Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Review #208

Monday Morning Measurements
Online Accountability

The scale was sliding all over the place this week ... well, a variance of 3.3 pounds, and thse high/low days were back to back too! This was a different week for me. I was home alone, while the guys were on vacation to Canada and Seattle. We've done this in the past and sometimes I do great with no schedules or mommy duties. This time ... I had a couple good days, some BAD days (as far as eating and exercise anyway). Overall it was a good week. I enjoyed my solo time, while loving keeping up with the kids on their vacation vicariously.

STATS: Official weigh-in came in .8 lower than last week. Average was up a little though (.23 to 179.26). Intake vs burn ... I was only under three of seven days. Average intake was 2529. Average burn 2659. Overage for the week of 1130. Step average was 19,966 with 68.59 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 875/807/923 with 90 minutes spent in strength training. No 30k days, four were over 20k, with all others over 10K. One 3000+ for burn ... unfortunately I had TWO for intake. Ouch!

ACTIVITIES: I broke my elliptical streak. I'd been hitting the elliptical every day for at least 20 minutes, but I slipped up on Thursday. I didn't get in an hour of elliptical any day this week. 

Zumba was good ... I hit classes Mon-Fri and then did an hour on my own Saturday with some practice here and there too. Three sessions on the bike, five treadmill times and two weight workouts.

The usual lawn mowing and grocery shopping. I went out to eat twice, once with my MIL and once with my mom. I also went in to the salon and got my nails done.

Here's a quick week recap ...

  • Monday (0724) Good Day. With the Pioneer Holiday, Debbie's Zumba class was canceled, so I hit Southziders. I got in some additional practice on my own at home, plus some elliptical, treadmill and bike. Actually kept calories in check today too. Quantity anyway. Quality still a struggle as always although I did try. 23603 steps. 2765 burn. 1700 intake.
  • Tuesday (0725) Zumba today, me teaching w/helpers. A little extra on my own at home(15min). Some treadmill time and weights, and my 30min elliptical. My MIL called and took me out to dinner. I think Carino's calorie listings are conservative, and even with that, uber over. 21987 steps. 2816 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Wednesday (0726) Good Day. Zumba with MZL. 1/2 hour of elliptical, treadmill time and bike. Also mowed the lawn and did a little grocery shopping. Some sitting, as I got my nails done. 25280 steps. 28527 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Thursday (0727) No motivation today! Slept in some, but still hit Zumba with MZL ... but that was it for exercise. Went out to lunch with my mom. Calories were out of control (overate at lunch & at home). 14761 steps. 2377 burn. 3300 intake.
  • Friday (0728) Decent day for exercise ... but the eating? Uber over. Not sure what is wrong with me. Got in Zumba with Debbie, some elliptical and treadmill. 16177 steps. 2435 burn. 3500 intake. Ouch.
  • Saturday (0729) Good day. Full of activity and kept calories in check. Did an hour of Zumba on my own, plus some practice. 30minElliptical, 30minTreadmill, 30minBike and a weight workout. Family will be home tomorrow. 27082 steps. 3086 burn. 1500 intake.
  • Sunday (0730) Family is home. Back to making dinner (and dessert) and dishes and laundry ... and love. I fit in 30min of Zumba first thing, before their flight arrived. Popped down to the gym for one session on the elliptical. Meant to get down for at least 10 more minutes, but it didn't happen. Made chicken pillows, and homemade oreos. Oops over on calories again. 10870 steps. 2309 burn. 2900 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...

The highlight of the trip was bungee jumping!
Hubs and the three oldest took the leap ... the littlest wishes he had.

Everyone tried the Zipline
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A little of the food they enjoyed ...

The Space Needle in Seattle before heading home ...

Here at home ... my new nails

... and a video share.

Even the birds are friendly in Canada!

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