Thursday, March 16, 2017

Recent Reads - Watersong Quartet

I try to do a monthly Recent Reads post ... often combining several series (while attempting to stick with a theme) and still I'm reading many more books than I end up reviewing here. I'm up to date on my GoodReads reviews/rating though. I do that for me, but hope it might help others too.

A recent series I read was the Watersong Quartet. I'd put this off a bit, after experiencing the author's Hollowland (Zombie) book. It didn't click with me. This series was better, I enjoyed it, but still just in the 3/4 star range for me.

I've always loved the story of The Little Mermaid ... these are NOT those kind of mermaids. These are sirens. Their song can kill. They can also transform into birds. There was quite a bit of mythological background here with the siren theme. There are three girls ... and they need a fourth.

  • Book 1 (Wake) introduces all the characters. The sirens ... Penn, Lexi, and Thea. The sisters ... Gemma and Harper. Their love interests ... Alex and Daniel. It sets up the story, the background of the sirens and Gemma's transformation. The story does wrap up, while staying open ended for the next installment.
  • Book 2 (Lullaby) starts off pretty much where the first left off. We have two separate stories as Gemma is off with the girls and Harper, Alex and Daniel are still at home.
  • Book 3 (Tidal) has all the characters reunited again. Here there were flashbacks to Thea's early memories which explained some details, but also made this book feel a bit jumpy.
  • Book 4 (Elegy) was quite long (500+ pages) but did wrap everything up. 
I experienced the first two books in audio format. I liked the narrator, she had distinct voices for the different people. Sing song voices for the sirens. As I read the last two installments myself (my library didn't have them in audio), I'd still "hear" those voices in my head.   Looking back on the series, it felt a little more like one long story than four distinct books. 

From a parental perspective ... the first book was completely clean as I recall. In the second book, an f-bomb was dropped (timing, I was in the car with  my 11-year old when the autoplay started and oops! There hadn't been any proFanity to that point!) The language increased in the third and fourth books, as did the violence and sexual content.   

I've read a couple other "siren" books, and some "mermaid" books ... I'll need to gather up my reviews/ratings and do another book review featuring these other sea stories.


  1. I used to review on goodreads and then stopped...I also used to have a book list up to date on my blog. I haven't kept it up to date though. Maybe I should get back to it!!

    1. I'm a tracker ... logging exercise, food and BOOKS! I think I do it more for myself, although I hope it helps others too. My boys dislike reading and HATE book reports so they can't comprehend that I'm writing up reviews when no one is making me do it! ;)


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