Saturday, August 10, 2013

Reaping the Rewards

Now for most of us ... FITNESS is its own reward. Just being healthier. Looking better. Feeling more confident. Being able to eat a few more calories. But as I've been actively being active ... I've noticed some programs that give you a little something back for your fitness. Even though I am going to work out for myself, I thought I'd check into what else I could get while I was at it ...

The great thing about these programs, is that most of them are linked with applications or devices you are already using.  For me, it's the Fitbit. I can just connect and forget about it.  All my stats and steps are credited to my various reward programs automatically. If you don't have a Fitbit, many other apps and devices link too ... Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Garmin, BodyMedia, just to name a few.    Here's what I've been connecting to, my progress and reviews ...

Everymove was the first reward site I stumbled upon. It has many "connections" ... chances are there is something you are already using that will earn you points with this site. Like other social sites, you have a friend list, and you can give a few bonus points to others when you have an active day. There is an app, so you can check in easily on your phone. Now many of the "rewards" are really just discounts in disguise. I didn't find anything that appealed to me personally, so I started earning a $5 donation to the Make a Wish foundation. I've done that several times now. The rewards do change and some nice ones are only around for a limited time. I've been lucky enough to snag a $5 Amazon gift card more than once and my son earned five free rentals from Redbox.  Everymove is limited to US residents.  ( See my EVERYMOVE UPDATE post for my experience with Everymove).

Earndit is another reward site with several connecting partners. Again, many of the rewards are merely discounts, requiring a purchase. But again, there are charitable options as well. See my Earndit Update for my experience with them.

Achievemint offers a cash award of $25. It does take a while to earn the 25,000 points to collect the cash payout. I'm getting close ... I'll update if I actually do get a check!  It doesn't have quite as many connections, but Fitbit, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness apps are accepted. While it looks like anyone can sign up, you do need to be a US resident to redeem rewards. Bummer for those outside the US. (See my ACHIEVEMINT UPDATE post for my personal experience with this program). 

I had a Balance Rewards card from my local Walgreens, but honestly, I  wasn't earning any reward points ... until I discovered that I could get points just for walking! I simply connected my Fitbit, and I earn 1000 points per month (that is the monthly limit for steps, I usually get there about mid-month) ... 5000 points will give me a $5 credit. Since I've been paying a little more attention to their rewards program, I have added some points through purchases as well. If you don't redeem your credit immediately, it will actually grow more. 40,000 points, instead of being worth $40, is actually worth $50. There are a limited number of connections (Fitbit and BodyMedia for steps, Wirthings for weight) but you can enter your workouts manually if you were willing to go to the effort. (See my WALGREENS UPDATE for my review after using it for several months and redeeming my rewards).

These are the four reward sites I've been participating in. I just connect my Fitbit and forget it ... I'm not actually working out FOR these rewards. I'd be working out anyway, but hey, I'll take a kickback if it's offered. I'll donate a little to charity. And I'll keep on walking ...

When I first wrote this post, I said I had looked into GymPact and decided against participating. I work out in my home gym, I often do 20 minute segments (GymPact requires a full 30minutes). While there is reward, there is also risk. You must provide a credit card number and you get charged $5 if you commit, then miss a workout.

In January 2014 ... MyFitnessPal announced they were partnering with GymPact - now simply called Pact, as there were food pacts as well as exercise. At this point, I also saw that Fitbit was now an accepted partner, with 10,000 steps equivalent to a "workout" ... so I joined, and you can see my review here (Pacts and Paydays). 

Another very popular possible reward/challenge is DietBet. I have not personally participated in one of these, but I know of MANY people who have. Again, it is a little more involved then simply syncing my Fitbit. It does require an upfront payment, and pictures/proof of weight loss success. Like GymPact, losing money is as much of an incentive as winning money.

I like the first four reward sites ... there is no risk, just reward. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

I update this blog post with my reviews of the various programs. Another one out there now is FitStudio, which gives you ShopYourWayRewards which is basically store credit at Kmart/Sears and LandsEnd. Check out my review of that program (FitStudio Feedback).  

** and another update, check out my latest experiences (June2014) Fitness Rewards Update 

Anyone had any experiences with these sites, good or bad?  Any other reward sites out there? Does something like this motivate you more, or is it just a perk to what you would be doing already?


  1. Great info! I just recently signed up for EveryMove. Of course, it would be better if I would remember to wear my fitbit! Thanks so much for linking up Jen! New follower by the way!


    1. I feel naked without my Fitbit, gotta have it on all the time and I check in multiple times a day. I just earned another $5 "Make a Wish" donation on Everymove, I keep checking to see if they have any other rewards I want. I did just get to my 25,000 points on Achievemint, they said they are sending a check ($25) ... I will definitely update if I get it! That one still sounds a little too good to be true, I guess I'll see soon enough :) (and I'm following you too!)

  2. Thanks for linking up with us for Tips and Tricks Tuesday! Great advice!

  3. Just got my fitbit today, so I'll have to check out those sites!

  4. Hey there Jen!.. I stumble upon your link from a fitwebsite about trackers... I've been walking to my work for 2 years, and found out about Walgreen's (which I am a regular at, I have one next to my house) and I want to get into the points rewards for walking (I already have balance rewards). Q: Do I have to have an internet connection on my phone for tracking and for Walgreen's steps to work?..... or I can just upload tracker info using my computer/app?... Thanks for the info. Looking good Jen.

    1. For Walgreens ... I just connected my Fitbit and then I don't have to do anything else. It syncs daily, I'm not exactly sure how, I think through my computer. I have the Walgreens app on my phone, but I haven't really done anything with it and I'm not sure if it works with the walking, or is just a store app.

      I know you can log in to the website and manually add workouts there. There is a limited number of points you can get from walking each month. I usually hit it pretty early on. Even though I continue with my exercise for the remainder of the month, I don't get any additional points until a new month starts. But it still adds up and it's still better than nothing!

  5. Diet bet now has a step bet version, which is only based on achieving step goals! I've started my first bet this week, so far so good!


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