Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Girl Scout Cookies

Time for another edition of ... "What We're Eating" Wednesday 

It's THAT time of year. 
Girl Scout cookie time! 

We never had anyone come knock on our door this year, but a couple friends/neighbors posted on Facebook that their daughters were selling. Tagalongs are a favorite for me and the three oldest boys. I also love the Samoas and like the Thin Mints, but I've found acceptable substitutions (Keebler and Great Value brand) so they aren't quite as "once a year" as the Tagalongs. I ordered FIVE boxes of those, and one each of the other two. Perhaps I should have tried the Smores ones ... I've heard good things.

Of the five boxes of Tagalongs, two were gone almost instantly (thus the picture up top). I gave one box each to each of the three older boys to keep or eat on their own. I'm fairly certain they are gone too (I may have glanced in their rooms in a moment of craving ...). 

Mmmm ... Tagalongs!

My two littles don't like peanut butter (#5 is allergic). They are also unimpressed with the Samoas and Thin Mints ... but they like the plain, shortbread Trefoils. 

Do you buy and eat Girl Scout Cookies?
Which ones are your favorites?

... and here's a funny I found on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. Tags longs are my favorite FOR SURE!!!! I got one box...I took them home and got out the snack bags and immediately packaged them into bags of two....I've done really good with only eating them here and there!!!!

    I did try the S'mores. Thy weren't too bad. No where near as delicious as the Tagalongs!!! (And they were packaged the same way as the others)

    Overall I bought two boxes. I think I may still have some left....even after all this time (a month...month and a half!!)


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