Friday, March 10, 2017

Fitbit Followup and Funny Phrases

I'm a Fitbit Fan. At one point, I got the whole family on board (Fitbit Family, A Fitbit Family Update) and we'd have friendly competitions and see where we stood on steps compared to each other. Then ... my family fell off the Fitbit wagon (Abandoned Bits). Even my #4, who was completely obsessed and beating me for a while, gave his up. I was the only one left at home wearing my Fitbit.

While #1 son was on his mission to Mexico, he was really good at sending me his steps every week ... until about a year and half in. But I wondered ... when he was back at home, could wear an actual Fitbit (he was just using a cheap pedometer) and sync to a phone or computer ... would he want one? He did! He picked the ChargeHR (which #4 had been using up until recently) and immediately passed me up on steps. Not that hard to do, as I've been a bit of a wimp lately. Several in my extended family still have their Fitbits, and my brother noticed the new addition, especially as he took over the #1 spot on the family lists (I can't believe he only beat me by 10 steps! I should have taken 11 more!) The impressive stats up there at the start of this post? They belong to #1 son (this past Wednesday ... worked framing all day then played dodgeball and basketball in the evening. Look at that calorie burn estimate! Even if I match the steps, my calories can't compete ... BOYS!)

This week ... #4 decided to start wearing again! Yea! As the ChargeHR was taken, he opted for the Flex, previously purchased for #1 ages ago, then worn by #3 for quite a while.  Which leads me into a transition into our family's funny Fitbit phrases ...

Two of my brothers and #3 (back in August 2015).
Funny because they are flexing while wearing a Flex. 
Ha ha ..... I'm hilarous. 

I'm often reminding the boys to keep their Fitbits charged. It sounds funny when I say "Charge your Charge" ... and I can even tell #1 son "you could charge your Charge in your Charger" (his new car). 

When the boys are wearing their Fitbits, and I'm comparing steps and stats ... I need the most recent info from everyone. As the boys aren't quite as fanatical about their Fitbit feedback as I am (syncing after each exercise session, multiple times during the day) I'll often call out "hey, sync yourself" and they dutifully do. I am the mommy ... gotta do what the mommy says!

Hopefully #4 will inch up again on the family Fitbit list ... he was quite competitive for a while there. He's slipped some, as have I. We'll see what happens to #1's step count when he moves from his active framing job to a desk job (coming up in a few weeks). We'll see if I can at least break 100K each week. Once it was easy, but it's been a challenge lately. Maybe I can even try for my own 30k Day.

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  1. Yay to two of your kiddos rejoining the Fitbit party!!!

    Hahah to the call it to sync yourself! I have a friend that challenges me weekly....and she is always texting me in the evening to 'sync'. Hahaha. She hasn't realized that when I'm with my boyfriend I'm not concerned with syncing....but she realizes that when I'm with him we are usually hiking, biking or walking! Because when I do sync She texts back with 'how?' Hahaha


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