Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Review #187

Alas ... almost entirely in the 180s. And Up. Ugggg. Schedule was a bit off, as kids were out of school Monday for President's Day. Not as much basketball this week, as only #5 had games (his final ones this season, but he will be starting Spring season soon). Out to eat a couple times this week. Birthday for #2. In addition to the usual grocery shopping, there was a little clothes shopping, and some sitting waiting for a tire repair.

NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.2 pounds. Average weight up .79 to 181.39. Average Intake was 2471. Average Burn was 2452. Intake over burn ... equaled an overage of 2732 for the week. Average steps 13,541. 40min Weights, 470/488 cardio minutes, 38.5 exercise miles.  
WEEKLY WORKOUTS: I got in my hour of elliptical four days, hit three Zumba classes, and did weights once.

Here's a look at my week ala Life Cycle ...

I got my Fitbit ONE report this week! Yea!

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0220): Presidents day, so no school for the kidlets, although Hubs and #1 were still up and off early to work. I hit Zumba with Debbie (368 burn, avHR113) but didn't get in any elliptical. I did a WEIGHTS workout! We went out to Olive Garden, pre-birthday dinner for #2.  10636 steps. 2242 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0221): Happy Birthday #2, 18 years old. I got in a lot of elliptical today, 90min total. Also Zumba with Marian (363 burn, avHR105). #5 had a basketball game in the evening and #2's girlfriend took him  to a birthday dinner&movie.  23508 steps. 3001 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Wednesday (0222): Although Hubs had taken the car in over the weekend to get the tire patched (slow leak), it was leaking again/still. I went to Walmart (where he had gone) and they said it couldn't be repaired, and they didn't have a replacement tire in stock. They filled it and I hoped it would hold. Did get in my hour of elliptical, but that was all. Feeling sore from weights! 16564 steps. 2583 burn. 2600 intake. 
  • Thursday (0223): Got in my hour of elliptical and hit Zumba with MountainView (334 burn, avHR113, I was a little late and didn't quite get the full hour). After I went to Discount Tire where they DID fix the puncture ... for free too! 18801 steps. 2782 burn. 3000 intake. 
  • Friday (0224): Not feeling great, no motivation at all. No exercise. 5236 steps. 1989 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Saturday (0225): I did hit the elliptical for one 20min session. Two basketball games with #5 and out to dinner with the extended family (just adults). 8748 steps. 2197 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Sunday (0226): Actually got in an hour of elliptical today. Big breakfast and Hubs delicious brisket/potatoes/BrazillianCheese rolls for dinner, with ice cream pie for dessert. 11293 steps. 2372 burn. 2900 intake. 

 ... a few photos
 Evolution of a black-eye ...
(I shared the original, right after the accident, last week)

 Out to dinner at Olive Garden. Party of seven.

 Happy birthday #2! 18 years old. 

 Little Grizzlies. My #5 is ... #5!

A couple of videos too ...

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Tire Trouble!

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Crazy Kitty!

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