Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Weekly Report #225

Well someone certainly got stuffed on turkey day! It wasn't just Thanksgiving. The kids were out Wed/Thurs/Fri and that throws off my schedule. No early morning elliptical. Skipped Zumba on Thanksgiving. So this week ... weight is up, numbers are down. And again ... no Fitbit report on my "One" account. I've included my ChargeHR stats, but peeking at the bottom where I'm friends with myself, you can see there's a discrepancy over 20k steps. Other stats are off too. Hard to compare with the other weeks with the One stats. And I just found out Fibit has stopped making the One. WHAT? Not everyone wants a wrist pedometer! Even though I love my ChargeHR, I wasn't able to give up my One!

STATS: Official weight is up 2..3 pounds. Ooooph. Average was just up a little (.44 to 165.51). I'd started off the week with some lower calorie counts on intake, so the average was a reasonable 2150. Burn average came in at 2668. Decent deficit of -1161 which did not show on the scale. Step average was 20,477 with 54.93 logged miles. Cardio minutes 720/780/785/723. Just one day over 30k, 3000+ burn.

EXERCISE: Only hit my hour of elliptical five days out of seven. Treadmill time four days of the week. Four Zumba classes. No bike. No weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: In addition to the usual grocery shopping, Hubs and I went and picked out new chairs for our desks, and I got my nails done. No basketball games Thanksgiving weekend, but there was one earlier in the week. Driving time was down without school carpools. We did have family time (ala Thanksgiving dinner) but as it was at our house, it didn't show up as a different location, which is how Life Cycle tracks things.

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...
  • Monday (1120) Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Debbie and two treadmill times ... my normal. Basketball game in the evening with #5, unfortunately couldn't quite get the win. Kept calories in check. 30678 steps. 3143 burn. 1400 intake.
  • Tuesday (1121) Same exercise as yesterday, but didn't quite hit my 30k. Hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Marian and two treadmill times. Watched the movie "Concussion" while walking, finished up with my workouts perfectly. Lovely day outside! Set up the big pool for the duckies. Chicken pillows for dinner. Cookie press cookies ... trying out the new parts on my mixer which had broken a few weeks ago. Should have hit the bike, but had been sitting at the computer (paying bills, blog, etc) and didn't feel like sitting more, and was so tired by end of day. 28832 steps. 3073 burn. 1450 intake.
  • Wednesday (1122) No school for the kids, so I slept in too. Got one session on the elliptical in, then headed to Zumba w/MZL. Finished up my hour of elliptical (two mores 20min sessions). Some cleaning in prep for hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Steps 23690. Burn 2854. Intake 2300.
  • Thursday (1123) Happy Thanksgiving ... no exercise today, but uber eating! There was Zumba, but I skipped, and instead got started on rolls and other prep. Hubs really did all the work (turkey, potatoes). Had the inlaws over. It went well. Steps 7889. Burn 2119. Intake 2800.
  • Friday (1124) Subbed Debbie's Zumba today, and also got in 30min on the treadmill. Thanksgiving cleanup. DVD with Hubs and his popcorn in the evening. 18410 steps. 2589 burn. 2350 intake.
  • Saturday (1125) Not bad for a Saturday. An hour of elliptical and one time on the treadmill. No basketball games today, but it starts up again next week ... Hubs made a donut run in the morning, and then there were homemade donuts in the evening at my BIL's annual "Leg Lamp Lighting". Steps 20177. Burn 2636. Intake 2000.
  • Sunday (1126) Got in an hour of elliptical today. I meant to do more (some treadmill time) but then Hubs and I had a "Fortitude" marathon, with popcorn. We didn't do the big breakfast, but Hubs smoked another turkey for dinner. 13663 steps. 2261 burn. 2800 intake.
What I Watched While Working Out ...
 It was a very hodgepodge assortment of movies kept me entertained while exercising this week ... The Young Victoria (2009) with Emily Blunt. It was fine, but didn't really provide much energy or excitement for exercise. I remember when Concussion was in theaters (2015), I'd seen the previews and wasn't sure about Will Smith's accent (knowing it's not his natural), but he did a good job and it was a compelling story. Imposter (2001) with Gary Sinise ... often futuristic/sci-fi doesn't fare well with time. I don't know that this was that strong of a movie to begin with. It was a little silly and had these small slow-motion moments that drove me crazy! I needed a "shorter" movie for Saturday when I wasn't going to get in a second treadmill time (I felt happy to get in one and my elliptical hour). Seal Team Six (2012)was 90 minutes. Presented in documentary format, I really didn't have much action. The final and fifth movie wasn't in the gym, but Red Box rental with Hubby (and popcorn). Wind River (2017) ... I hadn't heard anything about this or seen any trailers. It was okay. Based on a true story, the end seemed a little unbelievable. It was sad. Out of the five, Concussion is probably the only one I'd recommend.

Five Featured Photos ...
Final game of the Fall season with #5 ...
No games Saturday over Thanksgiving weekend, but FIVE games next Saturday!

We hosted Thanksgiving. Hubs smoked the turkey. It was yummy!

I don't make pies per se ... but this is similar. More yum!

Saturday was the annual "Leg Lamp Lighting"
#4 and I didn't make it. The older boys brought girlfriends.

Then Aunt Olivia took some of the cousins to a movie.

With Thanksgiving over ... and Christmas stuff not yet in full swing, I hope to get back at it this next week. Check back to see if I do!

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