Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zumba ... Class Clips

It's Workout Wednesday!

Here in Utah, we are very lucky that there are many instructors willing to share their time and talent for free. More importantly, there are also lots of local church buildings that graciously allow us to come dance in their gyms. It's how I discovered Zumba in the first place. Free, close ... I had to try it. Now I hit a different class every day of the week! A variety of instructors with different styles, and I've made lots of great friends too. I even take to the stage myself sometimes.  That's me up there on the stage in the picture above.

Classes come and go ... this is the summer schedule.

As I made the rounds to my various classes this past week, I took out my phone and grabbed some quick video (not all instructors are okay with this, it is good to ask first). Just for fun I thought I'd share some quick clips from my classes.

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Southziders meets Monday and Wednesday. I used to hit Monday's regularly, but then fell out of the habit a bit. This one is a bit further for me to get to (about 20min) and it starts a bit later, so I don't get home as early as with others. Nina and Cassie (featured in the video) are the main instructors, with others (including me) helping out.

 I didn't get any video of my Tuesday class ... 
right now, I'M the instructor! Subbing for summer.
My sister and SIL came to class!

MZL has quite a few classes. 
They meet every week day, some days in two locations ... and still have packed classes.
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The Wed/Fri location is close to my home, less than five minutes away. It's been my regular Wednesday class since I discovered it a couple years ago. This group has MANY instructors (and instructors in training) and usually has several up on stage at the same time.

Another look at MZL ... Tues/Thurs location.
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Back on the 4th of July, my Tuesday class was canceled, as was my backup (Prairie Stake) ... but wanting to hit a class, I went to this MZL location. I had been here a time or two before, and had felt like it was further away. It is actually quite close! Since my regular Thursday class concluded in May, I need a new Thursday class. Glad to have this as an option. Even though it's still MZL, different locations have different instructors, and there are SO MANY instructors and songs it usually feels like a completely different class anyway.

 Photo from the 4th.

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Coriann's class is another Thursday option for me. 

Then there is Debbie in Daybreak ...
I shared a little video of her class in my Hula Hoop post and hadn't grabbed additional footage. Sometimes it's difficult to stop dancing long enough to video a clip. I don't do it that often. Gotta get my steps in. Right?

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