Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly Review #203

This scale stuff is discouraging ... perhaps an ironic comment with the numbers showing a good loss this week, but the scale shifts seem so random. Not related to my work, or lack thereof. This wasn't a particularly great week for eating or exercise, although I did have a more active weekend than usual. And as I'm posting this weekly update a day late, I should admit this Monday weigh-in "loss" didn't stick around ...  

NUMBERS: The official weekly weigh-in logs an impressive loss, -3.3 pounds! But the average was actually up (1.27 to 178.41). Intake averaging at 2300, and daily burn averaging at 2828...  intake was under burn only three days, ending with an overage of 780 for the week. Step average was 22034 with 42.68 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 665/641/790. No weights this week. One day over 3000 burn, but no 30k days.

Life ala Life Cycle ...

It's true ... seven hours of Zumba! I did my usual classes Mon-Fri, then did an hour on my own both Saturday and Sunday.  Elliptical sessions were down. I didn't get in my "hour of elliptical" any day this week, instead getting in one or two 20min sessions here and there. One time on the treadmill, once on the bike ... oops, no weights.

Also out shopping and mowing the lawn, and some time visiting family. #5 had a basketball game on Thursday, but I just sent him with the team (high spectator entry fee and chaotic environment ... didn't appeal). The team played Fri and Saturday too, but #5 (and #4 and Hubs) went waverunning for the weekend.

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0619) Up early to get #3 off to a week long basketball camp. Zumba with Debbie. Grocery shop stop. A couple sessions on the elliptical ... and a bad tummy ache come evening! At least that controlled calories for the last quarter of the day! 20182 steps. 2764 burn. 1600 intake.
  • Tuesday (0620) Walked to Zumba (w/Marian) and did some additional walking on the treadmill too. One elliptical session. Low calories from yesterday made me starving today ... uber over. 20036 steps. 2642 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Wednesday (0621) Hit the elliptical for a session first thing, then Zumba with MZL. A Sam's Club stop ... shopping steps. Mowed the lawn. One more session on the elliptical. Decent day for calories in too. 25345 steps. 2983 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Thursday (0622) Early Zumba with Coriann. Only one elliptical session today, but 45min of Zumba practice (didn't really plan it, just started and then didn't stop). Hit the bike for some reading/riding before bed. #5 played in a basketball tournament. Jiff Fudge PB cookies were a temptation today ... as were Lays potato chips! 24986 steps. 3020 burn. 2800 intake
  • Friday (0623) Only an hour of Zumba/MZL for actual exercise today, but I stayed busy! Stopped at the store for some plants on the way home from class, then spent pretty much the entire day out in the backyard. A little too much sun! 20704 steps. 2763 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Saturday (0624) I did one 20min session on the elliptical, and did an hour of Zumba on my own. 22272 steps. 2929 burn. 2300 intake. 
  • Sunday (0625) Got in an hour of Zumba practice (two sessions), a 30min walk (outside) and mowed the lawn. 20710 steps. 2693 burn. 1800 intake.

Five Featured Photos ...

This was actually last Sunday, but we didn't get the picture until this week (my sister took it). The annual Father's Day photo ... my side of the family.

My #3 is the bottom-right. Week long basketball tournament.
These guys won the 2-min competition.T-shirts for the prize!

Hubs and the littles and Bear Lake raspberry shakes.

Sweaty selfie

... and one quick video ...

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Review #202

I hate it when the scale jumps two pounds from one morning to the next ... especially when it does it TWO mornings in a row, finishing up on official weekly weigh-in day! With Father's Day weekend, there was dinner out and a family BBQ. I made mint brownies and sweet chex mix. I bought a "sharing size" of caramel M&Ms ... and I did not share.

NUMBERS: Official weight was actually only up .4 (it had been up last week, but still, got it beat today). Average was only shifted a smidge, -.12 to 177.14. Average intake was 2429. Average daily burn 2592. I had a deficit three days, but was over intake the other four, ending up with an overage of 2080. Step average was 17030 with 37.87 logged miles. 575/606/594 cardio minutes and 40min with weights. One day with burn 3000+, not really even that close to any 30k days.

My Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: I only got my hour of elliptical in three days this week. Zumba was good, with five classes. Treadmill time three days ... still didn't make it back to the bike, but I DID do a weights workout!

OTHER ACTIVITIES: No basketball this week! The boys had a clinic over at the high school (#3 from 10:00 - 1:00 and #5 from 4:00-7:00) so there was a little bit of chauffeur duty connected. The usual bit of grocery shopping and mowing the lawn. We went out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day with Hubs.

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...

  • Monday (0612) Started the day with Zumba (in Daybreak, me subbing for Debbie) and fit in my hour of elliptical in four sessions throughout the rest of the day. Basketball clinic for the boys this week. #1 started summer semester. 24096 steps. 3030 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Tuesday (0613) Squeezed in a quick 10min session on the elliptical before Zumba with Marian this morning. More cars in the parking lot... but it was gathering girls camp. Some of the young women and instructors did join in for a few songs while they waited. I finished up my elliptical to get to my hour. #2 took the littles bowling. Grandparents over for games in the evening. 19915 steps. 2790 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Wednesday (0614) Zumba with MZL, and I got in my hour of elliptical in small sessions throughout the day. Did a little better keeping calories in check today ... unusual! #4 got to hang with friends much of the day ... nice as he's been so bored! 20970 steps. 2784 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Thursday (0615) Zumba with Prairie Stake, Kirsten/Carma subbing for Coriann. Had to hurry home to get #3 to basketball camp (final day) and back to sign papers for his trip next week. #5 had camp later in the day. Got in some treadmill time for additional activity. Made mint brownies and did NOT control calories today. 18806 steps. 2565 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Friday (0616) Started the day with Zumba. Debbie was back and it was a fun class. Store stop on the way home. 30min treadmill time. 17012 steps. 2658 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Saturday (0617) 30min treadmill time and a weights workout. Also mowed the lawn. We had a family dinner out at Rodizio. 12022 steps. 2246 burn 2600 intake. 
  • Sunday (0618) Daddy's Day. We made him breakfast, and he made us (extended family too) brisket. Family gathering and annual family photo (my side). No exercise. 6384 steps. 2069 burn. 2700 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...
 #1 on his first day of summer semester ...

Getting together for games ...

#3 and #5 ... basketball camp this week.

Out to dinner for Daddy's day ...
I suppose one of us should have grabbed the check!

Happy Father's Day! Surrounded by sons!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weekly Review #201

The scale fluctuates ... I logged an undeserved little loss last week. It caught up with me this week. My overall were slightly better but still, not very good. Without the structure of the school schedule, I'm just not sticking to my routine.

NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.1. Average only up a smidgen (.07 to 177.26). Didn't have a deficit, over by 2064 with intake average at 2400 and burn average at 2603. Step average was 18,192 with 35.66 logged miles. One day over 3000 burn, no 30k days. 

It was a good week for Zumba. I was subbing for Debbie in Daybreak on Monday and Friday (now that school is out, my Friday conflicts are over). The combination of being up front and performing songs I know and like help get the heart rate up. I also hit Zumba Tues/Wed/Thurs for a total of five classes. Life Cycle comes in higher ... as it counts the total time spent at the building. If class starts a little late, or there is chatting afterward ... it's ALL Zumba on that chart ;)

I only got in my hour of elliptical two days this week. Treadmill twice, but no bike or weights. Again. I actually enjoy both, so I'm not exactly sure why I haven't been getting them in. 

#3 had basketball games up at the university, but I didn't make it up to his... the one game I attended this week was #5's final Spring season game with his Grizzlies. Both boys will have basketball clinic next week  (which may add some transport time to my graph) but no games.

Here's a quick day by day recap ...
  • Monday (0605) First official "summer" day ... and my early hour of elliptical did not happen. I got in one session in the morning, and the other two later in the day though. Zumba in Daybreak with me leading. Felt SO tired most of the day though. In bed by 9:30. 23092 steps. 3004 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Tuesday (0606) Zumba with Marian to start the day, got in my three elliptical sessions later on. No other exercise. The boys got in a little basketball. Chicken pillows for dinner. 22932 steps. 3030 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Wednesday (0607) Oy, this summer is NOT good for my exercise routine. Only got in Zumba with MZL today, and my heart wasn't even in that. I did spend some time doing yardwork, mowing the lawn and turning over dirt for the duckies. 15740 steps. 2445 burn. 2500 intake. Oops ... over!
  • Thursday (0608) My Mountain View Zumba class has called it quits, but luckily I have a backup class (another church class, still close and free). I've hit it a time or two before. I know the instructor and several people in the class. Several songs too ... although most had different choreography, which throws me a little. It starts a bit earlier at 8:30, so I didn't get in any elliptical before. Didn't get in any after either. Some treadmill time and more yardwork ... got some sun on my shoulders, a little too much! 22316 steps. 2868 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Friday (0609) Hubs and I had an early morning appointment - health physical for life a insurance policy. Then I was off to Zumba in Daybreak, subbing for Debbie. Looked like a wedding setup (lights, small canopy) but didn't get in our way, just provided a nice atmosphere *Ü* I got in an hour of treadmill time too. Poor #4 got bit by a dog while out walking today! 22887 steps. 2848 burn. 2200 intake.   
  • Saturday (0610) I got two 20min sessions on the elliptical in, and also mowed the lawn. #5 had his final spring basketball game with his Grizzlies. Hubs smoked us tri-tip for dinner. 15546 steps. 2497 burn. 3000 intake (oops, over!) 
  • Sunday (0611) was a rest day, no exercise. Hubs prepped pulled pork for dinner. 4832 steps. 1958 burn. 2400 intake (over again).

Five Featured Photos ...

 Farewell to our fishey ... flush :(

Corner bed ... Hubs had thus big birdhouse custom made to cover up the ugly utility pole (it can be removed if access to the pole is needed, although I don't remember the last time anyone did). My pretty hibiscus bush should be in bloom soon, and I finally bought some flowers (atop a birdbath for height).

 ... and our backyard birds. They are getting SO big!

A huge hound dog decided to chomp down on my son's thigh!
He's okay ... not nearly as traumatized as I am :(
Just one reason why I'm an indoor exerciser!

Final game for these basketball buddies ... Freeman is moving.
His dad was our coach too! We'll miss them!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Books for Boys

I have five boys ...

My boys are NOT readers (it's not hereditary and I guess example didn't do much either).  I do try to note books that I enjoyed that I think they might, as well as ones they managed to make it through. If MY boys read a book, it's probably pretty good!

When you Google "Books for Boys" there are generally several standards that come up. Exciting series with a strong male protagonist. Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter. These are quite well known. The Hatchet series (pictured above) has had quite a bit of critical acclaim. All five of my boys read the first book, #4 and I continued through the entire series (five books) and it's still a favorite of my #4. Basic survival stories. While technically "Brian's Winter" was written after "The River" ... I would recommend it as book 2. These are quite short and easy to read, but keep the interest.

I remember when Hunger Games hit the scene, re-igniting a slew of post-apocalyptic dystopion stories. I read and enjoyed the series. #2 read the first two  books, but the story was a little too intense for my #3 (and it featured a girl as the lead character, which shouldn't, but does, impact interest in my boys). The same author has a lesser-know series though... Gregor, the Overlander.

A little more of a fantasy scene ... underground, with talking rats, huge spiders, and people (underlanders) who live there. It seemed a bit similar to Percy Jackson, in tone and escapades, but without the mythology. Each book had a prophecy driving the storyline. I read the five book series, and so did #3 (although it was more because school required reading every day than because he really wanted to read them).  

  • Steelheart: Futuristic x-men type world, certain people now have abilities and become villains ... were only BAD people given abilities, or did the abilities turn them evil? Fun, silly, but entertaining. A trilogy with a novella (between books 1 and 2).  I loved it and bought a hard copy to attempt to introduce it to my boys (Steelheart Series).
  • Ranger's Apprentice: Fantasy series, a little complex ... not sure if my boys would go for it, but I recommended it to my nephews (who are readers) and they loved it. Several books in the series (I've just read the first three at this point). 
  • MindWar: A former football star (now in a wheelchair) excels at computer gaming and is recruited to "play" in a computer game that has real world consequences (really, he needs to save the world). First in a series, I've only read book 1 so far, but did buy the first book for the boys.
  • Boy Nobody: A "James Bond" type teenager.  I liked it and have read a couple of the sequels.
  • Cyber Dawn: Part of the Kindle Prime (borrowed book for the month). A little tech/Bionic Man-ish. 
  • Ashfall: A post-apocalyptic survival story. Yellowstone super-volcano erupts with world-shattering results.  There is a little minor sexual stuff (our teen protagonist does meet a gal, nothing at all explicit, but they are on the lookout for condoms as they look for other food and supplies). Trilogy ... gritty, but kept my interest.  

A friend had recently contacted me asking for recommendations. Books for boys. I wrote this up for him, and then figured I'd share it here on the blog as well. I know as a mom to boys, I am always interested in books that my boys might like ... and I'll read them too! 

Do you have any other "boy book" recommendations?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TV Tuesday - Fall Finishers

Back in November, I did a post previewing new premiers for Fall 2016. While I don't usually keep current with new shows, I figured I'd do my TV watching duty and give a few of these fall features a try. I gave up on four of them pretty quickly ... and apparently I wasn't alone, as all four were up in the air about getting a second season. I guess Bull and Timeless made the cut, but Notorious and Conviction were cancelled. I actually liked these four shows okay, but not enough for the effort of keeping up with them week to week. I watched 3-5 episodes of each, and may finish out the series if they show up on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Of the four I finished ...
Two ended up being single season shows.
  • Frequency: I really enjoyed this CW show. I'd liked the movie years ago and thought the shift to the series (and to a daughter instead of a son) worked. This finished up quickly, at the end of January (13 episodes), and if I'd known how quickly it would appear on Netflix ... I probably would have waited and just watched it there (I swear it showed up there in February). This was NOT renewed for a second season, so the season finale was the series finale ... but that was okay. It wrapped up. I've also heard there is an "additional ending" on the CW site the concludes things even more completely, although I've yet to look that up. A fond farewell to Frequency ... and if you didn't see it as it aired, check it out on Netflix.
  • Pitch: This received a bit of buzz with such a strong female lead. Featured on Fox, the 10 episode arc ended in December (before Frequency finished, but I had recorded the episodes and didn't watch them until later), took the standard "winter break" ... and then never came back. Unlike Frequency, I didn't feel this finished at all. It just ended from one episode to the next with no closure ... which is frustrating, especially when it ends up being the END.
  • This Is Us: Did any Fall Premiere receive more buzz than NBC's "This is Us"? It was a unique presentation, with the alternating time lines. 18 episodes, concluding in March. I got a bit frustrated waiting the week to week (or more, several weeks over the winter break) and wasn't totally happy with the lack of closure at the season finale (although that's what they do, right? To keep you coming back?) ... at least this one WILL be coming back (already renewed for seasons 2 and 3 with at least 18 episodes each).
  • Designated Survivor: This was another series where I got frustrated with the weekly wait between episodes. I'd totally lose my momentum. I finally stopped watching it, recording the episodes to watch back to back once the season was complete (w/21 episodes, continuing on through mid-May). Unfortunately, I was keeping up on another ABC favorite "Grey's Anatomy" and while I'd fast-forward through the commercials (a benefit of recording the shows), I'd still see previews of current episodes of DS when I watched (as I was keeping current with it). And while this season's storyline wrapped up with a satisfactory conclusion, it then introduced a new problem, setting up season 2. I realize that's done for ratings ... but it leaves me a little unsatisfied. It's one I would want to watch as it continues, but I might wait until the end of the season to even start it up.
Last Fall I did a separate post on continuing series I was keeping current with ... honestly, not many make this cut. "Grey's Anatomy" is one that I still watch week to week. At this point, I'm so familiar with the story and the characters that even waiting a week or more between episodes doesn't really disrupt the show for me. I slip right back into the scenes with ease. I didn't stay completely current with "The Walking Dead" but recorded the episodes and tried to avoid spoilers. I'd watch a few episodes, then let them collect again for a few weeks, watch a few more back to back ... I am a tad weary of the post-apocalyptic survival. Even just watching it wears on me (obviously I'd never survive such a situation!) As per my usual viewing routine ... I watched the battle rounds of "The Voice" ... I feel like I still get a peek at the auditions (as they recap so much) and then have a general idea of who the contestants are (so I can keep a general eye on the competition as it continues). I love the duets/harmonies the battle rounds produce much more than any of the solo songs. The show as a whole doesn't keep me captivated ... I just like that small taste, and that's enough for me.

Thus ends my experimentation attempting to give new Fall premieres a chance ... eh. When next Fall rolls around, or Summer showcases are announced, I'll have to see if anything calls out enough to make me attempt the week to week waiting. Otherwise ... I'll only watch once an entire season is streamable.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekly Review #200

With a high on the scale Sunday morning, I was really hoping that I didn't have that two-pound gain on Monday morning (as has happened the last couple weeks). Not this week ... I guess the jump was Saturday to Sunday. Not sure why there was a loss for this weigh-in ... certainly not deserved according to the numbers. It was a wimpy week! Very off-schedule with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday and the last week of school stuff (graduation, awards assemblies, kids out Friday).  

While I'm still in 2nd/3rd on my ChargeHR Fitbit Friend list, I've tumbled down my One list (to about 6th place, when I'm usually 2nd/3rd there). Almost all the stats were down this week. NUMBERS: Official weight down .6, but average was up 1.16 to 177.19. Average Intake at 2686 was over Average Burn  at 2584, so there was an overage for the week of 4530. Step average was 16570. Logged miles 33.5.  Cardio minutes 470/509/522 and no weight workouts this week.  Two days over 3000 burn, but no 30k days.

EXERCISE: I only got in my hour of elliptical three days this week. Two official Zumba classes and an hour on my own. Two times on the treadmill (just 30min sessions, one was Sunday, which isn't captured on this week's LifeCycle). No bike. No weights.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: My weekly lawn mow and grocery shopping. #5 had seven basketball games, but I only made it to two of them to watch. Graduation ... it took hours, and added transport time too (took over an hour to exit the parking lot). A celebratory dinner afterward, plus out for ice cream earlier in the week. Awards assembly at the elementary school. National donut day too ...

Here's a quick recap of the day to day ...

  • Monday (0529) Memorial Day. No free Zumba class, but I did an hour on my own as Hubs hit the bike. No other exercise for the day ... but there was eating. We went to Leatherbys (ice creamery and restaurant). #5 had a basketball game too. 12543 steps. 2340 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Tuesday (0530) Got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba (me subbing for Marian), but then no additional exercise. Not great on the eating either. 23205 steps. 3121 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Wednesday (0531) Started the day with my three 20min sessions on the elliptical. Zumba with MZL followed by some grocery shopping. There was a shooting nearby, suspect on the loose, which had the neighborhood on edge and elementary schools on lock down. I got down to the gym once more for some treadmill time. 28335 steps. 3109 burn. 2250 intake.
  • (Thursday 0601) Graduation day for #2 ... I got in one session on the elliptical, got the little kids off to school and then it was the ceremony and lunch afterward. Basketball practice for #5 in the evening. 9108 steps. 2196 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Friday (0602) Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. Final day for #5. He received the "Citizenship Award" for his class and the end-of-year assembly. It was National Donut Day ... we HAD to celebrate, right? #5 had a couple basketball games in the evening, won them both. 17458 steps. 2718 burn. 2850 intake. 
  • Saturday (0603) No official exercise, but I did mow the lawn and do some yard work. #5 had four basketball games. Hubs and the other boys hit the lake. 12527 steps. 2354 burn. 2900 intake. 
  • Sunday (0604) I got in a walk on the treadmill and did some Zumba practice (for subbing tomorrow). Also got in a nap *Ü* 12813 steps. 2247 burn. 2500 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...

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Ice cream outing on Monday, Memorial Day.

 Graduation Announcements for #2

In the cap and gown ...

Cute, cuddly kitties.

#5 and his citizenship award
(only given to one boy/girl in each class)

 Oy ... with the impact of the shifted schedules this week, I'm a little worried about summer! 
Sleeping in, etc. I guess we'll see what happens!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 2017

Last month I logged my first loss in quite a while, and had high hopes to continue the downward trend. I did great the first couple weeks of May. The scale moved more ... but then reversed towards the end of the month. This did align with some backtracking in the eating/exercise efforts. 

NUMBERS: Starting weight was 176.2. It was 177.8 at the end of the month. That was also the high. The low was 172.9. Average was 175.27, which was a drop from April. Average Intake was 2363. Average Burn 2912. I did have a small deficit for the month (-2250). 23,181 was the step average, with 718,607 total steps. 355.12 logged miles. 3835/3672 cardio minutes and 210 w/weights. 

EXERCISE: I got in my hour of elliptical 20 days this month ... life cycle shows two additional hours, those are the extra sessions on days I got in a little elliptical, but not my hour. I hit 17 official Zumba classes, and did two and a half hours on my own. I had some treadmill time 15 days this month, with some walks in addition to that. 13 times on the bike, and 6 weight workouts.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Busy with basketball still, as #2 finished up his spring tournaments and #5 continued with his two teams and played in a Memorial Day tournament. There was Mother's Day (and a group pedicure), out to eat a couple times, a school program and a LOT of bird business. In addition to the two growing goslings, we added four ducklings to our backyard brood. Changing water and bedding, cutting up greens and putting out grains and just simply supervising takes up a lot of time. But the birds sure are cute!

Truthfully ... I'm worried. If I fell off the wagon while I still had the structure of school schedule and such, what is going to happen in the summer? I guess we'll see at next month's review ...

*** JenB's Journal ***

0501 (Monday) Weight 176.2. Steps 30553. Total Burn 3333. Exercise Burn 1450/1672 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 1600. Started off May with a 30k day. It was a motivated Monday, even after a horrid night. I woke around 1:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. Stressing about anything and everything. Hubs was awake early too. Weight was up a titch, but still a loss from last week. I got in my hour of elliptical early, then hit Zumba with Debbie. Stats ... 5838 steps. 2.54 miles. 418/408 burn. AvHR 117, High 141, in zone 23 of the 58 minutes. Back at home, an hour of treadmill time (easy walk) and a session on the bike later in the afternoon. #2 and friends came over after school, and #3 hit the gym too, even though he had a game later in the evening. I made spinach and black bean enchiladas for dinner ... for Hubs and #1 anyway, but #3 surprised me by trying it and liking it as well. The littles and I just snacked for dinner. I was able to keep calories in check. Hubs hit the trails with my brother biking, then it was duckie (goose) time. I'd spent some time out with them in the afternoon, weeding the back garden patch. Hubs had mowed and trimmed a bunch in the back yesterday (I'd been thinking I'd use those big dandelions for feed). I ordered new waterfowl feed and looked in the bucket where I'd kept the small amount remaining from last year. One small bag (I'd take to the canal) was okay, but the rest had gotten wet and the smell ... seriously, I almost threw up. It was so disgusting. So far the goslings haven't seemed to into the grain feed, but are ravenous when it comes to greens (when I couldn't sleep in the night, I was worrying they were hungry and got up and chopped up some lettuce/cabbage/kale for them). Hub gave them some swim time and cleaned out the brooder box then we had towel time in the family room. Then #3 and I were off to his game. 9:00 start time. This was against the toughest (undefeated) team in our pool, but our boys had it tied going into the half. Then, Olympus hit five three pointers to start the third quarter. Ouch! Especially as we weren't getting any (we had ONE point, from #3's free throw). But our boys battled back enough to make the other team nervous. We were there within two points ... but alas, couldn't quite finish it. But #3 had a really good game, other than the fact that he had four fouls. Someone had walked off with his water bottle too, that was a bummer (no hydration during the breaks and that was the only non-leaking one he had). It always takes me a bit to wind down, even if the game wasn't that intense. A little reading and then to sleep.  

0502 (Tuesday) Weight 174.8. Steps 33635. Total Burn 3552. Exercise Burn 1540/1767 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1400.  Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical early, had to finish up 10min a little later in the day. Zumba with Marian. Stats ... 6300 steps. 2.77 miles. 400/418 burn. AvHR 115, High 135, in zone 10 of the 59 minutes. After that last final elliptical session, I hit the treadmill for a one mile jog, music blaring. Then I did weights for 40 minutes, and back on the treadmill, intervals until I'd hit an hour of treadmill time total (combined with the earlier jog). #2 and friends in the gym after school. Hubs and #3 did a derby. I hit the bike for some reading/riding, then ran to the store to pick up a prescription and some groceries. Goose time (earlier in the afternoon outside, and then in the bath and towel time in the evening). #3 was upset again in the evening ... it unsettles me then too.

0503 (Wednesday) Weight 174.2. Steps 31368. Total Burn 3268. Exercise Burn 1480/1474 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 1900. Only got in two 20min sessions of early elliptical, instead of my usual three. #4 wanted to go to school early to retake a math test (he had 94% ... so terrible!) so I skipped my middle session to take him. We didn't end up leaving as early as I thought, and I really could have worked it in had I known. I had to remind myself later in the day that I hadn't finished my hour ... I got a couple 10min sessions in later (the last at 9:45 right before bed). I hit Zumba with MZL. Stats ... 7013 steps. 3.19 miles. 465/436 burn. AvHR119, High141, in zone 28 of the 64 minutes. They did "Move Your Body" which I've only done in Southziders before, but it was pretty much the same choreography. I went a little nuts on the "run to the left to the left" part. I had thought I'd stop at a store (Sams/Walmart) on the way home, but since I'd ended up at Smiths the night before, I put it off. I probably shouldn't have, because we are almost out of paper towels and laundry soap. I got in an hour walk, and squeezed in a session on the bike too. Got through clips of #3's last game (#3 had 23 points), but I didn't quite finish making the muvee portion. #3 had a game again in the evening, 7:00 at Jordan vs West Jordan. We got the win. WJ and Alta play Friday, and that will determine our seed for the tournament. Next game for that Tuesday, but there's the "Spring Slam" tournament Thurs/Fri/Sat which we didn't know about until yesterday. Busy with basketball this week! The boy and I stopped at Big5 on the way home to grab him a waterbottle (as someone walked off with his last game) and then stopped at Subway as he was hungry. Back at home, Maga was there checking out the babies. It's her birthday today. I really struggled with the eating today ... major munchies!

0504 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 32748. Total Burn 3376. Exercise Burn 1460/1582 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2900. Oops over on calories today. Again ... major munchies! Too many treat temptations. I got in my hour of elliptical and then hit Zumba with MountainView. Stats ... 6327 steps. 2.82 miles. 434/441 burn. AvHR125, High143, in zone 42 of the 54 minutes. I did feel like I was working it harder today. It was only Marian and me as the instructors, so I was on stage a little more too. Back at home I hit the treadmill and bike. Two basketball games in the evening, 5:00 and 9:00. Hubs and #4 (under duress) went and did a derby. #1 and #2 were off on dates (but #1 was able to drop #5 off at practice and I arranged for him to catch a ride home with a teammate). Both games were losses for us, but I thought the boys fought pretty hard and did well. #3 was frustrated after the first game, but was pleased enough with his performance, the team performance in the second game. #1 had parked in front of the garage, figuring I was already in, because I'm never out so late. Except when there are games. Hubs was already out cold.
0505 (Friday) Weight 175.3. Steps 19416. Total Burn 2721. Exercise Burn 800/928 (75minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Slept in a little, as I often do on late start Fridays. I'm not normally on middle school carpool, but I did drive this morning. Stopped at Walmart on the way home to restock on some groceries. #1 was out early from work, #5 out early from elementary. #2 and friends came over to hit the gym. I did get in my hour of elliptical, plus a little extra, but no additional exercise. In the evening, #3 had two games, 5:00 and 8:00. Again, lost them both, again, the first wasn't good at all, but they improved on the second. I went home in-between games, but #3 stayed and watched. I'd been able to arrange #5 a ride to his practice (I usually drop him off). Not sure why I've been SO munchie these past few days. I just want to eat, eat, eat (and nothing good!) Ding dong!
0506 (Saturday) Weight 174.6. Steps 8341. Total Burn 2123. Exercise Burn 0/319 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. Three games on the docket today, but happily no scheduling conflicts. Up first, #3 at 10:00. He is a little burned out. This is his 7th game this week. His calves are super tight. They ended up playing the team they lost to (earlier game) yesterday. Today they played better and got the win. He stayed and watched the other JV team compete for the 1st place spot, which they won. He got a ride home with one of his basketball buddies. I hurried home and picked up #5 for his 1:00 Grizzlies game. It was at West Hills. Our boys got a pretty easy win. #5 had his buddy Austin come home with us after the game to hang out for a bit, and then come with us to his 4:00 game with his Wolves. Didn't get the win here, although our boys battled hard. #5 has trouble handling getting called on direct errors on his part (traveling, carry, some fouls) and can start to lose it emotionally. Happened a couple of times this game. The second time, the other parents could see it too and were calling out "Keep your head in the game Colton!" as it can check him out. We headed home, and when Austin's family came to pick him up for his second game with his other team, #5 went with him to watch, and then to catch the rest of the Jazz Playoff game after. We were all watching here. We have new neighbors and the little 7-year old came and knocked on the door looking for someone to play with and wouldn't accept that we only had older boys here. My oldest did entertain her for a bit and she asked to jump on our trampoline and asked to see our baby geese. Jazz lost, we're 0-3 against the Warriors. Did bad on calories again.
0507 (Sunday) Weight 175.5. Steps 7858. Total Burn 2058. Exercise Burn 100/243 (Bike). Calories in 2400. Hubs took off in the morning to go biking with his boss. Without Hubs around, we just don't seem to do our big breakfast. Occasionally someone will step up and make the waffles, or we'll do pancakes instead, but usually we just do a smaller setup. We didn't really do anything this morning. That's better for my caloric intake, although I still managed to do pretty good damage on my own, as I have the last couple days. I tried to sneak in a little nap, but didn't actually fall asleep. Hubs was asked to cater a charity event (smoked ribs) so he was busy much of the day prepping for that (and smoking some, he'd also done some yesterday for us). There were NBA playoff games, and #4 watched them all.

0508 (Monday) Weight 174.6. Steps 33552. Total Burn 3592. Exercise Burn 1560/1799 (60minEllptical, Zumba, 60min/3.25milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2300. I'm a little surprised my wicked weekend didn't show up on the scale this morning, but I'll take it. It's just SO much harder to workout on the weekends. I had more steps by 9:00 than I did the entire day Saturday or Sunday. I got in my hour of elliptical early, even with middle school carpool (I drive elementary to/from everyday, as I don't have a carpool for #5). I hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. Stats ... 5985 steps. 2.74 miles. 458/437 burn. AvHR151, High138, in zone 34 of the 60 minutes. Debbie had to duck out a titch early, so she had me close up, doing the last few (three) songs. I had to bolt pretty quick after too, as #2 had a doctor's appointment for his toe. I had written him a note to leave school and had him come home and we drove to the clinic together. His toe was a little too infected to do the permanent procedure (with the chemicals to prevent all regrowth) but the doctor took off the edges which should allow the toe to heal. Also prescribed some antibiotics which we picked up on the way home. #2 didn't really need to hit his remaining classes, I let him stay home (as he should stay off the foot for at least at day anyway). When we returned home ... there were ducklings. One had hatched and a second was just out of the egg (still in partway). I put the big babies (goslings) outside, but they would need to be in for the evening, so I pulled a second container for a second brooder box. I pulled out the two babies, and then a third one hatched. One other egg shows some signs, but no real movement beyond that first pip. Hubs was late getting home, having his catering thing (ribs for a charity event). He said he made way too many, as most of the folks were older and didn't eat as much as a younger crowd would. Lots of leftovers (he kept them at work). We had everyone home this evening! #2 was quite the clown. 

0509 (Tuesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 31011. Total Burn 3366. Exercise Burn 1290/1565 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2000. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. The weather was nice enough that I walked to Zumba. Stats ... 5997 steps. 2.64 miles. 409/414 burn. AvHR116, High142, in zone 13 of the 59 minutes. I was quite preoccupied by our fourth egg in the incubator (there were three eggs really, but two hadn't shown any signs of hatching, so I was thinking something happened a while back. But #4 WAS hatching, just taking forever. Unfortunately we had two last year in this state and they didn't make it). I put the big babies outside and kept watching our little egg. He finally had some progress later in the afternoon. By then, I was hoping he'd wait until the kids got home, as they wanted to watch the actual hatch, but it happened while I was picking #5 up from school. I am relieved he made it out! I made homemade bread today. It was gratifying to have the boys walk in and say "what is that delicious smell?" and they were quite happy with the finished product too. It really wasn't hard or time consuming (as my rolls can be) so I should do it more often. I also made some chocolate frosty ice cream and it was devoured as well. I baked up some chicken, but didn't get around to turning it into an official dinner (but that's my method often, make the chicken one day, and turn it into a meal the next). We are almost out of our leftovers, but the boys and hubs have been good at getting through them. Hubs was quite late, stopping at Whole Foods on his way home from work. He spent some time out with the goslings. We are a bit worried about our bigger one, as he's had a limp. Last year with Ally (our duck) it was a vitamin deficiency. I started supplementing, but still wonder if he hurt it somehow. We never witnessed an injury. #3 had a game in the evening (9:00). It was close, but they lost. This was the elimination tournament, so that was their last game. #3 did pretty good though, I'll have to go through clips to see his points. He would have had some awesome assists too if the people he'd passed to had been able to deliver. That could possibly be the last game I watch him play (he's planning on a couple tournaments away from home, that I don't go to ... and we're just reading between the lines that he most likely won't make the team next season).

0510 (Wednesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 33096. Total Burn 3455. Exercise Burn 1500/1671 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2100. Got in my hour of elliptical early, then went to Zumba with MZL. #1 had worked in the morning but was done by 10:00 and wanting to drop his car off to have the sound system worked on. The place was in Midvale, so he drove there and then had me pick him up. I made more bread today, as the last loaves had been a hit. Got in some treadmill time and mowed the lawn. #2 wasn't around to bring #3 home from school, so I had to run and pick him up, and then drop him off at the orthodontist (again). Picked up #5 then ran #1 back to pick up his car. I was hoping to get there before rush hour, but still hit some traffic. Made chicken enchiladas for dinner, and #1 and #2 liked them. I didn't quite get them done in time for Hubs and #3 to try (they were off to a derby). Slipped in a session on the bike before bed.

0511 (Thursday) Weight 172.9. Steps 33883. Total Burn 3370. Exercise Burn 1600/1583 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, 60minBBPWalk, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. I'm on a pretty strict schedule in the morning routine. If I want to get my hour of elliptical in, I have to start my first 20min session by 6:15, second by 6:55, and third by 8:00. If I'm off by just a few minutes, I don't have time to do my mommy duties (waking the kids, making breakfast/lunches, driving them to school) and have to cut short or skip a workout. This morning, I told myself I wouldn't check on the babies(birds) before that first session ... but they can hear me (the gym is next door to the room they are in) and I can hear them. So I checked. The littles were out of water, so I refilled that, and then went ahead and made the morning salad for the bigs. And only squeezed in 10min for the first workout. I got in my other two 20min on schedule. I drove middle school and elementary (as always). #1 was off work today ... I should have made him chauffeur. I went to Zumba with MountainView. They announced that this class would continue through May and then stop. Not really a surprise, as numbers have dropped and I could tell that the gal in charge (she's pregnant too) just didn't have her heart in it, nor does Marian I think. I'll still get my Marian fix on Tuesdays, unless she gets discouraged with that class. Anyway, Stats ...5742 steps. 2.51 miles. 383/354 burn. AvHR116, High136, In Zone 19 of the 55 minutes. After class, I stopped at Reams to grab a few groceries. I hadn't written down the list from the white board at home though, and forgot several things on it. Picked up #2's suit from the drycleaners. I finished up my 10min on the elliptical and then did weights. A little walk on the treadmill after that (is it exercise, or an excuse to watch an episode? hmmmm) I don't normally pick up middle school on Thursdays, but the other mom asked if I'd be able, so I said sure. I was almost there, in the left hand turn lane to go down the street to the middle school when I noticed a car stopped in the street (it had also been making the left hand turn) ... then I noticed the bicycle under it's wheels and several people out on the street. There had been a kid on the bike. While there was an absolute sense of urgency, I didn't see blood or absolute frantic movement, so I was hoping he was okay. I was able to move out of the left hand lane (there would be no turning there for a while) and head down the street to a back road to the school, which I only knew about because of construction forcing me to detour earlier in the year. Had to pull over for emergency vehicles on the way to the scene, and then we took another detour for the way home. Sad ... picked up #5 from school. He only has an hour before basketball practice. Today, I planned to stay (rather than wasting the time driving home and back again). I did just drop him and then checked out the nearby canal. There was the black and white duck (ours from last year?) there again, but not too many ducks hanging out. A canadian goose was there though. Previous weeks I'd spotted him at the outdoor pool, as they'd removed the covers but not officially opened it yet. Today ... there was a swan in it! Okay, it was a fake swan (but I had to double check, I just didn't think there were any swans around here) which is supposed to keep wild birds off the water. Not terribly effective, as a couple ducks were also swimming happily by (not fake ducks). I had just brought my over the ear headphones to listen to my audiobook while I walked. When practices were held at a middle-school, I just walked the hallways. Here, there is a track above the basketball court. I should pay to use it (use the gym) but ... just walking? I figured if anyone said anything I'd just walk the hallways of the gym instead (not worth $7 for an hour while I'm waiting). Not a soul was on the track, and it was nice to catch glimpses of the kids during their practice. I also could walk the park ... but it was 80° out. Too darn hot! In the past, I've brought my streamlined headphones and running playlist and jogged the track, but I was calling even just walking a success for today. Almost 7000 steps. Back at home, we brought out the ducklings out for the first time. These little guys have been so scared and skittish, but were a little cuddly when facing the big, wide world. The goslings came to check them out (they look like dinosaurs next to the little ducklings). One of the bigs did peck at one of the littles, so I was making sure they were somewhat separated and always supervised. We gave the littles a swim in the tub after, cleaned out both brooder boxes and got them settled again for the night. They are a lot of work. Towels are definitely on the laundry list for tomorrow. I didn't do any laundry yesterday, so I had three loads to get through today (#4's, #3's and Hub's stuff). I finished up a muvee for #5 (highlights from Saturday's Grizzlies game) ... he'd been anxious for this one, had helped look through clips to prep. He had 27 points that game ... that was how many the other team had total.  Kept calories in check today too.

0512 (Friday) Weight 172.9. Steps 22735. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 1050/1118 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, 30min/2milesTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2200. Very slow start to the morning, only got one elliptical session in by 9:00 (whereas Mon-Thurs I usually have my full hour). I did get two more 20min sessions in a bit later. Also treadmill time and a half hour of Zumba on my own. I made Snickerdoodles and sent some with #5 to his practice as a thank you to his ride. I goofed a little on them though, adding baking powder instead of baking soda. The first few pans (before I realized my mistake and added some soda to the remaining dough) stayed thick ... which the boys liked. I prefer them thin though, and they spread quite a bit after the addition of the soda - which doesn't totally make sense as both have "raising" properties. Hubs was a little late ... coming home with a Razor on a trailer. I told him I hoped it was rented, not purchased! #2 had the Senior Dinner Dance in the evening, and even took pictures and shared them with me. #1 and #3 were also out with friends. A little too many treat temptations today (yes, I ate several snickerdoodles).

0513 (Saturday) Weight 173.7. Steps 16527. Total Burn 2513. Exercise Burn 450/721 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2450.  #1 was up and off early to play basketball at the church. Hubs left to go to the dunes with some work buddies. He had planned on taking a couple kids. #1 was interested but had to work.  The other boys didn't want to. I hit the elliptical a couple of times, catching up on the "Grey's Anatomy" from Thursday night.  Did a quick store run (Sam's and Walmart) to restock on groceries. Then ... basketball games with #5. He had three games, at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00. First game with his Grizzlies (they won), then we missed half of the next game with his Wolves, as it took a bit to drive from Elkridge to Indian Hills. The 3:00 game was there too. They lost both but battled hard. We grabbed some crazy bread from Little Caesers on the way home. My SIL had texted, asking if I was free at 6:00 ... she said she had a Mother's Day gift. I thought she was going to drop something by, but it ended up being my MIL picking me up, with another SIL in the car and another meeting us at her work (Supercuts, very close to my house), and she had set up a pedicure for all of us at the spa next door. I used to get pedicures quite often, but it's been a while! I've never done it with anyone (although I know a lot of people do go together) and it was fun.  

0514 (Sunday) Weight 174.5. Steps 8549. Total Burn 0/351 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. Mother's Day. The boys and Hubs were busy in the kitchen cleaning and prepping breakfast. We did our Sunday Circles (waffles, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns) which he haven't done in a few weeks. Hubs had a lovely rose bouquet, and the boys had recreated some photos with hilarious results. Such a cute idea, that they came up with all on their own. I loved it. Had a little excitement in the morning when we checked on the ducklings, and were missing one! It was under the table and we were able to catch him and return him to his siblings. I have NO idea how it got out! That wasn't the only close call with our birds. The two big babies (goslings) were in the backyard. I would keep watch out the window and check on them every so often. Then once when I did ... one was down the window well. I called #5 to help get him out, and then we couldn't find the other gosling! She was no where to be found! There is a little opening at the gate. Our wild momma and babies would use it last year to go wander, but OUR ducks (last year and the year before) had never attempted to leave the backyard. We found some poop, so we knew that she had been out in the front yard ... where dogs, cars, all sorts of problems could happen. The neighbors said that had seen it (hadn't realized it was ours) following a little girl on a bike down the sidewalk. So I started off around the neighborhood with #5 ... didn't even stop to put on shoes. Way down around the corner we could see a family gathered in their front yard, a little girl on a bike ... and our baby! She had followed them (Daddy and little girl) so far! We chatted with the family for a bit then brought baby home, reunited her with her brother and chatted with the neighbors next door (with the goslings out) for a while. Then the babies were grounded ... rather than free ranging the back yard, we put them in the pen.  Hubs had invited his mom and sister over for a bbq dinner. My parents had gone to a siblings for dinner, but said they could come over after (we were having cake for birthdays in addition to MD celebrations). Ate too much ... 

0515 (Monday) Weight 176.6. Steps 34196. Total Burn 3540. Exercise Burn 1500/1742 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1700. Well, the wicked weekend showed up on the scale this week. I'm not too discouraged because a two pound jump in one day? Pretty sure that will reverse pretty quick. I was motivated to move today. Got in my elliptical early, then hit Zumba with Debbie. She texted before asking if I'd be able to close down class again, the last 15min or so as she needed to cut out early. Stats ... 6520 steps. 2.81 miles. 506/447 burn. AvHR124, High156, in zone 39 of the 64 minutes (I went a little over). I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Didn't really need groceries, but I needed to pick up my prescription. #1 has some early work shifts this week again. 5:00 start time this morning, but he couldn't find his keys and was late. He's off work early with this shift ... around 11:00. I got in my treadmill time, bike and weights. It was National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, so of course I felt obligated to make cookies. Hubs and #3 did a derby ... not scouts, but a YSA activity. Hubs thought #1 might have enjoyed coming along, as it was his age group, but it was his first day of college classes at the community college. Or so we thought. No teacher, no other students ... turns out #1 got it wrong and it's a condensed class that doesn't start for a couple more weeks. So, he did end up going to the derby too.

0516 (Tuesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 35477. Total Burn 3419. Exercise Burn 1450/1616 (60minElliptical, Zumbam 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2050. Started the day with my hour of elliptical as I got the boys off to school, then Zumba with Marian. It was a little chilly, and rain was in the forecast, but I still walked to/from the church. Stats ... 5609 steps. 2.44 miles. 395/375 burn, AvHR119, High150, in zone 22 of the 55 minutes. Back at home, it was "ducky time" as I got the big babies set up outside in the pen, and then cleaned out both brooder boxes and moved the littles to the bigger box for the day. #1 brought the littles out later in the day and he and I spent some time with them (and let the big babies run free, just supervising interaction between them). I did some weeding in the garden and then mowed the front lawn, fitting this all in between rain storms. I also hit the treadmill and bike and did a little stretching/strength training. Hubs put a roast in the Instant Pot for french dip ... I have yet to master it myself. I'm easily intimidated by new things! #2 was working and #1 went bowling with buddies ... fixed himself a french dip when he got home and then accidentally left the meat out all night. No more leftovers :(

0517 (Wednesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 34130. Total Burn 3435. Exercise Burn 1460/1658 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3mileTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my three sessions on the elliptical, then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6898 steps. 3.01 miles. 452/415 burn. AvHR112, High130, in zone 7 of the 69 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. We needed more pebbled ice, been out for a couple days. It's a staple now. They also had Little Debbie stuff on sale. Not nutricious at all, but the boys love them. It was a bit of a haul. Back at home, I put the big babies out, even though it's still quite cool. I had some treadmill time and hit the bike, but didn't get to weights. Made haystacks for dinner.

0518 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 27327. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1200/1251 (60minElliptical, Zumba, BBwalk). Calories in 2300. Morning routine was a little off this morning. It's hard, trying to quickly see to the ducks/geese and still getting that first 20min in. I actually did okay for that first one, but then got sidetracked and only had time for 10 before driving middle school carpool. Then again, just 10 before elementary drop-off. Also running just a tad late to Zumba, as always with this class. Only one more then they are cancelling. They just weren't getting enough support from their own stake, and the gal in charge (opening the building, etc) is pregnant and not really that able to participate anyway. I understand. I think Marian is a tad burned out too. I do have an alternate I can hit, so while I'll miss my MountainView and have a ton of memories from there, I'll still be getting my steps in. Stats: 5896 steps. 2.65 miles. 409/373 burn. AvHR119, High151, in zone 29 of the 56 minutes. I stopped at Reams on the way home. Just a quick trip to grab some chicken on sale for $.99 a pound. They were out though ... not too surprising at that price. While supplies last, no rainchecks. They did have some 5lb bags of the individually iced breasts for $1.39 a pound, which is still a really good price, so I picked up a couple of those. Grabbed some lettuce and kale for the geese, as they'd gone through what we had. Back at home I put the big babies outside and moved the littles to the bigger brooder (once I'd cleaned it out) and made sure they were all fed and watered. It was so cool out, that I moved the pen to the "permanent" spot, with the doghouse shelter and warming light. It's also nice in that I can see them from out my window, constantly checking on them throughout the day. While I was doing all this though, I got really light-headed. I was going from hot to cold and just not feeling well at all. I could barely finish up. Needless to say, I didn't quite feel up to additional exercise today. I just took it easy. #2 was home from school early, and off for the weekend for a "senior trip" to St. George with a bunch of his buddies. In early evening, #5 had his practice. I wasn't sure I was up for walking while I waited, but the thought of fighting traffic to/from twice wasn't appealing either ... so I stayed. Good thing too. I was walking around, listening to my audiobook, when I noticed #5 looking upset. The coach pulled him aside and I was able to make eye-contact, asking if it was a "mommy moment" or if he'd be fine. The coach indicated I wasn't needed ... then. I noticed #5 missing a bit later, and figured he'd run to the bathroom, but figured I'd go check in. He was there ... but came running out with a massive bloody nose. The bathroom didn't have paper towels and poor #5 didn't think to grab toilet paper, but was just attempting to catch the flow in his cupped hands. It was smearing all over his face, dripping down his arms and all over the floor. I did grab some toilet paper and we were attempting to slow the flow and clean up, but we really needed a sink. But while they have a family "changing" room, it didn't have a sink, and I couldn't take him into the women's restroom, nor me into the mens ... a lifeguard walking by saw our predicament and invited us into their first aid room which had a sink and paper towels and she grabbed us more toilet paper. I got him (and me) cleaned up, and he was able to go back to practice. Poor janitor was in the hallway cleaning up the drops (and pool) of blood. I did apologize ... and I'll need to go over basic first aid with the munchkin for future reference!

0519 (Friday) Weight 174.7. Steps 11499. Total Burn 2400. Exercise Burn 600/587 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Stayed in bed a bit this morning, and didn't get in any early elliptical (first 20min session was after elementary drop-off). I did get in my hour in by end of day. Still feeling a bit off, like yesterday. Just wanting to curl up in bed, not really feeling terrible, just run down, achy and not motivated. I WAS thinking of hitting the treadmill for an easy walk (I wanted to watch the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" that had aired last night), but then #3 showed up with a bunch of friends (I guess that's what happens when he has his brother's car) and they were in the gym for a few hours. #1 son was shaking his head at the time they were in there, saying no one should work out that long ... but I know they aren't working out the entire time. Often just one person is doing some weights while everyone else just chats, then another takes a turn. It's more just a hang out spot for them. I actually wasn't too disappointed ... now I could blame my lack of steps on them, right? I decided to make cookies (gotta be the hostess you know) and made a double batch of the copycat Swig sugar cookies and gave some to the boys. #5 had practice, I was still in the middle of cookie baking, so I had #1 drop him off. #1 and #3 were off hanging with friends, and #4 also got an invite to go play basketball at the park ... I was NOT feeling well, but he doesn't ask for much and thing hanging with friends thing is new (he's a homebody like me) so I took him, but was counting the minutes until I could pick him up again ... and then go to bed! He never texted though, so at 9:30 I said it was time. I mean it was completely dark, and they were at the park, I don't even know if there were lights there. He said okay, and it turned out good anyway, as "The Dunk King" started at 9:45 and that's a show he is obsessed with (there had been an NBA playoff game earlier, but he was okay missing it, as it was a complete blowout).
0520 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 16499. Total Burn 2518. Exercise Burn 450/718 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Those Swig sugar cookies I made yesterday showed up on the scale, and that didn't stop me from eating more today! They are just too yummy. It was the Stake5K, which #3 ran last year (in the rain). I'd thought the boys would be interested, as it's close and free, but #1 had to work early (scheduled at 5:00, but I woke up this morning at 5:30 and he was still here. His alarm didn't go off and he'd been out late. I woke him and got him on his way late). #3 had been out late as well and wasn't really interested, and #4 had been wishy-washy about it and was still sleeping, so I didn't bring it up. Hubs was up rather early helping a work buddy and his boy build a pinewood derby car. I got in some elliptical, and then spent some time in the yard mowing. I even tried a bit of trimming, and my arms are sore. I think I'll leave that part to the guys. Got a bit of a sunburn too! #5 had a basketball game. Last time this same team absolutely trounced us, but this time we had a better showing, for the first half anyway (in the end, it was a bit of a trouncing again). Hubs had been off all day running errands, trying to get a second key for #1's car, which ended up needed some work due to a recall. So it t took much longer than anticipated, but was probably a good thing to get fixed. He called me hungry, asking if I was and if we wanted to go out. We ended up taking the family to Tepanyaki for dinner. Got there just before the rush. Then home and to bed. Been so tired lately!

0521 (Sunday) Weight 175.7. Steps 8405. Total Burn 2100. Exercise Burn 0/298 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. Stayed in bed a bit this morning, not sleeping in, but being lazy. Those dang Swigg cookies call to me, even for breakfast! I wasn't sure we were doing out big breakfast, we ended up making pancakes, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. A bit rainy again today. Hubs left to run some errands and I hit Sams/Walmart. That's how I got the Sunday Steps I did. No real dinner. Hubs and #1 had leftover lasagna, I'm sure the others ate something, but I didn't do dinner ... but still managed to go over on calories.

0522 (Monday) Weight 177.1. Steps 33218. Total Burn 3248. Exercise Burn 1490/1418 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2100. Well, that two pound jump from Sunday morning to Monday morning happened again. Even though my numbers look pretty good today, I can feel I'm really not that motivated. Mostly habit keeping me going today. I got in my early elliptical. Was disappointed when I saw Debbie's Zumba was cancelled (she has a stomach bug) and I still managed to do an hour on my own. Not immediately, not during the regular Zumba hour, not as much energy as a regular class ... but I did it. Stats: 5732 steps. 2.52 miles. 407/311 burn. AvHR115, High132, in zone 10 of the 60 minutes. As the weather is finally pretty nice, I figured we could let the little babies out during the day, keeping them in the pen. We've had the big babies staying out overnight in the pen, which has eased up on the upkeep a lot. They are just too big for the brooder. They are HUGE. We have the house and warming light, but they still stay on the edge closest to us. I let them out of the pen in the morning and then moved the pen to the grass. Changed the water in all the containers/pools, set up food for everyone and just kept checking on them all out the window all day. When #1 got home, I felt comfortable having him keep an eye/ear out and got in my three miles on the treadmill. I'd planned to hit the bike, but it didn't happen. We did tacos for dinner, and then Hubs and I went for a walk along the canal. We saw two momma's and babies, and several male ducks, including the one I am almost certain is Jorge (one of ours from last year) based on his unique coloring. We also both got mosquito bites.

0523 (Tuesday) Weight 175.4. Steps 32532. Total Burn 3327. Exercise Burn 1400/1674 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2500. Got in my hour of elliptical ... easier on the mornings I don't drive middle school, although #4 hates carpool and just wishes I took him and picked him up every day. Zumba with Marian. I walked to/from as the weather was lovely. Stats: 5548 steps. 2.53 miles. 358/338 burn. AvHR113, High139, in zone 10 of the 53 minutes (classes have been running short as Marian has to get to work). Back at home I got the babies settled. I'd actually let the big babies out of the pen earlier, figuring they'd be okay during the hour I was gone, and they were. Still keeping watch on the littles as having them out is still new. They did get out of the pen later in the day. #1 looked out and asked "are you okay with them being out unsupervised?" and no, I'm not. They are still small enough that a hawk or falcon (we've seen them sometimes) could make off with them ... even a mean magpie could hurt them. The goslings go after them sometimes as well. So we got them back in the pen. Hubs and #3 did a derby. I went and grabbed Dominos for dinner. For the first time, we had a problem with our pizza. It was "my" white sauce and cheese one ... and it only had cheese, no sauce at all. It should have still been okay, like breadsticks, but compared to what we were expecting, it wasn't appealing at all. It just looked bad and it didn't get eaten. It's more work than it's worth to go back. It had been part of a special for $6. #5 had gone with me (he likes the Parmesan bites fresh! Eats them in the car on the way home) and I told him he could get a Slurpee. We struck out there too. He filled his cup with red, thinking it was cherry, not really even looking at the sign. It wasn't cherry. Pepsi Fire, some cinnamon thing. I told him to go ahead and get his cherry one ... but neither of us noticed the red light saying it wasn't ready, not frozen. As those were our errors, we still paid for them, and the boys put the cherry one in the freezer and still downed it a bit later. I hit the bike before bed, but I over ate today.
0524 (Wednesday) Weight 175.9. Steps 21716. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 973/1100 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Uber over on calories today. It was the caramel M&Ms that were a bit part of that. We also had a family dinner of ribs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and Brazillian cheese rolls. Unfortunately, my exercise was a little lacking too. I got in my hour of elliptical early. MZL Zumba was moved today, so I figured I'd hit Southziders instead. I used to go weekly, but got out of the habit. It's a little far, starts later (and then usually starts late) and has moved a little into the Zumba Strong, which I hadn't experienced, but didn't think I'd like. I was right. I like Zumba for the dancing, it doesn't feel like exercise. If it is just doing squats, burpees, skaters, etc ... that IS exercise. Then there was some ab work on the floor ... I go to Zumba for steps and cardio. That's just me, I know the Zumba Strong has been popular with other people. Stats: 5061 steps. 2.2 miles. 375/323 burn. AvHR119, High143, in zone 24 of the 53 minutes. One the way home, I stopped at Smiths to grab a few things (the caramel M&Ms weren't on the list, but that is when I grabbed them).  #1 had the day off, and was putting the babies out as I got home. I'd let the big babies out earlier, but we like to wait until it warms up a bit before letting the littles out.  #1 had invited the missionaries over for dinner, after talking up his dad's smoking skills. As Hubs was working, he'd instructed #1 on the steps, and it was actually #1 who did it today. We spent a little time cleaning and other prep. I still COULD have gotten in some additional workouts, but with my routine a little off, I didn't. Dinner was at 6:00 and Hubs barely got home in time (that is a little early for him). I snapped a picture and sent it to both their moms (as a missionary mom, I know those surprise mid-week photos are fun). #2 was working and #3 headed to the park for YoungMens, taking some of our outdoor toys. #1 and #4 settled in for a "How I Met Your Mother" marathon  ... several episodes anyway. As it's been on in the family room, I've caught snippets here and there (they started season 1 a while back, just starting on the final season tonight). I actually sat down and watched a few. Oreo came and sat on my lap (he loves me) .
0525 (Thursday) Weight 176.3. Steps 23735. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1027/1228 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Oops, I did it again. Only my morning exercise and then uber over on calories. I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical early. I prepped and was ready for Zumba as I dropped #5 off at school so I could go straight, with a little detour on the way. I'd worked on #2's graduation announcements yesterday and had them printed at Walgreens. Normally I'd pick them up on the way home, but there is construction on that street with no left hand turn which would make it difficult so ... I decided to stop on the way. Had plenty of time for the pickup and made it to Zumba early. Last MountainView class. Here I met Claudia, Kristy, Annie, HeatherH, Teresa, Tirsa, Melanie, Sylvia ... and that's just instructors. Several new friends too. Stats today: 6675 steps. 2.91 miles. 412/388 burn. AvHR113, High132, in zone 9 of the 63 minutes. After Zumba, on the way home ... I stopped at Dunford for donuts. Dang donuts ... I'd been craving them for a while, and I did eat. More than one. Back at home, it's always about an hour as I am on bird duty. I'd let the goslings out to roam the backyard before I left, and bring the ducklings up and out after I get back. I like to be able to check on them, and it's turned chilly again. I myself was freezing, not sure why I was SO cold. I just wasn't sure if the poor babies would be okay out there, even though I know those in the wild are (of course they have a momma to help keep them warm too). I ended up moving the warming light to the pen on the grass (usually it just stays in the "permanent pen spot") ... but watching, I didn't see that the babies were drawn to it (they stayed in a patch of sunshine on the other side of the pen, and still played in the water plenty). I prepped the "salads" for both sets of birds and changed the water (emptying the big pool too, before it kills the grass) and got them their grains. Then came and collapsed inside for a bit. #1 had the day off work, but had a hiking date. I ended up being on pickup duty for middle school, and then elementary as always. I thought I'd have to grab #3 from school too, as he didn't come home with his brother, but he got a ride, and then had several friends over and they hung out in the gym for a while, and hit the hot tub later in the evening. Normally #5 has practice on Thursday nights with his Grizzlies team, but I guess they were taking the week off ... which was okay with me. The Wolves team had scheduled a practice for tonight too (as there is a tournament this weekend taking the place of our usual Friday practice) but it ended up being cancelled as the church gym was booked. I was okay with that too. Less running around in the evening. Hubs was home late, having gone straight to a derby from work. We got the babies put away for the night (putting on a bit of a show for #3's friends as we tried to catch that last crazy duckling who kept getting away from us). Time for bed ...

0526 (Friday) Weight 176.1. Steps 13172. Total Burn 2443. Exercise Burn 425/648 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little, until 6:30. Got in one elliptical session before dropping #5 off to school, and another before #4 was picked up (late start for him on Fridays). I thought I'd make it down sometimes for my final session to equal my hour ... but it didn't happen. I got an email from Debbie, asking if I could sub her class for a bit while she's on vacation. I thought that would inspire me to practice (I'm also subbing Tuesday for Marian) ... but, while I put a playlist together, I didn't dance. I took care of the babies, getting them settled for the day, but didn't get much else done in the little time I had before heading over to the elementary for the 5th grade program. You have to go a little early for parking and to get a good seat. I'd asked #5 where he'd be, so I could sit on the proper sit for prime video exposure. It was a cute little "Americana" program ... a little more interesting in today's volatile political climate (I'm sure people on both side would point out the ironies of some of the lyrics and such). One of the songs was one I'd done when I was in a performing group when I was about his age. I still totally remembered it! We took pictures after, and then a couple friends invited themselves over. I like him hanging with buddies, but one of these kids does NOT make it easy. I'm always having to watch and cringe and worry when he's over ... and make mac&cheese. He almost always requests I make it, and I feel like I have to feed him because his folks don't pick him up for hours. #5 had a 7:00 game, so I told the friends they could only stay until 5:00 (that was still three hours) so we could eat and get ready. They actually did get picked up on time. I figured I'd make snickerdoodles (wouldn't feel like I could hit the gym and the boys needed more supervision than that ... and I'd kicked them out of the gym as it isn't a play place) as the kitchen is central and I can wander and check as needed. I'm not sure if I was distracted or what, but this batch didn't turn out. They looked okay, puffier than usual, but weren't chewy or soft. Just didn't taste very good either. Too much flour? The dough was still good, I didn't realize there was a problem until I was baking them. I'd planned on taking some to the game tonight to give to Coach, but these were not good enough to give away. Now I feel like I need to make another batch to prove I CAN make them correctly. Bummer, I was craving the cookies and these did not satisfy it at all (I only took one bite and a whole cookie wouldn't have been worth the calories). Then #5 and I were off to his basketball game. Happily it's at one of my preferred locations, not too far. I forgot at tournaments spectators have to pay for entry ($3). We won the game. It should have been a little easier than it was (we are 6th, the other team was 5th, except for my 5th grader). We'd get a nice lead, but then the other team would come back. They had a nice run there at the end. Not enough, but they hit several snazzy shots. Hubs was out cold when we got back (it was a little after 8:00). #1 and #4 were watching "How I Met Your Mother" (they are almost done, I wonder what they will do after it ends?). #3 took off to hang with friends, and #2 and his girlfriend had gone up the canyon to see the stars, taking Hub's truck ... which had me a little worried because it's a beast and #2 hasn't had much experience driving it. Everyone made it home okay though.

0527 (Saturday) Weight 176.1. Steps 12168. Total Burn 2364. Exercise Burn 0/559 (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  Got up and let the big babies out. Waited a bit for the littles, as it was still a little chilly, and Hubs wanted to get the backyard mowed first. We did put the goslings back in the pen while he mowed, just to make sure they stayed out of the way. #5 and I headed out to his game, which was at 11:00. They lost. The team just couldn't wasn't on for shooting, and even worse on defense. It happens. Coach can be loud though. Last game of the tournament on Monday. When I got back, Hubs still hadn't put the babies out, so I did. Did a little weeding and mowed the front (the battery on the mower had needed to recharge). Hubs took the boys to Italian Village for pizza benders. I stayed home, as I'm not a fan, and there isn't room in the car to fit the entire family anyway. Hubs went running some errands, came home with a cute, big birdhouse that fits over the utility pole in the front flowerbed. I've wanted something to cover it up for ages, and I like birdhouses in general, so it's perfect. I ran to the store for groceries. Made coconut goodies while the boys finished up "How I Met Your Mother" ... #4 was NOT happy with the ending, or the final season in general. 

0528 (Sunday) Weight 175.3. Steps 7178. Total Burn 2173. Exercise Burn 0/368 (no exercise).  Calories in 2700. Slept in ... stayed in bed for a while anyway. Hubs was up around 7:00 to put the brisket on the smoker but then came back to bed. Slow Sunday, no exercise. We couldn't smoke bacon for breakfast as the smoker was in use. I wasn't sure a big breakfast was in order, as we were having the big dinner, but #3 apparently wanted waffles and made up the batter himself. We did hashbrowns and bacon too, although the bacon wasn't great (off-brand).  #1 tried out the YA ward at the SLCC campus ... and was not impressed. #2 had work. Hubs prepped potatoes and while we've had trouble with peels down the disposal (backing up the sink) he thought it would be okay if he just ground up a few at a time. It wasn't okay. Total blockage. He was trying to clear the clog by forcing water from the hose outside, but then it just backed up into the dishwasher and started spilling all over the kitchen floor. He ended up needing to dismantle the pipes under the sink. NOT what he was planning to be doing with company coming over shortly. I was cleaning other stuff in the kitchen and taking a load down to #2's room when ... water dripping from the ceiling vent! Ahhhh! Right on the cute frame and pictures his girlfriend had given him. Some books and such too. I called for help and #1 ran down with some towels and we moved everything. I laid out all the pictures so they could dry. I really only saw one that had definite water damage. I sent a text to #2 later in the evening just so he wouldn't walk in on it unknowing.  We did manage to get everything cleaned up before our company came over. Dinner was yummy as usual. The nephews got in the hot tub and the rest of us chatted outside in the lovely weather with the goslings and ducklings running around. It was also my dad's birthday today. The folks had been invited over to my oldest brother's for dinner, and everyone invited afterward for dessert. When my brother had sent the message invite yesterday, I had thought it was FOR yesterday ... and we would have been free yesterday. I've been SO munchie these past few days. I just want to eat, eat, eat (and nothing good!) Ding dong!

0529 (Monday) Weight 177.3. Steps 12543. Total Burn 2340. Exercise Burn 350/514 (ZumbaP). Calories in 2800. Memorial Day. #1 was up and off early to work for his 5:00-11:00 shift, except it had been changed to 7:00-1:00. Oops. Could have slept in! Hubs went off for a ride, and I did some Zumba practice, getting in an hour. Stats: 5598 steps. 2.41 miles. 374/327 burn. AvHR113, High135, in zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Hubs stopped by Maga's on the way home to grab #5, who had slept over with the rest of the little cousins. He had a game at 12:00 and so he changed and then we were off. The boys played really well today, and won East (who beat us last time we played) so three teams were 2 wins 1 loss ... but the team we played yesterday had the largest differential, so they were the "#1" seed that got to go on to the championship game (where they lost by one to the #1 seed in the other pool). I was personally okay with not having another game that day. It was nice to end on a win. Hubs had talked up making some "tepanyaki" style fried rice, of which #4 was very excited about, but needed a trip to the store. It then turned into a trip to Leatherbys, and ice cream shop #5 had heard about from a friend and wanted to try. There used to be one in the old Cottonwood Mall, and Hubs and I had been here and there through the years.  We did lunch and ice cream. #2 was hanging out with his girlfriend much of the day. It's her birthday tomorrow. We ended up making some gingersnaps. #1 had made the dough yesterday, taking half to an outing with his friends.
0530 (Tuesday) Weight 176.8. Steps23205. Total Burn 3121. Exercise Burn 1088/1329 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500.   Back to the routine ... for a few more days at least. #2 (and thus #3 as he catches a ride with his brother) went early to attendance school, as he had too many tardies (and thus an NG in one class). I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical early, then after elementary drop-off I went to Zumba. Marian was out of town so  I was in charge today. I wasn't sure which other helpers would be there. Ended up Suzanne and Carma. Christa had planned on coming but ended up in the ER last night with her little guy. Class went well. Steps not as high as I was futzing with the playlist some ... Stats: 5931 steps. 2.61 miles. 446/435 burn. AvHR123, High155, in zone 39 of the 60 minutes. I didn't walk as I had Marian's big bag with the speaker setup and such. It's also good for people to see a car there so they know someone is inside (although I wasn't the first one there anyway). After Zumba ... I wasn't terribly productive. I spent some time outside, moving the ducklings from the permanent pen place out onto the grass and letting them have some free range time while I was supervising. Refresh the waters, fill up pie tins with "salad" and such. Water the garden and spray away the poop on the grass. I hadn't got my Weekly Weigh-In blog post up yesterday, so I did that. I was on triple pick-up duty in the evening, grabbing middle school, then elementary, then #3 from the high school where he'd stayed after to pick up his year book. Then he and Hubs had a derby. #4 had been craving fried rice, and Hubs had been saying he'd try making some, but I knew he wouldn't be up for it after work/derby so I mentioned #1 could go grab Panda Express and #5 was pretty happy about that ... so those three did.

0531 (Wednesday) Weight 177.8. Steps 28335. Total Burn 3109. Exercise Burn 1157/1298 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2250. Feeling a little off this morning. I still got in my hour of elliptical early, and then went to Zumba with MZL. Couldn't quite get the heart rate up though. Stats. 6321 steps. 2.83 miles. 385/385 burn. AvHR107, High134, in zone 3 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at the store on the way home to restock groceries. Sams and Walmart. Walmart is no longer matching prices, which is sad. I just couldn't make myself pay double for grapes and romaine lettuce (on sale at Reams and Smiths) so I guess we'll have to do without for a couple days until I get there ... and by we, I mainly mean the birds. There was something going on right at the intersection as I was leaving. I couldn't see what it was, but it had to be more than just a simple accident, as there were several police cars, police tape, news crews on the scene. When I got home, I tried looking at the local news sites to see if I could find out what was going on and someone in the neighborhood group had posted a link to an online article. It was a shooting! A man shot three times in the chest, and the suspect(s) still at large. They locked down the two nearby elementary schools (I got that notice too ... glad our field day was yesterday. It was Columbia's field day and this impacted that I'm sure). They were telling everyone to lock doors and be on the lookout.  #1 passed right by it all on his way home too. I think they found the car on the scene and one person of interest a bit later in the day. When Hubs got home today, he did make fried rice. Not up to Tepanyaki standards, but pretty good. Cooked the rice up in the instant pot.
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