill. #5 had games in the evening, but they were further away and late and I didn't feel up to it. I sent him with teammates. While I did crappy on quality (finished up the last of the turkey cookies), I at least controlled quantity on calories ... until the evening when I had Hubs make his popcorn.

Saturday (1118) Weight 165.2. Steps 10280. Total Burn 2170. Exercise Burn 0/419 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. #5 had a 10:00 game in North Salt Lake. With me not comfotable driving there and unable to catch rides because we had to be back before the rest of the team ... Hubs drove us and came in and watched the game. Wolves got the win. Back home and Hubs went into work for a bit and then to a friend's birthday party. #5 and I headed to his 1:00 game with the Grizzlies. This was the championship game in the Gene Fullmer Fall superleague, 6th grade division. We'd been 4th going into the playoff, but knocked off the #1 seed last game. We were playing Legends, who had beat us during the season, but it was a close game and I knew our boys could win against them. And they did! This win was because of our "big men" who were beasts! They got nice t-shirts. I didn't get any exercise in today, but still managed 10k steps. Rearranging day! Hubs had brought up having a space for him (desk/office) ... we've tried a couple things in the past and they didn't really happen and I reclaimed the space when it went unused. He'd mentioned moving into "middle earth" which is an odds and ends room. He'd moved the piano in there, and the kids computer is in there as well as jackets and backpacks and shelves of stuff. I knew he'd go crazy in there ... but figured I could handle it. If I moved my "desk" there, he could have the bedroom desk. It would solve a couple other issues too ... me being in the chair and in the way as he made his way to his side of the bed. Me unable to work on my computer when he's sleeping. Me being a slob and driving him crazy. We'd moved the piano out the other day (back into the front room) and I spent some time cleaning up the space, moved a table in, moved the computer and my stuff in and then cleaned up the desk I left behind so it was all clean and ready for him. Happy birthday (it's his birthday tomorrow). His mom wanted to do a birthday dinner, so the boys that could (#2 and #3 already had plans, #3 off to Sadie Hawkins) went with us to Market Street, which is one of Hub's favorite resturants ... although he wasn't very impressed with the steaks, and I actually prefer Red Robin's fish and chips. He loves their Raspberry Almont Torte... but he was too full to eat it, so we got it to go.

Sunday (1119) Weight 165.4. Steps 11862. Total Burn 2239. Exercise Burn 250/513 (10minElliptical, 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was awake early ... which doesn't mean I got out of bed early. Happy birthday to Hubs today. He ended up getting up and going to work! Worked half a day. Without him here we didn't do our big breakfast ... didn't even do any family breakfast. Everyone to their own. I stayed busy with feeding the animals, starting laundry, unloading the dishwasher, more organizing, catching up on computer stuff. #5 went through his clips from yesterday's championship game. I did a bit on it, but didn't finish up the highlight reel yet. Hubs stopped by Costco on the way home, grabbing a turkey, prime rib, and other things. A computer moniter was one thing, and he got his desk set up. The boys gave him their gifts, and I had a couple little things. I made a lemon jello cake. #3 was working, but got off at 5:00. We went out to dinner, up to Park City to Windy Ridge Cafe, which we'd been to a couple times before. The boys LOVE their popcorn shrimp, sweet potato fries and mac&cheese. Unfortunately, they don't make the popcorn shrimp anymore. That was a huge disappointment!

Monday (1120) Weight 165.3. Steps 30678. Total Burn 3143. Exercise Burn 1050/1391 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6miles Treadmill). Calories in 1400. Back to the routine. Hour of elliptical early ... well, sans 10 minutes, which I finished up a little later in the day. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5953 steps. 2.69 miles. 393/358 burn. AvHR113. High 141. In zone 15 of the 63 minutes. Did a stop at Smiths on the way home, mainly produce. Got in two treadmill times during the day. Decent day out, so I hooked up the hose and refreshed all the waters for the ducks and turned over some dirt. Afternoon carpools. Made spaghetti for dinner, but only #2 and the littles were around. Hubs was working late, #3 was at work, and #1 was just off ... Then #2 went to his basketball game and #5 and I headed out to his basketball game. This was the championship game for the 7th grade at Dimple Dell. Postponed from Saturday, when it conflicted with #5's 6th grade championship game. It wasn't changed because of that, but because the team had the tournament Saturday, but regardless, we were happy #5 got to play. Unfortunately, the Wolves couldn't quite get the win. They were within three with just over a minute left, but in the end the other team extended that lead. #5 was a little emotional earlier in the game, but seemed to get a handle on it by the end. Overall though, really good season. All the games were competitive and close.

Tuesday (1121) Weight 164.1. Steps 28832. Total Burn 3073. Exercise Burn 1325/1326 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1450.  Hubs was awake a bit in the night, and thus slept in a little. I was up before him. I did get my whole hour of elliptical in this morning. Zumba with Marian. Stats: 5953 steps. 2.69 miles. 393/358 burn. AvHR 113. High 141. In zone 15 of the 63 minutes. With this class so close, I always go straight home after. I'd my longest "at home" day of the week. #1 was home too, his day off work. He did go to school for a bit. Unfortunately, I wasn't that productive here on my "at home" day I got in both my treadmill times during the day though, as #3 didn't have work. I just assume he'll want some gym time after school ... and he did. My workouts finished up with my movie perfectly. I watched "Concussion" which I'd been aware of when it was in theaters. I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle Will Smith's accent, but he did a good job. Interesting story. Glad my boys play basketball. Not free from injury, but not as rough. It was a beautiful day outside! I could live life in weather like this! About 60° and sunny. I went ahead and set up the big pool for the duckies. Refreshed all the other waters as well, and the silly duckies were attempting to swim in the smaller tub when the big pool was right there. They finally discovered it by night time. Weather-wise I could leave them out of the pen. We don't really have predators to worry about either. But ... I like to peek out and see them and know they are safe. I made chicken pillows for dinner. I'd pretty much planned on just making "leftovers" but then Hubs and the older boys were around when they were done (the littles and I don't like them). I also made cookie press pumpkins. I'd finally recieved my replacement parts for my mixer and wanted to try them out. Worked great ... although the dough was sticky and a little hard to work with.

Wednesday (1122) Weight 164.2. Steps 23690. Total Burn 2854. Exercise Burn 1041/1106 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. The boys didn't have school, so we didn't have our usual early rising routine. I did get up in time to do one session on the elliptical before heading to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6576 steps. 2.88 miles. 413/395 burn. AvHR114. High 137. In zone 15 of the 63 minues. Had a few more instructors and people than we usually do. After class, I stopped to get my nails done. I'd picked off both pinky nails, and the others weren't in great shape. It's only been six weeks or so since I'd had a new set, but I just don't like regular polish. I went with a new set again ... but OUCH. My fingertops are tender. Back at home, #4 was bored. I'd told him to try and arrange something with friends. He's always been my homebody, but now he doesn't seem satisfied staying home. But he doesn't initiate either, but waits for friends to. #1 ended up taking the two littles to Nicklecade and then the mall, so that was fun for them I think. I got in my remaining elliptical sessions and then did some housecleaning prep. We are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hubs grabbed some Chick-fil-a ... and it was yummy.

Thursday (1123) Weight 164.9. Steps 7889. Total Burn 2119. Exercise Burn 0/339 (No exercise). Calories in 2800. Thanksgiving Day. Hubs and I slept in a little. He got up and got the turkey and prime rib started smoking (he'd done some prep earlier too) and I got started making rolls. There was Zumba at MZL and elsewhere, but I was a little late getting started as is. I was still getting them rolled out and realizing they really didn't have enough time to rise. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating much either. Usually, #1's room gets nice and warm and that's where I put the rolls to rise. It's also a good spot because I can close the door and keep the cats from walking across the rising rolls. Hubs was a little frustrated too, as the prime rib was done early, and the turkey was taking longer than expected. But, it all worked out. I made some Brazillian cheese rolls too, and then put the regular rolls in. Could have used double (or triple) ovens today! I'd made some orange rolls and had planned on having them done early, before, as they are good cold, whereas everything else needs to be right out of the oven. Sent home some leftovers with family and still have some ourselves.

Friday (1124) Weight 166.1. Steps 18410. Total Burn 2589. Exercise Burn 550/859 (Zumba, 30min/1.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. No Black Friday for me! Hubs and #1 still had work and were up and off early. I slept in a little, then went to Zumba. Debbie was out of town and had asked Carma and I to sub. MZL had cancelled anyway. It was only four of us though. Back at home, it was Thanksgiving cleanup. All the dishes, getting the extra table put away and the furniture back into position. The boys went and played some basketball at the church. Hubs didn't work the full day, and when he got back he suggested we go look for chairs for our desks. I just used an old kitchen chair when I was sitting at the desk in our room (and that got in the way as it was) but with the move, I had more room where I was at, and Hubs wanted a nicer chair, and it wouldn't be in the way if I wouldn't be sitting in it. I was hesitant to head out on Black Friday, but we figured Office Max wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't, although we still had to deal with car crowds in the shopping center. At first I had just thought Hubs could grab a chair, but it was good I went along, as we have different tastes. Not really in style or looks, but how they feel. Men and women are different sizes, so what I found more comfortable he did not. In fact, the chair I ultimately chose he sat in for one second and said "definitely not that one!" It presses in at my back some, lumbar support, and I like that. We brought two chairs home and made the two oldest boys assemble them. I'd done okay on calories, but then Hubs and I watched a movie and HAD to have popcorn. His choice, "Wind River" which was okay.

Saturday (1125) Weight 167.3. Steps 20177. Total Burn 2636. Exercise Burn 800/874 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Weight is up. Not really surprising. Really tried to keep calories in check, and did okay exercise for a Saturday. There were no basketball games, so that helped. Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical and one time on the treadmill. Watched "Seal Team Six" which was a shorter movie, so fit into that exercise time frame. Hubs did start the day with temptation, bringing home yummy donuts! In the evening, it was the annual "Leg Lighting" at Uncle Clay's house. There were donuts there too, homemade ones. #4 and I didn't go, but everyone else did, the oldest taking their girlfriends. Got a great picture with Uncle Clay in a pink bunny suit (it and the lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story"). The weather was very temperate, probably the nicest it's ever been for the event. I just didn't want the temptation of more donuts, and it's pretty crowded with neighbors and friends ... all of whom we don't know. Aunt Olivia ended up taking #3 and #5 to see the new Justice League movie. I'm thinking #4 would have like to have been there for that.

Sunday (1126) Weight 166.7. Steps 13663. Total Burn 2261. Exercise Burn 650/494 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs got up early and put the turkey on the smoker. He'd prepped it yesterday.  Then he went into work. Without him around, we skipped our big breakfast ... especially as there would be a big dinner, although not full Thanksgiving fixings as on Thursday. I got my hour of elliptical in, although I had to push to get the last 20min (two 10min actually). I'd meant to hit the treadmill (had 30min left on my movie) but Hubs wanted to watch "Fortitude" ... and we did. Quite the marathon. Four episodes to finish up season two ... which was really weird! It kept me interested, but I'm also glad it's over (series finale, not just season finale). Probably watch "Homeland" next. We did have popcorn, and this was after our turkey dinner. #3 got his drumstick this time.

Monday (1127) Weight 167.6. Steps 37373. Total Burn 3509. Exercise Burn 1550/1762 (60mimElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2200. Back to the routine. After five days "off" it actually felt good to get back at it. Hubs was up and off around 5:00. I got up at 5:30. Fit in all three of my elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. I stressed a bit in the morning, as I was subbing for Debbie's Zumba and #1 had borrowed the aux cord on Friday when they went to play basketball at the church and hadn't given it back. I'd looked in his room and couldn't find it, and worried it might be in his car ... he was at work. But then #3 looked in his gym bag and it was there. Whew! I'd prepped the playlist last night. I arrived right at 9:00 ... I try to be early when I'm teaching, but just got off a little late. Jill had opened the building but then had to run. Carma showed ... but no one else and we wondered if anyone would show. Then they trickled in. We had about seven. Class went well. Stats: 6802 steps. 3.01 miles. 445/428 burn. AvHR116. High136. In zone 20 of the 64 minutes. I'd hoped I'd be able to skip a store stop on the way home, as Hubs had just been over the weekend ... but alas, we needed a few things. Stopped at Smiths. It was a cold and rainy day. Windy too. As I peeked out the window at the ducks upon arriving home ... their pen had blown over. They hadn't been in it. I had let them out earlier. I hadn't planned on being out working in the cold rain, but felt like I needed to get to the pen before it was destroyed any further. While it was tipped over, I emptied out the waters and turned over some of the soil. I righted the pen and tried to piece it back together. It's in bad shape, just being three years old ... having been used in the pumpkin drop, and flying over the fence in a wind storm earlier in the year. We really need to replace it with a dog run, but that hasn't happened yet. I was able to get it back together. The light hadn't broken. I finished bringing in the groceries too. Brrrrr. Didn't receive my Fitbit report again. Got basketball schedules for the boys, so I input all the times in the calendar. Five games on Saturday  ... and no scheduling conflicts. At least for me. #3 is scheduled to work during his game :(  I got two treadmill times in during the school day. Double afternoon pickups. #5 had a friend come home with him, and he didn't get picked up until almost 8:00! Hubs was that late coming home too though. #2 had a basketball game.

Tuesday (1128) Weight 165.9. Steps 34276. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1410/1514 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Abs/Core). Calories in 2400. Feeling my weight workout from yesterday. Sore legs. Didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in before getting the kids off to school, but finished up the final 10min later in the day. Zumba w/Marian. Just four of us. Marian left for work about halfway, and we three remaining (Kathyleen and Barbara) just kept it casual, me asking if they had requests, stopping to break down some steps. Stats: 6140 steps. 2.67miles. 373/347 burn. AvHR 104. High 129. In zone 1 of the 64 minutes. Got my two treadmill times in while the kids were at school. Also did some Zumba practice, trying to perfect a cute Christmas song Marian does (so I can lead it in other classes). #4 had a friend come over after school. Grilled some chicken and made some simple strogonaff ... putting in leftover prime rib instead of the hamburger. My mom has been feeling off lately and was in for some tests and ended up being admitted to the hospital overnight. Arteries clear but some unexplained internal bleeding. She was very anemic. They gave her three pints of blood. #3 and I got to talking today about finances and taxes and such ... ended up chatting about it all for over an hour.

Wednesday (1129) Weight 165.9. Steps 31305. Total Burn 3103. Exercise Burn 1310/1359 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Again, I didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in during the early hours. Had to finish up with 10min later ... that didn't happen until right before bed. Instead of school today, #4 was doing "job shadow" which is accompanying an adult to the workplace to see how this whole "employment" thing goes. All the other boys have done it too, an 8th grade activity. They all went with Dad to the workplace, visiting the office and construction sites. But it was a bad day for Hubs, he had a bunch of meetings, and an uber early one. #4 would not have enjoyed it. Maga to the rescue. She works up at the capital, which is cool. #4 was a little frustrated in the morning as I had him dress a little nicer than usual ... not Sunday wear, but he still put up a bit of a fuss. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6374 steps. 2.8miles. 378/368 burn. AvHR 112. High 136. In zone 12 of the 60 minutes. I did do the "Merry Christmas Everyone" number. After class I stopped at Cal Ranch to grab a backup bulb for the duck pen, and some bedding for them. Straw and pine chips. Not very productive for my alone hours ... did get in a treadmill time. Didn't have the middle school pickup obviously, which was a nice break for the afternoon. Made some sugar cookie christmas trees. Got another treadmill time in.

Thursday (1130) Weight 165.9. Steps 29484. Total Burn 3204. Exercise Burn 1200/1457 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Actually got in my full hour of elliptical this morning. After getting the kids off, I hit Zumba with MZL. 6728 steps. 3.02 miles. 389/445 burn. AvHR 115. High 136. In zone 13 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Sears and Sam'sClub on the way home. Got in a treadmill time and then did some reorganizing in the gym. #3 had complained of some of my stuff being in the way, so I moved some things around. Hopefully he'll be happy with the change up. Afterschool pickups, then I ran to Big5, as I'd received a "1-day sale" email that had a couple items I was interested in ... I should have called first, as both items were sold out. I couldn't even see a space where they would have been and wondered it they had any stock at all! So that was a wasted trip. #5 could have used a new basketball ... he JUST opened a new one I had around but it got a sticker in it while playing at a school and is leaking now. #3 had a friend over and they worked out in the gym after school. #3 did say the extra space for him was nice. I made some cookie press cookies. With all my sets, I have two different "tree" disks and used both. I pulled the Christmas stuff from the shed. The last couple years I haven't done much decorating, but I usually put a few things out anyway. While I was out back I hooked up the hose and changed the waters for the ducks. When I went to put them away a bit later in the evening ... two of them were down the window well! #1 jumped down and rescued them. I reunited them with the other two and put them away in the pen for the night. #5 usually has practice, but the church they use had an activity. But #4 now has practices Thursdays 8:30-9:30. I had thought I'd drop him, do a Smiths run (need to pick up a couple prescriptions) and then go back, but I was dragging and my legs were so tired. Even without a second treadmill session I was almost at 30k. I asked #3 if he'd be willing to do the pickup, and he said yes. So after I got back from dropping off, it was into jammies and into bed. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Weekly Report #225

Well someone certainly got stuffed on turkey day! It wasn't just Thanksgiving. The kids were out Wed/Thurs/Fri and that throws off my schedule. No early morning elliptical. Skipped Zumba on Thanksgiving. So this week ... weight is up, numbers are down. And again ... no Fitbit report on my "One" account. I've included my ChargeHR stats, but peeking at the bottom where I'm friends with myself, you can see there's a discrepancy over 20k steps. Other stats are off too. Hard to compare with the other weeks with the One stats. And I just found out Fibit has stopped making the One. WHAT? Not everyone wants a wrist pedometer! Even though I love my ChargeHR, I wasn't able to give up my One!

STATS: Official weight is up 2..3 pounds. Ooooph. Average was just up a little (.44 to 165.51). I'd started off the week with some lower calorie counts on intake, so the average was a reasonable 2150. Burn average came in at 2668. Decent deficit of -1161 which did not show on the scale. Step average was 20,477 with 54.93 logged miles. Cardio minutes 720/780/785/723. Just one day over 30k, 3000+ burn.

EXERCISE: Only hit my hour of elliptical five days out of seven. Treadmill time four days of the week. Four Zumba classes. No bike. No weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: In addition to the usual grocery shopping, Hubs and I went and picked out new chairs for our desks, and I got my nails done. No basketball games Thanksgiving weekend, but there was one earlier in the week. Driving time was down without school carpools. We did have family time (ala Thanksgiving dinner) but as it was at our house, it didn't show up as a different location, which is how Life Cycle tracks things.

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...
  • Monday (1120) Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Debbie and two treadmill times ... my normal. Basketball game in the evening with #5, unfortunately couldn't quite get the win. Kept calories in check. 30678 steps. 3143 burn. 1400 intake.
  • Tuesday (1121) Same exercise as yesterday, but didn't quite hit my 30k. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Marian and two treadmill times. Watched the movie "Concussion" while walking, finished up with my workouts perfectly. Lovely day outside! Set up the big pool for the duckies. Chicken pillows for dinner. Cookie press cookies ... trying out the new parts on my mixer which had broken a few weeks ago. Should have hit the bike, but had been sitting at the computer (paying bills, blog, etc) and didn't feel like sitting more, and was so tired by end of day. 28832 steps. 3073 burn. 1450 intake.
  • Wednesday (1122) No school for the kids, so I slept in too. Got one session on the elliptical in, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Finished up my hour of elliptical (two mores 20min sessions). Some cleaning in prep for hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Steps 23690. Burn 2854. Intake 2300.
  • Thursday (1123) Happy Thanksgiving ... no exercise today, but uber eating! There was Zumba, but I skipped, and instead got started on rolls and other prep. Hubs really did all the work (turkey, potatoes). Had the inlaws over. It went well. Steps 7889. Burn 2119. Intake 2800.
  • Friday (1124) Subbed Debbie's Zumba today, and also got in 30min on the treadmill. Thanksgiving cleanup. DVD with Hubs and his popcorn in the evening. 18410 steps. 2589 burn. 2350 intake.
  • Saturday (1125) Not bad for a Saturday. An hour of elliptical and one time on the treadmill. No basketball games today, but it starts up again next week ... Hubs made a donut run in the morning, and then there were homemade donuts in the evening at my BIL's annual "Leg Lamp Lighting". Steps 20177. Burn 2636. Intake 2000.
  • Sunday (1126) Got in an hour of elliptical today. I meant to do more (some treadmill time) but then Hubs and I had a "Fortitude" marathon, with popcorn. We didn't do the big breakfast, but Hubs smoked another turkey for dinner. 13663 steps. 2261 burn. 2800 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out ...
 It was a very hodgepodge assortment of movies kept me entertained while exercising this week ... The Young Victoria (2009) with Emily Blunt. It was fine, but didn't really provide much energy or excitement for exercise. I remember when Concussion was in theaters (2015), I'd seen the previews and wasn't sure about Will Smith's accent (knowing it's not his natural), but he did a good job and it was a compelling story. Imposter (2001) with Gary Sinise ... often futuristic/sci-fi doesn't fare well with time. I don't know that this was that strong of a movie to begin with. It was a little silly and had these small slow-motion moments that drove me crazy! I needed a "shorter" movie for Saturday when I wasn't going to get in a second treadmill time (I felt happy to get in one and my elliptical hour). Seal Team Six (2012)was 90 minutes. Presented in documentary format, I really didn't have much action. The final and fifth movie wasn't in the gym, but Red Box rental with Hubby (and popcorn). Wind River (2017) ... I hadn't heard anything about this or seen any trailers. It was okay. Based on a true story, the end seemed a little unbelievable. It was sad. Out of the five, Concussion is probably the only one I'd recommend.

Five Featured Photos ...
Final game of the Fall season with #5 ...
No games Saturday over Thanksgiving weekend, but FIVE games next Saturday!

We hosted Thanksgiving. Hubs smoked the turkey. It was yummy!

I don't make pies per se ... but this is similar. More yum!

Saturday was the annual "Leg Lamp Lighting"
#4 and I didn't make it. The older boys brought girlfriends.

Then Aunt Olivia took some of the cousins to a movie.

With Thanksgiving over ... and Christmas stuff not yet in full swing, I hope to get back at it this next week. Check back to see if I do!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekly Report #224

Because I had a not so nice scale slide last week (up two pounds), I did technically register a loss this week ... but in weeks past I'd hit the163s. That didn't show up on the scale this week. With Hub's birthday on Sunday, and there was double dinners out over the weekend, and cake of course.

I've been (im)patiently waiting for my weekly Fitbit stat email ... it never came. Once in a blue moon this happens. I know it's silly, but last time it was missing, I actually contacted customer service and they were able to resend it.  I've asked again, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I'll update if they do.

NUMBERS: Official weight down 1.33, but average was up (.91 to 165.07). Average intake 2250 with burn average at 2954. One day with intake exceeding burn, and I did manage a deficit (-1831). Step average 26506 with 73.41 logged miles. Cardio minutes 970/1043/1090/939 and just 15min abs/core.  Four days with 30k steps, 3000+ burn.

EXERCISE: Only got my hour of elliptical in five of the seven days this week. None on Saturday, and just a quick 10min session on Sunday. I had treadmill time six out of the seven days. Five Zumba classes ... although the fifth on Friday was just me, home alone. I did a little additional Zumba practice earlier in the week too. One time on the bike, and while I didn't get in weights, I did do a small abs/core session.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: A little more time in the car this week. In addition to the usual mommy chauffeur duties, one of #5's two basketball  was further away than usual, and one of our two dinners out also had quite the commute. And while the grass hasn't grown much, I did one last mow (picking up more leaves than grass). 

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (1113) Fit in a session on the stationary bike, in addition to the usual hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times. Also a run to Costco and the usual laundry, dishes, ducks and kid carpools. #5 had a friend over after school. 33246 steps. 3217 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (1114) Lots of activity today ... but also lots of eating. Got in the usual hour of elliptical, Zumba+ and two treadmill times (even jogging one of them). 1/2 a session of bike, before I got called to mommy chauffeur duty. There were the turkey cookies from the other day, plus I'd used the leftover frosting to make "frosted graham crackers" (a favorite treat growing up) and #2 brought home donuts! 33371 steps. 3395 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Wednesday (1115) Beat last Wednesday's 35k today. Got in the usual (hour of elliptical, Zumba, two treadmill times) ... also some Zumba practice , shopping steps, mowed the lawn and other yard stuff. Cleaned out the bottom of the fridge ... did you know it IS "Clean out your fridge day"? That's not why I did, it was pretty much required when the drawers were too sticky to pull out! 37207 steps. 3448 burn. 1950 intake.
  • Thursday (1116) Another 30+K day. The usual ... hour of elliptical, Zumba and two treadmill times. Running kids around in the evening. Hubs and #3 did a derby. 33628 steps. 3348 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Friday (1117) Not bad for a Friday ... got in my hour of elliptical and one treadmill time. Did get in an hour of Zumba, although not an official class, just on my own. #5 had a couple basketball games in the evening, but they were far and late ... and I just sent him with a teammate. 25945 steps. 2858 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Saturday (1118) No exercise at all today. Two basketball games for #5. One was further away, in NSL, and Hubs drove us (as it was beyond my comfort zone). The second game was a championship game, and our boys won it! It was a room rearrange day (moving my desk). Dinner out at Market Street in the evening. 10280 steps. 2170 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Sunday (1119) Happy Birthday Hubs. No big breakfast, but we did do dinner at Windy Ridge in Park City. Got in one time on the treadmill and a small elliptical session to finish up my "Grey's Anatomy" episode. 11862 steps. 2239 burn. 2200 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out 
Quite the varied collection of movies to entertain me while I ellipticalled and walked away this week. Some older movies. Equilibrium (2002) starring Christian Bale definitely seemed dated (with the futuristic view from 15 years ago). Over the top silly in some spots. A little almost "Matrix" like in some fight scenes. Similar theme and name to the movie "Equals" from a few weeks ago (#221) where emotions have been suppressed and outlawed. Primal Fear is even older (1996) but held up  better, didn't seem as dated. The multiple personality twist here didn't pack as much punch after watching "Split" recently. Bravetown (2015) was more recent, although I'd never heard of it ... was it in theaters or straight to streaming? The story was a bit mixed ... while the DJ seemed to be the story at the start, his music "saving" the struggling dance team turned it more into a "Pitch Perfect/Bring it On" with dance club instead of showchoir/cheerleading. Then there was the whole army town theme. Overall I guess I liked it fine. Fair Game (2010) was okay ... apparently based on a true story. I often get a little discouraged with politics/government with movies like this. Reasonable Doubt (2014) ... pretty action packed. Far fetched ... but with the whole "suspension of disbelief" it kept my interest. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 I had leftover frosting after I made my annual "turkey cookies" ... so I used it up on "frosted graham crackers".  This was something I grew up with and I posted this picture on social media asking others if it was something they did. Many responses to the positive, and many memory posts!

We had our first dusting of snow ... we've never had ducks over the winter before. Hatching in the spring, they have always flown off come fall. These guys look about full grown. They are now two months old. They seem to be faring fine, but I do stress about them. 

 Double dinners out. Market Street Grill and Windy River Cafe. 

6th grade champs!

... and birthday for Hubs!

Next week is Thanksgiving ... while there IS zumba that day, I'm not sure I've committed to going. We are hosting, and while Hubs is doing almost all the work, I am making homemade rolls. I think I'll need the morning. The kids will be out of school Wed-Thurs, so it will be a shift from the usual schedule. I was asked to sub for Friday's Zumba, so I will be going to that ... no Black Friday shopping for me!

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