Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cuties vs Halos

Time for another "What We're Eating Wednesday" Post ...
Clementine Clash!

In a friendly fruity competition ... Clementines beat regular oranges hands down. Okay ... not for juice. I know there IS clementine juice, but we have simply stuck with OJ for now. When it comes to easy peeling, serving size and yummy taste? Clementines win. At least in my opinion, and my family agrees.

But what about the different BRANDS of clementines? There are Cuties, and Halos, and other no-name or lesser known ones out there. I know brand names are important to some people. I'm a generic (cheap) gal myself, but Hubs, and thus the boys, tend to like certain brands. I'm thinking it will be a repeating blog post on the future. Blackham Brand Battles. In our family? Cuties win!

I remember first discovering Cuties several years ago. We simply had never purchased them before. That first bag was devoured! Through the years I tended to think the early (end of year, November/December) fruits were the best. Maybe it was just having them after the summer hiatus. 

When Cuties weren't carried, I have picked up the other brands. #3 son is very picky. He ONLY wants Cuties. He says he can tell the difference ... and often I think I can to! Unfortunately, it's not quite important enough for me to drive to a different store if the one I'm at doesn't carry Cuties.

These little guys for lunches are perfect for lunches on the go. Such an easy, portable treat. Even though they are so easy to peel, I usually prep them at home when packing lunches. They make my fingers smell all citrus-y.  I don't think the peels in the disposal create quite the same smell as oranges or lemons though. 

For one of my boys, I can throw the clementine pieces in with other assorted fruit. #3 son, Mr. Picky, has to have them separate in their own bag (being picky myself ... I think I actually agree with this, we really don't want our fruits and juices touching do we? Mixing flavors? Oh no!)

Mmmmm ... I just ate one while writing this post. It was a Halo though.

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  1. For some reason I didn't buy any clementines this year...just the big oranges. Hmm and I saw some cuties the other day at the store. I may have to rectify that!!!!


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