Saturday, April 1, 2017

March 2017

March ... if you look at my numbers, I was "good" up in almost everything! I regained the top spot(s) on my Fitbit friend list. My steps, my activities, miles, burn were all up. But also "bad" up ... in weight (average) ... but you can see, if you look at the Fitbit chart, the second half of March was much better in the "intake vs burn" department. Except for one bad day, I even kept those lines from crossing, keeping burn high, intake low. Hopefully I can keep THAT up for April and see some changes on the scale next month.

Basketball wrapped up ... the 9 hours this month is a pittance compared to the last two. With the end of the season, I've had BOYS in my gym after school quite a bit!  We lost an hour as we changed the clocks for Daylight Savings. Girl Scout cookies arrived ... oh the temptation! Several trips to the store to stock up on groceries. One long evening eating out and catching up with old neighbors and friends. School stuff ... grandparents day and PT conferences.

WEIGHT: Started at 181.2. Ended at 180.4. High was 184.9. Low was 179.10. Average 181.74... which is up from last month.  NUMBERS: Average intake 2231. Average burn 2712. A deficit for the month! -3950. Average steps 18188. Total steps 563,817. Exercise miles 371.52. Cardio minutes 3328/3089/3260. Weight workout time came in at 450 ... that is way up from the previous months. ACTIVITY: I did 10 weight workouts this month. Got in my hour of elliptical 26 days. 10 official Zumba classes, and 2.5 hours on my own. On the bike 14 times ... usually just 30min, but I did one 100min one! Treadmill 10 times.

A look at the Day by Day ...
  *** JenB'sJournal ***

0301 (Wednesday) 181.2. Steps 15337. Total Burn 2477. Exercise Burn 800/669 (60minElliptical, 55min/15miles Bike). Calories in 2100. Started the day off pretty good, getting in my hour of elliptical. I was a bit distracted with the upcoming game, which started at 2:30. I watched while on the stationary bike, but had to stop early to go pickup #5 from elementary school. I tried to have the game streaming over data, listening to the audio commentary as I drove, but it but out. It's a quick pickup, but I still hated missing those 10 minutes. We got the win, so onto semi-finals on Friday.  Hubs stopped at the store, again. He'd gone yesterday to grab some cream and half and half to try out the new ice cream maker he'd ordered. I'd given him a list of a few more items to pick up ... and then he forgot what HE went there for. It saved ME a trip to the store (which I probably would have done today) but .... anyway, got the ingredients and made the yummy ice cream. Maga came over too, with a belated birthday cake for #2. He and #3 also made a store run picking up some new jeans.

0302 (Thursday) 180.2. Steps 20161. Total Burn 2825. Exercise Burn 1009/1009 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Interesting when MY estimate (going off machine readings, etc.) and my Fitbit/MFP estimate for exercise burn are exactly the same! Only got in 30min elliptical in the morning, but did get in another 30 later in the day to finish up my hour. Went to Zumba with Marian. 5772 steps. 2.51 miles. 382/379 burn estimates. AvHR116, High142, in zone 18 of the 58 minutes. Not a super productive day. I did make snickerdoodles. Hubs had a derby, and #3 was finally free with basketball over, so he went along to help.

0303 (Friday) 181.5. Steps 25657. Total Burn 2971. Exercise Burn 1300/1136 (60minElliptical, 100min/26.5milesBike, 60min/3.12MilesTreadmillWalk, WEIGHTS). Calories in 3200. I've generally not been very active on Fridays lately ... but today? I got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, even with late start and driving middle school carpool. I did weights (just 30min). While the Bingham/PleasantGrove game was on, I watched it while walking on the treadmill. When our CHHS vs Lone Peak was playing, I watched while on the bike. Right at the end, the bike stopped tracking ... I guess it "only" goes to 99minutes. It was fine, the game was all but over, but it threw me a little and I forgot to notice what the calorie burn estimate was, which I would have liked to have for my records. Silly ChargeHR combined the walk and bike into one big, long exercise session with it's auto tracking. Unfortunately, our boys couldn't quite compete with Lone Peak, who was making a ton of three point shots, and made 30/32 at the foul line. So Bingham and Lone Peak are in the playoffs tomorrow and my #2 has played his last game. I'm sure he'll still play around some, but nothing like what he's been doing for the past several years.

0304 (Saturday) 181.5.  10442 steps. Total Burn 2296. Exercise Burn 407/447 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1500. Hubs was up early prepping for his annual Pinewood Derby workshop. He has a lot of tools and knowledge and knows not everyone does, so before the local derby he opens up the garage for a Saturday to let parents and their kids come over and get some help with their cars. So that was most of his morning. We didn't have any basketball games ourselves, but I wanted to catch the state finals. Instead of full attention while on the bike, I put it on in the kitchen (as it was being broadcast to the TV, not just streaming) and made lasagna while I watched. Neither game nor cooking got my full attention. The boys and Hubs watched the game too ... all BUT #2, who was at a day date before prom. Just can't help but wonder what might have changed if the coin flip had gone the other way.  #2 came home and napped and then was off to dinner and the dance. The went to Tepanyaki, then the Prom was downtown at the state capital (as it had been back in our day). Hubs did some shopping, prepping for hosting the WestraWelatives monthly gathering. He's smoking stuff instead of the usual waffles. I was super pooped and went to bed early.

0305 (Sunday) 180.3. 5336 steps. Total Burn 2065. Exercise Burn 0/260 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up early to get the brisket smoking. That meant no smoked bacon for breakfast, but we still did some on the grill, with sausage, eggs and waffles, prepped by #3 today. Hubs did get a little nap, but then was busy again prepping dinner. We moved the couch and brought in an extra table. We've gotten good use out of our water dispenser and warming trays. Hubs made mashed potatoes in addition to the meats (brisket and ribs, and then he did "burnt ends" with part of the brisket and they were a hit). My mom brought some extra veggies and rolls, my brother's bunch brought baked beans (how's that for alliteration) and another brother brought homemade eclairs. I also made brazillian cheese rolls. All the breads got gobbled up, as well as the potatoes. Hubs had made enough meat that there was enough to send leftovers home with a few families.

0306 (Monday) 181.7. 17459 steps. Total Burn 2693. Exercise Burn 750/878 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 1900. Back to the routine. Got in my  hour of elliptical in the morning as I got the boys off to school. After dropping my munchkin, I stopped at Sams/Walmart to restock groceries. Between the shopping and putting everything away, I do get some steps in for that. Also finished up my audiobook (Unbroken). A bit of drama on #5's basketball team. I hate conflict and confrontation. One of the dads chose to deal send frustrated messages over a group text saying our coach didn't play to win and he was going to pull his kid if there weren't changes. Basically reading between the lines, his kid is the best and should play the entire game, and the coach shouldn't have the gal to play lesser players. I for one do not think winning is the end all ... of course it's important and you want to win and do your best, but there is also sportsmanship, teamwork, improving skills, learning from loss and how to deal with disappointment with dignity. If winning is all that is important, stay in a rec league where you are the best. No competition, no challenge.  After stewing a couple hours I did a response. Another mom did later as well as coach. We'll see how it falls out. Maybe there are a couple of kids that aren't quite up to par at this competitive level, but I feel like the team will go their separate ways soon as they get on school teams, so there's no need to break up friendships and hurt feelings by kicking kids off the team that you don't feel are good enough. Anyway, it just really got me down the whole day. I'd hit the bike mid-day, getting in some reading (I finally finished my Kindle book too, these two were long ones). I'd planned on hitting the gym again later in the day, but #2 and #3 were both in it after school. I guess I need to plan on that possibility and make sure to get everything in I need during my time when they are gone. In the evening I was making gingersnaps, and Hubs and #2 and I ended up having a philosophical discussion. All good, but again, can be emotionally draining. So, that was a day!

0307 (Tuesday) 180.2. 18047 steps. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 1010/877 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the school shove off, but finished it up by the end of day. Zumba with Marian. 5761 steps. 2.48 miles. 423/362 burn. AvHR120/High145, in zone 38 of the 58 minutes. Olivia came. Getting through the neighborhood was a bit of an obstacle course though, as they were patching holes in the street. It will be nice not to hit them though. I had a lazy day. After school, #2 and his friends hit the gym, and then #3 after that. If I want to get in my additional exercise I am going to have to utilize the open hours when they are in school and save my other stuff (computer, laundry, etc) for when they are home. Hubs came home from work a little early, feeling a bit off. Not a full fledged Meniere's attack, but he needed to lay down for a bit. I'd ordered some Girl Scout cookies, and they haven't been delivered yet, but a neighbor gal said she had some extras. I bought five boxes of Tagalongs. Two are gone. The older two boys went on splits with the missionaries in the evening. I didn't sleep well last night (up for an hour or two reading) so I was ready for bed around 8:00!

0308 (Wednesday) 181.8. 174.30 steps. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 718/824 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2200. I was able to get in my hour of elliptical early. After dropping the munchkin at school I stopped by Maceys to grab some groceries. I hit the Dollar Store after. With the boys hitting my gym after school, I figured I'd better get in some extra exercise during the day. I did 30min reading/riding. Got in some computer stuff, blog post, book reviews, blog backups, and finished up a muvee. A little laundry, dishes, etc. too. The guys had an activity over at the church in the evening, a dodgeball and donuts, like in the olden days. Hubs and my three oldest, and the youngest went. They invited #4 ... but he's a homebody like me. He did perk up when just Hubs came home and said the others had stayed to play basketball. If he'd know THAT ... I've been SO tired lately. Ready for bed early!

0309 (Thursday) 182.1. 24160 steps. Total Burn 3064. Exercise Burn 1230/1211 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2800. Had a pretty productive morning as I got in my full hour of elliptical, even with middle school carpool. Went to Zumba at MountainView. I was the only helper today, so I did a few more numbers than usual. 5993 steps. 2.62 miles. 444/406 burn estimates. AvHR124, High154, in zone 36 of the 58 minutes.  It was early out at the elementary, and they are off tomorrow. Next Thurs/Fri too. I had next week's on my radar but not today, so I was glad the school had sent an email reminder. I ended up picking up middle school carpool too, but with basketball over, at least #3 has been able to catch rides home with #2 again. Boys in my gym again, but I'd pretty much done what I'd planned for the day. I made haystacks for dinner, while the boys rewatched a little Stranger Things. I guess all five boys started watching it together the other night (Hubs and I already watched the series). No new episode tonight though, as #2 was out watching "The Bachelor" with his girlfriend. #1 took his man-card for that.

0310 (Friday) 183.1. 14334 steps. Total Burn 2651. Exercise Burn 650/803 (60minElliptical, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. I still got up early and got started on my elliptical. Got in my hour pretty early. #5 was out of school today. I think he was pretty bored home alone though. After school, #2 and friends hit my gym. I made snickerdoodles. Hubs, #1 and #3 had prepped packing last night and finished up and were off. They were leaving about the same time I needed to get #5 to practice, so they dropped him off. I never left the house today. Unfortunately ... I like that. I'd meant to send some Snickerdoodles with #5 to practice as a thank you to his ride, but was able to run them out when they dropped him off. I did get in an hour of weights today.

0311 (Saturday) 183.3. 9497 steps. Total Burn 2188. Exercise Burn 400/347 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3200. Up early getting #5 off to a basketball tournament in Logan. Two hour drive, first game at 9:00. I of course, wasn't going, he was getting a ride with a teammate. I wish he had a phone at times like this so I could stalk him and check in. They lost the first game, won the second, lost the third. For some reason they had to play a couple 7th grade teams, which also was a ball size issue. I hope he had fun. One of the moms filmed some on Facebook Live so I caught a bit online. #4 was a bit bored home alone today. My #4 and #5 really help entertain each other. A car was parked out front under our hoop (happened yesterday too) which makes it so he can't play basketball either (he did some out back on the tramp/hoop). I had a lazy day. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical while I caught up on Grey's Anatomy. I should have done one more to get my hour and planned on it, but then never did. Aunt Olivia came over in the evening to give haircuts to the boys. #4 really needed it. I got mine cut too, as it was just too long and had split ends. A little shorter than I'd planned, but I just have it up in a ponytail most of the time anyway.  Way over on calories ... no excuses, just bad.

0312 (Sunday) 182.8. 5815 steps. Total Burn 1980. Exercise Burn 0/175 (no exercise). Calories in 3200. Even with the clock change, losing an hour to Daylight Savings, I got to sleep in. I was still awake early, but stayed in bed a while. Did a simple pancake breakfast, with bacon and eggs. Usually my #3 changes all the clocks for me. I mean, most of them are automated at this point, but there are still a few that need it done manually. Did a quick store run, as we were almost out of milk, eggs, bananas and food for the kitties. Grabbed some Crazy Bread too. Got me out of the house ... I never left yesterday either. I'd thought about some exercise, but then it didn't happen. Eating happened though.

0313 (Monday) 183.6. 16711 Steps. Total Burn 2697. Exercise Burn 800/1035 (60minElliptical, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2700. Even with the time change, I felt pretty ready to get up and at it this morning. Didn't quite time things to get my full hour in the morning during the school shove off, but finished up the final 10min shortly after last drop off to finish up my hour. My guys landed at the airport about 9:30 and were home soon after. Hubs took a quick nap (it IS national nap day after all) then headed to work.  I made the boys cocoa and toast ... and didn't have any myself! I dropped #3 at school. #1 didn't go into work, as it's a long commute for only a half day. The neighbor asked if my boys would let the dog out (potty and play) after school as she had to work late. The littles have done it several times before, and #1 was more than happy to help too. I was glad to have him help, as I'm a little intimidated by dogs, and the puppy has grown a lot since last time (I helped the littles get her back into the pen then, not sure I'd be able to now). Hubs received four tickets to the Jazz game for tonight. A work perk, he's received them a few times before (great seats). #2 was always too busy, but was free tonight. #1 also ... that left one (or two, if Daddy didn't go, sending littles with bigs) but #3 didn't seem interested and #4, who has gone every other time, seemed willing to let others have a turn. Ironically #3 got an invite from friends ... so he ended up going with them. Just me and #4 home for the evening.  Beyond elliptical, I'd done a weights workout and did a session reading/riding ... before school got out, as boys took over the gym in the hours afterward. I could have hit it again in the evening, but I was SO tired. I'd done decent on eating, but then found myself in the kitchen partaking of some ice cream ... then a little more. Soon, uber over as always. Sometimes I am starving, other times I just want to eat something sweet.

0314 (Tuesday) 183.9. 20150 Steps. Total Burn 2854. Exercise Burn 986/1012 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 3200. I keep thinking ... "I'll be good today, I won't eat everything" ... then I pull out the bag of peanut butter M&M eggs and mindlessly eat the whole thing throughout the day. That's like seven servings. Dominos pizza for dinner for "pi" day ... I don't eat pizza but I do eat the Parmesan bites. Then Hubs made his popcorn, which he hasn't made in forever. I did resist the cheesecake pie, this time. I did get in my hour of elliptical and then Zumba with Marian. Not feeling super sore from weights yesterday, but calves were tight and I had a hard time getting my heart rate up. 5864 steps. 2.53 miles. 362/400 calorie burn estimate. AvHR110, High133, in zone just six of the 56 minutes. It was a lovely day, I really should have walked. Not a very productive day. I did spend some time cleaning, got the master bath done, dishes, laundry, vacuumed. Been spending more time reading lately ... just reading, not riding. Reading, not audio (still getting a little audio in but not as much as during basketball season). Last couple books have just been blah though. 

0315 (Wednesday) 183.9. 11434 Steps. Total Burn 2333. Exercise Burn 600/493 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Down day. Got in my hour of elliptical, although I had to push to get that last 10 minutes. I thought I might get down again, for bike, or a walk or weights, but it didn't happen. Unproductive. In the evening we had the end of year basketball banquet. Close by, at Gardner Village, like last year (the year before it was downtown at the Jazz arena and I didn't make it that year). Each boy got to bring two guests, but the brothers weren't interested in going, so we had two extra which went to waste. I should have offered them to the group as a whole if anyone else wanted to bring someone else last minute. Long night. 6:30-10:00. Nice framed jerseys for the seniors.

0316 (Thursday) 184.4. 22402 steps. Total Burn 3033. Exercise Burn 1155/1167 (70minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1700. Good day. I tried really hard today with the eating and kept calories in check. I got in my hour of elliptical, and even a little extra (to finish up the show). Zumba with MountainView. 6106 steps. 2.68 miles. Burn estimates 421/406. AvHR119, High142, in zone 21 of the 58 minutes. I would have stopped at the store, but Hubs had said he'd be making a Costco run later tonight. Home for a bit, then I grabbed a couple small pizzas from Dominos and went over to the elementary school. It was "Grandparents Day" there, where the grandparents are invited to come eat lunch with the kids. Both my folks and my MIL were able to make it. Had a nice time chatting and took the annual picture. It was early out day, so I was heading back for pickup shortly. Then back again  at 4:00 for PT Conference. Rave reviews as always. Hubs had gone biking with a friend, and I was inspired to finally finish up a blog post about his biking in recent years. The kids had leftovers for dinner, but nothing left was calling Hub's name, so I made stroganoff for him. He'd done the shopping and prepped some stuff for smoking on Saturday.  I made homemade oreos for dessert.

0317 (Friday) 182.8. 16205 steps. Total Burn 2746. Exercise Burn 650/889 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. I didn't have to wake up early, with late start, and elementary being off today ... but I still woke up around 6:00. I didn't get up until 7:00. Hubs was sleeping in and I didn't want to wake him. Got the other kids off to school and hit the elliptical for a couple sessions. #5 was quite bored with only me home. He had a friend come over for a few hours. I made mint brownies. I dropped #5 off for basketball practice then stopped at Maceys to grab some groceries and pebbled ice. We just had left overs for dinner again, Hubs doing a bit more prep for the smoke tomorrow. #1 decided to clean out his closet, which turned into a big project for me going through a bunch of boxes under the beds and in the kid's closets too. Now I have several big boxes to pass onto my brother's family and a couple for the DI. I did get in a bit of audiobook time while I worked and finished up my current book.  Tried really hard to keep calories in check again. I'd put in a call to my doctor's office, as we'd discussed possibly adding a prescription and I think I'm ready to try (Wellbutrin) and the assistant called back today saying she called it in. So I'll pick that up tomorrow and we'll see ...

0318 (Saturday) 182.3. 13288 steps. Total Burn 2458. Exercise Burn 300/603 (20minElliptical, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1900. Hubs had the Pinewood Derby weigh-in this morning, and ended up helping several people finish up their cars too. I went down to the gym and got in a session on the elliptical and 45min of weights. I'd hoped to get down again for a little more, but I didn't. I did get in some grocery shopping steps and mowed the lawn. I usually enjoy mowing the lawn, but we'd just had it aerated, and even though only an hour had passed they had dried up and it was horrible. Dust everywhere! Had to take a shower after that! Hubs was smoking tri-tip and flank steak for dinner. Mashed taters, corn and I made Brazilian cheese rolls. I'd invited my folks over and mom brought Rhoades rolls. There was cheesecake, ice cream pie and mint brownies for dessert. I have been trying to be good and kept calories in check I think. 

0319 (Sunday) 182.9. 14046 steps. Total Burn 2533. Exercise Burn 600/695 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900. We had smoked bacon again finally. Hubs made waffles ... the batch makes six perfectly, and with #1 home, there are seven of us. Generally #2 sleeps in as long as we let him, and he'd rather have sleep than breakfast so ... I did hold myself to only a half. I actually got in some elliptical today, an hour! I made ziti, one for dinner, two for the freezer, and two with GF pasta to pass onto grandpa. Kept calories in check. Finished up my book ... blah. I've had so many blah books lately, and looking over my vast library nothing (available) called out to me. I did finally choose one. Kept calories in check, even with some slices of mint brownie.

0320 (Monday) 182.2. 24881 steps. Total Burn 3140. Exercise Burn  1400/1312 (90minElliptical, Bike, 1mileJog, WEIGHTS, Wii, 30minZumba). Intake 1200. Not a 30k day, but a good one nonetheless. Finished up my hour of elliptical early, and then got in some extra at the end of the day. I did 30min of Zumba on my own, jogged a mile at 5mph ... it's been a while since I've turned on the music. Reading/riding on the bike and I did 45minWeights, with 10min on the WiiFit too. Other than exercise, I got in some computer stuff (blog post, basketball highlights) and the usual house stuff (laundry, dishes). In addition to school carpools, #5 had a party in the evening so I was chauffeuring him there and back. Hubs prepped dinner ... chuck roast in the InstantPot for french dip. I hadn't eaten much all day but hadn't felt hungry. I had a little of the meat and did indulge in some mint brownie, but totally kept calories in check.

0321 (Tuesday) 181.1. Steps 27331. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1350/1218 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 50minWalk).  Calories in 1800. Horrible night. Awake around 2:00, not sure why. I don't think I ever got back to sleep. Hubs was in the same boat. He got up at 4:00 and headed into work. I got in my hour of elliptical early and got the kids off to school. Made a lunch for #2 which he left on the counter. Zumba with Marian. 6065 steps. 2.67 miles. 467/420 burn estimates. AvHr122, High148, in zone 32 of the 60 minutes. Always seems slow to start, with just a couple people there, but then more show up. Olivia came and brought a friend. I walked to/from Zumba. Nice enough weather today, but it's turning cooler and rainy these next couple days according to the forecast. During the day I got in a session on the bike and a 40 min walk on the treadmill. Carpool 2x in the afternoon. Hubs had a derby, just at our church. Can't get any closer than that. I got a blog post up and finished a highlight video. #5 was supposed to play in a tournament this weekend, but we got word today that not enough teams signed up, so it's not happening. He still has a game with his Grizzlies. I'm trying to get my video backlog done before I start adding more. Kept calories in check today. Whereas yesterday I really wasn't feeling hungry, I was more today, and just attempting staying in control. I was really craving some ice cream in the evening, but told myself no (I'd already indulged in a small mint brownie, so I'd had my sugar fix). Gotta stay strong!

0322 (Wednesday) 180.8. Steps 23632. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1200/1379 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 40minWEIGHTS, 10minHula). Calories in 1700.  Better night for sleep. Got in my early elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Back at home I did some Zumba practice. The HR was up to a decent point (av124, high147). A session on the bike reading/riding and intervals on the treadmill. I also did weights and a little hula. Boys have been in the gym almost every day after school so I try to get in what I need during the day, but can sometimes get back down to the gym in the evening. Made some peanut butter cookies for a treat ... just had two, my only treat for the day. Just used a mix. I make most other cookies from scratch, but as the littles don't like PB, and PB is messy to work with, a small batch with a mix is all we need. It's just an occasional cookie at our house. Consciously kept calories in check today, constantly reminding myself that I wasn't really hungry (I often just grab stuff) and attempting to combat cravings. Hubs went to bed early. I'm not sure how he slept because out in the family room the five boys were playing Clue ... not quietly. It turned into a stand-up comedy routine, then wrestling, then headstands and pushups (umm ... not me though).

0323 (Thursday) 180.2. Steps 22742. Total Burn 2936. Exercise Burn 1200/1095 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 20min/1mile Treadmill). Calories in 2100. Oops ... over on calories. I was tempted by treats today. My "totally empty calories" category in MFP had too many entries. I was still doing okay at the end of the day when Hubs made some homemade chocolate malt ice cream and I had to try it ... and then have a little more ... and a little more. Good day for exercise with my hour of elliptical early. Zumba with MountainView ... 5684 steps. 2.48 miles. 420/394 burn. AvHR122, High143, in zone 30 of the 56 minutes. Back at home I did a session on the bike, reading and riding. Boys in my gym after school. #5 had basketball practice at Gene Fullmer, which is the rec center that has a track above the gym. In the past, for practices (and even games before I started videoing everything) I'd jog the track. Even when there wasn't a track I'd walk the halls. But ... this location just isn't that far away, so I just dropped him, and then came back. Some days I'll probably stay and get some steps in. On a nice day, I could walk the park ... not today though, it was pouring rain and turned to snow. #1 got rained out of his work (framing homes) and was home early. He decided to go for a run in the rain. He wasn't as happy running in the snow. He ended up by the high school and didn't want to run home, so he went in, had his brother called to the office and absconded with his keys and car! #2 (and #3) were able to get a ride home with friends (as mentioned above ... boys in my gym, coming over almost every day after school). On the way home from #5's practice pickup, we drove the backroads (as 6:00 is prime traffic time on 7800) and passed a canal that had several ducks hanging out. I saw a black one with a white tuft ... I really think that has to be one of ours from last summer! I made a little chicken alfredo pasta for dinner, and as mentioned above, Hubs made ice cream (he bought a counter ice cream maker and has been putting it to use). I did get in one last little workout, walking on the treadmill. I'd planned to try the incline but ohhh ... it was too much for me. When I first started so many years ago, I'd incline it all the time. Back then our treadmill even went to 12% (the current one only goes to 10%). I remember doing 20 minutes or more, 4mph ... I couldn't even do 10min at 3mph. I wonder if I can work back up. It feels super hard, especially on my calves, but doesn't seem to get the heart rate up. The three older boys were out and about until late. #1 at Institute, #2 all the way to Provo for an activity with his girlfriend, and #3 out with friends (and my car).

0324 (Friday) 180.8.  Steps 21234. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 1133/1123 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Hula). Calories in 1900. The older boys (high school and middle school) were out today, but elementary was still in, so I was still up to get #5 off to school. Without worrying about late start middle school, I could hit Zumba ... so I did! First time at MZL in a while! They have so many different instructors, and there were several new faces too, but I was still familiar with songs for the first half anyway. 6556 steps. 430/413 burn. AvHR114, High134, in zone 11 of the 64 minutes. After class, I stopped at Walmart to restock on some groceries. Shopping steps, as well as steps bringing everything in and putting it away. #2 was working, and #3 and #4 just hung around the house all day ... but not in my gym, so I was able to get some additional workouts in (I had done a couple elliptical sessions before Zumba). Early out at the elementary, and then #5 had basketball practice. I dropped him off at 5:30 then at 6:30 Hubs and I joined some neighbors who have moved away for a little reunion dinner. Knowing it was coming up (and knowing what I'd order and eat) I put my dinner into MFP early to help me keep calories in check. I think it worked ... even with chicken alfredo.

0325 (Saturday) 180.6. Steps 13463. Total Burn 2451. Exercise Burn 600/613 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Slept in a little. #1 wanted to go out for breakfast and he, Hubs and a couple of the other boys went to Virg's. I'd thought I might try to run the lawn mower over the grass again, pick up some of the clods from last week's aeration and even things out, but it was pouring rain almost all day.  We'd only had one game on the schedule, but apparently schedules change and we had a second one. Good thing everyone was free. First one at 1:00 ... felt more like a scrimmage. The other "team" only had five players, no uniforms ... and they were girls. Woefully outmatched. 52-0 and our boys really did hold back. The second game was more of a challenge. I was a bit worried as in the first few minutes, they successfully blocked all our shot attempts, but easily made theirs. It was 8-0 ... then our boys rebounded and it was 10-10 as the first quarter ended. 12-14 at half (so a slow quarter for both teams). 19-41 at the end. Our boys were on fire the second half. I'll have to rewatch my clips, but I think it might have been the highest scoring game for my little guy. He made three three-pointers, three foul shots and at least a couple layups. I hadn't eaten anything before the first game and came home starving and was very unwise with food choices. Still might have been okay, except that I made banana bread, and then Hubs made popcorn and we watched a movie (The Accountant). That pushed me way over, even with my hour of elliptical I'd managed to get in during the day.

0326 (Sunday) 182.3. Steps 11410. Total Burn 2289. Exercise Burn 600/444 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. I was awake early ... I wanted to sleep in! Got up and hit the elliptical. Hubs decided to go into work, so we didn't do our usual waffle breakfast. The kids ate banana bread, and I made bacon, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns. I had a little lay down. Hubs got a little nap later when he finally got home. I did a couple more sessions on the elliptical, but I was SO tired. Went to bed at 9:00.

0327 (Monday) 182.5. Steps 26309. Total Burn 3060. Exercise Burn 1250/1243 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 60min/3mileTreadmillWalk, WEIGHTS, 15minHula). Calories in 1200. I beat Hubs out of bed. That's pretty rare. Got in my hour of elliptical early while getting the boys off to school. Carpoolx2 in the morning. Should have hit the store while I was out, but I hadn't put on any makeup and didn't want to scare anyone. At home I did some Zumba practice, bike, weights. One mile treadmill in the morning, and two miles later in the evening. #2 had a couple friends over after school, and #5 had a friend over too. #2 was working, so he and his friends weren't in the gym as they often are. It was another rainy day, so the kids couldn't hang outside as much as they usually would (although #5 and friend hit the hot tub and still did play some basketball in the rain). #1 had his first day at Discover. He went for a jog when he got home now that he's switching from an active job to a desk. I made spaghetti for dinner ... I usually have some noodles sans sauce but I was really trying to control calories, and did manage to do so.

0328 (Tuesday). 179.6. Steps 25491. Total Burn 3124. Exercise Burn 1186/1306 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 20min/1mileTreadmill). Calories in 1550. Got in my hour of elliptical early, three 20min sessions between getting up and getting the boys off to school. Zumba with Marian. It was a little too cool to walk today. So few people there on time, so few people all together (about  seven of us today). We started a few minutes late and Marian still had to leave at 10:00 to get to work, so it was a bit shy of an hour. 5632 steps. 2.51 miles. 401/361 burn estimates. AvHR121, High153, in zone 25 of the 55 minutes. I got in a session on the bike (finished up one book and started another ... had a couple holds come in at the library) and did some treadmill time. I know I SHOULD jog, get the heart rate up, I don't know why it's SO hard for me. I was thinking I would try it, but my baby toe has been hurting, nail to the side like an ingrown toenail. Can you get those on baby toes? I'm not flexible enough to really even see it well or try and deal with it. I ended up just walking, although I did do some incline. Also spent some time trying to get the house looking better. Worked up a sweat while vacuuming. Hubs came home from work a little early not feeling well. Not a full fledged attack, but he needed to wait it out for a bit. #3 took the Durango to go get a haircut and stop at a store. Hubs and I went to look at a lot we'd love to build on. I worry about the money side of it, but otherwise it would solve the school situation which has me worried. At this point, I think I am ready for a new house, a new start ...

0329 (Wednesday) 179.1. Steps 24809. Total Burn 3010. Exercise Burn 1075/1182 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, 45minWEIGHTS, 10minWii). Calories in 2600. Oops, over on the calories today. Under burn, but ... I was hungry early, and splurged on some cereal. Went a little overboard on treats during the day, and then ended up with a Dominos dinner. As for exercise, it was a good day. Got in my hour of elliptical early. Did Zumba on my own for a half hour. A session on the bike, and walk on the treadmill (a little incline). Also weights and wii. In the evening, I headed to the high school for a parent basketball meeting for #3. Outlining Spring and Summer stuff, and talking about the trip the team makes over Christmas. #3's been a little wishy-washy on even trying out next year. He feels there are the favorites and he's not one of them. But giving up ball is hard too. There is a slim chance he'd even get cut if he tried out, that happened to one of the boys in #2's junior year. I'd set up the Dominos order on the computer so I could have #4 just submit it as the meeting was ending and I'd grab it on the way home ... but my computer calendar was up and that switched screens and he didn't know how to get back to the order. I ended having to make a second trip out. Hubs and #3 had a derby. 

0330 (Thursday) 180.8. Steps 22801. Total Burn 2955. Exercise Burn 1119/1120 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1700. Stressing a bit in the night leads to a dragging day. I always seem to get in my early exercise out of habit and routine, but the second half of the day I didn't do much. I was on carpool x2 in the morning but still got my hour of elliptical in. Actually made it to MountainView on time (beat the door being open even) for Zumba. Marian put on my La Luz number and it gets my heart rate up but seemed to intimidate everyone else! I stopped at Smiths on the way home to pick up a prescription and some groceries. I got my bike in before the boys got home in case boys wanted to use the gym. #3 was in there for a while. #5 had practice over at the rec center. I just dropped him off and then picked him up after (once upon a time I would have stayed and jogged the track rather than making two trips).  I made tacos for dinner, and coconut goodies for dessert.

0331 (Friday) 180.4. Steps 21800. Total Burn 2902. Exercise Burn 1102/1072 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. I can sleep in a little on Fridays, but I tend to still wake up around the same time regardless. I got up and got in my hour of elliptical early (although when I hit the gym the first time I wasn't wearing my ChargeHR! Missed out on my first 10 minutes). Got the boys off to school. Did some Zumba on my own, bike, treadmill, weights. Hubs had packed last night for a weekend getaway with some work buddies ... four wheeling in Moab. He left mid-day straight from work. #1 was off work quite early, and it was early out for #5. #2 and friends were over much of the afternoon playing basketball on the upstairs hoop. #3 had stayed after school to shoot hoops at the gym there ... I had to go grab him when he was done. I grilled some chicken and prepped yellow rice for a simple dinner. Caved in the evening to some treats, even though I know I wasn't starving. No self-control!

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