Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Achievemint Update

Time for a quick Thrifty Thursday post, and another Achievemint update. It was quite a while ago that I first mentioned Achievemint (my Reaping the Rewards post was back in Aug of 2013). I then did an  Achievemint Update in January of 2014 after receiving my first payout. I mentioned Achievemint again in a general review of  the programs I was still participating in (Fitness Rewards), that update verifying I had received another $50 payout. *Ü*

But alas ... I guess MY Achievemint journey is done. Originally, there was no mention of limits on payouts, but I always thought it was too good to be true if it went on indefinitely.  After my sister got a Fitbit, and I recommended my favorite fitness reward programs,  she told me she had attempted to sign up with Achievemint, but was told that they were full, only accepting applications for the waiting list. 

It didn't really surprise me when, having achieved another $50 payout last month, when I also received an email saying I had reached the $100 threshold (I actually earned a bit more than the $100, but they still honored my current earning goal until the reward was earned). My father also reached his threshold, as did my son. So we three have been kicked off ... hopefully three people on the waiting list have now been welcomed into the program. 

Happily, all of our last payouts were quite prompt as well. They sent a GiftRocket gift e-card, which is easily redeemable (I just had it deposited in my Paypal account). 

I just thought, as I've posted about Achievemint several times, I should add this information in a final update. I'll actually still be monitoring Achievemint, as I still have a son in the program, and my mother is still on it as well. Hubs is on the waiting list. While there were a few bumps along the way, it's really a "no risk" reward program ... and I earned quite a bit. Thanks Achievemint!

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