Monday, July 3, 2017

Weekly Review #204

The scale was shifting all over the place this past week.   NUMBERS:  Official weight up one pound, average down 1.71 (176.7). Not great for eating/exercise ... Average Intake 2414, Average Daily Burn 2857 ... I only managed to keep intake under burn two days, ending with an overage of 1018. Over 3000 two days. One 30k day. Step Average was 22790. 57.67 logged miles. 810/825/884 cardio minutes, 50 min w/weights. 

The week ala Life Cycle ...

Elliptical was way down, I didn't get my "hour of elliptical" in any day this past week. A few sessions here and there added up to a hour of hours. Lots of Zumba though. Classes Mon-Friday, and quite a bit of practice on my own as well. A couple treadmill times, a neighborhood walk (goose on the loose) and a 5k with the family. Two sessions on the bike, and one weight workout.

No basketball this week. Summer season will be starting up for #5, but the schedule is pretty sporadic.  #2 and his girlfriend have taken the littles out for some fun.

Here's a quick recap of the week ...
  • Monday (0626) Crappy night. Zumba with Debbie, and a bit of practice on my own. Also 40min elliptical and a weight workout. Made bread, and #1 grabbed Popeyes for a late dinner ... I tried to resist, but failed. 19647 steps. 2922 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Tuesday (0627) Walked to/from Zumba w/Marian. Also did an hour walk on the treadmill. I really planned on hitting the bike ... but it didn't happen. #2 took the littles to Airborne. 25522 steps. 2853 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Wednesday (0628) Hey hey, 30k day! Started it off with an unscheduled walk around the neighborhood (looking for our backyard bird, she showed up in the evening). Zumba with MZL followed by some shopping steps, restocking groceries. Zumba practice on my own, 30min on the elliptical, and I got in reading/riding to end the day. Also kept calories in check. Feeling a little down emotionally, but good exercise/eating, although I should have fit in a weight workout too (kids had friends over much of the day, which did impact some gym time). Baked up some chicken. Meatball subs for dinner (I don't eat those though). 30852 steps. 3281 burn. 1650 intake.
  • Thursday (0629) Zumba w/Coriann to start the day. Dropped #4 off for an overnight boating trip. Got in 30min of elliptical, 30min Zumba practice and did 30min bike before bed. Caved to too many cravings today. 24760 steps. 2897 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Friday (0630) Got good stats at MZL Zumba today. I've also been doing some reviewing of songs/steps on my own ... added up to an additional hour of Z today. 30min elliptical, and 10min of some strength training. Hubs and some of the boys went up to the lake today. 28475 steps. 3183 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Saturday (0701) Started the day with a family 5k! Everyone ran. Also mowed the lawn, but no additional exercise. Grabbed donuts after the race, ate donuts, uber over! 16628 steps. 2524 burn. 3250 intake. 
  • Sunday (0702) Did an hour of Zumba practice and one session on the elliptical. 13648 steps. 2338 burn. 2500 intake. 
 Five Featured Photos ...

Kitten is in heat ... it's the only time she lets me touch her!

My #4 boating with buddies.

Hubs and the boys putting the waverunners in the water.

Family 5k photo!

Just a girl and a goose.
Happy Canada Day!

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