Day to Day Doings

*** JenB's Journal ***

On this page I keep a daily update of my activities, with the latest entry at the top. At the end of each month, I'll compile all the entries in chronological order and do a monthly review.

0719 (Thursday)
FOUR eggs today. All together in the dog house. I'm not positive it was four today, there is a chance one was there yesterday and I missed it, but I'm not sure. We've got a lot of eggs at the moment, and that's with me using eight in brownies the other day. One elliptical session in early, then off to Zumba with MZL. Stats:
Stopped at Sam'sClub after. Needed flour, as I'd used the last of it on the bread. I didn't get skim milk, thinking we were okay. We weren't, I should have grabbed some. Got a watermelon and some strawberries too. Small trip. Really dragging today. Didn't really feel like more exercise, and all I got in was 10 more minutes on the elliptical at the end of the day. 

0718 (Wednesday)
Better sleep last night :) ♥ Just two eggs this morning. One in the doghouse, one in the pen. One elliptical and then Zumba w/MZL. Small class, but there is construction on the road from both directions. Complete closure at one end, and a "Road Closed" on the other, although I could still get through that way. Stats:
I brought a couple of the loaves of bread and game them away in class, and stopped at Coach's house after to drop one off (they live right by that Zumba church). After class I stopped at Maceys for some groceries. Back at home, unloaded and got things put away. Mowed the lawn and got in additional elliptical. No treadmill today though. My movie wasn't working (the stupid TV kept exiting Amazon) and without that as motivation (to finish in the day) I didn't feel the pull. Not great for eating either. #1 and his fianance took bridal pictures up at the Captial today. Hubs went straight from work to the lake with a work buddy and his kids. Home late. 

0717 (Tuesday) Weight 175.2. Steps 24281. Total Burn 3047. Exercise Burn 1285/1244 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Another not great night. When Hubs said he was working late, he meant LATE ... like after midnight! I wasn't able to stay awake, but woke up around midnight and checked in with him when I saw he still wasn't home. He came home not too long after that, but I was awake then, and couldn't get back to sleep, even after he fell asleep. Got some reading in. When morning rolled around, I fed the animals (ducks, cats ... kids) and gathered the eggs. At first I just found two, but then noticed a third on the other side of the yard. Blackfoot had laid over on this side a couple times (under the zucchini plant) but I'm pretty sure this was one of the new girls. Only one elliptical session in, then off to Zumba. Just four of us today. Stats: 6370 steps. 2.8 miles. 468/430 burn. AvHR118. High139. In Zone 32 of the 63 minutes. I offered to go back to the church with the boys for basketball, but no one seemed super in the mood. I was a little glad to be off the hook. Got in some additional exercise. Did good on the eating for the first 3/4 of the day. Even did oatmeal for breakfast and tried to be sugar-free, but caved to cravings later in the day. 

0716 (Monday) Weight 175.8.  Steps 26191. Total Burn 3163. Exercise Burn 1300/1352 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Not a good night last night. I just couldn't get to sleep. Hubs was snoring a bit. He was up and off around 6:00. I went ahead and got up. I peeked out at the ducks, and could see two eggs just laying on the ground in the pen. The third was not really in a "nest" either ... Blackfoot usually lays in a nest, but I didn't find any other eggs. I'd prepped the playlist last night, as I was teaching today. I went to leave but #3's truck was parked behind the Durango. I asked him to move it quick and he went to ... but it wouldn't start. We have a device to jump it, but it wasn't working, at least not quickly enough. I just took #1's Charger. I got there about a minute after 9:00 and hoped I hadn't missed anyone. We ended only having four. Small class, and all but three ended up taking off a little early, so there was only me and one gal for the last song. Stats: 6164 steps. 2.68 miles. 486/419 burn. AvHR123. High149. In Zone 40 of the 62 minutes. #3 had dashed in during class, informing me he was switching cars. I was fine with that, because then I didn't have to rush home (as #1 had to leave to work shortly). I stopped at Smiths, grabbing a few things. Home to unload. I asked #4 if he was wanting to hit the church gym, but he didn't seem in the mood today. I was okay with that. I did some clean up. Dishes are never done, and there were a few loads of laundry to catch up on as the kids unpacked from their camping trip. I also got my weekly blog post done. I'd done two elliptical sessions early, and got a treadmill time and then my final elliptical in. #4 wanted me to read some "The Princess Bride" as it's a summer reading assignment for him. I'd put off buying it, watching to see if the Kindle price would drop. Today was "Prime" day, and I did get a 20% credit off a purchase, so that did save a few bucks. Read the first three chapters and we'll go over some of his questions tomorrow. I grilled some chicken, and then made chicken pillows for dinner. Fake chicken for #2, regular for the other guys. Hubs was working late though, trying to catch-up on the backlog from missing a couple days of work.

0715 (Sunday) Weight 175.5. Steps 10200. Total Burn 2158. Exercise Burn 0/347 (no exercise). Calories in 3000.  Slept in a little more this morning. No exercise today, although I hit 10k on the Versa. The Motiv has been acting up ... or rather NOT being active. Here and there, it's like I haven't even been wearing it. Nothing recorded. Last night it didn't get my sleep. I noticed my Garmin hadn't synced in days either. Tracking trouble ... good thing I wear five to make sure I get enough data if one or more fails, right? I mowed the lawn. It was so hot! I tried some with the weedeater too. Did okay in some areas, but butched the front. Should have waited for Hubs and the edger. #1 and his fiance made it home first, not having stopped for a last shake. Hubs and the other three arrived around 3:00. Unloaded some, but then he showered and laid down for a rest. #3 was helpful in unloading. #1 and Sol went off for engagement pictures. #5's arm is swollen, we think just mosquito bites, but keeping an eye on it. 

0714 (Saturday) Weight 175.2. Steps 22233. Total Burn 2890. Exercise Burn 840/1080 (60minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Still waking up early, even without anything going on, and without Hubs or the kids around. Kitty can sometimes be a bit noisy outside the bedroom door. Not sure if he wants company, or breakfast. Just one egg today . The weather was a little weird. Still warm, but overcast, and sprinkling some. I hit the gym for some elliptical and then did weights. Then #2 hit the gym and I borrowed his car to run some errands. I mean I could have taken #1's car, but I haven't driven it before. I'm just more comfortable in #2's Charger. Funny thing, as I got out and went into the store, this guy says to me "Nice ride!" Ha ha! It is nice. Grabbed some more Maruchan noodle cups (we were out) and a few other groceries. I stopped at DT, and I checked out, but they hadn't had what I was looking for. Then Maceys ... because I'd been craving Moose Bars. Home to unload  and put things away. #2 left for a plasma donation and then hit a movie with his girlfriend. A few photos from Hubs, but not a ton of communication this trip. I did some more elliptical and a treadmill time and worked on more basketball videos. 

0713 (Friday) Weight 175.2. Steps 30683. Total Burn 3297. Exercise Burn 1550/1489 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. I headed to bed last night, when there was some noise in the other room. It was just the cats. Silly kitties! I just slept okay. Three good sized eggs today, two laid together in one "nest" ... not sure which one was Blackfoot but I assume one was hers. I got in an elliptical, then took off in #2's car. I am just not comfortable with #1's car or the big truck. Zumba went well. I had Carma to help. Stats: 6670 steps. 2.97 miles. 550/454 burn. AvHR118. High146. In Zone 35 of the 63 minutes. After class I stopped at Smiths and grabbed Hub's prescription (third try) and managed to spend $100 on groceries. Came home and unloaded and got everything put away. Two more ellipticals during the day to equal my hour, and two treadmill times, mostly walking but some jogging. Made a muvee of #5's basketball game, but I still have three left from Spring season. 

0712 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 25591. Total Burn 2961. Exercise Burn 825/1153 (60minEllipitcal, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. I'd put cinna-bites out to rise last night, planning a bit of a family breakfast. But #2 had slept over at a friends and then was off to a dentist appointment, and Hubs went into work for just a bit. The others and I ate. It was prep time for the Bear Lake trip. I'd planned on hitting Coriann's Zumba, as the usual MZL had been kicked out of their building (they had a backup, but it was further) but then I didn't make it out. The guys are taking my Durango on the trip, and they were starting to load up. I figured I'd stick around and help with the packing, last minute laundry, etc. The boys were off by 12:30 (Hubs had said noon was the plan) to pretty much on schedule. #2 hadn't realized they were leaving early though, and hadn't gotten today off, and wouldn't be off until 4:00, so he didn't end up going. Once they were off, I did my usual "clean the house and it should actually stay clean" cleaning. Ducky duty ... again, only one egg this morning. I've looked and looked though, and don't think there is a hidden stash anywhere. I mowed the front lawn and watered everything. Checked on the guys, and they arrived at their destination in the afternoon (around 4:00). This is pretty primitive camping, just on some personal property of some work friends who were also up there this weekend. A couple of trees were down which required some work initially. Hubs had brought his chainsaw. He texted and said he'd forgotten several things too ... something to sleep in, his medication, he did remember his fan. 

0711 (Wednesday) Weight 175.7. Steps 23642. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1005/1139 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300.  I figured weight would be up after late night popcorn. I was right. That didn't stop me from snacking on the leftover popcorn for breakfast though. Just found one egg this morning, unless Blackfoot hid hers somewhere I haven't located yet. I got in two elliptical sessions early, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 5987 steps. 2.58 burn. 401/364 burn. AvHR113. High141. In Zone 10 of the 60 minutes.  I'd thought I'd hit the nail salon after ... I'd lost two nails over the weekend and the others were in bad shape, and this was only two weeks after a fill, and just the first fill after a new set. I think I'm just too hard on them this summer, with all the yard work. And who knows if I've been anxious or something, gnawing on them too. I dread the upkeep, the cost and time and discomfort ... so I'd decided to just take a break. It's always a bit awkward to say you are stopping your business, even when it's not their fault you are. I'd talked with Cathyleen at Zumba and she recommended soaking in acetone rather than just having them pulled off. I figured maybe I'd give it a try. I stopped at Walmart, as we needed a bunch of stuff. I was able to grab the acetone there. I still needed a quick Sam's stop for a few other things. #1 was taking the day off (I'm wondering a little how he can afford to, with the wedding coming up I'd think he'd be looking for overtime to earn more money) and said he'd take the littles to the church gym for basketball. I'd left the key, and he grabbed my aux cord, but needed the adapter for the iphones. I dropped it off at the church. Unfortunately, #1 aggravated an old basketball injury and they cut their visit short. I hadn't even got all the groceries put away. I put on my audiobook and did my soak. It still wasn't a simple thing. Took a long time, was messy, and I still had to pry pieces off. But finally back to my own abused nails for now. I did get down to the gym for my final elliptical to equal my hour, but I had to push myself. I prepped french dip for the family for dinner, then did my watering and duck duty. Hubs was so tired from work. Prepping for the new employee he had completely rearranged office space to make room. He was asleep by 8:30. Being 7/11, it was free Slurpee day at 7-11, but I generally don't dare face the crowds. Yesterday was free chicken day at Chick-fil-a (if you dressed like a cow), and tomorrow is "Pay your age Day" at Build-a-Bear ... I'd never dare!

0710 (Tuesday) Weight 173.3. Steps 30758. Total Burn 3265. Exercise Burn 1600/1468 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. About the same activity as yesterday, but eating was over today. Just felt a little hungrier, and wanted to eat. Pizza for lunch and then Hubs made popcorn  at the end of the day. Started off the day with a couple elliptical sessions, then hit Zumba. I was teaching, but had S&C to help. Stats: 6311 steps. 2.72 miles. 469/424 burn. AvhR122. High143. In Zone 37 of the 62 minutes. Back at home, I finished up my hour of elliptical with a third session. Did a few things around the house then took the two littles to the church for an hour of basketball ... another hour of Zumba practice for me. I finished up before they did. I'd invited my folks over for Grandparents and Games ... and pizza. Dominos had a 50% off sale going. I ordered and ran to pick it up while they played. We ate, then I joined for some games too. G&G was brought to you by the letter "R" ... RummiKube, Rat-a-Tat-Cat and Racko. We played Racko three times ... I won all three times. Got some laundry and dishes done. Watered the plants. I opened up the fence and let the ducks wander into the full backyard. The new ones seem to be integrating a bit better. Three eggs this morning, all normal size, but BF had hers in the water :(  Hubs is stressed with work. A new guy is coming and they don't really have a spot for him at the office. So he needs to work that out, as well as all his usual duties, and then the weekend trip (Thurs-Sun) to Bear Lake, the timing isn't great. And then my parents garage ... he hopes after Monday (after the trip and new employee settling in) that he might be able to relax some. 

0709 (Monday) Weight 173.9. Steps 33101. Total Burn 3325. Exercise Burn 1685/1528 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900.  Back to the summer routine. I was subbing for Debbie and hadn't fully prepped the playlist yesterday, so I got that done. Collected eggs and new food for the ducks, fed that cats, one elliptical and I was off. It's been a bit slow starting, never sure if anyone is going to show. I had Jill and Barbara, so we started, and a few more people straggled in. Stats: 6014 steps. 2.63 miles. 539/390 burn. AvHR122. High153. In zone 51 of the 62 minutes. I didn't stop at Smiths on the way home ... I should have, as we were low on fruits and a few things. I got in another elliptical and did some work around the house, then to the church gym to let the littles play basketball. They did "beat the pro" for the entire hour. I was happy to practice Zumba, as there were some numbers I'd thought about doing this morning, but wasn't completely comfortable with. Stats here: 6198 steps. 2.59 miles. 429/329 burn. AvHR114. High132. In Zone 9 of the 65 minutes.  One more elliptical at home to complete my hour. Mowed the front lawn (so hot outside) and watered. Treadmill time, a little jogging, enough to get two miles in the half hour. Finished my show "Tau" which was decent. Hubs and I had finished up our last series, so we started WestWorld. He's already seen season 1, but it had been long enough that he felt a refresher was in order, and I've never seen it. 

0708 (Sunday) Weight 173.1. Steps 4593. Total Burn 1994. Exercise Burn 0/190 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Not a great night. Up early ... might as well get up and do something. Just two eggs today. Lake day was planned. I usually sit these out, but last time I still didn't get anything done while everyone was gone, and if I'm going up this year, a Sunday would probably be a better day, less crowds than a Saturday. And with all the boys going, I figured I'd give it a try. The whole family. I rode in the back seat of the Sequoya to see if that would help with my car anxiety and comfort. It did a bit. Not crowded when we arrived, and with five boys able to lug things around, set up and clean up were really easy. Should have brought my chaise lounge though, as my struggle with sitting is still an issue. Laying down isn't a problem. I put a towel down on the sand and got in a bit of horizontal time. The boys enjoyed the waverunners and pulling the tube. The paddleboard is always popular, and I eventually got in the water and gave it a try. I was able to stand for a bit, but was wobbly.  When we were leaving (around 3:00) the line to get in was SO long. We had taken two cars, the older boys beat us home. We were hungry, so after we all quickly cleaned up, we headed over to Tepanyaki. Sans #1, who already had plans (he was sad to miss it). Very tired ... in bed and asleep by 8:30! I woke up around what I thought was the middle of the night and saw a light on and came to investigate and found three of the boys still up and active. It was actually only 10:00 ... but I told them to go to bed!

0707 (Saturday) Weight 174.4. Steps 12258. Total Burn 2358. Exercise Burn 0/552 (no exercise). Calories in 1400. Hubs did a little walk around egg hunt in the morning. Three again, one was tiny! He was then off for some errands, running out to check on his mom's sprinklers and other stuff. I got some kitchen cleaning in. #1 cleaned the main bathroom and I did the master. A little work in the yard and garden, mowing the lawn, weeding, watering. Hubs fertilized, so I made sure the ducks were off the grass into the unfinished/garden area. We don't want them accidentally ingesting any of the fertilizer balls before the dissolve. Not sure why I didn't get in any exercise today ... not very motivated. D started in early and was bad by evening. 

0706 (Friday). Weight 173.7. Steps 18531. Total Burn 2707. Exercise Burn 750/895 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Up early enough to gather eggs and get in an elliptical session before heading out to Zumba. Debbie had been thinking of trying to come today and dance a little, but texted this morning saying it wouldn't work. I prepped a playlist for Carma and I to teach and it went well. Stats: 6095 steps. 2.66 miles. 480/375 burn. AvHR120. High140. In zone 34 of the 64 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home. I figured I pick up Hubs Ambien prescription I hadn't been able to get last Friday (it was too soon) but it wasn't ready and waiting. That had been my impression. They said they would fill it, but it was a bit of a wait and while I was doing some shopping, I didn't think I'd be that long. Just grabbed a few things, but then noticed they had a four day 30% off all candy sale. This was on top of some other digital coupons I had and I just couldn't pass up the deals. Bought a lot.  Stashed it all away when I got home. The littles had appointments at the dentist day. It's been a while. I'm NOT a good mommy at getting things like this is, and they don't like it either, so .... it just hasn't happened in a while. #5 does have a visible cavity that we know of though. This was just for exam and cleaning. #4 was SO not happy about going. He shares his mommy's anxiety for the dentist, and just for interrupting a daily, doing-nothing routine. He has one little cavity, that the dentist said could likely be taken care of without numbing. #5 had a couple in addition to the one we knew about. I made the follow up appointments, but once home realized they were right when school had started up again. I called back to see if there was ANYTHING before, and got both boys in mid-August before school starts up. I'll still have to check #5 out of school for his followup appointment. It had been a bit of a wait there at the dentist though. Just sitting is so hard. I was so uncomfortable, constantly trying to find a poisition where I didn't feel like I was going to pass out. I got #5 off for his ride to practice. Our usual ride was already close to the college, so I dropped him off to Coach's house to grab a ride there. Then Hubs and I headed out to my folks, stopping to grab some Papa Murphys pizza on the way. When my folks were over last week, they were so impressed with Hub's garage that they wanted to do similar stuff to theirs. Hubs needed to check out some dimensions and go over a bunch of things with the. Then we ate, and played progressive rummy. Out of the five hands, I won 3 of them, including the final hand (which is really the one that matters). I enjoy that game. Totally pooped though, couldn't keep my eyes open to read before bed. 

0705 (Thursday) Weight 175.9. Steps 31559. Total Burn 3271. Exercise Burn 1350/1459 (60minElliptical, Zumbsax2). Calories in 1900.  Didn't sleep great, although I did fall asleep enough to have some unsettling dreams. It was enough that I was ready to get up even before Hubs, although I did let him beat me out of bed. I was up early enough that I should have been able to get my full hour of elliptical in early, but only got two sessions. I wanted to check on the duckies first thing. See how the new girls did. I had two eggs from them too (so one didn't lay). Blackfoot laid in the same spot as yesterday too.  I put out more food and did some watering. Headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6777 steps. 2.97 miles. 414/392 burn. AvHR112. High139. In zone 18 of the 63 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub after, grabbed some Ciabatta rolls, Doritos, milk, OJ, oranges and watermelon. Nice having the boys home to help bring things in from the car. After getting everything away, and updating my playlist, the two littles and I headed to the church so they could play a little basketball. I did a little Zumba practice. Back at home I mowed the lawn and cleaned the kitchen, restocked the little fridge. Got my final elliptical in, watered the lawn and did my ducky duties (changing food and water). Hubs shaved the beef and brisket and I made it into french dip for the fellows. The little played a little Rat-a-Tat-Cat. Love to see them interacting!

0704 (Wednesday) Weight 173.8. Steps 16087. Total Burn 2602. Exercise Burn 620/790 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3800. Hubs had been looking at ducks on KSL (we'd been thinking about adding another girl or two to our flock since Gabby died) and had contacted a lady in Kaysville yesterday and headed out to pickup in the morning. He stopped in at the office for a bit, grabbed the birds (ended up getting three) and bringing them home. We introduced them to our three ... it was a little chaotic. There will need to be some acclimation, and it certainly introduced some sexual tension. There was some crazy stuff going on. Hopefully it will all work out. The new three are really pretty. Bigger than ours (non-fliers), one golden, two silver. I was watching them much of the day. I did manage three 20min sessions on the elliptical, but that was it for exercise. In the late afternoon we headed out to Maga's for a family 4th of July. She'd made ribs, I brought Brazillian cheese rolls (the last batch didn't really work out as her oven started shooting flames! Ash floating in the air.) We'd brought the Segway, and it was a hit as always. Maga made her red, white and blue trifle. #3 had to work, but the rest of the family was able to go. Back at home, Hubs and finished up "Altered Carbon" ... with popcorn. After an already uber over eating day!
0703 (Tuesday) Weight 175.0. Steps 31715. Total Burn 3246. Exercise Burn 1600/1446 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2400. Nice when the scale adjusts (down) quickly. Kept up the activity today. Only one elliptical session in early, but I got two more by end of day. Zumba w/Marian ... which is me subbing for summer, although I had Suzanne there to help with half. Again, my ipad skipped a song. Stats: 6745 steps.  2.8miles. 506/408 burn. AvHR117. High148. In zone 28 of the 65 minutes. Back to the church a bit later with the boys to play basketball, and I did another hour of practice (4600 steps. 350/199 burn). Got in one treadmill time at home, tried jogging just a bit, but it was tough. Soreness is fading but still there. Even hit the bike at the end of the day.

0702 (Monday) Weight 177.5. Steps 30004. Total Burn 3161. Exercise Burn 1350/1361 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. Motivated Monday ... got my 30k, although I did so consciously, pacing around at the end of the day to make sure I hit my mark. Kept calories in check too ... quantity, not quality anyway. Got up early to get #5 off to a teammate's house, to catch a ride downtown for a 3x3 tournament. Good luck little one! I got in my hour of elliptical (two sessions in early, one later in the day) and then Zumba. Still subbing for Debbie as her sciatica has not subsided. I was a little worried about myself, still feeling very stiff and sore from Saturday's 5k. Every time I stand after sitting still, I'm limping and awkward until the muscles warm up again. But class went fine, although my ipad skipped a song and I didn't notice, so we were a few minutes short. Stats: 5876 steps. 2.48 miles. 472/363 burn. AvHR122. High146. In zone 47 of the 60 minutes. I did a Smiths stop afterward, going down to the one on 90th and Redwood, as it's a Smiths Marketplace, and I wanted to grab a couple more swimming pools for the ducks before they are gone (as most stores clear out summer stuff mid-summer!) Got two pools, and then checked out again with groceries. They had some Fierce Melon Gatorade (the kids favorite) and a few other things on the list. Back at home, I was checking in with #5 throughout the day, as they continued to play. They had five wins, and then had to play a team with two kids over 6ft (birth certificates were required if there was any question as to age, which there likely were for kids like that), eliminated in the semi-finals. I tried to check to see if that team took the tournament, but the online stats didn't get updated. So long, hot (it was outside) but fun day for #5. I got two treadmill walks in, watching "IT" which was a new addition to HBO. I had been going to try it when the boys rented it a while back, but they had a blu-ray and the gym only has a regular DVD player. While the boys had loved the show, I really didn't like it at all. Beyond the crass talk and language, I hated the bullying, and it was just never explained how/why things happened.

0701 (Sunday) Weight 177.7. Steps 7953. Total Burn 2077. Exercise Burn 210/256 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Rude awakening this morning, times two! First, right around 5:00, Hubs computer monitor screen came on. It's a big screen, and it lit up the room like daylight. Got it turned off and back to bed, when the two kitties decided to have one of their knock down drag out fights, right outside my bedroom door. I got up to intervene, but it also woke #1, #2 and #5. Hubs slept through it. We separated them, and I went back to bed and got up around 7:30. Hubs put the brisket on (one he bought on Woot, 3x the Costco ones, but he wanted to see if it was better). I made breakfast. French toast and bacon and sausage. I hit the elliptical for a session. I'm feeling very stiff in my calves. #2 is feeling it there as well. The others say it's their quads. We are all moaning a bit, especially on stairs. Hubs brought up going to see "Incredibles 2" which has been getting rave reviews. #2 had already seen it, but the rest of us went. Only the second time I've been to the movies in several years. It was really cute. Popcorn, Icee ... other movie treats. Then the brisket dinner with mashed potatoes and cheesy bread.

0630 (Saturday) Weight 177.8. Steps 16816. Total Burn 2546. Exercise Burn 450/720 (5k) Calories in 3100. Up early to hit the 5k race which started at 8:00. Had to wake #2, and was unable to wake #3. Hubs had said he wasn't up to running, not interested in walking, but that he would ride the Segway around with us. But he also didn't get out of bed. So we headed out, sans Hubs and #3, with #1's fiance with us. #2's GF ran it with us last year and was signed up this year too, but she's at camp all week and needs every moment of her weekends ... but then #2 who stuck with his girl last year ran at his own pace and was first in our family, with #5 close behind. They both lapped me. I think one of the first finishers lapped me twice! #1 stuck with his girl this year, and came in behind #4. This was harder for #4 than past races. He hasn't been very active lately. I was a bit frustrated, as I couldn't get my music to work. I'd charged my old MP3 player, but it wasn't going, nor were my wireless headphones. I tried using some wired ones, but they wouldn't stay in my ears. So no music for me. It was okay, but I really don't like hearing my own breathing (or gasping). I only slowed to walk a couple times (once to chat quick with a lady who used to be in the Thursday Zumba class). This time it was FOUR times around the park. Last year it was three ... and I knew last year's was too short. I'd told the boys NOT to count their times as a personal record. I got 28 minutes last year I think. This year it was 37, which is pretty much on par with my usual.  #2 had driven separately and was going to drop his car off to get it looked at. He went to get it registered yesterday and as he was going over, the "Check Engine" light came on. Aaaarg! That plagued us with the old truck, and as he told me, I seemed to recall this happening last year too. It only comes on very sporadically ... what were the chances! When he went to leave the race, the light was NOT on, so he hurried over and it passed the inspection. Yea! Last day of the month! Just so glad to have it done and not have another thing to worry about with cars. The rest of us stopped at Dunford on the way home, and grabbed some donuts ... negating our run burn immediately! I didn't get any additional exercise in, but I did mow the lawn. #5 had a final game at 11:40. I'd given him the option not to run if he thought it would impact his play. He said he was feeling just fine though. They won this one and took some team pictures after.  For dinner, Hubs had smoked ribs, and I made some cheddar bay biscuits. It was a quiet evening at home. Hubs almost fell asleep outside ...

0629 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 17843. Total Burn 2571. Exercise Burn 675/756 (Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3350. I tried to get up early enough to get in an elliptical session before leaving for Zumba, but ended up chatting with my future DIL most of the morning. Off to class. Carma was there to help out today. Stats: 6603 steps. 2.89miles. 515/437 burn. AvHR121. High145. In zone 40 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picked up prescriptions and some groceries. #5 was off playing basketball again. He'd needed to leave while I was teaching, so I was happy his ride was willing to pick him up at home (usually I try to drop him off). They lost their game though. Yesterday they won the first, and lost the second in a close and contested game. The final moments were very contentious apparently (ref #1 calls a foul, giving our team, down two, a chance to tie the game. The other ref turns the call over and says it was out of bounds on our boys, thus ending the game). I guess several of the dads got suspended from attending the game today. Zero tolerance policy for arguing with refs. I got in a treadmill time, only additional exercise for the day. Eating was already over, even before late Popeyes, and then Hubs made popcorn too. 

0628 (Thursday) Weight 177.0. Steps 17681. Total Burn 2520. Exercise Burn 580/726 (Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. I haven't been sleeping in until my alarm (set for 7:30 for summer) but I moved it up to 7:00 this morning, as I needed to get #5 up and off to his ride by 8:00 am. His Wolves team is doing a three-day tournament. It is close enough that I would dare drive there (Sandy Expo Center) but the crowds and chaos intimidate me (over 40 courts ... so much yelling and whistles and parking problems) and spectator cost is really high ($31 for the three day pass, or $16 for one day). So, just sending him with a teammate. I'm not caught up on the game footage I already have anyway. After I got him off, I hit Zumba w/MZL.  Stats: 5678 steps. 2.48 miles. 451/310 burn. AvHR115. High159. In zone 24 of the 62 minutes. When I'm on the front row, or on stage, I think I "give" more, as it's just required, when you know everyone is watching you. Often with MZL, they will move to the floor, with the instructor in the center. This Thursday class, that moves me from the front row, to the back row. I don't mind the back row at all, there's often a bit more room ... but I think it allows me to take it easy a bit more. I felt that today. After class I stopped at Lowes and grabbed 10 bags of brown mulch. It was on sale (5 for $10) and as it's been out at Walmart for a while, I figured this might be Lowes attempt to get rid of product too. Now or never. It sure creates an overpowering earthy fragrance in the car. I also stopped at Sams for a few things. The boys were around (sans #2 and #5) when I got home, so it was nice to have their help unloading. The big boys carted the bags of mulch to the backyard while #4 brought in the groceries. I was feeling quite lethargic today, just not very motivated. I guess #1 wasn't either, as he'd got the opportunity to skip work (unpaid) and took it. I finally hit the treadmill for a walk at least. Got my watering in later in the evening. Spread some gravel I'd picked up around the flagstones - my attempt to keep the weeds and dirt down. Hubs was home around 7:00 ... and asleep by 8:00. Poor guy works so hard. I got the bills paid, journal entry in, playlist prepped (as Debbie did ask me to sub again tomorrow/Monday).

0627 (Wednesday) Weight 176.8. Steps 24654. Total Burn 3095. Exercise Burn 1100/1293 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200.  While I absolutely enjoy leading Zumba classes, I also like just going and being part of the class. Not having to prepare or always be "on" ... it's all good. Today I was just part of the class with MZL (I did do one song). Stats: 7004. 3.2 miles. 496/466 burn. AvHR118. High142. In zone 25 of the 65 minutes. After class I did a grocery store stop at Maceys to restock some produce. Grabbed some soda, blue Powerade and Oreos were on sale (got the family size for $2.38 each). During this time I was texting with #5 and #5's friend, planning a playdate, when #5 got invited to go hang with some other friends. We debated hitting our church (which had been the play with the two littles) but #5 took the Segway to check out the church and there were cars in the lot. So, back to the Gene Fullmer plan. As soon as I was done shopping, I drove him over to the gym. The other boys were already there. I'd thought #4 would like to go play too, but he wasn't interested. #5 and his buddies played for quite a while, then one of the moms came and picked them all up and took them for pizza then back to the house to play for a while longer. I didn't pick him up until after 5:00. To get #4 out of the house, he and I made a run to Little Ceasars to get some ICB, and a pizza. I worry about #4 sometimes. So much like me, just a homebody (although he likes vacations). I keep trying to encourage him to initiate with friends, inviting them over but ... he did seem happy and talkative as we drove though. I did manage to get in a couple more elliptical sessions to finish up my hour (and my movie from yesterday). I also mowed the front lawn, did the dishes, watered, got all the groceries away and made banana bread. Eating was a little out of control. I just kept snacking. Not quite as bad as yesterday. Hubs had taken the waverunners to work, and left there to go up to the lake with a work buddy. Not home until late.

0626 (Tuesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 17600. Total Burn 2655. Exercise Burn 759/853 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200.  Hubs slept in a bit, I beat him out of bed. He was feeling a little off, but said he was okay for the day. I got one elliptical session in and then headed out to Zumba. Back in our building. I hadn't thought the smell was bad yesterday, but it seemed a little worse this morning. I'd meant to prop the doors open to allow it to air out but had forgotten. Suzanne and I opened all the doors as we waited for the others to come. S&C were there to help, so I only lead a third of the time. Fun to have Suzanne back after she was working during the school year. Stats: 6688 steps. 3miles. 476/442 burn. AvHR113. High144. In zone 20 of the 64 miles. I'd invited the folks over, as it's been a little bit. I thought they could play games with the littles, and see all the changes Hubs has made to the garage and peek at my garden. I ran and picked up some Papa Murphy's pizza. The other day when I did the online order for MY thin crust, white sauce, cheese only, it was $8. Today, they run the $10 Tuesday special, so it's MORE expensive on Tuesdays! The store couldn't really work it out either, as I'd used an online only coupon. We played some Rat-a-Tat cat and Scattergories. I could have got a quick workout in before they arrived, or after ... but my motivation was lacking. I did 10min on the elliptical at least, to get 30min total. Both #3 and #2 had friends over in the gym later in the evening. I stuck some lasagna in the oven, dinner for Hubs. We headed to bed early, getting in a couple episodes of "Altered Carbon" ... whilst eating popcorn.

0625 (Monday)Weight 175.7. Steps 31208. Total Burn 3267. Exercise Burn 1645/1465 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1850. Out of bed just after 6:00. Successful egg gathering. One elliptical session. I was thinking Debbie was going to be back to teaching, but she texted late (well, 9:30, late for me *Ü*) last night asking if I could sub again. So I prepped a playlist and headed out. Class went well. Stats: 5926 steps. 2.55 miles. 524/408 burn. AvHR128. High154. In Zone 48 of the 60 minutes.  Straight home afterward. Got in another elliptical session, then the two littles and I went to the church. They played basketball and I did some Zumba practice. Another hour. Less intensive though. Stats: 5444 steps. 2.35 miles. 405/285 burn. AvHR111. High139. In Zone 5 of the 62 minutes. Back at home, got in a final elliptical session, and one time on the treadmill.

0624 (Sunday) Weight 174.2. Total Burn 2059. Exercise Burn 0/270 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. I'd put out some Rhoads cinnamon rolls to rise overnight. Cut up into pull-aparts. Baked that up for breakfast. Hubs was up and off early grabbing things from the storage shed that they needed to take up to the lake. Then packing up stuff ... and the boys were off. #1 drove separately, taking his finance and #5, as Hubs had filled up the Sequoya with stuff (and #2, #3 and #4). I generally only make one trip up to the lake each summer, and figured I'd let them go themselves this time and work out any kinks. But Hubs said it would have been a good one for me to go on, not very crowded at the beach, not too hot. In fact, it was a little cool in the shade, so everyone stayed in the sun almost all day, and everyone got a little sunburned. I caught a little sun here at home, then cleaned up the house, grabbed some Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. We had Sol's family over in the evening to discuss upcoming wedding stuff. 

0623 (Saturday) Weight 173.1. Total Burn 2594. Exercise Burn 500/798 (30minElliptical. WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. Slept in a bit, after 7:00 anyway. After weighing in (same as yesterday, I was a little surprised, I would have thought it would slide back up after less exercise and only okay eating) I went out back and was happy to find an egg. Blackfoot hadn't laid the last couple days. I'd thought maybe she was hiding them, but I really looked, and today it was in one of her usual "nest" spots. I stuck it in my pocket and then did some digging in the pen, finding some worms. I always have to find one and throw it to BF specifically, as her eyesight keeps her from beating the boys to them most of the time. Unfortunately, I bumped the shovel against my leg ... against the egg in my pocket. Broke the egg. In my pocket. At 9:00 I called the nail salon and they said to come right in, so I did. I was overdue for a fill. I love the look ... I dislike the upkeep! Back at home I did some dishes, laundry, mowed the lawn, laid some mulch. I really should have done the latter BEFORE the nail appointment, as my hands and nails were filthy. I should wear gloves. I let the ducks wander the full backyard while I mowed and worked and watered. Got more sun on my shoulders. Hubs picked up the waverunners and ran some other errands. #5 went to hang with a friend. A little Popeyes for a late, casual dinner. 

0622 (Friday) Weight 173.1. Steps 165.09. Total Burn 2691. Exercise Burn 765/897 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400.  Happy to see my good day yesterday reflected on the scale. I was up at 6:30, and got one and a half elliptical sessions in early, and that ended up being all in my gym for the day.  Subbing Zumba for Debbie again. Had Carma there to help. Stats: 6502 steps. 2.88 Miles. 506/413 burn. AvHR123. High145. In Zone 41 of the 64 minutes. Straight home after ... and on to snickerdoodle duty. My niece's reception tonight, serving cookies, and we aunts and uncles and pitching in to help. Baking always takes longer than I think. Set some aside for the wedding reception, packed some up for #4 to take to a friend's house as I dropped him off to hang out for a bit. Some for #5's ride to practice, and still some for us. It was a triple batch. I didn't make it back down to the gym. Headed out to the reception around 6:00, to be there (have the cookies there) when it started at 6:30. It was in Bountiful, and I felt bad making Hubs drive all the way home from work (up there) to get me, just to head back. Oh well. Saw my folks and my Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Merrill. Watched episode 10 of "The Handmaid's Tale" and now we are currently caught up and have to wait a week (and then another) for the final two in the season.

0621 (Thursday) Weight 175.0. Steps 30171. Total Burn 3275. Exercise Burn 1250/1465 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. No egg this morning. Not broken ... couldn't find one at all. Only got one elliptical session in before Zumba this morning. Stats from class: 6622 steps. 2.93 miles. 487/413 burn. AvHR117. High145. In Zone 31 of the 65 minutes. Stopped for some shopping on the way home. First to Lowes, to see if they had brown mulch. They did. More money than Walmart, but oh well, I want brown. Bought five bags. Then Sam'sClub for milk, chips, cheese, frozen fruit, and the protein drinks were on sale. The boys like them. Quick stop at Walmart after to grab some bananas and a couple other things. Home to unload. The two little boys helped. I had to rearrange the freezer somewhat to fit everything in. Repackaged the cheese into smaller bags. Put everything away in the food storage room. Did dishes. Did laundry.  Got in another elliptical session, then a treadmill walk a little later on. Mac and cheese for #5 for lunch, made some chicken, which I turned into haystacks a bit later for dinner. It was the wedding dinner for my niece, and we'd been invited, but it was in Bountiful, and tough to get to (I don't drive there, Hubs works there, but would have to come all the home for me and then back) and I'm so picky I wouldn't like anything anyway, and #5 had practice and ... excuses. I'm never sure if family really cares about things like this, noting our absence (I don't if they don't make it to something of ours). Hubs emptied the hot-tub and cleaned it, but that took my hose from the back. I hand watered a few of the smaller pots, and the rest should be okay to last until tomorrow without a daily water. I'm sure the ducks would have preferred fresh water, but they too can wait until tomorrow. It is amazing how dirty their water gets so quickly! #5 had practice. I ran him there, did my final elliptical session and took a shower ... then back to pick him up. Watered the front yard ... and to bed.

0620 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 21046. Total Burn 2734. Exercise Burn 775/924 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Up at 6:30. Did one elliptical workout, then made some muffins. MZL was having a birthday celebration for Shelly, one of the main ladies, and we'd been asked to bring something for a potluck brunch. One more elliptical session and breakfast for the birds. Then I got a text that there was a building conflict. Some talk of moving buildings, then of staying but trying to move to the primary room. Um, what? That works if there are eight or less people. Regular Wednesday has 10-20, and today was combined with the other Wednesday class (as their building was out of commission for the week). I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the crowd and chaos, so I didn't even go. I sent a quick text to Carma to let her know, but she still went ... and turned around a left. I saw on FB that they moved outside, which would have been better. 73° which isn't terrible, but no shade for dancing. So another non-Zumba day for me. I'd planned on heading out to my mom's with the boys, to visit with cousins, swim, and go out to a ladies lunch. #3 even came. My mom, sister and I went out to eat, while the kids and grandpa hit the pool. Then we got Grandma's wii working (it was plugged into an outlet on a switch that had been flipped) and showed her how to get to AmazonPrime. Had to head home as #3 had to work at 3:00 and needed a shower first. I'd gotten a treadmill walk in earlier, did a half elliptical when we got back, and one more before bed. Mowed the lawn. Went out to water, sans boots, staying on the other side of the fence ... but Mr. Mallard wanted to get my toes so badly he went through/over the fence twice! Both times I quickly grabbed him and tossed him back over before he could eat my ankles. I then donned my boots to do my work inside with the ducks, putting out their food and refreshing their water. Made tacos for dinner, just for Hubs and #5, as #4 had fallen asleep (he's been napping a lot this summer). 

0619 (Tuesday) Weight 175.9. Steps 21297. Total Burn 2790. Exercise Burn1000/975 (60minElliptical, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Hubs slept in a little, leaving around 6:00. Kitty snuck in as he opened the bedroom door ... that ended any possibility of me sleeping in. Not sure how #4 sleeps with kitten every night and enjoys it. up that early I should have gotten in a workout before heading off to my backup Zumba, but the morning didn't go as planned. The kitchen was still a big mess, but #3 had helpfully unloaded the dishwasher last night, so I started loading it up. #1 then started talking to me about possibly "almost eloping" instead of doing a big, planned wedding three months from now. I ended up not going to Zumba. I could have, but just was dragging some (this eye issue is draining!) and hadn't gotten in any exercise. While I love Zumba, I usually get better steps/burn on the elliptical/treadmill, and figured I could save 30 minutes drive time if I stayed home. I got in my elliptical and treadmill during the day, but still a little low on the activity. I did try jogging some. I hadn't found an egg in the morning as I brought the birds their breakfast, but in the afternoon as I was changing their water I stumbled upon it in a new location. Unbroken too! The fence has kept them contained. #3 hadn't been scheduled to work, but got called to fill in for someone who was sick. Good thing I had done his laundry earlier in the day. #2 went to a viewing. A friend's mom passed away unexpectedly. Hubs stopped at Costco to grab ribs for a work activity tomorrow. Spent most of the evening prepping them, and he's going to smoke them at work, so he had to unload the derby stuff and pack up the smoking stuff. 

0618 (Monday) Weight 175. Steps 27825. Total Burn 3168. Exercise Burn 1300/1356 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was up around 6:30. Got in one and a half elliptical sessions in. Got a text from Debbie last night asking if I could sub Zumba tomorrow, so I prepped a playlist. Class went well. Just a couple people there at the start, but eight or so by the end. Stats: 6299 steps. 2.75miles. 542/425 burn. AvHR127. High145. In Zone 52 of the 61 minutes. My eye is still definitely a problem, I hoped it wasn't too noticeable.  When we'd gone shopping yesterday, Reams had been out of cilantro, so I made a quick stop at Walmart (the one on 104th, just down from Zumba), as I also wanted to see if they had any of the brown mulch left. I'd grabbed some at the start of the season, then had to grab a different brand (a big more $$), but here, they were out of brown completely. Still had black and red ... I don't like black and red, and obviously everyone in the world likes the brown best too, as it's all gone. It was starting to rain as I went into the store to grab the cilantro, and the sound of the rain was absolutely pounding on the roof. I dashed to the car just as it turned to hail. I hoped it wouldn't dent the car! I made a quick stop at Dollar Tree, hoping to find a couple things for the garden, but no luck. I didn't buy anything. Home again, and I made jello and got it setting up in the fridge. Then chex mix. I was also planning on bringing Brazilian Cheese Rolls, but I waited to prep them until closer to time to leave. I got in some more gym time, another elliptical session and a treadmill walk. Hubs came home a bit early to make the guacamole, and I made the BCR, baking up one batch to take, then bringing the batter (and pans and such) to finish there, as they are better right out of the oven. I'd doubled a triple batch, so there was plenty. I was stuck manning the stove for a bit of the party though. We'd brought the Segway, which meant #2 had to drive separately. #3 went with him. #1 and fiance met us there. We missed #5 off at basketball camp (he'd checked in, they won one, lost one, both by big margins). Everyone at the party enjoyed the Segway. Only two near accidents, one my little nephew (with a broken hand) almost had it get away from him, and my oldest brother tipped it a little causing it to spin out, almost taking out my youngest niece. Hubs had brought the slack line too, as my brother's house has perfect trees for it. I'd brought some other toys and games, but other than a football being thrown around, the other stuff didn't make it out of the bag. We headed home. I did my final 10min on the elliptical. Hubs and I watched an episode of "The Handmaid's Tale" and then off to sleep.

0617 (Sunday) Weight 174.5. Steps 9584. Total Burn 2174. Exercise Burn 100/367 (30minBike). Calories in 3000. Father's Day. I got up and cleaned up the kitchen, made sure it was ready to make breakfast. Hubs (instead of staying in bed) was smoking some bacon, but I had #1 make the waffles.  Pretty laid back breakfast. #2 and #3 didn't even make it out of bed while the rest of us were eating. We had a few gifts. Some more steel tumblers and extra handles, a pepper grinder, a sink rack thing Hubs had tagged me about on Facebook. #1 had bought a "Ring" doorbell security system. That was something I would have liked for Mother's Day ;) Hubs had also said his Father's Day gift was the new edger he ordered a week or so ago. #5 was packed, and got picked up for his travel tournament in Cedar City. #3 was off to work. I needed to grab some produce, and Hubs said he'd come (to pick avocados for guacamole). The road in front of Smiths was completely under construction - I mean we could have gone around and entered from the other side, but we headed to Reams instead. Except Hubs doesn't like Reams, and today didn't help. He's just not impressed with their selection. The car wash place was right there too, so we ran the Durango through. We'd planned on hitting Tepanyaki for an early dinner, but Hubs got super tired around 4:00, which is probably when we should have headed out to avoid crowds. There were crowds. Would have been 45+ wait. We decided to hit Johnny Carinos instead. Got seated pretty quick. The table was a bit crowded with the five of us (sans #3 and #5). Then #3 surprised us, slipping out of work early to join us. It was even more squished. #2 and I split a dish, and we did a double order of the fried mozzarella. I made some "nests" as #1 had goofed with the waffles this morning, and we ended up with extra egg whites. I put them in the oven and forgot about them, but luckily #2 was around to take them out when the timer rang. I'd done good on the "no sugar" for the first part of the week, slipping up some on the weekend. Over on calories today (although it wasn't all because of sugar like it often is). When I woke first thing, my eye was bugging me. I think it's a stye in my eye. It was a pain all day (literally) and made my eye red, puffy and weepy. It's happened a couple times before. Hope it clears up soon!

0616 (Saturday) Weight 172.8. Steps 17461. Total Burn 2639. Exercise Burn 350/832 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100.  Didn't really have much on deck today. No basketball games. Hubs had a big bag of soil delivered, and enlisted the two older boys into wheeling it into the backyard to fill a depression there. I hurried and mowed the back lawn first, and then rearranged some fencing to attempt to keep the ducks contained to the garden/unfinished area. #3 and a friend were in the gym all morning, but I got an elliptical session in when they were done. Another half at the end of the day, but that was all for official exercise. I did some work out in the garden; weeding, turning over soil and laying down some mulch. I'd pulled a roast out to defrost a couple days ago. I cut it up and put it in the crock pot, and made stroganoff for dinner. I also shredded some chicken I baked. I'd planned on turning it into a chicken pasta salad or something, but I ended up turning it over to #1 who made "tinga" with it. Hubs had a DVD from a friend, "The Equalizer" ... and we watched that while indulging in popcorn. ♥

0615 (Friday) Weight 172.5. Steps 22454. Total Burn 2883. Exercise Burn 1000/1090 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Awake and up before 6:00 today, but wasn't planning on Zumba, as both MZL and Debbie's class had building conflicts and had to cancel. I started with elliptical, and got a treadmill walk in early. I even did weights! Then did some work around the house. Some watering and weeding out back.  More treadmill and elliptical. Felt really tired by evening. I'd put out some cinnamon pull-aparts (really just Rhoads cinnamon rolls cut up) and #1, his finance and I ate it all. Food was a bit more of a challenge today, and I went over, and had a couple small "completely empty calorie" entries. Made a muvee. Hubs was home a little late. Had stopped by Costco grabbing some meat. He prepped some to smoke jerky tomorrow. Practice had been scheduled for #5, but then I guess a couple kids couldn't make it, so Coach ended up canceling. #5 and I were okay having the evening off.

0614 (Thursday) 172.8. Steps 26790. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1210/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 1750.  During the school year, as Hubs would get up and off, I'd often have trouble falling back asleep ... not really an issue most of the time, as I was getting up shortly after he left (unless he had an early morning). Now, even when he doesn't leave that early, I fall asleep. Deep. I haven't needed my alarm yet, but still. A bit surprising, as it is light so early. I got one elliptical session in, then headed out to Zumba w/ MZL. Stats: 6442 steps. 2.79 miles. 465/393 burn. AvHR120. High140. In zone 32 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Sam'sClub after, mainly for milk, but as always, grabbed some other things too. Home to unload and put things away. Got in another elliptical session before taking #5 to basketball camp at the high school. #3 and friend were then in the gym for a couple hours. I got a treadmill walk in when they finished, before I went to pick up #5. Last day, I think he enjoyed it. Broke the last elliptical session into two and got them in later in the evening. #5 had his practice in the evening. The road in front of that church is all torn up (again) and they are completely demolishing the park across the way. I did my ducky duty and watering in between dropping off and picking up. #1 stopped for some Popeyes on the way home from his work.

0613 (Wednesday) 173.3. Steps 30003. Total Burn 3249. Exercise Burn 1263/1462 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900.  Hubs had to take an Ambien to get to sleep after taking his late nap. I was still awake when he fell asleep for the night. I finished my book. I haven't been getting up early. I wondered if I'd be able to keep it up. I was up early enough to get in one and a half elliptical sessions in before heading out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6404 steps. 2.78 miles. 502/410 burn. AvHR122. High150. In zone 39 of the 63 minutes. It was a larger class than usual, I think the other Wednesday class had to cancel, so we had some of those people here. I know that will be the case next week too. I stopped at Maceys to grab some groceries, and a quick stop at Dollar Tree too. Home to unload and get things put away. I didn't get a workout in before heading out to drop #5 at basketball camp. When I got back, #3 and a friend were in the gym. If I'd have know, I would have tried harder to get a session in earlier. There was still plenty to keep me busy. I cleaned up the kitchen, did the dishes, a couple loads of laundry, changed the sheets. Also prepped meatball subs to feed #3 (and friend) before #3 headed to work. #4 was around to have one too. I had just enough left to make three more in the evening for #1, #5 ... and #4 again. Hubs had gone to a movie w/Adrian. Deadpool 2. He was pretty full of popcorn. I'd grabbed Dominos on the way home from picking up #5, so there was that for dinner too. I was able to indulge (a slice of my white sauce cheese pizza) and keep calories in check. Hubs had received some wall panels today, and did a little work in the garage, but it was SO hot. I watered and changed the ducks water and got them their evening meal. Transplanted some tomatoes. Debated making some cookie/brownies, but didn't get around to it. Yesterday's Oreos were gone by late morning. Yes ... the boys ate some for breakfast!

0612 (Tuesday) 173.9. Steps 18434. Total Burn 2564. Exercise Burn 762/766 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. All the ducky eggs have been broken of late. I'm not sure when I got one last. I didn't make it to Zumba (Heather's class). Pretty much premeditated. Just didn't feel up to it, but I'll try to next week.  #4 has seemed off these last few days too. He slept for several hours mid-day today. I grabbed a little nap too. In the morning, #1's fiance came over and they waffled cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Aunt Olivia came over to cut #1's hair and redo #3's. #5 had his basketball camp at the high school again. Finished up my blog post I didn't get to yesterday. Laundry, dishes, watering. Hubs came home and took the Segway for a long drive, then he disappeared and I found him in bed asleep. I made some homemade oreos ... didn't officially eat one, but still added one to MFP as I know I got a few bits and pieces as I cleaned out the dough from under my nails and licked the frosting off my fingers.

0611 (Monday) Weight 176.9. Steps 15085. Total Burn 2539. Exercise Burn 450/721 (Zumba). Calories in 700. I did sleep last night, with the medication. I might have passed on Zumba, just not really in the mood, but I was subbing for Debbie. So I was committed. Class was small, but went well. Stats: 6022 steps. 2.67 miles. 489/395 burn. AvHR128. High 154. In Zone 43 of the 58 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home, mostly to restock on fruits and veggies, but grabbed some clearance deals too. Had a bit to unload and get put away. Dishes. Laundry ... they are always there for me. #5 had basketball camp over at the high school. 1:00-4:00 Mon-Thurs this week. #3 dropped him off, and I did the pickup. I made spaghetti for and early dinner, to feed #3 before he headed to work at 5:00, but then he was running late and left without eating any. It's good for leftovers though. #5 and I headed out to his final game with the Murray league. The gym was super hot, as usual. The shots were just not falling for our boys, and so the season ended in a loss. I was prepping my playlist for tomorrow (subbing for Marian) and had posted to the neighborhood FB page when a neighbor commented that she thought they were refinishing the floors. I drove over to the church quick to check it out and sure enough, out of commission for over a week. This week and next, which also means no basketball with the boys. I texted my regulars and we debated a bit (to do it outside) but ultimately decided just to cancel it. There is Heather's class as a backup ... but I was already thinking I was going to take a break tomorrow and just not dance for a day. Took a couple Benedryl before bed, but still had trouble falling asleep ...

0610 (Sunday) Weight 175.9. Steps 4955. Total Burn 1926. Exercise Burn 0/114 (no exercise). Calories in 1600. Bad night, not unexpected. Hubs was off on an errand (picked up a Segway). We didn't do breakfast. I got started on rolls, as I'd been asked to bring them to the family gathering later in the day. Made some scones for the kids with some of the dough. The rest was shaped into orange rolls and dinner rolls. I also ran to the store to grab a cake, got the chocolate one. We headed out to get to Maga's at 5:00. Uncle Clay was walking over with the ribs. Much cooler day than yesterday, or the several days before. Nice enough to eat outside, even with the beehive above (Maga's called someone to take care of that, they are coming on Tuesday). Got a big family photo. A bit of wedding talk (for #1's upcoming marriage). They brought Toby, Sol's dog, and it was funny watching him and Maga's dog chase each other around. After several days of bad sleep and absolutely exhausted eyeballs, I took an Ambien at 9:00 and was out shortly after. I'm glad it worked, as it hasn't been that effective the few times I've tried it in the past. I considered taking two ... or three, or 10.

0609 (Saturday) Weight 177.4. Steps  13917. Total Burn 2388. Exercise Burn 500/576 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2200.  No basketball games today. Spring season has wrapped up (well, one more Monday game) and summer hasn't started yet. I didn't get my 5k in though, just didn't feel up to the jog. I got in a couple elliptical sessions. My Cutco presentation didn't end up happening, for which I was relieved. Sol has decided not to sell for them, which is probably good happening sooner than later. I got the lawn mowed. It was a warm one today. Hubs got all the kids doing some chores, and he cleaned the main tub ... actually got it completely clean. #3 wasn't around to pitch in (well, he showed up with a friend to workout in the gym) but he had cleaned the bathroom yesterday, without me even asking him. Then Hubs worked in the garage, hanging more paneling. #5 went to hang with a buddy all day. #1 was off with Sol, #2 had Kate over, #3 was working ... #4 was just hanging at home. Ended as a Black Saturday. One of the worst :(

0608 (Friday) Weight 176.5. Steps 20416. Total Burn 2821. Exercise Burn 907/1000 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900.  Sometimes silly little things can super stress me out. That happened. I couldn't get to sleep last night, tossing and turning until well after mid-night. Not very motivated when I got up in the morning. Scale was still high. I had hoped it was just water retention after the popcorn a couple nights ago and that it would correct quickly. That wasn't super motivating either. I'd originally planned on MZL Zumba, but got a text from Debbie asking if Carma and I could sub for today and Monday as she's hurt her back. Carma was available today, but won't be Monday ... which is fine, I can do it myself. So I'd prepped a playlist yesterday. Class was good. Stats: 6626 steps. 2.93 miles. 534/440 burn. AvHR129. High154. In zone 57 of the 63 minutes. Thought about making a quick stop at Smiths, but the road is so torn up I wasn't even sure I could get in or out. I didn't bother. I got a couple elliptical sessions in at home, but not my full hour. No treadmill today. #5 had practice so we had the usual drop off at 5:30. Pokemon has made a comback at our house. Big time!

0607 (Thursday) Weight 177.0. Steps 30080. Total Burn 3311. Exercise Burn 1173/1496 (50minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.25milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Hubs was sleeping in a bit, I got up at 6:20, and beat him up. I'd been awake earlier. Instead of treadmill, I went with elliptical. Didn't get my entire hour in, just 10min short. I thought for sure I'd fit it in later in the day ... but then #3 was in the gym with a friend for a couple hours at the end of day. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6602 steps. 2.98 miles. 435/386 burn. AvHR118. High139. In zone 30 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sams and Walmart afterward. Actually remembered to bring the rewards check and have it applied to the credit card account. That's been around for months, but I never remembered to bring it with me. Why can't they just apply it to the account? No Cetaphil cream at Sams or Walmart. No one was home when I got back. #3 had taken the two littles to Aunt Olivia at Supercuts, then they went to Arbys. I got everything put away and got caught up on some computer stuff. #4 didn't push for church basketball today. I got a jog in on the treadmill. I made some jello cubes (they are gone already) and a "Cool Whip Dessert" or which I had to test. The leftover brisket has been popular for french dip these last few days. Some work out in the garden, more transplanting. Garbage day today, and a neighbor's can was blowing school papers all over. #5 had practice in the evening.  

0606 (Wednesday) Weight 175.3. Steps 27729. Total Burn 3566. Exercise Burn 1597/1757 (40minElliptical, Zumbax2, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs was off a little before 5:00. I don't know that I really fell back asleep, so I went ahead and got up at my usual "school" time. I noticed on my phone that #1 had called me, twice, at 12:45. My phone ringer is off at night, and I was too asleep to notice any vibration. I peeked in at him and he woke up enough to tell me what had happened. He had met his fiance at the movies and on the way home, she was in a car accident (hit a parked car). Car needed to be towed, and the tow guy was insisting on $150 cash deposit. Is that common practice? I mean how many people have that kind of cash on them? Isn't the CAR collateral enough? Most people will want their car back. Even if it was completely totaled and a loss, wouldn't the metal scrap be about that much? As he couldn't get a hold of us (I told him to try #3, who is usually up late, and he could come and physically wake me) the guy took credit card info. Didn't hit the gym immediately, as I did with the school schedule ... although I should. While I have been getting in an hour walk on the treadmill, I think it was better to get the elliptical hour in. Then if I only get one treadmill time in, I've still had my elliptical hour. Also I do NOT feel like jogging first thing, but usually did later in the day. So I'm going to try and switch back to elliptical if I'm up early enough.  I did do treadmill walk today. No egg from duckie today. I peeked out back and saw her coming back from behind the pen. There is really nothing back there, not even a small spot to nest. I did check it out though. No egg to be found. Off to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6900 steps. 3.08miles. 518/465burn. AvHR125. High149. In zone 49 of the 65 minutes. After class I stopped by Maceys to grab some groceries. Back at home, it's unloading time and mommy duties around the house (and backyard, watering and 2nd breakfast for the ducks). Then off to the church again for basketball for the two boys. I did Zumba. My stats don't stand up to a class, but still not bad for practice. 6112 steps. 2.64 miles. 426/305burn. AvHR114. High134. In zone 16 of the 65 minutes. I only got two elliptical sessions in during the rest of the day. I'd mowed the lawn earlier in the day, and then spent some time in the evening watering and transplanting a few things. Hubs made popcorn and we watched an episode of "The Handmaid's Tale" ...

0605 (Tuesday) Weight 175.5. Steps 34832. Total Burn 3482. Exercise Burn 1650/1675 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Hubs had taken half an Ambien a bit into the night, and was out cold, sleeping in a little later then his usual. He was off around 6:00. I got up shortly after. Did an hour walk on the treadmill. When I first fed the ducks, Blackfoot was still in the house, I don't think she'd laid her egg yet. As soon as I saw her out I went to grab it, and was able to get it before it was broken. It was still warm. #3 was parked behind me (as Hubs had parked in his usual spot so I could get out and back in with last night's game) and so I moved it ... then figured I should walk to Zumba, as it's nice and close and a nice morning. So I did. Marian was there today, as was Suzanne, who we hadn't seen all during the school year with the school schedule. Stats: 6318 steps. 2.7miles. 450/388 burn. AvHR117. High132. In zone 33 of the 64 minutes. #3 and a friend were in the gym when I got back home, which was fine. I'd told #3 to TRY and do his workouts somewhere in the 8:30-11:30 range, as that's when I'm gone to Zumba and then errands or house stuff. They finished up, and I got my first elliptical in. Then I asked #4 if he wanted to practice basketball at the church gym and he said yes. #5 came too, and we stayed for just over an hour. I practiced some Zumba while I waited and supervised. Back home, and out to water plants and refresh ducky waters. #3 had put his bed frame together and he and I tried to put the mattress back on without messing up the mattress pad, but #3 is fastidious, and not happy with it and wants to try again with a brother ... someone stronger and more agile than ME to help. He had to leave for work before either brother got home though. I had Hubs and #2 get it done when they were both home. Another two elliptical sessions in, another load of dishes and some laundry.

0604 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 30249. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 1319/1427 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 1700. First day of the summer schedule. Hubs was still up and off early, around 4:30. I think I fell back asleep a bit, but I was still restless and awake around my usual time. Of course I didn't get up and be productive. Got up around 6:30 and then hit the treadmill. On for an hour, but just walking. Zumba w/Debbie. I was even on time, but then there was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign up. Seriously! Can this not be communicated before hand. Debbie talked to them and they let us use the relief society room, but there were way too many people (several had kids with them) and it's so hard to dance on carpet. At least one lady gave up and left. The rest stuck it out, but stats weren't great. 5424 steps 2.36 miles. 408/326 burn. AvHR118. High143. In zone 27 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. I'd refilled my prescriptions online, and called Hub's ones in. Mine were ready, but they had to quickly finish up his. I grabbed a few groceries. #2's "fake chicken" was on sale, and I got some Gatorade too. Home to unload, then clean up the kitchen, which was still a mess from last night. Put in some laundry, did a couple loads. Hit the elliptical, getting my hour in with three sessions during the day. I've gotten after #4 a bit to increase his step count and challenged him to do one session on the treadmill most days during the summer. Even ordered him some new running shoes as an incentive (I paid $75 of the $150 price tag). He did a run today. Super sweaty! He also played basketball outside and he and #5 jumped on the tramp a bit, but the tramp (and bb hoop there) are in pretty bad shape. I watered the lawn ... broken egg again yesterday and today. Pulled up a watermelon we had forgotten a bit about. While the ducks seemed to really like watermelon originally, now they are just so-so for it. Still adore tomatoes. #3 went shopping, trying to find a red shirt to wear under his work shirt. No luck there, but he still came home with quite a bit of stuff. He's had bad luck with things shrinking on him ... which has been a boon to #4, who gets his hand-me-downs.  #5 had a 7:00 basketball game with his Wolves. The gym was SO hot. Had to be 80° at least. The game was quite tight, with the score staying close and the lead going back and forth. In the end, our boys pulled ahead to win by 10+. I guess one of the teams after us didn't show, and we were asked if we wanted to stay and play another game, but the boys all seemed super tired, and with the hot gym, #5 wasn't interested. I would have been willing if he was, but we headed home. It had  been a super warm day, and when I checked the app, it said it was 95° outside, and it felt cooler (in the shade) than in the gym! Hubs was doing a bit of work on his computer until late. I got caught up on some journal entries. Not too shabby for the first day of summer. Didn't get to bed until after 11:00. That's late for us!

0603 (Sunday) Weight 177.3. Steps 13768. Total Burn 2440. Exercise Burn 506/621 (30minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  Slept until a little after 7:00 ... Hubs headed into work, trying to catch up on some stuff. #5 had been invited to a sleepover late last night, and #3 had taken him ... and then proceeded to head to a sleepover himself. So, there weren't many people home and #2 usually sleeps in and #1 was off to church. #3 grabbed #5 on his way home a little later in the morning. He'd had a misunderstanding with me, thinking we were having a family get-together. He's managed to get work off ... but the party is next week. He ended up going into work to cover for someone. I did a walk on the treadmill, then got a couple elliptical sessions in later in the day. Finished up the monthly review blog post, and got a couple muvees made. Hubs ran to the store, as he wanted to make a meatloaf to smoke. I added some scalloped potatoes to the dinner. 

0602 (Saturday) Weight 176.7. Steps 16308. Total Burn 2433. Exercise Burn 350/613 (40min/3.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 3100. Didn't get out of bed until after 8:00 today. #5's game wasn't until 11:00. I went ahead and did my "5k" as I have the last couple Saturdays, although I really had to push myself to do it today. The championship game went well, our boys got the win, and the t-shirts! We had a few hours before the Wolves game (the local ones), so I got the lawn mowed. Then off to Midvale, where the boys won the first, which put them playing again at 7:00. So, waiting an hour. I ran and grabbed a little dinner, just some tots and chicken tenders from a nearby Arctic Circle. The next game was against the #1 seed (we were #8) and they beat us pretty easy. #5 still got some good shots in. He came home and went through the clips ... now my turn to make them into muvees.

0601 (Friday) Weight 176.3. Steps 22284. Total Burn 2920. Exercise Burn 1052/1106 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little. Last day of elementary school for #5 ... and for ME. After 18+ years, we'll wrap up that chapter. #4 technically had school, but it was just a few hours and they weren't really doing anything, so he skipped (as did the other two kids in the carpool and I'm sure 90% of the school). After dropping off #5, I changed and headed to Zumba w/MZL. When I first arrived, I wasn't sure if there were any instructors! Kathy, one of our older ladies who does a few numbers (even on oxygen) had started things. Missy was there too, but it was really just her and me, until about halfway through when a couple other gals showed up. Stats: 6020 steps. 2.6 miles. 476/398 burn. AvHR124. High150. In zone 40 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Mimi Nails after, hoping they could take me as a walk-in. My thumbnail was almost completely off, and the two pinky nails weren't in great shape either. At first, I thought I saw people waiting and thought I was out of luck, but then I realized it was the two owners sitting waiting ... so I got right in. We did a new set. Afterward, I hit Maceys for a few groceries, and then stopped at Dunford on the way home. it was National Donut Day, and I felt obligated to participate. So did everyone else I guess. Uber crowded. #3 had wanted to go on a Krispie Kreme run UNTIL he found out it was National Donut Day, and then he decided against it, fearing the crowds, likely rightly so. Got everything put away, kitchen cleaned up ... an elliptical session, and it was time to pick up #5 (early out at 1:00).  He had a game with his Wolves up in NSL. Past my ability to drive, I don't even like to go as a passenger ... so I just sent him with a teammate. They won. Played an 8th grade girls team. The Wolves have games tomorrow at 10, 12 and 1:00, but #5's Grizzlies have their game at 11:00 for the championship, so #5 will have to miss the other games. Hubs was home from work pretty early, spending the evening in the garage putting up paneling. I was super tired and went to bed early (9:30).

0531 (Thursday) Weight 176.3. Steps 27355. Total Burn 3196. Exercise Burn 1305/1382 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700.  Blackfoot laid her egg in the water today :(  I marked it, dried it off and placed it in the nest (where I would like her to lay). Eggs are so porous, I don't dare use it if it's been submerged, especially in the yucky, ducky water.  I got my three elliptical sessions in, #4 off to school as usual (but his last day) and then #5 off (last day/short day tomorrow). Headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7175 steps. 3.2 miles. 532/477 burn. AvHR127. High156. In zone 47 of the 65 minutes. After class, rather than hitting Sams (I'd just gone on Sunday) I went down the street to Reams. It's a different one than my usual on 90th, and boy was the set-up different! Got a bunch of produce and some chicken tenders ($1.79 lb). Also a quick stop at a Dollar Tree, also different. Just grabbed some yogurt ... the store yesterday had some but it was marked "use by May 22" ... this one was for mid-June. #4 likes them. #3 was home, but heading out to go shopping for sheets and comforter set, and then hit the mall with a friend. I got one treadmill time in, finishing up my show, which takes away a little motivation to hit the gym a second time later. Headed out to pickup middle school ... I'd meant to take Bangerter, as construction on 4000W has got the street really backed up. I forgot though, and got stuck in the backup. Then #4 texted asking if he could go home with a friend. It would have been nice to have more notice, then I could have asked the other mom to pick up her kid and save myself the trip. But I was already on the way and it was really too late of notice (although if she had been available and left and taken Bangerter, she probably would have beat me there). I'd had #4 tell carpool kid that I would still be coming and that I was stuck in traffic. Finally made it and delivered Damien home. Then pickup of #5. Then some kitchen cleanup and laundry and ducky duty. Blackfoot has concealed the egg. Not broken. Hubs was home a little early to grab some shut eye before we headed out. #1 son is proposing to his girlfriend tonight and wanted us all there. Originally I still planned on #5 going to practice and had arranged for a ride home, but then he and I decided to have him come. Unfortunately #4 was asleep and I didn't press him enough. We went out to the high school, which was where the first date had happened. Her mom and brother were there, and #1 came and did the deed. She said yes. We took some pictures. What a way to end the month.

0530 (Wednesday) Weight 176.0. Steps 25394. Total Burn 3037. Exercise Burn 954/1232 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Hubs was up and off at the normal time, I was up at my normal time. Got three 20min sessions on the elliptical in. Didn't wake up #3, as he said there really wasn't any school. While technically Friday is the last day, yesterday was the "last" day. Tomorrow is graduation. #4 was off to school as usual, and I dropped #5 off ... came home for a bit, then went back to the school for the 9:30 award assembly for the 6th grade. There was also a school assembly on Friday for the whole school, but #5 told me that all the 6th grade awards were being presented today, so I won't have to come again on Friday. Yea! #5 received a number of awards (readng, writing, math, science, computers, attendance and 100 miles). There were also awards for drama and music ... he didn't get those. Nor the "40BookChallenge" which #4 had managed to get when he was in 6th grade. #5 received the "Tiger Pride" award, which is only given to one boy and one girl in each class for the year. The principal said parents could check their kids out and take them home or out to celebrate. I asked #5 what he wanted to do, but a friend was staying, so he decided to stay too ... he said only about eight students stayed, that they had a fun day and even ordered in pizza. I picked him up after school as usual. One final day of middle school carpool tomorrow ... almost left the gal who rides with us as she wasn't there. I try to text her quick when that happens, and 98% of the time she texts back "oh yea, I'm not getting a ride home today" and today I just bagged it and figured that was the case, but then glimpsed her as I was almost ready to pull out of the lot, so I went back. Next year ... no carpool? Just my two boys? In many ways, it's a lot less stressful, even if I'm on deck for every drop-off and pickup. I'd gotten in one treadmill walk during the day. I'd told #3 to try to plan his workouts for 8:30-11:00 ... as that's during/before/after Zumba class, when I'm not using the gym. Of course, he sleeps all through that and goes down at noon, right when I was ready to head in. I mowed the front lawn instead, and got my treadmill time when he (and a friend) finished up ... and then another later in the day. Hubs had a derby. #3 said he was busy, and #4 didn't feel like going, so #5 went. Saw a basketball buddy there. Hubs needed some batteries ... and nail clippers, and had #2 run some over. It was pretty close. One of the churches I've Zumba'ed at. I found out what #3 had, when he started dismantling his bedroom. He'd bought a "purple" mattress, like #1 did (a full, not a queen, although the size isn't that different). So another twin bed to put into storage, other purchases to be made (sheets, frame, etc).

0529 (Tuesday) Weight 176.0. Steps 28092. Total Burn 3171. Exercise Burn 1490/1366 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Back to the routine, or semi-school schedule with this being the last week. Hubs was up and off early. I was up a my usual time, and got my three 20min elliptical sessions in. #3 did NOT get up for school, saying it was just signing yearbooks. But he was parked behind my car, so I had to have him get up to move it when it was time to take #5 to school. It was his field day, so he took a change of clothes, as it was anticipated they would get wet ... even though it wasn't very warm out (mid-60°). I'd checked for an egg first thing, but couldn't find one. I checked a little later, and there it was ... I guess she's laying a bit later now. Was able to grab it before it was broken. I went out later to refill their waters ... found a bunch of feathers right out the back door. Quickly checked on the ducks, but all seemed okay. I think they were duck feathers, I guess they could have been from a different bird, but didn't see anything else around.  I was leading Zumba today over at the church. I knew Cathyleen wouldn't be there, and Barbara hadn't been to the last few (Debbie's) classes, so I wasn't sure about her, and they are the two regulars. I really wondered if there would be anyone, but Kate (a new gal coming to Debbie's and here) was already there, then Mindy and Melissa and another lady, who has been coming a lot lately. Barabra too, so five, which is pretty good for this class. No Carma, so I was leading the entire hour. Stats: 6523 steps. 2.88 miles. 515/452 burn. AvHR127. High147. In zone 55 of the 64 minutes. All the boys were gone when I got home ... I had a few hours to myself, which will be over soon with school out. Got one treadmill time in, some laundry, kitchen cleanup, blog. Then afterschool pickups. Construction on 4000 W ... wish they would have waited just a few more days. I could take Bangerter to Elkridge, but that is under construction as well. They say to take detours, but all detours have delays due to construction too!

0528 (Monday) Weight 177. Steps 22139. Total Burn 2870. Exercise Burn 969/1051 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2miles). Calories in 1900.  Memorial Day. We didn't have a lot on deck as a family. I was subbing Zumba for Debbie. I went out and ... guys in the gym playing basketball. They HAD looked to see if it was free and to ask Debbie if they could play on half at least. Of course, Debbie was out of town. There were only four of us (and some kids) so we went into the Primary room and let the guys have the gym ... even though it's crappy to have to Zumba on carpet. Stats: 6285 steps. 2.84 miles. 462/427 burn. AvHR121. High146. In zone 34 of the 62 minutes. Back at home, Hubs was doing more siding in his garage. I got in some elliptical and treadmill time. Rain in the afternoon again. #5 got picked up by a friend and spent the day with their family, not returning until evening. #2 and #3 were working. #1 had the day off, and he and his girlfriend hit the zoo and some other fun. I made a run to Walmart, as we were about out of lettuce and tomatoes (ducky food) and a few other things for the family. Game 7 (Houston vs Warriors) was on, and the boys were watching. #2 requested chocolate chip cookies, so I made some. Experimented a bit with the "convection" setting but wasn't impressed (you are supposed to be able to bake with multiple pans, but the cookies on the bottom didn't cook as well).

0527 (Sunday) Weight 176.5. Steps 7528. Total Burn 2121. Exercise Burn 0/302 (no exercise). Calories in 2500.  Hmmm ... shall I take a rest day? It's been a while since there has been a day when I didn't do an activity deemed "exercise" ... I thought about hitting the gym for a walk, or the bike for some reading and riding, but in the end, it was a no exercise day. Still hit 10k, on my Versa anyway. All the other trackers were still below. Hubs got up and started on the brisket for dinner. #1 was off to church, and #3, scheduled to go into work later, got a call asking if he could cover, so he went in early to work ALL day long. All the other boys were still asleep, and slept in for a while, so we didn't end up making any big breakfast. We had awakened to thunder/lightening and rain pounding down. Good for the grass. The ducks didn't seem to mind it. They stayed in their fenced off area for the morning, but then they got through the fence and were back in the main backyard later in the day. I think all the fertilizer should have been good and dissolved with all that rain though, they should be safe. Cracked egg again though. Hubs hadn't picked up potatoes, so I ran to Sam's to get some. We needed milk too. The weather HAD cleared, but then a monsoon (maybe slight exaggeration, but holy downpour, and then hail) hit right when I was leaving. I was drenched. I got some gas for the car too, came home and had to change clothes completely. Hubs was working in the garage all day, putting up panels to make it look more finished. He'd redone the steps yesterday (much to the chagrin of #1 who got up and said "NO sleep in for me!" with all the banging! He was pretty busy, so I peeled the potatoes and got them going. Also started on another batch of mint brownies, as we've gone through the last one. Between me eating them, #2's girlfriend's cravings and giving them to basketball carpool as a thank you, even though there seems to be a ton, they disappear quickly. I think I've finally mastered the "ganache" topping. Got them all cut and packaged and frozen after dinner. A little computer work, and Hubs was already asleep when I headed to bed.

0526 (Saturday) Weight 174.9. Steps 23483. Total Burn 2951. Exercise Burn 800/1158 (40minElliptical, 40min/3.25milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 3200.  Like last Saturday, I got up and did a "5k" on the treadmill. Unfortunately "Grey's Anatomy" is over for the season, that was always a pretty good motivation for me. Watched an episode of "Handmaid's Tale" although the second season is jumping around more (now going beyond the book). I came up and actually registered the whole family (and girlfriends of #1 and #2) for the Butter's 5k which is in a few weeks. It was a fun family affair last year, and only $10 to register everyone (not each, everyone!) Went back down to the gym and did a weights workout (finished up the 5th season of Glee). Mowed the lawn, front and back, and did some watering. Hubs had me run him out to pick up his car. I wish I would have remembered to hit Maceys on the way home, they had Oreos on a Saturday sale for $1.49 and we are out of the golden ones the boys love.  Back out back, I did a little transplanting, and tried penning the ducks in the unfinished area, off the grass. Hubs wants to fertilize, and we just don't want them eating any of the granules. I know they CAN get through the fence if they really want to (as one of the ducky dudes did when he saw a worm) but I'm not sure how much they would press the issue if there isn't anything super motivating to make them move. They stayed on the unfinished side, so Hubs went ahead and fertilized ... big rain storm coming in tomorrow to wash it in. Popcorn and a movie in the evening. "Get Out" I'd already watched it downstairs in the gym, but Hubs hadn't seen it.

0525 (Friday) Weight 175.4. Steps 22722. Total Burn 2945. Exercise Burn 1125/1136 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400.  Hubs is feeling a little burned out, and decided to take the day off. I slept in a little (alarm set for 7:30, awake around 6:30) but wasn't sure about hitting the gym, I didn't want to wake him. The gym is right below the bedroom. Maybe looking for excuses. Didn't get in a morning workout. Got the kids off, made sure #4 was ready for his carpool pickup, and headed to Zumba. I usually hit MZL on Fridays. It's close, and starting just a little later, is easier to get to. But Debbie was leaving town and had asked Carma and I to sub, so that was the plan. I got there on time and class was good. I got good stats ... 6349 steps. 2.79 miles. 536/439 burn. AvHR1360. High155. In zone 53 of the 63 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home as we needed a few things. They have rearranged the store and I am not used to it yet! Hubs was running some errands and was gone when I got home. He wanted to take his Sequoya in to be looked at, and would need me to pick him up later. It was out by where I used to go to Southziders ... where I stopped going because it was just too far. So I wasn't getting much done during the day. Got in a couple ellipticals when  I felt I had a solid 20 minutes (after picking up Hubs, and stopping at the carwash, but before #5's pickup, then again after that pickup before grabbing #4). Watered the gardens ... fed the ducks again. The boys have been attempting to eat my ankles! Arrggh! Broken egg. Again. Grrrr. Debated mowing, but put it off until tomorrow. Was going to hit the gym for my third elliptical, but #3 was in, for over an hour. I still had enough energy (barely) to get it in after he finished up. Worked on the computer, made a muvee, paid bills. I thought we were done on taxes finally, but there is a problem. Looks like #1 DID claim himself, so when we tried to claim him, our return got kicked. I asked #1 and he said they (SIL did the filing on Turbo Tax) didn't, but also didn't have a copy of his tax return to verify. I should have known better than to just take their word for it. So now ... still stressing about it all!

0524 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 30727. Total Burn 3324. Exercise Burn 1560/1519 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.07milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800.  Started the day with my hour of elliptical. I'm glad I was able to, I didn't think I'd be able to. #4 wanted to go to school early, so I figured I'd be driving him there in the 7:00-7:30 time frame I usually get my second workout in. But #1 was up ... and I asked him if he would, and he did. I didn't finish my movie yesterday, so I finished it up this morning, and then went onto my series (currently "Glitch") and finished it up later in the day. I'd started the most recent season of "Orphan Black" a day or so ago when too many people were watching Netflix in the house (it will be my Amazon backup) and I guess I'll watch "13 Reasons Why" as the boys have, and there is a lot of talk about it, both good and bad. I just finished the book (audio edition). Got the boys off to school, and then hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7303 steps. 3.31 miles. 517/468 burn. AvHR125. High152. In zone 43 of the 65 minutes. I usually stop at Sam's, and we are low on milk ... but it just wasn't enough incentive to make a stop. #1 was still home, I mean, he usually still is (leaves around 11:00) but he had the day off today. Sol stopped by for a bit. They made "tinga" ... a chicken dish. She headed back to school and #1 took a nap. I caught a little sun, then two treadmill times. Carpools x2. #3 was working again, just filling in from 2:00-4:00 ... but he didn't get home until after 6:30 as they got slammed. Another derby for Hubs and #4. No basketball practice tonight, we have the weekend off practices and games, which is a nice break.
0523 (Wednesday) Weight 174.9. Steps 24218. Total Burn 3092. Exercise Burn 1180/1291 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 17min/1mileTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  My alarm actually woke me this morning. Usually I awakened earlier by Hub's alarm, even if he doesn't get up. He wasn't up today either. He'd had a bit of an attack in the night, then turned his alarm off so if he managed to fall asleep he could stay asleep longer. He still wasn't feeling right. He tried to get up and walk around and I could tell he was off. Don't like him driving in that condition. I got him to go back to bed, do whatever work he could from there. I still got my elliptical in. Another broken egg :( One of the drakes was accompanying me to the shed, past my tomatoes, which I have protected by one of the little wire fences. There was a worm in there though ... and the fence did NOT stop him at all! It happened so fast. Not sure if he went through (it is fairly open) or over. Without the worm incentive, I'm not sure if he would have had trouble getting out and I didn't want him trampling the tomatoes, so I grabbed him and lifted him out. Dropped #5 off, then headed off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6552 steps. 2.88 miles. 488/413 burn. AvHR 121. High 148. After class I hit the Dollar Tree, then Cal Ranch. I did a little research on ducks breaking their own eggs (as I think now that is what it is, not a magpie, not this consistently and early) and one thought is they need the calcium. I restocked the "layer" feed, which I had run out of a bit ago, and got some oyster shell as well. Hope it helps. 50 pound bags of food ... I unloaded them from the car but then waited for one of my big strong boys to bring it around back to the shed. It wasn't a terribly productive day. I caught a little sun (there was only a little, then clouds rolled in, thunder, rain off and on) and did a it of work in the garden. I'd found some trellis sticks at the dollar store - I'd paid $5 for something similar at Walmart (for peas and beans). #4 seemed upset on the way home from school. I asked him, and he's a little overwhelmed with the end of school stuff. A couple tests, a wood project, a book report. He'd asked if I might help with the book report. I'd read the book too and he finished it up and we discussed the things needed for the report. I did end up working up most of it on the computer. I guess that's where much of the afternoon went. Hubs came home and it was time to head out to tonight's derby. #4 was on deck, as #3 was working (he's worked every night since Saturday!) but anxieties had #4 feeling off, stomachache. I mentioned #5 should be available, but Hubs felt #4 would be okay once they were off. He wasn't. Luckily the derby was close, one of my old Zumba churches in fact. I grabbed #5 and took him out to take #4's place, and brought #4 home. We stopped at Wendy's on the way. The stomachache wasn't bad enough for him to bypass that offer. We haven't been to Wendy's in ages. 50 cent Frostys right now. On the way home, while I really didn't see it happen, right in front of us there was an accident. A woman on a scooter hit by a car (two cars in front of us, they pulled right over as did the car behind them). The woman was injured but alive. Had a helmet on (although it wasn't on anymore). Both other drivers were calling. A couple cars going the other direction were stopping to help. We didn't, as I hadn't really witnessed it and at some point too many people would be in the way I think.  Always shakes one up. Back at home #4 and I finished up his report. Hopefully that's one thing down to help him relax. I hadn't done any additional exercise .... only at 20k for the day. It was late, but I went down for a little treadmill time, but only felt up to one mile.
0522 (Tuesday) Weight 174.9. Steps 30910. Total Burn 3279. Exercise Burn 1231/1471 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600.  Up before Hubs again. Hour of elliptical in early. I was feeling a bit off. Had a headache, but didn't want to take ibuprofen on an empty stomach, but didn't feel like eating either. I hoped once I was dancing I wouldn't feel the headache. Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 6079 steps. 2.69 miles. 445/378 burn. AvHR121. High148. In zone 27 of the 60 minutes.  I normally go home right after Tuesday Zumba, as it's just here in the neighborhood. It's my at home day. But today I headed to Walmart. I needed to pick up a few things, and wanted to grab some additional garden stuff (more fencing, mulch, tomato plant for the topsy turvy planter, another pepper plant as the ducks got to the one I had). Got home and did some work in the garden. Just one session on the treadmill, walking. Pickups x2 as per usual. #5 had a basketball game at 6:00. We left early just in case there was traffic. Made it before the school was even open. This was the team we'd played last in the season. We beat them then and got the win again today, although #5's shots were a little off. Home again and to bed pretty early.

0521 (Monday) Weight 176.5. Steps 31708. Total Burn 3321. Exercise Burn 1432/1506 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.13milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs was still sleeping ... he says he struggles getting up especially on Monday mornings after the weekend. I got my hour of elliptical in as I got the kids off to school and Hubs headed out. I hadn't gathered eggs yesterday, and still, within the doghouse, there was a broken egg. I think it's the duck, not Magpies. I took the second, unbroken egg in. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5299 steps. 2.32 miles. 400/333 burn. AvHR122. High144. In zone 37 of the 55 minutes. Hubs had hit the store yesterday, picking up a few things I needed, so I didn't stop today. Got in two treadmill times (one jog, one walk), mowed the lawn (front and back) and prepped some chicken. Made chicken pillows for dinner. #5 had a game ... didn't start until 9:00. Oy, past my bedtime! I worked on a couple highlight videos before heading out, but I'm behind. The boys got the win. Final game in the regular season. Playoffs up next.

0520 (Sunday) Weight 174.9. Steps 17828. Total Burn 2617. Exercise Burn 600/819 (30minEllipitcal, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2600. Got up around 7:00. Hubs was still sleeping, so I hit the bike (quiet) ... it had been a while. Moved all my trackers to my feet. All the Fitbits were similar in "step" count, as was the Motiv, but the Garmin was double. Interesting to see how the different devices track sometimes. Came up and got the kitchen cleaned up before starting on breakfast. #3 was helping cleanup and with meal prep. Had to run to the store for buttermilk, as we were out of his syrup. He made the waffles and syrup. I made hashbrowns (from leftover baked potatoes) and sausage and bacon. Hubs got a little nap, and I laid down for a bit too. Worked in the back getting the stepping stones set. The boys played a little Spikeball.

0519 (Saturday) Weight 174.5. Steps 19680. Total Burn 2801. Exercise Burn 800/997 (40minElliptical, 40min/3.15milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2400.  Funny (or not funny) how when you can sleep in ... you can't sleep in. Still woke early. Went ahead and got up. Hit the treadmill, getting in 40min (a 5k) while I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. There was a neighborhood 5k that morning. #3 has participated in the past, but he's been too busy binge watching the 2nd season of "13 Reasons Why" to get out of bed. Hubs was off to his mom's to help around her house. He took #1 for some extra muscle, and #5, as he was going to hang out with a friend who moved close to Maga's house. I hit the gym again, doing weights for the first time in a while. Got one elliptical session in as well. Hubs also got #2 and #3 working to drop off some stuff at DI, and pick up some flagstones from Maga's house. He'd brought me some last year to make a path through my garden, and I needed some more. Maga had a bunch after tearing out a patio of them. The boys brought them to the back and even placed them, although I need to prep the spot more (even it out). #5 showed back up at home with two friends. Had to hush them some, as Daddy was taking a nap after his morning work. Sometime after last night, they re-striped the road off the neighborhood (7800 S). It's now three lanes, but they are narrow. Should help with traffic some, but now if you want to go to Walmart, you have to get across two lanes, not just one. It does help with visibility at the turn though. Big trucks would park there to stop at the gas station and it made it practically impossible to see oncoming traffic at the turn. #5's game was at 4:00 and his two buddies came to watch. #5 did good, and the team got the win. We went through the car wash on the way home, then the boys played a bit longer before they were picked up. I watered the plants and hit the elliptical once more. Hubs was in the garage working most of the evening, pounding his music which reverberated through the house.  

0518 (Friday) Weight 173.6. Steps 32751. Total Burn 3423. Exercise Burn 1450/1621 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600.  I had my alarm set for 7:30, but I was awake at the usual time (5:30ish). Hubs had left earlier. I got up around my usual time (6:00ish) and hit the treadmill for an hour, as I didn't have my usual mommy duties with the school late start. Even got in an elliptical session. Got #3 off, drove #5 to elementary, made sure #4 was ready for carpool, then hit Zumba w/MZL. Felt good to go on a Friday, it's been a few weeks. There weren't many instructors today, so I did more numbers than usual. Stats: 7064 steps. 3.2miles. 508/446 burn. AvHR124. High151. In zone 47 of the 67 minutes. Home straight after class. #1 and #2 were home, but left shortly after. My "alone time" at home will be coming to an end soon with school out for summer. I put in some laundry and folded some of the clothes/towels I hadn't got to yesterday. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Made some bread dough and got several loaves rising. Went out to water and do my duck duty. Blackfoot had laid in the doghouse, and I felt that was secure enough I left the egg for now (so she'll lay in the same safe spot ... that and it's a pain for me to get to). Silly ducks had gotten into some of my planting from yesterday. I think they ate the pumpkin seeds I planted! I don't have many more of those. I replanted and moved the pots to a place I don't think the ducks can get to. Later, the birds got into the West garden and my poor pepper plant is toast I think. They also did a number on the tomatoes. I may have to confine them to the unfinished area until the plants are big enough to withstand the ducks! On the sunny side (there was sun) my snowball bush is looking like it might make it after all. Still probably too early to tell. Early out at the elementary. Middle school pickup. I had the oven heating for the first pickup kid carpool then got one set of bread baked, then the second when I got back home with #4. Then #5 had practice, so I dropped him off for that. Hubs and #4 had a derby. Three this week.

0517 (Thursday) Weight 173.7. Steps 36596. Total Burn 3624. Exercise Burn 1289/1822 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Hubs was up and off early (like 3:30), he couldn't sleep, so he went into work. I got my hour of elliptical in early. No egg though. It was there, just broken. At 6:10 am. I really can't get to it much earlier than that. Grabbed it and put it in the bin, garbage day today. We were full. Off to Zumba w/MZL ... stats: 6662 steps. 2.91 miles. 515/408 burn. AvHR128. High150. In zone 48 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Sam's (forgot the rewards check again) and Walmart. Grabbed some herbs to finish up my planter. One more tomato plant. The ones I started from seed are showing up now. Brought in all the groceries and got things put away.  I'd picked up a big bat of dry cat food. Silly kitties ripped it open, even though they have the same exact food in their feeder downstairs. Caught a little sun. Treadmill walk. Carpool x2 ... can't believe school is almost out! Made some stroganoff for an early dinner (Hubs had a derby). It was funny, as #4 bought it shoes last week, using up some of his money stash, he now wants to earn again so expressed an interest in doing derbies. #3 has always been the goto guy, but being older, he does have a job and income. #3 asked #4 if he wanted to do the derby and the two went back and forth  (well I could do it. I COULD do it too. Do you want to? Do YOU want to? You can do it ... I'll do it). I then mowed the lawn, front and back, as I'm not sure of the weekend weather, and I wanted to get further into the unfinished area out back, see if I could clean it up just a bit.  I then did a little more planting. The herbs and tomato plant I'd picked up earlier, and some more seeds (pumpkins and zuchinni). Watering everything ... also had a bury a little bird, not sure if it fell into one of the water bins and couldn't get out or what, but it was dead and floating. I put it near Gabby's grave, a corner I won't be digging up (other than planting a few flower seeds). Had to stop to run #5 to practice. Came back and finished up my yard stuff/duck duty and back to pick up #5. I was well over 30k, but I had 10 minutes left on my show, so I went down to the gym and just ellipticalled until it was done. Cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes ... and to bed.

0516 (Wednesday) Weight 174.9. Steps 33644. Total Burn 3673. Exercise Burn 1350/1867 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.25milesTreadmill). Calories in 1450.  Hubs was up and off this morning at his usual time (just after 5:00). I got my three elliptical sessions in, gathered my duck egg (she had moved, the boys were sure under foot!), got the boys off to school and then hit Zumba with MZL. Fairly small group, although there were still several instructors. Stats: 6245 steps. 2.75 miles. 474/363 burn. AvHR123. High155. In zone 45 of the 63 minutes. As I'd just hit the grocery store yesterday, I came straight home today. Pretty much passed #1 on his way out. Put in some laundry, folding the last batch from yesterday. Gave the birds belated breakfast (well, second breakfast) and did some computer stuff. I wanted to get some sun while the boys weren't home. Got a little reading in too. One treadmill time (jogging) then it was time to pickup the kids from school. As soon as I got back from elementary pickup, I headed over to the bank, where Hubs met me and we closed on a home equity line of credit. We needed some cash for taxes and it will be nice to have for a backup. Hubs left to go to a derby with #4 as his helper. I stopped by Lowes, grabbed some more potting soil and a few plants. Stopped and grabbed some logs a neighbor was offering. Then it was work, work, work pulling everything to the back, trimming branches off an overhanging tree, getting things planted, moving some things around. There were a couple planters Hubs didn't like the placement of, so I moved them. We had a snowball bush that was in a spot that wouldn't work as it would grow bigger, so I transplanted it. I hope it survives. Planted my herbs and some seeds in the standing planter I got for Mother's Day. Moved the greenhouse ... done with it for the spring season. Whew. Wanted to get the lawn mowed today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Still sunny tomorrow, then cooler and rainy for the weekend. Put some laundry away, did the dishes ... just a "leftovers" for dinner dinner.

0515 (Tuesday)Weight 174.9. Steps 28390. Total Burn 3203. Exercise Burn 1262/1398 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Hubs alarm went off at 5:00 ... and he nudged me and asked me to turn it off. He was having a mini Menieres and didn't dare roll over, afraid it would aggravate it. He stayed in bed a bit longer, I beat him up and hit the elliptical, getting my three sessions in. I was on teacher duty at Zumba, as Marian was out of town. Carma came, so I was able to have her step in and break it up. Stats: 6107 steps. 2.72 miles. 437/381 burn. AvHR122. High155. In zone 29 of the 59 minutes. I'd arranged with my mom to take her out to lunch for a belated Mother's Day. I had some food stuffs (things the kids decided they didn't like, some expired or close) that I brought out for them. My brother's family often likes our leftovers. I brought out the baked ziti I'd made last week (g/f for Dad) and some shaved meat we'd frozen. Also some kitchen towels and mints. I stopped at Dollar Tree and DI on the way. I've joined this FB DT group, and I've been hitting the store more often since then! Found a new "egg" basket, the one I was using was a little too large and I wanted one without a handle. Blackfoot laid in a new spot this morning, the one I can see from #3's window. I picked it up though, so we'll see if she stays there or tries someplace new. Anyway ... met up at Mom's and unloaded everything. Checked out some of the new furniture. My brother and his wife have been helping the folks update some stuff. Then Mom and I headed to Chuck-a-Rama. She always pays, an incentive to come and go to lunch, but as this was a Mother's Day date, I covered the cost today. Food was good. I have a "Chuck-a-Rama" meal saved in MFP and it was pretty spot on. I always eat the same stuff. Dropped Mom back home. Checked out her orchid (gift from last year) that is blooming again. Had to leave to make it home to pick up middle school carpool, in fact, I had to go straight there and was a couple minutes late. Elementary pickup ... I asked #5 if he'd mind if we hit Maceys for a quick grocery run. We needed fruit and lettuce. He said okay, and I bribed him further with an ice cream cone. I was quick, didn't get much. Then home for the rest of the day. It had been sunny earlier, but then turned cloudy. I made taco salad for dinner, although it was just Hubs and the two littles. Got one full treadmill time (30min/just walking though) but had a bit left on my movie. I didn't feel like hitting the gym, but I did 12 minutes, enough to finish my show.

0514 (Monday) Weight 177.3.  Steps 30398. Total Burn 3360. Exercise Burn 1452/1543 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. No snoring last night. Yea. I did beat Hubs up though. #3 had texted me (after I was asleep) that a friend from work had a situation at home and needed a place to crash for the night and was sleeping in his room. In the morning, he didn't want to wake him or leave (to go to school) and talked me into letting him skip his first two periods. I got my three sessions on the elliptical in, dropped #5 off at school and then went to Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5900 steps. 2.58 miles. 420/376 burn. AvHR122. High149. In zone 33 of the 59 minutes. There were a couple gals that had come to a few of the classes previously, and another new gal. Good size class. I stopped at the Dollar Tree again, wanting more of the hanging baskets. I'd picked one up on my last trip and liked how it turned out hanging from the trampoline. I hadn't expected sunshine today. There had been clouds and rain in the forecast, but it was quite nice out. I transplanted quite a bit, then got my bottom half some sunshine. I hadn't grabbed eggs yesterday, so there should have been three this morning (I have been leaving one to keep Blackfoot laying in the same spot). There were three, but one was broken open. I brought one in early, leaving one and disposing of the broken one. As I went out later in the day, the one I'd left was laying out broken too. I wonder if a magpie has gotten into the nest. Disappointing to lose two eggs. I got in one treadmill time before picking up kids, and one more after. Jogged the first, walked the second. Got my Fitbit report today, but didn't quite finish up my blog post. Got a few loads of laundry in ... I didn't do any yesterday on Mother's Day. Almost made taco salad, but Hubs said he'd be home late. The sunshine skeedattled and we got hit with the promised rain. It was really coming down! #5 had an 8:00 game. One of our boys hurt his wrist and they had to leave to have it looked at. Our boys were on though, especially Gordon, who hit eight 3-pointers.  #5 had a good game too, and it was an easy win.

0513 (Sunday) Weight 175.7. Steps 9997. Total Burn 2268. Exercise Burn 250/203 (40min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Mother's Day. We did sleep in, and I needed it after that night! Super snoring Mr. The guys would have done breakfast in bed, but I didn't stay in that long. #1 took care of the animal "mommy" duties, feeding the cats and ducks. We had breakfast (waffles, eggs, bacon) and I did head back to bed for a bit. Not sure if I fell back asleep. My Motiv said I did, but the Fitbit didn't catch it and I didn't really feel like I was ever out. #3 got me some eggplant plants. I hadn't found them at the store when I'd been and had mentioned it to the boys if they happened to be out and about. I really only needed one. He got me four. I went out and planted them, and saw the gift from Hubs. A raised planter. I'd had my eye on it at Sam'sClub. With it, I can use some of the otherwise unusable space (over in the "wild" area where I can't dig because we put weed fabric down years ago). Hubs had #2 mow. #3 did some vacuuming and kitchen cleanup ... although no one did the dishes, so I ended up doing them ;)  I got my new plants in the ground. It was a nice day, unlike the last few rainy days. Hubs prepped dinner, steak and potatoes. I made my "pie in a pan" dessert. We headed out to Uncle Clay's for the family gathering. My folks were out at my youngest brother's house, so I made plans to meet up with Mom on Tuesday for lunch. 

0512 (Saturday) Weight 176.5. Steps 12901. Total Burn 2268. Exercise Burn 350/453 (60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000.  Hubs and #3 were off early for a double derby, Lego style. They were gone most of the morning. My nails haven't looked good after my gardening, and the last fill really should have had the tips re-done. So in for another fill, even though it had only been two weeks. I went down on the treadmill to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and did a whole hour at once, watching some "Glitch" to fill in the time. #5 had a Grizzlies game at 1:00. They got the win. He had another game in the evening with his Wolves. They got the win there too. #5 went down in the first half, hitting his head, then took a blow to the knee in the second half. His little buddy Austin had come over in the afternoon and came to the game with us. Hubs and I finished the movie we'd started last night ... well, I finished it. He fell asleep. Again. And he snored. Very loudly. He doesn't on a regular basis, and never this bad. I snore occasionally too, and he'll nudge me. I wake immediately, apologize, and move positions and hope that helps. He told me to nudge him as well if needed. I hadn't ever before, but I was tired and couldn't get to sleep ... but there was NO nudging him. Even a little more aggressive on my part didn't wake him or cause him to shift. I even pulled the pillow from under his head, and that helped for about a minute before he started up again. I went and found some earplugs ... I eventually fell asleep.

0511 (Friday) Weight 174.6. Steps 15356. Total Burn 2557. Exercise Burn 650/749 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700.  I was able to get back to sleep after Hubs left, and slept in until a little after 7:00. Dropped #5 off, and I was on duty for the middle school kids too today. So no Zumba, again. I guess the MZL class got canceled anyway, so I guess that made it a bit easier. I really wasn't missing. I stopped at the Dollar Tree right there across from the middle school, and then Smiths, to pickup prescriptions. I'd got my two and Hubs on the same schedule now, so grabbed all three. I forgot the store was under construction. I think I may stop shopping there until they are done. It's hard to get around in.  I got in my elliptical hour throughout the day, but no treadmill time either. Early out at the elementary, and then middle school pickup. Then dropped #5 off for his practice. #4 wanted to hit the rec center with a friend, so I did the drive there (picking up Hunter) and then his family did the ride home ... which was good, I wanted to head to bed. Hubs and I were actually watching a movie "Dr. Strange" and he made his yummy popcorn. Hubs started to fall asleep though, so we didn't make it through.

0510 (Thursday) Weight 174.8. Steps 31750. Total Burn 3336. Exercise Burn 1157/1528 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Back to the routine with Hubs home. He was up and off pretty early. Back to work ... although this last one had been a work trip. Zumba with MZL. It was one of the gal's birthdays, and they had a big spread. They usually do a card and a little cake. Struggled a bit getting the heart rate up. Not some of my favorite numbers. Stats: 6673 steps. 2.91 miles. AvHR108. High134. In zone 11 of the 64 minutes. I snuck out a little early to get to my other daily stuff. Stopped at Sam's for some groceries, then grabbed a few things at Walmart. Last sunny day for a bit, so I got a little sunshine. Just one time on the treadmill today. Whereas I felt like I needed to hit a second yesterday to finish my movie ... I was (re)watching "Avatar" today and it's so long, that even the second time wouldn't have gotten me to the end. I had planned on wrapping it up tomorrow. #5 had practice in the evening. I dropped him and then picked him up, then got my shower in. Hubs and #3 had a derby and said it went really well.

0509 (Wednesday) Weight 175.1. Steps 37121. Total Burn 3558. Exercise Burn 1450/1747 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700.  Awake early (around 5:00) but must have fallen back asleep. I was surprised when the alarm went off at 5:50. Got in my hour of elliptical early. Zumba w/MZL. Small group today. Stats: 7341 steps. 3.29miles. 478/477 burn. AvHR117. High145. In Zone 23 of the 65 minutes. 29 Motiv minutes. Didn't really feel like we needed a grocery restock yet. Stopped at the Dollar Store to look around and grab a few things. Found some little plastic fencing I'd seen in my minds eye (but had been $$ when I looked it up online). Grabbed 10 of them for the garden ... just a little barrier to keep the ducks on one side when needed. Brought in my buys, and went out and installed the fencing and it's just as I pictured in my head. As the ducks aren't flying, I really don't think they can get over it, even though it's still short. We'll just need to barricade a small portion off when we want to keep them on one side. I worked quite a bit in the yard doing other things. Mowed the front and back and did some watering and some more transplanting. Definitely got some sun on my shoulders and back as I did all that, and I laid down a bit with my bottom half in the sun to try and even myself out. Got some reading done, and the ducks came and hung out right by me. Replanted the herbs (in a cute dollar store tin) for the kitchen. Need a new "egg" basket though. Had not found an egg this morning. One treadmill time while the boys were in school. I wouldn't have done a second ... I was already at 30k, but I needed to finish my movie. Second treadmill time around 8:00. Just walked both sessions today. Then just waiting for Hubs to get home. His flight got in around 9:20.

0508 (Tuesday) Weight 174.7. Steps 31165. Total Burn 3267. Exercise Burn 1413/1462 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Got in my hour of elliptical early, then off to Zumba w/Marian. We have had a new lady coming pretty regularly now. Stats: 5707 steps. 2.48miles. 373/355 burn. AvHR109. High141. In zone 7 of the 58 minutes. The weather is nice enough that I really should be walking. Just need to be on top of the time to allow those extra walking minutes. Caught some sun again. Transplanted a few things. Watered and did duck duty as per usual. One treadmill time while the kids were in school. #2 and his buddy Ben worked out in the gym, but did it right as I was running carpools. I told them that was perfect timing! As I'd dragged #3 out of bed in the morning, I told him if he was so tired, he could always take a nap after school. He did today. A 3-hour nap! Then he was awake to go see his girlfriend late. #4 disappeared early, and he was in bed. Checked in with Hubs. He'll be home late tomorrow.

0507 (Monday) Weight 176.4. Steps 30738. Total Burn 3249. Exercise Burn 1410/1434 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.13milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100.  Back to the weekday routine. I got up and got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical. An hour into "Crash" on Amazon Prime. I've seen it before but had a hankering to watch it again. I generally don't like to see things more than once. After dropping #5 off to school, I hit Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5455 steps. 2.39 miles. 352/328 burn. AvHR106. High139. In zone 7 of the 58 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to restock produce. I wish I'd thought to have my prescriptions filled and waiting. I try to get them refilled as the month starts up. #2 started his new job at UPS today. He left before I got back. #1 was still home. His new work shift is 11:30-8:00. Got in couple treadmill times. Caught a little sun. #5 had a game in the evening, not until 9:00. Oy. At 8:30 when it was time to head out, I wanted to head to bed! It was a close game, we lost by two. Poor #5 was so upset. Wolves were down by three with seconds left. He had the ball and made a shot and got fouled. If he made all three free throws it would tie the game. He made the first. Missed the second. Then he purposely missed the third so we could try and get the rebound and up for two to tie, but it didn't happen. #5 was in tears, although of course no one was blaming him. He's just so hard on himself. I sure didn't want to go into overtime though. It was already 10:00! Checked in with Hubs. He'd flown home from California today, but gone straight to the office (I think his car was there, having carpooled with the guys from work) and then straight from there back to the airport and to Phoenix. They had dinner, and he said his a/c in the hotel room wouldn't go below 74°.  We like it cool to sleep!

0506 (Sunday) Weight 174.9. Steps 18853. Total Burn 2620. Exercise Burn 827/814 (60minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. I planned on making breakfast, but got a couple elliptical sessions in first. Didn't really get started on breakfast until around 11:00. Bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and french toast. #1 took the two littles to see Avengers Infinity War. I went out back to try and catch a little sun on my lower half ... my top half has gotten quite a bit from my gardening and mowing. Quiet day at home. Jazz game in the evening ... Jazz got beat again. I got one more elliptical in and then a treadmill time before bed. Early to bed, I was tired. 

0505  (Saturday) Weight 175.7. Steps 22720. Total Burn 2832. Exercise Burn 886/1021 (60minElliptical, 30min/2.25MilesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Three basketball games for #5 today, but the first wasn't until 11:00, so it was a relaxed morning. I hit the elliptical a couple times. The first game was an easy win, even though we only had five players, missing one of our big guys. I debated stopping for donuts on the way home ... but I resisted. #3 hadn't had a great night and still wasn't feeling well, but got up, ate something, took medication and then seemed a bit better. I was surprised when he still went into work. Not sure if he has a great work ethic ... or if his girlfriend was working tonight too. I ran the two littles over to Aunt Olivia for haircuts. Supercuts is close, and rather than waiting with them, I drop them off and then pick them up again when they text me they are done. I thought I'd be able to get a 30min walk on the treadmill in, but had to cut it short at 20 minutes to go pick them up. Much better with the trim! #4 wanted to go hang with friends, so I dropped him off around 3:30. I told him I'd need to pick him up by 7:00 as #5 and I would need to head out to his double header at 8:00 and 9:00. He ended up getting a ride home with his friend, and they hung out at our house for a bit. #1 headed out to see Hamilton with Aunt Olivia. He's a huge fan. I was so happy to hear he got to go.  Back to basketball ... we knew these games would be tough. The first one was against a team from the upper division. It was obvious they were upper, a different league. They were really good, worked together as a team so well. Our Wolves just weren't a match. #5 said it was still fun though, that the boys on the other team were nice, that is good. I always tell him to note what makes him feel better/worse when getting trounced, and to try to act the better way when they are the winning team (like the Grizzly game this morning). The second game was a team in our division, but one that was ranked higher than we were (we've had a tough season in DD so far, 0-3, they were 2-1) ... but our boys got the win. There was some altercations. Sometimes I'm a little out of it, as I have my headphones on. #5 made some clutch free throws there at the end. Hubs had checked in during the day. They saw seals at the beach and went on a water ride.

0504 (Friday) Weight 174.5. Steps 29281. Total Burn 3258. Exercise Burn 984/1458 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Hubs was off to work, and would be leaving for his California trip straight in the afternoon. I slept in a little, got in one elliptical session before I dropped #5 off. I should have gotten a second one in, or hit Zumba for some of the time, but I needed to go back to the elementary as #5 was receiving "Student of the Month". I was glad that they kept the assembly short and sweet. They did the Kindergarton - 3rd grade separately before, so this was just 4th-6th. That helps with parking and parent seating (although that wasn't really an issue). I'd thought about hitting Reams and the carwash afterward but it slipped my mind and I came straight home. I got in my two treadmill times, but just walked today. Finished up my hour of elliptical as well. Dropped #5 off for his ride to practice and stopped at Lowes to see what flowers and plants they had. I grabbed a few things and a bag of peat moss. Ended up doing a lot in the gardens, turning over the dirt and raking it. Planting some more seeds, transplanting some seedlings as well as a few veggie starts I'd picked up. At one point I checked my devices to see if my gardening had been picked up as a workout and it had ... except my Garmin was missing! It must have fallen off somewhere. I know I'd had it after my last workout, as I'd looked at its numbers then. I'd done the carpool pickups, walked all over the yard, and then Lowes. I retraced all my steps around the yard, house and car but couldn't find it. I even downloaded a "find my device" app but it didn't help at all (I experimented to see if it could find my Motiv ring and it didn't give much feedback, not at all easy to use). I'm bummed, but of any of my five trackers to lose, it would be the one I would miss least. Hubs checked in ... got bumped to first class for his flight. Dinner out at a ritzy place. Here at home we watched the Jazz ... but gave up as they got trounced here at home. #3 had come home from school during 4th period (basketball, the coach doesn't really care if they stay now that the season is over and #3 isn't even on the team. #2 has been going to class though, and he's graduated! He just loves to play). #3 said he wasn't feeling well and laid down all afternoon and evening. I really don't think it could be strep again, although he's feeling many of the same symptoms. May the 4th be with you ... ;)

0503 (Thursday) Weight 175.6. Steps 36166. Total Burn 3529. Exercise Burn 1564/1719 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Hour of elliptical early. Then Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7496 steps. 3.37 miles. 471/485 burn. AvHR 116. High137(M160). In zone 22 of the 67 minutes. 29 Motiv minutes. Stopped at Sam's afterward to grab milk and a couple other items. Forget the "reward" check. Again. Went to Walmart, picking up a smaller pool, some mulch and a few flowers. Got my two treadmill times in, and after carpools, I got the flowers planted and the mulch spread in the front flowerbed. It wasn't quite enough, and I liked the look so I wanted a few bags for the side flower bed. #5 had practice at the church, so after I dropped him off, I made another Walmart stop and grabbed a few more bags. Got it all spread out in the beds and it looks good. My fingernails however ... not sure they will ever quite come clean. I took a quick shower, hoping shampooing my hair would clean my nails (helped a bit) then picked up #5 from practice.

0502 (Wednesday) Weight 176.2. Steps 33722. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1441/1512 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.06milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  Hubs was off early again. Got my elliptical in early, dropped #5 at school and went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats 5997 steps. 2.71 miles. 366/374 burn. AvHR107. High135. In Zone 5 of the 58 minutes. 30 Motiv minutes. Stopped at Maceys after. Really only needed buns (for #2's fake chicken burgers) and bananas. Everything seemed expensive today. Got the groceries put away, then I mowed the front lawn. With the fertilizer and water, it has been growing and greening up. I like it to look trim. Rain was in the forecast, so I figured I'd get it done while I could. Still managed my two treadmill times. I debated doing weights, and maybe would have, but then #2 was in the gym, and then my minuscule motivation went missing. The Jazz game was on, and everyone except #3 (he was at work) was around cheering them on as they beat Houston in Houston.

0501 (Tuesday) Weight 175.8. Steps 30997. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1429/1516 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Hubs was off early (around 3:30). Usual morning for me ... three elliptical sessions while I got the boys off to school. Headed over to Zumba w/Marian. We'd had a good crew last week, but it was just the usual four to start (then a couple others trickled in). Stats: 5529 steps. 2.38 miles. 331/337 burn. AvHR105. High127. In zone 1 of the 55 minutes. 20 Motiv minutes.  Tuesdays are my "at home" day, as I don't even leave the neighborhood for Zumba. Got in two treadmill times. Finished up my weekly blog post ... sans Fitbit weekly review stats. They didn't come for any of the accounts. Hubs had a derby. #3 had plans, so #4 did it, even though he didn't really want to. He's earned enough money for his shoes, but we can't find them in stock anywhere. It messes with his motivation a little. #5 had a 6:00 game with his Grizzlies. Our boys had a 10 point(ish) lead almost the entire time, but still it never felt in the bag until the very end. I'd placed an order at Dominos and picked it up on the way home. #5 and I like the white sauce and cheese, but I got a meat one for the boys, although #1 and #3 don't care for Dominos. Hubs and #4 had some when they got back from the derby. Got the kitchen cleaned up and off to bed ...

0430 (Monday) Weight 177.1. Steps 31640. Total Burn 3279. Exercise Burn 1461/1461 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. Hubs alarm went off at the usual time, but he didn't get up. With his early to bed and staying in bed, I wondered if he'd had a Meniere's attack in the night. When he did get he said he felt like he had and that he was feeling off. I got my three 20min sessions on the elliptical in. I'd prepped the HBO login last night so it would be ready this morning. Dang RokuTV always logs me out which throws me off when I'm on my strict morning schedule. It was raining this morning. I hadn't really had that on my radar. At least Blackfoot's current laying spot stayed pretty dry. I did grab the eggs (three of them) this morning, so she might move tomorrow. Got the boys off to school and headed to Zumba w/Debbie. Fun class today. Could really feel the A/C ... love that! Stats: 5435 steps. 2.34 miles. 377/358 burn. AvHR119. High147. In zone 23 of the 55 minutes (I was a little late). 22 Motiv minutes. Frustrated with the Garmin ... the steps/burn doesn't seem to transfer when I sync. Burn should, and does sometimes, but it didn't for my elliptical and Zumba today. But steps? It doesn't even have a spot for them. It shows miles, pace, speed ... but I want STEPS, and active minutes for that activity. It still counts the total for the day, but I'd have to write down numbers and subtract to get details. So silly not to just have that info. All the other devices do. And they have the info right there. I can see the steps and burn if I turn on the timer, and scroll through the stats before I stop the timer. But again, I have to quickly remember and write down the numbers because then they are gone ... After class, I stopped at Costco. Wanted to grab some Nuttella packs the boys like for lunches. Best price here on their sale. Chocolate milk. No romaine lettuce though - the ecoli scare? It was for the ducks ... they had some petunia baskets. I grabbed two, and some bulbs (iris and clematis). Quick stop at the Dollar Tree too, found the antiperspirant/deodorant that I'd picked up on a previous trip and Hubs had liked. Got in two treadmill times, one jogging one walking. French Dip for a quick dinner before heading out with #5 to his Wolves game. Another close one, lost by four again. #5 made an 11-point run himself at the half to get us back in the game after we'd gotten behind. The boys on the other team looked familiar, but not as "Murray" ... #5 said they had been the 6th grade Legends he'd played against with his Grizzlies (lost one, won one there). Home again ... Hubs asleep again. Again, cleaned up the kitchen and did some computer work before heading to bed. Remembered to grab my end of the month Fitbit graph.  

0429 (Sunday) Weight 176.7. Steps 11423. Total Burn 2405. Exercise Burn 0/517 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. #1 had requested smoked bacon ... not so much for breakfast, but to have leftover for sandwiches. Hubs had a turkey breast in brine, but didn't need to start smoking it early, so, there was bacon. Instead of the homemade waffles, I used a mix (an old favorite) and also did some "cinnamon roll" waffles. Hashbrowns, sausage and eggs too. It was nice out, so Hubs said he was going to eat out front. I joined him, but we got "sprinkled" as the sprinkler was on. He ran his car to Jiffy Lube, as it's been dripping oil since its oil change last week. He left it there and had me come pick him up, then drop him off later. I mowed the back lawn ... I'd done the front yesterday but no one sees the back. But Hubs wanted it done. I did some weeding, pulling up the grass between the flagstones and pulling up some tulip bulbs to replant in better positions for next year. Stayed pretty busy and active. Hubs was planning on burgers for dinner for the boys. I was off to my mom's for a bridal shower for my niece. It was fun to see some of my cousins I hadn't seen in a while. I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Hubs had been earlier, but had forgotten bananas and our Amazon balance was down (and it was 4x the reward points). It was only a little after 8:00 when I got back, but Hubs was asleep. I cleaned up the kitchen, not getting to bed until almost 11:00.

0428 (Saturday) Weight 175.8. Steps 14238. Total Burn  2436. Exercise Burn 450/625 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000.  Didn't sleep in very late. Blackfoot laid an egg today (I think she skipped one or two days) and moved to the "chair" ... I love that spot, as I can see if she is in there, or if there is an egg from #3's window. Called the nail place early and got in for an appointment. Although I like the nails, I dislike the upkeep and the cost. Hubs was off running a few errands. Picking up a new laptop, which then kept him pretty busy with installs and such the rest of the day. I mowed the front lawn. #5 had back to back games with his two teams. 2:00 with Grizzlies at West Hills, 3:00 w/Wolves at Indian Hills. Unfortunately, the schools are about 30minutes apart. Luckily though, the first game was easy. It was 6-29 at the half, so we didn't have any qualms about leaving. Not that we had much of a choice, as the Wolves were missing one of their players, thus needing #5 even more than usual. We made it there in good time. Unfortunately couldn't get the win there. The other team was good, and had a "star" player who was really great and hard for our boys to defend. Wolves were up at the half. Coach was frustrated with the foul situation (many more called on our boys, although in my limited experience I agreed with many of the ones against us that I saw) and ended up getting ejected. Still not as volitile as some of the situations though. #5 and I stopped and grabbed some pizza and crazy bread on the way home. Hubs went to watch a district derby.

0427 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 23661. Total Burn 2941. Exercise Burn 1134/1078 (60minElliptical, 60min/4.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700.  I did sleep in some today. Had the alarm set for 7:30 and got up around 6:45. Hubs had been off early.  Got the boys off to school. MZL's Zumba had been moved to the West Kearns location because of a funeral in the building. I could have tried to hit Debbie's, but it's such a rush to get there after dropping off #5, and I don't love the weights portion she does Friday. I just didn't Zumba today. I thought I might get some in on my own, but it didn't happen. I got caught up on my Grey's Anatomy though, I had three episodes waiting for me. An hour of elliptical and and two treadmill times. One jogging, one walking. Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. #5 had practice and Coach called and said some of the boys were over early if #5 wanted to come hang out. Practice was at the church (my Friday Zumba church ironically) so I was on duty for pickup at 8:00. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home to grab a few things. Worked on a blog post, the Spring ducks/geese from last year. Made a muvee to go with it.

0426 (Thursday) Weight 176.3.  Steps 33990. Total Burn 3389. Exercise Burn 1524/1575 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill. 15minST). Calories in 2800.  Hubs was still messing with his computer/timer first thing this morning. Still no luck. He was off to work. I got two elliptical sessions in, but then #1 son went to leave and realized Dad had parked the trailer behind the 3rd car garage, blocking #1's car in. #3 had already left with the truck, and Hubs had the Sequoya. My Durango doesn't have a hitch. What to do? I ended up running #1 to the high school where he met up with #3 (who needed to get stuff from the truck) then #1 took #3's truck for the day. I missed my third morning elliptical but made it back in time to get #5 to school. Then I hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6853. 2.99 miles. 450/448 burn. AvHR114. High147. In zone 13 of the 65 minutes. 35 motiv minutes. I stopped at Sams after. Didn't think I needed much, but as always, ended up with  more. Got milk and lettuce, kitty litter, chips ... there were some cute men's shorts. I never know sizes for sure (thinking for #4 and/or #3). The small looked too small. Grabbed medium. #3 said they would be too big but #4 tried them on and thought they would work. We washed them to see if the would shrink just a bit. Hubs was home early to try and get the derby timer working ... and he did. It needed a new cord. He's ordered a backup timer to have on hand, as well as having extra cords on hand. He got in a little nap (#3 did too) before they left for today's derby. Kids were not well behaved here. #3 can usually handle it but he was bugged today. #5's basketball practice was cancelled, so we felt like we had the day off. I'd gotten in my two treadmill times during the day, and finally finished up my elliptical hour, as I never got that third session in this morning. My phone rang... and it was ME calling. What? I answered and it was a recorded message "from" ATT saying the account had been compromised and I needed to enter the account holder's last four digits of the SSN. I did not do that, and Googled it, and it seems a common scam. Funny how something so small that I did NOT fall for can still throw me off. I immediately went for comfort food and overate.

0425 (Wednesday) Weight 175.8. Steps 30762. Total Burn 3232. Exercise Burn 1455/1421 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Started the day with my three 20min elliptical sessions. Didn't think Blackfoot laid an egg, as I didn't find it on my first foray out to give the birds their breakfast. I did find one later in the day though. She switched spots, which is okay, as the back of the doghouse is hard for me to get to! After dropping #5 off at school I went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6730 steps. 2.96 miles. 431/418 burn. AvHR111. High136. In zone 8 of the 65 minutes. 26 Motiv minutes. Straight home after class. I do need to get into the salon for a fill, but didn't want to today. Stayed fairly busy. Got the monthly bills paid. Computer work, moving some photos from Dropbox to Google Drive (freeing up space on Hub's computer). Blog post up. Ducky duty, emptying the big pool and refilling. I received my Garmin Viofit3 yesterday and wore it for the first time today. Some things are good, but others are frustrating. Still think Fitbit is the superior product by far. Double duty carpool in the afternoon. I had the sprinkler running on dry spots, as the 20min drives are perfect for moving it around ... except then I left it on when I was back home, and it stayed in that spot for over an hour before I remembered. Two treadmill times today, one jogging, one walking. Hubs had a derby in Layton, so he took the trailer to work and left from there. Had a friend help, and they went out to dinner after, so he was home late. He was frustrated too, as the timer and computer stopped talking, which complicates it all, and he has another derby tomorrow. He stayed up late trying to get it fixed but no luck there. The boys were watching the Jazz game. Can't believe they blew a 25 point lead and lost. I couldn't keep my eyes open though. To bed for me ...

0424 (Tuesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 31927. Total Burn 3294. Exercise Burn 1470/1501 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  I woke before Hubs, but he got up first. I barely made it down to the gym to get my first, full workout in. Finished up my hour then dropped #5 off at elementary. Headed to Zumba. A gal who had showed up to Debbie's class also came today with her mom. We had a nice sized group. Marian had to head out early so I finished up. Stats: 6282 steps. 2.75 miles. 428/398 burn. AvHR113. High139. In zone 15 of the 65 minutes. Home alone for a while today. I brought the birds breakfast and gathered the eggs. Dishwasher and laundry. Got the blog post up I didn't get to yesterday. Worked a bit on a basketball video but didn't finish ... I'd hoped to, as #5 had a game again tonight. They won. It was against Bingham, who has been a top team. I think this was a different team though. Still pretty good. Very competent, tall center but lots of the other boys were really small (our team has some super small too, several smaller than my small #5). It was actually closer than it should have been (just by three) as we'd been up by 10+ several times. Hubs had a derby. #3 went along to help.

0423 (Monday) Weight 178.2. Steps 25628. Total Burn 2988. Exercise Burn 1120/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2.0milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Really crappy night. I was awake around 2:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. Miserable. Some stress, upset about a little situation. :(   I let #3 sleep in and stay home to make sure he was fully recovered. He didn't wake up until after 11:00. I got in my hour of elliptical early as I got the other boys off to school.  Zumba w/Debbie. It was so hot, but then we turned on the A/C and that really helped. Stats: 4884 steps. 2.1miles. 331/271 burn. AvHR103. High125. In zone 0 of the57 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. Mainly fruits and veggies, but Almond milk was on sale and the two older boys have been drinking that. I laid down for a little when I got home. Got in some treadmill time. After school carpools. #3 seemed to be feeling better ... he cleaned up the kitchen and did a great job. It's the day Grandpa Gordy passed away 26 years ago. We often remember him and visit the grave, and did so today. #1 was working and #3 had gone into work as well, but the rest of us went out to meet Maga and Ana's family. Crown Burger after ... I'd done okay on calories up to that point. Hubs took an Ambien ;)

0422 (Sunday) Weight 176.6. Steps 12836. Total Burn 2370. Exercise Burn 0/568 (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  #3 woke me around 6:30 saying he couldn't sleep and hadn't been able to sleep and wanted a meal but was afraid it would cost $40,000 ... he wasn't quite all there. I had him take his morning dose of antibiotics. I had to take the water glass out of his hand after he drank because he didn't seem to know what to do with it. Despite him saying he couldn't sleep, I tucked him back into bed and he seemed to go right to sleep. I went back to bed too, but left his door open, and my door open so I could keep an eye out if he got up wandering (the rooms are next door). I couldn't fall back to sleep. I had been out cold when he woke me ... last night too! Hubs started smoking dinner, and I made some breakfast. Hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, french toast. Hubs took the cars in for oil changes, having me pick him up after he dropped one off. #2 helped later in the day with pickup. Hubs ran out to his mom's to help out there and went to Lowes, I asked him to get me some potting soil. I'd ordered a little greenhouse and #1 had put it together for me yesterday. It was in place outside ready for plants, so I got that done, even though I don't know that the greenhouse was necessary. The weather looks good. I'm doubting there will be another cold/frost night. Hubs trimmed and edged, then I mowed. He fertilized and watered. #3 seemed to be feeling better, back to normal. He did have to call in sick to work, as he hadn't been on the antibiotics for 24-hours yet and was still contagious. We had dinner of roast and chicken, potatoes and I made cheddar bay biscuits.

0421 (Saturday) Weight 175.3. Steps 11580. Total Burn 2346. Exercise Burn 0/539 (No Exercise). Calories in 2000. I usually turn my ringer off at night (and forget to turn it back on during the day) but I hadn't turned it off last night. And I got a call at about 2:30 in the morning. It was #3. He'd not been feeling well and had gone to bed early last night, but my first thought was that he'd gone out and was in trouble somewhere. Second thought was that he was in trouble right here at home, and that was the case. He was over the toilet throwing up, and he said he'd felt like he was going to pass out. He didn't even feel like he could get to my door. I'm a fairly light sleeper and I think I would have heard him if he'd called out, or the sound of him vomiting likely would have awakened me. It woke #1, who also came out to check on things. Hubs slept through it all, as did #5 out on the couch. #3 hadn't eaten anything for a while, feeling off since about 3:00 yesterday, so he had nothing in his stomach to throw up, all bile, which tore up his throat too. He was pretty miserable. I didn't have any popsicles on hand (which can help with the sore throat and to rid the vomit taste) but stuck some otter pops to freeze. I grabbed some cool apple sauce, and he had a little of that, and said okay when I offered to make some chicken soup (Campbells). Fresca and saltines too. Up for about an hour with him. He opted to stay out on the couch and watch a little tv. I went back to bed. He was back in bed in the morning but wandered out a bit later and didn't look good. He hadn't thrown up again, but he was running a fever and his throat was really sore. He complained that he just couldn't get comfortable. The boys always say that the master bed is SO comfy, so I offered it to him and he said okay. I did lay a sheet down to hopefully barricade any germs so I wouldn't get sick myself. He slept ALL day. Hubs was a little put out, as he would have liked a nap himself (his side of the bed was free). He'd had a derby in the morning. Originally the plan was #3 helping out, but as he had been feeling sick Friday night, I had asked #4 to be ready to step in if needed ... and it was needed. It was a the church I went to when I was young. Hubs and #4 stopped by my folks on the way home to say hi as they were so close.  #5 had a couple games. The first at 1:00 with his Grizzlies at West Jordan Middle. Traffic was really bad. I flipped around and took Bangerter, and then hit construction, but we made it on time. They got the win. I did NOT get my 250 steps in that hour, I was trying so hard this week. Home for a bit to rest, restock water, recharge the video camera, then off again across town to the cursed Albion school. The Wolves have never got a win there ... and didn't again today. It was a pretty good game. The other team had a strong/tall center that was hard to battle against. #3 finally woke up and I checked his throat and could see white spots of infection that looked like strep to my untrained eye. I ran him to the Instacare and sure enough, strep. I dropped him back home and then went to pick up the prescription. Finally got a shower and to bed.

0420 (Friday) Weight 173.9. Steps 31906. Total Burn 3304. Exercise Burn 1562/1503 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.28milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. I'd set the alarm to 7:30, because I can sleep in on Friday. But I didn't. Awake around 4:00. Again. Someone else was up around that time too. I got up but missed seeing which kid was wandering. Fed the kitties, as they often scratch and bump my door in the morning if I haven't. I went back to bed, but I don't know that I fell back to sleep. Hubs got up around 5:30. I got up a little before 6:00. My normal time Mon-Thurs, but not Friday. Having the extra time (not having to wake or prep kids until 7:30) I did an hour on the treadmill rather than my smaller elliptical sessions. I even jogged. Drove #5 to school and made sure #4 was ready for his pickup, then I headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7154 Steps. 3.23 miles. 450/470 burn. AvHR113. High135. In zone 17 of the 67 minutes. I made a quick stop at the dollar store after, looking for a deodorant Hubs had liked. I'd checked a couple stores, and thought maybe I'd picked it up at the Dollar Store. They did have a similar one there, but not the one he liked. I didn't end up checking out. Had a bit of a lazy day. I'd got one elliptical session in early, so I had 40 min left to do, got in a 10, then a 20, and finally a 10 to finish up later in the day. Did some reading and a book review. Some ducky digging in the evening. Dropped #5 off for his ride to practice. #1 got "IT" to watch ... I was too tired. #3 had gone to bed early too. Hubs was out in the garage until I don't know when, I was asleep when he came in.

0419 (Thursday) Weight 174.9. Steps 31987. Total Burn 3300. Exercise Burn 1350/1494 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2100. I've been good at getting in my hour of elliptical in each morning. After getting the boys off to school, I hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6667 steps. 2.91 miles. 434/405 burn. AvHR108. High145. In Zone 8 of the 67 minutes. Skipped Sams today but stopped at Walmart. Had quite a list. After I checked out, I went to the garden center and picked up a pool and chaise lounge. Unfortunately, the pool wouldn't fit into the car :( I had to return it ... But #3 stopped by and grabbed one for me a little later. We filled it up, and while I haven't seen the ducks in it yet, the water is dirty, so I think they have been. The sides are high, so I put a bin and some logs that can work as stairs. Hubs had a derby in the evening. #3 went with him, although he'd run to get a haircut and was cutting it close getting back. #4 was around and could have filled in, except that he was asleep. #5 had practice, so I dropped him off and ran back to pick him up. I'd gotten in one time on the treadmill during the day, and got a session on the bike in that evening. Then shower and to bed. 

0418 (Wednesday) Weight 173.9. Steps 28781. Total Burn 3227. Exercise Burn 1250/1448 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmilll). Calories in 2700. Ugg, another 4:00 am waking. Again, not sure if I really fell back asleep, but felt so groggy at 5:45 when I got up. Three elliptical sessions in early, then Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6794 steps. 3.02 miles. 422/404 burn. AvHR111. High134. In zone 5 of the 65 minutes. After class I headed out for errands. Ran through the car wash, dropped off drycleaning, brought plastic bags to be recycled and then got groceries at Reams. Driving bu Dunford on the way home ... I stopped for donuts. Shouldn't do that! I was really busy for a while after getting home. We didn't really need chicken, had some in the freezer already, but they had chicken tenders on for $1.29 a pound. To help preserve space and make them easier to defrost when needed, I repacked them all into single layers in big Ziploc bags. Got the other groceries put away, including making sure the food room was straighten up and everything on shelves. I'd given the ducks grain earlier, but gave them their "salad" and did a little digging for worms. Hit the treadmill, just walked today, but went two miles instead of stopping at 1.75. I try to do that if I think I might only have the one treadmill time ... which happened. #2 and friends were in the gym in the afternoon. I was pretty busy then anyway, making dinner. Macaroni rosa. I made a vegetarian version for #2 (just subbed the chicken with his "fake" chicken) ... regular chicken for the rest though. I suppose I could boil up some gluten-free noodles and set some aside for my dad. I'll need to try that next time, although it does get complicated individualizing everything. I'm the worst eater of all though, I don't eat Macaroni Rosa myself. Did some house cleaning. I had asked #4 to pick up his room and I was surprised to find he had! I vacuumed. It needed it, kitty litter and spilled on the carpet when he'd gone to pour more in. Got the stairs and kitchen/family/bedrooms vacuumed to. Folded #2's laundry. Had to replace the light in the duck pen. At this point it's just there for light (not heat), and they don't even stay the night in the pen. Emptied garbage cans and then put out the big bins for pickup tomorrow. Finished my audiobook, started a new one. Hubs got home!

0417 (Tuesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 31526. Total Burn 3170. Exercise Burn 1414/1366 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4milesTreadmill, 10minAbs/Core). Calories in 1990.  Woke around 4:00, and didn't feel like I fell back asleep. Stressing about taxes (tax day today, haven't heard back from our tax guy yet with our responses to his questions. Our bad for leaving it so late, I'm sure he's swamped with others like us. But still, I'm stressed ...) Other odd worries too. I can worry about so many things. I must have fallen asleep though, because when the alarm went off at 5:50 it definitely woke me up. So groggy. Up, and I feel better after that first workout. SNOWING. Got the kids up. Went to check on the ducks and give them a little breakfast. Blackfoot hadn't laid in her most recent spot ... it was wet there. I saw the boys in the back corner and she was under the table, a previous nesting spot. Maybe still laying? I feel like the egg has been warm the last couple days I've grabbed it. I didn't want to disturb her, so I quietly filled the food in the pen and restocked the water. I'd been confused as I stepped out onto the back porch. I grabbed the shovel and removed the snow, and only one of the two mats was there on the porch. Where was my big one? #1 said maybe it had blown away in yesterday's wind. But the mat is flat, and heavy ... yet when I looked around I found it in the window well, so I guess that is what happened. I did get in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off. Then Zumba with Marian. Yea, no contractors doing carpet today. Stats: 5494 steps. 2.37miles. 374/314 burn. AvHR110. High132. In zone 7 of the 60 minutes. Got two treadmill times in during school hours (one jogging one walking) which was good, as there were BOYS in my gym later in the day. #2 and friends, and then #5 later.

0416 (Monday) Weight 175.2. Steps 29047. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1381/1240 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill, 30minWeights).Calories in 1600. Back to the routine. Even with Hubs gone, I woke around the usual time before the alarm. Got my three sessions on the elliptical in during the morning send-off. Watching "The Lovely Bones" which, while I didn't love the book, is not nearly as good as the book. Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5589 steps. 2.33 miles. 410/352 burn. AvHR107. High134. In zone 7 of the 67 minutes. Motiv said 3992 steps. 412 burn. High HR 153. 35 active minutes. I didn't stop at a store on the way home. Got two treadmill times in during the school hours ... good thing too as #2 and a buddy ended up in the gym later. I had plans to do 4mph walk for the hour (two 30min) and then jog a mile, for five total miles ... but 4mph felt a lot harder than my usual 3.6. I didn't do it again for the second, and didn't jog at all. I did do some weights though. It was a horribly windy day, all day. I kept watching the basketball hoop and the garbage cans (they are in a more sheltered spot on the side of the house and were okay). Looking out for the ducks too, but they seemed okay. A few chairs blew around in back, and when I peeked I saw the hot tub cover had blow open. #4 helped me get it back down and we latched it (we don't normally). It's amazing that #4 is unfazed by it all ... a few years ago I would have received a call from the school and he'd have retreated to a corner in the basement under a blanket with headphones on. So glad he outgrew his phobia. All mine just seem to be getting worse with age. #5 had a 9:00 game ... oy. Keeps me up past my bedtime. I was asleep at 9:30 yesterday. This was against a tough team, Olympus Titans. We started slow, but then got on a roll and we were leading into the half ... #5 made a 3-point buzzer beater to end the half. But alas, couldn't quite hold them, down by four at the end. #5 was quite crestfallen, but it was a good game. He had the team high with 14 points. Home and to bed ... I did keep calories in check today!

0415 (Sunday) Weight 176.1. Steps 10365. Total Burn 2128. Exercise Burn 180/325 (30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. The guys were home pretty early, around 9:30. They were all pretty tired as they'd had to get up early, and had been up late the night before. Nothing much on deck today so they could nap if they wanted. Got started on loads of laundry. Hubs did close his eyes, then repacked and headed out to the airport again. Off to California with work guys, touring design centers. Didn't even get one night in his own bed. I made a belated breakfast of bacon and pancakes, and later homemade oreos ... I ate some too. Then my tummy was a little off and I headed to bed. Blah.

0414 (Saturday) Weight 177.3. Steps 19373. Total Burn 2551. Exercise Burn 607/753 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Slept pretty good, slept in a little (still awake around 7:00). Other than a practice dance here and there, no Zumba today (I'll do a quick dance to make sure I get my 250 steps each hour if I haven't otherwise). Half an hour elliptical, and one 2.5mile treadmill time. #2 texted from work saying he and a friend were planning on using the gym at 2:30, so I got my gym time in earlier. I ran to Smiths to restock some groceries. #2's vegetarian "meat" products were on sale, and I grabbed a couple turkey breasts (actual turkey for us). Got all the groceries put away. Mowed the front lawn and did ducky duty. Pretty quiet around the house, although #2 and his girlfriend were around for a while. Didn't get as much feedback or photos from activities in Seattle today. I stayed busy on the computer and got a few catch-up posts done for the family blog, and one for my JJ blog as well as some book reviews (I finished both my audio and Kindle book today).

0413 (Friday) Weight 175.9. Steps 25301. Total Burn 2920. Exercise Burn 1005/1108 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Alarms set for 4:00 in the morning, as Hubs and the boys headed to the airport for their 5:50 flight. They got their traditional McDonalds breakfast. I went back to bed. They arrived in Seattle fine, and I gave the cats and birds their breakfast and headed to Zumba. Stats: 7447 steps. 3.41 miles. 472/500 burn. AvHR115. High 149. In Zone 17 of the 70 minutes. I stopped at the Dollar Store after class, had a few things on the list from there. Quiet day at home, even though #2 was in and out and around. Hubs checked in and sent pictures of their adventures of the day. No running #5 to basketball practice, I had the evening off. To bed a little after 10:00 ... the guys in Seattle were up much later (they had a nap at the hotel, but still, I was exhausted and assumed they were too!)

0412 (Thursday) Weight 176.1. Steps 31115. Total Burn 3183. Exercise Burn 1329/1339 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800.  Awakened in the night by noisy rain and wind. It was around 4:00, and I don't think I really got back to sleep before getting up around 6:00. Hubs woke up to the rain too, but surprised me by coming back to bed and he definitely got back to sleep. I beat him out of bed. He said that was his first restful night in a while. I got the boys off to school and got my elliptical in during the early hours. The rain turned to snow after I dropped #5 off, and it was a full blizzard as I drove to Zumba. They had a ton of instructors (and Kava talks after), I was surprised they put a second song of mine on. Stats: 6000 steps. 2.53 miles. 401/351 burn. AvHR109. High136. In zone 6 of the 63 minutes. I didn't stay for the social after, as I wanted to get the shopping done and get home. Stopped at Sam's. Didn't need a lot, but grabbed the few things we needed to restock. #2 was home when I got home, skipping school today. After getting the groceries away, I did my duck duty (I didn't want to go out in the rain this morning. I did wear my boots as there was snow sticking to the ground). Found Blackfoot's egg for the day and gave the birds their belated breakfast. Then, the cats went crazy! Chasing each other around and fighting, not the cute little playful stuff. It was Oreo instigating it too! Joy would try to run off but he'd tackle her then there would be hissing and yowling and scratching and they didn't stop. I took a broom and separated them, putting Oreo in our room and letting Joy stay where she had retreated in #3's room. After a bit, she was waiting outside the closed door. I opened it, and Oreo was waiting there on the other side. They seemed fine after that. I got in one treadmill time during the school hours and one more later after kid carpools. Just walking today though. #5 had gone to a math competition today. He said they got demolished, but that it had been a lot of fun. Hubs had a derby, #1 had the night off so he went along to help, and his girlfriend went too. She said she had never seen one. This one was actually double, Achievement Day girls first, then Cub Scout boys. #5's practice got cancelled, which always makes both #5 and I feel like we get the evening off. Got the boys packed and prepped for travel tomorrow.

0411 (Wednesday) Weight 176.8. Steps 31251. Total Burn 3381. Exercise Burn 1491/1564 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs was up and off early, like 2:00 am early. He hasn't been sleeping well. I didn't sleep great last night either. Hit the elliptical first thing. I'd planned to watch a movie on HBO, but I was logged out. Again. So frustrating. I realize that people's plans are always changing and they need to keep verifying you are still active, but it requires going online, entering all the DirectTV info. It takes about five minutes, which admittedly isn't much, but I'm on such a strict schedule for my morning workouts. If I'm off even five minutes, I can't get it all in. I watched a Netflix movie instead, and then got the HBO up and running so I should be okay for tomorrow. Zumba with MZL. 6694 steps. 2.94 miles. 433/433 burn. AvHR113. High142. In zone 9 of the 64 minutes. I'd checked my Motiv numbers after my hour of elliptical, and they were almost identical to my Charge2. But the ring doesn't like my dancing, doesn't pick up steps well (under 4000, compared to 6000+ on the two Fitbit devices) although the calorie burn and active minute steps are still on par. After class I went to Reams. Always good for produce. Apples, oranges, tomatoes, and small bags of salad. Picked up roast, which I threw in the crock pot when I got home. One the way home, I drove through the car wash. First time on my own. It was so nice and sunny today, I went outside and read a little in the sun. Rain tomorrow, snow on Friday ... that's the forecast at least. I checked the Seattle forecast for the boys, heading off for the weekend and it's rain, rain, rain, there. Picked up kid carpools. #3 was parked in front of my garage spot. He was only there for 15minutes, but that was right when I got home from picking up #5. Had to park on the street and then move the car to the garage later after he left to work. Made some homemade ice cream, using up a little of the chocolate milk (non DariGold). Hubs was home from work early and laid down for a little bit before heading out to a derby. #4 went to help. I'd done one time on the treadmill during the school day (jogging) and did one more later. #1 went to go see "A Quiet Place" and he took #5 with him. #2 saw it last Saturday and really liked it. #3 saw it a couple days ago.

0410 (Tuesday) Weight 175.6. Steps 31477. Total Burn 3362. Exercise Burn 1420/1561 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/2.3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 3000. Hubs was up around 5:00, I got up around 6:00. Fit in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Prepped a playlist, as Marian had texted me a couple days ago asking me to sub. When I showed up at the church, it was still completely torn up. Last week they had all the carpets in the halls pulled up, with big rolls in the gym. Today, the chapel was torn up, all the pews were in the gym. There still would have been a small open space to dance in, but the sound wouldn't work with the sliding doors to the chapel open ... and the glue fumes were pretty bad. We moved to the Relief Society room. I could plug into the sound system there, but it's small and on carpet. There were just six of us there. I'd planned the playlist just for me, but Carma came, so I quickly added in some of her songs. Stats: 6124 steps. 2.68 miles. 438/402 burn. AvHR118. High147. In zone 26 of the 63 minutes. Felt like I should have accomplished more today, not sure where the time went. The usual kitchen cleanup, dishes, laundry, ducks (egg this morning, and there WAS an egg yesterday, it was just in the pool, I didn't see it until I emptied the water today). One treadmill time, jogging. Instead of a second, I hit the bike. I've switched my audio of "The Lovely Bones" to the Kindle ... it was the author narrating and I just didn't care for her voice. Is that bad? But it means I have a couple different library books to get through before their due date. Need to read! Speaking of reading, I read the prologe of "Steelheart" to #3 to see if I get him interested in it ... he needs to be reading it (actual need, school assignment, not that book per say but A book).  Usual school pickups. As I hadn't done middle school carpool yesterday, and it had been a week with Spring Break, it felt like it had been forever. #4 texted to see if a friend could come home with him to hang out. Of course, I wish he'd do that more often. They played video games and jumped on the tramp. Hubs was really late getting home, although I don't think it was all work. Bar stop? He was pretty much straight to bed. I was ready too. #3 was out late for a school night (even after I texted him 10:00 curfew). Grrr.

0409 (Monday) Weight 178.1. Steps 32998. Total Burn 3386. Exercise Burn 1425/1562 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 1750. Back to the routine. I beat Hubs out of bed. #4 was up before my waking of him though. No egg this morning. Fit in my full hour on the elliptical early, watching "Titan" a Netflix movie (just okay). Zumba w/Debbie ... had a pretty good crowd today. Stats: 5986 steps. 2.69miles. 375/369 burn. AvHR108. High130. In zone 5 of the 60minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to restock groceries. The yogurt granola bars #3 likes were on sale, and I picked up muffins for him and some vegetarian options for #2. Got the groceries put away, the kitchen cleaned up, a load of laundry, the usual. Hit the gym for some treadmill time, jogging. We lost internet for a bit ... but I guess much of the area (all the kid's schools) were affected by a power outage. We never lost power though, and the internet was up again pretty quick.. good thing too! I'd made arrangements for one of the other moms to pick up middle school carpool, so I could be around to help #3 with his senior registration. It opened at 3:00, and everything fills up in the first few minutes, so you have to be fast and have a plan. He had so many semester classes, that we had quite a bit more to enter in. We got everything but the final class he wanted (basketball), it was full (and this was just two minutes after it opened up). We did get him in a "foods" backup, but then switched to weight training with several friends. Those are two tense minutes! I picked up elementary as usual. Got in another treadmill time, just walking this time. Completed my weekly blog post and made a muvee of last week's basketball game. Then it was off to #5's basketball game this week. 9:00 start. Ugg. Some of our kids live in Utah County, so they have about an hour drive after too. Ours is just about 10 minutes. Easy win ... too easy. Can't really even cheer when our boys are dominating so much. I was surprised Hubs was still awake when we got back. He'd been painting in the garage though, so he'd stayed busy. Even though the game wasn't stressful, it takes a while to unwind after the late games.

0408 (Sunday)  Weight 175.9. Steps 5883. Total Burn 1936. Exercise Burn 0/129 (no exercise). Calories in 3300. Last sleep in morning ... back to the school routine tomorrow. I've enjoyed the break. We headed over to Maga's house around 10:00 for a Sunday Brunch. We actually had ALL the grandkids, so we took a photo of them. There was monkey bread, breakfast burritos, waffles, bacon and fruit. We got a call to come check on one of the chickens ... one had died. Memories of our duck just the week before. back at home, I was working on my computer (window in front of me) and saw some ducks fly in and land in the backyard behind us. I had to go check it out (climbed on a stool to peek over the fence) and it was three males. Hi ducks! Hubs was working in his garage, as per usual. Picked up some scaffolding and is going to paint. I made chicken pillows for dinner, making a couple with the faux chicken for #2, some without mushrooms for #3, and some plain tenders for #4 and #5 (and me). 

0407 (Saturday) Weight 176.7. Steps 15306. Total Burn 2459. Exercise Burn 625/642 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3400.  Weird dreams ...rainy morning. Blackfoot laid her egg in the pen, so it was dry. I didn't find an egg yesterday. No worms all around like the last rainy day though. Hubs ran a few errands then was off to do a derby in Bountiful. This was a fundraiser, for adults, in a bar. #1 son helped out ... he was the only one old enough to attend. I got in for my needed nail appointment. I made lasagna for dinner, making a vegetarian batch for #2 with some faux beef crumbles. No games today, leagues had the day off for Spring Break. #1 had picked up his girlfriend in the morning, she'd had her wisdom teeth out at a research center and was just released in the morning. He went back to visit again after the derby. #2 and his girlfriend hit a movie (The Quiet Place, he said it was great) and #3 had work. Hubs went out to his mom's to check in and say hi to visiting family. He asked if the littles wanted to go, but they didn't want to leave home, and I had a bunch of dishes, ducky duty and needed a shower.

0406 (Friday) Weight 178.6. Steps 19115. Total Burn 2550. Exercise Burn 576/723 (Zumba, 
Hubs slept in today too, as he had a doctor's appointment at 8:30. No sense going all the way into work (even early) just to come back. He ran to Lowes, and then the doctor. Got his BP medication refilled and something for sleep. I headed to Zumba. Quite a few instructors today. Stats: 6318 steps. 2.88 miles. 375/396 burn. AvHR112. High138. In Zone 10 of the 62 minutes. Straight home after, no store stop. Hubs was actually taking the whole day off. He's a little burned out. He took the little's to see Black Panther. Invited me, but after not being overly impressed with the last super hero movies I've seen (WW, Guardians, Thor) I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the time/money/calories ... I'll just wait until it's streaming somewhere and watch while working out. It had crossed my mind that Hubs and I could go out to dinner or something, as he was home and #5 didn't have practice. The night was free, but Hubs totally crashed napping around 4:00 ... I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to wake up before bedtime or just roll it over into the night. He did wake up for a bit in the evening. I was taking the garbage out and was surprised to run into my duckies, there in the front yard! Someone had left the gate open. Who let the ducks out? Who, Who? I ended up digging in the front flower bed with them, uncovering some worms and just supervising them in the new area (new bugs and all that). #5 had been invited to a "Stranger Things" party at 5:00, so I put the ducks back and dropped him off. Pickup was at 9:00. I'd done a treadmill walk earlier in the day, and tried out the bike, getting in some reading. With the new month, I have my "Prime Lending Library" book that I can only read on my bigger Kindle device (works perfect for the bike though). Picked up the munchkin and headed to bed.

0405 (Thursday) Weight 177.6. Steps 17424. Total Burn 2537. Exercise Burn 420/724 (Zumba) Calories in 2200. Those calories are probably low. Not keeping up with my tracking (or eating) very well during this Spring break. Had bad duckie dreams. In it one of my males, Abbott had beak and bum issues. When I woke I peeked out the window and ... only saw Blackfoot and Costello, no Abbott (very unusual as they always stick together). I put on shoes and went out to check ... and Abbott was okay, but stuck down the window well. The boys were still sleeping so it was up to me to get him out. The boys generally just scramble in/out, but I got a ladder. Abbott freaked out a bit as I put it down, and I didn't want him to hurt himself. He seems fine though. I hit Zumba with MZL, then stopped at Sams for a couple things, then Walmart, as #2 needed some smaller (than Sams) things restocked. Walmart still had a bunch of Easter candy on clearance. Reeses eggs and our FavoREDs jelly beans. I bought a bunch. Pretty much all the Easter candy for THIS year was purchased last year ... it lasts fine. I'd asked #3 if he'd clean the bathroom in prep for company coming over. He did, and vacuumed and straightened the kitchen too. It was great to see the DiFran family again. We've kept in contact over Facebook, but haven't actually been together IRL in over two years. So easy to be together again though. Kiana and I can chat for hours and the boys love to hang out. They played some spike ball and video games. They were here from about noon until 5:00. They had plans in the evening, #3 had work (hadn't been scheduled but filling in), #4 a derby with Dad and #5 basketball practice. The older to boys were home in the evening, and #2 was funny, stressed out over an NBA game. His team won though.

0404 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 20591. Total Burn 2733. Exercise Burn 500 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3500. Got 10min elliptical in after I got up, and then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7295 steps. 3.34 miles. 492 burn (both devices). AvHR119. High141. In zone 31 of the 68 minutes. I probably should have stopped at the store, or got my nails done (they need it) but I was feeling tired and wanted to go straight home. #5 ended up getting picked up to go hang with a friend for much of the day. I was rather lazy. Didn't hit the treadmill and had to force myself to get in a 20min elliptical session to hit 30min for the day. Eating was out of control. Hubs made popcorn in the evening as well. Oof, Uber over.

0403 (Tuesday) Weight 176.7.  Steps 21084. Total Burn 2160. Exercise Burn 910/958 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I don't feel like I've been sleeping very well. Hubs either ... he had another early off morning. I haven't really even been trying to get up early and get elliptical in this week. Spring Break is going to be a break for me too. There were tons of dishes waiting for me. Hubs had sliced brisket last night, #1 had eaten dinner and had stuff left out and #2 had made cookies. So ... dishes, first thing. Headed to Zumba and there were workmen there, tearing out all the carpet. Rolls of new carpet in the gym, but we still danced. It was just three of us. Marian, Cathyleen and me. Barbara hasn't been around the last couple classes. I was hoping with Spring Break we might see some of the people that can't come with school conflicts. Couldn't really get the heart rate up. Stats: 5094 steps. 2.2 miles. 325/287 burn. AvHR104. High125. In Zone 2 of the 54 minutes. #1 had taken the day off school and was playing video games with his brothers. I got in a session on the elliptical and a treadmill time.   #3 had a friend sleep over on his floor last night. He had some friends over a little later in the day, then went up to Park City with them. #5 went to hang out with a friend, and #4 had a friend come hang out here. I picked #5 up around 4:00 and dropped him and his buddy off at High Jump, a local inflatable place. Used to be Jump N Bounce, but ownership changed a while back, but we hadn't been since (we used to go quite a bit with some neighbors before they moved to California ... an ironic twist was as I picked up the boys and dropped the friend home, I got a text from our Cali friends, here in town wanting to get together!) I made some cookies from a box (oatmeal scotchies ... no one seemed very interested though).#4 then got picked up to go downtown to the Jazz game, with the tickets from his Junior Jazz season. Nosebleed seats, but fun to be with several teammates. Jazz won. Looks like it will be a championship year.

0402 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 19550. Total Burn 2666. Exercise Burn 763/867 (30minElliptial, Zumba). Calories in 2300. First day of Spring Break. I had my alarm set for a little after 8:00, but got up a little before that on my own. I'd actually been awake and restless for a while. Hubs and gotten up uber early, around 2:00 ... I got up and off to Zumba. I was subbing for Debbie today. Carma was there to help. Not a big class today. Stats: 6971 steps. 3.1 miles. 428/432 burn. AvHR111. High 148. In zone 12 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. I'd entered in the refills for my prescriptions and got the notification that they were done. There were quite a few things on sale too, so I had a big checkout. When the mail came, my new Motiv ring was there. I got it charged and set up and started wearing it. Missed my morning Zumba workout, but I got in a 20min session on the elliptical mid-day, and then a quick 10min before bed. The boys just hung around home, playing games and jumping on the tramp. Not a nice day though, cold and dreary. I got my monthly review for March up on the blog. #5 had a basketball game in the evening. Hubs was out cold when I got back. #3 had been working, but then was up really late ... I wasn't sleeping deep (and Hubs woke up too) to hear him up and around after 1:00. 

0401 (Sunday) Weight 175.8. Steps 6698. Total Burn 2130. Exercise Burn 0/319 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. I'd been too tired last night to prep the Easter baskets (buckets at our house) ... not that I really had much for the boys. Just some candy, headphones for #5 (which he knew about and had already been using for a couple days) and silly putty for #4. So ... I got up and set them out, such as they were. Did the dishes, as there always seems to be a sink full waiting just for me. Got started making roll dough and finishing up the dessert I'd started yesterday. Hubs got the brisket smoking, and then was peeling potatoes after I got the rolls rolled out (orange rolls and regular dinner rolls). I made the batter for Brazilian cheese rolls to take with us. Dinner was at 5:00. #3 had to work, but the older boys came with their girlfriends. It was a beautiful day out. Sunny and warm. 

0331 (Saturday) Weight 175.9. Steps 14680. Total Burn 2481. Exercise Burn 425/670 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Duckie drama :( Gabby girl died this morning. Last night I debated putting her in the pen alone and having the others just free range for the night. In my reading and research it says to isolate the sick duck, both to protect the other ducks from infection if it's something catchy, and so the sick duck can rest without being bothered. I also wanted all her favorite foods right there for her if she felt like eating (without the others gobbling everything up). Yet, ducks are so social, they don't like to be alone. What to do?  I prepped the pen and put her in and closed the door. She didn't seem upset by it, but the other ducks did. Blackfoot (our other girl) seemed especially angry with me! I ended up opening the pen and letting the other three wander in and out at will, but they didn't stay all the time, so Gabby could get some time undisturbed. Poor girl can't seem to sleep, can't put her head under her wing. I can see her eyes closing with her neck still out. Still drinking but not eating. I woke in the night and peeked out the window and couldn't see her. I went out with a flashlight and checked all over and couldn't see her. She must have just been in the doghouse, opposite corner and I didn't really glance in there enough. So in the morning I saw her in the corner of pen, then in the tub of water, then back in the doghouse. Then a little later I saw her with the others under the tramp, and then the next time I looked ... her head was down on the ground, and she was gone. I cried. But she was suffering. I wish we knew what it was to better protect the others.  I dug a grave in a corner of the garden and we buried her. Abbott (one of the males) had seemed to be coming over and nudging her body. So sad. Watching a Grey's Anatomy as I got in a couple sessions on the elliptical I was bawling. It was a sad episode there too, but I think I was extra on edge. Just on the verge (and over) of tears all day. #5 had a basketball game at 2:00 against Legends. They are a tough team with a couple huge guys. But their smaller guys are also good and they work together well. Our boys kept it pretty close but Legends got the win. It was the first time in the new red uniforms. I think I preferred the black (well, you know me!) #5 played the entire game, was never on the bench. His face was as red as his jersey at the end. He had the team high with 10 points. Hubs did a run to Costco to grab brisket for Easter dinner tomorrow. He prepped it in the evening. #1 and his girlfriend made a cheesy potato dish ... between the brisket and cheese dish, there were tons of dishes waiting for me in the morning. I did a load of laundry and cleaned the main bathroom. Cleaned up the backyard some. Hubs dropped off taxes and brought home some Popeyes. #3 got home from work and headed out to Classic for "disco skating" ... he had on my pink hat, bright green socks and asked if I had any matching wristbands around. Lime green fuzzy wristbands? Um, no, I don't. I looked in the little boy's room to see if I had a tie with pink/green when I noticed another pair of lime green socks. Some cheap ones that hadn't really been worn much. I told #3 we could cut the tops off, and they'd be almost like wristbands. He liked the idea and so we did. End of the month. I remembered to grab my Fitbit graph before bed.

0330 (Friday) Weight 175.7. Total Steps 30762. Total Burn 3229. Exercise Burn 1388/1418 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400.  I hadn't planned on getting up early. Taking advantage of the late start at the schools I had my alarm set for 7:30. Hubs was up and off a little after 5:00 and I couldn't get back to sleep. So, I got up. Without my usual routine (needing to get the older boys off early) I went ahead and hit the treadmill for a full hour. Just walking. Woke up the kids and got them off to school, then headed to Zumba. Debbie had asked me to sub, but I would have hit this class regardless as MZL had to move to the West Kearns building, which is a little too far for me. So it was me, Jill and Cindy doing class today.  Stats: 6340 Steps. 2.79 miles. 457/428 burn. AvHR119. High149. In zone 25 of the 65 minutes. Maybe should have stopped at the store on the way home ... but didn't. #2 was home, but left to hit the gym (not my gym, the college gym). No eggs today. Poor Gabby girl continues to be off. It's been a little hard to concentrate. I'm checking on her all the time. I was almost afraid I'd find her dead this morning. Not sure if it's an impacted egg, a swallowed piece of glass (bulb broke last Friday and I tried SO hard to get every shard but it's likely I missed some), some other sickness or infection. She's not as bad as Alley was couple years ago ... and Ally did make a complete recovery with some added Niacin to the diet (I'll try that here, but the symptoms aren't quite the same. Ally lost all ability to walk. Gabby can walk, but doesn't want to. Very listless, off her food. I can tell she is exhausted and wants to sleep, but can't seem to tuck her beak under her wing like they usually do when they sleep). I went out and did  a little digging and she seemed a bit interested, but still really lacking in energy. She seems to find comfort in the water, so I refilled all the pools with clean water. She just sits in one all day. She is still drinking. I'm just sick about it. I made another batch of nests. Hit the elliptical, getting in my hour by the end of the day.  Did double duty school pickups ... I'll have a week off with Spring Break next week, although the boys might then want me to run them other places. Dropped #5 off for his practice. Hubs had Jazz tickets, four of them. He was taking #4 and two of #4's friends. I watched some at home. I really do think I prefer it. I know there is an excitement there with the crowd ... but there IS a crowd, and noise, and uncomfortable seats (even when you have great seats, I prefer my bed). I benefit from the commentary, and I hate the drive downtown and the parking and travel time. Jazz got the win. #1 was off to a wedding for one of his best friends. #2 was off with his girlfriend (they ended up back at our house watching "Grey's Anatomy" ... starting from the beginning. I forgot I had an episode to watch today. I'll get to it tomorrow). #3 had a dance, the Azurette's formal. #5 got home from practice to find only me home and asked "where IS everybody?"

0329 (Thursday) Weight 174.8. Steps. 31778. Total Burn 3168. Exercise Burn 1210/1381 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2600. Started the day with my hour of elliptical, then hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6893 steps. 3.03 miles. 417/403 burn. AvHR107. High137. In Zone 14 of the 65 minutes. Quite a few kids. Our Spring Break doesn't start until next week, but it must have been going on for some schools. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Grabbed grapefruit thinking it looked good ... yet that wasn't what I reached for when I got home. Have yet to eat one! Overate today, but did decent with the activity. One time on the treadmill, and then I hit the bike before bed. #5 had practice. Just one egg this morning, and I'm really worried about Gabby girl. She just looks really off. Lethargic, not really eating, not staying with the others. So many possible things it could be and I'm not really sure treatment for anything. 

0328 (Wednesday) Weight 176.6. Steps 30855. Total Burn 3462. Exercise Burn 1400/1658 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/2.25milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. Yeah, I managed to fit in my full hour of elliptical early today. Watching "The Bucket List" which was good. Ended perfectly with my treadmill time later in the day. Just the one time today, but I jogged a bit of it and hit 30k for the day. Zumba w/MZL. Bigger group today, as the other Wednesday location in Kearns wasn't happening. We got some of those folks. Good class. Stats: 7470 Steps. 3.35 miles. 478/502 burn. AvHR118. High141. In Zone 29 of the 68 minutes. Stopped at Maceys after to grab some groceries ... needed more eggs. Not so much for Easter dyeing, but for NESTS. I've gone a little crazy with the nests this year. It's an annual tradition ever since I was in elementary school. Tiffany Olsen introduced them to me. A simple meringue cookie. Really only #2, #4 and I like them, but we LOVE them. Flaky and chewy and melt in your mouth! I still had some duck eggs (even after taking a dozen to Kathyleen yesterday, she wanted some) but those shells are so tough, that I wouldn't be able to separate the whites (as I usually demolish the egg opening it up). I made a couple double batches today! While I did indulge in the nests (pretty much straight sugar) I tried to keep calories in check. I did a little extra Zumba, I did a weight workout, and got a blog post up. Laundry and kitchen cleanup per usual. The ducks actually gave me a little trouble going into the pen tonight, very unusual for them! I did get two eggs this morning.

0327 (Tuesday) Weight 176.9. Steps 28667. Total Burn 3103. Exercise Burn 1478/1304 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.05milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. I got in my first two elliptical sessions on schedule, and was on track for the third when I got a text for Marian asking if I could cover the Zumba class today. She was under the weather. No problem, but I did need to quickly prep a playlist, and that took over my time and I didn't get in my final elliptical early ... I did fit it in later in the day to complete my hour. Dropped #5 at school ... he was pumping his basketball up in the car when the needle broke off in it. No ball for him today. I needed needle nosed pliers to pull it out, but got it pumped and ready for him after school. Zumba went well ... Carma had said she was coming to I'd asked if she'd sub with me and had put plenty of her songs on as well. It was the usual, Kathyleen and Barbara, with Brienne a little late. Then we had one newcomer, who did have some moves. I talked to her after and she said she had been a dancer and even a Zumba instructor. We'll see if she comes back. Stats: 6764 steps. 2.97 miles. 438/414 burn. AvHR 115. High 138. In zone 13 of the 64 minutes. I usually think it would be higher when I'm doing the leading! Home again, to feed the ducks, do the dishes, loads of laundry, etc. Two times on the treadmill, keeping up with some jogging. Watched "Gold" ... sometimes it's hard to remember Matthew McConaughy can be good looking. Not so much here! Double duty after school pickups. #3 had a friend over to help him make a sign to answer his date for the upcoming dance. #2's girlfriend helped come up with the little poem. Then Hubs and #3 were off to do a derby, back at his old ward building.

0326 (Monday) Weight 178.5. Steps 30367. Total Burn 3261. Exercise Burn 1400/1437 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. Back at it ... Hubs was up around 5:15 and I was up around 5:45. Got in most of my hour of elliptical (last session got cut a little short, I finished up the final 10min at the end of the day). Dropped #5 off at school and went out to Debbie's Zumba. I have a hard time making it on time. They had started, but I think I just missed one song. My "spot" was taken though. Stats: 5709 steps. 2.53 miles.  353/317 burn. AvHR104. High142. In zone 6 of the 60 minutes. Didn't stop at a store as I'd just been recently. The kitchen was a mess, so I put on some music and got the dishes done (unloaded, loaded, lots of handwash too) and some laundry. While we have Alexa playing some songs, and Itunes Music on my phone ... I'd spent some time the other day working up playlists on my computer, syncing to an old ipad that #1 helped me get connected to our Sonos speaker. It's been fun listening to some of the older music (Glee, AllyMcBeal, etc). Got in a couple times on the treadmill, doing some jogging. Picked up middle school carpool, then practiced some Zumba before heading out to the elementary for #5. Did some ducky digging and got the pen prepped for the night. I like to do as much as I can while it's light, and a little warmer, then I can get them away quickly as it gets dark. They are angels though, they never give me any trouble going in. Just one egg this morning though. We are low on eggs.  I'm surprised eggs haven't been on better sales with Easter upcoming .... it's next Sunday! Hubs and I had fallen asleep when we were awaken by some noisiness coming from the home gym, which is directly below our bedroom. #2 had a couple friends over, and #3 had gotten home from work ... and it had just gotten a little loud. Hubs was NOT happy. I do think he fell back asleep pretty quick. Not so much for me ...

0325 (Sunday) Weight 176.9. Steps 8404. Exercise Burn 220/315 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Oy, scale slide up after a day of little exercise and uber eating ... unfortunately, same situation today so tomorrow's weigh-in will likely be scary. Hubs and I slept in a little this morning, then he took a dip in the hot tub. I made french toast for breakfast, with some bacon and eggs and sausage. I got one 10min elliptical session in early, and more more later in the day to finish up my "Grey's Anatomy" episode. Another little nap today. I got a book blog post up and got the bills paid. A quick Macey's run to grab some grapes and rolls. Also grabbed some of the items I had rain-checks for (Fresca, Golden Oreos, AuJus). Over eating ... a little self-sabotage. Yum, ding-dongs, cookies, Tagalongs, salted caramel ... then Hubs and I watched "Forgetting Sara Marshall" whilst eating popcorn.

0324 (Saturday) Weight 174.8. Steps 10465. Exercise Burn 215/375 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3000. I figured my duckies were anxious to get out, so I just slipped on a jacket over my jammies and went out first thing to open the pen and gather the eggs. Both girls laid them together in the back of the doghouse. IF I were to leave them to let them sit ... which girl would sit if both sets of eggs were together? But ... I want a year without babies. Still no basketball games. Both the 7th and 6th grade leagues actually started today, and some teams had games, but not our teams. I hit the elliptical once in the morning, getting in some "Grey's Anatomy" ... I never made it back down to finish it up though. Hubs was laying down for a nap mid-day and it looked so tempting that I joined him. We had plans to meet up with my folks for dinner at Texas Roadhouse at 5:00. Hubs had called ahead, but we weren't sure what was wrong as we pulled up to the restaurant and it was completely barren. Then we noticed the sign that it had moved across the street. It was anything but empty over there. Packed to the gills! I'd thought we'd be okay at 5:00. We finally got seated and had our meals. I noticed one of #3's friends who had just been at our house last night working there and he saw me too and came over and said hi. It was a good meal. We hadn't been in forever, with Hubs smoking meat, it just hasn't had as much of an appeal because we can have meals just as yummy at home with him. But it was good, and I ate plenty of rolls. Hubs emptied the hot tub and cleaned and refilled it. The folks transferred a box of cana lily bulbs for us to give to Hub's mom who had requested some. #2 and his girlfriend were over making cookies.

0323 (Friday) Weight 173.5. Steps 20735. Total Burn 2778. Exercise Burn 681/977 (Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Oy bad night. It was pouring rain and it was so noisy hitting the bedroom window. I couldn't sleep for several hours, just laying there (did a little reading). As middle/high school was out, and I only had to get elementary off, I'd set my alarm for later. Hubs was still in bed too (also up in the night, even before the rain). As I let the ducks out in the morning they seemed to be grabbing a lot off the grass ... I guessed it was worms. I went out front and left the gate open so they could come out front and dine there too, but they stuck to the back. But there were worms EVERYWHERE. Huge ones too. I ended up gathering worms ... by the time I was done I had probably a hundred (oh, my muscles were sore, doing squats!) The ducks had already had plenty, so I just dropped the worms all over the flowerbed and garden, for future ducky treats and to help the garden grow. Needed to restock after all the worms the ducks have eaten! I didn't make it down to the gym before dropping #5 off to school and heading to Zumba. Pretty much just me, Anna and Andrea as instructors again today, although Mindy showed up later and did a couple numbers. I got good stats, staying on the stage and leading more. 7277 steps. 3.28 miles. 490/481 burn. AvHR124. In zone 48 of the 68 minutes. Didn't stop at a store on the way home, as I'd be going out later and figured I'd hit things then. One treadmill time, but no elliptical at all today. Both #2 and #3 were in the gym during the day, but I can't say that was really why I didn't make it back down. Early out at the elementary, then #5 had a birthday party at Boondocks. I'd never been there, and it's doable driving-wise, although pushing my comfort zone. I asked if the other local boys wanted to carpool and said I could do the drive there if one of the other parents could pick-up (9:00 finish, past MY bedtime). So a little after 5:00 I picked up Gage, Collin and Kain and drove the four boys out. It did take a while with traffic and me taking the back streets and such. There was a canal by the center and I saw two sets of Canadian Geese. After dropping the boys off and making sure they found the party, I headed home, stopping at Shopko to return the comforter set I'd picked up the other week (it didn't work) and then Smiths Marketplace to grab some produce and other items. #2 had been out of salad! Once home, I was done for the night so I got the ducks away and showered. Earlier in the day when I was giving the ducks their mid-day meal, I noticed the light in the pen had shattered. Little glass shards everywhere. I spent another 15min or so in squat position picking up all the pieces from the hay and wood chips. Ducks eat everything, and we certainly don't want them swallowing any pieces of glass! I really hope I got it all! Although the birthday party ended at 9:00, the boy's activity wristbands lasted until close at 10:00 ... the other mom was cool with staying if we other parents were. The boys were lucky she was picking up because I wouldn't have wanted to stay myself, in fact I couldn't even stay awake until #5 got dropped off back home. It was a little noisy, as #3 had several friends over. He got asked to the "Azurette's Formal" this Friday ... he had been hoping for that, as he likes going to dances, and likes drill team girls (this is his third dance with a different drill team girl for each).

0322 (Thursday) Weight 172.4. Steps 32734. Total Burn 3260. Exercise Burn 1446/1468 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Hour of elliptical accomplished in the morning. Got the boys off to school, then hit Zumba w/MZL. They are usually happy to see me, as I'm generally the second instrutor there (they like to have two to start) but then there are usually oodles by the end ... over a dozen different teachers. Lots of people attending too. I had a little trouble getting my energy up though. Stats: 6573 steps. 2.92 miles. 386/403 burn. AvHR104. High127. In zone just 1 of the 64 minutes. After class I went to Sam'sClub. Didn't need a lot, just a few things. Home to unload. Got in two times on the treadmill and a little extra elliptical. I was doing pretty good on the eating, even ate an apple (and it tasted good!) but then I made my fried chicken and yellow rice, and then #1 picked up some Papa Murphy's pizza (and had them leave off the toppings on a small portion of the chicken garlic for me, so I had that). Not uber over on eating, but unless I stay under 2000, the weight goes up, regardless of burn. Hubs and #3 went and did a derby, right in our neighborhood. HUGE derby, with several wards combined. Not a big gym either (not the stake center, but the Maverick building). I dropped #5 off at practice and went back for pickup at 8:00.

0321 (Wednesday) Weight 173.7. Steps 31906. Total Burn 3262. Exercise Burn 1483/1462 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. I was able to get my full hour of elliptical in early. It doesn't really matter, I can always do some later, but I like to start my day with my routine. Zumba w/MZL ... someone isn't checking the calendar! It was all set up for something tonight. When people call to schedule the church, they need to include all the set-up time too, and check to see what is already reserved. There was still enough space that we just danced around the tables and chairs. Only Andrea and Anna were there to instruct, so I stayed on the stage the entire time (that, and to have one more spot on the limited space on the floor too). Stats: 6954 Steps. 3.03 miles. 454/451 burn. AvHR117. High141. In zone 27 of the 67 minutes. After class I did a quick stop at the post office to drop of an Amazon return. I'd ordered a bathroom rug set in navy ... except it was PURPLE! I got notified later in the day of the refund! That was fast. Hit the gym for a treadmill time, finished up my movie (Happy Tears ... blah), got the kitchen cleaned up (even scrubbed out the sink) and did some duckie digging. I'm always a little amazed I'm still turning over worms. It doesn't seem like there should be any left (as we've had ducks for a couple years now). Picked up middle school, then elementary. #5 was in tears as he got in the car and it took a bit to calm him down enough to get the story. Apparently there was an accident with a friend's iphone and it shattered, and #5 feels responsible. The friend was pretty devastated, and #5 was feeling awful, and I felt awful seeing my munchkin feeling so bad. We have a couple old phones not in use (actually a step up from the 5s that shattered) that Hubs and I discussed we could give, or help with the cost of a screen replacement (around $100). #5 does have a bunch on money he got for his birthday, so he decided to give $80 toward the repair cost. That's a lot to a 12 year old (or even older) but I don't think he'd get over it emotionally otherwise. Hubs and #4 went to do a derby ... #4 was paid $50 and got a $20 tip ... #5 said "I should have gone on this derby! I need that money!"  Dad had wanted the slightly older boy tonight though as he wasn't sure what to expect. It was a last minute derby, it wasn't at a church. I played around a bit with Itunes playlists and our Sonos speaker. Wrote a blog post and book review. I got in another time on the treadmill, did some extra Zumba ... hit 30k and kept calories in check. Also got the trial ring set from Motiv ... it's another tracker, a ring, I'm trying it out. It's $200, so a little pricey, but I do love my data. Seeing how the sizing works and how it feels, if I could wear it all the time.

0320 (Tuesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 30869. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 1359/1438 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 64min/4milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100.  Got in my morning elliptical, 10min shy as I started the last session a little late. Two eggs again today. I'd found two yesterday, but I wasn't sure if it was one from both girls, or if I had just missed finding one Sunday (hadn't found one). But with two again, it looks like both girls are laying. After getting the boys off to school I hit Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 5451 steps. 2.31 miles. 364/288 burn. AvHR102. High123. Didn't get into the cardio zone any of the 60 minutes. There were only four of us, a little harder to get the energy up. It's Spring Break for the college boys. #2 had taken off for a couple of days in Park City, but got back. #1 had the day off work and hung out with his girlfriend. The Interwebs went out, it was a Comcast outage, and it was several hours before it was back. I still COULD have worked out (sans streaming shows) or the bike is reading (book already downloaded) or listened to music. I had gotten in one treadmill time before, and got another one in later. Should have done weights today ... but didn't. Called the Dr. office first thing after Zumba to see if they'd refill Hub's blood pressure medication. The prescription ran out a couple months ago, and #1's girlfriend was taking BP on Sunday for a class, and Hubs was sky high. So the Dr. did call in 30 days, but said he needs to come in for a followup. I was just picking up #4 from school as he had stayed after, so I did stop at Smiths on the way home (he stayed in the car though). I didn't have to pick up #5, as he was going home with his friend. Hubs didn't get home until late, going straight to a derby from work.

0319 (Monday) Weight 174.4. Steps 26915. Total Burn 3026. Exercise Burn 1187/1222 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 33min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. #4 was already up early ... and stressing out about school. It's end of quarter, and he's not sure he has perfect grades. Still has to make up his math test he missed last Wednesday when he came home sick. We are planning on him staying after tomorrow, but he wanted to go early today to work on something for his tech class. Back when I was driving mornings regularly, I could still fit in my hour of elliptical if I really planned ahead. Here with this last minute request, I had to skip my second workout to get him to school. After getting the boys off, I hit Debbie's Zumba. Stats: 5720 steps. 2.54 miles. 366/344 burn. AvHR106. High141. In zone 5 of the 61 minutes. As I'd just hit the store over the weekend, I didn't do a Smiths stop like I often do on Monday mornings. For additional activity at home I got in one time on the treadmill and that missed elliptical session. Double school pickups in the afternoon per usual. #5 had his friend come home. I made them Mac&Cheese (and ate a little myself). Got my weekly blog post up, book review done ("Me Before You" which I finished over the weekend, and it was my movie for today. Liked both the book and the movie).

0318 (Sunday) Weight 174.8. Steps 12308. Total Burn 2397. Exercise Burn 350/588 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Hubs ran to Home Depot early ... his home away from home, it and Lowes. We did do our big breakfast. He smoked bacon. I cubed the leftover baked potatoes from last night. Wish we'd had more! I did a little sausage, and made pancakes. Cleaned up the kitchen, rested my eyes ... then did more cleaning. Got the bathrooms done, even switching out the shower curtain, and some vacuuming. I was running low on ducky salad makings, and so Hubs and I had a mini-date to Reams to grab some produce, then run through the car wash. We are paying $30+ a month for a pass for the Durango, so I want to take advantage of that. I'm always scared to try new things (even something as simple as driving through a car wash), but I'd had #1 son take me last week. Here I was driving with Hubs in the passenger seat for any additional instruction. Still nervous about it, but I did it. I made some cheesy bread for a small dinner. #2 left for a Spring Break getaway, the college kids are out this next week. Hubs and I retired to bed watching an episode of Veep. The wifi was being funky though. I went to reset it, but Hubs was asleep before I got it up again.

0317 (Saturday) Weight 174.8. Steps 9418. Total Burn 2197. Exercise Burn 120/391 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2800.  Hubs said he'd been awake since 3:30. There wasn't snoring last night, even in the early evening when he had actually been asleep. He was busy in the garage from 8:00-10:00 weighing in cars for the upcoming Pinewood Derby. I'd called yesterday to make a nail appointment and went at 9:00, right when they first opened.  Instead of another fill, we took off the old nails for a new set. OUCH though! My fingers are still tender. After the nails were done, I stopped at Maceys for a few things on their ad. Unfortunately, they were out of several items. I got rainchecks for the Oreos (my boy only want the Golden Double Stuff. They had a few but not as much as I was going to stock up on at $2 each), AuJus packets and Fresca 2-liter bottles. Grabbed some Hostess, and then had some individually wrapped Mentos on clearance. I think I'll like that, just grabbing one at time. Hubs had hit Costco after his thing wrapped up, picking up some ribs for #1 son who was prepping them for a buddy's bachelor party in the evening. Then Hubs and #4 had a derby. Hubs was happy that this stake is always so prepared and even had tables set up. We started getting some snow. Yuck. I made some mint brownies. I think I finally mastered the ganache (using melted butter instead of cream) but the brownies themselves are a little dry. Disappointing. #1 prepped the ribs and got them smoking. He also made guacamole. I thought we would get at least one rack of ribs, and #1 said that would be fine, but Hubs wanted to make sure the guys had enough and sent them all. I had baked some potatoes (to go with the ribs for us) and so we just had baked potatoes for dinner. I didn't really exercise today, just got in 10min on the elliptical to finish up my show from yesterday. Hubs made popcorn and we watched "Thor Ragnarock" which #1 had rented. The little boys watched it this morning. They loved it, as did #1 (he'd seen it in theaters, twice). I guess I'm just not really a fan of super hero shows, especially when they are so silly. I mean it was fine, but I didn't love it.

0316 (Friday) Weight 174.8. Steps 20676. Total Burn 2733. Exercise Burn 726/923 (20minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  With no school for #5 and late start for the older boys, I had my alarm set for 7:30. Actually stayed in bed until then, Hubs too! I got one session on the elliptical in before heading out to Zumba. MZL's building had a conflict, so I headed to Debbie in Daybreak. I wore green bottoms and switched to my green water bottle for St. Patrick's celebrations. We did a few Irish songs/steps. Stats: 5404 steps. 2.39 miles. 356/343 burn. AvHR105. High140. In zone 6 of the 63 minutes. I'd told #5 I'd be home right after if he needed me to take him to his friend's house, but the friend had said they could pick him up. I did a little extra Zumba and got in one time on the treadmill, catching last night's Grey's Anatomy ... well 10 minutes left which I planned to watch while on the elliptical, to at least get a half hour there, but then the day slipped away from me and I didn't make it back down. Middle school pickup, then I grabbed #5 from his friend's house. We stopped for some Little Caesar's on the way home. The boys have been watching March Madness ... lots of close games! Mega ooof (one of #4's current silly sayings). I dropped #5 off at his coach's house at 6:00 to catch a ride to his practice, in Lehi tonight. They were getting home so late that Coach said he could bring him home after (rather than me having to try to stay awake to go grab him from his house). At 8:00, I ended up going over to the church to watch #2 play in a region churchball game. His girlfriend came to watch too. I guess we should have come last night, when our guys blew the other team out of the water and #2 scored 30 points. This game didn't go that great. Shots weren't falling and the other team got the W.  I did video it, we'll see if I get around to making a highlight reel. Back home and to bed.

0315 (Thursday) Weight 173.9. Steps 27528. Total Burn 3093. Exercise Burn 1137/1299 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 3100. SNOW this morning. Caught me off guard, I hadn't seen it in the forecast. Started the day with my hour of elliptical, then Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6075 steps. 2.65 miles. 356/339 burn. AvHR110. High152. In zone 11 of the 61 minutes. Lots of people, lots of instructors! Over twelve different people lead. After class I went to Sam's. Didn't need much. Wasn't home for long before I had to head out to grab some pizza from Dominoes and then meet my folks, Maga and #5 at the school for the "Grandparent's Lunch" at 12:25. Parking was an issue as always at events like this, but I found a spot. Took the picture and chatted after #5 took off for recess. I'd offered to check him out after and just take him home with me, as it was early out ... but he wanted to stay and finish the day, so I went home, hung out for 15min or so then headed back for his pickup. One the way to pickup middle school kids, the sun had come out and must have heated the ground enough that the moisture was evaporating. Steam/mist rising. I've seen this happen before on roads and rooftops, but as I passed by a park, it was enveloped in the rising mist and looked so cool, something out of a faerie story. I should have stopped and tried to capture a picture. #5 had his practice in the evening. I dropped him off at 6:30 and picked him up at 8:00. I had made some Swig cookies ... coloring the dough and frosting green for St. Patrick's day. I sent some as a thank you to coach and our other carpool. I ate many cookies too. #3 was hungry and asked if I'd pay for Chick-fil-a if he went, so I said sure. He brought home some nuggets and fries. Hubs was in the garage helping the neighbor and his sons make pinewood derby cars. I figured he'd like some dinner, but didn't know how to handle it with others over. He wasn't very happy that he missed dinner. With all the cookies and chicken nuggets, I hadn't done great on calories ... then Hubs made popcorn! Oooph, uber over!

0314 (Wednesday) Weight 174.7. Steps 30350. Total Burn 3241. Exercise Burn 1370/1436 (60mimEllipitcal, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Hubs was up and off normally. I struggled a bit getting up today. I was a little late getting to my first elliptical session, but still managed to get in my hour early. Dropped #5 off at school and went to Zumba w/MZL. I hadn't been able to find my black jacket on Monday, and the last time I remember having it for sure was Zumba on Friday. Alas, no one had seen it.  I'm not sure that's where I left it, but I looked all around the house with no luck. I'm super sad about that. Stats: 6616 steps. 3 miles. 431/409 burn. AvHR114. High140. In Zone 15 of the 64 minutes. I noticed a text come in when class was almost over. #4 said he wasn't feeling well and asked if I could come and get him. I did have to duck out a bit early, they weren't done yet, but I had hit my hour. It had been the big "walkout" today. Student protesting guns and school violence, on the one month anniversary of the Parkland school shooting. I'm not sure if that was just too much for my anxiety child, or if it was just coincidence. I brought him home and just let him rest for the day. My boys don't complain and don't like to miss school (not that they like school, they just don't like having to make up assignments and such) so I tend to take them at their word if they do skip school. I got in a couple treadmill times, just walking today. I'd arranged for one of the other mom's to do the middle school pickup. It was pouring rain when I picked up #5. We were only home for a bit, about 20min, before we had to head back for his parent/teacher conference. Rave reviews. No issues. It was quick. Just a quiet evening at home after that.

0313 (Tuesday) Weight 173.7. Steps 30925. Total Burn 3333. Exercise Burn 1400/1533 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/2.5milesTreadmill, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2300. I was awake before Hubs, but lingered long enough that he hit the shower before I did my weigh-in. I got up and feed the kitties and made the bed, and then the bathroom was free for me. I got all three elliptical sessions in early to complete my hour. Dropped #5 at school and headed to Zumba. Weather is nice enough that I could walk ... but I didn't. I'll have to get back into that habit. Marian had to leave early so I finished up class. Stats: 6251 steps. 2.8 miles. 404/367 burn. AvHR108. High139. In zone 3 of the 64 minutes. #2 was still home when I got back ... he had decided to skip class. He headed off to work, but #3 was home from school early. He headed to the mall then to his final management training meeting. I had a productive day. I got in some treadmill time, jogging for most of it. Then I did weights and a little extra Zumba. After school pickups, then I hit the bike to finish up my movie, then my book :) While I've always thought of the bike as reading time, watching a show on the ipad works really well too. Did some digging with the ducks, they found some fat worms. I did find another egg this morning when I let them out of the pen. #5 had his friend come over after school. I made them Mac&Cheese and then some cheese bread for the other boys too. Hubs came home and made guacamole. I baked some Otis cookies up for an end of the day treat. I resisted having a cookie, and had kept calories in check ... but then Hubs made popcorn.

0312 (Monday) Weight 175.0. Steps 30769. Total Burn 3308. Exercise Burn 1400/1500 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.15milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. I wondered if it would be hard to get up, with the time change and all, feeling an hour earlier than usual. But, I was fine. Hubs however had a hard time, I beat him up. #4 was up fine, but #3 and #5 seemed super sleepy. I got in my hour of elliptical early, dropped #5 to school and headed to Zumba w/Debbie. Happily, we were back in the gym today. Stats: 5290 steps. 2.28 miles. 353/327 burn. AvHR105. High131. In zone 4 of the 58 minutes. Even though Hubs had been to Smiths yesterday, and #2 had been Saturday ... I still stopped today. I'd had Hubs grab bananas, but hadn't realized we were low on wheat bread for the boys. I grabbed that and a few other things. Always good to double check things, as I grabbed one mini-watermelon, but got charged for 11 of them! #1 was home when I got back. He had a little time between class and work. I got the groceries away, some laundry going, fed the ducks (I'd let them out earlier but hadn't made them their "salad") and did a little computer work. Two treadmill times during the school day ... finished up my movie "Kong. Skull Island" which had kept my interest. I even jogged a little during both sessions. Picked up middle school then elementary. Did dishes and kitchen cleanup. Finished up my weekly blog post and family letter. #5 had a game in the evening. Two if they won the first ... which they didn't. It was not one of the best games for the Wolves, and the other team did really well, stripping the ball from our boys many times, getting the rebounds and shots. It was a bit of a blowout.

0311 (Sunday) Weight 175.8. Steps 13442. Total Burn 2387. Exercise Burn 630/576 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900.  Daylight Savings ... up an hour. Oy! The three older boys were out late last night. I was asleep but do track when they get home. We did our family breakfast. Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles and eggs. I cooked up some sausage and was going to make hashbrowns, but they smelled bad! They were brand new too, just purchased on Thursday and supposed to be good through mid-April. #2 was a little disappointed, he'd requested them. Hubs then ran some errands, ending up in Orem. I mentioned #3 had been craving Krispie Creme donuts, so he stopped by and grabbed some. It's been quite a while since we had them. Yummy! No big dinner today, even though he does have a defrosted turkey breast waiting to be smoked. He took the boys and ran to his mom's house for a quick visit. Another beautiful day out!

0310 (Saturday) Weight 173.9. Steps 9894. Total Burn 2133. Exercise Burn 0/332 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. Hubs had his workshop starting at 9:00, and we did have quite the crowd. #1 helped some. It was a really nice morning, warm for March. Couldn't have been better for the workshop in the garage (some years it's been SO cold). I took off for a bit and ran to Shopko. I'd placed an online order for a new comforter and was picking it up in store. I had another $10 off $30 coupon and wandered around a bit but didn't find anything else I wanted. Back at home I tried out the comforter and didn't care for it, so I guess I'll be going back again to return it. It's so hard to really tell what things look like online. That was my only outing for the day. I thought about going in for my needed nail appointment, but before I called to see if they had openings, #3 asked if he could take the Durango to work, as Hubs wanted to use the truck a little later. So ... I didn't really have wheels anyway. Not sure why I didn't make it down to the gym today, just a lazy day! I expected Hubs to come in a crash after the workshop wrapped up but he just kept working. We had some popcorn while we watched an episode of Veep. He was out in seconds once we were done!

0309 (Friday) Weight 173.5. Steps 14877. Total Burn 2508. Exercise Burn 490/712 (Zumba). Calories in 2800. The late start for the secondary schools are normal for a Friday, but today #5 was out of school too. I was a bit lazy, being able to sleep in a little longer and not having to make the morning school run. Didn't get in any elliptical. Went to Zumba w/MZL. I had good energy and stayed up on stage the whole time. Stats: 7229 steps. 3.28 miles. 472/502 burn. AvHR121. High145. in zone 38 of the 65 minutes. I had thought about getting my nails done after class, but with #5 home, I decided to head back. He wanted to be dropped off at a friend's house, so I did that. Just didn't have much motivation for exercise though ... didn't go down to the gym at all. Didn't have elementary school pickup, but did have to pick #5 up from friends, as well as middle school carpool as usual. After grabbing #5, we stopped by Little Caesars and grabbed a couple pizzas and crazy breads. Dropped #5 off for his practice just before 6:00. They were carpooling up to Lehi for practice. I had to force myself to stay awake for pickup after at 9:30 ... past my bedtime. I was tired! Hubs was still working the garage most of the night. He's hosting his annual "Pinewood Derby Workshop" where he shares his tools and knowledge with of the parents/kids who need/want help building cars for the upcoming race.

0308 (Thursday) Weight 173.4. Steps 30520. Total Burn 3356. Exercise Burn 1250/1558 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. I beat Hubs out of bed. Got my three elliptical sessions in early. As I let the duckies out ... I found an egg! First one of the season. First one with this batch of birds. One of the males was absolutely underfoot (literally, I almost stepped on him several times). Dropped #5 off at school and then went to Zumba w/MZL. Thursdays always have quite the crowd and lots of instructors too. Stats: 6305 steps. 2.79 miles. 424/397 burn. AvHR109/130. In Zone 4 of the 64 minutes. After class I stopped at Sam'sClub. The Premier Protein was on "sale" so I grabbed three boxes. That adds up quick. Couldn't find the Nutella packs or French Toast Sticks. Hit Walmart after (as was the plan today). I'd bought a bunch of bananas on Monday, I really thought it was too many ... but the kids had gone through them. Shopping steps, and unloading steps. I had to remember it was early out at the elementary, as they don't have school tomorrow. I didn't make it down for my treadmill time during the school day. It was a really nice day out, so I hooked up the hose and filled the pool for the duckies and let the water run in the garden area. They sure love digging around in the mud. Did both pickups and left the car out as #5 had practice in the evening. I'd bought some boxes (Monday at Costco, more today at Sams) and have been sorting some clothes. With my shifting weight over the years, I have things in several sizes. I don't want to give away my size 8s ... I really hope to get back in them at some point. Anyway, things are better organized now and I refreshed my memory as to what I have where. Several piles of things to donate, both to DI and MZL is collection for a trip to Tonga (after a cylone hit there, they often do humanitarian trips). Hubs was home a little early, and had a friend come over and they redid the stairs in the garage. Got #5 to and from his practice.

0307 (Wednesday) Weight 172.9. Steps 26592. Total Burn 3076. Exercise Burn 1173/1278 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 3200. I was able to get my hour of elliptical in early. After dropping #5 at school I headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6445 steps. 2.81 miles. 389/389 burn. AvHR104. High 119. In Zone 0 of the 65 minutes. Not sure why the stats were low.  Just didn't really have high energy numbers today I guess. I often run to a store after class, but didn't feel like I needed to today. Was a little lazy at home during the day. Feeling just a bit sore from weights yesterday. I often drag the next day. I went down to the gym for one treadmill time. Double pickups after school. Eating was out of control today. No specific binge or anything, just constant cravings and snacking. #2 wanted spaghetti in the evening, and then I had a little of that too, in addition to the cookies and candy.

0306 (Tuesday) Weight 172.0. Steps 26808. Total Burn 3050. Exercise Burn 1200/1251 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.10milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off early. Like 2:00 in the morning early. I fell back to sleep and the alarm seemed to go off just moments later. I was a little late getting down to the gym for my first session, but instead of cutting it short, I did the full 20 minutes and was a little late getting the boys up (but they were still fine to get ready in time). Got my other elliptical sessions early too. After dropping #5 off to school, I hit Zumba w/HeatherB. Marian's class was canceled due to a funeral in the building. I'm glad I have backups, and I really enjoy Heather's class. Stats: 5731 steps. 2.49 miles. 350/317 burn. AvHR100. High128. In Zone 2 of the 58 minutes. I'm surprised stats aren't higher, but then lots of the numbers were new to me. Straight home after. Had some kitchen clean up and laundry. Blog post and other computer work. The episode of "Returning the Favor" ... a Facebook show by Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" that #5 had been in (just part of the "parade" and crowd) had just aired. I was able to catch a couple glimpses of #5. Got in one time on the treadmill, then did weights. After school pickups per usual. Discovered it was "National Oreo Cookie Day" ... seriously? There's a "day" for that? Not that we need any reason to "celebrate" but I did use that excuse to bake up some homemade Oreos. Hubs and #4 went to do a derby. #4 usually doesn't like to, but he wants money, as he has his eye on some new Nikes. #3 was off to a school soccer game with friends.

0305 (Monday) Weight 174.7. Steps 27789. Total Burn 3073. Exercise Burn 1155/1268 (60minElliptical, Zumba,  30min/1.85milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine. Feeling a bit off as I got up, but I didn't allow myself to go back to bed like I did one day last week. Got in my elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school, although I did have to cut the final one short as I got started late. Zumba w/Debbie. We were forced into the Primary room again. Half the ladies from last time didn't come, probably because it had been too crowded. I wore my "carpet shoes" and that made it a little easier anyway. Stats: 5199 Steps. 2.22 miles. 342/354 burn. AvHR112. High138. In zone 14 of the 54 minutes. I usually stop at Smiths on the way home from Debbie's Zumba, as it's on the way. As I'd just been there on Saturday, I switched things up. #1 had been so sad when the Darigold chocolate milk was gone ... so I made a Costco stop. Restocked the chocolate milk and a few other items. Still needed some produce, and Reams has the best produce prices, so I stopped there too. Got everything in and put away. One time on the treadmill. Afternoon pickups. Made french dip for the two littles, toasted cheese for #2 (still not eating meat). #5 had a basketball game in the evening ... not until 9:00. Uggg. While he was warming up, he got bopped in the nose and was bleeding from both nostrils. We managed to get it stopped and cleaned up before tip-off and he didn't have any problems during the game. This was the first "playoff" game in the tournament. Wolves were 2nd seed, playing against the 7th seed (out of nine teams). It was an easy win ... same team we'd played just last week. Next week should be a tough one though, and if we win that, then it will be the championship game, most likely against the top seed ... the only team that beat us during the season. I'd prepped my bed (blanket and pillows down) and laid out my jammies and brushed my teeth ... so I was able to sneak in without waking Hubs, who was out cold.

0304 (Sunday) Weight 174.3. Steps 6635. Total Burn 2016. Exercise Burn 0/259 (no exercise). Calories in 3600. That intake is embarrassing. I can eat. It's really easy. We started with a family breakfast. #1's girlfriend came over and they made waffles. I fried some bacon and made hashbrowns. I ddin't really have any lunch ... well, Tagalongs. And I'd made a Reeses dessert the other day. Hubs smoked a brisket, also some moose meat a friend had given him, and two turkey breasts. He'd meant to smoke the turkey yesterday, but the day got away from him. He made mashed taters to go with the brisket. His yummy buttered corn too. I made the cheddar bay biscuits. I think I prefer the Brazillian Cheese Rolls, as do several of the family members, but #2 and #4 don't care for them but do like the biscuits. They are just a change anyway. Both breads are easy and can be done at the last minute without much prep. I had to lay down and rest my eyes a bit after dinner. Eating and digesting always exhausts me! I didn't fall asleep ... but Hubs did, and was snoring away! I got back up and cleaned the kitchen (the least I can do after Hubs did almost all the dinner).  #1 and his girlfriend made Skookie (I had some too) and watched the Oscars.

0303 (Saturday) Weight 173.0. Steps 15218. Total Burn 2542. Total Burn 2542. Exercise Burn 325/739 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3000.  Still awake around 7:00, just can't seem to sleep in more. Didn't get out of bed at 7:00 of course ...  but can't stay in too long, as the kitty wants breakfast and the duckies want theirs. Didn't really have anything on deck today. No games! I hit the elliptical early and did some cleaning. Got the bathrooms done and some rearranging in the closet. Some shopping at Smiths. I was thinking it was too bad #5 didn't have anything fun to do today while he had the day off games, when he burst into my room crying. He'd been invited to a birthday party and had forgotten to tell me about it. I'm still not exactly sure why he was so upset. If he thought I couldn't get him there in time, or that I'd be mad at him for not bringing it up earlier. It really wasn't a problem. We threw together a gift quick and I was ready to take him, but #1 was heading out and offered to drop him off. The party invite said it ended at 5:30, so I set my phone alarm for that to remind myself. #5 texted around 5:00 though, and said the party was going longer and not to pick him up until he texted me. I expected it to go 30 minutes over, it had already been four hours. He ended up not requesting pickup until almost 8:00 (started at 1:30). I guess there were really only a couple friends invited, and then it was family (siblings and cousins). They had gone swimming ... oops, I hadn't really seen the invite if it said to wear a swimsuit, etc. It worked out. In fact, #4 was meeting up with friends at 8:00 in the same neighborhood, so I was able to pick up and then drop off in the same trip. #4's night also went long. Originally he said 9:30, then 10:30. #2 and his girlfriend were watching a movie, and I'd asked #2 if he'd be willing to do a pickup if it was too late for me, and he said yes (as he'd done that a LOT as a teen and I'd had to stay awake to pick him up). I didn't want to interrupt their movie, so I stayed up until 10:30 ... and then #4 pushed it again. He never really hangs with friends or asks for much, so I didn't feel like I could say no, but I also couldn't stay awake, so I did turn him over to #2 (just told #4 to text his brother). Pickup was around 11:30 ... I hadn't really been able to fall asleep anyway. It was also PROM for #3. The day started with a group breakfast, then go-carting for the day date. Unfortunately his date had a dance competition she couldn't get out of, so #3 went stag to those early events. Another boy was going stag the entire time. He dressed and left for the dinner/dance around 4:00. #1 even let him take his Charger, as #3's truck is raised and not great for a girl in a dress! They had arranged for a limo to take them to dinner and then to the capital. Got some really cute pictures sent to me! Hubs had been working in the garage all day. At one point in the evening he came hurrying inside to the bathroom cradling his hand. I knew immediately that he'd hurt himself. There was quite a bit of blood but luckily it wasn't that bad. Nicked the side of his pinky finger. I grabbed some gauze pads and wrap and got it covered up. Yikes. I don't have a huge problem with blood ... but when it's coming from someone I love, then I get woozy easily. This made me feel a little faint. Again, when we re-wrapped it that evening (as he'd continued to work and the bandage was quite dirty, and we wanted to make sure the wound was washed and treat it with antiseptic, which he hadn't the first round). Still bleeding a bunch ... and then trimming the excess gauze I almost cut off the tip of his finger. Wouldn't that have been quite the additional accident! Girl Scout cookies were delivered ... I adore Tagalongs. #2 and his girlfriend baked up some chocolate chip cookies. Snow hit again in the evening ...

0302 (Friday) Weight 174.0. Steps 29144. Total Burn 3162. Exercise Burn 1400/1545 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2600.  Wow ... my Friday might just have been the best day this week. I set my alarm for 7:30, but got up around 7:00 and fit in one elliptical session before dropping #5 off at school. Then it was off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7350 steps. 3.28miles. 490/488 burn. AvHR116. High138. In zone 20 of the 69 minutes. Higher numbers than usual, but it did go over a bit too. When I got there, there were only two of us instructors. While I can easily do an hour on my own, I like to prep it, and I don't have my full repertoire at MZL. Happily a couple other instructors showed up. I stayed up on the stage the entire time. I generally pop back down to the floor. I'm juts a little more comfortable there, and I think it's just as helpful to the crowd to have someone on the front row who is facing the same direction (if they struggle at all with the mirror imaging). But my spot got taken today ... so I just stayed up ;)   Still didn't feel like I needed anything enough for a store stop. I'm planning on hitting Smiths tomorrow too. So straight home. Made some bread. Figured I'd just get in the one treadmill time, so I did a little extra to hit two miles. Finished up yesterday's movie then caught the most recent "Grey's Anatomy" and a little "Colony" too while completing my hour of elliptical. Early out at the elementary, then I didn't have middle school pickup as #4 was going home with a friend. THAT is unusual too! He ended up staying all afternoon, eating dinner with the family, going to a churchball game (originally just to watch but he ended up playing and scoring 20 points, even in his jeans and regular shoes). The family brought him home afterward which was super nice too (and meant I could put on jammies and crawl in bed). But before that, I watched the state semi-finals boys basketball. Not nearly as stressful for me as when MY boy was playing in the tournament last year. I went down on the bike for 30min while I watched. CHHS lost tonight.

0301 (Thursday) Weight 173.0. Steps 21958. Total Burn 2845. Exercise Burn 994/1049 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200.  Got up at my normal time. Still didn't quite get in my hour early. When I peeked out at the ducks, the light wasn't on. I was afraid the bulb may have burst (it's happened before) and didn't want my babies eating any glass shards. I went out and it wasn't broken, just a little loose. I got it screwed in better and back on ... but then it was off again a little later when I took them out their breakfast salad. Again I tried working with it, but it sparked and smoked. I guess that cord is done. I switched it out for another and got the light working again. But anything other than the norm throws off my morning and I didn't start my final elliptical session in time for the full 20minutes. Off to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6400 steps. 2.80 miles. 397/333 burn. AvHR102. High137. In zone 5 of the 65 minutes. There was a baby shower afterward for Raven, but I don't do the social stuff, just the dancing. I almost always stop at Sam's on the way home, but didn't really feel I had enough to warrant it today ... and I was feeling ready to drop. I actually took a nap today. I'm spoiled that I can if I need(want) to. Didn't get in my treadmill time, but did finish up my elliptical hour. Some snow was starting, so I did some prep on the pen outside, and in the yard for the ducks. #4 was my only pickup from middle school today. Grabbed #5 ... his coach canceled his practice for tonight. No practice tomorrow either, and no games on Saturday. Maybe his knee will finally actually get some rest. Watched some of the state playoffs, live streaming. CHHS won. #2 and #3 went up to the U of U to watch the game.

0228 (Wednesday) Weight 173.0. Steps 22133. Total Burn 2805. Exercise Burn 1000/1006 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000.  Hubs was up and off at the usual time (5:30ish). When my alarm went off at 5:50 ... I just didn't want to get up and exercise. I reset the alarm for 6:30. Still got in two elliptical sessions while getting the boys off. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6396 steps. 2.89 burn. 393/419 burn. AvHR110. High128. In zone 2 of the 64 minutes. As I was leaving the church, I noticed a car backing out of Coach's driveway. When the car caught up with me at the light, it was Coach. I was going to Maceys for some grocery shopping and he stopped quick to ask me how #5 was doing. At the store, I stocked up on lots of unhealthy things. The Little Debbie snacks were on, and the boys love them. Some granola bars #2 likes. The little ChipsAhoy cookies. I was starving and proceeded to eat an entire bag. So shopping steps and steps from carting everything in. But ... another non-productive day. I just feel like curling up in bed with my book. I did get in one treadmill time, and figured I'd fit in my final elliptical later ... but then there were boys in my gym all afternoon. Excuses ... I could have ellipticalled in the evening, but instead showered and got in jammies early. In bed early. Hubs was still working on his computer, but I was able to fall asleep. Or not able to stay awake.

0227 (Tuesday) Weight 173.7. Steps 26950. Total Burn 3046. Exercise Burn 1230/1246 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.85milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. #3 wanted to be awakened early, as he had the ACT today and needed to be on time (something we've been struggling with a bit lately). I got my first two sessions in on the elliptical, but had to cut the third one short as I got started a little late. #5 and got caught by both busses on the way to school. They have been coming earlier. Maybe we need to push our departure time a bit. It was an outside day. About 30°. I had let the ducks out early yesterday and today. Zumba with Marian. I was ready for some songs/steps I know/love and wasn't disappointed. Marian had me wrap up as she had to head out to work. Stats: 6680 steps. 2.97 miles. 426/415 burn. AvHR111. High136. In zone 10 of the 64 minutes. Unfortunately I wasn't super productive today during my alone time. Spent some time out with the ducks. Gave them some water, broke off some iceicles (don't want them to fall and injure my babies), shoveled out some of the bedding from the pen into the garden ... broke my pitchfork dang it! Did some digging in the flower beds, even getting the ducks to come into the front yard for a bit. Still finding some worms even during winter. I did get in one treadmill time. I really meant to get a second, but it didn't end up happening. Barely got in my final 10min on the elliptical. Made chicken pillows ... mostly leftovers, but #4 had some. Also made some cheesy biscuits again. Hubs made himself some french dip with his shaved meat when he got home. I'd meant to watch some of the state basketball playoffs, but then I spaced it off  (when my kid isn't playing it's not a priority). Checked in to find that CHHS won over Bingham in the first round. No repeat win for Bingham this year. Eliminated first round. Finished up THREE books today ... my audiobook, my kindle app, and my borrowed book on Kindle Prime.

0226 (Monday) Weight 173.5. Steps 27445. Total Burn 3053. Exercise Burn 1100/1275 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Let's see if we can have a better Monday than last week. It didn't start out great though. On my second session on the elliptical, I was interrupted by my son, saying his car wouldn't start as he tried to leave for school. Oy. Luckily #1 was still home, and Daddy has a handy dandy portable jumper. We got him started (and had him take the jumper in case he had trouble starting it again ... which he did) but I missed my second workout. Got my next one in, and #5 dropped off to school. I have a hard time making it to Debbie's class by 9:00. As I pulled up to the church ... there were too many cars there. A bad sign. Sure enough, the gym was being used for a missionary activity. I have to say, it annoys me. Priesthood takes precedence over simple ladies wanting to workout ... even if they are the ones who have the gym reserved. We had to move to the primary room, which was way to cramped and small for the number we had (plus no place for kids to play) plus carpet, plus Jesus everywhere. Sometimes I love Debbie's playlist, but today I just wasn't feeling any of the music, in addition to my irritation. My feet felt heavy, I'd have worn different shoes if I'd know we'd be on carpet. Stats were not great, no surprise: 4178 steps. 1.8 miles. 308/235 burn. AvHR102. High138. In zone 6 of the 56 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Needed to restock the cat food, and they had some decent sales on. I was hungry when I got home and indulged in some cereal. Got everything put away. #1 was around all morning, said his school classes had been canceled. #3 was home early (skips 4th period bb), went to a suit fitting then to management training. #5 had a game. His Wolves were happy to see him, especially as we were missing a couple other kids, so only six players. Easy win though. Saw the stat sheet and while #5 is still in the #2 position for overall scoring and 3-pointers, it's a little surprising as he had two games with no points at all (one he just didn't score, then he sat out last week for his knee). Back at home, Hubs was shaving the tri-tip and he made popcorn. I guess the scale will not improve tomorrow morning!

0225 (Sunday) Weight 173.7. Steps 7215. Total Burn 2133. Exercise Burn 0/171 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. Yes ... I can eat 3000 calories pretty easily. Started the day off with french toast. It was yummy. Finished up some basketball stuff, videos and blog posts. Got the bills paid ... sometimes February catches me off guard, finishing up days earlier than other months. More snow had been in the forecast, and we got a dusting. The sun came out, and temp was 30° so I let the ducks out for several hours during the day. Helped #1 with some pricing for a homework assignment. Hubs was smoking some tri-tip and ribs. He made his mashed taters too, and instead of my usual Brazilian Cheese Rolls, I tried making Cheddar Bay Biscuits and they were a hit. Hubs is planning on shaving most of the tri-tip. Kitchen cleanup and then to bed.

0224 (Saturday) Weight 172.9. Steps 5621. Total Burn 1942. Exercise Burn 0/156 (no exercise). Calories in 3300. Still awake around 7:00, which is later than the weekday routine ... but sometimes I'd really like to sleep in. Hubs had tickets for the Jazz game tonight. He'd left them at the office, so he headed to the office and stayed to do a little work, then ran some errands. Had to take his car in to get the tire patched as he had a screw in it. #5 had a game at 1:00. I didn't really care if we won, as that would make us have a second game right after and I didn't think #5's knee was up for that (and it would be a tough team). We did NOT win. The first half was really bad ... 29-7. Ouch!  None of our shots were falling, but the other team was on fire. We did better the second half and got it within 10. #5 was hurting though. #3 had been excited to go to the game tonight, thinking he got off at 5:00, when he was actually scheduled to7:00. He was very disappointed. With an extra ticket, #4 tried to find a friend to go, but none were available at such late notice. #5 was able to get a friend (the same one who'd gone last time we had an extra ticket). These are great tickets! 2nd row, with free parking and food. The game was really close all night, but Jazz pulled it out. #5 missed his Wolves playoff game, which was at 6:00 (and would have been at 8:00 if they'd won). He didn't feel up to it after falling earlier ... and the Jazz game was a nice consolation prize to missing. I checked in with one of the other moms and it sounded like a repeat of #5's earlier game. Horrible first half, way behind, then nice comeback, just not quite enough (Wolves were closer though, within four). So Bantam and Dimple Dell ended today. The Monday night Murray league still has a few more games, but hopefully with everything slowing down #5's knee will finally get better! #3 brought me home some cheese curds from KFC (A&W) ... calories were already over before that.

0223 (Friday) Weight 172.3. Steps 14273. Total Burn 2414. Exercise Burn 500/614 (10minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3500. Holy snow. Hubs said it really wasn't bad when he left (around 4:00am) but it was terrible for our morning commutes. I hadn't left the house Monday. Tuesday wasn't too bad ... today was bad! My trip to the elementary took longer than usual. I got off a little later than I wanted to Zumba, and traffic was backed up. Not too many people made it. Just three of us (me, Emily and Anna) for instructors and then a few people following. Stats: 6400 steps. 2.83miles. 386/410 burn. AvHR108. High132. In zone 1 of the 64 minutes. After class, despite the bad weather, I hit Cal Ranch for some corn/bedding, then Reams for some produce. Then stopped for donuts. Finally back home. Again, just not feeling productive or energetic. I'd only done 10min elliptical in the morning, and then never made it back down to the gym. Hubs had suggested dinner out and my folks and his mom were on board. He wanted to go straight there from work, so arranged for his mom to pick me up. Red Robin was yummy. Home again after. I noticed #1 and #3 had left, and were together. I figured out that they were suit shopping, as #3 has Prom next weekend. Made my mommy heart melt that #1 was being such a good brother and helping #3 out. #2 went sledding with friends. #5 didn't actually miss practices today, as both teams ended up canceling.

0222 (Thursday) Weight 171.7. Steps 18273. Total Burn 2606. Exercise Burn 707/839 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Woke up not feeling well. Just a little dizzy, sweaty, light-headed. Just got 30min elliptical in during the morning. Wasn't sure I felt up to Zumba, but I went and felt a little better. Stats: 6664 steps. 2.98 miles. 396/390 burn. AvHR108. High 136. In zone 6 of the 62 minutes. After class I stopped at Sam's Club for a few groceries. Didn't get much done during the day. Laid down for a bit but didn't sleep. Let the ducks out for a little bit in the afternoon. I had put them in for the night when I noticed that snow was in the forecast (flurries were starting), so I went back out and put up the boards (to keep snow out of a portion of the pen at least) and it was good I did, because there was a lot of snow come morning. Hubs made popcorn again and we watched a couple episodes of Veep.

0221 (Wednesday) Weight 172.8. Steps 29346. Total Burn 3254. Exercise Burn 1310/1468 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. The high school was out today, so #3 got to sleep in. #2 also slept in, taking the day off for his birthday. I got the littles off to school and got in some morning elliptical (10min shy of my hour). Kept the ducks in the pen, but took them out fresh water and food. Their water had frozen over, first time that has happened. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7000 steps. 3.11miles. 459/472 burn. AvHR119. High 148. In zone 26 of the 63 minutes. Emily wasn't there, not many instructors, so I did more songs that usual. Carma wasn't there but Kirsten was, and we had her do "Say Hey". After class I stopped at Maceys. Ran into Cathyleen there. Grabbed some groceries and a little cake for #2's birthday. Then a stop at the Dollar Store for a few things. With both boys home, I had help unloading, which was nice! I cleaned out a cupboard in the laundry room to make some space to store the dishsoap I'd stocked up on. Threw out some old items and advertised some freebies (bubbles, etc) on the neighborhood FB page. I found a treasure though! A bag that had FOUR of the old orange Tuffy Scrubbers in. They were discontinued years ago. I'd hung onto the one I had, because it in horrible shape was still better than anything I could buy new. I'd replaced it a while back when we discovered one in the trailer when we cleaned it out. It was in pretty rough shape, but still working ... but now I have four brand new ones! They could last me years ;) I let the ducks out for a bit in the afternoon, although with snow everywhere, there isn't a good place for them to do. They still seem to enjoy wandering. Afternoon pickups per usual. I only got in one treadmill time and my last 10min elliptical. Not because boys were home and in my gym. I was just busy with other stuff ... and then a little lazy. Maga came over in the evening, but missed the birthday boy, who was out with his girlfriend. He made it back for us to sing happy birthday to him. I gave him a "sushi making class" voucher which he and his girl seemed excited about.

0220 (Tuesday) Weight 171.9. Steps 24805. Total Burn 2830. Exercise Burn 1207/1041 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. Oy, hard to pull out of bed this morning. More snow last night, so the roads were bad again. #3 was late to school. I got #5 dropped off and went to Zumba, wearing boots and bringing shoes to change into. Just four of us today, and Marian had to leave early so I finished up. Stats: 6160 steps. 2.73miles. 417/379 burn. AvHR110/134. In zone 10 of the 65 minutes. Straight home after, and other than afternoon kid pickups, I didn't go out. I hadn't let the ducks out in the morning, just taking them their breakfast salad and adding some grain. There is just snow everywhere. No place for them to hang that isn't covered. At least the pen is pretty dry. I finally let them out for a couple hours in the late afternoon as I needed to do a little work in their pen and it's easier if they aren't in there when I do that. They wandered around some. Don't really seem to mind the snow that much, but it's hard to think they aren't freezing! I was not very motivated today. Got one treadmill time in, and finished up the 10minutes elliptical I hadn't hit earlier (didn't get started in time for the first workout to be 20min, only time for 10). I'd thought of hitting the bike, but didn't. Got the kitchen cleaned up and did some laundry. Finished up a highlight reel of #4 ... one more to go, then finish up the basketball blog post. I hadn't done great on eating, then Hubs made popcorn. A couple of the boys went to the high school to watch the final game. CHHS lost, which makes them and Riverton co-champions for region (like last year, tied with Bingham). 

0219 (Monday) Weight 171.5. Steps 10058. Total Burn 2187. Exercise Burn 310/433 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200. President's Day ... so slept in. Hubs was up and off early. Said the roads were really bad. It had snowed much of the night. #1 and #2 were off pretty early and I checked in on them with Find my Friends to make sure they'd reached their destinations alright. I could have, should have, gone to Zumba, but I just didn't feel like facing the roads and snow and outside. My energy just plummeted. Only 30min of elliptical for exercise all day. I let the ducks out and kept and eye on them all day. There were some spots of low snow, but really no "no snow" spots. I tried to clear some spots for them with the shovel but the blowing snow took over. The ducks didn't seem to mind. Their water had frozen mid-day though. Quite a bit of snow had blown into the pen. I'd left the door open if they wanted to go back in. They didn't, but the snow did. So I raked out all the moist straw and wood chips. I just left the dirt until right before I put the birds back in for the day. Then I lay new bedding down. Reupped their food and water and then covered the open section of the door with a big board. I tried to tie an old tarp around the top section where snow could blow in, but it came down. My fingers were absolutely frozen! I did my weekly weigh-in and blog post, and family epistle. I'd thought about taking #5 to watch his Wolves play, but with the weather, I wimped out. I was happy to take a shower and put on jammies by 7:00. Checked with one of the basketball moms and she said it was a super easy win even without #5.

0218 (Sunday) Weight 170.2. Steps 6907. Total Burn 2077. Exercise Burn 0/297 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off to work for the first part of the day. We did a smaller breakfast at home. Fried up some bacon and sausage and hashbrowns. Hubs grabbed some steaks and I marinated some chicken and he bbqed for dinner, making potatoes and corn and I added Brazilian Cheese Rolls. #1's girlfriend came over but she didn't stay too late, because a winter storm was forecast. I boarded up part of the duck pen to try and keep the upcoming snow out.

0217 (Saturday) Weight 168.5. Steps 14939. Total Burn 2487. Exercise Burn 430/717 (40minEllipitcal). Calories in 2400. Hubs was up fairly early running some errands and spent much of the day working in the garage. I got up and got a session on the elliptical in ... on more a little later in the day. Caught up on Grey's Anatomy. #5's Wolves teams had games at 10:00 and 12:00. With the AAU app I could catch up on the scores, they lost both games. #5's Grizzlies team was playing at 1:00. He shouldn't play ... but the team needed the win (or would be knocked out of the playoffs) and I think they may have needed him for the win. Also needed one of our big guys, who wasn't there! I texted his mom and she thought the game started at 1:30. They hurried over and were late but made it, and the boys got the win. Next week will be the true challenge. #5's knee was hurting some, so we went home and iced it and he rested the remainder of the day. Hubs made some popcorn and we watched "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" ... until he fell asleep ;) There was some snoring going on.

0216 (Friday) Weight 169.5. Steps 25274. Total Burn 2923. Exercise Burn 1218/1168 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 1950. Slept in an extra hour with late start ... middle school was out today. I got in a couple elliptical sessions early, then hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6655 steps. 2.99miles. 380/431 burn. AvHR106. High138. In Zone 4 of the 61 minutes. At the start, it was only me and another instructor to lead, but then more showed up and we had plenty. More kids than usual, other schools must have had more than just the middle school out, although my elementary and high schoolers still had school. I stopped by the nail salon after class for a much-needed fill. #5 had two practices scheduled, one with each team, but sat them both out. I didn't mind not running around as much as I usually do Friday afternoons.

0215 (Thursday) Weight 170.3. Steps 37464. Total Burn 3375. Exercise Burn 1554/1593 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Hubs was still sleeping this morning. I beat him up. He said he was spinning a bit in the night. He left for work, still not 100% and ended up coming back home and working from home, and resting a bit more when needed. I got the boys off and hit Zumba w/MZL. It ran a little long, so the numbers were higher than usual. 8821 steps. 4.04 miles 529/543 burn. AvHR112. High137. In zone 13 of the 80 minutes. They were having their "Valentine" celebration today, encouraging red/pink clothes and having a potluck breakfast after. They'd requested paper plates and we had a bunch on hand so I volunteered to bring them. I don't generally stay for the food though, as I usually want to get on with my day ... and I'm a little anti-social ;)  Hit Sam'sClub on the way home. Unloaded everything and got things put away. Cleaned up the kitchen, doing dishes, etc. Hit the treadmill and did some Zumba practice. Picked up kids from school and hit the treadmill again. Hubs had a derby in the evening, and #5 was going to help as he was sitting out his basketball practice (#4 was happy he didn't have to go as was the original plan). Except ... Hubs derby computer is his work computer, and it was at work. He didn't realize it until he was about to leave for the derby, and his work is 30+ minutes away in the opposite direction. He called a friend who lives up North, and that friend was willing to do the huge favor of grabbing the laptop and driving it out. Good friend! Hubs offered to pay him for his time and gas but the friend declined. Maybe it's karma, as Hubs has often helped out others.

0214 (Wednesday) Weight 168.8. Steps 26223. Total Burn 3063. Exercise Burn 1252/1291 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 33min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Got the boys off to school then hit Zumba with Southziders, as there was another funeral at the MZL building. Stats: 6145 steps. 2.81 miles. 445/408burn. AvHR119. High141. In zone 30 of the 62 minutes. Stopped by Reams on the way home to grab more veggies, and they had milk and soda on sale. Got in some treadmill time ... I knew I'd only get the one today, so I did a little bit extra to hit two miles. Went early to pick up middle school, getting there before school got out so I could get them home and then get to the elementary school. I'd told the other moms that I was going early, to have the kids hurry out. Mine and the other boy did, but then we were waiting, waiting, waiting for the other gal. I texted her and ..."oh, I'm not coming today" ... that would have been nice to know! So I didn't get out as early as I wanted, and the elementary parking lot was pretty much filled (even though it was still 20min before it was letting out) but I managed to park, and #5 was already waiting for me in the office, which did save another five minutes. We barely made it to the doctor's office on time ... of course then, we wait. It was just the PA, but he seemed very competent and knowledgeable. With the swelling and the injury, he diagnoses bursitis, but also "Jumper's Knee" which is what I had suspected. It's just hard to STOP and miss games unless you know for sure, but that is what he said was needed, along with ice and anti-inflammatory medication and some stretches. #5 was in tears a bit, but this is better than a fracture or other injury. A couple weeks and it should resolve. He did have a big weekend planned. Practice Thursday, double practice Friday, three games Saturday, two or three games Monday. Just one game with Grizzlies, but it is a playoff game. The others were the Wolves in an AAU tournament. I contacted his Wolves coach, but have yet to talk to the Grizzlies one. We might still go to that game and have him sit on the bench and maybe play a little if they need him for the win. I remember #2 did that back when he was diagnosed with Jumper's Knee years ago.  There was a bad accident there by the clinic we were at. It had happened earlier, a car slammed into a stopped bus. It was a fatality, so it closed everything down there for a bit. It didn't impact our drive, but we could see the lights from the waiting room. Found out later it was a senior from Herriman High. Also in the news was a school shooting in Florida with 17 killed.  Super sad, on Valentines Day no less. Back at home, I made heart sugar cookies. They turned out good (I ate too many) but it was a bigger job than I thought and took me longer, and the kitchen was still a mess when Hubs got home. Usually the best present I can give him is a clean house. I've been doing better, but still fail so much of the time. He brought me (well, my duckies) mealworms ... at my request. This batch hasn't had live ones before, and they didn't quite know what to do with them. Hubs had suggested a movie and popcorn (DVD in bed, his popcorn) and that was fine with me. Better than attempting to go out! He got BladeRunner from Redbox and brought his gas burner in to use the old aluminum pan (which wouldn't work on our induction stove). I was a little full from the cookies, but of course there is always room for popcorn. We were both falling asleep during the show though ... a drawback of watching in bed. So, we stopped it and will try to finish it tomorrow.

0213 (Tuesday) Weight 168.8. Steps 32549. Total Burn 3320. Exercise Burn 1400/1569 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.55milesTreadmill, 40minWeights). Calories in 2500. Better night, for me anyway. Hubs was awake in the night still. Work worries. I got my hour of elliptical in early, got the boys off to school, then hit Zumba with Marian. She didn't work today and so could stay the whole time. Stats: 5339 steps. 2.34miles. 312/301 burn. AvHR102. High128. In zone 2 of the 53 minutes. Had a productive day, didn't stop moving. I called the orthopedic doctor and almost took #5 in today, but then switched to a 3:30 appointment tomorrow. Got in two times on the treadmill and did weights. Got some kitchen cleanup and laundry done. After school pickups, then made strog for an early dinner, as Hubs and #5 were off for a lego derby. Ended up being the ward of one of my high school friends. Also made homemade oreos, making one batch with a white cake mix and coloring the dough pink for Valentine's Day. Then helped #5 prep his Valentine's cards for tomorrow. I will be grabbing him a bit early from school, hope he doesn't miss much. Sometimes all they are doing is watching a movie or something, other times it is a party, although it's not always at the end of day. Best to get his knee checked out for sure though.

0212 (Monday) Weight 171.4. Steps 29146. Total Burn 3082. Exercise Burn 1378/1316 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 60min/3.52Treadmill). Calories in 1700. Wasn't a good night for either of us, we were both awake for a while in the middle of the night. Back to getting up early. I beat Hubs up. Wonder Woman hit HBO, so I watched that for my movie today.  I got my hour of elliptical in early while getting the boys off to school. Zumba with Debbie. She's back! 6106 steps. 2.75miles. 395/389 burn. AvHR111. High142. In zone 11 of the 60 minutes. I remembered to bring #5's paperwork (b/c and immunization record) to the middle school, stopping on the way home. Then a stop at Smiths for some groceries. Dragging a little. Did manage to get in two treadmill times and finish up the movie. I actually didn't like it as much as I thought I would after hearing so many people rave about it. I think I just don't care for superhero shows anymore. #3 was off to management training, #2 to a game, and #5 and I were off to his game. Our boys were playing the undefeated, top team today ... and beat them! #5 didn't make one basket, very unusual for him. He did attempt a couple shots early on, but for most of the game he was passing and getting the assist. I think he (and everyone) was still fine with his performance. Gordy was the crazy scorer tonight.

0211 (Sunday) Weight 169.8. Steps 7092. Total Burn 2029. Exercise Burn 0/252 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Rest day, no exercise. I thought about it a couple times and almost hit the gym or bike, but didn't. Hubs was home, so we did our breakfast. He smoked bacon and #1 made waffles. Missing #2 at work, and #5 slept over at his friend's house. Hubs ran some errands. I picked up #5. Worked with some videos. Hubs smoked a turkey breast, more for slicing than for dinner, but I roasted some baby potatoes. While laying in bed this morning, I remembered that it was Valentine's Day this week. Last year, I'd prepped a simple "garbage can" box for #5, but he wanted something else, and we ended up scrambling that morning putting something together. I had a brainstorm to make a Rubix cube box ... he's obsessed with them of late. I mentioned the idea to him and he liked it, so we spent the evening making that and it turned out cute.
0210 (Saturday) Weight 169.2. Steps 13129. Total Burn 2187. Exercise Burn 200/413 (35min/2.0milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. So annoying when I still wake up at an early hour on my "sleep in" day! Still stayed in bed for a bit. I was about to hit the gym when #3 beat me to the top of the stairs (on his way to the gym). He had work at noon, so I let him go first. I did get a walk in before #5's first game at 1:00. It was against Olympus, who our boys had beat by just one in OT last time. I'm not sure if it's because it didn't really matter to the standings (2nd or 3rd, would play a fairly easy team first round of playoffs) but the Coach pulled #5 for the last while, and the other team pulled ahead for the win. I thought maybe #5's knee was hurting him too much that he'd told Coach he couldn't play, but #5 said he felt good enough that he could have gone back in. Maybe Coach was saving him for the next game at 3:00 ... although the boys then played a practice game at 2:00 too. Olympus was playing Herriman (who we would be playing at 3:00) ... and Herriman won them! We had thought the 3:00 game would be an easy win for them, and thus us. It still was an easy win for us. Those three hours felt a little long. Glad to be done with basketball for the day. #5 ended up going home with a friend, and then spending the night. I've been wanting to see the movie "The Greatest Showman" ...breaking my 2+ year non-movie streak. We went for the 4:45 showing, but it was pretty much sold out (only a couple single seats left) so we bought tickets for the 6:45 and then went back. The movie was good, I enjoyed it. The theater itself sure had changed since I'd been there last, with "luxery loungers" and plenty of leg room. Still couldn't quite get comfortable as at home. Missed my captions, and Hub's popcorn is better. But glad we went. Been a while since we'd had a date. Hub's foster sister from years ago was in town, so he went to say high after the movie. It was late enough that I went straight to bed.

0209 (Friday) Weight 168.8. Steps 25710. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1243/1189 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 32min/2.0milesTreadmill). Calories in 2850. With late start, I set my alarm an hour later, and needed it! Fell back asleep after Hubs left and had weird dreams. Got in 30min on the elliptical and #5 off and made sure #4 was ready for his carpool, then I headed out to Zumba w/MZL. Stats 6768 steps. 3.02 miles. 395/377 burn. AvHR106. High133. In zone 5 of the 63 minutes. Straight home after. #2 was home, as Friday is his off day. He napped most of the day. I hit the treadmill and did more elliptical to equal my hour. Early out at the elementary, and then I dropped him off at a teammates house to catch a ride to Grizzlies practice, as the 3:00 start time was right when I needed to pick up middle school. I did the middle school pickup, then grabbed #5 from practice and grabbed pizza (it was National Pizza Day) and he had a slice, and then I dropped him off at his Wolves practice. He got a ride home from that. Hubs worked in the garage most of the evening ... sure made his body cold!

0208 (Thursday) Weight 169.3. Steps 33441. Total Burn 3306. Exercise Burn 1395/1564 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical, got the kids off to school, then hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6592 steps. 2.89miles. 376/417 burn. AvHR102. High130. In zone 1 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. I don't hit it nearly as often as I used to, when they matched ads. I miss that. They are still less expensive on a few things, so when I run low on those particular items I'll make a trip in. I didn't hit Sam's today, as I usually do on Thursdays. I got in two treadmill times, some extra Zumba and made a muvee. Picking up #5, I totally spaced out and drove past my turn. I guess I was in auto-pilot and going to get #4, again (I'd picked him up just a little earlier). So I had to flip around and make my way back to the elementary. I guess I'm surprised it hasn't happened before. #5 had his usual practice, but we ended up not going. His knee has really been bothering him. He's been in tears after every game. He did say he bonked it or something during the NBWA game a couple weeks ago. Several years ago #2 had knee pain and I took him in. Originally it was misdiagnosed as a bone chip. The othopedist said it was "Jumper's Knee" which is common for active kids at this age. Just rest and ibuprofen for the fix (more for the anti-inflammatory than for pain relief) ... so we are trying that, although "rest" for him does happen. But their Thursday night practice is mostly running and conditioning, they don't shoot at all. I really should have hit the bike or something, even though I was good on steps. Hubs picked up a turkey breast and prepped it to smoke this weekend.

0207 (Wednesday) Weight 168.4. Steps 26335. Total Burn 3096. Exercise Burn 1217/1327 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 1700. I fell back asleep after Hubs left this morning and needed my alarm to wake up. I did get my hour of elliptical in early. Got the kids off to school then hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6458 steps. 2.94 miles. 409/419 burn. AvHR114. High145. In zone 14 of the 61 minutes. As I'd done shopping on Monday, I didn't feel like I needed to stop at Maceys today. Went straight home. #2 had called into work and slept in. He did hit classes for a bit but was home most of the day. I baked the lasagna rolls up for him and he said they were good. So he has that and his soup for leftovers for a few days anyway. Got in one treadmill time and a bit of extra Zumba. Made cookie press cookies ... hearts for Valentine's Day. They tasted a bit off to me ... maybe I won't be tempted by this batch. Got the kitchen cleaned up, dishes washed, vacuumed the house ... and to bed.

0206 (Tuesday) Weight 169.2. Steps 31531. Total Burn 3218. Exercise Burn 1384/1444 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.66milesTreadmill). Calories in 1700. I didn't get my hour of elliptical in this morning, because instead of my 3rd session, I was driving to the middle school to drop off papers #4 "really needed" but had forgotten. Barely got back in time to get #5 to school. Then Zumba w/Marian. Seven of us there today. Stats: 6396 steps. 2.83 miles. 397/375 burn. AvHR106. High144. In zone 10 of the 64 miles. #1 was in and out today, with just a half day of work. Off to "The Killers" concert in the evening.  I got in my two treadmill times, did a little duckie digging and some extra Zumba. Hubs was doing more work in the garage in the evening. #3 went to a movie with his upcoming prom date ... he said they might be boyfriend/girlfriend already. I prepped some meatless lasagna for #2 to have tomorrow as although we have a fridge full of leftovers, it's all meat that he won't eat.

0205 (Monday) Weight 171.7. Steps 31866. Total Burn 3439. Exercise Burn 1450/1656 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1250. Well. weight up from last week, but not surprising after this weekend. Hubs slept in, I was up before him. Got a little preoccupied during my morning so didn't quite get my hour. Had to finish up 10min later in the day. I noticed my gas tank was full when I dropped #5 off at school. It had been close to empty. Nice of Hubs to fill it up for me. I remembered everything I needed for Zumba and got there on time today. Debbie should be back for next time. Stats: 6478 steps. 2.88 miles. 423/421 burn. AvHR115. High143. In zone 18 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home as we needed some buns for french dip. I need to plan ahead a bit better, as I'd just been to the store on Saturday. I stayed productive today. Got a couple blog posts done (my regular weekly one and a belated month recap) and a family letter out. General clean-up and laundry and such. Two treadmill times and weights. #2 made himself some soup with a recipe from his girlfriend (I helped a tiny bit as we tried to figure out the InstaPot together). Afterschool pickups and then #5 had a game at 8:00. It was a tough team, and they would pull ahead and our boys would bring it back, but we ran out of time while they were ahead. Poor #5's knee has really been bugging him. When #2 was his age he had knee issues too. Diagnosed as "Jumper's Knee" which just needed some rest and ibuprofen and it eventually got better. Thinking this may be the same thing so we'll try the same treatment. He has a few days off before practices later this week. Hubs had gone to a movie with a work friend and wasn't home until late, and then he shaved some meat, so we didn't get to bed until 11:00.

0204 (Sunday) Weight 171.2. Steps 9491. Total Burn 2273. Exercise Burn 250/488 (20min Elliptical). Calories in 2800. #2 was up and off early to work, but the rest of the family was around, so we did our big breakfast. #1's girlfriend joined us. Hubs was a little in and out as he was running some errands and working in the garage redoing lights... then prepping dinner. It was the Superbowl today, and we always have a Superbowl Smorgasbord.  This year Hubs went a little crazy! Pork ribs, beef ribs, steak, tri-tip, marinated chicken ... then potatoes, corn, peas and Brazilian cheese rolls. Yes, calories were over again, even before the Superbowl sugar cookies I made (shaped like footballs). The boys wanted the Eagles to win, or at least didn't want the Patriots to win again, so they were happy with the end result. #4 is really the only one crazy about football.

0203 (Saturday) Weight 170.6. Steps 12331. Total Burn 2259. Exercise Burn 410/477 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. Oy, that intake. I started the day without eating anything, getting in a session on the elliptical, then running to Smiths (they had a sale on hamburger and I restocked other groceries) then taking the two littles to get much needed haircuts. Whew. Then #5 had a double header with his Grizzlies team at 3:00 and 4:00. They won the first, lost the second ... but they made a much better showing against this team they had played earlier in the season. That game had a score of 5-35 at the half, this time it was tied at 27. They started draining 3-pointers in the second half though, and our boys couldn't quite keep up. #5 had an 8:00 game with his Wolves, but Maga had arranged a family dinner (adults). I arranged for #5 to get a ride to his game. I was sorry to miss it, but they lost and didn't play particularly well, so I guess it was a good one if I had to miss. It was one of the further ones too. Dinner was nice. The calories there added in with some treats I'd indulged in earlier really added up. I did get a second elliptical session in at some point. I'd hoped for a third to get my hour of elliptical, but that didn't happen. 

0202 (Friday) Weight 170.9. Steps 24339. Total Burn 2858. Exercise Burn 1210/1086 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.80milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hubs was off at the normal time, but I stayed in bed for a bit, as I can with late start. Just one 20min session on the elliptical before getting the boys off and heading to Zumba. MZL in West Jordan. Stats: 6556 steps. 2.88 miles. 380/427 burn. AvHR105. High133. In zone 4 of the 62 minutes. One of the gals in class asked if I could drop her off at Gene Fullmer after, so I did ... and passing Dunford on the way home, I grabbed some donuts. And ate some donuts. Got in my remaining elliptical sessions to hit my hour, and one time on the treadmill. After the school pickups, I dropped #5 off at his coach's house to catch a ride to practice. They were a little earlier today, 5-7.

0201 (Thursday) Weight 172.0. Steps 27601. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1229/1252 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Just like last week, big scale slide up from Wednesday to Thursday. What's up with that? It's discouraging! Got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, then Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7428 steps. 3.26 miles. 446/425 burn. AvHR105. High135. In Zone 9 of the 69 minutes. After class I stopped at Sam's Club, just picking up a few things. I wasn't feeling that great, a little spinny myself, and cold. I snuggled up in bed for a bit. I got up to try and get some things done but had to go lay down again. #1 had the day off work, and unloaded the dishwasher for me before heading out to see a movie with his girlfriend. #5 didn't have his usual practice, but the team was getting together for bowling. I dropped him off to catch a ride (they went to Lehi) and then picked him up from Coach's house when they got back ... around 9:30. Had to laugh that here the first week that #4 didn't have his 9:30 pickup (as their Junior Jazz is done) I still had a pickup to do! I was still awake though. I hadn't thought I would be, but Hubs and I ended up having a "grown up" discussion with #2 in the evening.

0131 (Wednesday) Weight 170.5. Steps 31330. Total Burn 3315. Exercise Burn 1354/1547 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba+, 60min/3.55milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. MZL's church was having a funeral too, so I headed out to Southziders. Stats: 6173 steps. 2.75miles. 385/408 burn. AvHR112. High142. In zone 8 of the 62 minutes. Nina did a "strong" song ... which again reinforced the fact that I don't like strong. There are some who do I guess. I like the dancing! I stopped for some grocery shopping on the way home, mostly produce. Reams had some good prices and was on the way home, so I went there. They also have a plastic bag recycling station and I'd piled up tons, so I got those dropped off as well. I was about to hit my treadmill, when #1 son called from SLCC saying he'd misplaced his car key and could I bring out the spare. That's a 40min round trip on streets I can drive but I really don't like to. #3 had come home early from school ... and he was willing to save his brother (and me). So I did get my first walk in then, and another a bit later in the day. #3 also took his truemissions emmisions testing, getting it registered here on the last day of the month. He also rescued one of the ducks who had fallen down the window well. He then went and helped Hubs with a derby. Productice day for #3. Hubs had come home a bit early to lay down, feeling a bit spinny.

0130 (Tuesday) Weight 170.6. Steps 27836. Total Burn 2937. Exercise Burn 1292/1212 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.55milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up and off early ... I mean early! Like 1:00 or 2:00. He said he hadn't really slept after midnight. Some end of the month work stress. I was able to get back to sleep and needed the alarm to rouse me. I fit in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Originally I'd been slated to sub Marian's class today, but a neighbor notified me that there was a funeral scheduled. Glad to have the notice. I let our people know and went to my backup class, Heather B. Stats: 5952 steps. 2.58miles. 350/313 burn. AvHR103. High132. In zone 1 of the 59 minutes. Had an empty house for a few hours before school was out and #2 off work. #1 has been working until 10:00, so I generally only see him quickly in the morning. I got two treadmill times in. Hubs was home early and very tired ... understandably. He went to bed around 7:00. Not sure why I was so tired too. Maybe it's contagious and I was having sympathy sleepies ... I went to bed around 8:00. The littles were watching the Jazz game, I'm surprised we didn't get awakened by cheering as they won. Maybe because it wasn't even close!

0129 (Monday) Weight 171.2. Steps 31471. Total Burn 3258. Exercise Burn 1499/1496 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill, Bike, 45minWeights). Calories in 2500, I woke up before Hubs, but then waited in bed for too long. He got up, so then I had to wait for his shower to end to get dressed and ready. Only fit in a 10min elliptical session to start the day. Got in two more 20min sessions as I got the kids up and off to school. Then I headed to Debbie's Zumba class. Had my hat, my water, purse and phone ... but I was teaching today and I forgot the cable and ipad with the playlist! Arrrgg. Carma started just by playing music on her phone while I ran home and back. Not the best way to start the week. Stats: 5584 steps. 2.44 miles. 354/337 burn. AvHR116. High132. In zone 15 of the 52 minutes. As I'd been shopping yesterday, I didn't do my usual Smiths stop today. I got in one time on the treadmill, and wasn't sure I'd get another when both #2 and #3 were home earlier than expected. But, they both took naps, so I did get in my second treadmill time. Picked up middle school and elementary. #2 and a friend did end up in the gym later in the day. I worked on my weekly blog update and family letter. Made some scones with the leftover roll dough. I did get back to the gym and did a weight workout! Hope I don't regret it tomorrow. Also hit the bike before bed. #5 usually has a basketball game Monday nights, but had a bye tonight. #2 also usually has a game but didn't. Over on calories. I'd told myself I wouldn't eat any PB M&Ms ... I lied.

0128 (Sunday) Weight 169.8. Steps 9972. Total Burn 2120. Exercise Burn 100/358 (15minZumbaP) Calories in 2800. I reminded #4 about his dog duty first thing, so he was off to do that. We actually had our big breakfast this morning. Hubs smoked bacon, #1 made the waffles. Some sausage and eggs too. Hubs was finishing up his garage project ... although I wonder if it will really ever be done. He'd mentioned a movie yesterday (still waiting to see "The Greatest Showman") but then didn't bring it up today. We had brisket for dinner, although all three big boys were gone. No official exercise, but I did a little Zumba practice after prepping the playlist for tomorrow.

0127 (Saturday) Weight 170.7. Steps 14839. Total Burn 2456. Exercise Burn 615/671 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Was awakened in the night to a thud out in the family room. I got up to investigate, although I was fairly certain what it was ... and I was right. #5, sleeping on the couch, had pressed his feet against the end table and then knocked it over in his sleep. It's not the first time. I was going to leave it (as one time when I put it back up and gathered the items on top of it, and then he did it again!) but he woke up too and was attempting to put things back together, so I helped. I had a little trouble falling back asleep. Hubs was off fairly early. He had a derby up in Bountiful, so he went ahead and went into work for a few hours before. #4 had his final Junior Jazz game ... they got the win. Undefeated ... 7-0. Sorry to see the season end. #3 had a 7:00 game, but it was the Sweethearts dance. He and the other boys went to watch the girls in the drill team competition. It was at the high school ... which is why #5 didn't have a game with his Grizzlies this week again. He did have a Wolves game at 5:00. Prior to leaving I'd gotten in a couple elliptical sessions, made a couple muvees and vacuumed the house. Hubs got home just before the little man and I headed out. Wolves got the win. Hubs was busy tearing apart the garage when we got back. His recent project. Removing the built-in shelves replacing everything with wheeled storage containers. #3 was off to his dance. #1 and his girlfriend had been having an all-day date, as her birthday was yesterday. Dinner and a movie now. #2 and his girlfriend were hanging at home watching a DVD. We tossed the Lovesac downstairs and haven't replaced it with anything yet ... we need a better TV watching (and video game) "sitting setup" ... I've had my eye on a little "floor lounger" which could fold flat, so the ping pong table could still be used, and I went ahead and ordered it. Our neighbor's next door were gone overnight and had asked if one of the boys (usually #4) would let their dogs out for a potty/play break in the evening and again in the morning. He did that while I did duck duty ... usually I'm putting them in their pen earlier in the evening, but I hadn't wanted to before #5's game, so I was doing it after. #4 and I chatted over the fence. Even though it was late, Hubs prepped brisket for tomorrow. It was one he'd picked up a bit ago and it was coming close to it's "use by" date. He was up until almost 11:00 ... that's late for us!

0126 (Friday) Weight 170.6. Steps 23790. Total Burn 2992. Exercise Burn 1016 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. I meant to sleep in a little more, but instead of setting my alarm for 7:00, I set it for 6:00. Oh well ... got up. Hubs was still sleeping after his late night. I got in a couple sessions on the elliptical, dropped #5 at school, and with a working carpool, was able to hit Zumba. Stats: 6471 steps. 2.87 miles. 434/418 burn. AvHR114. High151. In zone 15 of the 64 minutes. I'd made a quick stop at the post office on the way to class, dropping off #1's "Stitch Fix" return off ... I didn't make any stops on the way home. #5 was meeting up with his basketball team today, and I thought I could make and take cinnamon rolls, so I got started on that. The kitchen was crowded as #1 son was making guacamole for a work party. #2 was home too, and in my gym ... but I was pretty busy with the roll dough. I did get in one treadmill time when he was done, before I had early out pickup for #5. Then middle school pickup for #4, then dropped #5 off at Coach's house. They ended up going to Gene Fullmer for an early practice, then back to the house where the boys just hung out. I did drop off a big pan of cinnamon rolls. Coach brought #5 home a little after 9:00. I was pooped and in bed by that time!

0125 (Thursday) Weight 170.2. Steps 28001. Total Burn 2997. Exercise Burn 1167/1232 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Oops ... scale slip up. Maybe I ate more cookies than I thought. Hubs was up and off at 5:30. I got in my hour of elliptical early as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6262 steps. 2.74 miles. 376/334 burn. AvHR105. High131. In zone 4 of the 63 minutes. Not sure why I wasn't able to get into it today. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. There was a cute, portable greenhouse ... I might need to look up reviews and such. I'd been thinking of something like that to start seeds early in the spring. #2 was still home when I got back. Usually he has school, but his first class was canceled today, and he didn't go to his second as he'd have to leave early to hit his dental appointment here by the house. He had set it up himself ... proactive kid. It had been three years since his last visit, but no cavities! He had been in the gym when I first got home from my morning, but I had other things to do around the house. When he finished up, I got in a treadmill time. After school pickups. #5's usual practice was canceled, but #4 still had his. I did the drop off, and #2 did the pick-up, even though I was still up.  Didn't see any flying from the ducks today, so I think the clipping worked. Hubs had a derby, #3 went along to help. He had volunteered to smoke a pork butt for pulled pork for his work tomorrow, which meant quite a bit of prep and such. He ended up in the kitchen until midnight. I stayed up until 11:00 but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I didn't even hear him come to bed ... I usually do, I'm a light sleeper.

0124 (Wednesday) Weight 168.9. Steps 27745. Total Burn 3067. Exercise Burn 1237/1309 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Got my hour of elliptical in early. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6570 steps. 2.98miles. 401/403 burn. AvHR113. High160. In zone 12 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at the salon for a much needed nail appointment. Then a quick stop at Maceys to grab a few groceries. They are still out of the Brazilian drink the boys like. Back at home I always check on the ducks first thing ... make sure I still have four, that one or more hasn't flown and is now stuck in someone's backyard. All four were asleep on the back porch. I was working on the computer when I did see them fly and ran out back ... one lone duckie. I peeked over the neighbor's fence (the low one to the East) and all three were there, looking confused. The neighbor wasn't home today, but he'd said I could go back if needed. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to catch them on my own, but it was pretty easy. I tossed them back over the fence and they behaved the rest of the day, but it's constant stress for me and I'm always checking on them. I looked up some videos on wing clipping. I think Hubs wanted them to fly away so we don't have to care for them all winter, but they wouldn't survive, there is so little food and water in the winter. These guys are a bit bigger than the wild mallards, lighter colored ... they'd have a tough time in summer I think. I want to try keeping and getting to know a set of ducks. Getting some eggs come spring. NOT doing babies again. So anyway ... com evening, the duckies got their wings clipped. It wasn't bad. Hubs held them while I did the snip. Hopefully we did it right/enough to keep them grounded. I got in one treadmill time. I really planned on a second, but it didn't happen. #5 was in the gym after school. I really don't think my 12-year old needs to be lifting weights! Since I couldn't hit the gym ... I made cookies. I really liked how the cute cookie press snowflakes turned out. #3 made a poster to answer his sweethearts date. We actually pulled out some of the scrapbook supplies to get it done. He had practice in the evening.

0123 (Tuesday) Weight 169.5. Steps 30267. Total Burn 3304. Exercise Burn 1230/1537 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Hubs slept in a little after his late night (he got in after midnight I think). I beat him up and did my dressing in the dark. It was still quite cool outside, so I didn't let the ducks out first thing, but gave them their morning salad in their pen. Dropped #5 off at school ... he had a field trip to the middle school with the 6th grade class for 7th grade orientation. I then went to Zumba with Marian. Stats: 6107 steps. 2.67 miles. 378/375 burn. AvHR110. High139. In zone 7 of the 67 minutes. Just the usual people (me, Cathyleen and Barbara) for a bit, then Brieanne showed up too. I had some signs (from our garage clean out) that I was passing on to her. I had planned to drop them off at her house after class, but was able to just give them to her there. At home, I did a little Zumba ... in the garage, with the video camera. I thought maybe I should record some of mine just to have as a record in case I forget them at some point. It took me three tries to get one song done. Not sure if I'll ever post it on Youtube or anything. Just keep it for my reference. I let the ducks out. I turned out to be a nice day. I pulled the boards down from the South side to try and let some sunshine in to air and dry out the area. Turned over some straw and soil. One time on the treadmill. Turned the chicken I cooked yesterday into a chicken Parmesan manicotti. As I was working, I noticed the ducks looking a little agitated and could only see three as I peeked out the window. I had to wait for the noodles to finish cooking. I drained them quickly and went to check. One of the males was over the neighbor's fence (the one to the East this time). My neighbor had just arrived home, so I asked if I could retrieve the duck from his backyard. He even helped. I caught the duck and tossed him back over the fence (it's a lower one). All four ducks ended up coming right up onto the back porch for much of the rest of the afternoon. I went and opened the door to see what they would do ... and they walked into the house. I encouraged them back outside (as they are poop monsters). Middle school pickup, then elementary pickup, then #5 and I went to the middle school at 5:30 for his 7th grade orientation. Not many choices, especially for kids NOT interested in choir/orchestra/theater. We basically signed him up for the same stuff #4 had done a couple years ago. #4 has his registration going on too. The place was packed, NO parking. Glad to get that done. Still need to do our immunizations. We stopped and grabbed some pizza and crazy bread on the way home. #3 had some friends over, so it was good I'd picked up two pizzas (I was thinking leftovers). I cooked the manicoti, but #2's vegetarian girlfriend had sent him a disturbing video that has turned him off meat ... so he didn't have any. Hubs had a little but doesn't love Italian chicken dishes. We'll see if #1 or #3 like it. It's not something I would eat! Hubs also sliced up the turkey breast he'd smoked. I'd meant to get back down to the gym for my second treadmill time, but #3 and friends were in the gym after school, and then #2 was in there in the evening. Still hit my 30k though. It had been an active, productive day. I don't know that I really stopped. I'd meant to make cookies ... still haven't tried out my new snowflake disks for the cookie press.

0122 (Monday) Weight 170.7. Steps 30823. Total Burn 3196. Exercise Burn 1368/1413 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Back to the school schedule. Hubs was up at 5:30 ... the perfect time to make it easy(ier) for me to get up too. I got in my three elliptical sessions between feeding the cats, feeding the kids (they are actually pretty self-sufficient), making lunches (again, the older boys get their own), feeding the ducks (I kept them in the pen, it was SO cold out!) and getting the boys off to school. It's fun, as all five are bustling around in the mornings now. Previously #1 worked early (and slept in on days off) and #2 usually slept in a bit later too. He now has earlier classes. The oldest four all leave around the same time (about a quarter past seven). I was off to Zumba after dropping #5 off at school (inside day). Debbie is going to Hawaii and asked me and Carma to sub, for the next three weeks. Just Mondays, she has another gal covering Fridays ... which is good as Fridays have had issues for me lately. Stats: 6441 steps. 2.82 miles. 410/407 burn. AvHR115. High140. In zone 14 of the 63 minutes. After class, I stopped at Smiths to grab some groceries. Mostly produce. My cart actually looked quite healthy. #3 had actually run to the store himself over the weekend to wander the shelves and look for "breakfast foods" that appealed to him, as apparently we have "nothing" ... I appreciated his initiative though, rather than his moaning! He picked up some Eggos, Toaster Strudel, French Toast Sticks ... all things I've bought before but haven't as the kids go through phases. The other boys have appreciated him re-introducing some of this stuff. It was SO cold going back out to the car, and then carting the groceries inside. I did let the ducks out though ... leaving the pen open so they can go back into the dry (and warmer corner with the heat lamp) if they wanted. They were in and out much of the day. A little flying ... the other direction. One of the girls overshot a bit and hit the screen on the side of the tramp. She's okay, but I would love their wings clipped so I wouldn't have to worry constantly about them hurting themselves or getting lost. I pulled a lasagna from the freezer and baked it up for leftovers. #2 was home, so he had some hot. I also baked some chicken, planning on making haystacks for dinner, but then Hubs called saying he'd been given the opportunity to hit Sundance with Rob again. Late show too ... started at 9:30. Here at home, we had a 9:00 game for #5, so that actually didn't work out too badly, although Hubs was really tired. Hadn't slept well. #5 brought his little friend home from school, under the condition that he be picked up by 6:00. He was picked up at 6:30 ... not as big a deal as we didn't end up having dinner with Hubs not home. The game was an easy win. Earlier in the day this league had posted stats from all the 7th grade teams, and my #5 was in the #1 spot for top scorer, and top 3-pointer. He had his "normal" game tonight (11 points I think, a couple three pointers).

0121 (Sunday) Weight 169.9. Steps 9068. Total Burn 2117. Exercise Burn 0/339 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. We didn't do our big breakfast, but I made bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. Hubs had prepped a turkey breast and put it on to smoke. The snow hadn't really melted much, but I let the ducks out for most of the day. Hubs picked up a piece of plexi-glass and we installed it on the front of the pen. That way the ducks have protection of the wind and snow there, and I can still see them! I love it! We'd talked about going to a movie ... everyone is loving "The Greatest Showman" and it's one I'm willing to go to the theater for, but alas, things got too busy with the ducks and smoking turkey. I was able to get to some games and make muvees. #3 had gone through all his clips, so I made highlight reels of his last three games, plus a compilation of just him. I called DirectTV to make sure the "extra" channels that we've been given for free for three months would be cancelled before we would be billed for them. I've enjoyed Starz and Showtime, but am not willing to pay extra for them. I have plenty to watch with Netflix, Amazon, HBO and the library. I tried to cancel online, but they required a call in to their automated system ... which didn't work "What channels would you like to cancel? Showtime. We see you are already subscribed to Showtime, returning to main menu" ... I got an actual person and that was a pain too. Took 30min at least as they tried to talk me out of canceling, of switching internet from Comcast to Century Link, etc. Anyway, they should be shut off by Saturday, when our "free" months end. I'll try to hurry and watch a few movies before then. Hubs was off in the late afternoon to Sundance with a work buddy. The movie they saw had Marshall from HIMYM in it, and he was there for the Q&A afterward. 

0120 (Saturday) Weight 169.6. Steps 10647. Total Burn 2255. Exercise Burn 200/514 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Wow snowed all night and we are buried! Hubs hadn't pulled the snowblower out of the shed, which sure would have been easier before the snow! We have a peculiar phenomenon as the wind hits the back it. It scoops and sculptures the snow so its low there by the wall, then higher a few feet over. It was waist high there! And it was higher than my boots as I waded through to get to the lower spot to walk to the duck pen. I let them out while I did some pen cleanup. . Unfortunately, the snow had blown in over much of the fresh straw I'd put down yesterday. There was really only one small spot by the heat lamp that was still dry. The poor ducks really struggled in the snow ... almost looked like they were swimming. I could tell Gabby Girl wanted to fly ... and she did, landing on the other side of the yard in deep snow. The two boys followed her. I got the pen cleaned out and put in new, dry straw, and put the ducks back in. It was just too cold and snowy. I draped a tarp over the front to help keep the snow out, but then I can't see them at all. I did check on them a few times during the day. I feel bad keeping them cooped up, but I guess many places keep their birds in pens all the time. There were three basketball games today; 11:00, 6:00 and 7:00. The first was with #4, it was against the other undefeated team in this league and it was close the entire time. Maga came for the final quarter to watch as our boys got the win. I'd driven the Charger, as #2 took my Durango (we figured I was closer if there was a battery issue again, which there wasn't). The snow slipped off the roof though and blacked out the back window. Hubs worked in the garage much of the day, getting new cabinets as he reorganizes everything. He also got a new battery installed in the Charger. #2 was home by afternoon, so I had my car back for the evening basketball games. They were back to back, with #3 at 6:00 and #5 at 7:00. I figured the first game would be done quickly (they run halves, they are usually blow-outs with no timeouts, they run the clock for almost everything) but didn't want to risk #5 not making it to his game on time. I arranged a ride for him and dropped him off on the way to #3's game. I got there a few minutes before the hour ... and it had already started! Luckily I hadn't missed any shots, and got the camera up and running in time to catch #3 hit a 3-pointer. Our boys won easily and it was over in plenty of time for me to get to the next location. It was fairly close, but parking was packed and I had to walk a ways. There was no sign of the other team either, until one of our parents saw them waiting on the other court and called them over. #5 had a good game again, with six 3-pointers. Maga and a couple cousins showed up near the end to cheer him on. There was a team meeting after discussing new uniforms and some summer travel. Home again ... Hubs seemed a little out of it. He was a bit bummed after backing the trailer into the third car garage :(  I checked on my ducks a final time, took some pictures of the snow hanging off the roof and our tunnel carved more by the wind ... and to bed.

0119 (Friday) Weight 169.5. Steps 22301. Total Burn 2676. Exercise Burn 975/900 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, 35min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Slept in just a little (until 6:30). Got one session on the elliptical in. It was so unusually warm! 57° first thing here in the morning ... the day would only get cooler as a storm was blowing in. Dropped #5 off, then our usual carpool had an appointment, so I was driving middle school too. I usually leave for Zumba just after 9:00, and with carpool we don't leave until 9:20, but once last year I went straight from dropping off kids to Zumba and still made a majority of the class. So I was prepped for that. Was dressed in my Zumba gear, had my water. But when we went to pick up the other girl in the carpool we ended up waiting, and waiting and waiting ... and she never came out. Neither she nor her mom answered texts. We finally left but by this time, we hit the traffic that I'd hoped to avoid. When I finally got out of the parking lot, I gave up trying to make it to Zumba. I'd be too late. I stopped by Walgreens and picked up an order I'd had shipped to the store. Back at home, as I was dressed, I did some Zumba on my own. I knew I was only going to hit the treadmill once, so I did a few extra minutes to make it an even two miles. Hubs ordered a new microwave ... need to match all the other new appliances, right? So that was delivered and installed today. Early out at the elementary, and the usual middle school pickup (the gal wasn't there either, but I'd not received a response still). #5 had his usual practice, but Coach had several of the boys over early (he was giving rides to SLCC) so I dropped #5 off early for a little party before practice. The snow was really coming down. #2 was using the Jazz tickets the boys had been given for Christmas for the game tonight. Late start, 8:30 ... in the snow ... and then after he filled the car up at a gas station, it wouldn't start! Luckily, it was close to home, and Hubs was able to run over and get is started by jumping it. #2 ended up taking my car for his date.

0118 (Thursday) Weight 169.0. Steps 33202. Total Burn 3268. Exercise Burn 1393/1495 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200Hubs was off early. I was able to get in my hour of elliptical in the morning while getting the boys off to school. I was nervous letting the ducks out, but they did their usual small flights, staying in the yard without issue. I got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7137 steps. 3.17miles. 417/407 burn. AvHR111. High136. In zone 10 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at Sam'sClub after to restock a few groceries. Got two treadmill times in. The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow, so I spent some time out in the duck pen, mucking it out and laying down new straw. #5 had his practice, then #4 had his. #2 was around to pick him up at 9:30 so I could head to bed.

0117 (Wednesday) Weight 169.3. Steps 33442. Total Burn 3221. Exercise Burn 1380/1446 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Hubs was up and off around 5:30 ... which is a perfect time for me getting up around 5:50. If Hubs is up almost earlier, than I fall back asleep (or not, also a problem), and if he stays in bed, it's really hard to get up and do my morning routine. So anyway, pretty good morning. I got my three 20min sessions of elliptical in. Before taking #5 to school, I let the ducks out and ... two flew. There has been a lot of flying, but they've circled and stopped before leaving the yard. They went higher today, and did circle. One ended up right in the front yard, not a big issue, but the other ended up in the neighbor's backyard. We tried calling to see if she'd fly back (we had to do that a few times with Goose Girl) but that didn't look like it was happening. I tried knocking on the neighbor's door, but no one was home. I ended up letting myself into their backyard through the gate and collecting my duck and bringing her back home. We were later than normal getting #5 to school, but he was still on time (he just likes to be early). I then went to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6757 steps. 3.0 miles. AvHR112. High140. In zone 17 of the 65 minutes. After class I hit Maceys to grab a few groceries. The family size Oreos were on sale, so I stocked us up, or tried anyway. I'm sure what I bought won't last as long as I would think. Got everything put away. #5 ended up coming home early and wanting to use the gym before work. I did 30min on the treadmill quick and then let him take his turn. Afterschoolcookied up a Ziti earlier, feeding the oldest three boys. I ended up making mac&cheese, as I always do when this kid is over. His parents didn't pick him up until almost 8:30! Also made brownies, doing a double batch in my new pan. Need to experiement a bit more, as the edges were done long before the middle. Seemed more cake-y. Not sure if a double was too much for the pan, or if it's the pan, or the oven ...

0116 (Tuesday) Weight 168.4. Steps 20571. Total Burn 2614. Exercise Burn 870/848 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.8miles Treadmill). Calories in 2600. Hubs was up and off early this morning. I was able to fall back asleep and slept in some. Didn't get in any exercise before Zumba. We were a little unsure if we'd have people, as there was a church announcement regarding the new first presidency (Thomas Monson passed away last week), but we had our usuals. I know one of the Tuesday classes had canceled completely! Stats: 6413 steps. 2.73 miles. 383/354 burn. AvHR110. High 140. In zone 11 of the 63 minutes. Not feeling super motivated today. I did get in some elliptical, but just half my usual. One time on the treadmill. Aunt Olivia picked up the boys in the afternoon and took them to Airborne. I made stroganoff for dinner ... or leftovers at least.

0115 (Monday) Weight 168.6. Steps 20799. Total Burn 2745. Exercise Burn 1046/982 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. MLK day ... so no school. Hubs work does have it as a holiday, but most employees switch it and take the day after Thanksgiving off instead. Hubs went into work, but slept in a little. I'd woken up in the night coughing. Tickle in my throat. I got up and came into the kitchen to try and cough it out before going back to bed. Didn't want to wake the man. It took a bit to fall back to sleep. Again, I woke up early, but stayed in bed until Hubs got up around 7:00. I was subbing for Debbie in Zumba today. I'd prepped the playlist last night. I did 10min elliptical before heading out. I had noticed #1 had his car parked behind mine, but then had forgotten and not allowed a few extra minutes to move it. So I was late. Class went well. There were a couple new songs I was trying for the first time, and a couple other gals who lead, and I had them do a couple numbers. I ran just a little under though, should have thrown in one more song. StatsL 5956 steps. 2.7 miles. 419/388 burn. AvHR 122. High 154. In zone 29 of the 58 minutes. I stopped at Walgreens on the way home to pick up some photos I'd had printed. Put them in a frame when I got home and got it hung up. Aunt Olivia was taking the two little boys to a movie, Jumanji, and they left a little before noon. After the movie, #5 had basketball practice. It was at a different church than before, but I knew it. One of my Zumba churches. My backup Tues/Thurs. That was 3:00-5:00. He had a game at 6:00, so I joked with Coach to warm him up but not wear him out. Picked him up and we had time to run home for him to change into his uniform and grab a little something to eat and we were off. There was a malfunction at the gym and they couldn't get the scoreboard to display. The man running it could see the one in front of him, but it wasn't connecting to the big, viewable one. That really makes the game less fun to watch. We had no idea what the score was, or the time left. Can't really have buzzer beaters, although they did count down "four, three, two, one, buzz" at the half. It just impacts the intensity, makes it feel more like a scrimmage than a game. But ... #5 had another incredible game. Seven 3-pointers again, with a few other shots. 35 points total!

0114 (Sunday) Weight 169.8. Steps 12590. Total Burn 2384. Exercise Burn 0/617 (no exercise). Calories in 1950. I woke around 5:00 ... had a dream about the cat, and couldn't remember if I'd seen him last night after we got in. It was enough that I had to get up and check, and he was in and fine, sleeping on #1 son, who was asleep out on the couch (#5 was asleep out there too, he always sleeps on the couch!) I went back to bed and did fall back asleep for a bit. Hubs wasn't around, so we didn't do the big breakfast. We'd just had waffles yesterday anyway. Hubs has been cleaning out the garage, and went out to rent a storage unit, and made a few trips moving stuff. It was warm enough out, and I'd been disliking the look of the side flower garden out of the kitchen window, so I spent some time working there. Pulling up the old plants I hadn't gotten to in the fall, moving all my birdhouses to the back. They are now lined up along the fence on the side yard. I can still see them when I look out #3's window at the ducks. I found some snails and bugs for the ducks, and even had them come out front with me for a bit. It was my nephew's missionary homecoming today, and we should have gone to that but ... just the thought of the drive (they live about 30-40min away, freeway), church (we haven't been in forever and there's a reason I used to call the Sabbath "Suicidal Sundays" because that's often how it would make me feel) and then going to the house afterward, with lots of people, many I don't know, crammed into a small space. It's a trifecta on anxiety inducers. So just balancing that against feeling like a bad sister/daughter ... feel bad either way :( It was nice to get stuff done around the house though. We'd had a bunch of drinks (water bottles, packs of soda and protein drinks) in the garage that we moved down by the old fridge. I did a little more rearraning in the food room for some too. I made snickerdoodles in the evening, and tried out the "convection" setting on the oven. Also tried cooking two pans at once, and the cookies did still turn out good. Hubs crashed early (around 8:00) and I toyed with the idea of hitting the elliptical, treadmill or bike, but ultimately just went to bed pretty soon after.

0113 (Saturday) Weight 167.8. Steps 8679. Total Burn 2105. Exercise Burn 0/339 (no exercise). Calories in 3000.  Again, didn't really sleep in. Hubs was up and off rather early, going into the office for a bit. I got up and was tending to the ducks when I got a text asking if #4 was coming to the basketball game. I had written the time down wrong. I was planning on 11:00, but the game was at 8:00, and it was 8:05. I rushed and woke up #4 and he got dressed and we hurried over ... and the game hadn't started, even though it was now 8:20 or so. No refs. This has happened before with the first game. Finally a couple kids showed up. I don't think they were the ones scheduled, but ones just called quick and asked to fill in. They were both about 16 or so, ones that ref the younger Junior Jazz games, but not this level (although back in the day when #1 was a ref that had him working 6th grade games. This was 8th grade though). It wasn't a competitive game though. Our boys easily outmatched the other team. Refs finally showed up shortly before 9:00 and took over for the kid refs. We finished our game, but the site was now 30min behind. As it was early than anticipated, we stopped at Dunford to grab some donuts. When we got home though, #1 and his girlfriend were there making waffles. So I had a waffle instead of a donut ... although I had a donut later in the day. Maybe more than one. The next games were with #5 at 1:00 and 2:00, a double header with his Grizzlies team. We were expecting two tough games, but the first one was an easy win. The second one was a nail-biter though. Close the entire time, and then #5 hit a three point shot to tie it up and send it into overtime ... where we won by one. Maga had come to watch, and came buy the house after as she was planning on coming to #3's game at 4:00 and we had a little time inbetween. This game was highly anticipated, against the other "good" team, who had taken the Junior Jazz championship last year. But that was before #3 and his team was playing. While the other team had a few players that had played with #3 on the 9th grade team at West Hills (including #2's girlfriend's brother), #3 and another boy had been on the sophomore team, and probably could have made it this year if they'd wanted. Several of the other boys are quite good too. It was still an easy win for our boys. Hurried home to put the ducks away and change, and then we met Maga at Red Robin for a quick dinner before a show at Hale Theater. It was really crowded though, with a 45min wait, which wouldn't get us to the theater in time. But just as we were debating where else to eat (and while I know I'm a picky eater, I'd forgotten that not everyone is like Hubs and already knows what works and what doesn't, as my SIL threw out tons of suggestions and none of them would work for me)... anyway, we were just about to walk out when they called us to sit. When they brought out complimentary fries early, we feared the food wait would be long, but that was quicker than expected as well. So plenty of time to finish up eating and head out to Hale. This was at the new location in Sandy. Nice parking structure close by. A little mix-up with the tickets, as originally Maga had purchased nine, and then had to reschedule four of them (other siblings that couldn't make it tonight) but we just had to shift down seats. The show was good. I didn't really have any expectations, didn't know anything about it. The song "Written in the Stars" was in it, I hadn't expected that, even knowing Elton John was one of the writers of the play. I was feeling so tired though. It was literally a little hard to keep my eyes open.

0112 (Friday) Weight 167.7. Steps 27608. Total Burn 3170. Exercise Burn 1069/1419 (60minElliptical, Zumba) . Calories in 2500.  So this morning I COULD sleep in, I had my alarm set for a little after 7:00 ... but Hubs was up and off around 5:00 and I was awake too. I should have just got up but I after having to pull myself out of bed the last few days, I had been so looking forward to sleeping in. I don't think I really fell back asleep, but I didn't get up until 7:00.  Just one 20min session on the elliptical. #1 drove #5 to school as he was leaving right at that time. Saved me 15min this morning. Fed the cats, fish and ducks then headed to Zumba with MZL. Large class today, many instructors, many people, and lots of kids. I guess some were out of school today. Stats: 7090 steps. 420/451 burn. AvHR 115. High 150. In zone 16 of the 64 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home for a few groceries. A quick stop at the Dollar Store too. #2 was home ... no work or school on Fridays. It was a fairly warm day, 50° and one of the ducks was attempting to climb into the water bucket, so I went and hooked up the hose and filled their pool and tried to spray down some of the poop. Early out at the elementary. I got one more elliptical in before picking up middle school. #3 and friends occupied the gym for much of the afternoon. I did a little Zumba practice and started making homemade oreos. Had to take a break to drive #5 to practice. I then put the ducks to bed and grabbed a shower before finishing up the cookies. Hubs was fairly late getting home, and it was a quiet house with only #4 home. #1 finished up work a little after 8:00, and #5 got back around 8:30. #2 was off on a date and #3 was at the high school basketball game. Hubs was ready for bed a bit before me ... still on Florida time a bit, and he'd been up earlier. He fell asleep and I went ahead and hit the elliptical again to add up to my hour... and to combate the cookies!

0111 (Thursday) Weight 168.6. Steps 31561. Total Burn 3348. Exercise Burn 1328/1587 (60minElliptica, Zumba, 30min/1.9milesTreadmill). Calories in 2100. Didn't fell like I slept as good ... which ironically made it easier to get up. Didn't feel that overwhelming sleepiness still as 5:30 rolled around. Didn't quite get in my hour, as I got distracted by ducks and didn't start my final elliptical session in time. After dropping off #5, I hit Zumba with MZL. Fun class. Lots of instructors, so lots of different styles. Took a group photo after class. Stats: 7598 steps. 3.36 miles. 482/492 burn. AvHR 114. High 143. In zone 18 of the 75 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. I'd seen a little tower basket last time I was there and had been thinking it would be good down by the extra fridge, to hold potatoes and such. I had a little trouble finding it, but then there it was, and then it was in my cart. I also bought a different chair for #1's room to go with his new desk. Some other groceries too. Home to unload, then I spent some time in the kitchen reworking the pantry and a corner cupboard. Pretty happy with how things ended up. Twill be better I think. Got in one treadmill time ... almost forgot I still needed to do 10min on the elliptical, that didn't happen until much later in the evening. Had the usual after school pickups. Then #5 had a 5:00 practice. I grabbed some Dominos on the way home ... it's been a while since we've had pizza and it's "pizza week" ... back to grab him at 6:00, but didn't rush him, as we were heading straight to his next practice which started at 6:30. We only needed about 10-15min drive time though, so he stayed and played a bit at the first practice. I picked him up again at 8:00, brought him home then left with #4 for his 8:30 practice. Thursdays are basketball practice night! #1 and #2 had a churchball game at 9:00. Happily #3 was willing to do the 9:30 pickup of #4. Hubs got home a little after 8:00. He was still on Florida time and was ready for bed. I was too, even though it was early.

0110 (Wednesday) Weight 168.6. Steps 28001. Total Burn 3238. Exercise Burn 1253/1467 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Hard to get up again ... I'm debating maybe setting the alarm for a bit later tomorrow ... but then I wouldn't get my hour of elliptical in early. I didn't quite this morning, as I got started a bit late. Had to finish up 10min later in the day. Also, #1 went down in MY gym during MY morning time! He was on the treadmill and I was going to use the elliptical, so it was more a matter of who got to watch what they wanted. I won that ... he didn't fight me much (Ted Talks apparently doesn't work very well on the Roku TV either). I had started "The Family Stone" ... luckily it was okay to watch with my son. Funny how his 6mph didn't seem fast when I watched, but I know it's something I can't keep up for long. Dropped #5 at school. Inside day again, as it was raining pretty hard. MZL had a building conflict, so they were only doing the Kearns class. As long as I'm going to travel, I figured I'd go to Draper and say hello to my Southzider buddies. It was fun to be back, easy to get right back into it, no "first time" syndrome. Like riding a bike. They had me do a couple numbers too. Stats: 6277 steps. 2.85 miles. 441 burn ... on both the Charge and One! Exactly the same! AvHR 120. High 138. In zone 36 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picking up my prescriptions and a few groceries. Got a treadmill time in, and my little bit of elliptical and finished up my movie. Afternoon pickups. Some work with the ducks, raking out the wet straw and such from the pen and putting down fresh (weather report says the rain is done for a bit). Did a bit of digging, found some worms. They were sweeties and went right in tonight. Some days are easy, some are hard ... today they walked right in themselves without any prompting. Made spaghetti for dinner and did some cleanup work in the kitchen and pantry. Last sleep alone ... Hubs comes back tomorrow.

0109 (Tuesday) Weight 168.3. Steps 30783. Total Burn 3058. Exercise Burn 1450/1296 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2950. Oy, uber over on calories today. I felt more munchie yesterday, but actually was higher today. Just can NOT stop eating (and candy and such adds up quickly). Nothing "good" sounds good. It's also been really hard getting up in the mornings. Not sure if it's because of the recent sleeping in over the holidays or if I'm sleeping a little deeper in the mornings without Hub's alarm going off to wake me earlier. It has been hard to get out of bed, although once I do I wake up enough. I got in my three 20min sessions in the morning. The Starz app wasn't working so I turned on "Arrival" on Amazon and liked it a lot. Got the boys off to school and went to the church for Zumba. Marian was back and had replaced her power cord but still was unable to get it to play. We ended up needing to use the old aux cord. Just four of us today. Stats: 6315 steps. 2.74 miles. 386/374 burn. AvHR 107. High 131. In zone 6 of the 63 minutes. Right home after ...Tuesdays are my home day. I SHOULD be able to get more done, but I tend not to of late. True for today. I did get in two treadmill times during school hours. #1ended up being home some, no work shift today. #2 home fairly early too. I should have done weights ... even went down to the gym with that intent, then wimped out. Just feeling tired. I did end up hitting the bike before bed. Finishing up "Hugo" from yesterday (as I only had one treadmill time, and read during the bike session then). All five boys were home in the evening playing video games and being super loud! Good think Daddy wasn't home! He did check in from Florida.

0108 (Monday) Weight 167.2. Steps 31222. Total Burn 3145. Exercise Burn 1235/1382 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2500. One normal (school schedule) week, but then next week the kids will be off Monday for MLK, and then the older ones for end of term on Tuesday. Oh well, need to be good this week while we return to the routine. Hubs was up and off early. And he's OFF ... to Florida for a few days for the builder's convention there. He touched base during the day telling me he'd arrived safely and what they were doing for the day. Here at home, I got in my hour of elliptical early, then hit Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5749 steps. 2.54 miles. 349/315 burn. AvHR109. High133. In zone 7 of the 58 minutes. After class I stopped at Costco. They'd had some sales in their catalog. Then I stopped at Reams to grab some produce in smaller portions. #2 has been loving oranges lately. I'd bought some last week but he ate them all. It was all quiet when I got home. The big boys had been around in the morning. #1 had been working the early shift, but got in changed for his new school schedule (class at 9:00). #2 had an early class ... often he'd still be asleep. Got the groceries put away and then one treadmill time. Tried to see if I could catch a little nap, as #5 has a 9:00 game this evening. That's past my bedtime. Didn't fall asleep though. Got a blog post up and finished up a muvee .. I'm behind on the basketball highlights. #5 had a game. 9:00 start. Uggg. I actually kept moving and busy, so I wasn't itching to go to bed as I sometimes am early. The Wolves got the win, although it was a bit of a sloppy game on both sides. Lots of slipping and steals and some crazy loose balls that made it look a little more like football fumbles.

0107 (Sunday) Weight 167.7. Steps 18572. Total Burn 2673. Exercise Burn 495/907 (30minElliptical, 30min/1.77milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Could have slept in more this morning ... but of course didn't. Hubs got up, but I was awake already. He went into work for a bit. He's leaving on a business trip tomorrow and had a few things he really wanted to get finished up at the office. Without him around, we didn't do our Sunday Circles. Didn't really do any formal breakfast, just cereal and such. I did some computer work and got #5's highlights from yesterday combined and posted. Still need to make a muvee of the whole game, but I feel a need for chronologial continuity, so I need to do two other earlier games first. #5 has gone through the clips, so they are ready and waiting.  Doing a little reorganizing in the pantry. Trying to keep only open things upstairs. Most everything else in the food storage. I always went there anyway for brownie or cake mix, soup, veggies, etc. Cleaned out a couple other shelves (glasses and such) and moved one of my cute baskets off the counter to the overlook. I've moved Alexa into her third place. Keep trying out new things to make the kitchen a bit cleaner ... and hubs a bit happier. I actually do enjoy it cleaner too. I made chicken pillows for dinner. When Hubs got home he emptied and cleaned the hot tub. I emptied the freezer then he and #2 moved it downstairs. #2 brought all the baskets of frozen food down for me and I put everything back in, nice and organized. We'd moved the old fridge downstairs, so we have that as extra storage space too. Did some laundry and Hubs got packed for his trip tomorrow. Foggy night!

0106 (Saturday) Weight 167.3. Steps 9029. Total Burn 2255. Exercise Burn 0/492 (no exercise). Calories in 1900. I'd set my alarm, not thinking I'd need it ... I needed it. Just after 8:00 and I was still sound asleep. #4 was too, I had to wake him to get ready for his 9:00 game. One of the boys from #5's Grizzlies teams was there with his family. They had an older brother #4's age playing on the opposite team. I chatted with them for a bit. Our boys got the win. I offered to stop for donuts on the way home, but #4 didn't want to. So straight home ... less temptation. I then had a pretty big break until the next game, so I started my project for the day. Reorganizing the food storage room downstairs, clearing the back wall to make space for the freezer currently residing in the garage. Hubs wants to clean out the garage and was going to move it, still in the garage ... but I was thinking I'd prefer it downstairs. Making the trek out to the cold garage in winter isn't that fun, and the new location would be further in. I'm not that good at parking the car leaving a walking space either. The basement location will be a bit of a further walk from the kitchen, including a flight of stairs ... but more steps and stairs on my Fitbit. The rearranging went well. I have some boxes stacked double against the West wall, so if I need anything from the back boxes, it will require pulling out the front ones ... but I don't really need the back boxes much. My craft stuff, old finances, storage stuff. I did let go (well, in a pile for DI) of all my old books. Three large boxes. All the classics I'd collected and kept for my personal library. But they aren't doing anyone any good in boxes and I must admit ... I'm a fully digital convert now. I don't know that I'd ever go back to "real" books. At times I'd go through them grabbing a book for the boys required reading at school, but if they need something, we'll just buy it new. I am still hanging onto my old apple plates. So the space is all ready for whenever Hubs can move the freezer (and I'll need to be around with a couple of hours to empy, organize and put all the frozen food back in). Hubs had been running errands in the morning, installing the "insta-hot"  and had been asked by a neighbor to help put in a dog door, so he was busy most of the morning into afternoon, when he collapsed for a little nap. Not sure if he slept or just rested. #3 had worked a short shift at KFC and got home just in time to change and head out to his game. I went to watch and video. Our boys got an easy win, but I was glad the other team managed to hit some good shots and appeared to be having fun too. Back home to put the ducks in the pen before heading out with #5 to his game. Maga had touched base wondering when games were and I told her there was one at 7:00 at Midvale. I wasn't sure if it would be the best game for her to attend ... the spectator situation isn't the best, with everyone watching limited the end under one basket. I usually stand myself, but when #2 came to watch last week, he had to stand too because the limited seats were taken.  She did show just before halftime (and it wasn't too crowded at that point, there was even a chair available). It was a close game, our boys were up by a few points. But now we are calling Maga "Good Luck Grandma" because #5 came alive during the second half! Raining three pointers, getting a crazy layup, making his foul shots. As the next team had come in waiting for their turn on the court I could hear them talking about my #5. He had a fan club! Even the other team's parents couldn't help but compliment me on my kid. I guess a couple of the kids on the other team were poor sports after, refusing to shake hands (although I saw the other coach congratulate my kid and tousel his sweaty head). He got 32 points total (team score was 59). So that was a fun way to end the day!

0105 (Friday) Weight 168.8. Steps 22015. Total Burn 2883. Exercise Burn 590 (40minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. With late start, I set my alarm for 7:20 ... but I was awake at 5:30 as usual. I did go ahead and get up, beating Hubs again. I didn't hit the gym right away but did some stuff on the computer. I did make it down and got in two sessions while getting the boys off to school. We usually have a carpool for middle school, and with that I've been able to hit Zumba even with the late start. But today, the neighbor had an appointment so I drove ... and no Zumba for me. I stopped at Smiths after dropping the kids off to grab some groceries. Got in a session on the treadmill. Laundry, blog post, kitchen cleaning ... which turned into more reoranization. Hubs had a drawer with his kitchen tools which was too full, so I managed to switch him to a bigger drawer and put that stuff (discarding a bit) into the smaller one. Someday maybe we'll get the house so Hubs is happy ... ha ha, that won't happen in THIS house anyway, but we can try. I really meant to get back down to the gym for one more session on the elliptical, but it didn't happen. Hadn't heard from our usual carpool about a ride to practice so I contacted Coach and got a ride there, dropping #5 off a little early to hang out with the coach's kid (at their invitation). I always feel a bit relieved after that last outing of the day when I come home and know I don't have to leave again. Hubs wasn't home until late, doing a derby up in Layton.

0104 (Thursday) Weight 171.5. Steps 26223. Total Burn 3106. Exercise Burn 1025/1319 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950.  Not really surprising weight was up after eating yesterday and the low-key evening. Actually got in all three 20min sessions for my hour of elliptical early. Dropped off #5, let out the ducks, and hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7050 steps. 3.11 miles. 419/409 burn. AvHR 109. High 144. In zone 10 of the 67 minutes. After class I hit Sam's Club and wracked up a nice bill there (yikes!) and was stressed a bit about the time. The fridge delivery was scheduled between 11:00-1:00 and it was a little after 11:00. I did beat them home though. #2 was around and brought in all the groceries. I prepped the kitchen, cleaning out the fridge some, clearing off all counters. The delivery guys showed up and got started. They moved the old fridge out of the way, just over by the hall ... still with most of the food in. I was able to plug it in and keep the cold going there. It took them a while to redo the doors (we needed them to swing the other way and I used that time to clean out the space ... lots of dust and guck. Once the new fridge and been on for a bit, cooling down, I started the process of moving everything in. Figuring out the new spacing and such. Then I did my best to clean out the old fridge. Waching all the drawers and shelves and such. Hubs had done a really good job cleaning the outside last week. It was still in the way, and I wasn't sure if Hubs would be up to moving it to the basement (I'd cleared out the spot next to the ice maker months ago, before we'd even talked about a new fridge, but with the hopes of perhaps putting a second fridge there.) He and #3 were able to get it downstairs and set up. It will be nice to have more room for some storage ... to always have milk and eggs and cheese easily on hand. It won't be quite as conveniently located, but I can use the produce drawers for the ducky greens and such too. #5 had practice at the church, then #4 had it over at Joel P. I wasn't sure I'd have an older boy around for the 9:30 pickup (I like to get in jammies before then often) but #3 ended up being available. He had played in a church ball game with some of his buddies earlier. With all the stuff going on, I never made it back down to the gym today. I was going to in the afternoon, but #3 said he needed it, and he took up two hours. I was able to keep calories in check better today. Under 2000 ... although in addition to quantity and quality, I really need to be more accurate with my records. I'm fairly haphazard!

0103 (Wednesday) Weight 170.4. Steps 27364. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1249/1078 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Hubs had a bit of a rough night with fever/chills alternating. He woke me to ask if I'd bring him some ibuprophen ... was afraid he'd have a shiver fit if he got up himself. I was glad he asked me. He said he could feel it the moment it kicked in. I beat him up in the morning, but he went into work. NOT a man-flu man. Sometimes I wish he was more of one, taking it easy and resting. Again, I didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in early. Didn't quite get started early enough for a full 20 the first time and had to finish up 10min later in the day. Dropped off #5 at school, let the ducks out and headed to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6865 steps. 2.99 miles. 433/430 burn. AvHR 113. High 145. In zone 8 of the 67 minutes.  After class I stopped at Mimi Nails for a fill. Much needed, it had been three weeks I think. I like to stop after WJ Zumba as it's right there on the way home. I never know exactly what time we'll get out to make an appointment, but I've usually been lucky getting a walk in. I was able to get right in today. The white tip was close to the top, but enough we could let it go one more time. She did do a little pink sparkle polish before the top coat, which I think will hide any visible growth at the top that might show through. After that, I stopped at Macey's to grab produce and other groceries. I got in one time on the treadmill while the kids were at school. Didn't make it down again afterward. Hubs came home and had some chicken soup and curled up in bed wanting to watch Godless ... which is one we've been watching together. So even though it was early (6:00ish) I joined him and we watched a couple episodes. One left ... I was craving Mac&Cheese and made some and ate some. I did horrible on food today, just eating everything and anything. At times I did feel starving, actually shaky and weak. Other times I was really craving (I'd picked up some Zingers and Ding Dongs at the store today) and yet some moments, I just ate because stuff was there.

0102 (Tuesday) Weight 170.8. Steps 30491. Total Burn 3278. Exercise Burn 1440/1502 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.7milesTreadmill. 45minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2500. It was a bit alarming when the alarm went off so early ... Hubs was still sleeping. But overall, it felt good to get up and get started on the day. Still struggling a bit with the new TV downstairs. The Showtime app keeps restarting so I was trying Starz today and it was having troubles too. I left it paused after my initial elliptical session and it seemed better after that. Sometimes I think it continues to download and then the buffering issues aren't as visible when you do start playing it again. Didn't quite get my hour in early, as I misplaced my phone and spent quite a while searching for it (I'd set it down by #5 when I went to wake him). I need to remember to turn the ringer on as soon as I wake up (I do mute it for the night) so that one of the kids can call me to help find it. The "Find my Phone" doesn't work because I can't log into Apple! It never sends the verification email. We've tried that! So I had to finish up a final 10min later in the day. After elementary drop-off I went to Zumba. Marian was still out of town so I was leading. I'd prepped a playlist last night for Carma and I, as she said she'd be there. Still haven't found my mic cord and had to use Marian's Aux cord ... but at least I had that! Class was good. Stats: 6706 steps. 2.97 miles. 425/445 burn. AvHR117. High 149. In zone 23 of the 65 minutes. We were out of apples and I'd hoped #2 might stop on the way home (he's slept over at a friend's) but he didn't have his car. I just don't get out to a store on Tuesdays as Zumba is in the neighborhood. I tend to go straight home and not leave again. I guess it can wait until tomorrow. I will stop after MZL. Maceys is right there on the way home. I got in a treadmill time and weights while the boys were at school. Laundry. Kitchen cleaning. Blog post. I haven't been doing dinners as I haven't wanted to add anything to the refridgerator with the change coming up. They had said today ... but still no new fridge. We still had some leftovers from Hub's smoking. Afternoon pickups. I never turned my alarms off during the break and they were a little annoying when I didn't have pickups, but it is good to have them, even though I am generally ready without them. Got another treadmill time ... watched "The American" which, I have no idea why that was even a movie. No story really. Blah. At least I got exercise in and wasn't just wasting time watching. Hubs wasn't feeling well when he got home. He'd been having cramps at work and spiked a fever. He was chilling, so I made him some broth and he said that was good. I know the stereotype is that men are wimps and can't handle sickness, but that does not describe Hubs. If something can stop him, I worry! Usually he just keeps pushing through when he should rest. It's hard when he has so much on his plate at work. He did fall asleep fairly early. I should have maybe hit the gym again, the bike, but I was at 30k for the day and I was tired too.

0101 (Monday) Weight 170.5. Steps 7736. Total Burn 2027. Exercise Burn 300/219 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Slept in until around 9:00. We headed over to Uncle Clay's house around 11:00, as he was making the traditional pastry wreath this year. Keaton even risked his nut allergy to try some (we KNOW cashews are bad, this was almond and he was okay). I was pretty tired, and tried to lay down for a little nap when we got back home ... but couldn't fall asleep. Same as yesterday. I don't always fall asleep easily, but I was so tired yesterday and today I really thought I would. It was a little frustrating. Back to routine tomorrow ... hope we are all ready! ♥

December 2017

1201 (Friday) Weight 166.5. Steps 19768. Total Burn 2702. Exercise Burn 780/954 (60minElliptical, Treadmill). Calories in 2900. MZL didn't have Zumba at the WJ location. I didn't feel like I'd get off in time to Debbie's and thought I'd just do an hour on my own. But I didn't. I got in my hour of elliptical, although not as early as Mon-Thurs.  Being the end of the month, I wanted to get my monthly recap up on the blog. Requires some number crunching and I make the monthly photo collage. Also the 1sed video, although that went quickly as I'd already done a portion of it earlier. Once that is done I like to backup all the photos on my phone to the computer, then delete most from my phone. I even got a family blog post up about #4's job shadow day. I also called and chatted with my mom who was having an emotional day, not feeling well physically or mentally. Talked/cried for over an hour. Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. #5 had practice with both teams today. 4:30-5:30 with Grizzlies and 6:00-8:00 with Wolves. I dropped him at the church for the first practice, then ran to Smith to pickup prescriptions and a few groceries. Didn't have time to return home, but back to the church to grab him and straight to the next practice. Happily he gets a ride home from that, so then I was able to pull back home for the night.

1202 (Saturday) Weight 167.4. Steps 15210. Total Burn 2495. Exercise Burn 320/731 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2700. No sleep in for me or #4, as he had an 8:00 game. We got to the school about 7:45 ... and the doors weren't opened yet. At least it wasn't as bad as the 9:00 came for #5 a while back. Then, the doors had been opened, but we didn't have a site coordinator, scorekeeper/timekeeper and just one ref. Then, we just started with a couple of the dads keeping time/score until the officials showed up ... around half time. Here, we still did get started on time. It was a pretty evenly matched game. Our boys got the win. Fun to see #4 play again, and see him with his great group of friends. It was a few hours until the next game with #5. I got in some kitchen cleanup, laundry and a session on the elliptical. Hubs went to pick up a dog run ... well, duck run. It's for the ducks, as the pen is on its last legs. He and the big boys got it set up and it's great. It will make things so much easier, and the ducks have a bit more room. Hubs also bought lights for the house and was installing them. He also brought home donuts. They weren't quite as good as the donuts last week ... of course that didn't stop me from eating them! #5 and I headed out to his game. Unfortunately, the Grizzlies were outmatched today! Bingham, who is the nemesis for CHHS blew our boys out. It was 29-7 at the half. Ouch. Can't help but wonder if the school puts more effort into their youth program at this age. The youth league hasn't had enough interest, therefore the league hasn't had ANY interest at this age. Our sixth grade team has to have fifth graders to fill it. We don't get practice time, coaching or uniforms. On one hand, I'm okay with it, because it's a lot less expensive than to official Bantam program. But still, it would be nice to have a little support. I think the coaches there now don't plan on being there when these kids are high school age so ... why invest? I was happy that the kids kept it together emotionally (it was a little hard coming off an undefeated season) and battled back better in the second half. Home again, and I was thrilled to see #3 pop in. He had been scheduled 1:00 to close today, having to miss his 5:00 game :(  One of the other kids had an issue, so he ended up going in at 11:00, which would give him an 11 hour day! The boss was there, and let him take a 3-hour lunch from 3:30-6:30, which enabled him to go to his game after all! Yea! And with the four games scheduled today, they were no scheduling conflicts and they were all spaced out perfectly (time for travel and recharging the camera). It was fun to see #3 play again too. Less intense than high school, but still a good game and fun to watch. They won. Just a little down time, then #5 and I were off to his Wolves game. It was across town at Albion Middle School. Past where I used to go to my Friday Zumba. Another loss here, although this game was close. Like the earlier loss, the other team had a really good big guy who was just always in the perfect spot for rebounds and easy baskets, and some great three-point shooting. Our shots weren't really falling, so in a re-match, it would be anyone's game (which I'm not sure could be said about the earlier one ... and there will be a rematch there). Got home around 9:30. I was tired, and Hubs was already asleep.

Sunday (1203) Weight 167.5. Steps 13986. Total Burn 2294. Exercise Burn 600/529 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3250. Hubs was up and off early. No rest for the wicked I guess ... he had a meeting with one of his employees, then tried to work a little at the office, but the sleepies hit him and he came home and went back to bed. Without him around in the early hours, we didn't do our big breakfast. I'd hoped that might help with the calorie count ... but I ate a leftover donut ... or two. And they weren't even that good! Hubs and I hadn't been on a date in a while, so we went out to lunch at Johnny Carinos. At first we weren't even sure it was open (it was around 1:00) but it just wasn't busy. I got chicken alfredo as I always do. They have great mozzarella sticks ... although they are more like logs! I did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, evenly spaced at the start, middle and end. Hubs ended up grabbing some Popeyes for dinner, and then he and I watched some "Homeland" and he made popcorn. We've eaten popcorn in bed many a time, but today we both dropped some and there were kernels uncomfortably all over! ♥

Monday (1204) Weight 169.2. Steps 31634. Total Burn 3236. Exercise Burn 1300/1481 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000.  Back to the routine. Weight was up. Not surprising, but still discouraging. Didn't quite get in my hour, 10 minutes shy, which I finally finished up by end of day. There was some flight from my duckies as I let them out of the pen this morning. After getting the kids off, I went to Zumba with Debbie.There was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign up, but luckily the cleaning crew was willing to work around us, letting us have the gym for our hour while they started on the other areas.  That's only the second time the cleaning crew has been reasonable ... both times at the Daybreak building. Class was cut just a little short though. Stats: 5258 steps. 2.33miles. 314/333burn. AvHR 111. High 113. In zone 2 of the 52 minutes. I did do a little extra Zumba at home too. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. I was able to get some trim for the ducks. Forgot bananas though. Probably should have restocked milk as well. I'd forgotten my list at home, but honestly, I'm not sure I had those items on it anyway. I got started making some chicken soup ... baking chicken, then making the rice, then putting it all together. Chicken and wild rice. I don't eat this one, but the older boys like it. Afternoon pickups as usual for me. #5 had a friend come home with him again.  It was a cold and snowy day. We just had flurries here, but Hubs said they had a few inches up North. Laundry, dishes, got my weekly weigh-in post up as well as a basketball update and finished a muvee. Big new of the day was President Trump's visit. That was discouraging Hubs from picking up additional lights (the store he needed to go to was downtown) but Trump was gone by afternoon, as was any associated traffic. So Hubs did stop and get lights and finished putting them up.

Tuesday (1205) Weight 166.5. Steps 33777. Total Burn 3273. Exercise Burn 1450/1542 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2600. Glad the scale slid back down ... although the trick is getting it DOWN. Got a good start, full hour of elliptical in early. When I let the duckies out, they all four flew! Not over the fence, but I can tell they would be able to. I'd be fine with them flying off if I knew they'd be okay, but it's iffy even in prime weather, and this is anything but! Winter is coming. Wing clip? Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 5963 steps. 2.56 miles. 368/347 burn. AvHR109. High153. In zone 7 of the 60 minutes. I finished up the class as Marian had work. I got two treadmill times in during the school day.  I also did a weight workout, and got in a session on the bike in the evening. After seeing on of the ducks hop into the pool ... and onto the ice as it's frozen over, I felt bad and took out buckets of hot water and then they were able to play. It was mid 30s, but the sun was out. The usual school pickups, loads of laundry and dishes. I'd planned on making taco salad for dinner, but Hubs texted that he was staying late ... so I pushed it until tomorrow. The kids just had leftover soup and such. I made coconut goodies. Didn't do great on calorie intake today. The boys have been watching Psyc. I'd ordered the DVD set, and also had to get a new set up for the DVD player (the TV only has two HDMI ports and they were being used by DirectTV and Roku). I ordered a splitter and a couple smaller cords and that setup works. The DVD player is back in business). Another good thing about that is that DVDs don't use data ... we went over our 1tb cap from Xfinity last month. I ordered "House" and am thinking of getting "Monk" even though our boys haven't ever seen it (me either). I've heard good things about the series and the set is quite inexpensive. Placed a big order on Amazon for the House DVDs and other stuff. I was really tired come evening. Hubs wasn't home until almost 10:00!

Wednesday (1206) Weight 166.5. Steps 32566. Total Burn 3328. Exercise Burn 1390/1566 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2150. Got in my hour of elliptical early, as I got the boys off to school. Zumba w/MZL. It's been a small showing of late, with both instructors and people attending. With just Emily and Andrea there leading, I did a few more numbers than usual. I brought a Santa hat and put it on (over my cap) for my Christmas number. Stats: 7004 steps. 3.09 miles. 441/424 burn. AvHR 112. High 137. In zone 9 of the 65 minutes. After class I stopped at Maceys. I had wanted to do some baking, and realized I was completely out of margarine! Still had quite a bit of butter, it's that's so much more expensive. So that was at the top of the list, with several other things added as well. Home and unloaded. I emptied out all the old leftovers, and then went ahead and washed several of the shelves while it was somewhat empty. I'd cleaned out the bottom not long ago, but hadn't done the top. Now everything is much better and somewhat organized. Unloaded, then loaded the dishwasher. Actually didn't do any laundry today.  I'd moved the grain out for the ducks to nibble on during the day ... but the other backyard birds were the ones that consumed most of it I think. One of the drakes takes after his daddy and was going after the little birds around. Had a bit of unproductive time where I just needed to lay down for a bit.  #4 texted saying he was going to stay after school for basketball intramurals. So I didn't do the usual middle school pickup, but went about an hour later. We stopped and grabbed a Little Caesar's pizza and crazy bread on the way home. I made mint brownies, and then taco salad for dinner. Hubs made it home tonight. Dragging. #3 had practice at 8:30, but happily he can drive himself! Did a little cleanup ... vacuuming. While baking, I'd refilled the big flour and sugar canisters and some sugar had fallen on the floor. While the vacuum was out, I just did the whole upstairs.

Thursday (1207) Weight 165.6. Steps 33540. Total Burn 3329. Exercise Burn 1380/1597 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min.3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Got the boys off, let the ducks out, put a pot roast in the crock pot, then went to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6975 steps. 3.13 miles. 410/437 burn. AvHR 116. High 142. In zone 15 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. During the school day, I got in my two treadmill times. After school pickups. Made gingersnaps. #5 had practice 6:30-8:00 ... I got him home just in time to take #4 to his 8:30-9:30 practice. #2 was around and was willing to pick up, so I could head to bed. Feeling very tired!

Friday (1208) Weight 165.6. Seps 16312. Total Burn 2369. Exercise Burn 450/629 (30minElliptical, 30min/1.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Feeling very run down this morning. I went down to the elliptical and stopped after five minutes. Just wasn't feeling it, which is quite unusual. Got the boys off and attempted the elliptical again with the same result. Five minues and stop. No Zumba today as the MZL building is apparently being used every Friday this month, and set up is that early. I did eventually take a walk on the treadmill, and then did a 20min and 10min elliptical session. Early out at the elementary and the usual middle school pickup. Hubs was home rather early, he was dragging too. #5 had his double practices. I dropped him off at 4:00, then picked him up just after 5:30, we went straight to our ride to his next practice. The college has been double booking, so this week they were hitting a gym in pleasant grove. My usual ride was willing to take the boys and drop him home afterward. Early to bed, although I couldn't fall asleep until my baby was home (after 9:30).

Saturday (1209) Weight 165.7. Steps 11258. Total Burn 2261. Exercise Burn 220/504 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Game day ... four games today. Happily, not uber early like last week. 10:00 with #4, they got the win. #1 had stopped for donuts, and Hubs was getting cars in for some work (auto start on his, tires on #2) so there was a bit of car swapping going on. #1 took the littles in for much needed haircuts. Game with #5 at 1:00. Close, but little Grizz got the win. Then a bit of a break, with the next game not until 6:00. Mount Jordan isn't too far, but the parking lot was completely packed. Other things going on besides basketball. I like the court fine, but there isn't much room, especially when the next teams arrive, and the drinking fountains and rest rooms are on the opposite side, which creates some traffic. No good spot for me to film from. Wolves were facing the Sonics, who are a tough team. Sonics came out hot and I feared it was going to be a beating, but our boys kept it close and played great. It was down to the wire. Wolves coudln't quite get the win, but it was a good game. #5 and I quickly took off to hit #3's 7:00 game. We arrived with just a few minutes left in the half. This game wasn't even close (27-7 when we got there, they stopped taking score). Definite mis-match as can happen in this type of league. Our boys were good friends with some on the other team though. Hopefully the other guys didn't feel too bad. One was the son of #5's teacher, who was there watching. At home, #1 and his girlfriend were attempting to make macaroons. #1 had also bought a bunch of different chocolate milks and we had a big taste test. Darigold won.

Sunday (1210) Weight 166.7. Steps 8487. Total Burn 2106. Exercise Burn 110/346 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs slept in a little, not getting the brisket on the smoker as early as he usually does. But with that there, we couldn't smoke bacon. I fried some up and made pancakes and sausage and Hubs made eggs.  #5 looked through clips and then I made a muvee of his first game from yesterday. I also cleaned out the closet in the hall. I've been trying to hit one spot every day or as often as I can to straighten things up more. Unfortunately #2 and #3 had to work, so they missed the yummy brisket dinner ... happily though, it's almost better left over. It seemed so late early ... like 6:00. Hubs and I were in bed by 8:30.

Monday (1211) Weight 168.2. Steps 28187. Total Burn 2983. Exercise Burn 1267/1242 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Unfortunately not a good night. Hubs was out quickly, but while I'd felt exhausted, it took a little while to fall asleep. Little things would wake me up as I started to drift (a text from #2, #3 arriving home from work). I did fall asleep, then was awakened when Hubs, who had awakened and was browsing his ipad accidentally hit a video with sound. I've done that once or twice myself. Totally woke me up though, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Hubs too. I was up with my alarm, he slept in just a little then was off to work. I got my three elliptical sessions in and got the boys off to school. It was so cold out, I wanted to keep the ducks in the pen where there is the shelter of the dog house and the light for warmth ... not that they use either. I gave them water but left them in until after Zumba. I spaced out on the way, drove past the intersection I'm supposed to turn at. I was a little late but they hadn't started yet. Quite a crowd today. I did my Christmas number. Stats: 5091 steps. 2.21 miles. 317/293 burn. AvHR106. High 132. In Zone 5 of the 56 minutes. I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and grabbed some eyeliner and lipstick. I usually stop at Smiths, and would have if my prescription had been refilled ... but it hadn't. I called the doctor's office when I got back and explained the situation (I was out but was on the books for an appointment in a couple weeks) so they said they would call it in. The doctor's office likes to hold the prescriptions to force you in for your annual. Heaven knows I'd likely skip otherwise, even though I'm not positive the medication really does much for me. I got in my two treadmill times. #1 was home after work ... finals week. #3 was home early too. I did the usual after school pickups. #5 asked if he could bring friends home. I'm okay with it if they are picked up at a reasonable time ... like 6:30. It wasn't until 7:30 tonight. Lots of comings and goings ... #1 had his girlfriend over, #2 had a few friends and of course #5's friend. Foggy out tonight, and it had been this morning too, although it wasn't when I had been out driving.

Tuesday (1212) Weight 166.8. Steps 30024. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1320/1295 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.56mileTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Still foggy this morning, even a bit later when I was driving #5 to school. I got in my elliptical early, then hit Zumba. Just Marian, me, Cathyleen and Barbara ... and Cathyleen won't be here the next couple weeks, and Marian will be here next week, but then not a couple weeks after that. I told Barbara I was still happy to come dance with just her. Stats today: 5954 steps. 2.6 miles. 365/338 burn. AvHR105. High135. In zone 7 of the 61 minutes. I had a bit of a lazy day. Feeling tired. Did get in my two treadmill times. Watched "Flyboys" which I enjoyed more than anticipated. I had let the ducks out before Zumba, even though it was still so cold. They haven't been going back to the heat lamp anyway, always staying near the front of the pen. This morning they even got in the water. I was surprised it wasn't frozen. Their feathers looked a little worse for the wear from it though, with water frozen on them. I tried to Google frozen duck wings to see if it was an issue and if I should not let them in water when it's this cold ... but "frozen duck wings" didn't come up with answers to that. I moved the light up to the front and moved the bathing water out. I think I'll only give some to them in the afternoons if it's warm enough. #2 went to the podiatrist for his ingrown toenail. He said he watched a little too much and almost passed out.  They did the permanent fix this time. #4 really needs it done too (#1 had it done when he was in high school, as did I). Middle school pickup was normal, but elementary had an activity that took them beyond normal school hours. Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs and Returning the Favor had come to West Jordan to honor a local toy maker and there was a parade and it was being filmed for the show. #5 and those in the 6th grade class that wanted to (and had the necessary paperwork signed) were taken there by bus and brought back to the school at 4:30, so I picked him up then. Placed another Amazon order for gifts, but still don't have much for the kids. Hubs was quite late, almost 8:00, yet I still seemed more tired that he was. He says sometimes when he pushes through the sleepies, then it's a little hard to get them back. #2 and #3 went to the high school basketball game.  More fog.

Wednesday (1213) Weight 166.8. Steps 31327. Total Burn 3205. Exercise Burn 1384/1444 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. This morning #2 and I were switching cars, as we are FINALLY getting his Charger in for repair after it was hit in the school parking lot. As he's too young to legally drive a rental, he gets my car and I get the rental. #2 had an early final, so he was off, and I drove his Charger to drop #5 off to school and then went straight to the body shop, which was right on the way home. Everything went smoothly, and the rental car was there for me. I had come ready for Zumba, and went their straight getting there a bit earlier than I usually do. It's been a small class lately. Carma came, and I'd put one of her numbers on the song request list, so she lead it. Stats: 6622 steps. 2.91 miles. 370/391 burn. AvHR 108. High 128. In Zone 3 of the 61 minutes. Afterward I hit the nail salon for a fill, then Maceys for some groceries. So cold out, I hadn't let the ducks out early, but waited until I returned home ... hoping they might stay by the heat lamp, which they did seem to do. I let them out and then unloaded the groceries. I sure missed my heated seats and steering wheel in this rental car! I got a text from #4 at school saying he had a horrid headache and couldn't make it through the rest of the day, so I went to pick him up. I usually do the after school carpool, but as I had thought he'd be staying after today for Intramural basketball, I'd asked the other mom to do the pickup, so that was covered already at least. Got him some ibuprofen and with some rest he was feeling better by the evening. I only got in one treadmill time during the day, the second quite a bit later in the evening. I pulled out a couple freezer meals for dinner and leftovers and baked up some gingersnaps with the leftover dough. Did a couple loads of laundry, dishes and emptied the garbages and got them out for garbage day tomorrow. Peeking out back, checking on the ducks and ... only three ducks! I was going to the garage to grab the ladder so I could peek over neighbor's fences to see if I could see him (one of the males) and there he was in our front/side yard. I walked him back. Whew! I was really planning on these guys taking after their heavier mom and not being fliers ... but they've been flying. They were angels when I put them in the pen for the night, walked right in. Last night too, but the night before they really fought going in. I don't know what causes the difference in attitude.

Thursday (1214) Weight 166.8. Steps 35002. Total Burn 33514. Exercise Burn 1352/1591 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. I'd put the screen over the rental car to keep the frost off. I think it worked pretty well. Before taking #5 to school, I did get my hour of elliptical in. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6434 steps. 2.88miles. 391/379 burn. AvHR 113. High 151. In zone 13 of the 60 minutes. Higgins Body Shop called while I was in class and said the car would be done by 1:00 ... nice, as the original estimate had been Friday. I did a stop at Sam's on the way home. Put the groceries away and let the ducks out. It was warm enough (upper 30°s) in the afternoon that I filled a tub with water for them to bathe.  I got in my two treadmill times, then the usual after school pickups. Still in the rental car, but #5 and I stopped on the way home and returned it, picking up the Charger. Pulled out the wrapping paper. The ping pong table is a good wrapping station. Hubs had ordered a slicer and it arrived today. He sliced up the extra brisket and made french dip. We didn't have rolls though, so I had to run to Smiths. I needed to pick up my prescription anyway. #5's practice got cancelled, but #4 still had his practice. I dropped off and #3 picked up.

Friday (1215) Weight 166.1. Steps 18804. Total Burn 2499. Exercise Burn 785/738 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Hubs tries to keep Oreo out of the room in the morning when he leaves, as it's hard to sleep with the kitty. Prime example this morning, as he snuck by and proceeded to come sit on my head and knead at me with his claws. I went ahead and got up ... and thus got two 20min sessions in on the elliptical. I don't always on Friday mornings. Today was Hub's work party, which started mid-day at a 12:20 showing of the new Star Wars film. We did go ahead and pull the kids from school. With late start, #4 ended up not even going (as he wouldn't have even been there an hour) but #3 and #5 went for a bit. #2 drove them out because I wasn't going. The drive, the crowd ... and I must admit, I don't really care for Star Wars. Instead, once the boys were off, I packed up some of the leftover brisket and took it out to my folks. Then mom and I went to lunch. We went to Chuck-a-rama. I overate. I did have to drive the Charger as #2 took the Durango, as he was picking up #1 on the way and they needed a little extra room. The boys didn't stay for the dinner after the movie ... #1 had to get back ... to go to Star Wars with his work. I was in on my computer when Hubs got home and I didn't see him, he went straight to bed even though it was early. He'd been fighting some spinny all day. I was tired too, but I ended up staying up. Got some invitations for #5's b-day party designed and ordered. I'll pick them up tomorrow.

Saturday (1216) Weight 167.2. Total Burn 2396. Exercise Burn 321/632  (30minElliptical). Calories in 2300.  ♥ I was able to hit the gym in the morning for one session on the elliptical, then it was time for basketball. #4's game was first, at 10:00. They won pretty easily. He and I did a quick stop off at Walgreens, picking up the party invitations. It was cold and snowy. #5's Grizzly game was at 1:00. It was an easy win for them too. I prefer the aux gym at the high school. Had some time before the next game. I stopped at Smiths, grabbing a few groceries. They had pork loin on for $.99 special, and 1/2 off Christmas (candy and decor) and I grabbed quite a bit. We've done wrapping paper for neighbor gifts previous years, and this was a good price and I wondered if I should grab a bunch, but I was already fairly overloaded. Did a 1/2 session on the elliptical, 30min total today. Hubs was off running a lot of errands today. 6:00 game for #3. He barely got off work and rushed over for pictures. I got there for the game. He had thought this game might be more of a challenge ... it wasn't. Then #5's Wolves game. #2 came along to watch. Previously at Midvale Middle, they only had one court. Today they had two. While I almost always prefer one game going, I actually preferred it this way, as last time kids were running around going crazy in the open area. There wasn't as much seating for spectators this way though. One of the players on the opposing team used to be on our team. He was really good ... we miss him! It was a crazy game with tons of three-point shots. Our boys couldn't quite keep up.  Home again ...

Sunday (1217) Weight 167.3. Total Burn 2092. Exercise Burn  0/338  (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  Hubs was home ... and we had our big breakfast. Waffles, bacon, sausage and eggs.  Hubs had also prepped the pork I picked up yesterday and put that on the smoker after the bacon was done. Really just making leftovers, as we had the Blackham family party in the evening. I did a quick stop at Sam'sClub as I realized I'd forgotten a few things. I made some brownies ... for the party and for #1 to take to a work party tomorrow. I also made my sweet chex mix. We headed out to Maga's house, with the older two boys meeting us there with their girlfriends. The little cousins are crazy! Soups and rolls and a little "Head's Up".  Uncle Clay started it with his, but I had extra decks on mine (Star Wars, Friends, Basketball, Holiday) so we switched to my phone but it soon ran the battery down. Santa and Mrs. Claus came as they do every year.  I was so tired by the end of the night though!

Monday (1218) Weight 169.8. Steps 31942. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1398/1487 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. I forgot to put my One on last night to track my sleep. I woke just after 5:00 and found it and put it on. Didn't really fall back to sleep. Hubs hit snooze a few times and I beat him out of bed. I'm on a pretty strict schedule for my mornings to get my three 20min elliptical sessions in. If something happens and I don't start "on time" then I have to cut it from 20min to 10min. As I went down for my first ... I could see one of the kitties had thrown up in the hallway. I did stop to clean it up and thought I might have to cut my first workout short, but I went the whole way, which did put me a little late getting the boys up and off, but it was fine. I got in my other two sessions, completing my full hour early. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 6515 steps. 2.9 miles. 389/382 burn. AvHR 106. High 137. In zone 6 of the 69 minutes. This was Debbie's last class before Christmas. She usually does Fridays, but there is a funeral in the building this Friday.  It's one I would have hit otherwise ... I think. As I'd hit Smiths on Saturday, I figured I wouldn't stop there. We were low on apples though (#2 and #4 eat one or more daily) and I wanted to see if Reams had the kids favorite cookies and cream ice cream cake as #5's birthday is this week. They did! It's been hit and miss for quite a while. Got some apples and other things. Kitchen cleanup ... it was a bit of a mess from yesterday, but I'd been too tired last night to get to it. #1 came home from work and I had him help me rearrange the family room furniture and then bring in the Christmas tree. It's not the best spot, usually we do the front room, but this required the least amount of re-arranging and as #3 said, "Change keeps things interesting". I don't think Hubs likes it, but I tried to get the house clean to make the overall appearance better. It's only ONE week at this point. Who knows if we'll get ornaments on. It's pre-lit, so we have lights, although a few aren't working. The cats immediately climbed and got into the tree. I pulled out a few other Christmas decor items too. The kinetic pyramid ... Maga had one at her house last night and it got me in the mood. I hit the treadmill once while the boys were in school. #3 had to work, so I figured I'd have gym time later. #5 surprised me by spending some time in the gym after school. He's only (almost) 12. He doesn't really need dedicated "working out" time. I did get a second treadmill time in later. Hubs brought home "Logan Lucky" on DVD. He and the boys had seen it months ago in theaters and #4 wanted to see it again. I watched the first bit while I walked, and then tried to avoid the TV so as not to see the parts I haven't seen. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Hubs sliced up some of the meat ... the pork he'd smoked Sunday and a turkey breast I'd bought. We have a fridge full of food ... I won't be making dinner this week. #2 was off for his men's basketball championships. They won their first game but lost in the next round. Nice weather today ... almost "warm" and sunny (43°) so I put some water out for the duckies to splash around in. COLD weather coming later in the week though ...

Tuesday (1219) Weight 168.8. Steps 31602. Total Burn 3150. Exercise Burn 1310/1405 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my hour of elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba with Marian. 6276 steps. 2.71 miles. 390/372 burn. AvHR108. High129. In Zone 7 of the 65 miles. Marian had trouble with the power cord on her audio box, so we had to switch to an aux cord. It's all good, we just face a different direction (as she needs to be near the output and the other one is on the side of the gym). We had a lady from our neighborhood come for the first time ... usually working, but had taken the day off and saw Marian's post on the neighborhood FB page. Marian left early and had me finish up class. After Zumba I went over to Lowes to grab a tarp and some wood sheets for the duck pen. The current top is more for shade than to keep water out. I want water kept out! I want the boards to create some wind shields if needed, and to board things up to keep it warmer in the pen if possible. I also grabbed a door mat and boot rack thing. I put the tarp on when I got home. I grabbed a HUGE one, so it's doubled over. I just used Hub's parachord to tie it on. I'm sure he'd hate my solution, but he's so busy I didn't think he'd get to it himself before the next snow (forecast for tomorrow). Double carpools after school as usual. #4 was running a little late, it's nice that he has a phone to text me and let me know. We FINALLY put the tree up! I had #1 pull it out of the shed and set it up in the family room. We've never had it there before, but I didn't want to move a chair and everything behind it from the front room. We did have to move the loveseat over, but that wasn't much work. We did a lot of wrapping in the late afternoon to put gifts under the tree. #1 decided to gather all the boxes (we've had SO many deliveries!) and make a fort. They made a wall and threw knives at it. It then turned into "dodge box" until poor #5 took a box hard in the face. Then a little "basket box" and then they barricaded #3 in the gym. Silly boys! Who needs gifts when they have fun with the empty boxes? Hubs wasn't home until late ... although maybe that was a good thing because the box craziness would have driven him crazy! I'd borrowed (stolen) #4's Fitbit Alta ... putting it in a 3rd party clip and wearing it like the One. Because the One has been discontiued! Lots of unhappy customers because of that. So many don't want a wrist pedometer. I felt like the Alta is an acceptable alternative, it's what I'll get when my One eventually dies. I did a blog post on my experiement.

Wednesday (1220) Weight 169.7. Steps 27248. Total Burn 3021. Exercise Burn 1205/1244 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Happy Birthday to my baby boy. 12 years old. Poor kid, a birthday this close to Christmas. I had a couple presents for him, and a box of Airheads to take to school and pass out for his birthday treat. It was quite warm (relatively) in the morning ... 50°! Then the wind started up, blowing in a storm. I didn't quite get in my hour early ... finishing up the final 10min on the elliptical later in the day. Zumba with MZL. They had announced that the Kearns class was cancelled, so I was thinking we'd get quite a crowd as those that usually attended there came to WJ, but it was still pretty small. Maybe a good thing, as the gym was set up for a wedding. Luckily the tables were around the edges leaving the center floor open, so we went ahead and had class. There were lights up decorating the stage ... I plugged them in for us ;)  Stats: 6393 Steps. 2.88 miles. 376/403 burn. AvHR116. High137. In Zone 16 of the 59 minutes. After class I stopped at CalRanch. Bought a heated waterer, to keep the water from freezing on cold nights. So far, having the pail by the light a little has kept it okay, but the forecast shows 0° coming up! We haven't had to deal with that yet. I also bought a nice bucket, to replace the ice cream buckets, and restocked mealworms ... although I had to ask, they weren't easy to find. I then stopped at the Dollar Store and grabbed a few things. At home, I only got in one treadmill time while the kids were in school. I had to run to the high school for an appointment with #3 and his school counsellor. Just a routine check for Juniors to make sure they are on track for graduation.  I did my two pickups after school. #5 passed out all 90 of the Airhead candy bars he took. It was snowing today, although it didn't start until later than predicted. We were trying to hit Tepanyaki for a b-day dinner and wanted to get there early, as last year were had to wait quite a while. Busy, even on weekdays this season. We were able to get right in. Our chef was quite funny, made the boys laugh. Vegetables! Yummy as always. Hubs steaks have made us less appreciative of steak houses (we'll just eat Dad's, they are better!) but Tepanyaki is different enought that we always love it. Over $300 for dinner! Snow was really coming down as we left. I'd put the ducks away before we went to eat, and used all my boards and even pulled the old tattered tarp off the old pen to keep the snow from blowing in the front. It worked ... but I can't see my babies!  I'd picked up a cookies and cream ice cream cake, and we pulled that out after we digested a bit ... although Dad and #1 were already asleep by then. Maga came over with a little cookies and cream cake, it looked like our cake had a baby. Maga also brought balloons with money inside. I hope #5 had a good birthday.

Thursday (1221) Weight 168.9. Steps 32678. Total Burn 3260. Exercise Burn 1400/1485 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.7milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200.  Got my three 20min sessions on the elliptical in as I got the boys off to school. Early out at the elementary today, so I set a timer so I'd remember. Hit Zumba w/MZL. Wore my elf hat. Stats: 7299 steps. 3.3 miles. 427/390 burn. AvHR 108. High 141. In zone 10 of the 68 miles. They were having a Christmas party after with treats and such, but I snuck off. I usually hit Sam's Club ... but we were okay on milk. I did need some lettuce for the ducks, but I figured I'd pick it up tonight after dropping #5 at practice. So, straight home. Got both my treadmill times in and remembered early pickup. Bad eating today though ... junk food galore. Dropped #5 at his practice and hit Maceys, then waited anxiously for the 8:00 pickup so I could turn in. Not sure why I was dragging so! Hubs was home very late ... I was already in bed and almost asleep. I'd been in bed when he left too. Long day for him! Not just work though, he was putting together gift baskets for his employees.

Friday (1222) Weight 166.7. Steps 10532. Total Burn 2076. Exercise Burn 400/336 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Yea ... I'm really not sure that calorie intake is correct, but I've not been very good at recording food promptly and it's so easy to forget things! The kids were out of school today, so I slept in a bit. No MZL Zumba ... Debbie's church was booked with a funeral. She said she'd do a small class in her home studio, but I have anxiety issues with that, parking in a residential neighborhood, small space ... and I was already in a non-Zumba mood. I hit the elliptical a couple times, but never made it back down to complete my hour. No treadmill time either. Hubs just had a half day at work. I spent most of the day working on the annual family slideshow, but had it pretty much done by the end of the day.

Saturday (1223) Weight 167.6. Steps 4486. Total Burn 1842. Exercise Burn 0/90 (no exercise). Calories in ?? 2000. I only recorded 1600 calories but ... I'm sure I ate more. I'm not officially taking a break from tracking, but I'm sure not being very good about it this holiday season. No games today ... no exercise either. Not much activity period! I made chex mix for tomorrow's family party and pre-cooked some chicken that I'll turn into chicken noodle soup tomorrow. Hubs hit some stores for last minute shopping and said he wasn't the only one, it was crazy out there. I never left the house today or yesterday. He and #3 went to Lowes and bought a new fan (#3 had several requests to improve his room ... a new light/fan was needed). Hubs got it installed ... with much swearing! I finished up the slideshow and loaded it to a flashdrive (and youtube and dropbox).

Sunday (1224) Weight 167.6. Steps 8804. Total Burn 2161. Exercise Burn 0/398 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Christmas Eve. I started on the breadstick dough pretty quick upon getting up. Didn't want to be pushing it and not having enough time to rise like on Thanksgiving. I got the dough done and on it's first rise, then I ran to Sam'sClub. Hubs admitted that the fridge wasn't the only new appliance ... that he'd also ordered a new dishwasher and stove, and the range was an "induction" type which only works with speficic (magnetic) cookware. I had tested what we had and almost everything wouldn't work. I'd done some online window shopping and found a set I liked and had it ready for pickup. The store was pretty empty and it was easy-peasy. Grabbed a few other items while I was there. I had packed up all the old cookware to take out to my folks to let my siblings look through at the family party. The breadsticks were rising and I got the soup done (in one of my big stock pots ... then I'd just leave the pot as it wouldn't work for me anymore. I'll have to order a new one of those separately as it wasn't in the set I picked up). Got everything loaded up. We were doing a big group family photo first thing. #2 had to work :( but agreed to come out for the photo at least. We got a cute family (just us) too, then he had to take off. We ate, then watched the slideshow, then played the candybar game. No nativity this year (for shame *Ü*). The party ran from about 3:30-6:30 and while it wasn't that late when we got home, it seemed so late! Hubs and I were wiped out! I know we're supposed to do the whole "santa" thing, but we just went to bed and figured we'd try to beat the kids up. Hubs got up around 3:30 for a potty break and as we were awake, we got up and put the rest of Christmas out. One of the kids had taken all the gifts under the tree and positioned them in the usual family "spots" so we just had to put a few things out and fill stockings.

Monday (1225) Weight 167.7. Steps  6574. Total Burn 2041. Exercise Burn 0/284 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs was asleep again pretty quickly, but I don't think I fell back to sleep after our early morning santa run. With older kids though, no one was up early ... it wasn't until a little after 8:00 that we had our family Christmas. Had to drag #2 out of bed still. I think the boys were pretty happy with everything. They'd been cute getting each other presents, it had been fun to see. We headed over to Uncle Clay's house for famiy breakfast. Maga was out of town but we still wanted to get together. Home again for a nap ... new appliances are coming tomorrow so I had Hubs make popcorn with our Whirly Pop pan, which won't work on the new stove (but we're keeping it and may try out a special diffuser pan to see if that works, or he can pull out his portable gas stove). Christmas 2017 is a wrap.

Tuesday (1226) Weight 169.3. Steps 19632. Total Burn 2651. Exercise Burn 450/876 (Zumba). Calories in 2000. Christmas is over ... but today was a craZy day! Started with Zumba. Marian was gone, so I was leading. Just four of us. Stats: 5997 steps. 2.59 miles. 423/397 burn. AvHR 120. High 154. In Zone 25 of the 61 minutes. Back at home, the installation of appliances should have been taking place, but wasn't. Our fridge was misplaced. They don't know where it is. They did come later for the stove and dishwasher. I ran to Sam's to grab more strawberries for the chocolate fountain at the party later today. But ... not a single strawberry at Sams :(  I had to hit Smiths, and they didn't have much to choose from either, but I did take the three boxes they had. Also picked up a helium tank and orange balloons from the party store. We headed over to the church around 1:00 to start setting up. We had 18 kids total. It was a little crazy. A bit of an age difference as some of the kids on #5's Grizzlies team are younger (5th grade), his 6th grade teammates and friends, then his 7th grade teammates. They played ball, we had pizza, opened presents (mostly ca$h, he got over $100) and then brought out the chocolate fountain. Then more playing until pickup. Two of the boys didn't get picked up and we brought them back to the house. One was just a delay that the grandma had checked if it would be okay (or she would have taken him right as it was ending) and the other ... was the kid who ends up staying for hours and hours and hours ... and he didn't get picked up for hours. Very glad to have the party done! #1 pulled down all the ornaments and put the tree away, putting the family room back together. I put away most of the other Christmas. I was really tired, in bed early and closed my eyes for a bit, but Hubs beat me to sleep ... and has been snoring some of late, which kept me up for a while longer still.

Wednesday (1227) Weight 169.5. Steps 17077. Total Burn 2608. Exercise Burn 500/857 (Zumba, Cleaning). Calories in 2300. Had to set the alarm, as I had an 8:00 appointment at the doctor. Just my routine annual exam. No issues. Just the checkup, prescription refills and blood draw. I had prepped to go straight to Zumba and made it there a little early even. Stats: 6867 steps. 3 miles. 414/456 burn. AvHR 113. High 141. In zone 20 of the 65 minutes. As I'd hit the store yesterday, I didn't stop today. Stayed busy cleaning up the last of Christmas ... mainly breaking down boxes and getting everything in one spot outside. We don't have enough room in the bins, we'll have to piece them in for the next few weeks. Got the house vacuumed, dishes loaded, laundry done. Didn't even try to get down to the gym and was okay with that for this week. Worked on the computer getting bills paid and a blog post up and the remainder of the birthday stuff away (Hubs had some stuff in his car still). Christmas wrap away. Feeling a bit down in the evening. Small things can set me off and drag me down. Four of the boys (all but #2 who was working then visiting his girlfriend who just got wisdom teeth out) went to the mall to spend their Foot Locker giftcards. Even at $150 it wasn't enough for a couple of the shoes the kids wanted, they ended up paying the overage. They also stopped at the Container Store as #3 is working on reorganizing his room.

Thursday (1228) Weight 167.9. Steps 15810. Total Burn 2380. Exercise Burn 500/613 (Zumba. 30minBBwalk). Calories in 2300.  Slept in a little, getting up in time to hit Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6796 steps. 3.07 miles. 419/435 burn. AvHR114. High 151. In Zone 18 of the 65 minutes. Still no store stop on the way home. I was not feeling 100% today. Really cold. Lay down for a bit. #1 set up the Amazon Echo we got for Christmas. I'm not sure how much I'll use it. #5 had a basketball game at 4:00. Not a great game, we lost ... although #5 got quite a few points. Also had some emotion. If we'd won, we would have played tomorrow at 10:00 ... as we didn't, we played again at 6:00. That actually worked a bit better. Then I could hit Zumba tomorrow and didn't have to face rush-hour traffic driving home. With an hour to kill, I went to Big5, which is next to the rec center in Sandy. Got a couple things with a $10 of $30 coupon. Unfortunately we didn't play any better the second game and got another loss. Tomorrow at 2:00 ... most likely facing the team we played first today. That should be good though. I know we could get the win ... then we'd likely play the second team we played today. Not as sure if we could get the win against them. We'd sure have to play better ... #5 and I stopped at Wendy's on the way home and grabbed a little dinner. The ducks were still out, so I put them to bed. Loaded the dishwasher, finished up a muvee ... and to bed.

Friday (1229) Weight 168.3. Steps 14615. Total Burn 2400. Exercise Burn 415/625 (Zumba). Calories in 2400.  Hubs slept in this morning. Went into work, but the office closed early in the afternoon. I had been planning on hitting MZL for Zumba as we didn't have the 10:00 game, but then Debbie texted that she was under the weather, asking if Carma and I could sub her class. I knew Carma had been planning on going, so we were on. I quickly put together a playlist, but couldn't find the aux cord. Luckily I had the red/white connector cord Marian had pulled out the last Tuesday she was here when her power cord to her box malfuctioned. It worked. Stats: 6872 steps. 2.98 miles. 395/430 burn. AvHR 110. High 133. In zone 7 of the 65 minutes. After Zumba I stopped at Smiths ... plenty of strawberries today, and cheaper too. Grabbed a few things and headed home to unload. I had let the ducks out earlier. It was a nice day. I ended up putting some water out for them to splash in. #5 had his game at 2:00. It didn't go as hoped ... lost again, perhaps worse than the first time (yesterday). Oh well. So just the one game today. I was okay with that too.

Saturday (1230) Weight 169.3. Steps 10808. Total Burn 2372. Exercise Burn 0/597 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.  I really planned on hitting the treadmill today ... I haven't been in my home gym this whole week! Just off schedule with school out and the holidays. Hubs replaced the TV in the gym with a Roku TV (so also replacing the Roku) and he asked me if the new technology was intimidating me. Now, admittedly, sometimes I do struggle with change, but I think this is one I'll be able to handle. No, not afraid, just lazy this week. The morning turned into a bit of a cleaning frenzy as Hubs was loading up a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift store. Pulling the old TV from the little boy's room, putting the old gaming TV there, as our old bedroom TV is now the gaming TV, as Hubs got a Roku TV for the bedroom. Musical TVs. He says the price on Roku TVs are so good, not much more than a Roku alone, and yet it eliminates the needs for extra wires and an extra remote. All good! So after they pulled the big TV from the little boy's room, we cleaned out behind the dresser and got the new stuff installed. With a Roku, as this one is not a Roku TV. The boy have had the small pool table up since #4's birthday and we moved it into the family room on the ping pong table. Went through some clothes and shoes, changed out hangers. Reorganized and vacuumed. #3 has been rearranging his room and gotten ride of several things, some we incorporated into the little boy's room, others packed away, others given away. #1 bought a new desk (well, we bought him one I guess) so the old desk went to DI and he spent the morning putting together the new one. Hubs and #3 made the run to DI. They wouldn't take the tube TV, so Hubs ended up going to the dump, where they had electronics recycling. We also took all the boxes and such, although our bins are already full again without it all. Nice to have it gone though. The house is getting cleaner or more organized ... almost as though I don't live here ;) Warm enough that I put out water for the ducks, and even opened a window for a bit. Rub smoked ribs for dinner. #3 was working and #2 was off to the Jazz game with friends, so they missed out.

Sunday (1231) 169.9. Steps 13362. Total Burn 2328. Exercise Burn 330/550 (Treadmill). Calories in 2700. BAD night. Oy. I was really tired, and went to bed before Hubs, who was still up prepping brisket and beef jerkey. Woke around 1:00 and he was snoring up a storm. I couldn't get back to sleep. For over two hours. I got some reading in anyway. Not good with New Year's Eve tonight! Maybe I can get a nap during the day? Did a small breakfast of bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. Then I hit the treadmill! Figured I'd finish up my movie I started over a week ago. Unfortunately, Roku/Showtime didn't want to cooperate and restarted several times which was so frustrating. I ended up just pulling out an ipad and watching on that to finish up. I didn't really get a good recording of what the actual stats were. Probably about 45 minutes, 2.5+ miles. Did a little clean and prep for family coming over. We generally host a small grandparents and game night for New Years. This year it was my folks and Hub's mom. #1 and his girlfriend were around. #2 was here for dinner but then left. #3 had work until about 10:30 then joined us for games. We had brisket, taters, corn and brazillian cheese rolls. The littles did their own thing for a bit while us old people played progressive rummy (before #1 left) then the little came in for RummiKub. It was fun, but we're just not up to staying up late. We shut it down a little after 11:00.  Happy New Year!

November 2017

1101 (Wednesday) Weight 165.8. Steps 32581. Total Burn 3290. Exercise Burn 1550/1529 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2400. Leftover Halloween candy ... for breakfast and during the day. #1 even went to the store to try and grab some after-Halloween sale Reeses pumpkins. I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Then Zumba w/MZL. It's been a smaller group lately. I'm fine with that. Used to be predominantly polynesian and hispanic too, but not today. Stats: 6497 steps. 2.8 miles. 457/419 burn. AvHR116. High 141. In zone 22 of the 65 minutes. I would have stopped at a store on the way home, but as #1 had run to Walmart in search of clearance candy I'd given him a list of the few items we needed picked up. It was a bit breezy out. I don't think the duckies liked that. They retreated into the doghouse and I didn't open up the pen until later. Spent some time with my "end of the month" activities ... getting a blog post up, one second every day video, backing up photos. The latter was made MUCH more difficult because when #2 backed up his phone (upgraded to the new iphone8) all his pictures appeared on my phone. All 2500+ of them. Ahhh. It was a little fun to glance though, I'd seen many of them. Attempted some research to see if there was an easy way to get them off. Turned of the stream and icloud and I think that should help future stuff but didn't impact those already on my phone. I guess I get to do it all manually. Got in my two treadmill times to finish up my movie, a "zombie" one called "Cell" where cell phones are what turned people. Eh. Also got in a session on the bike before bed. #1 was feeling off again and skipped class again (biology this time). It's hard when college kids live at home. I wouldn't be aware of it if they were living on campus somewhere. #3 also ducked out of school early (basketball class). Took a nap, I felt bad waking him for his 4:00-9:00 shift.

1102 (Thursday) Weight 165.2. Steps 31212. Total Burn 3211. Exercise Burn 1450/1453 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Hubs was up and off early (around 4:00) for a long weekend with his brother in Canada. I couldn't get back to sleep though ... although I still didn't get up until 5:45. Got my hour of elliptical in, then Zumba w/MZL.  Stats: 6908 steps. 3.05 miles. 427/441 burn. AvHR 115. High 143. In zone 17 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Didn't let the ducks out immediately as they were in the doghouse. When the sun came out more a bit later I went and let them out for their free time. Nice day today, but the weather is turning this weekend. Early out at the elementary. I really have to remind myself of that these off schedule days. Finished up my movie "Secrets In Their Eyes" (Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman) with two times on the treadmill. Really meant to get back down for abs or bike. #3 was around after school and did hit the gym for a bit. Cooked up Snickerdoodles with the dough from the freezer ... still waiting on the replacement parts for my mixer. Spent some time out with the duckies prepping the pen, changing the water, and put them in for the night. Dropped #5 off at bb practice, picking up Collin on the way. They help us with carpools so often it was nice to be able to return the favor, and he's right on the way. Back later for pickup. Having some tummy trouble tonight. Actually went down to the gym to bike, but wasn't sure I'd be able to make 30minutes. I was already at 30k, so it's all good I guess. The boys were watching "Stranger Things" and passed up where I was. I had to run in the kitchen to take my pill and try not to catch anything.

1103 (Friday) Weight 164.9. Steps 26372. Total Burn 2961. Exercise Burn 1200/1204 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/2.1milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Elementary was out today, so I planned on sleeping in some. Up around 7:00. I almost forgot to give the duckies their breakfast (a salad and kibble) with the routine disrupted. They always seem like they are STARVING. Not sure how wild duckies make it! Got in 30min elliptical before heading out to Zumba w/MZL. The parking lot was still almost empty when I got there at 9:10 (supposed to start at 9:00) but more people trickled in. Stats: 6255 steps. 2.7 miles. 429/396 burn. AvHR111. High 141. In zone 20 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at the salon for a fill afterward, as it's on the way home. I'd been biting at my nails and picked the topcoat off some on several. Poor #5 was pretty bored I think. His Minecraft hadn't been working, but I got it up and running. That entertains him. We don't have any friends in the neighborhood and hadn't really made plans with any outside it. #1 had cut his work short to go to a doctor appointment ... they basically said "if you think it's eggs, stay away from eggs" ... they didn't do a blood test for celiac or salmonella or really anything. Very disappointing. He missed his school class for that too. I still had the usual middle school pickup. #5 had his practice, our usual ride wasn't going so I was dropping him off at the coach's house (closer than practice, which I CAN drive, but it's out of my comfort zone and takes a lot longer). #4 wanted to hang with friends, and I dropped him off afterward. They played basketball at the park for a while, then went to play games at one of the nearby houses (all the other boys live close/walkable). I was a little late putting the ducks in their pen for the night. It can be harder when I'm late, as they don't see well in the dark and it's harder to get them where I want them to go. But I'd left the pen propped up, with the light on, in case they wanted to go in for the warmpth or doghouse, and sure enough, they were already in there waiting. I gave them their dinner and put the pen down for the night. I was feeling a little off and tired and texted him around 9:00 asking him how much longer he thought they'd be going, and he replied a while. I might have pushed him coming home, but he so rarely goes anywhere or does social things, so I didn't want to cut it short. But ... my feeling off went to feeling terrible. Such a bad headache, and nausea and cramps. Is that what a migrane feels like? #3 was home, and I made arrangements with him to pick up #4 when his activity ended (about 10:30). Then #3 went to a sleepover with his Copperton friends.

Saturday (1104) Weight 164.9. Steps 13746. Total Burn 2385. Exercise Burn 350/629 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Last night at practice, #5's team decided not to play in their 9:00 am game. It was against the top team, who had already smashed us once. There was no possiblity of a win and they all voted to sleep in and save strength for the 4:00 playoff game in the Dimple Dell league. I sure didn't mind sleeping in after my night. I was feeling back to normal though. I went out and fed the duckies. I propped the pen up while I put their food in, and while my back was turned ... it fell. I saw two startled ducks at the back of the pen, one outside the pen and ... where was the fourth? He was pinned under the log I use to prop up the pen. Poor baby! I rescued him and I think he's okay. I watched for a while and he seemed to be walking and eating normally. I dug in the garden for them, and cleaned out the pen area, refilling the water and pool ... the next few days are turning rainy and colder. I got in a session on the elliptical, and did some cleanup of the house. #1 had invited friends over to he wanted it straightened ... he even cleaned the main bathroom, which really needed it. Then #5 and I were off to his 1:00 game with his Grizzlies. It was against the #1 seed, a team we hadn't played during the regular season (Fire). They had beat the two teams we'd lost to (UBC and Legends) but not by much, and we hadn't lost to those two by much, so we figured it was winnable, should be a good game. It was. Very close the entire time, and then our boys pulled ahead and got the win! Onto the championship game (a rematch against either UBC or Legends). We had a bit of time to go home, change uniforms, restock the water and recharge the camcorder ... then off to the Wolves game. Another good, close game. The other team had good defence and kept our boys from attempting shots, and the shots they did get off weren't going in. They pushed through and pulled it out in the end. Onto next Saturday, and if we win that, then the Championship game the following week ... but I looked it up and it would be at the exact same time as the Grizzlies championship game. Arrgg! I guess we'll see what happens next week before we stress too much. #5 wanted to go play basketball with friends again. Originally the plan had been 4:30 ... a time I'd be gone and couldn't take him, and #2 was leaving around 4:00 to go play ball with his buddies. I suggested he take #4 with him, then when #4 got the call that his friends were at the park, #2 could take a quick break and run him there (the church he was playing at was not too far from the park). But ... #4 never got the call, it got pushed to 6:00. #4 played a couple games of 21 with the bigger kids as he was there with them. I was home in time to run him at 6:00 ... although at that point it's so close to getting dark, I wasn't sure it was worth it. I stopped at the store on the way home, and sure enough, before I was even done shopping, #4 texted for pickup (it had been about a half hour). I quickly checked out and ran back to get him. It was completely black! #1 had his friends over and played games ... figured they'd get that in while Dad was gone ;) He comes back tomorrow.

Sunday (1105) Weight 164.7. Steps 19408. Total Burn 2623. Exercise Burn 950/865 (60minElliptical, 30min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Slept in ... and we benefitted from the extra hour due to daylight savings. I won't like it getting dark earlier though. Without Hubs home, and with a family activity later in the day being breakfast stuff, we didn't do our big breakfast ... just cocoa and toast. I did a quick store stop to grab a cake for the family gathering tonight. I got some workouts in today, three times on the elliptical and one treadmill time. Finished up the second season of "Stranger Things" and successfully watched it myself before seeing spoilers while the boys watched. The three (#2 and #3 aren't watching, too busy) brothers watching have just two episodes left (which is what I had when the day started). We headed out to my folks for a family party. Celebration of November birthdays (both Hubs and I, my mom and more). I brought the cakes and some peppermint patties for a gift for Mom (she likes them) and all the kids went in on an Instant Pot for her too. My youngest brother's family left early, when their oldest threw up. My oldest brother was there with a couple kids as well as my Aunt and Uncle. #1 brought his girlfriend, and #3 came as he had the day off work. Missed #2 as he was working though. Hubs was home when we got back, even though he had over an hour delay waiting on the plane. It snowed in Seattle as he was leaving. Good to have him back. Regular routine again tomorrow ...

Monday (1106) Weight 164.3. Steps 30863. Total Burn 3247. Exercise Burn 1350/1494 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.56milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. Happy that the weight didn't do it's usual weekend bump-up. I did TRY to keep calories in check. Was able to do so today ... even with a little leftover birthday cake for breakfast. Three 20min sessions on the elliptical early. #1 was home, the pancakes from last having disagreed with him again. He missed work, but made it into school. Zumba w/Debbie ... I was running a tad late but still got in my hour. Stats: 5876 steps. 2.53 miles. 359/351 burn. AvHR107. High138. In zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Stop at Smiths on the way home, as even though I'd just been on Saturday, we needed a few things. Unfortunately my prescription didn't get filled in time (it was actually out, so they had to call the doctor for a refill which was authorized, but I do need to get in for my annual physical)... so I'll have to go back again in the next day or so. Wasn't super productive during the day. It does take a while to unload the groceries and get them all put away. I did spend a while down in the food storage room getting everything in place (sometimes I just drop the bags and wait to put away another day). #1 helped me out by returning the cable box to Xfinity. They have such poor customer service there though, took him over an hour, and all he had to do was drop it off and get a recipet.  That should be a 5min process. Could be automated. But I'm glad I didn't have to do it. Got my weekly weigh-in blog post up. Unload and load the dishwasher. Garbages. Laundry. I got one time on the treadmill while the kids were at school, and another after pickups. Cooked some chicken for dinner prep (tomorrow's) and made black bean and spinach enchiladas for tonight. #2 was at work though, and Hubs worked late and then wasn't hungry, but #1 ate them ... he was the one who requested them. Trying some elimination of wheat and egg, so I used corn tortillas, although they sure don't keep rolled as well and break easily. Prepped some bread crumbs for tomorrow too ... they get nice and dry and crispy when I leave them overnight. Last day of decent weather for a few days, so out with the ducks I refilled their waters and turned over the soil in the pen, restocked the bedding and got them in for the night with their dinner. Then I unhooked the hoses so if(when) it freezes we don't get broken pipes. Hubs was up for watching an episode of "Outlander" before sleep.

Tuesday (1107) Weight 163.5. Steps 28021. Total Burn 2985. Exercise Burn 1340/1234 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 3100. The days started off good, normal. Got in my hour of elliptical ... Showtime had signed me out down on the gym Roku though, which was annoying. I had to re-set that up. Luckily I had gotten up a little early and had a little extra time so I stayed on schedule. Cold morning, so I fed the ducks but kept them in the pen with the heat lamp until later in the day. Brrrrr. Brisk backyard ... and it will just get colder, and snowey! Got the boys off to school and hit Zumba. I had Marian's bag, so I have to be on time! I usually am anyway. Stats: 5760 steps. 2.52 miles. 357/328 burn. AvHR109. High134. In zone 6 of the 59 minutes. I knew #3 would be around after school and probably using the gym, so I made sure to get in my two treadmill times during the day. Watched "Southpaw" which I didn't think I'd like (but I am much more willing to give movies a chance in the gym than in the theater) and it was actually pretty good. After school pickups, then I made chicken pillows for an early dinner. Hubs wasn't going to make it home until really late anyway. Trying to catch up on work after he missed a couple days for his getaway, they lost an employee, so that work is falling to him ... and they are just busy regardless. I lost ALL motivation in the early evening. So tired. Didn't feel sick or even off, just exhausted. It was about 6:30 and I only half jokingly asked the kids if it was too early for me to go to bed. Yesterday part of the drain could have been the low calories ... NOT the case today, as I'd been a nibbler, eating everything, including half a carton of Moose Tracks ice cream. Uber over. Hubs had been given two tickets to the Jazz game for the evening, but as he was working late, he was passing them on to the kids. #2 was too busy, #3 a little young to handle the trip downtown on his own and #1 had school ... not that that stopped him, he went, taking his girlfriend. I did go to bed early. Not to sleep really, but just had to rest my eyes for a while. Was still awake when Hubs got home and we watched an episode before falling asleep.

Wednesday (1108) Weight 164.2. Steps 35040. Total Burn 3521. Exercise Burn 1550/1773 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600 . Slept better I think. My stats (Fitbit and Sleep Center) didn't really show it, but I know I had a couple dreams that I still remembered when waking ... although then they fade pretty quick. One had to do with the ducks ;) #3 didn't have school today, as the sophomores were taking a practice ACT and seniors had college prep ... Juniors just had the day off. He slept in until quite late, well after I returned from Zumba and a shopping stop. The morning was very cold, so I fed the ducks but had them stay in their pen. Had to break the ice on their water. Everything was frozen over. I even wore a jacket to Zumba (usually it is just tied around my waist ... it did end up there after a few songs). Carma came, and I brought one of #4's Alta bands, as hers was broken and I'd bought him a set. Class hasn't been big lately, and was pretty small today. Stats: 7596 steps. 3.43 miles. 494/491 burn. AvHR 117. High 137. In zone 24 of the 70 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. I needed more lettuce for the babies, but there was a ton of stuff on sale too. Grabbed #4's favorite cereal, usually over $4 priced a 3/$5 and the cookie mixes (I wanted to restock on the sugar cookie and peanut butter ones) and a bunch of other stuff. Even with #3 home, I was on my own unloading as he was still sleeping. Took much of it downstairs, but didn't get it put away immediately ... but I did by end of day. Still quite cold out, but I let the babies have free run of the yard. #1 showed up at home. Should have been at school after his morning work shift but was feeling yucky with a headache, sore throat and fever. He was freezing, so he bundled up and got under the covers and I got him the heating pad and some hot chocolate and some ibuprofen. He slept for a while and then moved into the overheated phase. I got two treadmill times in before afternoon pickups. I whipped up one of the fancy brownie mixes (cookie/brownie) I'd picked up earlier ... they all got eaten. I made macaroni rosa for dinner. I thought all pasta had egg, but it actually does not (although processed on the same equipment that does the egg noodles). #1 was too hungry to wait for it though, so he had leftover enchiladas. #2 had some and Hubs later, after work and a derby. #3 was at work and the littles don't eat it. I don't eat it. Still ate plenty today. Did okay, and was under goal just barely ... then Hubs brought home some glazed donuts from the derby and they looked yummy. I did get a session on the bike in too, so still kept calories under burn, but over goal.

Thursday (1109) Weight 164.2. Steps 31071. Total Burn 3099. Exercise Burn 1330/1351 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3500. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in early ... got a little off schedule having to check credit cards and such when Hubs got a suspicious email about a $50 giftcard he'd supposedly purchased. Although he had set up an Itunes account for him originally, he now uses thes family one, but doesn't even have itunes on his computer. So ... I think we are okay. Think it was a phishing scheme. There had been a "click here if you did not authorize this purchase" and I had warned Hubs not to give out ANY information, and he said it did look suspicious. I forwarded the email to Apple security. That did put me behind schedule, so I only had time for a 10min session before elementary drop-off. Zumba with MZL. Feeling a bit sluggish this morning. Stats: 6651 steps. 3 miles. 391/342 burn. AvHR109. HIgh 128. In zone 3 of the 63 minutes. There were a lot of instructors there today, as they were having a baby shower for one of the ladies afterward. I just do the dancing though, not the social stuff (of which MZL does a lot). I usually stop at Sam's, but skipped it today, as I knew I had to make a run to Smiths. I saved that for later though. #1 had skipped work and school again, still feeling flu symptoms. Not a productive day ... just not feeling motivated. I'd put a roast in the crock pot earlier, and I roasted some baby potatoes to go with it. Baked some cookies (just a fridge pack ... still don't have my mixer parts). Afternoon pickups ... early out at the elementary, then middle school, then back to the elementary for parent/teacher conferences with #5. Raving review of course, as always. I did get in two treadmill times. Hubs and #3 did a derby. The ducks were out all day. It was really nice today. Sunny and warm (60°s) and I even had to turn on the a/c in the car. #5 had practice in the evening. I dropped him off then ran to Smiths. Picked up my prescription, and some stock up on good sales (brownie mix for 49¢ and Cream of Mushroom/Chicken for that too). Grabbed more greens for the birds, also a big mini watermelon. Hurried home and unloaded, getting perishables put away, and other stuff downstairs (although not put away, that will happen another day) and back to the church to pickup #5 from practice. Feeling very tired and ate EVERYTHING today. Didn't take my thyroid medication (that was the prescription that needed picking up) nor my SQ. Not sure if that affected my energy, or if that's all just psychosomatic.

Friday (1110) Weight 164.2. Steps 28308. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1340/1265 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill). Calories in 3200. Happy Birthday to me. My weight really hasn't fluctuated this week, which is a little surprising as eating has been a bit (more than a bit) out of control. Today too ... starting with #3 making me waffles for breakfast. No simple mix, but from scratch, with separated eggs, whipped egg whites and everything. A candle in it too. #5 was out of school, so I didn't have the usual morning school run. Got in just one elliptical session, then off to Zumba. I didn't do a store stop on the way home. Got in my remaining elliptical to add up to my hour, and got in one time on the treadmill. No elementary pickup with them out, but still had the middle school pickup. I'd planned on dropping #5 off for practice at 5:30, but Hubs wanted to do a family birthday dinner and wanted #5 there ... so no practice today. Coach ended up cancelling as a couple other kids couldn't make it either. Friday nights can be hard. We all loaded up into the Sequoya and headed out, but not too far into the ride, Hubs pulled over and he and #1 switched places, as Hubs was spinning. He said to continue to the resturant, that it would either pass or he could stay in the car (although I would have been fine going home too). He ended up feeling okay and eating with us. Maga came too. Yummy cheese sticks and fish and chips. We had made it there before the dinner rush, but it was sure packed as we were leaving. We also hit horrid traffic on the way home ... the power was out over a big area. Traffic lights out at the intersections on 40th at 98th and 90th. Smiths was completely black, as was the gas station and McDonalds and the other stores in the area. It must have been an interesting experience for those inside the store (Smiths) away from windows ... would have been pitch black! I guess these days everyone has phones, so they have a "flashlight" with them almost always, but still. Power was one past 90th (in fact Smith's gas station had power). I hadn't put the duckies away before dinner, so I prepped their meal and got them in their pen for the night. Hubs is always a bit "hungover" after an attack, even a minor one. He lay down for a bit and I teased him that I was afraid he'd be asleep if I hit the treadmill for 30min. He said he'd still be up ... but he wasn't. He did wake up though, and we watched an episode of "Outlander". ♥

Saturday (1111) Weight 164.5. Steps 24420. Total Burn 2828. Exercise Burn 965/1081 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.58milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. Love being able to sleep in ... even if I don't really sleep in. Awake and up around 7:00 anyway. Hit the elliptical for a session first thing. Hubs headed into work, and then was meeting a friend to go to Wendover for a guy's night, early birthday for him. #5 had a couple basketball games in Lehi, and I wasn't up for the drive or three hours there (games at 12:00 and 2:00) so I just sent him with a teammate. Dropped him off. Got in another elliptical session, one treadmill time and weights. Spent some time outside filling the green waste with leaves. We don't have one tree in the yard, but still manage to accumulate a lot of leaves. Refilled the ducks water and turned over some of the soil. I meant to mow the lawn, but ran out of time. #5 had a 5:00 game at Eastmont, and I was taking him to that and watching and video taping it. We won this one, which means we play in the championship next week at 1:00 ... the exact same time as #5's 6th grade team playing in their championship. We've both been stressed about this for well over a week. Hate to miss an important game, to let a team down ... but I feel like he should play with his Grizzlies, as they need him a bit more and we committed to them before we agreed to the Dimple Dell league. I did approach the coach about our predicament and he was understanding. Still .... arggg!  With Hubs gone in the evening, I got in a late treadmill time. Not bad steps for a Saturday, and knowing I wasn't getting in as much activity as a weekday, I really tried to keep calories in check for once this week!

Sunday (1112) Weight 164.2. Steps 11097. Total Burn 2228. Exercise Burn 440/494 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs was home, so we did our big family breakfast. I put on hashbrowns and sausage while Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles and eggs. I always feel so full after our big breakfast ... just want to go back to bed! But, Hubs wanted to make dinner and needed some stuff from the store, and I wanted a couple things, so we went together. I was a bit silly. I'm not sure if he'll go shopping with me again. ;) I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical, catching up on a "Grey's Anatomy" while I worked out. The older boys were all gone in the evening, so it was only four of us (Hubs and I and the two littles) for his yummy bacon wrapped turkey tenders and mashed taters. I had made sugar cookies, pumpkins and my annual turkey cookies. I had a couple of those too. Calories uber over. Back at it tomorrow! ♥

Monday (1113). Weight 166.4. Steps 33246. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1475/1646 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2200. I beat Hubs out of bed ... that's pretty rare. #1 was still asleep too. I had hoped he hadn't had to call into work sick again, but he said he'd arranged for a couple days off. Got the boys off to school, and fit my hour of elliptical in as I did so. It is cool out, but the sun was up so I let the ducks out of the pen before heading out to Zumba. It was fun, we had quite the crowd today! Several new people, one gal and her little girl that I recognized from Thursday's MZL class. Stats: 6567 steps. 2.92 miles. 420/440 burn. AvHR113. High 139. In Zone 14 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Costco on the way home. My salted caramels were on sale, and I figured I'd grab some, although they were priced higher originally than I'd thought, so it wasn't as good a deal as I was anticipating ($6.99). I'm always a bit annoyed when in their mailer they just say "$2.50 off" ... and don't say what the price actually is. Grabbed some lettuce for the ducks, some chocolate milk for the boys and a couple other items. I'm more comfortable with Sam'sClub. I know where everything is, and I LOVE their Scan and Go for checkout. This was probably only my third or fourth trip to Costco myself. Brought in the groceries. I still haven't gotten the last purchases put away downstairs, still need to do that. Did some dishes and laundry. Hit the treadmill once while the boys were in school, and then again after afternoon pickups. #5 had a friend come home with him to hang out. I made them Mac&Cheese, as he didn't get picked up until after 7:00.  No real dinner as we have leftovers and Hubs worked late. #1 was gone all day, off to his girlfriend's after his college classes. #2 had a basketball game and #3 had work. #4 watched all the NBA games of the evening, several close ones. I hit the stationary bike, watching a show rather than reading. Trying to get in the Starz/Showtime stuff as we have them for three months free, and then I am planning on cancelling. Tried to keep calories in check, but went over goal. At least stayed under burn.

Tuesday (1114). Weight 164.5. Steps 33371. Total Burn 3395. Exercise Burn 1425/1648 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.1milesTreadmill, 15minBike, 15minAbs). Calories in 2500. Hubs was up uber early this morning. I got in my hour of elliptical early. Got the boys off to school, pets fed, ducks out. Zumba w/Marian. 6228 steps. 2.7miles. 414/380 burn. AvHR116. High140. In zone 21 minutes. Marian had to head out to work so I finished up class. Not super productive during the day, although I did get in both my treadmill times while the kids were at school, as #3 didn't have work and planned on hitting the gym in the late afternoon. #4 wanted to go play basketball with friends. First it was just at the local rec center, then it was to be at one further from home (Herriman) and a little out of my comfort zone and willingness to drive ... but I said I could get him to a friend's house if he could catch a ride from there. Then it switched back to the nearby rec center (Gene Fullmer) but they were still meeting at a friend's house. But when I got there, instead of dropping him off, we were picking up and I was still taking them to the rec center. It was fine, but I wondered if it was an "oops" or if it was calculated. #4 mentioned "I don't remember Gene Fullmer being this far away" ... and it isn't, but it takes a lot longer if you go the opposite direction to pick up a friend, and then have further to drive and there's rush hour traffic. Took a while to get home, and then they only hung out there for a little over an hour before wanting to be picked up again. Traffic was still bad. So that was an hour+ of driving I didn't have planned in my day. I had gone done to hit the bike when I got the "come pick us up" text ... so only 15min rather than the usual 30 minutes. I did some abs too, and also got in some Zumba practice. I haven't been doing much of that. I'd spent a little time earlier rearranging playlists into 1. MY songs that I do regularly 2. Songs I know perfectly but don't really consider them "mine 3. Songs I know pretty well and can do if I'm Zumbaing on my own and 4. Those that I'd need to look up steps, can't do without an instructor. So lots of activity today ... but also lots of eating. I'd made frosted graham crackers with the leftover frosting from the turkey cookies (those were still around to tempt too). I posted about frosted graham crackers on social media and it was fun to see so many memories and responses about them. Then #2 brought home donuts from Dunford. I cannot resist them. He brought a pink cookie and also had a belated birthday present, a cute keychain with a picture of all my boys (including Hubs). Hubs worked late again, overwhelmed with work :(

Wednesday (1115) Weight 165.3. Steps 37207. Total Burn 3448. Exercise Burn 1450/1698 (60minEllptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1950. Hubs slept in until 5:00 today ... that's about his normal (whereas Monday he was later and I beat him up, and yesterday he was up and off at 3:00 am). I didn't feel like I'd slept very well, although my trackers didn't seem to indicate too bad of a night. I felt like I'd been awake since 4:00. Dragging a bit, but my hour of elliptical is habit. I got it in, and once the boys were off, I hit Zumba w/MZL. There have been low numbers there lately. Stats: 6551 steps. 2.86miles. 415/414 burn. AvHR113. High 136. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. The tub/shower in the master has been a bit backed up. I had a little tool for clearing it out, but it had been misplaced, so I wanted to grab another (grabbed three to have extras). Got a thermometer for out in the duck pen (wireless, so I can see it from inside) and a small one for down in the gym ... I like to see the temp down there. It's usually pretty chilly! Picked up some fruites and veggies, and when putting them away, I just pulled out the crisper drawers all together. They have been sticking and ... yikes, I could see why. Something had dripped down onto the bottom of the fridge and, it was scarey! Took a while getting that cleaned up. Ironically, as I was on social media a bit later it was posted that today was "clean out your fridge day" ... who knew? The toilet in the main bathroom also had its flusher broken (slipped off) but #1 was home in the morning and was able to get that repaired. Did a little more Zumba practice and got in one treadmill time while the boys were in school. Afternoon pickups, then I mowed the lawn. It hasn't grown much lately, with the cold and the water off, but it's still nice to get it evened out, and to pickup up the leaves that have blown all over. I'd planned on doing it today, but when I was unloading the groceries earlier it was SO cold. It had warmed up a bit in the afternoon. Then I spent some time out back with the ducks. Turned over the pen and refilled all the water tubs. It gets dark so early now! I put the duckies in the pen for the night with the evening meal ... keeping an eye on the temperature now that I can. For the most part, the ducks don't gather under the heat lamp most of the time, but huddle together in a different corner. Sometimes in the morning when the temperature drops more, I do find them closer to the heat. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along to help. I hit the treadmill one more time, even though I was already over 30k. I needed to finish my movie of the day. Did a little better keeping calories in check ... quantity if not quality.

Thursday (1116) Weight 164.6. Steps 33628. Total Burn 3348. Exercise Burn 1351/1600 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Another big day.  Got in the usual exercise, although I got a tiny bit off schedule in the morning. After the initial 20min, I only got in two 15 min sessions, and had to finish up with a 10min one later in the day. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6657 steps. 3.01 miles. 413/419 burn. AvHR118. High 155. In zone 19 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Sears on the way home to pickup an item I'd ordered. I had some "freecash" and I wandered the store to see if anything struck my fancy, but nothing did. I'll check out online. Quick stop at Sam'sClub too. One treadmill time while the kids were in school, one later in the day. Hubs and #3 had a derby. #5 had practice, and #4 wanted to go play basketball at Gene Fullmer with friends, so I had a bit of running around in the evening hours.

Friday (1117) Weight 164.1. Steps 25945. Total Burn 2858. Exercise Burn 770/1110 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little this morning. Only got in one elliptical session before getting boys off to school. No official Zumba class today either. MZL got kicked out of their building ... for the next several Fridays too, with holiday parties and such. I could have hit Debbie's, but #5 didn't want to go as early as usual (it was raining and cold out) so the timing didn't really work ... and I figured I hadn't done an hour on my own in a while. So I did that. StatsL 5953 steps. 2.57 miles. 401/325 burn. AvHR112. High 137. In zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Got in my two additional elliptical sessions and one time on the treadmill. #5 had games in the evening, but they were further away and late and I didn't feel up to it. I sent him with teammates. While I did crappy on quality (finished up the last of the turkey cookies), I at least controlled quantity on calories ... until the evening when I had Hubs make his popcorn.

Saturday (1118) Weight 165.2. Steps 10280. Total Burn 2170. Exercise Burn 0/419 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. #5 had a 10:00 game in North Salt Lake. With me not comfotable driving there and unable to catch rides because we had to be back before the rest of the team ... Hubs drove us and came in and watched the game. Wolves got the win. Back home and Hubs went into work for a bit and then to a friend's birthday party. #5 and I headed to his 1:00 game with the Grizzlies. This was the championship game in the Gene Fullmer Fall superleague, 6th grade division. We'd been 4th going into the playoff, but knocked off the #1 seed last game. We were playing Legends, who had beat us during the season, but it was a close game and I knew our boys could win against them. And they did! This win was because of our "big men" who were beasts! They got nice t-shirts. I didn't get any exercise in today, but still managed 10k steps. Rearranging day! Hubs had brought up having a space for him (desk/office) ... we've tried a couple things in the past and they didn't really happen and I reclaimed the space when it went unused. He'd mentioned moving into "middle earth" which is an odds and ends room. He'd moved the piano in there, and the kids computer is in there as well as jackets and backpacks and shelves of stuff. I knew he'd go crazy in there ... but figured I could handle it. If I moved my "desk" there, he could have the bedroom desk. It would solve a couple other issues too ... me being in the chair and in the way as he made his way to his side of the bed. Me unable to work on my computer when he's sleeping. Me being a slob and driving him crazy. We'd moved the piano out the other day (back into the front room) and I spent some time cleaning up the space, moved a table in, moved the computer and my stuff in and then cleaned up the desk I left behind so it was all clean and ready for him. Happy birthday (it's his birthday tomorrow). His mom wanted to do a birthday dinner, so the boys that could (#2 and #3 already had plans, #3 off to Sadie Hawkins) went with us to Market Street, which is one of Hub's favorite resturants ... although he wasn't very impressed with the steaks, and I actually prefer Red Robin's fish and chips. He loves their Raspberry Almont Torte... but he was too full to eat it, so we got it to go.

Sunday (1119) Weight 165.4. Steps 11862. Total Burn 2239. Exercise Burn 250/513 (10minElliptical, 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was awake early ... which doesn't mean I got out of bed early. Happy birthday to Hubs today. He ended up getting up and going to work! Worked half a day. Without him here we didn't do our big breakfast ... didn't even do any family breakfast. Everyone to their own. I stayed busy with feeding the animals, starting laundry, unloading the dishwasher, more organizing, catching up on computer stuff. #5 went through his clips from yesterday's championship game. I did a bit on it, but didn't finish up the highlight reel yet. Hubs stopped by Costco on the way home, grabbing a turkey, prime rib, and other things. A computer moniter was one thing, and he got his desk set up. The boys gave him their gifts, and I had a couple little things. I made a lemon jello cake. #3 was working, but got off at 5:00. We went out to dinner, up to Park City to Windy Ridge Cafe, which we'd been to a couple times before. The boys LOVE their popcorn shrimp, sweet potato fries and mac&cheese. Unfortunately, they don't make the popcorn shrimp anymore. That was a huge disappointment!

Monday (1120) Weight 165.3. Steps 30678. Total Burn 3143. Exercise Burn 1050/1391 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6miles Treadmill). Calories in 1400. Back to the routine. Hour of elliptical early ... well, sans 10 minutes, which I finished up a little later in the day. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5953 steps. 2.69 miles. 393/358 burn. AvHR113. High 141. In zone 15 of the 63 minutes. Did a stop at Smiths on the way home, mainly produce. Got in two treadmill times during the day. Decent day out, so I hooked up the hose and refreshed all the waters for the ducks and turned over some dirt. Afternoon carpools. Made spaghetti for dinner, but only #2 and the littles were around. Hubs was working late, #3 was at work, and #1 was just off ... Then #2 went to his basketball game and #5 and I headed out to his basketball game. This was the championship game for the 7th grade at Dimple Dell. Postponed from Saturday, when it conflicted with #5's 6th grade championship game. It wasn't changed because of that, but because the team had the tournament Saturday, but regardless, we were happy #5 got to play. Unfortunately, the Wolves couldn't quite get the win. They were within three with just over a minute left, but in the end the other team extended that lead. #5 was a little emotional earlier in the game, but seemed to get a handle on it by the end. Overall though, really good season. All the games were competitive and close.

Tuesday (1121) Weight 164.1. Steps 28832. Total Burn 3073. Exercise Burn 1325/1326 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill). Calories in 1450.  Hubs was awake a bit in the night, and thus slept in a little. I was up before him. I did get my whole hour of elliptical in this morning. Zumba with Marian. Stats: 5953 steps. 2.69 miles. 393/358 burn. AvHR 113. High 141. In zone 15 of the 63 minutes. With this class so close, I always go straight home after. I'd my longest "at home" day of the week. #1 was home too, his day off work. He did go to school for a bit. Unfortunately, I wasn't that productive here on my "at home" day I got in both my treadmill times during the day though, as #3 didn't have work. I just assume he'll want some gym time after school ... and he did. My workouts finished up with my movie perfectly. I watched "Concussion" which I'd been aware of when it was in theaters. I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle Will Smith's accent, but he did a good job. Interesting story. Glad my boys play basketball. Not free from injury, but not as rough. It was a beautiful day outside! I could live life in weather like this! About 60° and sunny. I went ahead and set up the big pool for the duckies. Refreshed all the other waters as well, and the silly duckies were attempting to swim in the smaller tub when the big pool was right there. They finally discovered it by night time. Weather-wise I could leave them out of the pen. We don't really have predators to worry about either. But ... I like to peek out and see them and know they are safe. I made chicken pillows for dinner. I'd pretty much planned on just making "leftovers" but then Hubs and the older boys were around when they were done (the littles and I don't like them). I also made cookie press pumpkins. I'd finally recieved my replacement parts for my mixer and wanted to try them out. Worked great ... although the dough was sticky and a little hard to work with.

Wednesday (1122) Weight 164.2. Steps 23690. Total Burn 2854. Exercise Burn 1041/1106 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. The boys didn't have school, so we didn't have our usual early rising routine. I did get up in time to do one session on the elliptical before heading to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6576 steps. 2.88 miles. 413/395 burn. AvHR114. High 137. In zone 15 of the 63 minues. Had a few more instructors and people than we usually do. After class, I stopped to get my nails done. I'd picked off both pinky nails, and the others weren't in great shape. It's only been six weeks or so since I'd had a new set, but I just don't like regular polish. I went with a new set again ... but OUCH. My fingertops are tender. Back at home, #4 was bored. I'd told him to try and arrange something with friends. He's always been my homebody, but now he doesn't seem satisfied staying home. But he doesn't initiate either, but waits for friends to. #1 ended up taking the two littles to Nicklecade and then the mall, so that was fun for them I think. I got in my remaining elliptical sessions and then did some housecleaning prep. We are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hubs grabbed some Chick-fil-a ... and it was yummy.

Thursday (1123) Weight 164.9. Steps 7889. Total Burn 2119. Exercise Burn 0/339 (No exercise). Calories in 2800. Thanksgiving Day. Hubs and I slept in a little. He got up and got the turkey and prime rib started smoking (he'd done some prep earlier too) and I got started making rolls. There was Zumba at MZL and elsewhere, but I was a little late getting started as is. I was still getting them rolled out and realizing they really didn't have enough time to rise. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating much either. Usually, #1's room gets nice and warm and that's where I put the rolls to rise. It's also a good spot because I can close the door and keep the cats from walking across the rising rolls. Hubs was a little frustrated too, as the prime rib was done early, and the turkey was taking longer than expected. But, it all worked out. I made some Brazillian cheese rolls too, and then put the regular rolls in. Could have used double (or triple) ovens today! I'd made some orange rolls and had planned on having them done early, before, as they are good cold, whereas everything else needs to be right out of the oven. Sent home some leftovers with family and still have some ourselves.

Friday (1124) Weight 166.1. Steps 18410. Total Burn 2589. Exercise Burn 550/859 (Zumba, 30min/1.8milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. No Black Friday for me! Hubs and #1 still had work and were up and off early. I slept in a little, then went to Zumba. Debbie was out of town and had asked Carma and I to sub. MZL had cancelled anyway. It was only four of us though. Back at home, it was Thanksgiving cleanup. All the dishes, getting the extra table put away and the furniture back into position. The boys went and played some basketball at the church. Hubs didn't work the full day, and when he got back he suggested we go look for chairs for our desks. I just used an old kitchen chair when I was sitting at the desk in our room (and that got in the way as it was) but with the move, I had more room where I was at, and Hubs wanted a nicer chair, and it wouldn't be in the way if I wouldn't be sitting in it. I was hesitant to head out on Black Friday, but we figured Office Max wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't, although we still had to deal with car crowds in the shopping center. At first I had just thought Hubs could grab a chair, but it was good I went along, as we have different tastes. Not really in style or looks, but how they feel. Men and women are different sizes, so what I found more comfortable he did not. In fact, the chair I ultimately chose he sat in for one second and said "definitely not that one!" It presses in at my back some, lumbar support, and I like that. We brought two chairs home and made the two oldest boys assemble them. I'd done okay on calories, but then Hubs and I watched a movie and HAD to have popcorn. His choice, "Wind River" which was okay.

Saturday (1125) Weight 167.3. Steps 20177. Total Burn 2636. Exercise Burn 800/874 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Weight is up. Not really surprising. Really tried to keep calories in check, and did okay exercise for a Saturday. There were no basketball games, so that helped. Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical and one time on the treadmill. Watched "Seal Team Six" which was a shorter movie, so fit into that exercise time frame. Hubs did start the day with temptation, bringing home yummy donuts! In the evening, it was the annual "Leg Lighting" at Uncle Clay's house. There were donuts there too, homemade ones. #4 and I didn't go, but everyone else did, the oldest taking their girlfriends. Got a great picture with Uncle Clay in a pink bunny suit (it and the lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story"). The weather was very temperate, probably the nicest it's ever been for the event. I just didn't want the temptation of more donuts, and it's pretty crowded with neighbors and friends ... all of whom we don't know. Aunt Olivia ended up taking #3 and #5 to see the new Justice League movie. I'm thinking #4 would have like to have been there for that.

Sunday (1126) Weight 166.7. Steps 13663. Total Burn 2261. Exercise Burn 650/494 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs got up early and put the turkey on the smoker. He'd prepped it yesterday.  Then he went into work. Without him around, we skipped our big breakfast ... especially as there would be a big dinner, although not full Thanksgiving fixings as on Thursday. I got my hour of elliptical in, although I had to push to get the last 20min (two 10min actually). I'd meant to hit the treadmill (had 30min left on my movie) but Hubs wanted to watch "Fortitude" ... and we did. Quite the marathon. Four episodes to finish up season two ... which was really weird! It kept me interested, but I'm also glad it's over (series finale, not just season finale). Probably watch "Homeland" next. We did have popcorn, and this was after our turkey dinner. #3 got his drumstick this time.

Monday (1127) Weight 167.6. Steps 37373. Total Burn 3509. Exercise Burn 1550/1762 (60mimElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.65milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2200. Back to the routine. After five days "off" it actually felt good to get back at it. Hubs was up and off around 5:00. I got up at 5:30. Fit in all three of my elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. I stressed a bit in the morning, as I was subbing for Debbie's Zumba and #1 had borrowed the aux cord on Friday when they went to play basketball at the church and hadn't given it back. I'd looked in his room and couldn't find it, and worried it might be in his car ... he was at work. But then #3 looked in his gym bag and it was there. Whew! I'd prepped the playlist last night. I arrived right at 9:00 ... I try to be early when I'm teaching, but just got off a little late. Jill had opened the building but then had to run. Carma showed ... but no one else and we wondered if anyone would show. Then they trickled in. We had about seven. Class went well. Stats: 6802 steps. 3.01 miles. 445/428 burn. AvHR116. High136. In zone 20 of the 64 minutes. I'd hoped I'd be able to skip a store stop on the way home, as Hubs had just been over the weekend ... but alas, we needed a few things. Stopped at Smiths. It was a cold and rainy day. Windy too. As I peeked out the window at the ducks upon arriving home ... their pen had blown over. They hadn't been in it. I had let them out earlier. I hadn't planned on being out working in the cold rain, but felt like I needed to get to the pen before it was destroyed any further. While it was tipped over, I emptied out the waters and turned over some of the soil. I righted the pen and tried to piece it back together. It's in bad shape, just being three years old ... having been used in the pumpkin drop, and flying over the fence in a wind storm earlier in the year. We really need to replace it with a dog run, but that hasn't happened yet. I was able to get it back together. The light hadn't broken. I finished bringing in the groceries too. Brrrrr. Didn't receive my Fitbit report again. Got basketball schedules for the boys, so I input all the times in the calendar. Five games on Saturday ... and no scheduling conflicts. At least for me. #3 is scheduled to work during his game :(  I got two treadmill times in during the school day. Double afternoon pickups. #5 had a friend come home with him, and he didn't get picked up until almost 8:00! Hubs was that late coming home too though. #2 had a basketball game.

Tuesday (1128) Weight 165.9. Steps 34276. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1410/1514 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.6milesTreadmill, Abs/Core). Calories in 2400. Feeling my weight workout from yesterday. Sore legs. Didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in before getting the kids off to school, but finished up the final 10min later in the day. Zumba w/Marian. Just four of us. Marian left for work about halfway, and we three remaining (Kathyleen and Barbara) just kept it casual, me asking if they had requests, stopping to break down some steps. Stats: 6140 steps. 2.67miles. 373/347 burn. AvHR 104. High 129. In zone 1 of the 64 minutes. Got my two treadmill times in while the kids were at school. Also did some Zumba practice, trying to perfect a cute Christmas song Marian does (so I can lead it in other classes). #4 had a friend come over after school. Grilled some chicken and made some simple strogonaff ... putting in leftover prime rib instead of the hamburger. My mom has been feeling off lately and was in for some tests and ended up being admitted to the hospital overnight. Arteries clear but some unexplained internal bleeding. She was very anemic. They gave her three pints of blood. #3 and I got to talking today about finances and taxes and such ... ended up chatting about it all for over an hour.

Wednesday (1129) Weight 165.9. Steps 31305. Total Burn 3103. Exercise Burn 1310/1359 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5mileTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Again, I didn't quite get my hour of elliptical in during the early hours. Had to finish up with 10min later ... that didn't happen until right before bed. Instead of school today, #4 was doing "job shadow" which is accompanying an adult to the workplace to see how this whole "employment" thing goes. All the other boys have done it too, an 8th grade activity. They all went with Dad to the workplace, visiting the office and construction sites. But it was a bad day for Hubs, he had a bunch of meetings, and an uber early one. #4 would not have enjoyed it. Maga to the rescue. She works up at the capital, which is cool. #4 was a little frustrated in the morning as I had him dress a little nicer than usual ... not Sunday wear, but he still put up a bit of a fuss. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6374 steps. 2.8miles. 378/368 burn. AvHR 112. High 136. In zone 12 of the 60 minutes. I did do the "Merry Christmas Everyone" number. After class I stopped at Cal Ranch to grab a backup bulb for the duck pen, and some bedding for them. Straw and pine chips. Not very productive for my alone hours ... did get in a treadmill time. Didn't have the middle school pickup obviously, which was a nice break for the afternoon. Made some sugar cookie christmas trees. Got another treadmill time in.

Thursday (1130) Weight 165.9. Steps 29484. Total Burn 3204. Exercise Burn 1200/1457 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Actually got in my full hour of elliptical this morning. After getting the kids off, I hit Zumba with MZL. 6728 steps. 3.02 miles. 389/445 burn. AvHR 115. High 136. In zone 13 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Sears and Sam'sClub on the way home. Got in a treadmill time and then did some reorganizing in the gym. #3 had complained of some of my stuff being in the way, so I moved some things around. Hopefully he'll be happy with the change up. Afterschool pickups, then I ran to Big5, as I'd received a "1-day sale" email that had a couple items I was interested in ... I should have called first, as both items were sold out. I couldn't even see a space where they would have been and wondered it they had any stock at all! So that was a wasted trip. #5 could have used a new basketball ... he JUST opened a new one I had around but it got a sticker in it while playing at a school and is leaking now. #3 had a friend over and they worked out in the gym after school. #3 did say the extra space for him was nice. I made some cookie press cookies. With all my sets, I have two different "tree" disks and used both. I pulled the Christmas stuff from the shed. The last couple years I haven't done much decorating, but I usually put a few things out anyway. While I was out back I hooked up the hose and changed the waters for the ducks. When I went to put them away a bit later in the evening ... two of them were down the window well! #1 jumped down and rescued them. I reunited them with the other two and put them away in the pen for the night. #5 usually has practice, but the church they use had an activity. But #4 now has practices Thursdays 8:30-9:30. I had thought I'd drop him, do a Smiths run (need to pick up a couple prescriptions) and then go back, but I was dragging and my legs were so tired. Even without a second treadmill session I was almost at 30k. I asked #3 if he'd be willing to do the pickup, and he said yes. So after I got back from dropping off, it was into jammies and into bed.

October 2017
1001 (Sunday) 168.6. Steps 17164. Total Burn 2492. Exercise Burn 740/757 (60minElliptical. 30min/1.8mileTreadmill). Calories in 2900. Slept in a little ... then Hubs turned on the TV and we watched the rest of the movie he was too tired to finish last night. Big breakfast ... Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles and eggs. I did the clean up the hit the elliptical again. Hubs was busy in the garage updating some derby stuff (he bought a new set of drawers). He also started dinner smoking. Tri-tip and some steak, with his mashed taters and buttered corn. Not great for the calorie counting! I did my final elliptical and some treadmill time. When I came back up, Hubs as asleep, even though it was only 8:00. I debated hitting the bike, but ended up going to bed myself around 9:00. Missed the late night news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas at a concert, but woke up to it in the morning. 

 1002 (Monday) 170.9. Steps 30276. Total Burn 3172. Exercise Burn 1400/1392 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.25mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1550. Weight jumped up after the weekend, so official weigh-in was high, but I figure it will correct quickly ... if I'm good. I was good today. Started the day with my hour of elliptical early. The house is cold in the morning. 66° today, but haven't turned on the heat yet ... my workouts warm me up.  After getting the boys off, I went to Zumba w/Debbie. Class was a little laid back and short today. Stats: 4540 steps. 2.03 miles. 270/285 burn. AvHR103. High144. In zone 3 of the 51 minutes. As class started up, I had a pinching pain on my ring finger, under my ring. I took off my ring and there's a cut or something. I'll have to keep my ring off until it heals ... I feel a bit naked without it. Not sure what happened! Didn't hit a store on the way home, but maybe should have. We are low on a couple things. I need to check and plan ahead. Got in my two treadmill sessions, finishing up my movie. "Beauty and the Beast" the recent live action one. I thought it was fine. Not terribly exciting for working out (except right at the end).  Did some abs too. Apparently #1 son was introduced to "Glee" and has started watching ... that was my "weights" show, and having someone else on the same series on Netflix screws up the order of where I'm watching. Afternoon pickups. Didn't prep dinner as we have lots of leftovers, and the three older boys were out all evening anyway (the older two with girls, #3 at work). Took the babies out for some sun, even though it's quite chilly. Had #4 watch them while I changed out the brooder box. A little bathtime in the evening. I hit the bike, and did a little extra Zumba ... was just shy of 30k and wanted to hit that, and my LifeCycle and counted just over an hour of Zumba when class was really just 50 minutes, so I've been trying to make up the difference so it's correct in it's counting. Whatever motivates, right? Kept calories in check, although it was a very conscious struggle ... and it was only quantity. Quality was still quite questionable. 

1003 (Tuesday) 167.9. Steps 32971. Total Burn 3378. Exercise Burn 1450/1642 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.12mileTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1800. Slept quite well but had a hard time pulling out of bed ... but did manage my three 20min elliptical sessions while getting the boys off to school. #1 had parked behind me though, I had to move his car before being able to drive #5 to elementary (#1 usually leaves very early but it was his day off). Zumba w/Marian. Stats: 6300 steps. 2.75 miles. 410/418 burn. AvHR118. High134. In zone 20 of the 62 minutes. Marian had to leave to work so I finished up the last 20 or so minutes. Talking with a gal in the ward, I hadn't realized the recent split HAD affected our area greatly. While we aren't active anymore, it's still sad to think of so many friends and neighbors not in "our ward" anymore. Stayed busy all day today. Got my two treadmill times in while watching my movie ... a Netflix original "What Happened To Monday" which was pretty good. Got in a weight workout too. After school pickups, then I mowed the lawn and prepped dinner (chicken pillows). Some ducky time after dinner. Brownies for dessert. I thought about hitting the bike, but I was already over 30k, and then #2 and a friend went down to the gym ... so I just went to bed.  

1004 (Wednesday) 166.9. Steps 31854. Total Burn 3167. Exercise Burn 1430/1400 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.47mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1700. I've been consistent getting my three elliptical sessions in each morning. Good way to start the day.  Put on "Hawksaw Ridge" for the movie today. Zumba w/MZL ... I brought some candy for the upcoming Halloween party, although I'm not one to go to anything other than the actual Zumba classes. Stats: 6536 steps. 2.89 miles. 393/407 burn. AvHR114. High153. In zone 15 of the 62 minutes. After class I went to the salon to get my nails done. Just had them put on a new set ... I'd lost the two pinky nails and several others were in bad shape. She got the side of my finger a bit ... ouch. Stopped at Macey's afterward to grab some groceries. Got everything put away. Finished up my movie with two times on the treadmill ... it was a little long, so I actually finished on the bike (movie wrapped up in about 10min, then I turned to my book). Hubs went straight from work to a derby, didn't see him until late. Took the babies out for some sun time, and then bath time later in the evening. Controlled calories today, but it was a constant battle. Not starving, but I just wanted to eat all the things.

1005 (Thursday) 166.2. Steps 34172. Total Burn 3300. Exercise Burn 1500/1697 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.47Treadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1650. Early elliptical as always ... movie for the day was an older one, "Body of Lies" which was okay. Finished it up with two times on the treadmill later in the day. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7525 steps. 475/494 burn. AvHR121. High149. In zone 36 of the 65 minutes.  Stopped at Walmart instead of Sam'sClub today. I don't hit it much anymore. I tried to get my exercise in during the day, as #3 didn't have work after school, and I wondered if he'd hit the gym ... he didn't. Poor kid is exhausted, ended up taking a nap all afternoon.  #1 had the girl he's seeing over ... with her doggy. They sat in the backyard for a while, and took the ducklings out for their afternoon outing. #1 attempted to introduce the dog to our kitten ... yikes! I've never seen her quite like that. She flipped out, hissing, claws out, fur all puffed up. #4 said "Well we can never get a dog!" I made it back down for some abs and then bike before bed. #5 had practice, that I dropped him off and picked him up from. Kept calories in check, even with picking up pizza ... Dominos for dinner, with a quick stop at the library to pick up some DVDs I had on hold. Hubs had written from work that a "lunch" idea had come up, and he was going to smoke a brisket for it ... which would require smoking much of the night. I mentioned he couldn't create that lovely smell and then take it away ... that he would need to make one for US as well. While it is more work on the prep and such, it doesn't impact the smoke itself much. He agreed, and bought two. Prepped them and then set his alarm for midnight to put them on, and had to check on them a couple of times during the night.

1006 (Friday) 165.5. Steps 32802. Total Burn 3300. Exercise Burn 1350/1565 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.72milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1000. Hubs was still around in the morning finishing up the brisket before heading out to work. #3 had asked me if I work out Friday mornings... I don't start as early as I do Mon-Thurs, but still try to get in a couple sessions on the elliptical. He and a friend had an early morning session. I WAS actually awake early and MIGHT have hit the gym and fit my entire hour in had it not been occupied. As it was, I got in a 20min and 10 min session before taking #5 to school. Debbie had asked me to sub her Friday class ... with #4 getting picked up carpool, it is a possibility, I just have to leave him alone for longer before, but I felt like he could get himself off. He was up and ready. Originally Carma and I were just going to finish the class, as Debbie thought she could be there until around 9:30, but then last night she texted saying she'd be gone the entire time. I had to rework the playlist just a bit to expand to the entire hour. It went well I thought. Stats: 6871 steps. 3.03 miles. 481/449 burn. AvHR123. High 144. In zone 43 of the 64 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, picking up my prescription and several good sales. Was also able to grab some trim for the duckies. I was taking the ducklings to #5's class today for a bit of a show and tell. Someone had brought in a hedgehog last year, and ever since then #5 really wanted to show his ducks. We never got around to it in the spring ... but worked it out with the teacher for today. It went well, I just brought them in a big, clear, rubbermaid container and the kids gathered around while we told about them. About 20 minutes or so. I ran the babies home, then went back to pick up #5, then middle school carpool. #3 had been scheduled to work tonight, and there was a big football game at the high school that he really wanted to attend. He was able to work out a trade, if he worked during the day on Friday ... missing school. I let him, just this once! I really don't like him working SO much during the school year. He does need some time for homework and social stuff. It was a "Pink Out" and he had a pink shirt. I pulled out a pink hat I had ... it looked so cute on him. I happened to find some pink novelty glasses I had in the gift box too. I think he had a fun night with friends. #1 was planning a triple date in the evening too, hanging at our house part of the time. So ... we needed some clean up. He cleaned the bathroom while I straightened the kitchen. I needed to let the babies have their outside time, so I told him (and Sol, his girl) if they'd watch the ducklings, I'd clean the basement (they had started some half-hearted cleaning up down there. They took me up on my offer. I was able to pick everything up and get it vacuumed. They'd planned on some ping pong, but I don't know if they ever made it down. The three couples played with the ducks in the evening a little, bath and towel time, had some skookie and went to the corn maze. They were pretty quiet, which was good, as Hubs was tired after last night and went to bed early. I'd hit the treadmill earlier in the day ... watching "Passengers," on of the DVDs I'd picked up yesterday. I finished it up while on the bike, then turned to reading for the rest of the ride.  Good day for a Friday ... too busy to eat much or even feel hungry. 

Saturday (1007) 164.9. Steps 14815. Total Burn 2435. Exercise Burn 700/699 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1600.  On the days I can sleep in ... I'm still waking up early. Oreo was meowing noisily outside the bedroom door, enough that I felt I needed to check on him. Nothing was amiss, but I fed him and he seemed content after that. That was around 5:00 in the morning. I went back to bed, but not sure I really fell asleep again. Got a couple sessions on the elliptical in once I was actually up. Caught Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.  Busy basketball day. #5 had four games. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and 7:00.  The first two were with his Wolves team, both teams beat the team that beat us badly last week ... so we weren't expecting to win either of those. This league didn't have enough teams for an upper division, so those teams are in with us "middle division" teams ... demolishing us. I'd mentioned to the coach that we'd probably pull out early to make it on time to the 3:00 game, as having #5 stay wouldn't be a game changer or anything. We did that, with #5 changing in the car. The game with his Grizzlies was tough but even ... we lost, but it was so close, just by two. #5 was a little emotional about it. #2 had come to watch. We stopped at grabbed a Little Caeser's pizza and some crazy bread. Not hot and "ready" ... we had a bit of a wait.  Home to rest a bit before the next game... the pizza and bread was devoured! Hubs had taken the babies out for a bit earlier, but as I was planning on working outside, pulling up the plants, I brought them out again. It was a nice day. #3 was out hanging with friends, #2 and his girlfriend went to a John Belion concert and #1 was off to a wedding reception. #5 and I headed out, the game was at Indian Hills. We've played there several times before. We arrived ... and the school was closed, under construction, "moved" to a new location, which ended up being where we'd played in the spring when it was "Midvale Middle School" ... ironically in Sandy. I was surprised we made it there in time, but we did. Another player also at the old school must have gotten lost on the way as they didn't make it until halftime! This was another close game, we were ahead, just barely, at the end. The other team was fouling to get the ball back. With not much time left, #5 was the one fouled and at the line. He made both, bringing us four points ahead, which pretty much sealed the game. Nice to get ONE win today.  

Sunday (1008) 164.1. Steps 18749. Total Burn 2659. Exercise Burn 800/881 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I was awake early again (noisy little bird babies chirping at 5am) I stayed in bed until later. Hubs decided to go into work to get some things done. Without him around, we didn't do our big breakfast. #1 requested french toast, so I made that. Got in a couple elliptical sessions early, some treadmill time in the afternoon and two 10min ellipticals to finish up my hour. Mid-day, the button on my ChargeHR disappeared. It was still working, but without that button I can't scroll through the different options, or start the timer. I guess it's time to switch to the backup, and think about ordering a new Charge2. I put the backup HR on the charger and made the switch before bed. No big dinner.  I prepped lasagna, making a double batch so I could freeze some. Hubs mentioned turkey loaf, saying he wanted to try smoking it ... so I quickly made up that, and that was dinner, with the lasagna put off until tomorrow (none of the big boys were home tonight anyway, and surprisingly, both littles liked the turkey loaf. I also made a small batch of sugar cookies, pumpkin shaped. Some of the kids prefer them plain, others with just frosting ... I love them with candy corn decorations, but I like them most the day after, as the cookie and corn softens. I hoped there would still be some in the morning! ♥

Monday (1009) 165.2. Steps 32238. Total Burn 3247. Exercise Burn 1390/1489 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.45milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Babies chirping at 5:00 again. Noisy little babies! Poop machines too! It was a very ducky day. Beyond the normal feeding, watering, changing and washing(towels) I spent about an hour outside with them in the afternoon, plus swimming and towel time in the evening. Hubs had been up in the night, and wasn't ready to get out of bed. I did my dressing in the dark then hit the elliptical. Woke up #3 and #4, made their lunches and made sure they were ready. Elliptical again, wake #5, breakfast ... elliptical again and then drive him to school. then Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak.  Stats: 6370 steps. 2.87 miles. 417/404 burn. AvHR116. High151. In zone 20 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Even though I'd just been grocery shopping on Friday, it seems like we're always out of something. I'd hoped they'd restocked the butter (on sale for $2.50 a pound) but it was still out. Was able to get more trim for the ducks. Feeling a bit lethargic today. Got in one time on the treadmill ... but I usually get in two during the day while the kids are gone. I didn't get back down until much later, and other than a bit of Zumba on my own, no additional exercise (I'd hoped to do abs and bike). 30k day though. I really wasn't feeling well at the end of the day. Thought I might throw up even, tummy off, but nothing really happened. Ended up putting off the lasagna again. Hubs ended up staying late for a work dinner, #1 was gone to a movie and #3 was working. I'll bake it tomorrow. A bit of a harder time controlling calories today. Did have a couple of the cookies, and candy corn and hot tamales are candies I piece on during the day. Resisted some ice cream, even though it was calling my name. 

Tuesday (1010) 165.1. Steps 28210. Total Burn 2968. Exercise Burn 1250/1209 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Feeling okay today, but still tired and dragging. Got in my hour of elliptical, but legs felt so heavy during Zumba. Just couldn't get the energy up at all. Stats: 5852 steps. 2.56 miles. 352/305 burn. AvHR105. High132. In zone just 2 of the 60 minutes. Christa was there for the first time in a while. Brought a couple new people too.  Didn't have a very productive day. Did the few things that needed doing then ... a nap. I haven't had a nap in a couple months (my ChargeHR records if I have a sleepy time during the day). Finally got in some treadmill time before afternoon pickups. #3 was around after school, and I wondered if he'd be in my gym, but he napped after school instead. Derby with Dad in the evening. The day was nice enough that I pulled the pen out onto the grass and put the babies outside. Still a little cool for them (about 65°) at just over two weeks old, but I would watch them to see if they were huddling, indicating they were cold, and they seemed fine. A couple even got into the small pool of water I had in there. Supposed to warm up slightly tomorrow, then drop again. I so wish we had more temperate weather for the babies ... our bad for bringing them into the world this late in the season. Hubs just wanted to see what they would look like (buff/mallard mix). Didn't get an egg from Golden Girl today. I baked up the lasagna for an early dinner, Hubs and the older two boys partaking. I also made chocolate chip cookies, using some "halloween" chips (some orange chips) but it was a bad batch, just didn't look good, which is okay for ME I guess, I wasn't really tempted to eat any (tried one and had a little dough). Swimming and towel time with the babies before bed. I did make it down to the gym to finish my movie (X-Men: Wolverine) with another time on the treadmill. Really should have done weights today. 

Wednesday (1011) 167.2. Steps 30216. Total Burn 3097. Exercise Burn 1050/1327 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.65mileTreadmill). Calories in 2250. What's up with that weight jump? Two pounds up? And it's not like yesterday was a totally bad day! Grrrrr. Didn't quite get my hour of elliptical this morning ... two 20s and a 10, when I started a little late before elementary drop-off. Between helping #5 with his Fitbit (had to change the battery on the Zip) and trying to find my phone (#5 Facetimed it so we could follow the sound where I'd left it in #3's room as I grabbed his laundry) ... I got the final 10min in later in the day. Headed to Zumba w/MZL and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I knew it was a problem. It was full! And then ... there was a hearse. Funeral.  MZL simply moves the WJ class to the West Valley location ... that's a little too far West for me to be comfortable with. Last time this happened, I regretted not heading out to Southziders immediately ... so that's what I did today. Off to Draper. I almost gave up on it when I hit really bad construction traffic, but I pushed through and made it there before it started (later, 9:30 start, then they are usually later than that too). It was fun to see Debbie, Cassie and Nina again. Christa too, although I'd just seen her yesterday. Haven't seen her for months, then twice in a week ... and she said she might come Friday as Carma and I sub for Debbie. I was feeling better than yesterday, really enjoyed class. Stats: 6388 steps. 2.82 miles. 395/402 burn. AvHR108. High133. In Zone 5 of the 62 minutes. Took a different route home and missed most of the construction. Still only got in one treadmill time during the day. Not sure what I do with the time sometimes. Got a blog post up, laundry ... afternoon pickups. Do I dare say something to the boy in the carpool who is constantly humming and harmonizing with every song? It drives me insane. The afternoon was nice enough that I put the babies out again. Temps drop tomorrow and I'm not sure it will warm up anytime soon ... not sure when they get fully feathered to be able to deal with colder temps.  Finished up my movie (last of the X-men movies from the library ... I hadn't remembered seeing them, but they came back to me as I watched. I had seen them) with second treadmill time.  Leftovers for dinner. #2 finished up the lasagna, #4 had the turkeyloaf, #5 the pizza and Hubs and #1 brisket. #3 was working.  Swimming and towel time for the babies. #1 had his girlfriend (yes, it is now official) over. They played games with the littles, then watched a movie. 

Thursday (1012) 166.2. Steps 32558. Total Burn 3318. Exercise Burn 1400/1564 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.81milesTreadmill, Abs). Calories in 2400. Got my hour of elliptical in early. Back to streaming movies, watched "Creed" today. Finished it up later with two times on the treadmill. Jogged the first one, second one was just walking, and not until early evening. Zumba w/MZL. Kava Talks was there today (support and awareness for domestic violence) and we had been asked to wear purple if possible. I wasn't sure I had anything, but I was able to find a purple shirt (I think I had picked it up a previous year for this same type of thing). Class was good, I snuck out as it ended rather than staying for the food and presentation. Stopped at Sears, picking up an order (a couple joggers for #5 that I'd had been almost free with some Kmart points) and then Sam'sClub. I spent some time outside with the babies again, and did some cleanup. I'd just been waiting for garbage day (today) to empty the green waste ... so I could fill it up again. I pulled up the cherry tomato plant, trying to pick all the little tomatoes at their various stages. They are still supposed to ripen off the vine. We'll see. During carpool today I did ask the kid not to hum/harmonize. I hope he'll cooperate in the future so I don't have to bring it up again, unfortunately I'm not sure he even realizes he's doing it most of the time. Picked up #5 ... and no practice tonight, so we had the evening off. Hubs and #3 did a derby.  I tried sloppy joes again. I'd done it once in the past, and it went over just okay, so I was trying a different brand (Manwich this time) but this went over even worse. Only #4 had one. I hated to waste it all, so I posted on the neighborhood FB page to see if anyone wanted it, and a family did stop by for it. I also made homemade oreos ... and ate a few.

Friday (1013) 165.1. Steps 31255. Total Burn 3193. Exercise Burn 1300/1436 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Glad the scale has shifted back down, but oops on the eating today. Started first thing, with a couple of the oreo cookies for breakfast. Slow start too, I only got in one 20min session on the elliptical early. #4 was out of school today (PT conferences), and will be the next two Fridays too.  I was on deck to lead Debbie's Daybreak class today. Christa made it out, so I had some of her songs, and Carma's too. I thought class went well. Had enough people that I moved up to the stage so the people in the back could see better. Stats: 6629 steps. 2.93 miles. 469/435 burn. AvHR119. HIgh138. In zone 33 of the 63 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. Grabbed some ground beef and cheese that was on sale. Hurried home, as #4 wanted to meet friends for some football at a local park. As soon as I got home, we took off for that drop-off then I returned home to unload the groceries and repackage the beef and cheese into smaller bags for freezing. That takes a while. While still chilly, the sun was out, and that makes a huge difference. I felt it was warm enough in the sun, that I brought the babies out front while I unloaded, and then decided to leave them out (in the back in the pen) for a while. They seemed fine, so they stayed out all afternoon. I felt like I never stopped moving today. I went out again and pulled up more of the plants. A pumpkin plant had extended all the way from the edge of the garden across the patio and behind the hot tub. We only got one pumpkin though. Got in one treadmill time, which is really all I'd planned for today. I'd picked a shorter movie "Sully" for the day. I'd started it a while back, but the captions didn't line up with the speaking at all. I contacted Amazon about it, and checked back a time or two but they were still off. Finally though, it looked like they'd been corrected. I enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would. A tiny bit similar to another pilot/crash/investigation one starring Denzel Washington (Flight) which had been horribly dark and depressing. This one was good. I'd hoped to fit a weight workout in ... but it didn't happen. Picked up #4 around 1:00, then early out at the elementary. Hubs came home a bit early to close his eyes for a bit before heading out to a derby in Stansbury, which was further than he likes. He wasn't sure why he'd agreed to it. Took #4 with him as #3 was heading out to a football game with friends. Costumes encouraged, so we pulled the costume boxes out. He ended up just wearing his brother's Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt. #2 and his girlfriend came over and baked some peanut butter kiss cookies. They'd also picked up some pumpkins and more friends came over to carve them. This did cause some cleanup in preparation, and I also got the lawn mowed. I'd thought it would be a good night, with Hubs gone, but then they started so late, he was home by then ... and they stayed so late (after midnight) and weren't exactly quiet. I think Hubs was still able to fall asleep, putting his good ear down, but me? I was pretty miserable. SO tired, but I'd start to fall and then the noise would startle me awake again. Then I feel guilty too, because it's really not asking that much for the kids to have friends over. We're not good "teen" parents ... we're too tired!

Saturday (1014) 163.8. Steps 16642. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 652/782 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700. ♥ I thought for sure the scale would slide up ... but it didn't. I did manage to fit in my hour of elliptical. Caught up on Grey's in the morning, then got two 10min sessions later, afternoon and evening.   The weather had had snow in the forecast, but that didn't materialize. In fact, in the sun it still seemed warm enough to put the babies out, although I kept an eye on them to make sure they didn't seem to be too cold. #5 had three games today, but all later, 4:00, 6:00 and 7:00. The first was with his Wolves, facing the Copper Hills team. We'd played the "B" team a few times over the years, but this was the "A" team and I thought it should be a pretty solid match-up. Our boys got the win. Home for just enough time to change uniforms and take some cough medicine, then we were off to the next game with the Grizzlies. Another fairly even match-up ... although it had a bit of a scrimmage feel, because one of the kids on the opposing team was wearing an orange tank top. I understand sometimes new kids join and don't have a matching uniform, we have two like that ... but the other team's uniforms were black and white, how hard is it to find a generic jersey that has one white side? It really made me wonder if he was a ringer brought in, not really on the team. He was uber annoying too, got a tech for mouthing off to the refs (#5 made both shots). Tight right until the final seconds. One of the other kids on our team took the final shot (we'd need a 3 to win, 2 to tie) and missed, and the other team managed to make another basket in the 1.2 seconds left. So, loss by four. #5 and I rushed off to the next game, which had already started, as things were a bit behind at this location. I'd been to Midvale Middle School before, but it had been torn down and rebuilt. HUGE new building, we had a little trouble locating the gym. Got in with a few minutes left in the first half, and #5 made a three point buzzer beater as it ended (we could have used that last game!) This was another close game, but the Wolves pulled out the win. Some sad news after, as we are losing a couple players (good ones) so I wonder how that will impact things going forward. Home again ... Hubs was asleep, even thought it was just a little after 8:00. Tonight it was #1 and friends carving pumpkins. I still bathed the babies and had towel time. I'd prepped a Ziti earlier in the day and forgot to tell Hubs to bake it for dinner while I was gone to basketball. #1 was still in the mood for it, even though it was so late. Gave a little to friends too, then packaged up the remainder for leftovers and finally headed to bed. It was after 10:00, past my bedtime!

Sunday (1015) 164.9. Steps 16156. Total Burn 2518. Exercise Burn 665/760 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400.  Woke up to the tingle of a cold sore on my lip. I HATE them! Hubs smoked bacon, and I made pancakes for our Sunday breakfast. Eggs and sausage too. There was some cleanup from last night (although #1 had cleaned up the pumpkin stuff) and then dishes after breakfast, then I finally made it down to the elliptical for a couple sessions. Hubs had invited his family over for dinner. His brother was bringing brisket, so Hubs wasn't smoking all day, but he made his mashed taters. I put out Rhodes rolls to rise ... and they didn't turn out. Seriously? How do I mess up frozen rolls. I should have made them from scratch, because those ones always turn out! Put the babies out back, as it was pretty nice in the sunshine. Even let them wander much of the afternoon. Hubs made his guacamole too, and it was a hit as always. Maga brought steamed artichokes, which were a favorite for Hubs and family growing up, but they haven't made much of an appearance in recent years (and even not recent .... long time). The littles didn't like it though. #2 and #3 had to work and were missed. The little cousins got in the hot tub. #4 put on the dinosaur costume (and a couple of the cousins did after that too).  I finished up my hour of elliptical with 10 min before the party, and 10 min after.  

Monday (1016) Weight 165.1. Steps 32453. Total Burn 3257. Exercise Burn 1400/1504 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.71milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2650. Back to the routine ... for a short week anyway. Fall break Thurs/Fri. Hubs was up and off, and I was up and ellipticalling. Got in my hour as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba w/Debbie. Started just a bit late and then ran short as she didn't have her key in her bag. Stats: 5422 steps. 2.37 miles. 328/340 burn. AvHR106. High129. In zone 6 of the 55 minutes. Stopped at Smiths on the way home for some deli turkey and more lettuce for the ducks. Put the babies out when I got home. It was sunny and about 50°. It got warmer and was a nice day. I came up from my first treadmill time and peeked out and the babies had gotten out of the pen. They were fine, in fact Hubs had let them roam much of the afternoon yesterday. I left them out for a bit, but then put them back in. They enjoyed the fresh water, splashing around. Got in a second treadmill time, finishing up today's movie "Hidden Figures" which was good, although not super adrenaline pumping for my workouts. Afternoon pickups, kitchen clean-up, then I went down for some reading/riding.The older boys were out with girlfriends, #3 had work. Quick dinner of fish sticks and chicken nuggets for the little boys. Hubs was home late, stopping at the AT&T store, upgrading his phone to the new iphone8. Then of course the rest of the evening is spent setting it up. Swimming time for the babies followed by towel time. They are getting so big so fast!

Tuesday (1017) Weight 165.4. Steps 26067. Total Burn 2928. Exercise Burn 1100/1189 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 35min/2.11milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Got my hour of elliptical in early ... good thing, but the rest of the day was off schedule! Olivia had texted last night saying she was going to come to Zumba, and then to the house after to do my hair. It could use it. But she wasn't at Zumba. Not many were, just four of us, and a bit of a late start, so not the full hour. Stats: 5162 steps. 2.26 miles. 323/302 burn. AvHR114. High136. In zone 9 of the 50 minutes. Olivia texted again that she was sorry she'd missed class, but she was still coming out for hair. Back at home I put the babies out, trying to keep an ear out for Liv. I didn't dare go down on the treadmill, not knowing when she'd show. It wasn't until after 11:00. Some chatting and finally got started around 11:30 ... didn't finish until 2:30. But I do like it. She said she'd come back later in the evening to give the boys haircuts. I did my after school pickups. #5 hadn't been feeling well this morning, but Ibuprofen and a decongestant helped a lot. Unfortunately both would run out mid-school day. I called the school to double check the "drug" policy. I thought kids could bring one dose ... but I guess not in elementary school. If he needed another, I'd have to make a trip in to give it to him. I told him to give me a call if needed ... but then with the hair stuff later than I thought, I hoped he wouldn't need to. He didn't. I tried to hold off a little at home too, giving the next dose so it would be in full effect for his basketball game at 8:00. It was an easy win for our boys. Liv did come back, haircuts for all five! ♥

Wednesday (1018) Weight 165.2. Steps 33979. Total Burn 3422. Exercise Burn 1525/1676 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.75milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. Good day, up until the very end when the stomach flu hit! Oy!  Started strong with my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 6959 steps. 3.14 miles. 427/436 burn. AvHR115. High141. In zone 12 of the 64 minutes. Didn't do a store stop on the way home today. Early out at the elementary. I have to set an alarm on these irregular-early days so I am sure to remember. I was able to get in two treadmill times and do weights. Bike before bed. Good exercise day! Movie of the day was "The Happening" which wasn't very good. Made lemon jello cake, ate some too. Right as we were turning out the lights (10:00) I started to feel quite queezy ... 30min later I got up and grabbed a bucket ... and threw up. #2 and his girlfriend where there in the kitchen as I came out of the bathroom. I felt better, as you often do directly after. I hoped it was a "one and done" but it was not to be. Up again at 12:30, then 2:30. I stayed in #3's room (he was at a sleepover) so I wouldn't bug Hubs with my ups and downs and restlessness.

Thursday (1019) Weight 163.4. Steps 11293. Total Burn 2150. Exercise Burn 100/408 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Stopped throwing up and finally got a little sleep. Still feeling shaky and off. Fall break, so the kids were out of school, so I didn't have to get up and drive or anything. I didn't attempt Zumba, but did do a little elliptical, just 10 minutes. As I wasn't up for much else, I went in for a nail appointment. Appetite was back (never really left as the flu hit during the night). Took it easy most of the day. Did a little digging out back with the ducklings. 

Friday (1020) Weight 165.4. Steps 23270. Total Burn 2786. Exercise Burn 885/1027 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.72mileTreadmill). Calories in 2100. I need to be a better mom and plan something fun for the kidlets while they don't have school ... that or get in the dentist appointments or something.  Hopefully have shaken the sickness. Without school, I didn't get up early or get any elliptical in before hitting Zumba w/MZL. I felt fine there though. Stats: 6442 steps. 2.81 miles. 413/394 burn. AvHR 415. High 145. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. The weather turns colder tomorrow, but it was still nice enough to let the babies out to play most of the day. I've been trying to see how warm the light in the pen keeps the air, if the babies could stay out all night. Did some digging and such. Made some pumpkin sugar cookies. #1 brought home Popeye's for lunch. I got in one time on the treadmill, and did a 30min session on the elliptical (I almost always stay with 20 or under). Knew I wasn't going to workout enough for a full movie, so just finished up season one of Blue Bloods. No Grey's Anatomy last night ;(  Hubs and I started watching "Fortitude" and he made popcorn. 

Saturday (1021) Weight 166.8. Steps 12208. Total Burn 2323. Exercise Burn 460/569 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2100. I made french toast for breakfast. Hubs had a bit of a dizzy spell (Menieres) and had to lay down for a while. We took the big ducks out to my mom's house, where we were meeting my brother. He has chickens and wondered about adding ducks. They are interested in the eggs. Hope it works out and hope the poor ducks were too traumatized by the transfer. My mom has been into investing and sharing their knowledge and money with the grand kids. She recently set up a Fidelity investment account for our oldest and some of the other oldest grand kids but then decided to do it for all of them. She and Hubs set up accounts for our other four while we were there. Then Hubs and I hit Red Robin on the way home for a lunch date. I'm glad they allow me to get the "kids" size fish and chips. Half the calories, half the cost ... and still enough to fill me up. Wish they would allow a half order of cheese sticks, as a full order is too much for just the two of us (although easily consumed when we have the kids). The day was nicer than expected, so the babies were out on the backyard most of the day, and they spent the night there too with the heat lamp on and me checking on them several times. 

Sunday (1022) Weight 166.9. Steps 7586. Total Burn 2058. Exercise Burn 0/295 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I decided to take a rest day. This whole week as been off anyway. We did our big breakfast, and Hubs was smoking pork for dinner (pulled pork sandwiches and tacos). We invited my folks out for dinner, and played Progressive Rummy afterward. Also discovered a couple app games, Stop ... like Scattergories, where you have many topics and have to come up with an answer using an assigned letter of the alphabet, and the Fight List, where you are given one topic, and you come up with as many answers as you can (animals starting with the letter M, things in a bathroom, etc). Playing against the boys or random people.

Monday (1023) Weight 166.5. Steps 31771. Total Burn3315. Exercise Burn 1300/1550 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.76milesTreadmill). Calories in 2700. Return to the routine. Unfortunately, I was awakened at 2:00 am to the chirping of the fire alarm. Not going off, just the little battery warning. I got up and investigated which one, and it was the one in the main family room, with the high vaulted ceilings. I knew Hubs had a ladder in the garage, but I wasn't sure if even it was tall enough. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't sleep through it. About an hour later it woke up Hubs and he pulled the ladder from the garage and was able to change it. #5 has been sleeping on the couch in the family room ... he slept through it all! Back to sleep for a bit. I got up before Hubs and hit the elliptical, getting my hour in early while getting the boys off. I'd planned on leaving the babies in the pen until I returned from Zumba. The sun wasn't really out yet and it was still quite cool. I figured they'd still need the heat lamp. I gave them their breakfast. Salad, kibble and grain and they attack it. Starving critters! I peeked out again before taking #5 to school ... and the heat lamp had exploded. Luckily, the babies were ok. The pieces weren't that small (for babies to eat) and no one had been impaled or anything. I raised the pen, letting them out and cleaning up. I put a regular bulb in a lamp under the back porch hoping that would be enough to keep them warm if they needed it. The sun was starting to peek through. Off to Zumba after dropping #5 off. I was feeling a tad off. Just lacking the usual energy. Feeling a bit lightheaded and sweaty, although I didn't feel like I was working hard enough to be as sweaty as I was. Made it through although I didn't get great stats. Stats: 5387 steps. 2.38 miles. 319/309 burn. AvHR104. High 127. In zone 1 of the 56 minutes. As I'd just been to Smiths over the weekend, I didn't do a store stop ... and I wanted to check on the babies. They were fine. I got started making dough, turning it into breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. Also made chicken soup. It's not that cold, but I'd been craving it. My neighbor posted on FB that she'd been under the weather, and I took some soup to her. I did get in two treadmill times, once while the kids were in school and one later in the day. #3 was in the gym after school before he headed to work. I ran to CalRanch to grab a new heat lamp bulb for the babies and got them situated for the night. They are so funny, they stick to the side of the pen closest to the house. I don't think I've seen them on the other half. I love looking out at them at night. I don't wake up TO check on them, but if I'm up anyway I always peek out. #2 headed out to a basketball game, playing in a men's league. I'd go watch, but it didn't start until 9:20! That's past my bedtime. I was so sleepy as Hubs was watching our latest show (Fortitude) and I couldn't keep my eyes open. But then ... headache, itchy body and nausea hit hard. Again? I felt awful and I think my restlessness woke Hubs up shortly after he'd drifted off. I got up and took some ibuprofen, allergy medication and pepto bismo. I finally felt a little better ... around 1:00. #2 had started playing me in Fight Club, and that kept my mind off things for a bit. Oy ...

Tuesday (1024) Weight 167.5. Steps 26765. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 1225/1143 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.44milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. I think I slept okay once I finally fell asleep. Still, morning came too quickly. I got in my hour of elliptical. There was no Zumba over at my church because of a funeral, so I headed out to Prairie Stake, Heather B's class. I've only been able to hit hers a few times. She's cute with a lot of energy. Really good a cueing and keeping things fairly simple.  I still wasn't feeling 100% though, so again, not great stats: 5159 steps. 2.26 miles. 281/288 burn. AvHR104. High 128. In zone 5 of the 55 minutes. Home after. #1 had the day off. I let the babies out and cleaned up the kitchen and put some laundry in. Dragging ... so I lay down for a bit. Got in one treadmill time before after school pickups. Got in another afterward. #3 was around, but he was dragging too and didn't hit the gym. Got my weekly blog post up (should have done that yesterday). Hubs had a derby that he went to straight after work. Just leftovers for dinner, although I did make some chocolate chip muffins as an after school snack. My tummy troubles continued to plague me. Not as bad as last night, but feeling off and not up to doing much. #1 was having trouble too, skipping his night class. 

Wednesday (1025) Weight 166.2. Steps 30861. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1270/1512 (60minEllipitcal, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 1000. Schedule was a bit off this morning as #4 needed to go to school early to retake a test. So instead of my middle elliptical session, I was driving him to school. I only got two 20min sessions in ... and then he texted that the teacher hadn't been ready so he'd need to stay after school to take it. Dang it. Zumba w/MZL. Carma came! Her usual Wednesday got switched up (permanently) so I'd been bugging her to come try out my class. Stats: 6845 steps. 3.01 miles. 438/448 burn. AvHR119. High147. In zone 28 of the 64 minutes. Did a stop at the Dollar Tree afterward for lasagna noodles and of course ended up with a bunch of other stuff as well. Back at home I let the babies out. It was a nice day, in the 60s. Made some bread dough ... and the center shaft broke on my mixer. Again! The Kitchenetics IS 25 years old, got it when we got married, but I'd had to replace that part a few years ago. Looking into a new machine, but might just go with the replacement part again. Did a 10min session while I did some blog updates and other stuff. One treadmill time (today's movie was "Equals" which I'd never heard of, not sure it was in theaters or straight to streaming). #4 was ready for pickup about 3:20, which actually worked out well for #5's pickup, we went straight to get him. The grass hadn't grown much, but I mowed the front just to even it out and pick up some of the leaves. Filled up the rest of the can with leaves from the backyard, but there are still plenty there. Had the ducklings out front with me as I mowed. Changed their water and did a little digging. Baked up the bread. #1 and his girlfriend were working on their Halloween costume ... double stuffed oreo.  Then ... and I knew this was coming, #4 freaked out because he couldn't watch his NBA games. There had been a free trial of League Pass, but it was up yesterday. Normally I'd just purchase the pass through Comcast, but Hubs got talked into switching to DirectTV when he made his most recent phone upgrade, but nothing has happened there yet. I don't want to pay the $200 to Comcast if we are leaving, but can't purchase it through DirectTV as we don't have the equipment yet. NBA just offered a month pass, so I decided to go with that, but had a hard time getting it purchased and going (we were checking out the options to access the app on different devices, the Roku, Playstation, Xbox, Tablets). It was frustrating, buffering, not as easy to switch between games, which is why we've gone through our cable provider before. With all this going on, I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up the kitchen, and it was a mess. Hubs made a comment about it and crash. Sometimes it's something small and simple and it just starts the ball of depression rolling. Got the kitchen cleaned up. Went to Smiths to refill prescriptions. Cried. Finished up my workout for the day.  Hubs had watched an episode of Fortitude w/o me last night (as I was so tired I was OUT) and I'd fallen asleep in the one previous. I should have caught up on it during workouts today instead of a movie but it had slipped my mind in the morning when I turned on the tv in the gym. I tried to read ... I should have just gone down to the gym and read on the bike (as Hubs was watching the next episode and I had no idea what was going on). A rather miserable evening.

Thursday (1026) Weight 163.6. Steps 35670. Total Burn 3349. Exercise Burn 1400/1627 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. Happy to see the scale slide a bit. I really didn't end up eating anything last evening, so was under calories for the day. Got in early elliptical but missed my hour by 10 minutes, which I worked in later in the day. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7064 steps. 3.08 miles. 446/432 burn. AvHR114. High 145. In zone 17 of the 70 minutes. A little over time ;) I actually wasn't feeling great at the start. A little light headed and off. I thought about saying I wasn't really up to my "UP" songs, and the first one they put on was Boogie Boogie which isn't too intense. I did Three Little Birds too, and that one is just mid-level. But then ... Terrible. But I felt fine. Then they put on Shout and Atrevete. I think that's the most I've ever done in one MZL class. Funny how I ended up feeling so much better after the workout. Less tired! More energy. That's Zumba. Stopped at Sam's Club and Walmart on the way home. Let the babies out then unloaded all the groceries and got them put away. Got the kitchen cleaned up. Got the bills paid. One time on the treadmill before afternoon pickups. I'd asked the boy in carpool not to hum/harmonize a week ago. I guess he thought that request was only for that day. I mentioned it again today and he stopped for that one song, then was back at it. Arrggg! It shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but it does. It drives me crazy. I guess I'll try something speaking. I did it for a couple rides, podcasts. It did help. I made a list of comedian bits. I guess I'll try that next week, as the middle/high school kids are out tomorrow for end of quarter. #3 was in the gym after school, but he and Hubs had a derby. Hubs came home from work a little early to rest his eyes for a bit first. I made scones with the leftover roll dough. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. I got in one more treadmill time before taking him, and did a little Zumba practice ... I've slacked on that lately.

Friday (1027)  Weight 163.8. Steps 24506. Total Burn 2915. Exercise Burn 1100/1164 (60minElliptical, 60min/4.22milesTreadmill, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. Slept in a little, got in one session on the elliptical before dropping #5 off at elementary ... then one before heading back to the school for an awards program and Halloween production. No Zumba today. #5 received a "student of the month" award, and the 6th grade performed their annual "Thriller" dance. Two years ago, with #4, it was after the costume parade on Halloween. Without that, I may skip the parade on Tuesday. After about an hour at the elementary I headed home and hit the elliptical again for my last session to equal an hour. The high school and middle schools were out, so #3 and #4 were home. #4 asked me to drop him at a friend's house, and then I picked them up a little later out by The District. Early out at the elementary. I did a little Zumba practice, weights and two times on the treadmill. Hubs went straight from work to a "PALoween" party for work and wasn't home until late. It was Aunt Olivia's birthday, and I was going to try and hit it with the boys, but they decided on a Mexican restaurant, and there just isn't anything for me to eat there so I sat it out, but four of the boys went. #5 was at basketball practice. 

Saturday (1028) Weight 164.9. Steps 16620. Total Burn 2528. Exercise Burn 650/745 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1500. The munchkin had three basketball games today, but they were all in the evening. Started the day with a session on the elliptical, and got a second one in a bit later ... caught the latest "Grey's Anatomy" while working out. Feeling the weight workout from yesterday some. We had Direct TV installed. It has some nice features ... although I'm not sure it's anything we really need. Of course what Hubs was told in store isn't what the actually billing will be, we'll see. Without internet for a bit while things were being moved. I made a Muvee of one of #5's games (they'll be facing the same team today) and made chicken pillows. Ony #2 was around when they were done, but I was making "leftovers" really anyway. Poor #1 had been out with his girlfriend when he started not feeling well. He's been off for over a week now with tummy trouble, but this was full blown throwing up. Poor kid sweats up a storm. He felt better after emptying his stomach and ended up going back out for the evening. I headed out to games at Elkridge, 5:00 with the Grizzlies.We are really lucky we lost a couple weeks ago, as otherwise #5's two teams would have played at the same time. Here, they played back to back at the same location, which was convenient at least. Grizzlies got the win and will move on in the playoffs. Then #5 changed jerseys and his Wolves played the Grizzlies (7th grade). #2 came to watch, as his buddy had a brother on the other team. This was a decent match-up, unfortunately ... altercation, and the Grizzlies coach decided to just call the game (forfeiting for his team, Wolves were up but it wasn't a sure win). It doesn't really matter as the NEXT game is against a team neither team would have had a chance against ... so we get to play. It does always leave things a bit unsettled when stuff like that happens. We had just enough time to run home, grab some food, change from white to black and off to the 8:00 game. Another close one, but Wolves got the win. Hubs was asleep when we got home. I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I went down and did a final 20min on the elliptical to finish up my hour for the day. Once #3 got home from work and #2 from the Jazz game (he'd gone with friends) the boys started their "Stranger Things 2" brother binge ... until 12:45 when the power went out. I was still awake, but probably would have awakened with the fans turning off. I need my breeze and white noise! I hadn't been able to get to sleep before, and now ... Hubs ended up waking up too, and I asked him about a portable fan he'd picked up for camping trips. He found that and turned it on and that did help. I finally fell asleep, waking up again a 2:30 when the power came back on. I was a little worried about my duckies, as their heat lamp would be off with the power out, but it was one of the milder nights. They were fine. 

Sunday (1029) Weight 164.5. Steps 9108. Total Burn 2202. Exercise Burn 225/452 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Still awaken early, even after the not so great night. Hubs headed into work to get a few things done, so without him, we did a simpler family breakfast. I fried up bacon and sausage and made pancakes. Got one session in on the elliptical. Hubs was home pretty early and took the littles out to Maga's house for some cookie making and decorating. The older boys had work in the evening, so we were doing dinner early, around 4:00. Bacon-wrapped filet mignon, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, brazillian cheese rolls. It was yummy. ♥

Monday (1030) Weight 166.3. Steps 29048. Total Burn 3114. Exercise Burn 1300/1363 (60minElliptial, Zumba, 60min/3.85milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. With the new DirectTV service, we have three months free of Starz/Showtime and CiniMax. Yesterday I tried to look through what movies might interest me that I could catch before we cancel these. In the morning though, the Showtime app wouldn't connect, so I went to Starz and put on "Life" for my movie. Got in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. It was Halloween Zumba at Debbie's today and costumes were encouaged. I tried on the dinosaur, but the zipper was sticking and just that attempt had me a sweaty mess. I ended up in the whoopie cushion costume. I was the most dressed up there. I stopped to video a few of the Halloween numbers, between that and the costume, stats were understandably a bit low. Stats: 5076 steps. 2.19 miles. 290/305 burn. AvHR 102. High 127. In zone 1 of the 60 minutes. Back at home I got changed and let the duckies out. Dragging a bit, didn't get a tone accomplished. A couple loads of laundry and some kitchen clean-up, some blog prep (but didn't finish the weekly review post). Two times on the treadmill, finished up the movie, which wasn't great. Really got my gag reflex at one part. Afterschool pickups. Leftovers for dinner. #2 had a game with his Men's league out at Herriman's rec center. It was at 6:50, and Ben was playing today too as they were missing some people. I went to watch and video. It's a different dynamic. #2 gets a little cocky and confident and said this would be an easy win, but they were behind at the half. They did come back and win it in the end though. Hubs and I finished up season 1 of Fortitude, and now we'll try one of the series on our temporary channels. 

Tuesday (1031) Weight 164.8. Steps 33688. Total Burb 3191. Exercise Burn 1475/1587 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.03milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2900. Happy Halloween. I was able to shift the scale from the jump yesterday ... but it being candy day ... Started off with my hour of elliptical. Watching "Split" for a scary Halloween show. Zumba w/Marian. Just five of us today. No costume, but I wore a "Happy Halloween" t-shirt. Marian had to sneak out early so I finished up class. Stats: 6300 steps. 2.79 miles. 409/351 burn. AvHr 111. High 140. In zone 40 of the 64 minutes. #1 came home from work and went straight to bed, skipping his chemistry class. He has been having tummy troubles for well over a week. I had mentioned Celiac's to him, as it does run in the family. He's tried to avoid gluten to test out that theory but has still had issues after eating anything.  With our backyard birds and home eggs, I also thought Salmonella could be a possibility. Or who knows what else ... he called and made an appointment for next Monday. I got in two treadmill times, did several loads of laundry, dishes. The ducks always take up an hour or more every day. #3 and friends were in the gym after school, so I was glad I'd gotten my workouts in earlier. He hit parties with friends in the evening, so I hit the gym again for some reading/riding. It's been a while since I've done the bike. #1 and his girlfriend were out at a party, but stopped by so I could take pictures of their costume. The littles didn't go trick-or-treating, but I had some treats for them, and they manned the door, although we didn't get much action. Hubs and I started the Starz series "Outlander" ... I'd watched the first few episodes back when they originally aired. I've read the books too, but not having the Starz channel, I hadn't kept up with it. 


September 2017

0901 (Friday) Weight 170.3. Steps 25292. Total Burn 2979. Exercise Burn 1263 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min.1.77milesTreadmill). Calories in 1750. Late start ... I was still awake early, but #3 had beat me to the gym. I only got in one session while getting the boys off to school. Comcast was scheduled to come out sometime between 10:00 and 12:00 ... I didn't want to sit out Zumba just to wait and have them probably not come, but needed someone home just in case. Luckily #2 was available. So I made it to Zumba. Stats: 6721 steps. 2.93 miles. 490/453 burn. AvHR119. High136. In zone 31 of the 63 minutes. I made it home by 10:30 The tech showed up around 11:00. We went around back and saw the obvious problem ... the line was completely cut, left disconnected. What were the technicians yesterday thinking leaving us like that? Were they planning on coming back? The line wasn't even live, so the guy had to go to the box, which requires him to drive to the other neighborhood that backs us, as that's where the hub box is. Then he had to string a line from where yesterday's technicians had left it sticking out of the ground all the way around to the cable box by the garage. But we're back! Whew. We need our wifi! I'd started a DVD (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) and finished watching it with my workouts later in the day. When it was done I figured I'd go back to "Now You See Me 2" which I had started yesterday morning before the disconnect. It wasn't there on HBO anymore! I guess it expired at the end of August! But you know what ... no big loss. I was rolling my eyes at it anyway. Went back to my "Blue Bloods" series for my remaining gym time that day and I'll start a new movie tomorrow. I'd kept calories quite low, as we'd planned on a dinner out at Tepanyaki for our birthday boys. Hubs said he'd try to get home around 4:30-5:00. He wanted to get the new car registered, but didn't quite have time. We did dinner. It was yummy as always. A bit pricey for our party of seven now that the littles don't qualify for the kids meals anymore. #5 had practice, and he was a bit late. Normally at the Community College, which is a bit of a drive, but there had been a conflict, so it was at the church by coach's house ... ironically my Zumba church I'd just been to this morning! Hubs dropped #5 off, and I picked him up when it was over at 8:00. 

0902 (Saturday) 169.4. Steps 28534. Total Burn 2991. Exercise Burn 1100 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.35milesTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1400. Finally the scale dropped from the 170s. Kept me motivated. Did better with eating and exercise than usual for a Saturday. Hit the elliptical for three 20min sessions throughout the day. Today's movie was "If I Stay" ... I read the book a while ago and quite liked it. I thought the movie was well done. Twice on the treadmill, bike and some abs/core. Into the salon for a fill on my nails. They needed it. I'd made an appointment yesterday and got the first spot (9:00am). She was super busy, appointments only the whole day. Her sister was on vacation. Mowed the lawn. Hubs got the boys working out back, cutting down some weed trees. He repaired a leaking sprinkler and created a better ducky barricade. Picked up the truck, in for some repairs, and did some work on #2's Charger too. Busy day. Hubs grabbed some Popeyes for a late dinner. I'd kept calories really low, so even with that indulgence I didn't go over.

0903 (Sunday) 168.6. Steps 21475. Total Burn 2712. Exercise Burn 935/935 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.19milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. I don't sleep in much, even when I would be allowed to. Hit the elliptical first thing, and got in a couple more sessions to finish up the day. Treadmill twice too ... had to finish up my movie. "Insurgent" ... second in the Divergent trilogy. I've read the books quite a while ago. Saw the first movie. Not loving the movies though.  We did a family breakfast, but I wasn't up for making waffles. Did pancakes instead. Hash browns, bacon and sausage. We had a family party later in the day. My folks, with my in state siblings and some aunts/uncles and cousins I hadn't seen in quite a while. It was a birthday celebration for the Aug/Sept birthdays, of which we have three ... so I brought three cakes! I also brought our big jump rope, and that was a good activity for all the kids. Got fun video/pictures of all five Blackham boys bouncing in it. Hubs decided to pull a "Jen" and stayed home in the empty house. Not sure when he's really ever had the quiet house to himself.  #2 brought his girlfriend ... perhaps a tad overwhelming with all the extended family. I told them that when our planned first date fell through for (now)Hubs and I, we ended up at a similar activity (my side of the family, extended family party). I was pushing it on calories with all the cakes and ice cream and other treats ... and then when we arrived back home, Hubs made his yummy popcorn, which of course I can't resist. Still not too bad, under burn ... but I hope it doesn't kill my weigh-in tomorrow.

0904 (Monday) 169.2. Steps 30163. Total Burn 3240. Exercise Burn 1330/1616 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.85mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1750. Labor Day. Hubs was off work and the kids out of school. Most of the free Zumba classes were cancelling, and Debbie had plans, but asked if I could sub ... so I did. Carma was available to help. When I pulled up, there were quite a few cars in the parking lot. NOT a good sign. Sure enough, the gym was full of sweaty guys. They were good to pull out. We only needed the one side. We weren't a big group, but always more fun than trying to do it home alone. Stats: 6135 steps. 2.74 miles. 438/399 burn. AvHR115. High 131. In zone 9 of the 62 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home, mostly to refill a couple prescriptions, but we needed bananas and lettuce too. We didn't have a lot on deck today. Hubs took the boys to see a movie (Logan Lucky). #5 had a birthday party, they went to Airborne.  Got the cars cleaned and Hubs smoked tri-tip and pork loin for dinner. I made some Brazilian cheese rolls and I try to do the cleanup when Hubs has done the dinner. #3 had to miss as he was at work. Hubs was in bed early (like 8:30) and I wasn't quite ready to call it a night so I hit the bike for some reading/riding. I had achieved my hour of elliptical and a time on the treadmill too. 

0905 (Tuesday) 169.1. Steps 30207. Total Burn 3366. Exercise Burn 1400/1765 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.87mileTreadmill, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1200. I beat Hubs up. Got in two elliptical sessions while I got the boys off to school. "The Giver" was the movie of the day. Zumba with Marian over at the church. Stats: 6558 steps. 2.89 miles. 495/443 burn. AvHR120. High147. In zone 35 of the 65 minutes. Not a huge crowd. Livi came and said she'd try to make it more often. Back home, I hit the gym, knowing #3 didn't have work today, and thus would monopolize the gym after school. Finished up my elliptical with one more session, one time on the treadmill and I did a weight workout. #3 said I didn't need to pick him up, as he could catch a ride with a buddy (coming over to workout) so that saved me 20min in the car ... but then pickup for #4 took twice as long, an extra 20+ minutes. There was a bad accident at the intersection just East of the school. Bangerter and 9800. It's fairly tricky to make a left out of the parking lot on a regular day, but today, as they were diverting all traffic off the busy Bangerter, the chances to sneak out were even rarer. We were just sitting in the parking lot for the longest time. Our regular route back up 9800 would have been super slow too, so instead I pulled straight through into the Walmart parking lot, made my way through there and up into the neighborhood and wound my way through back to 4000 W further down. I barely made it home in time to drop off the kids and leave again for elementary pickup. I'd actually texted #1 son who was home to be ready to make that run if I didn't make it. #3 and friend were in the gym much of the afternoon. #4 wanted to go hang with friends, to I dropped him off at Sky Park and went back for him about an hour and a half later. Dropped off the DVDs I'd watched, as the library is right there. I prepped dinner. Chicken Cordon Bleu and my regular fried chicken for the littles. Took care of the duckies, watered the plants, did the dishes, cleaned a bathroom ... I had saved these for the afternoon knowing the gym would be busy. Hubs went down for a walk on the treadmill but had to cut it short as he was hit with a dizzy spell. I did what I could to make him comfortable. I wasn't quite ready for bed yet (it was 8:00 or so). I ended up hitting the bike. While it's not a hard workout, it felt a little hard this time. My legs are already feeling the earlier weight workout a bit. I did finish up my book.  

0906 (Wednesday) 168.4. Steps 28327. Total Burn 2991. Exercise Burn 1340/1228 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.37mileTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Garbage day ... yea! Our cans were overflowing, all three of them (garbage, recycling and green waste). Was able to get in two elliptical sessions while getting the boys off to school. Zumba with MZL ... a little technical difficulty with the sound system, and a little physical difficulty with me. Feeling the weight workout from yesterday! A bit sore and stiff. Stats: 5884 steps. 2.58 miles. 349/406 burn. AvHR114. High146. In zone 9 of the 60 minutes. Stopped at Macey's for a little grocery shopping on the way home. #3 had work after school, so I knew I'd have the gym available, so I didn't make great use of my time during the day. Attempted a little nap but didn't fall asleep. Hit the treadmill once and finished up my third session to complete my hour of elliptical. The usual triple pickups after school, although #3 was running late, so we had to go straight from the high school to the middle school pickup. Usually I made a quick stop home to drop him off. He drove the truck to work, attempting to get comfortable with it. I'd arranged for a repairman to come look at our dryer. The heating element has only been working sporadically, and it takes forever to dry without heat. Unfortunately he would have to order the part, and at $135 ... I've never really liked this dryer. Maybe we'll just replace it. I hit the elliptical once more, finishing up the show for the day "Jason Bourne" which I liked. A good one for working out. Lots of fighting and running ... keeps the adrenaline up and at two hours in length required the second treadmill time. I was dragging so much by evening though, I thought about the bike, knowing that would get me to my 30k day, but I was just too tired. I'd eaten more than my current usual ... more like my old usual. Both quantity and quality. Much munchiness today. 

0907 (Thursday) 169.3. Steps 33035. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1450/1458 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.46milesTreadmill). Calories in 2450. Same exercise today as yesterday, but today ended up higher is steps and burn. An hour of elliptical, an hour of treadmill time, and Zumba. Stats: 7504 steps. 3.38 miles. 476/487 burn. AvHR113. High133. In Zone 13 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Got the lawn mowed, as now I had a place to put the clippings. Today's workout movie was "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" which I'd heard of while it was in theaters. I wasn't sure it was one I'd be interested in. While I liked the Harry Potter books, I hadn't cared for the movies. This was that same Harry Potter world. I did like the movie though. #5 had practice in the evening, so I had a couple evening drives to drop-off and pick up. Also Happy Birthday to #1 son! 22 years old. I updated the Facebook album as I do annually. Maga brought over peach tort, and I'd picked up a red velvet cake. I actually don't like either, but I'd eaten badly again today already anyway.

0908 (Friday) 169.2. Steps 24951. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1220/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little with late start. Just got in one 20min session on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6501 steps. 2.91 miles. 465/401 burn. AvHR112. High143. In Zone 16 of the 63 minutes. Back at home I got in my two remaining elliptical sessions and treadmill time. I didn't have to pickup #3, as #2 was heading to the high school to play football with the 4th period and he brought his brother home. Usual pickups for #5 and #4. Not much motivation later in the day. I should have hit the treadmill again, but I'd finished up my movie. "Collateral Beauty" which was good, but just the hour and a half in length. The two hour movies push me to get in that extra treadmill time to finish up. Still could have should have done bike and/or abs/core, but didn't. Made snickerdoodles though. Dropped #5 off for practice, catching a ride with coach today. #3 worked and took the car, as the truck was in for a repair. #1 went to go see the new "IT" movie.

0909 (Saturday) 169.8. Steps 19293. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 770/884 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.7milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Started with snickerdoodles ... for breakfast. Then more crap. Much like the old days. First day in a while that I've eaten over burn, dang it! Up fairly early. I debate doing a movie on a Saturday, as I'm not sure I'll get in the gym time to finish it up ... but then again, that's motivation right there. Watched "Z for Zachariah" today. Another 90min film. I'd read the book ages ago, and other than the basic premise, this sure strayed from the original material. Hated the end. Got in my hour of elliptical and one time on the treadmill while I watched. Didn't mow the lawn today, as I'd just done the front on Thursday. Maybe Monday I'll hit both. #4 wanted to go watch his buddy in a football game (funny, he won't come watch his brother in basketball!) so I dropped him off at the middle school. It was chaos! They had 5-6 games going, no parking. I just dropped him off and hoped he'd be able to find his friend. I texted him a few minutes later, making a stop at the library on the way home in case he wanted me to loop back and pick him up. BUT ... his phone wasn't working! It's been giving him some trouble off and on, and wasn't connecting at all. I tried calling, Facetimeing, checking him on Find my Friends ... nothing was working. I wasn't sure how long these kid games lasted, or when he'd need a ride home, and I was just stressed not knowing for sure if everything was okay. I went back a little over an hour later and wandered, and found him. He had tried to text, saying his friend's mom would give him a ride home. It hadn't sent, just as he hadn't received any of my attempted contacts. I wish he'd thought to ask to borrow a phone and make a quick call, or have the mom text me just to let me know he'd found them alright. We mom's exchanged numbers, so now I have that contact info anyway. #5 had basketball games today. Two of them ... but BOTH at 3:00, so ... just one. I tried to feel out his Wolves coach to see how he'd feel if #5 missed, but he said he needed him, as our backup point guard was out with an injury. The Grizzlies team did still have a point guard, and we'd committed to Wolves first, so he did play with his Wolves. He struggled a bit at the start, attempting but not making several shots. Finally got in a 3-pointer but that was his only basket this game. Still lots of assists and he played almost the entire game. He was tired. We got the win though. 47-31. Checked in with the Grizzlies team and they'd done just fine without my boy, getting the win 54-16.  In the evening, it was the big rivalry of the U vs BYU. My boys watched, but don't get overly into it. I was so tired, I went to bed. Was a BAD day for eating. 

0910 (Sunday) 169.9. Steps 18628. Total Burn 2519. Exercise Burn 880/735 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.7mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1800. Slept in a little today. We did our big, family breakfast with smoked bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and waffles. Got in some exercise throughout the day (movie of the day was "Carriers" ... ironically with Chris Pine again. He'd been in my movie yesterday too.) Hubs and the littles ran to Maga's house for a bit. I tried to get a little nap in, but didn't actually fall asleep. During my evening garden/duck duties I found two things ... we have some big tomatoes (the cherry tomato plant has been nuts but I'd only seen a few green ones on the beefsteak plant) and Golden Girl did NOT stop laying eggs ... she just moved into the duck house. I happened to look in and see a clutch there. I'll have to go back and count ... and gather? Hubs said we could just let her sit on them, but I'm not sure I want a little brood this late in the season.

0911 (Monday) 169.3. Steps 32586. Total Burn 3313. Exercise Burn 1450/1535 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.74mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs). Calories in 1900. Good motivated Monday today. Did the double drop off in the morning, fitting in two elliptical sessions in between. We do have the extra vehicle now, but the truck is a monster and I'm really worried about #3 driving it to school where there are so many cars and kids and craziness. He's been doing fine taking it to work. Maybe after a little more practice I'll feel more comfortable ... and that will take off a trip in the morning and allow me to get my full hour of elliptical in early. Zumba was with Debbie in Daybreak today. Stats: 5710 steps. 2.48 miles. 359/338 burn. AvHR109. High132. In zone 7 of the 57 minutes. Golden Girl had appeared to be sitting on her eggs this morning ... and it totally stressed me out. Cemented the fact that I don't want a big batch of babies this late in the season. I don't want Mr. Mallard lonely for the next month while she sits. Don't want to have to have her sit, just coming off the nest a couple times a day to eat/drink. Not sure Mr. Mallard would be a good daddy (he's a little aggressive toward us and other birds. The daddy ducks aren't often around when the babies come). When I got home from class, Golden Girl wasn't on the nest ... so I went and gathered the eggs. I had made a stop at the store on the way home. Picked up some grapes and bananas, which we were out of. They had some good 99¢ sale stuff too. My Dipps PB granola bars. The bubble balls were gone, not surprising. Movie of the day was the new "Cinderella" and I liked it. Did my final session on the elliptical to finish up my hour and got in two treadmill times. A little bit of Abs/Core and then I went on the bike before bed. Listened to my audiobook instead of reading, as I need to get through this one. I have another hold come in I should get started on. I do think I like actual reading (over listening) when on the bike. Made spaghetti and cheese bread for dinner. The boys were cute talking about music ... what songs were the first ones they heard by certain artists. It's fun to listen to them talk. Hubs was home late though, missed dinner. Very tired tonight! Time for bed!

0912 (Tuesday) 168.4. Steps 32798. Exercise Burn 1550/1694 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.75mileTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1700. Got my two sessions on the elliptical in as I got the boys off to school. Then Zumba with Marian. Stats: 6063 steps. 2.63 miles. 397/413 burn. AvHR115. High135. In zone 13 of the 60 minutes. Back at home I got in my final elliptical, a couple treadmill times, 30min of weights and some Zumba practice. After school pickups ... bringing a friend home with #4, which was fun for him. The got in the dinosaur outfit and the bubble balls. Also played a little pool and ping pong. Hubs had an early derby ... and a Meniere's attack. He's been anticipating an attack happening on a derby night. He really would like to train the boys so that they could do it if he was indisposed. He rested for about 30minutes, then had #1 drive the truck with the trailer attached, and #3 drove #1's car. The boys were able to set up while Hubs continued to rest and recover enough to do the race. #1 came back home, he had school later. #5 had in impromptu practice at a local park. #2 dropped him off for me and he caught a ride home. #2 and a friend were in the gym in the evening. I jokingly asked him if he'd reserved it! Luckily I had gotten all my exercise in already, although I might have hit the bike if they weren't in there. Workout movie today was "Allegiant."  No egg from Golden Girl today.

0913 (Wednesday) 167.4. Steps 30283. Exercise Burn 1225/1341 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.6milesTreadmill, Bike, Abs). Calories in 2000. Movie of the day was "Vampire Academy" ... oy. That was pretty bad. I really enjoyed reading the series and the spin-off though. Got my hour of elliptical and treadmill time done while watching. Zumba with MZL. It ran a little short today, unusual for them. Stats: 5703 steps. 2.5 miles. 349/339 burn. AvHR112. High137. In zone 9 of the 55 minutes. Stopped at Cal Ranch and Maceys on the way home. Had to get more chicken feed and cracked corn for the duckies (got an egg today) and a few groceries. Still struggling with the dryer ... one load a day, starting first thing, and running the dryer (no heat, that's what is broken) several times all day long before it finally dries. Triple pickups after school, #5 brought a friend home today. A little rain on and off, but I got the front lawn mowed. The back still hasn't grown much, as it doesn't get watered regularly. Haystacks for dinner. #3 had to work. Hubs was packing for his weekend bike trip, so I hit the bike downstairs. I didn't really feel like it, but I was close to my 30k and I feel guilty just reading in bed ...

0914 (Thursday) 168.4. Steps 30283. Total Burn 3108. Exercise Burn 1225/1341 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.61mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs). Calories in 2000. Not a good night. I woke around 2:00 and just started stressing about everything and anything. Money mostly, but also getting the kids to the dentist, car stuff, dryer stuff, ducks, basketball ... everything and anything. Hubs apparently wasn't sleeping great either, and was up and off to work around 3:30ish. I must have fallen asleep again in the wee hours of the morning ... enough to have bad dreams that left me unsettled and off. Then the weather is a bit windy and dreary. Weight was up. Why weight why? I had "Pitch Perfect 2" scheduled for my show, but I couldn't get the library DVD to play, so I streamed "Nocturnal Animals" instead. It was dark when I could have used comedy today.I didn't care for the movie at all, and it wasn't even because of my mood. Just blah. It was shorter, so my hour of elliptical and one treadmill time pretty much covered it, I did do a second treadmill time to finish up, switching to a series when it ended ... easier to do when streaming that with a DVD, as I have to manually flip a switch to change the inputs for that. Stroganoff for dinner. I keep debating baking ... but better for the calorie count if I don't. Hubs finished up his packing as he leaves tomorrow. He ran some errands, taking the wave runners to his mom's house. She had a spot for them whereas our driveway is quite congested. Not sure if the weather is going to warm up enough to use them again this year. Found an egg Golden Girl laid in the tomato plant ... NOT a good spot as I was watering and didn't notice it there. If you wash them, then you have to refrigerate them immediately.

0915 (Friday) 166.6. Steps 31028. Total Burn 3313. Exercise Burn 1600/1566 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/2.05milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1750. Silly shifting scale ... nicer numbers this morning. With the school late start, I set my alarm an hour later and did sleep in until it went off.  Only one elliptical in early. Double drop-offs and then off to Zumba. MZL had announced they were relocating class to a studio one of the gals was opening, but a few of us still met at the church and danced there. I'm not good going to new locations, and unless the studio was the same size as a church gym (it's not) I was afraid it would be too crowded. I was glad they still had it here. It was POURING rain as I arrived! Stats: 6829 steps. 2.96 miles. 483/482 burn. AvHR118. High132. In zone 30 of the 65 minutes. Since I'd stopped at the store the last couple days, I didn't really need anything after and went straight home, trying to get the most of my limited alone time before early out. Triple pickup in the afternoon, and Hubs was off for his bike weekend. #1 dropped him off by the freeway to meet a friend picking him up. #5 had practice and so that was on my schedule.  Going with Coach today rather than our usual ride. Coach called and said he was grabbing pizza by our house and offered to grab #5 early, so that saved me a trip. #5 hung out at their house after practice for a bit too, playing the newest NBA2K.  I made a muvee of the Wolves game from last Saturday (before I get new footage from games tomorrow), did some reading/riding and did weights.  Finished up iZombie, which was my "weights" show (not one I really had to watch closely) so I'll have to find something else. In the early evening, there was sounds from the ducks that required investigation ... can't recall exactly what it was. A thump, weird quacking ... something that had us running to check on them. They were both in the window well! Really have no idea how that happened. If one was peeking over the ledge and fell in, and then the other joined? #2 jumped down and scooped them out. Mr. Mallard does seem to have a bit of a limp. Have to keep an eye on him. Golden Girl laid her egg in the tomato plant again.

0916 (Saturday) 166.2. Steps 23760. Total Burn 2862. Exercise Burn 850/1106 (60minElliptical, 30min/2.25mileTreadmill, Abs). Calories in 1800. I set the alarm just in case I might sleep in ... #5 had a 9:00 game. I was able to get in a session on the elliptical before to start the day. It was at Elkridge, which is #4's school.  Our team was there, the other team was there ... one ref was there, but no site supervisor or clock or person to run the clock and take stats.  At about quarter after we went ahead and got started, with one of the dads trying too keep track with a piece of paper and clock running on his phone. Luckily, it wasn't a close game at all, so it wasn't as important as if it had been a close one. Another ref and the on site people finally showed up around half time. I wasn't sure if they would even put the score up as it was a bit of a blow out. #5 had his buddy Austin come home with us after the game and hang out until about 2:00. They wanted to battle in the inflatable balls, but the air pump had been put away with the wave runners Hubs took to his mom's house. The boys still played with the one that was semi-inflated. It wasn't after they were done. #4 had been invited to a church activity with his group of friends, so I dropped him off there. He was able to get a ride home. After I dropped him I stopped by Smiths to grab a few things on their new weekly sale (and was able to grab some romaine lettuce trim for the ducks), and then to the library to return DVDs and pick up new ones. Made chocolate chip cookies. #3 worked 11:00-5:00 ... he's been being scheduled 30+ hours, which is too much during school, and too late on school nights (although I don't know that he'd really go to bed any earlier). When he got home, #1 took him and the two littles to IT. IT! It's rated R! And scary! I actually had some alone time on a Saturday (as #2 and his girlfriend were out too). Hubs checked in early before signing off for the weekend ... no cell signal for a few days. I hate being out of contact. HATE it. Early to bed. I was SO tired.

0917 (Sunday) 167.0. Steps 23739. Total Burn 2781. Exercise Burn 1050/1029 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.45mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs). Calories in 2400. With Hubs not here, we didn't do waffles, but I made pancakes with some bacon and sausage.  Looking at my LifeCycle graph, I wanted to get in a treadmill time and a bike to make it correct (it had already rounded up even though I was a half hour shy on both activities). I also wanted to get my hour of elliptical in because I'm on a streak. I meant to put on one of the DVDs that was 90min, but did a longer one. So I ended up doing an hour of treadmill to finish it up. "Jupiter Ascending" was the movie ... and it was pretty bad, even though it had some big names. Pretty quiet Sunday at home. #2 went to a couple farewells. #3 had trouble starting the truck after work, so #1 went over to help and they got it started. Kitten is in heat again. It's the only time I can hold her. Hubs comes home tomorrow.

0918 (Monday) 168.4. Steps 33128. Total Burn 3361. Exercise Burn 1400/1603 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.87milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Back to the school schedule. Today's movie was "Pitch Perfect 2" for my hour of elliptical and hour of treadmill. I've been trying to jog some on the treadmill rather than just walk. I don't keep it up for too long though. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5819 steps. 2.58 miles. 372/392 burn. AvHR112. High143. In zone 13 of the 58 minutes. There was a decent crowd there today. No store stop on the way home today. Got the lawn mowed, front and back. Hit the back with the sprinkler. Triple pickups in the afternoon. No word from Hubs until late afternoon. Originally he'd thought maybe he'd be back around 3:30, but they didn't leave Moab until around then. Grilled some chicken and had rolls for dinner. Baked up the rest of the chocolate chip cookie dough ... over on calories today mainly because of cookies. Hubs had #2 pick him up around 8:00 (#1 was busy, I wasn't sure about driving the new Sequoia myself). Brought home some melons (they'd passed Green River's "Melon Days" on the way home.) Managed to make it through the weekend with no dizzy spells. He was pretty wiped out, understandably. Not sure why I was though. We were in bed early.  

0919 (Tuesday) 169.8. Steps 35011. Total Burn 3442. Exercise Burn 1570/1683 (70minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/4.02milesTreadmill, Bike. Weights). Calories in 1600. I was up early, enough to start my first elliptical session before 6:00, and get a second in before taking #3 to school. Got my third in before taking #5 to school ... my first full early hour in a while. Zumba with Marian. Stats: 6311 steps. 2.78miles. 407/377 burn. AvHR109. High134. In zone 5 of the 64 minutes. Small class today, just Marian and four of us. Marian left early to get to work so I finished up. I got in a little extra on my own at home too. I went in to get my nails done, going with color today rather than the french tip. Not loving it. Not sure if it's color in general, or just this color I chose. I was watching "Logan" for my movie today. It's over two hours, so two times on the treadmill, and a little bit more elliptical to finish it up. I liked it though. Lots of proFanity (rated R) but it kept my interest more than many of the movies lately. Intense ... good for the workouts. Got my weight workout in ... as I'd finished up iZombie, I needed a new "weights" show ... one that doesn't require a lot of attention or even "watching" as at times on my back or in positions where I can't really see the TV. I decided to go back to "Glee" which I'd given up on quite a while ago. Happy that Netflix remembered where I was. Triple pickup after school, then Hubs and #3 did a derby, a Lego one ... they run long. I'd put a ziti in the oven for today's dinner and leftovers. I'd hit my 30k and didn't have a ton of energy, but still went ahead and did some reading/riding before bed. My fan is broken though ... apparently #2 and a friend were in the gym late last night (very surprised I didn't hear them as the gym is directly below the bedroom, I must have been sleeping pretty deeply) and knocked it over. I miss my fan for weight workouts and bike sessions. I have a little one I set up, but it isn't the same. Might have to invest in a new one. This one was 20+ years old! I guess I'm surprised it lasted this long. 

0920 (Wednesday) 168.1. Steps 31170. Total Burn 3239. Exercise Burn 1330/1504 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.45milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. #3 took the truck today, so I didn't have to take him to school for the first time this year. Saved me 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon. Yea! With that extra 20min, I got in an elliptical session, fitting in my full hour early. Zumba with MZL. Feeling a little stiff from the weight workout yesterday, didn't really get the heart rate up. Stats: 6577 steps. 2.91 miles. 396/395 burn. AvHR111, High135. In zone 1 of the 61 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. Needed 2% milk, bananas and ice cream. Glad their 5quart tubs were on sale, we were out. Got the groceries put away. Hit the treadmill twice to finish up my movie. Had put in "Lucy" a DVD from the library ... when I realized I'd already watched it at some point. Switched to streaming, random pick "A Monster Calls" which I didn't love, not a great one for working out, but it did have me in tears a couple times. Only double duty for afternoon pickup. One of the boys in carpool for middle school was a little late and in tears ... he's being bullied. Kids had pulled his pants down. Not the first time. At home I asked #4 if he'd seen it happen and he said no, and also said he didn't know the kids who did it ... those statement contradict each other. I know he's hesitant to step up and get involved. It is scary. While he's got his great group of friends, he's got his own quirks and I've been SO grateful that we've never had to deal with this through the years (even in elementary with his weather phobia, all the kids and teachers were really good with him). Frustrating that kids can be so mean.  #3 had work ... it's been nice having the extra vehicle so we don't have to worry about getting him to/from places. I did need the Durango, as #4 has been SO shaggy I'd  checked in online at Great Clips (we usually try to go to Aunt Olivia but just haven't been able to connect these past couple weeks and couldn't wait any longer ... I swear the kid has a blond afro. Hair grows straight out!) It was a little frustrating, because we had about 24 minutes to wait as I went to pick up #5 from elementary school. It would work out pretty perfect, I'd get back from that and #4 and I could go. But then the check-in time INCREASED. To 50+ minutes. How does that work? We were signed in, did a stylist break an arm and leave? I know they get walk-ins, but those aren't supposed to get ahead in the line up. It threw off my afternoon! Luckily we didn't have to wait quite that long. Still had to wait 10min or so when we got there even though we arrived at our check-in time. #4 looks much better though. I'd put meatballs and sauce in the crock pot for an early dinner, for #3 before he went into work ... and all the kids ended up eating early.  I made a family recipe I got from my MIL "Savory Crust Chicken Bake" for Hubs, using up the leftover chicken. #1 and #2 tried it too and said it was good. I don't eat meatball subs or the chicken bake and didn't really have any dinner myself, which happily kept calories in check. I'd hit my 30k, but it was still early, so I went down for some reading/riding on the bike, but ... my legs were just too tired. I was too tired. I was SO tired. I ended up in bed early while Hubs hit the treadmill.   

0921 (Thursday) 166.5. Steps 31373. Total Burn 3231. Exercise Burn 1385/1470 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.55milesTreadmill). Calories in 1800. Finished up my hour of elliptical early ... should be the norm now.  Yesterday I'd tried to pick all the ready produce from the garden, filling up a big box. Zucchini, squash, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes. I took it to Zumba today. Thursdays is the big class. Everything was gone when I left. Happy someone can use it all! Stats: 7157 steps. 3.22 miles. 452/439 burn. AvHR118. High137. In Zone 23 of the 63 minutes. Quick stop at Sam'sClub on the way home to grab a few things. Including a new pillow ... there was a wet spot on one of them last night. Kitten? A bit on the bedspread too. I washed the bedspread and pillow case, but the pillow itself had looked disgusting enough that I just put it in the trash. Garbage day today too. Finally fit the big cardboard box #4's pool table had come in. The recent rain made it foldable. Anyway, air dried the bedspread and put #3's laundry in. With the dryer not heating, it takes ALL DAY on air fluff. But, the repairman called and had the part and could come. Yea! He was able to get us up and running (and heating) and also had time to look at the dishwasher, which wasn't been draining. Not a huge deal, it still washes, but a pool of yucky water would stay in the bottom until I stopped that cycle and hit "drain" ... it made everything moist and a tad smelly. So, $300 total for the trip and repairs, but happy to be back in business. Was able to dry the current laundry load and do towels, which had piled up. I fit in two treadmill times before double duty pickups after school ... better than triple pickups ;) It was good I'd gotten all my exercise in, as #2 was in the gym for a bit, then #3. I made chicken and wild rice soup for dinner, with cheesy bread too. Then made cookie press cookies ... pumpkins for fall. #5 had practice at the church close by. His school was also having a big "birthday" celebration that he kind of wanted to attend ... I didn't, those things totally stress me out! It started at 6:00, so I told him we could hit it if he wanted, maybe be a little late to practice, but he said he'd just do practice. I dropped him off, drove by the school on the way back ... as I thought, NO parking, cars all along the street. Pickup at 8:00. It was raining. I can't recall the last time I've driven in the dark! The rain didn't help. It was fine, but my eyes were struggling a bit. Tonight, Hubs was the one in bed early (asleep before 8:00!)

0922 (Friday) 166.2. Steps 26381. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1300/1202 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.91mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2000. Slept in a little with late start. Just one early elliptical. Zumba with MZL. Got in my additional elliptical back at home, as well as a treadmill time. Instead of a movie I just watched series today (Blacklist and Blue Bloods). Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. Hubs had a derby, #3 had to work, so #4 went along to help. Not thrilled about the work, but does like the money. Hubs wanted to take the truck to the derby, so #3 took the Durango ... so #1 dropped #5 off for his ride to practice (w/coach). Made another batch of cookie press pumpkins, as last night's are gone! Yes, I contributed to that. 

0923 (Saturday) 165.5. Steps 21829. Total Burn 2633. Exercise Burn 850/884 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.72milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. Got up and hit the elliptical first thing, went down for my second session and #3 was in the gym. When he's in the gym, he's in there for a while! He finally finished up with weights and then went for a jog. I did a little Zumba (just 10min) while waiting for him, then hit the elliptical again. #5 and I left around 11:30 for his first game with his Grizzlies at noon. They won. Rushed to his second game at 1:00, with him changing in the car. Luckily, it wasn't far and we made it in time for tip off. He still started. This team did add a back-up point guard (Siah), but he'd been out with an injury and this was his first time back ... unfortunately he's out again for a bit with a badly dislocated finger just a few minutes into the game. It was crooked! Our boys got the win pretty easily ... #5's 20 points helped. He was on fire. We'd worried a little, not only coming from a game before, but the 6th grade and 7th grade play with different sized balls! Slightly different weights can throw kids off, but apparently that didn't impact my boy today! We had a little time after, the next game was at 3:00, not too far (Union). #5 and I did a stop at Arctic Circle for a little lunch. I had tater tots. Won the third game too. Finally back home. Finished up my elliptical hour and even hit the treadmill ... I wasn't sure I was going to make that. I also mowed the front lawn. Hubs had hit the store to pick up roast for smoking tomorrow. He prepped that in the evening. I didn't have a specific dinner planned, so Hubs sent #2 out to pick up some Popeyes. I was so close to my limit on calories, but I had one piece.

0924 (Sunday) 166.5. Steps 11110.. Total Burn 2130. Exercise Burn 425/354 (30minElliptical, 30min.1.65mileTreadmill). Calories in 2800.  Slept in this morning. Hit the elliptical first thing, but it felt hard. Hubs was prepping waffles. I got some bacon frying. It was a decent brand, but didn't cook up evenly. We were out of sausage too. Hubs also made eggs. I hit the elliptical again after breakfast, but stopped after 10 minutes. Maybe I need a rest day. I hate to break my streaks, but oh well. It was stake conference, where they rezoned the wards, eliminating one and combining. Unlike other areas, where they are dividing because they have so many, in our area all the wards only have a few kids. Not that it impacts US much as we've been inactive. Got the monthly bills paid and a muvee made. Hubs had been smoking the roast since early morning. Actual meal was around 4:00. Shredded the meat, making french dip ... but as I don't like it that way, he also made potatoes for me (and everyone had some because they are the best). I was pretty full after dinner, had to go lay down and digest for a bit before tackling dishes (only fair as Hubs did the dinner). Hubs got a well deserved little nap. #1  invited a girl over, and #2 had his girlfriend (but she's vegetarian). The countdown on the eggs in the incubator is up ... and there is some movement there on two of the eggs. Hubs and I gave the Netflix show "Black Mirror" a try. That was weird. 

0925 (Monday) 168.5. Steps 32614.. Total Burn 3309. Exercise Burn 1510/1539 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.01mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1900. Back to school schedule. It's been nice not having to drive #3 to high school in the mornings.  I hadn't finished my movie yesterday "The Golden Compass" so I finished it up and then just watched some "Blacklist" to finish up my exercise for the day. Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 6592 steps. 2.96 miles. 390/437 burn. AvHR113. High135. In zone 10 of the 62 minutes. Then back at home, two times on the treadmill and a bike before bed. We'd been watching the eggs all day. The two that had first shown signs weren't progressing at all. The other two eggs both had small signs in the morning, and by afternoon, one had overtaken the others. The two littles and I were there to watch as it hatched. I prepped the brooder box but left him in the incubator overnight. It was an early to bed night for Hubs and I.

0926 (Tuesday) 167.5. Steps 28015. Total Burn 3168. Exercise Burn 1350/1424 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/4.17mileTreadmill). Calories in 2500. Not a good night. This whole hatching business does completely stress me out. I know it happens everyday in nature, but it's hard when it's right in front of you and you are watching them struggle so. Two years ago, three of the eggs started the hatching process ... and only one made it out. Heartbreaking! Hubs and I were really worried about the two that had started, then stopped progressing. One had its little beak out and visible. Hubs had carefully peeled back a bit of the shell, but it seemed to be the membrane that was the issue. You have to be cautious with that because there are still blood vessels involved and a tear can cause the duckling to bleed to death. I was up a couple times in the night checking on them, but no movement. Hubs got up around 3:00 too and tried wetting the eggs (the incubator is very moist, but just an added effort). Hubs ended up just going into work after that. I fell back asleep for a bit, dreaming of ducklings and kittens. It was a little hard to get up as morning rolled around, but I did, and got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school. The two eggs had shown some movement from our 3:00am check-up ... and one even hatched right before I took #5 to school. We were both able to watch its emergence. Before I headed to Zumba, I turned on the light in the brooder box and set the thermometer in just to make sure it would be the proper temperature before I moved the babies. Zumba with Marian. Small group again. Stats: 5763 steps. 2.52 miles. 363/351 burn. AvHR112. High134. In zone 10 of the 58 minutes. Back at home, I put both hatched babies into the brooder box and the began to dry and fluff. The other egg (just started showing cracks this morning) did a great job unzipping and was out in the early afternoon ... the other egg. Still struggling! Little beak opening and closing, egg shaking as it tried and tried. The membrane was just so tough. I could see there were no blood vessels in the visible parts, and I oh so carefully opened up bits to give beak boy a little more wiggle room. The egg was actually almost off him and he still wasn't able to make progress. Parts of the membrane were absolutely sticky. I worked with him a little more ... bent over and sweat dripping. Finally the egg was off, but poor little one still didn't unfold, staying in the cramped position he'd been in in the egg. I was still worried ... finally he started to unfurl and move around a little. I finally moved him into the brooder box with the others. They seem to smush him, but if I tried to intervene, the little one would burrow back under them. Long duckling day! I did get two treadmill sessions in ... watching X-Men Apocalypse. I know I've seen one movie with the "young" Charles and Eric, but I guess there were more, and I've missed some. I'll have to see if they are at the local library. Hubs had a derby. I quickly prepped him some leftovers. We're really going through the chuck roast he smoked over the weekend, it's pretty much gone (and he'd smoked two of them). I should have hit the bike, but wasn't feeling up to it. My back was hurting and my legs are just so tired. Should have been a weights day today too ... didn't do very well on the eating either.

0927 (Wednesday) 167.6. Steps 29297. Total Burn 3032. Exercise Burn 1070/1276  (60minElliptical, Zumba30, 60min/3.46mileTreadmill). Calories in 2100.  Got in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. #3 didn't have school today. It was parent/teacher conferences ... but he's got all A's and I didn't have anything I needed to discuss with teachers. I had to wake #4, but #5 was up early on his own. He even unloaded the dishwasher for me because "he was bored". I headed out to Zumba to find the parking lot almost empty. The church closed for cleaning. I checked my email and there was a note that they were at the Kearns building, so I drove out there. It also had an empty parking lot (but no cleaning crew) and when I double checked the message, it was actually a different building. Duh ... the other regular Wednesday class they hold every week (they do two locations). I should have realized that. I wish I'd checked email before I left (as the time stamp was before I'd gone). I probably would have switched to Southziders, but by this time I was too late. I'd planned a grocery shopping trip for after, so I went straight to do that. Was able to get some free lettuce scraps for the ducks. Maceys then the dollar store then back home. #3 wasn't even out of bed yet. #1 was home. Normally he goes straight from work to school, but he'd had an earlier shift and had a little time to kill between ... and he spent it in MY gym. I did a little Zumba on my own (just 30min) and then prepped dinner. Hubs had requested Beef Klusky. I was going to pick up beef chunks, but they only had a tiny package, not enough. I ended up just grabbing a roast, and cutting it up into chunks myself. I browned them and then stuck them in the crock pot. Also got some Rhoads rolls out rising. #3 finally got out of bed and was going to hit the gym (for two hours!) but I begged him to let me go first, getting in 30min on the treadmill. No jogging today, not feeling up to that. Watching "Independence Day: Resurgence" for my workout show.  #3 went down when I was done. I went out back and gave grain to the ducks ... and all the neighborhood birds! It was warm and sunny, a lovely day. I turned on the hose and sprayed all the duck guck then mowed the front lawn. Not sure if it's crab grass or some other weed, but we have huge brown spots all over the lawn. #1 had a girl over and they pulled the ducklings out onto a towel in the front room. This batch isn't really as skittish as the four from Spring.  I left to pick up #4 and carpool, then #5 from elementary. Dinner when Hubs got home, then swimming in the bathtub for the babies (ducklings). 

0928 (Thursday) 167.6. Steps 32355. Total Burn 3206. Exercise Burn 1500.1467 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.71milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2600. Nice routine day today. Got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical early. Then Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6978 steps. 3.15miles. 402/424 burn. AvHR112. High132. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. My "scan and go" had logged me out, and I couldn't get logged in. Had to do regular ol' self check-out. At home I called and they "released" the email associated with the account so I could sign up again (I think I'd accidentally entered incorrectly before). So set again for next time. LOVE the scan and go! Got everything unloaded and hit the treadmill twice while the kids were in school. Watched "The Legend of Tarzan" which I didn't think I'd like at all, but it kept me entertained more than I expected. Double pickups after school. Hubs and #3 did a derby. Hubs was running a little late, so he had #1 hitch up the truck/trailer and bring it and #3 to the location. He stayed to help setup and then took the Sequoia (what Hubs had been driving) home ... well, he didn't come straight home but ran around a bit before his evening class. Not keeping calories in check :( quantity or quality. Candy corn is on the scene, as well as other treat temptations.

0929 (Friday) 167.6. Steps 22213. Total Burn 2739. Exercise Burn 957/971 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.49milesTreadmill). Calories in 2000. In addition to the usual "off" of Fridays with late start and early out ... Zumba wasn't happening at the WJ location. No Zumba :( I figured with that extra hour I'd make sure I got in a weights workout ... but that didn't happen. There had been a slight possibility of #5 calling and me bringing the ducklings in for a show and tell at the school, but we're going to wait until next Friday. I got in my hour of elliptical, and two time on the treadmill. Watched "10 Cloverfield Lane" which kept my interest. Double pickups in the afternoon. #4 hit the gym before heading out to the football game. The students were wearing orange in remembrance of a senior girl who passed away this past week. Diagnosed with leukemia and died five days later. #2 and his girlfriend went to the viewing as they had know her (#2's basketball buddy was very close to her). We took the duckies outside for the first time. Attempted to introduce them to their parents, but neither group was interested in the other. A little swim and towel time after. I made snickerdoodles ... a triple batch as I wanted to give some "thank you" cookies to a couple basketball parents. Except that I doubled the tripled amount of butter. oops! I had to then double everything else, making six-times a normal batch. Oodles of snickerdoodles. I baked up quite a few, put some dough in the fridge for fresh cookies in a few days, and tried freezing some too. #5 had basketball practice. I was dropping him off with his usual ride, but she had texted she was running late. I hadn't seen the text before we were already out the door. They live right by coach, so we drove by their house and saw both cars there ... so I did a quick call and dropped #5 with them to catch a ride rather than just hanging around for 15 minutes for our other ride. Nice to have options ;)

0930 (Saturday) 167.6. Steps 19171. Total Burn 2567. Exercise Burn 800/799 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.75mileTreadmill). Calories in 2300.  I'm not one who LOVES the weekend ... I think I actually prefer my routine of Mon-Thurs ... but I do like not having to set an alarm. Not that I really slept in that much. Hit the elliptical first thing, and twice more during the day to get to my hour. Instead of a movie, I'm catching up on some of the Fall shows that have started. I thought I'd recorded "Grey's Anatomy" and was excited to watch it, but it hadn't recorded. I watched "The Good Doctor" first thing, and set GA to record and watched the first episode of it later as I had some treadmill time. I hadn't realized it had started last week, so I had two episodes. #5 had basketball ... back to back games with his two teams, and then a game later w/Wolves. First one was with Wolves at Elkridge ... it's a little funny that I go there everyday for middle school pickup and still go on Saturdays too! There was a group of older boys that had finished playing and apparently had some time to kill and just stayed and played on the hoops behind the court. It is SO annoying and distracting to have the ball pounding (and that's where I'm standing to film, I'm afraid I'll get hit by a ball or a boy from behind). Sometimes a ref or site supervisor will step up and tell kids to hold the balls, but it's a problem almost every time at Elkridge and Joel P (same set up). I should love these courts as they are the closest ones to home, but I'm looking forward to any other location that doesn't have courts on the side. The first game was tough, a blow-out loss for us (first loss). Definitely not on the same level as the other team. They had a couple big boys that were blocking all inside shots. We got some three pointers off, but so did they.  #5 and I rushed off as soon as it was over to head to his next game, with him changing uniforms in the car. We made it though ... this one was an easy win. We only had six players, and one was Freeman, one of our favorite fellows whose family had moved to St. George after Spring season. They were up for the weekend and he stepped in to play ... I think he would have even if we weren't missing a few players. He had a great game too. #5 took a knee just above his knee and was in quite a bit of pain, sitting out much of the game, but he did go back in. Afterward though, he was really struggling just walking and didn't think he'd be able to play at 7:00 again. After some rest and ibuprofen, he said he thought he could do it, and ended up being fine. One of those injuries where movement helped loosen things up, whereas the sitting and holding still made it worse. Memories of a similar injury with #2 many years ago. Wolves won the evening game. Hubs had mentioned he'd rented a movie (The Big Sick) so we hurried home, and he was popping popcorn for us. #3 was finishing up with the babies in the bathtub, we'd taken them out for quite a while during the day too. They are growing so fast! The movie ... and the popcorn, was good. I got up for a quick bathroom break and heard Hubs stop the movie. I thought he was just pausing it for me, but he was falling asleep. Have to finish it up tomorrow. With Snickerdoodles for breakfast and Hubs popcorn, over on calories. I've lost a couple nails too. I admit, I gnaw on them. I really wasn't nervous during any of the games, but still ... biting my nails much of the time. It's not quite two weeks since the last fill. I usually try to go three weeks. End of the month, I remembered to grab my Fitbit graph.

August 2017

0801 (Tuesday) Weight 177.5. Steps 25272. Total Burn 3082. Exercise Burn 1200/1280 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.63mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2700. Glad to see a shift in the scale again. I was pretty motivated today. Started the day with Zumba. I didn't have my helpers today, I was leading the entire class on my own. I was a little worried we wouldn't have much of a class. It's been small, and without Carma and Suzanne ... when we started it was just Barbara and Cathyleen, but then we did have a couple more show up. I'm fine with small actually. Stats: 6518 steps. 2.88 miles. 544/465 burn. AvHR124. High152. In zone 40 of the 63 minutes.  Back at home, I got some dough made and rolled out breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. I'd pulled a lasagna I'd made earlier out of the freezer for dinner. Had to have it a little early, before the boys headed out (work, date). Hubs wasn't home when it was done, but he's been trying to eat healthier and this would have been a little heavy. I don't eat lasagna, but I ate plenty of bread. I got in some elliptical, treadmill and did weights. Right before bed I did some reading/riding. 

0802 (Wednesday) Weight 177.7  Steps 18871. Total Burn 2587. Exercise Burn 672/745 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Feeling a bit off today. I couldn't get the heart rate up at Zumba. Stats: 5906 steps. 2.6 miles. 359/342 burn. AvHR102. High126. In zone 0 of the 60 minutes. I did weights yesterday, and sometimes the soreness can impact me. Also a bit down as the basement gym is in a bit of transition. Hubs bought a new (to us, from a gym) treadmill. He's never quite felt comfortable running on ours (it was a cheapy, but worked for me). The old treadmill wasn't out, but was folded up. So I couldn't treadmill, it was in the way for a weights workout, I had a hard time even getting to the elliptical. It just made me give up on exercise for the day.  I did mow the front lawn, and made a run to the store. Needed to pick up a prescription and restock a few things, even though I'd just been shopping on Monday. The two littles have been a bit under the weather since their return from vacation (#4 started on the trip) and haven't really been up for much of anything, just laying around and watching TV all day. The new ducks are acclimating, but still shy. I pulled out some of the other feed (regular chicken feed and cracked corn) and have tried to give them a buffet to see what they like. My garden is growing! In the evening, Hubs and #1 attempted to move the new treadmill down, but it's a beast and will require some figuring out. So ... we got the old treadmill back into position until then. Hubs and I were in bed early, watched the latest episode of GOT and are now up to date (we've watched all three new episodes this week). 

0803 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 23195. Total Burn 2773. Exercise Burn 1070 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 3000.  I'm worried about getting up early again when school starts. I was barely up by 8:00 today. The kids have been sleeping in even more (of course the littles, with their colds haven't been sleeping well at all, poor bugs). I hit MZL in Kearns and it felt like a pretty good workout. Stats: 6780 steps. 2.96 miles. 472/417 burn. AvHR113. High129. In zone 10 of the 65 minutes. I made some scones with the left over dough, and turned what was left into more cinnamon rolls. The two littles have been under the weather since their return. Not really up to anything more than watching tv and resting. #5 should have had practice in the evening, but I didn't think he was up for it and kept him home. #1 thinks he's coming down with it now too. The littles said pizza sounded good, so I made a run to Little Ceasars. I'd already eaten too much, then Hubs made popcorn and we watched the first couple episodes of Ozark. Stressed a bit about an upcoming mini-vacation to St. George, I probably won't go, as usual.

0804 (Friday) Weight 178.9. Steps 23043. Total Burn 2875. Exercise Burn 905/949 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. The boys were SHAGGY and needed haircuts, the only time Aunt Olivia was available was at 9:00 ... same time as my Zumba. I was thinking I'd just skip today, or attempt it on my own, but then #1 decided to call in sick, not feeling well at all. So, his car was now available, and #3 could take the littles (as he wanted a trim himself) ... so off to Zumba I went. I was a too late to hit Debbie's (starts at 9:00 a little further) so I went to MZL. Third day in a row with them, but they have so many different instructors that it's really NOT too repetitive. Stats: 6516 steps. 2.95 miles. 427/412 burn. AvHR111. High135. In zone 13 of the 63 minutes. I did a quick stop at Walmart on the way home. Back at home I got in some elliptical and some treadmill time. #3 had work, taking the Durango. It was national chocolate chip cookie day. I, and the boys were a bit confused at this because we thought we'd just celebrated that back in May. I investigated and I guess that had simply been national chocolate chip day. I tried a different recipe and wasn't very impressed unfortunately. #1 decided he needed a haircut too ... and had to pay for his. He attempted going to a wedding reception for a mission associate, but said he felt pretty awful and came home and went to bed. I was up a little late waiting for #3 to get home, and when he did he didn't pull the car in ... because he was planning on going to a sleep over with friends and just telling me about it after the fact. I spoiled that be still being awake. I let him go but told him I wasn't impressed with his planning and that it wasn't acceptable (even though it was a technique #2 would employ).

0805 (Saturday) Weight 180.2. Steps 13135. Total Burn 2364. Exercise Burn 350/531 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2750. Hubs was up early for a run then he trimmed and edged the lawn. I should probably master those. It makes such a huge difference in the look of the lawn and Hubs is so busy he doesn't get around to it as often as I'd like. I mowed. I got in my some elliptical. I'd thought I might try to hit weights, but #3 had friends over in the gym. Hubs had planned on having some movers come to get the new treadmill into the basement but that fell through. He made a Costco run and got some ribs on the smoker. #1 made a donut run... so yes, intake was uber over.  #5 had a basketball game. He wasn't 100% but not too bad, but we only had six players. My little guy can normally play the entire game without a break, but he could have used a bit more rest today. He was a little on edge, emotions bleeding through, especially as he wasn't on with his shots (he did eventually make a 3-pointer). It's funny, sometimes you recognize kids or parents, although teams have switched up. We hadn't played THIS team (Salt City Hustle) before, but I recognized a couple parents, and one kid who must also be playing up like my little, as he had been on a 5th grade team our Grizzlies had to face several times Spring season. Down by 10, couldn't quite catch up. Ribs for dinner. A bit of a down day, disagreement with Hubs over finances. Stupid small stuff ...

0806 (Sunday) Weight 180.8. Steps 9784. Total Burn 2064. Exercise Burn 360/249 (20minElliptical, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Hubs was off early for a bike ride with work buddies. We didn't get around to a family breakfast without him here. Low key day. I got in one session on the elliptical and some treadmill time. Hubs and I had started "Ozarks" on Netflix, watched an episode Fri and again Sat. Today, we binged and finished it! That was a little TOO long laying in bed, my body was aching. Hubs made popcorn again ...

0807 (Monday) Weight 180.2. Steps 26111. Total Burn 3088. Exercise Burn 1150/1265 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1350.  Up early enough to hit an elliptical session before Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5807 steps. 2.54 miles. 431/394 burn. AvHR114. High135. In zone 22 of the 60min. I probably should have stopped at Smiths on the way home, but I hadn't really prepped the grocery list yet. #3 borrowed the car to head to a friend's house to swim ... even though the weather was overcast and quite cool. At least then I wasn't fighting him for gym time. #1 took the littles bowling. All three have been under the weather this past week and didn't feel up to basketball ... but bowling was doable. I got in a little more elliptical, treadmill and while not a full weight workout, I did some ab/core stuff. Also some Zumba practice, prepping the playlist for tomorrow. I hit the bike later in the day. I was glad I'd gotten to the treadmill, as Hubs had the movers come. The new one is a used one from a gym, commercial ... and a beast. It was quite the job to get it down into the gym, which ironically is the absolute furthest spot from the front door (which Hubs ended up taking off it's hinges, as well as taking the banister off the stairs). Finally got it down and the old one up (into the garage for now) and then Hubs had to put the one back together, then rework the plug, as apparently these industrial types are different. Unfortunately, it then blew the breaker so ... we'll need an electrician. We've talked about that before, wanting an actual plug (or a few) in the gym rather than running extension cords as we are currently. But I'm wondering when it will happen ... no treadmill time until then. I guess I'll have to re-up my elliptical. Meatball subs for dinner. #3 had to work, but I was able to get him one before he was off. It's a good easy-prep meal to dole out at different times (meatballs and sauce in the crock pot, just prep the bread and cheese when needed). The two littles ate with #3, Hubs and #1 later ... #2 had work in the evening too, and then we didn't see him until late as he went to play basketball and then slept over at a friend's house. Kept calories in check today ... also have tried going back on the wellbutrin, starting last night.

0808 (Tuesday) Weight 177.9. Steps 28668. Total Burn 3358. Exercise Burn 1400/1548 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1200. Nice to see the scale shift after a good day. It sure doesn't seem to take much to move it in the opposite direction! Up early again, enough to get in two full elliptical sessions first thing. Then Zumba with Marian ... with Marian. She was home from her cabin this weekend. Stats: 6659 steps. 2.9miles. 456/454 burn. AvHR116. High131. In zone 14 of the 63 minutes. Did some Zumba practice at home too, as well as weights and some reading/riding. Also hit the elliptical again, and got in my full hour. First time in a while ... but I guess it's just taking the place of the treadmill ... still out of commission. Controlled calories again!

0809 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 24747. Total Burn 2960. Exercise Burn 1100/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2550. Hit the elliptical twice (one was only 10min though) before heading out to Zumba.  Stats: 6230 steps. 2.72 miles. 428/420 burn. AvHR113. High133. In zone 23 of the 60 minutes. I rushed home after to quickly change my sweaty self and make it to a doctor's appointment for #4. This dang cold has been hanging on forever. Well, two weeks anyway. Still coughing, still stuffy. Right when he returned from the trip, he complained of ear pain a little, and that his ear wouldn't "pop" after the plane ride. His ears have still been bothering him, and he's having trouble hearing! Seriously, the other day he had the music on SO loud. When I came in and called to him ... no answer, as he couldn't hear me. So ... doctor visit. He does have an ear infection. Hopefully antibiotics will clear it up, and he'll get back to normal. I felt like I was translating for him at the doctor's office though, as they'd say something, and I'd have to repeat it right in his ear or make motions. They did a routine physical too, as it's been a while. His eyes are fine ... I stood behind him and watched the chart too, and I think I'm slightly better than he is (he got a couple wrong). I'm very grateful for my eyesight, especially as all my siblings, and Hubs now have glasses (at least part time). They gave us a paper prescription, so I figured we'd stop at Target, rather than Smiths. I didn't need any groceries and #4 would enjoy browsing there more while waiting. We bought him a new backpack for school too. #3 had work, but didn't have to borrow the Durango, as #2 had left this morning for a few days in St. George (w/his girlfriend's family, our family is heading down on Saturday ironically, they will try to meet up). #3 loves it when #2 is gone and he has a car for a few days! We need to get him something, as this juggling of schedules is hard, and I don't really want to have to drive him to/from school and work each day. Hubs has an idea about getting a new family car (that he would drive) and keeping his truck (#3 could drive it ... if he dares. I don't! It's massive!) We'll see what happens. Hubs headed home from work a little early, and we went to Market Street Grill (actually, the Oster Bar, as it was a little too early for the main restaurant) for a belated anniversary dinner. I'd probably like some of the fish dishes, but I'm always a little nervous to try something new ... especially at such expensive prices! I got the fish and chips ... but in truth I prefer Red Robin's version. We hadn't been home long when Hubs got a call about his mom. She'd taken a bad fall several weeks ago, ending up in the hospital with a brain bleed, and some symptoms were reoccurring. They did end up at the ER again, and she was admitted for the night. Hubs was there until after midnight.

0810 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 19180. Total Burn 2754. Exercise Burn 760/993 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up and off early to check in with his mom at the hospital. They were doing another CT scan to see if the new bleed was any worse from last night. There was no change. He was there for hours as they waited to consult with a neurosurgeon and options and whether it was safe to travel this weekend ... as there was the St. George trip planned (with extended family, and Maga insisted she was still going). One one hand, it IS a good way to force her to stay down and relax and have people with her all the time. At home, she'd probably want to go into work, not just rest in bed all day. The did check that if anything happened, the hospital down there would be able to handle it, so the trip is still on.  Poor Hubs though, the stress and lack of sleep is hard on him. He tried to go into work, but ended up coming home for a nap. Just to complicate things, he'd arranged for an in-ground trampoline to be installed in the backyard this morning. Equipment on a trailer had been brought over last night, coming just as he rushed out. We had the area staked, and utility lines are a complication, and without him home to even attempt to work things out, the installation had to be pushed back (although I wouldn't mind if it was cancelled altogether. Not sure where Hubs got the idea for the in-ground trampoline ... he didn't discuss it with the kids or me!) #1 had the day off, but had to call in sick yesterday, as he had no voice (so hard to work a telephone customer service job). All three boys were laying around coughing and sniffling. #5 had basketball games today too. He had a friend over in the morning (one who has moved away, but calls us whenever they are in the area to see if the boys can get together) and then I medicated him and dropped him off to catch a ride to the games. They are in Lehi ... 30+ minutes away without any traffic, at the Karl Malone Training Center, which I don't care for. Three courts so overpowering sound with all the competing whistles, yelling and squeaking shoes. Add to that, there is no space courtside ... there are a few chairs set up for spectators, but feet end up hanging over into the court. Add to that one game at 3:00 and another at 5:00 so total time gone with travel was five hours or more. I'm not up to that. I wasn't sure if #5 was up to it but he wanted to try, to support his team. He struggled during the first game though, coughing a lot, sitting out almost the entire second half. Felt a little better during the second game but did get hurt (one of #3's friends happened to be there, recognized him and texted #3 about it). He was fine, but I was anxiously awaiting his return home. Between stressing about him, sick kids, the tramp situation, the treadmill situation (no movement there), concern over my MIL and Hubs, not much sleep ...blah. I had gone to Zumba in the morning. Stats: 6813 steps. 3.01 miles. 443/451 burn. AvHR114. High130. In zone 13 of the 63 minutes. I managed 30 minutes on the elliptical, but had to push to finish.

0811 (Friday) Weight 179.2. Steps 27952. Total Burn 3290. Exercise Burn 1420/1453 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike, Ab/Core, Hula). Calories in 1900. Can't believe I kept calories in check today. #1 son brought home some donuts ... that's usually killer for me. I did have one, and probably would have had more, but HIS choices are not mine (apple fritter, maple bar, chocolate cake, flavored old fashioned, red velvet). One chocolate pershing at my request. A couple glazed, but they were gone pretty quick (the other boys, who also didn't care for his other choices). #1 had gone into work this morning, but come home. Still coughing a lot, and the attempted talking on the phone just made it worse. I was able to get in a couple sessions on the elliptical before hitting Zumba. I went to MZL, as I get a higher step count and such than Debbie's Friday class (I don't care for the toning). I enjoyed class. Stats: 7297 steps. 3.28 miles. 514/526 burn. AvHR120. High144. in zone 36 of the 65 minutes. The did the Beyonce "Move Your Body" where I sprint when it says "run to the left, run to the right" ... got my highest heart rate there! I had taken #2's Charger, as it had been parked behind the Durango. Had to get home quick, as #3 needed it to get to work. He had an 11-8 shift today.  I did several loads of laundry, so the boys would have their pick of clothes to pack for their upcoming trip to St. George. The two littles got packed up, and Hubs prepped when he got home from work. He spent some time attempting to clear some space on his phone, as he's almost out of room. I got in some additional elliptical and Zumba practice, and I hit the bike and did some ab/core.

0812 (Saturday) Weight 177.4. Steps 17858. Total Burn 2587. Exercise Burn 600/770 (30minElliptical, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 3000. Hubs had originally thought to leave around 10:00, but that didn't happen. They didn't get off until around 1:00, which was okay as they couldn't check into their house until 5:00. He sure had a busy morning though! Rearranging the vehicles (as the tramp situation isn't going to happen while he's gone. Glad to have the trailer back in it's spot, not in front of the house). He trimmed and edged, and cut down a scrub tree growing up through the lilac. He emptied the hot tub (it had been yucky and not usable, and #1 had wanted to use it) and got it cleaned and refilled, AND he fixed the electrical issue to get the treadmill up and running. Originally he said the job was beyond his skill level, but he did it. Had to turn off power to the whole house as he installed the new outlet, but it's done. Of course I had to give the treadmill a try, after several days of not being able to walk while I watch. Unfortunately ... I really don't like the new treadmill :(  It has big handles/arms, which everything I've read says you shouldn't hang onto anyway. They are totally in the way. I guess I swing my arms as I walk, and I kept banging my hand into it. I swear I'll have bruises and am going to have to change the way I walk. It also feels shorter, I got a little too close to the back end a couple times. I miss the one button change for incline and speed that my treadmill had. It was so nice to be able to switch it up with one button. When I'm running, it's so hard to even hit one button (to go back to walking) much less three or more with this one. Incline is even worse. I could just hit "10" to the incline would go all the way up on the old machine. Here ... that would take 20 button pushes. I'm a bit sad and discouraged. I sure hope Hubs really loves it. I didn't get to the treadmill until after Hubs and the boys hit the road. Things were just chaotic and crazy all morning. I managed one session on the elliptical, and another small one in the evening to hit a half hour. I had planned on weights today, and just wasn't sure I had the energy to make it happen, but I did. Eating was awful today though.

0813 (Sunday) Weight 177.7. Steps 22247. Total Burn 2690. Exercise Burn 1030/886 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.12mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2650. Home day (I didn't go anywhere) but not a rest day.  Hit the elliptical a few times. Treadmill twice. Also the bike. I'd thought I might mow the lawn, as I hadn't yesterday, but we were hit with hail. The guys in St. George had quite the storm last night, but now the weather looks lovely for the rest of their stay. #2 arrived back home in the afternoon. Still over eating today.

0814 (Monday) Weight 178.0. Steps 32564. Total Burn 3248. Exercise Burn 1465/1425 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.51milesTreadmill. Bike).  Calories in 2000. I hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba with Debbie. Hubs took the Durango, so I was driving #2's Charger. Class was good. Stats: 6109 steps. 2.78 miles. 370/404 burn. AvHR103. High131. In zone 5 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbed lettuce, bananas, cat food and a few other items. Got the groceries put away and did another session on the elliptical. #1 then took to the gym for a weight workout. I went out and mowed the front lawn. It was overcast, but the rain waited until later in the day. Treadmill time ... attempted intervals. Ugg. Hit the bike and a little Zumba practice. Set up the playlist for tomorrow. One more treadmill walk before bed to push me over 30k. First time in a while. Barely managed to keep calories at 2000. Quantity ... quality was still not good.

0815 (Tuesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 26726. Total Burn 2960. Exercise Burn 1340/1139 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.6mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1500. Blah. Not a good night for sleep. Argument issues/feeling sad/bad. #2 needed his car in the morning ... so I drove the beast (Hubs big truck). Just in the neighborhood. I don't think I'd trust myself with it out in traffic. Suzanne, Carma and Christa were all there to help.  Stats: 6753 steps. 2.95 miles. 464/458 burn. AvHR116. High144. In zone 20 of the 65 minutes. After class, I dropped off some zucchini (I'd posted to the neighborhood group to see if anyone wanted any, we have tons). I'd hit the elliptical once before class. Got in a session soon after, and one more before bed for my full hour today. Some treadmill time and bike. Should have done weights ... even started, then stopped, just didn't have it in me. Maybe tomorrow? Went in for a fill, it was overdue. Finished up a muvee.  Kept calories in check today. One the vacation end, the guys went to Vegas to see "Blue Man".

0816 (Wednesday) Weight 176.3. Steps 29134. Total Burn 3191. Exercise Burn 1350/1396 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.82mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1500. Slept better ... but :( I'd asked #2 if I could take his car(Charger) in the morning. While I was down on the elliptical, I heard him get up and leave and was sad, thinking for sure he hadn't remembered (I didn't think he was going anywhere). I wasn't sure if I'd dare take the truck to Zumba or if I'd have to miss. But ... he did remember and he took the truck. So I made it to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7612 steps. 3.41 miles. 450/429 burn. AvHR107. High131. In zone 9 of the 69 minutes.  Back at home, I got in some time on the treadmill. I tried some intervals again. Also hit the bike and weights. Hubs and the boys were heading home ... I was tracking them on "Find my Friends" and arrived just after 4:00, as Hubs had originally estimated. I tried to clean up a bit before they got home. The main vacuum is out of commission, but I at least got the hardwood floors done. Did my laundry, knowing I'd probably have several loads with the guys home from their trip. I should have planned a home cooked meal better. I made tacos and homemade oreos. Kept calories in check. Communication definitely kept in check.

0817 (Thursday) Weight 175.9. Steps 30268. Total Burn 3306. Exercise Burn 1450/1518 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.58mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1500. Bad night again. Might have to pull out the PJ. It's been a while. Hubs back to work. No KGB. I hit the elliptical for a session before heading to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7456 steps. 557/549 burn. AvHR127. High143. In zone 55 of the 65 minutes. Sometimes when I'm down, even Zumba can't snap me out of it. Other times, it's a literal lifesaver. Today was one of those days. I made a quick stop at Target on the way home. When #4 and I stopped their last week to pick up his prescription (which he was a good boy and remembered to take it while he was on vacation without me reminding him every morning and night) I'd grabbed a couple cargo shorts for #5. He liked them, but they were too big. I'd looked online and could get them shipped in the right size, so I'd done that. I meant to shop and grab some Ludens cough drops (#1 and #5 are still coughing a lot) but forgot. #3 was in the gym with a friend when I got home. When they were finally done, I hit the elliptical again, and then the treadmill. Got in bike and some ab/core later, as well as one more elliptical session. 30k day. #3 had work at 3:00, but I thought I'd need the car for #5's practice (it turns out they didn't have it tonight after all) so I dropped him off. I stopped at the Nike store, and grabbed a pair of Nike Free again. I have a pair that I like for Zumba and even for just wearing around. As I hate shoes, these feel the least like I'm wearing any? I need to find some in basic black though, my first pair are pink, and these are a bright blue. These are also a size larger than my norm, but the 8 felt too small. #3 was working till close, and I figured I wouldn't be up that late, so #1 and I drove over separately and dropped off a car for him. Hubs had asked us to grab some mealworms for the ducks, so we stopped at Petco quick on the way home. Got a few feeder fish too. The ducks weren't super cooperative. They did seem to like the mealworms but won't come too close. They seemed intimidated by the fish ... wouldn't even get in the pool. I did call it an early night.

0818 (Friday)Weight 174.5. Steps 33764. Total Burn 3240. Exercise Burn 1500/1430 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.2mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1500. Another morning. no contact. I got a session in on the elliptical and went to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6716 steps. 460 burn. AvHR119. High139. In zone 27 of the 65 minutes. Quick stop at Target on the way home to grab cough drops and Kleenex. #3 had friends over in the gym, I wasn't sure when they'd finish up (it was around 12:30, a little earlier than I expected). They stayed and played some ping pong. I hit the elliptical again, and treadmill and bike. #3 had work at 4:00. I'd need a car for one trip (#5's practice dropoff) but #1 said he'd do that, so #3 took the car. Hubs wasn't home until late. Black Friday. I'm not sure if I've ever felt worse.

0819 (Saturday) Weight 174.1. Steps 23293. Total Burn 2779. Exercise Burn 950/1003 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.16milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 0. So ... not a good night. But I did get an entire book read. Hubs left for work (He doesn't work weekend per se but does go in to catch up and get things done as needed).  I got in some exercise and mowed the lawn. Cleaned off a dusty shelf and made a DI run. Dropped #3 off at work, as I'd need the car. #5 had a basketball game, but he also had a bad blister. He'd pulled the skin off last night (that's a no-no) and it was really hurting him. I tried to bandage it up, but with a shoe on it was just too painful. He sat the bench and cheered his team on. Luckily, they didn't really need him today, an easy win (even with one of our other good players out with a concussion). Picked up #3 from work. Hubs brought out some orange chicken from the freezer, so that was dinner. He and I watched last Sunday's GOT. He'd already seen it but I hadn't. But now I have.

0820 (Sunday) Weight 170.7. Steps 29043. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1350/1183 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.11mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1550. Hubs got up and smoked bacon and made waffles. It had been a while since we had our Sunday Circles breakfast.  I pulled out some hashbrowns ... but they had gone bad. #2 was gone to a couple farewells, so he missed out. Hubs hit work again for a while. I got my exercise in ... quite a bit more than the usual Sunday stuff. Watched the latest GOT and then sleep.

0821 (Monday) Weight 170.9. Steps 20144. Total Burn 2534. Exercise Burn 869/772 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.6mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 800. I've been struggling with recent events. It has helped in the scale situation I guess ... down 7.1 pounds this week. I've escaped into exercise and felt a little too ill to eat. Sometimes Zumba can snap me out of a funk, or at least life my spirits temporarily ... other times, it's just not happening. I didn't have the energy and felt my emotions on edge. I thought I should probably sneak about before anyone asked if is I was okay. I didn't get out quite in time. There were tears. Stats: 5271 steps. 2.27 miles. 310/317 burn. AvHR97. High 132. In zone 2 of the 58 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home and grabbed more lettuce (for us and the ducks) and my prescription. I hadn't been sure if the doctor would authorize a refill without going in, but they did. Back at home I got in some additional exercise. It was the ECLIPSE today. Around 11:30 was when it would be most visible ... but of  course I hadn't planned to have the special glasses on hand. Not that my kids cared, but if I'd had them, I'm sure they would have looked and had it be a fun experience for them to remember. The next eclipse is in 2024 and Utah will be in the direct path. Tons of pictures posted about the eclipse! There have also been many pictures posted across FB about school starting up. #3 starts tomorrow, and the other three on Wednesday. We are fully represented this year ... elementary, middle school, high school and college.

0822 (Tuesday) Weight 170.1. Steps 32159. Total Burn 3069. Exercise Burn 1550 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.4milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1900. High school started today, so I was up at my usual "school schedule" waking, which is out of bed around 6:00. With the return to that routine, we'll see if I get back to my hour of elliptical first thing. One session at 6:00, one at 7:00 and one at 8:00, with getting kids up, breakfast and lunches, carpools, etc. in between. Today I managed two elliptical sessions, and then finished up the hour with two 10min ones later in the day. Dropped #3 at school ... hopefully we'll get him so wheels soon. It's crazy cars and kids all over in the morning! Zumba over at the church. I was so sad Suzanne wasn't there. She had said she was going to work as school started up, that today would be her last day, and then we didn't get that. I wasn't surprised Christa didn't make, although she had said she'd try. She and Marian were both stuck in the post-eclipse Idaho traffic. I was so grateful that Carma was there at least. I'd barely made it through Zumba yesterday and passed on leading any songs at all. Too hard to smile and put forth extra energy. I was doing better today, but still not sure I would have been up to leading the entire hour on my own. It was a small class anyway, just me, Carma and Mindy to start, then we had two others come in a little later. Not my usual high numbers when I'm leading. Stats: 5865 steps. 2.53 miles. 434/381 burn. AvHR115. High137. In zone 16 of the 62 minutes. Back at home I got in a couple treadmill times, Zumba practice and weights. Some bike before bed as well as my additional elliptical. Felt a little hungrier today, but still kept calories in check without too much trouble. Picked up #3 after school. Tomorrow I'll have carpool for all three youngest, which will keep me hopping. #5 had back to school night, which went really quick. Just checking in where his classroom is, where his desk is, sighing a few things. This is a big year at the school apparently, their 45th anniversary. With #5 being the "graduating" class they are being featured on a big board as you walk into the school (they took the pictures at the end of 5th grade). #5's is SO cute, his expression while balancing a basketball on his finger. We hurried home and he changed, as he had a basketball thing over at the high school. We're fine with the team he's on (Wolves). Neither he nor I really want to commit to two teams, but almost feel it's a necessary part of playing the politics of school ball (yes, even if he's only in 6th grade). He has enjoyed playing with his Grizzlies team, and actually playing at his grade level (the Wolves are a grade up for him) but there just aren't many kids his age (which is why we have him playing with the Wolves). So if they don't end up with a team we're both okay with that, although we really like some of the kids and would miss playing with them. It will be a bit stressful if they do make a team, trying to juggle schedules, hoping games and practices don't overlap, more $$ ... in fact they charged $40 just for this tryout, calling it a "camp" and making more into that, but I feel like that probably discourages some from trying out and is really just a money maker for the high school basketball. Still not sure where #3 stands, or where he even wants to stand. One of the other kids "quit" the team (not chosen yet, but announcing he's not going to tryout). He's one similar to my son, so that could actually increase #3's chances at making the team ... which he's not sure he wants. I'm torn on it too. I really love seeing him play, but all the other stuff stresses me out (having to help with concessions, dinners, lunches, banquets, fundraisers, etc.) So I guess whichever way it goes we'll just look at the positives and go from there. The camp tonight ran from 7:00-9:30 ... that's a little late for kids, the day before school starts no less ... it's a little late for Hubs and me! Hubs was down and out around 8:30 and I could feel myself dragging. #3 helped out by dropping #5 off (and apparently there was some paperwork, which he filled out) and picking him up. I wanted to check in with #5 about how it went, and how his blister was doing (I'd ordered some special blister band-aids and we'd put one on. It had healed some since Saturday too) but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I'll have to figure out something for tomorrow night. I'll have to do the 9:30 pickup, as #3 is working late ... and then I'll have to figure out how to get him home (someone pick-up, or we drop off a car) as we don't have an extra car for him to take.

Wednesday (0823) Weight 170.7. Steps 32062. Total Burn 3305. Exercise Burn 1250/1522 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.72milesTreadmill). Calories in 1700. Hubs was up and off fairly early, as is his norm (shortly before 6:00). It was close enough to when I would be getting up that I hadn't fallen back asleep, but was just laying in bed, phone still on silent from the night. #3 knocked on the door and came in saying "Dad is trying to call you" so I quickly called Hubs. He hadn't even gotten out of the neighborhood, having been struck with a Meniere's attack. Usually he can't even bear the thought of moving, but he also was so close to home, and didn't really want to be where people he knew would pass and see (him sitting in his truck, an episode can look similar to someone really drunk). I went and picked him up, bringing a bucket (in case he threw up) and a towel (as there is generally profuse sweating). Parked right next to him and we were able to move him to the Durango, and then home to bed (with a stop to throw up, although he had nothing in his stomach). Lights out, fan on ... and wait it out. I needed to get the high schooler and middle schooler off. We had to leave just a bit early as I was driving double this morning. Dropped off #3 ... it's so crazy crowded with kids and cars. After the high school stop, we went on to the middle school for #4. Then home, to wake up #5 and get him ready for his day. There was some odd quacking outside from the duck, odd enough that I went to investigate. Just one duck. I could hear the other (the male) and peeked over the fence, and he was in the neighbor's front yard. Not sure if he flew (he is a mallard and can fly, she is a different breed and cannot) or if he ducked under the fence. #5 helped me round him up and get him back in the backyard. Silly ducks! The backyard gate had been open this morning, and on Monday morning ... both ducks were in our front yard then. Glad no dogs were out. Got #5 off for his first day. Came home, and Hubs had recovered enough to head to work. I changed and went to Zumba. Stats: 6961 steps. 3.09 miles. 437/418 burn. AvHR110. High 131. In zone 8 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Maceys for groceries on the way home. They had some sales, nothing nutritious, but stuff the boys like. #2 was home when I got back. He could help bring in the groceries. Got everything put away and then got in some additional exercise. In the early afternoon, it was school pickup time. I grabbed #3 from the high school, dropped him home and then picked up the middle school carpool. Back to carpool. I generally have about 15 minutes after arriving home before I have to leave again to pick up elementary. Often I'd try to get in a quick 10min elliptical session ... today, duck round up. Again. Both ducks were out this time. They must have gone under the fence. Wrangled them back to the backyard. While I was there, I noticed something in the pool ... it was an egg. Did she lay an egg in the pool? I've heard of water births ... the first egg we've found. Just looked like a chicken egg. Duck eggs are supposed to be bigger, but it has to be hers I would think. Picked up #5 and got home just in time to drive #3 to work, as I would need the car and couldn't let him take it. Finally got around to mowing the lawn. I'd wanted to earlier, but it rained. Dropped #5 off at the high school at 7:00 for his second day of basketball camp/tryouts. Still had 20min on the elliptical needed to finish up my hour, so I did that. #1 said he was home for the evening, so he and I drove double to drop of his car to #3 at KFC so he'd be able to get home at closing. #2 said he'd pick up #5 from basketball at 9:30 ... so I was able to head to bed. I didn't think I was that tired, I'd been anticipating staying up for that final pickup. But as soon as I was in bed for just a bit attempting to read, my eyes were closing. It was a full day.

Thursday (0824) Weight 171.1. Steps 31510.  Total Burn 3303. Exercise Burn 1350/1699 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.68mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1250. Oops, had the alarm set for 6:45 instead of my usual school 5:45 ... generally I don't even need the alarm, as Hubs is up and off early, and as quiet as he tries to be, I wake up too. But he was still sleeping, and the alarm woke me up. It was still in time to get the kids off to school, but I was only able to fit in one session on the elliptical. Dropped kids off at high school and elementary, Mr. middle getting picked up by the carpool. Went to Zumba with MZL in Kearns. Stats: 6893 steps. 3.13 miles. 460/459 burn. AvHR122. High 142. In zone 37 of the 59 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Managed to spend much money $$. I think it was a bit of a workout pulling the groceries in the house, and then trucking them downstairs into the food storage room. Many trips up and down the stairs. Got in some treadmill time, bike and abs/core. Just haven't been feeling hungry lately, so keeping calories in check hasn't been hard ... although the scale hasn't reflected it. When I went to pick up #3 from school, I was stopped at the light as emergency vehicles came rushing by. Had to sit through a couple lights before everything reset. Made me a little late getting off to pick up #4 and the middle school carpool. As I headed down the street, there were all the emergency vehicles ... I was wondering if the street was blocked off, but they had cones set up for one small lane of traffic in each direction. I couldn't see exactly what was going on. As I picked up the kids, a recorded message came across the phone saying there had been a small plane crash and it could affect the schools as it was near the bus hub, and some power lines were out (I'd hit one intersection with the lights not working). When I picked up #5, he said he was out at recess and actually saw the plane going down, and then saw the "mushroom cloud" of smoke and debris as it hit the ground. All the kids had been hustled inside and the school brought in some crisis counselors if any of the kids were shaken up. #3 said he had been outside with his basketball class and they'd seen the smoke too. #5 should have had basketball skills practice, but his thigh was hurting him. Two and a half hours for the past two nights has taken its tole. Found another egg today, in with the herbs ...

Friday (0825) Weight 171.3. Steps 31257. Total Burn 3119. Exercise Burn 1487/1357 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.18milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2700. Late start at the middle and high schools. A bit tricky giving rides to both the high schooler and elementary boy, as their start times are similar. #3 has been good to let me pull into a neighborhood near the school and drop him to walk, rather than having to fight all the crazy cars and crowds. It worked out. #4 was getting picked up by the carpool, so I made it to Zumba. Stats: 7183 steps. 3.26 miles. 455/458 burn. AvHR114. High135. In zone 18 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Maceys again on the way home. They had a few weekend only specials, and #4 is desperate for some Coke-a-Cola. Had just a couple hours at home, not quite alone as #2 didn't have anything today and was around. Then, triple pickups after school starting with early out elementary. Hubs had gone to the lake with his work crew, so he wasn't home until late. Unlike the previous days of late, today I wanted to eat everything. And I did.Weight hasn't been budging anyway.

Saturday (0826) Weight 171.5. Steps 21787. Total Burn 2715. Exercise Burn 700/949 (40minElliptical, 40min/2.5milesTrack). Calories in 1600.  Technically I could sleep in ... but I couldn't sleep in. I was up fairly early. Did the usual morning stuff (feed the cats, feed the ducks, unload the dishwasher) and then hit the elliptical. Got in a second session a bit later ... but then didn't make it back down. Hubs and three of the boys went to the lake for wave running. #5 had a game at 2:30, but coach wanted everyone there a little early for warm up in the aux gym. I walked the track above for 40minutes before the game. We got the win, but it was tight there for a while. #5 still gets emotional when things aren't going perfectly for him. On the way home we stopped at Big5 to grab some socks for the birthday boys. Grabbed a pair of Nike shoes for #5 too. Also a quick stop at Reams for a cookies and cream ice cream cake (again, upcoming birthdays). I'd wanted to mow the lawn a bit earlier in the day, but we got a small rain shower, so I 'd put it off. It was nice as we got home, so I got the front and back done. Watered the plants. Made macaroni rosa for dinner, along with some chicken fettuccine alfredo for me and #5. I was dragging and so tired, hit the sheets early. Missed out on the homemade ice cream that Hubs made.

Sunday (0827) Weight 171.8. Steps 16369. Total Burn 2533. Exercise Burn 800/741 (60minElliptical, 30min/1.7milesTreadmill, Abs/Core). Calories in 2300. Slept in a little this morning. Hubs was up early though, getting the brisket on the smoker. He then went on a bike ride with a buddy. I made french toast for breakfast, with bacon and sausage. I forgot I'd picked up hashbrowns.  I fit in my full hour of elliptical today, and also some treadmill time. #5 had a birthday party. Hubs made more homemade ice cream ... right before dinner too! I got some today. Dinner was yummy, but so much meat. #2 and #3 had to work but got a bit before they left. Season finale of GOT.

Monday (0828) Weight 173.4. Steps 31297. Total Burn 3306. Exercise Burn 1485/1509 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.65mileTreadmill). Calories in 1800. I was awake at 4:00 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I was ready to get up when the alarm went off around 5:30. I beat Hubs! Fed the kitties then hit the elliptical, woke the kids and got the first couple off to school. #3 and #4 aren't taking much for lunch, and they are growing teenage boys! I can't quite fit in another elliptical before taking #3 to school, as I have to leave a bit earlier than I did when driving middle school carpool (and I didn't always get it in then) but I got a 10min session, and another 20min on before dropping #5 off to elementary. Then Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 6126 steps. 382/371 burn. AvHR104. In zone 6 of the 60 minutes. No store stop today, although I probably should have, as we ran out of 2% milk later in the day (I drink skim, so not really a problem for me, but the boys aren't too happy). Hit the treadmill twice, but before I know it it's time for afternoon pickups. Leaving at 2:30 for #3, drop him off and leave again to grab #4 and middle school carpool. I did do 10min after arriving home before heading out again for elementary pickup. I didn't need the car the rest of the day, so #3 took it to work. I'd asked #4 what he wanted for his birthday dinner. He said the fried chicken and yellow rice I make ... so I made that, even though we have oodles of leftovers. It always takes quite a bit longer than I think it will. I never made it back down to the gym. I'd hoped to hit the bike, maybe get in some ab/core work, but I still hit 30k for the day without any gym time past afternoon. Maga came over with a little cake for #4, and I'd picked up an ice-cream cake that is a favorite. So we had cake. Chatted outside watching the duckies. Found a HUGE egg this morning! Hubs took the first few and put them in the incubator ... we'll see if they hatch.

Tuesday (0829) Weight  173.4. Steps 31836. Total Burn 3274. Exercise Burn 1485/1509 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.72mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2300. Still so tired this morning, did not want to get up. But I did. Got in two elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school, then headed over to the church for Zumba. Marian is back. I was her only helper today. While I do enjoy leading and planning the playlist to get the songs I know and love, it's also nice to step back and let someone else be in charge. Marian had to head out to work, so I did the last 15 min. She'd been a bit discouraged at the start though, wondering if there were enough people coming to continue ... then we had a pretty full class with a few people showing up who hadn't been in a while. Stats today: 6615 steps. 2.93 miles. 478/455 burn. AvHR118, High 147. In zone 24 of the 62 minutes.
I had the house to myself for a bit, as both older boys had classes. I hit the treadmill and should have done weights, but I was dragging. The time just speeds by, and then it was time for pickups. #3 texted me that he didn't need a ride today, he could get one from a friend, but I didn't see it in time and was already there. His friends came over and they were in the gym for a couple hours after school. I did some Zumba practice, as I do that in my room, not the gym. Hubs called, needing some money moved around as he was buying a car today ... passing the truck onto #3 so he'll be able to drive himself around rather than needing my chauffeur services.  Then Hubs and #3 headed off to do a derby. Unfortunately there were complications with the computer, very frustrating for Hubs. He ended up going to a late movie with a friend. I went to bed, but did hit the bike before.

Wednesday (0830) Weight 172.1. Steps 33050. Total Burn 3351. Exercise Burn 1400/1588 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.56milesTreadmill). Calories in 1500. I was awake early and up before Hubs. Watching "42" for my movie while I exercise today. Got in 50min early elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Crazy cat screech from the backyard, but it wasn't out kitty and our ducks weren't in danger ...although I did have to retrieve Mr. Mallard from back by the trailer. Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7216 steps. 3.22 miles. 450/431 burn. AvHR112. High125. In zone 2 of the 65 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home, as we were out of 2% milk and I stocked up on a few other things during their case lot sale. Both big boys were home when I pulled up, and helped bring in the groceries. Nice! Usually I'm on my own for that. Got in two treadmill times and mowed the lawn before heading out for pickups. #3 was working today, but I needed the car ... so he drove the monster truck. I guess he needs to get used to it. Got in a weight workout and then #5 and I headed out for his game at Dimple Dell at 7:00. Our boys fell behind at the beginning, but came back and pulled ahead as the half finished up. The other team pulled ahead at the end though, and got the win. It was a good game though. No yelling, and I thought the other team had good sportsmanship. Multiple times they helped our boys up and checked if they were ok after they were down. #5 did good. Got the first basket of the game, and a couple three pointers in the first half. Then a crazy shot put up from behind the back, and a half-court buzzer beater to finish the game.  Would have been more fun if it was for the win, but always fun regardless. I'm actually okay not playing tomorrow night. Weeknight games can be tiring.I'm tired anyway!

Thursday (0831) Weight 170.1. Steps 28722. Total Burn 3153. Exercise Burn 1243/1369 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.64milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. I was up early again, again beating Hubs up. Unusual. Got in two elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. Watching "Now You See Me 2" ... not too impressed thus far. Before heading out to Zumba, I gathered some of our harvest. Several zucchini (some huge, oops), squash and a couple eggplant and brought them in a box to set out for anyone who wanted to take some. MZL often does things like that ... sharing food or clothes, passing things along to others. It seemed to get emptied out. I just hate having it go to waste! Stats: 6940 steps. 3.01 miles. 458/455 burn. AvHR113. High 129. In zone 7 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. Really all that couldn't wait was watermelon. I'm not sure if my duckies could survive without their watermelon! The credit card processing was down though as I went to check out. They could take cash or debit, neither of which I had on hand. The cashier said she thought the "scan and go" app was still working. I'd heard about it but hadn't ever got around to downloading and trying it ... but I did then, and it worked and I'll definitely be using that again in the future. So maybe their being down was a good thing, made me try something I wouldn't have otherwise. Got home and unloaded (unfortunately on my own, as the big boys were gone) and then discovered our Wifi was out. Spent some time troubleshooting, resetting the modem, etc. Called Xfinity and there had been a work order ... Hubs had put in a request for them to shift the cable line over, as he wanted to put an in-ground tramp in the yard, and the cable ran right through the selected spot. I could see where they had done some digging in the back ... not where we needed it though. After waiting a couple hours, it seems the workmen were not coming back, so I called again and went through a bunch of troubleshooting with the customer service representative, again attempting to reset the modem, cable box (the TV was out too) and we ultimately figured that something got screwed up outside. Unfortunately the soonest someone could come out was tomorrow morning. So all day without internet. We rely on it SO much! Luckily we have our phones so we aren't completely cut off ... can check email and FB. It completely derailed my exercise for the day though. I mean I still COULD have done some stuff. Zumba practice doesn't require wifi, nor does the stationary bike (as I read on my Kindle, not "needing" Netflix like I do with the elliptical or treadmill). But ... the wifi being out seemed to suck out all my energy too. With my recent switch to movies, I had been looking at DVDs from the library and happened to have a couple on hold. I left a little early for #3's pickup, stopped at the library along the way and grabbed my holds and a few more DVDs too. After picking up #3, then #4, then #5 ... I did make it down to the gym and started a movie "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" but didn't finish. I need to start a movie at the start of the day to get through it all. The kids were actually much better than I'd anticipated with the wifi out. They really didn't complain, although #2 said he couldn't do some of his homework, as it was online only.  It better be fixed tomorrow! And ... it was #3's birthday today! 17 years old. He said a bunch of kids sang to him in the halls at school today. I didn't have much in the way of gifts for him. He's a "water bottle" collector and we added a few to his collection. A new backpack, a little perpetual motion machine and some PB M&Ms. Maga came over with a little cake (as she'd done for #4 a few days ago). We had some left over cookies and cream ice cream cake too. Planning a family b-day dinner for tomorrow.

July 2017

0701 (Saturday) Weight 175.6. Steps 16628. Total Burn 2524. Exercise Burn 350/718 (Family 5K). Calories in 3250. Our family did a 5K years ago, and I'd always said I wanted to do another, but I'd never gotten around to it. #4 had expressed some interest, and I'd signed him and #1 up for a race earlier this Spring. A couple months ago, while perusing the utah5K page, I saw one advertised close to home, at the West Jordan park, inexpensive too, just $10 for the WHOLE family (including #2's girlfriend, who had "run in a 5k" on their "couple summer bucket list"). So ... I'd signed us all up, not sure if we'd all make it. I knew if even one person sat it out, I probably would too ... but everyone ended up going! We started up the center of the park, and then looped around three times. #3 ended up lapping me, and I'd just started my final lap when #5, #1 and #4 hit the finish line. I had my "5mph" playlist and had only stopped to walk a time or two, but still was last from our family. They were all waiting for me as I rounded the final corner, I had my own little entourage as I finished the race. #5 had taken first place in his age group (14 and under), with #4 coming in second, for the next age group (15-19) #3 took first, #2 took second and Kate took third (I done the registration, I could have sworn I'd checked the correct gender box). The 1st place overall winner was a 15-year old cross-country star from the high school, but placing there he wasn't in the age division. #1 took 2nd in the 20-30, with the first place going to a neighborhood buddy (whose older brother took 2nd overall). We got some cute pictures before the race, and then one with all our matching t-shirts after the race. We stopped to grab some Dunford donuts on the way home. When we buy donuts, I eat donuts ... go figure. Uber over on calories today. No additional exercise, but I did mow the lawn . Hubs did a Costco run, grabbing some meat to smoke tomorrow, and picked up some king crab legs to try tonight (his first time steaming them). We supplemented with some Popeyes. I wasn't feeling well, had a killer headache!

0702 (Sunday) Weight 177.6. Steps 13648. Total Burn 2338. Exercise Burn 537/528 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Definitely feeling yesterday's race in my legs today! Calves are so tight, quads tender too, as well as some upper body stiffness (from pumping arms while running?) Going down the stairs is an issue! I got one session on the elliptical in ... while getting down the stairs to the gym was difficult, it wasn't bad once I was on the machine. Hubs took off for a morning bike ride ... I did some Zumba practice. I didn't really go into it intending to do a full hour, but I did. Fairly low-key, with the body aches. Stats: 4838 steps. 2.09 miles. 369/280 burn. AvHR106, High134, in zone 2 of the 60 minutes. #3 made us waffles for breakfast. Hubs had a hankering to hit Park City, and ended up going solo, riding the tram up the mountain. Had a quick meeting at the house with some of the stake presidency with a calling for #3. Hubs had smoked roast for french dip, and smoked pork loin too, which is a new favorite of #2 and #3. I got some blog updates done (Zumba stats, June2017 and one on the family blog ... I'm SO behind there!)

0703 (Monday) Weight 176.9. Steps 19518. Total Burn 2510. Exercise Burn 650/686 (Zumba X2). Calories in 2200. Hubs bought some little salted caramel bon-bon candies at Costco on Saturday. There's no visible salt, and they aren't the absolute best ... but I can't stop eating them. They are so easy to down by the handful, even though just five are a serving. I don't think they agree with me ... some tummy trouble, but again, I can't seem to stop eating them! Had some for breakfast. Hubs was up and off early to hike Mount Olympus with a work buddy. It was a little more than he was anticipating, even though he's done it before. He said his legs were jelly coming down. He pretty much came home and crashed for most of the day. I was still feeling the 5K in my legs. At Zumba with Debbie, I was much more subdued. Stats: 5221 steps. 2.25 miles. 361/262 burn. AvHR99, High128, in zone 2 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbing a prescription and some groceries. While restocking the greens for the goose, I chatted with the produce guy and he gave me their trimmings (which ended up being three big bags of romaine lettuce). Nice! #3 wanted to play basketball, but his brothers weren't interested in taking him, so I did, doing another hour of Zumba practice. Stats: 5120 steps. 2.21 miles. Burn 404/274 (not sure why the ChargeHR came in high). AvHR110, High124, in zone 1 of the 61minutes. I was out back with the birds in the early afternoon (it was SO hot) when two of the ducks took off flying! I thought for sure they'd land in the neighbor's yard this time ... but they went beyond that even! I put on my shoes and went for a little walk around the neighborhood to see if I could find them. Down at the end of the street I heard a quack and saw one sitting on the sidewalk. I started to try and nudge it home, but we were several houses down. These ducks are flighty (literally!) and I could tell it would be hard ... easier with some help, so I headed home to enlist a couple of the kids. I heard another quack, and a bark, and looked back to see a dog going after the poor duck. She flew but he followed and I ran back to shoo him away (luckily he went, I'm afraid of dogs myself). I don't know if ducky was hurt or just overwhelmed with it all, but she was just sitting on the sidewalk and didn't resist at all when I went to pick her up. I was carrying her home when I came across the other duck, and I slowly managed to nudge her into our yard. Hubs and one of the boys noticed and came out to help. So all four ducks are back home. There is no obvious injury to the one duck, but she seems a bit traumatized by the adventure, just wanting to tuck her beak under her wing. Poor baby. Our backyard is quite sheltered compared to the big, wild world. Hubs and I rented "La La Land" and watched it, indulging in his yummy popcorn.

0704 (Tuesday) Weight 176.9. Steps 17324. Total Burn 2649. Exercise Burn 725/824 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. 4th of July! There was a neighborhood breakfast going on, originally scheduled at our neighborhood park, but apparently a neighboring neighborhood was using the park (same, neighborhood breakfast) so our neighborhood had to move it into a backyard. I wasn't really planning on going anyway (since becoming inactive, it does impact these social functions somewhat even though this was specifically a "neighborhood" breakfast, not a "church" one ... thus them not moving it to the church). My Zumba class was cancelled though, and I'd been excited to hit Heather's (my Tuesday backup) again, but she was offered a paid class at KOPFC ... I'm too cheap to pay and studios/centers are often too crowded for me. I need the space of the big church gyms. I figured I'd hit MZL. Their Tues/Thurs class is a little further North, but I've been to the building before and it's not a bad commute. They usually have huge classes, but it was quite small with the holiday. Still feeling a bit sore from the 5k, but was able to get good stats (probably helped being brought up on stage a couple times). Stats: 7023. 3.08 miles. 538/482 burn. AvHR121, High138, in zone 43 of the 65 minutes.  I was glad I went. Hubs had taken the three littles and went to Maga's house for a bit ... leaving the front door unlocked and the garage door open. We all went back later in the early evening for BBQ. I'd marinaded some chicken, and there were burgers and dogs, corn on the cob, and Maga's red/white&blue trifle for dessert. We'd taken two cars (even though #2 wasn't with us and we would have all fit in the Durango, Hubs had gone a little early with the truck) ... Hubs and I left first, and then #1 brought the other boys home a little later. SO many fireworks going off everywhere. The poor birds in the backyard were freaked out. Hubs and I sat out with them for a while.

0705 (Wednesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 27971. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 917/1177 (20minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2000. #1 had his day off Wednesday this week, which worked out as Hubs had made an appointment for #2's car at the Dodge dealership. His "check engine" light had come on (and off and on ... not consistent). We'd had a fiasco with that and a previous vehicle, so it's worrisome.  #2 had training for his new job, so he took #1's car. I was able to hit my Zumba. MZL has moved for a couple weeks as they redo the floors, so I was hitting an alternate. One out by Sunset Ridge, which I've gone to before, but it's been a long while. It's very common to have "first time syndrome" and not get the HR up, but I just wasn't clicking with any of the songs either. I hurried home, so that #3 could follow #1 as they dropped of the Charger at the dealer ... and of course the check engine light was NOT on as they arrived. There had been some mixup and we weren't on the books for an appointment, so the boys rescheduled and came home. Wasted morning and now it's still hanging overhead. #4 had mentioned wanting to go play basketball at the church. When the older boys got back, #4 and I could have sworn #1 said he would go ... I guess we misheard. I said I'd still be willing to take #4, but he doesn't really like going alone and was in tears. I told #5 to leave his computer game and come along with us, and then HE was in tears because he didn't particularly want to go and then even when he said he would, #4 was upset ... and having my littles upset made me upset and discouraged about this whole boring summer. It's so hard because none of the kids school friends live in our neighborhood. The three of us did end up going. I did some Zumba practice while they got in basketball practice. I got in a session on the elliptical too ... and an unexpected walk. I peeked out the window in the early evening to one duck quacking quite frantically. Not the norm. So I went out back ... just one duck, not four. There was an answering quack from the neighbor's backyard. One duck was there, but wasn't figuring out how to fly back. I recruited #3 to hop over the fence (neighbors had said that would be fine anytime we needed to) and grab her and hand her back. I walked the neighborhood after that, looking for the other two, wondering if I might find them, as I had on Monday when two flew. But no sign of them today. While I was out back ... girl goose took flight and did a slight curve while coming down, ending up on the wrong side of the big backyard cinderblock fence. Arrggg! I got a stool ( different neighbor, unattached neighborhood, this fence is much higher than the one the duck flew over) and hubs grabbed a ladder and we peeked over the fence and called to her and after ten minutes or so she finally flew back over into our yard. These birds be stressing me out! #2 had his final shift at KFC ... he's glad to be moving on (just as #3 is starting there). #1 ended up taking the two littles to an NBA summer league game down at the Huntsman Center.

0706 (Thursday) Weight 176.6. Total Burn 2884. Exercise Burn 1000/1073 (20minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2700. I was awake early, and I actually got up and hit the elliptical. I haven't been able to squeeze in an early elliptical even with 9:00 Zumba, and Thursday's class has an 8:30 start time! I've been enjoying MZL of late, and having gone to the different (Tues/Thurs) building this week, I was thinking maybe I'd go straight from the early Zumba class w/Corianne to MZL's, which starts a little late, around 9:20. And I did. I just wasn't getting the HR up at all in the first class. The instructor has a ton of energy (I'm sure HER'S is up) but I don't know all the songs that well, some are a little more flowy, with a longer warm up/cool down ... and then the KIDS. Crazy running all over is very distracting, and it's hard to feel like you can move freely when you are having to watch your step so you don't crash into a kid running across the floor. Stats: 3905 steps. 1.68 miles. 250/178 burn. AvHR96, High116, didn't get into the cardio zone any of the 40 minutes. MZL ... that was another story! HR up! 6902 steps. 3.1 miles. 526/446 burn. AvHR125, High165, in zone 34 of the 65 minutes (it had started, but I still got my full hour in). This one is a bit more crowded than the Wednesday class, as on Wednesdays they offer two locations. I like being at the side, where I can run grab a drink easily ... but then so does almost everyone. I ended up right in the center today, but that was fine too. But there had been a workman out front as I arrived, and I wonder if they were fixing the A/C or something, as there was none in the gym today! They usually have big fans blowing air at this location, but they weren't working either. So it was hot!  Headed home - looked like a bad accident on 7800 at the Walmart exit. Despite my productive morning, I didn't get much done the rest of the day. The boys (#1, #3, #4 and #5) packed up and hit Classic Waterpark for the afternoon. I had a $20 coupon for entry for four plus a pizza and pop. They said that's about all it was worth. It only has four slides, so nothing like the bigger waterparks. There is usually a couple big inflatables, but there was a problem with them today, not that those would have made much difference really. But it was fine for a small outing for the day. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. My car was blocked in, and rather than rearranging, I just asked #2 to do the drop-off. It took him a bit to get back with traffic ... a bad accident on 7800 at the Walmart exit. Not the same one as this morning, but not good to have two bad ones in the same spot in a single day! I handled pickup, bringing some Snickerdoodles for coach and our ride helper. A little frustrated with the cookies though, seems like the first time or two they really turned out good, and they I've struggled a bit. Today, they tasted fine, but ascetically, they really varied. From thick, to super flat, to weird edges. Goose girl flew over the wall again today ... came back. Flew again in the evening, and ended up sitting on the wall for a while. Hubs and I were in the backyard when a duck flew over quacking, calling to the two remaining ducks (who were answering back). The duck landed on our neighbor's roof, and we wondered if she'd come back and land in the yard. She flew, overshooting it, landing in our other neighbor's yard ... and as Hubs and I got a better look, we realized she was NOT one of our two that flew off last night. Our ducks this year are not distinctive like last year's mallard mutation (we could always tell ours from the wild ones) but still, we could see this one was slightly bigger, and lighter in color. Very interesting to have her fly so close ... I mean we did have that duck couple come every day last year, but it isn't that usual. I then walked into the front to turn off the sprinklers when ... there was a duck. This time, it WAS one of ours! I nudged it into the backyard, where it had a joyful and noisy reunion with the other two ducks. I wonder if they tell each other of their adventures. I wonder how her day went ... and if the other duck is surviving too. I keep glancing at the canal ... but the canal is disgusting this year! We've lived here for 20 years, and I know the water level changes depending on weather and water pulls, but I've never seen it this low this early. So much mucky moss/toxic algae. There are very few ducks there this year.

0707 (Friday) Weight 177.3. Steps 21719. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 600/1074 (20minElliptical, Zumba+, Weights). Calories in 2700. Zumba with Debbie to start the day. I had remembered it would be a weights day at one point, but didn't prep and bring the weights up to remind me. I forgot them. Stats: 5720 Steps. 2.47 miles. 397/363 burn. AvHR108. High138. In zone 6 of the 63 minutes. I should have stopped at Smiths on the way home for some groceries, but I hadn't prepped the list and wasn't sure what all was needed. I got in one session on the elliptical, some additional Zumba, and a weights workout. #1 was leaving to go to a work activity (the new Spiderman movie, taking Ana's two boys) about the time #5 needed to be dropped off for his practice, so that saved me a trip out. Hubs and I ended up watching an episode of House of Cards, and he made his popcorn ... so over in calories obviously.  I'd also made Mac&Cheese (added to the overage) ... not even knowing that it was National Macaroni and Cheese day! #3 went on a cleaning spree, doing the kitchen and the bathroom. Sometimes those OCD tendencies come in handy!

0708 (Saturday) Weight 177.3. Steps 21768. Total Burn 2678. Exercise Burn 600/851 (Zumba+). Calories in 2700. Hubs wanted to go up to the lake today ... so they did. #1 had to work, but met up with them afterward, driving separately. I did a quick stop at the store early to grab the needed groceries and some treats for the little beach trip. #2 didn't go either, as he was working in the morning, and then had tickets to "Slide the City" with his girlfriend. I felt my day home alone was still fairly productive. I did an hour of Zumba, and then a little extra throughout the day. I also got the lawn mowed and did some yard work.  Treats were a temptation, as I pulled some out for the guys and some got left ... and I pulled out some others as I put away some. No sign of the other ducks, but the canal water is back up to normal level. A storm seemed to set in for the evening, blowing wind and some thunder and lightening.

0709 (Sunday) Weight 178.7. Steps 12476. Total Burn 2343. Exercise Burn 150/524 (ZumbaP). Calories in 2500. Love sleeping in ... even though I get to every day with the summer, it's easier when Hubs does too. He was still up and off fairly early, going on a bike ride. He smoked us up some bacon when he got back, and I made pancakes. The older two boys had earlier meetings though, so it wasn't a full family breakfast. #3 also hasn't been feeling well for a few days. Not really sick ever, but moments of fever and chills, cough ... and then he'll be fine. Keeping an eye on him. Hubs took the Durango in for a needed oil change and also got it registered, even though it didn't expire until the end of August. Always nice to have that done. He ran some additional errands, and checked on his mom, and her yard. She's having her patio torn out (flagstones with thyme) for a cement pad. I had Hubs grab some of the flagstones for me, as I've needed some sort of walkway to the shed. Currently, I'll balance on a board (with nails in it) to get across the dirt and mud. When he got home with them, I moved them to the backyard and prepped the dirt and got them placed and am pretty pleased with the result. I could maybe use a couple more. I re-positioned some stepping stones in the other garden (where I needed to step to reach the birdfeeder) and did some weeding. I was a pretty sweaty mess. A little funny I saw the other day said "Why is it called Boob-Sweat, it should be called Humidititties" ... ha ha. I got showered up, then made macaroni rosa for dinner. We introduced the boys to "Flight of the Conchords" which, while an HBO show, isn't really any worse than Friends, HIMYM or IT Crowd. There was a lot of laughter. I made homemade Oreos too.

0710 (Monday) Weight 179.1. Steps 23249. Total Burn 2859. Exercise Burn 900/1033 (20minElliptical, Zumba+) Calories in 2200. Started the day off with Zumba. Debbie in Daybreak today. I forgot seeing a sign that the road (I go on) would be closed, so I had to detour and wasn't positive I was going to be able to find my way, but I did. Good class. Stats: 6345 steps. 2.71 miles. 395/410 burn. AvHR107. High125. In zone just 1 minute of the 63. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, as the boys had burned through most of the bananas, I should have picked up wheat bread on my last trip, and we were low on 2%. Had a few free coupons. I can never decide which I prefer, the physical coupons ... which I can have in hand to remember to pick things up, pending I remember the actual paper coupons - or the digital coupons, which are automatically on my card, but then I forget what is there and end up wasting things. There is a road closure sign in front of the entrance/exit there, I'm not sure if it's just that small stretch between Old Bingham and 90th, but that will sure be an inconvenience too! Closed for a couple weeks. Take a detour ... of course EVERYTHING else is under construction too! Back at home, #4 went to jump on the tramp, flapping his arms at girl goose ... and she flew. Just into the front yard, and we were able to get her back. I prepped the pools, food and dug some worms. He is on "Remi duty" today and tomorrow ... taking out the neighbor's dog for a mid-day play and potty break. I got in one session on the elliptical and did some Zumba practice. #1 and #3 ran #2's car to the dealership so they could check out the "check engine" light ... which was NOT on at the moment. Hubs was going to the lake with a work buddy and his boys, so he wouldn't be home until late. #1 had school, and #3 had some training at KFC. I had to drop him off, as we didn't have enough cars to go around, and I wasn't sure how he'd get home if he wasn't done before I had to leave, taking #5 to his first summer basketball game. We got notified that the Charger was ready, so I dropped #2 off to pick it up. We hit a little rush hour traffic on the way back, but at least then he was around, with a vehicle, to pick up #3 later. #5 and I were off to his game, at Dimple Dell. They had the main court divided into two smaller ones, which actually makes filming it a bit better. I did a bit of walking (there is a track above) before the game started. The first half was quite tight, score staying close, with us behind by two ... some confusion and contention as to the actual score too, as some parents said the ref had called a three pointer twice, but the scorekeeper only added two. It didn't matter, as the boys came out of the half roaring, and built quite a lead, and keeping the other team unable to get a basket for quite a bit. First game was a win. As we got home, I peeked out back and ... no goose. Not really a big surprise, but I am still sad, and of course peeked over all the fences and did a walk around the neighborhood. It was already pretty dark though. I hope she's okay. Poor ducky is all alone now.

0711 (Tuesday) Weight 178.1. Steps 24398. Total Burn 2993. Exercise Burn 1000/1189 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Weights). Calories in 1800. Today was my first time subbing in Marian's Zumba class. I'd prepped the playlist, with Suzanne and Carma helping out. I thought it went well. It's fun to be able to choose the songs I like and know, and being up front always adds a little energy. Stats: 6496 steps. 2.86 miles. 522/447 burn. AvHR127. High151. In zone 49 of the 63 minutes. I still ended up doing additional Zumba at home too. I also got in some elliptical and did weights. Threw in some hula, ping pong and mowed the front lawn. I finished up a blog post and made the highlight video from last night's game.  #1 and #4 went to play some basketball. Hubs came home from work a little early, feeling very tired and got in a little nap.

0712 (Wednesday) Weight 177.1. Steps 25787. Total Burn 3059. Exercise Burn 1100/1233 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. With the MZL church still out of commission (redoing the floors) I decided to hit Draper/Southziders today. It was fun to see some friends again, and do some songs that only they do. Stats: 5926 steps. 2.68 miles. 419/440 burn. AvHR115. High142. In zone 19 of the 63 minutes. On the way home I stopped at Big5 and used my $10 off $30 purchase on a couple shoes for me. #1 took #4 to the church to play basketball. We had some bananas going bad, so I made banana bread and muffins ... and ate too many. No return of goose or duck, so I finished up cleaning the backyard. The big pool in the very back still has water, just in case someone comes back, but I emptied the little pool and the several small containers, packed away the food and lights, and "comfort joe" and then made sure I still watered all my plants. Without having the birds back there, I need to remember the garden still requires some attention. Hubs went with some work buddies for a mountain race in the evening. 3.5 miles, a lot of elevation.

0713 (Thursday) Weight 177.8. Steps 23415. Total Burn 2870. Exercise Burn 975/1061 (30minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2500. Double Zumba day. Start off at 8:30 with Coriann. I don't get the full class, about 40minutes, as I sneak out early to head over to MZL. I was feeling so tired though, a little harder to get into it this week, although the HR still seemed to be up (erroneously!) Quite crowded today! Stats: 6598 steps. 2.91 miles. 511/396 burn. AvHR126. High173. In zone 40 of the 63 minutes. #1 and the boys went over to the church for some basketball. I went to Maceys to stock up on groceries. We were completely out of eggs and bananas and low on milk and bread. They had Hostess treats on sale, so I grabbed some Ding Dongs and Zingers ... #1 ate half the box in about five minutes! Now that I had eggs, I made chocolate chip cookies too. They turned out okay. Good enough I took some to drop off to coach and carpool at #5's basketball practice today. Hubs had done a hike with work buddies and said it wore him out again.

0714 (Friday) Weight 177.8. Steps 20249. Total Burn 2643. Exercise Burn 810/822 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. Up early enough to get in a session on the elliptical early. Then Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 4566 steps. 1.97 miles. 303/302 burn. AvHR100. High128. Didn't get into cardio zone any of the 57 minutes.  I've been debating taking #3 into the doctor. He's had this lingering cough for a while now. Not "sick" sick, although at times he's seemed extra tired, here and there he would seem to have chills/fever ... but then he'd be fine and go waverunning and friends, etc. #1 took the littles bowling. He had a great game, got a turkey (and then another strike), scoring 174, his high. I said they could order pizza. I got in a little extra Zumba, and hit the treadmill for a bit. I really meant to do weights, and some reading/riding, but then that didn't happen. Dropped #5 off for practice. It's nice that our carpool brings him home. I was able to take a shower and change into jammies early. Hubs and I finished up the latest season of "House of Cards".

0715 (Saturday) Weight 178.3. Steps 13669. Total Burn 2349. Exercise Burn 350/516 (20minElliptical, ZumbaP). Calories in 3200. Hubs wanted to hit the lake, and all the boys were free, and Cal was taking Kate too. They packed up and were off. After they left, I thought about it and I should have gone too. With ALL the family there, already taking two cars ... but I was too late. I do enjoy my alone time too, but I will be getting quite a bit of that when the guys take off to Seattle. I got in a little exercise, some cleaning, mowed the lawn ... and make coconut goodies. Ate coconut goodies. Cal's car pulled in about 3:30. They brought home Keaton, who had to be at work at 4:00. He got a quick shower and then I dropped him off, as I'd need the car later. #5 had a game at 7:00. They won. When I got back, #1 and I drove over to KFC (separate cars) to leave the Durango for #3 to drive home when he was done at closing.

0716 (Sunday) Weight 179.5. Steps 12001. Total Burn 2328. Exercise Burn 350/655 (20minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2700. Hubs got up and started the pulled pork on the smoker. We were having a family party today, and we were bringing the meat. He then went on a bike ride ... and so did I. His was on a trail in Draper and mine was down in the stationary bike. I got in one session on the elliptical too, and a bit of Zumba practice. We packed everything up and headed out to my folks. My brother's family was in town from California, and my older brother was out of the hospital, after spending two weeks there (operation on his colon, then complications). We left half the pork plain, for people to add bbq sauce or just eat that way, and turned the rest into tacos. Had a nice visit with everyone and home again home again, jiggity jig.
0717 (Monday) Weight 179.5. Steps 25242. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1089/1210 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2100. Started the day with Debbie in Daybreak. Last Friday, she did a "hula hoop" song I I half-jokingly asked if we should bring our hula hoops next time, and she said to do it. So we did. I had three to bring, my heavy, exercise one, and two bigger kid ones (one small kid one while I didn't bother to bring as it's impossible, and a little bent). With everyone bringing them, there were enough for everyone. We used them for a few songs and it was fun. Stats: 5642 steps. 2.47 miles. 387/367 burn. AvHR106. High133. In zone 1 of the 65 minutes. Back at home, #4 was discouraged as the basketball hoop out front broke a bit. The hoop is now hanging down a bit. I think Hubs may be able to fix it ... if he ever has the time. He's going straight from work to the lake again today. I had a decent day, getting a few things done around the house (laundry, dishes, vacuuming ... required after #5 dropped a glass dish that shattered everywhere. Got a little sliver in my foot, ouch). Outside I did some watering and weeding and finally gave up on my birds coming back and emptied out the bigger pool. I tried transplanting a couple things that were struggling, probably won't work this late in the season (and how far gone they already were) but worth a try. I got in some elliptical, bike and Zumba practice. #3 had work and I let him take the Durango. I was craving chicken soup (go figure!) so I borrowed #2's Charger (he was asleep and not going anywhere) and did some shopping. I had chicken frozen but figured it would be easier to grab some ready to bake ... it was just $2.99 a pound, and I hate to pay that much when it's almost always less, even not on sale. I ended up grabbing some from the butcher's block. It actually looked cheaper there, but I didn't realize until I got home, it had a fishy smell. Maybe from being under the glass with other items? It was pretty slight, and no one else commented on it, but it spoiled it a bit for me. I think it was okay once it was in the soup. It turned dark outside as a storm rolled in. We got hail and then pounding rain. #4 did comment he didn't like it ... but nothing like his extreme anxiety in the past that would have had him cowering under the covers downstairs with his headphones on. Unfortunately, the storm rolled in up at the lake where Hubs and friends were with the waverunners. He said they were pretty much done anyway. Happily, they had been able to get Roxy (one of the waverunners) working again, it had some trouble on Saturday and he him worried. 

0718 (Tuesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 20767. Total Burn 2910. Exercise Burn 850/1096 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2200. I generally don't sleep through Hubs getting up and off to work, but I usually stay in bed for a while after. This morning though, he couldn't find his keys, and I got up to help look. No luck though, even though we looked everywhere! He had a spare, and ended up just using that to go ahead and get to work. We looked for the keys all day, but it wasn't until Hubs was home in the evening that he remembered. Bringing in some stuff last night, he'd stuck them in his shoe and even thought "I'm going to forget I put these here" ... but I'm glad that mystery got solved anyway!  As I was up a little earlier than my summer usual, I went ahead and got in a session on the elliptical. Zumba was up next, week two of me subbing. I'd mentioned to my sister and SIL (both in from out of town) that they could come out to the class if they wanted ... and they did. So that was fun. Good stats, HR up. 6574 steps. 2.89 miles. 575/470 burn. AvHR133, High166, in zone 53 of the 65 minutes. I'd had #3 drop me off (as he wanted to borrow the Durango and go play basketball with buddies. I can walk, but carrying the bag with the speaker hookup and such gets a little heavy. My SIL gave me a ride home after). Back at home, the energy was still flowing, so I did a weights workout. My mom mentioned my youngest brother was bringing his girls out to play with their cousins, so I packed up my three boys and headed out too. We went over to the neighborhood pool and had it all to ourselves. After spending a couple hours there, I took my boys to get something to eat (okay, partial bribe). My brothers had been discussing JCWs and #3 said it sounded so good, so we went. I sent a text to #1 (who'd stayed to work on homework) and #2 (just off work) and they drove out and joined us. We were less than impressed with JCWs though. Asked for the kids bacon burgers plain, no mayo, onions or tomato ... and still got all three. #1 didn't care for his pina colada shake, and #3, after ordering chili cheese fries commented "hmmm, I must have been thinking of something else" ... all this for $40! We headed to South Towne Expo center and met up with my brother and sister and their families. #5 had been here a few weeks ago for a basketball tournament. All the courts were gone, and floats, for the upcoming "Days of 47 Parade" were inside where we could examine them close up in air conditioned comfort. My boys still just rushed through, but we got a few family photos before leaving ... although #4 refused to smile for pictures and looked like he was absolutely miserable (even though he really wasn't that ornery for anything but posing for pictures). We hit a bit of rush hour traffic on the way home. Hubs was home late, having gone to a movie with work buds (Wonder Woman). 

0719 (Wednesday) Weight 177.6. Steps 21615. Total Burn 2807. Exercise Burn 845/1161 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2500. Got in my early elliptical again, but only because MZL was back at the West Jordan building and I didn't have to leave the house until after 9:00. I had a hard time getting my HR up though, even after going up and doing a number. My enjoyment improved for the second half, even if stats didn't. 6816 steps. 2.99 miles. 432/438 burn. AvHR110. High134. In zone 9 of the 68 minutes. Had a couple hours at home, and then I headed North to meet up with my mom, sister and SIL (different one, in town one but still we don't get together that often!) at Red Robin for a ladies lunch. Chatted and ate. Got home in plenty of time to turn the car over to #3, heading into work at KFC at 4:00. The boys have been doing some packing, I and did some last minute loads of laundry.  Hit the gym again for a little elliptical and session on the bike, and got the front lawn mowed. 

0720 (Thursday) Weight 179.9. Steps 25646. Total Burn 2885. Exercise Burn 1000/1046 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2700. Alarm set for 4:45, as Hubs and the boys were leaving for Seattle. First time flying for the two littles. Hubs was able to get an XL Uber, needed for the six passengers and the luggage (even though the boys managed to squeeze their things into carryons, no checked luggage). And they were off ... I didn't bother attempting to go back to bed, but started in on my cleaning. With everyone gone, the house would actually STAY clean. I kept an eye on the guys using the Find my Friends app too, and Hubs checked in. They took off on time (7:30) and landed about 9:30, just as I was finishing up Zumba. I'd gone to Coriann's class, and didn't take off early today ... didn't think I had it in me for back-to-back ones this morning. Stats: 4953 steps. 2.14 miles. 311/258 burn. AvHR101. High132. In zone 1 of the 58 minutes. I'm thinking I'll probably just plan on hitting the MZL Thursday from now on. I just haven't been able to click with this class, not sure why. I guess so many of the songs/steps just aren't quite my style. While the kids weren't as crazy today, that is always a distraction, and while the instructor is really good, she tends to move to the middle of the floor ... behind me! I can't see her or the steps and I haven't been going long enough to know them (although many of the ladies there do). Maybe I'll still hit it from time to time. Another reason I didn't go on to the other class, was I was a little afraid I'd run out of gas. Hubs had taken the car out last night, and now I was almost on empty. I've run out of gas once already in this car and that was not any fun! I didn't have time to stop on the way to Zumba (I didn't know it was empty to allow extra time) but stopped on the way home. Then ... empty house. I continued with my cleaning, got in some additional exercise. It did feel a little lonely, and there was some eating. No one around to judge. Hubs and the boys were good sending pictures and updates. I can enjoy a vacation vicariously. I was tired with the early morning, so I got in a nap as well (so did the boys, at the hotel). I'd started a movie while down on the treadmill, and decided to finish it upstairs rather than waiting until tomorrow (during additional exercise). "Room" ... it was good. Hubs checked in with a call, and then to bed. 

0721 (Friday) Weight 179.2. Steps 21355. Total Burn 2726. Exercise Burn 935/896 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Didn't get up early enough to get in any elliptical before heading out to Zumba. Off to Daybreak today, Debbie was at girl's camp and asked Carma and I to cover class. It was small, just a few people, but that doesn't bother me. 6275 steps. 2.71 miles. 489/430 burn. AvHR124. High146. In zone 44 of the 61 minutes. On the way home, I stopped at the dollar store and Walmart. Stocked up on shampoo for the guys, liquid dishsoap and toothbrushes (my main $ store stuff) and saw they already had the 2018 calendars in stock. I grabbed a few (I always have several up everywhere) ... now just to put them somewhere and not forget where for six months! Grabbed some bananas and grapes at Walmart. Would have picked up some caramel M&Ms, but they were out. Probably a good thing. I spent some time in the sun tanning my lower half. The top is pretty brown, as I wear a tank while I mow and do yardwork. I can't stand to lay out completely anyway ... too hot. But keeping the top half in the shade, I can even myself out a bit. I get some reading in too. I didn't get any extra Zumba in, but did do some elliptical and treadmill time. I'd planned on weights, but that didn't happen. I was watching "The Girl With All The Gifts" ... I'd read the book a few months ago and quite liked it. I hadn't heard it had been made into a movie, but then again, I'm really out of the movie loop. It had Glenn Close in it, although no other names I really recognized. I didn't finish, but also didn't feel compelled to finish (as I had with "Room" last night) ... perhaps because of the book, I already know how it ends, and I'm NOT caring for this movie representation much at all.

0722 (Saturday) Weight 178.2. Steps 26288. Total Burn 2963. Exercise Burn 979/1132 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2700. Yesterday I pondered what I should do in the early hours. Mow the lawn before it gets too hot? Get in my weights workout? I wanedt to be sure any soreness is gone by the time I teach on Tuesday. I ended up hitting the elliptical first thing, then I went out to water and weed. I even tried working with the weedwhacker ... I'm still new at that, but it went okay. I need more lessons. My mowing got interrupted a bit as the battery ran down and I had to recharge it. Still, I LOVE the electric mower. So much easier to start than the gas one, and no messy, smelly gas to refill. Did the full yard. The back was a little long. I've tried to water it a bit more. Down to the gym for some treadmill time ... finished up the movie I started yesterday. I'd been craving my mint brownies, so I made them. I got hit with the sleepies ... so I took a nap. I prepped the playlist for Tuesday and figured I'd practice a bit ... and ended up doing a full hour of Zumba. 6099 steps. 2.63 miles. 433/381 burn. AvHR115. High139. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. Not bad stats for practicing in the bedroom. I then went down and did a workout with weights. Finished up my 1/2hour of elliptical (10min, after the 20 this morning) and did some reading/riding before bed. Checked in with the family. They went to Lake Heron and rented paddleboards and kayaks today. Oh ... and it's 25 years for Hubs and I. 

0723 (Sunday) Weight 180.5. Steps 19191. Total Burn 2601. Exercise Burn 980/771 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, 30min/1.7milesTreadmill). Calories in 2150. Uggg ... 180s again. As for steps, I should have done a few more to hit 20k, but oh well. I did get in my hour of elliptical. Two 20min sessions, two 10min ones. Watching "Rogue One" which I didn't see in theaters. "A New Hope" was actually the last movie I went to, back in  2015. I prefer watching in bed ... laying down, with subtitles, the ability to pause if needed, and Hub's perfect popcorn. I can wait for whatever I want to watch. I'm not really a Star Wars fan anyway. I didn't quite finish it up ... I will tomorrow.

0724 (Monday) Weight 180.1. Steps 23603. Total Burn 2765. Exercise Burn 1185/1074 (30minEliptical, Zumba+30, 30min/1.59milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1700. It's Pioneer Day. Debbie did cancel the Daybreak class, so I decided to hit Southziders. There was quite a crew there for it being a holiday. It's fun to go back and see the friends there, and I like the songs/steps. No Strong today. Stats: 6545 steps. 2.9 miles. 467/454 burn. AvHR115. High148. In zone 26 of the 64 minutes. While it is a longer drive, it's okay when I'm alone and can listen to my audiobook. I'd done one session on the elliptical in the morning, and another 10 to hit my half hour. That was exactly what I needed to finish up yesterday's movie too. The sun was spotty, but the weather looks worse the next few days. With no boys around, I've been trying to catch a little sun actually wearing a bathing suit. Getting a little color on my middle too. Actually got a little TOO much, especially as it hasn't really seen the sun. I got in some treadmill time, and some Zumba practice, finalizing the playlist for tomorrow and getting the ipad synced up and ready. Finished the day with a little reading/riding. Between getting audio in, reading in the sun, on the bike, and in bed ... I've been getting through the books! Did some updates on GoodReads, and also got my Monday blog post up. Hubs checked in ... he and the boys packed up and headed from Seattle across the border to Canada. Renting a cabin with his brother's family and some friends. Mostly travel and getting settled today. 

0725 (Tuesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 21987. Total Burn 2816. Exercise Burn 1000/967 (30minElliptical, Zumba+15, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 2800. Marian's Zumba class this morning ... which means ME. Sub for summer. I have Carma and Suzanne to help. Small class today, and I didn't get the HR up like last week. Stats: 6572 steps. 2.89 miles. 412/422 burn. AvHR111. High138. In zone 9 of the 60 minutes.  Back at home I got in some elliptical, some Zumba practice, treadmill, weights ... didn't get to the bike though. I was doing some cleaning when my MIL called to see if I wanted to go out to dinner. She knows I'm home alone. So we ended up going out to Johnny Carinos. It's nice and close. Not busy, but I think they were understaffed! We were there waiting as we walked in, and didn't even see a hostess for about 10 minutes. Got seated and ordered. They have great mozzarella cheese sticks, and then of course chicken alfredo for me. The menu (and online) had calorie counts listed, but I think they were conservative! Nice if true, but just didn't seem quite possible/logical. Brought home half my meal. My MIL, while starving when we got there, between the bread, salad and cheese sticks was pretty full before her actual meal came. Hubs and the boys had been checking in today. Hubs and the older boys had gone out (I guess the littles didn't want to go, stayed at the chalet with the other family). Had ice cream, rode some bikes. I didn't get a ton of pictures today. As the end of the month is coming, I got the bills paid. Tried NOT to peek at some of the trip costs. Ouch $$! On another funny note, Hubs forgot to notify the credit card companies of his travel plans and set off fraud alerts, first on one card, and then on another (when he switched after the first card was declined). We got it all straightened out and he's happily charging away again. Better safe than sorry. I'm glad the credit companies are cautious.  I was SO tired ... I went to bed around 9:30. 

0726 (Wednesday) Weight 179.5. Steps 25280. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 1200/1000 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill. Bike). Calories in 2000. It was storming in the night. One year when I stayed home while the guys went to Seattle, there was a huge storm that poured rainwater into one of the window wells. I had to jump in and bail it out.Since then Hubs has cleared out that raingutter, and we have an old car storage box that sits over that (which would help redirect any overflow) so I wasn't particularly concerned. I got in a session on the elliptical before heading to Zumba. MZL today. It had started when I got there. There was a gal who'd come to yesterday's class. I'd mentioned the "Free Zumba In Utah" FB page that listed different locations, so it was fun to see she had looked it up and found another and come.  A bit of a dearth of instructors today. There are two Zumba conventions starting up, I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or if it was just an off day. Stats: 6046 steps. 2.64 miles. 411/422 burn. AvHR109. High147. In zone 11 of the 63 minutes. Stopped at the store (Maceys) on the way home. They had the Welchs fruit snacks, which is what #3 likes, on sale, so I stocked up and sent him a picture. Then I went and got my nails done. It's been a few years. I always loved the look and feel, but didn't care for the cost and upkeep. But ... going again I guess. The day continued with rain, then sun ... during one of the sunny spots I got the front lawn mowed. I did a little more elliptical, some treadmill time, and hit the bike and a little Zumba practice. Did some updated to my IMDB lists (keeping track of what I'm watching) and did a couple blog posts. Hubs sent some fun pictures and a video of birds landing on the kids heads and arms. I guess even the birds are friendly in Canada!

0727 (Thursday) Weight 178.3. Steps 14761. Total Burn 2377. Exercise Burn 420/572 (Zumba). Calories in 3300. Not a good day. Not sure why I was so off. Little exercise, LOTS of eating.  I slept in a little, too much to hit the 8:30 Zumba class comfortably. Not that I'd really been planning on hitting that one today anyway. I did to to the later MZL one. Couldn't quite get the HR up, but still gets the steps in anyway. Stats: 6638 steps. 2.97 miles. 409/430 burn. AvHR105. High144. In zone 7 of the 63 minutes. On the way home, I stopped at Sam'sClub and grabbed a few things. When I checked out, I had my "cash rewards" to use, credited to today's purchase. I was glad they were doing it that way again. Last time they sent a check you had to bring and redeem ... Costco does that too and it's so hard to remember. Just credit it to the account! I'd made plans to lunch with my mom today. I headed out and picked her up, and we went to Chuck-a-Rama. It's been a while since I'd been there, and they had redone the front entrance. I'm pretty basic with what I like there ... the fried chicken, mashed taters and scones. It was "mexican" day for the themed food, and I did indulge in some cinnamon chips that reminded me of my grandma's pie crust cookies. While I didn't to great with my calories there, what really pushed me over was all the eating at home after. I'm not even that hungry, but things SOUND good and I want them and I just don't control myself. Had some leftover Reeses eggs, and some caramel M&Ms. Those pack a calorie punch quick! I did some cleaning and taking the groceries downstairs wracked up some steps, even without any additional exercise. I didn't get an official nap, but felt SO tired after lunch. I so often do get the sleepies after eating a meal. Here, the drive really created some body aches, and it's not even that far. I'm such a wimp when it comes to sitting and such. Laying down isn't a problem though ...

0728 (Friday) Weight 179.5. Steps 16177. Total Burn 2435. Exercise Burn 785/598 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3500. Oy, another uber overeating day. What's wrong with me? Not great on the exercise either. I went to Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. As we entered the church, there was a sign on the gym saying the floor had been refinished and it couldn't be used for a week. We still danced ... in the primary room. It's carpeted and cramped and very churchy. Debbie wasn't feeling well either, having gotten drenched at girl's camp last week, giving her a cold. So stats were not great at all. 4761 steps. 2.17 miles. 339/298 burn. AvHR103. High130. In zone 5 of the 58 minutes. I did do some elliptical and treadmill at home a bit later. Spent a little time in the sun. Did a little sewing. Got a blog post up. ATE everything. 

0729 (Saturday)
Oy, the scale shows my bad behavior. Determined to do better today. My last day alone, as Hubs and the boys will be home tomorrow morning. I got in some elliptical, treadmill, weights and did an hour of Zumba, plus a little more practice. I'm on my own for Tuesday's class coming up. Did some cleaning, so the house will look nice when Hubs gets home. The vacuum stopped working though. Not sure if it's my hair clogging it that's the problem. I tried to pull it out but it didn't get it turning again. My BIL came over to borrow the truck for a while today. There was some sunshine, so I laid out a little, as I don't when the boys are home (no one needs to see that) but my chaise ripped. I figured it wouldn't last that long, but it's only been a couple of months. I got the lawn mowed and the garden watered. I have an eggplant growing! And a pepper, and a zucchini, and the cherry tomato plant is crazy. I had to prop up the cage with a couple of Hub's wire drink holders.


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