Monday, August 20, 2018

Week #263 (174.8)

The scale shifted ... dropped a pound a day the last few days of the week, and then held steady Sunday to Monday morning weigh-in. It wasn't exercise, workouts were a little less than usual ... but the eating was a bit under, and that makes a difference. It was a busy week, as you'll see my LifeCycle graph has quite a bit more on it that usual! But first, Fitbit stats ...

NUMBERS: Official weight down ... (-5.3 pounds). Nice drop, hope I can keep it there and continue back into the 160s. Average was down too (-1.2 to 177.33).  While my numbers didn't add up to "earn" such a scale shift, I did have a deficit for the week (-1415). Four days with intake under goal (2000). Average Intake was 2086. Average Burn was 2798. Two days with 3000+ burn,  but no 30k days. Step average for the week was 21031 with 46.79 logged miles. Cardio minutes 696/663 718/795/993. No weights this week. Floors 117/91. 

At least my trackers are somewhat consistent in how they track ... on the hip gets the most steps (and active minutes). Then my JenB Torso Tracker One ... and finally my Versa on my wrist. Son #2 was competitive with me this week. #4 was in the high 80s, but #5 didn't sync. Again.

EXERCISE: I was on the elliptical six days this week, only three where I achieved my hour. Just three times on the treadmill too. Zumba was the usual, five classes. I taught three of them, but my subbing summer came to an end with the Mon/Fri class. I'll still be teaching Tuesdays until Marian returns. No bike. No Weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Immunizations for #5, dental visits for the two littles. Over to the school to check out classrooms. Friday at the folks, and a day at the beach ... plus basketball. Whew, what I week for this homebody!

Here's the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0813) Struggling a little with motivation. Still managed my usual workouts (hour of elliptical, Zumba, treadmill walk) but had to push. #5 got an invite to go hang with friends, so I dropped him off for the afternoon. Got a couple new bands for my Versa. Hubs installed a new TV in my gym. 24562 steps. 2987 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Tuesday (0814) Small Zumba class today, but still fun. I wonder if class participation will pick up when school is back in session? Also an hour of elliptical and treadmill walk. Haven't felt up to jogging. Took the littles to the middle school to locate classes. Stopped for shots (7th grade immunizations) on the way. Stopped for pizza on the way home. #3 was in the gym with friends for most of the morning. Hubs is stressed planning a company party for tomorrow. 27763 steps. 3073 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Wednesday (0815) Had a dentist appointment today for the little, but still managed to make it work so I could hit Zumba. The appointment took over an hour and unfortunately, not done ... he needs a root canal :( Got that set up. Got in my hour of elliptical and two miles treadmill. Hubs had a company party in the evening, and #2 drove the two littles up there for it. 25087 steps. 3004 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Thursday (0816) Discombobulated day! Had to wake early to move cars outside of our circle, as they were paving today. It was #4's turn at the dentist today. Early appointment, so while I made it to Zumba, I was a little late. #1 took #5 to Lagoon for the day. #4 didn't want to go, and he worked on summer homework, finishing up one project. I got in a half hour of elliptical. Some housecleaning ... and talked with a house cleaner. 23707 steps. 2927 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Friday (0817) Final Zumba class in Daybreak (I didn't know it then, to say farewell). Carma and I have been subbing this summer as Debbie recuperated from back issues, but it's been taking longer than anticipated. School schedules complicate things so she's just canceling for now, but will hopefully be back! It's been fun teaching, and it was a good class today, I got my burn 500+. Just a half hour elliptical for additional exercise. Over to my folks in the evening. I mowed their lawn (partially, it got dark) while Hubs worked on labeling crates. 21437 steps. 2856 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Saturday (0818) Only a half hour of elliptical for exercise today. I did mow the lawn and get some shopping steps though. #5 had a basketball game. Steak dinner in the evening. Hubs cooked one indoors and the fire-alarm didn't care for that. 17428 steps. 2621 burn. 1900 intake. 
  • Sunday (0819) Rest day ... spent at the beach with the waverunners. Not too many steps, but still some "stairs" as we went up and down from the car to the sand a few times. I stood on the paddleboard again, for a bit anyway. 7231 steps. 2116 burn. 2300 intake.
 *** What I Watched While Working Out ***
Three movies this week. I had heard of The Soloist (2009) and it had peaked my interest. I really like Robert Downey Junior. This was sad, a hard look at homelessness and mental health. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Socitey (2018) was brand new on Netflix, and already getting good reviews. I have NOT read the book, but I plan to. I enjoyed the movie. I had not heard of Priceless (2016) and was a little surprised it had been in theaters. It felt a little like an after school special, or Hallmark movie (while discussing sex slaves). A little preachy in places. The girls were good, but all the guy actors just didn't seem quite natural ... like they were acting.  Just eh ... took me a fews days to finish as I wasn't getting in much gym time. Sometimes, if it's a great movie, I WILL get in more gym time just to finish it!

Five Featured Photos ...

 Summer homework - tracking a trait through three generations. 

7th grade immunizations

Checking out classrooms at the school before it starts.

 Rescuing a big moth flying around the house. Back outside now.

#5 being buried in the sand.

So - next week, it's return to the routine as the school schedule starts back up. We'll see if it encourages my to improve my exercise. Although, it's the eating ... I know!

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