Thursday, August 10, 2017

Achievemint Evolution (Achievement)

What IS Achievement? It's a health/fitness rewards program. 
Earn $$ for exercise, eating right, tracking sleep, weight, water ...

I saw this image pop up on my Instagram feed August 1st.  As I follow fitness/health bloggers and my favorite programs and brands,  "Transformation Tuesday" posts are not uncommon. This is a twist on transformation though ... Achievemint has evolved into AchievemEnt. In addition to the name re-brand, they've increased their presence in social media (you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and on Instagram). I'm excited to see what other enhancements this update brings.  Ironically, 2013 is when I re-committed to my personal "journey" and started this blog. It's also when I originally discovered and joined Achievemint. I guess I've been with them since the beginning!

So... Throwback Thursday.

Looking back on Achievemint's updates and evolution.
Reflecting on MY Achievemint experience along the way.

I joined Achievemint in June 2013, linking it to my Fitbit. August 2013 was the first time Achievemint was mentioned on my blog. It was a general post, outlining several different reward programs I was participating in (Reaping the Rewards ... only Achievement and Walgreens are still active at this time). 

In January 2014 I received my first payout, and did my first dedicated post (Achievemint Update). Back then it took 25,000 points for a $25 payout (with an incentivized option roll over points toward a larger payout).

Just as I'd recommended Fitbit (I'm a fan) to all my friends and family ... I also encouraged everyone to give Achievemint a try. I got my husband and my older son enrolled, set up both my parents ... but by the time my sister tried to get on board, immediate enrollment was halted (there was a waiting list).

Then, in July 2015 ...
After successfully earning and redeeming another award ... I also received this notice. I'd hit the threshold for the program. As I stated in that blog post (Another Achivemint Update), I was disappointed, but I understood. If there was a waiting list, hopefully this would open up a spot for someone else to be able to benefit from this program (my sister was able to join not long afterward). At that point, other than helping Hubs and my folks check their accounts, I figured MY Achievemint journey was done. 

Then ... big news in May 2016 (Achievemint Update ... Update). The program was changing. No more limits on rewards. I could start earning again. In fact, as I'd never disconnected my Fitbit, it had continued counting and crediting my steps and such.  I had enough points to redeem a $10 award right then. There were some additional updates as well. The goal switched to a 10,000 point $10 redemption, a new payout system (I can vouch that recent award payments have been FAST) and a revised points system. There were also new offers (referral program, surveys and such) to help augment the points balance.

Another addition to this update was the introduction of an Achievemint App. Previously, I'd simply logged in on my computer to check my balance (I'd also signed up to receive weekly email updates). The app was a handy way to do quick check-ins on my Achievemint account. 

... and the app options you can use to connect to Achievemint are constantly updating too. If you don't have a Fitbit, most other fitness trackers can connect, as well as fitness apps. When Hubs switched from the Fitbit to the Apple Watch, he stopped earning on Achievemint. But now I look and see that he could be connecting with Apple Health. Yea! Other health apps too, that track food, water intake, sleep, weight. So many different options to earn.

As I reflect, there have been other shifts over the years. My original payment came as a prepaid Visa card. Later, an Amazon gift card was an option. As of this post, rewards are paid via Paypal or GiftRocket (which has a few redemption possibilities, I had my award deposited directly to my checking account).
So now, new look, "new" name... new possibilities! If you haven’t already checked out Achievement, visit Achievement on the web at or as an iOS or Android app.

What can YOU Achieve?

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