Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April 2017

Ah April ... Spring is coming, although Utah weather can change on a dime! Sunshine ... then snow. Plenty of April Showers. It's been a rainy spring. Still, everyone is spending a bit more time outside. I'm back to mowing the lawn and prepping the garden. We had Easter and Spring Break (we didn't do much, but we did go bowling). We had family in town and had a few gatherings. Back to basketball for the boys, and watching the NBA playoffs too. We added a couple fluffy, feathered friends to the family, and more are coming (eggs are in the incubator). And, for the first time in a looooong while ... I'm able to say it was a successful month. 

NUMBERS: Started the month at 181.2, ended it at 175.60. High was 183.8 and the low was 175.5. Average weight was 178.66. These are all down from last month. Average intake was 2122, average burn 2864 and I ended up with a big deficit for the month (11,111). Average Steps came in at 20,530. Total steps 645,892. Logged miles 399.24. Cardio minutes 3875/3576 and 285 min with weights. ACTIVITIES: I got in my hour of elliptical 24 days this month. 14 Zumba classes (plus a little extra on my own), 21 times on the treadmill, and 18 sessions on the bike. 

Other than my exercise ... I was fairly busy with basketball (although nothing compared to February). #3 is playing again, JV now, and #5's spring season (with two teams) started up. Getting to games always adds some hours to my travel time, but I've also been running kids around more. We need to get another car, so #3 can drive himself around. #4, my fellow homebody, will still require rides for a while. He has been hanging with friends for hours on end. Playing basketball at the park ... even in the rain (April Showers and all). If you followed the blog a few years ago, you know that we had major struggles with him and his weather phobia. This is HUGE. 

So what changed for me to finally log a 5.6 loss this month? I actually recommitted back in March. I upped the exercise, and have really tried to do better with the eating ... and I have. I do much better with quantity than quality with both food and fitness though. Still can improve there, but hopefully I can keep this up and continue to go down ...

*** JenB's Journal ***

0401 (Saturday) 181.2. Steps 11836. Total Burn 2321. Exercise Burn 600/490 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Why is exercise so much harder on Saturday? Weekdays I get in my hour of elliptical before 8:30, but today, I really had to push just to get through that first 20min session. I did one more in the morning, then one later in the day. #5 had two basketball games. The first one at noon at #4's school. It was a team they had played before and won, but a tough one ... got the win again today with a bunch of great (and crazy) shots. The next game was at 4:00 at Midvale Middle, which isn't in Midvale anymore. A few years ago #3 had many games at Midvale Middle when it was still in Midvale. It was quite run down and they tore it down after that season. I think this Sandy location is just a temporary home, but I'm not sure. Not as close as Midvale, but not too bad either ... closer then some of the locations in this league. I have my headphones on, so I'm not sure exactly how it all started or what was said, but there was some conversation that turned ugly, and then turned physical. Unfortunately, it is OUR parents who took it from words to action. I hate that so much. I really don't care what words are being said, you don't go punch someone over a 6th grade basketball game! One of our dads was thrown out of the game and a lady on the other team called police and everything, although I don't think anything ended up happening with that. We managed to finish the game, and our boys got the win. The day was ruined for me though.  #1 had a super busy day. Took off with Aunt Olivia to hit the first session of General Conference (at 10:00-12:00, but they had to be there at about 7:00 or so ... craZy). Then they joined some extended family to go see a visiting Broadway production of "The Lion King". He barely made it to the Priesthood session (started at 6:00 ... #3 went alone as Daddy is gone and #2 was working) and then had a date to "Beauty and the Beast".  

0402 (Sunday) 181.8.  Steps 5509. Total Burn 5509. Exercise Burn 100/161 (Bike). Calories in 2200. Kitty was annoying rattling my door about 6:30 in the morning. I got up and got them food and then went back to bed. Not back to sleep, but I had a lazy day. We did do our big breakfast, even without Daddy. #3 made the waffles. I did bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. I was taking a rest day, but did do 30 min on the bike, reading while riding.  Hubs got home from his quick weekend getaway a little earlier than I had expected. Early enough that he got in a little nap. Orange Chicken for dinner.

0403 (Monday) 183.8.  Steps 20277. Total Burn 2876. Exercise Burn 950/1043 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30minWeights). Calories in 1500. I must admit, the scale situation totally had me down this morning. Discouraged. Still got in my elliptical, although with double carpool in the morning I was 10min shy of my hour and had to finish up a bit later in the day. Did some shopping after dropping #5 off at school ... forgot to buy milk (2%).  Grrrr. Finished up my elliptical, did some Zumba practice, reading/riding on the bike and small workout with weights. It was registration day for #3. He had his schedule all picked out, but it's first come first into class on the computer. We'd done great last year, actually practicing inputting to be able to do it quickly, putting in specific classes first to make sure he would get them. I asked him if he wanted my help again this year and he said yes. So we were sitting at the computer as the clock turned to 3:00 and registration opened and it was a stressful three minutes, but by 3:03 we had his schedule successfully. Several of his friends weren't as lucky. It's tough! Then #3 took the Durango and went to In&Out for an interview, and actually had two and has another on Wednesday. If he gets hired, he'd be making more than his brother who is practically a manager at KFC, and possibly even more than #1 in training at Discover... fingers crossed. It's so close, he could actually walk there if needed. I'd ordered a new Fitbit Alta for #4 ... he'd been wearing the Flex but the battery kept dying and it had trouble syncing. It is several years old. Got that charged and set up for him. #1 son went to a school orientation at SLCC. I made chicken pillows for dinner, with fried chicken for the littles (and me) and yellow rice. I tried to keep my portions very small. I had splurged on some PB Easter M&Ms ... but now the package is gone. That was my only "treat" for the day.  Final game in March Madness ... it's April! My boys weren't terribly invested in either team but they were watching. #3 took the car and went to watch with friends. #2 was more interested in hanging out with his girlfriend (but I do think they watched the end with the other brothers). Hubs and I were in bed before it was even over ... we're early to bed people!

0404 (Tuesday) 181.8. Steps 30433. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1467/1470 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Treadmillx2~60min/3.5miles). Calories in 1650. Got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Zumba with Marian. The sun was out, but it was still quite chilly, so I drove. 6107 steps. 2.76 miles. 402/385 burn. AvHR115, High147, in zone 14 of the 58 minutes. After class I headed to Sam's Club, mainly to get the milk I didn't pick up yesterday at Maceys. Of course I end up picking up more than milk! Got in some extra exercise during the day, treadmill and bike. #2 and friends were in the gym after school and then #4 was in it later. I was able to hit it for a walk before bed. I made meatball subs for dinner, but the older three boys weren't interested. Hubs and #3 did a derby.

0405 (Wednesday) 180.2. Steps 31422. Total Burn 3492. Exercise Burn 1630 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1900. Got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, then I went to Zumba with Southziders. I feel like I haven't been there in forever! I usually don't do Wednesdays there, as if I do Wednesdays, MZL has a close class, but SZ was having a 3-year anniversary party. Amanda had even come up from Layton, so it was fun to see her and several others I haven't seen in weeks/months. It's a late start, at 9:30 ... and then it starts late, it was 10:00 when it actually started. 6943 steps. 3.06 miles. 470/431 burn. AvHR114, High141, in zone 25 of the 70 minutes.  I stopped at Reams on the way home ... what's up with daily shopping trips this week? Making beef klusky for dinner and needed a couple more things. Back at home I got everything put away, dinner started (slow cooker), bike, treadmill, 30min weight workout and some cleaning (dishes/laundry, etc).  #1 went on a run, and I passed him on my way to pick up #5, and then again as we came back home. I was also on middle school pickup duty, not my normal day, but filling in.  #3 had his final interview at In&Out and thought it just went okay. Hoping to hear in the next day or so. Finished prepping dinner. Hubs and #1 son ate it anyway.  Got in couple more 10min sessions on the elliptical and then Hubs and I watched an episode of "Sneaky Pete" ... he had started it on his own a bit ago and thought I might like it. I started downstairs while working out and caught up with him, and we're watching the final couple ones together. I got a foot rub too!

0406 (Thursday) 179.3. Steps 27181. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1365/1397 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2.25miles/30minTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2300. A little over on the eating ... I was very hungry come evening and caved to some cravings, both salt and sugar. Started the day off with my early elliptical. Headed to Zumba but got a text that the gym floor was being cleaned, so no Zumba :(  I came home ... and did an hour on my own. Stats~ 6513 steps. 2.88 miles. 428/412 burn estimates. AvHR117, High139, in zone 22 of the 63 minutes. Also got in a session on the bike and treadmill. I got kicked out of my gym early though, as #2 and friends ducked out of 4th period (basketball class ... but basketball is over for them, now it's focus is on the Juniors and Sophomores). #2 left his keys/car for #3 to drive himself come and caught a ride with buddies. That saved me a trip having to make a trip to the high school. #5 had practice at 5:00. Traffic isn't great, it is taking 20min each trip (dropping him off, then picking him up) ... I SHOULD stay and jog the track or walk the park or something, but I've been pretty wiped out in the early evenings. Took an early shower. Hubs and #3 had a derby, #1 had Institute. Hubs prepped some stuff for smoking tomorrow ... not for us though, for work (so he had to load up the trailer too). I wasn't sure I'd stay awake to watch our final episode of "Sneaky Pete" together, but I made it through.

0407 (Friday) 178.5. Steps 18346. Total Burn 2796. Exercise Burn 950/978 (60minElliptical, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmillIntervals. 30minWeights). Calories in 1800. Slight scale shift. But dragging a bit today. I felt a sore throat coming on yesterday, and it's really bad. Checking out my throat, it's cankers ... several of them on the roof of my mouth, one on my tongue. I'm telling myself that's what it is, I'm not sick (no stuffy nose ... but it is giving me quite the headache). I made it through my three 20min sessions on the elliptical but then had to crash for a bit. Seriously, just didn't have the energy to do anything but lay in bed. After recovering for a bit, I did do weights, bike and some treadmill time. Getting the to gym before boys were home. I figured I could still do my Zumba a bit later (I do it in my bedroom) but Hubs was home a little early, and feeling tired again ... no dancing happened. #5 had his practice as usual. I made chocolate chip cookies (gave some to the teammates who gave him a ride home). I was going to make our usual recipe, but it calls for shortening and I was almost out. I switched to a recipe that just used butter and they turned out good. But same batch at the beginning was nice and thick, fluffy, and the later ones were flat ... which still tastes good but isn't as visually appealing. I was SO ready for bed! Hubs had a little second wind after laying down for a nap. He was on pickup duty for #3. I'd dropped him off at the high school soccer game and he'd been hanging with friends ever since. Hubs ended up dropping #5 at practice ... so #3 could have driven the Durango himself. We just never know. He needs a car, although I don't know where we'll put it. #1 went on a double date, lining up his cousin with his good friend (and having his cousin line him up) then he went to a dance and playing games ... all nighter! 
0408 (Saturday) 179.5. Steps 13262. Total Burn 2259. Exercise Burn 300/441 (50min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2650. Didn't sleep well. The sore throat was bothering me all night. Slept with gum to try and keep some moisture. I'd thought I'd mow the lawn today, but it was raining. Hubs to the Durango in to get new tires. The left front one had a very slow leak, and when I got the one patched a bit ago, they said we'd need new ones soon. Happy to have Hubs handle it! He ran some additional errands and brought home a new lawn mower. It's electric, push button start, very light ... it feels like a toy! But it works. Things dried out enough that I was able to mow. The only thing is that it is opposite the old mower in the blade engagement and the moving forward. So a couple times I wanted to stop and it wouldn't, as I was letting off the wrong lever.  Hubs put the old mower up on KSL for free and it was snapped up in a couple minutes (and he received a couple more calls before he could take the ad down). I got in some treadmill time, just keeping it an easy walk for the weekend workout. #5 had a game at 4:00 over at the rec center. #3 came along to watch. We only had six players, but had a fill in too. But ... facing a tough team. Got a little crushed. After the game we headed straight to Red Robin meeting my side of the family there. Hubs and the other boys (sans Callahan, who was working) met us there too. My brother Shane was in town from California ... thus the get-together. It was fun to see family and eat my favorite fish and chips. Throat is still sore, but food/drink isn't irritating the lesions like it usually would with a canker ... makes me wonder if it's something else. #3 was really cute entertaining his little cousins with Snapchat filters. Home again ... Hubs and I started the Amazon series "Bosch" ... and he made popcorn.

0409 (Sunday) Weight 181.5. Steps 5417. Total Burn 2044. Exercise Burn 100/225 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I still wake early, not really sleeping in ... but staying in bed, for a while! We woke to SNOW. Quite a bit, and heavy ... lots of broken branches and trees around. Hubs smoked bacon and made his waffles. I always feel like I need a nap after a big meal. I took one. Hubs was prepping dinner. He'd invited his side of the family over for BBQ. I did some cleanup around the house to help prep. Dishes ... cleaning the bathroom. While searching for a sponge I found an old NEW Tuffy Scrubber. They don't make the orange ones anymore. I'd been hanging on to my old one for a long time. It was in rough shape but still worked ... until Hubs was cleaning his smoker stuff and it fell in the water (he hadn't used it, knowing I'd be mad if he ruined it, but even just falling in the water for a few moments coated it with black grease). Happy to have a Tuffy scrubber again! It's my go-to for dishes! I made Brazilian cheese rolls too. Family brought regular raised rolls, salad, fruit and homemade donuts for dessert. So much food. Definitely over on calories. A bunch of the boys (and the one girl cousin) hit the hot tub. Most of the snow had melted but there were some small patches still that the kids would go jump in, then get back in the hot tub. Ready for bed when evening rolled around!
0410 (Monday) Weight 182.9. Steps 23786. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1300/1130 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, 30minWeights). Calories in 1850. School is out for a week for Spring Break. So ... sleep in. Except for the fact that I still wake up at 5:30. Didn't GET up for a while though. Only got in one 20min session on the elliptical in during the morning. Figured I'd hit Zumba, decided on Debbie's class over Southziders as it gets me out a full hour earlier. Wasn't sure it would happen, as there were a bunch of missionaries in the gym, but they had just finished up. Class Stats~ 5289 steps. 2.4 miles. Calorie burn 350/344. AvHR 108, high 135, in zone 7 of the 58 minutes.  I wasn't sure what the kids would need/want to do today. #4 did text during Zumba saying he wanted to go play ball with his friends at 10:00. I hurried home from Zumba ready to take him, but I guess it fell through. #2 was in the gym with his buddies. #3 wanted to go play basketball with his friends. He can drive, but I wasn't sure if I'd be okay without the car all afternoon. We ended up letting him take #2's Charger, and I dropped #2 off at work, as it's close by. #2 figured he could get a ride home, as a friend was also working until close, but Hubs and #3 ended up dropping the Charger off to him later in the evening. I had thought of taking the littles to tennis or the park or something. It just isn't as fun with just the two of them. #5 asked if a friend could come over and I said yes, but no one ended up coming. I do thing the boys were bored. First day of Spring Break and bored ... not that they complained or anything. They are such good boys. I made chocolate chip cookies again. We just did leftovers for dinner.  I did make it down to the gym during the day to hit bike, treadmill and weights. Kept calories in check. Decent day for disruption of routine.

0411 (Tuesday) Weight 181.8. Steps 26054. Total Burn 3044. Exercise Burn 1270/1216 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1950. Second day of Spring Break. I got up and hit the elliptical for my first 20min session, then did a 10min one before heading to Zumba with Marian. 6429 steps. 2.88miles. 438/438 burn estimates. AvHR112, High150, in zone 14 of the 61 minutes. Back at home I finished up my hour of of Elliptical. Asked the boys what they wanted to do for fun, and #5 suggested bowling. #4 was up for it but #3 wasn't interested. I took the two little ones. All three of us bowled the first game, then I let the two boy play a second ... I sat it out. Then they played in the arcade. Burned through $10 pretty fast. I was really dragging later in the day. I baked up more chocolate chip cookies with the leftover dough. Picked up pizza for dinner. Hit the treadmill, but only felt up for a walk. Finished up TWD earlier with the elliptical, and watched the latest "Grey's Anatomy" while I walked. Should have hit the bike in the evening, but didn't. Hubs worked late. Brought home duck eggs ... it's starting ...
0412 (Wednesday) Weight 180.8. Steps 22451. Total Burn 3010. Exercise Burn 1200/1351 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2800. Not a good food day. Too much snacking, and then I made dough for breadsticks and cinnamon rolls and orange rolls ... and had to taste all three. Spaghetti dinner in the evening. During the day I got in my hour of elliptical and hit the bike, but didn't get to treadmill or weights, which should have been on the docket for the day. Just dragging! I made it to Zumba with MZL though. It's been a while since I've gone, last time was on a Friday, which is a little different dynamic ... different instructors tend to make it on different days. It was fun to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while. My neighbor Denise who attended classes with in the summer is also coming with me this week, as she's off work for Spring Break. Anyway ... stats. 6939 steps. Burn 491/492. AvHR120, High145, in Zone 33 of the 63 minutes. Usually MZL has a ton of instructors, but they only had three there today. They did put on a couple of my songs and had me lead. It was nice to be back, I'm going to try to get it back into the routine rotation. The two little boys had been invited to go play basketball at a church with friends. I dropped them off and grabbed them again later when they were done. We stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries and my refilled prescription. #3 had asked if friends could come over and hot tub. I said yes, but then that fell though ... maybe a good thing because #2 did have friends come over and hot tub.

0413 (Thursday)  Weight 180.7. Steps 28258. Total Burn 3293. Exercise Burn 1400/1456 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 45min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical before hitting Zumba with MountainView. 6479 steps. 2.87 miles. 424/450 burn. AvHR116, High142, in zone 18 of the 60min. Also got in a session on the bike, some treadmill time and weights. I'd asked the boys if they wanted to hit "HiJump" (formerly Jump N'Bouce) a local inflatable place ... but they said they were fine just hanging at home. I'm sure fine with that but I do feel guilty not doing anything fun over Spring Break. They are just such easy going kids. I made a chicken alfredo shells dish that #1 had seen on FB and thought looked good. The two older boys liked it, Hubs thought it was just okay. I didn't eat it (I'll eat chicken alfredo, but this had a bottled sauce which smelled weird to me, and cottage cheese ... ewwww). #5 had practice. #2 helped me out by dropping him off for me (it was right as I was prepping dinner) but I picked him up. I saw a black duck as we passed the canal there. Really looks like one of ours from last year. Hubs DID bring home eggs yesterday and put them in the incubator ... so it begins again. I finally got a blog post up about our last year's ducks, but it's a two-part post. I only got half done, about the wild Momma and babies. I still need to write up about OUR six. #3 was out with friends for much of the afternoon and evening. It was a horribly windy day! Trees had broken last Sunday with the snow, and now with the wind more trees and branches went down. Of course, it's garbage day too! Recycling never came! That's the worst bin in the wind too, because it's so lightweight. Ours blew over and #1 and I ran around trying to pick up all the packaging and boxes that flew out. I'm not sure if the truck just missed our circle ... the neighbors cans on the street were pulled in or looked emptied. But I'm honestly not sure if they got picked up, or if neighbors just gave up and pulled them in ... or THOUGHT they got emptied by the truck, when it had really been the wind. I did okay on calories surprisingly enough. I snacked on Hot Tamale candies throughout the day. Hubs made popcorn as we watched an episode of Bosch. #1 and #3 had an altercation and #3 was quite upset. We stayed up for a while talking.

0414 (Friday) Weight 178.6. Steps 25705. Total Burn 2990. Exercise Burn 1300/1174 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2.25mileTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 1700. I didn't get in any early elliptical. Had to look up some tax stuff upon awakening, then it was off to Zumba. Debbie's class again, but she was out of town and had a sub (Cindy). While I dislike change in life, I like to experience different instructors. 5341 steps. 2.41 miles. 323/368 burn. AvHR111, High126, in zone just 3 of the 50 minutes (class did run short). Hubs had arranged for some guys to come wash the windows, in and out. They had been scheduled for the afternoon, but had a cancellation and wanted to come early (10ish). I was just getting home from Zumba, but the boys let them in. #2 was off for his weekend getaway (basketball tournament). I did get in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike, and some treadmill time. #5 had his practice, I dropped him off at 5:30. Hubs had gone from work to meet his brother at the airport and they and other extended family went out to an early dinner. #2 had left his car, so #3 took it to go hang with friends (and they went bowling) and #1 went off for some volleyball and skookie. Hubs came home and grabbed #4 and took him to go see cousins (I felt like I needed to stay as #5 was getting dropped off and I didn't want him to come home to an empty house ... he's just 11). We'd be seeing family tomorrow too. 

0415 (Saturday) Weight 177.5. Steps 13138. Total Burn 2270. Exercise Burn 200/420 (40min/2miles Treadmill Walk). Calories in 2000.  With family in town, Hubs had invited everyone over for breakfast. I ran to the store for supplies while he prepped other stuff. As he got the bacon smoking and waffle batter going, I quickly mowed the front lawn. Breakfast was a success, but #5 and I had to duck out early to hit his basketball game. It was at a new location, all the way across town. We'd played this team twice before ... and lost twice, and today was no different, although these last two time we've kept it close (31-25). My munchin started the team off with the first five points, then finished it too, with a crazy buzzer beater half-court shot. 12 points total. Back at home, I hit the treadmill, keeping it easy with just a walk. Touching base with #2 off at his Idaho tournament too. They'd won their first two games on Friday, and their first Saturday game which put them in the finals, and they won, taking 1st.  #2 said they were 25min halves and it was exhausting ... but he balled it up as well. Wish I could have been there to watch. In the evening we headed over to the inlaws for a waffle dessert. I abstained as I was already at my calorie limit for the day. The NBA playoffs started today, and #4 was quite invested. First game was earlier in the day, then we were watching at the family gathering, and then turned it on at home. I put out the Easter baskets (or buckets in our case) right in front of the kids, but told them not to look ... but then we went ahead and went through them as Hubs was going to be gone in the morning (breakfast with his brother). Hubs and I went to bed, but our Utah Jazz had a buzzer beater for the win and the kids couldn't help but cheer loudly :)

0416 (Sunday) Weight 177.5. Steps 13451. Total Burn 2481. Exercise Burn 600/500 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2150. My BIL was dropping his wife and two girls at the airport and they were returning to Washington. he had a business trip, so rather than return home and leave, he was just staying an extra day and flying straight there Monday morning. Hubs and he went out to breakfast. Without Hubs home, and as we just had waffles yesterday, I made crepes for breakfast and we indulged in some Easter candy. I must have lapsed on laundry during the week because everyone needed it done today! Five loads. More NBA games on today. I hit the elliptical for three 20min sessions throughout the day. Hubs was smoking brisket for dinner and invited family over, so we had another gathering. The little cousins hit the hot tub again and Maga brought some outdoor fun activities that my boys quite liked (and she ended up leaving them for us as an Easter gift).

0418 (Tuesday) Weight 177.5. Steps 31358. Total Burn 3278. Exercise Burn 1446/1459 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 3miles/60minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1950. Got in my hour of elliptical early. It was a little cool and overcast, and rain in the forecast, but I went ahead and walked to Zumba. When it's cool outside, I'm always hot as I walk into the building, even though it isn't that warm (just feels that way after being in 50°). The A/C was working at the Daybreak building yesterday. I tried to turn ours on, but didn't really feel any cool air. They turn it off for the winter months, and we're never quite sure when it's back on again. Class was good. Stats: 6144 steps. 2.68 miles. 432/404 burn. AvHR114, High140, in zone 21 of the 60 minutes. I did some computer work (finished up a basketball highlight reel, emails, etc) and then walked an hour on the treadmill. Also a session on the bike. Hit 30k fairly early in the day... really should have done something later, just to add some activity after hours, but didn't have much motivation. I'd already hit 30K! After school carpools, then I did kitchen cleanup ... then messed it up again making banana bread. We had so many bananas turning brown. Aunt Ana dropped off her kitty to visit ... it didn't go well, Joy was NOT having any, even though she is in heat. Hubs had a derby and both #1 and #3 went along to help.

0419 (Wednesday) Weight 176.5. Steps 29942. Total Burn 3402. Exercise Burn 1400/1601 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1600. I've appreciated this one pound drop on the scale these past couple days. It's motivating me to stick with it. Got in my hour of elliptical then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6611 steps. 2.89 miles. 422/432 burn. AvHR115, High136, in zone 10 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Shopping steps. I then jogged one mile, did weights, then walked one mile. Got in a session on the bike a little later. #3 had a double header in the evening, 7:00 and 8:00. They won the first, but lost the second, just barely, only down two. I'd done good on eating during the day, and I had been at about 28k as we headed to the games. I wanted to hit 30k, so I'd attempt to walk around a bit as I watched, but have to stand still when I'm video taping. I was getting some steps and when I was in the high 29,000 I figured I'd get there with the walk to the car and such ... but I didn't double check, and I just just shy on steps. #3 and I stopped at Wendy's on the way home, as it was right there and we were both a little hungry. I only had a couple nuggets, a few fries and some bites of frosty. I dropped #3 at the church, because two hours of basketball was apparently not enough. His two older brothers were there, as the men play on Wednesday nights. Hubs was already asleep when I got home at 9:30ish.

0420 (Thursday) Weight 175.5. Steps 30161. Total Burn 3282. Exercise Burn 1485/1469 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2000. #3 had a school field trip and needed to be there a bit early ... so instead of my second elliptical session, I ran him to school. I was on carpool duty for #4 too, so triple trips this morning. Still got in two of the 20min sessions on the elliptical, but didn't finish up the final one for my hour until later in the day. Zumba with MountainView. 6047 steps. 2.68 miles. 434/426 burn. AvHR123, High 142, in zone 36 of the 55 minutes. Ran a little short as Marian has to get to work. With the shopping yesterday, we were still set, so I went straight home after. Got in an hour walk on the treadmill and a session on the bike. Dragging though, had to lay down for a bit. I'd wondered if #3 would get back in time to catch his usual ride home with his brother or if I'd need to grab him after school, but they got back to the school in plenty of time. #2 and friends were in the gym, as they have been every day after school.  Hubs and #1 went and did a derby, and #3 and I went to his game. 4th one in four days. We got the win but it wasn't a great game. Just sloppy, from both teams. We had seven players, but didn't have a couple of the usual kids, as JV has been split into two teams, with some kids playing on both, but the other team also had a game, so they were there. Again, Hubs was asleep when we got back. 9:30 IS rather late ;)  Even when the game isn't intense, it takes me a bit to wind down. Also, I WAS watching my steps, and went down on the elliptical for a couple minutes to make sure I hit 30K today.
0421 (Friday) Weight 175.5. Steps 20740. Total Burn 2939. Exercise Burn 1050/1136 (60minElliptical, Zumba30, 2miles/30minTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little, as the schedule shifts a bit with late start. Still got in my hour of elliptical as I got kids off to school, but that didn't end until 9:40 today, whereas Mon-Thur the school start routine ends at 8:40. I drove middle school carpool today, so double duty this morning. No official Zumba, but I did a half session on my own. Got in a couple miles on the treadmill too, but didn't make it to weights or bike. I got kicked out of the gym a bit early ... the boys skipped out on 4th period (basketball class ... where the seniors don't do anything now that the season is over and the coaches are concentrating on the kids who will be playing next year).  I made Snickerdoodles. I was planning on sending some with #5 to his practice for his coach, but the kids pretty much ate them all. Yes ... I had some too.
0422 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 18233. Total Burn 2656. Exercise 700/858 (60minElliptical, 30minWeights). Calories in 2800. Hubs left fairly early to go to work. He did a solo mountain bike ride too. I got in some elliptical ... my hour, although it took a few trips downstairs, 10min sessions throughout the day to get there. Mowed the lawn as well. #5 had two basketball games. First one at noon with his 5th grade team. We got beat (again, same team as a couple weeks ago) but #5 did great, with 18 points. Also got beat later at the 3:00 game with his 6th grade team. The other team was making crazy threes ... everyone on the team! We stopped for Dunford Donuts on the way home ... so yes, calories were over for the day. I made chicken pillows for dinner. A double batch this time, as the kids like them leftover, and there just aren't leftovers with the regular batch.
0423 (Sunday) Weight 177.1. Steps 12218. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn  400/551 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs went riding in the morning. Even without him here, we had our waffle breakfast, as #3 stepped up and made the batter. Bacon and hashbrowns too.  I got in some elliptical, one episode of "Night Watch".  Hubs bought a family pack chuck roast. He had put one in the smoker in the morning, and one in the Instant Pot a little later in the day. The smoked one was best, and we turned it into french dip for dinner. Hubs ran an errand ... and came home with two baby goslings. Oyyy. He had received two tickets to the NBA playoff game tonight too, and let #1 take #4 (they are the two biggest fans) to go watch. It was the 25th anniversary of my FIL's death, and we always try to go visit the grave with the extended family. #2 was working, the other two boys at the game, and #5 was feeling sick, so I stayed home with him ... so it was only Hubs and #3.

0424 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 24630. Total Burn 3012. Exercise Burn 1050/1214 (60minElliptical, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1900. Morning started off a bit rough. Right before the need to leave for middle school carpool, #4 started crying, saying he didn't feel well. I let him stay home ... but still had to drive carpool (just one kid as the other in the carpool was also staying home sick). Also, kinda had a bit of a crash. Just the smallest comment can crush me (and my motivation). I got my hour of early elliptical in, but between having a sick kid and such, I didn't make it to Zumba. I could have, #4 would have been fine with me going, but I felt a little like crawling back into bed myself. He just rested all day, wasn't any trouble. I got in some treadmill time and hit the bike. I was glad #5 felt better, enough to go to school, but was anxious to check in with him at pickup. #3 didn't come home with his brother, but stayed after to practice skits for the SBO elections. Luckily #1 was available to go grab him when he needed pickup as I was in the middle of making dinner. Macaroni Rosa. I made chocolate chip cookies after too. Hubs brought the goslings up for some bath time and people time. We finished up the first season of Bosch.
0425 (Tuesday) Weight 176.2. Steps 26233. Total Burn 3109. Exercise Burn 1330/1294 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2miles/30minTreadmillIntervals, Weights). Calories in 1900. Very rainy night. It woke me with rain hitting the window noisily. #5 usually sleeps upstairs on the couch (weird child, pick your battles) but went downstairs to his bunk bed as it was too noisy for him, lots of windows in the family room/kitchen. I got in most of my hour elliptical in early ... 10min shy, which I finished up later in the day. I'd received notification that Marian's Zumba was cancelled as there was a funeral at the church. On one hand, I really just wanted to climb into bed after school drop off. The cold, rainy weather was not very motivating. But ... this was also an opportunity to hit a different class. There was another free one nearby, HeatherB. I know several people there, as a couple of them make the rounds to other classes too. It was really fun. The instructor has a ton of energy and personality, lots of fun numbers. There were quite a few kids running around, right through everyone. That can be distracting. A couple times in the past we've had kids and women collide. Anyway, stats ... 5793 steps. 2.5miles. 357/346 burn. AvHR 110, High 131, in zone 2 of the 57 minutes. I was suffering from "first time syndrome" as I really didn't know any of the steps, although Heather was easy to follow. There is just a confidence and power when you know the routines yourself, it's easier to get the heart rate and burn up. I could tell that many of the women there were loyal followers and knew the routines well. I do wish this was one I could work into my schedule more often. Back at home I got in treadmill time and weights before the boys descended. When they were in the gym I did some mommy work ... dishes, laundry and made cookies. The boys needed haircuts and had been in contact with Aunt Olivia. She said "come now" so #1 and #4 headed over. #3 was still at school, but I knew he wanted a trim so I texted him and then went and picked him up and dropped him at Supercuts. #4 was done and I picked him up and took him to the park to meet his friends for basketball. They played for over three hours! Hubs and #1 went to do a derby. #3 had too much homework, as spent a while attempting to get me to sign the paper to opt out of his sage testing. I finally got back down to the gym for a session on the bike ... and then to bed. Had a hard time getting to sleep though, already feeling sore from the weight workout. The Jazz were playing ... I didn't hear the kids cheer as they watched, but we won.

0426 (Wednesday) Weight 176.6. Steps 31941. Total Burn 3324. Exercise Burn 1500/1524 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. The problem with making cookies for the kids ... is I eat the cookies too. For breakfast. WHY did I do that? The cookies aren't even that great. I know the whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" (if it's not cookies) but I generally don't eat anything until later in the day. I find if I do eat breakfast ... that's just that many more calories for the day, and I still eat the same the rest of the day. I'm generally not that hungry in the mornings. I got in most of my hour of elliptical, 10min shy, which I finished up later in the day. I went to Zumba with MZL and stopped at Maceys afterward to grab some groceries. #2 was home when I arrived back at the house (eating lunch) and he helped bring in bags. I then hit the treadmill for an easy, hour walk. Definitely feeling sore from yesterday's workout with weights. #2 and friends hit my gym after school. #3 stayed after ... which meant he'd need a pickup at some point, which isn't a problem per say, it's just that I don't know when it will be. I'm an on call chauffer.  #4 also wanted to go to the park to play basketball with his buds again, even though it was quite cool and raining. I figured they probably wouldn't last as long as they had yesterday. I hurried and hit the bike, hoping I could get my 30min in before I was called to pick up any of my peoples, and I did. #3 ended up getting a ride home. When I went to pick up #4 around 6:30, we swung my Dominos to pick up some pizza. There are still leftovers for the Hubs and #1, but not stuff the littler ones like. I was over calories, but indulged a little.  Hubs and #1 had a derby. #3 had a 9:00 game. They won, but #3 wasn't happy with his performance/play and seemed quite down. 
0427 (Thursday) Weight 176.5. Steps 22078. Total Burn 2948. Exercise Burn 1140/1131 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. I managed to get in my full hour of elliptical in early, as I got the boys off to school ... even with driving middle school carpool. MountainView for Zumba. Class went a little shy of the hour as it started a few minutes late but still finished on time as Marian had to get to work. I wasn't very productive at home ... it was a cold and dreary day, and it just made me want to curl up in bed ... and I must admit I did, even though reading on the bike would have warmed me up as well. I did finally hit the treadmill for a bit. #2 and friends hit the gym after school let out. #4 requested a ride to the park to play basketball with his buddies. #5 had practice from 5:00-6:00 ... I have yet to stay and walk like I used to with his practices (that's when they were a little further away and not worth the double drive). Then back to the park to pick up #4. Hubs and #2 were off for a derby. Hubs texted me he was having troubles with his timer. He was quite frustrated with that, but luckily it was a Lego derby, not a Pinewood derby, where the timing is much more important (the gate was still registering who came in 1,2,3,4 but no times). #2 had his girlfriend over and they played with the goslings for a while. Gave them a swim and towel time and treats. I ended up making homemade oreos (request from the boys) and also finishing baking up the rest of the chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes ... I went over on calories.

0428 (Friday) Weight 176.5. Steps 22267. Total Burn 2764. Exercise Burn 1000/953 (60minElliptical, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2700. No Zumba today, not even on my own. I thought I might get to it, but if I don't get it done in the morning, I just don't feel like I can do it when everyone else is around. Early out at the elementary, #1's work finishes up early on Fridays, #2 and crew came early and even Hubs was home, working on his derby timer, which wasn't working properly for him last night.  I did get in my elliptical and treadmill while others were gone, and fit in a session on the bike a little later. It was a COLD day, there was snow. #3, who has been hitting the outdoor basketball court with his friends most days decided to sit today out. Brrrr. #5 had his basketball practice. #2 was working, #3 was hanging with friends. I overate ... not good when there are cookies from the day before, I snagged some chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. It was the Jazz game in the evening and Hubs made popcorn for that ... Jazz lost though :(  Onto game seven. 

0429 (Saturday) Weight 176.5. Steps 15272. Total Burn 2540. Exercise Burn 350/724 (30min/2mileTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 1950. Up early to get a couple boys off to a 5k run. #4 had been wanting to do another one since they did the one last year. Hubs hasn't felt up to it, but #1 has been running, so I figured he could help (with the ride, registration, being the adult). No snow, but still very chilly for the 8:30 start. #4 hasn't been running as much, so it was a little harder for him. He definitely said he was feeling it in his legs. Both boys stayed together and came in tied for fourth place overall. They didn't stay for awards, although both probably would have placed in their individual age groups. I hit the treadmill and did two miles while they were running. That was it for my official exercise for the day, but I did some yard work ... wrestling with the evil elm growing through my lilac bush, weeding, and mowing the lawn. #5 had two games today. The first (6th grade) at 4:00, which was not a good game. The other team totally dominated, our boys only scored 17 points. Better at the second game (5th grade), where it was an easy win. #1 had a friend over, and #2 had his girlfriend over, and I ended up making homemade oreos again ... double batch again. But it was fun laughing and chatting with everyone gathered in the kitchen. I did a dab (which #3 says I'm not allowed to do) and had everyone laughing. I'm hilarious. I was a little surprised I kept calories in check today, but it was busy and I was on the move a lot, never stopping for an actual meal.   

0430 (Sunday) Weight 175.6. Steps 14334. Total Burn 2564. Exercise Burn 600/757 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Hubs took off early for a bike ride, so we just did a smaller breakfast. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns.  I hit the elliptical a few times to get in my hour. There were a couple NBA playoff games today, including a game seven Jazz vs Clippers ... Jazz won. I made cookie press cookies as the boys watched. For dinner, Hubs grilled up some burgers and hotdogs, and then I made some homemade chocolate ice cream. 

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