Day to Day Doings

*** JenB's Journal ***

On this page I keep a daily update of my activities. Luckily I copy my daily doings to my Monthly Review because here July 2017, all my data disappeared! I had previously bookmarked the past months ... just a bit easier than looking through them manually in the menu ... but now I guess that's the only option, unless I get around to doing it all again.

0801 (Tuesday) Weight 177.5. Steps 25272. Total Burn 3082. Exercise Burn 1200/1280 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.63mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2700. Glad to see a shift in the scale again. I was pretty motivated today. Started the day with Zumba. I didn't have my helpers today, I was leading the entire class on my own. I was a little worried we wouldn't have much of a class. It's been small, and without Carma and Suzanne ... when we started it was just Barbara and Cathyleen, but then we did have a couple more show up. I'm fine with small actually. Stats: 6518 steps. 2.88 miles. 544/465 burn. AvHR124. High152. In zone 40 of the 63 minutes.  Back at home, I got some dough made and rolled out breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. I'd pulled a lasagna I'd made earlier out of the freezer for dinner. Had to have it a little early, before the boys headed out (work, date). Hubs wasn't home when it was done, but he's been trying to eat healthier and this would have been a little heavy. I don't eat lasagna, but I ate plenty of bread. I got in some elliptical, treadmill and did weights. Right before bed I did some reading/riding. 

0802 (Wednesday) Weight 177.7  Steps 18871. Total Burn 2587. Exercise Burn 672/745 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Feeling a bit off today. I couldn't get the heart rate up at Zumba. Stats: 5906 steps. 2.6 miles. 359/342 burn. AvHR102. High126. In zone 0 of the 60 minutes. I did weights yesterday, and sometimes the soreness can impact me. Also a bit down as the basement gym is in a bit of transition. Hubs bought a new (to us, from a gym) treadmill. He's never quite felt comfortable running on ours (it was a cheapy, but worked for me). The old treadmill wasn't out, but was folded up. So I couldn't treadmill, it was in the way for a weights workout, I had a hard time even getting to the elliptical. It just made me give up on exercise for the day.  I did mow the front lawn, and made a run to the store. Needed to pick up a prescription and restock a few things, even though I'd just been shopping on Monday. The two littles have been a bit under the weather since their return from vacation (#4 started on the trip) and haven't really been up for much of anything, just laying around and watching TV all day. The new ducks are acclimating, but still shy. I pulled out some of the other feed (regular chicken feed and cracked corn) and have tried to give them a buffet to see what they like. My garden is growing! In the evening, Hubs and #1 attempted to move the new treadmill down, but it's a beast and will require some figuring out. So ... we got the old treadmill back into position until then. Hubs and I were in bed early, watched the latest episode of GOT and are now up to date (we've watched all three new episodes this week). 

0803 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 23195. Total Burn 2773. Exercise Burn 1070 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 3000.  I'm worried about getting up early again when school starts. I was barely up by 8:00 today. The kids have been sleeping in even more (of course the littles, with their colds haven't been sleeping well at all, poor bugs). I hit MZL in Kearns and it felt like a pretty good workout. Stats: 6780 steps. 2.96 miles. 472/417 burn. AvHR113. High129. In zone 10 of the 65 minutes. I made some scones with the left over dough, and turned what was left into more cinnamon rolls. The two littles have been under the weather since their return. Not really up to anything more than watching tv and resting. #5 should have had practice in the evening, but I didn't think he was up for it and kept him home. #1 thinks he's coming down with it now too. The littles said pizza sounded good, so I made a run to Little Ceasars. I'd already eaten too much, then Hubs made popcorn and we watched the first couple episodes of Ozark. Stressed a bit about an upcoming mini-vacation to St. George, I probably won't go, as usual.

0804 (Friday) Weight 178.9. Steps 23043. Total Burn 2875. Exercise Burn 905/949 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2900. The boys were SHAGGY and needed haircuts, the only time Aunt Olivia was available was at 9:00 ... same time as my Zumba. I was thinking I'd just skip today, or attempt it on my own, but then #1 decided to call in sick, not feeling well at all. So, his car was now available, and #3 could take the littles (as he wanted a trim himself) ... so off to Zumba I went. I was a too late to hit Debbie's (starts at 9:00 a little further) so I went to MZL. Third day in a row with them, but they have so many different instructors that it's really NOT too repetitive. Stats: 6516 steps. 2.95 miles. 427/412 burn. AvHR111. High135. In zone 13 of the 63 minutes. I did a quick stop at Walmart on the way home. Back at home I got in some elliptical and some treadmill time. #3 had work, taking the Durango. It was national chocolate chip cookie day. I, and the boys were a bit confused at this because we thought we'd just celebrated that back in May. I investigated and I guess that had simply been national chocolate chip day. I tried a different recipe and wasn't very impressed unfortunately. #1 decided he needed a haircut too ... and had to pay for his. He attempted going to a wedding reception for a mission associate, but said he felt pretty awful and came home and went to bed. I was up a little late waiting for #3 to get home, and when he did he didn't pull the car in ... because he was planning on going to a sleep over with friends and just telling me about it after the fact. I spoiled that be still being awake. I let him go but told him I wasn't impressed with his planning and that it wasn't acceptable (even though it was a technique #2 would employ).

0805 (Saturday) Weight 180.2. Steps 13135. Total Burn 2364. Exercise Burn 350/531 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2750. Hubs was up early for a run then he trimmed and edged the lawn. I should probably master those. It makes such a huge difference in the look of the lawn and Hubs is so busy he doesn't get around to it as often as I'd like. I mowed. I got in my some elliptical. I'd thought I might try to hit weights, but #3 had friends over in the gym. Hubs had planned on having some movers come to get the new treadmill into the basement but that fell through. He made a Costco run and got some ribs on the smoker. #1 made a donut run... so yes, intake was uber over.  #5 had a basketball game. He wasn't 100% but not too bad, but we only had six players. My little guy can normally play the entire game without a break, but he could have used a bit more rest today. He was a little on edge, emotions bleeding through, especially as he wasn't on with his shots (he did eventually make a 3-pointer). It's funny, sometimes you recognize kids or parents, although teams have switched up. We hadn't played THIS team (Salt City Hustle) before, but I recognized a couple parents, and one kid who must also be playing up like my little, as he had been on a 5th grade team our Grizzlies had to face several times Spring season. Down by 10, couldn't quite catch up. Ribs for dinner. A bit of a down day, disagreement with Hubs over finances. Stupid small stuff ...

0806 (Sunday) Weight 180.8. Steps 9784. Total Burn 2064. Exercise Burn 360/249 (20minElliptical, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. Hubs was off early for a bike ride with work buddies. We didn't get around to a family breakfast without him here. Low key day. I got in one session on the elliptical and some treadmill time. Hubs and I had started "Ozarks" on Netflix, watched an episode Fri and again Sat. Today, we binged and finished it! That was a little TOO long laying in bed, my body was aching. Hubs made popcorn again ...

0807 (Monday) Weight 180.2. Steps 26111. Total Burn 3088. Exercise Burn 1150/1265 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1350.  Up early enough to hit an elliptical session before Zumba w/Debbie. Stats: 5807 steps. 2.54 miles. 431/394 burn. AvHR114. High135. In zone 22 of the 60min. I probably should have stopped at Smiths on the way home, but I hadn't really prepped the grocery list yet. #3 borrowed the car to head to a friend's house to swim ... even though the weather was overcast and quite cool. At least then I wasn't fighting him for gym time. #1 took the littles bowling. All three have been under the weather this past week and didn't feel up to basketball ... but bowling was doable. I got in a little more elliptical, treadmill and while not a full weight workout, I did some ab/core stuff. Also some Zumba practice, prepping the playlist for tomorrow. I hit the bike later in the day. I was glad I'd gotten to the treadmill, as Hubs had the movers come. The new one is a used one from a gym, commercial ... and a beast. It was quite the job to get it down into the gym, which ironically is the absolute furthest spot from the front door (which Hubs ended up taking off it's hinges, as well as taking the banister off the stairs). Finally got it down and the old one up (into the garage for now) and then Hubs had to put the one back together, then rework the plug, as apparently these industrial types are different. Unfortunately, it then blew the breaker so ... we'll need an electrician. We've talked about that before, wanting an actual plug (or a few) in the gym rather than running extension cords as we are currently. But I'm wondering when it will happen ... no treadmill time until then. I guess I'll have to re-up my elliptical. Meatball subs for dinner. #3 had to work, but I was able to get him one before he was off. It's a good easy-prep meal to dole out at different times (meatballs and sauce in the crock pot, just prep the bread and cheese when needed). The two littles ate with #3, Hubs and #1 later ... #2 had work in the evening too, and then we didn't see him until late as he went to play basketball and then slept over at a friend's house. Kept calories in check today ... also have tried going back on the wellbutrin, starting last night.

0808 (Tuesday) Weight 177.9. Steps 28668. Total Burn 3358. Exercise Burn 1400/1548 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1200. Nice to see the scale shift after a good day. It sure doesn't seem to take much to move it in the opposite direction! Up early again, enough to get in two full elliptical sessions first thing. Then Zumba with Marian ... with Marian. She was home from her cabin this weekend. Stats: 6659 steps. 2.9miles. 456/454 burn. AvHR116. High131. In zone 14 of the 63 minutes. Did some Zumba practice at home too, as well as weights and some reading/riding. Also hit the elliptical again, and got in my full hour. First time in a while ... but I guess it's just taking the place of the treadmill ... still out of commission. Controlled calories again!

0809 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 24747. Total Burn 2960. Exercise Burn 1100/1149 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2550. Hit the elliptical twice (one was only 10min though) before heading out to Zumba.  Stats: 6230 steps. 2.72 miles. 428/420 burn. AvHR113. High133. In zone 23 of the 60 minutes. I rushed home after to quickly change my sweaty self and make it to a doctor's appointment for #4. This dang cold has been hanging on forever. Well, two weeks anyway. Still coughing, still stuffy. Right when he returned from the trip, he complained of ear pain a little, and that his ear wouldn't "pop" after the plane ride. His ears have still been bothering him, and he's having trouble hearing! Seriously, the other day he had the music on SO loud. When I came in and called to him ... no answer, as he couldn't hear me. So ... doctor visit. He does have an ear infection. Hopefully antibiotics will clear it up, and he'll get back to normal. I felt like I was translating for him at the doctor's office though, as they'd say something, and I'd have to repeat it right in his ear or make motions. They did a routine physical too, as it's been a while. His eyes are fine ... I stood behind him and watched the chart too, and I think I'm slightly better than he is (he got a couple wrong). I'm very grateful for my eyesight, especially as all my siblings, and Hubs now have glasses (at least part time). They gave us a paper prescription, so I figured we'd stop at Target, rather than Smiths. I didn't need any groceries and #4 would enjoy browsing there more while waiting. We bought him a new backpack for school too. #3 had work, but didn't have to borrow the Durango, as #2 had left this morning for a few days in St. George (w/his girlfriend's family, our family is heading down on Saturday ironically, they will try to meet up). #3 loves it when #2 is gone and he has a car for a few days! We need to get him something, as this juggling of schedules is hard, and I don't really want to have to drive him to/from school and work each day. Hubs has an idea about getting a new family car (that he would drive) and keeping his truck (#3 could drive it ... if he dares. I don't! It's massive!) We'll see what happens. Hubs headed home from work a little early, and we went to Market Street Grill (actually, the Oster Bar, as it was a little too early for the main restaurant) for a belated anniversary dinner. I'd probably like some of the fish dishes, but I'm always a little nervous to try something new ... especially at such expensive prices! I got the fish and chips ... but in truth I prefer Red Robin's version. We hadn't been home long when Hubs got a call about his mom. She'd taken a bad fall several weeks ago, ending up in the hospital with a brain bleed, and some symptoms were reoccurring. They did end up at the ER again, and she was admitted for the night. Hubs was there until after midnight.

0810 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 19180. Total Burn 2754. Exercise Burn 760/993 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Hubs was up and off early to check in with his mom at the hospital. They were doing another CT scan to see if the new bleed was any worse from last night. There was no change. He was there for hours as they waited to consult with a neurosurgeon and options and whether it was safe to travel this weekend ... as there was the St. George trip planned (with extended family, and Maga insisted she was still going). One one hand, it IS a good way to force her to stay down and relax and have people with her all the time. At home, she'd probably want to go into work, not just rest in bed all day. The did check that if anything happened, the hospital down there would be able to handle it, so the trip is still on.  Poor Hubs though, the stress and lack of sleep is hard on him. He tried to go into work, but ended up coming home for a nap. Just to complicate things, he'd arranged for an in-ground trampoline to be installed in the backyard this morning. Equipment on a trailer had been brought over last night, coming just as he rushed out. We had the area staked, and utility lines are a complication, and without him home to even attempt to work things out, the installation had to be pushed back (although I wouldn't mind if it was cancelled altogether. Not sure where Hubs got the idea for the in-ground trampoline ... he didn't discuss it with the kids or me!) #1 had the day off, but had to call in sick yesterday, as he had no voice (so hard to work a telephone customer service job). All three boys were laying around coughing and sniffling. #5 had basketball games today too. He had a friend over in the morning (one who has moved away, but calls us whenever they are in the area to see if the boys can get together) and then I medicated him and dropped him off to catch a ride to the games. They are in Lehi ... 30+ minutes away without any traffic, at the Karl Malone Training Center, which I don't care for. Three courts so overpowering sound with all the competing whistles, yelling and squeaking shoes. Add to that, there is no space courtside ... there are a few chairs set up for spectators, but feet end up hanging over into the court. Add to that one game at 3:00 and another at 5:00 so total time gone with travel was five hours or more. I'm not up to that. I wasn't sure if #5 was up to it but he wanted to try, to support his team. He struggled during the first game though, coughing a lot, sitting out almost the entire second half. Felt a little better during the second game but did get hurt (one of #3's friends happened to be there, recognized him and texted #3 about it). He was fine, but I was anxiously awaiting his return home. Between stressing about him, sick kids, the tramp situation, the treadmill situation (no movement there), concern over my MIL and Hubs, not much sleep ...blah. I had gone to Zumba in the morning. Stats: 6813 steps. 3.01 miles. 443/451 burn. AvHR114. High130. In zone 13 of the 63 minutes. I managed 30 minutes on the elliptical, but had to push to finish.

0811 (Friday) Weight 179.2. Steps 27952. Total Burn 3290. Exercise Burn 1420/1453 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike, Ab/Core, Hula). Calories in 1900. Can't believe I kept calories in check today. #1 son brought home some donuts ... that's usually killer for me. I did have one, and probably would have had more, but HIS choices are not mine (apple fritter, maple bar, chocolate cake, flavored old fashioned, red velvet). One chocolate pershing at my request. A couple glazed, but they were gone pretty quick (the other boys, who also didn't care for his other choices). #1 had gone into work this morning, but come home. Still coughing a lot, and the attempted talking on the phone just made it worse. I was able to get in a couple sessions on the elliptical before hitting Zumba. I went to MZL, as I get a higher step count and such than Debbie's Friday class (I don't care for the toning). I enjoyed class. Stats: 7297 steps. 3.28 miles. 514/526 burn. AvHR120. High144. in zone 36 of the 65 minutes. The did the Beyonce "Move Your Body" where I sprint when it says "run to the left, run to the right" ... got my highest heart rate there! I had taken #2's Charger, as it had been parked behind the Durango. Had to get home quick, as #3 needed it to get to work. He had an 11-8 shift today.  I did several loads of laundry, so the boys would have their pick of clothes to pack for their upcoming trip to St. George. The two littles got packed up, and Hubs prepped when he got home from work. He spent some time attempting to clear some space on his phone, as he's almost out of room. I got in some additional elliptical and Zumba practice, and I hit the bike and did some ab/core.

0812 (Saturday) Weight 177.4. Steps 17858. Total Burn 2587. Exercise Burn 600/770 (30minElliptical, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 3000. Hubs had originally thought to leave around 10:00, but that didn't happen. They didn't get off until around 1:00, which was okay as they couldn't check into their house until 5:00. He sure had a busy morning though! Rearranging the vehicles (as the tramp situation isn't going to happen while he's gone. Glad to have the trailer back in it's spot, not in front of the house). He trimmed and edged, and cut down a scrub tree growing up through the lilac. He emptied the hot tub (it had been yucky and not usable, and #1 had wanted to use it) and got it cleaned and refilled, AND he fixed the electrical issue to get the treadmill up and running. Originally he said the job was beyond his skill level, but he did it. Had to turn off power to the whole house as he installed the new outlet, but it's done. Of course I had to give the treadmill a try, after several days of not being able to walk while I watch. Unfortunately ... I really don't like the new treadmill :(  It has big handles/arms, which everything I've read says you shouldn't hang onto anyway. They are totally in the way. I guess I swing my arms as I walk, and I kept banging my hand into it. I swear I'll have bruises and am going to have to change the way I walk. It also feels shorter, I got a little too close to the back end a couple times. I miss the one button change for incline and speed that my treadmill had. It was so nice to be able to switch it up with one button. When I'm running, it's so hard to even hit one button (to go back to walking) much less three or more with this one. Incline is even worse. I could just hit "10" to the incline would go all the way up on the old machine. Here ... that would take 20 button pushes. I'm a bit sad and discouraged. I sure hope Hubs really loves it. I didn't get to the treadmill until after Hubs and the boys hit the road. Things were just chaotic and crazy all morning. I managed one session on the elliptical, and another small one in the evening to hit a half hour. I had planned on weights today, and just wasn't sure I had the energy to make it happen, but I did. Eating was awful today though.

0813 (Sunday) Weight 177.7. Steps 22247. Total Burn 2690. Exercise Burn 1030/886 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.12mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2650. Home day (I didn't go anywhere) but not a rest day.  Hit the elliptical a few times. Treadmill twice. Also the bike. I'd thought I might mow the lawn, as I hadn't yesterday, but we were hit with hail. The guys in St. George had quite the storm last night, but now the weather looks lovely for the rest of their stay. #2 arrived back home in the afternoon. Still over eating today.

0814 (Monday) Weight 178.0. Steps 32564. Total Burn 3248. Exercise Burn 1465/1425 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3.51milesTreadmill. Bike).  Calories in 2000. I hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba with Debbie. Hubs took the Durango, so I was driving #2's Charger. Class was good. Stats: 6109 steps. 2.78 miles. 370/404 burn. AvHR103. High131. In zone 5 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbed lettuce, bananas, cat food and a few other items. Got the groceries put away and did another session on the elliptical. #1 then took to the gym for a weight workout. I went out and mowed the front lawn. It was overcast, but the rain waited until later in the day. Treadmill time ... attempted intervals. Ugg. Hit the bike and a little Zumba practice. Set up the playlist for tomorrow. One more treadmill walk before bed to push me over 30k. First time in a while. Barely managed to keep calories at 2000. Quantity ... quality was still not good.

0815 (Tuesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 26726. Total Burn 2960. Exercise Burn 1340/1139 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.6mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1500. Blah. Not a good night for sleep. Argument issues/feeling sad/bad. #2 needed his car in the morning ... so I drove the beast (Hubs big truck). Just in the neighborhood. I don't think I'd trust myself with it out in traffic. Suzanne, Carma and Christa were all there to help.  Stats: 6753 steps. 2.95 miles. 464/458 burn. AvHR116. High144. In zone 20 of the 65 minutes. After class, I dropped off some zucchini (I'd posted to the neighborhood group to see if anyone wanted any, we have tons). I'd hit the elliptical once before class. Got in a session soon after, and one more before bed for my full hour today. Some treadmill time and bike. Should have done weights ... even started, then stopped, just didn't have it in me. Maybe tomorrow? Went in for a fill, it was overdue. Finished up a muvee.  Kept calories in check today. One the vacation end, the guys went to Vegas to see "Blue Man".

0816 (Wednesday) Weight 176.3. Steps 29134. Total Burn 3191. Exercise Burn 1350/1396 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.82mileTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1500. Slept better ... but :( I'd asked #2 if I could take his car(Charger) in the morning. While I was down on the elliptical, I heard him get up and leave and was sad, thinking for sure he hadn't remembered (I didn't think he was going anywhere). I wasn't sure if I'd dare take the truck to Zumba or if I'd have to miss. But ... he did remember and he took the truck. So I made it to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 7612 steps. 3.41 miles. 450/429 burn. AvHR107. High131. In zone 9 of the 69 minutes.  Back at home, I got in some time on the treadmill. I tried some intervals again. Also hit the bike and weights. Hubs and the boys were heading home ... I was tracking them on "Find my Friends" and arrived just after 4:00, as Hubs had originally estimated. I tried to clean up a bit before they got home. The main vacuum is out of commission, but I at least got the hardwood floors done. Did my laundry, knowing I'd probably have several loads with the guys home from their trip. I should have planned a home cooked meal better. I made tacos and homemade oreos. Kept calories in check. Communication definitely kept in check.

0817 (Thursday) Weight 175.9. Steps 30268. Total Burn 3306. Exercise Burn 1450/1518 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.58mileTreadmill, Bike, Abs/Core). Calories in 1500. Bad night again. Might have to pull out the PJ. It's been a while. Hubs back to work. No KGB. I hit the elliptical for a session before heading to Zumba w/MZL. Stats: 7456 steps. 557/549 burn. AvHR127. High143. In zone 55 of the 65 minutes. Sometimes when I'm down, even Zumba can't snap me out of it. Other times, it's a literal lifesaver. Today was one of those days. I made a quick stop at Target on the way home. When #4 and I stopped their last week to pick up his prescription (which he was a good boy and remembered to take it while he was on vacation without me reminding him every morning and night) I'd grabbed a couple cargo shorts for #5. He liked them, but they were too big. I'd looked online and could get them shipped in the right size, so I'd done that. I meant to shop and grab some Ludens cough drops (#1 and #5 are still coughing a lot) but forgot. #3 was in the gym with a friend when I got home. When they were finally done, I hit the elliptical again, and then the treadmill. Got in bike and some ab/core later, as well as one more elliptical session. 30k day. #3 had work at 3:00, but I thought I'd need the car for #5's practice (it turns out they didn't have it tonight after all) so I dropped him off. I stopped at the Nike store, and grabbed a pair of Nike Free again. I have a pair that I like for Zumba and even for just wearing around. As I hate shoes, these feel the least like I'm wearing any? I need to find some in basic black though, my first pair are pink, and these are a bright blue. These are also a size larger than my norm, but the 8 felt too small. #3 was working till close, and I figured I wouldn't be up that late, so #1 and I drove over separately and dropped off a car for him. Hubs had asked us to grab some mealworms for the ducks, so we stopped at Petco quick on the way home. Got a few feeder fish too. The ducks weren't super cooperative. They did seem to like the mealworms but won't come too close. They seemed intimidated by the fish ... wouldn't even get in the pool. I did call it an early night.

0818 (Friday)Weight 174.5. Steps 33764. Total Burn 3240. Exercise Burn 1500/1430 (60minElliptical, Zumba+, 60min/3.2mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1500. Another morning. no contact. I got a session in on the elliptical and went to Zumba with MZL. Stats: 6716 steps. 460 burn. AvHR119. High139. In zone 27 of the 65 minutes. Quick stop at Target on the way home to grab cough drops and Kleenex. #3 had friends over in the gym, I wasn't sure when they'd finish up (it was around 12:30, a little earlier than I expected). They stayed and played some ping pong. I hit the elliptical again, and treadmill and bike. #3 had work at 4:00. I'd need a car for one trip (#5's practice dropoff) but #1 said he'd do that, so #3 took the car. Hubs wasn't home until late. Black Friday. I'm not sure if I've ever felt worse.

0819 (Saturday) Weight 174.1. Steps 23293. Total Burn 2779. Exercise Burn 950/1003 (60minElliptical, 60min/3.16milesTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 0. So ... not a good night. But I did get an entire book read. Hubs left for work (He doesn't work weekend per se but does go in to catch up and get things done as needed).  I got in some exercise and mowed the lawn. Cleaned off a dusty shelf and made a DI run. Dropped #3 off at work, as I'd need the car. #5 had a basketball game, but he also had a bad blister. He'd pulled the skin off last night (that's a no-no) and it was really hurting him. I tried to bandage it up, but with a shoe on it was just too painful. He sat the bench and cheered his team on. Luckily, they didn't really need him today, an easy win (even with one of our other good players out with a concussion). Picked up #3 from work. Hubs brought out some orange chicken from the freezer, so that was dinner. He and I watched last Sunday's GOT. He'd already seen it but I hadn't. But now I have.

July 2017

0701 (Saturday) Weight 175.6. Steps 16628. Total Burn 2524. Exercise Burn 350/718 (Family 5K). Calories in 3250. Our family did a 5K years ago, and I'd always said I wanted to do another, but I'd never gotten around to it. #4 had expressed some interest, and I'd signed him and #1 up for a race earlier this Spring. A couple months ago, while perusing the utah5K page, I saw one advertised close to home, at the West Jordan park, inexpensive too, just $10 for the WHOLE family (including #2's girlfriend, who had "run in a 5k" on their "couple summer bucket list"). So ... I'd signed us all up, not sure if we'd all make it. I knew if even one person sat it out, I probably would too ... but everyone ended up going! We started up the center of the park, and then looped around three times. #3 ended up lapping me, and I'd just started my final lap when #5, #1 and #4 hit the finish line. I had my "5mph" playlist and had only stopped to walk a time or two, but still was last from our family. They were all waiting for me as I rounded the final corner, I had my own little entourage as I finished the race. #5 had taken first place in his age group (14 and under), with #4 coming in second, for the next age group (15-19) #3 took first, #2 took second and Kate took third (I done the registration, I could have sworn I'd checked the correct gender box). The 1st place overall winner was a 15-year old cross-country star from the high school, but placing there he wasn't in the age division. #1 took 2nd in the 20-30, with the first place going to a neighborhood buddy (whose older brother took 2nd overall). We got some cute pictures before the race, and then one with all our matching t-shirts after the race. We stopped to grab some Dunford donuts on the way home. When we buy donuts, I eat donuts ... go figure. Uber over on calories today. No additional exercise, but I did mow the lawn . Hubs did a Costco run, grabbing some meat to smoke tomorrow, and picked up some king crab legs to try tonight (his first time steaming them). We supplemented with some Popeyes. I wasn't feeling well, had a killer headache!

0702 (Sunday) Weight 177.6. Steps 13648. Total Burn 2338. Exercise Burn 537/528 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Definitely feeling yesterday's race in my legs today! Calves are so tight, quads tender too, as well as some upper body stiffness (from pumping arms while running?) Going down the stairs is an issue! I got one session on the elliptical in ... while getting down the stairs to the gym was difficult, it wasn't bad once I was on the machine. Hubs took off for a morning bike ride ... I did some Zumba practice. I didn't really go into it intending to do a full hour, but I did. Fairly low-key, with the body aches. Stats: 4838 steps. 2.09 miles. 369/280 burn. AvHR106, High134, in zone 2 of the 60 minutes. #3 made us waffles for breakfast. Hubs had a hankering to hit Park City, and ended up going solo, riding the tram up the mountain. Had a quick meeting at the house with some of the stake presidency with a calling for #3. Hubs had smoked roast for french dip, and smoked pork loin too, which is a new favorite of #2 and #3. I got some blog updates done (Zumba stats, June2017 and one on the family blog ... I'm SO behind there!)

0703 (Monday) Weight 176.9. Steps 19518. Total Burn 2510. Exercise Burn 650/686 (Zumba X2). Calories in 2200. Hubs bought some little salted caramel bon-bon candies at Costco on Saturday. There's no visible salt, and they aren't the absolute best ... but I can't stop eating them. They are so easy to down by the handful, even though just five are a serving. I don't think they agree with me ... some tummy trouble, but again, I can't seem to stop eating them! Had some for breakfast. Hubs was up and off early to hike Mount Olympus with a work buddy. It was a little more than he was anticipating, even though he's done it before. He said his legs were jelly coming down. He pretty much came home and crashed for most of the day. I was still feeling the 5K in my legs. At Zumba with Debbie, I was much more subdued. Stats: 5221 steps. 2.25 miles. 361/262 burn. AvHR99, High128, in zone 2 of the 63 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbing a prescription and some groceries. While restocking the greens for the goose, I chatted with the produce guy and he gave me their trimmings (which ended up being three big bags of romaine lettuce). Nice! #3 wanted to play basketball, but his brothers weren't interested in taking him, so I did, doing another hour of Zumba practice. Stats: 5120 steps. 2.21 miles. Burn 404/274 (not sure why the ChargeHR came in high). AvHR110, High124, in zone 1 of the 61minutes. I was out back with the birds in the early afternoon (it was SO hot) when two of the ducks took off flying! I thought for sure they'd land in the neighbor's yard this time ... but they went beyond that even! I put on my shoes and went for a little walk around the neighborhood to see if I could find them. Down at the end of the street I heard a quack and saw one sitting on the sidewalk. I started to try and nudge it home, but we were several houses down. These ducks are flighty (literally!) and I could tell it would be hard ... easier with some help, so I headed home to enlist a couple of the kids. I heard another quack, and a bark, and looked back to see a dog going after the poor duck. She flew but he followed and I ran back to shoo him away (luckily he went, I'm afraid of dogs myself). I don't know if ducky was hurt or just overwhelmed with it all, but she was just sitting on the sidewalk and didn't resist at all when I went to pick her up. I was carrying her home when I came across the other duck, and I slowly managed to nudge her into our yard. Hubs and one of the boys noticed and came out to help. So all four ducks are back home. There is no obvious injury to the one duck, but she seems a bit traumatized by the adventure, just wanting to tuck her beak under her wing. Poor baby. Our backyard is quite sheltered compared to the big, wild world. Hubs and I rented "La La Land" and watched it, indulging in his yummy popcorn.

0704 (Tuesday) Weight 176.9. Steps 17324. Total Burn 2649. Exercise Burn 725/824 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. 4th of July! There was a neighborhood breakfast going on, originally scheduled at our neighborhood park, but apparently a neighboring neighborhood was using the park (same, neighborhood breakfast) so our neighborhood had to move it into a backyard. I wasn't really planning on going anyway (since becoming inactive, it does impact these social functions somewhat even though this was specifically a "neighborhood" breakfast, not a "church" one ... thus them not moving it to the church). My Zumba class was cancelled though, and I'd been excited to hit Heather's (my Tuesday backup) again, but she was offered a paid class at KOPFC ... I'm too cheap to pay and studios/centers are often too crowded for me. I need the space of the big church gyms. I figured I'd hit MZL. Their Tues/Thurs class is a little further North, but I've been to the building before and it's not a bad commute. They usually have huge classes, but it was quite small with the holiday. Still feeling a bit sore from the 5k, but was able to get good stats (probably helped being brought up on stage a couple times). Stats: 7023. 3.08 miles. 538/482 burn. AvHR121, High138, in zone 43 of the 65 minutes.  I was glad I went. Hubs had taken the three littles and went to Maga's house for a bit ... leaving the front door unlocked and the garage door open. We all went back later in the early evening for BBQ. I'd marinaded some chicken, and there were burgers and dogs, corn on the cob, and Maga's red/white&blue trifle for dessert. We'd taken two cars (even though #2 wasn't with us and we would have all fit in the Durango, Hubs had gone a little early with the truck) ... Hubs and I left first, and then #1 brought the other boys home a little later. SO many fireworks going off everywhere. The poor birds in the backyard were freaked out. Hubs and I sat out with them for a while.

0705 (Wednesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 27971. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 917/1177 (20minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2000. #1 had his day off Wednesday this week, which worked out as Hubs had made an appointment for #2's car at the Dodge dealership. His "check engine" light had come on (and off and on ... not consistent). We'd had a fiasco with that and a previous vehicle, so it's worrisome.  #2 had training for his new job, so he took #1's car. I was able to hit my Zumba. MZL has moved for a couple weeks as they redo the floors, so I was hitting an alternate. One out by Sunset Ridge, which I've gone to before, but it's been a long while. It's very common to have "first time syndrome" and not get the HR up, but I just wasn't clicking with any of the songs either. I hurried home, so that #3 could follow #1 as they dropped of the Charger at the dealer ... and of course the check engine light was NOT on as they arrived. There had been some mixup and we weren't on the books for an appointment, so the boys rescheduled and came home. Wasted morning and now it's still hanging overhead. #4 had mentioned wanting to go play basketball at the church. When the older boys got back, #4 and I could have sworn #1 said he would go ... I guess we misheard. I said I'd still be willing to take #4, but he doesn't really like going alone and was in tears. I told #5 to leave his computer game and come along with us, and then HE was in tears because he didn't particularly want to go and then even when he said he would, #4 was upset ... and having my littles upset made me upset and discouraged about this whole boring summer. It's so hard because none of the kids school friends live in our neighborhood. The three of us did end up going. I did some Zumba practice while they got in basketball practice. I got in a session on the elliptical too ... and an unexpected walk. I peeked out the window in the early evening to one duck quacking quite frantically. Not the norm. So I went out back ... just one duck, not four. There was an answering quack from the neighbor's backyard. One duck was there, but wasn't figuring out how to fly back. I recruited #3 to hop over the fence (neighbors had said that would be fine anytime we needed to) and grab her and hand her back. I walked the neighborhood after that, looking for the other two, wondering if I might find them, as I had on Monday when two flew. But no sign of them today. While I was out back ... girl goose took flight and did a slight curve while coming down, ending up on the wrong side of the big backyard cinderblock fence. Arrggg! I got a stool ( different neighbor, unattached neighborhood, this fence is much higher than the one the duck flew over) and hubs grabbed a ladder and we peeked over the fence and called to her and after ten minutes or so she finally flew back over into our yard. These birds be stressing me out! #2 had his final shift at KFC ... he's glad to be moving on (just as #3 is starting there). #1 ended up taking the two littles to an NBA summer league game down at the Huntsman Center.

0706 (Thursday) Weight 176.6. Total Burn 2884. Exercise Burn 1000/1073 (20minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2700. I was awake early, and I actually got up and hit the elliptical. I haven't been able to squeeze in an early elliptical even with 9:00 Zumba, and Thursday's class has an 8:30 start time! I've been enjoying MZL of late, and having gone to the different (Tues/Thurs) building this week, I was thinking maybe I'd go straight from the early Zumba class w/Corianne to MZL's, which starts a little late, around 9:20. And I did. I just wasn't getting the HR up at all in the first class. The instructor has a ton of energy (I'm sure HER'S is up) but I don't know all the songs that well, some are a little more flowy, with a longer warm up/cool down ... and then the KIDS. Crazy running all over is very distracting, and it's hard to feel like you can move freely when you are having to watch your step so you don't crash into a kid running across the floor. Stats: 3905 steps. 1.68 miles. 250/178 burn. AvHR96, High116, didn't get into the cardio zone any of the 40 minutes. MZL ... that was another story! HR up! 6902 steps. 3.1 miles. 526/446 burn. AvHR125, High165, in zone 34 of the 65 minutes (it had started, but I still got my full hour in). This one is a bit more crowded than the Wednesday class, as on Wednesdays they offer two locations. I like being at the side, where I can run grab a drink easily ... but then so does almost everyone. I ended up right in the center today, but that was fine too. But there had been a workman out front as I arrived, and I wonder if they were fixing the A/C or something, as there was none in the gym today! They usually have big fans blowing air at this location, but they weren't working either. So it was hot!  Headed home - looked like a bad accident on 7800 at the Walmart exit. Despite my productive morning, I didn't get much done the rest of the day. The boys (#1, #3, #4 and #5) packed up and hit Classic Waterpark for the afternoon. I had a $20 coupon for entry for four plus a pizza and pop. They said that's about all it was worth. It only has four slides, so nothing like the bigger waterparks. There is usually a couple big inflatables, but there was a problem with them today, not that those would have made much difference really. But it was fine for a small outing for the day. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. My car was blocked in, and rather than rearranging, I just asked #2 to do the drop-off. It took him a bit to get back with traffic ... a bad accident on 7800 at the Walmart exit. Not the same one as this morning, but not good to have two bad ones in the same spot in a single day! I handled pickup, bringing some Snickerdoodles for coach and our ride helper. A little frustrated with the cookies though, seems like the first time or two they really turned out good, and they I've struggled a bit. Today, they tasted fine, but ascetically, they really varied. From thick, to super flat, to weird edges. Goose girl flew over the wall again today ... came back. Flew again in the evening, and ended up sitting on the wall for a while. Hubs and I were in the backyard when a duck flew over quacking, calling to the two remaining ducks (who were answering back). The duck landed on our neighbor's roof, and we wondered if she'd come back and land in the yard. She flew, overshooting it, landing in our other neighbor's yard ... and as Hubs and I got a better look, we realized she was NOT one of our two that flew off last night. Our ducks this year are not distinctive like last year's mallard mutation (we could always tell ours from the wild ones) but still, we could see this one was slightly bigger, and lighter in color. Very interesting to have her fly so close ... I mean we did have that duck couple come every day last year, but it isn't that usual. I then walked into the front to turn off the sprinklers when ... there was a duck. This time, it WAS one of ours! I nudged it into the backyard, where it had a joyful and noisy reunion with the other two ducks. I wonder if they tell each other of their adventures. I wonder how her day went ... and if the other duck is surviving too. I keep glancing at the canal ... but the canal is disgusting this year! We've lived here for 20 years, and I know the water level changes depending on weather and water pulls, but I've never seen it this low this early. So much mucky moss/toxic algae. There are very few ducks there this year.

0707 (Friday) Weight 177.3. Steps 21719. Total Burn 2900. Exercise Burn 600/1074 (20minElliptical, Zumba+, Weights). Calories in 2700. Zumba with Debbie to start the day. I had remembered it would be a weights day at one point, but didn't prep and bring the weights up to remind me. I forgot them. Stats: 5720 Steps. 2.47 miles. 397/363 burn. AvHR108. High138. In zone 6 of the 63 minutes. I should have stopped at Smiths on the way home for some groceries, but I hadn't prepped the list and wasn't sure what all was needed. I got in one session on the elliptical, some additional Zumba, and a weights workout. #1 was leaving to go to a work activity (the new Spiderman movie, taking Ana's two boys) about the time #5 needed to be dropped off for his practice, so that saved me a trip out. Hubs and I ended up watching an episode of House of Cards, and he made his popcorn ... so over in calories obviously.  I'd also made Mac&Cheese (added to the overage) ... not even knowing that it was National Macaroni and Cheese day! #3 went on a cleaning spree, doing the kitchen and the bathroom. Sometimes those OCD tendencies come in handy!

0708 (Saturday) Weight 177.3. Steps 21768. Total Burn 2678. Exercise Burn 600/851 (Zumba+). Calories in 2700. Hubs wanted to go up to the lake today ... so they did. #1 had to work, but met up with them afterward, driving separately. I did a quick stop at the store early to grab the needed groceries and some treats for the little beach trip. #2 didn't go either, as he was working in the morning, and then had tickets to "Slide the City" with his girlfriend. I felt my day home alone was still fairly productive. I did an hour of Zumba, and then a little extra throughout the day. I also got the lawn mowed and did some yard work.  Treats were a temptation, as I pulled some out for the guys and some got left ... and I pulled out some others as I put away some. No sign of the other ducks, but the canal water is back up to normal level. A storm seemed to set in for the evening, blowing wind and some thunder and lightening.

0709 (Sunday) Weight 178.7. Steps 12476. Total Burn 2343. Exercise Burn 150/524 (ZumbaP). Calories in 2500. Love sleeping in ... even though I get to every day with the summer, it's easier when Hubs does too. He was still up and off fairly early, going on a bike ride. He smoked us up some bacon when he got back, and I made pancakes. The older two boys had earlier meetings though, so it wasn't a full family breakfast. #3 also hasn't been feeling well for a few days. Not really sick ever, but moments of fever and chills, cough ... and then he'll be fine. Keeping an eye on him. Hubs took the Durango in for a needed oil change and also got it registered, even though it didn't expire until the end of August. Always nice to have that done. He ran some additional errands, and checked on his mom, and her yard. She's having her patio torn out (flagstones with thyme) for a cement pad. I had Hubs grab some of the flagstones for me, as I've needed some sort of walkway to the shed. Currently, I'll balance on a board (with nails in it) to get across the dirt and mud. When he got home with them, I moved them to the backyard and prepped the dirt and got them placed and am pretty pleased with the result. I could maybe use a couple more. I re-positioned some stepping stones in the other garden (where I needed to step to reach the birdfeeder) and did some weeding. I was a pretty sweaty mess. A little funny I saw the other day said "Why is it called Boob-Sweat, it should be called Humidititties" ... ha ha. I got showered up, then made macaroni rosa for dinner. We introduced the boys to "Flight of the Conchords" which, while an HBO show, isn't really any worse than Friends, HIMYM or IT Crowd. There was a lot of laughter. I made homemade Oreos too.

0710 (Monday) Weight 179.1. Steps 23249. Total Burn 2859. Exercise Burn 900/1033 (20minElliptical, Zumba+) Calories in 2200. Started the day off with Zumba. Debbie in Daybreak today. I forgot seeing a sign that the road (I go on) would be closed, so I had to detour and wasn't positive I was going to be able to find my way, but I did. Good class. Stats: 6345 steps. 2.71 miles. 395/410 burn. AvHR107. High125. In zone just 1 minute of the 63. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, as the boys had burned through most of the bananas, I should have picked up wheat bread on my last trip, and we were low on 2%. Had a few free coupons. I can never decide which I prefer, the physical coupons ... which I can have in hand to remember to pick things up, pending I remember the actual paper coupons - or the digital coupons, which are automatically on my card, but then I forget what is there and end up wasting things. There is a road closure sign in front of the entrance/exit there, I'm not sure if it's just that small stretch between Old Bingham and 90th, but that will sure be an inconvenience too! Closed for a couple weeks. Take a detour ... of course EVERYTHING else is under construction too! Back at home, #4 went to jump on the tramp, flapping his arms at girl goose ... and she flew. Just into the front yard, and we were able to get her back. I prepped the pools, food and dug some worms. He is on "Remi duty" today and tomorrow ... taking out the neighbor's dog for a mid-day play and potty break. I got in one session on the elliptical and did some Zumba practice. #1 and #3 ran #2's car to the dealership so they could check out the "check engine" light ... which was NOT on at the moment. Hubs was going to the lake with a work buddy and his boys, so he wouldn't be home until late. #1 had school, and #3 had some training at KFC. I had to drop him off, as we didn't have enough cars to go around, and I wasn't sure how he'd get home if he wasn't done before I had to leave, taking #5 to his first summer basketball game. We got notified that the Charger was ready, so I dropped #2 off to pick it up. We hit a little rush hour traffic on the way back, but at least then he was around, with a vehicle, to pick up #3 later. #5 and I were off to his game, at Dimple Dell. They had the main court divided into two smaller ones, which actually makes filming it a bit better. I did a bit of walking (there is a track above) before the game started. The first half was quite tight, score staying close, with us behind by two ... some confusion and contention as to the actual score too, as some parents said the ref had called a three pointer twice, but the scorekeeper only added two. It didn't matter, as the boys came out of the half roaring, and built quite a lead, and keeping the other team unable to get a basket for quite a bit. First game was a win. As we got home, I peeked out back and ... no goose. Not really a big surprise, but I am still sad, and of course peeked over all the fences and did a walk around the neighborhood. It was already pretty dark though. I hope she's okay. Poor ducky is all alone now.

0711 (Tuesday) Weight 178.1. Steps 24398. Total Burn 2993. Exercise Burn 1000/1189 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Weights). Calories in 1800. Today was my first time subbing in Marian's Zumba class. I'd prepped the playlist, with Suzanne and Carma helping out. I thought it went well. It's fun to be able to choose the songs I like and know, and being up front always adds a little energy. Stats: 6496 steps. 2.86 miles. 522/447 burn. AvHR127. High151. In zone 49 of the 63 minutes. I still ended up doing additional Zumba at home too. I also got in some elliptical and did weights. Threw in some hula, ping pong and mowed the front lawn. I finished up a blog post and made the highlight video from last night's game.  #1 and #4 went to play some basketball. Hubs came home from work a little early, feeling very tired and got in a little nap.

0712 (Wednesday) Weight 177.1. Steps 25787. Total Burn 3059. Exercise Burn 1100/1233 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2600. With the MZL church still out of commission (redoing the floors) I decided to hit Draper/Southziders today. It was fun to see some friends again, and do some songs that only they do. Stats: 5926 steps. 2.68 miles. 419/440 burn. AvHR115. High142. In zone 19 of the 63 minutes. On the way home I stopped at Big5 and used my $10 off $30 purchase on a couple shoes for me. #1 took #4 to the church to play basketball. We had some bananas going bad, so I made banana bread and muffins ... and ate too many. No return of goose or duck, so I finished up cleaning the backyard. The big pool in the very back still has water, just in case someone comes back, but I emptied the little pool and the several small containers, packed away the food and lights, and "comfort joe" and then made sure I still watered all my plants. Without having the birds back there, I need to remember the garden still requires some attention. Hubs went with some work buddies for a mountain race in the evening. 3.5 miles, a lot of elevation.

0713 (Thursday) Weight 177.8. Steps 23415. Total Burn 2870. Exercise Burn 975/1061 (30minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2500. Double Zumba day. Start off at 8:30 with Coriann. I don't get the full class, about 40minutes, as I sneak out early to head over to MZL. I was feeling so tired though, a little harder to get into it this week, although the HR still seemed to be up (erroneously!) Quite crowded today! Stats: 6598 steps. 2.91 miles. 511/396 burn. AvHR126. High173. In zone 40 of the 63 minutes. #1 and the boys went over to the church for some basketball. I went to Maceys to stock up on groceries. We were completely out of eggs and bananas and low on milk and bread. They had Hostess treats on sale, so I grabbed some Ding Dongs and Zingers ... #1 ate half the box in about five minutes! Now that I had eggs, I made chocolate chip cookies too. They turned out okay. Good enough I took some to drop off to coach and carpool at #5's basketball practice today. Hubs had done a hike with work buddies and said it wore him out again.

0714 (Friday) Weight 177.8. Steps 20249. Total Burn 2643. Exercise Burn 810/822 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. Up early enough to get in a session on the elliptical early. Then Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 4566 steps. 1.97 miles. 303/302 burn. AvHR100. High128. Didn't get into cardio zone any of the 57 minutes.  I've been debating taking #3 into the doctor. He's had this lingering cough for a while now. Not "sick" sick, although at times he's seemed extra tired, here and there he would seem to have chills/fever ... but then he'd be fine and go waverunning and friends, etc. #1 took the littles bowling. He had a great game, got a turkey (and then another strike), scoring 174, his high. I said they could order pizza. I got in a little extra Zumba, and hit the treadmill for a bit. I really meant to do weights, and some reading/riding, but then that didn't happen. Dropped #5 off for practice. It's nice that our carpool brings him home. I was able to take a shower and change into jammies early. Hubs and I finished up the latest season of "House of Cards".

0715 (Saturday) Weight 178.3. Steps 13669. Total Burn 2349. Exercise Burn 350/516 (20minElliptical, ZumbaP). Calories in 3200. Hubs wanted to hit the lake, and all the boys were free, and Cal was taking Kate too. They packed up and were off. After they left, I thought about it and I should have gone too. With ALL the family there, already taking two cars ... but I was too late. I do enjoy my alone time too, but I will be getting quite a bit of that when the guys take off to Seattle. I got in a little exercise, some cleaning, mowed the lawn ... and make coconut goodies. Ate coconut goodies. Cal's car pulled in about 3:30. They brought home Keaton, who had to be at work at 4:00. He got a quick shower and then I dropped him off, as I'd need the car later. #5 had a game at 7:00. They won. When I got back, #1 and I drove over to KFC (separate cars) to leave the Durango for #3 to drive home when he was done at closing.

0716 (Sunday) Weight 179.5. Steps 12001. Total Burn 2328. Exercise Burn 350/655 (20minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2700. Hubs got up and started the pulled pork on the smoker. We were having a family party today, and we were bringing the meat. He then went on a bike ride ... and so did I. His was on a trail in Draper and mine was down in the stationary bike. I got in one session on the elliptical too, and a bit of Zumba practice. We packed everything up and headed out to my folks. My brother's family was in town from California, and my older brother was out of the hospital, after spending two weeks there (operation on his colon, then complications). We left half the pork plain, for people to add bbq sauce or just eat that way, and turned the rest into tacos. Had a nice visit with everyone and home again home again, jiggity jig.
0717 (Monday) Weight 179.5. Steps 25242. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1089/1210 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2100. Started the day with Debbie in Daybreak. Last Friday, she did a "hula hoop" song I I half-jokingly asked if we should bring our hula hoops next time, and she said to do it. So we did. I had three to bring, my heavy, exercise one, and two bigger kid ones (one small kid one while I didn't bother to bring as it's impossible, and a little bent). With everyone bringing them, there were enough for everyone. We used them for a few songs and it was fun. Stats: 5642 steps. 2.47 miles. 387/367 burn. AvHR106. High133. In zone 1 of the 65 minutes. Back at home, #4 was discouraged as the basketball hoop out front broke a bit. The hoop is now hanging down a bit. I think Hubs may be able to fix it ... if he ever has the time. He's going straight from work to the lake again today. I had a decent day, getting a few things done around the house (laundry, dishes, vacuuming ... required after #5 dropped a glass dish that shattered everywhere. Got a little sliver in my foot, ouch). Outside I did some watering and weeding and finally gave up on my birds coming back and emptied out the bigger pool. I tried transplanting a couple things that were struggling, probably won't work this late in the season (and how far gone they already were) but worth a try. I got in some elliptical, bike and Zumba practice. #3 had work and I let him take the Durango. I was craving chicken soup (go figure!) so I borrowed #2's Charger (he was asleep and not going anywhere) and did some shopping. I had chicken frozen but figured it would be easier to grab some ready to bake ... it was just $2.99 a pound, and I hate to pay that much when it's almost always less, even not on sale. I ended up grabbing some from the butcher's block. It actually looked cheaper there, but I didn't realize until I got home, it had a fishy smell. Maybe from being under the glass with other items? It was pretty slight, and no one else commented on it, but it spoiled it a bit for me. I think it was okay once it was in the soup. It turned dark outside as a storm rolled in. We got hail and then pounding rain. #4 did comment he didn't like it ... but nothing like his extreme anxiety in the past that would have had him cowering under the covers downstairs with his headphones on. Unfortunately, the storm rolled in up at the lake where Hubs and friends were with the waverunners. He said they were pretty much done anyway. Happily, they had been able to get Roxy (one of the waverunners) working again, it had some trouble on Saturday and he him worried. 

0718 (Tuesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 20767. Total Burn 2910. Exercise Burn 850/1096 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2200. I generally don't sleep through Hubs getting up and off to work, but I usually stay in bed for a while after. This morning though, he couldn't find his keys, and I got up to help look. No luck though, even though we looked everywhere! He had a spare, and ended up just using that to go ahead and get to work. We looked for the keys all day, but it wasn't until Hubs was home in the evening that he remembered. Bringing in some stuff last night, he'd stuck them in his shoe and even thought "I'm going to forget I put these here" ... but I'm glad that mystery got solved anyway!  As I was up a little earlier than my summer usual, I went ahead and got in a session on the elliptical. Zumba was up next, week two of me subbing. I'd mentioned to my sister and SIL (both in from out of town) that they could come out to the class if they wanted ... and they did. So that was fun. Good stats, HR up. 6574 steps. 2.89 miles. 575/470 burn. AvHR133, High166, in zone 53 of the 65 minutes. I'd had #3 drop me off (as he wanted to borrow the Durango and go play basketball with buddies. I can walk, but carrying the bag with the speaker hookup and such gets a little heavy. My SIL gave me a ride home after). Back at home, the energy was still flowing, so I did a weights workout. My mom mentioned my youngest brother was bringing his girls out to play with their cousins, so I packed up my three boys and headed out too. We went over to the neighborhood pool and had it all to ourselves. After spending a couple hours there, I took my boys to get something to eat (okay, partial bribe). My brothers had been discussing JCWs and #3 said it sounded so good, so we went. I sent a text to #1 (who'd stayed to work on homework) and #2 (just off work) and they drove out and joined us. We were less than impressed with JCWs though. Asked for the kids bacon burgers plain, no mayo, onions or tomato ... and still got all three. #1 didn't care for his pina colada shake, and #3, after ordering chili cheese fries commented "hmmm, I must have been thinking of something else" ... all this for $40! We headed to South Towne Expo center and met up with my brother and sister and their families. #5 had been here a few weeks ago for a basketball tournament. All the courts were gone, and floats, for the upcoming "Days of 47 Parade" were inside where we could examine them close up in air conditioned comfort. My boys still just rushed through, but we got a few family photos before leaving ... although #4 refused to smile for pictures and looked like he was absolutely miserable (even though he really wasn't that ornery for anything but posing for pictures). We hit a bit of rush hour traffic on the way home. Hubs was home late, having gone to a movie with work buds (Wonder Woman). 

0719 (Wednesday) Weight 177.6. Steps 21615. Total Burn 2807. Exercise Burn 845/1161 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2500. Got in my early elliptical again, but only because MZL was back at the West Jordan building and I didn't have to leave the house until after 9:00. I had a hard time getting my HR up though, even after going up and doing a number. My enjoyment improved for the second half, even if stats didn't. 6816 steps. 2.99 miles. 432/438 burn. AvHR110. High134. In zone 9 of the 68 minutes. Had a couple hours at home, and then I headed North to meet up with my mom, sister and SIL (different one, in town one but still we don't get together that often!) at Red Robin for a ladies lunch. Chatted and ate. Got home in plenty of time to turn the car over to #3, heading into work at KFC at 4:00. The boys have been doing some packing, I and did some last minute loads of laundry.  Hit the gym again for a little elliptical and session on the bike, and got the front lawn mowed. 

0720 (Thursday) Weight 179.9. Steps 25646. Total Burn 2885. Exercise Burn 1000/1046 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 2700. Alarm set for 4:45, as Hubs and the boys were leaving for Seattle. First time flying for the two littles. Hubs was able to get an XL Uber, needed for the six passengers and the luggage (even though the boys managed to squeeze their things into carryons, no checked luggage). And they were off ... I didn't bother attempting to go back to bed, but started in on my cleaning. With everyone gone, the house would actually STAY clean. I kept an eye on the guys using the Find my Friends app too, and Hubs checked in. They took off on time (7:30) and landed about 9:30, just as I was finishing up Zumba. I'd gone to Coriann's class, and didn't take off early today ... didn't think I had it in me for back-to-back ones this morning. Stats: 4953 steps. 2.14 miles. 311/258 burn. AvHR101. High132. In zone 1 of the 58 minutes. I'm thinking I'll probably just plan on hitting the MZL Thursday from now on. I just haven't been able to click with this class, not sure why. I guess so many of the songs/steps just aren't quite my style. While the kids weren't as crazy today, that is always a distraction, and while the instructor is really good, she tends to move to the middle of the floor ... behind me! I can't see her or the steps and I haven't been going long enough to know them (although many of the ladies there do). Maybe I'll still hit it from time to time. Another reason I didn't go on to the other class, was I was a little afraid I'd run out of gas. Hubs had taken the car out last night, and now I was almost on empty. I've run out of gas once already in this car and that was not any fun! I didn't have time to stop on the way to Zumba (I didn't know it was empty to allow extra time) but stopped on the way home. Then ... empty house. I continued with my cleaning, got in some additional exercise. It did feel a little lonely, and there was some eating. No one around to judge. Hubs and the boys were good sending pictures and updates. I can enjoy a vacation vicariously. I was tired with the early morning, so I got in a nap as well (so did the boys, at the hotel). I'd started a movie while down on the treadmill, and decided to finish it upstairs rather than waiting until tomorrow (during additional exercise). "Room" ... it was good. Hubs checked in with a call, and then to bed. 

0721 (Friday) Weight 179.2. Steps 21355. Total Burn 2726. Exercise Burn 935/896 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Didn't get up early enough to get in any elliptical before heading out to Zumba. Off to Daybreak today, Debbie was at girl's camp and asked Carma and I to cover class. It was small, just a few people, but that doesn't bother me. 6275 steps. 2.71 miles. 489/430 burn. AvHR124. High146. In zone 44 of the 61 minutes. On the way home, I stopped at the dollar store and Walmart. Stocked up on shampoo for the guys, liquid dishsoap and toothbrushes (my main $ store stuff) and saw they already had the 2018 calendars in stock. I grabbed a few (I always have several up everywhere) ... now just to put them somewhere and not forget where for six months! Grabbed some bananas and grapes at Walmart. Would have picked up some caramel M&Ms, but they were out. Probably a good thing. I spent some time in the sun tanning my lower half. The top is pretty brown, as I wear a tank while I mow and do yardwork. I can't stand to lay out completely anyway ... too hot. But keeping the top half in the shade, I can even myself out a bit. I get some reading in too. I didn't get any extra Zumba in, but did do some elliptical and treadmill time. I'd planned on weights, but that didn't happen. I was watching "The Girl With All The Gifts" ... I'd read the book a few months ago and quite liked it. I hadn't heard it had been made into a movie, but then again, I'm really out of the movie loop. It had Glenn Close in it, although no other names I really recognized. I didn't finish, but also didn't feel compelled to finish (as I had with "Room" last night) ... perhaps because of the book, I already know how it ends, and I'm NOT caring for this movie representation much at all.

0722 (Saturday) Weight 178.2. Steps 26288. Total Burn 2963. Exercise Burn 979/1132 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2700. Yesterday I pondered what I should do in the early hours. Mow the lawn before it gets too hot? Get in my weights workout? I wanedt to be sure any soreness is gone by the time I teach on Tuesday. I ended up hitting the elliptical first thing, then I went out to water and weed. I even tried working with the weedwhacker ... I'm still new at that, but it went okay. I need more lessons. My mowing got interrupted a bit as the battery ran down and I had to recharge it. Still, I LOVE the electric mower. So much easier to start than the gas one, and no messy, smelly gas to refill. Did the full yard. The back was a little long. I've tried to water it a bit more. Down to the gym for some treadmill time ... finished up the movie I started yesterday. I'd been craving my mint brownies, so I made them. I got hit with the sleepies ... so I took a nap. I prepped the playlist for Tuesday and figured I'd practice a bit ... and ended up doing a full hour of Zumba. 6099 steps. 2.63 miles. 433/381 burn. AvHR115. High139. In zone 11 of the 62 minutes. Not bad stats for practicing in the bedroom. I then went down and did a workout with weights. Finished up my 1/2hour of elliptical (10min, after the 20 this morning) and did some reading/riding before bed. Checked in with the family. They went to Lake Heron and rented paddleboards and kayaks today. Oh ... and it's 25 years for Hubs and I. 

0723 (Sunday) Weight 180.5. Steps 19191. Total Burn 2601. Exercise Burn 980/771 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba, 30min/1.7milesTreadmill). Calories in 2150. Uggg ... 180s again. As for steps, I should have done a few more to hit 20k, but oh well. I did get in my hour of elliptical. Two 20min sessions, two 10min ones. Watching "Rogue One" which I didn't see in theaters. "A New Hope" was actually the last movie I went to, back in  2015. I prefer watching in bed ... laying down, with subtitles, the ability to pause if needed, and Hub's perfect popcorn. I can wait for whatever I want to watch. I'm not really a Star Wars fan anyway. I didn't quite finish it up ... I will tomorrow.

0724 (Monday) Weight 180.1. Steps 23603. Total Burn 2765. Exercise Burn 1185/1074 (30minEliptical, Zumba+30, 30min/1.59milesTreadmill, Bike). Calories in 1700. It's Pioneer Day. Debbie did cancel the Daybreak class, so I decided to hit Southziders. There was quite a crew there for it being a holiday. It's fun to go back and see the friends there, and I like the songs/steps. No Strong today. Stats: 6545 steps. 2.9 miles. 467/454 burn. AvHR115. High148. In zone 26 of the 64 minutes. While it is a longer drive, it's okay when I'm alone and can listen to my audiobook. I'd done one session on the elliptical in the morning, and another 10 to hit my half hour. That was exactly what I needed to finish up yesterday's movie too. The sun was spotty, but the weather looks worse the next few days. With no boys around, I've been trying to catch a little sun actually wearing a bathing suit. Getting a little color on my middle too. Actually got a little TOO much, especially as it hasn't really seen the sun. I got in some treadmill time, and some Zumba practice, finalizing the playlist for tomorrow and getting the ipad synced up and ready. Finished the day with a little reading/riding. Between getting audio in, reading in the sun, on the bike, and in bed ... I've been getting through the books! Did some updates on GoodReads, and also got my Monday blog post up. Hubs checked in ... he and the boys packed up and headed from Seattle across the border to Canada. Renting a cabin with his brother's family and some friends. Mostly travel and getting settled today. 

0725 (Tuesday) Weight 178.3. Steps 21987. Total Burn 2816. Exercise Burn 1000/967 (30minElliptical, Zumba+15, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill, Weights). Calories in 2800. Marian's Zumba class this morning ... which means ME. Sub for summer. I have Carma and Suzanne to help. Small class today, and I didn't get the HR up like last week. Stats: 6572 steps. 2.89 miles. 412/422 burn. AvHR111. High138. In zone 9 of the 60 minutes.  Back at home I got in some elliptical, some Zumba practice, treadmill, weights ... didn't get to the bike though. I was doing some cleaning when my MIL called to see if I wanted to go out to dinner. She knows I'm home alone. So we ended up going out to Johnny Carinos. It's nice and close. Not busy, but I think they were understaffed! We were there waiting as we walked in, and didn't even see a hostess for about 10 minutes. Got seated and ordered. They have great mozzarella cheese sticks, and then of course chicken alfredo for me. The menu (and online) had calorie counts listed, but I think they were conservative! Nice if true, but just didn't seem quite possible/logical. Brought home half my meal. My MIL, while starving when we got there, between the bread, salad and cheese sticks was pretty full before her actual meal came. Hubs and the boys had been checking in today. Hubs and the older boys had gone out (I guess the littles didn't want to go, stayed at the chalet with the other family). Had ice cream, rode some bikes. I didn't get a ton of pictures today. As the end of the month is coming, I got the bills paid. Tried NOT to peek at some of the trip costs. Ouch $$! On another funny note, Hubs forgot to notify the credit card companies of his travel plans and set off fraud alerts, first on one card, and then on another (when he switched after the first card was declined). We got it all straightened out and he's happily charging away again. Better safe than sorry. I'm glad the credit companies are cautious.  I was SO tired ... I went to bed around 9:30. 

0726 (Wednesday) Weight 179.5. Steps 25280. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 1200/1000 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, 30min/1.5mileTreadmill. Bike). Calories in 2000. It was storming in the night. One year when I stayed home while the guys went to Seattle, there was a huge storm that poured rainwater into one of the window wells. I had to jump in and bail it out.Since then Hubs has cleared out that raingutter, and we have an old car storage box that sits over that (which would help redirect any overflow) so I wasn't particularly concerned. I got in a session on the elliptical before heading to Zumba. MZL today. It had started when I got there. There was a gal who'd come to yesterday's class. I'd mentioned the "Free Zumba In Utah" FB page that listed different locations, so it was fun to see she had looked it up and found another and come.  A bit of a dearth of instructors today. There are two Zumba conventions starting up, I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or if it was just an off day. Stats: 6046 steps. 2.64 miles. 411/422 burn. AvHR109. High147. In zone 11 of the 63 minutes. Stopped at the store (Maceys) on the way home. They had the Welchs fruit snacks, which is what #3 likes, on sale, so I stocked up and sent him a picture. Then I went and got my nails done. It's been a few years. I always loved the look and feel, but didn't care for the cost and upkeep. But ... going again I guess. The day continued with rain, then sun ... during one of the sunny spots I got the front lawn mowed. I did a little more elliptical, some treadmill time, and hit the bike and a little Zumba practice. Did some updated to my IMDB lists (keeping track of what I'm watching) and did a couple blog posts. Hubs sent some fun pictures and a video of birds landing on the kids heads and arms. I guess even the birds are friendly in Canada!

0727 (Thursday) Weight 178.3. Steps 14761. Total Burn 2377. Exercise Burn 420/572 (Zumba). Calories in 3300. Not a good day. Not sure why I was so off. Little exercise, LOTS of eating.  I slept in a little, too much to hit the 8:30 Zumba class comfortably. Not that I'd really been planning on hitting that one today anyway. I did to to the later MZL one. Couldn't quite get the HR up, but still gets the steps in anyway. Stats: 6638 steps. 2.97 miles. 409/430 burn. AvHR105. High144. In zone 7 of the 63 minutes. On the way home, I stopped at Sam'sClub and grabbed a few things. When I checked out, I had my "cash rewards" to use, credited to today's purchase. I was glad they were doing it that way again. Last time they sent a check you had to bring and redeem ... Costco does that too and it's so hard to remember. Just credit it to the account! I'd made plans to lunch with my mom today. I headed out and picked her up, and we went to Chuck-a-Rama. It's been a while since I'd been there, and they had redone the front entrance. I'm pretty basic with what I like there ... the fried chicken, mashed taters and scones. It was "mexican" day for the themed food, and I did indulge in some cinnamon chips that reminded me of my grandma's pie crust cookies. While I didn't to great with my calories there, what really pushed me over was all the eating at home after. I'm not even that hungry, but things SOUND good and I want them and I just don't control myself. Had some leftover Reeses eggs, and some caramel M&Ms. Those pack a calorie punch quick! I did some cleaning and taking the groceries downstairs wracked up some steps, even without any additional exercise. I didn't get an official nap, but felt SO tired after lunch. I so often do get the sleepies after eating a meal. Here, the drive really created some body aches, and it's not even that far. I'm such a wimp when it comes to sitting and such. Laying down isn't a problem though ...

0728 (Friday) Weight 179.5. Steps 16177. Total Burn 2435. Exercise Burn 785/598 (30minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3500. Oy, another uber overeating day. What's wrong with me? Not great on the exercise either. I went to Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. As we entered the church, there was a sign on the gym saying the floor had been refinished and it couldn't be used for a week. We still danced ... in the primary room. It's carpeted and cramped and very churchy. Debbie wasn't feeling well either, having gotten drenched at girl's camp last week, giving her a cold. So stats were not great at all. 4761 steps. 2.17 miles. 339/298 burn. AvHR103. High130. In zone 5 of the 58 minutes. I did do some elliptical and treadmill at home a bit later. Spent a little time in the sun. Did a little sewing. Got a blog post up. ATE everything. 

0729 (Saturday)
Oy, the scale shows my bad behavior. Determined to do better today. My last day alone, as Hubs and the boys will be home tomorrow morning. I got in some elliptical, treadmill, weights and did an hour of Zumba, plus a little more practice. I'm on my own for Tuesday's class coming up. Did some cleaning, so the house will look nice when Hubs gets home. The vacuum stopped working though. Not sure if it's my hair clogging it that's the problem. I tried to pull it out but it didn't get it turning again. My BIL came over to borrow the truck for a while today. There was some sunshine, so I laid out a little, as I don't when the boys are home (no one needs to see that) but my chaise ripped. I figured it wouldn't last that long, but it's only been a couple of months. I got the lawn mowed and the garden watered. I have an eggplant growing! And a pepper, and a zucchini, and the cherry tomato plant is crazy. I had to prop up the cage with a couple of Hub's wire drink holders.


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