Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Family Photos

I'm usually behind the camera, not in front of it. A lot of that does have to do with my weight. If it's a family photo, then I guess I'll have to be in it. So here's some visuals of how, I (and the family) have changed over the years. Here we are December of 2005 ... shortly after the birth of baby #5. I was probably at my heaviest here (180). 

 November 2006 ... at my goal weight (135) *Ü*

Feb. 2007 (Weight 135)

September 2008 (weight 145)

 May 2009 (weight 145)
... a family 5K

June 2010 (weight 155)
Family Photo Shoot

June 2011 - Father's Day
(weight about 160)

December 2012 (weight 175)
New Sunday Suits

When I think back on my weight changes over the past several years ... in my memory, it was a slow, steady gain. There seemed to be a five pound gain each spring. But when I actually plugged in the numbers, I can see I had a LOT of ups and downs. There were a few times I tried a little harder and did manage to lose a little weight, other times there was a pretty fast gain. 

You can see a graph of my fluctuations on my Tracking Weight Through The Years post ...


  1. Hi Jen! I enjoyed the family photos. I didn't realize you have 5 boys! Wow, are you a busy mother! I personally have 3 daughters and a son. So I do know of how wonderful/hectic your life is. :D

  2. The boys are all smiling with ear to ear grins. Cute! I've got a big family, too. I have seven children, four daughters and three sons. The ear to ear grin in my house means somebody got into some mischief. LOL

    1. I've been to your blog... it's hard to believe you have seven kids, you are SO tiny now! Big families mean big fun and a lot of mischief!


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