Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekly Review #203

This scale stuff is discouraging ... perhaps an ironic comment with the numbers showing a good loss this week, but the scale shifts seem so random. Not related to my work, or lack thereof. This wasn't a particularly great week for eating or exercise, although I did have a more active weekend than usual. And as I'm posting this weekly update a day late, I should admit this Monday weigh-in "loss" didn't stick around ...  

NUMBERS: The official weekly weigh-in logs an impressive loss, -3.3 pounds! But the average was actually up (1.27 to 178.41). Intake averaging at 2300, and daily burn averaging at 2828...  intake was under burn only three days, ending with an overage of 780 for the week. Step average was 22034 with 42.68 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 665/641/790. No weights this week. One day over 3000 burn, but no 30k days.

Life ala Life Cycle ...

It's true ... seven hours of Zumba! I did my usual classes Mon-Fri, then did an hour on my own both Saturday and Sunday.  Elliptical sessions were down. I didn't get in my "hour of elliptical" any day this week, instead getting in one or two 20min sessions here and there. One time on the treadmill, once on the bike ... oops, no weights.

Also out shopping and mowing the lawn, and some time visiting family. #5 had a basketball game on Thursday, but I just sent him with the team (high spectator entry fee and chaotic environment ... didn't appeal). The team played Fri and Saturday too, but #5 (and #4 and Hubs) went waverunning for the weekend.

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0619) Up early to get #3 off to a week long basketball camp. Zumba with Debbie. Grocery shop stop. A couple sessions on the elliptical ... and a bad tummy ache come evening! At least that controlled calories for the last quarter of the day! 20182 steps. 2764 burn. 1600 intake.
  • Tuesday (0620) Walked to Zumba (w/Marian) and did some additional walking on the treadmill too. One elliptical session. Low calories from yesterday made me starving today ... uber over. 20036 steps. 2642 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Wednesday (0621) Hit the elliptical for a session first thing, then Zumba with MZL. A Sam's Club stop ... shopping steps. Mowed the lawn. One more session on the elliptical. Decent day for calories in too. 25345 steps. 2983 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Thursday (0622) Early Zumba with Coriann. Only one elliptical session today, but 45min of Zumba practice (didn't really plan it, just started and then didn't stop). Hit the bike for some reading/riding before bed. #5 played in a basketball tournament. Jiff Fudge PB cookies were a temptation today ... as were Lays potato chips! 24986 steps. 3020 burn. 2800 intake
  • Friday (0623) Only an hour of Zumba/MZL for actual exercise today, but I stayed busy! Stopped at the store for some plants on the way home from class, then spent pretty much the entire day out in the backyard. A little too much sun! 20704 steps. 2763 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Saturday (0624) I did one 20min session on the elliptical, and did an hour of Zumba on my own. 22272 steps. 2929 burn. 2300 intake. 
  • Sunday (0625) Got in an hour of Zumba practice (two sessions), a 30min walk (outside) and mowed the lawn. 20710 steps. 2693 burn. 1800 intake.

Five Featured Photos ...

This was actually last Sunday, but we didn't get the picture until this week (my sister took it). The annual Father's Day photo ... my side of the family.

My #3 is the bottom-right. Week long basketball tournament.
These guys won the 2-min competition.T-shirts for the prize!

Hubs and the littles and Bear Lake raspberry shakes.

Sweaty selfie

... and one quick video ...

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