Monday, March 6, 2017

Medical Monday ... 2017 so far

Every once in a while I'll pop in with a post updating medical issues going on here at our home. Happily, nothing too serious over the years. Time for another Medical Monday to follow-up on my last post ...

Back in December I went in for my annual exam.
I failed the urine test.

Not drugs. Not pregnancy. 
Blood in the urine.

It wasn't anything visible to the naked eye, but that is why they have the little test strips I guess. Often it can point to something simple, like a UTI, but I wasn't showing any symptoms of that. Some infection somewhere? The doctor wanted me to follow up in a few weeks.

When I returned home, I thought of an issue. A troublesome tooth. It was infected I knew, but wasn't causing me any pain, so I'd been putting off getting it taken care of. I didn't know if that could be the infection in question, but it was enough that I did get into the dentist and got it taken care of. Along with that tooth, I had a regular cleaning/exam and had a couple other issues fixed. Then an old filling cracked, requiring a new crown. So ... a few visits to the dentist these last couple of months.

Unfortunately, as I went back for my follow-up urine test ... I failed again. The doctor wanted to have an ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder. Now that wasn't terribly invasive or anything, but was a bit of a pain. Drinking a lot before the procedure. Having to twist and turn and hold my breath to get a clear picture. Happily, nothing appeared amiss on the ultrasound, and a further study (beyond just the simple dipstick) didn't show a problem. So ... follow up in a few months.

I haven't received the bill yet ... not sure how/if our insurance covers things (it changed back in November, higher deductible). I did notice that my monthly prescription (for my thyroid) has tripled in price! It was one of those $4 a month, $10 for 90-day deals. Now, $12.50 for a month and they won't even allow a 3-month supply. It's nothing that breaks the bank but still ... medical costs increasing. I wonder what the future will hold.

On the Hubs front ... he went in for an eye exam and got glasses! He doesn't wear them much. Mostly for seeing further away. Helps clear up the basketball games some. In the first part of January he had some Meniere's attacks. It almost made him call off his trip to Mexico at the end of that month. But we crossed our fingers and he was okay. He's had a few smaller dizzy spells since then, but no full fledged attacks. He also went in to the doctor for an exam and hopes to improve his overall health in the near future.

#4 got quite the shiner during a friendly game of football ...
Evolution of a Blackham Black-Eye

Now that basketball season has ended, I might need to get #2 in to get his toes looked at. We'll see. There have been a few sniffles and such, but no Flu this February or winter season. Knock on wood!

Now that I got MY dental/doctor visits in ... it's time to get the kidlets in. #3 actually stays on top of his ... he wants to get his braces off eventually so he always reminds me to make the appointments, and they keep his cleaning up to date too (our dentist is also our orthodontist). Ah ... appointments!

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  1. Yay for a relatively healthy family during the last few months!!!!


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