Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivated Monday!

I'm not normal. It seems like whenever people talk about something "the average person" likes, dislikes, needs, etc ... it just doesn't seem to apply to me. Take Mondays. I LOVE Mondays. I dread the weekends! While I know many fitness fanatics don't care for rest days ... they often seem to say they come back refreshed anyway. Not me. I took a rest day last Sunday and proceeded to have a pretty crappy week. Admittedly, there was some other stuff going on too (see last Thurs and/or Friday's posts) but I feel like the rest day just stopped my momentum. I did NOT rest this Sunday and I'm feeling totally ready to attack the week!

Looking back on the weekend ... on Friday, at Zumba, I FINALLY felt like I was "back". I felt the Zumba joy, finally! The hubs and I hit a movie in the evening (The Edge of Tomorrow) and I really enjoyed it. Ate too much popcorn and treats though, not sure if it was that, or if I just picked up the germs for the kidlets (who had been sick Monday and Thursday last week) ... in the wee hours of Saturday morning ... I was sick. Luckily I was a "one and done" but my Saturday was pretty much shot.

I've mentioned my various reward programs (Reaping the Rewards, Reward Updates) before and said that I wasn't sure if they motivate me, as I'm generally working out regardless ... but this weekend was an exception. I am signed up with PACT, where I have committed to "workout"  six out of seven days in the week (10,000 Fitbit steps count as a workout).  I like that little bit of leeway, but I like to have my Pact completed by Saturday, so I can take it easy on Sunday if I want.  I did try some elliptical on Saturday, but I was feeling pretty wiped out. I only got in 15 minutes, and a couple little five minute sessions. Near the end of the day I was at 8,500 steps, so I decided to just go ahead and hit the elliptical again to get to 10k for the day.
Often I try to get 10,000 steps by 10 a.m. 
... on Saturday, it was all I could do to get them by 10 p.m.
But I got them!

 Unfortunately my sickness didn't affect my appetite.
#1 picked up donuts on Saturday ... and they tasted good.
I still had plenty to add to my food log.

I spent a little time Saturday playing around on the Fitstudio site too ... generally I've just been pretty happy to check in once or twice during the week to check on my points. I mainly just want to get the 14 miles to earn my 5,000 points ($5 store credit). I'll usually take a minute to sign up for a goal or a challenge while I'm there, approve any friend requests. These little things get you a few extra points. I was proactively going after some additional points though ... linking up my Facebook, posting a status, sharing my status on Facebook. I think I might try to do that more often to get a few more points ...  and of course exercising too! 

I spent a little time on the Fitbit site over the weekend as well! I'd been talking to Fitbit customer service about my little device. For the past several weeks, my "floors" counter has gone a bit crazy (I mentioned it mid-June, Stacked Stats). I just wasn't sure if the Fitbit crediting me with 200+ flights of stairs was perhaps inflating my calorie count. Even though my Fitbit was over a year old, and otherwise working properly, Fitbit customer service said they would send me out a new one. I received it on Saturday and got myself set up. As my old one did count steps and active minutes properly, I went ahead and assigned it to kid #3 (the only one in the family without a Fitbit). We'll just disregard the floors and the calorie burn, but he can compete with us all on steps.

 As I was on the Fitbit site, I rearranged my tiles, and discovered one (This Week's Activity ... see it in the middle there) which hadn't been there last time I checked. Admittedly ... I don't remember when I had actually looked last. I can switch that tab to to calories too (in and out!)

I think I'll keep it there on my chart.  Fitbit is always changing and evolving. I still remember the old dashboard ... and I still really miss the pie chart (Fitbit Fluctuations). There are some additional changes I'd REALLY LIKE (future blog post rant?)

So ... back to the weekend! Sunday, I woke up feeling completely better and ready to get at it again. NOT taking a rest day, not taking it easy as I sometimes do on "Slow Sundays". The hubs went off for a bike ride, and I hit the elliptical and then did some YouTube Zumba. It was raining off and on ... it would stop and start so suddenly. I've been walking to and from church every week, but I just wasn't sure if I should risk it. I did. And I got rained on! I was completely speckled walking into church even with my mad dash there at the end! Pretty funny! The little boys had been shooting some bb guns over the weekend, and after church they were out shooting cans when the rain came again. It didn't stop them either (which is actually kind of a big deal, if you know my #4 who has a weather phobia! Anxiety Issues).

I also finished up my latest TV series over the weekend (Big Love ... all five seasons). I was ready for it to be done. Ready to move onto something else. I guess I'll try Warehouse 13. I've heard good things about it and was a fan of The X-Files back in the day (also watched season 1 of Fringe, which seems similar). You know TV is a big motivator for me (Me and the TV). I finished up my book too. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to commit to next in both TV and books. I do want something I'm excited about, that urges me to hit the elliptical or stationary bike to get in a show or some reading.

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How was YOUR weekend?
What have you found has been motivating you lately?

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  1. I really think this entire process is about finding what works for us. I have learned a lot from listening to what works for others, but I also have to figure out exactly what works for me. I have a lot of food quirks that I use to ignore, but now I just acknowledge and find a solution for.. I think it is great that you have found out that for you skipping Sunday's doesn't get you off to a good start with the week.

  2. I know what you're saying about rest days. If I take one or two, I find it so hard to get back in the routine of a daily workout. I'd rather be active every day in some way so that I don't lose my workout mojo!


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