Day to Day Doings

Weight changes through the years...
it still comes down to the day to day.

Every day I'll post yesterday's stats ...

  • Date/Day/Weight
  • Total Burn & Steps (from Fitbit)
  • Calories in (food) and Calories out (Fitbit credit on MFP, set at sedentary - so it is EVERYTHING above the most basic BMR. Exercise + other everyday activity).
  • Exercise Burn (gadget/machine estimates/Fitbit estimate) & Exercise list
  • Summary of the day

I'll keep this list here (with the current day at the top) and then also include the entries in chronological order in a summary for each month as a blog post each month (the month summary will be the first post in the following month. Available in the blog archive).

0625 (Sunday) Weight 177.9. Steps 20710. Total Burn 2693. Exercise Burn 

0624 (Saturday) Weight 178.5. Steps 22272. Total Burn 2929. Exercise Burn 593/1104 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. A local gym had been advertising an "appreciation day" with free classes ... one I'd hit before for their Zumba when there was no cost. But alas ... no Zumba this time. I had Zumba on the brain, so I did an hour on my own. I didn't want to work outside today (too much sun yesterday) so I was putting off the mowing, and figured if I spent as much time IN the house working as I had spent outside yesterday, I could really get things cleaned up for Hubs return tomorrow. I didn't last all day, but did get some things done. Still spent about an hour outside with my top half in the shade, trying to let my legs catch up a little while I got some reading in. Dinner was Ziti for the boys (I don't eat it) and then I hit the store to restock on some groceries. I found our "favorite noodles" at Smiths ... so they are still out there, just quite a bit more expensive than Walmart price. I stopped and dropped off some pebbled ice at a friend's while I was out. Her son had his tonsils out and hasn't really been able to down anything. I remember how the pebbled ice somehow appealed to me after I had been so sick and not been able to drink (although that wasn't because of a sore throat) ... but figured it would be worth a try and the rest of the family could enjoy it if it wasn't helpful to him. I made it down to the gym for a single session on the elliptical. Not sure why I've been so unmotivated for activity lately. Back when school was in session, I was getting in an hour of elliptical early, plus Zumba and some treadmill time... and often bike and weights! 

0623 (Friday) Weight 177.9. Steps 20704. Total Burn 2763. Exercise Burn 500/734 (Zumba). Calories in 2600. Hubs took the day off from work and was up for the final prep for his weekend getaway with the littles. #3 really would have liked to have gone, but he wasn't arriving back home from his week-long basketball camp until later in the day. I wish #1 and #2 would have made a little more of an effort ... both had to work and didn't feel like they could get it off. So, they were off. I hit Zumba with MZL again. Even though I'd gone Wednesday there, they have so many different instructors there are so many different routines, it's pretty much a different class. Different instructors on different days too. Stats: 6216 steps. 2.7 miles. 414/408 burn. AvHR109, High134, in zone 1 of the 62 minutes. While I get the steps and the sweat, I have NOT been getting my heart rate up lately. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart. I was going to check out plants, but I did a quick walk to the freezer section as I'd asked #1 to grab some of our "favorite noodles" (Skillet Sensations, Chicken Alfredo) and he couldn't find it. I'd tried to pick some up at the Walmart Grocery store last week, and when they didn't have it I just figured it was because they were a smaller store. But now ... I was worried they weren't carrying it at all, or it had been discontinued by the company. I couldn't find it either :(  I checked out with a few plants and a tomato cage. I also stopped at Lowes, and bought a few more plants there, wishing I'd gone there first as the plants were better quality and on sale for less. At home, I spent almost the entire day outside planting and working in the yard. Turning over dirt in the big area by the shed, planting the veggies I'd bought, dealing with the ducks and geese (finding worms, filling water, moving the pen). I ended up with way too much sun on my shoulders and back again! Took a cool shower in the evening and then let the cold, wet hair rest on my back ... I usually don't like that but today it felt good. Hubs and the littles arrived safely at Bear Lake, and #3 arrived safely at home ... unfortunately, MIL was NOT safe. She had fallen badly, cracking her skull. She ended up at the ER with traumatic brain injury. Hubs hated being away and was debating heading back (about four hours away) but his brother said he had things under control, although both sisters were badly shaken about it. #1 son ended up going in to the hospital and spending a couple hours there. There are some memory issues, she's not remembering what happened at all, or where she is or why. Very much like my dad after his heart attack (which he fully recovered from). They are keeping her for another day or so to keep an eye on the brain bleed and until she's a little more recovered. Sometimes I stay up late when Hubs is gone ... but not today, I was exhausted and out!

0622 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 24986. Total Burn 3020. Exercise Burn 900/1395 (20minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2800. Early ... 8:30 class today. I was pretty much on time, but it had started, even with only the instructor and two others. More came. Kids running all around this one though. It's distracting! Stats: 5174 steps. 2.23 miles. 349/321 burn. AvHR111, High 133, in zone 7 of the 56 minutes. Poo #4 has been SO bored, and SO wanting to play basketball. He was even willing to let me take him to the church (I'm much more boring than his brothers) ... but happily #1 was off work today and he and the two littles went and got some balling in. #5's basketball team was playing in a tournament this weekend too. As Hubs and the boys were planning a trip to Bear Lake, I'd told the coach we wouldn't be able to play. But ... as this first game was today, and they aren't leaving until tomorrow ... and the coach had put our name on the roster just in case. I didn't want to go myself though. This was the "Big Mountain Jam" at the South Towne Expo Center. I do dare drive to the location, but I was afraid inside would be overwhelming. I can't stand Sport City, with four courts set up for play ... this had 32! So I dropped him off at a teammate's house to catch a ride. They won, but were quite late getting back. I guess the kid they went with is playing on another team too and they had a game after. If I'd known, I could have come and grabbed my boy, as he didn't really want to stay. Times like this, I wish he had a cell phone, even if he is only 11. The boys and Hubs did their packing for leaving tomorrow. I'd stopped at Maceys after dropping #5 off earlier, restocking greens for the geese and grabbing some treats for the road trip. I had managed one more session on the elliptical ... and then finally hit the bike before bed. It's been a while since I'd done any reading and riding. Calories were bad today ... Jif Fudge PB cookies and Lays chips being the main culprits.

0621 (Wednesday) Weight 178.9. Steps 25345. Total Burn 2983. Exercise Burn 800/1162 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000.  Hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba with MZL. It's a little easier to get a session in before class with the slightly later start. Stats: 5848 steps. 2.54 miles. 377/357 burn. AvHR103. High121. Didn't make it into the cardio zone any of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam's Club on the way home to grab some groceries. Mowed the lawn. Got in one more elliptical session. #2 and his girlfriend took the littles to the pool. It was HOT. Kept calories somewhat in check ... quantity, still not quality.

0620 (Tuesday) Weight 178.4. Steps 20036. Total Burn 2642. Exercise Burn 720/829 (20minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Feeling yucky kept me from eating at the end of the day yesterday ... but I was starving today, while still feeling a bit off. I walked to Zumba with Marian. Stats: 5515 steps. 2.38 miles. 361/336 burn. AvHR104. High121. Didn't make it into the cardio zone for any of the 58 minutes. Poor #4 was SO bored. He wanted to play basketball and I offered to take him over to the church, but he wanted someone to play against ... I'm no good at that. His older brothers aren't very available this week, #5 had a birthday party coming up and all his friends were off on a scout camp. He ended up coming with me to drop off #5, picking up some pokestops along the way. We grabbed some pizza/crazy bread at Little Caesars too. Hopefully that was enough to break up his day. I would have offered to play ping pong with him too, but the table is occupied with #1's church project. #5 got dropped off back home after the party ... along with some of the cake. So ... there's cake. Hubs was late again, after 7:00. Busy, he can't seem to get on top of everything. I did make it down to the gym a couple more times, for some treadmill and one elliptical session.

0619 (Monday) Weight 179.2. Steps 20182. Total Burn 2762. Exercise Burn 807/950 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600. And ANOTHER two pound jump on the scale. I was up early, as #3 needed to be at the high school at 6:30 to leave for his basketball camp in St. George. I should have hit the elliptical when I got back ... but I went back to bed, and back to sleep! Up in time to make it to Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5794 steps. 2.5miles. 389/367 burn. AvHR107. High146. In zone 3 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. After I unloaded a put the cart away, I noticed another cart had a watermelon and a couple bags on the bottom. Not sure how someone forgot that! Very visible. I ran the cart back to the store customer service and hopefully the person will realize they left it and be able to pick it up. I'd let the ducks out of the pen in the morning and given them a little food, but I spent more time out back when I got home, and again in the evening. I fit in a couple sessions on the elliptical, but needed one more to hit my hour. I'd snacked on the leftover Chex Mix, and I'm not sure if it was too much (pure sugar and corn syrup) but I got a horrible stomach ache in the evening. It would come in waves, where I'd feel okay for a bit, then be doubled over in pain. I felt like I might improve if I threw up, but that didn't happen. Hubs was home quite late, having taken a movie break mid-day then staying until 8:00 or so to get work done.

0618 (Sunday) Weight 177.6. Steps 6384. Total Burn 2069. Exercise Burn 0/248 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Hello two-pound jump on the scale. And with Father's Day today ... no exercise and extra eating, that doesn't bode well. Hubs was actually up early getting the brisket started smoking and then off on a bike ride. So no breakfast in bed for him, although we did prep it when he got back. I then made some sweet chex mix and loaded up a bunch of yard games. We brought the brisket and some pebbled ice, and I had stuff to bake the Brazillian cheese rolls there (you have to have them fresh out of the oven). It was fun to get together. My sister's family from St. George was up, just missing my brother in California (they are coming up in a few weeks). We took the annual family picture. All us kids had gone in on a cordless vacuum for Dad.  

0617 (Saturday) Weight 175.3. Steps 12022. Total Burn 2246. Exercise Burn 250/438 (30min/1.5milesTreadmillWalk. 40minWeights). #5 seemed to be at a bit of a loss today. No basketball games! Hubs was off running errands (Costco and more), I hit the treadmill for a bit, then did a weight workout. I was actually feeling a bit sore from the lunges and squats from Zumba yesterday. We'd talked about hitting "Windy Ridge" ... a favorite restaurant up in Park City for Father's Day.  We couldn't do it tomorrow as we had the family BBQ, so we decided to try for it today. Early afternoon we were on our way (sans #2 who had already made plans for a chalk festival with his girlfriend, but we are one too many for our car anyway). As we approached the canyon, the traffic backup was terrible! We had to quickly rethink, and bagged the attempt and re-routed to Rodizio and got right in. It's a little hard to tell how much you are eating, as it's all served piece-meal.

0616 (Friday) Weight 176.3. Steps 17012. Total Burn 2658. Exercise Burn 617/847 (Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  #2 was working the renovation job again, but basketball clinic was over, so no conflicts. I hit Zumba in Daybreak, with Debbie who was back from her trip. Class was fun. Cathyleen and I were a bit silly, and Jill had to "break up our fighting" a couple of times during class. Quite a bit of chatting afterward too. Stats: 5729 steps. 2.66 miles. 429/404 burn. AvHR115, High145, in zone 25 of the 60 minutes. I stopped at the Walmart Grocery on the way home. Disappointed in their prices on lettuce and grapes though ... I know they are on sale at Reams. Walmart isn't matching prices any more. I picked up a few things to make dinner tonight ... haven't needed to make dinner for a bit as we've had so many leftovers (I was making stuffed shells). I found some caramel M&Ms. Bought said M&Ms. Ate said M&Ms. Sharing size ... I didn't share. Back at home I did hit the gym once more for some treadmill time. #1 was heading out a little early. A memorial party for a high school friend and then going dancing with friends. I decided to make dinner early so he could eat, even though I didn't think Hubs would be home in time. It's hard to plan when everyone has crazy conflicting schedules! The two oldest liked the shells. I reheated them for Hubs when he got home. Quiet evening in the backyard with the birds. Maga stopped by ... she has been considering a puppy. Hubs says "no, don't do it" but his brother is absolutely egging her on to do it.

0615 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 18806. Total Burn 2565. Exercise Burn 575/754 (Zumba, 40min/2.25milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. I did okay on calories yesterday ... and felt starving all day today. I was up a little early, to hit the 8:30 Zumba class. It actually came in handy being early today, because while #2 had been dropping #3 off to his basketball camp at 10:00 the other days, he had a conflict (working a home rennovation job) and couldn't today. We had a sub in class ... Kirsten and Carma instead of Coriann. Stats: 5978 steps. 2.6 miles. 358/341 burn. AvHR100, High130, In zone 1 of the 62 minutes. I barely got home in time ... and #3 had paperwork for me to sign. One which required a notorized signature. Oops. This isn't the first time we've done this came (week away at Dixie) so I should have remembered, and we shouldn't have waited until the last minute. I figured we'd have to run to the bank or something for that part, but #3 investigated at the school and a lady in the office was a notary and could help us out. So after his clinic (the last day, but then went over by an hour as they got in a little extra practice) I went to pick him up and ran in and signed the paper and we got it all turned in. Whew! Back again at 4:00 dropping #5 off, pickup at 7:00. He won one of the little contests and got a small basketball as a prize. I made mint brownies today ... it's been a while. That's just one of the reasons calories were over today. I got down to the gym once more for some treadmill time. Hubs wasn't home until very late, staying for a work awards ceremony. Their company received several awards in the Parade of Homes. 

0614 (Wednesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 20976. Total Burn 2784. Exercise Burn 996/978 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Started the day with Zumba with MZL. They had a little "kids" section of three songs. Two of them were still energetic enough, and the young people leading were capable, but the third song just doesn't move that much. I've been struggling a bit getting my heart rate up here of late. But, still gets in my steps. Stats: 6416 steps. 2.77 miles. 406/365 burn. AvHR105, High134, in zone 2 of the 65 minutes. I often stop at a store on the way home on Wednesdays, but I figured we were okay for another day or so, and I wanted to get home to get #4 off for a friend's birthday party. It had originally been planned as a campout, but that portion got postponed. Today there were going bowling  (I'd mentioned the "Kids Bowl Free" program to the group) so we prepped a quick gift and got his bowling coupon ready. He ended up staying to play basketball in the park for a few hours afterward. #3 had his basketball clinic in the morning, then he had to go help with the younger kids, when #5 was going. I had planned on just letting him take the car (and #5) but I knew I'd have to pick up #4 at some point (the other guys and their cars weren't around) so I ended up dropping them off and then picking them up again when it was over.

0613 (Tuesday) Weight 178.1. Steps 19915. Total Burn 2790. Exercise Burn 997/976 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Rainy morning! Very cool too. Started the day with Zumba. There were more cars at the stake center, but it was because the young women were meeting there, heading up to girls camp. One of our Zumba ladies, Suzanne, too. She and a few of the other instructors and gals did come peek in at the gym and did a couple numbers with us. Stats: 5753 steps. 2.5 miles. 385/371 burn. AvHR110, High133, in zone 7 of the 59 minutes. #2 and his girlfriend took the two littles bowling. The bowling alley near us has ended up participating in the "Kids Bowl Free" promotion (they didn't last year, but had every year to that point). #3 and #5 had their basketball clinic again (Mon-Thurs this week). #3 wanted to use the car in the afternoon/evening ... I told him my only thing was needing to get #5 to the school at 4:00 and picked up at 7:00, so he did that for me and got to use the car for the hours in-between. Hubs didn't make it home until late, as he had a derby. It was up by his work, so he took the trailer and went straight. #2 and his GF went on a double date with my folks (the grandparents) and then my folks came over to the house after to play games. Speed Rummikub and Tapple.

0612 (Monday) Weight 178.8. Steps 24096. Total Burn 3030. Exercise Burn 1035/1195 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Subbing again in Daybreak. I don't mind subbing at all. It's fun to be up front, and be able to choose the songs I know and like ... but it isn't something I'd want to do all the time. I also like just being able to be one in the crowd, following the instructor. It's all good. We had a few more people today. Debbie will be back for Friday. Stats: 6463 steps. 2.84 miles. 516/434 burn. AvHR 124, High142, in zone 42 of the 63 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. I had let the ducklings out of the pen before I left, but with little more time I prepped their food and changed the water and sprayed off the poop from the patio. I got in my hour of elliptical in four sessions. The boys had basketball clinic today. #3 goes from 10:00-1:00. With Zumba, I couldn't get him there, but #2 dropped him off. I did the pick-up. #5 had clinic from 4:00-7:00 (my paper said 4:30-7:30 so they were late!). #5's little friend had come a couple hours earlier to hang out, so I dropped them off together. #5 called and went home with them after to watch the (final) NBA championship game. I made chocolate chip cookies, but didn't feel like they turned out. Very flat and unattractive, although they still tasted okay ... I mean, I still ate some anyway!

0611 (Sunday) Weight 177.9.  Steps 4832. Total Burn 1958. Exercise Burn 0/145 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. #1 had early work. Hubs had a meeting downtown, but #3 made waffles for everyone. I added bacon and some sausage. Taking a rest day today, so very low steps and low burn. Under 2000 when I'm not active. Hubs had put a pork butt in the smoker for a dinner of pulled pork.

0610 (Saturday) Weight 177.9. Steps 15546. Total Burn 2497. Exercise Burn 450/665 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Ugg, over on calories. Finishing up the Snickerdoodles, some cheesy bread for lunch and Hubs smoking stuff for dinner ... plus my usual treat temptations. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical. #5 had his final spring game with his Grizzlies, final game with this coach and his son (Freeman) as they are moving to St. George. We'll miss them. We couldn't quite get the win, but it was close. Back at home, I mowed the lawn, front and back. I did put some sunscreen on, as my back is still quite toasted. Hubs smoked some Tri-Ti- and made mashed potatoes. I made brazillian cheese rolls. #2 made cheesecake. The two older boys were off with friends (#2 with girlfriend at the drive-in) and #3 had some friends over to our house.

0609 (Friday) Weight 177.8. Steps 22887. Total Burn 2848. Exercise Burn 750/1035 (Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Up around 6:30, as we had a 7:00 exam for some life insurance we are trying to purchase. I've realized how ill equipped I am (even thinking about going back to work) if anything were to happen to Hubs, so ... we got that done and Hubs was off to work and I was off to Zumba. I'd been given the key to the building, but it was one of those new fangled electronic ones. I didn't even know how to use it (just hold it up and wait for the beep. There was an actual key too, and that is what threw me, looking for a key hole!) Inside, there were lights strewn across the top and a small gazebo type setting up front. Looked like a wedding. No tables though, so it didn't get in our way, and we'd laugh as I'd be centered by the backdrop, and one of the ladies had even though about plugging the lights in and turning off the gym ones for cool down ... except that some fellows came in and starting cleaning up (so I guess the wedding reception was last night, not set up for tonight). It was Carma and I leading, and I got good stats. 6685 steps. 2.96 miles. 416/480 burn. AvHR123, High143, in zone 41 of the 63 minutes. As I'd stopped at the store yesterday, I didn't make any detours today. Spent some additional ducky time (I had let the littles out before I left) but didn't really want to stay in the sun as I'd gotten quite a bit yesterday. #4 wanted to go to our church for some basketball and #1 got home from work and was willing to go and supervise. #5 went as well. #4 often walks to/from the building, and he walked home today ... and was bit by a dog. A HUGE hound dog. There are two in the neighborhood, and I suspected the wrong one at first (as it was outside their house, and they have a couple other dogs that I've had uber issues with over the years). It hadn't broken the skin, but a distinct bite abrasion and bruising. I have an inate fear of dogs myself and was quite upset, but #4 didn't seem too traumatized. In fact, we are helping our neighbor's out with their dog as they are out of town, and #4 went over immediately to take care of Remi (who is a pretty big dog, one that I'm not quite comfortable around myself). We did report it ... not so much because our incident was so bad, but just it had happened before or did again. Apparently the dog was still out and running and I think there was another bite. The owners did contact us and were very sad and sorry and let us know the dog was up to date on all shots and such. #5 had a practice (at yesterday's Zumba church) and I was just about to head out with him when #2, heading out for some basketball of his own, offered to drop him off. #5 had also made arrangements to hang out with a basketball buddy after practice ... and I was quite pleased I didn't have to leave the house. It was a horribly windy evening. At one point, I looked and the duck pen (the ducks were not in it at the time) had been picked up and blown against our back fence. I straightened it out, but then looked a bit later and it was GONE. Over the fence this time (it's just a basic PVP pipe with mesh and a tarp over the top). I had the boys (#5 was back with his friend at our house now to watch the NBA finals game) help me, hopping the fence and lifting it back over. It's fairly broken up, but I tried to piece it together. Hubs has brought up leaving the ducklings out during the night too, but I just couldn't relax. During the day I can supervise, and the geese have been getting after the littles, and had grabbed hold of one a couple times today. The littles just don't seem to want to leave them alone, they will run when chased, but then them come close and practically cuddle with the geese. The geese too, for all they go after the littles, end up right next to them outside the pen these last few nights. The wind finally died down around 10:00, so I went out and put the babies away and then went to bed. 

0608 (Thursday) Weight 177.4. Steps 22316. Total Burn 2868. Exercise Burn 555/1047 (Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. My summer 7:30 wake-up has become pretty standard.  I must admit I like sleeping in, but I miss my early morning elliptical. It's been hard to get it in if I don't get it in early. I didn't get any in today. Zumba was early today. With MountainView over, I hit Prairie Stake. They are 9:00 during the school year, but switched to 8:30 for the summer. It's about the same distance for me as MountainView was. I really like the teacher, she's a fireball. Lots of energy, very cute. I like that she has a set playlist going straight from one song to the next. But lots of her songs are ones I know different choreography to, so that can be a bit of a challenge. Lots of little kids running all around, through the dancers, across the stage. It's distracting. A longer cool-down than I like too. Stats: 5377 steps/ 2.32 miles. 341/366 burn. AvHR109/High125, in zone 2 of the 59 minutes. Still needing milk, and needing more greens for the geese (even though I'd just been shopping on Monday) I did a slight detour to Smiths Marketplace on 7800. Stocked up on groceries, and then made a second trip back to grab a couple hanging baskets of flowers. I haven't purchased ANY flowers this year yet. Unloaded at home, and got my new flowers settled. Spent quite a bit of time in the back yard working on the garden area. Weeded, then planted all the seeds I had. Moved some planters. I hadn't had time to do the whole ducky routine in the morning with the early Zumba class. #1 son was home and I'd asked him to take care of them. He let them out of the pen, but didn't move it onto the grass, just letting them free range with the geese. Sometimes the geese get after them, but everyone was still alive. The littles are pretty good at getting out of the way. I ended up getting quite a bit of sun on my back! An old neighbor texted that they were going to be in the area and wondered if their son could come hang with my #5. We didn't really have anything planned for the day, so that worked out perfectly. He's an easy kid and I was happy to have him over to entertain my munchkin. The mom came back and picked them both up and took them to McDonalds for a bit too. We've been on doggie duty, for the neighbor's next door (off on their honeymoon) and #4 has been so good at going over and letting Remmie out and playing with her. 

0607 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 15740. Total Burn 2445. Exercise Burn 350/647 (Zumba). Calories in 2500. I didn't get in any elliptical before Zumba ... nor after Zumba. Zumba was my only official exercise for today. Just dragging! Couldn't get the heart rate up in class, and I'll admit, I wasn't trying that hard. There are some of my favorite instructors this day ... but also a couple young gals that do styles I don't care for and can't follow well. Stats: 5739 steps. 2.47 miles. 340/316 burn. AvHR96, High125, in zone 0 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. They had NO 2% milk, and that was one of the things I'd gone for. #1 son will be disappointed as he runs out, as I didn't really want to stop somewhere else in addition. I'd mentioned to #2 that maybe he could take the littles bowling. It's $2 per game per person, $2 for shoe rental ... but free shoe rental if you come before 11:00 am. So I'd wanted them to go early, but alas, he was still asleep until almost 11:00. #1 was home from work and seemed interested in bowling, so he and the two littles went, even though we had to pay for shoes. I got in some yard work. Digging up the pen area and mowing the lawn (just the front). I made spinach and black bean enchiladas for dinner (I don't eat them, but Hubs and #1 like them). #2 was working and #3 took off to go swimming with his friends. #1 had friends over in the evening for pizza and hot tubbing.

0606 (Tuesday) Weight 176.7. Steps 22932. Total Burn 3030. Exercise Burn 1044/1223 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Second summer day ... sleeping in feels nice. No exercise before Zumba, although I got the ducklings out (moved the pen, refreshed the water, prepped food plates for both broods). Nice day to walk to Zumba, but I had Marian's big bag from subbing last week and it's a little heavy, especially with my water bottle too. In fact, they set of the sensors sitting on the passenger seat ... I get a seatbelt notification as it thinks someone is sitting there. Zumba was good. Stats: 6070 steps. 2.7 miles. 435/414 burn. AvHR118, High139, in zone 27 of the 60 minutes. Back at home, I spent some more time out in the yard with the birds. Digging up areas, emptying and refilling the pools, spraying down the poop. I tried to catch a little sun on my legs, putting my top portion in the shade, but the goslings don't like to leave me alone! The boys went over to the church to get a little basketball in. #3 had practice over at the school again. I prepped chicken pillows for dinner, with yellow rice, and then made some fried chicken for the littles. The oldest two boys ended up being out, but they like it leftover fine. Hubs really only likes it fresh ... and he got it fresh. 

0605 (Monday) Weight 176.7. Steps 23092. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 1087/1213 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. First official "summer" day ... and I slept in until 7:00ish. Had a rude awakening at 5:30 though from the alarm ... not MY alarm, I had remembered to reset it for summer, but the FIRE alarm. It went off for a minute, stopped, went on again 15min later for a minute then stopped. It was all the alarms too, not just one (like low battery) ... Hubs and I couldn't figure out the problem. No fire. Hubs was off to work and I fell back asleep for a bit. Got one session on the elliptical in and the ducklings/geese taken care of before heading out to Zumba. I was subbing for Debbie, who was out of town. At the church, there was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign. Why? How does it happen that for this building, it happens to fall on a Monday when we have class. For our building, last year it happened to fall on a Tuesday, the day of class ... and so on. It always coincidentally conflicts with the Zumba class and whoever is in charge of scheduling apparently doesn't care enough to check and see what is already on the schedule to let us know. Luckily for us, these guys were nice and said we could still use the gym for an hour while they worked in other parts of the building. I KNOW that would work, but the guys before have been totally unwilling to work with us in the past. So we got our class in, low numbers. Summer? Or that people knew there was a sub (with songs/steps they don't know)? I'm fine with whatever, it's still much more fun working out at an air conditioned church gym with a few people than at home alone in my bathroom. Stats: 6943 steps. 3.21 miles. 487/450 burn. AvHR121, High147, in zone 38 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to pick up a prescription and some fruit/veggies for the ducks. They also had juice boxes on sale so I stocked up on those (real juice ones). #1 had early work, and #2 was off on a couple interviews (UPS and one that turned out to be a job selling knives that he scoffed at, rightly so). I turned the Durango over to #3 to take to his basketball practice at the high school. He got his schedule for the tournament later in the week. I hope he can arrange rides as I can't part with my car that long, and the games are downtown at the University of Utah, where I don't go. I guess taking Trax is always a possibility.  #1 took the two littles over to the church for a little basketball in the gym. I was totally dragging today, not sure why. Had to lay down a little, although I didn't actually nap. I made the cold chicken/pasta salad, a lunch/dinner for Hubs and #1, the rest of us just pieced. The panini maker has been a big hit. I did finish up my elliptical hour, getting a couple more sessions in, but no other exercise. I showered and headed to bed, letting Hubs put the babies away for the night. I didn't even check on them (as I always do) ... although I did in the middle of the night when I was up for a quick potty break. The geese were there at the duckling pen rather than in their usual spot under the porch. Wonder why?

0604 (Sunday) Weight 178.1. Steps 12813. Total Burn 2247. Exercise Burn 350/412 (45min/2.25mileTreadmillWalk, ZumbaPractice). Calories in 2500. Oops, there is that scale jump. Hope it doesn't jump again tomorrow morning for weekly weigh-in as it's already a gain as of today. At least it did motivate me a bit, getting in a walk on the treadmill and some Zumba practice (I'm subbing tomorrow).  Hubs went into work, as between the Memorial Day holiday, graduation, etc, he didn't get much done that he needed to this past week. The goslings are looking like geese now. The sleeping outside (free range for them, in the pen for the ducklings) has made things easier. No more (or less) poopy towels. No need to catch the ducklings, just nudge them in the right direction, which is often effortless. I laugh at how often they simply enter the pen of their own accord (on the grass, we do have to urge them in at night usually). Still quite the routine each morning as I move the pen to the grass, letting the littles free range for a bit while I change the water, fill the food dishes, prep "salad" and spray away the poop droppings all over. We did french toast for breakfast. #1 was speaking at Stake Conference. Maga came by to listen to his talk. Seminary graduation for #2 in the evening. I did squeeze in a nap in the afternoon, as Hubs, home from work, took a couple boys to the movies (Guardians of the Galaxy #2). ♥

0603 (Saturday) Weight 176.9. Steps 12527. Total Burn 2354. Exercise Burn 0/534 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. The waverunners had been serviced, so Hubs decided to hit the lake today. #1 has been itching to go. Of course #5 had games and couldn't go, but I wouldn't have been going regardless. I'm just not a swimsuit gal (plus the drive, etc.) Hubs and the other four boys were off (that's all that fit into the truck towing the toys anyway). #5 had his first game with his Grizzlies at 1:00. They got the win, and play in the championship game next week. Then I dropped him off across town at Eastmont, where the coach's kid was playing (several of the boys are on two teams) so #5 could catch a ride to the tournament games with his Wolves team. Games at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00. They lost the 4:00 game by just four points ... and that was the top team, that they played again (and lost again) at 8:00 for the championship. There was a 3-point contest too. The family giving #5 a ride home took him to ice cream afterward. I didn't get in any official exercise today, but I mowed the lawn and spent some time digging in the garden unearthing worms for the geese. I spent some quality time out on a towel with the big babies, who were nuzzling my clothes (that tickles!) and when Hubs came out, they untied his shoes. Silly birds! Hubs smoked some pork and made mashed taters. We had some skookie for dessert.

0602 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 17458. Total Burn 615/534 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2850. Slept in a little, even needed my alarm for the 7:30 wake up! I hit the elliptical for a session. #5 was the only kid going to school (his last day) and #3 dropped him off and then went to the high school to pay some fees for upcoming basketball camps. I had the school awards assembly at 10:00, and #5 received the "Citizenship Award" for his class (only given to one boy/girl in each class). After it was over I made a quick stop by Reams (for lettuce and grapes) and then at Dunford, as it was National Donut Day ... we needed to celebrate, right? It was a short final day, out at 1:00 ... I wonder if they let them out a little early because I was at our usual spot at 1:05 and #5 wasn't there nor was the usual crowd at the school. I drove to the school (just a bit further than we usually meet) just as #5 was calling me to see if I'd forgotten to pick him up. I thought he was handling it okay (he did exactly right, that's the routine, go back to the school and call) but he was in tears as he came into the car. I felt so bad, but I really wasn't that late! I was a little surprised he was having such a tough time. He had a few hours, and then he was off for the evening for a basketball tournament. It was down at an industrial area by the airport, and I didn't feel up to that environment myself, so I'd arranged for him to catch a ride. I dropped him off and followed on social media as a couple of the other moms posted updates. They won both their games (6:00 and 8:00). He was home late and exhausted!

0601 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 9108. Total Burn 2196. Exercise Burn 210/384 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Graduation day for #2. I'll admit, I was a bit stressed about the whole thing. I just don't do well with crowds, and ceremony and sitting. Instead of being downtown at the Vivent Arena, like #1's graduation was, it was at the Maverick Center. A little closer, a little smaller too. At first I thought being closer would be better, but traffic was SO bad, parking impossible, and the place was absolutely packed. There were the sections for the box seats unoccupied, but the only way you could get into those was by climbing over the railings ... which is what we had to do. I was stressed, as we'd had to park at a nearby hotel (for hotel customers only) and was worried we might get towed. We did run into the grads lining up outside to make their entrance and got a picture with #2 and his buddies. I knew quite a few kids in this graduating class ... friends of #2, kids from the neighborhood (even though we are all on permit). The valedictorian and class president were both neighbor gals, and the vice-president was #2's old girlfriend (all three spoke). The speeches got a little long with the principal, and then over 800 graduates to be presented. Apparently, we went overtime, and the next school (Herriman, where #1 graduated from, I remember we followed Copper Hills then too) was there waiting ... I have NO idea where they parked! Trying to get out of the lot was pure gridlock (I was with #2 who had driven separately as the grads needed to be there earlier). Seriously, an hour of just sitting. Hubs had gotten out faster and was waiting for us at Red Robin for a graduation luncheon. Maga had come to the ceremony too, and #1 was meeting us for lunch. Hubs had to sneak out early and get back to work, so I caught a ride home with #1. I was exhausted! It went so long, I had to text #3 to pick up #5 from school (luckily it was a carpool day for #4 to get home ... I remember being in a pickle for those pickups back when #1 graduated). #5 had practice with his Wolves team at 6:30. I dropped him off and one of the other mom's said she'd bring him home after. At home, the boys were watching game 1 of the NBA finals. I spent some time out with the birds ... and then to bed!

0531 (Wednesday) Weight 177.8. Steps 28335. Total Burn 3109. Exercise Burn 1157/1298 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2250. Feeling a little off this morning. I still got in my hour of elliptical early, and then went to Zumba with MZL. Couldn't quite get the heart rate up though. Stats. 6321 steps. 2.83 miles. 385/385 burn. AvHR107, High134, in zone 3 of the 65 minutes. I stopped at the store on the way home to restock groceries. Sams and Walmart. Walmart is no longer matching prices, which is sad. I just couldn't make myself pay double for grapes and romaine lettuce (on sale at Reams and Smiths) so I guess we'll have to do without for a couple days until I get there ... and by we, I mainly mean the birds. There was something going on right at the intersection as I was leaving. I couldn't see what it was, but it had to be more than just a simple accident, as there were several police cars, police tape, news crews on the scene. When I got home, I tried looking at the local news sites to see if I could find out what was going on and someone in the neighborhood group had posted a link to an online article. It was a shooting! A man shot three times in the chest, and the suspect(s) still at large. They locked down the two nearby elementary schools (I got that notice too ... glad our field day was yesterday. It was Columbia's field day and this impacted that I'm sure). They were telling everyone to lock doors and be on the lookout.  #1 passed right by it all on his way home too. I think they found the car on the scene and one person of interest a bit later in the day. When Hubs got home today, he did make fried rice. Not up to Tepanyaki standards, but pretty good. Cooked the rice up in the instant pot.

0530 (Tuesday) Weight 176.8. Steps23205. Total Burn 3121. Exercise Burn 1088/1329 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500.   Back to the routine ... for a few more days at least. #2 (and thus #3 as he catches a ride with his brother) went early to attendance school, as he had too many tardies (and thus an NG in one class). I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical early, then after elementary drop-off I went to Zumba. Marian was out of town so  I was in charge today. I wasn't sure which other helpers would be there. Ended up Suzanne and Carma. Christa had planned on coming but ended up in the ER last night with her little guy. Class went well. Steps not as high as I was futzing with the playlist some ... Stats: 5931 steps. 2.61 miles. 446/435 burn. AvHR123, High155, in zone 39 of the 60 minutes. I didn't walk as I had Marian's big bag with the speaker setup and such. It's also good for people to see a car there so they know someone is inside (although I wasn't the first one there anyway). After Zumba ... I wasn't terribly productive. I spent some time outside, moving the ducklings from the permanent pen place out onto the grass and letting them have some free range time while I was supervising. Refresh the waters, fill up pie tins with "salad" and such. Water the garden and spray away the poop on the grass. I hadn't got my Weekly Weigh-In blog post up yesterday, so I did that. I was on triple pick-up duty in the evening, grabbing middle school, then elementary, then #3 from the high school where he'd stayed after to pick up his year book. Then he and Hubs had a derby. #4 had been craving fried rice, and Hubs had been saying he'd try making some, but I knew he wouldn't be up for it after work/derby so I mentioned #1 could go grab Panda Express and #5 was pretty happy about that ... so those three did. 

0529 (Monday) Weight 177.3. Steps 12543. Total Burn 2340. Exercise Burn 350/514 (ZumbaP). Calories in 2800. Memorial Day. #1 was up and off early to work for his 5:00-11:00 shift, except it had been changed to 7:00-1:00. Oops. Could have slept in! Hubs went off for a ride, and I did some Zumba practice, getting in an hour. Stats: 5598 steps. 2.41 miles. 374/327 burn. AvHR113, High135, in zone 8 of the 60 minutes. Hubs stopped by Maga's on the way home to grab #5, who had slept over with the rest of the little cousins. He had a game at 12:00 and so he changed and then we were off. The boys played really well today, and won East (who beat us last time we played) so three teams were 2 wins 1 loss ... but the team we played yesterday had the largest differential, so they were the "#1" seed that got to go on to the championship game (where they lost by one to the #1 seed in the other pool). I was personally okay with not having another game that day. It was nice to end on a win. Hubs had talked up making some "tepanyaki" style fried rice, of which #4 was very excited about, but needed a trip to the store. It then turned into a trip to Leatherbys, and ice cream shop #5 had heard about from a friend and wanted to try. There used to be one in the old Cottonwood Mall, and Hubs and I had been here and there through the years.  We did lunch and ice cream. #2 was hanging out with his girlfriend much of the day. It's her birthday tomorrow. We ended up making some gingersnaps. #1 had made the dough yesterday, taking half to an outing with his friends. 

0528 (Sunday) Weight 175.3. Steps 7178. Total Burn 2173. Exercise Burn 0/368 (no exercise).  Calories in 2700. Slept in ... stayed in bed for a while anyway. Hubs was up around 7:00 to put the brisket on the smoker but then came back to bed. Slow Sunday, no exercise. We couldn't smoke bacon for breakfast as the smoker was in use. I wasn't sure a big breakfast was in order, as we were having the big dinner, but #3 apparently wanted waffles and made up the batter himself. We did hashbrowns and bacon too, although the bacon wasn't great (off-brand).  #1 tried out the YA ward at the SLCC campus ... and was not impressed. #2 had work. Hubs prepped potatoes and while we've had trouble with peels down the disposal (backing up the sink) he thought it would be okay if he just ground up a few at a time. It wasn't okay. Total blockage. He was trying to clear the clog by forcing water from the hose outside, but then it just backed up into the dishwasher and started spilling all over the kitchen floor. He ended up needing to dismantle the pipes under the sink. NOT what he was planning to be doing with company coming over shortly. I was cleaning other stuff in the kitchen and taking a load down to #2's room when ... water dripping from the ceiling vent! Ahhhh! Right on the cute frame and pictures his girlfriend had given him. Some books and such too. I called for help and #1 ran down with some towels and we moved everything. I laid out all the pictures so they could dry. I really only saw one that had definite water damage. I sent a text to #2 later in the evening just so he wouldn't walk in on it unknowing.  We did manage to get everything cleaned up before our company came over. Dinner was yummy as usual. The nephews got in the hot tub and the rest of us chatted outside in the lovely weather with the goslings and ducklings running around. It was also my dad's birthday today. The folks had been invited over to my oldest brother's for dinner, and everyone invited afterward for dessert. When my brother had sent the message invite yesterday, I had thought it was FOR yesterday ... and we would have been free yesterday. 

0527 (Saturday) Weight 176.1. Steps 12168. Total Burn 2364. Exercise Burn 0/559 (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  Got up and let the big babies out. Waited a bit for the littles, as it was still a little chilly, and Hubs wanted to get the backyard mowed first. We did put the goslings back in the pen while he mowed, just to make sure they stayed out of the way. #5 and I headed out to his game, which was at 11:00. They lost. The team just couldn't wasn't on for shooting, and even worse on defense. It happens. Coach can be loud though. Last game of the tournament on Monday. When I got back, Hubs still hadn't put the babies out, so I did. Did a little weeding and mowed the front (the battery on the mower had needed to recharge). Hubs took the boys to Italian Village for pizza benders. I stayed home, as I'm not a fan, and there isn't room in the car to fit the entire family anyway. Hubs went running some errands, came home with a cute, big birdhouse that fits over the utility pole in the front flowerbed. I've wanted something to cover it up for ages, and I like birdhouses in general, so it's perfect. I ran to the store for groceries. Made coconut goodies while the boys finished up "How I Met Your Mother" ... #4 was NOT happy with the ending, or the final season in general. 

0526 (Friday) Weight 176.1. Steps 13172. Total Burn 2443. Exercise Burn 425/648 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little, until 6:30. Got in one elliptical session before dropping #5 off to school, and another before #4 was picked up (late start for him on Fridays). I thought I'd make it down sometimes for my final session to equal my hour ... but it didn't happen. I got an email from Debbie, asking if I could sub her class for a bit while she's on vacation. I thought that would inspire me to practice (I'm also subbing Tuesday for Marian) ... but, while I put a playlist together, I didn't dance. I took care of the babies, getting them settled for the day, but didn't get much else done in the little time I had before heading over to the elementary for the 5th grade program. You have to go a little early for parking and to get a good seat. I'd asked #5 where he'd be, so I could sit on the proper sit for prime video exposure. It was a cute little "Americana" program ... a little more interesting in today's volatile political climate (I'm sure people on both side would point out the ironies of some of the lyrics and such). One of the songs was one I'd done when I was in a performing group when I was about his age. I still totally remembered it! We took pictures after, and then a couple friends invited themselves over. I like him hanging with buddies, but one of these kids does NOT make it easy. I'm always having to watch and cringe and worry when he's over ... and make mac&cheese. He almost always requests I make it, and I feel like I have to feed him because his folks don't pick him up for hours. #5 had a 7:00 game, so I told the friends they could only stay until 5:00 (that was still three hours) so we could eat and get ready. They actually did get picked up on time. I figured I'd make snickerdoodles (wouldn't feel like I could hit the gym and the boys needed more supervision than that ... and I'd kicked them out of the gym as it isn't a play place) as the kitchen is central and I can wander and check as needed. I'm not sure if I was distracted or what, but this batch didn't turn out. They looked okay, puffier than usual, but weren't chewy or soft. Just didn't taste very good either. Too much flour? The dough was still good, I didn't realize there was a problem until I was baking them. I'd planned on taking some to the game tonight to give to Coach, but these were not good enough to give away. Now I feel like I need to make another batch to prove I CAN make them correctly. Bummer, I was craving the cookies and these did not satisfy it at all (I only took one bite and a whole cookie wouldn't have been worth the calories). Then #5 and I were off to his basketball game. Happily it's at one of my preferred locations, not too far. I forgot at tournaments spectators have to pay for entry ($3). We won the game. It should have been a little easier than it was (we are 6th, the other team was 5th, except for my 5th grader). We'd get a nice lead, but then the other team would come back. They had a nice run there at the end. Not enough, but they hit several snazzy shots. Hubs was out cold when we got back (it was a little after 8:00). #1 and #4 were watching "How I Met Your Mother" (they are almost done, I wonder what they will do after it ends?). #3 took off to hang with friends, and #2 and his girlfriend had gone up the canyon to see the stars, taking Hub's truck ... which had me a little worried because it's a beast and #2 hasn't had much experience driving it. Everyone made it home okay though.

0525 (Thursday) Weight 176.3. Steps 23735. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1027/1228 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Oops, I did it again. Only my morning exercise and then uber over on calories. I got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical early. I prepped and was ready for Zumba as I dropped #5 off at school so I could go straight, with a little detour on the way. I'd worked on #2's graduation announcements yesterday and had them printed at Walgreens. Normally I'd pick them up on the way home, but there is construction on that street with no left hand turn which would make it difficult so ... I decided to stop on the way. Had plenty of time for the pickup and made it to Zumba early. Last MountainView class. Here I met Claudia, Kristy, Annie, HeatherH, Teresa, Tirsa, Melanie, Sylvia ... and that's just instructors. Several new friends too. Stats today: 6675 steps. 2.91 miles. 412/388 burn. AvHR113, High132, in zone 9 of the 63 minutes. After Zumba, on the way home ... I stopped at Dunford for donuts. Dang donuts ... I'd been craving them for a while, and I did eat. More than one. Back at home, it's always about an hour as I am on bird duty. I'd let the goslings out to roam the backyard before I left, and bring the ducklings up and out after I get back. I like to be able to check on them, and it's turned chilly again. I myself was freezing, not sure why I was SO cold. I just wasn't sure if the poor babies would be okay out there, even though I know those in the wild are (of course they have a momma to help keep them warm too). I ended up moving the warming light to the pen on the grass (usually it just stays in the "permanent pen spot") ... but watching, I didn't see that the babies were drawn to it (they stayed in a patch of sunshine on the other side of the pen, and still played in the water plenty). I prepped the "salads" for both sets of birds and changed the water (emptying the big pool too, before it kills the grass) and got them their grains. Then came and collapsed inside for a bit. #1 had the day off work, but had a hiking date. I ended up being on pickup duty for middle school, and then elementary as always. I thought I'd have to grab #3 from school too, as he didn't come home with his brother, but he got a ride, and then had several friends over and they hung out in the gym for a while, and hit the hot tub later in the evening. Normally #5 has practice on Thursday nights with his Grizzlies team, but I guess they were taking the week off ... which was okay with me. The Wolves team had scheduled a practice for tonight too (as there is a tournament this weekend taking the place of our usual Friday practice) but it ended up being cancelled as the church gym was booked. I was okay with that too. Less running around in the evening. Hubs was home late, having gone straight to a derby from work. We got the babies put away for the night (putting on a bit of a show for #3's friends as we tried to catch that last crazy duckling who kept getting away from us). Time for bed ...

0524 (Wednesday) Weight 175.9. Steps 21716. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 973/1100 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Uber over on calories today. It was the caramel M&Ms that were a bit part of that. We also had a family dinner of ribs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and Brazillian cheese rolls. Unfortunately, my exercise was a little lacking too. I got in my hour of elliptical early. MZL Zumba was moved today, so I figured I'd hit Southziders instead. I used to go weekly, but got out of the habit. It's a little far, starts later (and then usually starts late) and has moved a little into the Zumba Strong, which I hadn't experienced, but didn't think I'd like. I was right. I like Zumba for the dancing, it doesn't feel like exercise. If it is just doing squats, burpees, skaters, etc ... that IS exercise. Then there was some ab work on the floor ... I go to Zumba for steps and cardio. That's just me, I know the Zumba Strong has been popular with other people. Stats: 5061 steps. 2.2 miles. 375/323 burn. AvHR119, High143, in zone 24 of the 53 minutes. One the way home, I stopped at Smiths to grab a few things (the caramel M&Ms weren't on the list, but that is when I grabbed them).  #1 had the day off, and was putting the babies out as I got home. I'd let the big babies out earlier, but we like to wait until it warms up a bit before letting the littles out.  #1 had invited the missionaries over for dinner, after talking up his dad's smoking skills. As Hubs was working, he'd instructed #1 on the steps, and it was actually #1 who did it today. We spent a little time cleaning and other prep. I still COULD have gotten in some additional workouts, but with my routine a little off, I didn't. Dinner was at 6:00 and Hubs barely got home in time (that is a little early for him). I snapped a picture and sent it to both their moms (as a missionary mom, I know those surprise mid-week photos are fun). #2 was working and #3 headed to the park for YoungMens, taking some of our outdoor toys. #1 and #4 settled in for a "How I Met Your Mother" marathon  ... several episodes anyway. As it's been on in the family room, I've caught snippets here and there (they started season 1 a while back, just starting on the final season tonight). I actually sat down and watched a few. Oreo came and sat on my lap (he loves me) .

0523 (Tuesday) Weight 175.4. Steps 32532. Total Burn 3327. Exercise Burn 1400/1674 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2500. Got in my hour of elliptical ... easier on the mornings I don't drive middle school, although #4 hates carpool and just wishes I took him and picked him up every day. Zumba with Marian. I walked to/from as the weather was lovely. Stats: 5548 steps. 2.53 miles. 358/338 burn. AvHR113, High139, in zone 10 of the 53 minutes (classes have been running short as Marian has to get to work). Back at home I got the babies settled. I'd actually let the big babies out of the pen earlier, figuring they'd be okay during the hour I was gone, and they were. Still keeping watch on the littles as having them out is still new. They did get out of the pen later in the day. #1 looked out and asked "are you okay with them being out unsupervised?" and no, I'm not. They are still small enough that a hawk or falcon (we've seen them sometimes) could make off with them ... even a mean magpie could hurt them. The goslings go after them sometimes as well. So we got them back in the pen. Hubs and #3 did a derby. I went and grabbed Dominos for dinner. For the first time, we had a problem with our pizza. It was "my" white sauce and cheese one ... and it only had cheese, no sauce at all. It should have still been okay, like breadsticks, but compared to what we were expecting, it wasn't appealing at all. It just looked bad and it didn't get eaten. It's more work than it's worth to go back. It had been part of a special for $6. #5 had gone with me (he likes the Parmesan bites fresh! Eats them in the car on the way home) and I told him he could get a Slurpee. We struck out there too. He filled his cup with red, thinking it was cherry, not really even looking at the sign. It wasn't cherry. Pepsi Fire, some cinnamon thing. I told him to go ahead and get his cherry one ... but neither of us noticed the red light saying it wasn't ready, not frozen. As those were our errors, we still paid for them, and the boys put the cherry one in the freezer and still downed it a bit later. I hit the bike before bed, but I over ate today.

0522 (Monday) Weight 177.1. Steps 33218. Total Burn 3248. Exercise Burn 1490/1418 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2100. Well, that two pound jump from Sunday morning to Monday morning happened again. Even though my numbers look pretty good today, I can feel I'm really not that motivated. Mostly habit keeping me going today. I got in my early elliptical. Was disappointed when I saw Debbie's Zumba was cancelled (she has a stomach bug) and I still managed to do an hour on my own. Not immediately, not during the regular Zumba hour, not as much energy as a regular class ... but I did it. Stats: 5732 steps. 2.52 miles. 407/311 burn. AvHR115, High132, in zone 10 of the 60 minutes. As the weather is finally pretty nice, I figured we could let the little babies out during the day, keeping them in the pen. We've had the big babies staying out overnight in the pen, which has eased up on the upkeep a lot. They are just too big for the brooder. They are HUGE. We have the house and warming light, but they still stay on the edge closest to us. I let them out of the pen in the morning and then moved the pen to the grass. Changed the water in all the containers/pools, set up food for everyone and just kept checking on them all out the window all day. When #1 got home, I felt comfortable having him keep an eye/ear out and got in my three miles on the treadmill. I'd planned to hit the bike, but it didn't happen. We did tacos for dinner, and then Hubs and I went for a walk along the canal. We saw two momma's and babies, and several male ducks, including the one I am almost certain is Jorge (one of ours from last year) based on his unique coloring. We also both got mosquito bites.

0521 (Sunday) Weight 175.7. Steps 8405. Total Burn 2100. Exercise Burn 0/298 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. Stayed in bed a bit this morning, not sleeping in, but being lazy. Those dang Swigg cookies call to me, even for breakfast! I wasn't sure we were doing out big breakfast, we ended up making pancakes, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. A bit rainy again today. Hubs left to run some errands and I hit Sams/Walmart. That's how I got the Sunday Steps I did. No real dinner. Hubs and #1 had leftover lasagna, I'm sure the others ate something, but I didn't do dinner ... but still managed to go over on calories.

0520 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 16499. Total Burn 2518. Exercise Burn 450/718 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Those Swig sugar cookies I made yesterday showed up on the scale, and that didn't stop me from eating more today! They are just too yummy. It was the Stake5K, which #3 ran last year (in the rain). I'd thought the boys would be interested, as it's close and free, but #1 had to work early (scheduled at 5:00, but I woke up this morning at 5:30 and he was still here. His alarm didn't go off and he'd been out late. I woke him and got him on his way late). #3 had been out late as well and wasn't really interested, and #4 had been wishy-washy about it and was still sleeping, so I didn't bring it up. Hubs was up rather early helping a work buddy and his boy build a pinewood derby car. I got in some elliptical, and then spent some time in the yard mowing. I even tried a bit of trimming, and my arms are sore. I think I'll leave that part to the guys. Got a bit of a sunburn too! #5 had a basketball game. Last time this same team absolutely trounced us, but this time we had a better showing, for the first half anyway (in the end, it was a bit of a trouncing again). Hubs had been off all day running errands, trying to get a second key for #1's car, which ended up needed some work due to a recall. So it t took much longer than anticipated, but was probably a good thing to get fixed. He called me hungry, asking if I was and if we wanted to go out. We ended up taking the family to Tepanyaki for dinner. Got there just before the rush. Then home and to bed. Been so tired lately!

0519 (Friday) Weight 174.7. Steps 11499. Total Burn 2400. Exercise Burn 600/587 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Stayed in bed a bit this morning, and didn't get in any early elliptical (first 20min session was after elementary drop-off). I did get in my hour in by end of day. Still feeling a bit off, like yesterday. Just wanting to curl up in bed, not really feeling terrible, just run down, achy and not motivated. I WAS thinking of hitting the treadmill for an easy walk (I wanted to watch the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" that had aired last night), but then #3 showed up with a bunch of friends (I guess that's what happens when he has his brother's car) and they were in the gym for a few hours. #1 son was shaking his head at the time they were in there, saying no one should work out that long ... but I know they aren't working out the entire time. Often just one person is doing some weights while everyone else just chats, then another takes a turn. It's more just a hang out spot for them. I actually wasn't too disappointed ... now I could blame my lack of steps on them, right? I decided to make cookies (gotta be the hostess you know) and made a double batch of the copycat Swig sugar cookies and gave some to the boys. #5 had practice, I was still in the middle of cookie baking, so I had #1 drop him off. #1 and #3 were off hanging with friends, and #4 also got an invite to go play basketball at the park ... I was NOT feeling well, but he doesn't ask for much and thing hanging with friends thing is new (he's a homebody like me) so I took him, but was counting the minutes until I could pick him up again ... and then go to bed! He never texted though, so at 9:30 I said it was time. I mean it was completely dark, and they were at the park, I don't even know if there were lights there. He said okay, and it turned out good anyway, as "The Dunk King" started at 9:45 and that's a show he is obsessed with (there had been an NBA playoff game earlier, but he was okay missing it, as it was a complete blowout).

0518 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 27327. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1200/1251 (60minElliptical, Zumba, BBwalk). Calories in 2300. Morning routine was a little off this morning. It's hard, trying to quickly see to the ducks/geese and still getting that first 20min in. I actually did okay for that first one, but then got sidetracked and only had time for 10 before driving middle school carpool. Then again, just 10 before elementary drop-off. Also running just a tad late to Zumba, as always with this class. Only one more then they are cancelling. They just weren't getting enough support from their own stake, and the gal in charge (opening the building, etc) is pregnant and not really that able to participate anyway. I understand. I think Marian is a tad burned out too. I do have an alternate I can hit, so while I'll miss my MountainView and have a ton of memories from there, I'll still be getting my steps in. Stats: 5896 steps. 2.65 miles. 409/373 burn. AvHR119, High151, in zone 29 of the 56 minutes. I stopped at Reams on the way home. Just a quick trip to grab some chicken on sale for $.99 a pound. They were out though ... not too surprising at that price. While supplies last, no rainchecks. They did have some 5lb bags of the individually iced breasts for $1.39 a pound, which is still a really good price, so I picked up a couple of those. Grabbed some lettuce and kale for the geese, as they'd gone through what we had. Back at home I put the big babies outside and moved the littles to the bigger brooder (once I'd cleaned it out) and made sure they were all fed and watered. It was so cool out, that I moved the pen to the "permanent" spot, with the doghouse shelter and warming light. It's also nice in that I can see them from out my window, constantly checking on them throughout the day. While I was doing all this though, I got really light-headed. I was going from hot to cold and just not feeling well at all. I could barely finish up. Needless to say, I didn't quite feel up to additional exercise today. I just took it easy. #2 was home from school early, and off for the weekend for a "senior trip" to St. George with a bunch of his buddies. In early evening, #5 had his practice. I wasn't sure I was up for walking while I waited, but the thought of fighting traffic to/from twice wasn't appealing either ... so I stayed. Good thing too. I was walking around, listening to my audiobook, when I noticed #5 looking upset. The coach pulled him aside and I was able to make eye-contact, asking if it was a "mommy moment" or if he'd be fine. The coach indicated I wasn't needed ... then. I noticed #5 missing a bit later, and figured he'd run to the bathroom, but figured I'd go check in. He was there ... but came running out with a massive bloody nose. The bathroom didn't have paper towels and poor #5 didn't think to grab toilet paper, but was just attempting to catch the flow in his cupped hands. It was smearing all over his face, dripping down his arms and all over the floor. I did grab some toilet paper and we were attempting to slow the flow and clean up, but we really needed a sink. But while they have a family "changing" room, it didn't have a sink, and I couldn't take him into the women's restroom, nor me into the mens ... a lifeguard walking by saw our predicament and invited us into their first aid room which had a sink and paper towels and she grabbed us more toilet paper. I got him (and me) cleaned up, and he was able to go back to practice. Poor janitor was in the hallway cleaning up the drops (and pool) of blood. I did apologize ... and I'll need to go over basic first aid with the munchkin for future reference!

0517 (Wednesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 34130. Total Burn 3435. Exercise Burn 1460/1658 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3mileTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2300. Started the day with my three sessions on the elliptical, then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6898 steps. 3.01 miles. 452/415 burn. AvHR112, High130, in zone 7 of the 69 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. We needed more pebbled ice, been out for a couple days. It's a staple now. They also had Little Debbie stuff on sale. Not nutricious at all, but the boys love them. It was a bit of a haul. Back at home, I put the big babies out, even though it's still quite cool. I had some treadmill time and hit the bike, but didn't get to weights. Made haystacks for dinner.

0516 (Tuesday) Weight 174.3. Steps 35477. Total Burn 3419. Exercise Burn 1450/1616 (60minElliptical, Zumbam 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2050. Started the day with my hour of elliptical as I got the boys off to school, then Zumba with Marian. It was a little chilly, and rain was in the forecast, but I still walked to/from the church. Stats ... 5609 steps. 2.44 miles. 395/375 burn, AvHR119, High150, in zone 22 of the 55 minutes. Back at home, it was "ducky time" as I got the big babies set up outside in the pen, and then cleaned out both brooder boxes and moved the littles to the bigger box for the day. #1 brought the littles out later in the day and he and I spent some time with them (and let the big babies run free, just supervising interaction between them). I did some weeding in the garden and then mowed the front lawn, fitting this all in between rain storms. I also hit the treadmill and bike and did a little stretching/strength training. Hubs put a roast in the Instant Pot for french dip ... I have yet to master it myself. I'm easily intimidated by new things! #2 was working and #1 went bowling with buddies ... fixed himself a french dip when he got home and then accidentally left the meat out all night. No more leftovers :(

0515 (Monday) Weight 176.6. Steps 34196. Total Burn 3540. Exercise Burn 1500/1742 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1700. Well, the wicked weekend showed up on the scale this week. I'm not too discouraged because a two pound jump in one day? Pretty sure that will reverse pretty quick. I was motivated to move today. Got in my elliptical early, then hit Zumba with Debbie. She texted before asking if I'd be able to close down class again, the last 15min or so as she needed to cut out early. Stats ... 6520 steps. 2.81 miles. 506/447 burn. AvHR124, High156, in zone 39 of the 64 minutes (I went a little over). I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Didn't really need groceries, but I needed to pick up my prescription. #1 has some early work shifts this week again. 5:00 start time this morning, but he couldn't find his keys and was late. He's off work early with this shift ... around 11:00. I got in my treadmill time, bike and weights. It was National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, so of course I felt obligated to make cookies. Hubs and #3 did a derby ... not scouts, but a YSA activity. Hubs thought #1 might have enjoyed coming along, as it was his age group, but it was his first day of college classes at the community college. Or so we thought. No teacher, no other students ... turns out #1 got it wrong and it's a condensed class that doesn't start for a couple more weeks. So, he did end up going to the derby too.

0514 (Sunday) Weight 174.5. Steps 8549. Total Burn 0/351 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. Mother's Day. The boys and Hubs were busy in the kitchen cleaning and prepping breakfast. We did our Sunday Circles (waffles, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns) which he haven't done in a few weeks. Hubs had a lovely rose bouquet, and the boys had recreated some photos with hilarious results. Such a cute idea, that they came up with all on their own. I loved it. Had a little excitement in the morning when we checked on the ducklings, and were missing one! It was under the table and we were able to catch him and return him to his siblings. I have NO idea how it got out! That wasn't the only close call with our birds. The two big babies (goslings) were in the backyard. I would keep watch out the window and check on them every so often. Then once when I did ... one was down the window well. I called #5 to help get him out, and then we couldn't find the other gosling! She was no where to be found! There is a little opening at the gate. Our wild momma and babies would use it last year to go wander, but OUR ducks (last year and the year before) had never attempted to leave the backyard. We found some poop, so we knew that she had been out in the front yard ... where dogs, cars, all sorts of problems could happen. The neighbors said that had seen it (hadn't realized it was ours) following a little girl on a bike down the sidewalk. So I started off around the neighborhood with #5 ... didn't even stop to put on shoes. Way down around the corner we could see a family gathered in their front yard, a little girl on a bike ... and our baby! She had followed them (Daddy and little girl) so far! We chatted with the family for a bit then brought baby home, reunited her with her brother and chatted with the neighbors next door (with the goslings out) for a while. Then the babies were grounded ... rather than free ranging the back yard, we put them in the pen.  Hubs had invited his mom and sister over for a bbq dinner. My parents had gone to a siblings for dinner, but said they could come over after (we were having cake for birthdays in addition to MD celebrations). Ate too much ...

0513 (Saturday) Weight 173.7. Steps 16527. Total Burn 2513. Exercise Burn 450/721 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2450.  #1 was up and off early to play basketball at the church. Hubs left to go to the dunes with some work buddies. He had planned on taking a couple kids. #1 was interested but had to work.  The other boys didn't want to. I hit the elliptical a couple of times, catching up on the "Grey's Anatomy" from Thursday night.  Did a quick store run (Sam's and Walmart) to restock on groceries. Then ... basketball games with #5. He had three games, at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00. First game with his Grizzlies (they won), then we missed half of the next game with his Wolves, as it took a bit to drive from Elkridge to Indian Hills. The 3:00 game was there too. They lost both but battled hard. We grabbed some crazy bread from Little Caesers on the way home. My SIL had texted, asking if I was free at 6:00 ... she said she had a Mother's Day gift. I thought she was going to drop something by, but it ended up being my MIL picking me up, with another SIL in the car and another meeting us at her work (Supercuts, very close to my house), and she had set up a pedicure for all of us at the spa next door. I used to get pedicures quite often, but it's been a while! I've never done it with anyone (although I know a lot of people do go together) and it was fun.

0512 (Friday) Weight 172.9. Steps 22735. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 1050/1118 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, 30min/2milesTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2200. Very slow start to the morning, only got one elliptical session in by 9:00 (whereas Mon-Thurs I usually have my full hour). I did get two more 20min sessions in a bit later. Also treadmill time and a half hour of Zumba on my own. I made Snickerdoodles and sent some with #5 to his practice as a thank you to his ride. I goofed a little on them though, adding baking powder instead of baking soda. The first few pans (before I realized my mistake and added some soda to the remaining dough) stayed thick ... which the boys liked. I prefer them thin though, and they spread quite a bit after the addition of the soda - which doesn't totally make sense as both have "raising" properties. Hubs was a little late ... coming home with a Razor on a trailer. I told him I hoped it was rented, not purchased! #2 had the Senior Dinner Dance in the evening, and even took pictures and shared them with me. #1 and #3 were also out with friends. A little too many treat temptations today (yes, I ate several snickerdoodles). 

0511 (Thursday) Weight 172.9. Steps 33883. Total Burn 3370. Exercise Burn 1600/1583 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, 60minBBPWalk, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. I'm on a pretty strict schedule in the morning routine. If I want to get my hour of elliptical in, I have to start my first 20min session by 6:15, second by 6:55, and third by 8:00. If I'm off by just a few minutes, I don't have time to do my mommy duties (waking the kids, making breakfast/lunches, driving them to school) and have to cut short or skip a workout. This morning, I told myself I wouldn't check on the babies(birds) before that first session ... but they can hear me (the gym is next door to the room they are in) and I can hear them. So I checked. The littles were out of water, so I refilled that, and then went ahead and made the morning salad for the bigs. And only squeezed in 10min for the first workout. I got in my other two 20min on schedule. I drove middle school and elementary (as always). #1 was off work today ... I should have made him chauffeur. I went to Zumba with MountainView. They announced that this class would continue through May and then stop. Not really a surprise, as numbers have dropped and I could tell that the gal in charge (she's pregnant too) just didn't have her heart in it, nor does Marian I think. I'll still get my Marian fix on Tuesdays, unless she gets discouraged with that class. Anyway, Stats ...5742 steps. 2.51 miles. 383/354 burn. AvHR116, High136, In Zone 19 of the 55 minutes. After class, I stopped at Reams to grab a few groceries. I hadn't written down the list from the white board at home though, and forgot several things on it. Picked up #2's suit from the drycleaners. I finished up my 10min on the elliptical and then did weights. A little walk on the treadmill after that (is it exercise, or an excuse to watch an episode? hmmmm) I don't normally pick up middle school on Thursdays, but the other mom asked if I'd be able, so I said sure. I was almost there, in the left hand turn lane to go down the street to the middle school when I noticed a car stopped in the street (it had also been making the left hand turn) ... then I noticed the bicycle under it's wheels and several people out on the street. There had been a kid on the bike. While there was an absolute sense of urgency, I didn't see blood or absolute frantic movement, so I was hoping he was okay. I was able to move out of the left hand lane (there would be no turning there for a while) and head down the street to a back road to the school, which I only knew about because of construction forcing me to detour earlier in the year. Had to pull over for emergency vehicles on the way to the scene, and then we took another detour for the way home. Sad ... picked up #5 from school. He only has an hour before basketball practice. Today, I planned to stay (rather than wasting the time driving home and back again). I did just drop him and then checked out the nearby canal. There was the black and white duck (ours from last year?) there again, but not too many ducks hanging out. A canadian goose was there though. Previous weeks I'd spotted him at the outdoor pool, as they'd removed the covers but not officially opened it yet. Today ... there was a swan in it! Okay, it was a fake swan (but I had to double check, I just didn't think there were any swans around here) which is supposed to keep wild birds off the water. Not terribly effective, as a couple ducks were also swimming happily by (not fake ducks). I had just brought my over the ear headphones to listen to my audiobook while I walked. When practices were held at a middle-school, I just walked the hallways. Here, there is a track above the basketball court. I should pay to use it (use the gym) but ... just walking? I figured if anyone said anything I'd just walk the hallways of the gym instead (not worth $7 for an hour while I'm waiting). Not a soul was on the track, and it was nice to catch glimpses of the kids during their practice. I also could walk the park ... but it was 80° out. Too darn hot! In the past, I've brought my streamlined headphones and running playlist and jogged the track, but I was calling even just walking a success for today. Almost 7000 steps. Back at home, we brought out the ducklings out for the first time. These little guys have been so scared and skittish, but were a little cuddly when facing the big, wide world. The goslings came to check them out (they look like dinosaurs next to the little ducklings). One of the bigs did peck at one of the littles, so I was making sure they were somewhat separated and always supervised. We gave the littles a swim in the tub after, cleaned out both brooder boxes and got them settled again for the night. They are a lot of work. Towels are definitely on the laundry list for tomorrow. I didn't do any laundry yesterday, so I had three loads to get through today (#4's, #3's and Hub's stuff). I finished up a muvee for #5 (highlights from Saturday's Grizzlies game) ... he'd been anxious for this one, had helped look through clips to prep. He had 27 points that game ... that was how many the other team had total.  Kept calories in check today too.

0510 (Wednesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 33096. Total Burn 3455. Exercise Burn 1500/1671 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2100. Got in my hour of elliptical early, then went to Zumba with MZL. #1 had worked in the morning but was done by 10:00 and wanting to drop his car off to have the sound system worked on. The place was in Midvale, so he drove there and then had me pick him up. I made more bread today, as the last loaves had been a hit. Got in some treadmill time and mowed the lawn. #2 wasn't around to bring #3 home from school, so I had to run and pick him up, and then drop him off at the orthodontist (again). Picked up #5 then ran #1 back to pick up his car. I was hoping to get there before rush hour, but still hit some traffic. Made chicken enchiladas for dinner, and #1 and #2 liked them. I didn't quite get them done in time for Hubs and #3 to try (they were off to a derby). Slipped in a session on the bike before bed.

0509 (Tuesday) Weight 174.4. Steps 31011. Total Burn 3366. Exercise Burn 1290/1565 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5mileTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2000. Started the day with my hour of elliptical. The weather was nice enough that I walked to Zumba. Stats ... 5997 steps. 2.64 miles. 409/414 burn. AvHR116, High142, in zone 13 of the 59 minutes. I was quite preoccupied by our fourth egg in the incubator (there were three eggs really, but two hadn't shown any signs of hatching, so I was thinking something happened a while back. But #4 WAS hatching, just taking forever. Unfortunately we had two last year in this state and they didn't make it). I put the big babies outside and kept watching our little egg. He finally had some progress later in the afternoon. By then, I was hoping he'd wait until the kids got home, as they wanted to watch the actual hatch, but it happened while I was picking #5 up from school. I am relieved he made it out! I made homemade bread today. It was gratifying to have the boys walk in and say "what is that delicious smell?" and they were quite happy with the finished product too. It really wasn't hard or time consuming (as my rolls can be) so I should do it more often. I also made some chocolate frosty ice cream and it was devoured as well. I baked up some chicken, but didn't get around to turning it into an official dinner (but that's my method often, make the chicken one day, and turn it into a meal the next). We are almost out of our leftovers, but the boys and hubs have been good at getting through them. Hubs was quite late, stopping at Whole Foods on his way home from work. He spent some time out with the goslings. We are a bit worried about our bigger one, as he's had a limp. Last year with Ally (our duck) it was a vitamin deficiency. I started supplementing, but still wonder if he hurt it somehow. We never witnessed an injury. #3 had a game in the evening (9:00). It was close, but they lost. This was the elimination tournament, so that was their last game. #3 did pretty good though, I'll have to go through clips to see his points. He would have had some awesome assists too if the people he'd passed to had been able to deliver. That could possibly be the last game I watch him play (he's planning on a couple tournaments away from home, that I don't go to ... and we're just reading between the lines that he most likely won't make the team next season).

0508 (Monday) Weight 174.6. Steps 33552. Total Burn 3592. Exercise Burn 1560/1799 (60minEllptical, Zumba, 60min/3.25milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2300. I'm a little surprised my wicked weekend didn't show up on the scale this morning, but I'll take it. It's just SO much harder to workout on the weekends. I had more steps by 9:00 than I did the entire day Saturday or Sunday. I got in my hour of elliptical early, even with middle school carpool (I drive elementary to/from everyday, as I don't have a carpool for #5). I hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. Stats ... 5985 steps. 2.74 miles. 458/437 burn. AvHR151, High138, in zone 34 of the 60 minutes. Debbie had to duck out a titch early, so she had me close up, doing the last few (three) songs. I had to bolt pretty quick after too, as #2 had a doctor's appointment for his toe. I had written him a note to leave school and had him come home and we drove to the clinic together. His toe was a little too infected to do the permanent procedure (with the chemicals to prevent all regrowth) but the doctor took off the edges which should allow the toe to heal. Also prescribed some antibiotics which we picked up on the way home. #2 didn't really need to hit his remaining classes, I let him stay home (as he should stay off the foot for at least at day anyway). When we returned home ... there were ducklings. One had hatched and a second was just out of the egg (still in partway). I put the big babies (goslings) outside, but they would need to be in for the evening, so I pulled a second container for a second brooder box. I pulled out the two babies, and then a third one hatched. One other egg shows some signs, but no real movement beyond that first pip. Hubs was late getting home, having his catering thing (ribs for a charity event). He said he made way too many, as most of the folks were older and didn't eat as much as a younger crowd would. Lots of leftovers (he kept them at work). We had everyone home this evening! #2 was quite the clown. 

0507 (Sunday) Weight 175.5. Steps 7858. Total Burn 2058. Exercise Burn 100/243 (Bike). Calories in 2400. Hubs took off in the morning to go biking with his boss. Without Hubs around, we just don't seem to do our big breakfast. Occasionally someone will step up and make the waffles, or we'll do pancakes instead, but usually we just do a smaller setup. We didn't really do anything this morning. That's better for my caloric intake, although I still managed to do pretty good damage on my own, as I have the last couple days. I tried to sneak in a little nap, but didn't actually fall asleep. Hubs was asked to cater a charity event (smoked ribs) so he was busy much of the day prepping for that (and smoking some, he'd also done some yesterday for us). There were NBA playoff games, and #4 watched them all.

0506 (Saturday) Weight 174.6. Steps 8341. Total Burn 2123. Exercise Burn 0/319 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. Three games on the docket today, but happily no scheduling conflicts. Up first, #3 at 10:00. He is a little burned out. This is his 7th game this week. His calves are super tight. They ended up playing the team they lost to (earlier game) yesterday. Today they played better and got the win. He stayed and watched the other JV team compete for the 1st place spot, which they won. He got a ride home with one of his basketball buddies. I hurried home and picked up #5 for his 1:00 Grizzlies game. It was at West Hills. Our boys got a pretty easy win. #5 had his buddy Austin come home with us after the game to hang out for a bit, and then come with us to his 4:00 game with his Wolves. Didn't get the win here, although our boys battled hard. #5 has trouble handling getting called on direct errors on his part (traveling, carry, some fouls) and can start to lose it emotionally. Happened a couple of times this game. The second time, the other parents could see it too and were calling out "Keep your head in the game Colton!" as it can check him out. We headed home, and when Austin's family came to pick him up for his second game with his other team, #5 went with him to watch, and then to catch the rest of the Jazz Playoff game after. We were all watching here. We have new neighbors and the little 7-year old came and knocked on the door looking for someone to play with and wouldn't accept that we only had older boys here. My oldest did entertain her for a bit and she asked to jump on our trampoline and asked to see our baby geese. Jazz lost, we're 0-3 against the Warriors. Did bad on calories again.

0505 (Friday) Weight 175.3. Steps 19416. Total Burn 2721. Exercise Burn 800/928 (75minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Slept in a little, as I often do on late start Fridays. I'm not normally on middle school carpool, but I did drive this morning. Stopped at Walmart on the way home to restock on some groceries. #1 was out early from work, #5 out early from elementary. #2 and friends came over to hit the gym. I did get in my hour of elliptical, plus a little extra, but no additional exercise. In the evening, #3 had two games, 5:00 and 8:00. Again, lost them both, again, the first wasn't good at all, but they improved on the second. I went home in-between games, but #3 stayed and watched. I'd been able to arrange #5 a ride to his practice (I usually drop him off). Not sure why I've been SO munchie these past few days. I just want to eat, eat, eat (and nothing good!) Ding dong!

0504 (Thursday) Weight 174.7. Steps 32748. Total Burn 3376. Exercise Burn 1460/1582 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2900. Oops over on calories today. Again ... major munchies! Too many treat temptations. I got in my hour of elliptical and then hit Zumba with MountainView. Stats ... 6327 steps. 2.82 miles. 434/441 burn. AvHR125, High143, in zone 42 of the 54 minutes. I did feel like I was working it harder today. It was only Marian and me as the instructors, so I was on stage a little more too. Back at home I hit the treadmill and bike. Two basketball games in the evening, 5:00 and 9:00. Hubs and #4 (under duress) went and did a derby. #1 and #2 were off on dates (but #1 was able to drop #5 off at practice and I arranged for him to catch a ride home with a teammate). Both games were losses for us, but I thought the boys fought pretty hard and did well. #3 was frustrated after the first game, but was pleased enough with his performance, the team performance in the second game. #1 had parked in front of the garage, figuring I was already in, because I'm never out so late. Except when there are games. Hubs was already out cold.

0503 (Wednesday) Weight 174.2. Steps 31368. Total Burn 3268. Exercise Burn 1480/1474 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 1900. Only got in two 20min sessions of early elliptical, instead of my usual three. #4 wanted to go to school early to retake a math test (he had 94% ... so terrible!) so I skipped my middle session to take him. We didn't end up leaving as early as I thought, and I really could have worked it in had I known. I had to remind myself later in the day that I hadn't finished my hour ... I got a couple 10min sessions in later (the last at 9:45 right before bed). I hit Zumba with MZL. Stats ... 7013 steps. 3.19 miles. 465/436 burn. AvHR119, High141, in zone 28 of the 64 minutes. They did "Move Your Body" which I've only done in Southziders before, but it was pretty much the same choreography. I went a little nuts on the "run to the left to the left" part. I had thought I'd stop at a store (Sams/Walmart) on the way home, but since I'd ended up at Smiths the night before, I put it off. I probably shouldn't have, because we are almost out of paper towels and laundry soap. I got in an hour walk, and squeezed in a session on the bike too. Got through clips of #3's last game (#3 had 23 points), but I didn't quite finish making the muvee portion. #3 had a game again in the evening, 7:00 at Jordan vs West Jordan. We got the win. WJ and Alta play Friday, and that will determine our seed for the tournament. Next game for that Tuesday, but there's the "Spring Slam" tournament Thurs/Fri/Sat which we didn't know about until yesterday. Busy with basketball this week! The boy and I stopped at Big5 on the way home to grab him a waterbottle (as someone walked off with his last game) and then stopped at Subway as he was hungry. Back at home, Maga was there checking out the babies. It's her birthday today. I really struggled with the eating today ... major munchies! 

0502 (Tuesday) Weight 174.8. Steps 33635. Total Burn 3552. Exercise Burn 1540/1767 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1400.  Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical early, had to finish up 10min a little later in the day. Zumba with Marian. Stats ... 6300 steps. 2.77 miles. 400/418 burn. AvHR 115, High 135, in zone 10 of the 59 minutes. After that last final elliptical session, I hit the treadmill for a one mile jog, music blaring. Then I did weights for 40 minutes, and back on the treadmill, intervals until I'd hit an hour of treadmill time total (combined with the earlier jog). #2 and friends in the gym after school. Hubs and #3 did a derby. I hit the bike for some reading/riding, then ran to the store to pick up a prescription and some groceries. Goose time (earlier in the afternoon outside, and then in the bath and towel time in the evening). #3 was upset again in the evening ... it unsettles me then too.

0501 (Monday) Weight 176.2. Steps 30553. Total Burn 3333. Exercise Burn 1450/1672 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 1600. Started off May with a 30k day. It was a motivated Monday, even after a horrid night. I woke around 1:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. Stressing about anything and everything. Hubs was awake early too. Weight was up a titch, but still a loss from last week. I got in my hour of elliptical early, then hit Zumba with Debbie. Stats ... 5838 steps. 2.54 miles. 418/408 burn. AvHR 117, High 141, in zone 23 of the 58 minutes. Back at home, an hour of treadmill time (easy walk) and a session on the bike later in the afternoon. #2 and friends came over after school, and #3 hit the gym too, even though he had a game later in the evening. I made spinach and black bean enchiladas for dinner ... for Hubs and #1 anyway, but #3 surprised me by trying it and liking it as well. The littles and I just snacked for dinner. I was able to keep calories in check. Hubs hit the trails with my brother biking, then it was duckie (goose) time. I'd spent some time out with them in the afternoon, weeding the back garden patch. Hubs had mowed and trimmed a bunch in the back yesterday (I'd been thinking I'd use those big dandelions for feed). I ordered new waterfowl feed and looked in the bucket where I'd kept the small amount remaining from last year. One small bag (I'd take to the canal) was okay, but the rest had gotten wet and the smell ... seriously, I almost threw up. It was so disgusting. So far the goslings haven't seemed to into the grain feed, but are ravenous when it comes to greens (when I couldn't sleep in the night, I was worrying they were hungry and got up and chopped up some lettuce/cabbage/kale for them). Hub gave them some swim time and cleaned out the brooder box then we had towel time in the family room. Then #3 and I were off to his game. 9:00 start time. This was against the toughest (undefeated) team in our pool, but our boys had it tied going into the half. Then, Olympus hit five three pointers to start the third quarter. Ouch! Especially as we weren't getting any (we had ONE point, from #3's free throw). But our boys battled back enough to make the other team nervous. We were there within two points ... but alas, couldn't quite finish it. But #3 had a really good game, other than the fact that he had four fouls. Someone had walked off with his water bottle too, that was a bummer (no hydration during the breaks and that was the only non-leaking one he had). It always takes me a bit to wind down, even if the game wasn't that intense. A little reading and then to sleep.  

0430 (Sunday) Weight 175.6. Steps 14334. Total Burn 2564. Exercise Burn 600/757 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Hubs took off early for a bike ride, so we just did a smaller breakfast. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns.  I hit the elliptical a few times to get in my hour. There were a couple NBA playoff games today, including a game seven Jazz vs Clippers ... Jazz won. I made cookie press cookies as the boys watched. For dinner, Hubs grilled up some burgers and hotdogs, and then I made some homemade chocolate ice cream. 

0429 (Saturday) Weight 176.5. Steps 15272. Total Burn 2540. Exercise Burn 350/724 (30min/2mileTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 1950. Up early to get a couple boys off to a 5k run. #4 had been wanting to do another one since they did the one last year. Hubs hasn't felt up to it, but #1 has been running, so I figured he could help (with the ride, registration, being the adult). No snow, but still very chilly for the 8:30 start. #4 hasn't been running as much, so it was a little harder for him. He definitely said he was feeling it in his legs. Both boys stayed together and came in tied for fourth place overall. They didn't stay for awards, although both probably would have placed in their individual age groups. I hit the treadmill and did two miles while they were running. That was it for my official exercise for the day, but I did some yard work ... wrestling with the evil elm growing through my lilac bush, weeding, and mowing the lawn. #5 had two games today. The first (6th grade) at 4:00, which was not a good game. The other team totally dominated, our boys only scored 17 points. Better at the second game (5th grade), where it was an easy win. #1 had a friend over, and #2 had his girlfriend over, and I ended up making homemade oreos again ... double batch again. But it was fun laughing and chatting with everyone gathered in the kitchen. I did a dab (which #3 says I'm not allowed to do) and had everyone laughing. I'm hilarious. I was a little surprised I kept calories in check today, but it was busy and I was on the move a lot, never stopping for an actual meal. 

0428 (Friday) Weight 176.5. Steps 22267. Total Burn 2764. Exercise Burn 1000/953 (60minElliptical, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk, Bike). Calories in 2700. No Zumba today, not even on my own. I thought I might get to it, but if I don't get it done in the morning, I just don't feel like I can do it when everyone else is around. Early out at the elementary, #1's work finishes up early on Fridays, #2 and crew came early and even Hubs was home, working on his derby timer, which wasn't working properly for him last night.  I did get in my elliptical and treadmill while others were gone, and fit in a session on the bike a little later. It was a COLD day, there was snow. #3, who has been hitting the outdoor basketball court with his friends most days decided to sit today out. Brrrr. #5 had his basketball practice. #2 was working, #3 was hanging with friends. I overate ... not good when there are cookies from the day before, I snagged some chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. It was the Jazz game in the evening and Hubs made popcorn for that ... Jazz lost though :(  Onto game seven.

0427 (Thursday) Weight 176.5. Steps 22078. Total Burn 2948. Exercise Burn 1140/1131 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. I managed to get in my full hour of elliptical in early, as I got the boys off to school ... even with driving middle school carpool. MountainView for Zumba. Class went a little shy of the hour as it started a few minutes late but still finished on time as Marian had to get to work. I wasn't very productive at home ... it was a cold and dreary day, and it just made me want to curl up in bed ... and I must admit I did, even though reading on the bike would have warmed me up as well. I did finally hit the treadmill for a bit. #2 and friends hit the gym after school let out. #4 requested a ride to the park to play basketball with his buddies. #5 had practice from 5:00-6:00 ... I have yet to stay and walk like I used to with his practices (that's when they were a little further away and not worth the double drive). Then back to the park to pick up #4. Hubs and #2 were off for a derby. Hubs texted me he was having troubles with his timer. He was quite frustrated with that, but luckily it was a Lego derby, not a Pinewood derby, where the timing is much more important (the gate was still registering who came in 1,2,3,4 but no times). #2 had his girlfriend over and they played with the goslings for a while. Gave them a swim and towel time and treats. I ended up making homemade oreos (request from the boys) and also finishing baking up the rest of the chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes ... I went over on calories.

0426 (Wednesday) Weight 176.6. Steps 31941. Total Burn 3324. Exercise Burn 1500/1524 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500. The problem with making cookies for the kids ... is I eat the cookies too. For breakfast. WHY did I do that? The cookies aren't even that great. I know the whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" (if it's not cookies) but I generally don't eat anything until later in the day. I find if I do eat breakfast ... that's just that many more calories for the day, and I still eat the same the rest of the day. I'm generally not that hungry in the mornings. I got in most of my hour of elliptical, 10min shy, which I finished up later in the day. I went to Zumba with MZL and stopped at Maceys afterward to grab some groceries. #2 was home when I arrived back at the house (eating lunch) and he helped bring in bags. I then hit the treadmill for an easy, hour walk. Definitely feeling sore from yesterday's workout with weights. #2 and friends hit my gym after school. #3 stayed after ... which meant he'd need a pickup at some point, which isn't a problem per say, it's just that I don't know when it will be. I'm an on call chauffer.  #4 also wanted to go to the park to play basketball with his buds again, even though it was quite cool and raining. I figured they probably wouldn't last as long as they had yesterday. I hurried and hit the bike, hoping I could get my 30min in before I was called to pick up any of my peoples, and I did. #3 ended up getting a ride home. When I went to pick up #4 around 6:30, we swung my Dominos to pick up some pizza. There are still leftovers for the Hubs and #1, but not stuff the littler ones like. I was over calories, but indulged a little.  Hubs and #1 had a derby. #3 had a 9:00 game. They won, but #3 wasn't happy with his performance/play and seemed quite down.  

0425 (Tuesday) Weight 176.2. Steps 26233. Total Burn 3109. Exercise Burn 1330/1294 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2miles/30minTreadmillIntervals, Weights). Calories in 1900. Very rainy night. It woke me with rain hitting the window noisily. #5 usually sleeps upstairs on the couch (weird child, pick your battles) but went downstairs to his bunk bed as it was too noisy for him, lots of windows in the family room/kitchen. I got in most of my hour elliptical in early ... 10min shy, which I finished up later in the day. I'd received notification that Marian's Zumba was cancelled as there was a funeral at the church. On one hand, I really just wanted to climb into bed after school drop off. The cold, rainy weather was not very motivating. But ... this was also an opportunity to hit a different class. There was another free one nearby, HeatherB. I know several people there, as a couple of them make the rounds to other classes too. It was really fun. The instructor has a ton of energy and personality, lots of fun numbers. There were quite a few kids running around, right through everyone. That can be distracting. A couple times in the past we've had kids and women collide. Anyway, stats ... 5793 steps. 2.5miles. 357/346 burn. AvHR 110, High 131, in zone 2 of the 57 minutes. I was suffering from "first time syndrome" as I really didn't know any of the steps, although Heather was easy to follow. There is just a confidence and power when you know the routines yourself, it's easier to get the heart rate and burn up. I could tell that many of the women there were loyal followers and knew the routines well. I do wish this was one I could work into my schedule more often. Back at home I got in treadmill time and weights before the boys descended. When they were in the gym I did some mommy work ... dishes, laundry and made cookies. The boys needed haircuts and had been in contact with Aunt Olivia. She said "come now" so #1 and #4 headed over. #3 was still at school, but I knew he wanted a trim so I texted him and then went and picked him up and dropped him at Supercuts. #4 was done and I picked him up and took him to the park to meet his friends for basketball. They played for over three hours! Hubs and #1 went to do a derby. #3 had too much homework, as spent a while attempting to get me to sign the paper to opt out of his sage testing. I finally got back down to the gym for a session on the bike ... and then to bed. Had a hard time getting to sleep though, already feeling sore from the weight workout. The Jazz were playing ... I didn't hear the kids cheer as they watched, but we won.

0424 (Monday) Weight 177.2. Steps 24630. Total Burn 3012. Exercise Burn 1050/1214 (60minElliptical, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1900. Morning started off a bit rough. Right before the need to leave for middle school carpool, #4 started crying, saying he didn't feel well. I let him stay home ... but still had to drive carpool (just one kid as the other in the carpool was also staying home sick). Also, kinda had a bit of a crash. Just the smallest comment can crush me (and my motivation). I got my hour of early elliptical in, but between having a sick kid and such, I didn't make it to Zumba. I could have, #4 would have been fine with me going, but I felt a little like crawling back into bed myself. He just rested all day, wasn't any trouble. I got in some treadmill time and hit the bike. I was glad #5 felt better, enough to go to school, but was anxious to check in with him at pickup. #3 didn't come home with his brother, but stayed after to practice skits for the SBO elections. Luckily #1 was available to go grab him when he needed pickup as I was in the middle of making dinner. Macaroni Rosa. I made chocolate chip cookies after too. Hubs brought the goslings up for some bath time and people time. We finished up the first season of Bosch. 

0423 (Sunday) Weight 177.1. Steps 12218. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn  400/551 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hubs went riding in the morning. Even without him here, we had our waffle breakfast, as #3 stepped up and made the batter. Bacon and hashbrowns too.  I got in some elliptical, one episode of "Night Watch".  Hubs bought a family pack chuck roast. He had put one in the smoker in the morning, and one in the Instant Pot a little later in the day. The smoked one was best, and we turned it into french dip for dinner. Hubs ran an errand ... and came home with two baby goslings. Oyyy. He had received two tickets to the NBA playoff game tonight too, and let #1 take #4 (they are the two biggest fans) to go watch. It was the 25th anniversary of my FIL's death, and we always try to go visit the grave with the extended family. #2 was working, the other two boys at the game, and #5 was feeling sick, so I stayed home with him ... so it was only Hubs and #3.

0422 (Saturday) Weight 176.3. Steps 18233. Total Burn 2656. Exercise 700/858 (60minElliptical, 30minWeights). Calories in 2800. Hubs left fairly early to go to work. He did a solo mountain bike ride too. I got in some elliptical ... my hour, although it took a few trips downstairs, 10min sessions throughout the day to get there. Mowed the lawn as well. #5 had two basketball games. First one at noon with his 5th grade team. We got beat (again, same team as a couple weeks ago) but #5 did great, with 18 points. Also got beat later at the 3:00 game with his 6th grade team. The other team was making crazy threes ... everyone on the team! We stopped for Dunford Donuts on the way home ... so yes, calories were over for the day. I made chicken pillows for dinner. A double batch this time, as the kids like them leftover, and there just aren't leftovers with the regular batch. 

0421 (Friday) Weight 175.5. Steps 20740. Total Burn 2939. Exercise Burn 1050/1136 (60minElliptical, Zumba30, 2miles/30minTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little, as the schedule shifts a bit with late start. Still got in my hour of elliptical as I got kids off to school, but that didn't end until 9:40 today, whereas Mon-Thur the school start routine ends at 8:40. I drove middle school carpool today, so double duty this morning. No official Zumba, but I did a half session on my own. Got in a couple miles on the treadmill too, but didn't make it to weights or bike. I got kicked out of the gym a bit early ... the boys skipped out on 4th period (basketball class ... where the seniors don't do anything now that the season is over and the coaches are concentrating on the kids who will be playing next year).  I made Snickerdoodles. I was planning on sending some with #5 to his practice for his coach, but the kids pretty much ate them all. Yes ... I had some too.

0420 (Thursday) Weight 175.5. Steps 30161. Total Burn 3282. Exercise Burn 1485/1469 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/3milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2000. #3 had a school field trip and needed to be there a bit early ... so instead of my second elliptical session, I ran him to school. I was on carpool duty for #4 too, so triple trips this morning. Still got in two of the 20min sessions on the elliptical, but didn't finish up the final one for my hour until later in the day. Zumba with MountainView. 6047 steps. 2.68 miles. 434/426 burn. AvHR123, High 142, in zone 36 of the 55 minutes. Ran a little short as Marian has to get to work. With the shopping yesterday, we were still set, so I went straight home after. Got in an hour walk on the treadmill and a session on the bike. Dragging though, had to lay down for a bit. I'd wondered if #3 would get back in time to catch his usual ride home with his brother or if I'd need to grab him after school, but they got back to the school in plenty of time. #2 and friends were in the gym, as they have been every day after school.  Hubs and #1 went and did a derby, and #3 and I went to his game. 4th one in four days. We got the win but it wasn't a great game. Just sloppy, from both teams. We had seven players, but didn't have a couple of the usual kids, as JV has been split into two teams, with some kids playing on both, but the other team also had a game, so they were there. Again, Hubs was asleep when we got back. 9:30 IS rather late ;)  Even when the game isn't intense, it takes me a bit to wind down. Also, I WAS watching my steps, and went down on the elliptical for a couple minutes to make sure I hit 30K today.

0419 (Wednesday) Weight 176.5. Steps 29942. Total Burn 3402. Exercise Burn 1400/1601 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1600. I've appreciated this one pound drop on the scale these past couple days. It's motivating me to stick with it. Got in my hour of elliptical then hit Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6611 steps. 2.89 miles. 422/432 burn. AvHR115, High136, in zone 10 of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home. Shopping steps. I then jogged one mile, did weights, then walked one mile. Got in a session on the bike a little later. #3 had a double header in the evening, 7:00 and 8:00. They won the first, but lost the second, just barely, only down two. I'd done good on eating during the day, and I had been at about 28k as we headed to the games. I wanted to hit 30k, so I'd attempt to walk around a bit as I watched, but have to stand still when I'm video taping. I was getting some steps and when I was in the high 29,000 I figured I'd get there with the walk to the car and such ... but I didn't double check, and I just just shy on steps. #3 and I stopped at Wendy's on the way home, as it was right there and we were both a little hungry. I only had a couple nuggets, a few fries and some bites of frosty. I dropped #3 at the church, because two hours of basketball was apparently not enough. His two older brothers were there, as the men play on Wednesday nights. Hubs was already asleep when I got home at 9:30ish. 

0418 (Tuesday) Weight 177.5. Steps 31358. Total Burn 3278. Exercise Burn 1446/1459 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 3miles/60minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1950. Got in my hour of elliptical early. It was a little cool and overcast, and rain in the forecast, but I went ahead and walked to Zumba. When it's cool outside, I'm always hot as I walk into the building, even though it isn't that warm (just feels that way after being in 50°). The A/C was working at the Daybreak building yesterday. I tried to turn ours on, but didn't really feel any cool air. They turn it off for the winter months, and we're never quite sure when it's back on again. Class was good. Stats: 6144 steps. 2.68 miles. 432/404 burn. AvHR114, High140, in zone 21 of the 60 minutes. I did some computer work (finished up a basketball highlight reel, emails, etc) and then walked an hour on the treadmill. Also a session on the bike. Hit 30k fairly early in the day... really should have done something later, just to add some activity after hours, but didn't have much motivation. I'd already hit 30K! After school carpools, then I did kitchen cleanup ... then messed it up again making banana bread. We had so many bananas turning brown. Aunt Ana dropped off her kitty to visit ... it didn't go well, Joy was NOT having any, even though she is in heat. Hubs had a derby and both #1 and #3 went along to help.

0417 (Monday) Weight 178.8. Steps 30019. Total Burn 3411. Exercise Burn 1450/1596 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2miles/30minTreadmillIntervals, Weights). Calories in 1700. Back to the routine. I like routine. I do better with a set schedule. Got in my hour of elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Went to Debbie's Zumba ... I had been hitting Southziders previously, but it's quite a bit further, starts later at 9:30 ... and then starts late, sometimes 10:00. So I wouldn't get home until 11:30 or so. Class Stats: 6723 steps. 2.99 miles. 491/475 burn. AvHR126, High138, in zone 39 of the 64 minutes. With Debbie's, I'm done and back home by a little after 10:00. Unless I stop at a store on the way home ... which I did. Hit the Walmart Marketplace for a few groceries. I wanted to check for clearance candy after the Easter holiday, hoping maybe they would have a few of our favorites ... Reeses Eggs, Cadbury Eggs, Robin Eggs. They had all three! No FavReds jelly beans though. #1 son hadn't even been able to find them before Easter, although I'd seen them here and there. Back at home I got in my additional exercise, although I had to do a little later, as #2 and his friends showed up early. I forgot that now that basketball season is over, the seniors really don't have anything to do in basketball class ... so they leave. They showed up a little after 1:00, rather than 2:45 as they usually do. Hubs also game home early, and then went off mountain biking with my brother. I was able to get in all my activity, treadmill time after they were done and after I'd done afterschool pickups. #3 had texted this morning saying he had a game in the evening. Nothing like late notice! It was at 9:00, and he has three more this week (two Wednesday, one Thursday) and a few more in the following weeks. Like last year, he was put on the "second string" team. He had a good game though, and they won easily. Hubs had been asleep before I left. I was able to sneak in without waking him, but it always takes me a little bit to wind down after late games.

0416 (Sunday) Weight 177.5. Steps 13451. Total Burn 2481. Exercise Burn 600/500 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2150. My BIL was dropping his wife and two girls at the airport and they were returning to Washington. he had a business trip, so rather than return home and leave, he was just staying an extra day and flying straight there Monday morning. Hubs and he went out to breakfast. Without Hubs home, and as we just had waffles yesterday, I made crepes for breakfast and we indulged in some Easter candy. I must have lapsed on laundry during the week because everyone needed it done today! Five loads. More NBA games on today. I hit the elliptical for three 20min sessions throughout the day. Hubs was smoking brisket for dinner and invited family over, so we had another gathering. The little cousins hit the hot tub again and Maga brought some outdoor fun activities that my boys quite liked (and she ended up leaving them for us as an Easter gift).

0415 (Saturday) Weight 177.5. Steps 13138. Total Burn 2270. Exercise Burn 200/420 (40min/2miles Treadmill Walk). Calories in 2000.  With family in town, Hubs had invited everyone over for breakfast. I ran to the store for supplies while he prepped other stuff. As he got the bacon smoking and waffle batter going, I quickly mowed the front lawn. Breakfast was a success, but #5 and I had to duck out early to hit his basketball game. It was at a new location, all the way across town. We'd played this team twice before ... and lost twice, and today was no different, although these last two time we've kept it close (31-25). My munchin started the team off with the first five points, then finished it too, with a crazy buzzer beater half-court shot. 12 points total. Back at home, I hit the treadmill, keeping it easy with just a walk. Touching base with #2 off at his Idaho tournament too. They'd won their first two games on Friday, and their first Saturday game which put them in the finals, and they won, taking 1st.  #2 said they were 25min halves and it was exhausting ... but he balled it up as well. Wish I could have been there to watch. In the evening we headed over to the inlaws for a waffle dessert. I abstained as I was already at my calorie limit for the day. The NBA playoffs started today, and #4 was quite invested. First game was earlier in the day, then we were watching at the family gathering, and then turned it on at home. I put out the Easter baskets (or buckets in our case) right in front of the kids, but told them not to look ... but then we went ahead and went through them as Hubs was going to be gone in the morning (breakfast with his brother). Hubs and I went to bed, but our Utah Jazz had a buzzer beater for the win and the kids couldn't help but cheer loudly :)

0414 (Friday) Weight 178.6. Steps 25705. Total Burn 2990. Exercise Burn 1300/1174 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2.25mileTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 1700. I didn't get in any early elliptical. Had to look up some tax stuff upon awakening, then it was off to Zumba. Debbie's class again, but she was out of town and had a sub (Cindy). While I dislike change in life, I like to experience different instructors. 5341 steps. 2.41 miles. 323/368 burn. AvHR111, High126, in zone just 3 of the 50 minutes (class did run short). Hubs had arranged for some guys to come wash the windows, in and out. They had been scheduled for the afternoon, but had a cancellation and wanted to come early (10ish). I was just getting home from Zumba, but the boys let them in. #2 was off for his weekend getaway (basketball tournament). I did get in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike, and some treadmill time. #5 had his practice, I dropped him off at 5:30. Hubs had gone from work to meet his brother at the airport and they and other extended family went out to an early dinner. #2 had left his car, so #3 took it to go hang with friends (and they went bowling) and #1 went off for some volleyball and skookie. Hubs came home and grabbed #4 and took him to go see cousins (I felt like I needed to stay as #5 was getting dropped off and I didn't want him to come home to an empty house ... he's just 11). We'd be seeing family tomorrow too.

0413 (Thursday)  Weight 180.7. Steps 28258. Total Burn 3293. Exercise Burn 1400/1456 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 45min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 1900. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical before hitting Zumba with MountainView. 6479 steps. 2.87 miles. 424/450 burn. AvHR116, High142, in zone 18 of the 60min. Also got in a session on the bike, some treadmill time and weights. I'd asked the boys if they wanted to hit "HiJump" (formerly Jump N'Bouce) a local inflatable place ... but they said they were fine just hanging at home. I'm sure fine with that but I do feel guilty not doing anything fun over Spring Break. They are just such easy going kids. I made a chicken alfredo shells dish that #1 had seen on FB and thought looked good. The two older boys liked it, Hubs thought it was just okay. I didn't eat it (I'll eat chicken alfredo, but this had a bottled sauce which smelled weird to me, and cottage cheese ... ewwww). #5 had practice. #2 helped me out by dropping him off for me (it was right as I was prepping dinner) but I picked him up. I saw a black duck as we passed the canal there. Really looks like one of ours from last year. Hubs DID bring home eggs yesterday and put them in the incubator ... so it begins again. I finally got a blog post up about our last year's ducks, but it's a two-part post. I only got half done, about the wild Momma and babies. I still need to write up about OUR six. #3 was out with friends for much of the afternoon and evening. It was a horribly windy day! Trees had broken last Sunday with the snow, and now with the wind more trees and branches went down. Of course, it's garbage day too! Recycling never came! That's the worst bin in the wind too, because it's so lightweight. Ours blew over and #1 and I ran around trying to pick up all the packaging and boxes that flew out. I'm not sure if the truck just missed our circle ... the neighbors cans on the street were pulled in or looked emptied. But I'm honestly not sure if they got picked up, or if neighbors just gave up and pulled them in ... or THOUGHT they got emptied by the truck, when it had really been the wind. I did okay on calories surprisingly enough. I snacked on Hot Tamale candies throughout the day. Hubs made popcorn as we watched an episode of Bosch. #1 and #3 had an altercation and #3 was quite upset. We stayed up for a while talking.

0412 (Wednesday) Weight 180.8. Steps 22451. Total Burn 3010. Exercise Burn 1200/1351 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2800. Not a good food day. Too much snacking, and then I made dough for breadsticks and cinnamon rolls and orange rolls ... and had to taste all three. Spaghetti dinner in the evening. During the day I got in my hour of elliptical and hit the bike, but didn't get to treadmill or weights, which should have been on the docket for the day. Just dragging! I made it to Zumba with MZL though. It's been a while since I've gone, last time was on a Friday, which is a little different dynamic ... different instructors tend to make it on different days. It was fun to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while. My neighbor Denise who attended classes with in the summer is also coming with me this week, as she's off work for Spring Break. Anyway ... stats. 6939 steps. Burn 491/492. AvHR120, High145, in Zone 33 of the 63 minutes. Usually MZL has a ton of instructors, but they only had three there today. They did put on a couple of my songs and had me lead. It was nice to be back, I'm going to try to get it back into the routine rotation. The two little boys had been invited to go play basketball at a church with friends. I dropped them off and grabbed them again later when they were done. We stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries and my refilled prescription. #3 had asked if friends could come over and hot tub. I said yes, but then that fell though ... maybe a good thing because #2 did have friends come over and hot tub.

0411 (Tuesday) Weight 181.8. Steps 26054. Total Burn 3044. Exercise Burn 1270/1216 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1950. Second day of Spring Break. I got up and hit the elliptical for my first 20min session, then did a 10min one before heading to Zumba with Marian. 6429 steps. 2.88miles. 438/438 burn estimates. AvHR112, High150, in zone 14 of the 61 minutes. Back at home I finished up my hour of of Elliptical. Asked the boys what they wanted to do for fun, and #5 suggested bowling. #4 was up for it but #3 wasn't interested. I took the two little ones. All three of us bowled the first game, then I let the two boy play a second ... I sat it out. Then they played in the arcade. Burned through $10 pretty fast. I was really dragging later in the day. I baked up more chocolate chip cookies with the leftover dough. Picked up pizza for dinner. Hit the treadmill, but only felt up for a walk. Finished up TWD earlier with the elliptical, and watched the latest "Grey's Anatomy" while I walked. Should have hit the bike in the evening, but didn't. Hubs worked late. Brought home duck eggs ... it's starting ...

0410 (Monday) Weight 182.9. Steps 23786. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1300/1130 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, 30minWeights). Calories in 1850. School is out for a week for Spring Break. So ... sleep in. Except for the fact that I still wake up at 5:30. Didn't GET up for a while though. Only got in one 20min session on the elliptical in during the morning. Figured I'd hit Zumba, decided on Debbie's class over Southziders as it gets me out a full hour earlier. Wasn't sure it would happen, as there were a bunch of missionaries in the gym, but they had just finished up. Class Stats~ 5289 steps. 2.4 miles. Calorie burn 350/344. AvHR 108, high 135, in zone 7 of the 58 minutes.  I wasn't sure what the kids would need/want to do today. #4 did text during Zumba saying he wanted to go play ball with his friends at 10:00. I hurried home from Zumba ready to take him, but I guess it fell through. #2 was in the gym with his buddies. #3 wanted to go play basketball with his friends. He can drive, but I wasn't sure if I'd be okay without the car all afternoon. We ended up letting him take #2's Charger, and I dropped #2 off at work, as it's close by. #2 figured he could get a ride home, as a friend was also working until close, but Hubs and #3 ended up dropping the Charger off to him later in the evening. I had thought of taking the littles to tennis or the park or something. It just isn't as fun with just the two of them. #5 asked if a friend could come over and I said yes, but no one ended up coming. I do thing the boys were bored. First day of Spring Break and bored ... not that they complained or anything. They are such good boys. I made chocolate chip cookies again. We just did leftovers for dinner.  I did make it down to the gym during the day to hit bike, treadmill and weights. Kept calories in check. Decent day for disruption of routine. 

0409 (Sunday) Weight 181.5. Steps 5417. Total Burn 2044. Exercise Burn 100/225 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I still wake early, not really sleeping in ... but staying in bed, for a while! We woke to SNOW. Quite a bit, and heavy ... lots of broken branches and trees around. Hubs smoked bacon and made his waffles. I always feel like I need a nap after a big meal. I took one. Hubs was prepping dinner. He'd invited his side of the family over for BBQ. I did some cleanup around the house to help prep. Dishes ... cleaning the bathroom. While searching for a sponge I found an old NEW Tuffy Scrubber. They don't make the orange ones anymore. I'd been hanging on to my old one for a long time. It was in rough shape but still worked ... until Hubs was cleaning his smoker stuff and it fell in the water (he hadn't used it, knowing I'd be mad if he ruined it, but even just falling in the water for a few moments coated it with black grease). Happy to have a Tuffy scrubber again! It's my go-to for dishes! I made Brazilian cheese rolls too. Family brought regular raised rolls, salad, fruit and homemade donuts for dessert. So much food. Definitely over on calories. A bunch of the boys (and the one girl cousin) hit the hot tub. Most of the snow had melted but there were some small patches still that the kids would go jump in, then get back in the hot tub. Ready for bed when evening rolled around!

0408 (Saturday) 179.5. Steps 13262. Total Burn 2259. Exercise Burn 300/441 (50min/2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2650. Didn't sleep well. The sore throat was bothering me all night. Slept with gum to try and keep some moisture. I'd thought I'd mow the lawn today, but it was raining. Hubs to the Durango in to get new tires. The left front one had a very slow leak, and when I got the one patched a bit ago, they said we'd need new ones soon. Happy to have Hubs handle it! He ran some additional errands and brought home a new lawn mower. It's electric, push button start, very light ... it feels like a toy! But it works. Things dried out enough that I was able to mow. The only thing is that it is opposite the old mower in the blade engagement and the moving forward. So a couple times I wanted to stop and it wouldn't, as I was letting off the wrong lever.  Hubs put the old mower up on KSL for free and it was snapped up in a couple minutes (and he received a couple more calls before he could take the ad down). I got in some treadmill time, just keeping it an easy walk for the weekend workout. #5 had a game at 4:00 over at the rec center. #3 came along to watch. We only had six players, but had a fill in too. But ... facing a tough team. Got a little crushed. After the game we headed straight to Red Robin meeting my side of the family there. Hubs and the other boys (sans Callahan, who was working) met us there too. My brother Shane was in town from California ... thus the get-together. It was fun to see family and eat my favorite fish and chips. Throat is still sore, but food/drink isn't irritating the lesions like it usually would with a canker ... makes me wonder if it's something else. #3 was really cute entertaining his little cousins with Snapchat filters. Home again ... Hubs and I started the Amazon series "Bosche" ... and he made popcorn. 

0407 (Friday) 178.5. Steps 18346. Total Burn 2796. Exercise Burn 950/978 (60minElliptical, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmillIntervals. 30minWeights). Calories in 1800. Slight scale shift. But dragging a bit today. I felt a sore throat coming on yesterday, and it's really bad. Checking out my throat, it's cankers ... several of them on the roof of my mouth, one on my tongue. I'm telling myself that's what it is, I'm not sick (no stuffy nose ... but it is giving me quite the headache). I made it through my three 20min sessions on the elliptical but then had to crash for a bit. Seriously, just didn't have the energy to do anything but lay in bed. After recovering for a bit, I did do weights, bike and some treadmill time. Getting the to gym before boys were home. I figured I could still do my Zumba a bit later (I do it in my bedroom) but Hubs was home a little early, and feeling tired again ... no dancing happened. #5 had his practice as usual. I made chocolate chip cookies (gave some to the teammates who gave him a ride home). I was going to make our usual recipe, but it calls for shortening and I was almost out. I switched to a recipe that just used butter and they turned out good. But same batch at the beginning was nice and thick, fluffy, and the later ones were flat ... which still tastes good but isn't as visually appealing. I was SO ready for bed! Hubs had a little second wind after laying down for a nap. He was on pickup duty for #3. I'd dropped him off at the high school soccer game and he'd been hanging with friends ever since. Hubs ended up dropping #5 at practice ... so #3 could have driven the Durango himself. We just never know. He needs a car, although I don't know where we'll put it. #1 went on a double date, lining up his cousin with his good friend (and having his cousin line him up) then he went to a dance and playing games ... all nighter! 

0406 (Thursday) 179.3. Steps 27181. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1365/1397 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2.25miles/30minTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2300. A little over on the eating ... I was very hungry come evening and caved to some cravings, both salt and sugar. Started the day off with my early elliptical. Headed to Zumba but got a text that the gym floor was being cleaned, so no Zumba :(  I came home ... and did an hour on my own. Stats~ 6513 steps. 2.88 miles. 428/412 burn estimates. AvHR117, High139, in zone 22 of the 63 minutes. Also got in a session on the bike and treadmill. I got kicked out of my gym early though, as #2 and friends ducked out of 4th period (basketball class ... but basketball is over for them, now it's focus is on the Juniors and Sophomores). #2 left his keys/car for #3 to drive himself come and caught a ride with buddies. That saved me a trip having to make a trip to the high school. #5 had practice at 5:00. Traffic isn't great, it is taking 20min each trip (dropping him off, then picking him up) ... I SHOULD stay and jog the track or walk the park or something, but I've been pretty wiped out in the early evenings. Took an early shower. Hubs and #3 had a derby, #1 had Institute. Hubs prepped some stuff for smoking tomorrow ... not for us though, for work (so he had to load up the trailer too). I wasn't sure I'd stay awake to watch our final episode of "Sneaky Pete" together, but I made it through.

0405 (Wednesday) 180.2. Steps 31422. Total Burn 3492. Exercise Burn 1630 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 1900. Got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, then I went to Zumba with Southziders. I feel like I haven't been there in forever! I usually don't do Wednesdays there, as if I do Wednesdays, MZL has a close class, but SZ was having a 3-year anniversary party. Amanda had even come up from Layton, so it was fun to see her and several others I haven't seen in weeks/months. It's a late start, at 9:30 ... and then it starts late, it was 10:00 when it actually started. 6943 steps. 3.06 miles. 470/431 burn. AvHR114, High141, in zone 25 of the 70 minutes.  I stopped at Reams on the way home ... what's up with daily shopping trips this week? Making beef klusky for dinner and needed a couple more things. Back at home I got everything put away, dinner started (slow cooker), bike, treadmill, 30min weight workout and some cleaning (dishes/laundry, etc).  #1 went on a run, and I passed him on my way to pick up #5, and then again as we came back home. I was also on middle school pickup duty, not my normal day, but filling in.  #3 had his final interview at In&Out and thought it just went okay. Hoping to hear in the next day or so. Finished prepping dinner. Hubs and #1 son ate it anyway.  Got in couple more 10min sessions on the elliptical and then Hubs and I watched an episode of "Sneaky Pete" ... he had started it on his own a bit ago and thought I might like it. I started downstairs while working out and caught up with him, and we're watching the final couple ones together. I got a foot rub too!

0404 (Tuesday) 181.8. Steps 30433. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1467/1470 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Treadmillx2~60min/3.5miles). Calories in 1650. Got in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Zumba with Marian. The sun was out, but it was still quite chilly, so I drove. 6107 steps. 2.76 miles. 402/385 burn. AvHR115, High147, in zone 14 of the 58 minutes. After class I headed to Sam's Club, mainly to get the milk I didn't pick up yesterday at Maceys. Of course I end up picking up more than milk! Got in some extra exercise during the day, treadmill and bike. #2 and friends were in the gym after school and then #4 was in it later. I was able to hit it for a walk before bed. I made meatball subs for dinner, but the older three boys weren't interested. Hubs and #3 did a derby. 

0403 (Monday) 183.8.  Steps 20277. Total Burn 2876. Exercise Burn 950/1043 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30minWeights). Calories in 1500. I must admit, the scale situation totally had me down this morning. Discouraged. Still got in my elliptical, although with double carpool in the morning I was 10min shy of my hour and had to finish up a bit later in the day. Did some shopping after dropping #5 off at school ... forgot to buy milk (2%).  Grrrr. Finished up my elliptical, did some Zumba practice, reading/riding on the bike and small workout with weights. It was registration day for #3. He had his schedule all picked out, but it's first come first into class on the computer. We'd done great last year, actually practicing inputting to be able to do it quickly, putting in specific classes first to make sure he would get them. I asked him if he wanted my help again this year and he said yes. So we were sitting at the computer as the clock turned to 3:00 and registration opened and it was a stressful three minutes, but by 3:03 we had his schedule successfully. Several of his friends weren't as lucky. It's tough! Then #3 took the Durango and went to In&Out for an interview, and actually had two and has another on Wednesday. If he gets hired, he'd be making more than his brother who is practically a manager at KFC, and possibly even more than #1 in training at Discover... fingers crossed. It's so close, he could actually walk there if needed. I'd ordered a new Fitbit Alta for #4 ... he'd been wearing the Flex but the battery kept dying and it had trouble syncing. It is several years old. Got that charged and set up for him. #1 son went to a school orientation at SLCC. I made chicken pillows for dinner, with fried chicken for the littles (and me) and yellow rice. I tried to keep my portions very small. I had splurged on some PB Easter M&Ms ... but now the package is gone. That was my only "treat" for the day.  Final game in March Madness ... it's April! My boys weren't terribly invested in either team but they were watching. #3 took the car and went to watch with friends. #2 was more interested in hanging out with his girlfriend (but I do think they watched the end with the other brothers). Hubs and I were in bed before it was even over ... we're early to bed people!

0402 (Sunday) 181.8.  Steps 5509. Total Burn 5509. Exercise Burn 100/161 (Bike). Calories in 2200. Kitty was annoying rattling my door about 6:30 in the morning. I got up and got them food and then went back to bed. Not back to sleep, but I had a lazy day. We did do our big breakfast, even without Daddy. #3 made the waffles. I did bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. I was taking a rest day, but did do 30 min on the bike, reading while riding.  Hubs got home from his quick weekend getaway a little earlier than I had expected. Early enough that he got in a little nap. Orange Chicken for dinner.

0401 (Saturday) 181.2. Steps 11836. Total Burn 2321. Exercise Burn 600/490 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Why is exercise so much harder on Saturday? Weekdays I get in my hour of elliptical before 8:30, but today, I really had to push just to get through that first 20min session. I did one more in the morning, then one later in the day. #5 had two basketball games. The first one at noon at #4's school. It was a team they had played before and won, but a tough one ... got the win again today with a bunch of great (and crazy) shots. The next game was at 4:00 at Midvale Middle, which isn't in Midvale anymore. A few years ago #3 had many games at Midvale Middle when it was still in Midvale. It was quite run down and they tore it down after that season. I think this Sandy location is just a temporary home, but I'm not sure. Not as close as Midvale, but not too bad either ... closer then some of the locations in this league. I have my headphones on, so I'm not sure exactly how it all started or what was said, but there was some conversation that turned ugly, and then turned physical. Unfortunately, it is OUR parents who took it from words to action. I hate that so much. I really don't care what words are being said, you don't go punch someone over a 6th grade basketball game! One of our dads was thrown out of the game and a lady on the other team called police and everything, although I don't think anything ended up happening with that. We managed to finish the game, and our boys got the win. The day was ruined for me though.  #1 had a super busy day. Took off with Aunt Olivia to hit the first session of General Conference (at 10:00-12:00, but they had to be there at about 7:00 or so ... craZy). Then they joined some extended family to go see a visiting Broadway production of "The Lion King". He barely made it to the Priesthood session (started at 6:00 ... #3 went alone as Daddy is gone and #2 was working) and then had a date to "Beauty and the Beast".

0331 (Friday) 180.4. Steps 21800. Total Burn 2902. Exercise Burn 1102/1072 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. I can sleep in a little on Fridays, but I tend to still wake up around the same time regardless. I got up and got in my hour of elliptical early (although when I hit the gym the first time I wasn't wearing my ChargeHR! Missed out on my first 10 minutes). Got the boys off to school. Did some Zumba on my own, bike, treadmill, weights. Hubs had packed last night for a weekend getaway with some work buddies ... four wheeling in Moab. He left mid-day straight from work. #1 was off work quite early, and it was early out for #5. #2 and friends were over much of the afternoon playing basketball on the upstairs hoop. #3 had stayed after school to shoot hoops at the gym there ... I had to go grab him when he was done. I grilled some chicken and prepped yellow rice for a simple dinner. Caved in the evening to some treats, even though I know I wasn't starving. No self-control!

0330 (Thursday) 180.8. Steps 22801. Total Burn 2955. Exercise Burn 1119/1120 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1700. Stressing a bit in the night leads to a dragging day. I always seem to get in my early exercise out of habit and routine, but the second half of the day I didn't do much. I was on carpool x2 in the morning but still got my hour of elliptical in. Actually made it to MountainView on time (beat the door being open even) for Zumba. Marian put on my La Luz number and it gets my heart rate up but seemed to intimidate everyone else! I stopped at Smiths on the way home to pick up a prescription and some groceries. I got my bike in before the boys got home in case boys wanted to use the gym. #3 was in there for a while. #5 had practice over at the rec center. I just dropped him off and then picked him up after (once upon a time I would have stayed and jogged the track rather than making two trips).  I made tacos for dinner, and coconut goodies for dessert.

0329 (Wednesday) 179.1. Steps 24809. Total Burn 3010. Exercise Burn 1075/1182 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, 45minWEIGHTS, 10minWii). Calories in 2600. Oops, over on the calories today. Under burn, but ... I was hungry early, and splurged on some cereal. Went a little overboard on treats during the day, and then ended up with a Dominos dinner. As for exercise, it was a good day. Got in my hour of elliptical early. Did Zumba on my own for a half hour. A session on the bike, and walk on the treadmill (a little incline). Also weights and wii. In the evening, I headed to the high school for a parent basketball meeting for #3. Outlining Spring and Summer stuff, and talking about the trip the team makes over Christmas. #3's been a little wishy-washy on even trying out next year. He feels there are the favorites and he's not one of them. But giving up ball is hard too. There is a slim chance he'd even get cut if he tried out, that happened to one of the boys in #2's junior year. I'd set up the Dominos order on the computer so I could have #4 just submit it as the meeting was ending and I'd grab it on the way home ... but my computer calendar was up and that switched screens and he didn't know how to get back to the order. I ended having to make a second trip out. Hubs and #3 had a derby. 

0328 (Tuesday). 179.6. Steps 25491. Total Burn 3124. Exercise Burn 1186/1306 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 20min/1mileTreadmill). Calories in 1550. Got in my hour of elliptical early, three 20min sessions between getting up and getting the boys off to school. Zumba with Marian. It was a little too cool to walk today. So few people there on time, so few people all together (about  seven of us today). We started a few minutes late and Marian still had to leave at 10:00 to get to work, so it was a bit shy of an hour. 5632 steps. 2.51 miles. 401/361 burn estimates. AvHR121, High153, in zone 25 of the 55 minutes. I got in a session on the bike (finished up one book and started another ... had a couple holds come in at the library) and did some treadmill time. I know I SHOULD jog, get the heart rate up, I don't know why it's SO hard for me. I was thinking I would try it, but my baby toe has been hurting, nail to the side like an ingrown toenail. Can you get those on baby toes? I'm not flexible enough to really even see it well or try and deal with it. I ended up just walking, although I did do some incline. Also spent some time trying to get the house looking better. Worked up a sweat while vacuuming. Hubs came home from work a little early not feeling well. Not a full fledged attack, but he needed to wait it out for a bit. #3 took the Durango to go get a haircut and stop at a store. Hubs and I went to look at a lot we'd love to build on. I worry about the money side of it, but otherwise it would solve the school situation which has me worried. At this point, I think I am ready for a new house, a new start ...

0327 (Monday) 182.5. Steps 26309. Total Burn 3060. Exercise Burn 1250/1243 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 60min/3mileTreadmillWalk, WEIGHTS, 15minHula). Calories in 1200. I beat Hubs out of bed. That's pretty rare. Got in my hour of elliptical early while getting the boys off to school. Carpoolx2 in the morning. Should have hit the store while I was out, but I hadn't put on any makeup and didn't want to scare anyone. At home I did some Zumba practice, bike, weights. One mile treadmill in the morning, and two miles later in the evening. #2 had a couple friends over after school, and #5 had a friend over too. #2 was working, so he and his friends weren't in the gym as they often are. It was another rainy day, so the kids couldn't hang outside as much as they usually would (although #5 and friend hit the hot tub and still did play some basketball in the rain). #1 had his first day at Discover. He went for a jog when he got home now that he's switching from an active job to a desk. I made spaghetti for dinner ... I usually have some noodles sans sauce but I was really trying to control calories, and did manage to do so.

0326 (Sunday) 182.3. Steps 11410. Total Burn 2289. Exercise Burn 600/444 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. I was awake early ... I wanted to sleep in! Got up and hit the elliptical. Hubs decided to go into work, so we didn't do our usual waffle breakfast. The kids ate banana bread, and I made bacon, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns. I had a little lay down. Hubs got a little nap later when he finally got home. I did a couple more sessions on the elliptical, but I was SO tired. Went to bed at 9:00. 

0325 (Saturday) 180.6. Steps 13463. Total Burn 2451. Exercise Burn 600/613 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Slept in a little. #1 wanted to go out for breakfast and he, Hubs and a couple of the other boys went to Virg's. I'd thought I might try to run the lawn mower over the grass again, pick up some of the clods from last week's aeration and even things out, but it was pouring rain almost all day.  We'd only had one game on the schedule, but apparently schedules change and we had a second one. Good thing everyone was free. First one at 1:00 ... felt more like a scrimmage. The other "team" only had five players, no uniforms ... and they were girls. Woefully outmatched. 52-0 and our boys really did hold back. The second game was more of a challenge. I was a bit worried as in the first few minutes, they successfully blocked all our shot attempts, but easily made theirs. It was 8-0 ... then our boys rebounded and it was 10-10 as the first quarter ended. 12-14 at half (so a slow quarter for both teams). 19-41 at the end. Our boys were on fire the second half. I'll have to rewatch my clips, but I think it might have been the highest scoring game for my little guy. He made three three-pointers, three foul shots and at least a couple layups. I hadn't eaten anything before the first game and came home starving and was very unwise with food choices. Still might have been okay, except that I made banana bread, and then Hubs made popcorn and we watched a movie (The Accountant). That pushed me way over, even with my hour of elliptical I'd managed to get in during the day.

0324 (Friday) 180.8.  Steps 21234. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 1133/1123 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Hula). Calories in 1900. The older boys (high school and middle school) were out today, but elementary was still in, so I was still up to get #5 off to school. Without worrying about late start middle school, I could hit Zumba ... so I did! First time at MZL in a while! They have so many different instructors, and there were several new faces too, but I was still familiar with songs for the first half anyway. 6556 steps. 430/413 burn. AvHR114, High134, in zone 11 of the 64 minutes. After class, I stopped at Walmart to restock on some groceries. Shopping steps, as well as steps bringing everything in and putting it away. #2 was working, and #3 and #4 just hung around the house all day ... but not in my gym, so I was able to get some additional workouts in (I had done a couple elliptical sessions before Zumba). Early out at the elementary, and then #5 had basketball practice. I dropped him off at 5:30 then at 6:30 Hubs and I joined some neighbors who have moved away for a little reunion dinner. Knowing it was coming up (and knowing what I'd order and eat) I put my dinner into MFP early to help me keep calories in check. I think it worked ... even with chicken alfredo.

0323 (Thursday) 180.2. Steps 22742. Total Burn 2936. Exercise Burn 1200/1095 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 20min/1mile Treadmill). Calories in 2100. Oops ... over on calories. I was tempted by treats today. My "totally empty calories" category in MFP had too many entries. I was still doing okay at the end of the day when Hubs made some homemade chocolate malt ice cream and I had to try it ... and then have a little more ... and a little more. Good day for exercise with my hour of elliptical early. Zumba with MountainView ... 5684 steps. 2.48 miles. 420/394 burn. AvHR122, High143, in zone 30 of the 56 minutes. Back at home I did a session on the bike, reading and riding. Boys in my gym after school. #5 had basketball practice at Gene Fullmer, which is the rec center that has a track above the gym. In the past, for practices (and even games before I started videoing everything) I'd jog the track. Even when there wasn't a track I'd walk the halls. But ... this location just isn't that far away, so I just dropped him, and then came back. Some days I'll probably stay and get some steps in. On a nice day, I could walk the park ... not today though, it was pouring rain and turned to snow. #1 got rained out of his work (framing homes) and was home early. He decided to go for a run in the rain. He wasn't as happy running in the snow. He ended up by the high school and didn't want to run home, so he went in, had his brother called to the office and absconded with his keys and car! #2 (and #3) were able to get a ride home with friends (as mentioned above ... boys in my gym, coming over almost every day after school). On the way home from #5's practice pickup, we drove the backroads (as 6:00 is prime traffic time on 7800) and passed a canal that had several ducks hanging out. I saw a black one with a white tuft ... I really think that has to be one of ours from last summer! I made a little chicken alfredo pasta for dinner, and as mentioned above, Hubs made ice cream (he bought a counter ice cream maker and has been putting it to use). I did get in one last little workout, walking on the treadmill. I'd planned to try the incline but ohhh ... it was too much for me. When I first started so many years ago, I'd incline it all the time. Back then our treadmill even went to 12% (the current one only goes to 10%). I remember doing 20 minutes or more, 4mph ... I couldn't even do 10min at 3mph. I wonder if I can work back up. It feels super hard, especially on my calves, but doesn't seem to get the heart rate up. The three older boys were out and about until late. #1 at Institute, #2 all the way to Provo for an activity with his girlfriend, and #3 out with friends (and my car).

0322 (Wednesday) 180.8. Steps 23632. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1200/1379 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, Bike, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 40minWEIGHTS, 10minHula). Calories in 1700.  Better night for sleep. Got in my early elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Back at home I did some Zumba practice. The HR was up to a decent point (av124, high147). A session on the bike reading/riding and intervals on the treadmill. I also did weights and a little hula. Boys have been in the gym almost every day after school so I try to get in what I need during the day, but can sometimes get back down to the gym in the evening. Made some peanut butter cookies for a treat ... just had two, my only treat for the day. Just used a mix. I make most other cookies from scratch, but as the littles don't like PB, and PB is messy to work with, a small batch with a mix is all we need. It's just an occasional cookie at our house. Consciously kept calories in check today, constantly reminding myself that I wasn't really hungry (I often just grab stuff) and attempting to combat cravings. Hubs went to bed early. I'm not sure how he slept because out in the family room the five boys were playing Clue ... not quietly. It turned into a stand-up comedy routine, then wrestling, then headstands and pushups (umm ... not me though).

0321 (Tuesday) 181.1. Steps 27331. Total Burn 3036. Exercise Burn 1350/1218 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 50minWalk).  Calories in 1800. Horrible night. Awake around 2:00, not sure why. I don't think I ever got back to sleep. Hubs was in the same boat. He got up at 4:00 and headed into work. I got in my hour of elliptical early and got the kids off to school. Made a lunch for #2 which he left on the counter. Zumba with Marian. 6065 steps. 2.67 miles. 467/420 burn estimates. AvHr122, High148, in zone 32 of the 60 minutes. Always seems slow to start, with just a couple people there, but then more show up. Olivia came and brought a friend. I walked to/from Zumba. Nice enough weather today, but it's turning cooler and rainy these next couple days according to the forecast. During the day I got in a session on the bike and a 40 min walk on the treadmill. Carpool 2x in the afternoon. Hubs had a derby, just at our church. Can't get any closer than that. I got a blog post up and finished a highlight video. #5 was supposed to play in a tournament this weekend, but we got word today that not enough teams signed up, so it's not happening. He still has a game with his Grizzlies. I'm trying to get my video backlog done before I start adding more. Kept calories in check today. Whereas yesterday I really wasn't feeling hungry, I was more today, and just attempting staying in control. I was really craving some ice cream in the evening, but told myself no (I'd already indulged in a small mint brownie, so I'd had my sugar fix). Gotta stay strong!

0320 (Monday) 182.2. 24881 steps. Total Burn 3140. Exercise Burn  1400/1312 (90minElliptical, Bike, 1mileJog, WEIGHTS, Wii, 30minZumba). Intake 1200. Not a 30k day, but a good one nonetheless. Finished up my hour of elliptical early, and then got in some extra at the end of the day. I did 30min of Zumba on my own, jogged a mile at 5mph ... it's been a while since I've turned on the music. Reading/riding on the bike and I did 45minWeights, with 10min on the WiiFit too. Other than exercise, I got in some computer stuff (blog post, basketball highlights) and the usual house stuff (laundry, dishes). In addition to school carpools, #5 had a party in the evening so I was chauffeuring him there and back. Hubs prepped dinner ... chuck roast in the InstantPot for french dip. I hadn't eaten much all day but hadn't felt hungry. I had a little of the meat and did indulge in some mint brownie, but totally kept calories in check.

0319 (Sunday) 182.9. 14046 steps. Total Burn 2533. Exercise Burn 600/695 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900. We had smoked bacon again finally. Hubs made waffles ... the batch makes six perfectly, and with #1 home, there are seven of us. Generally #2 sleeps in as long as we let him, and he'd rather have sleep than breakfast so ... I did hold myself to only a half. I actually got in some elliptical today, an hour! I made ziti, one for dinner, two for the freezer, and two with GF pasta to pass onto grandpa. Kept calories in check. Finished up my book ... blah. I've had so many blah books lately, and looking over my vast library nothing (available) called out to me. I did finally choose one. Kept calories in check, even with some slices of mint brownie.

0318 (Saturday) 182.3. 13288 steps. Total Burn 2458. Exercise Burn 300/603 (20minElliptical, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1900. Hubs had the Pinewood Derby weigh-in this morning, and ended up helping several people finish up their cars too. I went down to the gym and got in a session on the elliptical and 45min of weights. I'd hoped to get down again for a little more, but I didn't. I did get in some grocery shopping steps and mowed the lawn. I usually enjoy mowing the lawn, but we'd just had it aerated, and even though only an hour had passed they had dried up and it was horrible. Dust everywhere! Had to take a shower after that! Hubs was smoking tri-tip and flank steak for dinner. Mashed taters, corn and I made Brazilian cheese rolls. I'd invited my folks over and mom brought Rhoades rolls. There was cheesecake, ice cream pie and mint brownies for dessert. I have been trying to be good and kept calories in check I think. 

0317 (Friday) 182.8. 16205 steps. Total Burn 2746. Exercise Burn 650/889 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. I didn't have to wake up early, with late start, and elementary being off today ... but I still woke up around 6:00. I didn't get up until 7:00. Hubs was sleeping in and I didn't want to wake him. Got the other kids off to school and hit the elliptical for a couple sessions. #5 was quite bored with only me home. He had a friend come over for a few hours. I made mint brownies. I dropped #5 off for basketball practice then stopped at Maceys to grab some groceries and pebbled ice. We just had left overs for dinner again, Hubs doing a bit more prep for the smoke tomorrow. #1 decided to clean out his closet, which turned into a big project for me going through a bunch of boxes under the beds and in the kid's closets too. Now I have several big boxes to pass onto my brother's family and a couple for the DI. I did get in a bit of audiobook time while I worked and finished up my current book.  Tried really hard to keep calories in check again. I'd put in a call to my doctor's office, as we'd discussed possibly adding a prescription and I think I'm ready to try (Wellbutrin) and the assistant called back today saying she called it in. So I'll pick that up tomorrow and we'll see ...

0316 (Thursday) 184.4. 22402 steps. Total Burn 3033. Exercise Burn 1155/1167 (70minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1700. Good day. I tried really hard today with the eating and kept calories in check. I got in my hour of elliptical, and even a little extra (to finish up the show). Zumba with MountainView. 6106 steps. 2.68 miles. Burn estimates 421/406. AvHR119, High142, in zone 21 of the 58 minutes. I would have stopped at the store, but Hubs had said he'd be making a Costco run later tonight. Home for a bit, then I grabbed a couple small pizzas from Dominos and went over to the elementary school. It was "Grandparents Day" there, where the grandparents are invited to come eat lunch with the kids. Both my folks and my MIL were able to make it. Had a nice time chatting and took the annual picture. It was early out day, so I was heading back for pickup shortly. Then back again  at 4:00 for PT Conference. Rave reviews as always. Hubs had gone biking with a friend, and I was inspired to finally finish up a blog post about his biking in recent years. The kids had leftovers for dinner, but nothing left was calling Hub's name, so I made stroganoff for him. He'd done the shopping and prepped some stuff for smoking on Saturday.  I made homemade oreos for dessert.

0315 (Wednesday) 183.9. 11434 Steps. Total Burn 2333. Exercise Burn 600/493 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Down day. Got in my hour of elliptical, although I had to push to get that last 10 minutes. I thought I might get down again, for bike, or a walk or weights, but it didn't happen. Unproductive. In the evening we had the end of year basketball banquet. Close by, at Gardner Village, like last year (the year before it was downtown at the Jazz arena and I didn't make it that year). Each boy got to bring two guests, but the brothers weren't interested in going, so we had two extra which went to waste. I should have offered them to the group as a whole if anyone else wanted to bring someone else last minute. Long night. 6:30-10:00. Nice framed jerseys for the seniors. 

0314 (Tuesday) 183.9. 20150 Steps. Total Burn 2854. Exercise Burn 986/1012 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 3200. I keep thinking ... "I'll be good today, I won't eat everything" ... then I pull out the bag of peanut butter M&M eggs and mindlessly eat the whole thing throughout the day. That's like seven servings. Dominos pizza for dinner for "pi" day ... I don't eat pizza but I do eat the Parmesan bites. Then Hubs made his popcorn, which he hasn't made in forever. I did resist the cheesecake pie, this time. I did get in my hour of elliptical and then Zumba with Marian. Not feeling super sore from weights yesterday, but calves were tight and I had a hard time getting my heart rate up. 5864 steps. 2.53 miles. 362/400 calorie burn estimate. AvHR110, High133, in zone just six of the 56 minutes. It was a lovely day, I really should have walked. Not a very productive day. I did spend some time cleaning, got the master bath done, dishes, laundry, vacuumed. Been spending more time reading lately ... just reading, not riding. Reading, not audio (still getting a little audio in but not as much as during basketball season). Last couple books have just been blah though.  

0313 (Monday) 183.6. 16711 Steps. Total Burn 2697. Exercise Burn 800/1035 (60minElliptical, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2700. Even with the time change, I felt pretty ready to get up and at it this morning. Didn't quite time things to get my full hour in the morning during the school shove off, but finished up the final 10min shortly after last drop off to finish up my hour. My guys landed at the airport about 9:30 and were home soon after. Hubs took a quick nap (it IS national nap day after all) then headed to work.  I made the boys cocoa and toast ... and didn't have any myself! I dropped #3 at school. #1 didn't go into work, as it's a long commute for only a half day. The neighbor asked if my boys would let the dog out (potty and play) after school as she had to work late. The littles have done it several times before, and #1 was more than happy to help too. I was glad to have him help, as I'm a little intimidated by dogs, and the puppy has grown a lot since last time (I helped the littles get her back into the pen then, not sure I'd be able to now). Hubs received four tickets to the Jazz game for tonight. A work perk, he's received them a few times before (great seats). #2 was always too busy, but was free tonight. #1 also ... that left one (or two, if Daddy didn't go, sending littles with bigs) but #3 didn't seem interested and #4, who has gone every other time, seemed willing to let others have a turn. Ironically #3 got an invite from friends ... so he ended up going with them. Just me and #4 home for the evening.  Beyond elliptical, I'd done a weights workout and did a session reading/riding ... before school got out, as boys took over the gym in the hours afterward. I could have hit it again in the evening, but I was SO tired. I'd done decent on eating, but then found myself in the kitchen partaking of some ice cream ... then a little more. Soon, uber over as always. Sometimes I am starving, other times I just want to eat something sweet.

0312 (Sunday) 182.8. 5815 steps. Total Burn 1980. Exercise Burn 0/175 (no exercise). Calories in 3200. Even with the clock change, losing an hour to Daylight Savings, I got to sleep in. I was still awake early, but stayed in bed a while. Did a simple pancake breakfast, with bacon and eggs. Usually my #3 changes all the clocks for me. I mean, most of them are automated at this point, but there are still a few that need it done manually. Did a quick store run, as we were almost out of milk, eggs, bananas and food for the kitties. Grabbed some Crazy Bread too. Got me out of the house ... I never left yesterday either. I'd thought about some exercise, but then it didn't happen. Eating happened though.

0311 (Saturday) 183.3. 9497 steps. Total Burn 2188. Exercise Burn 400/347 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3200. Up early getting #5 off to a basketball tournament in Logan. Two hour drive, first game at 9:00. I of course, wasn't going, he was getting a ride with a teammate. I wish he had a phone at times like this so I could stalk him and check in. They lost the first game, won the second, lost the third. For some reason they had to play a couple 7th grade teams, which also was a ball size issue. I hope he had fun. One of the moms filmed some on Facebook Live so I caught a bit online. #4 was a bit bored home alone today. My #4 and #5 really help entertain each other. A car was parked out front under our hoop (happened yesterday too) which makes it so he can't play basketball either (he did some out back on the tramp/hoop). I had a lazy day. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical while I caught up on Grey's Anatomy. I should have done one more to get my hour and planned on it, but then never did. Aunt Olivia came over in the evening to give haircuts to the boys. #4 really needed it. I got mine cut too, as it was just too long and had split ends. A little shorter than I'd planned, but I just have it up in a ponytail most of the time anyway.  Way over on calories ... no excuses, just bad.

0310 (Friday) 183.1. 14334 steps. Total Burn 2651. Exercise Burn 650/803 (60minElliptical, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. I still got up early and got started on my elliptical. Got in my hour pretty early. #5 was out of school today. I think he was pretty bored home alone though. After school, #2 and friends hit my gym. I made snickerdoodles. Hubs, #1 and #3 had prepped packing last night and finished up and were off. They were leaving about the same time I needed to get #5 to practice, so they dropped him off. I never left the house today. Unfortunately ... I like that. I'd meant to send some Snickerdoodles with #5 to practice as a thank you to his ride, but was able to run them out when they dropped him off. I did get in an hour of weights today.

0309 (Thursday) 182.1. 24160 steps. Total Burn 3064. Exercise Burn 1230/1211 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2800. Had a pretty productive morning as I got in my full hour of elliptical, even with middle school carpool. Went to Zumba at MountainView. I was the only helper today, so I did a few more numbers than usual. 5993 steps. 2.62 miles. 444/406 burn estimates. AvHR124, High154, in zone 36 of the 58 minutes.  It was early out at the elementary, and they are off tomorrow. Next Thurs/Fri too. I had next week's on my radar but not today, so I was glad the school had sent an email reminder. I ended up picking up middle school carpool too, but with basketball over, at least #3 has been able to catch rides home with #2 again. Boys in my gym again, but I'd pretty much done what I'd planned for the day. I made haystacks for dinner, while the boys rewatched a little Stranger Things. I guess all five boys started watching it together the other night (Hubs and I already watched the series). No new episode tonight though, as #2 was out watching "The Bachelor" with his girlfriend. #1 took his man-card for that.

0308 (Wednesday) 181.8. 174.30 steps. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 718/824 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2200. I was able to get in my hour of elliptical early. After dropping the munchkin at school I stopped by Maceys to grab some groceries. I hit the Dollar Store after. With the boys hitting my gym after school, I figured I'd better get in some extra exercise during the day. I did 30min reading/riding. Got in some computer stuff, blog post, book reviews, blog backups, and finished up a muvee. A little laundry, dishes, etc. too. The guys had an activity over at the church in the evening, a dodgeball and donuts, like in the olden days. Hubs and my three oldest, and the youngest went. They invited #4 ... but he's a homebody like me. He did perk up when just Hubs came home and said the others had stayed to play basketball. If he'd know THAT ... I've been SO tired lately. Ready for bed early!

0307 (Tuesday) 180.2. 18047 steps. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 1010/877 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the school shove off, but finished it up by the end of day. Zumba with Marian. 5761 steps. 2.48 miles. 423/362 burn. AvHR120/High145, in zone 38 of the 58 minutes. Olivia came. Getting through the neighborhood was a bit of an obstacle course though, as they were patching holes in the street. It will be nice not to hit them though. I had a lazy day. After school, #2 and his friends hit the gym, and then #3 after that. If I want to get in my additional exercise I am going to have to utilize the open hours when they are in school and save my other stuff (computer, laundry, etc) for when they are home. Hubs came home from work a little early, feeling a bit off. Not a full fledged Meniere's attack, but he needed to lay down for a bit. I'd ordered some Girl Scout cookies, and they haven't been delivered yet, but a neighbor gal said she had some extras. I bought five boxes of Tagalongs. Two are gone. The older two boys went on splits with the missionaries in the evening. I didn't sleep well last night (up for an hour or two reading) so I was ready for bed around 8:00!

0306 (Monday) 181.7. 17459 steps. Total Burn 2693. Exercise Burn 750/878 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 1900. Back to the routine. Got in my  hour of elliptical in the morning as I got the boys off to school. After dropping my munchkin, I stopped at Sams/Walmart to restock groceries. Between the shopping and putting everything away, I do get some steps in for that. Also finished up my audiobook (Unbroken). A bit of drama on #5's basketball team. I hate conflict and confrontation. One of the dads chose to deal send frustrated messages over a group text saying our coach didn't play to win and he was going to pull his kid if there weren't changes. Basically reading between the lines, his kid is the best and should play the entire game, and the coach shouldn't have the gal to play lesser players. I for one do not think winning is the end all ... of course it's important and you want to win and do your best, but there is also sportsmanship, teamwork, improving skills, learning from loss and how to deal with disappointment with dignity. If winning is all that is important, stay in a rec league where you are the best. No competition, no challenge.  After stewing a couple hours I did a response. Another mom did later as well as coach. We'll see how it falls out. Maybe there are a couple of kids that aren't quite up to par at this competitive level, but I feel like the team will go their separate ways soon as they get on school teams, so there's no need to break up friendships and hurt feelings by kicking kids off the team that you don't feel are good enough. Anyway, it just really got me down the whole day. I'd hit the bike mid-day, getting in some reading (I finally finished my Kindle book too, these two were long ones). I'd planned on hitting the gym again later in the day, but #2 and #3 were both in it after school. I guess I need to plan on that possibility and make sure to get everything in I need during my time when they are gone. In the evening I was making gingersnaps, and Hubs and #2 and I ended up having a philosophical discussion. All good, but again, can be emotionally draining. So, that was a day!

0305 (Sunday) 180.3. 5336 steps. Total Burn 2065. Exercise Burn 0/260 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up early to get the brisket smoking. That meant no smoked bacon for breakfast, but we still did some on the grill, with sausage, eggs and waffles, prepped by #3 today. Hubs did get a little nap, but then was busy again prepping dinner. We moved the couch and brought in an extra table. We've gotten good use out of our water dispenser and warming trays. Hubs made mashed potatoes in addition to the meats (brisket and ribs, and then he did "burnt ends" with part of the brisket and they were a hit). My mom brought some extra veggies and rolls, my brother's bunch brought baked beans (how's that for alliteration) and another brother brought homemade eclairs. I also made brazillian cheese rolls. All the breads got gobbled up, as well as the potatoes. Hubs had made enough meat that there was enough to send leftovers home with a few families. 

0304 (Saturday) 181.5.  10442 steps. Total Burn 2296. Exercise Burn 407/447 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1500. Hubs was up early prepping for his annual Pinewood Derby workshop. He has a lot of tools and knowledge and knows not everyone does, so before the local derby he opens up the garage for a Saturday to let parents and their kids come over and get some help with their cars. So that was most of his morning. We didn't have any basketball games ourselves, but I wanted to catch the state finals. Instead of full attention while on the bike, I put it on in the kitchen (as it was being broadcast to the TV, not just streaming) and made lasagna while I watched. Neither game nor cooking got my full attention. The boys and Hubs watched the game too ... all BUT #2, who was at a day date before prom. Just can't help but wonder what might have changed if the coin flip had gone the other way.  #2 came home and napped and then was off to dinner and the dance. The went to Tepanyaki, then the Prom was downtown at the state capital (as it had been back in our day). Hubs did some shopping, prepping for hosting the WestraWelatives monthly gathering. He's smoking stuff instead of the usual waffles. I was super pooped and went to bed early.

0303 (Friday) 181.5. Steps 25657. Total Burn 2971. Exercise Burn 1300/1136 (60minElliptical, 100min/26.5milesBike, 60min/3.12MilesTreadmillWalk, WEIGHTS). Calories in 3200. I've generally not been very active on Fridays lately ... but today? I got in my hour of elliptical in the morning, even with late start and driving middle school carpool. I did weights (just 30min). While the Bingham/PleasantGrove game was on, I watched it while walking on the treadmill. When our CHHS vs Lone Peak was playing, I watched while on the bike. Right at the end, the bike stopped tracking ... I guess it "only" goes to 99minutes. It was fine, the game was all but over, but it threw me a little and I forgot to notice what the calorie burn estimate was, which I would have liked to have for my records. Silly ChargeHR combined the walk and bike into one big, long exercise session with it's auto tracking. Unfortunately, our boys couldn't quite compete with Lone Peak, who was making a ton of three point shots, and made 30/32 at the foul line. So Bingham and Lone Peak are in the playoffs tomorrow and my #2 has played his last game. I'm sure he'll still play around some, but nothing like what he's been doing for the past several years. 

0302 (Thursday) 180.2. Steps 20161. Total Burn 2825. Exercise Burn 1009/1009 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Interesting when MY estimate (going off machine readings, etc.) and my Fitbit/MFP estimate for exercise burn are exactly the same! Only got in 30min elliptical in the morning, but did get in another 30 later in the day to finish up my hour. Went to Zumba with Marian. 5772 steps. 2.51 miles. 382/379 burn estimates. AvHR116, High142, in zone 18 of the 58 minutes. Not a super productive day. I did make snickerdoodles. Hubs had a derby, and #3 was finally free with basketball over, so he went along to help.

0301 (Wednesday) 181.2. Steps 15337. Total Burn 2477. Exercise Burn 800/669 (60minElliptical, 55min/15miles Bike). Calories in 2100. Started the day off pretty good, getting in my hour of elliptical. I was a bit distracted with the upcoming game, which started at 2:30. I watched while on the stationary bike, but had to stop early to go pickup #5 from elementary school. I tried to have the game streaming over data, listening to the audio commentary as I drove, but it but out. It's a quick pickup, but I still hated missing those 10 minutes. We got the win, so onto semi-finals on Friday.  Hubs stopped at the store, again. He'd gone yesterday to grab some cream and half and half to try out the new ice cream maker he'd ordered. I'd given him a list of a few more items to pick up ... and then he forgot what HE went there for. It saved ME a trip to the store (which I probably would have done today) but .... anyway, got the ingredients and made the yummy ice cream. Maga came over too, with a belated birthday cake for #2. He and #3 also made a store run picking up some new jeans.

0228 (Tuesday) 180.9. Steps 21113. Total Burn 2949. Exercise Burn 1105/1107 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800. The senior and sophomore were out of school, as it was ACT day for the Juniors.   I got up and got elliptical in. Zumba with Marian. Stats ... 5551 steps, 2.39 miles. 376/383 burn estimates. AvHR117, high143, in zone 16 of the 58 minutes. #3 took over my gym for a few hours ... not saying I would have gotten an extra workout in there during that time, but now we'll never know. I was on pickup for middle school, and elementary as always. I made copycat swig cookies and then chicken pillows (plus fried tenders for the littles) and yellow rice for dinner. I think we have enough leftovers that I'm now off the hook for a couple nights.The little fridge wasn't closing ... because someone hadn't closed it and ice built up in the small freezer section. Defrosting the fridge really needs to be done outside, and the weather now was not cooperative. I was able to work on it enough to at least get it to close. True defrosting will have to wait for a warmer day.

0227 (Monday) 182.8. Steps 20640. Total Burn 2727. Exercise Burn 968/894 (60minElliptical, 60minBike, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I've really been struggling with motivation to get to my Monday Zumba class. It's a bit further away (about 20min) and then it regularly starts late. I almost always get a great workout, and I love the gals there, but it's been hard to make a two hour time commitment some mornings. I find myself talking myself out of going. This morning, add snow into the mix, and I didn't make it. I did get my hour of elliptical in early, and then hit the treadmill. Just planned on a walk, but did try to up it to a jog for a short time. Jogging is SO hard for me, but does get the heart rate up easily. I also did a session on the bike, reading and riding. I'd been a bit preoccupied today, as it was the start of State playoffs for 5A boys basketball. #2 and team played at 7:30 up at the University of Utah. I so dislike downtown, the drive, the parking, it was still so cold out (although the snow had melted without me having to shovel). I was trying to find out if it was going to be streamed ... and it was! I could watch from the comfort of home. I actually tuned in to some of the other games earlier in the day. Our region, Region 3, was playing the teams in Region 1, and we swept them! On to quarter finals on Wednesday. I watched the first half of the game on the ipad resting in bed, but then moved down to the bike again, as I was anxious and that helped expend the excess energy (even though our boys had a 20 point lead for almost the entire time). Eating wasn't great today ... I mean, it was delicious, but not nutritious! I can't stop eating Hub's ice cream pie. So yummy! I had a little leftover brisket for dinner.

0226 (Sunday) 181.8. Steps 11293. Total Burn 2372. Exercise Burn 600/496 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Hubs was up early getting brisket on the smoker. We did a pancake breakfast ... although some ate cheesecake pie. I often don't exercise on Sundays, but got in three 20min sessions today, although I had to push to finish. Dinner was yummy. Ice cream pie for dessert. 

0225 (Saturday) 183.6. Steps 8748. Total Burn 2197. Exercise Burn 200/335 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Slept in some. Two basketball games for #5. The first at 1:00 with his Grizzlies. Championship against the undefeated Jets. We'd played them twice before, came close both games ... unfortunately it was a repeat performance again. 28-32. Good game though, we even got the boys to smile for a team picture afterward. #5's little friend came over to the house after to hang out, and went with us to the next game with the Wolves at 5:00. Again, an undefeated team that came out hard. Surprisingly, our boys rallied and were leading at the half. Couldn't quite hang onto it though. Again, the loss was not unexpected at #5 handled it fine (better than the earlier game where there was some emotion). Hubs and I went out to dinner with the extended family (inlaws). A fancy little restaurant in the foothills, The 5Alls. It was good, but pricey! MIL picked up the tab.

0224 (Friday) 181.7. Steps 5236. Total Burn 1989. Exercise Burn 0/138 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I didn't even attempt any exercise during the school shove off. Hubs was home in the morning. He had a doctor's appointment and ran some errands in the morning ... including dropping the high schoolers off, as #1 had taken #2's car. We almost have the car situation settled. I dropped #5 at school and #4 had carpool. Feeling a tad under the weather ... again. #5 has been a little off too, especially at nights, but keeps making it to school. Hope he's feeling good for his two challenging games tomorrow. He had early out. I picked him up and we went to Walmart to return the shirts I'd bought him (too big) and I had him try on some (he's a little picky) and came home with three, and some laundry soap (as we were out). #2's girlfriend brought my big boys home, then she and #2 went off to find a tie to match her prom dress. I dropped off #5 at his coach's house to get a ride to practice, and #3 was picked up to go watch the high school girls compete at state basketball (they lost). He and his friends came back to the house after for some hot tub time. Not feeling great. Hubs was ready to turn in early and I was more than ready to too.

0223 (Thursday) 181.1. Steps 18801. Total Burn 2782. Exercise Burn 954/934 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000.  Hubs had given me a quick lesson on how to fill up the tire (as we have an air compressor in the garage) but I still bribed #1 son ... I'd make his lunch (which he's been doing) if he filled up the tire for me. I hoped it would hold until after Zumba. I'd made an appointment at Discount Tire prepared to buy a new tire (as Walmart had indicated it couldn't be fixed) but hoped DT would have one in stock at least. I got in a couple elliptical sessions, drove a couple kid carpools to school and then went to Zumba, although I was running a bit late. I went straight to the tire place after. They said it could be patched (but did say new tires probably should be coming soon, but I'll let Hubs handle that). So I waited there for a bit. The time when quick, as one of #1's high school friends was there and we chatted a while. I stopped at DI afterward to invest in a few "fat pants" ... unfortunatley.  Home for just a bit before after school pickups. Hubs was out late, having taken the smoker to work to prep brisket for a work buddy's Scout banquet. He said it went well, but could have used a third brisket. I got distracted while prepping a simple dinner at home and totally burned it, and ended up just making mac and cheese from a box.

0222 (Wednesday) 179.6. Steps 16564. Total Burn 2583. Exercise Burn 600/766 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2600. My tire was super low in the morning. After dropping #5 at school I drove to Walmart. I had planned on grocery shopping there today anyway. They looked at the tire (again, Hubs had just been in on Sunday) and said there was a screw and they couldn't fix it. They'd have to special order the tire, as they didn't have our size in stock. I had them pump me up and figured I have hubs handle it (if there was a tire purchase involved ...I don't do decisions like that. Wimpy wife.) The high school was out today for PT conferences. Both boys are doing good ... except #3 had been a little disruptive in Spanish of late. #3 had his friends over and they hung out downstairs in the gym for much of the day. #2 had his buddies over too, as they were prepping a prom ask. I made roll dough, turning it into breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. Double duty afternoon carpools. Ziti for dinner. #3 took off to his girlfriend's house (taking #2's car, because he didn't want to drive mine and risk a flat tire) and Hubs was home late. Hubs was up late prepping brisket, which he's smoking for a work buddy's scout evening tomorrow. 

0221 (Tuesday) 181.3. Steps 23508. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 1314/1172 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900.  #5 woke up crying and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it to school. He took some ibuprofen and then felt better, so he went. I'd gotten in some elliptical in during the morning school shove off, and more later in the day. Extra elliptical! I also went to Zumba with Marian. 5762 steps. 2.49 miles. Burn estimates 351/372. AvHR105, high125, in zone 2 of the 60 min. Not sure if it is feeling a bit sore from weights yesterday, or just draggy, or what. I was on triple pickup duty after school. We did Orange Chicken for dinner. #5 had practice from 6-7:30 and a game at 8:00 (two different teams). It was raining. As we parked and he ran in, I noticed a hissing coming from my tire. So ... puncture NOT fixed! Sure enough on the way home I got a low pressure warning. Hubs was already asleep when we returned (even though it was just after 9:00). Happy birthday to #2 today! 18 years old! His girlfriend took him out to dinner and a movie tonight.

0220 (Monday) 180.6. Total Burn 2242. Exercise Burn 400/431 (Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. No school today, President's Day. Hubs and #1 son were still up and off early, but I stayed in bed until later. No elliptical, but I hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. I wasn't sure if Southziders was on (they were) ... they used to never take days off, but then they started to for many holidays. Debbie's class was closer and got me back faster. When I arrived though, there were guys playing basketball in the gym. Debbie did kick them out of half anyway ... although it had boy stink to it! She has the church reserved on the schedule if people would bother to check. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbing a few groceries and my prescription. I checked, as the cost was up. It used to be one of those $4 for 30-day, $10 for 90-day ones. Now it's $12.06 for a one month, they won't even allow a 90 day ... not that I don't get into the store, but they also only allow the refill during that last week and it's just hard to time it. I had making a special trip. I'm never sure if this medication does anything for me anyway, although some women sure say differently. #1 had taken #2's Charger, as he needed to be back for an interview with Discover ... which left me needing to drop #2 to/from work at KFC, as he agreed to cover a shift for someone. It is #2's birthday tomorrow (18 years old) so we went out to dinner. Tepanyaki is a favorite of him and the family, but his girlfriend had already said she was taking him out there tomorrow. Olive Garden was his second choice, so that's where we went. It's HIS favorite, but not really for the family. We left the left-overs sitting on the table! Grrr, duh! I'd picked up a Red Velvet cake and we put candles in and sang, even though it's a day early. Red velvet is something that doesn't tempt me. I think I did okay on calories today, even with chicken alfredo!

0219 (Sunday) 179.6. Total Burn 1940. Exercise Burn 100/118 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Hubs and #1 had an early morning meeting, so no sleep in. We did our big breakfast. The waffle recipe makes six waffles, and with #1 son home ... there are seven of us. #4 didn't really feel like a waffle this morning (which Hubs didn't realize until he'd already made a second batch) so there were leftovers (and we're not a good waffle leftover family). #1 made his buttermilk syrup, which #3 had been making while he was gone, but was more than happy to return the reins. Hubs had picked up some pork and brisket but didn't feel like smoking something today, so I made tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches. #3 has been picky, only liking this gourmet tomato soup (with orange juice in it) ... but I made it. #1 tried it and was like "what is THAT?"  I don't eat tomato soup, this recipe or traditional Cambells canned. We all watched "Inside Out" as #1 hadn't seen it (and my most recent audiobook has some similarities which is what brought it up). 

0218 (Saturday) 179.2. Total Burn 1965. Exercise Burn 0/158 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Got a little sleep in. #1 woke up hungry and wanted Kneader's french toast, so we all went over there. #2 had slept over at friends, as he does every Friday after a game. I sent him a text suggesting he meet us there, and he wrote back saying they'd just recieved word to go as a team (Varsity), that Coach was buying breakfast! Coincidence! We also ran into a friend of #1 there. I took pictures of course. It's all you can eat, so sharing isn't really allowed, but if we don't ask for any extra ... the littles and I still could have shared one plate! #5 had a game over at the high school. A team we'd played twice before, lost one, won one. Close both times. And close again today. We won by one! At least there was no purposeful pushing like last time! So the championship game is next week. A team we've played twice and lost to both times ... but very close both times (OT last time). Back home, and #5 changed clothes and then I dropped him off at a friend's house and dropped #3 at the high school to run clocks. Poor #4, his eye is still so swollen and dark. Hubs had done some shopping and tried brisket in the instant pot and some smoked mac and cheese. He also made his cheesecake and ice cream pie.

0217 (Friday) 181.2. Total Burn 2079. Exercise Burn 0/261 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Routine is always off on Fridays with late start and early out. More so today, as middle school was out, and #1 didn't go do his framing job, as he had an interview at 8:00. That timing was a problem, as I need the Durango to get #5 to school. We ended up having #2 and #3 catch a ride to school and #1 taking the Charger. #4 wanted to go play some football with friends, so I dropped him off at a nearby park for a couple hours. When I picked him up ... his face! Black eye, scraped up and completely swollen. He and another kid hit heads hard. They had gone to one of the nearby homes and had an ice pack for him, but it continued to swell until he couldn't even open his eye. The bruising is horrible too. My poor little guy. I picked up #5 from school, and then headed out to basketball games at Jordan High School. Sophomore game was an easy win. No great highlights from my #3 but I'll still probably make a highlight reel. I didn't want to fight traffic home and back, so I stayed, and videoed JV. Easy win for them too. Varsity also went pretty smoothly and with this win, we are in the number one spot in region. Of course, Bingham will be in the same ranking on Tuesday after they beat Jordan (we've both won all but one, losing once to each other). The two teams will flip a coin for standings going into state. But I guess CHHS hasn't been able to get here in 20 years, so everyone was pretty happy. Hubs came out to watch Varsity, and my BIL brought his boys. I'd arranged a ride for #5 to get to/from practice. That might have been my last high school game ...

0216 (Thursday) 180.2. Total Burn 2948. Exercise Burn 1088/1128 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning, but did by the end of the day. I wasn't feeling too in the mood for Zumba, but I was committed, as Marian was leaving town for a funeral. Luckily I had Christa and Suzanne to help me, as I definitely didn't have the energy to do it all on my own. Then ... dentist. I dread the dentist. Both sides of my mouth, but at least that should be my final visit for a while. I made a lemon jello cake, which my big boys consumed before dinner! Hubs and #5 were off doing a derby. #1 asked to borrow the car to go to his institute class, but then ended up taking #2's Charger instead. Good thing, as I'd forgotten I needed to pick up #3 from practice (and needed my car!) #3 then took the car to go hang with his friends, and #2 had his girlfriend come pick him up for their evening (watching "The Bachelor"). Even #4 had plans, which is a big deal for my little homebody. Went to see a movie with friends (luckily friend were able to pick him up as I was without a car). I was home alone!

0215 (Wednesday) 180.9. Total Burn 2592. Exercise Burn 641/746 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I'll admit, the burnout from these last few days has gotten to me. I got in 50min elliptical in the morning, but after elementary drop-off, instead of hitting Zumba, I crawled back in bed for a bit. I did get in my final 10min elliptical to finish my hour later in the day.

0214 (Tuesday) 182.1. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 598/800 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. I went down to my gym in the morning when I heard a little scratching sound coming from a box in the corner. It was a mouse! A mouse in the house. I'm not super squeamish about mice, but I also have a bunch of guys around, so I enlisted #1 to grab the box and take it outside. It cut into my exercise time and I only got 10min done. I did another 10min, not quite having enough time for a full session before driving middle school carpool ... except that I forgot, I don't drive carpool Tuesday mornings (I do afternoon pickup). So I COULD have done 20 if I'd remembered that little fact. I thought I'd get a full 20 in before taking #5 to school, but he was looking around for an alternative valentine box because he didn't like the one I'd provided. I ended up taking a saw to the derby car to get the hoop lose. We had an orange box, I found a basketball frisbee for a backdrop, we printed out a few accents and #5 drew some additional ones on and ... basketball valentine box. Unfortunately it wasn't a great mother/son bonding experience. I was feeling super guilty I hadn't read his emotions more last night and stepped up then, and I think he read MY guilt and how frazzled I was with our rush job and he felt guilty. It turned out cute though, and hopefully he's happy. If Zumba wasn't my super close one, I might have wimped out on it, but I really have no excuse when it's right there. I went. 5657 steps. 2.49 miles. 388/384 burn. AvHR116, High146, in zone 27 of the 59 minutes. Back at home I showered and prepped a few more things for my son's table at senior night. I had to pick up middle school carpool and then rush over to the high school with only a few minutes to set up before the sophomore game started. Of course ... it didn't go smoothly. The tablet, Hub's latest gadget, wasn't working for me and I didn't know what to do. I hadn't prepped any physical pictures, they were all on the video slideshow. I was almost in tears, feeling like a complete failure again. Finally it restarted. I missed some of the sophomore game, and wasn't in a very good mindset for my filming. My MIL showed up to catch #3 playing, but he wasn't getting much playing time. Finally he was in, and made a basket there at the end, but we lost. After the game I was on snack bar duty. Generally I rush home and check on the little boys and get a break before heading back. It's hard to stay ... the music blaring between games. My anxiety and anti-social issues are hard to deal with, and then there's MATH. I know it's simple subtraction, but it stresses me out. I was relieved when it was over. Then we parents met and got paraded out with our boys right before the game. Then it was time to play. I had to go to my alternate spot as the parents side was filled on the top row. I have to be on the top row to stand and get a clear shot of the court. Luckily the other side was still free. I should have taken advantage of the cheerleaders being gone to Nationals to film from under the basket (usually not an option with them there). Then ... more stress as I was getting a disk warning on my video camera! I realized I hadn't taken off #5's games from Saturday, and then having filmed the sophomore game .... but it's a 32mg card, it still should have been okay. Hubs ended up grabbing the card from my video display, as most people had visited the senior display tables by that point. But again, super frustrated with myself for not dealing with that and prepping. Hard to enjoy the game, I was just emotionally on edge after everything. The last few days have been stressful. The game was stressful itself, closer than we'd like. The boys did get the win, undefeated at home, co-region champs (a couple games left to possibly shake that up, but probably nothing will change. CHHS and Bingham both only lost once, to each other). Glad to get Sunday over, Monday over, and now Tuesday over ... those were the big three days. They are over.

0213 (Monday) 182.6. Total Burn 3117. Exercise Burn 1135/1286 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Got in my hour of elliptical during the morning school shove off. #1 surprised me being up and off early himself. Going back to work on a framing crew. He doesn't have a car, but one of the other fellows came and grabbed him to get him to/from the site. Hubs was NOT off early, taking the day at home to prep the ribs for the team dinner tonight. I actually went out and hit Southziders ... first time in a while for me. Good stats! 7221 steps. 3.27 miles. 494/510 burn. AvHR120, High144, in zone 36 of the 70 minutes. Hubs had done the initial prep on the ribs while I was gone, and they were in the smoker. That smoker was stacked! A little later in the afternoon, I helped him as we pulled the ribs off, cut them into servings (about four ribs each), sauced them and wrapped them in foil. Back in the smoker and oven for a few more hours of cooking. We'd been planning on 5:30, but dinner got pushed to 6:00. We headed over to the school and got into the cafeteria and got set up. The other two moms brought salads, rolls and sugar cookies. The boys seemed to enjoy the ribs, we got rave reviews. Glad to have that over with too! Now ... senior night tomorrow. I worked a little on a video for #2's table, but my Muvee was giving me issues. #5 also sprung the "I want a basketball valentine's box" ... for tomorrow. We looked around for some possibilities (I'd just thrown out a couple small backboard/net combos, but there was an old pinewood derby car that had a little hoop on it) but ... I told him it just wasn't going to happen. We had a leftover box (actually a garbage can set up) that I'd planned on him using.

0212 (Sunday) 181.3. Total Burn 2177. Exercise Burn 0/350 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. No usual breakfast, as we were doing the final prep for the party after church. We got everything up and ready. Chairs all over. Sign on the garage. Church was at 1:00. We had a huge crowd at the house afterward! Some of the old neighbors who had moved away came, as well as family and other friends. Pulled pork, fruit plate, veggie plate, chocolate fountain with dippers. Cousin Matt brought cookies (of which I had a few) and Uncle Clay brought his homemade donuts (of which I had one). It was fun to see everyone, but also a relief to have it over. Now onto the basketball team dinner tomorrow ...

0211 (Saturday) 180.5 steps. Total Burn 1955. Exercise Burn 0/122 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I'd done some prep (for the homecoming gathering tomorrow) yesterday ... getting out the water dispenser, chocolate fountain stuff, dippers and tried to do some cleaning ... but two days in advance, it will just get cluttered again! Hubs was busy with his stuff, shopping, prepping and smoking the pork, mopping the floor. Two basketball games today for #5. A 1:00 one with his Grizzlies. My munchkin actually didn't score today, quite rare ... but he had a ton of assists and did great. The 5:00 game was also a win. Hubs had smoked some ribs (testing out prep for the basketball team dinner on Monday night) so that was our dinner.

0210 (Friday) 180.7. 8097 steps. Total Burn 2151. Exercise Burn 100/318 (30minBike). Calories in 2100. Even with a new "Grey's Anatomy" waiting for me, I decided to hit the bike. Switch up the activities a bit, and I could use some reading time. No problem finishing up my audiobooks, but the one on my Kindle has been neglected big time. It was late start and early out, and then basketball games in the afternoon/evening. We were away at Taylorsville, glad to have a carpool for middle-school on Fridays, as I needed to leave before #2 made it home. In the sophomore game, one of our players took an elbow to the head which resulted in a big gash. His mom had to take him to the ER where he got seven staples and has to be rechecked to see if he has a concussion. A little later, there was more blood with another one of our players hit in the head. Not requiring stitches, but he had to sit out the rest of the game (but did play JV once the bleeding was under control). I went ahead and stayed for the JV game, as I didn't want to fight traffic home and back, as it would hit rush hour in both directions. As I was there, I videotaped the game with my old camcorder, while recharging my new one. Love the USB hookup directly into the portable charger. The varsity game was a little closer than anticipated. It had been an easy win the first go-round, and was expected to be again ... but we were tied going into the final quarter.  I was also following the Bingham/WJ game on Twitter, and Bingham was down, which was unexpected ... but would help out our standing, so I was rooting on WJ from afar. Bingham pulled it out though (super close, only by two) and our boys did too (by a little wider margin) ... so CHHS and Bingham are still tied for the top spot in region (only losing to each other once in region play.)

0209 (Thursday) 179.3. 21191 steps. Total Burn 2895. Exercise Burn 1002/1079 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning school stuff, but did by the end of day. I went to Zumba with MountainView. 5916 steps. 2.55 miles. 382/381 calories, avHR115, high136, in zone 18 of the 59 minutes.  Stopped at the store on the way home to grab some groceries. Made the highlight reel from Tuesday's varsity game. Made sugar cookies ... usually a Superbowl tradition, but as we were all apart that day, and I didn't have the decorative white icing for the accents. The icing was rather runny though, and as I made smaller cookies this year, they really didn't turn out great. Not that anyone cares what they LOOK like, and half the boys prefer them without frosting anyway!

0208 (Wednesday) 180.0. 21534 steps. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1087/1123 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Got the boys off to school, getting in my full hour of elliptical in during the school shove off. I did NOT make it to Zumba, but did some practice Zumba at home. I'd been asked to come introduce Zumba to the young women at the church in the evening, which I did. Between my morning practice and the presentation, I feel like I got in my hour. 5068 steps. Calories 469. AvHR 118 in the morning, 122 in the evening. High 146. In zone 37 of the 67 minutes. Got in some updates on the missionary blog. Baked a lasagna for dinner.

0207 (Tuesday) 179.6. 18465 steps. Total Burn 2752, Exercise Burn 814/921 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba). Calories in 1500. #1 hasn't officially been released yet, so needs to have a "companion" at all times. He accompanied me as I did school carpools in the morning. He didn't feel like going to Zumba with me, so I sat it out. Aunt Olivia came and kidnapped him for a temple trip, which turned into an all day outing. They hit temple square, did some shopping and went out to eat. We were a little worried he wouldn't make it home in time for his meeting with the stake president for the release. After picking up middle school carpool (and arranging for #2 to grab #5 from elementary), I headed to West Jordan High to watch the sophomores play. Normally there isn't much of a student section cheering for anything other than varsity ... but they had a loud crowd there, complete with insulting posters and everything. The other team did come out hot and jumped out for the lead, but our boys battled back and got the win. MY boy ... didn't leave the bench. Not uncommon, there are the "favorites" and he's not one of them, but he's never not gone in at all before (although it's been pretty common for a couple of the other un-favored boys). I couldn't help but wonder if he was being punished for leaving practice early yesterday ... to see his brother who he hadn't seen in two years.  Broke my mommy heart a bit, although #3 said he didn't really care. I think he's done. Given up. Going to give it his all (if he's ever given the chance) and finish the season, but he can see the writing on the wall too. These teams can be the best thing for the boys (like my #2 has been a favorite) or it can crush them (and half the kids don't bother even trying out the next year. Last year they had three kids quit mid-season).  I ran home and prepped dinner. Chicken pillows, one of #1's favorites he hasn't had in two years. Then back to the school for the varsity game. I checked and JV had come back from being behind to get the win too. Varsity stayed pretty neck-and-neck for the first half, until our boys pulled away a bit at the end of the half. Then they continued the lead, although it was never totally comfortable ... things can always change pretty quick. In the end, WJ was fouling to get the ball back ... I appreciated the intentional but not injurious fouls ala the 5th grade game on Saturday. As soon as the game ended I booked it out to Murray High School for #5's game. He'd been picked up by a teammate to make sure he'd get there on time (although I did make it okay today, of course the game going on there before was a tight one that went long, at least not OT. Hard when these late 9:00 games start late! On a school night ... but I actually appreciate the 9:00 timeslot when they are on the same night as the high school games, so I can catch them all).

0206 (Monday) 181.1. 12801 steps. Total Burn 2471. Exercise Burn 445/651 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2200. I finally got to watch the latest "Grey's Anatomy" as I got my elliptical in during the morning school shove off. But alas, didn't get down for 20min more ... so not my full hour. The evening was the return home of my men (and Maga) from Mexico. While of course I'm super excited to see my son and Hubs, I had uber anxiety about the airport. Both the drive there (while it actually a pretty straight shot from our house down Bangerter, Bangerter has become so much more like a freeway and there are some super confusing spots, and speeds, and multiple lanes and merging, etc, aaacckk). #2 said he was okay driving it ... I'm just not okay as a passenger either. He dropped us off and so we all wouldn't have to take the shuttle after parking (apparently he didn't either, there was closer parking) and it was pretty easy to find where to wait. Same spot as Aunt Olivia a while back. Then the waiting, and it wasn't too bad. The plane was on time and customs were quick. We had our "Welcome Home" sign up ... and facing the wrong direction as the Landon crept in from the back! Our car doesn't fit the entire family, so Hubs caught a ride home with Liv and Maga (although it took a while as Olivia couldn't remember where she'd parked her car). Home again ... all my boys home.

0205 (Sunday) 179.7. 4145 steps. Total Burn 1785. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Sure didn't move much today! Superbowl Sunday, not that we were celebrating big in any way. #4 is a huge football fan though, so he was anxiously awaiting it all. Hubs and #1 were able to check in from Mexico. #2 was working KFC. Normally we do a big steak/taters meal, but without Hubs here to cook for us ... I WAS going to make my annual sugar football cookies, but I didn't have any of the decorator icing in white (needed for the accents) and just didn't get around to it.

0204 (Saturday) 179.7. 6660 steps. Total Burn 2200. Exercise Burn 0/196 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Four games today ... three for #5 and the final Junior Jazz game for #4. Unfortunately, his was back to back with the munchkin's game. I arranged a ride for #4 and thought I might make it from #5's game ... but that sure didn't happen. I missed the entire first half. I've I'd have known it would turn out like that, I would have arranged a ride home for #5 and left his game early to get to #4's on time. There is another mom videoing #5's game that I could have grabbed video from (although it was a loss, not a great game, so I might not have bothered) but I felt so bad missing #4's final game. He hadn't been feeling well, but still pushed through and had a good game. #5's earlier two games had been tough ones! The first one went into OT, but we couldn't quite get it. My little guy fouled out, which has never happened before (he's not too fouly, and he's point guard, which just isn't in the position to quite as much as the big guys). He was fighting back tears. I can never quite tell what pushes him over the edge. Sometimes when they lose he's perfectly fine and other times, he just can't quite handle it. Immediately after was another tough game. Our boys started strong and got a good lead, only to lose it in the second half. Tight at the end, but we were ahead, and the other team was fouling to get the ball back. But they were FOULING ... pushing our boys hard! The first time, the ref called it, but just a regular foul ... so they did it again! Again, nothing beyond just a normal foul (I know there is "intentional" and then there is "INTENTIONAL") ... the THIRD time they pushed one of our boys to the floor they finally called it an intentional foul.  Getting those shots and getting possession of the ball back at the end got us the win. But I really don't think I want to play that team again ... unfortunately we might, as this league only has five teams. #3 had been a big help around the house, getting things cleaned up and ready for my men to come home. #2 and his girlfriend had made a big "welcome home" banner last night. Made cookie press cookies, snowflakes.

0203 (Friday) 179.3. 6117 steps. Total Burn 2008. Exercise Burn 185/195 (30minBike). Calories in 2500. Got a little extra rest in the morning with late start. Even with a new "Grey's Anatomy" waiting for me, I decided to hit the stationary bike for my activity today instead. I've been getting through the audio books like crazy, but my READING reading has been so slow! So 30min reading and riding. First time back on the bike in a bit. Basketball all evening. Sophomore game at 3:30, then I was on snack bar duty during the JV game, then the Varsity game. I'm not sure what was wrong with me, just feeling off, just emotionally, a bit physically. Struggling! Lots of tears close to the surface and spilling over with no provocation really. Seriously, during the sophomore game I started stressing and tears ... luckily it's pretty empty and I was on the opposide side away from everyone. Tried to pull it together for snack bar duty. Another super simple thing that totally stresses me out. I mean ... math! It's hard to imagine I was smart back in school (seriously, got through four years of college on academic scholarship, honors calculous) and subtraction stresses me out. That and talking to people. I've become so anti-social, with my headphones on and homebody nature. I CAN pull out of it and people probably don't realize how hard it is for me. But ... the music between games. So loud and blaring. Headache. I really need that break between games to go check on my littles (who are also homebodies and don't want to come watch) and just get some time away before going back. #5 had his practice, so I had to arrange for a teammate to pick him up and take him as I was stuck at the school. I was relieved when my shift was over. At least it's not too busy ... I've NEVER signed up for a shift during a varsity game. Never even went to a varsity game before this year when I have to to watch my boy play. Need my headphones though! It was a sweep, easy wins for all three teams. 

0202 (Thursday) 179.1. 19441 steps. Total Burn 2877. Exercise Burn 1115/1045 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000.  Well, better day as far as productivity.  Got in my hour of elliptical and went to Zumba. Good stats! 6440 steps, 2.83 miles. 497/475 calories, avHR132, high155, in zone 53 of the 60 min. ... that's a high for avHR. Although it seems my heart rate has been higher in everything of late (elliptical, resting) too. Hmmm. Stopped at the Dr. after Zumba for a repeat urine test ... failed, so more on Monday (ultrasound of kidneys). Got through clips/made muvees of two of Tuesdays games. One more to make before SIX games this weekend. Basketball practices ... my LifeTracker follows my "chauffeur services" (transport/driving time). Almost two hours, which is still much lower than many with long commutes, but I'm a homebody who HATEs being in the car!

0201 (Wednesday) 179.9. 11870 steps. Total Burn 2322. Exercise Burn 629/496 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. A little bit of a slow start, I only got in 40min elliptical during the school shove off. During the day ... very unproductive. I SHOULD have done weights, I SHOULD have gone through some of the clips and made muvees, I SHOULD have done several things. Alas. I finally got in one more elliptical session to finish up my hour at least. 

0131 (Tuesday) 181.8. 20537 steps. Total Burn 2941. Exercise Burn 1065/1089 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 1500. With Hubs not home getting up in the morning, I needed my alarm :) Busy day today. I got in 50minutes in the morning on the elliptical. After the morning school shove off I went to Zumba. My first attempt and a full hour in well over a week. A bit of a push, but I was fine. Hot and sweaty, and stats didn't seem to reflect that I was working as hard as I was feeling, but the numbers weren't bad. 5842 steps. 2.55 miles. 426/423 calories. AvHR121, High141, in zone 37 of the 58 minutes. Home for a bit, and then off to one of the other basketball mom's homes to assemble lunches for the team. The other mom had done most of the work, doing the shopping and set up. I brought some granola bars and fruit snacks and wrap. She'd purchased big sub sandwiches, pre-sliced, but they needed to be wrapped individually and then everything added to the sacks. The other two moms said they had the drop-off at the school handled, which let me off the hook for that (it is always a struggle to find a spot to park and carry in the big box of lunches). The boys were traveling to Bingham for a rematch today. The first sophomore game was a bit of a blow-out (we lost) so I'd considered not even making the effort to go ... but then decided to try. #2 could grab #5 from elementary, but I still had middle school pickup, which barely gives me enough time ... but I made it. Much closer game this time. #3 got playing time in the first half, but sat the bench for the rest of the game. The boys actually tied it up at the end and forced OT, but then couldn't quite get the win. Still, a MUCH better showing than the first game. I ran home to check on the littles and make sure a ride was arranged for #5 to get to his game. He expressed an interest in watching the varsity game (he'd been with me for the first go-round) but I just wasn't sure it would end in time to get him to his. I went back at 7:00. The place was pretty packed, as this re-match was well publicized and quite the rivalry. I found a spot up top, to the left of Bingham's student section. A bit of "enemy" territory, but I'm not really vocal, and I wasn't the only CHHS cheerer there. The parent's side had an obstructed view of the score board from the back row (which I'd discovered during the sophomore game, but I'd had a little more leeway to move around there as it doesn't have the same attendance as varsity games). Not that our boys were off per say ... but they weren't coming out shining, and unfortunately that is required to beat Bingham. At the end of every quarter, we were keeping it close, but always two points behind. All the way to the final minutes, when our boys had to foul to keep the ball in play, but Bingham made those baskets, pulling ahead. 58-51. As soon as it was over I rushed to #5's game and BARELY made it! Seriously, with seconds to spare :)  But alas ... looked like another beating. The other team pulled ahead pretty quick and had a 10-point lead most of the game. Near the end though, our boys rallied, enough to make it exciting! Final score was 33-31, Not quite enough but a good comeback, and nice they didn't give up.  The other team was quite a bit bigger ... my #5 looked so tiny (he is 5th grade in a 6th grade league) but the other team's uniforms were still bigger than they were! Baggy! It is so hard to size when ordering, of course they could also be hand-me-downs (which I'm all for! Reuse and save money!) So alas ... three losses. I have to admit, my motivations for making the muvees is a little lacking with losses, unless MY kid still had an outstanding game, which wasn't really the case in any of these either. Will I get around to highlight reels? We'll see ...

0130 (Monday) 181.8. 12674 steps. Total Burn 2522. Exercise Burn 614/680 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Back to the routine ... sort of. Instead of getting up and off to work, Hubs was up and off to Mexico! He left right about the same time as the boys were leaving for school. His mom is traveling with him, and my SIL dropped them off at the airport. Everything went smoothly and they arrived in Mexico in the afternoon. Here at home ... not the most productive day. I'd done 40min elliptical in the morning, didn't finish up my hour until the end of the day. Made a muvee. I did do dinner ... chicken and wild rice soup with homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert. 

0129 (Sunday) 178.8. 3093 steps. Total Burn 1893. Exercise Burn 0/74 (no exercise). Calories in 2400.  Love sleeping in. Sunday sleep in. I'll admit ... I had a little ice cream pie for breakfast. Hubs had also made his cheesecake, and the other boys had some of the that, so we never got around to our traditional breakfast. I did finally get out the griddle and fry up some bacon/sausage and hashbrowns and made a few pancakes. Hubs got a turkey smoking for our evening meal. I made some roll dough and got those rising. Got through one of yesterday's games, two more to go. 

0128 (Saturday) 179.4. Steps 5280. Total Burn 2003. Exercise Burn 0/167 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Got to sleep in some. #3 had a 10:00 practice so I dropped him off, and Hubs grabbed him on the way to a derby around noon. Three games today. First one at 3:00 for #4. They only had six players, but my boy loves the extra playing time. He got 20 points. It was an easy, run-away win. I'd brought #5 with me and arranged for a teammate to come grab him to get him to their game at 4:00 across town. It was far enough (Indian Hills) that I really wasn't planning on going myself, but as the 3:00 game was wrapping up at 3:40, I figured I would probably have time to make it. I quickly asked the coach to take my current kid home after and dashed out as soon as the final buzzer hit (67-11 was the score, although they'd actually turned it off). I made good time, luckily hitting green lights all the way. The game had started, but it was just 0-2, our team hadn't scored ... and still didn't for several minutes! Slow start ... luckily the other team, while making a couple other baskets, was having a slow start themselves. Then things took off and got quite exciting by the end! I looked at my HRM and I was at 125! I have my headphones on, so sometimes I'm not totally aware of the atmosphere (yelling and such) but even with it so close, everyone was staying good sports. They pulled ahead by two with just seconds left. Do we try to a two pointer to tie and force OT? Three for the win? Will they be able to defend so we can't get a shot off? Exactly the same situation as the Varsity boys last Friday night, except this time we were down but with possession and ... THREE FOR THE WIN. Crazy shot, as we had NOT been doing great on our three pointers that game. I was glad I'd made it out. Home for a few hours to recharge ... both me and the camera. But couldn't head to bed, as #5 had another game, starting at 9:15, clear across town. Uggg. I really dislike Butler. Besides being so far (there are worse ones though) there is NO space for spectators ... well I mean there is space, but not nearly enough. Just the one little section under the basket for everyone! And it's a tough view, especially for filming. I had a ref back or a pole in my half the time. We got the win again though. Hubs had made an ice cream oreo crust pie ... #5 were anticipating it all the way home and it was yummy! #2 was out all day/evening to Sweethearts.

0127 (Friday) 178.8. Steps 9445. Total Burn 2190. Exercise Burn 424/355 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. I've been really lazy on Friday mornings, not even attempting Zumba during the morning school shove off. There had been a new Grey's Anatomy on last night, and I was interested in watching it, so I got 40min today. No games in the evening, the high school boys had a bye. I felt a bit bereft without my basketball. I did work on a video (actually two, as there was footage from another game I'd forgotten about). Had to pick up #3 from school, as #2 was staying for practice. Dropped #5 off to his practice ... but other than that I really didn't leave the house. I'm a homebody. Hubs was in bed at 8:00! He does get up early, but that is early!

0126 (Thursday) 178.4. Steps 14618. Total Burn 2528. Exercise Burn 622/721 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Only got a 10min to start the morning, then my two 20min while getting the boys off. I had a dentist appointment at 11:00 for my permanent crown ... I COULD have still fit Zumba in but between not feeling great physically and struggling with some stuff emotionally I just didn't feel up to it. A bit of a fetal position morning. The trip to the dentist went fine. Didn't have to numb or anything. A little painful with my cold sore still there just a bit. My mouth has just felt numb all over recently though. Weird. I'd forgotten they said I still had a couple more small fillings ... I had been thinking I was done, not needing to make another appointment. Arrrrgg. Not a super productive day. Did get a little cleaning in. Kitty knocked over a plant, spilling soil all over, which necessitated pulling the vacuum out so then I just did everything. Hubs had a derby in the evening, taking #5. #3 did finish up his practice right after the boys left, and would have been a bit more help to Hubs than the little one. #4 had his evening practice. I made a lemon jello cake and finally finished up my 10min to get my hour of elliptical in.

0125 (Wednesday) 179.2. Steps 13651. Total Burn 2454. Exercise Burn 636/617 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. I didn't even make it down for my first elliptical of the morning ... it wasn't so much not feeling up to it (although there was that) but if I don't get down right on schedule I just don't have time. My computer was acting up a bit and I ended up shutting everything down and restarting and that just pushed me too late to get in a full 20 to start the day ... I did get in my two other 20min, so 40 of my usual hour for the morning shove off. I really didn't even plan on Zumba, still taking it fairly easy. I went to Sam's Club after dropping off #5 at elementary. Grabbed more socks for Hubs ... he'd liked the ones I bought last trip for him to try. Back at home I worked on going through clips and getting a couple highlight reels of the high school games. Contacted a couple of the other moms about our upcoming lunch duty as well. A few pickups for after school/practice. Hubs had another derby, with another duty bound #4 going along. They stopped at Popeyes on the way home. My sickness HAS finally impacted my appetite some, so I still had some calories to spare to indulge in a couple of tenders.

0124 (Tuesday) 179.2 Steps 12122. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn 415/524 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1700.  Didn't quite get in my morning elliptical. 10/20/10 ... I didn't feel like I was up to an hour of exercise, so I was going to duck out of Zumba. I texted Marian and she had hoped I'd be there to open the church and get started if she was late, as she had to drop her daughter at the airport. I said I'd go and get us started ... she really wasn't very late. I just did one song leading, and stayed for a couple more, but then decided to go home and take it easy, as I wanted to hit the boy's games later in the day. Needed to conserve energy! I was on pickup for middle school, and left for the high school as soon as I dropped #4 home. #2 was picking up #5 for me as I went to watch #3. It was a good game, fairly easy win. I had been on the schedule to man the snack bar today, but I'd begged off and got someone to cover for me. I just didn't feel I would be up to standing up that extra time in-between games. I wanted to go home and check on #5 (who was now home alone as Dad and #4 had left for a derby) and lay down for a bit. I made sure #5 was ready for his ride to pick him up for his game, and I headed back to the high school for the varsity showdown. JV had won, and we were expecting a pretty easy game. We had demolished Cottonwood, and Cottonwood had beaten Jordan so ... but surprisingly, it was pretty tough! Jordan was ahead at the end of the first quarter. We managed to gain the lead, but Jordan kept it fairly tight, until the end when we pulled away again. Aunt Olivia came out to watch and cheer on her nephew. When the game ended, I headed straight out to #5's game and got their before tip-off. I normally hate 9:00 games, but they work out well here on Tuesday nights. It was a pretty easy win for our boys, although my #5 seemed to be struggling with his shots. Got a few points though. Home again ... hubs was already asleep. Bucket by the bed, so I wondered if he'd had an attack? I could NOT get to sleep. I didn't feel particularly wound up. The games hadn't been super stressful or frustrating or anything, I just didn't feel sleepy. Finally around 11:00 I think I nodded off.

0123 (Monday) 181.4. Steps 13494. Total Burn 2486. Exercise Burn 610/637 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1400. Poor Hubs ... I snore when I'm sick. He was up at 4:00, and unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep. I got up around 5:30. I did 10min on the elliptical and felt a little lightheaded, but okay. Got the kids up and made lunches. Attempted 20min elliptical. When I'm feeling like this, I usually put something over my mouth, as breathing in cold air is almost painful. But with my stupid cold sore, that wouldn't work. I need my fan as I feel overheated, but can't have that directly near my mouth (so I did without the fan). A push, but I got 20 in before driving the kids to middle school. Another 10 before dropping off elementary. I figured I wasn't up for attempting Zumba, so I went straight to the store to grab some groceries. Home again and had to rest up some. Had some sneezing fits. Complete carpool afternoon as I picked up #3 from school, then #4, then #5, then ran #3 back to school for his practice. Happily he could catch a ride home with his brother after the team dinner. I should have gone to a mother's meeting regarding senior night coming up, but I didn't feel like I could face anything public and really didn't want to go out in the snow again. Took my Nyquil and was in bed by about 8:00, although I still couldn't get to sleep until after 10:00.

0122 (Sunday) 179.4. Steps 3480. Total Burn 1859. Exercise Burn 0/21 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Hubs made Sunday Circles. I had a cold sore for a week now, right there in the corner of my mouth. Makes it hard to open and eat ... or peer down my throat with this sickness (not that I can tell if it looks like strep or anything). I laid down several times, bundling up as I was cold (but then hot) but didn't really nap. Hubs made pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner. He set up his ipad by the hot tun and watched an episode of "Better Call Saul" while he soaked.

0121 (Saturday) 179.3. Steps 4341. Total Burn 1899. Exercise Burn 0/89 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Sleep is hard. I feel like I'm constantly needing to clear my throat. Slept with gum in my mouth to attempt to ease the tickle there. I feel like I need something in my mouth all the time, eating, drinking or gum at least. Hubs went into work for a bit. I ran #3 to meet up with friends. They were taking trax downtown to watch their buddy James compete in a national xbox Madden competition. He got knocked out first round, but I think the boys still had fun hanging out (and, it made the news). Games for the little ones. #5 had his at 1:00 at the high school. We only had six players, which is fine, more playing time, but the kids do get a little tired, especially as this league runs halves, not quarters (for that extra break). We got the win but it was close! Tight the entire game. #4 had his game at 4:00. Additional playing time for him too as the other point guard is out with a broken ankle. He'd missed last week, on crutches, but not a positive diagnosis. Now he was in a cast and is out for probably the rest of the season. Been there! His mom said he was involved in a ski club too, so it's NOT good timing (I mean it never is, but ...). We got the win, and #4 got 20 points! And that was not being a ball hog at all. He's really good at sharing the ball (sometimes too good, as he often did have a shot but passes it to a friend).  One of the guys in charge was at the game and put the kibosh on kids playing on the extra hoops during the game. One of the moms tried to fight him on it "oh they can play, you're not in charge .... oh, you are? Okay...) I actually really appreciated it. It's so distracting and disrespectful to players and parents trying to watch.  Sometimes refs or those in charge will get after people (even for just simply bouncing a ball) but some weeks there's been an entire game going on right there by the side of the actual game. Hubs had two tickets to the Jazz game for the evening. He took #4, as he's the biggest basketball fan. He took the Durango, which left we without a car to pick up #3 from his festivities, but he was able to have one of his friends drop him home.  

0120 (Friday) 179.3. Steps 3901. Total Burn 1887. Exercise Burn 0/49 (no exercise). Calories in 1800. Feel like I'm coming down with something. Constant yucky feel in my throat. Not particularly hungry, but want to eat things to attempt to scratch the itch, or somehow soothe the feeling there. Nothing helps though. I had toyed with the possibility of hitting a Zumba this morning, but between how I was feeling, and needing to drive middle school carpool (not my usual morning but filling in) I bagged it. Didn't even get down to the gym for elliptical or anything. Just not motivated to move at all. The boys were away at Brighton for the games. I suppose I could have made it out for sophomore (with elementary early out and carpool for middle school) but didn't have it in me to stay for hours, and it's a little too far to come home and go back. Hubs came home and we went out to the varsity game together. Both sophomore and JV had easy wins, and it looked like varsity would be more of the same. #2 got some good shots off. Then in the fourth, the other team battled back and suddenly there were only 30 seconds left. We were up by only two points and Brighton had the ball. Heart rate was up again! Not sure if they would try to two to tie, or a three-pointer for the win, or if our boys defense could hold them off. Then as the other team was passing #2 got a finger on the ball for the steal! Shot down the court and passed it to our star player who made the layup even with the foul. Got the and one, putting us up by five. Brighton DID manage to get a basket in those final seconds, but with the additional points, it wasn't enough and we got the win. Exciting! Apparently it made the news (my brother texted me).

0119 (Thursday) 179.4. Steps 27533. Total Burn 3229. Exercise Burn 1550/1391 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 1.25mileTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2400. I was on middle school driving duty this morning, but still managed to get in my hour of elliptical. I was heading up MountainView Zumba today as Marian had a meeting. I have a hard time getting their early with elementary drop-off. I skittered in at 8:59. Class was good. I'd put a lot of Christa's songs on the playlist, and Carma came and helped too. I even did Terrible (which I wimp out of often, it requires a lot of energy). Stats: 6911 steps. 3.02 miles. Calories 549/502. AvHR131, High155, in zone 56 of the 65 minutes. Even a couple peak minutes! ChargeHR steps in seemed disproportionately low ...5738. A difference of over 1000 steps for the hour! I'd think the Charge would possibly pick up more with all the arm movements! Cathyleen had walked over when her car wouldn't start ... she lives close, but it was a cold, snowy morning, so I gave her a ride home. B day, so I had to go grab #3 from school, then take him back for practice (then pick him up from practice, although he stayed to watch the girls basketball team, they had a game). #4 had practice, I dropped him (and #5 tagged along, there are extra hoops there) off, drove to the high school for #3 ... FOGGY out! To stay awake until final pickup, I did another 20min on the elliptical (and I'd done a session on the bike, and treadmill walk earlier ... #4 had mocked my walk, he runs!) A bit of a tickle in my throat as I headed to bed...

0118 (Wednesday) 180.1. Steps 26476. Total Burn 3218. Exercise Burn 1300/1402 (80minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine today ... with Hubs off early, I was awake well  before my alarm. I was able to fit in my hour of elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I did skip out on Zumba with MZL to head straight to the store after dropping off elementary. Sam's and Walmart shopping. I thought I had a fairly free afternoon, but ended up on triple-pickup duty (although I'd only been scheduled for elementary). #3 has been bugging me about his next ortho appointment so I called and they had a cancellation, so an opening at 4:00. Perfect! I dropped him off then took #4 to Office Max, as he wanted a new file folder to organize for the new school semester (and wasn't willing to wait a few days for Amazon delivery). So just like that, I lost a few hours in the afternoon! Good thing I'd been a good girl and gotten in an hour of Zumba on my own (practicing for being in charge of a class tomorrow). Got decent stats too. 6382 Steps. 2.82 miles. 474/438 calories. AvHR121, High147, in zone 33 of the 64 minutes. Got in a little extra elliptical too and even WEIGHTS! It's been a while, and I hope it isn't a mistake with leading Zumba tomorrow.  I'd planned on some reading/riding but it didn't make it into the day. #3 had a late basketball practice, I let him take the car so I wouldn't have to wait up and go grab him. Hubs had a derby after work, so it was a long day for him.

0117 (Tuesday) 179.3. Steps 20114. Total Burn 2819. Exercise Burn 1025/984 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Another day off school for the kidlets ... end of term. I didn't get in any exercise before Zumba, but I went to Zumba! With Marian ... stats: 5572 steps, 2.42 miles. AvHR116, high 153, in zone 25 of the 57 minutes. It was fun to have Carma back, and Olivia came too. The boys didn't have practice today as they had game in the evening, but #2 still took off to hang with friends for most of the day. I did  get in my hour of elliptical, although the last 20min wasn't until the end of day. I had to drop #2 off at the high school a little after 2:00, then I went back at 3:30 for his game. He got some good shots and playing time. The won easily. I came home and quickly went through the clips and put together his to share on social media. I'd been quite anxious at the game, as I guess I hadn't cleared off the old games like I thought I had and was almost out of recording space. I did get things cleared off, but I need to remember to do that with this camera and it's duel recording. #5's game was at 8:00, but the varsity game was at 7:00, so I wouldn't be able to do both. I'd arranged a ride for #5, but then Hubs got home and said he'd take him. I headed back to the school for varsity. They were playing Taylorsville, and several of the boys had been on a team with #2 back in 6th grade.  I have seen them as we've played each other the last few years. Fun to see how the boys have changed. Again and easy win. Still fun but lacked a lot of the intensity of the WJ or Bingham games. We still had a pretty good student section, but for the first time, it was just a recording of the star spangled banner to start (before, they had someone sing it). No band, fewer cheerleaders, no student section really for the other team.

0116 (Monday) 181.3. Steps 14786. Total Burn 2559. Exercise Burn 638/710 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900.  Hubs was off around 6:00, which is actually a little late for him. On a normal school day, I would have been out of bed already. But ... not a normal school day. MLK Day. The kids were out of school. I needed to provide rides (practice, friends) so was going to skip out on Southziders again ... but then heard they were cancelling it anyway. Apparently my SIL went last week expecting to see me there. Oops! The big boys had practice in the morning hours (staggered though, so I had to drive #3 to/from) and #4 invited friends over (pretty big deal for him, rare occurrence) while #5 was invited out to hit the rec center with friends. I ended up running #3 out to friends, and dropping #4 and buddies off at a church for some basketball. #2 hung out at home with his girlfriend until the team dinner that night. #2 had been asking for scones, but had never been around. We finally made some today. Not a good eating day for me. Really craving sweet and salty stuff.

0115 (Sunday) 180.0. Steps 7848. Total Burn 2027. Exercise Burn 150/199 (30minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2300. We haven't had our traditional Sunday Circles breakfast in a while, but we did today. No smoked bacon though (just regular pan fried), because the smoker was already in use for brisket for dinner. Hubs ran some errands. I did a walk on the treadmill. Dinner was yummy, but I had felt the tingle of a cold sore yesterday and it had sprouted. Right in the corner of my mouth and I seriously had trouble getting my mouth open wide enough to eat. Of course I did manage, got plenty of calories today (tried to reign it in!) Hubs and I watched the last couple episodes of "The Night Of" before bed.

0114 (Saturday) 180.0. Steps 11018. Total Burn 2311. Exercise Burn 325/480 (30minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Hubs was off fairly early (7ish) to go into the office, even on a Saturday. I dropped #3 at the school at 1:00 as he was running clocks again today. He did #5's game at 2:00. I think he's bad luck though, again #5 didn't have a good game. We lost by two. #5 had a hard time keeping emotions in check. No other games for him today, he had a friend over to hang out and entertain him. #4 had a game at 5:00. Normally this team has 10 players and the coach has the team split into two 5-man teams. Two of the players were out today, so there was some mix up of the players and #4 was pretty happy to be on the court with some of this other friends. One of the players on the other team "talked trash" a bit and that is really hard for my anxiety-ridden, sensitive boy. Even though they won, and he was so happy about playing more and playing with the others, I could tell he was on the verge of tears just because of the interactions from one of the kids on the other team. I'm thinking it probably wasn't even that bad (nothing I really could notice from the sidelines). Hopefully it won't affect him too badly (he stopped playing last season after a tough game). Hub had collected #3 from the high school when his shift ended at 5:00 and run him to a friend's party. We did Popeyes for dinner... I'd really tried to keep calories in check today, so I was still okay. Normally we hear from our Missionary on Mondays, but got a surprise email saying his p-day was switched today as they were touring some. He and Hubs were able to connect and finalize some plans for pickup. We'd gone back and forth a bit, with Hub's recent Meniere's attacks ... but he's going ahead. Went ahead and bought the tickets!

0113 (Friday) 179.5. Steps 8917. Total Burn 2212. Exercise Burn 311/373 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200.  Even with his early to bed, Hubs stayed asleep until around 5:00. I got up around 7:00. Got the boys off to school, got in some elliptical. Early out at the elementary, then off to the high school for games. Sophomore at 3:30. They won in OT. No points, but #3 got decent playing time. Headed home to check on the kidlets and get #5 to his practice, then back to the high school (Hubs in tow) for the varsity game. Another OT. Another win. There is a little contention in the sports community over a tactic used by our coaches ... the stall. It's pretty normal with 60 seconds left (in a quarter, end of game) to stall until the final 10 or so (to make sure the other team doesn't have time to do anything if you miss) but CHHS has done it more (longer, earlier) and ... it is rather boring. I don't quite understand its purpose, but I also don't understand why the other team just allows it and complains? They don't have to just stand there themselves. If one team pushes, the other team will have to pass, and in that there will possibly be a turnover. I guess the likelihood of fouling (called against the defensive team) is higher, which if it's a penalty situation, may not work to their favor ... but then again, it seems like that is exactly what teams often do. Foul purposely to force free throws, which will at least end in likely possession. All these years of watching and I still don't understand a lot of the game. #2 didn't have a great night though, missed many shots, he wasn't very happy with himself. His girlfriend came over after and they made Skookie ... I didn't have any.

0112 (Thursday) 181.1. Steps 25839. Total Burn 3421. Exercise Burn 1400/1570 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. Big exercise day ... I didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical during school shove-off ... 10min shy as I didn't allow quite enough time and I was on driving duty for middle school. Zumba with MountainView. Stats ... 5905 steps, 2.55 miles. 376/383 calories. AvHR113, High131, in zone 10 of the 59 minutes. It was snowing. I was glad I'd done the shopping yesterday so I didn't have to stop today. Hubs arrived back in the state but went from the airport to the office to check in on work. He did come home early and went straight to bed. Always need a rest after a trip I think!  I had tried to clean up the house some before he got home. Got a blog update, a muvee, and attempted to start on FAFSA stuff. I'm not very political at all, but sometimes get drawn into Facebook discussions as they circle around again (did Trump mock a disabled reporter?) and that does distract from my day sometimes. I did get in additional elliptical. The bigger boys had their practices and then team dinner, both #4 and #5 had practices too, so there was a bit of running kids around. Final pickup was at 9:30. I got in a session on the bike reading/riding while I waited for my final run.

0111 (Wednesday) 179.1. Steps 16363. Total Burn 2771. Exercise Burn 612/940 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3100. Yikes! Over on calories! That's what happens when I bake! I made chicken soup with homemade breadsticks, and then cinnamon rolls too. I actually skipped out on Zumba to get started. I got my hour of elliptical in during the morning school prep, but then stopped at Smiths on the way home I needed potatoes (and of course grabbed a bunch of other stuff too). At home I got started on the bread dough and got breadsticks and cinnamon rolls rising. Then I had to head to the dentist. I had a couple cavities, and one tooth that had broken ... so I was actually rather glad to get in and get it taken care of. Sitting in the seat for 1.5 hours though. I had my headphones, but I think that actually made my neck/head hurt (although I like being able to get some "reading" in). I hadn't been sure that I'd get out in time to grab #2 from school, so I had him grab the keys from #3 to drive home, and then back for practice (and to give the keys/car back to his brother). What should have been a 10min ride home took over an hour as suddenly friends "needed" a ride home ... by way of McDonalds. I wasn't very happy with the child as that had not been the plan. I made the soup and breadsticks for dinner. Cinnamon rolls for dessert.

0110 (Tuesday) 180.9. Steps 23919. Total Burn 3040. Exercise Burn 1247/1193 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I was able to get in my hour of elliptical during the morning school prep. Then it was Zumba with Marian. Stats 5977 steps, 2.58 miles. 415/421 calorie estimates, avHR117, high148, in zone 21 of the 60 min. Got a blog post done, finished a muvee, did a little cleaning in the kitchen. I was on afternoon pickup for the middle school. Elementary as always. I would have liked to hit #3's game, but the timing doesn't work with carpool and it's even harder when the game is away. It was at Cottonwood, my old stomping grounds and alma mater. I did go out for the varsity game. I'd arranged a pickup for #5 to get him to his 9:00 game at Murray High, and then I went there straight after the varsity game ended. All three boy's teams crushed the competition today. Big wins, although none of my boys had a particularly good game. Up late again, with a few emails coming in (being added as admin to a page to help work out some settings and such). A panicked moment from my sister with some files being deleted in the family Dropbox. I'm afraid it was my fault too, as I had a couple "oops?" moments this week (feeling like I'd dragged a folder somewhere but I couldn't tell, and deleting some stuff that then looked weird and I hit cancel). I thought it was just MY computer though, I wasn't even in the family folder (although I'm in and out of Dropbox all day).  I set up a new sleep app too, we'll see how that compares to Fitbit tracking.

0109 (Monday) 182.4. Steps 20924. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 981/1097 (80minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2400.  Oy ... I just can NOT get my Monday Motivation back. Any day of the week really. I actually needed my alarm. When Hubs is home and getting off to work in the wee hours of the morning, as quiet as he tries to be, I wake up. More often than not I don't get back to sleep and am awake for my alarm. With him gone ... I was still sleeping. Surprisingly, #2 was up ... that NEVER happens. I'm usually pulling him out of bed. I got the boys off to school. I was on middle school carpool. I'd been a bit worried about the roads. They were wet, but it had actually warmed up and everything was melting. Dropped #5 at the elementary and then went to Sam's Club. I'd been on the last of the fruits and such making lunches this morning. Needed to restock. I'd pretty much talked myself out of Southziders. Just feeling too tired, and the drive was daunting. I did get in my hour of elliptical during the morning rush, with one more session in the evening. I also did some reading/riding. I was on triple-pickup duty in the afternoon, then had to drop #3 back at the school for practice, drop of a check for some shooting shirts. I quickly made dinner (yellow rice and fried chicken) and then took the two little boys to Gene Fullmer for the FunShot competition. #4 decided he didn't want to be there ... I ended up running him home and going back. I missed #5's first round, which he apparently did better in than his second, which I saw. Not good enough to go onto region, but that's fine. It's all just fun. Some of his friends where there, which made it more fun for him. They had it set up around four baskets, so it went pretty quick, although once we were done (after the two rounds) we could leave. We didn't stay for announcements of the winners.

0107 (Sunday) 179.6. Steps 7492. Total Burn 1929. Exercise Burn 200/90 (40minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2650. Slow Sunday. With the Hubs gone, we didn't do waffles (even though I have made them myself, it's usually his thing). I did make pancakes and bacon. We were supposed to go out to my brother's church to hear his son speak before leaving on an LDS mission. I was hesitant enough ... with Hubs gone, having to drive myself (not impossible, but out of my comfort zone), the "church issues" and then just the social anxiety at the house after; so many people crammed into a small space, all the other friends/neighbors and relatives on the other side that I don't know. An ice storm sealed the deal for me not going. The meeting itself was pushed from 1:00 to 2:50 and the roads were okay by then, but I'd already talked myself out of it. I did hit the treadmill for a little walk. Started watching "The OA" on Netflix. The boys got in the hot tub, then took full advantage of Daddy not being around to play a noisy game of basketball in the front room. I did some blog updates and got letters to our missionary off.

0106 (Saturday) 178.6. Steps 5478. Total Burn 1988. Exercise Burn 0/166 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Slept in some, after my late night. #3 had practice at 10:00, so I dropped him off at the school. He has "stolen" #5's brand new waterbottle ... so I packed up the little boys and said we could check at the Nike store for it and another jacket (as #5 loves his new jacket he got for his birthday, but he is ALWAYS wearing it, so it's boring for pictures, and occasionally needs to be washed!). No luck with either though. I dropped #5 off to watch his buddies play Junior Jazz and picked him up an hour later. Then he and I were off to the high school for his 5th grade game. #3 had finished practice, but was on clock duty all day. He switched shifts to work his brother's game. It wasn't a great game. We got the easy win, but #5 was off, his shots weren't going in, and the other team ... I think they are a football team just attempting basketball. It was like they didn't really know how to play ... or how to foul. I was a little fearful for our boys, afraid they were going to get tackled! After that, we stopped home, #5 changed uniforms and we picked up #4. I dropped #5 off at his coach's house to get a ride to his 4:00 game, while I took #4 to his game at JoelP. The game really lacked in intensity ... or maybe that is just in comparison to last night. It was close, but our boys lost, their first loss. They really didn't seem too concerned. I would have thought they would have been a little more into it, but I guess that's fine. Better than them being upset. I'd arranged for a teammate to drop #4 back home and I rushed to #5's game. It was a pretty straight shot ... JoelP to Union. The best school I could have hoped for scheduling with the Dimple Dell league. Any of the others would have been a lot further. As is, I only missed a couple minutes. It was 3-2 as I arrived ... of course the three points had been my boy. We got the win, but it was close! Only by one! We drove a teammate home (nice to have this give and take between parents, I know I sure need it!) and I was SO ready to be home! I still had to pick up #3 from the high school, and he didn't text until after 8:00. Long day for him, but he seemed to have enjoyed it all. I took a shower and to bed. No late night tonight!

0106 (Friday) 180.5. Steps 5381. Total Burn 1976. Exercise Burn 0/136 (no exercise). Calories in 2200 (est). I hadn't really recorded calories great and trying to input them after the fact ... I'm sure input is "estimate" enough without having to add a faulty memory in too. Got a little sleep in for the morning with the late start at the schools. Hubs was off ... and I mean off, as he's leaving from work to the airport and will be gone about a week. Leaving this bitter cold for some warmer weather in Florida (builder's conference). Got the kids off to school and then ... like a girl waiting for her phone to ring or email to ding, I was just WAITING for Muvee customer support to get back to me. I'd received an email last night and ... waiting. I'd had such high hopes of getting caught up on my clips before this weekend, when I'll be adding footage from FIVE more games. I got so impatient, I did go ahead and download a different video editing program (and had some frustration there as again, I had to wait for the link and registration code, but I got it). I struggle with change, but I did use the new software and made to highlight reels from past games. I liked some aspects of the new software more, while I missed the ease of Muvee with some things too. #5 had a birthday party after school, and rather than me picking him up from school and then running him to his friend's house, his friend suggested #5 just ride the bus home with him. Great idea ... saves me time and fun for #5 (we've never had a bus). I'd sent him with our family cell phone and made sure I was around and available just in case ... and good thing I did. Apparently, you need to put in a special request in the morning with signed paperwork and get a bus pass. #5 called me, and I went to pick him up, and I could tell my usually stalwart son had been crying. Not only did he not get to ride the bus with his friends, but the teacher in charge YELLED at him. I hate seeing him sad. You'd think a teacher, dealing with kids, would be more understanding. I understand the rule now, but we didn't know! How were we to have known? And you don't need to yell at a poor 5th grader :(  After he got his emotions under control, I drove him to the party. then headed to the high school for #3's basketball game against Bingham. Unfortunately, we got smashed. Lost by about 20. The other team had really good defense, and our boys just couldn't seem to get in position for good shots. JV lost also ... their game ran long and was still going when I arrived back for Varsity. I'd picked up #5 from his party a little after 6:30. He actually had basketball practice, but I didn't have time to run him out there. I really didn't even have time to run him home, so he came with me to the game. I like to be on the back row, as I video the game and need to be standing up, holding the camera high (and don't want to block the view of anyone) and so I thought I'd try the "student" side, as the coach's family always has the back row staked out on the family side. It was SO crazy though. Crowded and yelling and all the kids were standing too, making it a little hard to get a clear shot ... it's also fun to capture the student section, so we moved at halftime and I found a tiny spot on the back row, crowding in. We'd get a run, they'd get a run. Our star, Stockton was ON tonight, making a lot of shots. As the final seconds ticked ... it was tied at 46. Into OT. Stockton hit a couple 3-pointers, MY boy hit one, but Bingham was still within range, at the free throw line only down by two with just a second left. He missed the first and tried for the intentional miss (needed an actual 2-point basket to tie) on the second ... but it accidentally went in! He was called for a line violation anyway ... so we won by two. Oh, the cheering and crazy chaos. Back at home, I started going through the clips and making a highlight video with my new Filmora software. 10:30 ... and I got a call from Muvee customer service. I had made a post on Facebook (nothing inflammatory, but someone else and jumped on the thread and said he was wondering about the company, wondering if they had gotten back to me, and I had replied they had not) ... I guess it had got their notice. I guess they are also situated in Singapore, so time difference. Anyway, I was still awake, so we did some stuff (I gave him control of my computer and while we couldn't resolve the graphics card issue with Muvee12, he was able to get Muvee8 back up, and that was actually what I'd been using anyway).  Even though I'd started my video in Filmora, I did switch to Muvee as I am so much more comfortable with it. Got it up and posted ... even if it was 1:30 in the morning. That would never happen if Hubs was around (as our computer is in the bedroom and he wouldn't have been staying up late). Fun to check the newspaper writeups and photos too. Whew! What an evening!

0105 (Thursday) 1808.8.  Steps 13577. Total Burn 2474. Exercise Burn 629/628 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Not a good night, for me or Hubs. I couldn't sleep and was awake ... he had an attack (he didn't say anything until the morning so I wasn't sure, but the way he was laying I thought so, I just didn't want to ask in case he was asleep). Some snow, not a ton. #3 was out shoveling again. Hubs bought a snowblower last night. We'll all have to learn to use it. I was on driving duty to middle school. Roads weren't great, but not too terrible. No Zumba today, as there is a funeral at the building.  So, after dropping off elementary I just came back home to attempt to install Muvee. Had to remove all the old versions (sob ... goodbye Muvee8, even old Autoproducer6 was still there) and then had trouble with the install. It's saying I need to update the graphics driver, and I tried to follow the indicated steps, but that said I didn't have anything needing updating, so stuck! Waiting for customer service to get back to me. I had my dental cleaning/exam in the afternoon, and had to pick up #3 from high school, then take him back for practice. They had their team dinner in the evening and he was able to catch a ride home with his brother, but I still had to go out into the freezing cold a couple more times for #4's practice drop off and pickup. Hubs was packing as he got home, off to warm Florida with work for a week.

0104 (Wednesday) 180.8. Steps 22189. Total Burn 2932. Exercise Burn 1037/1086 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950. Had a successful morning, getting in my three 20min sessions between getting kids up, making lunches, carpools, etc. Even got my heart rate up during these! Unusual! Could NOT get the heart rate up at Zumba though. My calves were so tight, and I was feeling tired and watching the clock for class to end. Stats: 6709 steps, 2.93 miles. Calorie estimates 412/389. AvHR106, High127, in zone 1 of the 65 minutes. I even snuck out when we reached an hour, even though class was still going. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home, stocking up on some of the deals there (shampoo for the boys, etc). Got all the groceries put away and the house straightened. Finished up two muvees, highlights of both boy's games yesterday. Spaghetti for dinner, as it was national spaghetti day. Used up the extra ground beef Hubs had bought for burgers, and tried to use my leftover dough for breadsticks, but it was too old and didn't rise or bake. #2 had a couple classmates come over to work on a school project. They made a movie trailer based on a book. Well, they had the files anyway and he needed my Muvee to finish up ... but I could not get my Muvee to work! Arrgg! I need my Muvee software. Totally stressed about this! I was on the phone with them while Hubs helped #2 use iMovie to finish his project. Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall everything ... which will also push me to the newer version (Muvee12 rather than Muvee8 I was using. I don't like change!)

0103 (Tuesday) 182.4. Steps 23809. Total Burn 3141. Exercise Burn 1172/1305 (70minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Return to the routine, school schedule again. I thought it might be hard to get up, but I was awake before the alarm, and the kids were pretty good and getting up and off too. Snow again, but #3 was out shoveling and uncovering #2's car without even being asked. Back to making lunches ... then #3 forgot his. I got my first two 20min sessions in on schedule, but was a little late getting down before elementary carpool so just a 10min there. Then Zumba. Stats: 5919 steps, 2.55 miles. Calorie estimates 407/443. AvHR117, high 138, in zone 17 of the 60 minutes. Just six of us. The snow kept some people away I'm sure. I'm glad it was close for me. Back at home, I did some additional snow shoveling and got in an additional 20min elliptical. Also finished up a basketball video (although I'm mad at myself for not finishing up all the footage I had, as I'll be adding more tonight. It would have been good to be caught up before basketball began again) and did some cleaning (laundry, kitchen). I was on middle school carpool duty. As soon as I dropped them off, I went straight out to Hunter High School to catch #3 in his game. Normally, I don't think I'd bother with away games, especially since he's only been getting a minute or so of playing time, but after his good practices, he was hopeful he was actually going to get in more (and play point guard!) and this team wasn't a big challenge (which also means bench players may get more playing time). It wasn't too far, but I was still a little late, but #3 was put in just as I arrived. And landed a three pointer. Yea! He got another, and then three awesome layups in the second half. It was an easy win, and he got tons of playing time (even looked a little tired! Was in the entire 4th quarter). I'm so happy I went and got it on video. One problem ... I take my noise cancelling headphones to the game, and they are wired, and my Iphone7 doesn't have a headphone jack (it has an adapter, but of course I hadn't remembered that). So no audiobook during the game. I did finish up my book on the drive home, and started a new one, and had my hookup when I went back for the varsity game. JV had won easily too, but it was staying a little close in the varsity game, at least for the first half, when our boys pulled away for an easy win. Hardly anyone there watching, no student section for either team. I'd grabbed a pizza on the way home from the first game and brought it to the little boys at home (I had the Parmesan bites, but felt like I'd kept calories in check) between games. Hubs was home late, as he'd gone straight to a derby after work.

0102 (Monday) 180.6. Steps 13360. Total Burn 2455. Exercise Burn 350/610 (20minElliptical, SnowShoveling). Calories in 2800. New Year's Day observed, so Hubs was off work and the kids out of school. I hit the elliptical once and meant to get back down, but my legs felt so tired today! I did shovel snow in the morning, as it had stormed during the night. The bigger boys had basketball practice still, but sophomore was at the same time as varsity, so that was nice (#3 was able to catch a ride with #2). Hubs requested French Toast for breakfast, so we did that. When the boys got back, we made the final room switch, moving #2's things downstairs. Now the upstairs bedroom is empty and awaiting #1 to come home in a month. #4 wanted to go hang with friends (still quite a rare occurance with him) so I dropped him off and stopped at the store for groceries on the way home. Hubs smoked tri tip for dinner, also sauteing shrimp and making mashed potatoes. He even made a simple, fluffy cheesecake. I'm not a big cheesecake gal, but I liked this! He started HBOs "The Night Of" and we watched three episodes.

0101 (Sunday) 180.7. Steps 13535. Total Burn 2489. Exercise Burn 625/642 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Yes, back to counting calories. I like the record (reminds me of what happened some days) and I do feel it does help keep things in check. Quiet morning. Church moves to 1:00.  #2 hit Sacrament meeting then had to head to work. We went out to see family, the annual pastry wreath, a tradition going on 28 years now. It's SO much work, and Pammy has been threatening to quit, but Uncle Clay took up the mantal and made it this year (so the gatering was at their house, rather than Maga's). French dip too, that Courtney (and Pam) had cooked up in their new Instant Pots. Little Sammy loved playing with his big cousins and wanted to come home with us ... so he did. I think he had a blast here. Got in the hot tub for a bit too. Uncle Clay and Maga came over later to grab him. Hubs made popcorn and we watched "The Magnificant Seven" ... good Western, but sad.

1231 (Saturday) 180.8. Steps 10734. Total Burn 2413. Exercise Burn 212/567 (20minElliptical). I got in a 20min session on the elliptical, finishing up "Madame Secretary" season 1. I liked it, but think I may switch to something else and come back to Season 1. There is a season three, but it's not on Netflix or elsewhere yet. Cleaning out a closet to create a spot for the new vacuum and ended up going through all the coats and jackets ... creating yet another, never-ending pile for DI. I'd joined a Facebook garage sale list, but am not sure I'm really the selling sort. More trouble than it's worth. Hubs went out and brought me back a new iphone7. We'd talked about it, and while I didn't necessarily need the upgrade, he'd mentioned it being water resistant (I could read a book while in the hot tub) and just the thought of starting clean was appealing. #4 has been wanting a phone, so he'll get my old one. So, spent some time setting that up. Hubs had four tickets to the Jazz game, great seats with dinner and free parking. #2 had made it home, but wasn't interested (it was against the Phoenix Suns, and they'd just gone to a game while in Arizona) and #3 wanted to hang out with friends. I thought #5 could maybe invite a friend (sortof like a birthday party, right?) and had a little list of who to call last minute, but Austin (the friend over on Thursday) was available and excited. I think it was fun for Colton. A friend is better than a brother sometimes. I had #2 drop #3 off (#3 had been loving use of the Charger while #2 was gone ... alas, it ends) and Hubs had taken the Durango (and I don't drive his truck). Hubs and the boys got back a little after 9:00. My folks came over, just beating them. We played games ... Rummikub, Scattergories and then we ran out of time for Progressive Rummy (did get in a couple hands after midnight before Grandpa said he was too tired). We all lasted ... unlike last year when both littles fell asleep. Hubs had gotten a nap, and I had laid down for a bit, although I don't know if I actually slept. The bigger boys were home a little later. 

1230 (Friday) 179.7. Steps 8497. Total Burn 2142. Exercise Burn 0/319 (no exercise). Hubs was taking the day off. He ran some errands, making another drip to DI, picking up a twin bed for the room downstairs, putting away the Christmas tree. I finished things up, putting on the new comforter ... and the room can be lived in! I debated actually moving #2 in while he was gone, but I'll wait until he's back and have him help. #5 had games again. First one at 10:00. Win and play Saturday in the championships, lose and play again at 12:00. Win that and play at 2:00. We knew the first team was tough, and "planned" on losing. The second game would be the team we beat yesterday ... so we were thinking we'd be there all day. Lost the first game by six. Not unexpected. Some fighting back tears for #5 as he got called for a couple carries. There wasn't a game at 11:00 so the kids just got to practice and play. The second game didn't go well at all. We were winning, but not by much. Just not playing well. And ... we lost. Pretty embarrassing after the game yesterday, although I'm sure the other team was ecstatic, and it does go to show you that things can switch up! So, we ended up home early. I'd set up a dinner date with my folks, as I hadn't really had any other ideas for them for Christmas. We went to Archibalds again (where we went for November birthdays) and it was good. They are coming over tomorrow night for games too. When we got home, Hubs took the boys out to Sheels to spend their giftcards they'd received for Christmas. #2 had his final game in Arizona. Another win. They head home tomorrow.

1229 (Thursday) 178.9. Steps 10256. Total Burn 2241. Exercise Burn 208/406 (20minElliptical). Tournament starts for #5 today. 12:00 game, and then another at 3:00 if we lose. He also had a practice with his other team at 1:30, so ... better, more convenient to win and then just play again tomorrow. We won. I like Eastmont for playing. Not close, but not too far. Nice court. Plenty of space for spectators and filming. Easy win. It was 22-2 at the half, although the other team did better the second half. Final score was 36-21. I used my new video camera and went ahead and made my muvee today. Wanted to make sure it all worked good. Dropped #5 off at his practice/scrimmage. #4 had talked about going to play at Gene Fullmer with friends, but that fell through. #2 wanted to practice foul shots at the church gym, but it was set up for a wedding. Speaking of weddings, we had a reception in the evening. It was in Cedar Hills, and I just wasn't up for the freeway drive in the dark and the crowd and such. Hubs still went (his side of the family). #5 had a friend over after practice and then went and hung at his house for a while too. In Arizona, Varsity won their first game.

1228 (Wednesday) 179.3. Steps 15629. Total Burn 2563. Exercise Burn 419/739 (40minElliptical). I got up early and called the dentist's office. They were able to get me in, but it was just for a consultation. Even though the tooth is falling apart (will need a crown) it can wait as it isn't causing immediate pain. I guess I could have just waited for my appointment. They weren't able to schedule me for two weeks. Hope the "no pain" continues. The tooth continued to crumble and I lost a couple more big pieces a little later in the day. The upstairs bedroom looked a little bare without the headboard (which #3 confiscated) and I looked on KSL classifieds and saw one that was simple and cheap and close and arranged to buy it (and a frame, we will need a frame). Happy with the headboard, it matches the desk and nightstand. I've ordered a new comforter set for that room too. Finished up some work in the basement as well. The bedroom is now ready to the bed, and then ready to be moved into. The family room is clean again ... in fact, to celebrate the fact, I challenged #4 to a game of ping pong. We had played daily there for a while, then stopped, then it was impossible because so much stuff was piled on top and around it. I actually got in some elliptical today too. I'd debated Zumba, but couldn't tell if they were having it at the West Jordan location. I really thought about it though! Almost went! Got some bills paid, blog post up, worked on some video editing ...

1227 (Tuesday) 179.3. Steps 12277. Total Burn 2488. Exercise Burn 206/673 (20minElliptical).  I could NOT get to sleep last night. I love reading, but two hours at night is longer than even I want. Hubs had fallen asleep early (like 8:30), I went not too long after, but the kids were still up and noisy. I had to get up and after them a couple times. Hubs was then up and off early and I couldn't get back to sleep. Blah. No Zumba at the church today, but I hit the elliptical early for a 20min session ... finally finished the episode (I'd done 10 min Fri, 10min yesterday). More cleaning/rearranging. In the master, there just isn't quite enough room between the bed and the desk. If I'm at the computer and hubs is trying to get to the bed or grab something from the nightstand, I have to scooch in and it's just been a pain all these years. Hubs suggested a new bed set, smaller nightstands, so we could shift things over a foot or so, which would make all the difference. Today, I turned my nightstand (smaller width than length) and we shifted the bed over. It's actually rather nice having the longer side to have my stuff on next to the bed. Hubs can get by on his side much easier. Looks just a tad off-balance, but it's better I think. Almost finished up downstairs too. Even pulled out the sewing machine and made curtains for the downstairs room and #2's room (to match his new comforter). Ordered a new bed set for the upstairs room (for #1) as the one in there is several years old and looking shabby. We kept the big desk in the room downstairs. It's not really a "bedroom" desk, but the room is big enough, and #2 isn't picky. We could use a dresser though, drawers for socks and underwear and such. He'll actually have a bit more closet space than before. I should have called on my tooth. It isn't hurting, but I can feel that it's lost another piece. I hope there's still enough there to work with and save.

1226 (Monday) 179.3. Steps 13228. Total Burn 2446. Exercise Burn 105/594 (10minElliptical). Christmas was yesterday, but with it falling on a Sunday, it was the "observed" day today. Hubs was off work. #2 was off early to the airport. He and his basketball team off to warmer weather in Arizona. He'd packed and slept over at a teammates and caught a ride with them. He was good at checking in with me (when they got off, at the airport, arrived) and the team posted some pictures to social media too. Just practice today, games start tomorrow. My sister and her family are in town for the holiday, and their youngest son has a pinewood derby coming up. They asked if Hubs would be willing to help out (as he's an expert and has all the tools. They came out last year after Christmas too). They came out in the morning and Hubs, her hubs and Josh worked on getting the car done while my sister and her daughter (recently returned from a mission) and I chatted. Jared (age 17) hung out with my boys. After they left, I did more work on the basement and made quite a bit of progress. Almost there. I'd bought a new comforter set for #3 (he said he didn't care for his, and we would need a new one with the additional bedroom) and set it up. We ended up stealing the headboard from #2's room (#3 didn't have one, #2 doesn't care and it won't even be his room much longer), and then we switched out the desks too. Almost like a new room for #3! I seriously wonder if #2 would even notice the changes ... but I'm also temped to get the new room downstairs finished up and move him down there completely (he WOULD notice that). Hubs moved the arcade games (one had been moved out while the hot tub was installed, and I had him switch the two) and moved the filing cabinet. It was rather fun working with #3 as we rearranged and such. I let him take the car a couple times. Once to go play basketball with his buddies, then to go visit his girlfriend in the evening. Drop of his gifts to her, including the fleece blanket he and I had worked on together. French dip in the evening again. While I was eating, there was something hard, then sharp ... a broken tooth :(  It's not a surprise, it's been pretty obvious that this one wasn't going to hold out for much longer (discolored, the old filling lines visible) and at least I've been in recently, got my other embarrassing issue taken care of (which had been keeping me away) and am back in contact with my dentist ... I'd be a LOT more stressed out otherwise. No pain really (dull throb) ... are they in the office over the Christmas break?

1225 (Sunday) 179.3. Steps 4642. Total Burn 1981. Exercise Burn 105/144 (10minElliptical).  Christmas morning. With the kids being older, we don't have the early rising of days past. Hubs was up and hit the hot tub. We'd had snow! White Christmas. The kids did get up and opened their presents. Well ... there really wasn't much wrapped. I got a new video camera, and some chocolates ... the scale may not be shifting anytime soon. We headed out to Maga's and hung there for a bit. Gifts from her and Aunt Olivia. Back at home, Hubs tried out the new Instant Pot with some chuck roast he'd picked up. French dip. We got our call from our missionary at 6:00. Good to talk to him.

1224 (Saturday) 180.9. Steps 7064. Total Burn 2213. Exercise Burn 0/393 (no exercise). I was getting started on soup and breadsticks. Hubs enlisted the boys to help load up the trailer with all the DI donations I'd piled up downstairs. I hadn't quite prepped everything, so I quickly cleaned out the sewing cabinet (which we didn't end up taking, as my MIL wants it) and oversaw shipping everything out. As they went to drop things off, I got back to my bread and soup. Sadly, #2 was working and would miss the family party. We headed out and were just a little late. Soup and breadsticks, then the slideshow, then the nativity ... we actually haven't done it in years. I've been the one to have it, and we just never had the room to bring it out on Christmas Eve. With all the recent cleanout, I'd asked my folks if they would store it (I wasn't committed to keeping it at this point) and had dropped it off a couple weeks ago. So ... because it was already there, it was on the schedule again. Then the candy bar game, and the exchanging of gifts. Lots of treats too. Cookies and pies. Home around 7:00. #2 had been so sad to miss the breadsticks, so I'd set aside a pan for him and baked them up (as KFC closed at 7:00).  I was pretty wiped out from the day. We encouraged the kids to head to bed (or at least out of the family room) so Santa could come ... and then to bed.

1223 (Friday) 181.1. Steps 5386. Total Burn 1953. Exercise Burn 100/145 (10minElliptical). Hubs was taking the day off  today, so everyone slept in a little. He took the boys and did some shopping. I made chicken (to break up the job of making soup tomorrow) and made another batch of gingersnaps for some neighbor's and friends we'd missed. It was the Junior Jazz game downtown (tickets through the program, to see actual NBA), but after having great seats, #4 didn't seem overly impressed with the nosebleed section, so they didn't end up going.  I spent much of the day on the annual family slideshow, but I got it done.

1222 (Thursday) 180.8. Steps 13222. Total Burn 2402. Exercise Burn 428/573 (Zumba). No school for the kids. Hubs was in bed later than usual, having had another Menerie's attack during the night. I remember a November many years ago similar to this, where he had several episodes in a two-week period. Then he can go months, even a year, without one. We just never know. He did end up going into work. I went to Zumba with MountainView. 6040 steps. 2.66 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 425/431. AvHR128, high162, in zone 42 of the 54 minutes. Scosche said 672 calories, avHR140, high167, in zone 50min. Class was a little short. In the past, I'd look at my watch and ask/tell the teacher to do another if we weren't at an hour (yes, I'm annoying that way) but lately ... I haven't really cared.  I had totally spaced a couple of my songs today. I'm out of practice! I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a prescription. The extracted tooth had been infected so I needed antibiotics... I'd just not gotten out yesterday to grab them. Maga stopped over in the evening to drop birthday money to #5 and we chatted a bit. I actually got into the hot tub ... but I don't think it will be a regular thing for me. Just a lot of effort ... and a swimsuit.

1221 (Wednesday) 180.1. Steps 10809. Total Burn 2346. Exercise Burn 420/538 (40minElliptical). Well, even my decent activity yesterday couldn't combat the late meal, even though I don't think I necessarily overate. Got the younger kids off to school. The older boys had school ... but didn't go. They were just watching movies, so I let them sleep in. I only got two elliptical sessions in during the morning. My appointment at the dentist was at 10:30. I'd brought my headphones to try and listen to my audiobook. I should have brought the wired, noise-cancelling ones. Long appointment. A couple cavities filled and then the extraction. Spent a little time at home recovering, and then started making gingersnaps, as Hubs had suggested them for our neighbor gifts this year. It always takes a little longer than expected. Make the dough, roll into balls, roll into sugar. Bake for seven minutes. When they were cool, stack and wrap. Cellophane, raffia bow and a tag. I had to take a quick break to grab #3 from practice. Then he wanted to go hang with friends, but I needed the car to deliver (Hubs had been going to do that, but he'd had another Meniere's attack and was recovering himself). #3 helped here, to hurry things up, and then I let him take the car (first time!) and I went to bed.

1220 (Tuesday) 178.7. Steps 22056. Total Burn 2916. Exercise Burn 1032/1105 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Happy birthday to my baby today! Eleven years old! I had a new Nike jacket for him to unwrap and then wear to school in the morning. Took Airheads as his birthday treat to share. I actually went to Zumba today. It's been a full week since my last class. Small class, but I got the heart rate up some. 6074 steps. 2.62 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 400/409. AvHR120, high146, in zone 28 of the 60 minutes. I "forgot" my Scosche ... although if I'd happened to look in my purse, I would have realized I had it! Not sure if it was charged after a full week though.  After class, I had an appointment at the dentist. I've been avoiding it for years. After my physical last week though, and the unexplained infection appearing ... well I'm pretty sure it is explained by tooth trouble. I finally made a call yesterday and they were able to see me for a consultation today. I was afraid I'd have to be referred to an oral surgeon for the situation, but the dentist thinks he can handle it. They have an opening for tomorrow, so I'll be back. After the appointment, I did a quick stop at Sam's and grabbed a cake for the birthday boy. Double carpool pickups in the afternoon. Would have been for #3 too, as it's a B day, but the sophomores had a game up in Bountiful right after school. Again, he didn't get much playing time and has pretty much decided that he'll finish up this year, but not even bother trying out next year. Just support from the student section. Makes me a little sad, but it's his decision. I had a few more gifts for the birthday boy (an RC car, Bounce Off game, some leggings) and then we went out to dinner in the evening. Unfortunately, #3 didn't get back to the school until quite late, so we didn't get to the restaurant until 7:00ish. It was pretty packed (Tepanyaki). I guess even on a Tuesday night, crowds are out this close to Christmas. 40min wait ... then I swear we waited another 40min at the table (with soup and salad) before the real meal started. Uggg, eating at 9:00 at night isn't my favorite thing to do. They served some ice cream for the birthday boy, and we had some of the cake back at home.

1219 (Monday) 178.5. Steps 14739. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 622/711 (60minElliptical). I was able to get in my three 20min sessions on the elliptical in during the morning prep, even with double carpools. #2 was back when I got back from driving middle school. He'd just dropped off #3 and come home and gone back to bed, skipping seminary (it was a talent show). I could have/should have hit Southziders, but the drive, the late start ... it's just such a time commitment. I did get good numbers there last week, but I always wonder (lately anyway) if it's worth it. I got a few things done ... although making the bed was not one of them! Made some mint brownies. I still sure struggle with the ganache! Had to try twice and still was only so-so. Hubs was home rather late, staying for a company work party. #2 was out shopping, then we did some wrapping and more last minute Amazon ordering. Picked up #3 from practice ... and to bed!

1218 (Sunday) 177.4. Steps 5486. Total Burn 1956. Exercise Burn 10/134 (10minElliptical). Sunday sleep in ... although Hubs had gotten up early (then come back to bed) to get the brisket on the smoker for dinner in the evening. #2 had requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, so we did that. Bacon and sausage too. Our new, bigger skillet is nice to work with. Hubs ran some errands. #3 drove the Charger to church. I worked on getting caught up on my journal, blog entries and making a muvee of Friday's varsity highlights. Hubs and the boys went to go see the new Star Wars movie.

1217 (Saturday) 176.3. Steps 7124. Total Burn 2132. Exercise Burn 0/305 (no exercise). No practice in the morning, so I was able to sleep in ... or at least stay in bed (you know how sometimes you just wake up early anyway). I thought Hubs was going to make a DI run, so I worked in the basement for a while, still emptying things (trying to get the big desk and sewing cabinet ready to go) when he said he was going to postpone the trip, as the weather really wasn't cooperating today. It was cold and snowy. #5 had his 5th grade game at 12:00, at West Jordan (usually they've been at Copper Hills, but both schools are nice and close). The other team wasn't there ... our boys went ahead and started practicing/scrimmage, and then the team showed 20min late! They are in two leagues and had an 11:00 game across town. Been there! They still allowed us to play the whole game, even with the late start. Easy win for our boys. Home for a bit, then Hubs took #5 (and a teammate) to his 6th grade game at Alta. I took #4 to JoelP for his Junior Jazz game. Not a very exciting first quarter, it was 1-0. Then things picked up, we won 28-8 with some exciting shots. #4 had a 3-point buzzer beater. Apparently #5's game was really good. While I was sorry to miss it, I was glad it was a good one for Hubs to catch. Then it was the Christmas party with Hub's side of the family. I'd made chicken noodle soup. We got to see the kittens a bit, although they were skittish and attempting to hide from the younger cousins. There was gingerbread house making, and then Santa and Mrs.Claus stopped by.  Not sure why, but I was SO tired, and #4 was a party pooper too. Home and to bed.

1216 (Friday) 178.3. Steps 12934. Total Burn 2443. Exercise Burn 350/612 (30minElliptical). Okay ... some I'm taking off the calorie counting (intake anyway). Just burned out a bit on it all. Only hit the elliptical for 30min today. I was actually out of bed before Hubs, as he was taking the day off. Not that he relaxed or anything. He kept pretty busy. Having him around, I was able to ask if he'd be willing to help out with #5, getting him from a birthday party to his practice. I had games to go to, #3 at 3:30, and then #2 at 7:00. The transfer of #5 needed to happen about 5:30, so I would have actually been able to, but it would have pushed the comfort zone (from Riverton to SLCC, under rushed and rush hour conditions). Hubs was happy to help and it worked perfectly. The party ended at 5:30, and he got him to practice right at 6:00. #3 only got a minute of playing time ... on the games I'd missed, last week, down in American Fork, he'd gotten a little more, and had some highlights. I had been hoping that maybe here when I had the camera in hand I'd get something, but no. They won though. When I went back for varsity, I'd hoped to park in the driver's ed lot, but it was blocked off ... so I had to hoof it from way out in the parking lot. Normally ... I'm a "more steps on my pedometer" kind of gal, but that night it was dark, and freezing and I was running late, and seeing that entire empty space right there by the school, roped off for no apparent reason ... it just felt inhospitable and put me in a bad mood. The game had me on edge too. I don't do well with the yelling and such that goes along with a varsity game. My boy was off too, not getting any of his shots in. Then, there was the "stall" which I didn't really understand. Our boys were instructed not to go in, and the other team refused to come out of their defense to pressure the ball so ... nothing happened, just bouncing the ball for several minutes. There is talk of adding a shot clock to high school ball, and I can see why. It was just boring. The game was close the entire time. We were ahead by three with seconds left. They got a shot off but it didn't go in, rebound, and my #2 was at the line ... made them both to ensure the win.

1215 (Thursday) 177.4. Steps 16215. Total Burn 2604. Exercise Burn 629/788 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was still in bed ... another Menerie's attack. I remember another time when he had several in a row :(  Garbage day! Very glad for it, as we are FULL. I did still manage to pull up the bag from all the discards downstairs and top off the garbage can. It was so heavy though. That was part of my  morning workout. I've been putting off my annual physical, but needed to get in as my thyroid prescription was almost out. I did stop taking it years ago and didn't really tell any difference. I started up again when I got pregnant with #5 as I heard it was important for the health of the baby and I've been in a good habit ever since (unlike my anxiety medication, which I'd forget to take before bed and didn't really feel like it was doing anything anyway). I dread doctor's appointments, even just routine, quick stuff. But ... blah. The only opening they had was at 9:00 today, which was same time as Zumba but while in the past I wouldn't let anything interfere with Zumba, right now? Whatever. So. In, talk, urine test, blood test. Some blood in the urine ... not visible to me, but I'll need to come back in a week or so to see if it shows up again or was an anomaly.  If still there, more tests. The lab (for blood work) was backed up and that took a while. I did a quick stop at Smiths on the way home. Refilled the prescription and grabbed a few groceries. In the evening, it was the company dinner for Hub's work. These things always stress me out. Social situations where I don't know anyone. Crowds. Downtown. The drive on the freeway during rushhour about did me in (just as the passenger). Dinner was better than expected. I'm such a picky eater, that dinners can be awkward, but it was at Tucanos, Brazillian BBQ, which works for me. Afterwards, it was the Kurt Bestor concert. I'm just not a concert gal ... not a sitting still for a couple hours kind of gal. Ran into an old high school friend. I am rather glad to have this evening behind me.

1214 (Wednesday) 177.4. Steps 18314. Total Burn 2675. Exercise Burn 625/846 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Oops I did it again ... I skipped MZL Zumba. I had to hit Walmart and Sams and the thought of getting it in during the morning hours before it gets busy was just too tempting. I haven't been getting a lot out of Zumba of late is seems too. So, after dropping off elementary, I hit Walmart and Sams. Got everything put away. Made a highlight video of last night's game. Got my missionary's box sent off.  Checked #3 out of school a little early and got him to his orthodontist appointment, and went ahead and paid off the balance on his braces. Back at home, we  put some ornaments up on the tree (last year we didn't! Just lights, and the kitties got into it still!) ... we're a very handmade, hodgepodge style. The favorites are the little ones the kids made with their pictures on. It made me want to make some this year with their school pictures, which turned into a big thing, pulling out all the pictures and lining them up year to year for all the boys. Hubs had gone to bed early, still some Meniere's hangover, but the boys and I gathered around the kitchen table and laughed and talked for over an hour. The ornaments themselves didn't get done ...

1213 (Tuesday) 178.2. Steps 23553. Total Burn 3065. Exercise Burn 1197/1242 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Kept busy. Got in my early elliptical and then hit Zumba. Not the best numbers though. 5659 steps, 2.51 miles. Calorie estimates 317/366. AvHR110, High134, in zone 6 of the 56 minutes. Scosche said 400 calories, avHR107, high144, in zone 7 minutes. Did some paperwork stuff ... submitting for our FSA, email off to the mission home, blog update, game highlight video, etc. More basement stuff ... doing that every day still. Hubs had a Menieres attack at work today :(  Just two carpools in the afternoon as #2 stayed after for practice. But then I had to pick him up, and we both went back as #2 had a game. Endowment game against Cedar (that's about 4 hours away that they had to travel ... on a school night too? Ugg for them!) We got the win. I even hit the elliptical for my final 10min upon returning home (I've been so wimpy in the evenings lately, it's a win!)

1212 (Monday) 178.2. Steps 22149. Total Burn 3019. Exercise Burn 907/1189 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Only got in two sessions on the elliptical in the morning, and never got back down to the home gym. Did hit Zumba, and got good numbers. 6851 steps. 3.08 miles. Fitbit Calorie estimates 454/494. AvHR125/high146, in zone 46 of the 64 minutes. Scosche said 725 calories, avHR136, high169, in zone 54 minutes. Stopped at Maceys on the way home to grab groceries. Hubs had an appointment with the optometrist and will be getting glasses. Nearsighted ... he's know he's needed them for a while. Triple carpools in the afternoon, and then back to the high school for #3's practice. They had their first official "team dinner" so the rest of us just had leftovers at home.

1211 (Sunday) 177.3. Steps 4764. Total Burn 1972. Exercise Burn 0/124 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Lazy day. No exercise, and I didn't really do much in the basement either. We didn't do our Sunday Circles, but I made French Toast. Hubs smoked ribs for the evening meal.

1210 (Saturday) 177.3. Steps 9098. Total Burn 2181. Exercise Burn 0/361 (no exercise). Calories in 2000.  Up and working in the basement. The never ending basement. Dropped #3 off at the school for his bus down to American Fork. #5 had a game at 2:00. Close one, but while our boys lead early, they couldn't quite keep it. Physical. One of the kids went down hard, cracking his head :(  Fun to see #2 and the varsity team there waiting for their bus. I got a picture that got passed around ... funny how the boys fight me on photos, but then sometimes they like them. The varsity game was being streamed, unfortunately, #4 had his game at the same time. I had my phone up and was attempting to watch both (and video the one in front of me). The 7th graders got the win, but Varsity couldn't quite hold off their nemesis, Bingham. 56-60. The sophomores won their game though, going undefeated this tournament (Bingham jumped on Twitter to announce that their sophomores had gone undefeated too, so the rivalry continues through the grades). #5 had a 9:15 game across town. Originally there had also been a 7:00 game on the schedule, so I thought I'd stop at my mom's house and drop off some stuff (from the cleaning purge) between games. But then the earlier game was gone off the schedule, but #5 and I went out early and dropped the stuff off anyway, getting it out of the house anyway. It was a rainy drive, hard to see lines on the road. Another close game, but loss ... #5 handled this one better. Tears at the first, but none this time. I'm not sure what exactly turns the tide for him. He himself did great in both games. Started to snow for the ride home, but made it back home safe.

1209 (Friday) 178.5. Steps 7448. Total Burn 2086. Exercise Burn 0/260 (20minElliptical). Calories in  2200. Writing this a week late. I'm so off kilter. Down in the dumps again, knowing my boys were playing in the evening and my anxiety wouldn't let me drive down there to watch. Always feel like a failure. One of the other moms was texting me updates. I didn't get much done during the day though, just one session on the elliptical. Some work downstairs. The munchkin's practice got pushed to later in the evening, but it didn't impact me much as he was getting a ride. Home late though!

1208 (Thursday) 178.3. Steps 17761. Total Burn 2746. Exercise Burn 800 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in ??? Again with the lack of logging. I think I've given up a bit. Only hit the elliptical twice getting the kids off to school. I did go to Zumba. 6112 steps. 2.74 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 349/391. AvHR115, high137, in zone 12 of the 57 minutes. Scosche said 469 calories, avHR116, high153, in zone 13min. Straight home after ... I debated a stop at Smiths but put it off. I'll admit to laying down for a bit of a nap after the excitment of last night. #3 had seemed fine in the morning (although his eyes still had some swelling) and went to school, and was heading straight to a game after that. The games are for the Elite8 Tournament, held in American Fork. Beyond my driving comfort zone. I REALLY wanted to watch my boys play but couldn't get down there. Just added to my December depression. I'd hoped it would be streaming online ... it had been last year. I looked and asked around ... but no. One of the other moms there tweeted me updates each quarter. Both boys teams won their games. #2 said he played pretty much the entire game (out the last 20 seconds when it was over) and he felt thrashed. They play again tomorrow and Saturday ... and I'll miss those games too. Stupid driving anxiety issues.

1207 (Wednesday) 178.5. Steps 21078. Total Burn 2940. Exercise Burn 650/111 (60minElliptical), Calories in 1600?? I haven't been good at logging my food. I'm sure I just forgot to imput it and it's really much higher. I got up and got my three 20min sessions in on the elliptical as I got the boys off to school, but I felt it again ... the giving up on Zumba and just getting to work on the basement. I needed to make a store trip, which I'd planned on doing after Zumba, but I went immediately after dropping off #5 to school instead. Made a return at Walmart (but no shopping) and then hit Sams for milk and such. Then ... more basement. One of the neighbor ladies came over to pick up a toy and I had her look around at all the other stuff and she ended up leaving with three big boxes. Less for me to transport to DI. But it's a bit discouraging to work all day and not make much of a dent. I get filthy too. I'd picked up some muffins for #3. There were some banana nut ones in the pack, and he experimented, trying one. He had some allergic reactions when he was a toddler, so we've avoided all nuts. He can do peanut butter (peanuts are legumes), but he'd done okay with Nutella (hazelnuts) and eating some of Maga's New Year's pastry wreath (which has almond paste and slivered almonds on top). He seemed fine with the muffin too (walnuts). He then thought he'd try a cashew (although I voted to keep the experiement to another night, to make SURE the walnuts were okay) but he went ahead. And cashews? NOT okay. Still allergic! My boys don't have life threatening allergies, although we did end up in the hospital overnight with #5 when he was young (maybe we overreacted a little, but his face/lips were swelling and you can't tell how much the throat is, and he was too young to really communicate how he was doing). Here again ... lips swelling, nose running, itching all over. Bumps all over his face and then his body. He tore off his shirt to itch, and went outside in the snow because he was burning up. Breathing didn't seem to be affected (I kept asking him and told him to tell me if it was impacted in any way) but he was miserable! The other boys, #1 and #5 both have nut allergies as well. Both of them have had several instances of accidental ingestion over the years. Usually they can tell the moment it hits the mouth, it sets off tingles and they spit it out before swallowing. I was a little worried because #3 HAD eaten them (more than one) entirely. I called an online consultation service our insurance provides and talked to a doctor, who said he could prescribe Prednisone and an Epi-Pen (we had given him Benedryl immedately of course), but did say the ER would be a good idea just to be safe. While I was on the phone Hubs had #3 get in a cold shower, and that did seem to help some. He moved from the scary, angry itchy phase to the Benedryl drunk phase, which was rather funny really. Hubs did run out and grab the prescribed medications. We gave him the pills ... they were a little hard for him to swallow (was his throat swollen??) but still breathing without issues. Then the Benedryl really kicked in and he fell asleep. This was about midnight. I tried to sleep, but had to check in on him every hour during the night to make sure he was still breathing okay (which he was). Long night!  

1206 (Tuesday) 177.5. Steps 20754. Total Burn 2984. Exercise Burn 800/1150 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. I can only get my three 20min elliptical sessions in during the morning shove off if I plan perfectly and start on time. I got distracted this morning, and only got in two. I hit Zumba over at the church with Marian. 6005 steps/2.68 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 331/370. AvHR111, high134, in sone 8 of the 57min. Scosche said 419 calories, avHR108, high152, in zone 8 mine. I knew my heart wasn't in it ... on of the reasons it was easy to skip out yesterday. But in addition to Zumba I was passing on my old serger and a bunch of batting to Marian, who does a humanitarian trip to Mexico each year (teaching the local women how to sew and earn an income). More downstairs stuff today. Posted a bunch of games on a neighborhood page to give away. #3 had a game in the afternoon ... scheduled to start at 4:00, but got pushed to 4:30 but no one told the parents, so just sitting/standing around for an extra half hour.  Same story as game #1. Loss, my kid only got a couple minutes playing time. Gonna be a bit of a sad season if that's how it stays. As I mentioned before ... I saw it when #2 was a sophomore and the bench kids didn't even bother to try out the next year. I can see that happening with my son. Been on both ends now. 

1205 (Monday) 179.0. Steps 22081. Total Burn 3046. Exercise Burn 850/1210 (80minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Snow was predicted, but didn't really hit during the morning commute. Still, I envisioned the longer drive to Draper, and the late start and ... talked myself out of going. I was a bit preoccupied as well. With #1 son coming home from his mission soon, we need to make room. I've had a craft/scrapbook room the entire time we've lived in this house, but I guess there's not room for that now. We need another bedroom. So ... rearranging, purging. The basement looks like a tornado hit it, and it's just a small start. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. #2 had said he'd pick him up for me (as it went late, until 10:00) but then fell asleep. I couldn't care to wake him, and I was still up. #3 went with me (I was in jammies, no makeup), he actually drove, and then went in to tell the munchkin we were there. I COULD have just sent #3 ... he has his license ...

1204 (Sunday) 177.3. Steps 9030. Total Burn 2179. Exercise Burn 425/452 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Sunday circles in the morning. Hit the elliptical a couple times ... usually I take Sundays off but ...

1203 (Saturday) 178.5. Steps 15286. Total Burn 2529. Exercise Burn 650/369 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1300. I did keep calories low today, a bit of a depression diet, and a busy basketball day. #5 was up first with his 5th grade team. New uniforms, and they look good! #2 was there running the clock for the game too. They won. Then #4 had his first Junior Jazz game. They won and #4 did great. Hubs was busy with hot tub stuff all day, and it was ready to go by the evening. The two older boys were at the high school for the dinner/auction. They were waiters. We had tickets for the family, but no one wanted to go so I didn't make them. I stopped in for a minute but didn't stay. #5 and I took off in the evening for his first game in the Dimple Dell league with his Wolves team (6h grade). All the way out at Butler ... and 9:15 start time. Listened to my audiobook there and back, and during games ... so a lot of "reading" in anyway. 

1202 (Friday) 180.3. Steps 11992. Total  Burn 2386. Exercise Burn 420/551 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000.  Well ... I've definitely gotten off schedule, as I'm writing this a week late! Oops. Got in my two sessions on the elliptical. Middle school is late off, elementary is early out. A bit of a crazy afternoon too, with the first pre-season basketball games. This was the game we'd had to sell tickets to as well. I brought #5 (#4 elected to stay home) to watch #2 play ... or sit on the bench rather. He only got a minute or so of playing time in the second quarter. I knew this was a possibility. I'd seen it before, with my #2 ... mine being one of the favored players then, but other kids on the bench and hardly ever even getting in. They lost too. I then ran #5 to a teammate's house to hitch a ride to practice, then back to the high school for #2's first varsity game. They won, and #2 is the starting point guard and gets plenty of playing time. But, feeling quite down due to a disagreement.

1201 (Thursday) 180.3. Steps 24090. Total Burn 3079. Exercise Burn 1200/1259 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. I got in my morning elliptical, even with middle school carpool duty today. Zumba with MountainView. 5574 steps. 2.47 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 317/407. AvHr108, High137, in zone 7 of the 59 minutes. Scosche said 490 calories, avHR115, high155, in zone 21 min. I was feeling a bit sore today, and we had guests ... Tirsa and Debbie, and Christa's little fellow jumped up on the stage and started dancing. I stopped and got some video today, and that does generally impact my numbers. I stopped at Smiths on the way home and picked up my prescription and some groceries. Forgot to put away the Premium Creamie dessert in the freezer. #2 found it melted a few hours later. Oops. I made some chicken veggie soup for dinner. #2 and all his friends gathered at our house before heading out to the Coach's house for a pre-game dinner. #2 was taking my car, so he could fit more friends in, which meant I took his Charger when it was time to pick up #3 from practice. He was back by #4's 8:30 practice, so I had my car again. #5 went along and was able to practice on some side hoops. #2 went and did the pickup for me ... I was still awake (we'd hung out talking college and stuff, it had been nice to chat with him) but didn't want to go out in the cold again. No excuse on calories ... I just ate and ate and ate.

1130 (Wednesday) 178.3. Steps 26085. Total Burn 3123. Exercise Burn 1064/1315 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. I got in my three 20min elliptical sessions in during the morning rush. I finished up the show "Glitch" ... usually having 20min left on a show is what gets me back to the gym later in the day. Without that, I didn't make it back down, staying at my hour of elliptical for today. Zumba with MZL. 6749 steps. 3.07 miles. Fitbit Calories estimates 397/435. AvHR110, High135, in zone 10 of the 68 minutes. Scosche said 515 calories, avHR110, High156, in zone 8min. Not the best HR, although I seem to get the steps in here. Not really feeling sore from my weights yesterday, but my usual dragginess of late. After class I stopped at Walmart and Sams. Picked up some fabric for more hanging dishtowels. Back at home, the 12x12 boxes I'd ordered had arrived, so I spend some time in the scrapbook room ... although it's going to take a LOT of time to get anything done. Even without my additional elliptical I got the steps in today. Putting away groceries, vacuuming, cleaning. Hubs came home preoccupied. He apparently has invested in a hot tub for Christmas (and was starting on some prep). 

1129 (Tuesday) 179.3. Steps 22509. Total Burn 2997. Exercise Burn 1250/1178 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. Hubs didn't have a great night, not feeling well. Tummy troubles. He slept in a bit. I was actually up before him. I was a little late getting down for my first elliptical session, which made it a little too late to get a full 20min in before middle school carpool. I did 10, and then #4 and I were ready to leave when I realized ... I don't drive to on Tuesdays since the schedule switch up. The ride was a little late, and #4 was getting quite anxious. Sometimes I wonder if I should just offer to drive every day both ways. Thinking about it. Not driving should have saved me 20 morning minutes, but waiting and watching out the window was a waste. I was so off I miscalculated the time so I didn't get in a full 20 before elementary carpool either. Just 10min again. So 40 min total, instead of my usual hour of elliptical.  Zumba with Marian. It was freezing and snowy, and I was late, so I drove. Small class, just seven of us. Class stats 5956 steps. 2.64 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 346/410. AvHR115, high144, in zone 15 of the 57 minutes. I had my Schoshe, but I must have forgotten to turn it off yesterday because it was dead. I did get in two more 20min sessions on the elliptical, and I even did weights, although I'm out of practice and routine. It was a little haphazard. We'll see if I did enough to feel sore tomorrow. Better weather for after school pickups. The sun was shining and melted all the snow on our southern exposure without me having to really shovel (I'd done a bit on the front sidewalk). Got another basketball highlight muvee done and scanned in and uploaded the physicals to get the boys all registered for the school sports. Dragging a bit during the day, almost gave in to a nap. #3 had basketball practice after school, then he stayed to watch the girls game. Hubs had a company gathering (dinner and NBA game) so he wasn't home until late.

1128 (Monday) 179.3. Steps 25696. Total Burn 3225. Exercise Burn 1335/1402 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. There had been a winter storm warning in effect for the morning, but the school carpools to school were fine... after school it started snow/hailing right at pickup time, so the poor kids were getting pummeled. Then later, it was even worse, as I had to drop #3 at practice and drop off our auction items. Complete blizzard conditions, roads and traffic were scary! I'd made it out to Draper for Zumba, stopped at a store (Maceys/groceries) on the way home... it was all fine earlier in the day. Zumba stats 6895 steps. 3.1 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 435/513. AvHR119, high153, in zone 26 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 691 calories, avHR131, high166, in zone 50min. I stayed pretty productive during the day ... laundry, dishes, blog post, finished up a highlight reel. After school I combined high school and middle school pickup (grabbed #3 then #4&carpool). Dropped #3 at the ortho, as he needed more bands for his braces. He elected to walk home rather than come with me to pick up #5 from school ... he got home about the same time we did (yes, the orthodontist office is THAT close!). I packed up the auction items and the required bottles of water donations ... and I made the munchkins come with me to help carry stuff. Because it was snowing so bad, I dropped them as close as I could with the items and had them head into the school. Then I parked and ran in and got it all taken care of with the Booster moms. Then to brave the drive home. I was seriously stressed about #2 driving home! He went and hung out at a friends for a bit, then offered to grab #3 from the school when his practice ended. That saved me from having to go out in it again, and they got home safe and sound. Hubs too, he'd met up with his sister and mom for a birthday dinner for said sister. The Chinese food apparently didn't agree with him though, as he wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. I wasn't quite tired yet and figured I could go down and get in a session on the bike ... but then I got distracted by ice cream in the kitchen (#5 was having some ... and then so did I). Never made it down to the gym. 

1127 (Sunday) 179.8. Steps 10087. Total Burn 2245. Exercise Burn 420/394 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Hubs smoked bacon, and we broke out the new, bigger griddle for some sausage and hashbrowns. Hubs made waffles, for our traditional Sunday Circles breakfast. I went to pull #2 out of bed at 10:00 to come eat with us, but he was gone to an early meeting. He made it back for some breakfast though. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical. Watching a new Netflix original "Glitch" about people coming back to life. Australian. I tried one of the other originals, 3%, but it was originally Portuguese. It had been dubbed into English, but I can't handle the moving mouths and words not matching. The captions also didn't match, like they had been captioned from the original (translated) not after it was dubbed. So although the meanings would be the same, they wouldn't match (i.e. "That's horrible" being said while "That is terrible" being the caption). I also spent quite a bit of time in the downstairs "Lego/Scrapbook" room. I was pulling papers and embellishments for a giftbox for the basketball auction. I also spent some time sewing (had done a bit yesterday as well) making hanging kitchen towels for another auction item. I got everything ready, and did the write-ups for them, as well as the Muvee downloads (donated! yea!) Drop-off is tomorrow. Working with the scrapbook stuff ... I have SO much. Probably could sell some, but I wonder how many people still paper scrap/craft. Digital seems to increase in popularity each year. I'll need to do something with that room though, as I need to make it a bedroom for #2 when #1 comes home in a couple of months. Hubs and I had a little binge watch of "Strike Back" finishing up season two. He did make popcorn. I actually didn't do too badly on calories today, even with that!

1126 (Saturday) 178.9. Steps 12416. Total Burn 2268. Exercise Burn 620/451 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. #2 was off playing basketball with buddies, then went into KFC for work. #3 also had me drop him off for some basketball. I still drove him (well, had him drive) ... not sure when I'll be comfortable with just letting him take my car. Did some computer work, made a muvee, updated the blog, paid bills.

1125 (Friday) 180.5. Steps 15398. Total Burn 2648. Exercise Burn 620/650 (40minElliptical, 35minZumbaPractice). Calories in 2300. Black Friday ... certainly so on the scale, black as in BAD though, not "under" or a good deal. I had tentatively planned on hitting Zumba with MZL. I had wimped out on Wednesday and hadn't been to them this week. But when I checked Facebook, they weren't at the West Jordan church, but the Kearns one. That further distance was enough to dissuade me. I have been to the building a couple of times, but it's out of my comfort zone. I got in a session on the elliptical. Hubs ran some errands, and took #3 to the DMV to get his driver's license. The boys and Dad had a game of Clue, and then I took the boys to the church for some basketball. I did some practice Zumba while I supervised. Didn't bother with the Schoshe, bit Fitbit stats were 3689 steps, 1.64 miles. 199/202 calorie estimate. AvHR106, high127 ...35 minutes. Had to cut it early as #3 was meeting friends at Sunset Ridge. Not quite comfortable with just letting him take MY car. #2 was around and was willing to drive him. I was on pickup duty a couple hours later. I fit in another elliptical sessions, 40min total. Hubs barbecued burgers, topped with the leftover pulled pork. I don't do burgers, but was at my calorie limit anyway. Which didn't stop me from requesting popcorn from Hubs as we binge watched some "Strike Back", but he apparently wasn't in the mood, as he ignored my request. Better for the calorie count I suppose, but I missed my popcorn.

1124 (Thursday) 178.7. Steps 9582. Total Burn 2248. Exercise Burn 200/414 (30min/1.5mileTreadmillWalk). Calories in 2300. Thanksgiving Day! Hubs was smoking turkey today! He'd bought two 12-pound birds and a breast ... the variety was more for his desire to try different cooking tricks than to make sure we had enough food (we had SO much). When he was done with his prep, I did my stuff ... making jello cubes and a cool-whip dessert. The boys were very good, chipping in whenever we asked (moving furniture, peeling potatoes, getting out tables/chairs, etc ... even cleaning the bathroom!). Maga brought rolls and pies, Aunt Ana brought a salad ... we were set. The joke is that Maga (Grandma Pammy) never gets a warm meal, because she is always still working in the kitchen. Well she did today, and it was Hubs who never sat down. He did a great job though, even though ONE turkey would have been enough. We had plenty to send leftovers home with everyone. I liked having it here at our house. We don't have a ton of room, but we didn't have a big crowd this year (one brother is out of state, the other was doing Thanksgiving with friends). Just a dozen of us. I loved being able to sneak away to the bedroom and just lay down for a bit after. I am always SO tired after a meal. Need that horizontal time. We got things fairly cleaned up. Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of "Strike Back" and then time for sleep. 

1123 (Wednesday) 177.1. Steps 10351. Total Burn 2263. Exercise Burn 250/455 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was off to work as usual, but the kids were out of school, so there was some sleeping in. I'd planned on hitting Zumba, but as I got up, I just felt off. A little lightheaded and fuzzy. I skipped Zumba. I did go down for a session on the elliptical, but then I never made it back down. Pitiful. There was some cleaning and such, as we are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Funny how one thing leads to another. I had the kids pull their shoes from a basket upstairs, taking them to their room. This lead to a complete shoe and closet cleanout that really had nothing to do with prepping the house for company (which the boys reminded me a few times ... "WHY are we doing this now?") The older boys had basketball practice over at the high school. I dropped #3 off at 12:00 and planned to grab him at 1:15, as we had their physicals scheduled. #2 ended up going back to the high school for something and grabbed #3 and met me at the doctor's office. Physical done. I've uploaded their report cards and paid the fees, so now they should be good to go. #2 took off as he had work. #3 and I went to Sears as he needed some new jeans. We don't do the traditional "back to school" shopping, but just buy as needed. He hadn't gotten new ones for a couple years. Still fit into the "kids" (sz 18/20) but they are about half the cost of the mens, so yea! Also grabbed him a couple dress shirts as the one he's been wearing on Sundays is too small. Lots of waiting and walking around while he was trying stuff on. #5 got picked up for a playdate with a basketball buddy, which was fun for him. Daddy and the boys left around 5:30 to head downtown for the Jazz game. Hubs had received four prime tickets (price said $650 each), row four, with parking and dinner included. I enjoyed my quiet evening at home. I should have hit the elliptical again, but I didn't.

1122 (Tuesday) 177.2. Steps 22157. Total Burn 2967. Exercise Burn 1251/1145 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950. I was able to get in my full hour in the morning. It helps when I don't drive middle school carpool, although I usually don't dare go down until I know #4 is off for sure (whereas on driving days I need to get it in before we leave). The day was nice, there was sunshine, but 39° ... wasn't sure if I wanted to walk. I decided to just drive. Class was good, a minute or two short as Marian needed to get to an appointment. Class stats 5918 steps, 2.66 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 375/434. AvHR120, high147, in zone 32 of the 58 minutes. Scosche said 576 calories, avHR126, high158, in zone 38min. With early and close Zumba, Tuesdays are the day I have the most alone hours to accomplish something ... yet very little accomplished. Double pickups in the afternoon. #3 was staying for basketball practice. I was ready to pick him up after, but he decided to stay and watch the girl's game (they demolished!) so pickup was pushed until 8:30. He hadn't packed an after school food for staying so long. Hubs did a grocery shopping trip after work (yes, he's often doing the shopping now too, as he's a bit more particular about certain products) and picked me up some red icing I needed, as I was making turkey cookies, a Thanksgiving tradition. According to MFP I didn't go over on calories ... did I remember to log everything? I THINK so, but didn't feel deprived or that I'd been "good" so I wonder. I need an implant that I can't fudge.

1121 (Monday) 177.2. Steps 24713. Total Burn 3053. Exercise Burn 1312/1227 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I didn't get my full hour elliptical in this morning. I was just running a little late but figured I'd hit it again once my middle schooler got picked up, before re-checking a text from the other carpool mom. Last week she asked if we could switch the drive to school (her Monday for my Wednesday) and I realized she meant every week ... so I was actually on driving duty today. I was a bit stressed about it, because there had been signs on the road the past couple days saying a portion of the road would be closed completely, to take an alternate. Of course the alternate route is also under construction for the past week, not allowing a turn onto the street with the school, so what way to go? The road WAS open, turns out they couldn't work in the rain, and it was raining. So the closing is pushed to tomorrow. Anyway, just two 20min sessions in the morning, then off to Southziders for Zumba. Had to put chairs away, as it looks like there had been a fireside or something and people had just left everything out. I also realized I forgot my water jug! I remember feeling a little light as I left this morning. The water fountain in the building had COLD water (I like it cold) but it's just hard running out of the gym for a drink. I got good stats though. Heart rate anyway. 6289 steps. 2.83 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 470/455. AvHR127, high161, in zone 45 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 739 calories, avHR136, high187, in zone 51min. I stopped at Reams on the way home to grab a few groceries. I was on triple pickup for the afternoon. #3 had agreed to let me come late, then go straight to the middle school ... thus avoiding the closed road, which didn't end up being closed. Had to run #3 back to the school for basketball practice a bit later, and pick him up again a couple hours later. The rain in the morning had stopped during the day, but started up again just in time for all the pickups (the kids got pretty wet) and for the later drives. 

1120 (Sunday) 176.7. Steps 3704. Total Burn 1921. Exercise Burn 0/122 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early to put the pork butt in the smoker. With it in there, he couldn't smoke bacon for breakfast, so instead of our big Sunday Circles waffle breakfast, we just did pancakes. We had the pulled pork for a late lunch, after church, before #2 had to head to work (he's so seldom home for Daddy's smoked meats). It was a very lazy day for me. I did go hit the stationary bike for a bit (but didn't bother moving the pedometers to catch the steps). I only did it for 8min/2miles, just testing out how my leg felt, as it had bothered me Tuesday when I tried to bike. It was feeling fine ... but it was my rest day today, so I stopped anyway.  Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of "Strike Back" and I DID make the lemon jello cake for Hubs today.

1119 (Saturday) 175.5. Steps 10858. Total Burn 2192. Exercise Burn 415/376 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3200.  Happy birthday to Hubs. What does he do on his special day ... goes into work. On a Saturday no less! Silly Husband! #2 had early basketball practice, and then stopped and grabbed some Dunford donuts to bring home afterward. Donuts. When Hubs came home, guess what he brought? Donuts. From Tasteys this time. Both are yummy ... which I know from personal experience. I did get a couple sessions on the elliptical in. Finished up the show "Contagion" on Netflix, which ended up just being the one season. Then #5 had his championship game for the 6th grade lower division. Against Mayhem ... again. We've beaten them once, but we're 1 and 3 against them. Make that 1 and 4 after today. Just couldn't make it happen. I think the boys held it together a bit better this time though (there were some tears last lost championship). Maga wanted to take us out to dinner for birthdays (mine and Hubs). We had thought adults only, but I thought the kids might like to get out of the house and join. We went a little early and stopped at Maga's house for some kitten time. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. We just beat the rush. It's always been a favorite restaurant, but since Hubs has started smoking meats himself ... well, Texas Roadhouse, and any steakhouse or BBQ joint has lost a little appeal. I mean ... he just makes it better, at home. We had our meal, took Maga back, Hubs was in a bit of a hurry to get home because ... he had a turkey breast smoking. Not that we were hungry, he was really just testing it out prior to Thanksgiving. We were still too full from dinner, so I told Hubs I'd make him a lemon jello birthday cake tomorrow. Between donuts and dinner I was already uber over on calories anyway.
1118 (Friday) 176.9. Steps 14832. Total Burn 2456. Exercise Burn 840/679 (80minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Late start so sleep in. 7:00 instead of 6:00. Got an elliptical session in, then woke the elementary and high school boys and got them off to school. Another elliptical, and got #4 off. Spent some time on the computer putting all the boy's basketball game on the calendar. Also did a couple Muvees. The bigger boys need to get a physical before they can play basketball, so the deadline is coming up. I tried calling our pediatrician, but just got an answering machine to call back during business hours. Didn't say what business hours were ... not open on a Friday? We've been with this guy for a while, but it's been a struggle to get calls/appointments and such. Might need to switch. Happily we haven't needed our pediatrician much. I had sent out a couple messages to a couple neighbor/friends who would be able to fit the bill (chiropractor, helped us for a scout physical before) but hadn't heard anything back. I tried calling MY physician, but after waiting on an annoying beeping hold for 15minutes I gave up. Tried looking up some on our plan ... my first call, they said unless you already had a relationship with a doctor, they couldn't get you in until February! I tried a couple more and finally got an appointment for Wednesday, when the boys are out of school. I'll be glad to have that done and turned in and off my mind. Hopefully we won't have a billing fiasco like last year (I did end up calling the same place we went last year, but this time our insurance should be up to date. It is brand new but they are on the list). THEN I get an email from Amazon about my $99.99 and $49.99 in app purchase for Gears of War ... WHAT? I quickly jumped online and reported it, although they didn't have a "fraud" option, just "purchased in error". I saw a new device, and de-authorized it. I deleted the game purchase (the original free one) and then was on the phone with customer service, and they will refund it. Of course we also reset the password to the account. Fraud is so frustrating, even if it's taken care of, it ruins my day. I hope our actions made it so whoever bought the stuff wasn't able to play it for long. This happened right as I needed to leave to pick up early out elementary. I had to drive with my hands free mode activated. Then I was waiting for #4 to get home. If it goes past 3:10, I start to worry. More that HE is freaking out then really worrying that something has happened. Waiting. Waiting. I finally texted the mom who was supposed to pick up today, and I guess the other mom had said she would, but then forgot. Poor #4 was in tears when they finally got home and wants to quit the carpool and just have me drive him to/from everyday. It is a little tempting. While having backup and a break is nice, sometimes it's hard to rely on others ... especially if they aren't reliable. I had to remind him I'd been late myself once (not THAT late, but things happen). But still ... stressful!

1117 (Thursday) 177.3. Steps 27734. Total Burn 3086. Exercise Burn 1228/1286 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 1.75mileTreadmillWalk). Got in my three 20min elliptical sessions, even with driving middle school carpool to school. Elementary as always, then off to Zumba with MountainView. 5937 steps, 2.64 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 349/415. AvHr117, High 143, in zone 25 of the 55 minutes. Scosche said 516 calories, avHR123, high154, in zone 31 min. Class was complicated by a cleaning crew coming in. They didn't kick us out, but shifted us over while they started on one side. The smell was a little overpowering at one point. Christa wasn't there today, so it was just me and Marian and a fairly small group. After class, I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some bananas, ice cream and other things. Restocked our Fresca. While I was walking in, a guy in a car beckoned me over to chat ... politics? He was so soft spoken, perhaps high, I could hardly hear him ... and what I did hear didn't make any sense anyway. Something about having me sign something for a million dollars, not liking Trump, and thinking he would be a better president. I was freezing (in my sweaty clothes in the cold) and finally was able to excuse myself to go shop. Worked on some video stuff during the day. Got in a couple 10min sessions to finish up my 80min elliptical, and then did an easy walk on the treadmill. Should jog, but just haven't felt up to it. #5 asked if a friend could come over after school ... I said yes, but then the friend never showed, so we recruited #5 (unwillingly) to go help Dad with a derby. He wasn't happy about it. Hubs had been up uber early again (3:00ish ... same as yesterday) so I was surprised when I fell asleep before him. I've been wiped out every day! 

1116 (Wednesday) 178.3. Steps 25759. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1216/1201 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning send off. One 10min session instead of a 20min one. Just got up out of bed a little late. I even had the morning off of middle school carpool. Still got in my 80min total for the day. Zumba with MZL. Class stats 6221 steps, 2.85 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 319/408. AvHr109/high143, in zone 7 of the 60min. I didn't have my Scosche today. I couldn't find it. With yesterday being Marian's class, and me walking, it wouldn't have been in my purse or car. I was perplexed and frustrated but didn't want to be late so I went without. I can't help thinking about it though ... when I got back home I looked all over the desk area, because I was sure I'd taken it off and put it down there. Then I looked to the side. A kitty must have knocked it off as they are notorious for doing. It was there in my shoe basket. Glad I found it. I need to consistently put it in one place. I had stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. We were almost out of milk. Grabbed a few other items as well. I'd been battling a headache since the morning. I don't eat in the mornings, and didn't want to take any medication on an empty stomach. I'd hoped Zumba would chase it away, but it was still there. I took some ibuprofen, and ended up taking a little nap ... because I can. I'm spoiled. I just couldn't read or move without aggravating the pain in my head. It was better after the nap. I wasn't scheduled for middle school pickup but the gal who was said her girl was staying after. I didn't think the others in the carpool were coming either, as they are in the school play and often have practice, but they there. Came back over to our house after drop-off too, as their mom wasn't home and they didn't have a key or any way into the house. I had to run for elementary pickup, and then the little boys went over for puppy playtime (but our neighbor did get his buck, so he will be home tonight, so it was the last day, although they've said our boys would be welcome to come play any time). Poor #4 had an allergic reaction today! I guess the puppy was more licky and scratchy on his face than the past two day when we didn't have any issues. Today ... lots of bumps and swelling. I gave him some benedryl, and it knocked him out for the night! I made a food run to the high school, as the boys were staying for practice and the "Meet the Team" night activity ... wouldn't get home until late and they were starving. I just dropped off some stuff, then went back around 6:00. Good thing I went early, because it started early! They introduced the sophomores, then split them into two teams and had them scrimmage. Even with only six players, #3 didn't start, but made two quick baskets as soon as get got in (and played the rest of the game). His team won easily. Then the girls played, then JV vs Varsity, and then Varsity vs the Faculty. I got a little stressed out, because they were passing around the sign-up sheets, and I didn't want to get last pick! We are required to volunteer (isn't that an oxymoron?) for two shifts in the snack bar, hosting a team dinner (with a few other parents), and providing lunches for the team on an away game day (with another parent). As I have two on the team ... double for me. I'd only want the JV snack bar shift, as I'd want to be watching my boys in the Soph and Varsity games. By the team the sheet got to me, there were only three JV shifts even available. I took those and they said that would be fine (although I technically should have done four). I signed up for the last dinner date (Hubs and I had discussed him smoking ribs for the team, we'll see) and a lunch ... taking two of the four spots for my double duty on the dinner and lunch. After the games, it was the parent meeting, which was mostly old info, as this is our third year. #2 had headed home, but #3 had come to the meeting (still eating some of the food I'd brought) and when we left the building ... SNOW. Huge flakes, and it was freezing! I know it's November, but I'm not ready for snow. They had construction on the corner, saying we couldn't turn right ... onto the street the leads to our neighborhood. It wasn't a huge deal, as there is another entrance if we kept going straight, but I'm so dreading all this construction starting up again. They completely tore up the road not that long ago, and it was so terrible! They'd completely block off the roads/turns we needed. Sigh. Hubs was already asleep but I wasn't quite ready for bed. I had a treat ... which I shouldn't have, because I'd actually done okay on eating up to that point.

1115 (Tuesday) 177.4. Steps 25638. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1388/1242 (100minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Another good morning, with a full hour of elliptical in-between getting the boys off to school. It helped that I didn't drive middle school this morning, or I probably wouldn't have gotten a full 20min for one of the sessions. The weather is still nice, although there is a cool down in the forecast. I took advantage and walked to/from Zumba. Couldn't quite get the HR up today. Stats ... 5390 steps, 2.37 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 347/357. avHR111, high136, in zone 12 of the 58 min. Scosche said 479 calories, avHR116, high153, in zone 14min. I've been so unmotivated in my home alone time. I did go down to the bike to get some reading/riding in, but was feeling a weird pain in my left leg. It just wasn't comfortable and I didn't think I could do a full 30 min. I did another 20 on the elliptical instead, as it didn't seem to aggravate the issue at all. Should have done weights, I just can't quite push myself to start it lately. I was on triple pickup in the afternoon. We were on puppy duty again next door. Hubs was home early and left with an unwilling #4 for a derby. I ran #3 back to the high school for his practice, with a pickup three hours later ... long practice! Horrible with the eating today! Hubs had picked up some caramel/pretzel snaps and I just kept sticking my hand in and grabbing some until I finally bagged it up and put it out of sight. Then Hubs brought home some chick-fil-a after the derby.

1114 (Monday) 177.5. Steps 24182. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1330/1241 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Back to my daily routine. I got in a full hour of elliptical in while I got the kids off to school. Three 20min sessions. Double drop off this morning.  Zumba with Southziders. Stats ... 6791 steps. 3.06 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 458/502. avHR124, high149, in zone 40 of the 65min. Scosche said 652 calories, avHR127, high163, in zone 38 min. Hubs had put a brisket in the smoker and I needed to wrap it when it hit 160°. I had thought of stopping at a store on the way home, but didn't know if the brisket would hold. It did. Stalled for hours, and I didn't end up wrapping it until after 1:00. I was on double duty for pickups after school. The middle school had a complication, as we weren't allowed left off Bangerter and I had to take the next exit and circle back. Constant construction there! All the carpool kids, which is a little harder, as we have to flip the seat up and get one in back. After school, I took the littles over to the neighbor's house. They have a puppy, and the Mr is off hunting (usually he works from home, or can get home to give the puppy some play/potty time out of the pen) so we had been asked to fill in. The two boys played with her for a good 45min! Hubs came home from work and finished prepping dinner, making potatoes. I'd put rolls out to rise, but they'd over-inflated and fallen. I had to go back to the high school to grab #3 from practice. Maga had come over to join us for dinner. With my early exercise start, I'd planned on getting some additional in, but had just done one more 20min on the elliptical. But by 9:30 I was out! Even beat hubby to sleep. 

1113 (Sunday) 177.6. Steps 8233. Total Burn 2025. Exercise Burn 200/209 (40minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 3200. Lazy Sunday. We had our big family breakfast, with smoked bacon, eggs and waffles. No big dinner today, but I still snacked and ate plenty, then had Hubs make popcorn as we finished up season 1 of "Strike Back" (I'd already seen it, but now he's caught up to me). I did feel a little urge to move, but not quite the motivation for a big workout. I walked on the treadmill while I watched an episode of "Containment" ... which is catching my interest more than any of the premieres I've been attempting.

1112 (Saturday) 177.4. Steps 13824. Total Burn 2508. Exercise Burn 450/712 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Not a ton on deck today. I was able to get a couple elliptical sessions in fairly early. Some cleaning. Hubs had the kids doing some work and we got the bathrooms cleaned, even the downstairs one (it was pretty scary!) #5 had his basketball game at 4:00. They got an easy win again, so onto the championship against Mayhem again next week (we are 1 and 3 against them). Hubs had put ribs in the smoker, and we invited my folks out to eat with us. They hadn't experienced our smoked meats yet. I hadn't planned on Brazilian cheese rolls (I'd put Rhoades out to rise) but then made some for my dad, who has Celiacs (and the Brazilian cheese rolls are gluten free). Then Aunt Olivia came over to give the boy's haircuts ... they needed it!

1111 (Friday) 177.7. Steps 12949. Total Burn 2390. Exercise Burn 650/561 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2005. Late start, no elementary again either. #2 had brought cookies home last night (from his girlfriend's house) ... I'll admit, I had some for breakfast. Then a couple more. I'm not sure if the universe was prompting, or if he just knows me, but #2 texted from school "I'm going to want some of the cookies" ... unfortunately, he was too late. I mean really, you can't just leave things out like that when CookieMOMster is around. I felt guilty for eating all his cookies and made a batch (I almost told him to have Kate text her recipe so I could replicate more exactly, but then I just used our old chocolate chip stand-by). With varsity practice right after school, I was on pickup duty for #3. As I pulled up I witnessed a hug with a girl ... so if he hadn't come clean to me a couple weeks prior, I would have suspected something at this point! I ended up needing to pick-up middle school too, as our carpool kid had come home early. Lot's of driving duty this week ... I'm grateful I'm a SAHM with a flexible schedule (other than my own inflexibility). I don't know how working mom's work it all out. Sometimes the older boy's basketball overlaps and #2 is able to provide rides for #3, but often the varsity and sophomores are on different schedules. I had to drop #3 back to school for his practice. This was at the same time as #5 needing to get to his, but team members there helped me out getting him to/from. After some back and forth pickup requests, #2 was able to bring #3 home before heading out for a mini-golf date. My MFP "said" calories were in check ...with all those cookies? I try to be honest with my input, but admit I'm not a weighing and measuring type of gal. Estimates can be so off even under more strict circumstances. Arrggh ... the eating!

1110 (Thursday) 177.2. Steps 21438. Total Burn 2818. Exercise Burn 1049/992 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. It's my birthday! Regular routine still ... which I actually like. Got the kids off to school. There has been constant construction in front of the middle school since it started (and all summer actually). This morning it was really bad, turning in on 9800 I couldn't even tell which lane I was supposed to be in. I was in the wrong one for a minute before I saw a car coming straight on in the other direction. A mess! After getting elementary off, I hit Zumba with Mountain View. Class stats ... 6317 steps, 2.76 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 410/421. AvHR115, high142, in zone 16 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 558 calories, avHR120, high156, in zone 19min. I stopped at Smiths to grab the bananas I forgot on my last trip ... some other things too, as always happens with shopping. Got a call at 2:00 from the munchkin telling me it was a short day! Oops. I didn't forget, I didn't even KNOW it this time! Grabbed him quick, then picked up #4 from middle school, then #5 and I went back for his PT Conference. #3 had stayed after school today for final tryouts. Hubs and I met my parents at Archibalds for dinner. I also brought one of the stainless steel tumblers we love for Mom for her birthday. Dinner was good, I was full ... and sleepy, as I always am after eating. Back at home, #3 was anxiously awaiting the final results posting (at the school, but a friend was there and would take a picture and send it). He made it! Seven sophomores and five freshmen. Final varsity announced tomorrow after interviews ...

1109 (Wednesday) 176.2. Steps 24716. Total Burn 2964. Exercise Burn 1242/1143 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. The bigger boys didn't have school today. There were some ACT prep classes going on at the school that I thought would have been worthwhile, but the boys opted to sleep in. I drove to middle school today and had pickup also, as the gal in the carpool was out sick today. I'd gotten in my early elliptical, and then hit Zumba with MZL. Class stats ... 6159 steps, 2.71 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 340/389. AvHR113, high138, in zone 9 of the 60min. Scosche said 566 calories, avHR122, high179, in zone 23min. Sam'sClub afterward for some groceries. The day after the election, Hillary did give a concession speech (I don't think Trump would have) but there is obvious discontent, especially after it was shown she actually won the popular vote. While the effects of this election don't impact me personally as much as for many out there, I'll admit I had some nervous eating today while I was reading up on issues. Seriously, I could NOT stop! The boys had basketball tryouts in the evening again, and made the cut again. 

1108 (Tuesday) 174.6. Steps 25021. Total Burn 3134. Exercise Burn 1245/1225 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 20minBike). Calories in 2000. Got the kids off to school and walked to Zumba. It was a beautiful day out! Even nicer on the way home, when I was a little warm from my workout and the brisk air felt great. Stats for class were 6028 steps, 2.6 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 381/417. avHR117, high140, in zone 21 of the 61 minutes. Scosche said 566 calories, avHR121, high161, in zone 24min. I had my three school pickups in the afternoon again. I left a little earlier for the high school, so I wasn't late for the middle school today. There was a Charmelon on the "nearby" feature for PokemonGo! That's pretty huge! We drove around for a bit hoping it would show, but no luck. At least the kid isn't quite as fixated on it anymore ... although his obsession has had some good points (getting him out of the house and active). Needed to run #3 back to the school at 6:00 for second day of basketball tryouts. Pickup at 8:00. Aunt Olivia had mentioned coming over to cut the boy's hair, but I think she forgot it was the election when she had said "Tuesday" ... she went up to the Utah Republican headquarters for the evening. She likes to be involved. We did end up watching the election results. Even the kids were interested (they'd held a mock election at the middle school). I must admit I was surprised at the turn of events. I guess I'd believed the polls and predictions of an easy win for Hillary. I just can NOT picture Trump in the role, he is not presidential! I didn't vote for either of course. There had been a huge push in Utah for 3rd party Evan Mcmullin and there had been a time I had thought he might take the state anyway ... but it wasn't even close. I'd been really nervous all day, afraid the election might be too close to call (and thus NOT ending ... please just let it end) and also fearful of violent reactions from Trump supporters if HRC won (they'd been proudly posting memes about taking up arms and storming the white house), but the results are in, there is an end, and while I heard about some violence from discontents, the speeches given were good and hopefully we can move on.

1107 (Monday) 175.6. Steps 24976. Total Burn 3066. Exercise Burn 1341/1243 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1995.  Back to the routine ... although we're doing a switch up with the middle school carpool, as a couple of the kids will be practicing for the school play after school, so their mom wouldn't be wanting to pick up just our kids. So now I'll just drive to school on Wed/Thurs, and pick up after on Mon/Tues. It gave me a little extra time this morning, and I got in an extra 10min elliptical session (in addition to my regular two 20min ones). Hubs didn't get up though ... I checked on him after my first elliptical session and he was having a mild meneires attack. Not full fledged, but felt like it might be coming. I got him a bucket and made sure he was settled. Not a whole lot else I'm able to do :(  I got the boys off to school, and I hit my Zumba with Southziders. Slow start, as we didn't have a key to get in originally. Stats ... 6225 steps, 2.78 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 409 and 432. AverageHR121, high143, in zone 31 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 624 calories, avHR126, high157, in zone 38min. One gal I'd chatted with at Debbie's class a few weeks ago had mentioned that "Three Little Birds" was a favorite of hers (mine too) and I thought about asking Nina to put it in ... but she did even before I said anything. Afterward the gal came up and gave me a hug, and with tears in her eyes said she'd really needed the positive message of that song that day. I know it's impacted me too (Marian put it in the day after my dad's heart attack). I did a stop at Smiths on the way home. Hubs had done a little shopping on Saturday, grabbing a couple of the "buy 10 get $5 off" deals, and had accidentally only grabbed nine of one of the items, so, I bought one more and got our credit, and grabbed some groceries ... but forgot bananas! We needed bananas. My son thinks the "Yes we have no bananas" song is stupid, especially when true. Hubs was still in bed. His attack never fully manifested, but he'd planned on coming home from work early anyway, so there wasn't much point in going into work. He got started prepping dinner. Yes ... my husband does dinner as often (or more so) than I do now. Smoked chicken and turkey breast and mashed taters. I did pull some Rhoads rolls out to rise. My contribution. I also do the dishes when he cooks. I was on triple pickup duty. #2 was staying after for basketball tryouts. BASKETBALL TRYOUTS! My senior is a shoo-in, but there is quite a bit a competition for the sophomore. Anyway, I had to pick up #3 has his tryout time wasn't until later. I thought I left early enough, but I was running late to pick up middle school, which stresses out my son. Then elementary school pickup. Dropped #3 back at the school for basketball and texted #2 to tell him to plan on coming home for dinner. It was nice to have him around, and he even went back and grabbed his brother when sophomore tryouts finished up, saving me the trip. Dinner was good. I got my "after eating sleepies" really bad ... I was so tired. I was almost asleep when the youngest came in saying #3 was having a bad cramp and crying out. I guess this has happened a few times before. An intense cramp in his leg, super painful, lasting about five minutes. Not a lot that I could do other than waiting it out with him. 

1106 (Sunday) 175.7. Steps 5004. Total Burn 2019. Exercise Burn 0/196 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. We didn't have our usual big family breakfast ... not waffles and smoked bacon anyway. I still made hashbrowns and pancakes, but didn't make a big enough batch, so I didn't have one. Not a big loss (other than in calories, which isn't a bad thing). In the early evening we headed out to my brother's house of the monthly gathering on my side of the family. Scones at Scott's this time. Some visiting and eating and then home and to bed.

1105 (Saturday) 173.3. Steps 10906. Total Burn 2168. Exercise Burn 105/357 (10minElliptical, LawnMow). Calories in 3400. I know I'm not motivated to move as much on the weekends. I keep trying to tell myself that it's okay, as long as I don't go overboard with the eating. Like yesterday, just keep calories in check. Good plan ... right? I was STARVING in the morning. We'd gone to a family baptism (nephew Will) and there were eats afterward. Some cinnamon roll pull-aparts, and orange-roll version too. I was so hungry and they tasted so good. And then I kept eating all day. It didn't help that Hubs grabbed Popeyes, and then made popcorn later too! There were treat temptations all day too ... Hubs had gone to Costco and brought home some salted caramels. I like the Costco ones, and they are a little less expensive too, so I don't feel as guilty consuming more (less cost, but still calories!) #2 was working (although we had him with us for the morning). #5 had his basketball game at 12:30. Unfortunately, while we'd won this team before, we weren't able to get the win today (and it was the start of the single elimination tournament, so the 5th grade team is done for now). #3 went to a movie with friends in the evening, which did require a drop off and pickup ... I was anxiously awaiting it so I could go to bed. So tired!

1104 (Friday) 174.3. Steps 14624. Total Burn 2428. Exercise Burn 625/618 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1500. The littlest was out of school today (teacher prep for PT conferences next week) and with late start at the high school and middle school, I slept in a bit. #2 wasn't even going to school, as the girl's volleyball team was competing at state, and kids could get excused to go cheer them on. He still took #3 to school for me, although I was on pickup duty later in the afternoon. I got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical, but not feeling motivated enough for more (or weights). #5 had practice in the evening. Both teens were out with friends (and girlfriends) in the evening, but #2 brought #3 home, so Hubs and I were to bed early (with my "Find my Friends" active so I know exactly when the boys do get home).

1103 (Thursday) 175.4. Steps 24138. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1245/1159 (80minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2000. Hubs slept in a little, as he was sticking around, needing to help #3 get his "pumpkin catcher" to the school in the morning. Early elliptical sessions in while getting the boys off, then I hit Zumba with MountainView (6030 steps, 2.6 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 377/429. avHR116, high136, in zone 21 of the 59 minutes (I was a little late, they had started). Scosche said 587 calories, avHR128, high161, in zone 40min. I stopped at Maceys for some groceries (gotta restock the pebbled ice). I had to remember it was an early out day at the elementary (no school tomorrow for them) and when I went to pick up, #5 wanted to make sure his friend was covered as he hadn't been picked up yet and that mom is never late. So we waited while he called home and she had forgotten the early out but was able to come get him. I had told #5 he could come home with us if the mom couldn't come immediately and I think he was disappointed when she said she was heading out. In the afternoon, I dropped #3 back at the high school for basketball stuff (oh, and he did text during the day to say their pumpkin catcher successful caught all four pumpkins dropped from the school roof ... one of the only successful ones!) Hubs went straight from work to a derby, and then he and #3 went to the school to pick up the pumpkin catcher ... as it's also our duck pen, and the tarps and bungee cords can all be reused.

1102 (Wednesday) 175.8. Steps 22220. Total Burn 2875. Exercise Burn 1048/1063 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs up and off early (like 3:00 early) and wouldn't be home until late, as he had a derby in Kaysville and would be leaving straight from work. I got the kids off to school and got in a couple elliptical sessions. Zumba with MZL. Class Stats ... 6336 steps, 2.88 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 372/441. avHR112, high133, in zone 8 of the 60min (I got there a little late, I was happy I still got my hour in). Scosche said 479 calories, avHR112, high150, in zone 15min. Stopped at Sam'sClub after to grab a few groceries, fill up with gas ($2.09 there, but $2.35+ everywhere else) and a stop at Lowes again, to grab another tarp. The pumpkin catcher is due tomorrow, not sure if there will be time for tweaking. #3 had his roads test after school and passed (but he said he almost didn't) so now it's just finishing up the hours and getting in for paperwork and picture. I picked him up from the high school when the test was done, and stopped and grabbed Dominos for dinner. #4 was trying to watch an NBA game and it wasn't working. I'd paid for League Pass through, but hadn't activated/linked it to our Comcast. The games HAD been showing up, but I guess it was a free trial that was now over. I told him to log on through Roku, and I'd try to link the accounts. He couldn't log on, and I couldn't log on either. Not on roku, the computer, an app ... anything. It wasn't really giving me an error or anything, it would just get hung up on the log in. I tried calling ... on hold in the queue for an HOUR. Finally got someone, and he has me clear cookies and restart the computer ... I know that's not the problem. He did say there was a problem with Roku streaming, but that it should be accessible from the computer, and we should be able to get the authorization through. Finally, he said something about my account being locked or blocked, and he took it off, and I was able to log in and push the authorization through. Not sure how long it takes for Comcast to get the info and make the channels accessible though. I told #4 he could watch on the computer. I'd had to call Comcast too, as I needed the account# for the authorization, and I noticed our bill had jumped $70! I'd added NBA TV, but that was just $10 a month. I guess our "special" had ended ... I don't recal being on any special or price time lock. But we lost out $20 discount for our bundle, and the "free" HBO and StreamPix (I don't even know what the latter was, but we had enjoyed the HBO GO from time to time) were suddenly not free anymore either ($15 for HBO and $5 for the other). So I cancelled those two ... unfortunately can't cancel cable or internet and there really aren't other options ... anyway, it was a long, frustrating and unproductive evening. Looking at numbers, calories in seem low. I need to do better at my calorie counting (in addition to quantity and quality). I'm wondering if I forgot some stuff, even with my bread binge today. Also, steps ... I should have walked TWO more!

1101 (Tuesday) 175.8. Steps 26075. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1357/1235 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Slight shift in the scale ... not as much as my usual post-Monday drop, but then again, I wasn't very motivated yesterday. Nor today. Just pushing through. I did hit the elliptical in the morning. Got the boys off, walked to/from Zumba. Got rained on for the walk home. Did some cleaning, blog posts, etc, but not a super-productive day. Didn't get around to doing weights. Middle school pickup, and elementary. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along to help. Open gym in the evening at 8:00, which coincided with #5's basketball practice at the middle school nearby, so he was able to hitch a ride with older brother, although I was on pickup duty at 9:00. Hubs dropped #3 off at the school after the derby so he could hit it partially too. 

1031 (Monday) 177.8. Steps 22018. Total Burn 2940. Exercise Burn 930/1114 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Lousy sleep. Just some bad dreams and such. Not a good way to start the week, nor was stepping on the scale. Ouch! The boys all went to school today, although I dosed the littles with medication before sending them off, and I was halfway expecting a call during the day (but they made it). Halloween parade and party for #5, he went as a "chick magnet" for lack of a better costume. He said he didn't care if I came and watched the parade, so I hit Zumba. I was in charge of Zumba in fact, as Nina and Cassie did have kids who cared if their parents came to their parades. Getting to pick the playlist and being up front much of the time, I got good stats. 6639 steps, 2.92 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 483/517. avHR125, high153, in zone 43 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 774 calories, avHR141, high198, in zone 58min. I did a stop at Smiths on the way home to pick up some candy to pass out tonight. I was hoping to grab some pumpkins too, to test out the pumpkin catcher, but alas, none to be found. I should have checked to see if they had a tarp there (I was at the SmithsMarketplace), but had to make a separate trip to Lowes later in the day to grab that. Hubs and #3 worked on it in the early evening. It's supposed to be a group project, but ... I was feeling a bit blechy. Not sure if it was me catching what the boys had, or the lack of sleep, or the fact that all I ate all day was candy ... Hubs said he was feeling a bit off himself. I dropped #3 off at friend's to hang for the night then took #5 out trick or treating. Too bad we didn't arrange something with friends, he would have had more fun ... but after being sick over the weekend I wasn't even sure he'd be up to going out at all.

1030 (Sunday) 173.7. Steps 10252. Total Burn 2145. Exercise Burn 420/285 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400.  Better sleep with all my guys home at reasonable hours. Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles for our big breakfast. We had a brainstorm session with #3 about a "pumpkin catcher" for his Physics class (I remember our last "family homework" with his Rube Golberg contraption). A little nap time. I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical. Hubs and the boys went to Maga's to see the kittens. It was the first time out of the house in a few days for #4.

1029 (Saturday) 173.7. Steps 10113. Total Burn 2207. Exercise Burn 350/395 (Zumba). Calories in 2300.  Not much sleep last night, but I got up and hit Zumba at 9:00. Thyrve was offering class for free. I picked up my Zumba buddy Denise and we went together. Class Stats: 5461 steps, 2.35 miles. Fitbit calories 334/347. avHR105, high129, in zone 1 of the 58 minutes. Scosche said 383 calories, avHR106, high139, in zone 3min. I dropped #2's Fitbit off at the UPS drop nearby. It hasn't been syncing and is out of Fitbit's warranty. I had purchased an extended warranty (for $4 for that 2nd year) so I'm sending it in and will get my price paid (for the Fitbit) back anyway. #2 was only wearing it for me watching his feedback, he doesn't care. I haven't been keeping tabs on the kids or Hubs lately though, so maybe he'll just be Fitbitless. Both little were still feeling sick. #5 had two games today, at 4:00 and 5:00, but he just wasn't up for even attempting it. His 5th grade team lost, but his 6th grade team got an easy win. Hubs grabbed a movie (Money Maker ... one I had been interested in but, ehhh) and made popcorn. #2 was working and #3 went to hang with friends (sans girls tonight).  

1028 (Friday) 172.7. Steps 19051. Total Burn 2713. Exercise Burn 1002/919 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1950. Slept in a little ... not just because of late start, but because the high school and middle schools were out. End of quarter. I wasn't sure what to plan on with #5 ... elementary still had school, but he'd hit 102+ last night. I didn't want to wake him up if he wasn't going to go to school. He did wake when I checked on him and said he wasn't feeling up to it. I gave him some medicine, and it must have kicked in, because a bit later, he said he WAS going to go to school. I dropped him off and then hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. Being close to Halloween, it was suggested we wear costumes. I'd considered being silly and showing up in the Whoopie Cushion costume #2 had on last night ... but #2 never came home (he'd texted requesting a sleepover) so I didn't have the costume on hand. I had a t-shirt which said "I don't do costumes" and that was a backup, but then I tried on the convict costume and went with that. I could even put the little striped hat on over my usual Zumba cap. Class was fun, there were a few others dressed up too, and we got a picture afterward. Quite a few Zumba songs, which I don't know that I'd put the effort into if I was an instructor. It takes so much to learn new choreography and if you're only doing them once a year ... anyways. Class stats 5385 steps, 2.46 miles. Fitbit calorie estimate 343/400. avHR109, high135, in zone 8 of the 60 min. Scosche said 460 calories, avHR111, high159, in zone 12min. I'd also hit over a dozen pokestops (there was a park with a ton) on the way there and back, and the church was one too. But data ... Hubs said that phone has already used up a lot and we're only a little ways into the month. Back at home, #3 had friends over all day long. It was a little loud! Once they left, he and I had quite the conversation (via text, as he was too embarrassed to talk face to face) and apparently ... he has a girlfriend! He IS 16, but still, I hadn't even suspected. Arrgg! #2 has been going out with the same girl since Homecoming too. Girlfriends! It's a little more stressful than when they are just hanging out with friends. #5 made it through school, but we decided he should probably sit out practice. Didn't want to run him down, nor pass it on to anyone. We'd have "fever competitions" between the two boys, to see who was higher. Usually #5 was, but it's #4 who just looks really sick. Red and sweaty face and glossy eyes. Poor kid. At least #5 is having success at swallowing pills, easier than liquid medications (#4 learned to swallow back in 2nd grade). Both bigger boys were out with said girlfriends in the evening. #2 agreed to pickup #3 for me, as I was tired and heading to bed. Hubs had gone from work to a work party ... and he was really late. Missed HIS curfew!

1027 (Thursday) 173.9. Steps 25114. Total Burn 3068. Exercise Burn 1274/1285 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Upon the doctor's recommendation, I didn't even ask #4 about school, but just let him sleep in. Got the other boys off. Hit MountainView Zumba (6009 steps, 2.59 miles. Fitbit Calories 386/440. avHR115, high135, in zone 15 of the 60minutes. Scosche said 556 calories, avHR122/high154, in zone 27min). Melanie came back to visit and did some Halloween numbers. After class I stopped by Big5 and grabbed some new basketball shoes for #5, the stopped at Smiths to pick up #4's prescription and a few groceries. #4 just rested most of the day. #5 had awakened with a coughing spell that had me concerned, but he made it through school, but was sporting a fever by the end of the day. Sigh. A bit of frustration after school as #3 had an ortho appointment. I'd told #2 if he didn't have him home by 2:50, to just drop him off straight at the dental office (very close to home, appointment was at 3:00). #2 shows up at the house about 2:50, friends in tow, no #3 ... but #3 has NOT been dropped off, he was left at school! What??? Come on children! And #3, even though I reminded him, doesn't seem to realize anything is wrong, still at school just chatting it up with friends. #2 went back and grabbed him and dropped him off while I called the office to explain he was late and ask if they'd still be able to squeeze him in. They accommodated.  #3 then wanted to go back to the high school to watch the final volleyball games, senior night. With the littles sick, and #2 at a dance (that's why friends were over, to look through our costumes) and #3 at said games, Hubs didn't have any help for his derby that night.

1026 (Wednesday) 172.3. Steps 25685. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn  1287/1233 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Another little scale drop. I keep thinking it might motivate me on the eating, but I was super hungry and snacking today. Got in early morning elliptical. #4 was complaining of a sore throat though, and when I came up to take him to school he was in tears and said he didn't feel well enough. One of the other mom's was able to take over carpool at the last minute and I got him settled with some ibuprofen and a blanket. He was running a slight fever too. Got #5 off to elementary. Still hit Zumba and a quick stop at Sams (#4 wanted orange juice). Sicko was never too bad, not demanding at all, but I still didn't feel like I got much done today. I did pull out the garden plants for the green waste which will be ending soon. Didn't mow the lawn though, it hadn't grown much. Maybe Saturday. After picking up #5 from school, I decided to run #4 to the Kid'sCare, just to see if it was strep or not, and get on antibiotics if it was. It wasn't. Viral. But I was pretty pleased that it was just a $25 copay (I was thinking the location qualified as an Urgent Care, which is a $40 copay). We also were in and out within an hour. That wasn't much comfort to #4 though, as he was emotionally drained and his anxieties were kicking in. He was in meltdown mode a few times. There were tears. I had brought along the PokemonGo phone though. He would turn it off, but I turned it back on in case something showed up, and a few did appear during our wait ... including a Gengar, which is one he was really wanting. So ... worth it?  I didn't see #3 all day! He went straight from school to the middle school, for the open gym there. Then he went back to the high school for the open gym there. It is walkable between the two schools, but there was a two hour break. I offered to come grab him and take him back ... and FEED him. I asked him what he was doing for food but he said he wasn't hungry. Crazy kid! I didn't see #2 most of the day either, although he did make a quick stop home for some dinner and to put in a request for his laundry to be done (I'll accept that during "business hours" ... not so much when he texts me at 10:00 at night saying he needs it by morning ... yes, that happened last week!). I didn't see Hubs all day either! He'd had an uber early morning (about 3:00) and then went straight from work to a derby, not getting home until around 9:00.

1025 (Tuesday) 173.8. Steps 27069. Total Burn 1350. Exercise Burn 1350/1302 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1900. Glad the scale reflected me trying yesterday. Or regular fluctuations ... whatever. Got the boys off to school and got in some elliptical in-between. I walked to Zumba, it was 59° and nice, lovely leaves fallen all around. Caught a couple Pokemon on the way there and back too. Zumba stats ... 5786 steps. 2.5miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 358/406, avHR110, high133, in zone 10 of the 59 minutes. Scosche said 483 calories, avHR115, high146, in zone 15min. At the church, I attempted signing into the wifi, but PokemonGo wouldn't work, it had been blocked. So, gotta use data to get the stop. I checked back at home though, and all reports indicate that it doesn't use that much ... but Hubs said we were over last month, mainly because of "The Family Phone" (which is the PokemonGo phone). I got in some additional elliptical and did weights. I was on middle school pickup. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went along, even though there was open gym at the high school. I dropped #5 off early for his practice. It was tryouts for grades 6-8 over at the high school too, but we discussed it and decided we are happy with the teams we are on now. I would have liked him to have the experience of the tryout ... but didn't want him to make a team! Picked him up at 9:00, getting in a session on the bike to keep me awake until then. 

1024 (Monday) 176.2. Steps 30173. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1600/1480 (90minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals). Calories in 2500. Well there is my bad weekend showing on the scale this morning! Yikes! Highest high in a long while. I was a little surprised yesterday's hadn't gone up, as Hubs made popcorn Saturday night. Yesterday was not good for eating or exercise, so the scale shift isn't surprising nor undeserved. But hopefully today will turn it around a bit. I still got up at 6:00, even without the early morning driver's ed. I hit the elliptical at 6:15 for my first 20, then made lunches, then hit it for 10min before middle school carpool. Had a little stress as #2 took off in the morning (a basketball buddy's birthday, so they kidnapped him and took him to breakfast) but today I needed him to take #3 to school. I can't do it because the middle school carpool is at the exact same time. He made it back, but was late. I got in another 20min before taking #5 to elementary. I had more steps by 8:30 than I did the entire day on Sunday. That's how it goes. Went out to Draper for Zumba with Southziders. Class Stats: 6672 steps. 2.95 miles. Fitbit calories 406/431, avHR108, high140, in zone 8 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 516 calories, avHR112, high157, in zone 14min. They were going to cancel class next Monday (Halloween) as Nina and Cassie have costumed kid parades at school. Christa and I said we could handle it with Debbie, so I guess we'll be on. Hubs had done some shopping over the weekend, so I didn't feel the need to stop at a store on the way home. Got in some additional elliptical, and even hit the treadmill (watched TWD, the episode everyone is talking about, I had heard/seen some spoilers so it wasn't really a shock although it was graphic and sad). #3 had roads after school, and then headed to the middle school for the open gym there. I picked him up at 6:00. Hubs and the littles headed out to see their cousin in a play, but it was sold out. They stopped at In&Out instead. 

1023 (Sunday) 173.9. Steps 7719. Total Burn 2062. Exercise Burn 219/256 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Did get my sleep in this morning. Hubs smoked bacon and made waffles for our big breakfast, then made dinner ... smoked brisket and mashed potatoes. I made rolls ... got Rhodes rising and made Brazillian Cheese Rolls. We had some of his family over. I squeezed in one session on the elliptical during the day, not sure why if feels SO much harder on the weekend! I rested here and there during the day, but never actually got a nap in.

1022 (Saturday) 173.4. Steps 13240. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn 640/561 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up and off to work early. I got up and said "hello" to him when he was in the shower ... scared him! I laughed (and laughed). I was a little sad I didn't get my Saturday sleep in though. I did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical. #5 had a basketball game at 2:00 in Lehi. we caught a ride with teammates. It was the only game going, so I wasn't sure why they had it on the court with the glaring sunlight. I also didn't understand why the kids coming in for the game after had to shoot on the basket behind the court with the game in session (where I was standing attempting to get video, which was hard with them there, and with the bright sun spots) when there were two full courts open. The game ended up in overtime, and our boys got the win! I really hope we don't do the Lehi league again though. I didn't care for the building (no spectator spots), the driving distance, or the lack of information (no schedules, we'd only find out game time a day or so before). #3 went to a corn maze with friends, and #2 was able to pick him up after so Hubs and I could go to bed.

1021 (Friday) 172.3. Steps 20914. Total Burn 2810. Exercise Burn 1185/1005 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Got up early enough to get in one session on the elliptical before heading out to Zumba. Went to Debbie's class in Daybreak at 9:00. I was a little afraid we were going to get kicked out, as people were coming in to set up for a wedding. My pet peeve ... if you reserve the church from 5:00-10:00, that is when your reservation stands. If you are planning on setting up hours early, then reserve it for the set up time too, and check to see if there is already something on the schedule! Class stats ... 5361 steps, 2.34 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 303/363, avHR101, high120, didn't make it into the cardio zone at all during the 60min class. Scosche said 340 calories, avHR99, high 127. I had brought my weights, and we do some toning in class. It just doesn't get my heart rate up. #3 asked me to take him up to a friend's church so they could play basketball. I had him drive there and back (a couple hours later for the pickup). The little boys just played around home all day ... bottle flipping, Minecraft, Clash Royal and basketball. I finished up "The Great Brain" ... a reread for me, one #4 just read and needs to do a book report on due Monday. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, and both #2 and #3 went to haunted houses with their friends.

1020 (Thursday) 171.2. Steps 18529. Total Burn 2680. Exercise Burn 836/914 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2350. Fall break ... to sleep in time. Not for Hubs though, he was up uber early. The kitty tried to run into the room, but Hubs grabbed him and kept him out ... as much fun as a snuggly kitty is, it actually keeps me from sleeping. I didn't get any elliptical in before hitting Zumba with MZL at 9:00. I was a little late, as #2 had requested I wash his work clothes, and I'd stuck around to make sure they were put in the dryer before I left. Class stats were 6267 steps, 2.72 miles.  Fitbit calorie estimates 401/439, avHR121, high149, in zone 30 of the 57 minutes. Unfortunately, I forgot my Scoshe. I'd had it laid out and everything.  After class, I stopped at Dunford Donuts, grabbing some of their Halloween donuts, and a regular dozen. We were having the bishop over in the evening for #3's setting apart as a priest, so I spent some time cleaning up. #5 had been invited out to his cousin's birthday party (they had a cancellation and needed a body to make sure there were even numbers for flag football). I was a little stressed, with my driving issues, hitting rush hour, and just if I'd have the time to make the trip, trying to prep for tonight. Luckily my other SIL was taking her son to the party and said she stop and grab mine on the way. Maga brought him back after, as she was coming out to our house anyway. 

1019 (Wednesday) 170.9. Steps 26584. Total Burn 3035. Exercise Burn 1235/1255 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Pulling the kids out of bed with promises of "you can sleep in tomorrow" and also anticipating that fact for myself. Last day of early morning driver's ed! Yea! I so dislike driving in the dark (who am I kidding, I dislike driving all the time, but the dark is not good). Got in a couple elliptical sessions while getting the boys off to school. Resetting my reminder for early out at the elementary today! Went to Zumba with MZL. 6228 steps. 2.85 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 357/402. avHR107, high132, in zone 3 of the 60min. Scosche said 425 calories, avHR106, high139, in zone 5min. Not sure why I wasn't getting the HR up today. After class I stopped at Sam'sClub to grab some groceries. Funny to see several other women in their workout wear ... I'm not the only one who stops while already out and about. Mowed the lawn ... it's getting to where it doesn't need it as often. Hubs was home early, and off to a derby. #3 had gone to a friend's house after school, and Hubs picked him up from there to help. #2 was off to the final football game of the season.

1018 (Tuesday) 171.3. Steps 25270. Total Burn 3138. Exercise Burn 1450/1355 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2100. Got in two 20min elliptical sessions in between school drop-offs, then headed to Zumba with Marian. It was a little cool, so I drove, even though it's walkable. Very fun class today, and my stats were good. 6615 steps. 2.91 miles. Fitbit calories 457/496. avHr120, high145, in zone 34 of the 65 minutes. Scosche said 663 calories, avHR131, high156, in zone 45min. I got additional elliptical in and did weights. Apparently #2 went to a school activity (cheering on girls soccer at state) which left #3 stranded at school ... on the day I have middle school pickup as well. I was trying to make arrangements to grab him but he said he'd just stay and watch the volleyball game. So I picked him up at 6:00 instead ... he was HUNGRY though, but while we have a ton of yummy leftovers, nothing appealed to him. I ended up making him Nutella pancakes. I had a small one, pushed me over goal on calories slightly (that ... or perhaps it was the salted caramel I shouldn't have eaten ... or the candy corn). Hubs had a derby in Farmington, as he works in Davis County, he'd just taken the trailer with him and went straight. He doesn't have one of the boys to help him, but a friend came and lent a hand. #2 had a couple basketball games up at UVC, they won one, lost the other in overtime. He didn't get home until after 11:00.

1017 (Monday) 174.5. Steps 25456. Total Burn 3270. Exercise Burn 1427/1453 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1700. Back to the routine. Still up at 6:00 this week, we'll see if I can keep it up when #3 no longer has early morning driver's ed. I thought it was a B day, so I made lunches (#2 doesn't take them on A day, and #3 just wants partial) ... it was an A day. Got the boys off to school, getting my two elliptical sessions in-between drives. Zumba with Southziders. 6590 steps. 2.95 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 431/488. avHR116, high138, in zone 19 of the 68 minutes. Scosche said 621 calories, avHR120, high164, in zone 29min. Even though we are out of Nutella (to go, for lunches) and orange juice, I just didn't have it in me to go shopping. The kids will have to suffer for a few days without. Back at home I got in additional elliptical, a couple blog posts, laundry, dishes. After school pickup, then dropped #3 off at his old middle school for open gym there (the sophpmores like to come back to the old stomping grounds, it's tradition). I had to pick him up from there, then home to grab his stuff, then drop him at a teammates to catch a ride to the game in Lehi. Two games were on the schedule, but they did divide the team up, and he was just scheduled to play the 8:00 game. #2 had a 9:00 game, and carpooled with friends. Hubs asked if I wanted to go ... I hadn't planned on this one, and it was so late (wouldn't get back until almost 11:00, on a school night, and I always have trouble getting to sleep after late games) ... we didn't. At 9:30 when Hubs was asleep I'm sure he was glad. I got in a session on the bike before bed. The boys both won their games.

1016 (Sunday) 171.3. Steps 7334. Total Burn 2042. Exercise Burn 200/224 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Slept in a bit better this morning. Hubs had been up early, prepping dinner, smoking brisket and prime rib. We did our Sunday Circles breakfast. That's always a big meal, but dinner was a huge meal! We'd invited the grandparents over, but with the late notice (and Maga was a big preoccupied as her kitty was having kittens, again). I had a food baby! My belly was big.

1015 (Saturday) 173.3. Steps 12786. Total Burn 2355. Exercise Burn 425/572 (20minElliptical, Tennis). Calories in 2200. Awake fairly early ... so much for Saturday sleep in. I hit the elliptical for 20min, but then didn't make it down to the gym again. #4 and I went to the park though, and tried a little tennis. It was his first time, but he wasn't too bad! We stayed active enough that it registered on my ChargeHR anyway. Hubs was gone to work for the morning. He was going to meet us at the school at 5:30. If the 5:00 game was a blowout (either winning or losing) we would leave to Lehi for the 6:00 game, but ... if the game was tight, we'd stay until the end. So that was the plan. The munchkin and I hitched a ride to the 4:00 game so we wouldn't have two cars. The 4:00 game didn't go very well. Our boys kept passing to the other team! Not a great game, a loss. Game two stayed pretty neck and neck. #5 made a great deep three buzzer beater at the half. It was close though, so we stayed. We rushed out as it ended and Hubs drove us to Lehi. We made decent time, making there for the second half at least. It was a blowout (we lost) but they were a 7th grade team filling in as the team we were supposed to play was a no show. Afterward, we played the top team in the 6th grade (ranked in the top10 nationally) so again, it was no real match-up, but our boys played well and seemed to have fun. Maybe with some pressure off (there was no way we'd win against these guys) they just played. Hubs had stayed for a bit, but not for both (one and a half) so the boy and I caught a ride home. 

1014 (Friday) 172.4. Steps 18187. Total Burn 2705. Exercise Burn 870/900 (80minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Went ahead and slept in a bit this morning. Also didn't have middle school drop-off, but still didn't make a Zumba or accomplish anything much. This basketball situation on Saturday has me completely stressed and down. In emailing with Hubs, he committed to being our Uber, thus giving us a choice as to when we leave between to two overlapping games. That did help a bit. Early out at the elementary. Middle school carpool was late, something which is really hard on my #4 anxiety child. #5 had basketball practice, and the older boys attended the football game at the high school. Afterward, #2 and friends (girlfriends too) came over for some pumpkin carving.

1013 (Thursday) 172.9. Steps 24090. Total Burn 3020. Exercise Burn 1211/1301 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Normal morning, with three trips to school and elliptical sessions in between. Caught the latest episode of "This is Us" in the morning, and "Designated Survivor" later in the day. Am I using TV to entertain me while I elliptical, or ellipticalling as an excuse to watch more TV? Good question! Zumba with MountainView. STATS: 6764 steps, 2.97 miles. Calorie estimates 421/487. avHR 116/high135, in zone 15 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 558 calories, avHR120/high154, in zone 24min. Pretty good stats, as I was feeling tired, which was ironic because I had slept good last night ... didn't feel tired yesterday after a crappy night. #3 had "roads" today, so I drove him back to school (or accompanied him as he drove rather) and then both older boys had basketball clinic, so I didn't have to go back to pick him up. Hubs and #4 did a derby ... finally the church was a poke-stop rather than a gym, so #4 got some swag while he worked. A little down as basketball schedules for Saturday were posted and there are scheduling conflicts again. Compounded by my anxiety issues about driving complicating matters, as the games Lehi require a ride. I should have hit the bike for some reading but sometimes something this simple starts a spiral sending me into fetal position. Ended up discussing "To Kill a Mockingbird" with #3 when he got home (as we finished the book and he has language arts tomorrow). There were tears ...  although that's nothing new, everything has been bringing me to tears lately, but usually not in front of people. 

1012 (Wednesday) 172.5. Steps 30014. Total Burn 3201. Exercise Burn 1300/1396 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Bad night, I have no idea why. I just could not sleep. Fit in two elliptical sessions between the three school dropoffs this morning. I'm on for three pickups this afternoon too, as #2 (who usually brings #3 home from the high school) is off on a college tour, and the usual Wednesday carpool asked if I could cover. Hit Zumba with MZL (6357 steps, 2.81 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 348/429. avHR103, high134, in zone just 1 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 423 calories, avHR103/high159, in zone 6min). There were some new people there, and they were in "my" spot (they were on time, I was late) but that throws me off a bit. Also ... I admit the PokemonGo stops may be distracting me a little. Stopped at Sam'sClub on the way home to grab some groceries. Got them put away, straightened up the kitchen, did dishes and some laundry. Got in additional elliptical. Did the after school pickups, then mowed the lawn. #4 was walking the canal and sent me a picture of duckies (one of them being one of our duckies) in one of the puddles ... the canal is basically dry. I grabbed some food and went for a walk on the canal myself to see them. While the cool weather is more pleasant, the canal itself ... stinks! Muddy, soggy, swampy goo in the bed. I felt awful for the ducks, the water was so disgusting. There are bigger canals that still have water. There is Daybreak Lake. Or ... fly South little duckies. Two flew as I approached, they are very skittish. Antonia and another stuck around, but did end up flying off, although they circled back to the canal, so I crossed paths with them again as I walked back. I sure hope they are ok! The older boys had basketball clinic, I drove #3 there as #2 was already at the high school. Actually, we had #3 drive, gotta get those practice hours in. He's 16, and will be finishing up the driver's ed course within weeks. The song "Car Crash" came on the playlist during the ride there, and #3 muttered "I really don't think that's very appropriate" ... correct! I forwarded to the next song :)  Happily, #2 was able to bring him home though. Good, as I was pretty tired. I'd done okay during the day, not really dragging or sleepy after my bad night, but I could feel it as the evening went on. Of course Hubs (up early every morning) still beat me to sleep.

1011 (Tuesday) 173.4. Steps 25874. Total Burn 3119. Exercise Burn 1150/1309 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1700. Usual morning getting the kids off, getting elliptical in. Zumba with Marian, I walked to the church and back. Also got in additional elliptical, bike and weights. On middle school pickup duty. #2 had basketball games in American Fork (won them both). #5 had practice over at West Hills. Pot roast for dinner. Hubs experimented with some green beans, trying to recreate a dish from is recent Fall Food Tour. Even with a major overindulgence of candy corn, I kept calories in check. 

1010 (Monday) 175.5. Steps 26153. Total Burn 3135. Exercise Burn 1290/1312 (80inElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Back to the routine. With Hubs gone, I was actually relying on my alarm for the 6:00 wakeup. Got the boys off to school, getting a couple of elliptical sessions in between car rides. Four 20min sessions during the day, catching up on some of the new shows this season. Zumba with Southziders. Unfortunately, there were a ton of chairs up in the gym. Normally, the ward that just finished sitting in said chairs has the responsibility of putting them away. At least that's how it always was, and what makes sense. I guess in this stake, they ask the ward with the middle meeting schedule to come back a couple hours after they've gone home, to put the chairs away. Obviously, it isn't working, as it's happened so many times in this building. Our 9:30 Zumba didn't start until 10:00. On the way home, I stopped at Maceys for groceries. Shopping steps, and steps putting everything away. Hubs was coming home today, so I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen, vacuuming, etc. He'd mentioned lemon jello cake on Facebook, so I made that too. He got home a little after 5:00. Nice to have him home.  

1009 (Sunday) 174.7. Steps 11169. Total Burn 2178. Exercise Burn 600/361 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Made pancakes for breakfast. #2 had actually gotten up early and hit the gym. He was in rare form this morning teasing his brothers and being silly (usually I've just dragged him out of bed to join us and he's still half asleep). Hubs has been checking in during their "Fall Food Tour" in Seattle. Seriously though, I don't even recognize half the stuff as food! I'm not at all adventurous, which is why he's off with family doing this and I'm at home (that, and someone has to stay with the kids and feed the cats). Lazy day, although I did hit the elliptical a few times. 

1008 (Saturday) 174.7. Steps 13864. Total Burn 2429. Exercise Burn 600/626 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Got in some elliptical. Dropped off the cookies, and dropped off #3 to hang out with friends. #5 had a game at 5:00. They lost. His 5th grade team was playing at 5:30, but we had to miss that one, as the games overlapped (they got the win without him). He had another game at 7:00 in Lehi, and I just sent him with teammates, as I dislike the drive and the venue. They lost that one too. I did catch up on highlight videos from other 5th/Lehi games, so now I just have the 6th grade Gene Fullmer games to go through.

1007 (Friday) 174.7. Steps 16141. Total Burn 2607. Exercise Burn 845/808 (80minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Slept in a little this morning. Late start at the middle and high schools, but moreover, it was that Hubs wasn't around getting up early, which is usually what wakes me. Got elementary and high school off, while getting in a couple elliptical sessions. Last week one of the other moms drove Friday. She volunteered again today, so I took her up on it. Whereas #4 seemed to handle it fine last week, he seemed off about it this morning. I could have/should have hit MZL Zumba. I would have been a little late, but still probably would have gotten most of the class. But ... I've just been dragging, and had actually been looking forward to a break today. I didn't go. I also admit to being quite down about the weigh-in this morning. Why even try? I made chocolate chip cookies in the evening. I needed to take some to a funeral luncheon tomorrow, gave some to #5's ride as they took him to practice, and let #3 take some to friends as I dropped him off to hang out. Luckily #2 was willing to do the pickup, because it was late and I was so tired.

1006 (Thursday) 172.7. Steps 23156. Total Burn 3052. Exercise Burn 1124/1262 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. And up again! Discouraging. I'll admit I had a case of the "why even try" today. Still got in my hour of elliptical, and had a good Zumba class with MountainView. Marian was gone, so I was in charge of the playlist, with Christa and Amanda helping out. Good thing I had my little cord, because the sound box wasn't in the closet. I stopped at Reams afterward to grab some bread and bananas. I pikachu appeared on the PokemonGo phone, and I caught it! My first pokemon catch! #4 was pretty impressed, he says they can be a little tricky (it did take me more than one try, but just a plain poke-ball, as I don't know how to switch to the ultraballs or entice with razzberries). Bit of a blah day. I got a blog post up, and finished up a highlight reel for #5's basketball. I also contacted the company whose software I use (Muvee) with a solicitation for a donation for the upcoming auction for the high school team. Each parent must donate $100 in product (per kid, and I'll probably have two on teams ... sophomore team still has tryouts but I'm fairly confident). They answered back with an affirmative, so that is great! #2 had two games in Lehi today (won one, lost one) and #3 went over to the high school to support girls volleyball. Hubs came home from work early to finish up his packing. Left for the airport at 4:00 for his 6:00 flight. Arrived in Seattle at 8:30. Some nights when Hubs is gone I'll stay up late, getting in extra exercise or computer time ... tonight was NOT such a night. So tired.

1005 (Wednesday) 171.4 Steps 26731. Total Burn 3129. Exercise Burn 1110/1323 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Weight up again? I'm being good! Got the boys off to school, and got in two 20min sessions on the elliptical while I did so. NOT feeling motivated, and could feel myself attempting to talk myself out of going to Zumba, but I went. I had to stop at a store afterward ... I've also been talking myself out of that, but we were almost out of milk and other necessities. So, Sam's stop, but they don't have everything (or at least not in usable quantities) so I'll need to make another store run tomorrow too. I didn't get much accomplished during the day. Some laundry, dishes, working my way through basketball clips. Finally got in another elliptical session, to get to an hour anyway. Saw duckies at the canal when driving #5 home from school, so I took a walk to see them. Hubs had packed away most of the feed when he cleaned up the shed a bit ago, but I still had some floating food and took some of the cherry tomatoes. But ... couldn't find the duckies when I walked back. The water is so low, almost gone ... and it's all rather stinky and soggy now. I mowed the front lawn. We'd at quite the thunderstorm earlier in the day, but it had dried up and the sun had come out ... or so I thought. It started to rain again as I was mowing, but it just stuck with sprinkling, and I pushed through. Can't leave the lawn half mowed! Only did the front though. Hubs was out and about in the evening, prepping and packing for his trip. He's leaving to Seattle, meeting up with siblings for the Fall Food Tour there (they did this last year too). 

1004 (Tuesday) 170.9. Steps 29719. Total Burn 3327. Exercise Burn 1600/1531 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2milesTreadmill). Calories in 1850. A little disappointed in the scale reading this morning. Same as yesterday. Often I have a decent drop after a good Monday. Not that yesterday was that good, I didn't get in my usual crazy Monday workouts, but still hit a little over my minimum, and more importantly, kept calories in check. Well, I guess I didn't get some of the ups I was expecting last weekend either. Silly scale. Still tried to stay on track. Did pretty good on the eating today, although I did cave and have a Swig cookie. Dominos dinner. I got in four 20min sessions on the elliptical (still watching "The Last Ship") and another while on the treadmill. Caught up on TKAM (To Kill a Mockingbird) to discuss with #3... reading while riding the stationary bike of course. Need to start reading "The Great Brain" to discuss with #4 as he reads it. Got a couple blog posts up. Hubs had a derby in the evening and #4 went to help (the church was a gym again! He wants it to be a poke-stop!) as the older boys had clinic. I had to drive #3 as #2 was heading there from a friend's house. I was out again just before 7:00 to drop #5 off at his practice, then again at 8:00 to pick him up. The older boys got out at the same time, and #2 did drop #3 off home, but I should have (and would have) grabbed him, as I was right about there anyway (the middle school and high school are close together). I'd gone to bed, and texted #2 to come home as it was a school night, and he texted back "I am home" ... funny, he'd come in right as I closed our bedroom door so I wasn't aware he was here.

1003 (Monday) 170.9. Steps 22810. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 1275/1122 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1700. I don't like it when my Fitbit says I've slept good when I know I haven't. Just because I'm laying and not moving doesn't mean I'm sleeping. Dragging today. I got in my two morning elliptical sessions while I got the boys off to school. #4 is trying hot lunch today ... unheard of for him! Zumba with Southziders. I was dragging SO much, I even thought I'd mention to Nina that I was too off to lead, but I didn't get around to it. Then Nina put on "Terrible" which is one of mine that requires a lot of energy. I pushed through, and it helped get my heart rate up anyway. Felt a little better even, and ended up getting decent stats for class (6720 steps, 3.07 miles. Fitbit calorie estimates 419/443. avHR114, high 141, in zone 16 of the 63 minutes. Scosche said 544 calories, avHR117, high166, in zone 24minutes). Didn't accomplish a lot during the day - I should have stopped at a store for strawberries and bananas, but just didn't have it in me. I did clean the master bathroom, did laundry and dishes. Got in my additional elliptical. Made tomato soup, a recipe from my SIL's that #3 has been raving about forever. That and toasted cheese sandwiches was dinner. I don't eat the soup, but I had a sandwich. #3 had a "Driver's Ed" presentation in the evening. Instead of being at our local high school, it was out in Herriman. I convinced Hubs since I had done it for the first two boys, it was his turn. I wondered if it might impact him at all too (seatbelt use, no texting while driving). I was just glad I didn't have to drive that far, in the dark ... and the whole people in a crowd thing. Showered and in jammies! I might have hit the bike for some reading and riding, but #4 ended up in the gym watching ESPN.  

1002 (Sunday) 171.7. Steps 9997. Total Burn 2116. Exercise Burn 320/315 (20minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2000. First thing, Hubs started cleanup on the fountains, which he'd been too tired to do last night (understandably). I made breakfast, even making the waffles from scratch, which I usually leave to Hubs or #3 (I did ask #3 to do it, he was just uncooperative). Just regular fried bacon and blueberry sausage. I pulled all the pictures from the homecoming activities off #2's phone (and had gotten some from one of the other moms who was there taking pictures). Lots of fun photos. Conference Sunday - a traditional lunch at Pammy's house (we had to skip out on the monthly gathering with my side of the family as this was scheduled before). Also tradition, I generally stay home and enjoy the empty house. I had been thinking about attending, but I guess it's just expected that I stay home, so I did. Feeling off and sad though, then compounded by hearing that one of #1's friends in the neighborhood had just died. No details. He had been struggling with drugs and some mental issues for a while, but I'd seen him a few months ago and we'd had a nice chat and he seemed to be doing better. Sunday is usually my rest day, but I felt I needed some of my exercise endorphins. I hit the elliptical for 20min, to finish up my episode from yesterday (The Last Resort) and also did 30min on the bike. Hit the store to restock for lunches, but Smiths was OUT of everything. No strawberries, no bananas (just the more expensive "organic" ones), had to buy a different brand of ham. Not a great day ... although I did indulge in my Swig and breakfast, I then seemed to lose my appetite for the rest of the day, which at least kept calories in check. 

1001 (Saturday) 171.6. Steps 17883. Total Burn 2523. Exercise Burn 650/726 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2750. My Swig Sugar cookies have been calling ... and I've been answering. I got in my hour of elliptical today. #5 had three games as usual. I skipped the first one in Lehi (where they got their first win) and met them at SoJo Middle for the second game. We got blown out by a really good team. Then he played with his 5th grade team. Started slow (only three points in the first half) then my little guy went off and got 10 points in about a minute, bringing us ahead for an easy win in the end. Three games in four hours though ... Hubs was gone all day "catering" a wedding with our two (or now three) chocolate fountains. The white chocolate and caramel didn't work well though and he was frustrated with that. It was a loooong day for him. Homecoming day for #2. They did breakfast, then went paintballing, then dressed for dinner and dance, with pictures before. Classic afterward for skating and bouncing.

0930 (Friday) 169.8. Steps 25307. Total Burn 3125. Exercise Burn 1350/1335 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1900. I got up a little after 6:00 and got started on the day, getting in three 20min elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. I only had one drive myself (elementary) as #3 can catch a ride with his brother on Fridays, and while I usually drive #4, one of the other kids in the carpool also has anxiety issues and we figured we'd see if having her mom drive would help that (and my anxiety child handled it fine). I would have hit MZL, being a little late, but they had moved buildings today, further North. I did manage to get in an hour on my own, but it's hard to keep the energy up and stay motivated (6395 steps, 399 calorie estimate). I got in an additional elliptical (80min total, watching last night's "Grey's Anatomy" and then the premier of "Pitch" which I liked, these new Fall shows ARE motivating me!) and a session on the bike. I also did weights. I made Swigg Copycat Cookies, which took quite a while in the afternoon, and will not be good for the calorie intake, although I kept it under control today. #2 was off to the high school for the homecoming game. #3 skipped it to go help Dad with a derby. I dropped #5 off at practice. #4 had come along to catch pokemon and hit the poke-stops. We took a detour to circle the city park (a good restocking spot) and then drove by a local golf course, which is a spawning spot for Seel ... #4 was so happy to catch one, so it was worth the trip.

0929 (Thursday) 170.5. Steps 25377. Total Burn 3071. Exercise Burn 1375/1277 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 3100. Got the boys up and off to school, and two sessions on the elliptical in between making lunches and car rides. Zumba with MountainView. Again, couldn't quite get the heart rate up (6432 steps. 2.79 miles. Fitbit Calorie estimates 392/447. Average HR 111, High 133, in zone 4 of the 61 minutes. Scosche said 467 calories, avHR109, high147, in zone 7min). Not motivated at all back at home. I did get in additional elliptical (watched second episodes of "Designated Survivor" and "This is Us" ... the current shows have been motivating me) and bike (reading "Firelight" second in the "Steelheart" series) though. Made scones again after school, which used up the remaining dough. Meatball subs for dinner. I needed to run #3 to basketball clinic as #2 was out and about. Happily he brought him home, because I was in jammies and ready for bed at 9:00. Really frustrated with myself and my eating today. Total lack of control, but I grudgingly and guiltily logged it all anyway. The day before weigh-in too! 

0928 (Wednesday) 171.7. Steps 30186. Total Burn 3263. Exercise Burn 1550/1479 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 2milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2200. I must admit, a bit bummed with the increase in weight on the scale this morning. According to the numbers I still had a decent deficit, so I don't get the one pound increase. I do know there are fluctuations, and I have noticed a rise after a weight day. Something about the muscles hanging onto water? I don't know. Anyway, the high school was out this morning, so I could have slept in a bit (not needing to get #3 to early morning driver's ed) but it's more trouble than it's worth to change the alarm. I did snooze it once. I got in my two sessions on the elliptical. I finished up "Being Human.Season 2" yesterday and have started up on "The Last Ship. Season 3" via PlayOn, although I think I'm planning on keeping up with some new shows this season too. got the kids off to school and hit Zumba with MZL. My Scosche was showing some wild readings, skyrocketing heart rate that I definitely wasn't feeling. ChargeHR didn't get up at all. I was struggling a bit with energy. I made breakfast, pancakes, for #3 when I got back. Of course I had some myself too. While I got out of the one carpool to school, my son then wanted to go hang out with friends at a certain time ... then it kept getting pushed back and pushed back and didn't happen, but while I'm waiting, I don't feel like I can start a workout or other project (although I did get around to cleaning the main bathroom). He also mentioned having friends come hang here, which would have been okay too, but that didn't end up happening either. Not quite my usual routine day though. Hubs came home a little early and took #2 to get a new suit. I made scones for dinner ... fried bread topped with butter and sugar. Yum. Calories. I did get my additional workouts in though, it was a successful "workout Wednesday."  Got a blog update done, and went through clips from one of the basketball games I'm behind on. 

0927 (Tuesday) 170.4. Steps 27805. Total Burn 3206. Exercise Burn 1300/1413 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2400. Happy with the scale shift this morning. Can I keep it and more? I was able to get in my two elliptical sessions between making lunches and dropping kids off at school. It was a lovely morning, so I walked to Zumba. I couldn't quite get the heart rate up in class though. Got breadsticks rising with the leftover dough from Friday. Did some laundry, dishes and kitchen cleaning. Tuesdays I have middle school carpool too. Worked on the computer a bit prepping songs to give to Marian (our new numbers she doesn't have on her playlist). Squeezed in some additional elliptical and did a full body weight session. I'd hoped to feed #2, but he was at a friend's house all afternoon. Hubs and #3 left for a derby right before the breadsticks were done too. #5 had basketball practice. #4 came with and after we dropped him off we hit SmithsMarketplace. Everyone raves about the one up 7800, but they were out of everything I wanted, so it wasn't a great trip. We drove around hitting a few pokestops and then picked up #5. Caught a Lick-a-tongue on the way home, #3 was excited!

0926 (Monday) 172.6. Steps 30054. Total Burn 3380. Exercise Burn 1500/1587 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1650. Really surprised the scale stayed steady over the weekend, especially with the popcorn indulgence last night. Hit the elliptical a couple times in the morning while getting the boys to school. Zumba with Southziders, got good stats. Small celebration for Cassie's birthday, so there were treats. I grabbed a small donut and cupcake and brought them home to eat later. Even with that, I kept calories under control today. Got in additional elliptical and a session on the bike. Mowed the lawn, front and back, and got in a couple games of ping pong. Spent quite a bit of time on the computer creating a new car playlist. So many songs I haven't listened too in forever. Tacos for dinner. It was a good day.

0925 (Sunday) 172.6. Steps 5534. Total Burn 2391. Exercise Burn 0/116 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. Sunday sleep in, but I woke with a headache. Blah. We did our Sunday Circles. Hubs smoked bacon and it was so delicious. He went to visit his mom and take her on a drive up the mountains to see the leaves changing colors. I got in a fabulous nap. #3 wanted crepes, but we were out of Nutella! Quick Sams stop to restock (milk, oj, fruit too). Just snacking for dinner, then Hubs made popcorn and we watched a few episodes of "Jim" and #3 and I discussed "To Kill a Mockingbird" which he's reading for school (and I'm reading to help discuss before class). 

0924 (Saturday) 173.4. Steps 12052. Total Burn 2446. Exercise Burn 450/636 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Hit the elliptical for a couple sessions in the morning, then it was a basketball day, with #5 having three games. First with his 5th grade team (easy win), then his 6th grade team (blow out loss and yelling, our coach getting ejected), then 6th again (loss, but close). It's hard to stay current with highlight videos when I have this many games to do. Still cold and rainy out. I think my grass likes it, but no mowing today. #3 had friends over until late. I made them homemade oreos.

0923 (Friday) 172.3. Steps 17733. Total Burn 2712. Exercise Burn 850/935 (80minElliptical). Calories in 3200. Hubs couldn't sleep and was up early, like 3:00 early. He left for work. I thought for sure I would fall back asleep, but I didn't. I finally got up at 6:00 and hit the elliptical. I didn't quite have the energy for weights though. Made lunches, sans middle school, as they were out today. Which, being the conflicting carpool, made it so I COULD have hit a Zumba class. But with my early awaking, and some tummy troubles, I just wasn't feeling up to it at all. I did get some elliptical in. Catching a new premiere (This is Us) and the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy".  Didn't get to weight during the day either though, nor any other exercise. It was a cold and rainy day, so I made chicken soup and homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert. Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice. Should have hit a wedding reception, but with the weather and the early up ... both Hubs and I were ready for bed at 9:00. Even #2 was home and in bed. Goodnight!

0922 (Thursday) 171.5. Steps 24559. Total Burn 3065. Exercise Burn 1400/1268 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Started the day fine with a couple elliptical sessions in the morning while getting the boys off. Hit Zumba at Mountainview. I was the only helper there, so it was more of Marian, yet I'd need at least three hours or more to get all my favorites. I grabbed some poke-stops there again. No shopping stops on the way home, just back to hit the elliptical a few more times. The older boys had games in the evening. In Lehi, so I arranged a ride for #3, and #2 would drive himself and friends. I actually asked if he'd mind if I hitched a ride, so I could watch him play, but he said yes, that would be embarrassing to have mom along in the car. So I sat these games out. They won them (double header for the sophomores). Hubs had a derby, and #4 went along to help. It was a little surprising, but he's more willing to go out because of PokemonGo (unfortunately the church was a gym, not a Pokestop). It was really stormy weather too, which would have driven him cowering to the basement in years past. Now ... he hardly batted an eye. Turns out two tornadoes touched down! Tornadoes were his trigger for his weather phobia and we always said they don't happen here in Utah. Our immediate area wasn't really hit with the storm. 

0921 (Wednesday) 171.8. Steps 27811. Total Burn 3130. Exercise Burn 1260/1360 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Got four 20min sessions on the elliptical in during the day. Hit MZL for Zumba. Again, gathered some poke-stuff for my son, as the church is a poke-stop. Stopped at Maceys for some groceries on the way home. The weather is turning a bit nasty this weekend, so I mowed the lawn, front and back. Laundry, dishes, blog update and basketball highlight video done. But still felt like I hadn't accomplished what I should have for the day. Did keep calories in check at least. 

0920 (Tuesday) 171.7. Steps 24999. Total Burn 3151. Exercise Burn 1300 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2800. I did get up just a tad earlier today, and it helped. But again, didn't get my full 20min elliptical in (had to call it at 15min) as I'd had to mess with #2's Fitbit that hasn't been syncing and needed a battery change. I hadn't realized it until I got an email from my missionary yesterday with his steps, input them to compare them with the family and saw #2 missing from the list. He's quite active, he should have been near the top. He was at work until late so I couldn't deal with it until this morning. Anyway, three trips to the different schools to drop kids off. Zumba with Marian. Nice to have Marian back. I totally don't mind handling the class when she is gone, I even enjoy it ... getting to lead more and picking the playlist ... but it's also nice just to hand it back to her and not worry about set up and such. I brought the family phone, the one #4 uses for his PokemonGo. I'd had him show me how to get a poke-stop. The church is one, so I grabbed it while I was there ... ended up doing it multiple times. A couple times before/after class, and even during, when I'd go grab a drink. I did get in a weights session back at home, and one additional elliptical (above my hour). Usually I might get more in on a Tuesday, but I was doing some reading ... not riding though, because it was a physical book ... "To Kill A Mockingbird". I wish I had it in digital, but not enough to pay $10 for it. #3 is reading it in school and actually asked me to read it too, so we could discuss it. They had started last week, so I had a bit of catching up to do, but I did! Up through chapter eight. It was fun to talk about it with him! #2 "forgot" him after school ... HOW do you FORGET your brother when you bring him home every day? I was picking up middle school, and then had to get #5 from elementary, so I couldn't get to him for another half hour or so. One of the older basketball boys was nice enough to drive him home. I took the boys over to the neighbor's to play with their puppy. They had a long day at work and hated having her in the kennel that long. I don't know who enjoyed it more though, the puppy, or my boys! #5 had basketball practice in the evening. A teammate needed help getting their boy there, so they dropped him off at our house early and #5 enjoyed having him hangout before. I dropped him back home after. Again though, Hubs fell asleep before I came to bed. Not that late, but when he's up so early, he's a tired man. And YES... I saw that I needed ONE more step to hit 25k, but I thought for sure I'd end up getting out of bed before midnight for something ... but I guess I didn't.

0919 (Monday) 173.5. Steps 34362. Total Burn 3797. Exercise Burn 1800/2006 (90minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1950. Nice motivated Monday! I do need to get up just a bit earlier, as it's been hard getting in my morning weigh-in, feeding the fish/cats and making lunches before the first kid carpool out. I also had to spend a little time locating #4's shoes (#3 had HID them, because he was tired of them being left out). I didn't quite get my full 20min in (had to quit at about 17min because the neighbor kid was here and it was time for carpool #2). That throws me off. I was able to bump my next session to 25min to make up the time. Zumba with Southziders. I didn't make any shopping stops on the way home today, just back home for house stuff (laundry, dishes, etc) and additional exercise. Got in some treadmill time and reading/riding. Ping Pong after school with #4. Aunt Olivia picked up the boys and took them bowling. I met them after to bring home my boys (cousins were there too) and we detoured around the park a bit to pick up poke-stops and return a DVD set to the library, and then the boys were hungry and "we have NO food at home" so I stopped at Arctic Circle and got them a little something (and had a few tots, but had kept calories low all day so it was still under goal ... barely). Unfortunately we were a little late and Hubs was already asleep (he'd had an early morning). I miss my goodnight kiss.

0918 (Sunday) 172.8. Steps 5726. Total Burn 1974. Exercise Burn 0/141 (WiiFit). Calories in 2500. It was nice to sleep in. We did our big Sunday Circle breakfast. Didn't smoke bacon, as we hadn't prepped for that (need to have it thawed and ready and allow extra time), and the kids have been into blueberry sausage more lately anyway. The pears have ripened, so I prepped a couple of those too. Yummy. Everyone bustling around the kitchen made me happy this morning. Hubs was making the waffle mix from scratch ... whipping up egg whites and everything. #3 was making buttermilk syrup, #4 was tending the sausage. #5 was unloading the dishwasher, as we'd be filling it up again soon. Even though it's after 10:00, I have to go drag #2 out of bed. I always feel like I need a nap after our big breakfast myself. Hubs ran some errands. We had an ipod emergency, as #5's was having authorization issues and we weren't sure we were going to get back in (it had been #2's previously, and he was at work, and he needed to help work through the authorization) but whew, got it updated and back. #5 was scared he was going to lose his Clash Royale deck. I did a quick trip to Sam's to grab fruit for lunches and restock the milk. Like last week, it was super busy. Long lines, and the self-checks weren't open. Frustrating. As I was finally checking out, I thought I saw Hubs walk in. I mean it was HIM. Bald up top, beard, black shirt, his stance and walk. But Hubs was home, prepping dinner ... it was weird, but after checking out I couldn't really go back in and track down his doppelganger. Hubs at home when I got back there, hadn't made a surprise trip to Sams. He was experimenting cooking the steak on a salt plate (youtube video he'd seen) but it didn't work out so well. It kindof exploded a bit. Hmmmm. Dinner was delicious though. He undercooks the meat a bit, then we have a "sizzle plate" inside (cast iron on a little indoor grill) which finishes it up and browns the outside. His mashed taters are so good too. I tried to add a little veggie with some canned french cut green beans. I was the only one who ate any. After dinner, Hubs and I watched Deadpool. He'd already seen it twice and wanted to share it with me. I enjoyed it more than I thought it would, although I probably like hearing Hubs laugh more than the movie itself. ♥

0917 (Saturday) 172.2. Steps 11806. Total Burn 2310. Exercise Burn 360/506 (Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early to get pork butt smoking, and then to work for a meeting. Hubs works so hard! As I was up, I went ahead and hit Teresa's Zumba class. I made pancakes for breakfast when I got back. #5 had three basketball games today! The first was at 2:00, in Lehi. He and I caught a ride with teammates. It was a close game, and at the end there was a questionable call and of course our coach was yelling about it (it cost our team the game). He is loud. After the game, one of the mom's on the other team came up to our coaches wife, stuck her finger in her face and told her she should be ashamed of her husband. Our coach's wife take that well and there were almost blows among the women, and then it started up with the men. That just ruins the game for me, I'm so uncomfortable with conflict and really ... this is kids basketball, let it go! The kids were being good sports ... it was the parents. So, home for just a bit to recharge (myself and the video camera) and off again. Playing first with his 5th grade team, then with his 6th grade team. These are in the same league, and not only did they make sure the games didn't conflict for us, but they put our games back to back at the same location every week. WONDERFUL! I mean, the kid might do a little better with some rest between games, but it really is so much simpler for me to just have them both at once. Fun for the kids and #5 to see him play with his "other" team before or after. Both of these games were uber easy wins. #3 had come to watch. Back at home, Daddy had pulled pork all ready for us, which was nice, because I was hungry. Then I was hit SO hard with the sleepies. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open (just before 9:00). I went to bed. I wasn't able to fall asleep, but just closing my eyes felt good. Hubs came to bed around 10:00 and beat me to sleep after all ... 

0916 (Friday) 171.7. Steps 18369. Total Burn 2595. Exercise Burn 750/798 (60minElliptical, 1mileTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1950. Still dragging a bit from my depression over my driving skills (lack thereof). One of these mornings I'm still going to get up at 6:00 as I do all the other weekdays. I could get in an elliptical session and do weights before the kids even get up, with late start. But today was not that day. I got in some elliptical, but didn't even attempt to hit Zumba. I mowed the lawn (just the front) as I knew I'd be too busy tomorrow. Quite a bit of chauffeuring in the afternoon/evening. #3 stayed after for driving ranges, so I had to pick him up. I was taking the boys to SLCC for #5's practice. That drive pushes my comfort zone and I have to remind myself to breathe. #4 came along to catch Pokemon along the way and I took a couple small detours which resulted in him catching a Snoralax and another Riachu. He was pretty happy. As soon as I got home, after being in the car for an hour, #3 wanted a ride to the high school to watch the football game. At least #2 was already there and could bring him home after. Shower and to bed! 

0915 (Thursday) 173.4. Steps 23632. Total Burn 3021. Exercise Burn 1124/1232 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2550. Another dragging day ... and starts off bad grabbing a caramel or two (or three) for breakfast. Just 30min (instead of the usual two 20min sessions) on the elliptical in the morning. I was in charge at MountainView, but had Christa to help. I thought numbers would be a little higher being up front and picking the playlist. I mean they were good, Scosche was high, but ChargeHR wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. Stopped at Smiths on the way home. It's a little chilly walking through the freezer section in a sweaty shirt. Got groceries put away. Another nap. I have NO energy. I've been stressed about basketball tonight. It's in Lehi, further than I drive. #2 will be driving and taking his friends (which also makes me nervous), but I need to get #3 there. It sure would have been nice if the coaches had let us know what was going on before last night (I wasn't sure if #3 was on the sophomore team or not, you know, as there haven't been tryouts yet). I'd like to go watch too, especially as both boys are playing, one at 7:00 one at 8:00. Hubs said he'd take us ... I feel so guilty putting him out when he's worked all day. Things like this just make me feel SO badly about myself. I SHOULD be able to drive there myself. Hubs even took us a different route, bypassing the freeways, a route I might dare try myself? There are more games coming up. I was glad I got to watch though. #2's team had a close game, double OT, but they pulled off the win. That made us a little late to #3's game, which they won easily. 

0914 (Wednesday) 172.2. Steps 22116. Total Burn 2959. Exercise Burn 1050/1155 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Got the kids off, got in a couple elliptical sessions then hit Zumba with MZL. I was dragging today though, couldn't get the heart rate up. Because of weights yesterday? Not really sore like from Friday's workout, but I'm very often affected the day after regardless of soreness. I didn't do my usual store stop on the way home ... instead, dragging SO much I laid down for a little nap. I'm spoiled, I can. Got in one additional elliptical but no other exercise, other than playing some ping pong with #4. Very over on the eating. Candy corn has been calling. I opened a bit bag ... I shouldn't have done that. I can eat the stuff by the handful. And even though I'm not uber impressed with Sam's latest salted caramels, I was eating them today too. Some golden oreos left out tempted me too. I made dinner, chicken pillows and yellow rice, fried chicken for the little boys (and me). I don't know if I wasn't that tired because of my nap, or because I was stressing about basketball tomorrow night (both boys have games in Lehi tomorrow) ... or because Hubs was snoring (he doesn't usually). I could NOT get to sleep. I got up ... and ate some ice cream. A bit of a binge on eating today. Not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow.

0913 (Tuesday) 172.2. Steps 29234. Total Burn 3400. Exercise Burn 1450/1596 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2300. Everything according to schedule this morning. On Tuesdays, when I'm in charge at the church, I head over straight after dropping off the littlest at elementary. I'm uber early, but it's not enough time to go home in-between. I didn't have to open doors today. It had been stake conference, so it was all open. I closed the doors to the chapel, and swept up, as there was a bunch of little on the floor. With a little time still, I went over a couple routines. Of course my Charge did pick that up as the start of my workout again ... adding 15 extra minutes, which throws off my stats. Class was good. Just had Christa, Steph and Suzanne for helpers, so I lead more than my usual. Got in some additional exercise at home, but kept an eye on the clock as I had to grab #3 early from school and take him to the orthodontist. I hadn't been getting a bill, we'd been on auto-pay for the last child in braces, but it had never got set up, but also not bills going out. It had crossed my mind, but I hadn't looked into it. The office did catch their error today, so we did have a big bill as we catch up to the previous unbilled months. I was on middle school pickup duty, then elementary as always. We just did leftovers tonight, as we had plenty on hand and I want to get them used up. The older boys had basketball clinic in the evening, and #5 had practice (moved from the rec center to West Hills). I dropped him off but had #2 pick him up so I could jump in the shower after my final workout.

0912 (Monday) 173.4. Steps 27816. Total Burn 3203. Exercise Burn 1330/1433 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Back to the routine. I don't know why it's so easy to get up early and get exercising on Monday mornings, but I'm not motivated at all on Sundays! Maybe my rest day is good in that I'm sure ready to get back at it after. Got in two elliptical sessions in-between boys getting off to school. Headed to Draper for Southziders. We had a couple new gals, pretty, perfect bodies AND could dance. They added some energy. It was a nice big crowd too. I was a little surprised my stats weren't higher. They were good, but a couple times I pushed until I felt like I was going to drop (I DID nudge into the "peak" zone on my ChargeHR for ONE minutes). Chatted with a couple missionary moms after, and one of them grew up in Puebla! Small world. I even got a letter from my missionary today (he's been a bit hit and miss for several weeks now) and updated the blog! On the way home from Zumba I stopped by Reams, just grabbing bananas, and the tomato sauce I forgot on my last trip. Spent a little time in the food room getting the case situated. Cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry. Finished up a basketball video. I hit the treadmill for a couple miles. I should have made dinner, as I had some extra time, and everyone was home in the evening (well, not #2, he was working). But ... I'd planned on pizza, so we did Dominos. Hubs and I had started the Netflix Original "Stranger Things" this weekend and it had grabbed me. After dinner, I told Hubs we should watch an episode or two, and he was game (we ended up watching three). So I didn't get my evening reading/riding session I had planned. A little over on the eating, but not too bad.

0911 (Sunday) 173.1 . Steps 10407. Total Burn 2156. Exercise Burn 0/347 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Hubs wanted to hit the lake one last time before the weather turns (although next weekend is still looking rather nice). #2 had even got work off to go. I probably should have gone too, as I haven't been beaching this summer. It's not really even a fear of being in a bathing suit (although that is not appealing) ... it's the long drive, and wait while putting the waverunners in the water, and then just sitting around uncomfortably in the sand and sun. I just don't enjoy it at all, whereas I DO love a quiet rest day at home alone. It wasn't that restful though. I hadn't mowed the lawn yesterday and it needed it, so I did it today. I also needed to restock for school lunches. I made a trip to Sam's and my purchases were all healthy! Just milk (one gallon was chocolate) and a bunch of fruit - pears, kiwi, strawberries, grapes, frozen fruit mix. I had moments of rest, but didn't get in a nap or anything. The guys got back around 5:30. 

0910 (Saturday) 172.2. Steps 15299. Total Burn 2655. Exercise Burn 650/852 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. ACT for #2. He's hoping to improve his score. I got up early too and hit an 8:15 Zumba class I'd heard about. I'd met the instructor once over a year ago, when she subbed at MountainView. I'd friended her on FB and that's how I heard about it. Not an LDS church, but close. Cement floors. I'd have worn different shoes. Lots of familiar songs, but different choreo.  I didn't quite get home in time to run #3 to his driving range at the high school, but I'd had Hubs on backup, so that worked. #2 was getting out about the same #3 would be done, so I arranged for him to bring him home, as I was off with #5 to a basketball game in Lehi. The kids said the floor/standards were nice, but I wasn't impressed with the facility for spectators. No place to sit, right up against the court. Three games gone on (multiple whistles and exponential noise). I had my headphones on though, so that helps. It was close, a three pointer there at the end could have won it, but we lost by two. The boys were pretty happy with their performance though. They had made some good runs and a comeback after getting behind. When we got back home, I took #5 to a friend's house for a party. Hubs had been busy smoking brisket all day. I had to go grab #2 from a friend's house, as he didn't have his car (getting new tires). We ate, then Hubs and #2 went to grab the Charger and I went to pick up #5. Then it was the BYU/UofU rivalry game. #4 has been into football, so it was on. He did take a break and challenged me to ping pong, which has made a comeback in our home. We've been playing it quite a bit. Hubs ended up watching the game, and I even sat down for a bit at the end. I have to admit I was cheering for BYU there at the end. I graduated from there, but I'm not a die-hard fan or anything. They just made a nice touchdown there at the end. A kick would have tied the game, but they went for the win with a two-point conversion. I thought it was gutsy and would have loved to have them get the win ... but they didn't. But again, I don't really care one way or the other.

0909 (Friday) 170.8. Steps 23428. Total Burn 3067. Exercise Burn 1000/1259 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2800. Not a great night for sleeping. Hubs was awake a lot too. I was awake at 6:00, but Hubs wasn't up yet. I have a hard time getting up before him (and it's usually not a problem, as he's an early riser). Up at 6:30 though, earlier than the last couple weeks. I did get in a couple elliptical sessions while getting the boys off to school. I prepped for Zumba, and went straight to MZL after dropping off middle school carpool. They had sound troubles and started even later than usual, so I still got 50 minutes in (even getting there a half hour late). I got in a weight workout back at home, and finished up my elliptical, but that didn't happen until the end of the day. Early out at the elementary, and I had to grab #3 from school as he'd stayed after for his own weight workout there. I was also on carpool duty to basketball practice for #5. #4 came along as well, catching a few pokemon and stocking up at Poke-stops. I did a walk to the canal and found duckies, but not my duckies.

0908 (Thursday) 170.8. Steps 34816. Total Burn 3681. Exercise Burn 1650/1885 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 3mileIntervals). Calories in 1950. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical as I got the boys off to school. MountainView Zumba today, then a stop at Reams to grab a couple things. Tomato sauce was on the list ... well, NOT on my written list but should have been. I forgot it. Cheaper there than at the other case lots around. I keep looking at the canal as I cross, but haven't seen MY duckies around. Got in additional elliptical, and some treadmill time during the day. #2 and #3 had their clinic in the evening, but it was split tonight into seniors/juniors and soph/fresh so I had to drive #3 there, although #2 went back to bring him home.

0907 (Wednesday) 171.4. Total Burn 3693. Exercise Burn 1884 (90minElliptical Zumba, 2.5mileIntervals). Happy birthday to my firstborn. Twenty-one! Hope he is happy in Mexico. Looking forward to when he's home again. Got a good start to the day, getting in a couple sessions on the elliptical in-between getting boys off to school. Three morning carpools. Then Zumba with MZL. I was fairly late, but as usual, they were too, so I didn't miss anything. I stopped at Sams/Walmart on the way home. We didn't need much, just a few things from each store. I didn't walk to the canal today to check on duckies ... every time I drove over the bridge (and there were lots of trips) I'd look, and I never saw them. I got in additional elliptical. Finished up my hour, then got in extra. Jogged a couple miles on the treadmill ... was able to get the HR up, and have most of the workout in the cardio zone. Mowed the lawn too. Hubs and the littles did a derby in the evening, while the older two had basketball clinic.

0906 (Tuesday) 172.4. Steps 30215. Total Burn 3385. Exercise Burn 1600/1590 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800.  Back to the school schedule. I was awake before my alarm anyway. Up to make lunches, got in a couple sessions on the elliptical in-between the three trips to the various schools. I went straight to the church after dropping off the youngest. Had to open the gym partitions, close the one to the chapel. Move some chairs and other set up. I practiced one song too ... I guess my ChargeHR got confused and "started" my workout early, about 15 minutes before the class began. That throws off that stats a bit. We had a lot of helpers today, so I only did two songs myself. I wore my new Ryka dance shoes ... and didn't really like them. Felt like they were rubbing, and felt hard. I wonder if I can break them in or if they are a loss. After class, I walked the canal, but again, MY duckies weren't around. My walks may be done ... my duckies may have flown, which is good I guess.  I got in additional elliptical, a couple extra 10min sessions too. I did weights ... wimpy workout, I admit. I had two afterschool pickups today. Made tacos for dinner. Did some reading/riding, then took #5 to his basketball practice. I'd debated staying and jogging, or walking, but my legs were SO tired. I ended up just dropping him and coming home. #4 went with me, early, for pickup, and we drove around the park a few times gathering poke-stops. Hubs was gone in the evening to a movie with our BIL. I'm just not into movies myself, so I'm supportive when he hits them with others. Kept calories in check. Still not great quality, but at least quantity was under goal. 

0905 (Monday) 171.7. Steps 19610. Total Burn 2782. Exercise Burn 600/1134 (40minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2600. Labor Day. Hubs even had the day off work. Southziders and Debbie in Daybreak had cancelled their Zumba classes ... I think I would have still gone if either had been up. Oh well. Got in a walk to the canal, but no duckies (not my duckies anyway). Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical. #4 and I ran some errands, hit Maceys for their caselot sale. Shopping steps, and then there is putting everything away. I spent some time in our food storage room sorting and organizing and such. Hubs started stuff smoking early and worked all afternoon for a 5:00 dinner. We'd invited his side of the family out, and his mom and sister's family were able to come. We were all stuffed. Maga brought a cake to celebrate the birthday boys (#4, #3 and #1) so that will save me making a cake on Wednesday for our oldest in Mexico (as I got my photo op). Hubs was tired, but I wasn't quite ready for bed yet. I hit a session on the bike before bed. Return to the routine tomorrow!

0904 (Sunday) 171.4. Steps 5603. Total Burn 1926. Exercise Burn 0/102 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Lazy Sunday, it was a planned rest day for me. I did take a morning walk to see the duckies. They were there, but stand-offish. I made pancakes for breakfast. Hubs smoked bacon and we cooked up some of the blueberry sausage that the boys had discovered on their campout last weekend (#4 and I had picked it up at the store yesterday. I did not eat any of said sausage). Hubs took off for some errands. I took a nap, although I don't think I actually slept. My ChargeHR didn't pick up sleep anyway. Updated the blog with my missionary's latest letter and photos and had the boys write their brother. We took off in the early evening for my brother's house, for the monthly Westra Welatives and Waffles party. We did a quite stop at Cabela's on the way home, as #4 informed us there were tons of Poke-stops in the store. Unfortunately it was 7:00 and it closed at 7:00, but he was able to grab a few, and got some good items, so he was happy (he had hoped for more on the ride to Uncle Derek's house, but had been disappointed). Hubs made popcorn when we got home ... I'd actually done okay on calories before that! 

0903 (Saturday) 172.2. Steps 24244. Total Burn 2907. Exercise Burn 800/1103 (60minElliptical, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2300. Hubs decided to sell the suburban. He took it up to Davis County today to make the trade. He put in a little time at work then took an Uber home. I guess it will be nice not to have an extra car in the driveway. We don't have room. But #3 just turned 16 and will want access to a vehicle, and #1 will be home in a few months too. We'll end up with another car, or two, soon enough. I got in a session on the elliptical, and then did the weight workout I hadn't done yesterday. Mowed the lawn, fed the duckies, went on a little errands trip (library return, Smiths) bringing along #4 for some Pokemon Go-ing. It was a very successful trip for him. Picked up several items as we circled the park by the library. Hatched a Charmander from an egg (he was pretty happy about that) and then he almost hyperventilated when a Raichu appeared on his nearby (within 200 meters) list. I humored him and drove around aimlessly for a few minutes and success, it appeared and he caught it on his first throw of a great ball. Happy boy! Aunt Olivia came over in the evening after her work at Supercuts to give the boys haircuts. I paid her with a mint brownie (she won't accept payment but will accept the brownie, and that's one less around here to tempt me, although she's attempting to lose weight too, so not helpful to her either). It was a cool evening and one of the boys suggested a fire, so we did. Roasted some marshmallows.

0902 (Friday) 170.6. Steps 21013. Total Burn 2721. Exercise Burn 1000/916 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3200. Discouraged with myself today. It was a draggy day. I should still get up at 6:00 on Fridays, even with the school's late start ... but again, I didn't. The last carpool is at 9:30, which causes a late start to "my" day. My free Zumba classes had started at 9:00, but I was going to attempt on my own, but I was dragging so much I had to lay down for a bit first. I did get in an hour of Zumba but it was half-hearted and I really had to push to finish. Had to push to get the hour of elliptical in too. Should have done weights, but it wasn't happening. Should have banked calories, as we had planned on hitting Red Robin as a belated birthday bash for our two birthday boys. I was disappointed when #2 said he couldn't come as coach had asked the seniors to help set up for the football game. Red Robin was yummy. #2 and #3 went to watch the high school game. Hubs wanted to watch "The Dark Knight".

0901 (Thursday) 170.6. Steps 33247. Total Burn 3489. Exercise Burn 1600/1670 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2.5mileIntervals). Calories in 2300. Active day today. Got in a couple elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. Hit MountainView for Zumba. A couple walks to the canal, plus bike, treadmill and extra elliptical today (had to finish up my episode).  

0831 (Wednesday) 171.9. Steps 33905. Total Burn 3433. Exercise Burn 1350/1643 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals). Calories in 2150. Happy birthday to #3. Sixteen years old. Still early morning driver's ed for him though. Got the boys off to school then hit Zumba. Stopped at Sam's and Walmart on the way home. Gets steps in shopping, and putting things away. Made a lemon jello cake for the birthday boy. Had planned on tacos for dinner, had planned on several of #3's friends over, but that fell through (so I have mucho taco stuff around). The older boys had basketball clinic in the evening. I'd gotten in additional elliptical to hit my hour, and had some treadmill time. Just one evening walk to the canal to see the duckies today. A little over on calories, with the cake and all.

0830 (Tuesday) 171.9. Steps 29299. Total Burn 3230. Exercise Burn 1300/1424 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2mileTM). Calories in 2600. A little late getting started today, a little late getting #3 off to school. That pushed me a bit, so I only had time for 10min before middle school carpool. They had the sides of the parking lot roped off (refinishing) and that clogged things up! Pickup will be even worse. Not looking forward to that. Did get in 20min on the elliptical before dropping the munchkin off at elementary. Zumba with Marian, then I walked to see my ducks. They were still skittish. Feeling very draggy and sleepy. Lucky me I could lay down for a bit. Got in my additional elliptical to equal my hour. Should have done weights, but didn't feel up to that. Picked up middle school (it wasn't as bad as I had feared) and elementary, did some laundry, dishes and cleaned the bathroom. Made a basketball muvee and updated the basketball blog. Should have done some shopping, but put it off until tomorrow, much to the disappointment of #4, who'd wanted to go out PokemonGoing. Hubs and #3 did a derby. On my evening walk to the canal, my duckies were acting more normal, anxious for food and eating from the edge. I had the munchies pretty bad today, caved to some mint brownie. Lasagna ... ended up as leftovers, but I like having leftovers (not that I eat lasagna!) I still ate plenty though, technically under burn, but alas, if I'm ever over 2000, up goes the scale.

0829 (Monday) 171.4. Steps 25695. Total Burn 3161. Exercise Burn 1100/1362 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. My youngest came home from the campout sans Fitbit. Dang it! I'll admit, I had awakened in the wee hours of the morning thinking about it. Wondering if I should invest in a new one. If he cares, if I care. I really did for a while there, but with my missionary not sending his steps regularly, I've stopped with the weekly "family fitbit" comparison. I'm not sure when I checked #5's steps last. We also have a Flex that no one is using. Would that work? Then I starting thinking "what if it just fell off in the tent or sleeping bag, or is in a pocket of his pants or something" and when I got up, #5 brought up this possibility as well. I got the older kids off to school, but we had a little time before elementary started. I pulled up my "Fitbit Finder" app (BLTExplorer, tracks bluetooth) and right off, I could see TWO Fitbit Ones! Mine, and the munchkins! Playing "hot and cold" with the app, we narrowed it down to the tent bag, unfolded the tent in the family room ... and found it! Happy to be back in business ... but I did miss out on my second session on the elliptical. Zumba with Southziders. I came straight home today and went to feed the ducks.  I could see the ducks under the bridge, but they wouldn't come out to me. First time that has happened. Couldn't tell if Jorge was back. I was also on doggy duty for our neighbors. They had a brand new puppy that needed to be fed three times a day and neither of them could make it home for the mid-day feeding. So they gave me the code to their garage and I went over and let her out to potty and play and gave her lunch. I'm afraid of big dogs (which she'll end up being) but she's a cute little puppy now, so it was okay. #3 had "roads" for driver's ed after school ... not right after, but at 5:00. A friend had it too, and didn't have a ride back to the school so he just came home with #3, with another friend in tow too. They hung out ... in MY gym for a while (I was going to get another elliptical session in right then!) and luckily I had leftovers to make up meatball subs to feed them before taking them back to the high school. Then they were staying for evening basketball clinic. #5 even had plans with friends, I dropped him off at 6:00 and picked him up at 8:00. Kindof crazy with the schedule today ... usually I get in extra exercise on Mondays, but not today. I did get a second walk to the canal, and Jorge was back with the rest of the ducks ... although they are all still acting very nervous. Dinner for Hubs was stroganoff. He plopped down on the couch and turned on a show (JimGaffigan's Obsessed) ... he never does that. I decided to join him, but even in a recliner I could NOT get comfortable for very long and had to switch positions and then go walk around. I'm okay in our bed watching a show. Ugggg ... sitting. Who knew it could be such a problem? I'd actually done okay on calories (even with cake) for most of the day, but then while I was out picking up the munchkin we stopped for some crazy bread, and then ice cream called to me. Under burn, but over goal. If I go over 2000 I gain, even if I'm uber active ... which I wasn't today, even though Fitbit logged me over 3000.

0828 (Sunday) 169.7. Steps  10434. Total Burn 2091. Exercise Burn 0/303 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Happy birthday to my #4 today. 13 years old. I grabbed a cake so we could have it when they got home later. Pretty laid back day for me. Rest day ... and I rested. I meant to get in a little wiifi but it didn't happen. A nap did happen. The family got home around 6:00. I'd invited my folks over, as my mom loves the white buttercream cake. I sent half of it home with her. The kids and grandparents played some games. We've got some sunburned boys! When I went to feed the ducks in the evening, Jorge was missing and the other ducks were very skittish. I wonder if something happened.

0827 (Saturday) 171.1. Steps 32218. Total Burn 3305. Exercise Burn 1250/1506 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 1mileTreadmill). Calories in 2000. With the family gone, I got in some extra activity today. Started off with Zumba at Thryve Fitness and stopped at the store on the way home. Walked to the canal to see the ducks. Mowed the lawn. Got in my hour of elliptical and a session on the bike. I was going to attempt longer on the treadmill, but the wifi was acting up and my show wouldn't play. I need the distraction to keep me going. Spent some time on the computer ... end of the month bills, blog updates, etc.

0826 (Friday) 169.9. Steps 27703. Total Burn 3193. Exercise Burn 1200/1407 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2450. The high school and middle school have late start on Fridays ... I thought to myself "I'll still go ahead and get up at 6:00 and get started on the day" ...yea, that didn't happen. I had been awake in the night, from about 3:30-5:30 and had just fallen back asleep around 6:00. So, slow start to the day. Got in a 10min session on the elliptical before elementary drop-off, then a 20min session before middle-school. I stopped at Walgreens and BigLots after, picking up some pictures (prepping a package for Mr. Missionary) and other items. After a walk to feed my duckies, I did do an hour of Zumba on my own. It's hard to get the energy up alone though. Early out at the elementary. Carpool was bringing home middle school (he's adapting) but I had to grab #3 from the high school, where he'd stayed after on the driving range. Hubs had come home from work early, as he was heading out with the three youngest to hit Bear Lake for the weekend. #2 had work, and I ... am not a camper/vacationer (and I have to stay and make sure the 17-year old behaves, right? And take care of the kitties!) I was dragging after the guys got off, so I took a little nap. Then I got in weights and a walk to the canal, and finished up with biking before bed.

0825 (Thursday) 170.9. Steps 32547. Total Burn 3443. Exercise Burn 1450/1647 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals, Bike). Calories in 1950. Got the kids off to school, getting in two elliptical sessions in between carpools. Zumba with MountainView. It was Melanie's last day, and I'm going to miss her! She introduced me to some fun routines, and a couple songs added to my everyday playlist. I stopped at Reams on the way home, and grabbed some groceries. Took a walk to see the duckies. Got in additional elliptical and some time on the treadmill.  Carpool was on time for #4 today, so after school pickup was less traumatic than yesterday. Just elementary pickup duty for me. #5 had a basketball game. #4 came along, to gather Poke-balls along the way, and we hoped it would be a Poke-stop (it was, but it was too far out to access from the gym). Our boys were doing pretty well against Future (who we have played a lot, and always lost to). My munchkins was getting frustrated though, after missing a couple layups and not getting a shot in. He wasn't keeping it together, which makes it so he can't play very well either. Frustrating. I mean he's only 10 years old, but still ... no crying in basketball (unless you're hurt, or maybe if your mistake cost the team the game). Once back home I took a walk to see the ducks, and got in a session on the bike.  

0824 (Wednesday) 171.9. Steps 28437. Total Burn 3153. Exercise Burn 1000/1357 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 1960.  After my third school drop-off, I went back to the middle school to drop off a folder #4 had forgotten. Any of my other kids, I would have had just deal with it ... but I could see how stressed out my anxiety child was about it, and I had a few spare moments before Zumba. Those stupid donuts ... I ate one for breakfast. Why did I do that?  Again, I don't even like them! Not sure if it was the donut sitting heavy on my stomach (and my conscience) or DOMS from yesterday's weight workout, but I couldn't get into Zumba today. Could not get my heart rate up. Still got steps, as always. Stopped at CalRanch and Maceys on the way home. Walked to see the duckies. It was a real push to get in the rest of my elliptical in during the day. At least, after the dang donut, I kept calories in check better. Did a little reorganizing of the pantry and mowed the front lawn. One of the other mom's was picking up today, and that was probably enough to throw #4 off, but then she was quite late as well. He managed to hold it together until he walked into the front door, but then he broke down in tears. We'll try carpool for a couple more days and if it stresses him too much, I guess I'll just pick up everyday too. I've been doing it for the last five years anyway, because the other boys didn't have any kids from the neighborhood going to the same middle school. A carpool can be nice ... but can be stressful too. Sometimes it's better to just be the one in control and keep it absolutely consistent. We'll see ... French Did for dinner, although Daddy was late and had already eaten. One more walk to see the duckies, and bring them some dinner. I hope I'm not hindering them, they will need to fly away at some point, because the canal does dry up completely in winter.

0823 (Tuesday) 170.9. Steps 32817. Total Burn 3504. Exercise Burn 1600/1708 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 1mileIncline, Bike, 40minWeights). Calories in 3200. Day two for the oldest three boys, and first day for my munchkin. #2 was off a little earlier than I expected (I was down on the elliptical when he got up and left) and didn't take his lunch I'd prepped him. #4 didn't get up early like he had yesterday, I had to wake him. Three different school drop-offs in the morning. I went straight to Zumba after taking #5 to the elementary school. I was a little early, but sometimes it's needed to prep the gym (open and close dividers, etc). Marian was back! As I'd prepped a playlist, and she wasn't quite ready to jump back into doing the whole thing, we went off my ipad. I switched a few songs around to give everyone a turn up front (including getting Marian). Good class. Then home, for a walk to see the duckies and get in some additional exercise. Two pickups in the afternoon (#2 gives #3 a ride home, saving me a trip to the high school). Hubs had a derby, with #3 being his helper as always. They brought home some donuts, leftover refreshments. I had one, even though chocolate cake donuts aren't really a favorite. High calories today, even though I never felt like I over indulged... it all added up and it was over!

0822 (Monday) 172.7. Steps 34016. Total Burn 3433. Exercise Burn 1400/1627 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.25mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in1800. First day back to school! Hubs couldn't sleep and was up and off at 4:00. I got up at 5:30 to catch #2 before he left for his school "Senior Sunrise"  activity. #3 has driver's ed before school, at 6:45, which isn't bad. Then #4 off to his 7th grade orientation day (a half day, only 7th graders).  I fit in a couple sessions on the elliptical between driving boys to school, then hit Zumba with Southziders. Had a little excitement today. They open the nursery there so the kids can play with toys and stay entertained, but at one point, two of the two-year olds couldn't be located. So everyone stopped to look ... just as police showed up the building saying there had been a call to 911 from the church phone (which is in the hallway, kids playing around?) This is why some Zumba classes really stress that kids aren't allowed anywhere but the gym, Mom need to accompany them if they need a drink or bathroom visit. Luckily the kids were found and the police appeased... and we finished our dancing. I stopped at Costco on the way home. It's right there between Southziders and the middle school. I was a little early back at the school for pickup (11:50) so I just parked and waited and brought home the neighbor boy too. #4 isn't used to dealing with a carpool. Originally it had been set up for me to drive to/from just Tues/Wed ... but I think I'll be driving to school everyday, as #4's likes to be in control of the leaving time, making sure we aren't late. I'll be picking up tomorrow, and then we'll see how he does if someone else picks up after school. I am around and used to doing all the driving, as no neighbor kids went to our same middle school for the past five years. #2 was able to bring #3 home (before rushing off to work, I wish he'd cut back while in school!) and #5 doesn't start until tomorrow, so the three trips and I was done for the day. It was back to school night though, from 6:00-7:00, so I picked up pizza from Dominos, and then the munchkin and I hit the elementary to find his classroom, meet his teacher (she's new) and the principal (she's new). Car chaos of course, as there is nowhere near enough parking for everyone coming at once (anxiety trigger for me!)  I did good on both exercise and eating today ... even with indulging in several Dominoes parmesan bites and some "Back to School Skookie" treat.

0821 (Sunday) 173.6. Steps 9570. Total Burn 2173. Exercise Burn 0/360 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Hubs went into work, and without him around, we switched up the Sunday Circle breakfast and made pancakes instead of waffles. I was taking a rest day, but did still get in one walk to the canal and 10min on WiiFit. Had to restock a bit from Sam's and Smiths. The gold medal match for men's basketball was on ... but it wasn't much of a match up (unlike the first time the US faced Serbia, we only won by three). Hubs and the boys ended up hitting Italian Villiage for dinner again.  Then we all went out to Maga's, for cake and ice cream for Courtney's birthday. 

0820 (Saturday) 172.2. Steps 16381. Total Burn 2562. Exercise Burn 500/751 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. Made french toast for breakfast for me and #2. Those sleeping over were going to try the "Serving Time" cafe (by the prison, prisoners work there) but it wasn't open on Saturdays. They just hit McDonalds instead. I got in my walk to the canal to feed my duckies, then mowed the lawn. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical, but didn't make my usual hour. In the early evening, we had a family wedding reception in Orem, and after that, Hubs, #3, Maga and I went to Desert Star to see "Perfect Pitch". We usually don't go to the late show (8:30) but hadn't been able to get in otherwise. This was closing night. The earlier show must have gone over (which happens, do to addlibbing and such, common on closing night) so we didn't even get seated until 9:00. We ordered some cheese sticks and cheesy bread. Way over on calories today!

0819 (Friday) 171.1. Steps 26354. Total Burn 2989. Exercise Burn 1050/1200 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Probably my last Zumba class on a Friday for a while, as with the kids back in school, and late start at the middle school ... hopefully I'll be able to get in an hour on my own. I guess we'll see. Today, I hit MZL again, as Debbie was out of town. Got in my hour of elliptical and a couple canal walks. #4 and I went to the middle school again to walk his class schedule, just to make sure it stuck. Hubs was home from work early, as there was a cousin's campout at Maga's house! We had one last year and it was a hit, so this was the second annual activity. Putting up tents, tinfoil dinners, watching a movie outside (with Hub's projector) and then to sleep. I stayed home in my own bed. #2 actually had the evening off. He'd worked 8:00-4:00. I was so excited that he'd be able to hit the campout this year ... but I couldn't wake him up. I stuck my head in at 6:00 when Hubs and the other boys were leaving, then again at 7:00 and again at 8:00 ... then I gave up. It really depressed me too! I'd planned on getting in my weight workout. I even went down and started. Usually if I can just get started I get in the groove. Not today. Feeling so drained. No energy. Came back upstairs, showered, and went to bed.

0818 (Thursday) 171.2. Steps 32720. Total Burn 3232. Exercise Burn 1300/1434 (80minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2700. Elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Went on a walk to see my duckies when I got back home. Hubs had gone into work for the morning, but came back and took the boys (#3 and his friends this time) up to the lake. I took #4 over to the middle school and we mapped out all his classes and found his locker and had him practice. He gets just over 2000 steps making the complete rounds (from the front door, to his locker, all his classes, and back out). We got a lot more than that, as we traversed the hallways several times in an attempt to acclimate him to it all (this is the kid I worry about most!) Monday will be just the 7th graders, for a half day, then Tuesday, it starts up for real. Feeling a little lazy after my big day yesterday. Got in my additional sessions on the elliptical, but not much else. Got in an evening walk to the canal. My duckies were hungry. I'd wished I'd had more for them. I think I could have gotten Jorge to eat out of my hand if I'd had something to offer (the duck food I had is a "floating feed" better thrown directly into the water). Hubs and the boys made it back. Hubs pulled his hamstring pretty good and was limping a lot. He was early to bed. I went ahead and hit on more elliptical session before I joined him.

0817 (Wednesday) 171.6. Steps 38542. Total Burn 3533. Exercise Burn 1500/1733 (60minElliptical, Zumba, TM2.5miles, Bike). Calories in 2100. Got in my first session on the elliptical then hit MZL for Zumba. When I got back, I took a walk to the canal to see the duckies ... and couldn't find them! I went all the way to the North end first, then ALL the way to the South end. I saw a couple ducks here and there, but not many. Have they flown? My walk ended up being almost an hour. I was checking my phone (just in case the kids missed me, as I'm usually back faster) but my phone didn't have service. Weird! When I got back to the house, I checked with the boys, and two had service on their phones, but #3 didn't either. I contacted Hubs (via email, working with WiFi) and he was out too. He went to the ATT store to investigate. Fraud! Someone had accessed our account, buying three new phones and taking of our three phone numbers. He was able to get it straightened out, and get his phone back up, but #3 and I had to wait until he got home with new sim cards for our two phones. Not a big deal for me, as no one ever calls me and wifi works at home. I did need to drop #3 off at the high school (he and his friends were wandering, finding their classrooms and lockers before school starts up) and worried a bit about him not being able to contact me when he needed to be picked up ... but he was able to get a ride home. I got in my additional elliptical during the day, and we just had a casual dinner. Hubs brought home some KFC, I'd texted him Popeyes would be great, bit even though his phone is back up, his texting is still a bit off and he didn't get the message. Oh well, I probably would have overeaten if he had.  We watched a little "Family Feud" as a family. We normally never have the "tv" on, but have with the Olympics. It's been rather fun to watch together ... and to have something other than "Friends" on.  #3 wanted to go to a late (well, 8:30, so pickup after 10:00, which is LATE!) movie. I don't know if I was inspired by the Olympics or what, but I decided to try a 30min "run" (jog/walk) on the treadmill. Got in 2.5 miles. After dropping the child off, I hit the stationary bike ... because if I slowed or stopped I'd get sleepy. Got a shower in and then it was time for pickup. #4 was around and went with, as he likes to try and hit poke-stops on errands. #3 didn't realize #4 was in the car, in the backseat. It wasn't intentional, but after watching a scary movie, it was pretty ironic!

0816 (Tuesday) 171.6. Steps 23970. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1100/1239 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 1950. Hit the elliptical for 20min then was off to Zumba. I was actually in the mood to come with the boys yesterday, for me to practice, for them to play some basketball, but they were not willing. We did have to open/close the doors in the middle and back of the gym and chapel, as usual, after Sunday meetings. Class was good. Back home, #3 needed a ride to a friend's house, and then I was taking the munchkins bowling, so I didn't have time to get a walk to the canal in. After bowling, I finished up my hour of elliptical (and my show, 12 Monkeys) and also did weights. Picked up #3, dropped off the DVD back at the library, picked up another show to start (Alcatraz). Tacos for dinner with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert (I only had a spoonful ... or only "got" a spoonful, I might have had more if the boys hadn't swarmed). I finally got in a walk to see my duckies before bed.

0815 (Monday) 172.6. Steps 31231. Total Burn 3370. Exercise Burn 1550/1592 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2mileTM). Calories in 2200. Got out of bed early enough to get in a walk to the canal, and my elliptical before heading out to Zumba. I guess it also helps that Monday Zumba starts a bit later than other day (9:30 instead of 9:00). Had a good class today, was getting the heart rate up. Back at home, #3 insisted he needed a haircut (for it to be perfect for pictures in a week) so I dropped him off and quickly grabbed some groceries at Walmart. Good activity day, got in my additional elliptical, bike and even had some treadmill time. Also did an evening walk to the canal. I've noticed a couple babies missing (mean momma's little one, and another momma who had four now only has three). These babies were 2-3 weeks old, big enough that I thought they'd make it :(  I made haystacks for dinner ... it's one I eat (minus all the extras, so just chicken and gravy over rice for me) and after what I'd already eaten, it pushed me over goal. Still under burn by a bit, but it doesn't seem to matter unless I stay under 2000. Of course a couple weeks ago I did that almost everyday and it still didn't matter!

0814 (Sunday) 172.6. Steps 8713. Total Burn 2051. Exercise Burn 0/257 (no exercise). Calories in 2350. Slept in and had a planned rest day. Still walked to the canal twice, but it was a pretty lazy day.  A lot of reading in bed. We did our big Sunday Circles breakfast. Hubs took the boys to Italian Villiage for pizza benders, then to Maga's house to visit. I made a lemon jello cake for a Sunday treat.

0813 (Saturday) 171.6. Steps 18656. Total Burn 2596. Exercise Burn 450 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Started the day with a walk to the canal to see the duckies. It's nice to get it in when it's still cool. I didn't have a Zumba class on my radar today. Z Underground had posted late that they were having an 8:00 class, but I need to know ahead of time to mentally plan. I would have hit it though, had I known. I didn't even get my full hour of elliptical in today (just two 20min sessions) but I did do the weights I didn't do yesterday, and mowed the lawn (although it was late! Barely got it in). #5 had a double header today. The first was against the toughest team in this league. We lost, but only by 10 or so. Our boys did pretty good! In the second game, we got our first win! Yea! Hubs smoked ribs for dinner. I made Brazillian cheese rolls, but didn't overeat them like I normally do. Still too high on calories, especially with the lower output.

0812 (Friday) 170.8. Steps 25864. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1050/1231 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. I had planned on hitting Debbie's Zumba in Daybreak, but checked my email right before walking out the door and there was a message from her saying there was a funeral at the church. She was moving it to her house, but it is small (I went there once for a one on one sharing choreo session) so I went to MZL instead. I just couldn't get my heart rate up though. Still got the steps in. #5 texts me that he hasn't seen #4 for an hour or so, so I checked in, and he was at the park. He had set a "lure" for his Pokemon Go. I called and told him to always let people know where he was going, that even 10-year old brothers worry! I wasn't feeling particularly motivated today, I didn't get in weights, and barely finished up my hour of elliptical. Had to push! Did get in a couple walks to the canal ... a little nudge from #4, who is trying to hatch a 10k egg. Hubs even came along for the evening walk. Brought the last of the meal worms, and Jorge and Antonia still came up and ate out of his hand (although it did take them a bit ... good for them to be wary out in the world). #2 was working, #3 had gone to Seven Peaks with a friend (I'd purchased a pass earlier in the year sure I'd use it for someone, but hadn't, and wondered if I would!), and I dropped #5 off at his basketball coach's house to hang out and catch a ride to practice.  I ate my last mint brownie ... so I made more.

0811 (Thursday) 170.8. Steps 24185. Total Burn 2923. Exercise Burn 1050/1125 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Zumba with MountainView this morning. A little drama, as we had a different gal opening the building, and she didn't know where the soundbox was. Melanie had an aux cord, and that should have worked, I don't know why it didn't. I didn't have my backup on me either. That awful feeling when you are at class, but not sure if you're going to be able to have class! Happily, we were able to locate the box after a phone call, and class went on, just a little late. I got in my hour of elliptical (three 20min sessions, really had to push to get that last one in) and a couple walks to the canal (a little push from #4, who likes to get some PokemonGo in). I also did some cleaning up in the kitchen, Hubs was happy with that ;)  Hubs had gone into work in the morning, but come home early and taking #2 and his friends (and #3) to the lake for a day of waverunning. I thought they would stay later, but one of the boys had to work. I took the little boys bowling today ... figured we should hit it once this summer. Usually there has been a "free bowling" option, but they didn't do it this year. Still a $2 special (per game) and free shoe rental if you come before noon (which we did). We played two games. I got five strikes between the two and broke 100 both times ... yes, that is braggable for me! #5 finally got a strike (I was afraid he was going to cry, he sure didn't look like he was having fun). 

0810 (Wednesday) 171.2. Steps 26425. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1200/1156 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. It's National Lazy Day ... I felt like I participated, even though I do have quite a few steps. Not feeling motivated at all. Of course I still got my hour of elliptical in, because that is habit (did have to push a bit for that final 20min) and I got my Zumba in, because Zumba is more than exercise, it's my social, it's my get out of the house, and again, it's habit. #4 pushed for the two walks to the canal today (I might have only gotten in one) as he wanted some company as he tried to hatch his PokemonGo egg, and there are two Poke-Stops close by (the church and the park that he hits while I feed the ducks). In the evening walk, I saw a couple neighbors walking the other side with their big dogs running free and bounding into the water. I hope that isn't what happened to my Uno :(  A cat snuck up on my group when I was feeding them the other day (lots of quacking and flapping after that) but the ducks are about the same size as a cat, I'm really not sure what a cat would do if it caught one (a duckling though, that's another matter, although I haven't seen any new babies in a bit). Hubs innocently asked "what did you do today" and it was one of those "um ... I didn't do anything" days (see the "National Lazy Day" comment at the start though). I mean, there was some laundry, registering #5 for his school, mowed the front lawn, worked on a blog post ...  apparently I ate too, as calories were high.

0809 (Tuesday) 172.5. Steps 28333. Total Burn 3187. Exercise Burn 1250/1389 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2450. I must admit to being completely discouraged by the uptick in weight. Also, another night of disturbing dreams. I was up a little early and got a walk to the canal in and an elliptical session before Zumba. I was five minutes early, but three others were there waiting. I really should get back into the habit of coming with the boys on Mondays, as we needed to open the doors in the middle and back of the gym, and close the doors to the chapel and move a table and chair rack. Not a ton of work, but nicer if it's all ready to go. Class was good, but I did't quite have the energy of last week. I felt better leaving than going in though. I got in additional elliptical, weights and a session on the bike during the rest of the day. Ran #4 into the doctor for his immunizations, only to find out that the receptionist and nurse weren't in, so they couldn't do immunizations (not quite sure I understand this? The doctor is unable to do it?) and they didn't have my cell phone on file to call and let me know. I ended up taking him to Walgreens and it was quick and easy there. I scanned in the paperwork and sent it off to the school, so hopefully all is good there, and we should get his schedule so we can go map out all his classes before school starts. #2 went into the high school today and got his parking permit, and an appointment with his counsellor for tomorrow, as he needs to play with his schedule just a bit. We just did leftovers for dinner, and I'd done okay on calories (at about 1400) as evening hit. Then I decided to make homemade oreos, as #2 is never around when I make them, and he loves them. Of course, I have to sample my work. Then, Hubs had worked late, and stopped at KFC (texting me wondering why #2 wasn't there! It was his day off.) He got a "famous bowl" which #2 said is disgusting (I agree ... NO temptation there) but he also brought home cheese curds ... I love fried cheese and Hubs had picked up three large! Yes, I had some. Deep fried cheese ... yummy. But then over on calories.

0808 (Monday) 171.5. Steps 24952. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1075/1181 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Woke up a little off. You know when you have a disturbing dream, and you wake up and you know it was just a dream but the feelings stay with you? That. Got in my first elliptical session then hit Zumba with Southziders. Late start, and then I just couldn't get into class. The babies didn't want to cooperate today either. I stopped at Costco on my way home, my first time going there alone (I've been a Sam'sClub gal), but they had some deals. I was definitely off today, in that I didn't even go see my duckies when I got home ... I did walk up to the canal at the end of the night, but I usually don't go this long without seeing them. Just feeling down and discouraged ... didn't overeat by a lot today, but didn't keep calories in check (quantity or quality). As I was gone much of the morning, #2 ran #3 to hang with his friends (good brother!) but I was on deck for pick up. A neighbor (Zumba friend) came over in the evening to have Hubs look over a contracting bid. Dinner was Costco mac&cheese and chicken alfredo ... just went over okay with the kids.

0807 (Sunday) 171.5. Steps 11782. Total Burn 2290. Exercise Burn 300/490 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off fairly early to take some coworkers to the lake. I walked to the canal to feed my duckies, then got in a 20min session on the elliptical. Always so hard on a Sunday! We were having a waffle family gathering later in the day, so we didn't do waffles for breakfast at home, but did french toast instead. I had #3 practice driving, so he was behind the wheel to/from Grandma's house. #4 was pretty happy with all the poke-stops and pokemon he was able to pick up on the trip out. Hubs was tired when he got home, so he was to bed uber early. Took me a bit longer, but still pretty early to bed. Over calories today and yesterday ...  

0806 (Saturday) 169.9. Steps 20582. Total Burn 2593. Exercise Burn 725/828 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700. I didn't have a Zumba class to hit this morning :( Took a walk to the canal first thing ... I had some new duck food delivered yesterday, so they are back to it. I did take some chicken feed too, but they didn't seem interested in it. I'm missing seeing Uno, it makes me sad. My #3 said "you probably shouldn't still go see the ducks, if something happens you'll be even more sad".  #5 had a basketball game at 11:00. The other team was good, we'd played them before and we don't have a chance of winning them, but #5 got a couple shots in. He forgot his water though, and played most of the game, so he was pretty thirsty and tired. We stopped at 7-11 and grabbed a slurpee. Coach had brought us some plums and peaches too. I got the lawn mowed (in between rain showers) and #4 and I went to the library to return/pickup DVDs. Hubs took #3 and #5 out to cousins in the evening (homebody #4 didn't want to go) to watch a movie in the backyard with our projector. I wasn't feeling great and went to bed early. There had been donuts again today ... Hubs brought them home. He was able to get his truck back today after all, so that was good. 

0805 (Friday) 170.2. Steps 31063. Total Burn 3410. Exercise Burn 1400/1618 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. At Zumba Wednesday, MZL said they would be at a park for Friday. I don't know if there was a conflict with the church, or if they are just doing the park for fun. I'm not a "in the park" girl myself, so we (Denise and I) went to Debbie's in Daybreak. I got in four 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, hit the bike, weights, and a couple walks to the canal. Hubs got stranded at work, as his truck wouldn't start. He had to have it towed, but the place won't be able to get to it until Monday. Luckily we do have the Suburban for backup.  #3 had plans with friends, so another late night for me, but I was a little more awake, so it was okay. Actually ended up taking friends to/from as well. #4 came along on the trip to drop off, and I did a few little detours for his PokemonGo and he had a successful trip. Back to keeping calories in check :)

0804 (Thursday) 169.3. Steps 30499. Total Burn 3280. Exercise Burn 1400/1493 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 3100. Oops on the calories in ... what happened? Donuts. Donuts happened. I'll admit to being a bit discouraged in the morning when the scale bumped up a bit again. Hit the elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Dunford Donuts is on the way home from that church. I'd been thinking about stopping. The kids were all home and I knew they'd like the treat. I KNEW I'd end up eating way more than I should ... but still I stopped. And I ate. I got in additional elliptical, even an extra 20 over my hour. I'd gotten up a little early, and done my first walk to see the duckies just after 7:00. It was so nice and cool then. Walking back into the house after was ugggg! I opened up the windows to let the fresh, cool air in (until later when it warmed up and I had to close them again). #4 and Hubs came along for a second walk in the evening. Both times today the ducks were on the South side, not very far down. I haven't seen Uno with the others the past day or so. What happened to Uno? I also got a session in on the bike ... it didn't register on my ChargeHR for some reason. I was watching HR during it though, and whereas yesterday it seemed to spike (really high, on the Charge anyway, I didn't feel it was accurate), it was steady just over 100 for this ride, which matched the scosche, which I wore too. Gadgets! I forgot to write my numbers down - my brain just must have been a bit off. I did finish my audiobook (Ignite, book 2 in the Defy series). Hubs had been at the lake today with work buddies and I wasn't sure what time he'd be home. He was home for dinner, hungry though, so I made strogannof. Quick and easy and I don't eat it (I'd certainly had enough calories already today!).

0803 (Wednesday) 168.3. Steps 31362. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1250/1557 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1600. Hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba class with MZL. Stopped by Sams/Walmart on the way home, then went for a walk to see the duckies,. Still down at the North end of the canal, in their little shady spot. Got in my additional elliptical and mowed the front lawn. #3 had me run him out to the Sunset Ridge church for some basketball, and a pickup a bit later ... then out that way again in the evening to hang with friends. He wasn't quite ready to call it at 10:00, but I was! I got a session on the bike in (attempting to stay awake for said pickup).  Tacos for dinner, but then Daddy brought home some KFC. Kept calories in check, even though I did have a little brownie and some ice cream.

0802 (Tuesday) 169.4. Steps 26316. Total Burn 3154. Exercise Burn 1200/1366 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1500. What? A bump UP on the scale? When I'm being so good? I should have lost 10 pounds since Friday, right? Grrrr. Stay focused and motivated and on track! Got in a session on the elliptical, then hit Zumba. I miss hitting the church on Mondays ... just to have the gym set up for Tuesday class (since I'm in charge). Not a huge deal, just had to open the divider doors in the center of the gym and at the back, close the ones to the chapel. At least no chairs left up like yesterday! Unlike last week, when almost all my helpers were gone, I had them all here today ... so I just did four songs myself, and scheduled them for the rest of the numbers ... still picking MY favorites of course (the benefits of planning the playlist, right?)  While I always thought being up front leading would give me the most energy (and it does), sometimes I hold back just a titch, because I don't want to intimidate people, making them think they HAVE to have as much energy as me. Sometimes I'll show some lower-impact options. But when someone else was leading, I could go all out ... and seeing that HR was up (as much as mine goes up) I was pushing it to try to get good stats for class. And I did. Not record ... looking back on my records, I'm not sure how I could have pushed it too much more though! Took a walk to see my duckies mid-day, trying out my new blue-tooth earbuds (a little less bulky than my over the ear headphones I'll wear around the house). I had to made a detour back to the church, as I'd left my water bottle there. Duckies were still on the North side, with just a couple additional friends today. I'm out of the floating feed, so they are getting the chicken scratch for now (but I have more waterfowl food ordered). Kitten is in heat (again) but she's cuddly with me at all though, so I like it. SO funny with her constant meowing, and need for attention. It's really the only time Got in additional elliptical to equal my hour and did weights. Skillet Sensations for dinner ... last time I picked it up, there was a family size bag, four servings instead of two. Had to pull out a different pan to use. Made cheesy bread and then vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. #2 was around this time to partake, although Hubs missed out, as he wasn't home until quite late. Was able to keep calories in check again even though I did have a little bit of my mint brownie, and a few bites of the ice cream.

0801 (Monday) 168.5. Steps 27627. Total Burn 3159. Exercise Burn 1300/1376 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1500. Hubs is up and off early, and I wake up ... I should just get up, but I usually fall back asleep and take advantage of a little summer sleeping in. Hit a session on the elliptical, then went out to Draper for Zumba with Southziders. We had to put chairs away. Whoever is last in the building using them is supposed to put them away! Good class. Back at home, I did my walk to the canal to say hi to my duckies and bring them a little food. Still all the way at the North end. Got in my additional elliptical, did a session on the bike, and also did 10min WiiFit, as I'd set it back up in the gym, as the kids now have the WiiU. I did a quick run to Sams to grab some tenderloin and potatoes ... and a couple more of the capri workout pants I'd picked up on Saturday. I'd loved both styles, so grabbed a second pair in gray of each kind (first purchase had been black of course). Hubs made smoked scallops for dinner, as well as the steak and potatoes. Surf and Turf. We even had #2 around! It also set of the fire alarm. #5 and I had to eat and run, as he had a basketball game at Dimple Dell. Another loss, although again, not a blowout, we could have taken them. Seven points for my munchkin. We stopped at Macey's on the way home to grab some ice cream before the sale ended (today). Hubs was already asleep when we got back. I had a hard time winding down ...

0731 (Sunday) 168.3. Steps 12649. Total Burn 2302. Exercise Burn 400/553 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Totally slept in this morning ... felt nice! We did our Sunday Circle breakfast, didn't smoke the bacon today though (gave Hubs a break). Worked with the little boys in their room, going through clothes. They are pretty set. We don't really do "back to school" shopping, but get things when needed. I did to a session on the elliptical ... it always feels so hard on Sunday! Walked to the canal. Went down the North side, and they were all the way at the end, with a lot of other ducks. Indulged in some brownie and ice cream.

0730 (Saturday) 169.2. Steps 30316. Total Burn 3174. Exercise Burn 1200/1402 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1450. Started off with a Zumba class. One of my instructors works at the Thyrve Fitness gym, and it was "free" day. Christa came too. They had HRMs there for us to wear, and our stats (under pseudonyms ... I was Batman) were on display up front. Motivating on the one hand, yet also a bit discouraging for me because MY heart rate would NOT go up (I also had my Scosche, and it seemed perfectly in tune, the numbers were really close ... my ChargeHR, as usual, had lower heart rate readings, but about what expected for my effort) ... but everyone else? Totally up there! I was working just as hard (or harder)! I wish I understood more about heart rate. Some say the more fit you are, the more efficient your heart, and it takes more to get it to go up ... but while that would be nice to think, I don't think I'm more "fit" than the girls there. Than the instructor? Than Christa, who also does Zumba 5x a week with me? I remember when I did soccer (that was a while ago) my HR did skyrocket, and did not come down quickly (usually it does, just drops if I stop or slow). Anyway, it was a fun class, and if it's offered for free and I'm free, I'll go again. Got three elliptical sessions in during the day, hit the bike, mowed the lawn and walked to the canal a couple of times. Kept calories in check again too. Two whole days in a row! Hubs had gone into work early, come home for a nap, then gone to Wendover with Nate and wasn't home until late. 

0729 (Friday) 170.8. Steps 31347. Total Burn 3355. Exercise Burn 1270/1559 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1100. Went to MZL for Zumba and had a really good class. Lots of energy. I stopped at Sams/Walmart on the way home for some groceries. Got in a couple walks to the canal, my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike AND weights! Good activity day. Good eating day too ... still not quality but kept quantity in check at least. I do NOT want to be in the 170s. #5 had an earlier practice today (2:00-4:00). #2 got home from his trek experience a little after 4:00 and I went to the church to meet him and bring him home. He took a shower, then ran to Costco to get some dried mangos he fell in love with on the trail. In the evening, he took #3 and they went off to play basketball until late. Hubs pulled another nap before bedtime, like last night.

0728 (Thursday) 169.9. Steps 24236. Total Burn 2986. Exercise Burn 1050/1195 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2850. MountainView was taking the week off, so I hit Prairie Stake (Coriann) but they start at 8:00. That is early! I didn't get my elliptical in before hand. I think that warm up helps me. There were some kid distractions today. I did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, and a couple walks to the canal to see my babies. Dentist appointment for #3. Often I just drop him, but I waited and I was SO tired! Almost falling asleep sitting up. Had some electrical issues today. #4 went down to use the gym, when suddenly the treadmill and TV turned off. I investigated, and it was the extension cord. At first I thought the cord was faulty and would need replacing, but it ended up just being slightly unplugged. Easy fix. Then, the A/C went out in #3's room! It was both plugs along the wall, so I checked the circuit breaker but everything looked fine. Hubs had me snap a picture and send it and he pointed out one was flipped (not all the way to off, just slightly off the on). I can't believe I hadn't noticed, but that was exactly why he had me send the picture, because he knew what to look for more. Again, easy fix at least. I ordered Dominos for dinner and ran by the library (grabbing "The Last Resort" DVD) then stopping for the pizza. I made my mint brownies again too. Not good for calorie intake. Hubs came home from work so tired and fell asleep. #3 had me run him to the high school for a little basketball with buddies, but wasn't out too late. I was tired too, but then had trouble getting to sleep. The two littles were up late too!

0727 (Wednesday) 169.5. Steps 26143. Total Burn 3031. Exercise Burn 1100/1273 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Hmmm, looky at that, the exact same Fitbit burn as yesterday! Interesting. Hit MZL for Zumba, taking Denise. If I'd thought about it, I probably would have gone to Southziders since I didn't get my fix for them Monday, and I'll be able to hit MZL on Friday, but oh well. This one is nice and close. Took a walk to the canal to see my duckies in the morning, and then again in the evening. Brought them some of the chicken feed in addition to the waterfowl food (which is running low). Mowed the front lawn and did a stop at Macey's for some groceries, and got in my hour of elliptical. Also took #3 into the endodontist for his root canal. The dentist called to see how it went, and they have an opening tomorrow (rather than waiting until September) so, another dental trip tomorrow! Made spaghetti for dinner, with yummy corn on the cob. I wished I'd picked up some french bread while I was at the store today, but calories were high enough without adding cheesy bread into the mix. 

0726 (Tuesday) 170.9. Steps 24300. Total Burn 3031. Exercise Burn 1150/1241 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2300. Early morning ... I had my alarm set for 5:30, reminiscent of the early morning seminary days. This was for "church" stuff too ... trek. Unfortunately, I was awake even earlier (around 4:00) and couldn't get back to sleep. Got #2 to the church and off fine. I saw my duckies as I drove over the canal on the way back, so I did my walk to feed them breakfast. It's really nice at 6:30 in the morning! Much cooler! Zumba was me today ... I was missing my main helpers, so it was really almost all me! I got good stats, but honestly, and hoped for a little higher. #3 wanted me to drop him off to hang with friends, #4 came with so he could catch some Pokemon and Poke-stops. A quick detour to the library (which was a Poke-Stop) to grab a DVD series I want to try. Back at home I put it in for a session on the elliptical ... and it doesn't have subtitles/captions. SO frustrating! I tried watching but it's just too hard to try and catch everything (and my hearing is decent). In the evening, my SIL came over to do my hair. Over FOUR hours sitting. Oh, my aching back and bum! I was thinking more highlights, but she took me totally blond. It will take some getting used to. We had some Skookie for family treat.

0725 (Monday) 169.4.  Steps 28792. Total Burn 3199. Exercise Burn 1200/1411 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2600. Here in Utah, it was a holiday. Hubs had work off, but I still hit a Zumba class. My regular one was cancelled, but Debbie in Daybreak was going, so I picked up Denise and we both went. Got in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike (audiobook today) and a couple walks to the canal. For my morning visit, I called out "duck, duck, duckies" and I think they heard me, because they came flying (literally) down the canal to me. Uno looks better (no limping) but Jorge seemed to be in a similar situation. Not sure if they are crash landing when flying, missing nutrients (like Ally was) or if other ducks are picking on them. There is a little momma who likes to come feast when I'm feeding and she really goes after our four, picking on them. Hubs ran to the store and grabbed some groceries and then made potatoes, reheated the brisket, and smoked some scallops (first try for those). Maga came over and had some too, and we had some trek talk (as #2 is leaving tomorrow).

0724 (Sunday) 170.2. Steps 13476. Total Burn 2366. Exercise Burn 400/575 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Hubs had put a brisket in the smoker yesterday, thinking it would be done tonight. The last one took forever. This one ... was done at 7:00 am. Brisket for breakfast? Hubs and the boys took off to the lake, and I had a quiet day at home. I tried to get a little sun on my legs, but can't see that I added any color. I got a couple of walks to the canal in today too.

0723 (Saturday) 169.9. Steps 20251. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 650/901 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. It's been pretty hot lately, so I figured I'd get my walk to the canal in earlier when it was cooler. Hubs came with me. We walked down the South side ... and walked, and walked all the way to the end! We didn't find the duckies. I was wondering if we'd have to walk the entire North side, but they were right there on the other side. I'm surprised we hadn't seen them when we walked up. I got in three sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, and I mowed the lawn. Hubs took the kids to Nelson's (frozen concrete) ... I didn't go but I did eat some of the leftovers. Aunt Olivia came over in the evening and cut the boy's hair.

0722 (Friday)  169.1. Steps 20097. Total Burn 2701. Exercise Burn 1000/944 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2600.  Went to Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak today, it's been a while since I hit one of her classes. Back at home, I took a walk to the canal, and it was a walk today, as the duckies had moved down the South side again. Got in my hour of elliptical throughout the day. Hubs and I went out to an early dinner at Market Street Grill, as it is our 24th anniversary today! #5 had practice, but happily our ride was willing to come pick him up and get him there (as it was the same time as our dinner reservations). 

0721 (Thursday) 168.6. Steps 27984. Total Burn 3189. Exercise Burn 1200/1406 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1750. Kept calories in check again, but was very aware of it today. Hungry! Zumba at MountainView, Melanie was back. It was a fun class, she did a cute new cha-cha number. I took a walk to the canal to see the ducks. They were at the mouth of the canal, so it was a really quick walk, and I did it twice more. Well fed duckies today. But the sides were steep where they were at so I couldn't really judge how Uno was doing (he looks fine in the water). I did ask the kids if they wanted to hit the church for basketball (Zumba practice for me) but they said no. We haven't gone once this week.  I got in a session on the bike, and even some weights.

0720 (Wednesday) 170.2. Steps 24983. Total Burn 2976. Exercise Burn 1050/1192 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1850. Not a great night. I couldn't sleep. Nothing big, just lots of little things. Tummy a bit upset, a touch of a headache, twitchy legs, wet hair, burning feet (I always have to "sauce them up" with cream as they are so dry.. Didn't feel like I really slept at all. Tummy still feeling off in the morning. I still hit Zumba with MZL, but as expected, I really didn't get very good stats. But better than just sitting home. I also got the lawn mowed (front only midweek) and did some watering.  #3 had his dental appointment today. Usually I just drop him off and have him call me when he's done, but there was a troublesome tooth, and I wasn't sure if they would need to talk to me, so I stuck around. No quick visit like yesterday ... this was two hours! They did a cleaning, ortho, and work on the tooth, but it needs a root canal. Long day just sitting! A couple of walks to the canal, the duckies were right at the entrance, so the walk was so short it didn't even register on my ChargeHR. The second trip I brought the bucket of mealworms, and the duckies remembered that! They came right out of the water to eat from it ... except Uno. He is hurt! He could barely walk! When he's in the water I can't really tell that there is a problem, but on land. Oh, it made my heart hurt. I wonder if we should try to catch him and take him to the vet. What happened? Kept calories in check today, unless I forgot to log some food, which is a distinct possibility!

0719 (Tuesday) 169.8. Steps 23149. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1120/1192 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Canal Walk). Calories in 2300. I'd walk to Zumba on Tuesdays, but when I'm in charge with the heavier bag (and my big water) and I think people NEED to see a car there so they know someone has opened the building. I've made that mistake before ... I didn't even try the door. Good class today, about 10 people. #4 and I took a walk on the canal a bit later, and the duckies had moved down quite a bit, so it wasn't nearly as long a walk as yesterday. There was this momma and three babies (I'm pretty sure she's the one that started with seven) that was intimidating my duckies out of the food I'd brought them. She wanted it. Got in my hour of elliptical in three sessions throughout the day. Watching "Finding Carter". Dropped #3 off at Jump N Bounce, then he and his friends went to a movie after. I took the two littles to the dentist, yea, no cavities! It was a pretty quick visit, a little reading for me, then visiting with a mom of one of the boy's classmates. I'd ordered a hammock, as #3 has been wanting one forever. It came today and we put it together. We'd ordered a used game disk for the Wii U ... and it did NOT work, we'll be returning it and reordering. The boys were disappointed. Hubs came home from work a little early, not feeling great, trying to ward off an attack. Tuesdays seem to have been bad days for him. It never fully manifested though, so that's good. I had planned on making tacos with the leftover chicken, but with Hubs down, I wanted to wait until he could have some too. I did the kids "favorite noodles" instead (skillet sensations) and made some brazillian cheese bread. I also made my mint fudge brownies again, as the last batch was done. The ganache did NOT work out this time though, not sure if I switched to a cheaper chocolate chip? I thought it was the same. I tried one more time with a more expensive, bittersweet chip, and it finally worked.

0718 (Monday) 171.4. Steps 24921. Total Burn 3066. Exercise Burn 1100/1267 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Canal Walk). Calories in 2500. I got a session on the elliptical in, and #4 got in his workout, then #3 and his friend hit the gym. Perfect scheduling this morning ;) I went out to Zumba with Southziders, taking Denise with me.  Back at home, I went for a walk on the canal to see the duckies. #4 came with, catching Pokemon. We had to walk a lot further down today, I wasn't sure if we were going to find them, but they were there. Pretty stand-offish today. I saw another duck with a black head, NOT one of ours (brown body/smaller), and saw a momma quail and her babies. So cute and tiny! I got in a couple more sessions on the elliptical, and then in the evening we went to a family party up in Alpine. A couple of the cousins had Fitbits, and we are now Fitbit friends too. 

0717 (Sunday) 169.3. Steps 16983. Total Burn 2501. Exercise Burn 700/714 (60minElliptical, Canal Walk). Calories in 3500. We had our Sunday Circles for breakfast. Hubs smoked some bacon and sausage. I'd picked up some Hillshire after the boys had enjoyed it last week at the family party. I got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, even though my legs felt tired. Hubs and I also took a walk to the canal to see our duckies. They haven't moved much. In the evening, Hubs smoked pork chops, chicken drumsticks, and also made some steak and mashed taters (as when trying new things, he's not sure if anyone will like them). He made peach cobbler too, but he was the only one who liked it. Way over on eating without feeling like I over-indulged. 

0716 (Saturday) 168.8. Steps 19527. Total Burn 2563. Exercise Burn 745/774 (60minElliptical, Canal Walk). Calories in 2600. Had to set my alarm this morning, because #5 had an 8:00 basketball game. So early for a Saturday, especially after I've been used to sleeping in. Out at Dimple Dell ... we lost. Kept it even for the first half+, then the other team surged ahead. Our boys weren't playing their best, and we were missing a couple kids, so I don't feel like it was a mismatch, just an off game. My little started us off with the first seven points (one a three pointer). Back at home, I went for a walk at the canal and brought breakfast to my duckies. Just made one trip today ... tried out hiking boots to combat the goathead stickers. It helped a bit, but the boots rub. I hate shoes, but they are oh so necessary for the canal (after attempting a couple times in sandals). Got the lawn mowed. The front is looking better than it has in years, and now that the ducks are gone, Hubs is hoping to work on the back, fertilize it and such. Also got in my hour of elliptical, debated doing weights but didn't get around to it.

0715 (Friday) 167.3. Steps 27508. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1500/1165 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Walks). Calories in 2600. I started the morning with a walk to the canal to check on the duckies. Our four were still hanging out in about the same spot and seemed pretty happy that I'd brought them a little breakfast (watermelon and some of the duck food). I even found Phillipa down stream a little. I tried to encourage her upstream to meet up with the others, but she got spooked and flew, and boy can she fly! I hope she makes it back to the canal and does find the others. It's a little lonely being a solo duck. No sign of Miguel as of yet. My neighbor Denise was asking if I was hitting a Zumba class, and wanted to join me, but I didn't really have one today. Nicole wasn't doing it, Debbie had cancelled ... I'd really thought about going across town to hit Heather's, but she left on Pioneer Trek. MZL had one, but it was at a different (further) building. I told Denise I was just going to do a practice session at the church but that she was welcome to join me, and she did. I got much better stats doing it with someone else than on my own (although it was also my only Zumba for the day, whereas my practice is usually my second hour). I got in my hour of elliptical too, and bike ... but not weights, which I really should have worked on. #5 had his basketball practice. #4 came with as I dropped him off, and caught some Pokemon and filled up at some Pokestops on the way. I'm SO tired Friday nights, so grateful for the carpool that is willing to bring #5 home from practice so I can just get my jammies on early!

0714 (Thursday) 168.2. Steps 32260. Total Burn 3265. Exercise Burn 1650/1484 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Walkx3). Calories in 2200. This morning ... there were only two duckies! Two more flew the coop. Uno and Miguel. Just Ally and Jorge left. I walked to the canal first thing, just to see if they were there. I found Antonia around, and other ducks, but no Uno, Miguel or Phillipa. Went to Zumba at MountainView. Melanie had texted she has a stress fracture and asked if I could handle the class. I asked Christa to come help and she did. It went well. I stopped at Smiths on the way home and grabbed a few groceries. The boys didn't seem to be in the mood to hit the church gym, and I was dragging, so we didn't go today. I did get in my hour on the elliptical at least. #4 and I went and walked the canal later in the day too, and we found Uno with Antonia! Yea that they found each other! We walked all the way to the end, finding a momma and seven babies, probably only a day old (little fluff balls). There was a big group too, at least a dozen ... about the right age to be the ones that stayed with us for a while. I couldn't see the momma to see (our wild momma had been pretty big compared to most of the wild ones at the canal). I'd love to think it was our crew and that they have all survived. Hubs and #5 and I went for another canal walk in the evening. With the ChargeHR picking up "workouts" automatically, the three walks added up to 100minutes, almost four miles. My feet were very tired!

0713 (Wednesday) 168.8. Steps 22031. Total Burn 2814. Exercise Burn 896/1008 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Got in a session on the elliptical, and then went to Zumba with MZL. It was a full house today! 70min and they were still going, so I snuck out and hit Sam'sClub on the way home, grabbing a few groceries. On the way home, I thought I saw a black bird at the canal. I stopped and walked it, and sure enough, it was Antonia! She made it to the canal! No sign of Phillipea, and Anotonia was attempting to hang out with another momma duck and her three babies (about a week old). After unloading groceries, I went back to the canal with a little food, but Antonia seemed  very antsy. I was wondering if she might come out of the water to me, but no chance! The boys said they didn't want to hit the church gym today, and that was okay by me, I was feeling tired. I mowed the front lawn, but was having a hard time being motivated. I didn't even get my entire hour of elliptical in. I made chicken pillows for dinner, and Hubs and I spent a little time out back with our four duckies.

0712 (Tuesday) 168.6. Steps 29274. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1500/1522 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Weights). Calories in 2500. Hubs was up and off to work as usual, although he was planning on cutting the day short and heading up to the lake again, as #2 had the day off today and really wanted a turn on the waverunners. They did go up and had a fun day. The little boys didn't want to go, and I was fine staying home with them. Zumba over at the church, we had a few more than last week, but still quite small. I got good numbers though. The little boys and I went back a little later for their basketball time and practice for me. I got in my elliptical throughout the day, but was dragging a bit. I try to do weights on Tuesday, and did 20min, but called it at that. I made some mint chocolate brownies, which I haven't made for well over a year. Yummy.  Calories were over, as usual.

0711 (Monday) 169.3. Steps 32670. Total Burn 3346. Exercise Burn 1599/1563 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2400.  Back to routine, summer routine anyway. When I went out to give the ducks their breakfast, there were only four, instead of the usual six. Antonia and Phillipia were gone. I looked over the fence, by no sign of them anywhere. #4 and I took a walk up to the canal, to see if we could spot them there. No luck, although we did see a momma and her four almost grown babies (I recall seeing them weeks ago when they were tiny, the mother was distinctive so I am almost sure it's the same set). #4 caught some Pokemon on the way too, this Pokemon Go is the latest craze hitting the U.S. #2 is quite obsessed! My neighbor Denise wanted to try out Southziders, so I picked her up and we went out. They were having a little birthday celebration after. I brought the strawberries and blueberries left over from our party, but meant to bring Debbie some swig cookies, but I forgot. Back at home, I got in elliptical and bike, and we went over to the church for basketball and Zumba practice. #5 had a friend, and our neighbor Jacob came over to play too.  Of course, it's a Poke-stop as well! It was 7-11 free slurpee day ... we've attempted it before, usually with less than desireous results, so I didn't even bring it up this year. #3 had researched buying a WiiU (we've talked about it forever) and had found one on ebay that we'd ordered. It came today ... but we're lucky we received it as it was dropped off at the wrong house. Happily the lady was honest, and went out of her way to bring it to us. The kids got it set up and were playing it today and into the night. Hubs had to work quite late. We watched the last episode of "The Night Manager". What will we watch next?

0710 (Sunday) 169.4. Steps 12508. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 0/567 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Every month my side of the family has a Westra/Waffles get-together. Usually at the folks house, but a couple of my brothers have hosted it as well to change things up. I figured it was our turn. It would help out Mom, who can't do as much with her pinched nerve pain, and let the nieces and nephews who hadn't seen the ducks see the ducks (before they fly away). We did some cleaning prep, and Hubs even painted the front door (a project that has been needed for a while, I guess this was finally incentive ... it looks great!). #3 was a huge help too, prepping waffle mix and manning the waffle iron. Hubs smoked bacon and I did sausages and eggs. My little nieces were more enamored of our two cats, although they liked the ducks too.

0709 (Saturday) 167.9. Steps 19679. Total Burn 2550. Exercise Burn 650/771 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Started the day with an early Zumba class, at 8:00. Denise came with, to Melody(ZumbaUnderground), holding at a church today. There was a pretty good crowd, and they were fun! A couple gals in the back were really getting into it, with the dancing and little whoops and such. It did up the energy, although my stats were just so/so. Hubs and the three youngest had taken the waverunners and gone to Pineview for a day at the lake (I'm not really a waterbaby). #2 really would have liked to go, but he had work. With the house quiet, I got in a nap. Only 30min on the elliptical today (body feeling yesterday's weight workout) and also mowed the lawn. The crew came back in the late afternoon ... sans the waverunners. Apparently the trailer got a flat tire and there was no spare. Poor Hubs, after dropping the kids and unloading other stuff, he had to go buy a spare and make the trek back to change the tire and bring the boats home. Not how he would have liked to spend the evening.

0708 (Friday) 167.2. Steps 30064. Total Burn 3316. Exercise Burn 1623/1541 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 3100. Got in an elliptical session to start the day, then hit Zumba with MZL. Got a call from #3 while I was there, that a couple of the ducks had flown over the fence into the neighbor's backyard. I told him he could try to get them back or wait for me (class had about 15min left). One flew back over, and he walked the other one back home.  I finished up my hour of elliptical, did a session on the bike and did weights (a full hour). Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice, then went to a Zumbathon Nina was hosting to raise funds for a friend. I only had an hour in me, It was a good day for exercise, unfortunately, eating was really high too.

0707 (Thursday) 168.1. Steps 33355. Total Burn 3442. Exercise Burn 1628/1660 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 1.5milesTreadmill). MountainView Zumba was taking the week off (4th of July holiday) so I figured I hit the one at Prairie Stake. I've only hit the Thursday class with Coriann once before, but the same location I'd been to on Monday (for Heather's class). Today it was was at 8:00, earlier than my norm, but I made it. I even took Denise, a neighbor who had some to Tuesday's class and had expressed interest in the other free classes around. There were no cars when we arrived right at 8:00. I have learned my lesson though, and I at least tried the door. It was open and Coriann was there and we got started. I did know several people there, others who also make the rounds to various classes. Back at home, I got in my elliptical, and then the boys (three today) and I did our hour at the church gym. I even got in a session on the treadmill ... 1.5 miles, at an incline for much of it, although the heart rate never really got up. Faster is better than incline, but I don't like running or jogging. It's SO hard! I'm enjoying "The Last Ship" though ... it's making me want to get additional exercise in so I can watch another episode. Hubs took the two little boys to see a basketball game (NBA summer series) and I put on my headphones and listened to my audiobook while I cleaned the kitchen (even mopped the floor), vacuumed, put laundry away and did the dishes. Hopefully burned some calories cleaning ... I was working up a sweat with that mopping!

0706 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 30015. Total Burn 3220. Exercise Burn 1501/1461 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. Hubs was still up and off to work this morning, even after the rough night. I got in a session on the elliptical, then headed to Draper for Zumba with Southziders. As I didn't get my Nina fix on Monday, I figured I'd hit it on Wednesday this week (and still be able to get my MZL fix on Friday) and hoped T would be there, as I haven't seen her in forever. When I pulled into the parking lot ... late mind you, there was nary a car there! Oh no, I gave up my MZL and now wasn't going to get a Zumba in? But ... everyone was just later than me. We got started and I was really giving it my all, trying to get some good stats (and I did, although still didn't get the Charge HR into the top tier). T was there, and it was so fun to do some of her numbers I hadn't danced to in a while. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart for some grocery shopping. I hit the one on 104th, as it was on the way home. I grabbed a couple shirts for #4 and when I got home poor #5 was like "are they BOTH for Cooper?"  He was so sad ... but that kid ONLY wears compression shirts (and would wear the same one for three days until I order him to shower and change) and I told him so. He said "well I would wear those!"  ... It's almost enough to make me go back and grab some for him! Almost. Got in additional elliptical, and mowed the front lawn. #2 didn't work today and was around ... of course, he generally is just vegging watching TV or taking a nap when he's home. The three younger boys were CRAZY today playing basketball in the family room. The two littles and I hit the church for their basketball, my Zumba practice. Orange chicken for dinner, and early to bed ...

0705 (Tuesday) 166.8. Steps 30295. Total Burn 3456. Exercise Burn 1650/1683 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. Had the playlist all prepped for class when one of the gals texted she wasn't going to be able to make it - dang, I was looking forward to her songs. But happily it's easy to fill an hour now that I've been practicing. Over at the church ... trucks all in the parking lot! Uggggg, not again! Luckily we only had to shift parking to the other side and could still use the gym, but I wondered if it scared some people off (although I never heard back from anyone that they had tried to come) ... it was only me, Christa and a neighbor (new to class, hopefully this didn't scare her off completely having no one there!) After class, I jokingly asked Christa if she wanted to stay and practice, and she said yes. So we did another hour. After, she and her kids came over for a quick peek to see the ducks.  I got in my elliptical and did weights. Ran #3 to a church to play basketball with his buddies. I would have gone back to ours if my littles had wanted to, but they didn't push it (and I'd already gotten in my extra hour of Zumba). My computer monitor started to freak out. Aaaack! I can't deal without my computer (even though in this day and age so many things are still accessible on my phone, and we do have another computer in the house, but still ...) I switched out the cords, and even tried switching out the monitor with no luck. I was afraid it might be the video card on the computer itself. I finally tried a hard re-boot ... and that worked! The ol "have you tried turning it off and back on again" trick! Happy to have it back ... seriously, my motivation to do ANYTHING just tanks when I have computer issues (even though that's the perfect time to do other stuff like exercise, cleaning, cooking, etc). Hubs started feeling off in the early evening, and went to lay down, trying to ward off an oncoming attack. Didn't work ... around midnight he woke me asking if I could get him a bucket, and he threw up and had a full-fledged attack :(  Poor guy!

0704 (Monday) 169.6. Steps 31291. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1600/1533 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2350. My usual Zumba class was taking the holiday off, but another gal I've met in classes (we're Facebook and Fitbit friends too) was having an 8:00 class, so I decided to hit it. Up early and off ... ran into a couple teen boys (friends of my teen boys) leaving as I showed up. They'd been playing basketball (MY boys were still in bed asleep of course! No early up for them) and some men were still playing, so it pushed the start time a bit. It was a fun class. I knew several people from other classes, and my friend Cathyleen had come after I'd told her I would be attending. I also got some elliptical in during the day, and #4 surprised me by asking when we were going to the church for basketball (Zumba practice for me while I supervise)... I hadn't thought we'd get it in on the holiday, but the family party wasn't until a bit later, so he and I went (none of the other boys wanted to go). Then it was over to my MIL's for an inflatable waterslide for the kids, see the kittens and BBQ. I don't like hamburgers, hotdogs or sausages, so there really wasn't much for me to eat ... which isn't necessarily a bad thing I guess. I did snack on too many chips. I'd driven separately, and #4 gave out, so he and I headed home.   Hubs left #3 and #5 (they didn't want to come home) and Aunt Ana dropped them off later. #2 had come for a bit but then had to go to work. Hubs and I had a little ducky time in the evening, watching the ducks who were a bit intimidated by all the fireworks. We had a little scare with them earlier ... right before I headed out to the party, I turned off a sprinkler in the back and counted ducks ... and there were only four (instead of the usual six). Uno and Jorge were missing! They have been flying some, so we knew this day would come. I peeked over the fence into the neighbor's backyard and there they were, looking a bit confused. The neighbor's weren't home, but had said I could go into their yard for ducks as needed (back when Momma and babies were wandering). By the time I walked around, Jorge had flown back into our hard, but Uno just couldn't figure it out. I debated trying to walk him home, I tried to "encourage" him to fly back, but it wasn't happening. I ended up grabbing him and tossing him back over the fence into our yard.

0703 (Sunday) 169.2. Steps 11403. Total Burn 2305. Exercise Burn 450/494 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. We had our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. Smoked bacon is now the norm! That breakfast really fills me up, I'm usually stuffed well until afternoon. I did grab a nap ... a big meal makes me sleepy! We went to Rodizio in the early evening. I'd bought a Groupon and given it to Hubs for Father's Day. We even had #2 take off work so he could join us. It was yummy. After letting the tummy settle a couple hours, I made homemade oreos for dessert. Way over calories every day this weekend ... way to start the month Jen!

0702 (Saturday) 167.5. Steps 18401. Total Burn 2608. Exercise Burn 635/848 (20minElliptical, Zumba. WEIGHTS). Calories in 3250.  I planned ahead to hit a Zumba class. HeatherH was having her last one, as they are moving to California on Monday. While I never got the highest burn in this class, I'll always have fond memories of her energy, and she's the one who introduced me to "Shake" which has always been a favorite. After Zumba, I was feeling full of energy, so I did the weight workout I didn't do yesterday. I got the lawn mowed and some house cleaning. Hubs put ribs on the smoker, and we had a yummy dinner. I was really bad with eating today though, just craving (and caving) to sugary sweets!

0701 (Friday) 165.7. Steps 20848. Total Burn 2812. Exercise Burn 1092/1058 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Hubs couldn't sleep and got up and left to work around 3:00. Oreo came in and I can't really sleep with him ON me, but I figured if I got up and put him out, that would wake me up too. So I'm not sure I really got back to sleep either. I was planning on hitting a class. I was thinking about going to Debbie's, but she does toning with weights, and I had a weight workout scheduled for later in the day. I decided on MZL, it's closer and while I've already been to them this week, they have so many different instructors and songs that it is often like a completely different class (which turned out to be the case today). Not great HR stats, but good steps. I was totally dragging a little later in the day. I laid down for a little, but napping didn't happen either ... but neither did weights. #3 went to the rec center, and requested a stop at Arby's on the way home ... I even indulged in an order of mozzarella sticks. Later  before I dropped #5 off at practice, we stopped at Artctic Circle where I had some tots and fried fish. #3 hung at friend's house that night, so I had to stay awake for pickup at 10:30. Hub's pinched nerve pain was bad, he tried getting comfortable in the recliner and almost slept there.

0630 (Thursday) 165.3. Steps 31176. Total Burn 3354. Exercise Burn 1572/1591 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2600. A little "gym" drama in the morning. I got my first elliptical session in no problem, but then #4 and #3 and friend wanted the gym at the same time (the older one prevailed, as he had a friend over and was in first). There are SO many other things #4 can do while he waits (jumprope, basketball, etc.) but back to wondering if we need a schedule! Zumba with MountainView. It was so hot in the gym today. I couldn't feel any air moving. Pretty small group too. I debated stopping at Smiths after ... the kids are out of ice cream ... but I guess they can wait a little longer. #2 was playing in a game today, I thought about going to watch, but it was at the SouthTowne Expo center, so a BUNCH of temp courts set up. Worse than SoccerCity! He can drive himself so ... I didn't go (they lost by a lot, although #2 said HE had 20 points). Hubs was home a little early, needing a nap before doing a derby. #3 went along to help. Dominos for dinner. Calories were a little high today. I was craving sugar and opened a big box of Junior Mints ... and ate the whole thing!

0629 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 37352. Total Burn 3629. Exercise Burn 1700/1866 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 1200. Productive day today ... and kept calories in check! Started off with a session on the elliptical, then hit Zumba with MZL.  They had me help with "It's Raining Men" and then when "In the Summertime" came on I started doing the steps so they had me come up and lead it.  On the way home, I stopped at Walmart at Sams, so steps there, and putting stuff away. I spent some time in the food storage room rearranging and getting things on shelves. #3 wanted to hit Gene Fullmer, so I dropped him off (well, he drove, getting his practicing in) and then the little boys and I hit the church gym. It was a good practice for me, the hour was over before I knew it (and before I even did some of the songs I had planned on practicing). Got in my additional elliptical and mowed the front lawn. Meatball subs for dinner, although hubs ended up hitting a movie with a work buddy, so he was home late. I still had energy at the end of the day, so I went and did some reading while riding the stationary bike. 

0628 (Tuesday) 167.5. Steps 20903. Total Burn 2836. Exercise Burn 1100/1058 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2200. Frustrating morning as I went over to the church for Zumba and there is a sign up saying "Church closed for cleaning" Grrrrrr! I just wish they would let people who have the building scheduled know! We could make other arrangements, but we can't five minutes before, when people (like Christa) are coming from 20min away to hit it. We ended up dancing in a shady spot in the parking lot, playing the music from Tirsa's truck. My Ipad overheated at one point (we were careful to shade it after that). It was still fun, but with that underlying frustration! Of course, that meant the munchkins and I couldn't hit the church for our practice later in the day, which they were actually fine with. I should have taken them bowling, I really need to do some other fun stuff with them this summer. I'm such a homebody (and so are they, they haven't been complaining). I did run #3 to the gym ... well, I had #2 run him, even though he was napping after his sleep over (with lack of sleep). He'd parked so I wasn't sure I could get my car out, so I needed him to move it anyway. We do not have enough room for all the vehicles! I picked #3 up when he was done (and let #2 continue to nap, as he'd gone back to sleep). The littles and I did make "flubber" and they seemed to enjoy that. I got in a weight workout today too, as well as additional elliptical to hit my hour. We had the windshield in the charger replaced, by a company that comes out to the house. It started to rain and hail right after the guy got the windshield back in ... a few minutes sooner and the car would have been completely open! Hubs came home from work a little early and took the charger to get it inspected. He would have done the registration too, but didn't have time before the DMV closed for the day. #3 was craving TacoBell, and #5 wanted Subway ... hubs ended up taking them to TB and I promised #5 I'd make meatball subs tomorrow (that's what he had wanted). Spent a little time out with the ducks. They are getting ready to fly, little lifts off the ground. Hubs and I watched a couple episodes of Mr Robot in the evening ... it's one that has great reviews but isn't really grabbing me. Hubs ALMOST made popcorn, but resisted the urge. His pinched nerve HAD been doing better, but he aggravated it again somehow and it's hurting him again :(

0627 (Monday) 169.5. Steps 29304. Total Burn 3152. Exercise Burn 1452/1364 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2500. Didn't start out the day with good eating. There were some chocolate donuts, that I don't even like that much, but that didn't stop me from eating one. Swig cookies were a temptation today too. Started the day with a session on the elliptical, then hit Southziders for Zumba. Maria was there, I haven't seen her IRL for a while. Good sized class, and we went over by 10min! I stopped at Reams on the way home, they had bacon on sale, and grabbed a few other things. #5 had a little friend over for a playdate. They didn't want to hit the church gym, but #4 still wanted to go. Once Daddy was home to supervise (he had come home from work early to go with #2 to buy a car, a Charger!) #4 and I headed to the church for his basketball and my low-key Zumba practice (very low-key today, barely hit 300 calories for the hour). Made some chicken and yellow rice for dinner again. Finished up my hour of elliptical, and to bed.

0626 (Sunday) 167.2. Steps 7434. Total Burn 2011. Exercise Burn 200/210 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2600. I have been feeling my weight workout from Friday, but it's okay, as Sat/Sun are generally pretty un-exercising anyway. I did get one session on the elliptical, but it's amazing how hard it feels on a Sunday/restday. We had Sunday Circles for breakfast, and the brisket (and bacon) for dinner. I also made Swig cookies again, we were out ...

0625 (Saturday) 167.7. Steps 17294. Total Burn 2446. Exercise Burn 700/680 (60minElliptical, Lawn Mow). Calories in 2200. I really should have hit a Zumba class, Zumba Underground was having one at a church at 8:30 ... should have, but it was a lazy morning. I did get in a few sessions on the elliptical (two 20, two 10) to hit my hour, and I mowed the lawn. Lots of laundry, finished up the monthly bills, and got a couple blog updates done.  Hubs was smoking a brisket all day and it smelled to good, but just wasn't finishing up. He and the boys snacked on some when it was finally done after 11:00, but I was asleep ...

0624 (Friday) 167.8. Steps 18231. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 1000/902 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2800. Nicole was having a Zumba class with SuperMom's group, so I hit it. I haven't driven up 7800 recently, since school has been out, and construction made things difficult to get to the church, but I managed. I got in my hour of elliptical (three20min sessions) and also did weights. I was on drop-off duty for the little boy's basketball practice at SLCC. I was still out and about when the bigger boys returned home from their week-long basketball camp. They called Daddy and had him pick them up. Then #2 took #3 to a friend's birthday party, and picked him up again at midnight. Hubs and I relaxed with the ducks in the early evening, then with a show and popcorn a bit later. The popcorn definitely pushed calories over, but it was yummy.

0623 (Thursday) 167.3. Steps 27141. Total Burn 3072. Exercise Burn 1434/1306 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. Went to MountainView Zumba with Melanie, she had me do a couple of numbers, which does help get my heart rate up I think. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. The littles did want to play basketball today, so we went to the church and I got in another hour of Zumba (low-key) while keeping an eye on them. Also got in my hour of elliptical ... and a nap. Made the little boy's favorite dinner, fried chicken and yellow rice. Eating some myself pushed calories over (although under burn). Hubs was home and to bed early, and even with my nap, I was ready for bed too. The teens return home tomorrow, which may be the end of early bedtimes. It was a nice week while it lasted. 

0622 (Wednesday) 167.4. Steps 24740. Total Burn 2891. Exercise Burn 1150/1147 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800. It's been harder getting an elliptical session in early when I'm not getting up as early. Still managed one before heading out to MZL's Zumba class. The parking lot was newly refinished ... they moved class on Friday, I'm guessing that was why. Good class today. I stopped at the dollar store on the way home instead of my usual Walmart/Sam's run. With the teens gone, I don't need to restock on as much quite yet. Prepped a package for my missionary, and got a letter from him today. I'll need to update the blog. He is still sending steps, but when I'm getting them with a few day's lag time, it throws off the step comparisons. The little boys said they didn't feel like going to the church for basketball, so we skipped it today. I got in a session on the bike instead of my second Zumba. I picked up Dominos for dinner. Hubs had another attack at work today :(  and was still recovering when he had to head out to do a derby. The two little boys went to help. Kept calories in check today ... although I sure wanted to eat more!

0621 (Tuesday) 167.2. Steps 25760. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 1420/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2000. Got one session on the elliptical in before I hit Zumba class. It was very small today, just five people (besides me). The little boys and I went back to the church a bit later for their basketball hour, and my practice. My second round stats were pretty low-key, but that's okay. Finished up my hour of elliptical, but really should have done weights or bike. Took a little nap instead. Changed out the duckie's big pool and spent some time out with the ducks both yesterday evening and tonight. Ducky time. 

0620 (Monday) 170.8. Steps 31052. Total Burn 3318. Exercise Burn 1600/1543 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 1800. The two teens were off to the high school at 6:15, heading to a basketball camp in St. George for the week. I went to Zumba with Southziders, and grabbed a few groceries on the way home. Got in elliptical, bike and our trip to the church for basketball and Zumba practice. I cleaned up the house some too, Hubs was quite amazed when he got home (a little sad that it is such an amazing thing *Ü*) We watched Sunday's GOT ... wow, that was bloody and violent! I did work hard to keep calories in check today.

0619 (Sunday) 168.4. Steps 5862. Total Burn 2072. Exercise Burn 0/288 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Father's Day! We should have done the whole breakfast in bed, but as the smoker is technically a father's day gift, we had to have it put to use, smoking up bacon for breakfast. #3 made the waffles, giving Daddy a break from that. Hubs ran some errands, and I got in a little nap. In the late afternoon we headed to my brother's house for our annual Father's Day gathering on my side of the family. Hubs brought a slackline kit he'd purchased a while back, and there were two trees that worked perfectly. It was a hit. It was also game seven of the NBA championships. #4 started watching at the house, and then we headed home during the 3rd quarter. Made it home in time to see the exciting end.Cleveland won.

0618 (Saturday) 168.4. Steps 8635. Total Burn 2045. Exercise Burn 100/263 (LawnMow). Calories in 2800. Still not feeling great. Decided to take it easy today too. I did get the lawn mowed, but that was it for any activity. Hubs went and got donuts again. I can't resist donuts. My family was in town, to I invited them to bring their kids to see our ducks. The kids really enjoyed feeding them mealworms and grapes and bananas. Our backyard isn't really built for entertaining, so we adults were squished up into the small shade area by the house. They all left to go hiking, but I wasn't feeling up to that. Father's Day family party tomorrow.

0617 (Friday) 168.4. Steps 14494. Total Burn 2308. Exercise Burn 590/526  (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. I woke up not feeling very well, I even grabbed a bucket to put by the bed just in case. I didn't even attempt a Zumba class, but did try a session on the elliptical, and a little later in the day when the kids wanted to play basketball, we did go to the church and I did a low-key Zumba practice. I was supposed to get in a weight workout today .... but it didn't happen. I didn't make it back down for more elliptical either. Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice, then took #3 to a friend's house to hang out for the evening. Hubs brought home donuts, but he was having one of his attacks, so he was straight to bed. I guess it IS good he pulled the plug on the family vacation, because otherwise he would have been on the road with the boys at that time. He felt a little better by bedtime, so we caught up on GOT and ate some popcorn. 

0616 (Thursday) 168.01. Steps 27337. Total Burn 3023. Exercise Burn 1355/1240 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2).  Calories in 2500. Last day of the basketball clinic for the boys. #2 had slept over at a friend's house, but came home and grabbed #3 so I wouldn't have to make the trip. I was still a little late to Zumba regardless. They had started, but I think it was the first song. Couldn't get the heart rate going today though. The little boys and I did our hour at the church later, me practicing Zumba while they play some basketball. Fit in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day too. Dropped #3 off at a friend's house to watch the playoff games - the series is now 3-3, forcing a game seven. Maga came over to borrow some camping stuff (we'd be packing up camping stuff, as this was the weekend Hubs and the boys were planning on leaving for the Seattle/Canada family vacation ... but with Hubs Meniere's attacks and pinched nerve, he figured he'd better not risk it). I baked up some of the leftover cookie dough - gingersnaps and chocolate chip.

0615 (Wednesday) 167.7. 35238 Steps. Total Burn 3536. Exercise Burn 1557, 1752 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2800. I went to Zumba with MZL as usual for Wednesdays. It had started when I got there, but I still got in my hour. I requested a couple songs. Afterward I stopped at Walmart and Sams for some shopping. We were out of a lot of stuff, so both checkouts were bigger than usual, as well as more shopping steps. It's nice to have the boys home to help bring in groceries and put them away. I got some chicken marinating for dinner, and got my elliptical in, and #4 and did our hour at the church (basketball and Zumba practice). Changed the water for the ducks and got some laundry done.#3 ended up inviting friends over, which is fine, as we're so seldom "the house" for the older boys. We had enough dinner to feed them (four extra). Hubs barbecued the chicken on the smoker and made his mashed taters. I made Brazillian cheese rolls and they were a hit (as they usually are). My legs were feeling very tired today! I did get in a lot of steps!

0614 (Tuesday) 167.2. 27815 Steps. Total Burn 3185. Exercise Burn 1564, 1410 (60ninElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2250. #2 and #3 are at a basketball clinic Mon-Thurs this week at 9:00. Happily #2 can drive them, as I'm trying to keep Marian's "start on time" policy while subbing the Tuesday class. My practice has paid off and it's easy to do an hour now! The little boys still wanted to hit the church for basketball (#5 had a couple of friends over) so we did, and I practiced for another hour, all different songs than this morning. Still got in elliptical - should have done weights, but I remember how drained I felt after last week. Maybe I'll just save them for Fridays, when any stiffness or soreness won't affect me as much (as I usually don't have the same workouts on weekends). I tried another Pinterest chocolate chip recipe ... just okay. Taste is fine but they don't look particularly pretty. Turned some leftover pulled pork into tacos for dinner. 

0613 (Monday) 168.5. 31562 Steps. Total Burn 3353. Exercise Burn 1660/1570 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2150. With summer, I've still been waking fairly early. Between Hubs getting up and off to work, it being so light outside, and kitty wanting his breakfast ... I am awake and do usually feed Oreo and Joy .... but then I often get back in bed, because 5:00ish is just too early especially for summer! I hit Southziders for Zumba. It was quite late to start, but luckily I'm not in a particular rush. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. It's nice having the kids home to help bring them in and get them put away. The little boys and I did our hour at the church, them playing basketball and me practicing Zumba. It's SO much easier to practice there where I have some space, and it's helpful being the location I'll be leading (for visualization) and I'm really gaining some confidence. Still not planning on becoming an instructor, but I think I'll really enjoy subbing this summer. Got in my hour of elliptical and even a session on the bike. A little over calorie goal. Still way under burn, but it seems like unless I stay under 2000, I don't lose (even if I burn a ton). 

0612 (Sunday) 168.7. 7959 Steps. Total Burn 2068. Exercise Burn 210/284 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up rather early and off to work. Does he not realize it's a weekend, and he's on salary? He was helping prep the model home. Without him here, we skipped the big breakfast, and I made scones instead.  I got in a little nap, then ran out to my mom's, taking some of the pulled pork. She's been suffering from a pinched nerve for a bit now too (Hub is improving). I did get in a session on the elliptical, but was feeling so tired. I took a shower and got in jammies early. Hubs and #3 went over to the church for an Eagle Court. When they got back, Hubs took the kids to Maga's to see the kittens. I would have gone (I love kittens) but ... was already in jammies!

0611 (Saturday) 167.2. 17853 steps. Total Burn 2534. Exercise Burn 750/759 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up early (around 5:00) to start the pork on the smoker. He came back to bed and we both ended up sleeping in after that. I missed my Saturday Zumba class, but with my legs so tired I wasn't really planning on it anyway. I still did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, and I did a session on the bike. #2 and #3 were off to basketball games up at the University in the morning. Unfortunately #2's team got eliminated in the first round, and #3's team lost in the second. They'd hoped to do better, but oh well. That happens. We had some rain, sprinkling in the morning, and quite a downpour later in the day. I managed to mow the front lawn during a quick break in the weather. Hubs took the kids to Panda Express for lunch, then #5 was invited to a friend's house to play. We had Hub's pulled pork for dinner, and I made coconut goodies, which #2 ate a ton of, although I still got my share. Overate today, over burn too. 

0610 (Friday) 166.1. 20976 steps. Total Burn 2779. Exercise Burn 1000/1043 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early at 5:00, and I was awake too ... but that's too early to get up, especially in summer, right? I ended up going back to bed and then sleeping in. I didn't quite have the motivation to get to Zumba class, but we did take the boys to play basketball, and got in an hour of practice on my own. Dropped #3 off at a basketball buddy's house to catch a ride to his games today. Also dropped #5 off to catch a ride to his basketball practice. Made some gingersnaps to send as a thank  you. Also ate many gingersnaps. I was dragging so much today, legs and feet just feeling so tired. I went to bed early. 

0609 (Thursday) 166.9. 30199 steps. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1434/1478 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. #3 was playing basketball in a tournament up at the university today. I don't drive there, so I'd had to find him a ride. I dropped him off at a basketball buddy's house at 7:50 and he was off. I hit a little elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Marian was there, although she won't be around much more of the summer. I brought her a couple of my hanging towels as a thank you. The littles wanted to play basketball, so we did that, and I got in another hour of Zumba, just practicing (but getting better stats than the morning class). #3 checked in, giving me updates on his and #2's games (four games, four wins). I made "savory crust chicken bake" for dinner. A family recipe for hubs growing up. Just mixed results. Spent a little time out with the duckies in the evening. The big pool is NOT staying any cleaner with fewer ducks. I went downstairs to hit my final elliptical session, as I stepped on and started to push the pedal, there was a resistance and a bang and then a pitiful, frantic "meow" ... Oreo was IN the back of the elliptical! He does that, very often he'll run in with me and go right for it, and I make him get out. Today, I had NO idea he was already in there. I don't know how he was hit or squished, he had trouble getting out but seemed to be moving okay. He ran up the stairs and I ran up too to check on him. His fur was very dirty (the gears are greasy) but other than that no obvious signs of injury. I continued to watch him all night. He can be a very calm kitty, so it's hard to tell if he's acting unusually. I'm so sad about this! My poor kitty! 

0608 (Wednesday) 165.1. 31443 steps. Total Burn 3135. Exercise Burn 1370/1398 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2850. Well, I'm NOT getting up as early in the summer. Still got in an elliptical session before Zumba. I was feeling so tired in class, heart (nor heart rate) in it, but still went through the motions and got a good step count. Stopped at Sam's and Walmart on the way home, but my feet were hurting. Put the groceries away and got caught up on some computer stuff. Drove #3 out to play basketball with his buddies, then took the littles to the gym so they could play basketball. I did an hour of Zumba practice while I waited and supervised (my ipod died though, dang it! It was just a backup, but I preferred it to my phone for some things.) Had to push to get my additional elliptical in to hit my hour. Watching "DowntonAbby" season 6 now.  Daddy and #3 hit El Pollo Loco for dinner. Their churros were good! I really overate today. Just feeling hungry and having cravings (peanut butter ... Nutragous, Nutty Bar, PB cookies) and was feeling so stuffed at the end of the day!

0607 (Tuesday) 166.3. Steps 27373. Total Burn 3226. Exercise Burn 1350/1456 (60minElliptical Zumba+, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1600. I'm thinking we might need to make a schedule for our home gym. I knew #3 was having a friend come over to workout, so I figured I'd better hit the elliptical before that happened. I got mine in, but then #4 took his turn and it did overlap a bit (#3 and friend had to wait). I hit Zumba, the Scosche didn't want to work today. When I got back home I played around with things, restarted my phone and got it connecting again. Dropped #3 off at the rec center to play basketball, then took the two littles to the church gym, letting them play basketball while I practiced some Zumba. Planned on an hour, but #3 called for a pickup after 30minutes, done at the rec center.  I did a stop at Arby's for lunch with him, then we did some more driving practice around the neighborhood. I got in some more elliptical, and did weights. I hadn't really planned dinner, thinking we'd just do leftovers, but Daddy came home hungry. He took the boys to Chick-Fil-A ... I'd been doing good on eating, so I didn't go. Did keep calories in check, even though I made homemade oreos for a family dessert.

0606 (Monday) 165.9. Steps 26922. Total Burn 3129. Exercise Burn 1150/1361 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. First official "summer" day. There was a bit of a sleep in. I checked on the duckies, and momma and babies were gone. I did a walk around the circle and down the street a bit but couldn't see them, or hear any sound of momma/babies in distress (caught at a window well somewhere). I even did walk up to the canal, but no sign of them there either. I hit my Zumba class and did a quick grocery store stop on the way home. #3 wanted to go to the rec center for basketball, so I dropped him here. When I picked him up a couple hours later we stopped at the church parking lot and had some driving practice (he got his learner's permit a while ago and we've been slooow). Still no Momma and babies, so I think they are gone. While we'll miss them, it's a bit of a relief too (after the online ducky disaster, and it did conflict with raising our own six ducks). I emptied the pools ... we'll see if they stay a little cleaner with fewer ducks to muck them up. Ally was walking again (just a bit and she'd have to stop and rest, but walking!) I prepped the leftover dough into more breadsticks and cinnamon rolls, and made chicken soup for dinner. I'd mentioned to the boys about seeing a mamma Killdeer on the corner (she was there last year, raising her little family). It's a crazy, busy, populated corner, lots of traffic (both cars and walking), but that's her spot! When I'd walked to the canal in the morning, she'd run to the other side of the street, pretending to have a broken wing (pretty convincing too!). On the way back, she didn't notice me coming (there is a fence) and so I happened to notice where she had hopped up from, and there mixed with the rocks, were four eggs, camouflaged perfectly. If I hadn't been looking for them I wouldn't have seen them. I'd mentioned it to the boys, and #3 and #4 took a walk up to the corner to take a look. #5 wanted to see too, so I said I'd walk up with him. We saw her and her eggs, then continued on to the canal to look around there. Guess who we found? Momma and all twelve babies! They made it! While there are still plenty of dangers around in the wild, what I was really worried about was the trek from our yard to the canal. I'm not sure which route they took, but they got there. We'll probably be taking more walks on the canal now!

0605 (Sunday) 165.9. Steps 16184. Total Burn 2695. Exercise Burn 650/920 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Can't help but wake up early. We actually left our big babies out last night, as although there are still occasional altercations, the two sets of ducks have basically been staying out of each other's way. It's hard to keep ours penned up when we (and they) see Mamma and babies with free reign to run.  Everyone was still good in the morning ... Momma took a walk again, came back again. We had our big Sunday breakfast. Hubs did some yardwork, putting the boys to work as well. He made a trip to the Apple store yesterday and switched to the new SE phone, and let #3 taking over his old one  (but newer than #3's). I made ziti for dinner, with homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert.  On the ducky front, we did get a visit from the Department of Wildlife Services based on the complaint from the online lady taking umbrage with our having ducks in our backyard. At this point I actually welcomed the visit (please, tell me what to do at this point and take it out of my hands). He reviewed the situation and seemed perfectly content that the ducks were not being mistreated or held captive and closed the case. He said if we were okay with them staying and they wanted to stay, that was fine with DWS too. He had seen the video (Hubs catching one of the ducklings much to Momma's chagrin,  I'd pulled it from online but the lady made a copy) and said honestly she'd face much worse out in the wild everyday. Still a concern for me that the online lady might post it to an animal loving website with our address/info and encourage others to harass us more as punishment. We had lot's of ducky time in the evening. They LOVE the running water and digging around in the muddy dirt. Our ducks came to investigate Daddy digging up the garden area and were rewarded with worms as he turned the dirt over. Ally does seem to be doing a bit better, dare we hope? She even stood and walked a bit. I can see she is moving her right leg more when she swims.Hubs and I are a few weeks behind on GOT, but got in one episode tonight.

0604 (Saturday) 165.1. Steps 18565. Total Burn 2672. Exercise Burn 550/909 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1400. Woke up early to let our big babies out of the pen. Mamma and her babies took a walk. After I looked out the window and couldn't see them at the neighbors, I was going to take a walk to the canal to see if they made it there ... but looked in the back quick, and there they were. They'd snuck back in when I wasn't watching. Mixed feelings about it at this point. It would be a bit easier if they were gone, but I'd miss seeing them. Anyway, as I was up, I hit a Zumba class, but wasn't able to get my HR up at all. Hubs went into work for a bit. In the night, #2's car was pranked. Peanut butter all over the handles, coconut oil too. And inside ... pounds of shredded paper confetti. In attempting to clean it up a bit, #2 simply unloaded it all into the street. I ended up out there for over an hour attempting to sweep it up, but it's all over. Our driveway looks horrible with the mess the peanut butter a other oils left, in addition to shreds of paper everywhere. Very frustrating! In the evening, #5 had a couple basketball games. They easily won the first. The second was the championship game against Mayhem. They'd won us once, we'd won them once, so we knew it would be tough and could go either way. It started off rough for us ... we couldn't make a shot and they couldn't miss. Finally some started falling, but it was hard battling a 10point deficit the entire game. Brought it to within three there in the final minutes for an exciting finish, but the other team got the win. I'd hoped #5 would handle it a bit better than he did (there were tears).

0603 (Friday) 164.7. Steps 24005. Total Burn 3069. Exercise Burn 1085/1310 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1600. Last day of school for the munchkins. The middle school had a regular start time, so I was able to hit a Zumba class after dropped the kids to school (I hit Debbie in Daybreak). Came home and cleaned up then headed to the elementary for the award program there. Early out at both schools (high school graduation was yesterday so they were done), but #3 went home with friends, so I didn't have to pick him up until later in the day ... and then he really just wanted me to shuttle him from one set of friend's to the next. #5 had basketball practice, which he's been struggling with ... (it's so far away, and long, and hard ... and I'm only 10). We did have a big long talk about what he wants to do. Continue playing competitively, knowing that practices and expectations will only get harder, or move to rec if he just wants to play for fun, or take the summer off for a break ... he says he does want to play competitively still, and wants to play with this team (he is playing up a grade, but we just hadn't been able to find a team his age). He is the youngest and smallest. I really hesitate to talk to a coach (on the high school level anyway, don't want to be that "problem parent") but did feel like I could mention it to this coach, that maybe if there could be a "fun" item thrown into the harder drills and such, it would make a huge difference for us. Coach was very receptive and #5 did say "this practice was actually fun" when he got home. Hubs flew back from his overnight company trip, but went straight to work, then to a wedding reception and was out late. On the ducky front, Ally is not doing well at all, can't walk, her "wing walk" is just pitiful to see. I've had to move her around, and make sure she can reach food and water, and have her swim (she's a little tilted in the water too) a few times a day. On the wild ones ... Momma and babies left in the morning and wandered a bit ... then came back. Wandered in the evening again, then came back. I did see another momma and six babies (about the same age) at the canal as I drove past. Haven't seen as many there this year.

0602 (Thursday) 164.8.  Steps 27157. Total Burn 3165. Exercise Burn 1023/1403 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1300.  Up early again ... slept fine until the morning then couldn't get back. Hubs was off to work, and will be gone overnight for a quick company trip. I got in some early elliptical, but forgot to make lunch for #4 (we were early enough that I could have done it quick, but he said he'd just do hot lunch). It was "Lagoon Day" for #3, and so he didn't have school ... that throws me off schedule! I hit Zumba, then ran #3 to the gym (he'd decided on doing that rather than the amusement park). Later he HAD to have Arby's (I obliged) and then in the evening he wanted to go watch the NBA finals with his friends. Thus the summer "running kids around" begins.

0601 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 23764. Total Burn 2928. Exercise Burn 881/1153 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 500. Down day, depression due to duckies :( First, some internet stuff (I ended up deleting my "Distracted by Duckies" page) and then our Ally has been limping and not looking good at all. I got the boys off to school (no elliptical during the morning hours), hit Zumba, and then came home and took Ally to the vet. The foot is not broken or dislocated, probably a diet deficiency or birth defect manifesting late. I've ordered some better food, and got some supplements, but we fear we're going to lose her. Hubs had an appointment today for his pinched nerve, but just another round of steroids. Got in some elliptical, but not my hour. Didn't feel like eating at all though ...

0531 (Tuesday)  168.8. Steps 34800. Total Burn 3573. Exercise Burn 1650/1987 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine and it was a pretty productive day. Still got up early, and got a couple sessions of elliptical in. Marian was out of town, so I was in charge of class today. The church was still quite smelly from the floor refinishing. One of the gals didn't think she could handle it, and left to hit a different class. Our class was quite small ... due to the smell? The day after a holiday (felt like Monday)?  The crazy that is the last week of school?  Or ... they knew it was me leading ;)  I got good stats, and actually did the hour on my own, as neither Christa nor Suzanne was there. Good thing I practiced yesterday! Back it home, it inspired me to do several other songs, testing my knowledge of them. Sometimes I'm not sure what I really know or not. I got in an additional hour of Zumba just going over songs. I finished up my hour of elliptical, and then did a late session on the bike as I wasn't quite feeling tired yet. Full day, and I kept calories in check too!

0530 (Monday) 168.8. Steps 23782. Total Burn 2860. Exercise Burn 1070/1076  (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Memorial Day ... generally I'm a little less motivated on a holiday, so was happy I still got my "regular" exercise in today. I was up fairly early ... I just don't sleep in much when it gets light early, and my kitty paws at the door wanting his breakfast. I did wimp out on going to Southziders Zumba, Hubs wanted to take my car anyway while he ran errands. I DID still do Zumba at home though! Practiced a few of the songs enough that I think I can lead them now. Hubs took the boys and went to Maga's house. They got haircuts there courtesy of Aunt Olivia, and then they went round to some of the cemeteries. I ran to the grocery store and grabbed a few items. We got a letter from our missionary and I updated his blog. Hubs had brined a turkey and put it on the smoker, but it didn't get done until late. I filled up on his yummy mashed taters anyway. I'd done decent on calories until that point ...

0529 (Sunday) 169.8. Steps 7958. Total Burn 2117. (No Exercise). Calories in 2200. #3 awakened me around 7:00 to say Momma and babies had wandered again and was next door with two babies down a window well. I had to go hold her off (she pecked my leg! I think I might get a bruise!), protecting MY baby while he rescued her babies. She headed into our backyard without any assistance from us but when we counted babies ... only 12 :(  One was missing! We did a thorough search and kept our ears open (usually the frantic baby peeping is how you find a lost duckling) but nothing. I'm so sad, but it was bound to happen. Hubs has been surprised we made it an entire week without a loss. It some ways, I guess it's a bit easier if one just disappears ... no body to deal with or cry over.  I didn't get much done today .... I did get a nap. No exercise though, just dragging. #2 had to work, and misses out on Daddy's smoked dinners, so today he put the ribs in so they would be done at 11:00, when #2 got off work. I was so tired though, I was in bed by 10:00. The boys said they were delicious though. 11:00 eating ... even if I had been up, not sure I'd be up for that. 

0528 (Saturday) 168.2. Steps 19995. Total Burn 2760. Exercise Burn 350/979 (Zumba). Calories in 2500. I was awake early, so I went ahead and hit a Zumba class. It's a smaller gym, and we pretty much packed it. I was just a couple minutes late, but it must have run under too, I only registered 50 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't feel up to hitting any elliptical or additional exercise, so that was it for the day. I did mow the lawn though. It was my dad's birthday today, and my brother was putting together an impromptu barbecue.  Surprisingly we and all my in-town siblings were free to attend. I made jello cubes, chex mix and brought the stuff for Brazilian Cheese Rolls (gotta make them there, as they need to be fresh). All gluten-free options (as my dad and brother hosting have Celiacs), but well received by everyone. Hubs had to step away for a phone call, and when we were talking later he said "There were Brazilian cheese rolls?" ... gotta be quick to get them! I'd considered bringing the six big ducklings. I thought the cousins and little nieces would get a kick out of it, but wasn't sure about transporting them. My youngest brother brought his dog, so maybe it was good we didn't. It was a nice evening. When we got home ... Momma and babies were nowhere in the backyard. I saw them across the circle, sampling the bugs in the neighbor's yard.

0527 (Friday) 168.2. Steps 20238. Total Burn 2718. Exercise Burn 750/944 (60minElliptical, ZumbaPractice). Calories in 3350. So, last week's weight-loss didn't stick around, back up again this morning. #3 came with me to drop off the littles at the elementary, and then we stopped at Dunford Donuts, as he wanted to buy a dozen for his classmates. Of course I picked up a dozen for our family too ... and ate one, or two ... maybe three throughout the day. Yes ... over on calories today. The kids have been wanting to try Marco's Pizza, so I placed an order for dinner and had Daddy pick it up on the way home from work. I tried a breadstick, but wasn't that impressed, and the kids weren't overly raving. I think we'll stick with Dominos. Tons cheaper and closer. #2 was even around tonight! He's such a stranger ... but all his friends are in St. George for a basketball tournament, so he had nothing better to do than to hang around home. 

0526 (Thursday) 167.7. Steps 26115. Total Burn 3169. Exercise Burn 1139/1408 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Early morning awakening by a distressed ducky! Momma was quacking ... it was a cat! Our six were protected in the pen, but Momma's 13 babies scattered. My heart sunk when I could only see Momma and three babies! Hubs and I grabbed flashlights and went out back in our jammies (it was 4:30am) and we were able to locate the other 10 babies huddled at the other end of the yard. We got them reunited with Momma. Hubs went in and showered and headed to work. It was too early to get up for me ... but I couldn't get back to sleep either. I heard a noise outside again a little after 5:00 and saw the cat again. I chased it from our yard and hopefully scared it away for good.  I counted ducklings ... and there were only 12! I  found the final one hiding, but he looks hurt, his left leg not working right. A little later I had to help him out of the pool, he couldn't make the jump. He has a limp but is trying to keep up with his siblings. It breaks my heart! I did get in some early elliptical and my Zumba class. Hubs had another derby tonight, #3 went to help again.

0525 (Wednesday) 167.7. Steps 31189. Total Burn 3423. Exercise Burn 1105/1645 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900.  Up early and got in my first 20min as usual, but only hit 10min before taking the littles to school ... had to get the big babies into the pen before leaving, and the boys didn't want to be "late" (as in later than 20min early) like yesterday. I hit Zumba, then stopped at Walmart, Sams and Sears on the way home. There was a box waiting for me on the doorstep ... it was WORMS. Mealworms. I should have waited for Hubs to deal with it, but he'd be rushing home from work to a derby, and they needed to be moved from the box into new storage (plastic containers with oatbran). Oh my heavens it was SO bad! Mealworms and disgusting grubs. Last year, at least the boys were around to help. The duckies were around to "help" grab any that fell as I attempted the transfer (our duckies got a lot of mealworms). I put the big babies away in the afternoon and headed over to the elementary for #5's school program. I hadn't been sure if I'd get out in time to pick up #3 from school, but #2 happened to be available today and he took care of it. I didn't feel like I got anything accomplished today. Didn't make it back down to the gym, even when the boys were home to help keep an eye on the duckies (make sure Momma doesn't hurt ours, our our big babies bug hers). Hubs and #3 left for their derby.  #5 had basketball practice tonight instead of the usual Friday. I did practice a couple Zumba songs (just 3min here and there) and finally got back down for a couple elliptical sessions to finish up my hour (although the last 10min wasn't done until after 10:00 at night). Unfortunately, a little stress eating today ...

0524 (Tuesday) 167.7. Steps 29219.  Total Burn 3330.  Exercise Burn 1050/1552 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650.  Lousy sleep last night! Got in a little elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I was actually out first thing in the morning (at 6:00) emptying the pool, rinsing out the guck, and refilling it. I dug up under where the pool had been and found worms galore! Nice protein breakfast for my duckies! Put our duckies in the pen when I took the littles to school, and hit Zumba just after. Our church was having the floors refinished, so we were moving to our backup location. I stopped and put a sign up in case people hadn't heard at the last class or the Facebook post. This church is smaller and has carpet, but I've hit some of my highs there ... not today though. I did get a cute picture of a bunch of us with our various gadgets! While I was out, I stopped at CalRanch and grabbed more feed for the duckies and some wood chips for bedding. I stopped at Maceys after to grab the groceries I didn't get yesterday. Back at home, putting everything away, pulling the 50pound bag of feed around back, and the big thing of wood chips ...letting the big babies out and then doing more digging. I ended up planing some tomatoes and lettuce (I know it's late, but we'll see if it grows ... for the duckies) and a snowball bush I'd purchased last week but hadn't gotten around to planting. The big babies make gardening hard, as they are looking for worms and bugs under every shovelful of dirt. I really didn't feel like I could leave the duckies unattended, because Momma comes after the big babies, and the big babies come after the little babies, and the little babies are wandering everywhere now! I put the big babies back in the pen for after school pickups, then let them out again, once the boys were around to help me keep an eye on them again (and I finally got in a little more elliptical). Even MORE ducky distraction than usual today, as I was hearing some peeping and quacking that was NOT my duckies! Apparently there was a momma and babies in the house behind ours! Our Momma flew away for a bit, making some big circles in the sky with the Mr (we only saw him from a distance, he didn't come into the yard), and then our little babies wandered away. I went out to check on them and couldn't find Momma and the babies anywhere! I searched out in front, and found frantic momma at the neighbor's house with some of the babies ... and some down the window well. My 10-year old was able to crawl down (it was tricky, under a bush, and Momma duck attacked him at one point) and pulled the three babies from one well, and one more from another.  Hubs and #3 did a Lego derby. Hubs had been hurting SO bad yesterday. He did finally call an orthopedic office, but they couldn't get him in until next Wednesday. Luckily he slept good last night and was doing better today, and #3 is such a good help for him. He had some ducky time when he got back ... he'd picked up some mealworms and feeder fish last night, and fed them to duckies today. It was about 9:30 before I got in my final session on the elliptical to finish up my hour. I did get a blog post done, and made churro waffles for a late dinner (when I made them Sunday, they hadn't gone over that well, but then the kids requested them tonight ... ??) Although I really don't have a ton to show, I feel like I didn't stop moving this entire day! Hope I can sleep tonight!

0523 (Monday) 169.8. Steps 26089. Total Burn 3110. Exercise Burn 1130/1320 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1650. Back to the school schedule for a bit longer. Up early, got some elliptical in while I got the kids off to school. Put the big babies in the pen while I left for Zumba and a shopping stop after. Big5 ... #5 had been SO disappointed last week when I got new shoes for #4 and not him, that I had to stop again today. Happily they had some cool Under Armor ones for $20 that he was thrilled with. Also did another Kmart stop, although prices hadn't changed from last week (store closing, everything must go). I should I stopped at a grocery store, but my feet were so tired. I went home and let the babies out, and didn't get much done, watching to make sure our two sets of ducks didn't bug each other too badly. I did manage to get in a couple more elliptical sessions in later in the day to finish up my hour. When Daddy came home from work, we went to Maga's house, as her kitty had kittens last night. Up to that point, I'd kept calories low, but I was starving. There was pizza, and I had a crazy bread. Then Hubs made chocolate malt ... and I had some. But still, kept calories well below goal.

0522 (Sunday) 168.1. Steps 10290. Total Burn 2221. Exercise Burn 250/460 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2550. Hubs stretched this morning and aggravated his neck ... poor guy! I've had a time or two with my neck, and a few times with my back, but mine only lasted a day or so. This has been going on for a while. Next steps?? Hubs went into work to catch up on a few things, and without him around we didn't do our usual Sunday Circles. I did try a "churro waffle" recipe off Pinterest but it didn't go over very well, they prefer Daddy's waffles (which actually made Daddy happy to hear). Didn't do a big dinner either, just some grilled chicken and rice. Left the big babies out all day. Uno fell into the window well (during one of my "counts" there were only six big babies so I investigated). #5 was able to rescue him and he seems okay, but it's a bit of a fall. Be careful babies! Momma got after them a few times too and we'd have to run out and break it up. The bigger six are wary of her now, and generally move if she and the littles come around, but sometimes still they get too close, or she just goes after them for no reason.

0521 (Saturday) 165.3. Steps 15563. Total Burn 2554. Exercise Burn 450/792 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. There was a neighborhood church 5k this morning. I was thinking about doing it with #3 and #4, but then it was cold and rainy.  #3 still ran it though. I did get in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical, but needed one more for my hour, but didn't get around to it. Not that there was much going on ... other than watching duckies all day of course! I did make chocolate chip cookies, and ate chocolate chip cookies. 

0520 (Friday) 165.7. Steps 20083. Total Burn 2833. Exercise Burn 850/1060 (70minElliptical, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. I'd been rather excited to not have my alarm set for 5:30 today ... the Hub's alarm went off at 5:00 (he had left even earlier). So much for sleeping in. I mean I didn't get UP, but I didn't get back to sleep either. I did get in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Right before it was time to take #3 to late start, I glanced out the window into the backyard and the female duck was there ... with THIRTEEN babies! I'd hoped she would nest in our yard, but she was flying in and out every day, I'd only see her for an hour a day lately. I was sure she had nested somewhere else. I was in complete shock! 13 babies! They are so tiny and cute. Just at this moment too, one of the kitties knocked the pail of mealworms off the kitchen counter and there were little grubs and oatmeal everywhere. I had #3 help me out, even though it made him a little late for school. Then I came straight home and just watched duckies all day long. Momma wanted to take them swimming, but the pool, with it's sides was challenging. It does bend, and I watched as the babies got in, and I made sure they could all get back out when Momma was done. I filled up the lid of the big plastic storage box Hubs had picked up and that worked pretty well for a smaller pool, easier for the babies to get in and out of. I did bring out babies out and put them in the pen. They weren't very happy about being caged in while Momma and babies ran free. One of the big babies got out and happily ran to join Momma and her brood and Momma did NOT like that, and I had to run out and intervene. #3 brought the big babies back inside, as it was windy and stormy. Momma gathered all 13 babies under her and hunkered down next to the back fence (even though I tried putting a box out as a shelter if she wanted.  I did finish up my elliptical, and got some weights in. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, at a local church rather than the community college. Not as good a Friday as last week in terms of exercise or eating, although I didn't do too bad.

0519 (Thursday) 167.3. Steps 26879. Total Burn 3141. Exercise Burn 1248/1365 (75minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. Got in a couple early morning elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. Hit Mountainview Zumba, missing Marian, but Melanie was there, although I helped with a couple numbers. It was so HOT though. I've felt the A/C in a couple other buildings, but this one felt like the heat was on! Did a stop at Smiths on the way home to grab a couple prescriptions and groceries. Hubs and #3 headed out to a derby in the evening. I made more Swig sugarcookies (a big double batch). My feet were tired, but I had 15min left on my show, and hadn't had a spike on my Fitbit graph for the last half of the day, so I did a little extra elliptical in the evening ... although I had to wait until the 12-year old was done in my gym. The weather turned a bit stormy, so the little boys and I had to grab the ducklings and put them back inside. That is cardio in and of itself, trying to catch those little buggers!

0518 (Wednesday) 166.6. Steps 25466. Total Burn 3018. Exercise Burn 1120/1246 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2550. Didn't have to wake #2 early, as a "morningside" replaced early morning seminary, and #2 takes the day off. #3 however, wanted to go, so I did have to drive him there at 6:00. It really shouldn't have messed with my morning schedule much, just rearranged it (as then I didn't have to drive him at 7:30) but I got distracted by duckies (making a Facebook page for daily ducky posts) and only got in one 20min session on the elliptical in the morning while getting the other boys off to school. Hit Zumba ... the A/C was pumping. It had been Monday too. Still have yet to feel it in the other buildings. It just works better in some church gyms. Stopped at Sams and Walmart after. Feeling tired today. Had to lay down for a bit and did take a small nap. Poor Hubs was up uber early and is probably falling asleep at his desk at work. Afternoon carpools and catching up on elliptical in the late afternoon. There was a 6:00 meeting over at the high school about June basketball. I have to admit that it has me depressed and stressed. The Dixie camp being the same week as Hub's planned family vacation, and not knowing what to do about #3 and one of the camps (it would depend on who else is on the team if I'd be okay sending him, as I wouldn't be attending at all). So much of it is playing politics too. Just discouraging. I took a shower and went to bed early ... but not before I caved to cravings and had a little ice cream (it does sooth a nasty canker) and my last Swig cookie. Under burn, but high calorie intake :( 

0517 (Tuesday) 168.6. Steps 28346. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 1375/1454 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. I did need my alarm to wake me up this morning ... but got in two 20min sessions in the morning while getting the boys off to school. I should have walked to Zumba, but the car needed gas, so I figured I'd fill up right after (gas just jumped to $2.46). People were waiting outside the church, Marian was there but hadn't unlocked the door all the way. I called and she came out and let us in. It was a good class today, I was able to get the energy and heart rate up. I put the ducklings outside as soon as I got home. I got in some time on the bike, mowed the front lawn and even did a weights session.  Got a blog post up, finished a basketball muvee and did a little sewing, and of course the usual bit of housework and laundry. In late afternoon I glanced out at the ducky pen and NO duckies! The chaise covering the opening of the pen had fallen over and the babies were out. They were so happy to be running around, that I ended up spending the next hour supervising and digging up worms for them. I'd had to pull the entire pen out in the morning, as the towel was soaked and the pen needed washing down. Hubs wanted to try making mac and cheese on the smoker for dinner. He wasn't thrilled with how it turned out, he'll keep experimenting. #2 had a basketball game in the evening, but it was at East, out of my comfort zone ... but they won.

0516 (Monday) 170.5. Steps 27871. Total Burn 3239. Exercise Burn 1128/1145 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2350. Ooops, up over 170 again ;(  Not surprising nor undeserved though. Back at it today. Up early, although I did need my alarm to wake me. Got in a couple 20min sessions of early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Hit my Zumba class, then stopped at Big5 and Kmart on the way home. Should have stopped at Smiths too to grab a couple groceries, but my legs were too tired. Back at home I put the ducklings in the backyard, did some kitchen cleaning and computer catch-up. Afternoon carpools and prepped leftover beef for taco dinners. Spent some time out with the ducks. Both the male and female flew in ... the male was very standoff-ish, and as I got too close (changing out the water for them) he flew off. I let the babies out of the pen (gotta watch them with the wild girl and she'll peck at them sometimes) and dug up worms in the garden. Then  inside for a warm bath and back in the brooder for bed. I was feeling a bit off in the evening ... lightheaded and the world was spinning a bit (can empathize with hubby's issues). I wish I could say it was from an extremely low calorie day, but alas, I'd gone over (still under burn, but over goal). I took a shower and was ready for sleep at 9:30. My phone had other ideas though ... it was possessed! Suddenly playing a video, or checking stocks ... weird!

0515 (Sunday) 168.8. Steps 6774. Total Burn 2029. Exercise Burn 105/86 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3700. Why is it so easy to exercise Mon-Thurs, but the weekend, especially Sunday, is SO hard. I started the day with 10min on the elliptical, and it felt like such a push! We had our Sunday Circles breakfast, but I snitched a Swig cookie even before that. They are dangerous! Hubs took the two little boys to a movie (Captain America Civil War) ... I'm "off" movies, I don't like just sitting (I prefer my bed with a DVD, subtitles, etc) and I'm not even sure I want to see this one. I know it's supposed to be really good, but I'm not wanting to witness all the conflict. I like Captain America and Ironman! I got a nap instead, in my quiet house. We had some rain in the morning, enough that we were a bit worried about the window well! It cleared up by afternoon, and we brought the ducklings outside. Hubs had bought them a new, bigger brooder box and as attempting some pea gravel under the water to help with the spillage onto the towel in the box. They are such messy little critters. Spent some time on the computer with blog updates and making a muvee (Pammy'sParty). Had our brisket dinner, with mashed taters and Brazillian cheese rolls. I made homemade oreos too. Very over on calories, even if it wasn't a completely inactive day (which it was). 

0514 (Saturday) 166.8. Steps 15529. Total Burn 2577. Exercise Burn 462/804 (10minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3400. One of my free Zumba classes I hadn't been able to hit for a while (HeatherH) was doing a Saturday morning class at 8:00. A little early, but I've been waking up anyway lately (especially with kitty's help). I decided to hit it. When I got bake home, Hubs had been running errands himself and brought home donuts! DONUTS. Of course I had one ... maybe two. He remembered the pink cookies too. Not good eating! Hubs prepped brisket for tomorrow's dinner, getting it started on the smoker. Funny, the smell seeps into the attic (as the smoker is in the garage with the door open) and from there seeps into places in the house. The toilet closet in the main bath really had a smoke scent. I pulled my sewing machine up from downstairs and worked on making my Pinterest-inspired hanging towels. They turned out really cute! #5 had a game at 3:00.  They won. He was willing to let me do a quick stop at Hancock fabrics on the way home to grab more ribbon ... now I need to get more towels. I plan on making more for gift-giving. Dropped #3 off at friends for fun and a movie (he was able to get a ride home). In the evening, as I'd already blown my calories for the day, I told Hubs I wanted popcorn. He went and picked up "The Martian" from Redbox, and made popcorn. I really enjoyed the movie, a lot of humor! It was a nice day outside, so we pulled the ducklings up and let them stay in the pen outside. Our wild girl came, and it was the first time Hubs had been there to witness how she interacts with us and the babies. She even ate a worm out of #3's hand (very guarded, but she did).

0513 (Friday) 167.9. Steps 24647. Total Burn 3055. Exercise Burn 1250/1293 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1990. Ooooh, Friday the 13th, but as you can see by my stats, actually a great day for me! I was up early still ... kitty is hungry for food in the morning and is usually at my door waking me up. Good to get an early start anyway. Got the boys off to school. Elliptical today was three 20min sessions. I actually did an hour of Zumba on my own! Practicing a couple songs and doing some favorites. Also got in weights and bike. The munchkins had done a "fun run" race at school today, and both placed first in their grade (#5 tied, but he and his buddy planned staying together). #5 wasn't quite feeling up to his basketball practice, and I guess a couple of the other kids weren't going to make it, so they cancelled. Hubs's truck needed service, so I met him at TopStop on his way home from work. I did a quick stop at Walgreens again ... I'd called and they had a couple basketballs waiting for me this time. I took #3 out to his buddy's house in Copperton. I was SO tired in the evening, literally dropping. Hubs took pity on me and told me to go to bed and he'd pick up the kid ... and I took him up on the offer.

0512 (Thursday) 166.1. Steps 21240. Total Burn 2874. Exercise Burn 1005/1108 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3500. Did a couple sessions early elliptical, got the kids off to school and hit Zumba class. As Marian did JiaHo again, my arms just burned! Not sure why they are so tired, it's not like I did a weight workout or anything. I had trouble getting the energy up today. Days like this I'm glad I'm just a student in the class, not up front leading (although I did do one song, and tried to step it up for that). After class, I stopped at Walgreens, wanting to grab a couple basketballs to have on hand for the next time the boys pop one (it happens so often!) I couldn't find them in stock (they'd been sale priced in the ad) but I did find my big water bottle again! I'd grabbed mine and BigLots a couple months ago and people have asked about it. Now I can mention Walgreens ... and I grabbed me a backup in blue (maybe in blue the boys would use it too?) I grabbed some of the "RedNoses" for charity as well. Back home, I checked Walgreens online, but alas the balls aren't available online, only in stores (and is SAID they had some in stock at the store, maybe I should have asked around) but I found some other deals and ended up with a $60 order, $10 off for using visa checkout, and I got 22,000+ points (about $22 on a next purchase), so not bad for a Thrifty Thursday. I then spent some time on the computer completing a Thrifty Thursday post ... and a picture of me in my red nose. I also finally got around to finishing up the basketball highlight video of #3's Spring Slam games (where they got slammed, lost all five games ... but Mommy can still make it look good!) I made some more Swig sugar cookies ... and ate some too. I did bad on eating today. I didn't even realize HOW bad until I got everything entered. I need to input food in MFP before I eat, and maybe that will help stop some of the eating!

0511 (Wednesday) 165.8. Steps 30431. Total Burn 3341. Exercise Burn 1100/1568 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. Got in a full 40min early elliptical, and then a couple more 10min ones throughout the day to equal my hour. Felt good at Zumba, I was surprised the stats weren't a little higher, but I guess maybe a few songs I wasn't as familiar with, and a couple "slower" songs may have impacted me. I stopped at Sam's and Walmart after ... I always get more steps on shopping days. I did finally buy some flowers, first for the year. I wasn't too surprised when Hubs came home from work early. He's sure been struggling with neck pain. I did find some muscle relaxers prescribed after his last incident and I do think that helped a bit for the afternoon/evening. With him sleeping it off in the bedroom, I couldn't do blogging or basketball clips (as planned) so I took the ducklings outside and planted flowers while they played. I even got all six back in the brooder on my own! #2 did have a basketball game in the evening. I hadn't had it on my calendar, but I was free, so I went to watch as it was just over at the high school. They won. Went a little over on intake. Opened a big bag of Lays chips, that was a mistake. Finished up the last of my mint chocolate chip ice cream ... can I stop myself from buying more?

0510 (Tuesday) 166.1. Steps 27045. Total Burn 3035. Exercise Burn 1200/1267 (60minElliptical, Zumba, LawnMow). Calories in 2000.  Wifi has been SO bad lately! I had 20min left on my show from yesterday, and when I finished my 20min this morning, I still had 10min left on my show! Grrrrr. Did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, although the final 10min wasn't until right before bed. Zumba class was good, I got over 7000 steps. I had a little free time today (well, my messy kitchen begs to differ) and decided to lay down for a quick nap as sleep has been so elusive lately ... but alas, while I was feeling tired I couldn't fall asleep. I did some work on the computer but am still so behind there (on blog updates, basketball videos, etc). We took all six ducklings out to visit with our wild girl. She is interested in them, and they her, but she does peck at them some too and we had to intervene. Silly girl keeps standing on the side of the pool letting all the water out! I have it in the "garden" right now, off the grass, which makes it easier to mow. I did mow the lawn today. The recent rains have helped it grow and get greener. Our duckies aren't the only Blackham birds. We have starlings nesting out front and back as they do every year, and I've put birdseed out in my flower garden and have been attracting a ton of birds there. I like to watch them out the kitchen window. #2 had a basketball game up at East in the evening (they won) and #5 had his final two games in the Murray league (they lost them both again). I took my audiobook and listened while I watched and videotaped. Hubs has still been hurting :(  He's pretty miserable. Needs to get into the doctor and see what the next steps are for his neck pain. I pushed it right up to the 2000 limit today on calories. I did indulge in one (or two) of the leftover Swig copycat cookies. I thought I might not be as tempted, as we are completely out of skim milk (still have 2% but I can't drink that stuff). I was still drawn to it though, even without milk. Just one left now ... even without a nap, I still couldn't get to sleep easily.

0509 (Monday) 168.1. Steps 26962. Total Burn 3240. Exercise Burn 1194/1046 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. I must admit, I was quit discouraged standing on the scale Monday morning. I'm used to big jumps, but after being good Fri/Sat and not being nearly as bad yesterday as I was last Sunday (when I also had a 2-pound jump) ... just discouraged. Getting up at 5:30 has become second nature now though. I wonder if I'll go back to sleeping in when school is out, or if I might be able to keep getting up early. We'll see. I got in a couple sessions early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Went out to Zumba ... forgot my water again! I had it all prepped. My brain is defective lately. I was running late, but they hadn't started. Audio issues. When they plugged the box in, it started smoking! I had my backup cord in my car, for just such a situation, and it saved the day. I had good energy for class today (although I did have to run to the hall a couple of times for a drink). I stopped at Savers on the way home, found some cute birdhouses for my garden. Also did a little grocery shopping at Maceys, but forgot to pick up more skim milk. Again, where is my brain? That was one of the main things I needed! Lots to do at home. Putting groceries away, a dishwasher and sink full of dishes and a couple loads of laundry. Got a little blogging (my weekly weigh-in that should have been done Friday) and a bit of basketball clips reviewed. Picked up the munchkins after school and then #3 and took the duckies outside for a bit and I changed their bedding/water, etc. They sure do make a mess! I did see our wild girl for a bit this morning. We were hit with more rain, I thought today was supposed to be nice. I transformed some of Hub's leftover pulled beef into french dip sandwiches for dinner. #3 had a 9:00 game at Corner Canyon. Our boys lost, but my son didn't really care (losing ended the tournament, winning would have meant another game and he really wasn't wanting to play more). This spring season has been a huge disappointment. After being asked to be on the "A" team, with his best buddies, some of which he hadn't played with in a few years, he was SO excited ... then broke his wrist and was out. After he was recovered he was relegated to the "B" team and, they aren't good. It's been more frustrating than fun and he's ready to call it quits (for future summer leagues) even if it affects his chances for making the sophomore team in the fall. I couldn't get to sleep ... I never can after late games, even if the game itself doesn't stress me out. I am a little stressed about the whole basketball politics thing, that probably didn't help. Hubs couldn't sleep either, his shoulder has really been bothering him.

0508 (Sunday) 166.1 Steps 8167. Total Burn 2092. Exercise Burn 220/308 (20minElliptical) Calories in 2600. Mother's Day ... I must admit, I'm one of those who really dislikes the day. Hubs and the kids did the usual breakfast in bed, and we got a call from our missionary later in the afternoon. #3 and I made some of the copy cat Swig sugarcookies, and I thought they turned out pretty good. He's been into baking and cooking lately, and it's been fun to do it with him. Sleep has been elusive, both and night, and I didn't even try for a nap today. I did get through some clips from one of #2's games and made a muvee. Updated a little on the basketball blog. We went out to dinner at Red Robin. #4 split the fish and chips with me, so I didn't feel I did too badly on calories. We then stopped at Maga's (well, she was down the street at my BIL's house) to drop off a gift. She came over to our house a bit later too, bringing a couple of the cousins (and Ana brought her kids) to check out the ducklings. 

0507 (Saturday) 166.1. Steps 17530. Total Burn 2516. Exercise Burn 634/747 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2516.
Again, I could have slept in, but I was awake, so I got up and hit the elliptical then went outside and moved the ducky pool so I could mow the lawn later in the day when it dried out. Did a little work in the flowerbeds too ... I haven't picked up or planted ANY flowers this year. Just haven't cared enough. I loaded up all the DI Donations and went and dropped them off, then hit Winco, grabbing some Tapioca flour and a couple other groceries. I then stopped at my folks to give my mom her mother's day gift. A Roku box and a subscription to PlayOnPlus. I then spent the next couple hours teaching her how to work it all, going over Amazon and Kindle, making sure her Fitbit was syncing, etc. Got hit with rain again on the way home ... I guess I wouldn't mow the lawn after all. Hubs had started smoking some roasts last evening (actually had to leave the garage door open all night) and pulled the meat apart in the late morning. I took some to my folks when I went out (and they sent home some chicken salad with me ... we have lots of leftovers in the fridge now). Hubs also smoked/seared a steak for dinner, making mashed taters too. I had done pretty good on calories, so I was still under goal. Feeling my weight workout from yesterday ... a good stiff/sore.

0506 (Friday) 167.2.  Steps 24437. Total Burn 3056. Exercise Burn 1214/1281 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. With late start, I could have slept in, but I was awake, so I got up early still. Got the boys off to school, and hit Nicole's Zumba class. Wasn't sure it was going to happen when we arrived and tables were set up for a graduation party. We pushed the tables aside and danced anyway, as it was a small group. Got in some weights at home. Baked up the rest of the snickerdoodle dough, thinking I'd send some with #5 when I dropped him off for his carpool ... but alas, they all got eaten. I worked on muvees, and got caught up on #5's highlights. We got hit with quite the rainstorm! Thunder and lightening, and I was worried about #4, but he made it through okay. I made some homemade oreos and sent them with the carpool when they dropped #5 off after practice. Even with all the cookies, I kept calories in check. I felt like it was a good, productive day.

0505 (Thursday) 166.1. Steps 23022. Total Burn 2856. Exercise Burn 1000/1087 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 4100. I knew we were going to go out to dinner tonight, so I figured I should bank calories for that ... but I didn't. Uber over today, the day before weigh-in, not good! Did get in my elliptical and Zumba. Marian was gone, so Melanie was leading class today. Christa, Silvia and I each did one number too. Out to Tepanyaki for dinner. Even though I'd already eaten a ton, I was very hungry!

0504 (Wednesday) 166.5. Steps 24000. Total Burn 2985. Exercise Burn 1032/1214 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Feeling SO tired. Got in my early elliptical though, and made myself go to Zumba, although I couldn't quite work up good energy there. Stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home to grab a few groceries. Took two ducklings outside today when our wild girl stopped by. Again, Uno stayed more by me, but the other little duckling was drawn right to the female duck. After school, #3 took all the babies swimming in the tub while I cleaned out their box. That room sure got stinky fast! I've been trying to work on cleaning the two "middle earth" rooms (one now being the "ducky" room) and gave boxes piled up for donation to the thrift store, but still oodles to go. Got an email notification that the middle school was on lockdown while a threat was investigated. Apparently someone had written something about the school being shot up ... that exact thing (the threat written in the bathroom) had happened Monday at the high school. #3 and baked snickerdoodles in the afternoon, then he, #5 and I went to watch #2 play in a basketball game at the high school. I'd forgotten the video camera and ran home quick, missing the first few minutes (and 11 points). It was a pretty easy win for our boys. Maga came and watched too, and stopped by after to say hello to the ducklings (and Hubs and #4).

0503 (Tuesday) 166.4. Steps 22769. Total Burn 2987. Exercise Burn 1098/1216 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3100. Sometimes I ready to get up and face the day, even at 5:30 in the morning, after not sleeping well because ... why bother staying in bed if I'm not sleeping. Got the boys off to school. The littles went early, as soon as I returned from dropping off #3 at middle school, as #4 was leaving on a field trip at 8:30. School doesn't start until 8:50. They needed the kids there by 8:20, which is only a little earlier than I usually drop them off, but as #4 said "I still want to get my playing in before school). Okay ... I might have skipped Zumba again, but I was committed to class this morning as Marian was out of town so I had the key, box and was leading (although I did have another gal there to help). I actually thought I'd grab a nap today but it didn't happen. More peeping. I spent quite a bit of time with ducky. I let him run around my feet (I had to stay quite stationary so I didn't step on him) while I did my hair and makeup, then let him come down to the kitchen with me while I prepped dinner and make a lemon cake. I've been a little off in the brain lately, seriously! When making the cake I goofed on the amount of water, oil and eggs ... right while reading from the recipe. How does that happen (even if distracted by a duckling?) I'm rather surprised the cake still turned out okay. When our wild ducky girl flew in, I took baby outside to introduce them, and boy was she interested in him! She stopped what she was doing (eating, swimming) and came right over, closer to me than she's ever been, making little noises. Duckling was a little intimidated by her (having imprinted more on humans) but we spent a good 20 minutes outside just sitting in the sun, letting baby get some outside time. Picked up the boys from school and we had an early dinner as Hubs and #3 were off for a derby and #5 and I were off for his two games. Again ... my brain wasn't thinking and I didn't pull the video card from the camera to move the four Saturday games, the party, last night's game. I ran out of space. I rummaged through my purse and found a backup card, but not before I missed catching one of #5's great layups. They lost both games though. We'd won a couple as this league started, but have been solid losses the last few weeks. Still good practice though, which is showing up in their playing in the Saturday league. Hubs had brought home FIVE baby ducklings (we have a connection, the same place we got the eggs, and two ducklings last year, and we gave this farm our remaining mallard last year after the other two flew away and left her alone). They are mallards, but they are a black mutation, so they look different. Four are almost identical, although one is gray, and we can tell our original. While he hated being alone, he also seemed very intimidated being inundated with these new additions. He was running away from them while they were trying to come to him for comfort. They are all the same size, they hatched a couple days ago too apparently. Uno (our original duckling) did seem to acclimate, so it was a better night for me.

0502 (Monday) 166.4. Steps 17865. Total Burn 2650. Exercise Burn 650/879 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Depressed and dragging after the go, go, go of the last few days and events. I talked myself out of hitting Zumba. With the drive, and me lacking energy ... I did get a little nap in instead. Also feeling down about the messy house and such and did some cleanup. It will never be "clean" ... just "better" than it was. Discouraging. #2 originally had a game scheduled for Tuesday, but it was switched to today, and at a location I dared drive to, so I went to watch. They lost, but almost tied it there at the end. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. We've been watching a couple of the other eggs that were showing signs of hatching soon. Cracks and wiggles and such. I felt sure we'd have another duckling by the time I returned home from the game. Instead ... the duckling died before it escaped the egg. We aren't sure why or what happened, but it broke my heart. It was there, so close. What happened?? Seriously, I cried, and just want to give up on this whole duck thing because it's too easy to get emotionally attached ... to an egg! And then of course our little solo duck ... ducklings aren't meant to be alone. They are such social creatures. That crushed me too. The little guy was peeping all night long. Between my sadness at the other eggs (at this point we don't think any of them are going to hatch) and feeling so bad for our baby (and he was VERY noisy, literally keeping me awake even though he was in the laundry room with two doors closed between us) I don't know if I slept at all.

0501 (Sunday) 166.3. Steps 10697. Total Burn 2237. Exercise Burn 126/492 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1650. Didn't sleep in as much as we usually do on Sunday as we had family coming over and I wanted to clean up some and get breakfast prepped. We had the whole crew over, it was fun. Our little egg didn't hatch while they were here (we were hoping) but our wild duck stopped by so everyone could see.  We had our Sunday Circles and bacon and eggs. Did lay down for a bit after everyone left to attempt to recharge for the next family party ... waffles again (monthly activity on my side of the family). My brother was hosting this month, and it was a bit of a drive (freeway) which affects me badly. Their house isn't very big either, for the crowd, so I get a little claustrophobic too. It's just been a long, social, week, I'm not used to being out and about so much. Draining. Also realized there is a conflict between Hub's planned trip and the boy's basketball camp, which is such a huge bummer! Tough choice for the boys to have to decide whether or not to go make memories on a big family vacation, while feeling like they can't skip the basketball camp (which they do love and want to do) without it affecting their chances at making/starting next year. :(  At least my depression and stress kept calories in check today. Little duckling hatched while we were gone ... we were hoping it would wait. He's SO tiny!

0430 (Saturday) 165.4. Steps 8966. Total Burn 2160. Exercise Burn 0/391 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. Crazy busy day! Up early to get #3 to his game at 8:00. Had to leave that early to get #5 to his 9:00 game (he'd come with, so we went straight from the one school to the other). Then I had a teammate take him home while I rushed back to Bingham to watch #3 play again at 10:00 and 11:00. Then we rushed home, #3 had a quick shower and we went out to the surprise party for Pammy (maga). The other siblings had gotten everything set up and Hubs had picked up grandma and was bringing her. We had a lot of people show and it was fun catching up with people we hadn't seen in years. Exhausting too! One brother and his family had flown in from out of state, so after we got everything cleaned up, we went over to Maga's house for more visiting and made plans to get together again tomorrow before their flight.

0429 (Friday) 165.3. Steps 15834. Total Burn 2548. Exercise Burn 300/784 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2400. A little bit of a sleep in this morning, with late start at the high school and middle school. Hubs was taking the day off to get some party prep done (big to-do tomorrow). We also grabbed the kids from school a little early and took them to the post office to get the passport paperwork done (for an upcoming trip, just barely out of the country as the ferry stops in Victoria, Canada). Then #3 had a basketball game at 4:00. He stayed afterward and helped out at the scoring table running the clock or taking stats. I got #5 off to a birthday party at 6:30 then went back to the high school by 7:00 to watch #2 in his games (7:00 and 8:00). Both boys ended up staying until 10:00, and #3 caught a ride home with #2, with a detour to McDonalds. I was glad I didn't have to go back and pick up, I was in bed!

0428 (Thursday) 165.8. Steps 21741. Total Burn 2929. Exercise Burn 1079/1170 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Another early morning, sometimes Thursdays are a bit easier as we all know we can sleep in a bit tomorrow. Got the boys off to school and got two sessions of early elliptical in. Went to Zumba, taking a couple of bags of stuff for the Ecuador relief effort. Back at home I worked on my MILs muvee and did some laundry and house clean up. I picked up #3 from school and he changed into his basketball stuff, and I dropped him off at the high school. I then went and picked up the littles from school, took them home, then went back to the high school to watch basketball games. #3 played at 4:00 (they lost) and #2 played at 5:00 (they won). #3 stayed and ran clocks. We were then home for a bit, then off again to another game at 9:00. Both #2 and #3 had games, but as #2 can get himself there, I went with #3. He had a GREAT game. He hasn't cared if I videotaped his games (in fact he has expressly told me NOT to) but I did video today anyway... my headphones weren't working (need new battery) and I can't JUST watch! It was a great game to get on film, and #3 admitted he was glad I had got it. Now to get through all these clips sometime! More games tomorrow and Saturday!

0427 (Wednesday) 166.4. Steps 9187. Total Burn 2046. Exercise Burn 210/323 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2300. I woke with a headache and feeling sick to my stomach. Not that that is unusual, it's been happening pretty regularly. I just didn't feel up to pushing through today. Did 10min on the elliptical while getting the kids off to school and decided I didn't have the energy for Zumba. I'd planned on hitting Walmart on the way home from class, so I went right after I dropped the boys at school. I spent a bit of time on the computer working on a slideshow. That doesn't require much energy. Hubs had a derby in the evening and #3 went along to help. I was happy to have an evening at home to take a shower and get into jammies early.

0426 (Tuesday) 166.1. Steps 23419. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1094/1196 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Got the boys off to school and hit my Zumba class. It was cold and rainy, so I drove. Checked #3 out of school and took him to the orthopedist for a final followup on his wrist. They said everything looks fine (everything has felt fine). Then I took the same son to the dentist/orthodontist. He's been having pain in his tooth for a bit. They discovered that one back molar has a flaw (not a cavity cause by neglect), a hole. It had been flush against another tooth, not visible, but the braces have been turning it and now that it's more open, that's what has been causing the pain. Unfortunately, it's still really hard to get to. The orthodontist wants to put a more aggressive turn on the tooth to see if they can get it in a better position to work on it, without having to go through good portions of the tooth. So hopefully #3 can last a couple more weeks and then we'll see. Hopefully it doesn't require a root canal either. I have a huge hole in MY tooth too, I think it's just dead though, it's not causing me any pain, but I know I'll need to do something about it at some point. I hate going to the dentist. Busy afternoon. Hubs and #4 left for a derby. I dropped #5 off at a basketball buddy's house to catch a ride to his two games. I arranged for #3 to get picked up for his game, and I went to watch #2 play over at the high school (he did great, they won). Then I headed out to see #3 play in his second game. He'd texted after his first game saying he'd gotten hurt, hit the ground and had a couple gashes in his head. Apparently there had been blood everywhere! I feel horrible for not being there as the other moms helped clean him up, but I don't do well with blood, so maybe it was better I wasn't. I could still see blood in his hair, and a little on his uniform. I guess we're lucky they let him back on the court, as they are often very touchy (or non-touchy rather) about blood. Concussion too. He said he was seeing double for a minute after, but other than that, didn't show any concussion signs. He had a GREAT game! Scored the first 11 points for the team, and I think about double that once the game was over. We won for once. I'd actually planned on video taping the game, even though he had told me he didn't want any of these games recorded. But as every parent checked in with me on how he was doing, and I was still gabbing once the game started, I never managed to get the camera out. I wish I had though. There would have been a ton of highlights. Once we got home and he took a shower and I examined his head. One long gash was pretty superficial, but the other, was smaller but looked deep and was gaping open a bit, still bleeding (of course this was right after his shower which disturbed it I'm sure). I'm wondering if it did need stitches, but of course by this time all the urgent care clinics were closed, and #3 just wanted to go to bed. Hope it doesn't scar and interfere with hair growth visibly (Daddy has a few spots like that). I had a hard time getting to sleep of course ...

0425 (Monday) 166.7. Steps 20550. Total Burn 2776. Exercise Burn 1149/1006 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Back to getting up at 5:30 and attempting to pull #2 out of bed. Made lunches and prepped him a smoothie for breakfast. The duckies flew in right at 6:30 as soon as I opened up the blinds and looked out, but then they were gone again and I didn't see them the rest of the day. Got in a session on the elliptical and then dropped #3 at school. Unfortunately, he forgot a poster school assignment. After I dropped the munchkins off I had to run back to the middle school to hand it off to him. I only got the one early elliptical in. I went out to Zumba, trying out my new shoes for the first time (the Reebok). I think the laces were a little tight, as it felt like my feet were falling asleep in them. It was a little better after loosening the laces and I think they will work fine. I do miss the ankle support of the high top my old shoes had. I forgot to charge the Scosche over the weekend and it was dead ... too bad as my ChargeHR came in at pretty high stats and I wonder what the Scosche would have said. I came straight home today without stopping at any stores. 

0424 (Sunday) 166.1. Steps 7863. Total Burn 2019. Exercise Burn 105/250 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Hubs was up early starting a pork butt on the smoker. We did do our usual Sunday Circles breakfast. I laid down for a bit during the day, but didn't actually nap. I went ahead and did a small session on the elliptical to finish up my show (the latest Scandal) I'd started yesterday. We had our dinner. I do like pulled pork, but without all the sides (mashed taters and such) I kept calories somewhat in check. Unfortunately, on such a low activity day, intake was still over burn.On the duckie front, today was the opposite of yesterday. Pretty Girl was here most of the day alone. I went out and dug up some worms to feed her.  She stayed until after dark.

0423 (Saturday) 166.1, Steps 12517. Total Burn 2283. Exercise Burn 320/181 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Got some cleaning done in the morning. At 2:00, #5 had a basketball game (easy win). It started raining on the way home, and stayed that way the rest of the day. It was the 24th anniversary of Grandpa Gordy's passing. We always go to the cemetery as a family, and did so today too, even in the rain and cold. I was happy that #4, Mr. Anxiety did fine, even when a high wind warning came across the radio. My anxiety was up too. I very much dislike the drive to the cemetery, and I just don't like cemeteries. We didn't stay long though in the weather. We stopped at Crown Burger after (another tradition) and ate. I didn't do too badly, splitting a fish and chips with my MIL. I had eaten all the remaining coconut goodie cookies today though. I'd put a roast in the crock pot before I knew we were going out, so that will pretty much be leftovers. Mr. Duckie was hanging out a bit today, but I only saw pretty girl for a bit. I was glad I got a peek at her though. 

0422 (Friday) 164.5. Steps 11778. Total Burn 2277. Exercise Burn 425/518 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Slept in until 6:30. I could have stayed in bed more, but I was awake. Made lunches and got the boys off to school. I have such a hard time with motivation on Fridays. I had wanted to do Zumba on my own ... but I didn't. I barely got in elliptical for the day (catching up on last night's Grey's Anatomy).  I pulled out a ziti I'd prepped earlier for dinner tonight. #5 had basketball practice. It was a quiet evening at home. I made coconut goodie cookies though ... not good on calories today, and the leftovers don't bode well for tomorrow!

0421 (Thursday) 164.5. Steps 23605. Total Burn 2916. Exercise Burn 1032/1156 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3500. At least #2 got out of bed a little easier this morning. I got in a couple sessions on the elliptical while getting the boys off to school, and then hit Zumba class. I'd been feeling draggy, but was able to perk up and get the heart rate up better. I stopped at Smiths to grab a few groceries. Spent some computer time gathering photos. Did the dishes and laundry. Prepped meatball subs for the dinner tonight. #2 had a game, but it was at Highland, which is across town, and I didn't feel up to fighting the traffic. I should have gone though, he said he had a good game, and they won. It was nice having an evening at home too though. Hubs and #3 had a derby. I did go overboard on eating, exceeding my burn by a bit.

0420 (Wednesday) 164.9. Steps 30243. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 1000/1238 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. It was quite the ordeal to pull #2 from bed this morning (literally pulling him from bed). He didn't even try the smoothie I'd made for him, but the other kids liked it a bit later (I just stuck it in the freezer until they were up). Got in some early elliptical and hit my Zumba class. Low energy = lower stats for me today. Not sure why I was dragging so. Stopped at Walmart after to grab a few groceries. After picking up the boys from school, I took #3 and #5 in for a haircut. Hubs and #5 left for a derby, and I took #3 to his basketball games. Soccer City. I hate Soccer City for basketball. There were two basketball games going, two volleyball games, and two soccer games. The sound is overwhelming! I brought my headphones and listened to my audiobook while I walked, and watched our boys get trounced. It was two games, I didn't have the energy to keep walking during the second game, and I'd already hit 30k for the day, so I figured I could sit. So tired ... but trouble falling asleep.

0419 (Tuesday) 164.7. Steps 25914. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1076/1269 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600. Up and early elliptical in. Walked to/from Zumba ... then, lazy day. Some computer work. Made some chicken pillows for an early dinner as Hubs and #3 left for a derby and I dropped #5 off at a basketball buddy's house to catch a ride to his game(s). I went to watch #2 play over at the high school. they won in overtime. Controlled calories today!

0418 (Monday) 167.5. Steps 32032. Total Burn 3181. Exercise Burn 1250/1404 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800. Up at 5:30 to pull #2 out of bed and prep his breakfast and lunch. Got in some early elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Hit Zumba, had a good class. Stopped at Kmart on the way home, grabbing a basketball for #4 (his popped). Should have gotten in weights or something, but was dragging and laid down for a bit. I did get in a session on the bike after picking the kids up from school. #3 had two games in the evening. He didn't even want me to video. We were both very disappointed as he'd been put on the second string team, away from all his best buddies. As expected, they lost both games, although my boy did pretty well. I was also nervous to have him play, as this was his first time back after his break. He did get knocked into in the first game and had to come out for a bit, and in the second his calves seized up and he wasn't able to finish, which was too bad as that game was actually close. I hope he can finish out this series without too much discouragement and frustration. As I wasn't manning the camera, I walked while I watched during the first game (as there was a track above the court) with my audiobook on. The second game was in a smaller gym, so I was sitting (but still listening to my book as I watched). I was SO tired as it started, but then by the time we got home and to bed ... I couldn't get to sleep. I did actually keep calories in check today!

0417 (Sunday) 164.8. Steps 5372. Total Burn 1936. Exercise Burn 0/150 (no exercise). Calories in 3250. Did sleep in this morning, which was nice. The duckies must have too, they were quite late in coming today, but did show up. Hubs made waffles, for our Sunday Circles breakfast we haven't had in a while. I did grab a little nap today. For dinner, Hubs prepared smoked ribs on his new smoker. Masher taters too. I made Brazilian Cheese Rolls and for once they didn't fall. I wish I knew what I did so I could replicate it! I thought about hitting the elliptical or bike, but did keep the day as a rest day. Unfortunately, calories in were way over.

0416 (Saturday) 164.4. Steps 12974. Total Burn 2173. Exercise Burn 320/416 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3600. The munchkin had a 9:00 game, and worrying I'd oversleep, I wasn't able to sleep in. This was against the same team we played last week. We lost last week ... but won this week in overtime! I went ahead and made the highlight video of both games when I got home. Sometimes I'm quick.  I didn't really have a lot else on the docket for the day. Hubs ran some errands, bought a new smoker (happy father's day?) and then we went out for an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Ate too much, of course!

0415 (Friday) 164.8, Steps 13686. Total Burn 2310. Exercise Burn 630/548 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. With late start, we could all sleep in a bit this morning... but I still woke at 4:30 (when Hubs usually is up and off), 5:30 (when I get up to help #2 get off), and 6:30 (my old norm) ...I finally just got up at 7:00. It was snowing outside, but it didn't last long. I got in 10min on the elliptical and then got the munchkins and #2 off to school. Back home, I did 20min, starting last night's Grey's Anatomy. I guess it was a 2-hour show. I hoped to get through it all today, but only ended up getting my hour. Not enough motivation to get to Zumba on my own after dropping #3 off to school. The ducks were around all morning. I went out and set up the feed under a board so the grain wouldn't get so damp. I tried digging up some worms for them too, but the ground was still quite dry, even with the recent rain. I did find a few worms for the ducks. Got in a nap, then picked up the kids from early out elementary. Hubs and #3 left for a derby. I was on carpool duty today for basketball practice for #5, but was able to just drop them off, and another mom was bringing them home. I showered and got into jammies early, I was ready for bed. I've been so tired lately!

0414 (Thursday) 165.3. Steps 20123. Total Burn 2715. Exercise Burn 977/951 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. At least #2 was easier to get up this morning ... he decided not to fight it, as I had been so persistent yesterday. Made him scrambled eggs this morning, as it was rainy and overcast, a little cold for a smoothie. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical as I got the other boys off to school. Headed to Zumba. It was an emotional morning, as Marian had shared yesterday that a story on the news, about a 13-month old baby falling head first into a cooler with a bit of water in it and nearly drowning, was her grandson. He was life-flighted to Primary Children's and is on a ventilator. Scary and sad. She had us helpers fill in some songs until she felt up to doing some. I came home and pretty much crawled into bed. Just needed the warmth and escape. Didn't really have the energy to do anything (hadn't been able to get good stats at Zumba really either). It rained most of the day. Very dreary. The ducks were around in the morning but then I didn't see them later in the day. #2 had a basketball game in the evening. I would have liked to go watch, but it was out of my comfort zone to drive, and I just wasn't quite feeling up to it. Hubs had another Menier's attack at work today (he didn't let me know until after it was done). He was down from 11:00-2:00, and then he is always drained after. He came home and was hungry and craving a burger, so I grabbed him some In&Out, then he went to bed. Checked in with #2 ... they lost by three points. He went over to the high school after to practice shooting in the gym and didn't get home until late. At least he (and I) get to sleep in tomorrow.  I indulged in comfort food today.

0413 (Wednesday) 165.3. Steps 27406. Total Burn 3038. Exercise Burn 1150/1473 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2700. My heavens, #2 was impossible to pull out of bed this morning. And I literally pulled him out of bed. He just lay on the floor while I annoyed and tickled him until he finally got up. I've been so tired lately too, sometimes I can only pull myself out of bed by promising myself I can grab a little nap later in the day. Got the boys off to school, getting some early elliptical in during the process. Went to MZL, wearing teal today, for a "Kava Talks" presentation after class. It did get started late, and with the presentation, they cut class short by about 15min, but I did some additional dancing at home to equal my hour. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart and Sams to grab groceries. Put everything away and did some house stuff while listening to my audiobook. It was a cool, rainy morning. At first, only the male duck showed up, and that had me a bit concerned (they are always together), but then both flew in. I shooed them into the backyard and they spent the morning there, but flew away when the rain came down harder. I didn't see them the rest of the day. Where do my duckies go when it rains? And at night? After school, #5 had a friend over for a playdate. I made tacos for dinner, and #3 had a late practice (8:30-10:00). I had to go down and do my reading on the bike ... if I did it in bed I'd fall asleep and not pick him up. Eating was unfortunate again today ... I'm really not starving, or craving ... I just eat. A lot.

0412 (Tuesday) 164.9. Steps 28565. Total Burn 3105. Exercise Burn 1150/1342 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Started the day pretty good, up early, with a couple early elliptical sessions in while I got the boys off to school. #4 was complaining of neck pain, enough that he didn't think he could handle school. Hmmm, last Tuesday he was "sick" too. Is something happening on Tuesdays? I told him he could rest for a bit while some ibuprofen hopefully kicked in and just dropped off #5. I hit Zumba. I had Marian's bag as she was out of town. Christa, Suzanne and I handled the class. When I got home, #4 was feeling better enough, so I dropped him off at school. I stopped at Macey's on the way home, grabbing a few groceries. When I went to bring them in (and I often let the kitties out for a bit while I do) the ducks were in the front yard. I shooed them into the back ... I'm glad they came back again! I got everything away and finally finished up my Friday weigh-in post. Hubs came home a little early from work, to grab a quick nap before heading out to a derby. I headed out with #5 to his basketball games. One at 6:00, the other at 8:00, so we just stuck around. I got some walking in while I waited. I also brought my headphones, and listened to my audiobook. And YEA! The officials there had my charger that I had left dangling last week. Our boys won the first game, lost the second. We still beat Daddy and #3 home, as the derby had been farther away in Utah County. Hubs has tried to turn those ones down, but this one slipped through. I think I'd done okay on eating ... until I got back from basketball and some cravings hit, and I caved to the cravings.

0411 (Monday) 165.2. Steps 13407. Total Burn 2360. Exercise Burn 450/596 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Hubs had a "hangover" from this attack yesterday, and I had one from mine. NO energy this morning. I did pull out of bed at 5:30 and get #2 off to class, then the other boys. I should have gone to Zumba. I never miss Zumba ... but I just didn't have it in me today. I was also distracted by ducks ... they were out in a neighbor's yard in the morning and I tried to encourage them into our backyard again. They almost went, but then got spooked and flew away. I left the gate open, and put out some water and food. Later I looked in the backyard and they were there! I set out the big swimming pool for them. Got some computer stuff done (letters off to the missionary, tax stuff) then took a nap. I cleaned the house a little, as we had company coming over later, the DiFran family. Friends that moved away four years ago and were back in state visiting. Picked up the kids after school and grabbed some Papa Murphy pizza. It was really fun to visit and have the boys play. #3 had basketball practice at 8:30, so we said goodbye to our friends. Hubs came home and got a little duckie time in before he headed to bed ... and then the ducks flew away again. Hopefully they will come back again tomorrow.

0410 (Sunday) 165.8. Steps 6078. Total Burn 1975. Exercise Burn 0/208 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. Hubs got up early and went to work, which was a bit of a problem for me, as we were supposed to go to my brother's church today for a baby blessing. I've been there before, and South is more doable than North (which just isn't happening with me driving). I mapquested it, and it really isn't that bad of a trip. Does require the freeway, which is a major anxiety trigger for me (even as passenger, but as driver? Ummm, I haven't driven on the freeway in years). I went through me inner turmoil (you can do it. I can't do it. Come on, don't be a worthless wimp, you can do it. I can't do it). I worked myself up into a complete panic attack until I was sick and sobbing and just ended up back in bed for most of the day. Of course it's "National Siblings Day" and Facebook is full of posts from people about their awesome siblings and families, making me feel like the worst sister/daughter/wife/mother even more. I did manage to get up midday and make lasagna for dinner. Hubs ended up being hit with another Meniere's attack, which was just the perfect ending to a crappy day. But at least he was home. There have been a pair of ducks in the neighborhood. They were next door, and I coaxed them over to our house. Pulled out some of our duck feed from last year and gave them some water. It was like "ducky time" of old watching them waddle around the backyard. I wished Hubs felt good enough to come out and watch them. They did fly away. I would love them to nest in our yard. I'd be happy to feed them and provide them with a pool to swim in. It would be easier with wild ones than raising them ... but Hubs did already purchase eggs, currently in the incubator. We'll get ducks one way or another. Started off good on calorie intake (depression diet) but then converted to comfort food and overeating by the end of the night.

0409 (Saturday) 164.5. Steps 11620. Total Burn 2185. Exercise Burn 420/425 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2600. The youngest had a basketball game today, so I went to plug the videocamera in to charge the battery and ... no charger. I'd taken it to the game on Tuesday, as I needed to recharge for the double games. Did I leave it there, plugged into the wall? How could I be so stupid? I've almost left it several times ... SO frustrated with myself and, videoing the games it what I do! I don't know how to just watch. I was just sick about it. Hubs took pity on me and took the camera and was able to find me a battery charger (not exactly the same, have to remove the battery) but set for today's game. He then went into work, as he's been behind there, they've been so busy. #3 put together the soccer goal #4 got for Easter. Glad to have it up finally! #5 and I went to his game. It was a tough one. The other team was good. We were down by about 10, but managed to come back, and even pull ahead, but then the other team had a great run and pulled ahead again. The kids handled the loss pretty well. We face this team again next Saturday ... Had a pretty laid back day at home after that. Hubs grabbed a movie (The Big Short) and we watched it while munching popcorn.

0408 (Friday) 163.6. Steps 14552. Total Burn 2461. Exercise Burn 635/622 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Feels like the first Friday in a while since I've had both kid carpools in the morning. There have been several Fridays off for middle and/or elementary. I did sleep in and get a slow start on the morning. I wanted to try to get Zumba on my own, but it didn't happen. After school, it was registration for #3. We had all his classes prepped and ready and refreshing the computer so that the moment it opened at 4:00 we could input all our choices. It was a stressful two minutes, but we got all his classes! As soon as we were done, we checked the first couple, and they were full. It helped that #2 had his registration on Monday so I had the steps down pat. #3 then wanted to go hang out with his friends and discuss schedules and such, so I dropped him off. I was quite tired, managed to stay up until 10:00 for his pickup.

0407 (Thursday) 163.6. Steps 23108. Total Burn 2860. Exercise Burn 1176/1105 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2600. Up early, got in some elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I was a tich late for Zumba, and they had started. Marian did a few songs, then headed out for her vacation. Tirsa, Melanie, Christa and I rotated to fill the remaining time. I brought Marian's bag home, as I'll be handling the Tuesday class while she's still away. It was a nice sunny day, and I did go catch some rays for a bit. Worked on a school schedule for #3 (registration is tomorrow), got a blog post up (book review) and did the dishes. #5 had a friend come over after school. Hubs and #3 did a derby in the evening. I'd really hoped to keep calories in check ... but then overdosed on Reeses Eggs. At least they are gone now ...

0406 (Wednesday) 162.9. Steps 26590. Total Burn 3051. Exercise Burn 1320/1300 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Up at 5:30, made #2 a strawberry smoothie which he said was yummy. Packed his lunch and got him off to school. #4 was in the gym, but finished early, so I got an early start as well. After getting the boys off to school, I checked FB and was saddened to see instead of a birth announcement from one of the MZL instructors, a post that the baby he passed away. So sad. I wasn't sure if people would be in the mood for Zumba, but I went and class still happened and I actually got pretty good stats. Did a stop at Sears (a pickup), Sams and Walmart, then donned my headphones and audiobook as I got everything put away. Worked a little on a basketball video, updated the missionary blog. I didn't slow down, but also didn't get back down to the gym until squeezing in a couple sessions between kid carpools after school. I'd been trying to control calories, knowing we had a dinner in the evening (basketball banquet for #2). Scheduled 6-10. FOUR hours? Of sitting? Ugggg. Dinner was prime rib, which I'd already stuck in MFP, but I did end up overeating for the day (under burn, but over goal). The event was long. Talking about all the seasons, all the kids, showcasing the seniors (there were eight this year). It was a long night.

0405 (Tuesday) 163.7. Steps 26843. Total Burn 3040. Exercise Burn 1270/1311 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2050. Up early again to prep breakfast and lunch for #2. I just gave him the leftover danish pastries from Sunday for the morning. I probably should go back to prepping lunches the night before, as I am still a bit rushed. Got in a few early elliptical sessions as I got the other boys off to school. #4 hadn't been feeling well last night, and right before school he broke down saying his stomach hurt. He ended up staying home and resting for the day. I still went to Zumba. With class pushed back to 9:00, I have time to come home and then walk, and it was a brisk but lovely morning. I couldn't quite get my heart rate up in class, I'm not sure why. I really felt like I was trying to push it. I was keeping an eye on my phone in case #4 needed me. I got a couple calls, but neither from him. I love my Tuesday class. I know every single person there! Home again, I got a blog update done (monthly review). Plenty of other things I SHOULD have done ... but I grabbed a quick nap. Because I could. Grabbed the kids after school. Hubs and #3 headed to a derby, and #5 and I headed out to Murray for his basketball games. In this Tuesday night league only three teams signed up, so they have two games, against the same two teams, every week.  I was a bit nervous to see how they would go, as when #5 played in the Murray league with his 4th grade team, we got squashed, beaten badly, most games. But here, both games were pretty even (although we ended losing by a bit in the first, the boys had kept it even for the first half and it is doable). Poor #5 had a turnover (backcourt violation) right in the final seconds of the second game when we were only up by three. He was in tears, thinking he'd lost the game for his team. The other guys managed to get a layup for two points, but we were able to hold off further scoring and get the win ... but #5 was still so upset at himself and whimpered the whole way home. Silly boy! Another decent food day. I did edge over 2000 by a bit, but did stop myself from eating any more.

0404 (Monday) 165.6. Steps 30720. Total Burn 3345. Exercise Burn 1600/1579 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1850. I woke before my alarm, but Hubs was sleeping in. I got up, woke #2, prepped him some breakfast and packed him a lunch. #4 wasn't in the gym, so I hit it earlier than usual, getting in a full hour (two 20min sessions, two 10) as I got the other boys off to school. Zumba with Southziders. Got good stats. Stopped at Smiths for some groceries on the way home. I put on my headphones and listened to my audiobook while I unloaded and put things away. I prepped dinner, making four pans of Ziti (two for us, and two with gluten free pasta for my dad). I made some chicken salad too. Got in some extra elliptical then picked up the kids. #2 got registered, but didn't make it into one class, we'll see how that changes up. I did weights and bike then got dinner done. I kept calories in check today too. Good productive day, and NO trouble falling asleep tonight!

0403 (Sunday) 164.5. Steps 2888. Total Burn 1746. Exercise Burn 0/-2 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. Totally lazy day today. Slept in. We went out to my MILs, a conference brunch tradition. My BIL brought smoked brisket. There were rolls and fruit. Back at home, I took a great nap, then did some reading in bed. Hubs prepped some steak for dinner, yummy mashed potatoes too. I was so full! While the nap earlier had been delightful, perhaps it wasn't that great of an idea, as I had a hard time falling asleep in the evening.

0402 (Saturday) 164.4. Steps 17619.  Total Burn 2461. Exercise Burn 530/702 (40minElliptical, Bike, LawnMow). Calories in 2800. Hubs had considered a 5k with the munchkins, but with his lack of sleep this week, and wanting to take it east until his sciatica feels better ... no 5k. Yea for sleeping in! We didn't have much on deck for the day. I got out and mowed the front lawn and did some cleanup in the flower bed. #5 had a basketball game at 2:00 (they won) and Hubs dropped off our tax stuff (yes, we left it to the last minute) and then took off for Wendover with a work buddy. I got in elliptical while catching up on "Scandal" and did a session on the bike while starting a new book.

0401 (Friday) 164.1. Steps 19509. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 999/935 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. No school for the older boys today, which meant no carpool conflicts for Zumba. Nicole was having a class, and I love hers, but I hadn't hit Debbie's in a while, so I was going to go for it. Unfortunately when I got there, everyone seemed to have yoga mats, and Debbie wasn't anywhere in sight. I asked, and I guess she is out of town and it's just yoga for a few weeks. I wish I'd known, so I hadn't wasted time driving out there. I still had time to make Nicole's class though, as it was still starting at 9:30 (even with no middle school). I got in my hour of elliptical and a weights session during the day too. I worked with the older boys on their schedules for next year, registration is next week. The littles still had school, and early out at the elementary. #5 had a friend come over for a playdate, and then I dropped him off to go to basketball practice. Hubs was home late (stopped for a drink and then by the Apple/ATT store to see if the new iphone was around to check out). We were debating a movie and popcorn, but as I got out of the shower Hubs was hit with another attack ... Menieres or a reaction to a Lortab taken for his shoulder, which has been making him miserable for a week now :( 

0331 (Thursday) 164.7. Steps 25449. Total Burn 3019. Exercise Burn 1258/1259 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 1.5mileTreadmillIntervals). Calories in 2400. Up early to pull #2 from bed (literally), make him breakfast and pack his lunch. Hubs was still in bed (unusual) but his siatica has made it hard for him to get good sleep recently. Poor guy.  I must admit I crawled back into bed for a bit. I did still get in two 20min sessions on the elliptical in the morning while getting the other boys off to school. MountainView Zumba today, Tirsa and Melanie were there, and Marian had Christa and I do a number as well. We had a good group. One gal from Friday class had come on my recommendation too. Lots of energy and good stats. I wore a sleeveless shirt ... not quite comfortable in it, but my underarm rash has been painful.  I'm trying to prevent perspiration and rubbing. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. Picked up the kidlets from schools. #3 had his team dinner in the evening. Just socializing and eating, a few awards handed out. Home and to bed early.

0330 (Wednesday) 164.7. Steps 25716. Total Burn 3016. Exercise Burn 1330/1253 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 20minIncline). Calories in 2400. Up early again, got in some elliptical before Zumba. Class was good today, better stats than the last couple weeks at MZL. I did a quick stop at Sears, just for a package pickup. I got in bike and some treadmill time. The incline didn't raise the heart rate as much as I thought. Nothing like a real hike. Not too much different than a walk without (although I'll have to try tracking that again to really compare). #5 had a friend come over after school. It was a good day for it, as Hubs and #3 left for a derby. The friend stays until 7:00 (even if I say only until 6:00) so it makes it hard on dinner days or when Hubs is home and would like it quieter than it is with friends over. I pulled out a couple Papa Murphy pizzas from the freezer, but they'd been in there too long and didn't cook up well. Into the trash. Oh well, I didn't need the calories myself. I almost made homemade oreos, but again ... calories. With Hubs trying to eat better, I'm not sure if he considers it a reward, or a temptation/punishment.  Still managed to overeat today.

0329 (Tuesday) 165.9. Steps 25867. Total Burn 3014. Exercise Burn 1246/1311 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2900. I did manage to pull myself out of bed, and then pull the 17-year old out of bed. Packed his lunch and made him eggs for breakfast and pushed him out the door. Got in 30min early elliptical in. Zumba switched to 9:00 this week. I needed a store run, and debated trying to squeeze it in after dropping kids before class, but figured I wouldn't have enough time. Zumba was good, we had a nice crowd and I was able to keep my heart rate up. Got good stats. Back at home, the power went out for a while. I did a session on the bike, as neither it nor my book require electricity. I headed to the middle school to check out #3 for his doctor appointment and he got his cast removed. Back home in time for me to get the store run in before picking up the littles. Power was back on. I cooked up some chicken and made haystacks for dinner (chicken pillows for #3 as he'd been craving them). Very tired all evening though! Maybe my early rising. Ate way too much (Reeses eggs!) but according to estimates, did keep calories under burn, if just barely.

0328 (Monday) 165.9. Steps 22892. Total Burn 2877. Exercise Burn 1134/1109 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. I did wake up around 5:00 when Hubs left for work, but I went back to sleep for a wonderful sleep in. Barely rolled out of bed in time to hit Zumba. It was a snowy cold morning, but luckily to roads weren't bad. Class was good. I was able to get my heart rate up this time. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, grabbing some Easter candy clearance. #5 returned home from his sleep over, and the two little boys wanted to go to the local gym to play basketball (as they couldn't outside) so I took them. I got the dishes from yesterday cleaned up, and also worked on getting all of Easter put away. I'd really planned on getting one more session of something in during the evening hours, but I was pretty tired. 

0327 (Sunday) 164.8. Steps 10756. Total Burn 2293. Exercise Burn 225/530 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700.  Sunday sleep in ... even with Easter. Mr. Bunny hadn't brought anything too exciting, and as the kids are getting older (and had already peeked) it wasn't a big deal. We all snacked on goodies, and skipped our usual Sunday breakfast. I got some roll dough rising, making orange rolls and regular dinner rolls. Hubs made mashed taters for the family party (his side today). We ate, had a pinata, and an egg toss. Took pictures in the ears and other photo booth props I brought. Some of the other grandkids were sleeping over, and #5 decided to stay too (even though we hadn't brought him jammies or a change of clothes). The kitchen was a mess after all our cooking. I'd loaded the dishwasher before leaving and thought I'd set it to wash, but alas, I must not have pressed the button. Further cleanup will have to wait until tomorrow (still Spring Break for the kidlets).

0326 (Saturday) 163.4. Steps 9233. Total Burn 2118. Exercise Burn 205/364 (20minElliptical). Calories 2500. It's so much better sleeping in when Hubs stays in bed too.  I started off the day with a session on the elliptical ... and never made it back down. I finished up some easter prep. Finished filling eggs (I'd had the boys work on it yesterday, and we don't need that many this year so it was pretty easy) and made some chex mix. Hubs left early, jogging, and we'd pick him up on the way to my folks, which we did. He got about five miles in and said he felt pretty good.  Only my oldest and youngest brother and their families were able to attend this year, my three other siblings didn't make it. Mom's Wii had gone out. I brought an extra power cord we had, and luckily that was the problem, so it was a fix. Hubs was able to straighten a tree that was leaning out front. We like to make ourselves useful ;) It was a nice afternoon, although a little chilly. Got to meet my new little niece for the first time too. The older kids hid the eggs and the two little girls found them. We sent out the 10 and two 12-year olds to gather the rest (as there were too many for just the two little ones).  Hubs picked up some Sonic for dinner, which filled us up too much, so we didn't have popcorn with our movie (Spy, on HBOgo). I had been SO tired during the day, but couldn't get to sleep that night!

0325 (Friday) 163.4. Steps 19963. Total Burn 2705. Exercise Burn 793/951 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Another sleep in morning. With the kids out, I could hit a Zumba class. I decided to go to Nicole's at 9:00. They were having some sound trouble, the av jack at the church was broken. At times like this I wish I had a backup box or cord. I've talked about it a bit and just need to do it. I carried a speaker in my car for a while too, but it was too bulky. We finally got the music up, but it wasn't very loud, and that does really make an impact. Again, couldn't really get heart rate up. I checked in at home, and then ran to Walmart/Sams for some groceries. We were almost out of milk! #3 got invited to go see a movie with his friends, so I dropped him off. I dropped #5 off at his ride to basketball practice (mentioning to her that I'd drive the kids to the birthday party tomorrow, only to discover I had the date down wrong and it had been last night. Mommy goof again!) I made meatball sub for Hubby, and texted #2 to see if he was around to come home for dinner. He said yes, and brought two friends with him. Luckily, I had enough. Another friend came over too, and I made skookie for them all, which they liked. Our house generally isn't the "hang out" house, so it was rather fun to host for once.

0324 (Thursday) 162.4. Steps 21228. Total Burn 2675. Exercise Burn 1093/927 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. With kids out for Spring Break, we all slept in ... although I was awakened early (about 6:00) to a crash from the family room. #5, sleeping on the couch, had knocked the end table over. After investigating, I did go crawl back in bed. He did it again about an hour later! So strong in his sleep. I got one 10min session of elliptical in before Zumba. Not sure if not getting up and at early affects me negatively or what, but I could not get my heart rate up in class. It was fun too, with Marian there the whole time, and Tirsa and Melanie helping out. I did a quick stop at Reams after, and then stopped at Dunford. I should NOT have stopped there. Donuts. High calorie intake today! Not a lot on deck today. The littles kept themselves entertained pretty well. They went and played at the park for a bit. In the evening, Hubs and #3 went to do a derby. 

0323 (Wednesday) 163.8. Steps 23473. Total Burn 2952. Exercise Burn 1100/1171 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. I did get up early this morning, and pulled #2 out of bed (promising him he could sleep in the next few days for Spring Break). I packed up his lunch and made him some eggs for breakfast. Got in some early elliptical as I got the other boys off to school, then hit Zumba. Not quite as crowded as in weeks past, and again it was slightly under the hour with a couple of cool down songs. So stats weren't great. Stopped at Maceys on the way home. Fruit snacks on sale. The kids go through a ton of them. Love my headphones for listening to my audiobook while I bring groceries in and put them away. Got in additional elliptical and weights during the day. Early out at the elementary. Picked up pizza on the way home from grabbing #3 from school. That was an early dinner. Hubs and #3 went to do a derby. I got a couple blog updates done (missionary and fitness blogs) and had to make some calls about insurance (apparently it changed last November, and #2's physical a few months ago isn't being covered, uggg!) Headphones on again while I cleaned up the kitchen and put laundry away. I've been getting through more books this way! I thought I was doing good on calorie intake ... totally forgot about that piece of pizza I ate. Really HAVE to record stuff immediately! So easy to forget!

0322 (Tuesday) 162.8. Steps 20558. Total Burn 2692. Exercise Burn 1080/958 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Hubs said he slept alright, but I had bad dreams, didn't feel very refreshed in the morning. I heard #2 get up, and I'd already prepped his lunch, so I didn't get up to see him off. It's harder to stay in bed when Hubs is still in bed, and he was after his attack last night. I only got 20min of early elliptical in. As I was getting #3 off, I realized #2 hadn't left ... but at least he got off to regular classes (missed his early morning seminary). It was a cool morning, and started hailing after I dropped the little ones off. I hoped they brought the kids inside the school, as it was really pelting! Over at the church, there were a few people standing outside. Oops, the door much have relocked. Luckily I had Marian's number (she was inside with a couple others wondering where everyone was) and they let us in. The hail turned to snow, and our cars were completely covered after class. Isn't it supposed to be Spring now?? Between the gray skies and snowy weather, the stress of last night, and waiting for an appointment during the day (that always throws me off my game, I don't feel like I can do anything while waiting for a repairman to come) ... I wasn't very productive today. Just felt like curling up in bed and reading a book. I may have done just that. GeekSquad came and the TV in the front room will now turn on. I picked up the kids ... still snowing all afternoon. I hadn't received a letter from my missionary yesterday, but he wrote today. I updated his steps in Fitbit. Made dinner and early to bed. I managed to overeat by a lot today!

0321 (Monday) 163.6. Steps 23579. Total Burn 2970. Exercise Burn 1200/1215 (60minElliptial, Zumba, 45minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2300. Got up at 5:30 to pack a lunch for #2 and make him a smoothie breakfast. Packed up lunches for the other boys and then got caught up on some computer stuff. 20min on the elliptical before taking #3 to school, and then 20 more before taking the munchkins. I left a little early to Zumba, stopping at a shipping place, dropping off a package to go to #1 son in Mexico. Got good stats dancing today. Stopped at Big5 and Kmart on the way home, picking up some stuff for Easter. I got a weights session in and finished up my hour of elliptical. Making meatball subs for dinner. Hubs called around 6:00 ... he had pulled over into a church parking lot hit hard with a Meriere's attack :(  It hit fast, out of the blue, he was barely able to get off the street. He wasn't that far from home, but he said there was nothing I could do, he just has to wait it out. I finished up dinner for the boys and tried to concentrate, but finally got in the car and went and checked on Hubs. He could barely roll down the window to talk to me (couldn't quite find the unlock button, but opening the truck door probably wouldn't have done him any good). I grabbed him a bottled water, but that was really all. He didn't think he could transfer to my car without triggering things again. He waited there another hour or so and it finally passed enough he felt like he could get home. Got him into bed, where at least I can check on him more easily, make sure he's still breathing and get him anything he needs. An attack like this, out of the blue, is very unnerving! I'd planned on getting in a session on the bike, but couldn't concentrate enough to do so. I was stressed enough I lost my evening appetite, not that I hadn't already eating over today anyway, but I didn't have any mint chocolate chip ice cream today.

0320 (Sunday) 163.6. Steps 13173. Total Burn 2280. Exercise Burn 500/718 (40minTreadmill Intervals, Bike). Calories in 2350. Ahhh, Sunday sleep in. Hubs took off for a big bike ride with a work buddy and was gone most of the day. Without him, we didn't do our traditional Sunday Circles, but I still made a big breakfast, with french toast, hashbrowns, bacon and eggs. The kids were loud and crazy playing ball and laughing over snapchat's faceswap feature. It was a fun morning. Yesterday #3 spontaneously cleaned up the kitchen, and today #2 loaded the dishwasher without me asking (and I don't ask, I just do it usually). I got in a lovely nap. Hubs was doing some weekly food prep in the evening, and I got a bit motivated and went downstairs and did a treadmill 5k. I still wasn't that tired, with my nap, so I did a session on the bike too. It was a fairly productive day for a Sunday. #2 did some Spring Cleaning in his room, and we packed away a bunch of clothes he doesn't wear. I got the boys to write their brother and got my own letter done and off. I had finished up the Pinewood Derby video yesterday, and got a blog post about it up, as well as my weekly weigh-in post on my fitness blog. Finished up a couple books (Ruby Circle and Virals) and TV series (Colony was the season ender, and Dark Matter is now done). Ready to start a new week ... 

0319 (Saturday) 162.6. Steps 11184. Total Burn 2174. Exercise Burn 410/425 (40ninElliptical). Calories in 2600. So Hubs had brought up the possibility of a 5k this Saturday. It was local, small ... at 11:00, which wasn't the preferred time. Although snuggling in bed Saturday morning we were more than okay with that. Hubs was planning on it and hoping that #4 and any of the other boys would try it too. #4 had told me that he was running three miles consistently on the treadmill (in 30min), so I figured this would be something he might excel at. #3 said he would, #2 said "I'd whip everyone" (and it's likely true) but he had to work. #5 ... didn't want to. I'd placed MY participation on #5's participation, and I did honestly try to talk him into it. But, we two stayed home. I was really anxious to hear how it went. Hubs said he planned on starting near the back of the pack, so the boys could pass people up. He hoped he could keep up with the boys! The boys had NO interest in starting at the back of the pack however, and they were off and Hubs lost them both almost immediately. #4 finished just under 24 min, 19th overall, second in his age group, with #3 right behind (2nd in the 19-24 age group, he should have been in the 15-18, not sure what happened there). No prizes, but they all got a medal and long sleeved running shirt. I think my #4, whose anxiety has driven him from team sports, really enjoyed it, and he did great! And that was wearing clunky basketball shoes. I need to get him some running shoes. #5 had a basketball game at 3:00 and #3 came along to watch (and commentate in a hilarious but annoying way). Our boys got the win. Hub suggested he and I go out to dinner, so we hit Archibalds, a new favorite, but possibly old favorite now. They changed their menu! Took off the cheese sticks, which were my main reason for coming! Raised the price (and cut down the portion) of the fish ... so who knows if we'll be back. It was Prom night, and tons of couples were there at Gardner Village taking pictures. #2 was just working KFC, no prom this year. He got home from work rather early (10:45) and I was happy my kidlets were all in, when he then said he was going out bowling with buddies. Sigh. #3 had gone to friends earlier. I'd picked him up at 10:00 because I told him I was too tired to stay up any later. I'm not a good mom to teens, I'm too tired!

0318 (Friday) 162.7. Steps 20853. Total Burn 2727. Exercise Burn 1000/978 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2550. Slept in until 7:30 today. Made a lunch and breakfast smoothie for #2 and he was off. I dropped off the munchkins (#4 forgot his lunch) and then #3 for 9:30 late start. I got in a little elliptical, and then I did do an hour of Zumba on my own. In the master bathroom. Mirror on one side, open window with cool air coming in on the other. Not a lot of room though. Early out at the elementary. I'd ordered Dominos (they had their 50% off all pizza special running) and picked it up on the way home from grabbing #3. We actually had everyone home for a bit in the afternoon, #2 was around and Hubs came home early to leave for a derby. #3 wanted to grab some birthday presents for his buddies, so we ran to a couple stores trying to find Nike Elites (they weren't at the Nike store!) I got in some bike and elliptical, but my Grey's Anatomy had run short on the elliptical, and that threw me off, so I only got 40 minutes on that machine. Much overeating in the "empty calories" department, and then add in the pizza ...

0317 (Thursday) 162.8. Steps 23963. Total Burn 2876. Exercise Burn 1074/1129 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2700. Got up early again, packed a lunch for #2, but he just did a banana for breakfast as he was up late and in a rush. I got in two 20min sessions on the elliptical between driving the boys to school. Off to Zumba, and dropping the bag off to Marian after. I was dragging a bit at home. I did manage to get in some bike, and finished up my elliptical. Got a couple packages from Amazon ... some smoothie cups/lids I'd ordered, and the box will work perfect for sending stuff to my missionary (I've been gathering items but needed a box!) and a couple pullover jackets for the boys ... one for each of the little boys, but even though they were a medium and a large, they were the same size (only fitting the 10-year old). I ordered a couple more (they were just $5!) that will hopefully fit #4. Not sure what "CB" stands for on the shirt (Champion Brand?) but it's the initials of both little boys, and they thought that was cool. Hubs had gone on a bike ride after work, so I understand why he was tired, but I was ready to drop too. Of course once I got into bed ... not quite so sleepy. Did a little reading until I finally dropped off. And even the day before weigh-in, it was a BAD eating day. TOM time?

0316 (Wednesday) 162.8. Steps 29982. Total Burn 3244. Exercise Burn 1400/1491 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2500. I was able to get up early, make some scrambled eggs for #2, pack his lunch and see him off to school. Got caught up on my journal and dailymile entries. I was able to get a full 20 on the elliptical before taking #3 to school, and another 20 before taking the munchkins. Another 10 before Zumba. Good early start to the day. Stopped at Walmart and Sams on the way home from class, restocking and milk and eggs and such. Bought me some new sports bras, as all mine are very old. Got in some bike and weights during the day. Made chicken pillows for dinner ... the plan was haystacks but #3 objected so I switched up. I hadn't made chicken pillows since #1 left last year! If #3 hadn't broken his wrist, he would have had his first spring game tonight. I thought he'd still like to go and watch, cheer on the team, but he was too depressed about it. Kitchen clean up, a little laundry and to bed. If I'd noticed my steps, I would have done a few more to hit 30k.

0315 (Tuesday) 164.3. Steps 25472. Total Burn 3072. Exercise Burn 1257/1315 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2100. I prepped a lunch for #2 last night and alas ... didn't get up early to see him off this morning. I stayed in bed until my 6:30 alarm. I only got in 20min early elliptical, as I was baking up some croissants - for breakfast and for the chicken salad I picked up yesterday. Early Zumba as well, although Marian said she's going to switch it to 9:00 the week after next, as she's taking a step back from work. Even with our late start (Marian, Suzanne and I were all there on time, but no one else was ... we had a decent crowd a little later as people trickled in) I got my full hour and some extra. I finished up my elliptical and got in a session on the bike during the day. Got up a blog post, laundry, some house stuff. Derby in the evening. It's hard for me to handle the chaos and the kids ... I could never be a scout leader! I admire Hubs patience running all these derbies! #5 came in 6th, which was fine with him (he took 1st last year) and that is OUR last official derby! Hubs will keep running them all over of course, but our boys are now aged out. Eating was a little over, but still well below burn.

0314 (Monday) 165.4. Steps 23052. Total Burn 2952. Exercise Burn 1200/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. I thought the morning might be a rough one, after the time change. 6:30 would feel like 5:30 ... but I was actually up at 5:30 (so like 4:30!) to pack up a lunch for #2 and make him a smoothie for breakfast before he was off. Hubs was up then anyway, and I don't usually fall back asleep. Might as well get up and get started, right? All the other kids got up easily as well. Yea! My kids are so great. Got them off to school, and got in a full 40min of elliptical before heading out to Zumba. I was there on time, as was Nina, but still a late start, as it took a while for us to get more. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, not as great a deals as before with my Fitstudio points, but I did have some surprise points to use. Bought new  basketballs for the two little boys as they both said theirs were too old, going flat, etc. Stopped at Smiths too, grabbing a few groceries. Pelting rain as I left the store. Yuck. Back at home, I let laziness take up some time, but I did finish up my hour of elliptical and got in a weight workout. Made a spaghetti dinner and got a blog post up. Eating was a little over goal, but under burn anyway.  Hubs and #5 finished up his derby car, the race is tomorrow. I might have hit the bike in the evening, but Hubs wanted to get some walking on the treadmill in. Still, a decent day. I was pretty tired come 10:00. #2 was still working and #3 was to a late Jazz game. I woke around 11:00 when #2 came home. #3 didn't get home until midnight (on a school night!)

0313 (Sunday) 164.8. Steps 5612. Total Burn 1914. Exercise Burn 105/152 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2250. Daylight Savings ... all the clocks in the kitchen were changed and up to date (or time rather). I guess #3 had done it last night. It's nice that most of the electronic items update themselves. Hubs decided to hit his gym and drop off his food prep to his work (stocks a little fridge there). Without him, we skipped our big breakfast, and I just made eggs and sausage. I did get in my usual Sunday nap ... which was perhaps a mistake as I couldn't get to sleep when evening rolled around. Hubs made marinated flank steak and mashed taters, I added Brazilian cheese rolls. It was a yummy dinner. I hadn't eaten too badly today, but still exceeding my burn, as it wasn't an active day. In addition to my little bit of elliptical, #4 and I had a game of ping pong. Hubs and I watched a movie (Mission Impossible Rouge Nation) ... but skipped the popcorn, as we were both still quite full from dinner.

0312 (Saturday) 164.9. Steps 9693. Total Burn 2119. Exercise Burn 315/360 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3500. Feeling a bit better than yesterday. Finished up my show (Grey's Anatomy) from yesterday while on the elliptical. Still not a very productive day for me though. I did finish up the highlight video from #5's Junior Jazz championship games and did a missionary blog update. Made orange chicken and rice for the kids for dinner, then Hubs and I watched a movie (The Intern) and ate mucho popcorn. ♥♥

0311 (Friday) 163.3. Steps 5918. Total Burn 1880. Exercise Burn 100/91 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3450. Well, not a good weigh-in change from last week. The littles were out of school today, so I got to sleep in. Hubs even slept in, and took the day off. He went jogging in the morning, and I hit the elliptical for 10min, but it felt hard (even with a Grey's Anatomy, which is usually a show that motivates me to finish it). I was just feeling a bit off, or maybe more than a bit. I probably could have convinced Hubs to take #3 to school, allowing me to hit a Zumba class, but I wasn't feeling up to it and didn't even ask him. He worked a bit with #5 on his pinewood derby car and then ran some errands. He even grabbed #3 from school in the afternoon and took him out to the DMV for his driver's test. #3 failed the written test the first time, but passed the second. Yea! Not really happy about having another driver, but happy to have the learner's permit done. Not that he'll be practicing much with his broken wrist. In the evening, we were meeting my folks and my brother and his wife for dinner. We dropped #5 off to catch a ride to basketball practice on the way. We went to Braza Grill, which is good for the gluten-free guys. I was very full, and had eaten bad earlier too, so I was UBER over today ... and I had never gotten back down to my gym.

0310 (Thursday) 163.2. Stepes 18597. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 795/889 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Just 10min early elliptical this morning. I had Marian's box, so I made sure I was on time to class to get it set up for her ... except she wasn't there. I'd known she was gone Tuesday, but I thought she was back today, and that Tirsa and Melanie would be there (Melanie was) ... so I hadn't prepped anything. I did try to quickly set some songs up (Christa and Silva were there to help too) and the three of us did the first 30min, then turned the time over to Melanie for the rest. I didn't get the best stats, still rearranging songs, and we were a little under. I did a quick stop at Reams, then hurried home and baked up some Brazillian cheese rolls and then headed over to the elementary school. It was "Invite your Grandparents to lunch" day, and my folks had said they would come out. The little one's lunch started at 11:10, and the 6th grader not until 12:40, but they excused him from class to come join us at the earlier time. My boys aren't lunch lingerers though, they eat and run, even with company there. They want their recess time! Even #4, who was getting over an extra hour of recess! I did manage to grab a picture before they took off. Then Grandma stopped at the bookfair and picked up a few books. I stopped at Macey's on the way home, but didn't end up getting what I'd gone in for. It was early out at the elementary, so I was back there again before long. At home, the TV hasn't been working. It's been having issues for months now. If it turns off ... it won't turn back on. We've always eventually been able to get it back on, sometimes after letting it sit overnight or something, but we'd been without it for a couple of days. Which had lead to early bedtimes for everyone ... another overeating day. Hubs and #3 did a derby ... #3 was grumpy though, feeling like he wasn't much help with his broken wrist.

0309 (Wednesday) 163.7. Steps 20836. Total Burn 2800. Exercise Burn 923 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Just out of the habit of getting in my early mornning elliptical this week. I put a roast in the crockpot, and that took some of my time this morning. Off to Zumba. Good stats today. I stopped at Walmart on the way home, grabbing some groceries. Not a lot of "exercise" but it does get some steps in. It should have been a weights day, but it wasn't happening. #3 had a dental appointment in the afternoon, and then I went with the two littles back to the school in the evening for Parent/Teacher conferences. Rave reviews ... as always. We stopped by the booksale afterward and picked up a couple. Bad eating day. Again. 

0308 (Tuesday) 162.7. Steps 17123. Total Burn 2545. Exercise Burn 865/814 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. My son asked me to make him breakfast this morning ... who does he think I am? His mother? The boys are generally very self-sufficient, but sometimes do make requests. So cocoa and toast it was. I ate some too, and didn't get in my early elliptical. It was early Zumba, and I was subbing, so I had to be extra early, making sure I had everything as I took the littles to school so I could stop at the church on the way back. It was a small crew. Back at home ... I lost my motivation. Just didn't feel up to anything, except a nap. Picked up the kids after school, then went with #2 to Vasa, as he wanted to get a gym membership. I guess it's better than having him and his friends trying to crowd into our home gym like last summer. But I wasn't impressed with the prices. $20 a month, plus a $10 enrollment, plus $25 to cancel if you don't stay six months. A $40 annual fee after two months. Expensive! Luckily, he has enough money from working so hard at KFC. He stayed and worked out after. I stopped at Fantastic Sams on put our names on the list, then went home and got #3 and #4 who needed haircuts. Still quite a wait. #4 ended up with a buzz (I could have done that). Hubs was late coming home, then was ready for bed about 8:00. In fact at 9:00, pretty much everyone was in bed. We are early to bed Blackhams. I managed to overeat again today.

0307 (Monday) 163.9. Steps 27947. Total Burn 3140. Exercise Burn 1500/1394 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 40minWeights). Calories in 3000. Good exercise day, bad eating day! But ... Tagalongs. I did get in my early elliptical, got the boys off to school and headed to Zumba. As I passed the church there on the corner and saw a few cars there, I wondered if we were moving to it ... sure enough, as I went to the stake center there was a note to meet at the other church. Got in a good class, but I forgot my Scosche! Bummer, I like my backup readings. It often motivates me too. I did some cleaning around the house at home. Usually I was saving it for after school, but they kids were teasing me with my headphones on (pretending they were talking to me) so I did it while they were out. I got in some additional exercise too. #5 had a friend over, and requested Mac&Cheese for dinner.

0306 (Sunday) 163.4. Steps 5218. Total Burn 1834. Exercise Burn 160/80 (15minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Ahhh, slept in. Hubs went and jogged the track at the high school, even though it was quite cool and breezy and started to drizzle. We made our big Sunday Circles breakfast ... then back to bed for a nap. Sundays are lazy days! In the early evening we went out to my brother's house. He was hosting our monthly family gathering. This time there were scones, instead of waffles, and I'd been asked to bring Brazillian Cheese Rolls for the gluten-free guys, although they are really a favorite for many. It was a fun night. There was a bit of conversation about how all the picture frames in the house had family photos replaced by the cast of "Friends" ... I guess my brother's family are fans of the show, and my niece was bored one day and replaced the pictures, watching to see how long it would take people to notice. Funny. My boys are "Friends" fans too, and I'd purchased the "Friends" version of "Heads Up" a while back, and we pulled it out. Everyone was amazed at how much my 10 and 12-year old knew about the show ... which really is NOT something to be proud of. My niece pulled out a trivia game they had about the show, and my boys enjoyed it as well (we borrowed it from them). Hubs and I watched "The Imitation Game" before bed.

0305 (Saturday) 160.4. Steps 11298. Total Burn 2166. Exercise Burn 316/436 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3300. Not sure why I'm SO unmotivated over the weekends. I have time to get in some extra exercise, but then I don't do it. I really planned on trying some treadmill today. Didn't happen. Hubs was in the garage early setting up for his Pinewood Derby workshop. Every year, before our scout derby, he opens our garage ... his tools and know how to help anyone who wants help with their cars. That went on for several hours. #5 and I were off to the Junior Jazz championship game (hitching a ride as it was downtown). It was a close game, always just within a few points. After the press at last game, we asked the coordinator/refs. We just didn't want to be caught off guard again if they were going to allow a press in the final minute. And ... I realized WHY they do that. Our team was only ahead by two points, and there were about 20 seconds left on the clock. Our coach had my son hold the ball behind the half (where the other team wasn't allowed to press) for as long as he could (they have 5-10 seconds to cross) and the he called time out, and then they did it again, ensuring the win.The other team wasn't very happy about it, but I'm sure they would have done the same if they had been in that position (rather than risking a turnover and score to tie or win). One of the spectators, not even for either one of our teams threw a fit and got a technical and was thrown out. It was a lackluster ending, and I do agree a press probably should be allowed to be more fair and exciting, but, it wasn't in this game and both coaches had agreed to it at the beginning. Our boys got the win, took the championship, and got the cool t-shirt. Back at home, #5 had a birthday party to go to for one of the kids on the team. I dropped him off, as Hubs and #3 and a friend headed up to the U for the state championship game. Copperhills vs Bingham. The teams had played three times, and Bingham had won two of those. #4 and I stayed home and watched the game on TV. I quickly ran and grabbed #5 from his party at halftime, and then he watched the end with us. Our boys were up by one at the half, but then they just couldn't quite keep up, and had foul trouble, and Bingham took it. Bummer. This CHHS team has been aiming for the playoffs for four years, as several of the kids have been playing varsity since they were freshmen.  When Hubs and #3 got back, he suggested going out to eat. I was already over calories ... and yet still hungry! We went to Tepanyaki, sans #2, who was still with the team, and #4 who didn't want to go. It was yummy. Girl Scout cookies had also been delivered earlier in the day ... I can eat an entire box of Tagalongs so easy! I didn't eat the whole box, but I ate a few! Uber over in calories today.

0304 (Friday) 160.4. Steps 22584. Total Burn 2822. Exercise Burn 1075/1085 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 1850. The elementary was out today, and they are the ones that get me up on Friday ... so I slept in. I did still need to take #3 to middle school, late start. There was a Zumba class starting at 9:30 right by the school, so that worked out perfectly. Afterwards I stopped by the high school to fill out the permit for #3. He was accepted. Yea! I had been a little nervous as the school wasn't accepting permits (I was first on the waiting list and we have a sibling at the school) and didn't know how he'd handle it if he didn't get in. It's where all his friends are going. I had just enough time to stop home and clean up and change then head to the doctor's for my IUD removal. The waiting room was packed, but luckily I didn't have to sit in it long. It was a tough removal, but it was finally out. I went ahead and had the Merina put in as well. It eliminates periods in many women ... I hope I am one! #2 was heading up to the U again for the semi-final game. #3 wanted to go watch, so Hubs came home from work a little early to take him and his friends, and #5 went along too. It was actually on TV on a local station, so #4 and I watched at home. It was so fun to see peeks of #2 on the big screen. And Copper Hills won again, so it's on to the championships tomorrow. I wished I'd been able to watch the game downstairs in the gym, but it was only available via the cable box. I did bring some weights upstairs and did some strength training, not my usual weight workout, but hopefully still a good one. I also kept calories in check.

0303 (Thursday) 161.6. Steps 25864. Total Burn 2991. Exercise Burn 1094/1248 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Got in early elliptical, and Zumba was fun today. We had a couple new (but certified) instructors joining Mountain View, so that added some energy and new songs. Sariah, from Heather's Friday class came too. I got good stats. I should have stopped at Smiths on the way home, as we're really low on cat food. I miss Fitstudio ... I'd always taken care of the cat needs with points. But, I didn't feel like stopping. I was wearing leggings, and I don't really like to wear them in public (just my own self-consciousness, no judgement on anyone who does). It was early out at the elementary, as they don't have school tomorrow. I grabbed Dominos on the way home from picking up #3 from middle school. It was the quarter-finals in the state playoffs. #2 was gone with the team, as JV sitting the bench. #3 wanted to go, and was able to find a ride with friends. Hubs ended up going straight from work. #5 had two games, 7:00 and 8:00 at different locations. That's a problem. Five of the boys had to leave the first game early to get to the second on time. Our boys had been ahead at the half, but the remaining team wasn't able to hold and ended up losing, which wasn't unexpected, as it was the top team from the other division. If we had won, we would have had another game at 9:00. I wasn't up for the mad dash across town, so I arranged for #5 to catch a ride to the first game, and I met the team at the second. It was pretty close, but our boys got the win and move onto the championship game on Saturday. Downtown, our high school boys won too, moving onto the semi-finals. Knowing I had weigh-in tomorrow, I did manage to keep calories in check, just barely.

0302 (Wednesday) 161.6. Steps 22800. Total Burn 2872. Exercise Burn 1125/1129 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. With my early elliptical and Zumba, I'm hitting my 10x10 fairly often. This morning though, #4 told me he had 14k as we went to school (at 8:30!) Crazy kid! At Zumba, it was a little low on people (although Stephanie came, and I saw another gal I hadn't seen in a while), especially up on the stage. I wondered if they'd ask me to help out, doing a couple numbers. Then, more people came, both instructors and followers, but near the end they did have me do a couple of songs. MZL has added more classes, another one at the same time on Wednesdays (different location) and also an early morning one. After class, I stopped at Sam's to gas up and grab a few groceries. Back at home I got in additional elliptical and did 30min of weights. In the evening, #5 had a basketball game. It was downtown, so I had to hitch a ride with braver drivers than I. We'd anticipated this being fairly easy, like our first couple games in this tournament, but it was pretty even the entire way. At the end, we were up by one point with 10 or so seconds left. My munchkin got fouled, and hit two at the line to extend the lead to three and we got the win. I didn't have game brain or anything, but sure had a hard time getting to sleep.

0301 (Tuesday) 162.4. Steps 23416. Total Burn 2886. Exercise Burn 1190/1148 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2200. It was the ACT at school today for #2, which meant he got to sleep in a bit (no early morning seminary) but he was pretty nervous when he left. I got in my early elliptical, and it was early Zumba day. Good thing too, as upon returning home, I needed to start scrambling three dozen eggs to take to the school, as the parents were providing breakfast for the boys before they left for their state basketball game. It took a while to cook that many eggs. Then I loaded them in the crock pot and headed to the school. The crock pot tipped over in the car, and there were eggs everywhere. I dropped off what was left (still enough) and one of the other moms said she'd return the crock pot to me so I didn't have to stay. I went home and cleaned out the car, then cleaned up the kitchen. Then, off to the middle school to check out #3 for a dentist appointment. Finished up that, then grabbed the munchkins from elementary. Busy day, but we didn't really have anything in the evening. I cooked some chicken for dinner, did some blogging and data entry. Hubs had slept in and hadn't got a workout in yet, so he hit the treadmill for a bit. I was a little over on calories in ... I just really like to eat, and like to eat treats.

0229 (Monday) 163.5. Steps 24248. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1345/1196 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2500. Well, weight was up, which wasn't too surprising. Good thing I was motivated this Monday. I got in a full 40min on the elliptical in the morning, then hit Zumba. Class was good, both Fitbits registered a burn in the 500s. The Scosche cut off at 45min though, maybe because my phone was being used to play music and a button got pressed or something. I did a quick stop at Maceys on the way home to grab some grapes (and ice cream) before their sale ended. Not too much time at home before I had to head out to the middle school to pick up #3 for his doctor's appointment. It was a bit of a wait, made me a nervous about getting back to pick up the littles, but we made it. #3 wanted a black cast, but they didn't have that color, so he went with navy. I was able to get some bike and weights in, and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Simple dinner (chicken alfredo and cheese bread) ... it did push me over on calories as I had indulged in ice cream as well. It was nice not having anything in the evening, so we could all go to bed early.

0228 (Sunday) 161.5. Steps 3473. Total Burn 1763. Exercise Burn 0/36 (no exercise). Calories in 3050. Lazy Sunday, but planned rest day. Hubs went and jogged the track at the high school though. With Hubs home, we did do our Sunday Circles breakfast. He did run into work for a bit ... I took a nap. In the afternoon we went out to look at a house, Hubs has the building bug. Then Hubs did some meal prep for the week, and then made dinner (marinated flank steak and leftover mashed potatoes from our last BBQ). I had the boys write their brother and got the letters off to our missionary, and I made a muvee, catching up with all of #5's games with his 5th grade team. Updated the blog about it too.

0227 (Saturday) 161.5. Steps 14024. Total Burn 2348. Exercise Burn 435/605 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Slept in, then did some stuff around the house. Got in some elliptical. #5 had a game at 1:00, and then at 3:00 if we won that one. The game was close the entire time. At the end, we made a shot and were up by two with just seconds left, but then the other team made a layup and got fouled ... and made the foul shot for the win. Our boys were SO sad. There were tears. Honestly ... I was fine not going to another game (in which we probably would have gotten killed). #5 had received an invitation to go play with a kid on his other team, so that was a good distraction for him. #3 wanted to go watch the district game finals, so I took him and a couple of friends to that (just dropped them off and picked them up later). Just barely kept intake and burn even today.

0226 (Friday) 161.4. Steps 19638. Total Burn 2741. Exercise Burn 1150/1013 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2300.  No early morning basketball practice ... no middle school at all, so I did sleep in a little. But I still got in early elliptical and hit a Zumba class.  I ran #3 out to hang with friends, picked up the munchkins from school (early out), grabbed #3 again. #5 had two Junior Jazz tournament games, downtown ... to where I didn't dare drive. He and I hitched a ride with another family. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as competition. I assumed it would be the better teams that would enter, but it was a complete mis-match, our boys were blowing the other team away. The coach had to tell them not to dribble (just pass), and just defend with feet (no hands) to even give the other team a chance. The second game wasn't quite as bad, but still an uber easy win. I'd done okay on eating ... but then got the munchies late as I was waiting for the boys to get home. Still not too bad for a Friday.

0225 (Thursday) 161.8. Steps 22578. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 1089/1197 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. I was awake around 5:30 ... Hubs had left not long before and I was waiting to hear #2 get up, as he has a 6:00 seminary class. As I didn't hear him, I got up and woke him. I got back in bed, but then figured I'd just go ahead a get up. So it was a bit earlier rising than usual. #4 was in my gym, so I did some computer stuff and made lunches. I did get in my early elliptical as I got the boys off to school, and then headed to Zumba, stopping by Marian's to grab her box as she had a meeting. So Zumba today was me, Amanda and Christa leading. It was a pretty small group, and as all three of us were on stage instead of on the floor, it looked smaller still. I think that affected my energy a little, I couldn't quite get the heart rate up as much as I thought I would leading. Still good numbers, but not record setting. 

0224 (Wednesday) 161.4. Steps 22544. Total Burn 2763. Exercise Burn 1057/1059 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Got in some early elliptical, then hit Zumba. Didn't quite get the best HR stats, as some of the songs were unfamiliar to me and harder to follow. Stopped at Walmart after to grab some groceries, and a quick stop at Sears, to get them to remove the tag off some joggers I'd purchased (and had shipped to me to avoid a trip to the store! Grrrr.) Finished up my missionary blog post and prepped a playlist for tomorrow. I SHOULD have gotten in some additional exercise/weights, but I was so sleepy. And being the spoiled sahm that I am, I did take advantage of my alone time to grab a nap. I picked up Mr. Middle School, then the elementary kids, then #3 and I went back to the school for his PT conferences ... student lead conferences, and I didn't really talk to many teachers, but he's at a 4.0 anyway. Hubs had another derby, and did talk #4 into attending with him, even though the child had moaned and cried about it earlier on the way home from school. I took #5 to his basketball game, they lost, which was expected as we were facing the top seed. Eating got a little high, and then Hubs stopped for Popeyes on the way home, so that was a late and rather heavy dinner. I had put off my final 20minutes on the elliptical (to equal my hour) and wasn't sure I'd even get it in, but then I did. Watched "Colony" earlier, and then an episode of "Modern Family" to finish up. #4 has asked me to close the doors to the gym/food storage rooms, so that the kitties can't get in during the night (as he's had a problem with them being there in the morning when he wants to hit the treadmill). But as I came upstairs for a bit, I didn't see the kitties anywhere, even after looking for them. So I went back down and opened up the gym and sure enough, they HAD both been in there! Good thing I checked so they weren't trapped in (without a litter box or food or water) all night!

0223 (Tuesday) 161.2. Steps 24395. Total Burn 2968. Exercise Burn 1084/1227 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. My broken boy had a decent sleep, although kitty woke him early. I guess we'll need to close the door to his room. Although kitty also woke me up, rattling my closed door about 1:30 in the night. Silly kitty! I had some dreams that left me a little off in the morning. Just feeling low and close to tears for no real reason. I did my early elliptical, and it was early Zumba day. Dancing at Zumba did really help me feel better, and seeing my stats up, I made even more of an effort. I didn't get a new high, but did get good numbers. After class, I took the 7th grade schedule in to the local middle school for #4 (as we'd missed his orientation meeting last Thursday night). I was able to check that his permit had been approved. Now just waiting to hear for sure on #3 ... who did go to school today, although I told him I'd be around if he needed to come home and rest. We'd been told to follow up on the wrist, the urgent care recommending a pediatrician there in that practice ... but honestly after the wait yesterday I really didn't want to go back there again. Instead, I called the Riverton clinic where our last break had been treated and got an appointment for the afternoon. #3 has seminary and gym his final two periods, so at least he isn't missing "school" stuff, although he'd had to have his friends help him with writing (it is his right wrist and he's right handed). The doctor confirmed the break, saying it was actually three breaks, but not quite bad enough displacement to require surgery. It was still too swollen for him to want to cast it that day, so we'll come back on Monday for that. We made it back today in time for me to pick up my littles from school myself. I got in some house cleaning while listening to my audiobook. Hubs had a lego derby, and he made the two little ones go help him (much to #4's chagrin, he doesn't like to leave the house especially when there are NBA games on). He does pay them for their help though.  I got in a little additional elliptical, and some blogging and such. A little higher on calories in than I'd hoped, but there was a bit of stress eating.

0222 (Monday) 162.6. Steps 22040. Total Burn 22040. Exercise Burn 1029/1077 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. Well, certainly a scale shift after our dinner last night. Not unexpected, and still lower than most Monday mornings recently. I started off the day good with early elliptical and then hit Zumba. I stopped at Maceys for some groceries on the way home. I really didn't have anything much on the docket for the day, so I'd planned on hitting weights, and trying to get some treadmill or bike. It didn't turn out that way though. I got a call around 2:00 from the middle school saying #3 had fallen hard in gym, and that his wrist was most likely broken. A badly bruised knee as well. I went right in, and they had his arm splinted and he was in a wheelchair because he couldn't walk with his knee. We drove straight to the Urgent Care. I was again able to find a wheelchair to get him into the office. But it felt anything but urgent there ... it took forever for them to even check us in. No one even came to check to triage, and there was only the one receptionist handling the urgent care, plus the pediatrician's office and an ear/nose&throat doctor. I'm never going there again. Once we finally got back, the nurse and doctor were very nice. We got x-rays on both the wrist and knee. Wrist is broken, but the knee is just badly bruised. They splinted the arm, and after 3.5 hours we finally made it back home. I'd had to reach out on Facebook to neighbors to find someone to pick up my littles from the elementary school. I had to make another run out to pick up a painkiller prescription so that #3 could get some sleep tonight. What a day. At least it kept calories in check, even if I didn't get in all the exercise I'd anticipated. Good thing I got a bunch in early before everything happened.

0221 (Sunday) 160.6. Steps 12288, Total Burn 2240. Exercise Burn 450/491 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Happy birthday to #2 ... 17 years old. A couple of his basketball buddies showed up early in the morning to kidnap him for a bit. We bypassed our usual Sunday Circles breakfast, as we were having our steak smorgasbord later in the day. I didn't eat much of anything most of the morning and afternoon, attempting to bank calories for dinner. Hubs and I did some shopping, then both laid down for a little, but neither of us actually fell asleep. I did get in some cleaning steps, in addition to getting in some elliptical.  Hubs did some weekly food prep, then started dinner. I'd marinated the chicken earlier, and then made Brazilian cheese rolls. Dinner was delicious, and #2 was even there to enjoy it with us ... I'd threatened to bring the entire family and balloons and embarrass him if he didn't ask for his birthday off at work! His favorite is red velvet cake ... which actually doesn't appeal to me at all, so that helped out on my calorie consumption. I did indulge in a little ice cream though.

0220 (Saturday) 160.2.  Steps 11475. Total Burn 2195. Exercise Burn 450/459 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Started the day with 20min on the elliptical ... well, 19min really, as right there at the end I felt completely woozy and lightheaded. I quickly lay down (on the treadmill, it was closest) for a bit until I felt a bit better. Sweet Oreo came and lay on my chest (not sure if that helped at all though). I did manage to make it back down for a couple 10min sessions to finish my episode (catching up on Grey's Anatomy). #3 had a game, and there were team pictures before, so we headed to West Jordan High. It's always good to get the team pictures before the game, just in case they lose ... which they did. It was against Sunset, who we've won three out of the four times we played. But Sunset (well ... Corbin!) was ON today and our boys couldn't keep up. If there is any team (other than our own) that we'd like to win the championship, it would be Sunset, so good luck to them! If they play like they did today, they can take it! For Spring, they are taking the best boys from West Hills and Sunset to combine them, hopefully a pre-sophomore team for high school next year. #3 was invited to be on it and he is excited to play with his Sunset friends again. Hubs and #5 came for the end of the game, then Hubs took #3 home and I took #5 across town to his game. Our boys couldn't even score for the first half, it was a little discouraging. It was a bit frustrating too, as we were playing a team from the upper level. If they are going to do that, they should have one of the top team play, not us! We did manage to get some points in the second half anyway. #5 doesn't mind if I play my audiobook through the car speaker system, so we listened to my book both ways. Hubs bought me some wireless headphones for around the house too, as the wired ones kept catching as I unloaded the dishwasher or did other housework. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I'd been happy with the weigh-in this morning, so that did motivate me to keep Saturday eating in check.

0219 (Friday) 161.4. Steps 21038. Total Burn 2773. Exercise Burn 993/1031 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Early morning basketball practice for #3, so I got in early elliptical and made it to a Zumba class; Debbie in Daybreak. I stopped at Smiths for some groceries. I realized I forgot to make #4 his lunch! But he survived, it was hot dogs for school lunch, which he likes (cold lunch he just doesn't have to wait in line, so he gets out to recess faster). Early out at the elementary, no middle school pickup, as they were walking over to the high school to watch the basketball game there. I was on snack bar duty, and also did the first pick up of Chick-fil-a sandwhiches. I'd arranged for #5 to be picked up for his practice as I was at the high school all afternoon. Thank heavens for nice teammates who are willing to help out! Sophomores won by a ton. JV game was tight until the fourth, and then the other team seemed to stop trying. So, a win for us for our last game. Varsity won too (tight until the fourth quarter when our boys came out strong for the win). It was senior night, but I didn't stick around for that ceremony as #4 was home alone (Hubs had joined me at the game).  Early to bed night. I had kept calories in check all day, and I wanted a little ice cream there at the end ... but I resisted.

0218 (Thursday) 162.1. Steps 22026. Total Burn 2810. Exercise Burn 1071/1083 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. I got in some early elliptical, and made sure I was early to Zumba as well, as I had Marian's box, and it's been needed the last few weeks. This group has their own box, but since there were key changes a bit ago, they haven't been able to get into the closet where it is. I dropped off the box to Marian after (as she leaves early to get to work). It was a weird weather day! Cloudy and overcast, but then the sun peeked through on my drive home and it felt SO wonderful! But there was wind, which is not good on garbage day. So many cans were blown over. I bagged up a bunch of newspapers to keep our recycling weighted (after picking it and all it's contents up). Then ... thunder and lightening! One so big the house rumbled. I worried how #4 (who has a weather phobia) was handling it at school and expected a call ... but he survived. Then there was hail, then snow. It really just made me want to curl up in bed. I must admit, I did. I did keep food somewhat in check, although overdosed on mint chocolate chip ice cream. The evening was a bit crazy too. #3 had double games, but I had to drop him off at a teammate's house to catch a ride. Then I SHOULD have taken #4 to 7th grade orientation, but he suddenly came down with a stomach ache and said he really wasn't up to going. So we skipped it (a neighbor will fill me in). I'd also asked #4 if he wanted me to make arrangements to go to the Junior Jazz Player Appearance with a friend, but he didn't really want to do that either. I took #5 to his game. We had a surprising start, getting the first four points, but then the other team started smashing us. They weren't big, not even 4th graders I'd bet. We did get 16 points, so still not a horrid game for us either (although we lost) but these kids do lack some of the skills needed for playing superleague (just getting rebounds, getting through a press). It can be a little frustrating to watch. This was the last regular game, then the single-elimination tournament starts ... and should end us pretty quick. This team is not going to continue for Spring, but that's okay as #5 still has his other team to play on. #3 lost both their games too, although it sounds like #3 had a decent game himself in the second one. Off to bed ... which is not the same as off to sleep. I've really had trouble falling asleep these last couple days! 

0217 (Wednesday) 162.8. Steps 23076. Total Burn 2952. Exercise Burn 1143/1092 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. Early rising today, as there was a "morningside" at the church by the high school. Now #2 should have gone, but as he usually attends early morning seminary, he considered today a day to sleep in. #3 wanted to go however, so lucky me, I got to get him there at 6:15. Oh well, up and at it early. I still only got my 30min early elliptical in, I'd thought maybe I'd get an extra one (but #4 is in my gym much of the early morning). I went to Zumba then came straight home. Usually I run errands, but as I'd been shopping Mon and Tuesday I really didn't need to do anything today. Got a blog post up (and got caught up on entering all my Zumba stats, which I hadn't done in months) and made a muvee of yesterday's basketball game. I'd put in a pot roast for dinner. Yummy and filling.  #5 had a game at 7:00 at Bennion Jr, which is close (except that we had to take a detour due to an accident on 2700W) and it's good for videoing ... especially for our uniforms, which match the color of the gym too. We'd played this same team earlier in the season and lost, but the boys were able to win it tonight! My munchkin had the high with 9 points (one of those a 3-pointer). It was only 8:30 when we got back home, but Hubs was already in bed asleep. He's just started exercising (and eating right) again and it's wearing him out! I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I did a final elliptical session, then did 30min on the stationary bike (which I hadn't done in forever). I really needed a shower but didn't want to wake Hubs. It took a while for me to get to sleep. 

0216 (Tuesday) 163.6. Steps 22653. Total Burn 2847. Exercise Burn 1082/1092 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Got in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I was running Zumba today, as Marian was out of town, so I had prepped and went straight to the church after dropping off the boys. I was early, but still not the first one there (Suzanne was). We made sure everything was set up (chairs out of the way, foyer open but chapel closed, music ready to go. It was a smaller group today, but it went fine. I got in some additional elliptical in. I had to pick up #3 from school and take him to an orthodontist appointment. I just dropped him, and ran to Maceys to grab a few groceries. Got them home and put away and then picked #3 up and took him back to school ... school was over, but he had basketball practice. I'd arranged a ride home for him, because I was heading out East to #2's game. It was a longer drive than I'd anticipated (and I'm one to err on the side of caution). I did listen to my audiobook to and from. I barely made it there in time for tip off. I don't like to miss the first part of the game, especially because my kid seems to score in the first few minutes (he made the first five points for the team). Our boys got behind by a bit, but then pulled it out in the fourth for the win. Maga came out to catch the last half. Hubs was in MY gym, so I did some kitchen cleanup and then got in my final 10min session to equal my hour. I'd worked a little on the computer today too, inputting Zumba stats. I was a lot more active back in October! Got a blog post up too. Kept calories in check, even though I didn't actually eat good.

0215 (Monday) 163.2. Steps 24918. Total Burn 2810. Exercise Burn 821/1055 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. President's Day. Slept in a little, as the kids were out of school. I don't know if I would have made it to my Zumba class, as it's my further drive ... and one I'd need to make again later in the day ... but my SIL had said she was coming, so I went (and she didn't). I was glad I went though. I'm not sure I would have got in a solid hour workout otherwise. I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical, catching up with last night's The Walking Dead. Went out to Soccer City ... should be called "Chaos City" for #3's basketball game. No parking as usual, but more steps on my pedometer as I had to park so far away, right? Then the games were running late, so I put on my noise cancelling headphones (thank HEAVENS for noise cancelling, as it is SO noisy with four games going on at once) and tried to walk around, but it was a little hard, as it was really crowded. There was also a football activity going on. I'm thinking the place was at or over it's 600 person limit (fire hazard). It was physically painful to my ears when I took the headphones off to watch the game. I videoed, but it's a lousy location, so much background distraction. Our boys did get the win though. Seriously though, I always leave Soccer City in a foul mood. I hate it (for basketball). I ran to Walmart and Sams to grab some stuff. Hubs was home early, but then left for a boy's night. I made a spaghetti dinner for the boys ... unfortunately I eat some of that too and I was already over on calories after indulging in some ice cream and sugar babies.

0214 (Sunday) 163.2. Steps 6600. Total Burn 1990. Exercise Burn 200/237 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2000. We had a family valentine breakfast. Food always makes me sleepy, so I then took a nap, but I did get in a session on the elliptical too. In the evening we went to my folks for our annual family gathering. Hubs made his waffles and we played games. Of course #4 only wanted to watch basketball stuff, but I was able to log him onto Grandma's computer to watch. 

0213 (Saturday) 161.7. Steps 17376. Total Burn 2323. Exercise Burn 200/579 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3200. I went over to the church in the morning to watch #3 play churchball. It was pretty low-key, everyone being supportive, not very competitive. #4 probably could have played and had fun. He had his game at 2:00 ... but he didn't want to go, and I didn't force him. Thus ends his season. I guess I'm glad as he was no longer enjoying it. That opened up my afternoon, so Hubs and I went out for an early dinner. Unfortunately, I hadn't banked calories, not planning on this outing, but it was yummy. #3 had two games in the evening, at 7:00 and 9:00. I got about an hour of walking in before the first and between the two games. We got beat both times, and #4 was out with a bloody nose much of the second game. I really don't know why we do this AAU tournaments, as we usually get trounced. We were missing two of our better players in this one too, only six boys, so not a lot of rest.

0212 (Friday) 162.3. Steps 18944. Total Burn 2695. Exercise Burn 1000/948 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1700. #3 had early morning practice again ... so I could hit Zumba, but the class actually changed to a 9:30 start time to help out the mom's with the late start (not that I needed it today). I also got in my hour of elliptical. I dropped #5 off to get a ride to his practice, then I went to watch #2 play in his JV game at the high school. They won. Four of the boys on the opposing team had played with my son many years ago. It was fun being able to recognize them after all these years. Kept calories in check today.

0211 (Thursday) 162.5. Steps 23134. Total Burn 2902. Exercise Burn 1020/1153 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100.  I got in some early elliptical as I got the boys to school. Then I got to make another trip back to the elementary as #4 was receiving an award. He was one of the first to receive his, and then he was excused as he had his play ... so I snuck out rather than waiting through the program. I made it to Zumba and got about 45min in. Afterward I stopped at Kmart,the drycleaners, and picked up prescriptions at Smiths. Back at home, I did an additional 15min Zumba to equal my hour, and additional elliptical to equal my hour there. #3 had a 6:00 game. As we arrived, I realized I'd left my video camera home! I never forget! Hubs brought it to me, and then stayed to watch the game, and it was pretty close, but we got the win (and I made the video*Ü*). #4 also had a game, but I didn't go, but arranged for a ride for him while Hubs and I took a call. They got squished, but #5 made 2 of the 4 points.

0210 (Wednesday) 162.5. Steps 22768. Total Burn 2887. Exercise Burn 1040/1138 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. Got in my early elliptical, then hit Zumba. A little more elliptical and I even did weights! Usual pickups after school. #2 off to work, and I ran #3 to Jump N Bounce to hang out with his friends. #5 had a late (9:00) game clear across town. This was the location I didn't feel up to hitting last week for #3's game (it was at 6:00 and rush hour traffic) ... I decided to brave it myself and it went fine, even though it was a little foggy out. Now that I've started listening to audiobooks, I like to have them on during a longer ride. The game before ours was close and went over, so the 9:00 start was even later. I walked the hallways a bit, and got in 2000+ steps and hit goal for the day. We'd thought this was a game we would win, but the other team came out strong and we couldn't hit much (although #5 did get a 3-point buzzer beater to tie things up at the half). Hubs was out cold when I got home, but I could NOT get to sleep for hours.  

0209 (Tuesday) 164.1. Steps 29145. Total Burn 2989. Exercise Burn 1250/1243 (60minElliptical, Zumba). I had my followup doctor appointment at 10:00, but still got in my Zumba, because it was my early class. I didn't get in early elliptical though. I'd hoped for some definite answers today, but it was just the ultrasound (very thorough one) with the scans being sent off to the radiologist and doctor and I'll have to wait to hear. I looked like it was still there ... we'll see I guess. Stopped at the store after to restock on fruit (grapes are the only thing that #3 has been able to eat since he's been sick). I did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day. #3 stayed after school for practice. I went to the high school after picking up the little ones, to watch #2 in his JV game. Hubs ended up coming, and brought #5, and Maga showed up too. Unfortunately, the team didn't do great, behind the entire time and ending with a loss by nine points. This team (Bingham) is our toughest opponent. Varsity lost as well. I took #5 to his last practice, and listened to my audio book, walking while I waited ... got in 6000 steps. I actually kept calories in check, which was a bit surprising as once I'd gotten home in the morning I'd binged on a box of Milk Dudes. Ate the whole thing, which was 3.5 servings ... but then I got back on track and didn't eat a lot else (it helped that it was a busy evening!)

0208 (Monday) 166.1. Steps 21901. Total Burn 2879. Exercise Burn 1050/1110 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Oops, there is the weekend scale shift! Hubs said he didn't get any sleep last night :(  He went into work, but then gave up and came home. I got in my early elliptical and got the kids off to school. #3 went, but I told him to call me if he couldn't last through it. I hit Zumba in Draper. We were in the smaller, backup church, as the carpets were being cleaned at the Stake Center. Maga and Olivia came for part of it. Home for a bit, then off to the elementary to watch #4 in his school Shakespeare play. Yes, he had to wear tights. He did good, just a small part. Did have a hard time hearing/understanding most of the kids. It was "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ... got out just in time to grab #3 from school. He had basketball practice but didn't feel up to it. In the evening, we all (sans #2 who had team dinner) went downtown to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform. The little boys enjoyed it, #3 seemed a bit ornery, but he's not feeling well so I'll forgive him. I just hate driving (just being in a car, of course I'm not driving) downtown, especially in the dark, on the freeways, all the lights and the stress just makes me feel sick.

0207 (Sunday) 164.4. Steps 4714. Total Burn 1866. Exercise Burn 0/97 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Hubs went to work this morning, so we didn't do our Sunday Circles, but I did make french toast, bacon and hashbrowns.  #3 seemed a bit better than yesterday, but stayed laying down most of the day. It was Superbowl Sunday! We really aren't big into football, but #4 has been following it this past year or so, so he was planning on watching. We usually do a big Superbowl Smorgasbord with steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls ... a big, yummy spread. But with Hubs not feeling well, I didn't know if he had the energy to prep, and be out in the cold to BBQ, much less prepare food at all if he is sick. So we postponed the feast. I made chicken and yellow rice, which is a favorite of the little boys, so they were appeased. I also made our traditional Superbowl sugar cookies, which look like footballs.Yes ... I ate a cookie too. Calories were over for the day, especially with no exercise.

0206 (Saturday) 163.3. Steps 9238. Total Burn 2089. Exercise Burn 100/336 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Neither of the little boys had games today (much to the chagrin of #5) but #3 had TWO later in the day, and they were important ones! Unfortunately, I was up with him in the night as he was coughing and spiked a fever of 102.3°. I should have hit a baby shower for a cousin, but Hubs was working and I didn't want to be away from the kids (especially Mr. Sicky) that long (it was a ways a way, I would have had to hitch a ride as it was beyond my comfort zone). So I ended up not leaving the house all day, alternating fever medications so the kid wouldn't get too high, but he was miserable, poor thing. And nothing sounds good to eat either. For him anyway, I managed to eat a lot. I'd cleaned out #2's room the other day, and brought out a HUGE rice krispie treat he'd been given a while ago. He gave is the go ahead to eat it ... and we did. Just one tiny session on the elliptical, and then I never got back downstairs.

0205 (Friday) 162.7. Steps 12360. Total Burn 2248. Exercise Burn 500/495 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2650. Early morning practice for #3, and he stayed at school again ... which saved me two trips back and meant I could have hit a Zumba class, except that I'd scheduled a doctor's appointment for the morning. It should have been pretty routine ... removal of my paraguard IUD, and I was going to try Minera. Except ... the doctor couldn't find it. And he looked and looked! So, I get to come back on Tuesday for an ultrasound to see if it can be located and then go from there. I'm not super stressed about it, but it didn't go as planned. I didn't have a lot of motivation after that. Early out at the elementary, picked up middle school, then drove across town to my old Alma Mater to watch #2 in his JV game. Funny, I didn't go to basketball games when I went to school there. Our boys won easily. #3 had come with me to watch, but he wasn't feeling well. Hubs was home when we got back, and it was early enough that we could have had a date, except he wasn't feeling very well either. Oh well, I was already over my calories for the day anyway.

0204 (Thursday) 163.6. Steps 25001. Total Burn 2884. Exercise Burn 1075/1096 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1200. Got in some early elliptical then hit Zumba. Stopped at Kmart afterward, but those weekly trips may be coming to an end, because it was just announced that FitStudio is coming to an end. Bummer! Got in some additional elliptical ... and a nap. #3 stayed after school, I picked him up at 5:00 to get him home and changed and picked up for his 6:00 game. I was sitting this one out as it was clear across town in rush hour traffic and I just didn't feel up to it - and I needed to get #4 to practice anyway. #5 came along too, but unlike previous weeks, they didn't allow anyone who wasn't on an actual team to play on any of the hoops. So it was boring for him. I just dropped the kids and ran down the street to Maceys, as some of my purchases yesterday had been rung up incorrectly. I got that straightened out, and got a little walking in while I waited. Then #5 and I had a little time to kill before his 9:00 game ... except that oops, it had started at 8:00! I'm not sure how I did that! I had it on the calendar correctly and everything. Poor little munchkin held it together, played a couple minutes ... but once we got back into the car after he broke down sobbing. I so looks forward to his games and I felt so bad. I've never screwed up on the time before, even with all our games. I hope he forgives me. I did keep it a very low calorie day.

0203 (Wednesday) 163.4. Steps 23787. Total Burn 2901. Exercise Burn 1060/1145 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Got in my early elliptical and then hit Zumba. Afterward I stopped at Maceys, as they had some good sales, restocked the fruit snacks. I always get steps shopping, then there is the bringing the groceries inside and down to the food storage room. I took the time to put everything away too. Hubs came home early from work because he was exhausted and had to take #4 downtown to the Jazz game tonight. He got in a little nap. I picked up the kids from school and then put on my headphones and got a little cleaning in. I finally finished up my first audiobook (Sinner) and started on another. Hubs and #4 got off to their game, and I took #5 to his game. 9:00 start time clear across town, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought. Pretty close to where I grew up. Our boys got beat easily, but my munchkin did get some points. He fell asleep on the way home. Hubs said #4 fell asleep to and from their game (the Jazz won) and then only beat us home by a bit. #2 was last home, he works Wednesdays.

0202 (February) 163.9. Steps 22990. Total Burn 2742. Exercise Burn 970/1000 (40minElliptical, Zumba, BBP Walk). Calories in 1500. I've got the morning routine down pretty good now, even with #4 using my gym. He's up and on the treadmill/bike early, generally off in time for me to get in a quick 10min session before I take #3 to school. Then, I can usually get in a 20min session once I get back, before taking the munchkins. Again, this is because #4 is now cooking his own breakfast for himself and his brother (usually scrambled eggs). It's nice to get in 30minutes before Zumba! I was feeling a bit stiff and sore after weights yesterday, it did impact my dancing a bit ... definitely made that final lunge stretch impossible! I really should be getting more done during the day on Tuesdays as it's more open for me. I made a quick Walmart run, as #4 wanted yogurt and english muffins. But still feeling so tired, caved to a nap today. After picking up kids from school, I dropped #4 off at a friend's house (yup, you read that right, #4, my homebody!) and then went to the high school to watch #2 play in his basketball game. He had 9 points in the first quarter! Okay, no more points after that. Out for a bit with a bloody nose. We got the win though, as did sophomore, but Varsity lost. Hubs came to watch (although he missed the first quarter) and after it ended I sent him to pick up the pizza I'd ordered, while I went and grabbed #4 from his friend's house. Then it was time to take #5 to his basketball practice. I forgot to change my shoes, I was wearing clunky boots, not good for walking in, even if it is just walking the hallways. I also had pants without pockets, so I had to hold my iphone while I listened to my audio book. I was tired, but told myself I needed to get in 4000 steps, which got me to 22k for the day. I also kept calories in check again today!

0201 (Monday) 164.6. Steps 22044. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 1120/1064 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minWeights, 10minHula). Calories in 1600. Back to the routine. It was a snowy morning and traffic was pretty bad on both trips to the schools to drop of kidlets. I didn't think I'd make it to Draper in a timely fashion (if at all) so I didn't make it to class, but I still did Zumba on my own. The entire hour. Also got in elliptical and WEIGHTS! Threw in a little hula hoop too. I had basketball mom dinner duty over at the high school. I was bringing rolls and salad, the other moms had prepared meatballs in sauce for meatball subs. I'd arranged for #3 to come over to the high school after his practice ended (as I couldn't grab him on time) and he ended up having one too. I guess I'll have to try making them at home for dinner sometime. It doesn't appeal to me at all, which isn't a bad thing. I had promised to make french dip, and even though the older boys had eaten and hubs wasn't hungry, the little guys wanted it, so I made that back at home. Another meal that doesn't tempt me ... and I actually kept calories in check today! 

0131 (Sunday) 164.0. Steps 4527. Total Burn 0/13 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Hubs was working, so we didn't do our big Sunday Circle breakfast ... which does save on calories for the day. I took a rest day, and it was lazy. I got in a nice nap! I made some muvees of the boy's games and updated the missionary blog. 

0130 (Saturday) 162.9. Steps 9398. Total Burn 1237. Exercise Burn 200/386 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3400. Started the day with a session on the elliptical. I almost stopped at 10min but pushed to 20. That was it for exercise for the day. #4 had a basketball game at 12:00. They won easily. I was glad he overcame his anxiety and was able to play. Hubs and #3 were gone to a derby for much of the morning and afternoon. It was a big one. Hubs suggested going out to dinner when he got back. I sure hadn't banked calories for it, but it had been a while since we had a date, so we went. Yes, I was over on calories, but oh well. #3 had his game at 9:00. I took him and his friends over early so they could watch their friends/rivals play. They cheered them on for their first game, then playing against them in the second. We got the win and my boy had a great game with 11 points (three three-pointers!)

0129 (Friday) 163.8. Steps 27078. Total Burn 3037. Exercise Burn 1380/1281 (60minElliptical, 60minBike, Zumba, 20minTreadmill). Calories in 1800. There was a Zumba class I had wanted to hit, and I was trying to figure out how to make it with the middle school late start ... drop the kid off at a friend's a bit early? But then, his basketball practice got switched to the morning, which adds two more trips to the school ... except that the kid decided just to stay at the school after practice, which saved me two trips and made it possible for me to hit the Zumba class! I was glad I did too, I had a lot of fun there. She incorporated some U-Jam stuff. I stopped at the store on the way home and was smiling and saying hi to everyone, I was in such a good mood. I was almost dancing in the aisles. I got in some elliptical, but didn't push, as I had volunteered to take the kids to practice today, and I planned on staying at the gym there (and that would be two hours!). Picked up the kids after school, and then headed out to the community college in the early evening. I did the upright bike, elliptical, recumbent bike and then treadmill (just walked). It was weird being on an elliptical other than my own. I put on my headphones and listened to my audiobook the entire time. Kept calories in check, so it was an awesome Friday.

0128 (Thursday) 164.6. Steps 21714. Total Burn 2914. Exercise Burn 1084/1162 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Got in a couple 10 min sessions in the morning while getting the boys off to school. Hit Zumba and had a good class. My SIL came again, and we actually had a pretty good crowd. It had gotten sparse a few months ago and it's nice to have the numbers going up again. I did a quick stop at Walmart on the way home, exchanging the strawberry/banana yogurt for banana cream (I goofed, my boys only like the "dessert" type yogurt, not ones with actual fruit). Should have gotten more accomplished today, I did get in a little more elliptical to equal an hour at least. Got the house cleaned up a bit. Hubs had a derby and #2 didn't have anything (miracle!) so he went to help. Busy basketball evening for me and the other boys. #3 and #5 both had games at 8:00, to I had to arrange a ride for #3 (dropped him off at a teammates as we were a little out of the way for pickup). I dropped #4 at practice and arranged for him to get a ride home with a basketball buddy, and I took #5. I was expecting them to get trounced, but they actually played really well. Still lost, but I was proud of how they played. My munchkin got seven points, playing almost the entire game. I was SO sad I missed #3's game! It was against their friends/rivals at Sunset Ridge. Our boys only had six players to start, so again, lots of playing time. A big comeback, clutch freethrows by my son for the win by one. And I missed it! Why did the games have to be at the same time tonight?! We'll actually have a rematch on Saturday against this same team. I wasn't really wound up or anything, but I sure had a hard time getting to sleep!

0127 (Wednesday) 164.9. Steps 22536. Total Burn 2936. Exercise Burn 1018/1177 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Got in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. It's good to get back to doing that. Even with the 12-year old spending a lot of time in the gym! He's up even earlier and usually done by 7:00. He had 10k before school yesterday! Crazy kid! Hit MZL Zumba ... felt a ton better than last week, but I was a little late and they had started when I got there. I didn't quite get my full hour. I stopped at Walmart on the way home to grab some yogurt and other groceries. I did give in to a nap today. Got in some additional elliptical to equal an hour at least, but no bike (and I need to get my reading in before books are due back at the library!) Daddy and #3 were off to do a derby, and I took #5 to his basketball game. Love it when they are close and early (6:00). We won too, playing a Copper Hills team (and #3's coach's 5th grade team). My munchkin hadn't scored the entire game, but got fouled at the end and did make both free throws, so he did get two points. Went a little over on calories today, but still felt it was a good day.

0126 (Tuesday) 165.6. Steps 25182. Total Burn 2895. Exercise Burn 1130/1150 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, BBWalk). Calories in 1900. Another good day for both food and fitness. The scale shift does help with the motivation. Got in one early elliptical session, then had my Zumba class, Back at home I got in additional elliptical and some reading/riding on the bike. I was on "lunch duty" for the high school basketball team. I had to prep a dozen lunches and deliver them to the school. It took a while! After picking up the kids from school I headed out to watch the JV team play. The other team started off with a slam dunk and was raining three pointers. Our boys kept it close but weren't able to get the win (although varsity did!). Got home just in time to take the munchkin to his basketball practice. Like last week, I brought the headphones and listened to my audiobook while I walked the halls waiting. Hubs had a derby, but it was up North, so he'd just taken the trailer to work with him.

0125 (Monday) 167.7. Steps 25350. Total Burn 3047. Exercise Burn 1304/1269 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2000.  Good start to the week. Got in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school, then hit Zumba. My SIL and MIL came today! Fun! I didn't do my usual stop at Kmart after, but came right home. Hit the bike and additional elliptical. Got in some computer time (blog, muvee) and did NOT give in to a nap. A couple loads of laundry done too and then did run to Sam'sClub in the evening, as I'm on lunch duty for the basketball boys tomorrow and I needed to stock up. Love Monday nights at Sams ... they are pretty dead. It was SO cold unloading the groceries though. Poor Hubs is trying to catch up at work and was there very late. #2 hadn't been scheduled to work, but someone didn't show so he went in. Dedicated like his daddy. Actually kept calories under control today ... not great content but at least the numbers were in check. I really tried to get things recorded in MFP promptly, because I haven't been doing that very well and it's easy enough for estimates to be off anyway. Felt like it was a good day though.

0124 (Sunday) 167.3. Steps 5431. Total Burn 1830. Exercise Burn 204/54 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Again, not sure I trust my calorie count ... although Daddy did go into work today so we didn't have our usual Sunday breakfast. We got quite a bit of snow, back East "Blizzard2016" is in the record books and news. I did do a quite session on the elliptical, finishing up the episode I had started yesterday. I did get a little nap in (although the boys were SO noisy in the kitchen) then did some computer stuff (paying bills, blogging, making muvees). After Hubs came home, we watched a few episodes of "The Affair" ... no popcorn though. Ready for a new week ...

0123 (Saturday) 167.6. Steps 8877. Total Burn 2101. Exercise Burn 250/352 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Calorie count is decent ... but I'm thinking I forgot to add stuff because it didn't feel like a good eating day. I need to input BEFORE I eat to make sure I'm getting everything in (and perhaps that might dissuade me from actually eating some things). #4 had an anxiety attack about basketball a couple days ago ... he doesn't want to play any more. The last game was just "too competitive" for him, with the other team playing so hard, arguing with the refs. It makes me so sad, he was doing SO well. I didn't make him go to practice on Thursday (he was an emotional wreck), and he missed his game today. I was so bummed, I wanted him to play so bad! There are just a couple games left, I'd like him to finish the season, and I don't even have a team picture (and this is his team with all his buddies! If I ever needed a team picture, this was it!). He and I hit the library today and did a little grocery shopping. Hubs was helping some family and friends make derby cars for upcoming Pinewood derbies. #5 had a game at 5:00, and #3 had a double header at 6:30 and 7:45. I probably could have made it from the little one's game if I rushed and had #3 get a ride, but I just had Daddy take the munchkin. Daddy hadn't seen him play this season yet. They lost, but it was a good game. #3's team won both of their games. It was a busy day over at the high school too. #2 had been on "clock duty" (running the clocks, scores for the Bantam league) and then dressed up in a white shirt and bow tie for the basketball fundraiser dinner and auction. We'd bought some tickets to help him out, but couldn't make it because of the game conflicts. I had "donated" (required donations) some scrapbook paper and a hot chocolate set. I heard the hot chocolate set did well in the auction.

0122 (Friday) 166.4. Steps 10150. Total Burn 2208. Exercise Burn 350/448 (Zumba). Calories in 2200. The kids were out of school today as it was the end of the quarter, so we all slept in ... except for Hubby who was back to work. I did hit a 9:00 Zumba class. I usually can't on Fridays with the middle school late start at 9:30, so I figured I should take advantage while I could. Debbie in Daybreak has a good turn out. She did a little more toning, and with me not knowing the steps as well (from not attending this one regularly) and, once again, my energy being low, my stats were only so-so. The munchkins were in need of a haircuts badly, so I stopped at Fantastic Sams on the way home to get us on the list. They were dead when I was there, but by the time I had brought the boys back they were quite busy, so I was glad we were already checked in (and still had to wait). But both boys look SO good with their haircut. I debated taking in #3 to the DMV, to see if he could pass the written test and get his learners, but one was closed and I didn't have the energy to make it out to the other (a friend went and said lines were loooong). Still need to get that done, poor kid! I was on snack bar duty over at the high school. One of the things you have to do as a parent of one of the basketball players is take a couple shifts in the concessions stand. I chose the sophomore game, because the noise and crowd of varsity would stress me out. I then watched #2 play his game, and then headed home (I'll stay for varsity next year when he's on the team). #5 had practice, but as I was busy all afternoon, one of his teammates had graciously said they could pick him up for me. I really couldn't do it without teammates pitching in sometimes and I'm so grateful! I made cookie press cookies when I got home, and gave some to the carpool as a thank you.

0121 (Thursday) 167.3. Steps 16367. Total Burn 2585. Exercise Burn 500/825 (Zumba). Calories in 2100. I'd been so drained yesterday, I was a little worried about leading the Zumba class today (Marian had a meeting). I wasn't on my own, Christa and Amanda were there to help, and I actually felt good. Olivia came again. I rushed out afterward to get to the elementary school to check out the science fair there. It was cute to see #4 and all his friends. I took pictures, and even did a blog post when I got back home. I've NEVER posted something so promptly. I was really thinking I'd get in some additional exercise today ... but I was SO tired when I first got up I'd promised myself if I just got up, got the kids off, hit Zumba and the school I could come lay down for a bit (just a bit, because it was early out at the elementary). I probably could have kept going if I pushed but ... #3 had practice after school until 5:00, with a game at 6:00, so we were rushing a bit. I do like Union Middle School. Fairly close, good hallways to walk (I did get in some steps) and good for filming. Their basketball nets are new, and the ball would get stuck often. Our boys were really down in the first quarter (I did grab the score, but I thought it was by about 20) but rather than giving up they rallied and came back and even pulled ahead at one point. It wasn't quite enough, as the other team had their own come back for the win. But it was close, and a good game. #5 had a 9:00 game, but before we left, Hubs made it home from his trip and he and I went to where the truck was stranded at #2's workplace and jumped it and brought it home. Then the little one and I were off to his game. We're a little "out of our league" in this league, but tonight's game was against the one other team in our same position. So it was a good game, and we got a win. 

0120 (Wednesday) 167.3. Steps 15068. Total Burn 2434. Exercise Burn 400/658 (Zumba). Calories in 2300.  Didn't get any elliptical in ... at all today. I did hit Zumba but was pretty miserable. Just not feeling well. Sweating, but that cold, chills sweat. It was a real push to make it through class, and of course I didn't get my usual numbers. I had a couple errands (Walmart/Sears) but was counting the minutes until I could be home and climb back into bed. Which I did. Set the alarm for kid's pickups after school. I did make some chicken soup for dinner. #5 had a game at 6:00, at least it was close by. #2 was playing as well, but I couldn't hit them both (they won though). Shower and to bed!

0119 (Tuesday) 167.3. Steps 25199. Total Burn 2847. Exercise Burn 1139/1071 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, BBwalk). Calories in 2200. Actually got in one session of early elliptical, then got the kids off to school and hit Zumba. My SIL came today. We had a good group, enough that Marilyn took to the stage so everyone could see for sure. I had really good intentions for today, but did end up back curled in bed for a bit. Didn't actually fall asleep, just needed to rest. Did get in additional elliptical and bike ... trying an audio book for my bike and walking/reading time, as my neck has been hurting so bad these past few days (and looking down at a book is the worst). #'3's basketball practice was long, until 6:30. Then #5 had his at 7:30 ... I donned my headphones and walked the halls while listening. #3 needed some homework help when I got back home (argumentative essay), which worked us past 10:00. #2 had trouble today with Daddy's truck. Couldn't get the key to turn at school (finally got that worked out) but then it had a dead battery after work. His buddies tried to give him a jump but that didn't work, so they just gave him a ride home. We're now a one-car family until we get this figured out ... and my handy hubs isn't home!

0118 (Monday) 167.3. Steps 5822. Total Burn 1966. Exercise Burn 0/190 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. MLK holiday, but Hubs was still up early and off to work ... off to Vegas in fact. Builder's Convention there. The rest of us enjoyed another sleep in. #2 woke frantic at 10:00 as he was supposed to be at basketball practice (tell Mommy these things and she'll help wake you up). I had debated going to Zumba, but the kids wanted my chauffeur services. I dropped #3 and #4 at the rec center for some basketball at 10:30. #5 didn't want to go as he had basketball with his 4th grade team at 11:30. Dropped him off, then picked up the other boys shortly afterward, taking #4 to a church with his buddies, for a basketball science fair experiment. Picked up #5, and he had a friend (who has moved away but was in the neighborhood for the day) over to play. I did have to run quick and grab #4 when his shindig ended. I had a moment in the afternoon when I had to grab a bucket, certain I was going to be sick. It came on so suddenly, but then passed again and I was fine. Weird. Headed out to #3's basketball game which started at 5:30 ... well it SHOULD have started at 5:30. They were running 30 minutes behind! Parking had already been atrocious, then having to wait a full hour before the came, in the chaos of four courts (whistles, yelling kids/parents/coaches/refs) ... I had such a headache before the game even began. Then we got smooshed, and kids kept walking across the court right in front of my video camera (trying to capture the few highlights I could). I was SO ready to get out of there, and I NEVER want to go Soccer City again. It's fine for soccer ... I enjoyed my soccer experience when I played there a couple years ago. But NOT basketball! Home for a shower, catch up on a little computer (I'm behind on making muvees and blog posts) and to bed! Inputting food, I was a little surprised calorie count was reasonable ... I probably forgot to input stuff, which happens when you wait. Although even if it is correct ... it was nothing nutritious. Snickers Peanut Butter Bars ...

0117 (Sunday) 166.1. Steps 4493. Total Burn 1876. Exercise Burn 0/121 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Hubs was actually home, and so we made our Sunday Circles breakfast. Then we dressed for church, going South to my brother's meeting as his sons were speaking. One just returned from a mission, and one will be leaving shortly. We noticed some low lying clouds as we were driving toward point of the mountain, and drove right into an unending wall of fog. We missed our exit because we couldn't see the signs. I have enough anxiety just being on the freeway, add fog ... I wasn't feeling very well! After the meeting we were going to go to my brother's house afterward to visit and eat, but ... we couldn't find it in the fog. So we headed home. Once home, I headed to bed as my head was really hurting. At least it did keep calories somewhat in check for the day, even with going out with some friends to Chilis a bit later. Then #4 and I worked on and finished up his science fair project. Always glad when things like that are done!

0116 (Saturday) 166.4. Steps 13751. Total Burn 2225. Exercise Burn 350/454 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I had good intentions today. I got up and hit the elliptical for 20 minutes. #3 was playing in a tournament today, in addition to his regular district league, so he had games at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00. The first two were at the same location, Corner Canyon, which is a super nice high school. We had the main court to ourselves (sometimes they split it and have two games going on). Unfortunately, the boys lost both games. We did a quick stop at McDonalds on the way to the next game. A parfait for #3, and I tried their fried mozzarella. Not anywhere close to the yumminess of last night. Up to that point, I'd done pretty good on eating. I'd just taken some nuts, clementines and a granola bar to the game. This final game for #3 was close, tied with seconds to go when my boy was fouled. Two free throws and we won! We rushed off to #4's game. I'd had Daddy take him. Unfortunately, I did miss a couple baskets my boy had made, dang it! He is one who really likes the videos too. They won as well. We headed home ... and proceeded to NOT eat good for the rest of the evening.

0115 (Friday) 164.6. Steps 10362. Total Burn 2244. Exercise Burn 0/475 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. #3 had early morning basketball practice. I dropped him off at 7:00, then picked him up immediately after dropping off the munchkins. Just enough time for him to shower and change then I ran him back to school.  Just a couple hours, then early out at the elementary, then off to the middle school to grab #3 and buddies. We stopped for Little Caesars so they wouldn't starve, then I dropped them at a rival high school to cheer on our team. I went back at 5:15, Hubs was even home and we went together. There was NO parking, which is a bit unusual for basketball at the high school. I found a spot in back, and we made our way through to the gym. There was something else being hosted at the school too, but we got there right before the game was scheduled to start. Except it had already started! The quarter was half over and my #3 told me that #2 had made a couple baskets I'd missed. If something says it starts at 5:15, start at 5:15 dang it! It was a good game. This school (Bingham) has been the rival for a number of years. Always a close and exciting game ... unfortunately they do get the win more often than not. Today was one of those days. Tied with seconds to go, they had possession and were able to get the basket for the win. Varsity lost too, which was their first loss this year. We'd had extended family come to the game, and we went out to dinner afterward, birthday celebration for my BIL. We went to Archibalds in Gardner Village and it was good. Their fried mozzarella was so good, I want to go back just for that. Then home again and to bed. No exercise today, but still did manage to hit 10k.

0114 (Thursday) 163.5. Steps 12091. Total Burn 2349. Exercise Burn 451/589 (Zumba). Calories in 2250. I'd been a bit stressed about tonight, as I had conflicts with games and practices and such, but I'd managed to work them out. As it turned out, #3's game got cancelled due to a water main break at the school it was going to be at. So I cancelled my carpool and was able to get #4 to practice and #5 to his game. Another blow out loss. But again, my munchkin was able to get four points (out of six ... ouch!) Hubs had gone to see Seinfield doing standup. I hadn't realized I could have gone too, although trying to find carpools for all the kids would have been pretty crazy. Hubs said it was great. He was home asleep before I got back though. Those 9:00 games are so late! I had a hard time winding down (even though I wasn't wound up from the game or anything, just the driving and being up was enough). I indulged in a little late night ice cream. Not wise the night before weigh in! I did hit my Zumba class this morning, with a quick stop at Kmart to pick up an order and check out with some SYW points.

0113 (Wednesday) 164.4. Steps 19559. Total Burn 2832. Exercise Burn 786/1073 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Almost a "normal/goal" eating/exercise day today. Still not quite back to where I was, but better. I got in an early elliptical session and hit Zumba. I stopped at Maceys on the way home to grab some groceries. Worked a little making a muvee from yesterday's game. #5 had a 6:00 game, nice and close. The location ... not the score. Our boys got blown out. Not sure why we were so off, but nothing would land. My munchkin scored the first six points ... the only six points for the first three quarters. Then our boys came back a bit, but too little too late.

0112 (Tuesday) 164.4. Steps 12262. Total Burn 2305. Exercise Burn 400/549 (Zumba). Calories in 2600. Well I did hit Zumba this morning. If there is any class I'll go to, it's probably Tuesday. It's so close, I have no excuses! I wondered if my heart rate would be uber up again like yesterday, but that wasn't the case. I had a little time back at home, then off to the elementary to check out the two youngest and take them to the dentist. Just sitting for over an hour, but at least they came out with no cavities from their checkup. We did a quick stop at Wendys ... and I had a small Frosty and some fries. Dropped the boys home then hit the high school to watch #2 play. It was a blow out! It was against Cottonwood, which is my (and Hubs) alma mater. All three teams won and I got a ton of highlights for my muvee. Grabbed Dominos pizza on the way home, after stopping at the middle school to grab #3 from practice and run him over to the high school to watch the varsity game (he'd been willing to walk, but it's cold and dark out there!) I don't eat pizza per say, but I eat the Parmesan bites and a crust with white sauce and cheese (basically breadsticks).   #5 had his practice at 7:30, but he was feeling a little off, so we decided to skip it. I was okay staying home and going to bed early.

0111 (Monday) 165.8. Steps 10042. Total Burn 2178. Exercise Burn 300/419 (30minElliptical). Calories in 1850. Usually Mondays are motivated for me ... but not this morning. I could barely drag myself out of bed and get the boys off to school. I didn't hit Zumba. I did 10min elliptical in the early morning, and then 20 ... it was hard and my heart rate was really high. Unfortunately after that I just crawled into bed and slept most of the day until I had to pick the kids up from school. I tried to do a little housework, dishes and laundry, and some homework help. Maga and A&A came over ... they thought #2 had a game today (it's tomorrow) but she took all the kids to McDonalds. I had been going to make spaghetti, but now that everyone had eaten ... poor hubs had to have cupOnoodles again. I did make a quick run to Sams as we needed milk/bread and a pair of dress pants I'd ordered from Sears. 

0110 (Sunday) 166.2. Steps 2594. Total Burn 1741. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 1800. Hubs went into work, trying to get on top of things there. Without him around we didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. I did make cocoa and toast. Did get in a nap today. Not much movement. I did catch up on some computer stuff (blog entries, made a muvee from yesterday's game). Made some cookie press cookies at the boy's request ... unfortunately then I eat them too! 

0109 (Saturday) 166.8. Steps 6072.  Total Burn 1964. Exercise Burn 0/191 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. #4 had the first basketball game of the day at 9:00. This was a more difficult game, as they re-seeded the teams and tried to put equivalent teams together, but our boys did get the win, #4 had four points. I was dragging ... as is usual lately. #5 and I did run back to the school to watch his Junior Jazz buddies play. Then he had a game in the evening that overlapped with #3's game, so I dropped #5 off at a teammate's house to catch a ride. I then took a couple of the boys and had them help me drop off the auction items at the high school. Then it was off to #3's game. Our boys couldn't quite pull it together to get the win. One of the players on the other team broke his wrist (trying to stop my boy from making a basket). Hate to see injuries!

0108 (Friday) 165.9. Steps 6612. Total Burn 2063. Exercise Burn 0/288 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Slept in a little, as we do on late-start Fridays. I'd put some croissants out, but I didn't have one myself. Of course, I still did awful on food today (three ding dongs! Why did I even buy ding dongs!) We have a little beverage fridge, and I noticed someone had tried to tape it closed (unsuccessfully) when I was grabbing a drink for a lunchbox. The problem was the small freezer portion which had completely frosted over. So ... I had to defrost it. It's usually an outdoor job, but I just pulled out the milk (the only perishable items, unplugged it and put some towels around to catch the drips. When middle school got out, I picked up #3 and his friends and dropped them off at West Jordan high, where Copper Hills was playing that day. I went back home for a bit, then dropped #5 off at a teammate's house to get to practice, then went back to WJ to watch #2 in the JV game. They won. I didn't stay for varsity, but had to make one more trip back to grab #3 when it was over (it was a sweep, all three of our teams won).

0107 (Thursday) 165.5. Steps 17773. Total Burn 2667. Exercise Burn 500/901 (10minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. #4 was in my gym this morning ... but I didn't really care. Just not feeling motivated! Some foggy conditions this morning, seemed to drive out of it while dropping #3 off to the middle school, but it got a lot worse heading the other direction to the elementary. The kids said the aids put up cones and wouldn't let them play beyond them (only where they could see). I hit Zumba. Need to figure out some stuff, as after Marian left for work and my iphone was used for music, the digifit app kept announcing to everyone as I changed zones and stuff (it was the first time playing music while using the new HR app). Ran some errands afterward, to the dollar store and Smiths. Forgot to fill up with gas afterward though, it was on my list! Picked #3 up after school and ... ran out of gas. Right close to the gas station, we almost made it. But then the car locked up, I couldn't move it into neutral to even attempt pushing it. Had to buy a gas can and fill it up twice before the car would start. Spilled gas all over too. Quickly pulled in and filled up, then went straight to grab the little boys - at least we weren't too late. Dropped off some canning supplies to a neighbor (why did I even have the stuff? I don't can) and then took a shower, because I was filthy and smelled of gas. #3 had a game, but I had him hitch a ride with a teammate, while I took #4 to/from his practice, then took #5 to his game. It was snowing, and driving in it made me nervous, but we survived. The game before ours took an ugly turn, with the coach yelling at the ref and getting ejected, parents yelling and then they finally just called the game (with 4:00 left). Stuff like that always just affects me so negatively, I hate it. Especially in front of the kids. They are in 4th grade! Our boys came out strong, #5 made the first basket ... but then he couldn't get another shot to fall (did make several attempts). The other team came back, tied it up, then got in a final basket for the win. Our boys were quite down about it. My boy, on his other team, has had some recent losses, but all the other boys were coming off the winter/fall season undefeated. It's good to have a loss and see if you can keep your head up. #3's team also lost.

0106 (Wednesday) 165.5. Steps 11529. Total Burn 2357. Exercise Burn 300/591 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2200. I was planning on hitting Zumba, more because I was going to run a few errands afterward while I was out, but then #4 was complaining of a stomach ache and stayed home from school. I've often left him for an hour and still hit Zumba, but I didn't today. Only got in a couple small sessions on the elliptical. I spent quite a bit of time in the scrapbook room today gathering a set of papers to donate for the upcoming basketball auction.  #3 went ice skating with the church youth. #5 had a 9:00 at Bennion, which isn't too far. The boys looked snazzy in their new uniforms, but they seemed a little rusty. They haven't practiced or played in a couple of weeks with the holidays. Still got the win though.

0105 (Tuesday) 165.1. Steps 24377. Total Burn 2964. Exercise Burn 1200/1201 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Got the kids off to school and hit Zumba. I got in some elliptical in during the day. Spent some time on the computer going through clips of yesterday's basketball game and then making a muvee. #3 had an ortho appointment after school. Got him home just in time to go with Daddy to a derby. I took #5 to his basketball practice and walked the hallway while I waited. Got in some reading, but gave out a little early as my legs were so tired. I was feeling yesterday's weight workout

0104 (Monday) 165.1.  Steps 17436.  Total Burn 2788. Exercise Burn 1000/1025 (70minElliptical, Bike, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1900. Return to the routine. I was a little afraid it would be hard to get up after having slept in for the past two weeks, but everyone was up without issue. I got the kids off to school, and should have headed out to Draper for Zumba, but I just wasn't up to it today. The drive, starting late, and then I stop at a store on the way home ... it's 3+ hours usually. I'll test myself out on three days of Zumba at the close ones these next three days and see how I do. I did get in my elliptical (and an extra 10min because I miscounted!), bike, and even weights. In the afternoon, #2 had his JV game over at the high school. I went and video taped it. They won easily. I'll be on the computer tomorrow going over clips and making a highlight reel! ;)

0103 (Sunday) 164.6. Steps 7469. Total Burn 2030. Exercise Burn 290/267 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2300.  Hubs went into work again. He's such a hard worker! Without him around to make his famous waffles, we didn't have our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. Church changed from 9:00 to 11:00. I did start the day with a session on the elliptical. It was tough. I was going to stop at 10min but pushed until 20. I had planned on making it back down ... but I didn't, but no nap either. I did some blogging and end of year cleanup on the computer and my iphone. 

0102 (Saturday) 167.1. Steps 12082. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 593/588 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1200. Hubs went into work (it's Saturday silly!) and #2 was off to play basketball with buddies. His Fitbit is still giving us trouble. I replaced the battery, hope that helps. I got in a few sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, and spent quite a bit of time on the computer updating my fitness blog. Got Oct/Nov/Dec monthly updates done. Did a post on the family blog and missionary blog too. The boys wanted to hit the rec center, so I dropped them off for a couple of hours. Then #5 was invited to play basketball with his buddies at a nearby church, so I dropped him off there. It was good, as I needed to connect with the coach anyway, and exchange a check for a new uniform. #5 is pretty pleased with it. Kept calories in check today ... I was hungry, but I resisted eating more after this morning's weigh-in.

0101 (Friday) 166.5. Steps 2480. Total Burn 1751. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. New Year's Day. We slept in some, then Hubs made us a pancake breakfast. I grabbed a little nap, then we headed over to Maga's house for her annual pastry wreath. Every year she says it's going to be the last year she makes it. We'll see. It is a huge amount of work! We hung out there for a while. The kids (and some adults) played Spoons (which #5 had wanted to play last night, but I wasn't sure my parents would be up for something so fast moving). We headed home, and I got in a real nap (like three hours). Hubs is now watching "Making a Murderer" on Netflix, but it's not really my cup of tea, just too depressing!

1231 (Thursday) 165.6. Total Burn 2244. Exercise Burn 0/478 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. New Year's Eve. Hubs still went into work today. The boys wanted to go to the rec center to play basketball, so I dropped them off for a couple of hours. We'd invited my folks over to play games tonight, as we have done for the past several New Years, so I worked on cleaning up the house. No official exercise but that did get some steps. The boys had been looking at a Playstation4/Battlefront, after playing it at friend's homes. After discussing it for a few days, pooling money and such, they had decided they wanted it. It was out of stock most places, but I found it at Sam's Club (looking online) so #3 and I went to pick it up. We stopped at Walmart too (to grab another paddle and some groceries), then the Nike store (to get him a jacket) then I dropped him off at a friend's house for a few hours. I grabbed some Papa Murphy pizza on the way home for dinner tonight. It was super busy! I really wasn't feeling great, got a tiny rest before my parents came over. We played Speed RummyKube and then the adults had a full game of Progressive Rummy ... and I won! The two littles fell asleep before midnight, although #4 woke up for a picture. We surrounded sleeping #5 and even put a little "Happy New Year" tiara on his head for the photo.

1230 (Wednesday) 165.6. Total Burn 2572. Exercise Burn 830/806 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800.  Pretty productive day actually. I got up and went to Zumba. I wasn't sure I was up to it, but felt like I should probably try for one hour workout this week. It was a little hard, but doable. I tried out my new Scorshe heart rate monitor too ... it came in HIGH compared to Fitbit estimates. Stopped at the post office to mail off a calendar to my sister. Happily the post office wasn't busy now that Christmas is over. The boys wanted to go to the gym, so I dropped them off. I made a muvee of #4's game, and I'm officially caught up on all my current clips. Of course, next week there are EIGHT games (with only two overlapping) so I'll have plenty of new material! I added all the upcoming games to the new calendar. Whew, that was quite a task! I did a little blogging, paid some bills, and even got some elliptical in (started catching up on TWD, I haven't seen any of this season, although I've heard some spoilers). Unfortunately while at the computer I did indulge in quite a few Reeses trees. I eat a lot of those quickly! Oops! The house really needs some cleaning. I did dishes, some laundry, but so much left to do! Tomorrow? 

1229 (Tuesday) 165.6. Total Burn 2368. Exercise Burn 500/602 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2100. My Zumba class was on hiatus for this week, but I did hit the elliptical a bit. #5 had a basketball practice and #3 had a game. We won the game, but it was very anticlimactic. In the evening three of the boys and I joined my folks and my brother's family at Red Robin for dinner (Hubs was too tired, as he'd gotten up around 2:00, and #4 just didn't want to go). I just had the "kids" fish (2-pieces instead of the usual four) but did indulge in some cheese sticks. Passed on the calendars, that had arrived today.

1228 (Monday) 167.2. Total Burn 2009. Exercise Burn 0/234 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Ooops there it is, the popcorn from last night! #3 had a basketball game at 10:00, ironically just a minute away from my usual Monday Zumba, which was taking place at the same time. The venue was Soccer City, which isn't that great a setup for basketball, and it was FREEZING. I walked around before the game started just to stay warm, then videotaped during the game. We lost, but after being down 19 at the half, our boys made a nice comeback, just not quite enough. The little boys wanted to go to the gym after we got back home. I dropped them off and then hit Kmart to pick up an order and spend some points. #3 went to hang out with a friend, making his brother drive him while I was gone (I was on pickup duty later that night). I worked on the computer (basketball muvee, blog). Hubs and I finished up "Homeland".

1227 (Sunday) 165.3. Total Burn 1695. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. The usual sleep in Sunday, then our usual Sunday Circles breakfast. I wasn't feeling great, a little fuzzy/dizzy. Managed breakfast then went back to bed and stayed there most of the day. Hubs and I had a little "Homeland" blitz watching three episodes, and he did make me popcorn ...

1226 (Saturday) 165.6. Total Burn 2213. Exercise Burn 250/447 (10minElliptical, 30minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1800. Did some Christmas cleanup. #3 had a basketball game at 1:00, I got a bit of walking around in while waiting. Our boys lost, but managed to keep it pretty close.

1225 (Friday) 166.6. Total Burn 1877. Exercise Burn 0/105 (no exercise). Calories in 3800. Christmas morning! The boys didn't wake us up very early, but did rearrange all the presents under the tree into their proper piles. We opened in the front room, instead of the family room as we have in the past. After our morning, we headed out to Maga's house and spent some time there. The PieFace game was a hit. We headed home for the call from our missionary, which was about an hour late. Very good to be able to see and talk to him (over Skype). The 40min went fast. Then it was just being lazy, watching some "Homeland" and eating popcorn (after eating naughty all day long!)

1224 (Thursday) 165.3. Total Burn 2142. Exercise Burn 0/417 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Christmas Eve. Hubs actually went into work for a bit today. I went to work at home, making the dough and getting breadsticks rising and finishing up the chicken soup. I'd cooked and prepped the chicken on Tuesday, and that did help it go faster today. A few last minute presents arrived today, just in time to get wrapped and under the tree. Did the final preparations for heading out to my folks for the annual Christmas Eve party. Soup and breadsticks, the slideshow, candy bar game and gift exchange. I'd been on my feet much of the day and wasn't feeling great. When we got back home, I pretty much just went to bed and Hubs had to handle all the Santa stuff (we were pretty much prepped). And to all a good night!

1223 (Wednesday) 164.5. Total Burn 1765. Exercise Burn 0/5 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. I spend almost the entire day in front of the computer today. There was Zumba and I probably should have gone. I'm just still not feeling great and did want to get started on the slideshow. Every year I make one for the family part at my folks. I'd had all my siblings sent in their pictures and in making the calendar and prepping, they were fairly organized (chronologically or by certain subjects) but still, it takes a long time to get them all input, cover the cropping, rearrange as needed and then do all the finishing touches. But it's done!

1222 (Tuesday) 165.7. Total Burn 2208. Exercise Burn 375/441 (Zumba). Calories in 2300. I figured I would hit Zumba today as it's so close and often some of my favorite songs/steps. Still not feeling great though, and it was definitely hard to make it through the class. I cooked up some chicken, prep for making soup on Christmas Eve. Finished up wrapping some presents and such ... but had to stop and rest several times during the day. Just dragging!

1221 (Monday) 164.1. Total Burn 1921. Exercise Burn 100/163 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Attempted some elliptical today, but didn't feel up to Zumba. I was able to finish up the calendar and get it ordered, but alas, it won't make it here in time for Christmas Eve, which is when it is usually handed out.

1220 (Sunday) 162.7. Total Burn 1967. Exercise Burn 0/209 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Quiet morning with the family gone. #3 was up and off to church. I admit I slept in and was still in bed when Hubs face-timed (thus catching me still in bed).  I finished up the calendar pages. Now to get the calendar together, uploaded and paid for printing and shipping. I wasn't sure how late Hubs and the kids would be home. They were on their way, but stopped at Hoover Dam. I grabbed a birthday cake for #5 ... double digits, 10 today! I wrapped some presents (birthday and Christmas) and got them under the tree. #3 pulled out some additional decor, the stockings and the ice skating rink. Hubs and the boys got home around 9:30, and #2 returned from his trip around 10:45. Nice to have everyone (sans #1) home again.

1219 (Saturday) 163.4. Total Burn 1951. Exercise Burn 105/197 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1800. With only one kid home, I had only one basketball game today, and it wasn't until later. I worked on some videos and calendar pages ... lots of time on the computer. Actually kept eating under control though.

1218 (Friday) 162.3. Total Burn 2075. Exercise Burn 100/328 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2450. Late nights are not good for school mornings! #4 was in such a bad mood. That boy needs his routine. After dropping the munchkins off, #3 and I hit Smiths to grab some Jolly Ranchers as a gift for one of his teachers. I got him to school and returned home. I haven't had the energy for Zumba, not even for any more elliptical (I'd gotten in 10min). Early out at the elementary, and then packing for a weekend getaway ... just Daddy and the two little boys. #3 didn't want to miss his Saturday game. They got off, and #3, still at practice, was then invited to go see Star Wars ... again. So I had the house to myself. It's very quiet ... on more motivated days I'd get in oodles of exercise. Alas, that is not the case.

1217 (Thursday) 163.2. Total Burn 2680. Exercise Burn 740/933 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Dropped the boys off at school and hit my Zumba class. Instead of starting and stopping the timer on my ChargeHR, I just let the device track the workout on it's own (as sometimes I forget to turn it off and that skews the heart rate results). It worked well, although I did miss the running timer. Three 10min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. I dropped off the little ones to basketball practice and arranged for Daddy to do the pickup. Then #3 and I headed out to his game. It was snowing, HUGE flakes! The boys had a pretty easy win, and Santa was there cheering them on. I grabbed a picture of #3 with him after the game. Then Hubs took the three boys to a late night screening of Star Wars. It started at 10:45 ... that's past my bedtime.

1216 (Wednesday) 162.7.  Total Burn 2758. Exercise Burn 705/1008 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I just haven't been able to pull myself out of bed to get in my early elliptical. A few weeks back, I was getting in 30min before Zumba, now I hope for 10min, and got 30min the entire day! I was a little late for Zumba, missed the first song or two. Didn't quite get my hour. Stopped at Sears and Sam's and Walmart on the way home. After school, #4 asked if I'd take him to a friend's house to play. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said sure (this is my homebody child who has never gone to a friend's house to play!) and took him. When I picked him up a bit later, we stopped at Little Ceasers and grabbed some crazy bread. I'd also put a roast in, so it was a bit of a higher calorie day. #5 had a 9:00 basketball game, but at least it was close by. They won.

1215 (Tuesday) 162.9. Total Burn 2442. Exercise Burn 610/691 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. It was a cold morning, and would be an "inside day" at school, so we left a little later, and I went straight to Zumba after dropping the boys off. I only got in 20min on the elliptical. In the late afternoon, Hubs and I went to Hale Theater with his company for the Christmas party. The show was good, a little different than when I was in it 30 years ago (wow, seriously, 30years??) Dinner afterward was included but Hubs ducked out. I'd had to arrange rides for the boys to get to/from basketball practices without me around, thankfully it worked out. #4 watched "The Voice" finale and doesn't know what he'll do on Monday and Tuesday nights now. #2 finished up packing and was picked up to go to the airport, off to Orlando. Hope they get some sleep on the plane!

1214 (Monday) 163.6. Total Burn 2356. Exercise Burn 450/600 (40minElliptical) Calories in 2300. We were hit with quite the storm last night and it was a winter wonderland this morning. It wasn't too bad getting the boys to school, so I headed out to Zumba as usual. About halfway there, I got stuck in unmoving traffic and knew I wasn't going to make it. I turned around and made my way home, still stopping at a couple of stores that I'd planned to hit after Zumba. I had to go to the high school mid-day for a meeting with #2 and the school councilor, a meeting for all juniors to look over classes, talk college/graduation, etc. Then I had to go back again at 6:00 for a parent basketball meeting, as the boys are leaving tomorrow for Orlando. I barely had time to pick up #3 from his practice, he had to come with and wait during the meeting. Only 40minElliptical today.

1213 (Sunday) 162.1. Total Burn 1733. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Slow Sunday. Just haven't been feeling like exercising, but I have felt like taking a nap, and I did today! Three hours! We'd done our usual Sunday Circle breakfast, and then went to Mountain Mikes for dinner. #4 didn't want to be there, not sure why he was in a bad mood.  Also overindulged in treats, some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I made brownies for lunches, but ate some too.

1212 (Saturday) 161.4. Total Burn 2075. Exercise Burn 0/333 (no exercise). Calories in 2550. Busy day, mostly because of basketball. #2 was off for his final day of his tournament. I packed him a big lunch again. #5 had been invited to a birthday party. Luckily, the family was willing to let him come a big early and give him a ride to the venue, as the actual location was too downtown for my comfort, and it conflicted with #4's basketball game at noon. It was another easy win for the 6th graders.

1211 (Friday) 163.1. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 405/611 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Yesterday I hadn't sent #2 with any food, not realizing they would be leaving straight from school and wouldn't be home until late. A bunch of parents got together and made sure the boys were fed, but this morning, I made sure to pack him a big lunch. I had by usual uninspired Friday ... just two 20min sessions on the elliptical. #2 did win his tournament game today, as did Varsity (but #2 didn't get any playing time as it was pretty close). #3 had practice, and #5 did too (but am just dropping him at a teammates to catch a ride rather than going myself).  

1210 (Thursday) 162.9. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 880/1074 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Bad food day. I'd stuck a roast in the crock pot, and that was yummy, but it was overindulgence in treats that really pushed me over. I did get in Zumba and two 20min sessions on the elliptical. #2 was off to a tournament game. I wish I could have gone, but it was a little far and I did have the other kids chauffeur duties.  #4 had practice, and #5 went to play on one of the extra hoops. I dropped them off, and had Hubs do the pickup, as I was taking #3 to his game. They lost by three, as did #2 in his tournament game earlier ... the varsity team was playing in the evening, and it was being shown online, so the boys and I tuned in to watch. #2 sits varsity, and as they were winning by a bunch, he got some playing time! It was fun to see him, and hear the commentator announce his name in the play by play (although he said "Blackman" the first couple of times).

1209 (Wednesday) 163.0. Total Burn 3088. Exercise Burn 1050/1337 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. #5 had a field trip to the symphony today. Usually it's downtown at Symphony Hall, but this year they were just going to Herriman (where I was last night). The child wasn't thrilled about needing to dress up for school. I got in my Zumba and several small sessions on the elliptical (only one 20min, the rest were 10min ones). #5 had a basketball game in the evening, again, out in Herriman, at the middle school there (my first time to that school). I swear they had the a/c on ... a little cold for spectators but probably felt good to the boys. It was a pretty close game but our boys won it. 

1208 (Tuesday) 163.4. Total Burn 3125. Exercise Burn 1480/1371 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Had a little trouble pulling out of bed this morning, but did still manage to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical while getting the kids off to school. Hit Zumba, at the South church instead of our neighborhood one, as there was a funeral today. Unfortunately, a bit of an unproductive day. Did do a bit of catch-up on the computer (updated the missionary blog, went through some video clips). There was a varsity game at the high school, #2 got a minute of playing time, and #3 went to watch. I took #5 to his basketball practice and walked the entire time while reading my book. They actually didn't have the signs barring the track, and there were people up there, but I stuck to the hallway.

1207 (Monday) 163.6. Total Burn 3328. Exercise Burn 1550/1574 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2000. Ready to get back at it this morning. Got in early elliptical ... an hour before even heading out to Zumba. I did feel a little draggy in class. Amanda was back (morning sickness had been keeping her away), and Nina showed up and did a couple numbers too (just three or so weeks since she had her baby). I stopped at Kmart and Smiths on the way home. Time for additional elliptical and bike. Grabbed the kids after school and made haystacks for dinner,

1206 (Sunday) 162.7. Total Burn 1752. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2100. Slow Sunday ...

1205 (Saturday) 160.7. Total Burn 1907. Exercise Burn 0/169 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Back to basketball for all the boys! #4 had his first game and I loved seeing him play again. It's been a few years, as his anxiety issues have kept him from being on a team. This was a group of school friends, and I wasn't sure what the competition would be like, but our boys won easily, and #4 got in a few baskets. #4 also had a game. Again, it was slightly out of my comfort zone, but driveable. NOT my favorite gym though, no room for spectators! Our boys won this game and I got compliments on my little player from the other team. 

1204 (Friday) 161.7. Total Burn 2384. Exercise Burn 520/610 (50minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Happy that the lower calorie days have shown up on the scale. I should have hit Zumba this morning, but I'm really having a hard time getting motivated on Fridays! Didn't even get in the full hour of elliptical. #2 had a game today, at Herriman. I arranged to drop off #5 at a teammate's house to get a ride to his practice, and arranged a ride home for #3 from his practice, and I went out and watched. I love watching my boys play. I got video, and they won, so I'll need to make a highlight reel ... once I get my computer back!

1203 (Thursday) 163.2. Total Burn 2740. Exercise Burn 882/997 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600. Another day of controlled calories. Zumba in the morning, but only two10min sessions on the elliptical. I was feeling so tired, I had to lay down for a little nap today. #4 had basketball practice in the evening, and I walked while I waited, getting in a couple "hallway" miles.

1202 (Wednesday) 164.7. Total Burn 3005. Exercise Burn 880/1252 (40minElliptical, Zumba).  Calories in 1450. Actually controlled intake today! Just wasn't that hungry. Had an appointment at the elementary at 2:00 to discuss #5, who has been in speech. I'm not sure his little issue with s/z is fixed, but we really don't care. He's ready to be done with speech and I'm fine with that. #5 had his first basketball game with the 5th grade team. It was downtown at West High, which I don't dare drive to. We both hitched a ride with one of the other player's family's. Our boys got smooshed, but #5 actually did quite well. He made 7 of the 13 team points. Hopefully not all the teams are better than us!

1201 (Tuesday) 164.7. Total Burn 3055. Exercise Burn 1150/1294 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Hubs got the computer to the shop today and things look hopeful it can be revived, but I'll still be without it for a while. Got in my Zumba and elliptical. #2 had a basketball game, but it was in WoodsCross (to far for me, and I was on chauffeur duty for the other kids), Hubs made the final bit to text me a play by play. Our boys lost, and #2 was so down about it.  #5 had basketball practice in the evening, and I walked around while I waited.

1130 (Monday) 164.7. Total Burn 3340. Exercise Burn 1600/1579 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. Back to routine and a good day. Zumba in the morning, additional elliptical, bike time and even weights. Calories were a bit high, but felt good to be active again.

1129 (Sunday) 165.1. Total Burn 1989. Exercise Burn 0/228 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Hmmm, I can't remember what happened today .... probably nothing. I miss my computer.

1128 (Saturday) 163.3. Total Burn 2198. Exercise Burn 310/435 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Zumba Underground was offering their Saturday class for free, but still not feeling good. Did 30min on the elliptical. We put the Christmas Tree up, and Hubs took some of the boys to BIL's house for his annual "Leg Lamp Lighting" ... #4 and I stayed home.

1127 (Friday) 163.2. Total Burn 2236. Exercise Burn 410/483 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I was a little surprised the weight was up, but I guess I did eat some stuff once we were back home yesterday.  I should have hit Zumba, in fact I was specifically asked asked to come. I had two classes to choose from and had even thought I might do double ... but was still feeling miserable from yesterday, insomuch that I was actually feeling sick. Managed a bit on the elliptical. 

1126 (Thursday) 161.8. Total Burn 1951. Exercise Burn 150/197 (30minTreadmill). Calories in 2400. Thanksgiving. Usually this is one of my favorite holidays, but not this year. BIL wanted to try hitting the buffet at Grand America instead of having it at home. Hubs and I had tried the regular Sunday Buffet a while back and hadn't been impressed. I did not want to do it, but I guess that was the family choice this year. I should have just stayed home. Between the drive there (I don't do downtown), the crowds, the cost (over $80 a person) ... I just had a mini-anxiety attack. Then the whole self-loathing kicks in. #4 had trouble too and was in tears. We both managed to man-up, but it was pretty miserable. Looooong lines, and I didn't even care for the food, which was cold by the time we made it through the line and back to our table. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't really eat anyway. I was just glad when it was over. 

1125 (Wednesday) 162.5. Total Burn 2844. Exercise Burn 675/1101 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Alas, I'm writing this in retrospect because I turned off the computer last night and ... it didn't turn back on again. Arrgg! Luckily, we do have multiple computers in the house, I can use my iphone for social media and to check my mail. This close to Thanksgiving we won't be able to get it in, so I'm going to be without it for a while. The kids were out of school, which makes things harder (getting out of bed, exercise). I did make it to Zumba, although only 20min on the elliptical. #5 had a basketball practice with his 5th grade team at the local community college. It's a little out of my comfort zone driving, but I did okay. There was room to walk while I waited. There was actually a track above the court, and a complete gym (this is where Hubs and I play r-ball) but I hadn't prepped for that at all, so I just walked the hallways while I read my book.

1124 (Tuesday) 164.5. Total Burn 3229. Exercise Burn 1435/1482 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2000. Got in some early elliptical as I got the boys off to school. Hit Zumba, my eyelid was twitching all throughout class and it was so distracting! Got in some additional elliptical and bike. Last day of school for the boys, although it wasn't early out at the elementary, and #3 had stayed after for his basketball practice. I'd had an invite to a U-Jam class in Daybreak, but I was dragging so much ...

1123 (Monday) 164.5. Total Burn 3193. Exercise Burn 1530/1433 (80minElliptical, Zumba,Bike). Calories in 2500. Got in some early elliptical, 40min before heading out to Zumba. It was a slow start there, as one of the cords wasn't working and backup speakers needed to be located. But, we got it done. Stats were quite high, but I didn't really feel like I was giving more that morning. Hmmm. Fitbit said something about an update, I wonder if that has anything to do with things. Stopped at Kmart on the way home ... grrr, forgot to have them use my points! I never do that! Dragging a bit during the day. It's TOM time. Got in additional elliptical and bike. Didn't need to pick up middle school carpool as he stayed after for basketball practice. I left a little early to stop at the library on my way to get him, and he ended up going to the Jazz game with a friend, so I really wouldn't have had to make the trip at all. Oh well, I did need to make the library run. I'd done okay on calories during the day (controlled quantity anyway, not quality) but then had a little of the mac&cheese I made for the munchkin, and I had Hubby make popcorn for our evening episode of Homeland (started season three ... that was my library pickup).

1122 (Sunday) 162.8. Total Burn 1833. Exercise Burn 0/83 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. Another lovely lazy morning. We did our Sunday Circles. #2 was too lazy to join us for breakfast even after I pulled his blankets off the bed. Hubs made a Costco run. We got in a little nap. Then we went up to Park City to the Windy Ridge Cafe, a restaurant we had enjoyed on our vacation up there. When it came to Hub's birthday dinner, that was his choice (and I had a $25 gift certificate they had sent me after I left a good review for them on a website). It was a thoroughly pleasant day. Hubs and I had watched the final episode of the second season of Homeland, and then watched Jurassic World that night. It didn't do it for me. Now the original Jurassic Park ... that was good!

1121 (Saturday) 164.1. Total Burn 2421. Exercise Burn 300/663 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Ah, Saturday sleep in. I'd laid some croissants out last night, so that was breakfast. I did get in a 20min session on the elliptical, finishing up my episode of "Grey's Anatomy" ... I didn't get back to the gym all day. I did work up a sweat though, as I cleaned and rearranged our food storage room. It took hours, and lots of lifting and running up and down the stairs. It looks much better and I now know where we stand on several items (I need to restock the tomato sauce stat!) I pulled out several cases of sodapop that was old, and let #4 get out the bb gun and shoot them up (we did have to make a quick run to the store for bbs as we couldn't find any in the house). Hubs was busy much of the day redoing some of his derby stuff. In the evening, we went to my niece's wedding reception. We took the kids, but #4 was NOT happy about having to put on Sunday clothes and leave the house. He was a grump the whole night!

1120 (Friday) 163.2. Total Burn 2761. Exercise Burn 1102/1008 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little with the middle school late start. I went straight to a Zumba class after, hitting as much as I could (it has started at 9:00) and then after I went with Debbie back to her house and we swapped steps on a few songs. Ended up well over an hour combined. Got in my hour of elliptical as well. Baked some chicken for dinner, and Hubs and I indulged in popcorn while watching our episode of Homeland. 

1119 (Thursday) 162.2. Total Burn 3108. Exercise Burn 1160/1361 (70minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Happy birthday to Hubs! He was working as usual, but co-workers and friends were treating him to breakfast, lunch and song at the office. At Zumba, there were just a few of us there, and the speaker system usually provided wasn't out. Marian has her own box, so we went ahead with class. We found out later that some had received an email saying class was cancelled. I guess I'm glad we didn't get the update, because I was happy to have class! I was dragging a bit today, laid down for just a bit ... and thus didn't get in my bike. Also, needed to make a cake of course! Hubs actually had a derby again tonight. He took the youngest to "help" as #3 (his usual helper) had practice late. It was a parent meeting for the middle school team after. I did go to my evening Zumba, but no one but the instructor was there, so we didn't do it. I was feeling tired, and wanted to be home when hubby got home, so it was ok. We had a little cake. Yum!

1118 (Wednesday) 162.1. Total Burn 3434. Exercise Burn 1400/1683 (70minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. I was up early, as #3 had a "morningside" at 6:15 and needed a drop off. Cooler weather, we went ahead and broke out the hot chocolate maker. I have to be careful, as I can sip a couple cupfuls easily without really thinking about it. Got in early elliptical, and made a quick batch of blueberry muffins that I took to Zumba as they were having a baby shower afterward. I really don't get into the social stuff in the MZL group much, but did feel like I should make a contribution as I am grateful for the free Zumba classes they provide. I did a little shopping after, stopping at Sears, Sams and Walmart. Shopping always does bring in some extra steps. #5 brought a buddy home from school, I just had to have the parents pick up a little early, as I had to get over to the high school at 5:30 for some paperwork for boy's basketball. It was the "meet the team" night, where they announce the players and put on some scrimmages for show. I quickly filled out the paperwork, then ran to Little Ceasers and picked up three pizzas and some crazy bread. I'd told #3 I would, as he was going straight to the high school after their practice and he hadn't been home to eat all day. I ended up picking him and a couple friends up from the middle school and running them to the high school (they had planned to walk, but it was dark and cold!). They enjoyed the pizza. I sat for about three minutes on the bleachers when I remembered I HATE sitting on those benches. I went into a corner and walked around while I watched. When my son was playing I went up to the top bleacher and stood and videotaped, and still got a little walking in. After the show, we had a parent's meeting. I was totally overwhelmed last year, as I didn't know everything expected of the parents (making dinner for the team, making lunches for the team, providing raffle items, "volunteering" in the snack bar) as well as costs. #2 has been working and earned the money to pay for their trip to Orlando coming up here quick. So... I handled the night with less anxiety than last year. But still, long night and very ready to go home. Hubs also had a long day, doing a derby after work (a lego one). He barely beat us home.

1117 (Tuesday) 163.6. Total Burn 2999. Exercise Burn 1310/1244 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2100. Got in my early elliptical, and my early Zumba class. Tuesdays I have more time, but other than a little extra elliptical, I didn't really get in any additional exercise. I did however update all four blogs! I wrote up our hiking adventures for the family blog, a quick update from the missionary, wrapped up the basketball season for #5, and then did a TV Tuesday post on my Jen'sJourney. So ... that was a little more sitting than usual, and I do tend to snack when I sit. #2 came home from school during lunch anxiously awaiting his basketball shoes, and luckily the man in brown (UPS) didn't disappoint. He was so excited to get them, as they had pictures after school that day. #3 stayed after school again for his middle school basketball tryouts and the team was announced at the end (he made it, no surprise there). Hubs and I have been watching "Homeland" and got in an episode before bed.

1116 (Monday) 164.3. Total Burn 3217. Exercise Burn 1440/1458 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1900. Back to the routine. Up for early elliptical, then Zumba, then errands (Kmart and Maceys) then home. Got in additional elliptical and bike, but didn't get to weights. I don't know why it's so hard for me to do weights. I enjoy it, it's just getting started that is the challenge. #3 stayed after for school for basketball tryouts. The weather was quite miserable, cold and snowy blowy. I made sure I was there waiting when the elementary kids got out. I didn't see #2 all day, as he was up and off early, then went straight from school/basketball practice to work, and didn't get home until after I was asleep. Taco salad for dinner, which I don't eat ... although I did have some Fritos. We've had some cookie dough in the fridge for a while, so I used it to make a Skookie ... I was going to try and resist, but I ended up having a little.

1115 (Sunday) 162.9. Total Burn 2099. Exercise Burn 400/348 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Ah, Sunday sleep in. Then hubs suggested breakfast, so we did that. He left to do a little work at the office. #2 had to work as well, although I did get him and his brothers to write #1 son, as is our Sunday tradition. I did get in a nap, then we went out to my MILs for dinner, soup and rolls. Back at home I made brownies, but more for lunch treats than a Sunday treat ... although I did have one. I had trouble getting to sleep that night, then got a horrid tickle in my throat that kept me coughing. I finally got up and tried to eat something (hopefully scratching the itch as it went down) ... not a good night.

1114 (Saturday) 161.2. Total Burn 2193. Exercise Burn 400/453 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2900. The little one had his final basketball game at 8:00 in the morning. This was the only game that really challenged our boys, and it was quite close for the second half, and we only won by one. The boys were thrilled with their undefeated season. We stopped for donuts on the way home ... donuts, popcorn (while starting season two of "Homeland" with the Hubs), and Popeyes chicken. Not great eating for the day, and only 40min on the elliptical (an episode of "The Good Wife"). 

1113 (Friday) 160.5. Total Burn 2755. Exercise Burn 1025/1018 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2550.  The elementary kids were out of school, so I slept in a little, then cooked up the croissants I'd laid out last night (new cocktail ones from Sam's ... not quite as fluffy as the Walmart ones). I went to Nina's$5 Zumba class after dropping #3 to school. Got in some elliptical during the day, but no bike or weights, which I should have. #2 officially made the basketball team at the high school. I had a bridal shower for my niece, so that took up most of the evening. It was good to see some extended family I hadn't in a while (my cousin has an anxiety child too, I didn't know that ... also 12-years old). I did have some ice cream and a cookie, which pushed calories high (after I hadn't had a great day anyway). Didn't get home until after 10:00.

1112 (Thursday) 162.8. Total Burn 3384. Exercise Burn 1692/1634 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. Early elliptical, then Zumba. More elliptical and bike. Had to remind myself about early out at the elementary. #5 invited a couple friends over to play all afternoon. I was able to get my evening Zumba in, even though it was just three of us. Did a quick stop at Smiths afterward to grab a gift certificate for a bridal shower tomorrow. Hubs and #3 were gone to a derby.

1111 (Wednesday) 163.6. Total Burn 3362. Exercise Burn 1285/1607 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2200. Got in early elliptical, then off to Zumba after dropping kids off at school. I stopped at Maceys on the way home, restocking our Oreo supply and other "essentials". Then a quick stop at Sears for a pickup and checkout. Then Sam'sClup for milk, bread and eggs, the Walmart for yogurt. The stores just don't have the same items, at least not on sale. So there was quite a bit of walking around while shopping, and again at home bringing in the groceries and putting them away. Then off to the middle school to check out #3 for an orthodontist appointment. In the evening, it was parent/teacher conferences for the two little boys. Glowing reports of course!

1110 (Tuesday) 162.0. Total Burn 2791. Exercise Burn 1200/1045 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2500. Cold and dreary day ... I had ordered 65° and sunny for my birthday! Alas ... got the kids off, and hit Zumba. Got in elliptical and bike ... and a nap. I had the heat turned down in the house and the blankets on the bed were calling! The boys still had basketball tryouts after school, but were out by 6:00. We went out to Tepanyaki for my birthday dinner, and hubs had brought home a cake for afterwards at home. So ... calories were over.

1109 (Monday) 164.3. Total Burn 3474. Exercise Burn 1700/1715 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine! Early elliptical, kids to school, me to Zumba, some errands on the way home. Additional elliptical, bike and even weights again! Kept calories in check better today, even with the kids requesting cocoa and toast (which is a temptation for me). Basketball tryouts started today too. #2 trying out for JV/Varsity, #3 for sophomore (although more just for the experience, we're planning on the middle school team for him). I had to pick him up when it ended at 7:00, so I didn't hit my evening Zumba the way I have the last couple Mondays. Watched an episode or two of Homeland with hubs and nighty-night. 

1108 (Sunday) 163.8. Total Burn 1723. Exercise Burn 0. Calories in 2700. Totally lazy day! Slept in, then we did do our Sunday Circles. I'd picked up the first season of Homeland from the library, and Hubs and I had a bit of a marathon watching it today. Much laying in bed! And some popcorn. I also made homemade Oreos. Not a good day for food and fitness.

1107 (Saturday) 164.2. Total Burn 2405. Exercise Burn 400/641 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Another early morning basketball game. Another win. Undefeated so far this season, just one final championship game next week. More basketball coming up, as #2 and #3 will play on school teams (pending tryouts, but ... they will both make it). #4 surprised me by saying he wanted to play on a team with his friends. While he's uber active and always playing basketball, soccer and football he has refused to play on an actual team for a couple years now. And #5 ... his current little team is going to move up to a more challenging super league, and then a previous coach invited us onto a 5th grade superleage team too (playing in two leagues) ... so he'll have three game a week. I'm thinking we'll have some overlapping schedules and conflicts. Hope I can work it all out! Hubs went with him mom to a funeral of an old family friend, dropped off some treats at my mom's (her birthday today) and brought some treats from Paradise Bakery home too. It was still pretty cool out, but I did rake the leaves in the backyard, completely filling up the green waste, and then got the lawn mowed. I fit in a little elliptical, the 10 minutes left from the show yesterday that I didn't get back to, and then one other 20 minute session. Hubs was off with some friends for the evening ... which sometimes leaves me get in some additional exercise; but not tonight ... I was tired and headed to bed.

1106 (Friday) 161.7. Total Burn 2964. Exercise Burn 1250/1214 (50minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 3100. Slept in a little, then got in some elliptical and got the boys off to school, including late start at the middle school. I had just been planning on attempting an hour of Zumba on my own, but Nina texted and asked if I could come to her class (music struggles on her ipad and I have a bunch backed up on my phone) so I did that. Much better workout than if I had just stayed home. Got in some additional elliptical and time on the bike, and even squeezed in some weights! In the evening, Hubs and I and #3 went to Desert Star Theater (live shows, currently running a Star Wars parody), meeting my folks there. It's dinner theater, and we ordered pizza, and cheesy bread for me, which sent me soaring over allowed calories for the day. 

1105 (Thursday) 162.4. Total Burn 3395. Exercise Burn 1690/1641 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2300. It was nice to get back to Mountain View Zumba after I had to miss last week (for the school Halloween activities). I ran some errands after (Kmart and Smiths). An open can of Pringles and a bag of Mother's Frosted Animal Cookies made calorie control hard. I went to my evening Zumba class and we actually had it (two others showed up this week). I did stop at Little Ceasars afterward for Crazy Bread ... yes, I had a couple pieces. #2 and #3 got home around the same time with McDonalds, but everything was eaten. Time for a shower!

1104 (Wednesday) 162.5. Total Burn 3283. Exercise Burn 1539/1528 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2500. A little unhappy with the scale shift back up. I know I didn't eat good yesterday, but still had a decent deficit! It just seems that if I eat over 2000 calories I gain, no mater what my activity was for the day. Unfortunately ... it didn't keep me from overeating again today. Overindulged in treats, and then spaghetti/cheesy bread for dinner. I did get in my elliptical, with a little extra. Zumba was good as usual, and I did hit the bike. 

1103 (Tuesday) 160.8. Total Burn 3368. Exercise Burn 1460/1623 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Track). Calories in 2650. Happy to see the slide on the scale, but it was a rough morning. The weather was extremely windy and I was waiting for #4 to have a meltdown (even though he has been doing SO much better with his weather phobia). He was going ok, but then did breakdown right when it was time to leave. In addition to the weather, they had been told it would be a substitute today, which he struggles with as well. I think he would have been okay with just the weather or the sub, but both at once? Too much. I told him we could do a homeschool day (how much do they learn with a sub anyway?) and quickly pulled out some of the books and such, which postponed me getting #5 to school, and HE broke down into tears not wanting to be late (we weren't late!). Ah ... I should have brought #4 with me to Zumba, as I was worried about him (I was only one minute away) but he had done fine at home. He is a good worker. It wasn't quite the Tuesday I had planned. I didn't make it onto the bike, although I did get in several sessions on the elliptical still.  #1 wrote from Mexico yesterday, so I updated the blog and his Fitbit steps. #5 had basketball practice in the evening and I jogged the track during it. 32K day. Not great eating though ... a little big of anxious snacking going on. I don't even love Snickers that much, but they were around after Halloween.

1102 (Monday) 162.4. Total Burn 3999. Exercise Burn 1987/2243 (80minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. Ready to get back at it after the weekend. Up for early elliptical and getting the kids off to school. Zumba with Southziders with a few errands on the way home. Busy day at home with housework and such, squeezing in additional elliptical and time on the bike. A little Papa Murphy's for dinner (on of the earlier errands).  In the evening I hit another Zumba class. I was pretty tired today! 38K!

1101 (Sunday) 161.3. Total Burn 2071. Exercise Burn 200/323 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Ah, got my sleep in. Such a lazy morning. We didn't do our family Sunday Circles as we were going out to my folks for the monthly "Westra Waffles" gathering in the afternoon. I must admit, I had some Halloween candy and some of the cookie press cookies for breakfast. Hubs and I got in a nap, isn't that what Sunday's are for? Hubs did make his fabulous waffles from scratch, and I'd had him pick up a white buttercream birthday cake from Sam's Club yesterday (my mom's favorite, and it's her birthday this week, as well as several others this month, including me. That's a favorite cake of mine too). We were going to take a picture with the cake and my mom, myself and Hubs. I tilted the cake just slightly to get it in the camera frame a bit better and it slid right off the plate, upside-down onto the counter. Oopside-Down cake! It didn't turn over well at all. Poor cake! It made it memorable anyway. High calorie food day though ;(

1031 (Saturday) 161.3. Total Burn 2693. Exercise Burn 650/945 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Happy Halloween! No sleeping in, as #5 had an 8:00 basketball game. They won. #3 wanted to hang out with some friends, friends that live FAR, where I haven't been before, and would require a late pickup. I just knew I wasn't up for it myself, but Hubs agreed to take him and pick him up. I made cookie-press cookies, in a pumpkin shape. They are a family favorite, especially of #3. One cookie press broke, but luckily I had a backup and was able to finish. The two little boys hadn't been sure they were even going trick-or-treating but decided to in the end. #5 just dressed up as a basketball player (one of his NBA jerseys) and #4 was going to go as a Lego Guy (he'd accidentally forgotten the costume at school yesterday, but I had stopped and picked it up) ... but I suggested a "Ref" to keep with the basketball theme. Normally, one parent goes out with the kids, and the other stays home to hand out candy. The boys said they were old enough to go alone, and would stay in the immediate neighborhood, so I let them (of course after a bit I stressed and wished I had gone). They made it back fine. #4 gave #5 all his candy, and I get all the "nut" ones (Reeses, Butterfinger, BabyRuth, Snickers) as the youngest is allergic. Too many of the cookies tonight too though!  #4 had been super active, and was close to a new goal of 40,000 steps on his Fitbit, so he kept walking around until he hit it. I was glad when everyone was in bed and asleep!

1030 (Friday) 160.4. Total Burn 2930. Exercise Burn 1200/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2100. The kids were out of school today. I slept in, but was up in time to hit Debbie's Zumba class in Daybreak. I wore my Halloween shirt, and there were some Halloween songs again. I stopped at the Dollar Store and Walmart on the way home. I did get in elliptical and bike, calories went slightly over, but not bad for a Friday. Spent quite a bit of time going through the costumes ... it is purge time! Hubs was out with some work buddies late. #2 brought his girlfriend and some pumpkins over and they carved them. Ahh, the smell of pumpkin guts. We haven't gotten around to it for a few years, but the little ones didn't seem that into it.

1029 (Thursday) 159.6.  Total Burn 2731. Exercise Burn 700/993 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. I had forgotten to set my second alarm (I have one set for 5:30 to make sure #2 is up and off, then one for 6:30 for me). I woke a little after 7:00, and quickly woke #3 and we still got him to school on time, but I didn't get my early elliptical in. Dang ... and this was the morning I miss Zumba too. I just stayed at the school after dropping off the munchkins, finding a parking spot and then going into the gym to wait for the parade. After the parade, the 6th grade (#4) performed "Thriller" ... then it was off to #4's class to help with the halloween party. I had brought the cup crash, monster toss, eyeball relay and PicturEEKa and got the other parent volunteers set up helping. Seven minute rotations x 12 ... so finally done a couple hours later. I'd worn some kitty ears, and had my picture taken several times for the "parent in a costume" scavenger hunt. When 6th grade was done, I rushed to my 4th grader's classroom and there was in charge of Bingo. We finished up with about 25 minutes before school got out. Do I check the kids out and go home? Go home (for 10 minutes) and come back? I ended up just waiting. Long day at the school! Got in some elliptical at home, but that was it for exercise for the day. I went to Zumba, but like last week, no one showed. Hubs and #3 were off doing a derby. #2 was off working.

1028 (Wednesday) 159.8. Total Burn 3132. Exercise Burn 1050/1393 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. I was dragging a little this morning. Still got some morning elliptical in, and hit Zumba. I was actually surprised my stats were as good as they were. My left arm (flu shot) was feeling sore, and I just felt a lethargy in my legs. I pushed through, but then needed to lay down for a bit. Then off to the elementary to check out #4 for a dental appointment. I usually will leave the kids and run a few errands, but I wasn't sure anxiety child would be cool with that, and it wasn't supposed to be that long of an appointment. They pulled out a baby tooth that had a cavity. Unfortunately it had spread, so we'll need to come back in a month or so. I also made an appointment for #3 for ortho which was overdue. Got #4 settled  back at home, then did the other school carpool pickups. We didn't really have any plans in the evening, low-key night at home.

1027 (Tuesday) 160.9. Total Burn 3366. Exercise Burn 1675/1620 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4.5milesTrack). Calories in 1500. It was a little cool this morning, so the kids didn't go quite as early (I was busy prepping a roast for the crock pot too). I didn't quite have time to get back home and walk, so I just stopped on the way home from dropping the boys at the elementary school. Got in Zumba, and more elliptical and bike back at home. I also had a doctor's appointment, just my annual exam. Everything seemed fine, still waiting on some bloodwork. Got a flu shot and lab work, but was in and out in under an hour. Hubs had a derby and #3 went along to help. #5 had basketball practice. #4 went and just shot hoops and I walked/jogged while I waited. 

1026 (Monday) 163.8. Total Burn 3732. Exercise Burn 1895/1970 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 900. Back to the routine. Getting up early enough to get in some elliptical before taking the kids to school. I quickly made some blueberry muffins too (well, me and Betty Crocker) to take to Zumba, as we were having a little breakfast baby shower for Nina after class. I did my usual quick stop at Kmart on the way home to spend my weekly Fitstudio points. Got in a little additional elliptical and bike. Laundry time too. #2 had work in the evening. Daddy took the three younger boys to Maga's for shakes. I hit a Halloween Zumba class located nearby ($40 for a 10-pass). It was a little more crowded than I would like, and almost all Halloween songs with everyone dressed up. It was also 90 minutes rather than the usual hour ... so big steps for the day. I wasn't terribly hungry today either, calories were way low.

1025 (Sunday) 161.8. Total Burn 2401. Exercise Burn 400/650 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. I got my lazy morning sleep in today. We were planning a big, early dinner, so we didn't do the usual Sunday Circles. #2 was off to KFC for a 10:00-10:30 shift. Poor kid, it's been understaffed so he's had so many more hours than he wants, but he's so loyal and helpful. Hubs and I did a little food prep, as he wants to eat better (and he didn't have a lazy sleep in, he was off for a run in the early hours). It was only my second time at Costco ever! We stopped at Smiths too, as the kids had gone through all the grapes I'd purchased just a few days earlier. They were great grapes! We hit Rodizio, the Brazillian steak house at Trolly Square right when they opened at 4:00. At first #4 seemed to be having a bit of an anxiety attack (complaining of his tummy), he didn't like anything on the buffet portion. But he surprised us by being willing to try a bunch of the different meats ... rattlesnake sausage, wild boar, chicken heart (he said that was disgusting). Our family favorites are the traditional beef and bacon wrapped turkey. We were all quite stuffed. It was a fun family outing, just wish the two oldest boys could have been with us. 

1024 (Saturday) 161.9. Total Burn 2495.  Exercise Burn 650/744 (Zumba, Walking). Calories in 2550. I had been looking forward to a lazy Saturday morning sleep in, but then Hubs said he was taking off around 7:00 to go mountain biking. So I decided to get up too, and hit a Zumba class. I'd gone to Zumba Underground a long time ago, when it was in the basement of a house. She has since started Saturdays at a local gym. She was letting her Undergrounders in for free. It was a nice space, nice floor, just four of us. I'll try to hit it again. Then #5 had his basketball game at 10:00. Very easy win for the boys, but my munchkin slid into the concrete seating while trying to save a ball and hit his head hard. Poor kid. I was so cold and not feeling great when we got back home, so I layed down for a bit. Then I was off with #3 to his two games at 3:00 and 5:00. I was video-taping, but as we were getting thrashed I figured I wouldn't be making a highlight video, and I walked while I watched. I walked the hallway while reading in-between games, and even practiced a little Zumba when I found an empty room. In the evening Hubs and I watched "Age of Adeline" and ate popcorn. Yummy popcorn. Oops ... over in calories!

1023 (Friday) 162.6. Total Burn 3185. Exercise Burn 1270/1430 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1450. I sleep in a little on Fridays with late start at the high school and middle school. I wasn't feeling 100% either. My stomach felt a little sick, and my head was foggy. I did some elliptical and got the kids off to school. I wasn't sure if I had the motivation to even try to do Zumba on my own. Then Nina posted about her $5 Friday class, a new location, and I knew right where it was. I decided it hit it. It was a little crowded ... and I hoped being a paid class it might start on time, but alas, still late ... but I was so glad I went and I felt good after (although later in the day the tummy/head issues did come back a bit). Got in some additional elliptical and bike. Should have done weights, but didn't get them in. Early out at the elementary, and after middle-school pickup, #3 had a game (at Soccer City, close to my Monday Zumba). They lost. Two more games tomorrow. Kept calories in check.

1022 (Thursday) 162.8. Total Burn 3487. Exercise Burn 1595/1731 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Lawn Mow). Calories in 1950. Got in my elliptical, Zumba and bike, and got the lawn mowed as well. Evening Zumba didn't happen though, as I was the only one to show ;(  Still at 31+K for the day!

1021 (Wednesday) 164.0. Total Burn 3339. Exercise Burn 1444/1575 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1850. The usual morning (elliptical sessions and morning school carpools) and then Zumba. Got in extra elliptical throughout the day, and bike. Made some scones with the leftover dough.

1020 (Tuesday) 162.3. Total Burn 3601. Exercise Burn 1650/1847 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4.1milesTrack). Calories in 2400. Up and ellipticalled, then got the boys off to school. Walked to/from Zumba again. Back at home, I made dough and prepped breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. I baked up some chicken and made soup for dinner. Got in some additional exercise and did weights. #5 had his practice in the evening, so I walked the track while waiting.

1019 (Monday) 164.4. Total Burn 3513. Exercise Burn 1730/1754 (100minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Hula). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine. Up early for some elliptical before getting the boys off to school. It was a "purple party" at Zumba, and quite a larger crowd than the usual. I did a quick stop at Kmart on the way home. Got in several more elliptical sessions and my bike. Also some hula. Monday Mountain Mike pizza day, I just grabbed it to bring home. Hubs returned safely from his trip, but didn't get in until really late.

1018 (Sunday) 163.2. Total Burn 2540. Exercise Burn 830/781 (60minElliptical, Bike, Hula). Calories in 2450. Without Daddy here, we didn't do the usual Sunday Circles, as he is the waffle maker! I did pancakes instead. Usually pancakes don't really appeal to me, but I had some. I got in some exercise, but not a lot, just barely enough to cover calories for the day (as they were a bit high, dang ice cream and candy corn temptations!) I got in a nice Sunday nap as well. 

1017 (Saturday) 164.5. Total Burn 2889. Exercise Burn 1200/1123 (100minElliptical, Bike, Hula). Calories in 1800. We didn't have a lot on deck today, no basketball games with the fall break. I went to the grocery store to grab some things, we were about out of milk and bread. #3 got invited to go play basketball with his buddies, but then they got kicked out of the church, so I had to go right back and pick him up. There had been rain in the forecast, but it didn't hit until late. I didn't even know it was raining until #3 pointed it out. #2 was working concessions at the soccer game, I hoped they didn't get too wet there!

1016 (Friday) 164.2. Total Burn 3042. Exercise Burn 1380/1278 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 80min/4.5milesTrack, Bike). Calories in 2000. With no school carpools, I was able to hit Zumba. The two yougest kids wanted to go shoot hoops at the rec center. I feel comfortable leaving them if older brothers are there to watch ... but older brothers didn't want to go. So I stayed, walked the track and did some bike while they played. My folks came over in the evening. We went out to Mountain Mike's pizza, which had a gluten-free crust for Grandpa, and video games for the kids. We always bring plenty of quarters. Then my folks came back to the house and we played games. Scattergories, Rummikube and Apples to Apples. It was a fun night. We missed #2 who was working.

1015 (Thursday) 162.6. Total Burn 3148. Exercise Burn 1400/1393 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2450. The kids are out of school for UEA, so I slept in, and didn't get in any early elliptical. In fact, I barely made it to Zumba at 9:00. The kids actually seemed bored already (just on day one) and #3 and #4 both spend a bit of time in the home gym (MY home gym). I hit evening Zumba as well. Hubs was packed and supposed to fly out to Seattle today at 5:45, but got to the airport late and missed the flight. He ended up re-booking for the morning, so he came home to sleep. He just can't stay away ;) There had been an advertisement for the buffet Golden Corral and the two little boys thought it looked good. We hadn't been in forever, so I told them I'd take them today. It was a bust. The kids were not impressed at all. I was glad they had gotten in on a $2 special. I ate too much though ...

1014 (Wednesday) 162.9. Total Burn 3458. Exercise Burn 1621/1701 (100minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2000. Got in my early elliptical, and then more than the usual throughout the day (I started a new show, "Zoo" which has me hooked). Zumba at MZL, it was a "purple party" for domestic awareness. They always take group pictures with these, but I usually take off quickly at the end. This time they stopped class quick, so I was actually in the picture. I went overboard with the candy corn today ... I can't just have one handful, I end up having several. 

1013 (Tuesday) 163.2. Total Burn 3280. Exercise Burn 1600/1523 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4milesTrack, 15minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2050. The kids often like to go a little early to school, get in extra playing time. Today we were early enough that I returned home and then walked to Zumba. It was a beautiful morning, but the cool outside made the gym in the church seem extra warm. It felt so good to walk out into the cool morning after class! I really need to get more accomplished, especially on Tuesdays, the early class gives me some extra time. I just haven't felt very motivated of late. #2 was working a double Real game, so he was off as soon as school was out. #3 has had a cold, but still hit weights after school, and the basketball clinic in the evening. #5 had scouts after school, and then basketball practice in the evening. #4 came with us and shot around, while I walked the track. I just didn't have any energy to jog tonight.

1012 (Monday) 164.8. Total Burn 3180. Exercise Burn 1450/1412 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/1.5mileTreadmillIncline, 10minWii). Calories in 1400. Back to the routine. Got in early elliptical, 40min before Zumba. Stopped at Kmart on the way home. #2 was home, hadn't been feeling well at school. He had a basketball game in the evening, but was skipping it to attend a work thing (who IS this kid?). He was able to get a nap in too. Poor kid is really burning the candle at both ends. Hubs took #4 to a Jazz game (pre-season, but front row seats). Didn't get a letter from my missionary today :(

1011 (Sunday) 163.2. Total Burn 2472. Exercise Burn 650/713 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Not sure if it was my empty tummy keeping me awake, or something else, but it wasn't a great night for sleeping. Hubs left early for some pickleball. I had to hit church a little earlier than my usual, so we didn't do the traditional Sunday Circle breakfast. There were Krispie Creme left over from yesterday ... hubs had brought them home after his trip dropping off the ducks (I had one yesterday, one today,  #4 resisted and didn't have any! The other kids had them for breakfast). Walked to/from church. #2 was off to work again. The rest of us hit Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. I limited myself to one roll. I hadn't totally planned on an hour of elliptical today. I did one 20min session in the morning, and ended up doing two more in the evening after eating a bit more than I had planned. Still kept intake under burn ... just barely!

1010 (Saturday) 164.4. Total Burn 3002. Exercise Burn 950/1236 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 800. Slept in a little, then hit the elliptical first thing. #5 had a basketball game at 11:00. I tried to walk around a little as I ran the video camera. He and I did a little shopping after, picking him up a new ball and some new shoes. It was a productive day at home. Vacuuming, bathrooms, laundry, cleaning out some cupboards and mowing the lawn. Hubs took the ducks to a farm for the winter. Big football day for the local colleges, but #4 was watching basketball (pre-season NBA). #2 worked the Real soccer game (double header) then stopped by KFC, and ended up staying and helping them close as they were understaffed. I did get in additional elliptical and my reading/riding on the bike ... kept calories way low today.

1009 (Friday) 164.3. Total Burn 2519. Exercise Burn 770/754 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 1950. A little bummed that weight went UP from yesterday's weigh-in. I definitely had a deficit yesterday. Not sure if I was down about that (although overall satisfied with the one pound loss for the week), or just a bit worn out from my week, but it wasn't a terribly productive day. Friday is late-start anyway (at the high school and middle school) and now that I don't have a Zumba class to go to ... I was just dragging after the final drop off. I didn't have internal motivation to do Zumba on my own, instead, I took a nap. Because I'm a SAHM with kids in school and I'm spoiled and lazy like that. Early out at the elementary. Grabbed some Papa Murphy on the way home from picking up the middle-schooler. That was dinner. I did have some of the thin crust with alfredo. I wanted more, but limited myself to two pieces. Hubs and #3 did a derby again. #5 had a friend over, and I didn't quite feel comfortable disappearing into the gym, so I didn't get in a lot of activity today.

1008 (Thursday) 164.2. Total Burn 3342. Exercise Burn 1640/1578 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 1900. Early elliptical, Zumba, and a quick stop at the store. Additional elliptical and bike. Hubs and #3 had another derby tonight, I managed to make a spaghetti dinner to feed them before they were off (although #2 was gone to work already). I did indulge in some of the french bread. Evening Zumba, then home for a shower and to bed.

1007 (Wednesday) 165.6. Total Burn 3277. Exercise Burn 1400/1505 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1350. Early elliptical, boys to school, then Zumba. Stopped at Sears/Sams/Walmart on the way home. Indulged in some Skinny Pop, and even a Nutrageous bar (I've had one in my drawer for a while now and resisted).  Additional elliptical, even an extra 20min today. Reading/riding on the bike too, although it was late in the evening, I wasn't sure I would get it in. The older boys had basketball clinic. Managed to get in dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks) before they left. It's hard to coordinate schedules. I do like the chicken&gravy over rice, but I didn't have any tonight, keeping calories quite low for the day, even with my earlier indulgences.

1006 (Tuesday) 166.7. Total Burn 3546. Exercise Burn 1750/1767 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/5milesTrack). Calories in 1500. Got in some early morning elliptical before getting the boys off to school. Hit Zumba, then home for a while. Additional elliptical, bike and weights. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. I sure didn't feel like jogging, but it's either that, or sit and wait, or make multiple trips. Jogging it is. I really surprised myself getting in over 9000 steps during that hour. Kept calories low today too. It helps when I make a dinner I don't like (Taco Tuesday).

1005 (Monday) 167.3  Total Burn 3246. Exercise Burn 1379/1464 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/1.5milesTreadmillIncline). Calories in 1600. I must admit to being a little sad at the scale shift up over the weekend. I was good all three days and had deficits, and still a two pound up. But ... it is lower than it has been lately on a Monday morning, so that is good I guess. Got in 40min on the elliptical (three sessions) between getting the kids up and off to school. Hit Zumba, then stopped at Kmart and CalRanch on the way home (more food for the duckies). Laundry and such, then afternoon pickups. Mac&Cheese for dinner. Hubs was out with a work friend for dinner and a movie and didn't get back until late. #2 was working, and the little boys got caught up on "The Voice" and watched it live ... commercials! I can't stand commercials! Netflix, Amazon and PlayOn have spoiled me!

1004 (Sunday) 166.7 Total Burn 2500. Exercise Burn 609/721 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Another quiet day. #2 slept almost the entire morning, and then was off to work. My family was having their monthly gathering, but Daddy and the boys were getting home around that same time, so I stayed home and made them dinner and dessert. I do enjoy the quiet house for a short time, but it's nice to have everyone back too. 

1003 (Saturday) 166.2 Total Burn 2636. Exercise Burn 1000/860 (60minElliptical, Bike, 30min/2.25 Treadmill). Calories in 2000. I'd thought about hitting Zumba over at USSD, but then I slept in after my late night to bed. Another quiet day, as #2 was out with his girlfriend for most of it (with the car, Dad had taken mine, I didn't want to drive his big ol' truck). I got in some exercise. Eating was ok ... it was cold and rainy and cocoa and toast sounded good ... and I haven't been able to stay away from the candy corn.  

1002 (Friday) 165.3. Total Burn 2878. Exercise Burn 1259/1107 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. I went ahead and took #5 to school, then hit Zumba. I usually can't hit Debbie's class on Fridays, as it starts at 9:00, and I have to drop off #3 at 9:30, but with middle school out today, I could! It was nice to get to that class again. Back at home I helped pack up some stuff, and then Daddy and the three little boys were off for the weekend. #2 couldn't miss school or work, so he was staying home, and I was staying home with him. It was a very quiet day. I was able to keep exercise and eating better than a usual Friday, and better than I would have on the road with the family. I couldn't get to sleep until really late though.

1001 (Thursday) 166.5. Total Burn 3474. Exercise Burn 1500/1691 (60minElliptical, ZumbaX2, Bike). Calories in 1800. Well there was the scale shift. I wasn't sure it was going to happen this week. That was the highlight though. It was a rough morning. Even with the bad sleep, I've been getting up and hitting the elliptical first thing, getting in 30-40minutes in before hitting Zumba. This morning, there was an issue with the computer that had #4 stressed out, and #5 broke down completely, stressed about missing school tomorrow, as Daddy has planned a weekend getaway and wanted to leave early. So ... I went into the school when I dropped off the munchkins and talked with the teacher and everything will be fine. I hit Zumba, then stopped at the store grabbing a few groceries and my prescriptions. My thyroid medication actually didn't have any refills left, but they were able to call and get another month ... but I do have to get into the doctor for my annual exam. I did start my anxiety medication back up. I'd quit it in the Spring, not really feeling it was doing anything. I'm not sure if it helps my anxiety at all, but I do think maybe it helps with nervous eating. I've been doing better since I started it up again, and when I stopped is when I had my weight gain over the summer ... got in my elliptical,  but my bike was interrupted when I had to pick up #3 from school (he was scheduled to go to weights, but it got cancelled). We went back to the school a bit later for parent/teacher conferences, although they are "student lead" and I didn't really talk to many of the teachers (the kid has all As). I went to evening Zumba, taking a neighbor girl who wanted to attend too. Not many people tonight, it sure varies. I got my best stats of the week at this class. Kept calories in check today too.

0930 (Wednesday) 168.9. Total Burn 3181. Exercise Burn 1220/1390 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 850. Not sleeping at night. Still down and off. Hit MZL, it was a "pink" theme for breast cancer awareness. Still getting in the steps, even if I'm not getting the heart rate up. Stopped at a few stores on the way home, grabbing some groceries (Maceys, Sams, Walmart). I wasn't very hungry, and really didn't eat all day. I'd put a roast in, and that was dinner, with some Brazillian cheese rolls. I didn't have any sugar today ... TOM time too.

0929 (Tuesday) 169.1. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1600/1459 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4.5milesTrack). Calories in 2450.  A bit disappointed I didn't get a scale drop like last week after a good Monday. Still dragging and down. Another night of bad sleep. Again, didn't feel like going to Zumba, but much better than staying at home in the fetal position. Routine of elliptical and bike, and in the evening #5 had basketball practice. I didn't feel like jogging the track, but didn't want to just sit, or make trips back either, so I jogged the track. #4 had an active day, and came and played basketball at the gym too, and hit a new high of 32k, beating me for the day (which he really wanted to do! I was at 29K). Hubs had a derby he went to straight after work and didn't get home until late. I did overindulge in banana bread and some comfort treats today.

0928 (Monday) 170.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3087. Exercise Burn 1200/1285 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1500. Horrible night, couldn't sleep. Down, discouraged, defeated day. Didn't even feel like going to Zumba, but I did, and felt a bit better for going. Went through the motions today. At least the helped keep calories low.

0927 (Sunday) 169.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2032. Exercise Burn 100/238 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2450. So, that jump on the scale was deserved I guess. Hubs and I had an argument ... down day. We did our usual breakfast, but I didn't eat much (depression diet kicking in a bit). Walked to/from church, did my usual Sunday piano. Got in a nap. Hubs suggested bowling with the boys. I had some fried cheese sticks there and actually won the first game after getting a couple strikes in a row. Made homemade oreos in the evening.

0926 (Saturday) 167.4. Very Bad Day. Total Burn 2186, Exercise Burn 300/403 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3500. Up a pound :(  ... frustrating after a good Friday! I'd laid croissants out, so that was breakfast. #5 had his first basketball game with this new team ... ouch, it was a slaughter (by our boys). It was 72-0. We had considered playing up in the Superleague, but that had it's disadvantages, but it seems as though that would have been the right move after all. It was Homecoming for #2, they did their "day date" (bubble soccer) and then dinner and the dance. I only got in a little exercise today ... got in a LOT of eating :(

0925 (Friday) 166.4. Good Day. Total Burn 3074. Exercise Burn 1390/1297 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. After getting the kids off to school, late start for #3, I came home and attempted Zumba myself. We don't really have a good, open spot. In the past I've tried it in the gym downstairs (not great), and in the family room (the new couch situation no longer gives enough space) and the master bath, which is what I did today. I have a mirror and use the computer for the playlist. It went okay. Early out at the elementary. Hubs and #3 did a derby in the evening. Friday night ones are rare, but with nothing on deck for the evening, I got in a little additional exercise. Kept calories in check too.

0924 (Thursday) 167.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3385. Exercise Burn 1635/1604 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. The little boys have been wanting to go early to school, to get in some extra playing time. It generally works out great, but on Thursdays I usually go straight to Zumba after dropping them off, and that already puts me 10-15 minutes early. I didn't want to be 20+ minutes early, so I ran back home, even though it was only for a short while. Still did make it to Zumba on time. I had gotten some elliptical in before, and I got in more after to equal my hour. Did my reading and riding too. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went, even though he could have gone to basketball at the high school. #2 also chose work over basketball clinic, working the Real soccer game (a concessions stand). I hit my evening Zumba, and stopped at Little Caesars for Crazy Bread. I'd done quite well on calories to that point, but I just can't resist that yummy, soft, buttery, bread! Still, not bad for the day.

0923 (Wednesday) 168.0. Good Day. Total Burn 3340. Exercise Burn 1360/1554 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WiiFit). Calories in 1200. The scale shifted a bit more. Yea! More motivation to keep it in control. Several elliptical sessions to hit my hour, but it's great getting a couple in during the morning hours before Zumba. #3 has still been working out in MY gym, which has made it a little harder to get in my workouts later in the day. While he was in there today, I decided to hit the WiiFit. It's been a while. #4 mentioned he had been using it (to weigh himself, and said he's lost 5 pounds in the last week or so! I'd been aware of him actively trying to exercise and eat better, but was still surprised!) Just 10min for me, mostly balance exercises. Also mowed the lawn and got in my reading and riding. Really managed to keep calories in check (while still consuming candy corn). 

0922 (Tuesday) 168.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3295. Exercise Burn 1400/1504 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Track-30min/2miles, Bike). Calories in 2100. So nice to see a little scale shift after a good day. It motivates me. Got in early elliptical, and more throughout the day to hit my hour (finished up season 1 of Revolution, going on to Season 2). I've been getting a lot of reading in to between my bike rides and before bed. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, at the gym with a track above. I brought my headphones and shoes and did some jogging, and #4 came along to practice his basketball skills too. But they actually didn't have the gym open (there were practices on all the courts) and he got kicked off and wanted to go home, so I ran him to the house then back to the gym for pickup. Maybe next week I'll get a full hour of jogging/walking in, but 30min was actually enough for me today! Hubs and #3 were doing a derby, and #2 was off playing in a basketball game. Wish it was closer, I love to watch him play. Did okay on calories today. Candy corn is still a huge temptation, and I make it even harder by having it around! I can eat that stuff by the handful (although I take several small bites of each kernel of corn *Ü*). The banana bread was around to tempt me, and then the little boys wanted toasted cheese for dinner and it looked good (but I limited myself to a half).

0921 (Monday) 172.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3110. Exercise Burn 1250/1300 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1600. I got in a 20min and a 10 min session on the elliptical in the morning before dropping the kids off at school. It's nice to get a jumpstart on the day like that. Hit Zumba and stopped at a couple stores on the way home. #5 had a little friend over after school. I managed to control calories today ... which isn't at all the same as eating healthy, but still ... made more banana bread today as I had a big bunch turning brown. Limited myself to one slice though!

0920 (Sunday) 171.8. BAD Day. Total Burn 1862. Exercise Burn 0/54 (No Exercise). Calories in 4000. We got up early and headed up to my brother's church to hear his step-daughter report on her mission to Texas. We went over to the house after to visit and eat, but had to duck out a bit early to get #2 home for his shift at KFC. I took a lovely nap. We decided to get dinner, and went to Red Robin, it had been a while! More popcorn as we finished our movie (wifi had gone wonky last night and we had to stop watching). 

0919 (Saturday) 169.3. BAD Day. Total Burn 2180. Exercise Burn 300/387 (20min Elliptical). Calories in 3750. Hubs was running errands in the morning, and brought home donuts. They were yummy donuts, I had more than one. I walked over to the church around 11:00. The "Achievement Day" girls (ages 9-11) had an activity going on, and I had been asked to come talk a bit about Zumba and show them some steps. I did four songs and felt it went well. #3 had a party in the late afternoon, I took him out and Daddy picked him up after. I'd stuck a roast in the crock pot, and we had that for dinner, with Hub's yummy mashed potatoes too. Then some popcorn as we watched a movie.

0918 (Friday) 170.0. Okay Day. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 400/566 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Slow start Friday. After dropping off the munchkins, I did a quick run to Maceys to grab some beef they had on sale. Home just in time to unload quickly and and then take #3 to middle school, late start. Then I went straight back to the elementary to help out with the "olympics" there. #4 was in the 3-lap run and came in second place. His team won the olympics though! He'd really been stressing about the whole thing, but I think he enjoyed it after all. Luckily, the bad weather we've been having all week and cleared up for today. Back at home, I waited for the appraiser, as we're refinancing. That took up some of the afternoon. Hubs took off work a bit early and headed up the mountains to join my brothers and dad for a hike. I was invited, but thought they might be going further/faster than I'd be able to. There was a Zumba thing, Southziders 1-year birthday party ... I just couldn't find the motivation to leave the house again. So, slow exercise day ... at least I did keep eating in check.

0917 (Thursday) 171.3. Okay Day. Total Burn 3155. Exercise Burn 1354/1350 (30minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2700.  Marian couldn't make it to Mountain View Zumba today, so she asked me to handle the class with the other helpers. I prepped a playlist and it went well. Got in some exercise back at home, but again, lost motivation mid-day. Luckily I did have enough energy to make it to Zumba in the evening. I wasn't carpooling with anyone, so I grabbed some Crazy Bread on the way home.

0916 (Wednesday) 171.3. Okay Day. Total Burn 2894. Exercise Burn 1000/1090 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2700. Banana bread, some breadsticks from Papa Murphy and candy corn pushed me over on calories today. I'm finding it hard to stay motivated during the day ... still stormy outside.

0915 (Tuesday) 1706.6. Okay Day. Total Burn 2847. Exercise Burn  1000/1046 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2600. A little over indulgence on banana bread today. It was a cold and stormy morning, so the toasted, warm bread just hit the spot. #4 was stressed because of the weather. I walked him into the school and we talked to the principal and teacher about options if he didn't want to go outside for recess. I actually came back to the school in the afternoon for a volunteer project (helping bleach t-shirts) and the weather was awful! Pouring rain and big thunderclaps. #4 survived though. Hubs had a derby in the evening. #3 went along to help, even though it meant missing basketball open play over at the high school.

0914 (Monday) 170.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1200/1455 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1700. Ready to get back it. Got in a little elliptical before Zumba, had a good class out at Southziders. More elliptical, bike and I mowed the lawn. Kept calories in check today too, even though I mad banana bread (and ate a slice).

0913 (Sunday) 169.7. Okay Day. Total Burn 2210. Exercise Burn 200/414 (20minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Got in some elliptical, and walked to/from church ... that was it for exercise. We did our usual Sunday Circles for breakfast. Hubs went up to Oktoberfest for some of the day. I did manage to keep calories in check today, actually wasn't that hard today.

0912 (Saturday) 170.6. Okay Day. Total Burn 2128. Exercise Burn 300/327 (Hike). Calories in 1800. There was a hike planned while the out-of-town family was here. We headed out early, and hit the Bells Canyon Trail. It was pretty steep, a bit hard for Maga and the little kids. The hike to the waterfall was two miles, so we cut things short, stopping at the reservoir (which was very low, more like a big mud puddle). We went back to my other BIL's home and he made donuts. Pumpkin spice ones, so I wasn't tempted. Home again for a bit, then we were off for a wedding. It was warm out! There was food there, Mexican ... which isn't really something I like so again, not that hard to control calories. I did have a cupcake. Didn't get in any exercise today.

0911 (Friday) 169.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 710/725 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3100. Late start Friday. Got the kids off then hit Zumba. I started out fine, hitting a high HR even during the warm up ... then the fatigue that has been plauging me all week hit. I could just feel it in my arms and my legs. Didn't get great numbers. The instructor has been a little discouraged by the lack of people and energy and announced she's going to shut down this free class. It doesn't really surprise me, but now I'm not sure what I'll do for Fridays. I'm feeling a bit burned out, maybe I'll just take them off. We'll see. Only got in a little elliptical today. My BIL's family was in from out of town. They dropped their girls off to hang at our house while the adults went out (I stayed home). They didn't get back until 1:30ish. BIL also reassured us our cats weren't killing each other, but merely playing ... so we let them stay out together for most of the night.  I spent some time on the computer (blog update, finishing a basketball muvee) and I tend to mindlessly eat while I work ... and that happened. An entire box of Sugar Babies, gone!

0910 (Thursday) 171.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3120. Exercise Burn 1250/1314 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2300. The scale sure doesn't take much to move up, whereas it won't go the other direction, even when the numbers say it should (which admittedly, hasn't been much lately). Again, totally dragging. Made it through morning Zumba, did some elliptical. I wasn't sure if I'd get to my evening Zumba class, as #5 had a basketball practice at the high school at the same time. There was also a football game at the high school, which meant parking would be a zoo. I convinced #3 to help me out, attending the practice with the little guy, so I could just drop them off and then hit Zumba. I went right back after and the timing was about perfect. In my rush, I didn't hit Little Caesars, but knowing that I had gone earlier after picking #3 up from his weights session at the school. So there were breadstick in the meal log today. Over in calories, but not too bad. 

0909 (Wednesday) 170.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2787. Exercise Burn 825/985 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2850. Totally dragging today. Not sure if it is lack of sleep, or muscle fatigue from yesterday's workout, but NO motivation today. Went to Zumba but couldn't get the heart rate up. Only a couple of sessions on the elliptical. I must admit, I laid down and napped for a bit. And I was starving for treats ... and I ate.

0908 (Tuesday) 170.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3230. Exercise Burn 1360/1432 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. And ... over. I was so not wanting to cross into the 170s, but I just can't seem to stop it. But ... had a good day today, although calories were still a bit high. The Zumba instructor was out of town for the Labor Day weekend, so she had me handling the class, which was fine with several of us there who knew routines. Back at home I got in elliptical, bike and weights. Made a lemon jello cake to celebrate #1's birthday yesterday (even though he isn't around to eat it). Hubs was out really late and I just wasn't able to get to sleep until he got home.

0907 (Monday) 169.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2466. Exercise Burn 500/672 (20minElliptical/Hike). Calories in 3200. Hubs had the say off for Labor Day. It's also #1's birthday, but with him off in Mexico, we didn't have a big celebration of it here (we had written and sent packages I hope made it there in time). Hubs wanted to hit a hike. We grabbed #2's girlfriend and headed up the mountains ... with half of Utah. It was crazy crowded, which just amps up my anxiety, but I tried not to let it get out of control. We went to Hidden Falls, then Donut Falls. Donut Falls was crazy crowded. At some spots on the trail there was a "line" as only one person could traverse a certain spot. The falls themselves were covered with people and we couldn't even attempt to get very close. Even just what we did got the kids feet wet and they were not happy about it! So ... it was a bit of a fail. No one had really had breakfast, so we stopped at Chuck-a-Rama for lunch (about 1800 calories right there in that meal estimation). We didn't have much else going on for the day. Hubs made Mac and Cheese (from scratch) for dinner. We got our weekly email from #1 son and I updated the blog. Back to the routine tomorrow.

0906 (Sunday) 169.2. Bad Day. Total Burn 2415. Exercise Burn 420/620 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. There were still some donuts from yesterday, that was breakfast. I did my duty as primary pianist, but I'm hoping that might end soon. Hubs and I did get in a little nap, then we headed over to my folks for the monthly "waffles and welatives" gathering. Hubs made his waffle mix, and I had made some muffins. We also brought the water balloon filler, even though the day was quite cool. #3 and I had grandma walk us around the yard telling us the kind of trees they have as we gathered some leaves to press for a biology assignment. Between the donut breakfast and waffles and such ... not a good eating day.

0905 (Saturday) 168.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2659. Exercise Burn 400/870 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Weight up again? I had a good day yesterday, I just don't understand it! It is TOM time, but I usually haven't been able to see any correlation with it and weight gain. The morning was good. I started with some elliptical, then spent the morning with the little boys cleaning the basement ... their room and the bathroom (which was very scary!). Pulled all the sheets off, put new ones on and had the washer running all day long. Hubs was out running errands ... and just driving around, in the new car much of the day. He came home with Krispy Kreme donuts. I had done good on food for the morning but then I bagged it and it ended up a bad eating day with the donuts and some other treats. 

0904 (Friday) 167.7. Good Day. Total Burn 2919. Exercise Burn 988/1135 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1550. I'll admit to being discouraged at the weigh-in today. Hubs slept in a little too, had a bit of duckie time, and was around for the croissants I had remembered to lay out for breakfast. Dropped off the kidlets and went to my Zumba class. Got some elliptical in. Had to check out the elementary kids early, as #5 had a dentist appointment. He didn't know he would have to get a "numb cheek" and was pretty upset about it. I ran a couple errands while he was being worked on. Did get done in time to pick up Mr. Middle School. My SIL had said she'd do my hair (highlights) so I went out there for a few hours in the evening. It sure is hard to just sit for hours! My poor back was feeling it. But I like being blond again. Kept calories in check today (even with the morning croissant).

0903 (Thursday) 166.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3277. Exercise Burn 1370/1497 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2000. A Zumba instructor I'm friends with on Facebook but had never actually met came to Mountain View Zumba today, so that was fun. Of course we had her do some numbers. I didn't stop anywhere on the way home today and should have gotten more done in at home, but I was dragging. Hit my evening Zumba with a neighbor. Hubs ended up grabbing a couple ducks that had been abandoned in the neighborhood ... so we have duckies again. These guys are huge though! Not your standard mallard like the wild ones or the ones we had. I'd done pretty good on calories, but did snack a bit on chips and candy corn there at the end of the day.

0902 (Wednesday) 168.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1050/1123 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1200. Had a good day. Hit Zumba, then a few stores on the way home (Walmart, Sams, Sears). Got in elliptical and bike, but more important, I controlled calories today! Really didn't have any treats, although I did make brownies for the boys and liked the bowl a bit. Second session of basketball tryouts for #5, but as I feared, not enough for a team. We may still put one together with the 3rd/4th kids that were there, at a local superleague, we'll see. 

0901 (Tuesday) 168.1. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3099. Exercise Burn 1225/1312 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. Kids to school and straight to Zumba. Got in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, and reading/riding on the bike. Should have done weights, but I was dragging during the day and didn't get to it. Had additional pickups after school, grabbing #3 from his weight training workout at the high school, then back there in the evening for #5's basketball tryout. I didn't have to stay, but I did watch. He did good but there aren't many boys his age, probably not enough for a team. Too many treats (mint ice cream and candy corn were the main culprits today). 

0831 (Monday) 169.7. Good Day. Total Burn 3432. Exercise Burn 1350/1636 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1450. Okay, I admit I may have stepped on the scale more than once to get a reading under 170. I really didn't think I'd be seeing these numbers again. :(  Motivated me to have a good day. Got in my elliptical, zumba and bike and mowed the lawn too.  I even kept calories in control, despite Hubs deciding to buy a brand new car (the cost of which stressed me out) and it being #3's birthday (I resisted the birthday cake). Good Day.

0830 (Sunday) No Weigh In. Bad Day. Total Burn 2017. Exercise Burn 0/226 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. I wish we could have extended check out in the morning to let the kids get in one last swim. Check out was 10:00, and the pool didn't open until 10:00. So we just packed up and headed home. We were going to stop for breakfast, but the location of choice (Pancake Haus in Sugarhouse) was packed and overflowing. We decided to just head home and make our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. The kids were anxious to see the kitties (after leaving them for a day and a half). It was nice to have some home relax time before the week started up again. #2 did have to go into work, and the rest of us enjoyed a dinner at Tepanyaki (#3's birthday choice). 

0829 (Saturday) No Weigh In. Bad Day. Total Burn 2258. Exercise Burn 0/479 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. We headed out to grab some breakfast. There are no chain restaurant places like Denny's or Village Inn in Park City. We did a quick stop at Walmart (I ran in and grabbed a swimsuit for #4 who had forgotten his) and Hubs filled up with gas. We ended up at a Mountain Grill, which a website had said was inexpensive, but it was pricey for small servings! We then hit the mountain resort ... and want to talk pricey! It was $75 per person! Yikes. We hit the Alpine Coaster a couple of times first. The two little boys went with Mom and Dad the first time, then alone. Then we hit some of the other attractions ... the trampoline, rock climbing, a bounce obstacle course and mini golf. Then we did the Alpine Slide and rode the lift up the mountain. The lines were pretty long, and we all got some sun, even with sunscreen. The passes/park closed at 6:00, but we were all pretty much done by 4:00. We had a nice dinner (some at the restaurant, and bringing some back to the condo, as they had a take out deal that was so much better than the sit down prices) and then some more swimming and then to bed.

0828 (Friday) Weight 166.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2818. Exercise Burn 630/1039 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Happy Birthday to my #4 today. I was going to have nice fresh croissants but I forgot to lay them out to rise last night, so we did french toast instead. I got the kids off and went out to Heather's class in Sandy. I hadn't hit it all summer, as there were closer ones, but with school back in session, and late start at the middle school, it is the only one that fits my schedule... and I love Heather. I was a little afraid I would have "first time syndrome" again as it had been so long, but it all came right back and I got good stats. I stopped at Sears on the way home and grabbed some shoes and t-shirts to add to the few presents I had (oh, and picked up a new mat for the trampoline as well!). Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. Then we packed up for the weekend and headed up to Park City for a birthday weekend of family fun. The boys hit the pool at the condo and we went out to dinner. I'd brought up a birthday cake too.

0827 (Thursday) Weight 166.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3562. Exercise Burn 1765/1783 (70minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2200.  On Thursdays, I don't really have time to go home after dropping the kids off to school, so I just go straight to Zumba, even though I end up there quite early. Today, I stopped a couple blocks down from the church, dropping the car off at our mechanic, as the power seats/windows haven't been working. Hoping it was just a fuse that could be fixed in an hour, I left it there and walked up to the church for Zumba. Good class ... lots of purple today! After class, I walked back and yea, it had been a fuse, so we were fixed. Stopped at Smiths and grabbed my prescription and some groceries. Got in quite a bit of elliptical today too, I'd started early, actually getting up at 5:30 today, and getting in 30min before getting the kids off to school. I was wrapping up a series, and watching the new Walking Dead show. Got some reading in too ... I've had several of my holds come in all at once! Did okay controlling calories ... dang candy corn temptations! Evening Zumba too. 

0826 (Wednesday) Weight 166.2. Ok Day. Total Burn 2892. Exercise Burn 763/1116 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. It was a bit stormy today, so the morning was a little rough with #4. I went to MZL for Zumba, as it's nice and close, and I just do tend to get better numbers there then the one out by Sunset Ridge. I hit some stores on the way home (Sears, Walmart, Sams). The big bags of Brachs candy corn were available ... yes, I ate too much candy corn today! Only got in 30min on the elliptical. I was waiting for someone to stop by, and I don't feel like I can hit my gym, as I can't hear the doorbell downstairs. So ... it wasn't a super productive day.

0825 (Tuesday) Weight 168.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1235/1502 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Bike). Calories in 2350. First day of school for the other three today. #2 again got up and off on his own. I've been prepping his lunch the night before so I don't have to get up that early myself. The other boys got up easily too. I had been worried after the summer of sleeping in. I'm back to driving #3 to school. I got spoiled last year after #2 got his license and started driving them both to school. One drop off at 7:20, the elementary at 8:30. I made it to my 8:45 Zumba and hit my 10x10. Had a productive day at home, getting in additional exercise, even weights! Did some cleaning and such too. It was a good day, although I could have controlled the calories a bit better. Too many treats, and then I put a roast in the crock pot and made Brazillian Cheese Rolls, and those added up too!

0824 (Monday) Weight 168.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1012/1222 (30minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2650.  The high school started today, so #2 was up and off early, as he's taking LDS seminary before school and it starts at 6:00. I did set my alarm, but I heard he was awake, so I didn't get up that early myself. Hit my usual double Zumba in the morning, last time for that for me. Stopped at a couple stores on the way home, then #3 wanted a ride to a friend's church to play basketball (which was the church I'd been hitting Zumba at a few times on Wednesdays). We had "Back to School Night" at the elementary. Happy that #4's class is inside, no windows even. 6th grade has been in the portables for the past few years, and I wonder if the principal moved them in just for my weather phobic boy. My 4th grader IS in the portables this year. We found their classrooms, met the teachers, etc.

0823 (Sunday) Weight 166.2. Bad Day. Total Burn 2352. Exercise Burn 0/576 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Today we had a family day going to Lagoon, a local amusement park. I can't remember the last time we went, it was years ago. Stopped at McDonalds for a quick bit on the way. As soon as the park opened, some of the kids went to hit the new ride "Cannibal" (and it was still a 30+min wait). #4 and I hit a couple others with Daddy. We met up with the other kids. It was pretty busy. Long lines. We were ready to call it around 4:00. Eating wasn't great ... lots of snacking. I actually hadn't done too bad at the park, but I ate quite a bit back at home. 

0822 (Saturday) Weight 165.7. Bad Day. Total Burn 2470. Exercise Burn 400/697 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Busy family day today. Hubs was up and off running errands. I took #5 to his final basketball game of the summer season (they won). Now I really need to get to his videos! In the early evening, we had a family reunion, that Hubs had actually put together. Over 80 people, all the local family (his mom's side) and even one cousin from out of state came. Visiting, waterballoons, jumprope, memory books, family photo, eating dinner and donuts ... uber over calories!

0821 (Friday) Weight 167.6. Good Day. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 900/1166 (40minElliptical, Zumba/Bike). Calories in 1500. Crappy night, I'm not sure why. I think I did sleep a little after Hubs left, and before I finally rolled out of bed around 8:00. Crappy weigh-in, up two pounds again. Off to Zumba ... and I forgot my ChargeHR. Duh! I almost turned around and went back for it, but I was already running a little late (although I did make it there before the music started, just barely!) Missed checking my heart rate during and after. I passed Little Ceasers ... and did NOT stop and grab crazy bread (I didn't last night either, but last night everyone was full already anyway). Had a pretty productive day at home. Got in additional exercise on the elliptical and bike. Also cleaned some, prepping for school stuff, lawn mow, really never stopped and sat all day. Also controlled calories ... which was really quite miserable! Hubs took #2's truck to get it inspected, although we really didn't think it would pass ... it didn't. #3 rode his bike to  the orthodontist (it's close) as his last braces appointment had left a wire that was poking him.

0820 (Thursday) Weight 167.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1265/1272 (60minElliptical, Zumba x 2). Calories in 2250. Zumba in the morning, some elliptical at home. #5 had a friend over, but they all still went to the rec center for a bit. I did get hit with the sleepies during the day, should have got stuff done while they were gone but it didn't happen. Other than I did stop at the post office and mail off a package (photo album and such) to our missionary in Mexico. Hope it makes it there okay! Made spaghetti for dinner ... it's a little hard to Zumba on a full tummy, and I did have Zumba that evening, but still got good stats. Couldn't sleep well for some reason though ...

0819 (Wednesday) Weight 168.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3076. Exercise Burn 1310/1287 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2200. Got up early enough to get in 10minutes on the elliptical first thing. The 14-year old and a friend have been working out in the mornings, mostly while I'm at Zumba, but sometimes a little earlier. I've been hitting a different Wednesday class, but went back to MZL today. My last visit there hadn't been great, but today was. I could tell right from the first song, my heart rate was up, and it was songs I knew and liked. They also pulled me up to do one, and then had me stay up as a "backup dancer" which I usually shy away from, but I must admit I do think it helps up the heart rate. Good stats today! I stopped for some shopping on the way home, hitting Sears and Walmart.  Additional exercise at home during the day. The boys hit the rec center again, trying to get the most of their membership before school starts back up. Unfortunately the tramp has ripped, so I did order a new one (from Sears, using some Fitstudio points) so hopefully that will be back up and running for them. They get a lot of activity on that. I thought about hitting an 8:30 zumba, but it's hard to get motivated that late. And, hubs is often only getting home around that time and would be asleep before I got back, and I want to spend a little time with my man! 

0818 (Tuesday) Weight 168.4. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2988. Exercise Burn 1200/1200 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. When Hubs gets up and off around 5:30 each morning, I am awake, and I often don't fall back to sleep. I just lounge in bed. That will end once school starts next week, and today I just decided to get up and get going. I hit the elliptical and got in 20minutes before walking to Zumba (also the last week for that, as I don't have time after kid's carpool) and hit my 10X10 Tuesday, which I haven't done in quite a while. It should have been a great day, but my motivation slipped a bit. Ran the kids to the rec center, then #5 had scouts and I went back to Walgreens to pick up some pictures for a photo project for the missionary. That's been taking up a bit of time too. Should have done weights today, but it didn't happen. 

0817 (Monday) Weight 168.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3356. Exercise Burn 1565/1567 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2200. Hitting my double Zumba mornings while I can, before school starts. 8:30 class, then straight to the next one starting at 9:45. Made several stops on the way home, at Kmart, Papa Murphys (pizza and breadsticks for dinner), Walgreens (I had earned a $50 reward there through Fitbit Sync and some purchases in their Balance Reward program) and then, as I was passing Little Ceasers, I grabbed some crazy bread. I really need to stop doing that, as it's so yummy and I can't resist! Got in additional exercise at home, even considered hitting Debbie's Zumba to make it three in a day, but I didn't. Eating wasn't horrendous (it wasn't good) but not my usual motivated Monday. 

0816 (Sunday) Weight 168.6. BAD Day. Total Burn 1719. Exercise Burn 0 (no exercise). Calories in 3500. Hello jump on the scale! And today won't help. We decided to make the most of the end of summer and hit the lake with the waverunners. Hubs and work buddies have been out a few times, but the kids and I haven't had a chance this summer (not that it's something I really enjoy). We set out pretty early, did the stop at McDonalds where I indulged in a couple of hashbrowns. Yummy. We also dropped off our ducky. She's been lonely since the other two ducks flew away. We contacted the fellow we had adopted those two from and he agreed to take Andy. It was sad to say goodbye, but I think she will be happier. Snacking on treats while sitting on the beach ... I got in a few steps, but I forgot my Fitbit! I didn't even get in the water. It was a nice day. We had to get back as #2 had to work at 4:00. Hubs was craving some fried chicken I guess, so we went to visit him at work. He treated us to some extra cookies and a shake. Too much food today!

0815 (Saturday) Weight 166.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2585. Exercise Burn 900/808 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2100. Back to a basektball game for #5 ... the crew did return from the sleepover in time (the game wasn't until 11:00). #5 didn't make any baskets himself, but he had a ton of assists! Easy win. Hubs was out looking at cars, as we need something for #2 (he's currently driving the older truck, but it's registration has expired and it won't pass the emmissions inspection without a costly and time consuming repair). Hate car shopping and situations! Craving candy ... Twix and peanutbutter stuff!

0814 (Friday) Weight 165.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 993/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3300. Hit Zumba in Daybreak, and stopped and grabbed some Crazy Bread on the way home, as I hadn't last night. That was lunch.  I wasn't doing good today on eating, too many treats! Still some snickerdoodles and candy temptations. In the evening, Hubs took the boys over to Maga's house where he had set up three tents. Cousin sleepover. He took his projector and they watched a movie. #2 had to work, and got home late enough that he didn't think it would be worth it to go over (after 11:00). I indulged in a little popcorn, which wasn't a good idea as I was already way over in calories. And when I make it myself, it isn't nearly as good as when Hubs makes it.

0813 (Thursday) Weight 166.4. Good Day. Total Burn 3118. Exercise Burn 1487/1341 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. No key at Zumba this morning, so we danced in the parking lot. It was actually very nice, a shady spot with a breeze, but it was short (just 40minutes). I got in an hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike at home. Hit evening Zumba, taking a neighbor who hadn't been before, so I didn't stop and grab the usual Crazy Bread. Actually kept calories somewhat in control ... even with some Snickerdoodles that Hubs had brought home from work. #2 texts late that he's going to a friend's for a sleep over ... at 11:30 when we are already in bed. That kid! I didn't sleep that great, had to get up and lock doors and such (usually he does that as he's the last one in).

0812 (Wednesday) Weight 166.4. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3078. Exercise Burn 1177/1301 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2450. Hmmm, not much going on today. The usual Zumba and elliptical, also got in some bike. Food ... not good, I don't think I ate one thing that could be considered nutritious. Hubby was out late. 

0811  (Tuesday) Weight 166. Good Day. Total Burn 3096. Exercise Burn 1070/1321 (30minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Hike). Calories in 2700. Started the day with Zumba, walked to and from. Only a few more weeks of that, as I don't have time to walk once school starts back up. Got in some elliptical and WEIGHTS, a full hour! In the evening, we went up the mountains for a hike. It was quite similar to the other in basic stats. Just over a mile, but it was a bit more of a climb in elevation. This hike, we had the entire crew along (grandma, aunts/uncles/cousins and even #2's girlfriend), and instead of leading the way with a quick pace, Hubs was in the rear, helping out. So I know I personally didn't push as quickly as I had on our first hike, trying to keep up ;) We're lucky it turned out. On the way up the mountain, it started pouring rain, and at the top, although it was clear, there was thunder and stormy clouds. Poor #4, my weather-phobic child was in quite a state. I found some headphones in the car, and pulled out the ipod with music on it and had him use that to try and drown out sounds of the storm. He was okay after a while. We went out to Crown Burger after.

0810 (Monday) Weight 167.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3147. Exercise Burn 1385/1365 (40minElliptical, Zumba X2, Bike). Calories in 2550. Weight is up even more... not surprising of course. Did my double Zumba morning, 8:30 and 9:30 class, then got in some elliptical and bike during the day. Back to basketball practice in the evenings, but I just dropped the boys early at the gym and they stayed. Made fried chicken and yellow rice for an early dinner before. I only had a little, but still was over for calories for the day.

0809 (Sunday) Weight 166.  Bad Day. Total Burn 2214. Exercise Burn 100/439 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3350.  We did our Sunday Circles in the morning. I got in 10min on the elliptical and walked to/from church. Lazy day. Hubs made mac&cheese and the boys played on the tramp while we had some duckie time. Food was BAD ... between some Krispie Creme donuts that appeared, some red gummy bears Hubs bought me, and me making homemade oreos. And of course the waffles/bacon and mac&cheese too ... sheesh!

0808 (Saturday) Weight 166.4. Okay Day. Total Burn 2664. Exercise Burn 660/887 (10minElliptical, 40minRball, Hike). Calories in 2500. Not really surprised with the weight jump with the high food, and the popcorn late last night. Hubs made pancakes for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, it was a little heavy on the tummy. No basketball games today. Got in a mini session on the elliptical, but then didn't make it back down to my gym. Not that I wasn't still active, after a nap anyway. Hubs and I went and played racquetball, and then we went on a hike with the three little boys. Both were a nice change! But ... food intake was high for the day, even though our stop at the cupcake shop after the hike had an abrupt end when Hubs didn't have his wallet with him.

0807 (Friday) Weight 164.7. Good(ish) Day. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 1019/1233 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800.  Debbie in Daybreak has had to cancel classes the past little bit, but she was back, so I hit her class in the morning. Got in an hour on the elliptical. Fitness was good for a Friday. Food intake was high though (those new Jif cookies are yummy, and I had Hubs make popcorn as we watched a show in the evening).

0806 (Thursday) Weight 164.1. Good(ish) Day. Total Burn 3294. Exercise Burn 1517/1530 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike30). Calories in 3000. Great fitness day, but ate back almost all of it in food. Zumba in the morning, with ANOTHER store run ... I haven't been keeping a good check on what we need (out of milk!) Got in elliptical and bike. Hubs took a couple of the kids to see a climbing competition in Park City. I hit my evening Zumba and grabbed Crazy Bread on the way home. Calories spiraled a bit out of control today... TOM is coming.

0805 (Wednesday) Weight 163.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2712. Exercise Burn 881/951 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Bike30) Calories in 2300. Zumba in the morning, with a quick stop at the store for things I'd forgotten in Monday's grocery store run. A little bike and elliptical during the day. My current show, "Call the Midwife" is great, but it's 50minutes each episode, which leaves me with odd numbers ... either 50 minutes or 30 minutes of elliptical.  The gym floor is being refinished a the rec center, so the kids can't play basketball this whole week, but I did drop them off to swim for a while. Kept calories a little better today. 

0804 (Tuesday) Weight 164.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2694. Exercise Burn 740/926 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. The day started good, I had invited a neighbor to Zumba and we walked over together. Class was good. Another friend got a Fitbit ChargeHR! #5 had a dentist appointment at 11:00. I took him in, and while they were working I ran a couple errands (Walmart/Sears) and got back before he was done. Set up some additional appointments for the other boys too.  I made scones for the boys with the remaining dough from yesterday. Tuesdays are usually great workout days for me. Should have been weights and bike, but I only got in 30min on the elliptical. I was going to do 10 more minutes, but #4 was beating me in steps and seemed SO happy about it, I almost didn't want to overtake him. Also ... I was feeling rather crappy! I spent a bit of time just reading in bed. I did finish TWO books. Prepping a bit of salad for the duckie, I sliced the tip of my thumb. Ouch! Already feeling off, and now woozy too. Hubs was out late with a co-worker, and #2 worked late then went with friends for a final "summer overnighter".  Another high calorie day. Tried some of the new "Jif" Keebler cookies, and obviously I liked them ...

0803 (Monday) Weight 165.1. Okay Day. Total Burn 3027. Exercise Burn 1150/1257 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2900. It was a cool and rainy morning. An instructor I like has started a Monday class at 8:30 in the morning. I figured I could hit it, and then go straight to Southziders. Back to back Zumba! I took a wrong turn on the way, which made me a bit later to my second class, but they hadn't started yet. The divider in the gym was locked, so we only had a half. We usually spread out more, but it was fine. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, then went to Smiths. With the cool weather and the rain, it just felt like a soup and breadstick sort of day. When I got home, I got started on the dough and got the breadsticks rising. I got in a little elliptical then worked on the soup, and used more dough to make cinnamon rolls. I really felt like I was on my feet all day. It was a yummy dinner though. #2 had his girlfriend over and she and our neighbor boy ate with us. Daddy didn't make it home until a bit later, but I'd made a second small pan of breadsticks so he could have some fresh ones too. No basketball practice in the evening, as the rec center is refinishing the floors. It was rather nice to have the evening off. With all the baking, my calories were high for a Monday.

0802 (Sunday) Weight 164.3 Bad Day. Total Burn 1993. Exercise Burn 0/228 (no exercise). Calories in 3100. Fresh croissants for breakfast. I walked to/from church, that was only activity for the day. Got in a nice nap ... I've been sleeping really badly almost every night, but I was OUT this afternoon. In the early evening we went out to my folks for the monthly family gathering. Hubs made his waffle mix (we'd skipped our usual Sunday Circles at home). My SIL stepped up to man the other waffle maker, so it was a little more relaxing for me this time than the past few, when I've been "on duty".  My brother and his wife announced the gender of their baby, another girl! I worked a bit with my dad's Fitbit, as it hasn't been working. Got it updated and charged (I think the upstairs charger may have been on the fritz). Hopefully Dad can get back to wearing it again now. High calories because of excess snacking, including a piece of cheesecake, which I don't even really like that much.

0801 (Saturday) Weight 163.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2502. Exercise Burn 600/744 (50minElliptical + Lawn Mow). Calories in 2800.  #5 had his basketball game at 11:00. I hadn't been able to pull off my video from the last few games as the card reader on the computer seems to have gone kaput. Hubs brought out a portable card reader, so I was able to get that taken care off before gathering more video footage. Hubs brought home some yummy donuts, and I indulged in other treats during the day. Got in some elliptical, mowed the lawn and hit the grocery store. In the evening, we went out to my brother's house. He's been helping us get our trust/will set up (something my mother has been pushing all us kids to do) and had hired a notary to come over to finalize things for us and for another brother. So we turned it into a party with Papa Murphy pizza. We stopped at Cabellas on the way home, wandering past the trout tank, trying some fudge samples and seeing all the animals on display. It was a fun evening.

0731 (Friday) Weight 164.0 Okay Day. Total Burn 2692. Exercise Burn 1050/929 (50minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 2600. Totally slept in this morning ... okay, I've been doing that almost every morning. It is going to be hard to go back to early rising when school starts back up.  I hit MZL for Zumba. The 9:00 class started at 9:20, and then they went straight into some numbers with tricky, changing steps instead of a warm-up. Twenty minutes in and my heart rate wasn't even over 100 yet. There has been a little gal with Downs Syndrome attending the classes, dancing along. Today, she was up on the stage, but there she wasn't dancing, and I'm sorry if it is politically incorrect, but it was quite distracting to me. She was often right in the way of the instructors, and they'd have to modify steps to avoid colliding. She wasn't dancing most of the time (which before when she has been on the floor she has seemed to move more) ... similar situation in Tuesday's class when a little girl went up to dance and talk with the instructor. Distracting. Between, that, the late start, the struggling with songs and steps, still feeling sore from Tuesday's workout, sleeping late ... and it just being Friday, I was actually surprised I even got the stats I did. I did manage to get in some elliptical and bike, which is more than I often do on unmotivated Fridays. Calorie intake though ... while not as bad as Wednesday, was not good today. Give me SUGAR!

0730 (Thursday) Weight 164.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3347. Exercise Burn 1330/1581 (40inElliptical, Zumba x2, 30minBike). Hubs started the day with a bike ride with my brother. Took a bit of a tumble too. I went to Zumba, and it was all Claudia this morning (although I did one song, as did Amanda and Silvia). It was fun to have Claudia again, she has such energy and enthusiasm. Huge smile all the time. The local kids were gathering for a youth conference kick-off, so we had to end right at 10:00, which meant class was a little short, as we'd started a bit late. I did an additional 10 minutes at home to round up my numbers/stats to a solid hour. Got in some elliptical and bike too. The kid's pass to the rec center had expired yesterday, but I figured it would be worth it to get another month pass, as we do have almost four weeks until school starts back up. They did go play basketball for a while ... the pool is closed this week for repairs, so no swimming. I had my evening Zumba class, and stopped for crazy bread on the way home. Hubs had let the ducks out and Alex had flown a large loop, and returned to the yard, albeit with a fairly rough landing! Other than the crash landing, that's what we would like. Stretch those wings! Even with indulging in a couple sticks of crazy bread, I kept calories in control today.

0729 (Wednesday) Weight 164.0. Bad Day. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1060/1187 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3400. I was a bit disappointed when weight was up slightly. I know, it fluctuates, and I had eaten a salty pretzel late last night, but according to my estimates, I still should have had a large deficit for the day. Not sure if it was that, or just hunger after two low cal days, but I couldn't stop eating today. Grabbed a Little Debbie Nutty Bar in the morning, before Zumba ... nice breakfast, right? And the eating was downhill from there. Sugar, sugar, sugar. I got in Zumba and an hour on the elliptical, but my eating outdid my exercise. I had a bit of driving duty as well. #5 had been invited to a birthday party from a former neighbor who had now moved quite a ways away. So there was the drive to drop him off and pick him up. I took the other boys to/from the rec center. Hubs was out late going to a show with a friend. We had a bit of a duck situation too ... our biggest (the boy) duck flew over the fence into the neighbor's yard and didn't seem to know what to do. Luckily their dogs weren't out! #3 ended up having to go over, and walk him back to our backyard. We do want them to fly ... but we want them to be okay too, and are just not sure they are equipped to life in the wild. We really want to see our male get his colors too. All the ducks are tucked safely back in the pen for the night. I was absolutely exhausted tonight too. Usually Hubs always falls asleep before me, but not tonight! I was out!

0728 (Tuesday) Weight 163.5 Good Day. Total Burn 3097. Exercise Burn 1340/1337 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, 45minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1900. Yea, happy with the weight drop from yesterday. If only that could be a permanent and daily thing for a while ;) But motivating for another good day. Started with Zumba, my close class, so I walked to and from. Got in elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. It has been a while since I've done weights! Controlled calories too, so that when in the evening when Hubs suggested a family outing to Pretzel Maker, I actually joined the family and went along. I know I could just go and not partake, but where is the fun in that? Pretzle bites were very yummy, although as I was inputting into MFP, the entries there had a large listed with less calories than a small on another entry. Always estimations! It was a fun night, wandered to the Apple Store, then the bigger boys wanted a Blizzard from DQ (I had one bite of #2's cookie dough one). The younger boys were amazed to have Pretzel Maker, DQ, Chick-Fil-A and Hot Dog on a Stick all in one place!

0727 (Monday) Weight 166. Good Day. Total Burn 3060. Exercise Burn 1100/1285 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, 10minWiiFit). Calories in 1400. Okay, there is a bit of a bump in the scale, not surprising, but motivating for my Monday morning. Hit some elliptical even before Zumba. Class was good. Quick stop at Kmart for Fitstudio points. Went in to grab some toilet paper, but ended up buying a TopsyTurvy kitty toy ... which neither cat seems very impressed with. Should have stuck with the TP. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, so they decided to hit the gym later in the day (around 5:30) and then just stay for the practice. This gave me some time during the day to hit my elliptical and bike without interruption. I also did a little Wii, getting a perfect score on the soccer heading and the number one spot on Skiing.  I packed a nice lunchbox, with drinks, grapes, granola bars, etc to fuel the boy while there were at the gym for a few hours ... and then we left it home on the counter. Oops. Daddy went and picked them up at 8:30 and stopped at Hot Dog on a Stick on the way home. I actually really kept calories in check today, while I still had sugar (of course) I did try to have some decent stuff (grapes, cheese). Felt like it was a successful day. 

0726 (Sunday) Weight 164.4. Bad Day. Total Burn 2135. Exercise Burn 0/369 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Hubs went into work this morning, still catching up on the backlog from his vacation. Without him around, I just didn't get to making our big breakfast. He's usually our waffle maker. I've been using a mix when he hasn't been around, but just didn't bother today. Save on calories anyway, right? I do like our tradition of a Sunday family breakfast though, I don't want to lose it. But today, we were planning on a barbeque in the evening, so there was still a big family meal. I walked to/from church ... that was my activity for the day. I grabbed a little nap, then prepped a bit (laying out rolls to rise, marinating the chicken). Hubs does most of the work for the BBQ. He makes the best mashed potatoes! He wraps filet mignon in bacon and it is perfect too. Everyone was stuffed. We had the inlaws over for dinner and visiting. Skookie for dessert. Over calories, especially with no exercise today.

0725 (Satuday) Weight 164.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2475. Exercise Burn 650/707 (40minElliptical, 30minBike). Calories in 2000. The munchkin didn't have a game today because of the holiday weekend. I do love basketball but it's also nice to have the break every once in a while too. Mowed the lawn, ran to the store, got in some exercise. I've been enjoying my book, so I hit the bike today (unusual for a Saturday). #3 had been wanting French Dip for a while, so I made that for dinner. Corn on the cob too. Nice long duckie time in the evening. Still working on the kitty integration ... we've had the baby for a week now and still can't leave the two kitties together without them attacking each other. It's hard to tell what is play and what we need to break up. Kitten is quite a terror herself! We all have scratches!

0724 (Friday) Weight 164.3. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2312. Exercise Burn 405/547 (40minElliptical) Calories in 2000. Here in Utah, the 25th of July is a state holiday. Hubs had the day off work. He had wanted to take the kids up to Park City, but #2 had work, and I didn't want him to miss the fun. We postponed that, and Hubs took the kids to Krispy Creme instead. It's been years since we'd gone, as they don't have one local any more. There is one in Orem, but that's about 30 minutes away. I elected to stay home, as I despise driving and thought I might avoid some temptation. Of course they brought some home ... of course I did really want them do. And of course I ate some. They are delicious donuts! Then Hubs took the kids to see the movie "Pixals" ... again I stayed home. I really haven't been in a movie mood lately. I hate just sitting for long, and again, hoping to avoid temptation of candy and popcorn. Plus, the movie didn't get a great review and that impacted me a bit too (I do regret not going to see "Inside Out" with the family a bit ago). And after all that, I still had popcorn! Later that night, as Hubs streamed the movie "Chef" (he'd watched it while traveling and thought I'd enjoy it). Yummy popcorn. I'd actually been quite controlled on calories during the day, so it didn't really push me over badly, even with minimal exercise today.

0723 (Thursday) Weight 164.7. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2937. Exercise Burn  1170/1100 (60minElliptical, Zumba).  Calories in 2300. The brakes on the truck have been squeaking, so #2 and I dropped it off at the mechanic, then I dropped him at the gym. I didn't know if I would have to pick him up, when the truck would be done to need to pick it up, I dropped the  younger boys at the gym and didn't know when they would be done ... it meant an unproductive day for me, because I'm like that. I didn't feel like I could commit to a longer workout, so I just didn't get much done. I fit in some elliptical throughout the day. We did get the truck and kids picked up. Had quite a bit of ducky time in the evening.

0722 (Wednesday) Weight 165.1 Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2777. Exercise Burn 940/1007(30minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 2000.  Hubs was off to work. I hit Zumba, did the one out at Sunset Ridge today. Got in some elliptical and bike. Dropped the boys off at the rec center. We were hit with quite a sudden storm. Wind and rain. #4 hadn't planned on going swimming, and with the rain, he called for a pickup. We did a quick stop at the Dollar Store (which was pushing it for the kid in the weather).  Hubs headed home for our anniversary dinner out (23 years) and was able to grab the kids on the way home, saving me another trip out. We went to Tepanyaki, then stopped at Kohls afterward (getting his ring finger sized as he has misplaced his ring, which I then found in his truck when we got home). I had anticipated dinner out, so I hadn't eaten much, and dinner wasn't too bad, so calories weren't horrible (although I did indulge in some sugar when we got home).

0721 (Tuesday) Weight 163.6. Bad Day. Total Burn 2760. Exercise Burn 830, 999 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3550.  My usual Zumba was taking this week off, so I hit a class in the Park Stake. I forgot to bring the DVDs to return to the library though, dang it. I ended up heading that way again, dropping #3 off to play basketball with his buddies, so I did it then. Hubs did finally make it back! Yea. He did run into work for a bit. I went completely overboard on empty calories, and then ended up making spaghetti for dinner, which added even more.

0720 (Monday) Weight 164.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2860. Exercise Burn 875, 1092 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs IS starting his return today. I hit Zumba in the morning. Southziders ... Nina was back! There had been a couple birthdays, so there was a little party after Zumba with some refreshments and visiting. Stopped at Kmart quick on the way home, grabbed some kitty litter with Fitstudio points. The boys had me drop them off at the rec center. Hubs was texting as he returned to the US, but in New Jersey, the customs and security lines were so long and slow that he missed his flight. He was able to get another one, to hopefully still connect with his final flight home, but then the flight was delayed and he missed the flight again. There weren't any other flights to Salt Lake that night, so ... another night alone!

0719 (Sunday) Weight 163.5. Bad Day.  Total Burn 2017. Exercise Burn 0/257 (no exercise). Calories in 2600. I did walk to/from church today, but that was my only "activity" ... New bishopric today. Croissants in the morning, and Sunday Circles after church. I made homemade chocolate frosty in the evening. Not a good eating day.

0718 (Saturday) Weight 163.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2943. Exercise Burn 850/1180 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. I was awake rather early, so I decided to hit Zumba over at USSD. I was the only one there, but the instructor was willing to go ahead, and I got good stats. Then #5 had a basketball game. It was the team they played twice last season and lost to both times ... but we won it this time. The boys were working together good. Maga came over with a couple cousins to check out the new kitten and play with cousins. A little (okay, a LOT) out of control on the empty calorie eating today.

0717 (Friday) Weight 164.0. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2703. Exercise Burn 800/940 (40minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2000. Hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. Some of the boys wanted to hit the rec center, but #4 didn't. I had been laughingly thinking we should get a kitten while Hubs was gone (he was on vacation the several months ago when we got our Oreo). Looking as I had a few days to work on acclimation and such, I did look up in the local classifieds and found some fairly close. #4 and I went to check them out ... and came home with a 6-week old kitten! All the boys are thrilled! Well ... not Oreo. 

0716(Thursday) Weight 164.1. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2669. Exercise Burn 850/905 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. Hubs was supposed to be heading home today, to arrive late tonight. But ... he decided to extend his stay and continue on to Barcelona with his brother. I must admit to feeling a bit down about it. Now his return date is Monday. I hit Zumba in the morning and got some elliptical in, but wasn't very motivated for much else. Evening Zumba class was cancelled. 

0715 (Wednesday) Weight 164.1. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2744. Exercise Burn 890/980 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1850. Started the day a bit earlier than usual, getting #5 off to cub scout camp at 7:45. He was NOT happy to be going. There were some tears. I had time for duck duty before heading out to Zumba. I'd debated which class to hit, and ended up at MZL. Perhaps I should have hit the Sunset Ridge one. It's a bit further, but starts on time at 9:00. MZL is supposed to start at nine, but as I pulled into the church, they were directing us to another building as the floors had been refinished. I did go still, but class didn't start until 9:30, and I was a bit rushed. I had to clean up at home and head across town to a funeral. My cousin's little 10 year old daughter. She had been diagnosed with MLD, a progressive and terminal disease with no cure eight years ago. The life expectancy is generally only until about age five. With the great care from my cousin and her husband she certainly outlived all expectations, although it's been such a hard road for them! It was a touching service, and good to see all the extended family. We stayed afterward for the luncheon, so I was gone most of the day. I hadn't eaten anything before, so I didn't do too bad on calories for the day.

0714 (Tuesday) Weight 163.1. Okay Day. Total Burn 2807. Exercise Burn 1050/1049 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2850. Started the day good, walking to Zumba. Many dogs barking at me today but at least they were all contained behind fences. Still does reduce the enjoyment. I had #2 take the boys bowling. They didn't care to hit the rec center today, but #3 wanted to go hang out with his friends. I had #2 drop him off, to much complaining that he is the family slave. I handled pickup, as #2 did work in the evening. Eating got a little out of control today,  but at least the Reeses Eggs are gone now.

0713 (Monday) Weight 164.7. Good Day. Total Burn 2994. Exercise Burn 1130/1227 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 8milesBike). Calories in 1900.  My usual Southziders Zumba wasn't happening, but luckily another class close by just started up. It was early, at 8:30, so I was gone and home before the boys even realized it. Got in my elliptical and bike during the day too. The boys did want to go to the rec center, then #5 had basketball practice in the evening. 

0712 (Sunday) Weight 164.8. Rest Day. Total Burn 1786. Exercise Burn 0/18 (no exercise). Calories in 1900. Took a rest day. Slept in, then did the church thing. Made the boys our Sunday Circles breakfast, then it was time for a nap. It was a nice nap. I did think about hitting the elliptical, but decided to keep it a complete rest day. Actually kept calories in check.

0711 (Saturday) Weight 165.3. Ok Day. Total Burn 2760. Exercise Burn 916/989 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. The munchkin had a basketball game in the morning. They lost by three, but #5 had a good game. We stopped at Maceys on the way home and grabbed some groceries. I noticed on my Facebook feed an invite to a Zumba event at 1:00. I didn't have anything going on, the kids were content (I'd just upgraded cable to include NBA TV and they were busy watching the summer series) so I went. It was good to get a Saturday Zumba in. I did overeat, accidentally eating an entire bag of Chex Muddy Buddies (small bag, but 10 servings!). Mindless eating!

0710 (Friday) Weight 163.6. FitnessGood/FoodBad. Total Burn 2973. Exercise Burn 1300/1214 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 2milesTreadmillWalk, 30minBike). Calories in 3300. The main thing that blew calories today was a package of Reeses eggs I found in the food room. Silly me, I opened them ... and ate them (and ate and ate). I did eat other stuff too and it all added up to a lot. I did get in good activity at least. Went to Zumba at MZL. It had been a bit since I'd been to MZL, and I'd missed a couple Fridays in a row, so it was good to be back. They even had me lead a number. They have such a large repertoire it was bit challenging to think of one I knew that no one else was currently doing.  Back at home, I had #2 take the munchkins to a movie ... Minions. I let him take his girlfriend too (and I paid) as recompense. I got in some elliptical, bike and time on the treadmill. More than I usually do on a Friday. Hubs checked in from Italy ... he had over 35K today!

0709 (Thursday) Weight 163.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3144. Exercise Burn 1270/1384 (40minElliptical, Zumbax2). I didn't sleep very well with the storm and Hubs being gone. He checked in around 2:00 in the morning, having arrived in Rome. He's meeting up with his brother tomorrow. I hit Zumba in the morning. Fairly small class, but nice to have it after having it cancelled for a couple of weeks. I did a quick stop at Kmart on the way home, as I had some points expiring. #2 had the day free, so I had him take his brothers bowling, then drop them off at the rec center for basketball and swimming. Another monsoon storm hit, I kept expecting a call to come from #4, frantic about the weather, but then again he would be pretty insulated in the gym or pool. I picked them up around 4:30. I went to my evening Zumba. There were only four of us, but we still went ahead with class. Casual, but I got good numbers. Did go over in calories today.

0708 (Wednesday) Weight 162.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2850. Exercise Burn 1000 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Hubs was up and off to the airport fairly early. He just drove the truck, rather than having someone drop him off and pick him up. And he's off ... TOM visiting while he is gone. I went to Zumba. I could NOT get the heart rate up. Got in some elliptical. The boys didn't seem in the mood to hit the rec center today. I picked up another version of Clue (The Simpsons) and they played that. I was going to Sam's Club and offered to take them along (they like to hit the food court while I shop) but they passed. I filled up with gas and picked up a couple orders at Sears while I was out. I got the lawn mowed while there was a break in the weather. Storms hit hard again in the evening! I was a little worried about the duckies, but they seemed ok.

0707 (Tuesday) Weight 163.8. Good Day. Total Burn 2834. Exercise Burn 1100/1079 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1750.  Zumba in the morning, I walked to/from the class as it's so close. We've been stressed, as Hubs is leaving for Italy tomorrow and his passport hadn't arrived. It came today, that was cutting it close! I took some of the boys to play basketball again today. #4 stayed home, as it was storming. He wanted to go but couldn't quite make himself face the weather. Hubs did his last minute prep and packing. My MIL, SIL and nephew stopped by, we chatted for a bit while watching the duckies play. Hubs will miss his evening duckie time as he's gone for a week.

0706 (Monday) Weight 166.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3211. Exercise Burn 1290/1436 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 1600. Okay, time to recommit! I was able to have a good day. Started with Zumba, stopped at a couple stores on the way home. Got in elliptical and bike. The boys did basketball at the rec center. #5 had practice in the evening, I had #2 drop him off, and then Daddy picked him up (and they stopped at Hot Dog on a Stick on the way home). I actually kept calories in check today!

0705 (Sunday) Weight 166.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2183. Exercise Burn 420/408 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Well, weight continues to climb. I mean, I can't say it's unexpected or undeserved based on all my bad days. I feel like there's a little self-sabatoge going on. Hubs went into work. I skipped our usual Sunday Circles breakfast, because we were having waffles later in the day at my folks. I went to church, piano duty. I would have walked but it was raining. I did get in some elliptical today, rather than taking the entire day off. We went out to my parents, a monthly gathering with all the siblings and cousins.

0704 (Saturday) Weight 165.7. Bad Day. Total Burn 2496. Exercise Burn 400/723 (30minElliptical and Lawn Mow). Calories in 3100. Trying to shake off my funk. PMS? Hubs suggested breakfast out, so we hit a local pancake place we like. My SIL called and offered to take the boys to the local theme park. #3 and #5 took her up on that (#4 has anxiety issues like Mommy and stayed behind). I got in a little exercise and mowed the lawn. In the evening, we headed out to my BIL's house for dinner and fireworks. Poor #4 had a major panic attack, as stormy skies rolled in. Hubs usually isn't around to witness how bad they can be. Poor kid completely broke down, he just wanted to stay in the safety of his room. I gave him a valium and between that and the skies clearing up, he did fine for the remainder of the night. With ariel fireworks being legal now, it seems you can get quite a show almost anywhere!

0703 (Friday) Weight 164.7. BAD Day. Total Burn 2109. Exercise Burn 200/342 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3200. I was just an emotional mess this morning. Hubs had the day off and was planning on taking the waverunners up to the lake. I did not feel like going. Just the anticipation anxiety of the drive, the crowds, the heat ... and being in a swimsuit. Hubs will often go without me, but usually our oldest has been around to help. He's in Mexico and I really missed him today. This was something that he loved. I did elect to stay home ... and pretty much did nothing. Fetal postition in bed most of the day. Their day didn't quite turn out either, as it was super crowded, the ramps were full, and they didn't even get to put the waverunners in the water. They did stay and play on the beach. My MIL brought my nephews up to join them, but they didn't connect. Imperfect day all around. I had some emotional eating.

0702 (Thursday) Weight 163.5. Not a Great Day. Total Burn 2752. Exercise Burn 600/992 (60minElliptical). Calories in 3050. I didn't get my morning Zumba in. My usual class was taking the day off for the holiday weekend. I thought about hitting an alternate class, but just didn't get the motivation up to do so. The boys had dentist appointments, so I ran them there. I got in some errands (picking up orders at Kohls, Sears, and then groceries at Sams). The boys wanted to hit the gym for basketball, so I dropped them off, and went back and grabbed them a bit later. Hubs and #3 went to do a derby in the evening, it was a bit further in Park City, but #3 got quite the tip. I was sad I hadn't made #2 go, as he was free and he owes us money from his recent basketball trip. Very bad eating today!

0701 (Wedneaday) Weight 162.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2824. Exercise Burn 870, 1067 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. On Wednesdays I usually hit MZL, or more recently the Sunset church. Both are fairly close and just a different set. But Southziders needed an instructor today as Marian was having some surgery, so I said I'd help out. It was funny, as Debbie, Amanda and I were all in hot pink matching shirts. Not planned! I didn't do my usual Kmart stop, but went to Walgreens to grab a photo I'd had printed, and picked up some crazy bread for the boys. #3 had me take him up to his friend's church to play basketball, and then I ran #4 and #5 and our neighbor to the rec center for their basketball, and then spent the afternoon running picking them all up again. Made toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner. 


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