Monday, January 2, 2017

Medical Monday - The Last Half of 2016

Medical Mondays aren't a regular monthly post here on my blog. That's a good thing. Generally, there just isn't that much going on, and I'm okay with that! I'll just add "Medical Mondays" here and there as issues come up (and this blog is my journey, so I need to include it all). Here's a look at the last little bit of 2016 in our home ...

I had to go to the Doctor and the Dentist in December.

I pop a pill everyday for my thyroid. My bottle was empty with no refills left. I was NOT looking forward to my annual physical. No reason really, I was just really not in the mood. That is why doctors hold prescriptions hostage I guess though, right? To force reluctant patients in? So I went. The visit itself was fairly uneventful. A longer wait in the lab for a blood draw. Urine sample did have an issue (an infection?) so I'll have to come back to check that, once I get my known infection take care of ...

One of the doctor's questions is about dental health/last dental visit. Yes ... that's another one I've been putting off. I actually had a problem, a back tooth, broken off so just the roots remained. It was infected. I was so afraid I'd have to go to an oral surgeon, but my dentist was able to take care of it, with antibiotics for the infection. I'm still scheduled to go back for a cleaning and a little more work.

As for the family ... we had an allergy issue!
Poor #3 ... we KNEW he had allergy issues (#1 and #5 too).  Unlike his brothers, he hadn't had any accidental ingestions over the years as the other boys have. It's nuts! What they are allergic to I mean. He'd "experimented" a bit of late, and seemed okay with Nutella (hazelnuts) and a BananaNut Muffin (walnuts) so he decided to try a cashew (actually a few ...). Still reacts to those! Normally with our boys, it isn't a life-threatening allergy (although we did end up overnight at the hospital with #5 when he was a toddler). There is swelling, itching and misery, but it doesn't quite get to where it impacts their breathing. #3 was miserable though. His nose wouldn't stop running, spots all over, itching all over. His slips and eyes were swollen. Of course we gave him Benedryl immediately. An on call doctor gave us a prescription for Prednisone and an EpiPen ($700 for that!). A cold shower seemed to help too and he moved from the angry itching phase to the drunk Benedryl phase (have you seen the movie "Hitch" ... many similarities this night). We were a heartbeat away from the ER if he indicated any breathing issues. He fell into a deep, exhausted sleep ... but I kept checking on him all night long! No worse for the wear in the morning (still a bit swollen around the eyes) and NO MORE cashews or other experimenting!

Hubs has unfortunately had a few Menerie's attacks this month too. He hasn't had any for a while (since June I think) and these weren't as bad as some (no vomiting) but each one still lays him out for a few hours each time. They are just so hard, because you just never know when they will hit.

As far as feet ... there's been a touch of Athlete's foot on a couple of the boys (#3 and #5) and #2 has what I think is an ingrown toenail (or two), but we can't really do anything during until basketball season is done. Feet issues aren't really anything new for our family unfortunately (The Agony of DeFeet) but at least these aren't as bad in the past ... but I'm keeping my eye on them!

So I still have some follow up with the doctor and dentist. 
Wish me luck!

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