Monday, July 9, 2018

Week #257 (173.9)

Huh ... what do you know. That's quite the drop. A bit of fluctuation throughout the week as well. It wasn't like this was a great week either. I mean it was decent. But there was the 4th of July holiday, with very little exercise and uber overeating. No exercise over the weekend ... but calories kept in check there. 
NUMBERS: Official weight 173.9, that's down quite a bit (-3.6). I'd say last week was just a little high, but that's why I do averages as well. Average was 174.77, also down (-1.82). But really, with my average intake at 2171 and average burn at 2763, I only had a small deficit for the week (-138.57).  But overall, eating had been better, with four days under my 2000 calorie goal. I had three days with 3000+ burn. Those three were 30k days as well.  Step average was 20,678 with 49.2 logged miles. Cardio minutes came in at 750/694 for my calculations, 739 for the One, 823 for the Versa, 1009 for the Zip at the Hip, Garmin just 458 and Motiv 535. Didn't get any time strength training.

 All three of ME came in over the kids this week. 
The Zip at the Hip is overcounting!

EXERCISE: It was an interesting week for exercise. I got in my hour of elliptical four days, with one additional partial day. Only two treadmill days, although one of those was double duty. Although the graph shows eight hours of Zumba, really just five hours were spent dancing. All that other before/after class time adds up though! I did hit the bike once this week, although no workout w/weights.   

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: There was a beach day, and family time on the Fourth, a trip to the dentist (for the littles), dinner out and a couple pizza runs and slurpee stops.

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0702) Good day for eating and exercise. 30k ... although just barely, I was stepping before bed to make sure I hit my mark. VERY SORE from the 5k, hobbling after sitting still, but muscles warm up with movement. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (as instructor, subbing for Debbie), and two treadmill walks. #5 went with teammates downtown to play in an all day 3x3 tournament.  30004 steps. 3161 burn. 1500 intake.
  • Tuesday (0703) Busy day. Over 30k, but intake was higher than I wanted. Still sore from the race on Saturday. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (teaching again), and another hour - Zumba practice for me, basketball practice for the boys. One time on the treadmill, and then some reading/riding (bike). 31715 steps. 3246 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Wednesday (0704) Fourth of July. My usual Zumba class was having class in a different location. I could have gone, but figured I'd take the holiday. I did do an hour of elliptical, so the day was not without exercise. Eating though ... uber over! Family celebration in the evening at the inlaws. We also added three duckies to our flock today. All girls. So far they are shy with us and our current ducks. 16087 steps. 2602 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Thursday (0705) Yea, a 30k day. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MZL, then an hour on my own(practice, boys playing basketball). Stayed busy during the day with some shopping steps, ducky duty and mowing the front lawn. Unlike yesterday, I kept calories in check. 31559 steps. 3271 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Friday (0706) Just 1/2 hour of elliptical today. I was instructing today for Zumba in Daybreak. Some shopping steps as I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Then sitting and waiting at the dentist. Appointment for the two littles. I got #5 to practice then Hubs and I headed out to my folks for some Papa Murphy pizza, garage consultation and progressive rummy. I totally won. 18531 steps. 2707 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Saturday (0707) General cleanup around the house and yard, mowed the lawn. A bit of a down day. 12258 steps. 2358 burn. 1400 intake.
  • Sunday (0708) Lake day for the whole family, even me (I generally sit these out). I tried out the paddle board. Could feel that in my calves. Need more practice to stay standing. Tepanyaki for dinner after. Low steps ... but a good day. 4593 steps. 1994 burn. 2200 intake. 
*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Three movies this week. HBO just added the 2017 releases (the first two) and the last one we had on DVD, but I had never seen it. My boys had seen IT and loved it. In addition to being scary, it was hilarious at times.  According to them. I didn't like it at all. I'm not big on the "horror" scene, and I just thought the whole thing didn't make much sense. Was any of it actually explained. I didn't find the foul mouthed kids funny, nor the excessive bullying, or the murder of children. I guess I'm just left puzzles as to why people (including MY people) liked this so much. American Made was decent ... I think I was interested all the way up to the end. I know it's based on a true story, so they couldn't really alter the ending, but ... ehhh. Didn't like it. Now ... Ant Man. My boys had also loved this, thus our owned DVD copy. I'm not all that into the superhero shows, but this was pretty great. Just the right amount of humor, not over the top silly like the second Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor Ragnarock. This one rates right up there with Iron Man, which is probably my favorite.  I figured with the sequel to Ant Man hitting the theaters, I should probably see the first one, and I'm glad I did. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 My #5 downtown playing in a 3x3 tournament and meeting NBA players.

 WHO opened the box of cereal from the BOTTOM?

 ... our new girls ...

#1 son ... whitening for the wedding

 Family Lake Day

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