Thursday, July 13, 2017

End of Pact. Achievemint Updates.

It's Thrifty Thursday.
I've participated in PACT for a few years now, and done several PACT posts ... but, the end is here. It is shutting down.  I received an email the other day (apparently not everyone did), so if you didn't, here's what it said ...
Jun 30 (13 days ago)

Dear JenBlackham,
Thanks for choosing Pact - we hope it has helped you live a healthier lifestyle, and been that kick you need to get off the couch on rainy days. Sadly, after much discussion we have decided to shut Pact down.

Here’s what happens next: The last pacts that users can participate in will end on July 9, 2017, and you will receive your final rewards on July 11, 2017. Once we reach July 11, 2017 we highly encourage you to request your rewards - you’ve earned them! If you are no longer actively participating in Pact, feel free to request rewards sooner, even if they’re under $10.

Pact will keep responding to concerns you may have through at least August 20, 2017. Be aware that we may experience a higher than normal amount of inquiries (we’re not sure - we’ve never done this before), so we apologize in advance if we are slow in getting back to you.

Although Pact will shut down on July 9, that doesn’t mean an end to healthy habits. For motivation like Pact, check out Beeminder, which is based on many of the same principles and has the same amount of time in the incentives space as Pact. Our Partners are all standup apps, and many have motivation features such as goals or training plans to get you going. Geoff and Yifan personally use Runkeeper to train and have found it a perfect complement to what Pact offered.

While we are sad that we will no longer be able to help our users get healthy, we are also thankful to have had such a passionate, supportive community throughout the years. Ultimately, while we hope that our incentives motivated you, it was each of you that snapped veggie photos, typed food logs, and went on runs. It’s amazing that together, you completed over 40 million healthy activities during our 5 years of existence. We are proud of what you have accomplished, and you should be too,

The Pact Team

I have enjoyed the small paydays. I've earned about $1 a week with my 4-gym and 4-food logging commitment. In the years I participated, I only had to pay out once. My four day commitment was pretty much a gimmie. I always did that, no question. PACT didn't necessarily motivate me much, although in the past, when I'd committed to six or seven days it did.

I went ahead and cashed out ... and already received my payment.
Farewell PACT! I appreciated you! 

I was in a Facebook group for PACT users, and many bemoaned the closure of this program. I, and a few others have suggested Achievemint as another option. You don't fill in any motivating circles, but there is also no risk (whereas you might have to PAY with PACT). Achievemint is super simple. Just connect your fitness apps (Fitbit, MFP, etc.) to the program and get paid! Who doesn't like $$ for fitness and food tracking? I've noticed addition earning opportunities as well. Small surveys and such.

I'm a SAHM ... so as I answered the first question on the "employer" survey (homemaker) ... I was done, but I got the 100 points. I participated in a "sleep study" a bit ago. For a week, I'd get an email during the day asking about my "level of alertness" and that was it. Extra points.Plus my daily points for steps, weigh-ins, sleep tracking, food tracking. And ... refer a friend. If YOU happen to join off my referral (Join Achievemint) then I get 250 points, and SO DO YOU! A little birdy has told me that Achievemint has some new ideas in store, I'll update as I know more.

I'm off to enjoy my $25 payout from PACT ;)

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  1. Well darn....I've always said I was going to do a pact....guess I never will!

    Achievement is the easiest...just runs and I don't have to do anything (other than every once in a whil make sure I'm still syncing!!!).

    I will have to check out the beeminder thing!


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