Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #166

Weird Week. While it wasn't awful, it wasn't particularly good either, yet ... hello 160s. Just barely, but it's nice to see again. Never thought I'd say the 160s were good to get to, but then I never planned on moving up to the 170s again dang it! The weekend was BAD, and I expected a big bump up by Monday. But it didn't happen. Great Monday, reflected in a scale shift. Unexplained up again after Tuesday, but then a slight shift for weigh-in, even with a horrible high the night before. 

NUMBERS: Official weigh in was down. -2.5 pounds! What? Okay/Yea. Average weight went down slightly (-.24 to 171.93). Other numbers really weren't good. Average in 2521. Average burn 2810. I was actually over this week (+125), although not by much. Step average was 21249. 35min of weights, 806 cardio minutes, 86.62 exercise miles. FOOD: A couple bad (over 3000) days, only one day under 2000. My homemade breadsticks, scones and cinnamon rolls happened on high days. FITNESS: Five days with an hour (or more, I've been hitting 80min regularly) of elliptical, Zumba just four days this week, three days for a bike session, one time on the treadmill, and just one weights session. FAMILY: Kids out of school a couple days for PT Conferences. No basketball games during the week, but plenty of practices. Daddy had a derby.

Quick week recap:
  • Friday (0923): Calories in 3200. Daily Burn 2712. Bad day. Up early and dragging. #4 out of school, but I still skipped Zumba. Got in my 80minElliptical. Didn't feel motivated enough for weights. Made soup and breadsticks.
  • Saturday (0924): Calories in 2700. Daily Burn 2446. Basketball day (three games) but I managed two 20min sessions on the elliptical. 
  • Sunday (0925): Calories in 2400. Daily Burn 2391. Rest day. No Exercise. I did get in a nap. Big family breakfast in the morning, and splurge on Hubby's popcorn in the evening.
  • Monday (0926): Calories in 1650. Daily Burn 3380. Zumba with Southziders, 80minElliptical, bike and mowed the lawn. Good day for fitness, and also for food. Kept calories in check!
  • Tuesday (0927): Calories in 2400. Daily Burn 3206. Zumba with Marian, 80minElliptical and I did weights. Should have gotten a bit more in. Soup and breadsticks again, and basketball practice and some shopping.
  • Wednesday (0928): Calories in 2200. Daily Burn 3263. Zumba with MZL, 80minElliptical, two miles on the treadmill, and a session on the bike. Felt like a good day, although I couldn't quite keep calories under 2000 goal.
  • Thursday (0929): Calories in 3100. Daily Burn 3071. Zumba with MountainView, 80minElliptical and a session on the bike. Not a good day though, dragging and I couldn't stop eating! Uber over.

Normally I feature five photos ... but I didn't take enough this week!

I did have to stop my own stretching cool down to snap a picture of this cuteness at Zumba!

 ... and in the middle of all the horrid political posts (seriously, I can hardly stand to scroll Facebook right now, it's all so ugly and discouraging) I found this sign. No, I'm not a big Batman fan, but my Hubby's name is Grayson Wayne. I guess HIS parents were. I found it funny *Ü*

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nike, Namebrands ... and Laundry

My boys NEED Nike. Occasionally Under Armor will do, but Nike is the brand of choice. From their basketball shoes, to socks, to t-shirts. Even underwear (compression shorts). NIKE. 

Me? I don't care about name brands at all. True, I have a Nike hat. I'd picked up a cheap K-mart cap ($3) but it was cotton. The Nike hat uses dri-fit and that makes a difference. I'll admit, I don't mind the cute swoosh. 

I can't quite commit to spending a lot on shirts though, even for fancy fabric. I know cotton t-shirts aren't the best for working out (friction rash) but at $3 each, versus $10-$20 ... when I go through several a day (as I tend to get in several workouts a day) ... I make do with the cheap cotton.

When I was at the thrift store, I saw a Nike top ... it was my magic price ($3) so I picked it up. I honestly can't tell that much (if any) difference when I wear it. But it's got that swoosh.

I have a problem though.

Because I'm not used to having Nike myself, when I do the wash and fold the laundry ... I sometimes mistakenly put the shirt in Hubby's pile. The first time, he pulled it out and said "this isn't mine" and I realized my error (he didn't think it was mine either, assumed it belonged to one of the boys). The next time, he just placed hung it on the towel rod by my sink. I wonder how long it will take me to remember that I actually own one piece of Nike workout wear coming through the wash?

But you know, things sometimes get mixed up in the wash. I have all the boys keep their own individual dirty clothes hamper, and I wash each of their loads separately. It's just too hard to try and remember which clothes go with which kid if they are mixed up. 

I still wash Hubs and my clothes together ... other than the ol Nike shirt in question, it's pretty easy to keep our stuff separate. Okay, occasionally one of my socks gets tossed into his sock pile, and even more rare, my underwear ends up mixed in with his briefs... I'm trying to work quickly, sometimes they are tangled together. It happens.

What does Hubby do when that happens?
HE PUTS THEM ON (my underwear).

"Oh, are these mine now? I assumed because you put them in my pile that you wanted me to wear them. No?"

It's painful. It hurts my eyes. I really try not to laugh, because that only encourages him.  

At least I don't have pictures (believe me, it's seared in my memory).

That's it for this episode of "What I'm Wearing Wednesday".

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #165

Another weekly weigh-in. Another up. Another week in the 170s. Dang it. Not a great week, not a bad week. Just one of those average weeks. NUMBERS: Official weight up .6, average down a smidge (-.3 to 172.17). Average Intake was 2450. Average daily burn 2926. There was a tiny deficit for the week (-470) according to the numbers (as you can see the scale didn't agree). Step average 21819. 80min with weights, 895 cardio minutes, 69.73 exercise miles. FOOD: Hubs made big yummy dinners Sat/Sun, and treat temptations were candy corn, salted caramels (both containers are gone now. DO NOT BUY/OPEN MORE) and ice cream was calling. Stayed under 2000 two days, topped 3000 one day. FITNESS: Zumba and hour of elliptical five days, two sessions of weights, two treadmill, one bike. Over 3000 burn five days, one 30k day. 

Here's a quick daily recap ...
  • Friday (0916): Intake 1950. Burn 2595. Hour of elliptical, mile walk on the treadmill and mowed the lawn. Quite a bit of time in the car running kids around.
  • Saturday (0917): Intake 2200. Burn 2310. Hit Teresa's Zumba class first thing in the morning, but that was all for exercise. Three basketball games (all for #5) kept the day busy. 
  • Sunday (0918): Intake 2500. Burn 1974. Rest day. I did do 10min on the WiiFit. Sunday Circles in the morning, steak dinner in the evening. Over on calories.
  • Monday (0919): Intake 1950. Burn 3797. BIG day! 90min elliptical, Zumba with Southziders, 2.5miles on the treadmill, and a session on the bike. Ping pong too :) Bowling for the boys in the evening. Really tried (and was successful) in keeping calories in check.
  • Tuesday (0920): Intake 2800. Burn 3151. 80minElliptical, Zumba with Marian and a full body weights session. A little puppy play time, and basketball practice for #5.
  • Wednesday (0921): Intake 1900. Burn 3130; Really tried hard to keep calories under control today. 80minElliptical, Zumba with MZL and mowed the lawn.
  • Thursday (0922): Intake 3000. Burn 3065. Had been keeping calories in check until the late evening when boom, stupid decisions. 90minElliptical and Zumba with MountainView was the exercise for the day. Stormy weather! Hubs had a derby, and the older boys had Skyridge games.
 Five Featured Photos ...

 Oh no ... someone threw away our perfectly good kitty cat.

 Bowling boys with Aunt Olivia

A little puppy playtime (the neighbor's doggy)

Stormy Skies! There were TWO TORNADOES that touched down! Not in our immediate area, but tornadoes in Utah are almost unheard of (one other happened about 10 years ago). Tornadoes are a trigger for my son's weather phobia, but he did amazingly well during the storm (he even left the house and did the derby with Daddy!) Just a few years ago he could have been crying and cowering in a corner in the basement.

... and we finally got a "handle" on our potty problem. The little lever had broken, so to flush, we'd have to reach into the tank and pull it manually. SO happy to have a handy hubby who can fix things!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stranger Things

Have you seen Stranger Things? It's one of the new Netflix originals that has received quite a bit of buzz. I'd heard good things about it, and had it on my "to watch" list ... but that list IS a mile long. A co-worker recommended it to Hubs, so under his initiation, we started watching. 

I was hooked (Hubs liked it too, even though it was a bit more up my alley). 

Set in the 80s, it also had similarities to several 80s films. ET, Goonies, Stand by Me. At one point I even whispered "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" to Hubs (he laughed). Ah.. that 80s hair and dress, sometimes it's a little hard for me to handle now!

Other than Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, I hadn't seen any of the actors in anything else. 

Watching with Hubs, this was our "episode an evening" as we wound down before bed. I would have been a great one for me to watch while working out, lots of action and excitement, and was anxious for the next episode (I even considered "tv cheating" on Hubs and watching ahead down in my gym... but I resisted).  With only eight episodes, we watched it in a week (it included one "binge night" where we got through three episodes). I was sad to see it end, although I'm not sure what a second season would be like.

It was really nice to have a show that Hubs and I both enjoyed. Our tastes are a little different. I know he's looking forward to the next season of "Narcos". That one was not my taste. He also loved "Making a Murderer" (along with much of America) but I couldn't even watch it ... too depressing! I think I have a harder time when they are "real" (documentary/based on fact) than complete fiction, where I can feel a little more disconnected (I have NO problem with The Walking Dead ... we had watched that one together until the last season when I did go ahead and watch it downstairs. Hubs and I just weren't getting around to watching an episode and I wanted to watch before I heard spoilers. Hubs has never caught up). 

I wonder what we'll watch together next ...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fully Charged

 I've had my Fitbit Charge HR for a little over a year now.
And I still love it. Maybe even MORE, now that I'm finally using a few more of its features!

I'm not sure if there were updates along the way, or if I just finally figured out some of the options that were there all along. I've recently started using more of the goodies available, and wonder why I hadn't done it all along! NOW I'm feeling fully charged using all the features of my Charge HR!

With the kids back in school, it's back to chauffeur duty for me. It's easy to remember and be ready for the drives TO school (at 6:30, 7:15 and 8:15) as the kids are right there waiting. Pick up though ... that's a little different. Sometimes as I'm home alone, it's easy to lose track of time. Last year, I'd set a little timer, but then I wasn't always in that room when it went off. Then I realized/remembered, my Fitbit has an alarm!

So I set it up ... elementary pickup Mon-Thurs, early out on Friday, and my turn for middle school pickup on Tuesdays (this one I really need, as it's just a once a week thing). Now, I get a little "buzz" on my arm at the selected times, and I'm off! It's been great. WHY wasn't I doing that all along? It's uber easy to set a one-time alarm too. Great feature. Thanks Fitbit!

Another feature I've been focused on more recently is the "Hourly Activity" option. I think this was a new addition with one of the updates (when Fitbit introduced the new dashboard). Here, to encourage you to get up and move, you get a dot when you walk 250 consecutive steps in any said hour. The default setting was from the hours of 9-5, but you could change it to any nine hour span. I chose to have it track from seven in the morning until nine at night.

One some weeks, I was REALLY motivated to make sure I filled in all my little dots. I would sync my Charge and if I hadn't hit my 250 steps, I would make sure and get it in. I'd watch the clock and be aware of the hours and my movement (or lack thereof). On other weeks, I wouldn't actively TRY to hit the steps, but just look at the feedback to see how I did during the day. I'm quite active, and adverse to sitting still, and 250 steps isn't much, about five minutes of movement. But still, it's interesting to SEE if you've been stationary. It's not always something I'm aware of (sitting down doing a blog update ... that would get me some days! Oops!) One of my favorite ways to get a quick set of steps in was to just practice a Zumba song! The device itself does not give you a buzz when the hour is almost up and hour haven't gotten your steps in ... I think other gadgets, and the newer Fitbit's do have that feature as well.

An update quite a while ago introduced "autotracking" to the ChargeHR. Before that, I'd need to remember to start the timer on my ChargeHR when Zumba class started up, and more importantly, to STOP it when it was over. Unlike my FitbitONE, there isn't an option to adjust the time if you forget (and leaving it running really throws off your stats!)

After a few initial tracking attempts, I didn't bother starting/stopping the time for my elliptical workouts. I do three or more a day, and it was just a pain ... and they were usually pretty similar every time. After the update, suddenly my elliptical workouts were being recorded without me doing anything. I found I did like the feedback from them, as sometimes my intensity did differ. I also loved when it would pick up a walk (my duck walks for example), when maybe I hadn't anticipated going very far, but then did (so I wouldn't have tracked it manually). 

It was interesting to see how the ChargeHR could guess what kind of exercise I was doing. It could tell the difference between being on the elliptical, or walking on the treadmill. It would differentiate between a walk and a run. It isn't perfect ... when I mow the lawn, it thinks I'm riding a bike, and when I AM riding a bike, it logs it as a walk. Happily, while I can't adjust the time frame, I can change the label to if it came up incorrectly (just for my records, it doesn't change anything in the stats). Just FYI ... Zumba comes up as a general "activity" ...  Now that my 13-year has a ChargeHR, it's fun to look at his account and see what exercise he's wracked up too (the basic Charge didn't have the auto-tracking feature). 

You CAN still track things manually, and a number of my Zumba buddies with Fitbits still do. I like to see how the auto-tracked minutes line up with what I judged the workout to be (or tracked on my other gadgets). It's usually within a minute or two. 

If you have a ChargeHR ... are YOU fully CHARGED? 
Are you using all the features available?

My Charge is my backup tracker. I had my One for years before and couldn't give it up, but wanted to try the heart rate monitor. So I got it, set up a separate account (so I can wear them both at once, and get data from both) and was on my way. 
I am friends with myself you see ... there IS quite a discrepancy in steps!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #164

I think this is the highest week I've had since I originally lost the weight over 11 years ago :( It's just been a slow/steady gain in Spring and Summer. I've looked back on my records and I do seem to have a "spring/summer" weight gain pattern. Feb (my last low, even though it wasn't that low, 160) was right when I had my Mirena IUD inserted. Could there be any correlation (many have reported weight gain as a side effect)? Or is it just my eating that needs improving (well duh, that's a given, regardless even of weight loss, just for health ... I know. Just can't seem to do it).

NUMBERS: Up .9, average up .97 (172.47). No deficit this week, over by 646. Average calories in 2536. Average daily burn 3001. Step average for the week was 21705. 70min of weights, 816 cardio minutes, 64.92 exercise miles. FOOD: Candy corn and salted caramels were quite the temptation this week. Didn't stay under 2000 any day (but also didn't have a 3000+ day, so there's that). FITNESS: Hit six Zumba classes, only five days with an hour of elliptical. Just once each on the bike and treadmill (okay, there was a second treadmill, but just a wimpy walk, not sure if I count it), but I did get in my two weight workouts for the week. Brought burn over 3000 four days, but didn't quite hit 30k on any day. FAMILY: Watching "Stranger Things" with Hubs had me more stationary than in past weeks (trying to catch an episode a night, three on Monday evening). An orthodontist appointment for #3, basketball games for three of the boys. Some time spent on blog updates and highlight reels.

 Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (0909): Intake 2800. Burn 3067. Attempted going straight to Zumba after late-start (middle school) carpool and still got in 50min of class (they were quite late starting). Got in my hour of elliptical and weights. Lots of chauffeuring boys around today. 
  • Saturday (0910): Intake 2400. Burn 2655. Hit a new, free Saturday Zumba class. 8:15 is a bit early, but I can sleep in tomorrow. But only got in one 20min on the elliptical. Basketball game for #5, then the BYU/U football game in the evening (we're not big followers, but had it on). 
  • Sunday (0911): Intake 2700. Burn 2156. Hubs and the boys hit the lake. No official exercise, but I did get some steps in mowing the lawn (didn't fit it in yesterday) and some shopping.
  • Monday (0912): Intake 2200. Burn 3203. Good activity day with Zumba, hour of elliptical and 2.5miles on the treadmill.  Dominos dinner and "Stranger Things" binge watch with hubby.
  • Tuesday (0913): Intake 2300. Burn 3400. Great activity day with Zumba, 80min elliptical, bike and weights. I never stopped moving today. An ortho appointment and basketball practice for the boys (chauffeuring on my part). 
  • Wednesday (0914): Intake 2800. Burn 2959. Dragging day! Not sure if it's soreness from weights yesterday (although I'm not feeling it near as much as I did Friday's weight workout) or what. Had to push through Zumba and my hour of elliptical. Overate too.
  • Thursday (0915): Intake 2550. Burn 3021. Still dragging. Just Zumba and hour of elliptical again today. The evening was spent cheering on the boys in basketball games.
 Five Featured Photos (and Videos this week) ...

Start of the Fall season with #5 (he IS #5, shortest on the team, 5th grade playing up with the 6th graders). He's on two teams, three leagues for Fall. Saturdays will be busy with three games most weeks. 
 My Mexico missionary in a mustache. 

Here's how my son and his friends asked their dates to Homecoming.
Music Videos! My boy's "song" is at 4:00 (Akon)

Here's that same son (#3 here) playing basketball ... double OT for the win!

... and son #3 in his game (they won as well!)
He's #31 here. I was a little late coming in (game had started, it was 7-6)
because of the overtime game from #2.
Same building, back to back games, different gyms.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Futuristic Sci-Fi Weight Loss

Time for my monthly "Recent Reads" post. 
I read a LOT of futuristic sci-fi stuff. Tons with a post-apocalyptic premise and it's always interesting to delve into an author's imaginations of the future. Vampires, Zombies, world-wide destruction? 

In THIS futuristic society, there has been no apocalypse, but weight is heavily regulated by the government (taking the stance that health issues from being overweight cost everyone).  Introduce  "The Body Clinic" to "help" those who can't seem to get a handle on it themselves. Check into the clinic, and you get to "check out" for a few months while a more motivated mind (someone successful with the whole food/fitness thing) is inserted in your body to get the job done. Then,  you are simply slipped back into your toned, slender body. Sounds pretty good, right?  Also for those dedicated to good eating/exercise, it's a unique job where you feel like you are helping the individual and society.

Weight seems to be almost the primary health issue here (Grandad smokes, and also mentions having to pay fines and higher taxes because of that, but there's no mention of a mind swap to help people quit those cravings). After a little leeway (about 20 pounds), there are fines for carrying excess weight (and random weigh-ins to enforce and track). 

Suspension of disbelief plays a pretty important part in enjoying this novel I think. If science can actually create a "brainmap" capturing a person's mind(soul?) and insert it into another body ... surely they could have figured out some other (easier) ways to help people lose weight (I'm STILL WAITING for an implant that correctly calculates all calories going in, and calories burned. Seriously, I try to track, but who knows if the estimates are even close to correct!) And ... if such mind swapping technology exists ... it's limited to WEIGHTLOSS? Actually, that theme turns out to be a big part of the book's progression (hmmm, what else can we do if we can input someone's brain into another person's body ... endless unethical options).

Overall though, I did enjoy this read. On this constant journey to get to a healthy weight, it is interesting to ponder what people would be willing to do. To imagine what it would be like for the "reducer" ... to be taken from their fit and trim body, and placed in an overweight one (especially if it seems to have it's own cravings and temptations) and have to work their way down again. Wonder about the original mind being placed back into this new body ... would weight loss without the work have the same impact? Will they be able to keep the weight off?

This brought up some other interesting thoughts about how much your appearance does affect your personality and makes you who you are.

I'm not a fan of present tense, it just seems clunky and unnatural unless it's really well written. Well, nothing jumped out at me until well into the book (chapter 8). That's good. I picked this up for $1 (Kindle sale) and was happy with my purchase.  

Having lost my own 50 pounds several years ago, and it's been a constant struggle to keep it off (not exactly being successful at it!) I've got the exercise down (although I could improve quality), it's the eating!  Currently my 17-year old son is attempting to put on healthy weight/muscle. I so wish he could just take 20 pounds of mine (of course, my extra isn't exactly healthy weight).I wonder what the future really does hold for weight-loss wonders! :)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #163

This week was a little challenging, as we had family activities (featuring food) and then Labor Day, which muffed up my usual Motivated Monday. The end of the week was good. If I could just do that everyday, maybe the scale would shift?  NUMBERS: Weight up a titch (.2) with average up a titch more (.57 to 171.5). Supposedly had a small deficit for the week (-1390) with average intake coming in at 2359, average burn at 3012. Step average was 24541. 65minutes spent with weights, 931 cardio minutes and 87.06 exercise miles. FOOD: One uber bad day over 3000, but kept three under 2000. Candy corn came out ... it's a temptation! FITNESS: Got in my hour+ of elliptical  five days this week (did it Saturday, but missed Monday), four Zumba classes (again, missed Monday), three sessions on the bike, two treadmill, and two weight workouts. Three days over 3000burn/30k steps. FAMILY: Belated birthday dinner (#4 and #3) on Friday, Smores Saturday, extended family gatherings Sunday and Monday. Busy with basketball and did a derby.

Here's a quick daily breakdown ...

  • Friday (0902): Intake 3200, Burn 2721. Not a good day. Even with late start, I'd hoped to get up early. Didn't happen. Dragged all day and had to push for all my exercise (60minElliptical, Zumba). Should have banked calories knowing we were going out to eat (birthday dinner at Red Robin) but I didn't. Uber over.
  • Saturday (0903): Intake 2300, Burn 2907. Not bad for a Saturday. Got in my elliptical, bike and the weights I didn't do yesterday. Had a family bonfire in the backyard.
  • Sunday (0904): Intake 2700. Burn 1926. Rest day, no exercise. Eating went over with our usual family breakfast, and then an extended family gathering in the evening.
  • Monday (0905): Intake 2600. Burn 2782. Labor Day. My Zumba classes were taking the holiday off, so no Zumba for me. Under my hour on the elliptical today (just 40min) but did hit the bike too. Extended family over for Hub's smoked ribs, and a birthday cake celebration.
  • Tuesday (0906): Intake 1800. Burn 3385. Good Day. Kept eating under control and upped the exercise. 80minElliptical, Zumba and a session on the bike. Weights too. Should have walked/jogged during #5's basketball practice but ... I was tired by evening!
  • Wednesday (0907): Intake 1960. Burn 3683. Another good day. Kept food in check. For fitness ... 90minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals. Also got in some shopping steps and mowed the lawn. Home alone in the evening as Hubs and the littles did a derby and the older boys had basketball.
  • Thursday (0908): Intake 1950. Burn 3681. Third good day! 80minElliptical, Zumba and treadmill again (3miles). Kept calories in check.

Five Featured Photos ...

 After a long time sitting in boxes ... Nerf guns made a comeback at our house.
Crazy kids! They even shot their mommy! And the kitties!

My missionary in Mexico remembered his brother's birthdays.
it was HIS birthday this week (and he got his package I shipped).

This kid (#4) came on errands with me, hoping to get some Pokemon-Go in.
He caught a Raichu and was pretty happy about that!

 Got ribs? Got rib remnants? Falling off the bone!

The three birthday boys. Big head stand in for my missionary :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Done with the Duck Walk

Did you know there is an actual exercise called a duck walk? I didn't, I was just adding alliteration to my blog post title and thought I'd look it up.  A duck walk is described as a "walk with the body in a squatting posture" and it doesn't look very comfortable! MY duck walks were simply walks to visit my duckies. I've been doing it since mid-July, when the ducks we'd been raising flew from our backyard. They didn't go far, just to the neighborhood canal, about a 1/4 mile away from our home (when walking anyway, closer as the duck flies). My walks would vary in length, depending on where I would find them along the canal stretch any particular day. For the past month and a half, I've gone twice a day, morning and evening, bringing them some food and just saying hello. If you've been reading this blog, I've posted about my duckies and my walks a few times.

These little slip-ons ended up being my "canal" shoes. Just enough protection (after I added another layer, slipping in an extra insert) to stop the thorns from poking through, but easy to slip on (I tried sneakers and even hiking boots, but ... socks, laces ... SO much work!)  I'd bring a bag of my Mazuri Waterfowl food (this floats on the water, best nutritionally for duckies) and some less expensive chicken feed and cracked corn. Another "did you know" ... did you know bread is BAD for ducks? It fills them up but doesn't provide the nutrients they need. Hmmmm ... some might say it goes the same for humans too (especially the white, fluffy stuff that I love). 

With some of my walks ending up quite long (depending on where the ducks were located along the mile+ long stretch of canal) I started wearing headphones and getting in some audiobook time while I walked. With my twice daily walks (and other audiobook moments during the day) I got through a lot of books!

It was nice when I could go first thing in the mornings when it was still cool, and then wait until evening for my second walk. Sometimes that didn't work out, and I'd end up going later in the morning or even mid-day.

But after almost 45 days of double duck walks ... I may be done. I went out Monday ... and didn't find my duckies. I went out again on Tuesday, and didn't find my duckies. There were still some ducks, but not MY ducks.

I had anticipated this. They NEED to fly away at some point, because the canal runs dry when winter sets in. Ducks need water, and hopefully some warmer weather. While ducks are hardy, and some stick around at larger lakes, food is harder to come by. I hope they fly South, and return in the Spring. I'll be looking for them (our had some distinct coloring, so it could be possible to recognize them).

For now ... I'll keep an eye out, as I drive over the canal bridge multiple times a day. Maybe they'll be back this season, before taking off when the water goes. Maybe I'll still take a walk here and there, and I'll have my little Pokemon-Go boy keep an eye out too (he often hits the canal, getting in steps to hatch his eggs and looking for Pokemon critters). 

I'm such an indoor exerciser. I'll miss my walks. Not that I can't still walk outside of course, but without my duckie motivation ... I just don't know that I will.

... and just in case YOU are up for a duck walk, here's an example!

... and guess what my two older boys did in their high school conditioning class today? 
Yup. The duck walk! What are the chances?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TV Tuesday & Time Travel


Time travel ... it can be a bit mind boggling! 
Changing an event ... how does that impact the future?
I've watched three different time travel shows recently. 

  • 11.22.63: When the time travel topic is an actual event in history, there is some spoilage going in. Our protagonist starts in the present day, then goes back in time (to 1963) to thwart the assassination of JFK. As a viewer going in, I'm thinking "He can't possibly succeed ... because it still happened, right?" I do like getting a little history lesson (at least some basic facts) while I watch. See what I remember from school. This was a Hulu original and has received quite a bit of buzz. It had some big names in it. But me? Ehhh. Hubs and I started watching together and neither of us were that into it. He gave up on it, and I at least wanted to see it through, I mean there were only eight episodes. I pushed through, just to finish and get a sense of closure. 
  • Continuum:  This four-season series is streamable on Netflix. This was sci-fi, starting in a distant future (2077) and having several characters travel back in time to our present day, attempting to alter/improve the world they knew (where a corporation had taken over in ways they didn't like). I watched the first couple seasons a while back, then the final two (season four is only six episodes, wrapping up the series) after they were added to Netflix. I enjoyed it, and the action kept up my adrenaline as I ellipticalled away while I watched.
  • 12 Monkeys: I never saw the movie, but heard about the series and figured I'd give it a try. It never showed up on Netflix or Amazon. It was on Hulu, but I elected to grab the DVD from the library (Hulu seems to stutter and pause for us). Like Continuum, this showcases a post -apocalyptic future (2043), with someone sent back to the present day to attempt to change things (stop a virus that wiped out the world). I really thought I'd like this more than I did. It was very jumpy, going from the future to now(ish) to different times. It was another that I had to push to finish (there is a second season, I'm not sure if I'm interested, and I don't have an easy way to watch if I was. Season two was only on Hulu right after it aired, it's gone now). 
I've seen a couple "time" shows featured for Fall 2016 ... 

 I did see the movie "Frequency" and loved it! 
Not technically time travel ... but changing the past/changing the future(present). 
Looks mind boggling!

I'll keep this on my "check into" list ... probably give it a try once a full season is done, 
reviews are in, and I can stream it or grab a DVD. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #162

Well, bopped back up a bit again. I'd had high hopes for this week. I got a bit of a jump start on the weekend, as the family took off on a camping trip. Home alone (or almost, the 17-year old was in and out) I had no excuses for not keeping eating/exercise up to expectations. Alas ... NUMBERS: Weight up .7, average down (-.97 to 170.93). Average intake 2286. Average burn 3129. Supposedly a deficit (-2300) for the week. Average steps 27,500. 30min spent on weights, 985 cardio minutes, 91.14 exercise miles. FOOD: Only stayed at goal (2000 or under) one day, although I didn't do uber-ly over. No 3000 days anyway! FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical six days, Zumba six days, hit the bike three times, treadmill three times ... weights just once (I know, gotta get in the strength training as well as cardio!). Achieved 3000+ on the Fitbit burn six days this week! Over 30k three days. FAMILY: Hubs and the boys went camping for a couple days, two birthdays, and a bit of basketball and a derby.

Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (0826): 2450 in, 3193 out. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba (on my own), bike and did weights. A couple walks to the canal too. 
  • Saturday (0827): 2000 in, 3305 out. Hit a Zumba class (Thryve) and got in my hour of elliptical. Attempted treadmill but stopped at one mile as wifi wasn't working. Also hit the bike, walked to the canal and mowed the lawn.
  • Sunday (0828): 2300 in, 2091 out. Oops, over, easy to do on a slow Sunday, especially when there is birthday cake (#4 turning 13). Rest day, no exercise.
  • Monday (0829): 2200 in, 3161 out. Just my hour of elliptical and Zumba for exercise, although I did walk to the canal a couple times. Lots of other little things taking up time today.
  • Tuesday (0830): 2600 in, 3230 out. Hour of elliptical, Zumba, 2milesIntervals and a couple walks to the canal. Should have done weights though. Hubs and #3 did a derby.
  • Wednesday (0831): 2150 in, 3433 out. Same exercise as yesterday, hour of elliptical, Zumba and treadmill (2.5miles today). Some shopping steps, canal walk and lawn mow. Another birthday, #3 turning 16 years old ... so yes, more cake.
  • Thursday (0901): 2300 in, 3489 out. 80min of elliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals and bike. Felt like a productive, active day.
 Five Featured Photos ...

Kitty wants to go camping too ...

Famous Bear Lake Raspberry Shakes!

Sunburned birthday boy. 13 years old!

Another birthday boy ... 16 years old. 
He said he didn't want candles and singing, so we didn't.
I guess he ended up wanting it, as he took and sent me this picture.

Attempting to play ping pong... kitten wanted to play too.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016

Auugg August ... at least as far as the scale says. I had high hopes. Going in, I did great for THREE whole days (see the intake vs burn graph up top there). High burn, kept calories in check. Then, back to my usual excessive eating. Some bad days this month. I did try again there at the end of the month. Can NOT out cardio the calories.  It's the eating. Quantity and quality. 

WEIGHT: Started the month at 168.5. Ended the month at 171.9. High was 173.6. Low was 168.3. Average was 171.11 STATS: Supposedly had a deficit for the month (-6740). Average in 2325. Average burn 3008. Step average for August was 25877. 265min spent with weights, 4039 cardio minutes, 367.43 exercise miles. FITNESS: 24 Zumba classes, 25 days where I got in my hour of elliptical, 12 sessions on the bike, 7 times on the treadmill, and 7 weight sessions. Walked to the canal twice almost every day this month (a time or two, I only made it once, but I went every single day in August).  FAMILY: School started back up, so the return to that routine. Two birthday boys. A bit of basketball (just #5). Finally some bowling and a few more trips to the lake.

*** JenB's Journal ***

0801 (Monday) 168.5. Steps 27627. Total Burn 3159. Exercise Burn 1300/1376 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1500. Hubs is up and off early, and I wake up ... I should just get up, but I usually fall back asleep and take advantage of a little summer sleeping in. Hit a session on the elliptical, then went out to Draper for Zumba with Southziders. We had to put chairs away. Whoever is last in the building using them is supposed to put them away! Good class. Back at home, I did my walk to the canal to say hi to my duckies and bring them a little food. Still all the way at the North end. Got in my additional elliptical, did a session on the bike, and also did 10min WiiFit, as I'd set it back up in the gym, as the kids now have the WiiU. I did a quick run to Sams to grab some tenderloin and potatoes ... and a couple more of the capri workout pants I'd picked up on Saturday. I'd loved both styles, so grabbed a second pair in gray of each kind (first purchase had been black of course). Hubs made smoked scallops for dinner, as well as the steak and potatoes. Surf and Turf. We even had #2 around! It also set of the fire alarm. #5 and I had to eat and run, as he had a basketball game at Dimple Dell. Another loss, although again, not a blowout, we could have taken them. Seven points for my munchkin. We stopped at Macey's on the way home to grab some ice cream before the sale ended (today). Hubs was already asleep when we got back. I had a hard time winding down ... 

0802 (Tuesday) 169.4. Steps 26316. Total Burn 3154. Exercise Burn 1200/1366 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1500. What? A bump UP on the scale? When I'm being so good? I should have lost 10 pounds since Friday, right? Grrrr. Stay focused and motivated and on track! Got in a session on the elliptical, then hit Zumba. I miss hitting the church on Mondays ... just to have the gym set up for Tuesday class (since I'm in charge). Not a huge deal, just had to open the divider doors in the center of the gym and at the back, close the ones to the chapel. At least no chairs left up like yesterday! Unlike last week, when almost all my helpers were gone, I had them all here today ... so I just did four songs myself, and scheduled them for the rest of the numbers ... still picking MY favorites of course (the benefits of planning the playlist, right?)  While I always thought being up front leading would give me the most energy (and it does), sometimes I hold back just a titch, because I don't want to intimidate people, making them think they HAVE to have as much energy as me. Sometimes I'll show some lower-impact options. But when someone else was leading, I could go all out ... and seeing that HR was up (as much as mine goes up) I was pushing it to try to get good stats for class. And I did. Not record ... looking back on my records, I'm not sure how I could have pushed it too much more though! Took a walk to see my duckies mid-day, trying out my new blue-tooth earbuds (a little less bulky than my over the ear headphones I'll wear around the house). I had to made a detour back to the church, as I'd left my water bottle there. Duckies were still on the North side, with just a couple additional friends today. I'm out of the floating feed, so they are getting the chicken scratch for now (but I have more waterfowl food ordered). Kitten is in heat (again) but she's cuddly with me at all though, so I like it. SO funny with her constant meowing, and need for attention. It's really the only time Got in additional elliptical to equal my hour and did weights. Skillet Sensations for dinner ... last time I picked it up, there was a family size bag, four servings instead of two. Had to pull out a different pan to use. Made cheesy bread and then vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. #2 was around this time to partake, although Hubs missed out, as he wasn't home until quite late. Was able to keep calories in check again even though I did have a little bit of my mint brownie, and a few bites of the ice cream.

0803 (Wednesday) 168.3. Steps 31362. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1250/1557 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1600. Hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba class with MZL. Stopped by Sams/Walmart on the way home, then went for a walk to see the duckies,. Still down at the North end of the canal, in their little shady spot. Got in my additional elliptical and mowed the front lawn. #3 had me run him out to the Sunset Ridge church for some basketball, and a pickup a bit later ... then out that way again in the evening to hang with friends. He wasn't quite ready to call it at 10:00, but I was! I got a session on the bike in (attempting to stay awake for said pickup).  Tacos for dinner, but then Daddy brought home some KFC. Kept calories in check, even though I did have a little brownie and some ice cream. 

0804 (Thursday) 169.3. Steps 30499. Total Burn 3280. Exercise Burn 1400/1493 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 3100. Oops on the calories in ... what happened? Donuts. Donuts happened. I'll admit to being a bit discouraged in the morning when the scale bumped up a bit again. Hit the elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Dunford Donuts is on the way home from that church. I'd been thinking about stopping. The kids were all home and I knew they'd like the treat. I KNEW I'd end up eating way more than I should ... but still I stopped. And I ate. I got in additional elliptical, even an extra 20 over my hour. I'd gotten up a little early, and done my first walk to see the duckies just after 7:00. It was so nice and cool then. Walking back into the house after was ugggg! I opened up the windows to let the fresh, cool air in (until later when it warmed up and I had to close them again). #4 and Hubs came along for a second walk in the evening. Both times today the ducks were on the South side, not very far down. I haven't seen Uno with the others the past day or so. What happened to Uno? I also got a session in on the bike ... it didn't register on my ChargeHR for some reason. I was watching HR during it though, and whereas yesterday it seemed to spike (really high, on the Charge anyway, I didn't feel it was accurate), it was steady just over 100 for this ride, which matched the scosche, which I wore too. Gadgets! I forgot to write my numbers down - my brain just must have been a bit off. I did finish my audiobook (Ignite, book 2 in the Defy series). Hubs had been at the lake today with work buddies and I wasn't sure what time he'd be home. He was home for dinner, hungry though, so I made strogannof. Quick and easy and I don't eat it (I'd certainly had enough calories already today!).

0805 (Friday) 170.2. Steps 31063. Total Burn 3410. Exercise Burn 1400/1618 (80minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1800. At Zumba Wednesday, MZL said they would be at a park for Friday. I don't know if there was a conflict with the church, or if they are just doing the park for fun. I'm not a "in the park" girl myself, so we (Denise and I) went to Debbie's in Daybreak. I got in four 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, hit the bike, weights, and a couple walks to the canal. Hubs got stranded at work, as his truck wouldn't start. He had to have it towed, but the place won't be able to get to it until Monday. Luckily we do have the Suburban for backup.  #3 had plans with friends, so another late night for me, but I was a little more awake, so it was okay. Actually ended up taking friends to/from as well. #4 came along on the trip to drop off, and I did a few little detours for his PokemonGo and he had a successful trip. Back to keeping calories in check, at least for a day :)

0806 (Saturday) 169.9. Steps 20582. Total Burn 2593. Exercise Burn 725/828 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2700. I didn't have a Zumba class to hit this morning :( Took a walk to the canal first thing ... I had some new duck food delivered yesterday, so they are back to it. I did take some chicken feed too, but they didn't seem interested in it. I'm missing seeing Uno, it makes me sad. My #3 said "you probably shouldn't still go see the ducks, if something happens you'll be even more sad".  #5 had a basketball game at 11:00. The other team was good, we'd played them before and we don't have a chance of winning them, but #5 got a couple shots in. He forgot his water though, and played most of the game, so he was pretty thirsty and tired. We stopped at 7-11 and grabbed a slurpee. Coach had brought us some plums and peaches too. I got the lawn mowed (in between rain showers) and #4 and I went to the library to return/pickup DVDs. Hubs took #3 and #5 out to cousins in the evening (homebody #4 didn't want to go) to watch a movie in the backyard with our projector. I wasn't feeling great and went to bed early. There had been donuts again today ... Hubs brought them home. He was able to get his truck back today after all, so that was good.

0807 (Sunday) 171.5. Steps 11782. Total Burn 2290. Exercise Burn 300/490 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off fairly early to take some coworkers to the lake. I walked to the canal to feed my duckies, then got in a 20min session on the elliptical. Always so hard on a Sunday! We were having a waffle family gathering later in the day, so we didn't do waffles for breakfast at home, but did french toast instead. I had #3 practice driving, so he was behind the wheel to/from Grandma's house. #4 was pretty happy with all the poke-stops and pokemon he was able to pick up on the trip out. Hubs was tired when he got home, so he was to bed uber early. Took me a bit longer, but still pretty early to bed. Over calories today and yesterday ...  

0808 (Monday) 171.5. Steps 24952. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1075/1181 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Woke up a little off. You know when you have a disturbing dream, and you wake up and you know it was just a dream but the feelings stay with you? That. Got in my first elliptical session then hit Zumba with Southziders. Late start, and then I just couldn't get into class. The babies didn't want to cooperate today either. I stopped at Costco on my way home, my first time going there alone (I've been a Sam'sClub gal), but they had some deals. I was definitely off today, in that I didn't even go see my duckies when I got home ... I did walk up to the canal at the end of the night, but I usually don't go this long without seeing them. Just feeling down and discouraged ... didn't overeat by a lot today, but didn't keep calories in check (quantity or quality). As I was gone much of the morning, #2 ran #3 to hang with his friends (good brother!) but I was on deck for pick up. A neighbor (Zumba friend) came over in the evening to have Hubs look over a contracting bid. Dinner was Costco mac&cheese and chicken alfredo ... just went over okay with the kids.  

0809 (Tuesday) 172.5. Steps 28333. Total Burn 3187. Exercise Burn 1250/1389 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2450. I must admit to being completely discouraged by the uptick in weight. Also, another night of disturbing dreams. I was up a little early and got a walk to the canal in and an elliptical session before Zumba. I was five minutes early, but three others were there waiting. I really should get back into the habit of coming with the boys on Mondays, as we needed to open the doors in the middle and back of the gym, and close the doors to the chapel and move a table and chair rack. Not a ton of work, but nicer if it's all ready to go. Class was good, but I did't quite have the energy of last week. I felt better leaving than going in though. I got in additional elliptical, weights and a session on the bike during the rest of the day. Ran #4 into the doctor for his immunizations, only to find out that the receptionist and nurse weren't in, so they couldn't do immunizations (not quite sure I understand this? The doctor is unable to do it?) and they didn't have my cell phone on file to call and let me know. I ended up taking him to Walgreens and it was quick and easy there. I scanned in the paperwork and sent it off to the school, so hopefully all is good there, and we should get his schedule so we can go map out all his classes before school starts. #2 went into the high school today and got his parking permit, and an appointment with his counsellor for tomorrow, as he needs to play with his schedule just a bit. We just did leftovers for dinner, and I'd done okay on calories (at about 1400) as evening hit. Then I decided to make homemade oreos, as #2 is never around when I make them, and he loves them. Of course, I have to sample my work. Then, Hubs had worked late, and stopped at KFC (texting me wondering why #2 wasn't there! It was his day off.) He got a "famous bowl" which #2 said is disgusting (I agree ... NO temptation there) but he also brought home cheese curds ... I love fried cheese and Hubs had picked up three large! Yes, I had some. Deep fried cheese ... yummy. But then over on calories.
0810 (Wednesday) 171.2. Steps 26425. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1200/1156 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. It's National Lazy Day ... I felt like I participated, even though I do have quite a few steps. Not feeling motivated at all. Of course I still got my hour of elliptical in, because that is habit (did have to push a bit for that final 20min) and I got my Zumba in, because Zumba is more than exercise, it's my social, it's my get out of the house, and again, it's habit. #4 pushed for the two walks to the canal today (I might have only gotten in one) as he wanted some company as he tried to hatch his PokemonGo egg, and there are two Poke-Stops close by (the church and the park that he hits while I feed the ducks). In the evening walk, I saw a couple neighbors walking the other side with their big dogs running free and bounding into the water. I hope that isn't what happened to my Uno :(  A cat snuck up on my group when I was feeding them the other day (lots of quacking and flapping after that) but the ducks are about the same size as a cat, I'm really not sure what a cat would do if it caught one (a duckling though, that's another matter, although I haven't seen any new babies in a bit). Hubs innocently asked "what did you do today" and it was one of those "um ... I didn't do anything" days (see the "National Lazy Day" comment at the start though). I mean, there was some laundry, registering #5 for his school, mowed the front lawn, worked on a blog post ...  apparently I ate too, as calories were high.

0811 (Thursday) 170.8. Steps 24185. Total Burn 2923. Exercise Burn 1050/1125 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Zumba with MountainView this morning. A little drama, as we had a different gal opening the building, and she didn't know where the soundbox was. Melanie had an aux cord, and that should have worked, I don't know why it didn't. I didn't have my backup on me either. That awful feeling when you are at class, but not sure if you're going to be able to have class! Happily, we were able to locate the box after a phone call, and class went on, just a little late. I got in my hour of elliptical (three 20min sessions, really had to push to get that last one in) and a couple walks to the canal (a little push from #4, who likes to get some PokemonGo in). I also did some cleaning up in the kitchen, Hubs was happy with that ;)  Hubs had gone into work in the morning, but come home early and taking #2 and his friends (and #3) to the lake for a day of waverunning. I thought they would stay later, but one of the boys had to work. I took the little boys bowling today ... figured we should hit it once this summer. Usually there has been a "free bowling" option, but they didn't do it this year. Still a $2 special (per game) and free shoe rental if you come before noon (which we did). We played two games. I got five strikes between the two and broke 100 both times ... yes, that is braggable for me! #5 finally got a strike (I was afraid he was going to cry, he sure didn't look like he was having fun).
0812 (Friday) 170.8. Steps 25864. Total Burn 3028. Exercise Burn 1050/1231 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. I had planned on hitting Debbie's Zumba in Daybreak, but checked my email right before walking out the door and there was a message from her saying there was a funeral at the church. She was moving it to her house, but it is small (I went there once for a one on one sharing choreo session) so I went to MZL instead. I just couldn't get my heart rate up though. Still got the steps in. #5 texts me that he hasn't seen #4 for an hour or so, so I checked in, and he was at the park. He had set a "lure" for his Pokemon Go. I called and told him to always let people know where he was going, that even 10-year old brothers worry! I wasn't feeling particularly motivated today, I didn't get in weights, and barely finished up my hour of elliptical. Had to push! Did get in a couple walks to the canal ... a little nudge from #4, who is trying to hatch a 10k egg. Hubs even came along for the evening walk. Brought the last of the meal worms, and Jorge and Antonia still came up and ate out of his hand (although it did take them a bit ... good for them to be wary out in the world). #2 was working, #3 had gone to Seven Peaks with a friend (I'd purchased a pass earlier in the year sure I'd use it for someone, but hadn't, and wondered if I would!), and I dropped #5 off at his basketball coach's house to hang out and catch a ride to practice.  I ate my last mint brownie ... so I made more.

0813 (Saturday) 171.6. Steps 18656. Total Burn 2596. Exercise Burn 450 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Started the day with a walk to the canal to see the duckies. It's nice to get it in when it's still cool. I didn't have a Zumba class on my radar today. Z Underground had posted late that they were having an 8:00 class, but I need to know ahead of time to mentally plan. I would have hit it though, had I known. I didn't even get my full hour of elliptical in today (just two 20min sessions) but I did do the weights I didn't do yesterday, and mowed the lawn (although it was late! Barely got it in). #5 had a double header today. The first was against the toughest team in this league. We lost, but only by 10 or so. Our boys did pretty good! In the second game, we got our first win! Yea! Hubs smoked ribs for dinner. I made Brazillian cheese rolls, but didn't overeat them like I normally do. Still too high on calories, especially with the lower output.
0814 (Sunday) 172.6. Steps 8713. Total Burn 2051. Exercise Burn 0/257 (no exercise). Calories in 2350. Slept in and had a planned rest day. Still walked to the canal twice, but it was a pretty lazy day.  A lot of reading in bed. We did our big Sunday Circles breakfast. Hubs took the boys to Italian Village for pizza benders, then to Maga's house to visit. I made a lemon jello cake for a Sunday treat.
0815 (Monday) 172.6. Steps 31231. Total Burn 3370. Exercise Burn 1550/1592 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 2mileTM). Calories in 2200. Got out of bed early enough to get in a walk to the canal, and my elliptical before heading out to Zumba. I guess it also helps that Monday Zumba starts a bit later than other day (9:30 instead of 9:00). Had a good class today, was getting the heart rate up. Back at home, #3 insisted he needed a haircut (for it to be perfect for pictures in a week) so I dropped him off and quickly grabbed some groceries at Walmart. Good activity day, got in my additional elliptical, bike and even had some treadmill time. Also did an evening walk to the canal. I've noticed a couple babies missing (mean momma's little one, and another momma who had four now only has three). These babies were 2-3 weeks old, big enough that I thought they'd make it :(  I made haystacks for dinner ... it's one I eat (minus all the extras, so just chicken and gravy over rice for me) and after what I'd already eaten, it pushed me over goal. Still under burn by a bit, but it doesn't seem to matter unless I stay under 2000. Of course a couple weeks ago I did that almost everyday and it still didn't matter!

0816 (Tuesday) 171.6. Steps 23970. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1100/1239 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 1950. Hit the elliptical for 20min then was off to Zumba. I was actually in the mood to come with the boys yesterday, for me to practice, for them to play some basketball, but they were not willing. We did have to open/close the doors in the middle and back of the gym and chapel, as usual, after Sunday meetings. Class was good. Back home, #3 needed a ride to a friend's house, and then I was taking the munchkins bowling, so I didn't have time to get a walk to the canal in. After bowling, I finished up my hour of elliptical (and my show, 12 Monkeys) and also did weights. Picked up #3, dropped off the DVD back at the library, picked up another show to start (Alcatraz). Tacos for dinner with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert (I only had a spoonful ... or only "got" a spoonful, I might have had more if the boys hadn't swarmed). I finally got in a walk to see my duckies before bed.
0817 (Wednesday) 171.6. Steps 38542. Total Burn 3533. Exercise Burn 1500/1733 (60minElliptical, Zumba, TM2.5miles, Bike). Calories in 2100. Got in my first session on the elliptical then hit MZL for Zumba. When I got back, I took a walk to the canal to see the duckies ... and couldn't find them! I went all the way to the North end first, then ALL the way to the South end. I saw a couple ducks here and there, but not many. Have they flown? My walk ended up being almost an hour. I was checking my phone (just in case the kids missed me, as I'm usually back faster) but my phone didn't have service. Weird! When I got back to the house, I checked with the boys, and two had service on their phones, but #3 didn't either. I contacted Hubs (via email, working with WiFi) and he was out too. He went to the ATT store to investigate. Fraud! Someone had accessed our account, buying three new phones and taking of our three phone numbers. He was able to get it straightened out, and get his phone back up, but #3 and I had to wait until he got home with new sim cards for our two phones. Not a big deal for me, as no one ever calls me and wifi works at home. I did need to drop #3 off at the high school (he and his friends were wandering, finding their classrooms and lockers before school starts up) and worried a bit about him not being able to contact me when he needed to be picked up ... but he was able to get a ride home. I got in my additional elliptical during the day, and we just had a casual dinner. Hubs brought home some KFC, I'd texted him Popeyes would be great, bit even though his phone is back up, his texting is still a bit off and he didn't get the message. Oh well, I probably would have overeaten if he had.  We watched a little "Family Feud" as a family. We normally never have the "tv" on, but have with the Olympics. It's been rather fun to watch together ... and to have something other than "Friends" on.  #3 wanted to go to a late (well, 8:30, so pickup after 10:00, which is LATE!) movie. I don't know if I was inspired by the Olympics or what, but I decided to try a 30min "run" (jog/walk) on the treadmill. Got in 2.5 miles. After dropping the child off, I hit the stationary bike ... because if I slowed or stopped I'd get sleepy. Got a shower in and then it was time for pickup. #4 was around and went with, as he likes to try and hit poke-stops on errands. #3 didn't realize #4 was in the car, in the backseat. It wasn't intentional, but after watching a scary movie, it was pretty ironic!

0818 (Thursday) 171.2. Steps 32720. Total Burn 3232. Exercise Burn 1300/1434 (80minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2700. Elliptical, then Zumba with MountainView. Went on a walk to see my duckies when I got back home. Hubs had gone into work for the morning, but came back and took the boys (#3 and his friends this time) up to the lake. I took #4 over to the middle school and we mapped out all his classes and found his locker and had him practice. He gets just over 2000 steps making the complete rounds (from the front door, to his locker, all his classes, and back out). We got a lot more than that, as we traversed the hallways several times in an attempt to acclimate him to it all (this is the kid I worry about most!) Monday will be just the 7th graders, for a half day, then Tuesday, it starts up for real. Feeling a little lazy after my big day yesterday. Got in my additional sessions on the elliptical, but not much else. Got in an evening walk to the canal. My duckies were hungry. I'd wished I'd had more for them. I think I could have gotten Jorge to eat out of my hand if I'd had something to offer (the duck food I had is a "floating feed" better thrown directly into the water). Hubs and the boys made it back. Hubs pulled his hamstring pretty good and was limping a lot. He was early to bed. I went ahead and hit on more elliptical session before I joined him. 

0819 (Friday) 171.1. Steps 26354. Total Burn 2989. Exercise Burn 1050/1200 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Probably my last Zumba class on a Friday for a while, as with the kids back in school, and late start at the middle school ... hopefully I'll be able to get in an hour on my own. I guess we'll see. Today, I hit MZL again, as Debbie was out of town. Got in my hour of elliptical and a couple canal walks. #4 and I went to the middle school again to walk his class schedule, just to make sure it stuck. Hubs was home from work early, as there was a cousin's campout at Maga's house! We had one last year and it was a hit, so this was the second annual activity. Putting up tents, tinfoil dinners, watching a movie outside (with Hub's projector) and then to sleep. I stayed home in my own bed. #2 actually had the evening off. He'd worked 8:00-4:00. I was so excited that he'd be able to hit the campout this year ... but I couldn't wake him up. I stuck my head in at 6:00 when Hubs and the other boys were leaving, then again at 7:00 and again at 8:00 ... then I gave up. It really depressed me too! I'd planned on getting in my weight workout. I even went down and started. Usually if I can just get started I get in the groove. Not today. Feeling so drained. No energy. Came back upstairs, showered, and went to bed. 

0820 (Saturday) 172.2. Steps 16381. Total Burn 2562. Exercise Burn 500/751 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. Made french toast for breakfast for me and #2. Those sleeping over were going to try the "Serving Time" cafe (by the prison, prisoners work there) but it wasn't open on Saturdays. They just hit McDonalds instead. I got in my walk to the canal to feed my duckies, then mowed the lawn. Got in a couple sessions on the elliptical, but didn't make my usual hour. In the early evening, we had a family wedding reception in Orem, and after that, Hubs, #3, Maga and I went to Desert Star to see "Perfect Pitch". We usually don't go to the late show (8:30) but hadn't been able to get in otherwise. This was closing night. The earlier show must have gone over (which happens, do to addlibbing and such, common on closing night) so we didn't even get seated until 9:00. We ordered some cheese sticks and cheesy bread. Way over on calories today!  

0821 (Sunday) 173.6. Steps 9570. Total Burn 2173. Exercise Burn 0/360 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Hubs went into work, and without him around, we switched up the Sunday Circle breakfast and made pancakes instead of waffles. I was taking a rest day, but did still get in one walk to the canal and 10min on WiiFit. Had to restock a bit from Sam's and Smiths. The gold medal match for men's basketball was on ... but it wasn't much of a match up (unlike the first time the US faced Serbia, we only won by three). Hubs and the boys ended up hitting Italian Village for dinner again.  Then we all went out to Maga's, for cake and ice cream for Courtney's birthday.  

0822 (Monday) 172.7. Steps 34016. Total Burn 3433. Exercise Burn 1400/1627 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.25mileTreadmill, Bike). Calories in1800. First day back to school! Hubs couldn't sleep and was up and off at 4:00. I got up at 5:30 to catch #2 before he left for his school "Senior Sunrise"  activity. #3 has driver's ed before school, at 6:45, which isn't bad. Then #4 off to his 7th grade orientation day (a half day, only 7th graders).  I fit in a couple sessions on the elliptical between driving boys to school, then hit Zumba with Southziders. Had a little excitement today. They open the nursery there so the kids can play with toys and stay entertained, but at one point, two of the two-year olds couldn't be located. So everyone stopped to look ... just as police showed up the building saying there had been a call to 911 from the church phone (which is in the hallway, kids playing around?) This is why some Zumba classes really stress that kids aren't allowed anywhere but the gym, Mom need to accompany them if they need a drink or bathroom visit. Luckily the kids were found and the police appeased... and we finished our dancing. I stopped at Costco on the way home. It's right there between Southziders and the middle school. I was a little early back at the school for pickup (11:50) so I just parked and waited and brought home the neighbor boy too. #4 isn't used to dealing with a carpool. Originally it had been set up for me to drive to/from just Tues/Wed ... but I think I'll be driving to school everyday, as #4's likes to be in control of the leaving time, making sure we aren't late. I'll be picking up tomorrow, and then we'll see how he does if someone else picks up after school. I am around and used to doing all the driving, as no neighbor kids went to our same middle school for the past five years. #2 was able to bring #3 home (before rushing off to work, I wish he'd cut back while in school!) and #5 doesn't start until tomorrow, so the three trips and I was done for the day. It was back to school night though, from 6:00-7:00, so I picked up pizza from Dominos, and then the munchkin and I hit the elementary to find his classroom, meet his teacher (she's new) and the principal (she's new). Car chaos of course, as there is nowhere near enough parking for everyone coming at once (anxiety trigger for me!)  I did good on both exercise and eating today ... even with indulging in several Dominoes parmesan bites and some "Back to School Skookie" treat.

0823 (Tuesday) 170.9. Steps 32817. Total Burn 3504. Exercise Burn 1600/1708 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 1mileIncline, Bike, 40minWeights). Calories in 3200. Day two for the oldest three boys, and first day for my munchkin. #2 was off a little earlier than I expected (I was down on the elliptical when he got up and left) and didn't take his lunch I'd prepped him. #4 didn't get up early like he had yesterday, I had to wake him. Three different school drop-offs in the morning. I went straight to Zumba after taking #5 to the elementary school. I was a little early, but sometimes it's needed to prep the gym (open and close dividers, etc). Marian was back! As I'd prepped a playlist, and she wasn't quite ready to jump back into doing the whole thing, we went off my ipad. I switched a few songs around to give everyone a turn up front (including getting Marian). Good class. Then home, for a walk to see the duckies and get in some additional exercise. Two pickups in the afternoon (#2 gives #3 a ride home, saving me a trip to the high school). Hubs had a derby, with #3 being his helper as always. They brought home some donuts, leftover refreshments. I had one, even though chocolate cake donuts aren't really a favorite. High calories today, even though I never felt like I over indulged... it all added up and it was over! 

0824 (Wednesday) 171.9. Steps 28437. Total Burn 3153. Exercise Burn 1000/1357 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 1960.  After my third school drop-off, I went back to the middle school to drop off a folder #4 had forgotten. Any of my other kids, I would have had just deal with it ... but I could see how stressed out my anxiety child was about it, and I had a few spare moments before Zumba. Those stupid donuts ... I ate one for breakfast. Why did I do that?  Again, I don't even like them! Not sure if it was the donut sitting heavy on my stomach (and my conscience) or DOMS from yesterday's weight workout, but I couldn't get into Zumba today. Could not get my heart rate up. Still got steps, as always. Stopped at CalRanch and Maceys on the way home. Walked to see the duckies. It was a real push to get in the rest of my elliptical in during the day. At least, after the dang donut, I kept calories in check better. Did a little reorganizing of the pantry and mowed the front lawn. One of the other mom's was picking up today, and that was probably enough to throw #4 off, but then she was quite late as well. He managed to hold it together until he walked into the front door, but then he broke down in tears. We'll try carpool for a couple more days and if it stresses him too much, I guess I'll just pick up everyday too. I've been doing it for the last five years anyway, because the other boys didn't have any kids from the neighborhood going to the same middle school. A carpool can be nice ... but can be stressful too. Sometimes it's better to just be the one in control and keep it absolutely consistent. We'll see ... French Did for dinner, although Daddy was late and had already eaten. One more walk to see the duckies, and bring them some dinner. I hope I'm not hindering them, they will need to fly away at some point, because the canal does dry up completely in winter.

0825 (Thursday) 170.9. Steps 32547. Total Burn 3443. Exercise Burn 1450/1647 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals, Bike). Calories in 1950. Got the kids off to school, getting in two elliptical sessions in between carpools. Zumba with MountainView. It was Melanie's last day, and I'm going to miss her! She introduced me to some fun routines, and a couple songs added to my everyday playlist. I stopped at Reams on the way home, and grabbed some groceries. Took a walk to see the duckies. Got in additional elliptical and some time on the treadmill.  Carpool was on time for #4 today, so after school pickup was less traumatic than yesterday. Just elementary pickup duty for me. #5 had a basketball game. #4 came along, to gather Poke-balls along the way, and we hoped it would be a Poke-stop (it was, but it was too far out to access from the gym). Our boys were doing pretty well against Future (who we have played a lot, and always lost to). My munchkins was getting frustrated though, after missing a couple layups and not getting a shot in. He wasn't keeping it together, which makes it so he can't play very well either. Frustrating. I mean he's only 10 years old, but still ... no crying in basketball (unless you're hurt, or maybe if your mistake cost the team the game). Once back home I took a walk to see the ducks, and got in a session on the bike.   

0826 (Friday) 169.9. Steps 27703. Total Burn 3193. Exercise Burn 1200/1407 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 2450. The high school and middle school have late start on Fridays ... I thought to myself "I'll still go ahead and get up at 6:00 and get started on the day" ...yea, that didn't happen. I had been awake in the night, from about 3:30-5:30 and had just fallen back asleep around 6:00. So, slow start to the day. Got in a 10min session on the elliptical before elementary drop-off, then a 20min session before middle-school. I stopped at Walgreens and BigLots after, picking up some pictures (prepping a package for Mr. Missionary) and other items. After a walk to feed my duckies, I did do an hour of Zumba on my own. It's hard to get the energy up alone though. Early out at the elementary. Carpool was bringing home middle school (he's adapting) but I had to grab #3 from the high school, where he'd stayed after on the driving range. Hubs had come home from work early, as he was heading out with the three youngest to hit Bear Lake for the weekend. #2 had work, and I ... am not a camper/vacationer (and I have to stay and make sure the 17-year old behaves, right? And take care of the kitties!) I was dragging after the guys got off, so I took a little nap. Then I got in weights and a walk to the canal, and finished up with biking before bed.

0827 (Saturday) 171.1. Steps 32218. Total Burn 3305. Exercise Burn 1250/1506 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 1mileTreadmill). Calories in 2000. With the family gone, I got in some extra activity today. Started off with Zumba at Thryve Fitness and stopped at the store on the way home. Walked to the canal to see the ducks. Mowed the lawn. Got in my hour of elliptical and a session on the bike. I was going to attempt longer on the treadmill, but the wifi was acting up and my show wouldn't play. I need the distraction to keep me going. Spent some time on the computer ... end of the month bills, blog updates, etc.

0828 (Sunday) 169.7. Steps  10434. Total Burn 2091. Exercise Burn 0/303 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Happy birthday to my #4 today. 13 years old. I grabbed a cake so we could have it when they got home later. Pretty laid back day for me. Rest day ... and I rested. I meant to get in a little wiifi but it didn't happen. A nap did happen. The family got home around 6:00. I'd invited my folks over, as my mom loves the white buttercream cake. I sent half of it home with her. The kids and grandparents played some games. We've got some sunburned boys! When I went to feed the ducks in the evening, Jorge was missing and the other ducks were very skittish. I wonder if something happened.

0829 (Monday) 171.4. Steps 25695. Total Burn 3161. Exercise Burn 1100/1362 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. My youngest came home from the campout sans Fitbit. Dang it! I'll admit, I had awakened in the wee hours of the morning thinking about it. Wondering if I should invest in a new one. If he cares, if I care. I really did for a while there, but with my missionary not sending his steps regularly, I've stopped with the weekly "family fitbit" comparison. I'm not sure when I checked #5's steps last. We also have a Flex that no one is using. Would that work? Then I starting thinking "what if it just fell off in the tent or sleeping bag, or is in a pocket of his pants or something" and when I got up, #5 brought up this possibility as well. I got the older kids off to school, but we had a little time before elementary started. I pulled up my "Fitbit Finder" app (BLTExplorer, tracks bluetooth) and right off, I could see TWO Fitbit Ones! Mine, and the munchkins! Playing "hot and cold" with the app, we narrowed it down to the tent bag, unfolded the tent in the family room ... and found it! Happy to be back in business ... but I did miss out on my second session on the elliptical. Zumba with Southziders. I came straight home today and went to feed the ducks.  I could see the ducks under the bridge, but they wouldn't come out to me. First time that has happened. Couldn't tell if Jorge was back. I was also on doggy duty for our neighbors. They had a brand new puppy that needed to be fed three times a day and neither of them could make it home for the mid-day feeding. So they gave me the code to their garage and I went over and let her out to potty and play and gave her lunch. I'm afraid of big dogs (which she'll end up being) but she's a cute little puppy now, so it was okay. #3 had "roads" for driver's ed after school ... not right after, but at 5:00. A friend had it too, and didn't have a ride back to the school so he just came home with #3, with another friend in tow too. They hung out ... in MY gym for a while (I was going to get another elliptical session in right then!) and luckily I had leftovers to make up meatball subs to feed them before taking them back to the high school. Then they were staying for evening basketball clinic. #5 even had plans with friends, I dropped him off at 6:00 and picked him up at 8:00. Kindof crazy with the schedule today ... usually I get in extra exercise on Mondays, but not today. I did get a second walk to the canal, and Jorge was back with the rest of the ducks ... although they are all still acting very nervous. Dinner for Hubs was stroganoff. He plopped down on the couch and turned on a show (JimGaffigan's Obsessed) ... he never does that. I decided to join him, but even in a recliner I could NOT get comfortable for very long and had to switch positions and then go walk around. I'm okay in our bed watching a show. Ugggg ... sitting. Who knew it could be such a problem? I'd actually done okay on calories (even with cake) for most of the day, but then while I was out picking up the munchkin we stopped for some crazy bread, and then ice cream called to me. Under burn, but over goal. If I go over 2000 I gain, even if I'm uber active ... which I wasn't today, even though Fitbit logged me over 3000.

0830 (Tuesday) 171.9. Steps 29299. Total Burn 3230. Exercise Burn 1300/1424 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2mileTM). Calories in 2600. A little late getting started today, a little late getting #3 off to school. That pushed me a bit, so I only had time for 10min before middle school carpool. They had the sides of the parking lot roped off (refinishing) and that clogged things up! Pickup will be even worse. Not looking forward to that. Did get in 20min on the elliptical before dropping the munchkin off at elementary. Zumba with Marian, then I walked to see my ducks. They were still skittish. Feeling very draggy and sleepy. Lucky me I could lay down for a bit. Got in my additional elliptical to equal my hour. Should have done weights, but didn't feel up to that. Picked up middle school (it wasn't as bad as I had feared) and elementary, did some laundry, dishes and cleaned the bathroom. Made a basketball muvee and updated the basketball blog. Should have done some shopping, but put it off until tomorrow, much to the disappointment of #4, who'd wanted to go out PokemonGoing. Hubs and #3 did a derby. On my evening walk to the canal, my duckies were acting more normal, anxious for food and eating from the edge. I had the munchies pretty bad today, caved to some mint brownie. Lasagna ... ended up as leftovers, but I like having leftovers (not that I eat lasagna!) I still ate plenty though, technically under burn, but alas, if I'm ever over 2000, up goes the scale.

0831 (Wednesday) 171.9. Steps 33905. Total Burn 3433. Exercise Burn 1350/1643 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals). Calories in 2150. Happy birthday to #3. Sixteen years old. Still early morning driver's ed for him though. Got the boys off to school then hit Zumba. Stopped at Sam's and Walmart on the way home. Gets steps in shopping, and putting things away. Made a lemon jello cake for the birthday boy. Had planned on tacos for dinner, had planned on several of #3's friends over, but that fell through (so I have mucho taco stuff around). The older boys had basketball clinic in the evening. I'd gotten in additional elliptical to hit my hour, and had some treadmill time. Just one evening walk to the canal to see the duckies today. A little over on calories, with the cake and all.
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