Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Review #187

Alas ... almost entirely in the 180s. And Up. Ugggg. Schedule was a bit off, as kids were out of school Monday for President's Day. Not as much basketball this week, as only #5 had games (his final ones this season, but he will be starting Spring season soon). Out to eat a couple times this week. Birthday for #2. In addition to the usual grocery shopping, there was a little clothes shopping, and some sitting waiting for a tire repair.

NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.2 pounds. Average weight up .79 to 181.39. Average Intake was 2471. Average Burn was 2452. Intake over burn ... equaled an overage of 2732 for the week. Average steps 13,541. 40min Weights, 470/488 cardio minutes, 38.5 exercise miles.  
WEEKLY WORKOUTS: I got in my hour of elliptical four days, hit three Zumba classes, and did weights once.

Here's a look at my week ala Life Cycle ...

I got my Fitbit ONE report this week! Yea!

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0220): Presidents day, so no school for the kidlets, although Hubs and #1 were still up and off early to work. I hit Zumba with Debbie (368 burn, avHR113) but didn't get in any elliptical. I did a WEIGHTS workout! We went out to Olive Garden, pre-birthday dinner for #2.  10636 steps. 2242 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0221): Happy Birthday #2, 18 years old. I got in a lot of elliptical today, 90min total. Also Zumba with Marian (363 burn, avHR105). #5 had a basketball game in the evening and #2's girlfriend took him  to a birthday dinner&movie.  23508 steps. 3001 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Wednesday (0222): Although Hubs had taken the car in over the weekend to get the tire patched (slow leak), it was leaking again/still. I went to Walmart (where he had gone) and they said it couldn't be repaired, and they didn't have a replacement tire in stock. They filled it and I hoped it would hold. Did get in my hour of elliptical, but that was all. Feeling sore from weights! 16564 steps. 2583 burn. 2600 intake. 
  • Thursday (0223): Got in my hour of elliptical and hit Zumba with MountainView (334 burn, avHR113, I was a little late and didn't quite get the full hour). After I went to Discount Tire where they DID fix the puncture ... for free too! 18801 steps. 2782 burn. 3000 intake. 
  • Friday (0224): Not feeling great, no motivation at all. No exercise. 5236 steps. 1989 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Saturday (0225): I did hit the elliptical for one 20min session. Two basketball games with #5 and out to dinner with the extended family (just adults). 8748 steps. 2197 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Sunday (0226): Actually got in an hour of elliptical today. Big breakfast and Hubs delicious brisket/potatoes/BrazillianCheese rolls for dinner, with ice cream pie for dessert. 11293 steps. 2372 burn. 2900 intake. 

 ... a few photos
 Evolution of a black-eye ...
(I shared the original, right after the accident, last week)

 Out to dinner at Olive Garden. Party of seven.

 Happy birthday #2! 18 years old. 

 Little Grizzlies. My #5 is ... #5!

A couple of videos too ...

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Tire Trouble!

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Crazy Kitty!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup

Time for another edition of ... "What We're Eating Wednesday" 
Toasted cheese sandwiches have been a favorite in our home for a while ... it's one of the few sandwiches I will eat. Maybe it's the only one (I don't eat meat sandwiches. I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich every day at elementary school and then I was done and have never had one since. )  I don't like tomato soup (nothing tomato for me) but my boys do. They dip their sandwich in the soup. Great warm meal on a cold day. 

I was always lazy, and just broke out a can of Cambells when it came to tomato soup. Then, #3 came home raving about some tomato soup he'd had when visiting family. I called Aunt Courtney for the recipe. She said it actually came from Aunt Jami, who had pulled it off Pinterest. You can find it on the ElephantsDeli blog ...

Saute onion in butter. A couple cans of crushed tomatoes. Some heavy cream ... and ORANGE JUICE. Well that's just weird, isn't it? I mean ... I'm not going to eat it anyway, but the combo is curious.  #3 was quite pleased, and I've made it a few times.

#1 son just returned from his mission to Mexico recently. He had not yet experienced the Elephants Deli version of tomato soup. I made some on Sunday (okay, I must admit my label of "What We're Eating Wednesday" is a bit of a misnomer this edition ... "What We're Eating This Week" works and is still alliterative *Ü*). 

But back to the Tomato Soup.
No go for #1.

Hubs had even recommended I cut back on the OJ, so I just used 3/4 cup rather than a full one.  It's apparently quite acidic. With the cream, it's also quite heavy. I may still be pulling out a can of Campbells in the future for #1 (#5 said he preferred the simple soup too). 

One last note on toasted cheese (or do you call them "grilled cheese"?) ... they MUST be cut into triangles. This is non-negotiable to all the boys. Seriously, cut them sideways into rectangles and no one will eat them. And people say I'm picky ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TV Tuesday - Waiting for DVD

I must admit, I love Netflix and Amazon Prime for the ease of instant streaming. I know there is Hulu too, but commercials? I hate commercials, that's one of the reasons I wait for streaming! Showtime/HBO have their streaming services as well. It's wonderful!

Now if I ever have issues with the internet or wifi, DVD is a great backup option. But it does require me to pay additionally out of pocket to buy the DVD.  Honestly, I don't even want to keep it for my home library. I watch TV series once and I'm done. Usually I can borrow from the local library, but that necessitates a trip in for pickup, and watching and returning before it's due.  I've been spoiled by streaming! 

I always assume everything will end up online at some point ... but that doesn't seem to be the case. Some shows disappear, and ONLY resurface on DVD.  So last summer, I decided to hit some of the shows that never made it beyond their box sets ...

"The Last Resort" was a fall premiere back in 2012. It looked like something that would appeal to me, but I was willing to wait. I just didn't know how long I'd be waiting! It never appeared on Netflix or Amazon ... (well, on Amazon as a DVD purchase). It was available at my local library, so I checked it out. Coming in so late, I knew it was a one-season show. I do prefer to know that going in, so I don't get attached or anything.  I had thought "The Last Ship" (similar in name, also with subs and navel destroyers) had come out the same year, but I guess the latter was a 2014 premiere. I however, watched both shows close together and it was interesting to compare (and cheer on) the different perspectives (one being on a sub fighting a boat, one captaining the boat battling a sub). "The Last Resort" wasn't post-apocalyptic ... the rest of the world keeps on going. Reading some reviews, critics said this wasn't realistic (is any tv premise really?) but with my limited knowledge of it all, I just enjoyed it. I think knowing they were not going to be renewed, the producers wrapped up the season a little more than they might have if there had been more to come. 

I believe 12 Monkeys is available for streaming on Hulu (but ... commercials!) I can record off Hulu with my PlayOn service and skip commercials, but for this, going the DVD route was a little easier. I've actually already talked about "12 Monkeys" in my Time Travel TV post.

I almost included "Alcatraz" on my Time Travel TV post ... but it wasn't totally time travel. It featured inmates from Alcatraz disappearing from the traditional timeline and reappearing today. Well, in 2012, which was when this series came out. This was another show that never hit streaming services.  Like "The Last Ship" this was a one season wonder ... unlike "The Last Ship" it did NOT wrap things up, and just left the audience hanging.

Another series that aired on Fox (like "Alcatraz" above ... does Fox not negotiate with Netflix or Amazon to stream their old shows?). It's available to stream if you pay for it on Amazon or Itunes, but I didn't want to pay $20+ where there is so much out there already for free (or on subscriptions I do already pay for). I grabbed the DVD from my library and ... are you ready for my rant? IT DOES NOT HAVE CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES! For a long time, DVDs had that advantage over streaming services ... but now Netflix and Amazon offer captions on almost everything (I'm not sure if they were just proactive or influenced by federal law). I thought DVDs had to have captions! I attempted to watch ... there was so much mumbling and background noise I gave up on it. I guess that's one I should have recorded on PlayOn (as it has the ability to record with captions) but it's too late now. It's not online anywhere for free ... I think I would have liked this show.

Finally ... I was able to start "The Expanse" recording from PlayOn (I think it was with my Comcast subscription, maybe it was Hulu) but it was missing episodes. I turned to my local library which had it on DVD.

I normally really like Sci-Fi and space stuff. This was so dark (literally dark, the filming) and gritty and just didn't have any humor to balance out the serious.

Well ... I guess it's mocking of the Mormon church was it's attempt at humor? Growing up LDS, I am always aware of when the church is mentioned in media and such, probably more so than when other other religions are showcased. I do wonder if I would have been as taken aback if it had been Catholic, Episcopalian or Jewish history reworked into a sci-fi storyline. It's wasn't overtly negative really, but still left ME with a negative feeling about it. From the missionaries attempting to share their beliefs, the references to the Book of Mormon, the statue of the angel Moroni on the space ship, the current apostles leading pioneers to a new place to settle ... it was just really odd.

I finished the first season and there is a second going on, but I don't think I'm interested in it. But if YOU are, it IS now available on Amazon Prime for free streaming. 

So I still have a long list of DVDs available at my library if I choose to go the DVD route again. As far as I know, none of these are available on streaming (I know the first three seasons of Orphan Black are on Amazon Prime Streaming ... I've watched them. Been waiting on season four for a while!) I know things are constantly changing on Netflix and Amazon ... things that were streaming no longer are (Psych is one my family misses) and new ones are added all the time. Even without these, I have long lists waiting to watch on both. But it's always nice to have a backup plan too ...
Do you still turn to DVDs?
Have you watched any of these series?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Review #186

I was waiting IMpatiently for my weekly Fitbit Report to come so I could finish up my weekly weigh-in blog post. I got it for my ChargeHR ... but not my One. Again. I've written Fitbit Customer Support. I know it's just a small thing, but I really like to see my stats from week to week...

Here's my ChargeHR report ...
NUMBERS: On the scale, down two pounds (just reversing last week's two pound up). Average stayed about the same, up a smidgen (.24) to 180.6.  Average intake was 2243. Average daily burn 2564. Crunching numbers, I was over 1738 this week. Average steps 12875. No weights again. Cardio minutes 380/402. Exercise miles 30.42.  FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical three days this week, as well as three Zumba classes.

Here's a look at LifeCycle ...

I've noticed my driving time has been quite consistent these past few weeks. Had  a church meeting, went out to eat, and a visit to the dentist this week, not normal weekly activities for me. Some grocery shopping. Basketball time should be going down now, as the last high school game was on Friday ...

Here's a Day by Day look ...
  • Monday (0213): Hubs took to the day off to prep ribs for the basketball dinner tonight. I did the usual morning routine, hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I hit Zumba with Southziders! First time back there in a while (502 burn, avhR120). Helped hubs wrap the ribs the carted them to the school. I think it was a success. 23243 steps. 3117 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0214): Very disrupted morning ... only 20min on the elliptical, but #5 and I threw together a basketball valentine's box. Zumba with Marian (386 burn, avHR116). Busy afternoon with basketball games at 3:30 and 7:00, and senior night stuff. Last home game of the season. 15216 steps. 2645 burn. 1500 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0215): Got in my hour of elliptical ... and a nap. 15156 steps. 2592 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Thursday (0216): Hour of elliptical in, as well as Zumba with MountainView (463 burn, avHR126 ... I was leading, that helps HR). Then dentist. 21079 steps. 2948 burn. 2300 intake. 
  • Friday (0217): Usual Friday schedule shifts, plus middle school out and #1 home from work and needing to borrow a car for an interview. Dropped #4 to play some football with friends and picked him up with a swollen, black-eye. Games in the evening ... I stayed for all three. Still some state games, but this might have been my final high school game for a while. No exercise. 6179 steps. 2079 burn. 2300 intake. 
  • Saturday (0218): No exercise. Slept in ... one basketball game today for #5 (got the win, so championship next week). Hubs did some mac&cheese and brisket for dinner, cheesecake pie for dessert. 4660 steps. 1965 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Sunday (0219): I did 10min elliptical, just to finish up my show (wrapped up season 1 of Bloodline) but that's not really enough that I log it or call it exercise. 4589 steps. 1940 burn. 2600 intake. 
Five Featured Photos ...

 ... hosting the basketball team dinner ...

Cool poster spotlighting my son for Senior Night.

 Mmmm ... Lemon Jello Cake!

 Poor #4! A little friendly football ... it got worse too!

 Saturday Breakfast ... ran into a friend, AND the Varsity Basketball Team!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekly Review #185

I'm a little late with my weekly update. It's not good (a gain) but that's not why I didn't get the post up. It's been a cRaZy few days. Can I use that for my excuse this week? For the late post and for the scale swing? My regular routine has been interrupted, and I don't deal well with shifting schedules. AND ... I was waiting (waiting, waiting) for my weekly Fitbit update to come, and I never got it! That happens occasionally ... I checked my spam folder and everything! It did come on my Charge account, so I'll include that here, but it's not quite the same for the compairisons! 

Heart rate has been a bit up ... resting, and exercise (generally I look at a higher heart rate during a workout as a good thing, that I'm working harder than usual, but with it up everywhere ...)  I'm also up on my Fitbit Friends list, but that can be subjective, depending on how other people are doing. One of my top competitors (Cassie) is usually in the first three spots, but her Fitbit hasn't been working (but I'm sure SHE still is). 

NUMBERS: Official weight up 1.5. Average up .17 (180.36). Average intake 2157. Average burn 2481. Crunching the numbers ... over by 1152 this week. Weekly step average was 13,749. No weight workout. 400/365 cardio minutes. 37.95 exercise miles. FITNESS: Just two Zumba sessions (one on my own and Mountain View, I missed my no-miss Tuesday one with Marian), got in my hour of elliptical three days, and one session on the bike. 

A look at my week ...  Monday, there was that hour at the airport! Welcome home #1 son! I did have a followup appointment at the doctor (everything checked out okay), some grocery shopping, chauffering, and the usual basketball hours. Zumba says three hours ... but it was closer to two and a half of actual workout (but the app counts all the time in the building, so picks up the extra minutes before/after).

Here's a quick recap of the day by day ...

  • Monday (0206): Normal(ish) morning getting  the kids off to school. Just 40min elliptical. No Zumba as I had an appointment for an ultrasound (kidneys/bladder). In the evening, it was off to the airport to welcome back my men and Maga from Mexico. 12801 steps. 2471 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0207): #1 son still in missionary mode (not officially released) so I skipped my Zumba to stick by his side (companion). Release later in the evening, as well as basketball games for the boys (three of them, 3:30, 7:00 and 9:00).  Hour of elliptical, and some Zumba on my own. 18465 steps. 2752 burn. 1500 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0208): Got in my hour of elliptical, and did some Zumba on my own, and some in the evening teaching the young women. A little over an hour in all. 21534 steps. 2965 burn. 1900 intake. 
  • Thursday (0209): Made it to Zumba with MountainView, although I couldn't quite get the HR up today. AvHR115. 382 calories. A little grocery shopping. Made sugar cookies in the evening. Ate some too. 21191 steps. 2895 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Friday (0210): Session on the bike,  reading/riding today. Basketball games all evening (away, so I stayed for JV too). 8097 steps. 2151 burn. 2100 intake. 
  • Saturday (0211): No exercise. Two basketball games for #5. 5091 steps. 1955 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Sunday (0212): No exercise, but busy! Had the "homecoming" for #1. Quite the crowd over after the church meeting. 9066 steps. 2177 burn. 2500 intake. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 Monday ... my men and Maga home from Mexico

A little brotherly love! 

 Superbowl Sugar Cookies ... late (Thursday instead of Sunday!)

... at the game Friday. 
Headphones, camcorders, portable charger ... set.

 Prepping for the party (Homecoming). 
Ironing the tablecloth ... on the table.
Chocolate fountain, pre-chocolate.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekly Review #184

... and here we are. 180. Seems to be my new stuck spot. I remember when it was the mid 150s and I just couldn't get it under. Those were the days. It hasn't been a great week emotionally, which generally also affects the physical. 

NUMBERS: Technically down .7 to 181.1. Average is up .73 (180.19).  Average Intake 2086. Average Daily Burn 2356. Crunching the numbers ... over for the week, +577.  Step average 11635. Didn't get to weights this week. Cardio minutes 390/379. Exercise Miles 39.28.  FITNESS:  Got in my hour of elliptical four days. Two Zumba classes and one session on the bike. 

Fitbit Recap (above) and Life Cycle Recap (below) ...

Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0130): Hubs was up and off to Mexico this morning. I did get in my hour of elliptical, but no other exercise. Dinner was chicken and wild rice soup and bread sticks. 12674 steps. 2522 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0131): Got in my hour of elliptical and went to Zumba with Marian. 425 burn, avHR 121. Busy basketball day. Met with a couple other moms to make lunches. Away games today. I hit the sophomore and varsity games, then went to my munchkin's after that. Three losses. 20537 steps. 2941 burn. 1500 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0201): Not a productive day. Did do my hour of elliptical though. 11870 steps. 2322 burn. 1800 intake. 
  • Thursday (0202): Did my hour of elliptical and Zumba with Mountain View (486 calories, avHR132). Got a couple muvees made and a follow trip to the doctor. 19441 steps. 2877 burn. 1700 intake. 
  • Friday (0203): Busy basketball day, but I did get in a session on the bike, reading and riding (I'm getting in my audio books, but not regular reading, so this was a good 30min stint). Watched and video taped the Sophomore and Varsity games, and did snack bar duty during the JV game. Feeling off today though. Some emotional eating. 6117 steps. 2008 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Saturday (0204): Four basketball games today. Two tough ones at 1:00 and 2:00 (lost the first on OT, won the second, but barely) then at 4:00 and 5:00 ... due to travel between, I missed the first half of the final game. 6660 steps. 2037 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Sunday (0205): Superbowl Sunday ... #4 was invested, but none of the rest of us cared. Normally we do a big steak dinner, but with Hubs out of the country ... nothing really. 4145 steps. 1785 burn. 2300 intake. 

Four Featured Photos ...

 My men (and Maga) meeting up in Mexico ...

Packing 40 lunches for basketball boys ...

Silly kitty and a noisy toy ... at 11:00 at night.

As the month finished up - I did my "1 Second Everyday" recap ...


Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017

January is supposed to be a pretty good month, right? All those resolutions, the holidays are over. No more excuses. Alas, weight is higher than ever ... almost back to my all time (non-pregnancy) high. This wasn't a great month for me ... still several days of no school (NewYear's Day "observed" fell on a Monday,  MLK day, end of term), I had to finish up the room rearrange, I wasn't feeling great for a week or so there, which really impacted the motivation to move. A couple dental visits. Busy with basketball, which is in full swing ...

WEIGHT: Started the month at 180.7. Ended at 181.8. High also 181.8. Low was 178.4. Average weight came in at 180.16.   NUMBERS: Average intake was 2174, average daily burn 2482. Number crunch came up with an overage of 4563 calories for the month. 425,224 total steps. 13,717 average steps. 190.17 exercise miles. 1965/2117 cardio minutes, 40minWeights. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical 17 days, eight hours of Zumba, three sessions on both the bike and treadmill. One weights. 

*** JenB's Journal ***

0101 (Sunday) 180.7. Steps 13535. Total Burn 2489. Exercise Burn 625/642 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Yes, back to counting calories. I like the record (reminds me of what happened some days) and I do feel it does help keep things in check. Quiet morning. Church moves to 1:00.  #2 hit Sacrament meeting then had to head to work. We went out to see family, the annual pastry wreath, a tradition going on 28 years now. It's SO much work, and Pammy has been threatening to quit, but Uncle Clay took up the mantel and made it this year (so the gathering was at their house, rather than Maga's). French dip too, that Courtney (and Pam) had cooked up in their new Instant Pots. Little Sammy loved playing with his big cousins and wanted to come home with us ... so he did. I think he had a blast here. Got in the hot tub for a bit too. Uncle Clay and Maga came over later to grab him. Hubs made popcorn and we watched "The Magnificent Seven" ... good Western, but sad. 

0102 (Monday) 180.6. Steps 13360. Total Burn 2455. Exercise Burn 350/610 (20minElliptical, SnowShoveling). Calories in 2800. New Year's Day observed, so Hubs was off work and the kids out of school. I hit the elliptical once and meant to get back down, but my legs felt so tired today! I did shovel snow in the morning, as it had stormed during the night. The bigger boys had basketball practice still, but sophomore was at the same time as varsity, so that was nice (#3 was able to catch a ride with #2). Hubs requested French Toast for breakfast, so we did that. When the boys got back, we made the final room switch, moving #2's things downstairs. Now the upstairs bedroom is empty and awaiting #1 to come home in a month. #4 wanted to go hang with friends (still quite a rare occurrence with him) so I dropped him off and stopped at the store for groceries on the way home. Hubs smoked tri tip for dinner, also sauteing shrimp and making mashed potatoes. He even made a simple, fluffy cheesecake. I'm not a big cheesecake gal, but I liked this! He started HBOs "The Night Of" and we watched three episodes.

0103 (Tuesday) 182.4. Steps 23809. Total Burn 3141. Exercise Burn 1172/1305 (70minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Return to the routine, school schedule again. I thought it might be hard to get up, but I was awake before the alarm, and the kids were pretty good and getting up and off too. Snow again, but #3 was out shoveling and uncovering #2's car without even being asked. Back to making lunches ... then #3 forgot his. I got my first two 20min sessions in on schedule, but was a little late getting down before elementary carpool so just a 10min there. Then Zumba. Stats: 5919 steps, 2.55 miles. Calorie estimates 407/443. AvHR117, high 138, in zone 17 of the 60 minutes. Just six of us. The snow kept some people away I'm sure. I'm glad it was close for me. Back at home, I did some additional snow shoveling and got in an additional 20min elliptical. Also finished up a basketball video (although I'm mad at myself for not finishing up all the footage I had, as I'll be adding more tonight. It would have been good to be caught up before basketball began again) and did some cleaning (laundry, kitchen). I was on middle school carpool duty. As soon as I dropped them off, I went straight out to Hunter High School to catch #3 in his game. Normally, I don't think I'd bother with away games, especially since he's only been getting a minute or so of playing time, but after his good practices, he was hopeful he was actually going to get in more (and play point guard!) and this team wasn't a big challenge (which also means bench players may get more playing time). It wasn't too far, but I was still a little late, but #3 was put in just as I arrived. And landed a three pointer. Yea! He got another, and then three awesome layups in the second half. It was an easy win, and he got tons of playing time (even looked a little tired! Was in the entire 4th quarter). I'm so happy I went and got it on video. One problem ... I take my noise cancelling headphones to the game, and they are wired, and my Iphone7 doesn't have a headphone jack (it has an adapter, but of course I hadn't remembered that). So no audiobook during the game. I did finish up my book on the drive home, and started a new one, and had my hookup when I went back for the varsity game. JV had won easily too, but it was staying a little close in the varsity game, at least for the first half, when our boys pulled away for an easy win. Hardly anyone there watching, no student section for either team. I'd grabbed a pizza on the way home from the first game and brought it to the little boys at home (I had the Parmesan bites, but felt like I'd kept calories in check) between games. Hubs was home late, as he'd gone straight to a derby after work.

0104 (Wednesday) 180.8. Steps 22189. Total Burn 2932. Exercise Burn 1037/1086 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950. Had a successful morning, getting in my three 20min sessions between getting kids up, making lunches, carpools, etc. Even got my heart rate up during these! Unusual! Could NOT get the heart rate up at Zumba though. My calves were so tight, and I was feeling tired and watching the clock for class to end. Stats: 6709 steps, 2.93 miles. Calorie estimates 412/389. AvHR106, High127, in zone 1 of the 65 minutes. I even snuck out when we reached an hour, even though class was still going. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home, stocking up on some of the deals there (shampoo for the boys, etc). Got all the groceries put away and the house straightened. Finished up two muvees, highlights of both boy's games yesterday. Spaghetti for dinner, as it was national spaghetti day. Used up the extra ground beef Hubs had bought for burgers, and tried to use my leftover dough for breadsticks, but it was too old and didn't rise or bake. #2 had a couple classmates come over to work on a school project. They made a movie trailer based on a book. Well, they had the files anyway and he needed my Muvee to finish up ... but I could not get my Muvee to work! Arrgg! I need my Muvee software. Totally stressed about this! I was on the phone with them while Hubs helped #2 use iMovie to finish his project. Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall everything ... which will also push me to the newer version (Muvee12 rather than Muvee8 I was using. I don't like change!)

0105 (Thursday) 1808.8.  Steps 13577. Total Burn 2474. Exercise Burn 629/628 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Not a good night, for me or Hubs. I couldn't sleep and was awake ... he had an attack (he didn't say anything until the morning so I wasn't sure, but the way he was laying I thought so, I just didn't want to ask in case he was asleep). Some snow, not a ton. #3 was out shoveling again. Hubs bought a snowblower last night. We'll all have to learn to use it. I was on driving duty to middle school. Roads weren't great, but not too terrible. No Zumba today, as there is a funeral at the building.  So, after dropping off elementary I just came back home to attempt to install Muvee. Had to remove all the old versions (sob ... goodbye Muvee8, even old Autoproducer6 was still there) and then had trouble with the install. It's saying I need to update the graphics driver, and I tried to follow the indicated steps, but that said I didn't have anything needing updating, so stuck! Waiting for customer service to get back to me. I had my dental cleaning/exam in the afternoon, and had to pick up #3 from high school, then take him back for practice. They had their team dinner in the evening and he was able to catch a ride home with his brother, but I still had to go out into the freezing cold a couple more times for #4's practice drop off and pickup. Hubs was packing as he got home, off to warm Florida with work for a week.

0106 (Friday) 180.5. Steps 5381. Total Burn 1976. Exercise Burn 0/136 (no exercise). Calories in 2200 (est). I hadn't really recorded calories great and trying to input them after the fact ... I'm sure input is "estimate" enough without having to add a faulty memory in too. Got a little sleep in for the morning with the late start at the schools. Hubs was off ... and I mean off, as he's leaving from work to the airport and will be gone about a week. Leaving this bitter cold for some warmer weather in Florida (builder's conference). Got the kids off to school and then ... like a girl waiting for her phone to ring or email to ding, I was just WAITING for Muvee customer support to get back to me. I'd received an email last night and ... waiting. I'd had such high hopes of getting caught up on my clips before this weekend, when I'll be adding footage from FIVE more games. I got so impatient, I did go ahead and download a different video editing program (and had some frustration there as again, I had to wait for the link and registration code, but I got it). I struggle with change, but I did use the new software and made to highlight reels from past games. I liked some aspects of the new software more, while I missed the ease of Muvee with some things too. #5 had a birthday party after school, and rather than me picking him up from school and then running him to his friend's house, his friend suggested #5 just ride the bus home with him. Great idea ... saves me time and fun for #5 (we've never had a bus). I'd sent him with our family cell phone and made sure I was around and available just in case ... and good thing I did. Apparently, you need to put in a special request in the morning with signed paperwork and get a bus pass. #5 called me, and I went to pick him up, and I could tell my usually stalwart son had been crying. Not only did he not get to ride the bus with his friends, but the teacher in charge YELLED at him. I hate seeing him sad. You'd think a teacher, dealing with kids, would be more understanding. I understand the rule now, but we didn't know! How were we to have known? And you don't need to yell at a poor 5th grader :(  After he got his emotions under control, I drove him to the party. then headed to the high school for #3's basketball game against Bingham. Unfortunately, we got smashed. Lost by about 20. The other team had really good defense, and our boys just couldn't seem to get in position for good shots. JV lost also ... their game ran long and was still going when I arrived back for Varsity. I'd picked up #5 from his party a little after 6:30. He actually had basketball practice, but I didn't have time to run him out there. I really didn't even have time to run him home, so he came with me to the game. I like to be on the back row, as I video the game and need to be standing up, holding the camera high (and don't want to block the view of anyone) and so I thought I'd try the "student" side, as the coach's family always has the back row staked out on the family side. It was SO crazy though. Crowded and yelling and all the kids were standing too, making it a little hard to get a clear shot ... it's also fun to capture the student section, so we moved at halftime and I found a tiny spot on the back row, crowding in. We'd get a run, they'd get a run. Our star, Stockton was ON tonight, making a lot of shots. As the final seconds ticked ... it was tied at 46. Into OT. Stockton hit a couple 3-pointers, MY boy hit one, but Bingham was still within range, at the free throw line only down by two with just a second left. He missed the first and tried for the intentional miss (needed an actual 2-point basket to tie) on the second ... but it accidentally went in! He was called for a line violation anyway ... so we won by two. Oh, the cheering and crazy chaos. Back at home, I started going through the clips and making a highlight video with my new Filmora software. 10:30 ... and I got a call from Muvee customer service. I had made a post on Facebook (nothing inflammatory, but someone else and jumped on the thread and said he was wondering about the company, wondering if they had gotten back to me, and I had replied they had not) ... I guess it had got their notice. I guess they are also situated in Singapore, so time difference. Anyway, I was still awake, so we did some stuff (I gave him control of my computer and while we couldn't resolve the graphics card issue with Muvee12, he was able to get Muvee8 back up, and that was actually what I'd been using anyway).  Even though I'd started my video in Filmora, I did switch to Muvee as I am so much more comfortable with it. Got it up and posted ... even if it was 1:30 in the morning. That would never happen if Hubs was around (as our computer is in the bedroom and he wouldn't have been staying up late). Fun to check the newspaper writeups and photos too. Whew! What an evening!

0106 (Saturday) 178.6. Steps 5478. Total Burn 1988. Exercise Burn 0/166 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Slept in some, after my late night. #3 had practice at 10:00, so I dropped him off at the school. He has "stolen" #5's brand new waterbottle ... so I packed up the little boys and said we could check at the Nike store for it and another jacket (as #5 loves his new jacket he got for his birthday, but he is ALWAYS wearing it, so it's boring for pictures, and occasionally needs to be washed!). No luck with either though. I dropped #5 off to watch his buddies play Junior Jazz and picked him up an hour later. Then he and I were off to the high school for his 5th grade game. #3 had finished practice, but was on clock duty all day. He switched shifts to work his brother's game. It wasn't a great game. We got the easy win, but #5 was off, his shots weren't going in, and the other team ... I think they are a football team just attempting basketball. It was like they didn't really know how to play ... or how to foul. I was a little fearful for our boys, afraid they were going to get tackled! After that, we stopped home, #5 changed uniforms and we picked up #4. I dropped #5 off at his coach's house to get a ride to his 4:00 game, while I took #4 to his game at JoelP. The game really lacked in intensity ... or maybe that is just in comparison to last night. It was close, but our boys lost, their first loss. They really didn't seem too concerned. I would have thought they would have been a little more into it, but I guess that's fine. Better than them being upset. I'd arranged for a teammate to drop #4 back home and I rushed to #5's game. It was a pretty straight shot ... JoelP to Union. The best school I could have hoped for scheduling with the Dimple Dell league. Any of the others would have been a lot further. As is, I only missed a couple minutes. It was 3-2 as I arrived ... of course the three points had been my boy. We got the win, but it was close! Only by one! We drove a teammate home (nice to have this give and take between parents, I know I sure need it!) and I was SO ready to be home! I still had to pick up #3 from the high school, and he didn't text until after 8:00. Long day for him, but he seemed to have enjoyed it all. I took a shower and to bed. No late night tonight!

0107 (Sunday) 179.6. Steps 7492. Total Burn 1929. Exercise Burn 200/90 (40minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2650. Slow Sunday. With the Hubs gone, we didn't do waffles (even though I have made them myself, it's usually his thing). I did make pancakes and bacon. We were supposed to go out to my brother's church to hear his son speak before leaving on an LDS mission. I was hesitant enough ... with Hubs gone, having to drive myself (not impossible, but out of my comfort zone), the "church issues" and then just the social anxiety at the house after; so many people crammed into a small space, all the other friends/neighbors and relatives on the other side that I don't know. An ice storm sealed the deal for me not going. The meeting itself was pushed from 1:00 to 2:50 and the roads were okay by then, but I'd already talked myself out of it. I did hit the treadmill for a little walk. Started watching "The OA" on Netflix. The boys got in the hot tub, then took full advantage of Daddy not being around to play a noisy game of basketball in the front room. I did some blog updates and got letters to our missionary off.

0109 (Monday) 182.4. Steps 20924. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 981/1097 (80minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2400.  Oy ... I just can NOT get my Monday Motivation back. Any day of the week really. I actually needed my alarm. When Hubs is home and getting off to work in the wee hours of the morning, as quiet as he tries to be, I wake up. More often than not I don't get back to sleep and am awake for my alarm. With him gone ... I was still sleeping. Surprisingly, #2 was up ... that NEVER happens. I'm usually pulling him out of bed. I got the boys off to school. I was on middle school carpool. I'd been a bit worried about the roads. They were wet, but it had actually warmed up and everything was melting. Dropped #5 at the elementary and then went to Sam's Club. I'd been on the last of the fruits and such making lunches this morning. Needed to restock. I'd pretty much talked myself out of Southziders. Just feeling too tired, and the drive was daunting. I did get in my hour of elliptical during the morning rush, with one more session in the evening. I also did some reading/riding. I was on triple-pickup duty in the afternoon, then had to drop #3 back at the school for practice, drop of a check for some shooting shirts. I quickly made dinner (yellow rice and fried chicken) and then took the two little boys to Gene Fullmer for the FunShot competition. #4 decided he didn't want to be there ... I ended up running him home and going back. I missed #5's first round, which he apparently did better in than his second, which I saw. Not good enough to go onto region, but that's fine. It's all just fun. Some of his friends where there, which made it more fun for him. They had it set up around four baskets, so it went pretty quick, although once we were done (after the two rounds) we could leave. We didn't stay for announcements of the winners.  

0110 (Tuesday) 180.9. Steps 23919. Total Burn 3040. Exercise Burn 1247/1193 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I was able to get in my hour of elliptical during the morning school prep. Then it was Zumba with Marian. Stats 5977 steps, 2.58 miles. 415/421 calorie estimates, avHR117, high148, in zone 21 of the 60 min. Got a blog post done, finished a muvee, did a little cleaning in the kitchen. I was on afternoon pickup for the middle school. Elementary as always. I would have liked to hit #3's game, but the timing doesn't work with carpool and it's even harder when the game is away. It was at Cottonwood, my old stomping grounds and alma mater. I did go out for the varsity game. I'd arranged a pickup for #5 to get him to his 9:00 game at Murray High, and then I went there straight after the varsity game ended. All three boy's teams crushed the competition today. Big wins, although none of my boys had a particularly good game. Up late again, with a few emails coming in (being added as admin to a page to help work out some settings and such). A panicked moment from my sister with some files being deleted in the family Dropbox. I'm afraid it was my fault too, as I had a couple "oops?" moments this week (feeling like I'd dragged a folder somewhere but I couldn't tell, and deleting some stuff that then looked weird and I hit cancel). I thought it was just MY computer though, I wasn't even in the family folder (although I'm in and out of Dropbox all day).  I set up a new sleep app too, we'll see how that compares to Fitbit tracking.

0111 (Wednesday) 179.1. Steps 16363. Total Burn 2771. Exercise Burn 612/940 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3100. Yikes! Over on calories! That's what happens when I bake! I made chicken soup with homemade breadsticks, and then cinnamon rolls too. I actually skipped out on Zumba to get started. I got my hour of elliptical in during the morning school prep, but then stopped at Smiths on the way home I needed potatoes (and of course grabbed a bunch of other stuff too). At home I got started on the bread dough and got breadsticks and cinnamon rolls rising. Then I had to head to the dentist. I had a couple cavities, and one tooth that had broken ... so I was actually rather glad to get in and get it taken care of. Sitting in the seat for 1.5 hours though. I had my headphones, but I think that actually made my neck/head hurt (although I like being able to get some "reading" in). I hadn't been sure that I'd get out in time to grab #2 from school, so I had him grab the keys from #3 to drive home, and then back for practice (and to give the keys/car back to his brother). What should have been a 10min ride home took over an hour as suddenly friends "needed" a ride home ... by way of McDonalds. I wasn't very happy with the child as that had not been the plan. I made the soup and breadsticks for dinner. Cinnamon rolls for dessert. 

0112 (Thursday) 181.1. Steps 25839. Total Burn 3421. Exercise Burn 1400/1570 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. Big exercise day ... I didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical during school shove-off ... 10min shy as I didn't allow quite enough time and I was on driving duty for middle school. Zumba with MountainView. Stats ... 5905 steps, 2.55 miles. 376/383 calories. AvHR113, High131, in zone 10 of the 59 minutes. It was snowing. I was glad I'd done the shopping yesterday so I didn't have to stop today. Hubs arrived back in the state but went from the airport to the office to check in on work. He did come home early and went straight to bed. Always need a rest after a trip I think!  I had tried to clean up the house some before he got home. Got a blog update, a muvee, and attempted to start on FAFSA stuff. I'm not very political at all, but sometimes get drawn into Facebook discussions as they circle around again (did Trump mock a disabled reporter?) and that does distract from my day sometimes. I did get in additional elliptical. The bigger boys had their practices and then team dinner, both #4 and #5 had practices too, so there was a bit of running kids around. Final pickup was at 9:30. I got in a session on the bike reading/riding while I waited for my final run. 

0113 (Friday) 179.5. Steps 8917. Total Burn 2212. Exercise Burn 311/373 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200.  Even with his early to bed, Hubs stayed asleep until around 5:00. I got up around 7:00. Got the boys off to school, got in some elliptical. Early out at the elementary, then off to the high school for games. Sophomore at 3:30. They won in OT. No points, but #3 got decent playing time. Headed home to check on the kidlets and get #5 to his practice, then back to the high school (Hubs in tow) for the varsity game. Another OT. Another win. There is a little contention in the sports community over a tactic used by our coaches ... the stall. It's pretty normal with 60 seconds left (in a quarter, end of game) to stall until the final 10 or so (to make sure the other team doesn't have time to do anything if you miss) but CHHS has done it more (longer, earlier) and ... it is rather boring. I don't quite understand its purpose, but I also don't understand why the other team just allows it and complains? They don't have to just stand there themselves. If one team pushes, the other team will have to pass, and in that there will possibly be a turnover. I guess the likelihood of fouling (called against the defensive team) is higher, which if it's a penalty situation, may not work to their favor ... but then again, it seems like that is exactly what teams often do. Foul purposely to force free throws, which will at least end in likely possession. All these years of watching and I still don't understand a lot of the game. #2 didn't have a great night though, missed many shots, he wasn't very happy with himself. His girlfriend came over after and they made Skookie ... I didn't have any. 

0114 (Saturday) 180.0. Steps 11018. Total Burn 2311. Exercise Burn 325/480 (30minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Hubs was off fairly early (7ish) to go into the office, even on a Saturday. I dropped #3 at the school at 1:00 as he was running clocks again today. He did #5's game at 2:00. I think he's bad luck though, again #5 didn't have a good game. We lost by two. #5 had a hard time keeping emotions in check. No other games for him today, he had a friend over to hang out and entertain him. #4 had a game at 5:00. Normally this team has 10 players and the coach has the team split into two 5-man teams. Two of the players were out today, so there was some mix up of the players and #4 was pretty happy to be on the court with some of this other friends. One of the players on the other team "talked trash" a bit and that is really hard for my anxiety-ridden, sensitive boy. Even though they won, and he was so happy about playing more and playing with the others, I could tell he was on the verge of tears just because of the interactions from one of the kids on the other team. I'm thinking it probably wasn't even that bad (nothing I really could notice from the sidelines). Hopefully it won't affect him too badly (he stopped playing last season after a tough game). Hub had collected #3 from the high school when his shift ended at 5:00 and run him to a friend's party. We did Popeyes for dinner... I'd really tried to keep calories in check today, so I was still okay. Normally we hear from our Missionary on Mondays, but got a surprise email saying his p-day was switched today as they were touring some. He and Hubs were able to connect and finalize some plans for pickup. We'd gone back and forth a bit, with Hub's recent Meniere's attacks ... but he's going ahead. Went ahead and bought the tickets!

0115 (Sunday) 180.0. Steps 7848. Total Burn 2027. Exercise Burn 150/199 (30minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2300. We haven't had our traditional Sunday Circles breakfast in a while, but we did today. No smoked bacon though (just regular pan fried), because the smoker was already in use for brisket for dinner. Hubs ran some errands. I did a walk on the treadmill. Dinner was yummy, but I had felt the tingle of a cold sore yesterday and it had sprouted. Right in the corner of my mouth and I seriously had trouble getting my mouth open wide enough to eat. Of course I did manage, got plenty of calories today (tried to reign it in!) Hubs and I watched the last couple episodes of "The Night Of" before bed.

0116 (Monday) 181.3. Steps 14786. Total Burn 2559. Exercise Burn 638/710 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900.  Hubs was off around 6:00, which is actually a little late for him. On a normal school day, I would have been out of bed already. But ... not a normal school day. MLK Day. The kids were out of school. I needed to provide rides (practice, friends) so was going to skip out on Southziders again ... but then heard they were cancelling it anyway. Apparently my SIL went last week expecting to see me there. Oops! The big boys had practice in the morning hours (staggered though, so I had to drive #3 to/from) and #4 invited friends over (pretty big deal for him, rare occurrence) while #5 was invited out to hit the rec center with friends. I ended up running #3 out to friends, and dropping #4 and buddies off at a church for some basketball. #2 hung out at home with his girlfriend until the team dinner that night. #2 had been asking for scones, but had never been around. We finally made some today. Not a good eating day for me. Really craving sweet and salty stuff.

0117 (Tuesday) 179.3. Steps 20114. Total Burn 2819. Exercise Burn 1025/984 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Another day off school for the kidlets ... end of term. I didn't get in any exercise before Zumba, but I went to Zumba! With Marian ... stats: 5572 steps, 2.42 miles. AvHR116, high 153, in zone 25 of the 57 minutes. It was fun to have Carma back, and Olivia came too. The boys didn't have practice today as they had game in the evening, but #2 still took off to hang with friends for most of the day. I did  get in my hour of elliptical, although the last 20min wasn't until the end of day. I had to drop #2 off at the high school a little after 2:00, then I went back at 3:30 for his game. He got some good shots and playing time. The won easily. I came home and quickly went through the clips and put together his to share on social media. I'd been quite anxious at the game, as I guess I hadn't cleared off the old games like I thought I had and was almost out of recording space. I did get things cleared off, but I need to remember to do that with this camera and it's duel recording. #5's game was at 8:00, but the varsity game was at 7:00, so I wouldn't be able to do both. I'd arranged a ride for #5, but then Hubs got home and said he'd take him. I headed back to the school for varsity. They were playing Taylorsville, and several of the boys had been on a team with #2 back in 6th grade.  I have seen them as we've played each other the last few years. Fun to see how the boys have changed. Again and easy win. Still fun but lacked a lot of the intensity of the WJ or Bingham games. We still had a pretty good student section, but for the first time, it was just a recording of the star spangled banner to start (before, they had someone sing it). No band, fewer cheerleaders, no student section really for the other team.

0118 (Wednesday) 180.1. Steps 26476. Total Burn 3218. Exercise Burn 1300/1402 (80minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine today ... with Hubs off early, I was awake well  before my alarm. I was able to fit in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I did skip out on Zumba with MZL to head straight to the store after dropping off elementary. Sam's and Walmart shopping. I thought I had a fairly free afternoon, but ended up on triple-pickup duty (although I'd only been scheduled for elementary). #3 has been bugging me about his next ortho appointment so I called and they had a cancellation, so an opening at 4:00. Perfect! I dropped him off then took #4 to Office Max, as he wanted a new file folder to organize for the new school semester (and wasn't willing to wait a few days for Amazon delivery). So just like that, I lost a few hours in the afternoon! Good thing I'd been a good girl and gotten in an hour of Zumba on my own (practicing for being in charge of a class tomorrow). Got decent stats too. 6382 Steps. 2.82 miles. 474/438 calories. AvHR121, High147, in zone 33 of the 64 minutes. Got in a little extra elliptical too and even WEIGHTS! It's been a while, and I hope it isn't a mistake with leading Zumba tomorrow.  I'd planned on some reading/riding but it didn't make it into the day. #3 had a late basketball practice, I let him take the car so I wouldn't have to wait up and go grab him. Hubs had a derby after work, so it was a long day for him.  

0119 (Thursday) 179.4. Steps 27533. Total Burn 3229. Exercise Burn 1550/1391 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 1.25mileTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2400. I was on middle school driving duty this morning, but still managed to get in my hour of elliptical. I was heading up MountainView Zumba today as Marian had a meeting. I have a hard time getting their early with elementary drop-off. I skittered in at 8:59. Class was good. I'd put a lot of Christa's songs on the playlist, and Carma came and helped too. I even did Terrible (which I wimp out of often, it requires a lot of energy). Stats: 6911 steps. 3.02 miles. Calories 549/502. AvHR131, High155, in zone 56 of the 65 minutes. Even a couple peak minutes! ChargeHR steps in seemed disproportionately low ...5738. A difference of over 1000 steps for the hour! I'd think the Charge would possibly pick up more with all the arm movements! Cathyleen had walked over when her car wouldn't start ... she lives close, but it was a cold, snowy morning, so I gave her a ride home. B day, so I had to go grab #3 from school, then take him back for practice (then pick him up from practice, although he stayed to watch the girls basketball team, they had a game). #4 had practice, I dropped him (and #5 tagged along, there are extra hoops there) off, drove to the high school for #3 ... FOGGY out! To stay awake until final pickup, I did another 20min on the elliptical (and I'd done a session on the bike, and treadmill walk earlier ... #4 had mocked my walk, he runs!) A bit of a tickle in my throat as I headed to bed...

0120 (Friday) 179.3. Steps 3901. Total Burn 1887. Exercise Burn 0/49 (no exercise). Calories in 1800. Feel like I'm coming down with something. Constant yucky feel in my throat. Not particularly hungry, but want to eat things to attempt to scratch the itch, or somehow soothe the feeling there. Nothing helps though. I had toyed with the possibility of hitting a Zumba this morning, but between how I was feeling, and needing to drive middle school carpool (not my usual morning but filling in) I bagged it. Didn't even get down to the gym for elliptical or anything. Just not motivated to move at all. The boys were away at Brighton for the games. I suppose I could have made it out for sophomore (with elementary early out and carpool for middle school) but didn't have it in me to stay for hours, and it's a little too far to come home and go back. Hubs came home and we went out to the varsity game together. Both sophomore and JV had easy wins, and it looked like varsity would be more of the same. #2 got some good shots off. Then in the fourth, the other team battled back and suddenly there were only 30 seconds left. We were up by only two points and Brighton had the ball. Heart rate was up again! Not sure if they would try to two to tie, or a three-pointer for the win, or if our boys defense could hold them off. Then as the other team was passing #2 got a finger on the ball for the steal! Shot down the court and passed it to our star player who made the layup even with the foul. Got the and one, putting us up by five. Brighton DID manage to get a basket in those final seconds, but with the additional points, it wasn't enough and we got the win. Exciting! Apparently it made the news (my brother texted me).

0121 (Saturday) 179.3. Steps 4341. Total Burn 1899. Exercise Burn 0/89 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Sleep is hard. I feel like I'm constantly needing to clear my throat. Slept with gum in my mouth to attempt to ease the tickle there. I feel like I need something in my mouth all the time, eating, drinking or gum at least. Hubs went into work for a bit. I ran #3 to meet up with friends. They were taking trax downtown to watch their buddy James compete in a national xbox Madden competition. He got knocked out first round, but I think the boys still had fun hanging out (and, it made the news). Games for the little ones. #5 had his at 1:00 at the high school. We only had six players, which is fine, more playing time, but the kids do get a little tired, especially as this league runs halves, not quarters (for that extra break). We got the win but it was close! Tight the entire game. #4 had his game at 4:00. Additional playing time for him too as the other point guard is out with a broken ankle. He'd missed last week, on crutches, but not a positive diagnosis. Now he was in a cast and is out for probably the rest of the season. Been there! His mom said he was involved in a ski club too, so it's NOT good timing (I mean it never is, but ...). We got the win, and #4 got 20 points! And that was not being a ball hog at all. He's really good at sharing the ball (sometimes too good, as he often did have a shot but passes it to a friend).  One of the guys in charge was at the game and put the kibosh on kids playing on the extra hoops during the game. One of the moms tried to fight him on it "oh they can play, you're not in charge .... oh, you are? Okay...) I actually really appreciated it. It's so distracting and disrespectful to players and parents trying to watch.  Sometimes refs or those in charge will get after people (even for just simply bouncing a ball) but some weeks there's been an entire game going on right there by the side of the actual game. Hubs had two tickets to the Jazz game for the evening. He took #4, as he's the biggest basketball fan. He took the Durango, which left we without a car to pick up #3 from his festivities, but he was able to have one of his friends drop him home. 

0122 (Sunday) 179.4. Steps 3480. Total Burn 1859. Exercise Burn 0/21 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Hubs made Sunday Circles. I had a cold sore for a week now, right there in the corner of my mouth. Makes it hard to open and eat ... or peer down my throat with this sickness (not that I can tell if it looks like strep or anything). I laid down several times, bundling up as I was cold (but then hot) but didn't really nap. Hubs made pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner. He set up his ipad by the hot tun and watched an episode of "Better Call Saul" while he soaked.

0123 (Monday) 181.4. Steps 13494. Total Burn 2486. Exercise Burn 610/637 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1400. Poor Hubs ... I snore when I'm sick. He was up at 4:00, and unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep. I got up around 5:30. I did 10min on the elliptical and felt a little lightheaded, but okay. Got the kids up and made lunches. Attempted 20min elliptical. When I'm feeling like this, I usually put something over my mouth, as breathing in cold air is almost painful. But with my stupid cold sore, that wouldn't work. I need my fan as I feel overheated, but can't have that directly near my mouth (so I did without the fan). A push, but I got 20 in before driving the kids to middle school. Another 10 before dropping off elementary. I figured I wasn't up for attempting Zumba, so I went straight to the store to grab some groceries. Home again and had to rest up some. Had some sneezing fits. Complete carpool afternoon as I picked up #3 from school, then #4, then #5, then ran #3 back to school for his practice. Happily he could catch a ride home with his brother after the team dinner. I should have gone to a mother's meeting regarding senior night coming up, but I didn't feel like I could face anything public and really didn't want to go out in the snow again. Took my Nyquil and was in bed by about 8:00, although I still couldn't get to sleep until after 10:00.
0124 (Tuesday) 179.2 Steps 12122. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn 415/524 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1700.  Didn't quite get in my morning elliptical. 10/20/10 ... I didn't feel like I was up to an hour of exercise, so I was going to duck out of Zumba. I texted Marian and she had hoped I'd be there to open the church and get started if she was late, as she had to drop her daughter at the airport. I said I'd go and get us started ... she really wasn't very late. I just did one song leading, and stayed for a couple more, but then decided to go home and take it easy, as I wanted to hit the boy's games later in the day. Needed to conserve energy! I was on pickup for middle school, and left for the high school as soon as I dropped #4 home. #2 was picking up #5 for me as I went to watch #3. It was a good game, fairly easy win. I had been on the schedule to man the snack bar today, but I'd begged off and got someone to cover for me. I just didn't feel I would be up to standing up that extra time in-between games. I wanted to go home and check on #5 (who was now home alone as Dad and #4 had left for a derby) and lay down for a bit. I made sure #5 was ready for his ride to pick him up for his game, and I headed back to the high school for the varsity showdown. JV had won, and we were expecting a pretty easy game. We had demolished Cottonwood, and Cottonwood had beaten Jordan so ... but surprisingly, it was pretty tough! Jordan was ahead at the end of the first quarter. We managed to gain the lead, but Jordan kept it fairly tight, until the end when we pulled away again. Aunt Olivia came out to watch and cheer on her nephew. When the game ended, I headed straight out to #5's game and got their before tip-off. I normally hate 9:00 games, but they work out well here on Tuesday nights. It was a pretty easy win for our boys, although my #5 seemed to be struggling with his shots. Got a few points though. Home again ... hubs was already asleep. Bucket by the bed, so I wondered if he'd had an attack? I could NOT get to sleep. I didn't feel particularly wound up. The games hadn't been super stressful or frustrating or anything, I just didn't feel sleepy. Finally around 11:00 I think I nodded off.

0125 (Wednesday) 179.2. Steps 13651. Total Burn 2454. Exercise Burn 636/617 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. I didn't even make it down for my first elliptical of the morning ... it wasn't so much not feeling up to it (although there was that) but if I don't get down right on schedule I just don't have time. My computer was acting up a bit and I ended up shutting everything down and restarting and that just pushed me too late to get in a full 20 to start the day ... I did get in my two other 20min, so 40 of my usual hour for the morning shove off. I really didn't even plan on Zumba, still taking it fairly easy. I went to Sam's Club after dropping off #5 at elementary. Grabbed more socks for Hubs ... he'd liked the ones I bought last trip for him to try. Back at home I worked on going through clips and getting a couple highlight reels of the high school games. Contacted a couple of the other moms about our upcoming lunch duty as well. A few pickups for after school/practice. Hubs had another derby, with another duty bound #4 going along. They stopped at Popeyes on the way home. My sickness HAS finally impacted my appetite some, so I still had some calories to spare to indulge in a couple of tenders.
0126 (Thursday) 178.4. Steps 14618. Total Burn 2528. Exercise Burn 622/721 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Only got a 10min to start the morning, then my two 20min while getting the boys off. I had a dentist appointment at 11:00 for my permanent crown ... I COULD have still fit Zumba in but between not feeling great physically and struggling with some stuff emotionally I just didn't feel up to it. A bit of a fetal position morning. The trip to the dentist went fine. Didn't have to numb or anything. A little painful with my cold sore still there just a bit. My mouth has just felt numb all over recently though. Weird. I'd forgotten they said I still had a couple more small fillings ... I had been thinking I was done, not needing to make another appointment. Arrrrgg. Not a super productive day. Did get a little cleaning in. Kitty knocked over a plant, spilling soil all over, which necessitated pulling the vacuum out so then I just did everything. Hubs had a derby in the evening, taking #5. #3 did finish up his practice right after the boys left, and would have been a bit more help to Hubs than the little one. #4 had his evening practice. I made a lemon jello cake and finally finished up my 10min to get my hour of elliptical in.

0127 (Friday) 178.8. Steps 9445. Total Burn 2190. Exercise Burn 424/355 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. I've been really lazy on Friday mornings, not even attempting Zumba during the morning school shove off. There had been a new Grey's Anatomy on last night, and I was interested in watching it, so I got 40min today. No games in the evening, the high school boys had a bye. I felt a bit bereft without my basketball. I did work on a video (actually two, as there was footage from another game I'd forgotten about). Had to pick up #3 from school, as #2 was staying for practice. Dropped #5 off to his practice ... but other than that I really didn't leave the house. I'm a homebody. Hubs was in bed at 8:00! He does get up early, but that is early!

0128 (Saturday) 179.4. Steps 5280. Total Burn 2003. Exercise Burn 0/167 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Got to sleep in some. #3 had a 10:00 practice so I dropped him off, and Hubs grabbed him on the way to a derby around noon. Three games today. First one at 3:00 for #4. They only had six players, but my boy loves the extra playing time. He got 20 points. It was an easy, run-away win. I'd brought #5 with me and arranged for a teammate to come grab him to get him to their game at 4:00 across town. It was far enough (Indian Hills) that I really wasn't planning on going myself, but as the 3:00 game was wrapping up at 3:40, I figured I would probably have time to make it. I quickly asked the coach to take my current kid home after and dashed out as soon as the final buzzer hit (67-11 was the score, although they'd actually turned it off). I made good time, luckily hitting green lights all the way. The game had started, but it was just 0-2, our team hadn't scored ... and still didn't for several minutes! Slow start ... luckily the other team, while making a couple other baskets, was having a slow start themselves. Then things took off and got quite exciting by the end! I looked at my HRM and I was at 125! I have my headphones on, so sometimes I'm not totally aware of the atmosphere (yelling and such) but even with it so close, everyone was staying good sports. They pulled ahead by two with just seconds left. Do we try to a two pointer to tie and force OT? Three for the win? Will they be able to defend so we can't get a shot off? Exactly the same situation as the Varsity boys last Friday night, except this time we were down but with possession and ... THREE FOR THE WIN. Crazy shot, as we had NOT been doing great on our three pointers that game. I was glad I'd made it out. Home for a few hours to recharge ... both me and the camera. But couldn't head to bed, as #5 had another game, starting at 9:15, clear across town. Uggg. I really dislike Butler. Besides being so far (there are worse ones though) there is NO space for spectators ... well I mean there is space, but not nearly enough. Just the one little section under the basket for everyone! And it's a tough view, especially for filming. I had a ref back or a pole in my half the time. We got the win again though. Hubs had made an ice cream oreo crust pie ... #5 were anticipating it all the way home and it was yummy! #2 was out all day/evening to Sweethearts.
0129 (Sunday) 178.8. 3093 steps. Total Burn 1893. Exercise Burn 0/74 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.  Love sleeping in. Sunday sleep in. I'll admit ... I had a little ice cream pie for breakfast. Hubs had also made his cheesecake, and the other boys had some of the that, so we never got around to our traditional breakfast. I did finally get out the griddle and fry up some bacon/sausage and hashbrowns and made a few pancakes. Hubs got a turkey smoking for our evening meal. I made some roll dough and got those rising. Got through one of yesterday's games, two more to go.

0130 (Monday) 181.8. 12674 steps. Total Burn 2522. Exercise Burn 614/680 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Back to the routine ... sort of. Instead of getting up and off to work, Hubs was up and off to Mexico! He left right about the same time as the boys were leaving for school. His mom is traveling with him, and my SIL dropped them off at the airport. Everything went smoothly and they arrived in Mexico in the afternoon. Here at home ... not the most productive day. I'd done 40min elliptical in the morning, didn't finish up my hour until the end of the day. Made a muvee. I did do dinner ... chicken and wild rice soup with homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert.

0131 (Tuesday) 181.8. 20537 steps. Total Burn 2941. Exercise Burn 1065/1089 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 1500. With Hubs not home getting up in the morning, I needed my alarm :) Busy day today. I got in 50minutes in the morning on the elliptical. After the morning school shove off I went to Zumba. My first attempt and a full hour in well over a week. A bit of a push, but I was fine. Hot and sweaty, and stats didn't seem to reflect that I was working as hard as I was feeling, but the numbers weren't bad. 5842 steps. 2.55 miles. 426/423 calories. AvHR121, High141, in zone 37 of the 58 minutes. Home for a bit, and then off to one of the other basketball mom's homes to assemble lunches for the team. The other mom had done most of the work, doing the shopping and set up. I brought some granola bars and fruit snacks and wrap. She'd purchased big sub sandwiches, pre-sliced, but they needed to be wrapped individually and then everything added to the sacks. The other two moms said they had the drop-off at the school handled, which let me off the hook for that (it is always a struggle to find a spot to park and carry in the big box of lunches). The boys were traveling to Bingham for a rematch today. The first sophomore game was a bit of a blow-out (we lost) so I'd considered not even making the effort to go ... but then decided to try. #2 could grab #5 from elementary, but I still had middle school pickup, which barely gives me enough time ... but I made it. Much closer game this time. #3 got playing time in the first half, but sat the bench for the rest of the game. The boys actually tied it up at the end and forced OT, but then couldn't quite get the win. Still, a MUCH better showing than the first game. I ran home to check on the littles and make sure a ride was arranged for #5 to get to his game. He expressed an interest in watching the varsity game (he'd been with me for the first go-round) but I just wasn't sure it would end in time to get him to his. I went back at 7:00. The place was pretty packed, as this re-match was well publicized and quite the rivalry. I found a spot up top, to the left of Bingham's student section. A bit of "enemy" territory, but I'm not really vocal, and I wasn't the only CHHS cheerer there. The parent's side had an obstructed view of the score board from the back row (which I'd discovered during the sophomore game, but I'd had a little more leeway to move around there as it doesn't have the same attendance as varsity games). Not that our boys were off per say ... but they weren't coming out shining, and unfortunately that is required to beat Bingham. At the end of every quarter, we were keeping it close, but always two points behind. All the way to the final minutes, when our boys had to foul to keep the ball in play, but Bingham made those baskets, pulling ahead. 58-51. As soon as it was over I rushed to #5's game and BARELY made it! Seriously, with seconds to spare :)  But alas ... looked like another beating. The other team pulled ahead pretty quick and had a 10-point lead most of the game. Near the end though, our boys rallied, enough to make it exciting! Final score was 33-31, Not quite enough but a good comeback, and nice they didn't give up.  The other team was quite a bit bigger ... my #5 looked so tiny (he is 5th grade in a 6th grade league) but the other team's uniforms were still bigger than they were! Baggy! It is so hard to size when ordering, of course they could also be hand-me-downs (which I'm all for! Reuse and save money!) So alas ... three losses. I have to admit, my motivations for making the muvees is a little lacking with losses, unless MY kid still had an outstanding game, which wasn't really the case in any of these either. Will I get around to highlight reels? We'll see ...
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