Friday, July 31, 2015

WWI # 105 - Stuck

These last few weeks, the weigh-ins have been about the same. Small changes up and down but no real movement. I realized I hadn't updated my Weekly-WeighIns for a while (since April) and it was depressing to go enter the numbers from the past few months. To watch the slow but steady gain. Finally hitting the 160s the third week in June, and then a four pound jump the week after that. Then ... stuck. The numbers haven't been going up any more, but they are not going down either.

I did TRY this week, or at least I felt like I did. I upped the exercise. I did control calories ... at least for a few of the days (Mon/Tues/Thursday were very good days). Not sure what happened on Wednesday. I went a little crazy. Maybe the closest thing to a binge I've done. I just could not stop myself from eating. So, NUMBERS ... weekly weight was down .3, but the average was up .27. Average daily intake was 2157, and the average daily burn was 2768. This resulted in a deficit of 1285 for the week. Happy it's a deficit, but I need to get it to at least 3500 to match "lose a pound" numbers. Here's a quick recap ...

  • Friday (0724): A holiday here in Utah. Hubs had the day off and took the kids for donuts. I tried to avoid temptation by staying home, but they brought back. You know I wanted them to. Krispy Creme. Yummy. Because I ate donuts I tried not to eat much else. Hubs took the kids to see Pixals. I ended up having popcorn that night as we watched "Chef" at home. Not very motivated today ... just 40min on the elliptical.
  • Saturday (0725): Got in 40min on the elliptical, 30min on the bike, and mowed the lawn.  Hit the grocery store too.  No basketball game this week because of the holiday. . There were some leftover donuts, but not anymore. French Dip for dinner, which I don't really like (I'll sneak a little roast beef) and I actually did keep calories in check at 2000. 
  • Sunday (0726): Hubs headed into work, trying to catch up after his vacation. With him gone, and anticipating a BBQ for dinner, we didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. I walked to/from church, but that was it for "exercise" (if you can even call it that). Had the inlaws over, with yummy mashed potatoes, rolls, marinated chicken and steak ... with Skookie for dessert. Hard not to go over on calories, especially with low activity.
  • Monday (0727): Ok, ready to get back at it! Started the day with Zumba, got in 40min elliptical, 30min bike and even a little WiiFit. Kept calories in check too. Duckie duty, took the kids to the gym for some basketball time (the pool is closed this week) and #5 had basketball practice in the evening. Monday's we hear from our missionary too (and I update his blog). Kept calories in check at 1400.
  • Tuesday (0728): Happy with the drop in weight after my good day yesterday, motivated me to be good today. Zumba, elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. It's been a while since I've done them. Again, kept calories in check (1900) even with going with the family to Pretzel Maker in the evening.
  • Wednesday (0729): Didn't sleep well last night, my legs were aching after the workout. Grabbed a Little Debbie Nutty bar before Zumba, and my eating went downhill from there. I just could not stop. I just wanted sugar. It was pretty bad, as I do have a ton of stuff around. Not quite as motivated for fitness either, although I did get in an hour of elliptical in addition to my Zumba. I did have to spend a bit of time shuttling kids around today (#5 had a birthday party, the other boys went to the gym).
  • Thursday (0730): Trying to shake off the uncontrolled eating from yesterday. Zumba in the morning, 40min of elliptical, 30min bike, and then my evening Zumba class. I did my usual stop at Little Caesars on the way home, grabbing some crazy bread. I did have a couple sticks, but I had keep calories in control enough that I was still under 2000 for the day.

Am I just a corn on the cob snob?
I NEVER would have picked the middle corn 
stuck in the middle, out of sight!

Me and kitten ...
STILL working on integrating the two kitties!

 Worms! These are mealworms, and of course they arrived during the day when Hubs wasn't home so I had to deal with them (transfer them from the box into smaller containers with oat bran. This did involve TOUCHING then a bit, luckily the boys helped out). I do NOT like mealworms (treats for the duckies), I'm better with earthworms ... good thing I guess, as the day before these grubs came, I received a package of them and had to prep soil and such for them!

Speaking of the duckies ...

A day or so after I took this video, the boys and I were letting the duckies out of the pen for their evening outdoor time. It was all similar to this ... except when Alex (the biggest one, the male) flew over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Luckily, their dogs weren't out. I was hoping he'd just fly back, but he just sat there looking confused. We had to go into the yard and walk him back to ours. The night after that, he took flight again, making a wide circle in the sky and returning to our backyard (and a rather rough landing, still working on those!). Unsure about what the future holds for our flying feathered friends ...

So, back to the WEIGHT issue. Obviously it's the eating. I know this. I just have NO cravings for "good" food whatsoever. Really. I see healthy eaters post stuff all the time, things they rave about, and for me? It's stuff I'd have to be starving to eat (and I'm just talking normal stuff like smoothies and salads and such, not even any of the "out there" stuff). I admit it. I'm not normal. I've got Eating Issues. I guess what frustrates me is that this is nothing new ... I've been successful in spite of it all, it just doesn't seem to be working anymore. And then I get frustrated and eat ice cream out of the container ...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Achievemint Update

Time for a quick Thrifty Thursday post, and another Achievemint update. It was quite a while ago that I first mentioned Achievemint (my Reaping the Rewards post was back in Aug of 2013). I then did an  Achievemint Update in January of 2014 after receiving my first payout. I mentioned Achievemint again in a general review of  the programs I was still participating in (Fitness Rewards), that update verifying I had received another $50 payout. *Ü*

But alas ... I guess MY Achievemint journey is done. Originally, there was no mention of limits on payouts, but I always thought it was too good to be true if it went on indefinitely.  After my sister got a Fitbit, and I recommended my favorite fitness reward programs,  she told me she had attempted to sign up with Achievemint, but was told that they were full, only accepting applications for the waiting list. 

It didn't really surprise me when, having achieved another $50 payout last month, when I also received an email saying I had reached the $100 threshold (I actually earned a bit more than the $100, but they still honored my current earning goal until the reward was earned). My father also reached his threshold, as did my son. So we three have been kicked off ... hopefully three people on the waiting list have now been welcomed into the program. 

Happily, all of our last payouts were quite prompt as well. They sent a GiftRocket gift e-card, which is easily redeemable (I just had it deposited in my Paypal account). 

I just thought, as I've posted about Achievemint several times, I should add this information in a final update. I'll actually still be monitoring Achievemint, as I still have a son in the program, and my mother is still on it as well. Hubs is on the waiting list. While there were a few bumps along the way, it's really a "no risk" reward program ... and I earned quite a bit. Thanks Achievemint!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Fitbit Family Saga

So last week Hubs was taking the boys out for a bit (Mommy alone time ... ahhhh) when I received a text from Hubs ...

#3's Fitbit Flex ... just the band, without the small Fitbit device in it. I quickly checked the charger in his room, and there it was, with it's little lights a glowing. That's better than being lost, but #3 was bummed about missing out on his steps that morning.

As we are a Fitbit Family,  there is generally enough happening in any given month, that I thought maybe I'd try to make this a monthly installment. Check back, we'll see how that goes.

#3 (my 14-year old) was the last one in the family to get a Fitbit. He didn't really even want one, but I wanted him to have one. He actually wasn't crazy about wearing it. He had a One, clipped to his shorts, and he'd complain that he'd bump it with his hand and it would be uncomfortable. He said he wasn't allowed to wear it during his basketball games (although #2 always wears his, out of sight so no one says a thing). 

When Hubs decided to invest in the Surge, I figured I'd switch out the #3's One for a Flex. He did seem slightly interested in trying the wrist one (originally purchased for #1 son almost a year ago before he decided he'd rather have a clip on version). It's been a pretty good match for him. I even invested in some additional bands (you can get them in a gazillion colors/patterns on Amazon or Ebay) and some of the "protector" bands to keep it on more securely. 

If you read the Surge post, you know Hubs ended up returning it. I had actually passed the One onto the 9-year old (replacing his Zip) and he was NOT about to swap back. He liked the One. So ... Hubs got the Zip. It is actually a good fit for Hubs though. He wasn't wearing it bed to track sleep, didn't really care about stairs, and not having to constantly recharge the battery is a win for him.

I ended up buying another Zip too, because #2 lost his One. He'd been playing basketball in a tournament, and later realized it was missing (the clip was still there, just no One in it, it got sweaty and slipped out).  I told him he should have at least tried using the BTLExplorer app (Fitbit Finder) but alas he had not. I just picked up the least expensive option for him, as it's mainly just steps he's counting as well. 

So that's the family Fitbit saga from the past few months ... #2 and Hubs have achieved the number one spot recently. I'm slipping!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recent Reads - The Legacy Series

I love it when I simply stumble upon a great series. I read Twilight, but after all the hype, and waiting in-between books, it was a bit of a disappointment. I liked the Hunger Games a lot, but I must admit during the wait for the third book I forgot quite a bit. Divergent ... another YA dystopian I enjoyed, as did much of the world. I really feel like "The Legacy" rates right up there with these more well known trilogies, but so far I haven't heard of anyone else I know personally who has discovered these. I think they certainly deserve a shout out!

Book 1 is available for purchase in paperback, although it's a bit pricey. The Kindle cost is $4.99, but I was lucky enough to snag it for free. Often authors/publishers or Amazon will offer  books for free for a limited time. Sites like Book Bub and Pixal of Ink can help you watch for these ... it's a little hit and miss, in both what is offered, and sometimes the quality of free offerings, but I'll often "buy" a free book a day from these recommendations and spotlights. I just keep them in my Kindle cloud until I'm ready to read. That's what happened here ... I'd "purchased" book 1, and when I needed my next read, it was at the top of my recent purchases, and I decided to give it a try. 

The book is written in first person/present tense. I sometimes struggle with this perspective, unless it's really well written. This was. One TINY thing that would distract me a bit from my reading was all the British spellings of words (civilisation, idolised, sombrely, realised, strategising, apologises, hiccoughs, honoured, centre, etc). I do realize these are accepted English spellings, but they just jump out at my ol' American brain. :) I think I'm much more accepting of it if the setting/characters are British, but here, they were obviously American. 

The first two books in the series were published in 2013, book three came out in January of 2015. Lucky for me, I didn't discover the series until all three books in the trilogy were available. I was so glad I was able to go right from one to the next without having to wait. I DID have to BUY the follow-ups to the first book (they are reasonable, also just $4.99 each, I am just super cheap and feel bad buying books when I have hundreds already waiting in my Kindle cloud.) These seem to be new and unknown, so they aren't available at my library. The second/third book are ONLY available as e-books (which is fine by me, especially as I wanted them IMMEDIATELY, but I know many out there are still prefer physical books).  I read these back to back, one immediately after the other. Sometimes I don't want to do that with a series ... I need a break. But not here.  I really got to know and care about the characters. There is a love triangle, but it's seriously one of the hardest ones I've ever read!(and I mean that in a good way, I could NOT choose either!)

I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we all do a bit don't we? These were simple and stark and I thought they were great. 
I love how consistent the covers are too.  That's a silly pet peeve of mine, when the covers for a series look really different. I like them to flow there in addition to in the written word. 

There aren't many reviews on these (on either Amazon or GoodReads, especially for the third book). I'm just surprised there aren't more people reading these, as I loved them. If you are looking for something to read ... I recommend these! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Recap (#105)

Here in Utah, the week of the 24th is a holiday week. It's our state holiday. That did impact my Zumba for the week, as several of the classes were taking the week off. Happily, I have enough backups that I still hit my Zumba each morning, and I even got one in last Saturday. As I posted on Monday, Hubs did return from his European vacation this week. Just in time for our anniversary. 23 years! Here's a quick recap of the day by day ...

  • Friday (0717): Got in Zumba and elliptical ... and picked up a new kitten! While the Hubs is away, the family will play. He was out of town when we got our first kitty too!
  • Saturday (0718): Went to a Saturday Zumba, it was a great way to start the day. Went to #5's basketball game and got in some elliptical.
  • Sunday (0719): Rest Day.  I did walk to/from church, but that was the only activity for the day.
  • Monday (0720): Nina was back at Southziders! Got in elliptical too. Hubs was supposed to be home late today, but missed his flights and couldn't get another until tomorrow :(
  • Tuesday (0721):  My usual Zumba was taking this week off, but I had a backup. Got in elliptical too. Much overeating today though! And finally, the Hubs is home!
  • Wednesday (0722): Anticipating an anniversary dinner, I didn't eat much during the day. Still got in Zumba, elliptical and bike!
  • Thursday (0723): Hit Zumba in the morning (not my regular, although MZL is one I hit regularly, just not on Thursdays)  and got in elliptical during the day, but not terribly productive as I was playing the "waiting game" wondering when my chauffeur skills would be required (picking up #2's truck at the mechanic and the kids from the gym). 
 The new kitten ... they named her "Joy"

 Out for our anniversary ... #23!

So I did decent as far as fitness. Got in my Zumba, even with cancelled classes. Elliptical everyday, one bike session (no treadmill or weights though). I've been a little unmotivated, my steps have been suffering Food ... wasn't great, per usual. I had two really bad days (Sun&Tues) with big overages, my small deficits on other days weren't enough to make a dent. NUMBERS: Actual weigh-in and the weekly average were both up just a smidgen (.3, .04 respectively). Average intake was a whopping 2450. Average daily burn was 2714. I didn't have a deficit for the week, but was over by 1185.

I'll leave you with a couple video shorts from the week ...
 of kitten fun, and Daddy and his duckies!
A video posted by JenB (@jenblackham) on

Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation Steps - 35k in a Day

I am not one for vacations. My anxieties kick in just thinking about it. The hours of travel, the unfamiliar and crowded tourist destinations, the food (I'm super picky). I'm just a homebody. My BIL and his family are on the opposite end of the scale. They planned out a month long European vacation for this summer. London, Paris, Italy, Rome, and Barcelona. My MIL joined them for the first leg of the trip, and my hubs decided to join them on the last leg. His passport arrived July 7, he left July 8 ... he was supposed to be back tonight, but a long line at customs and security made him miss his flight, so we won't get him home until tomorrow. :(  I have enjoyed his vacation vicariously though. 

Hubs currently has a Fitbit Zip, which is a nice device for traveling. It doesn't need charging, as it has a regular, replaceable battery. I went into his Fitbit account and changed his settings to adjust to the eight hour time difference. The first days were travel and travel recuperation ... then he met up with his brother and his family and ...

That was quite a day! Over 35K in steps! That earned him a new Fitbit badge for most steps walked in a day. That was their biggest day, but he continued to rack up impressive step counts as they saw all the sights.  Of course that also resulted in this ...


  Some of the sights ...

LATE dinners ...

 Traditional snacks still ...

...and LOTS of gelato!
We'll have to see which wins out for a weigh-in ...
all the walking, or all the eating!

Hubs did pull ahead on the Fitbit steps. I just could not keep up with all his activity (no actual "exercise" though). Hubs was pretty proud as he took over the #1 spot. He had to send me this screen grab :) Of course, today, he's been on planes all day, and I have retaken the lead (and #2 son slipped into #1 position for a bit before I took it over again). 

It's been the summer of Hub's European vacation ...
but I'm ready to have him home again!

Gray Goes To Europe
(Family Blog Post - link to MORE pictures)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Recap (#104)

I remember mere months ago, when I was stuck in the lower 150s, a tad frustrated I couldn't make the drop into the 140s. Here I am up 10 pounds, now wishing the lower 150s (or even the upper ones) were being seen on the scale. Alas, in my depression I just keep on eating, prolonging the problem!

NUMBERS: Up a bit from last week (.07) although the average went down a smidgen (to 164.20). Average in was 2364, average daily burn was 2676. That did actually end the week with a deficit ... a whopping -86 calories. The goal would be intake under 2000, and upping that burn, getting a deficit of -3500. It hasn't been happening lately.

Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (0710): I had a pretty productive day with Zumba, elliptical, treadmill and bike, but Hubs reporting in from Italy had a whopping 35K on his Fitbit. That was a new badge for him. Even with all my exercise, I outdid them consuming calories. Darn Reeses eggs!
  • Saturday (0711): Basketball in the morning, a Zumba fundraiser in the afternoon. Better exercise Saturday than I've had in a bit, but I also blew it eating. Dang Chex Muddy Buddy Mix!
  • Sunday (0712): Planned rest day ... I didn't even hit 5K, but I did keep calories in check.
  • Monday (0713): My usual Zumba was taking a break, but I had a backup, although it didn't get me my usual stats. Got in elliptical and bike and kept calories in check.
  • Tuesday (0714): Zumba, plus the walk to/from the church. Got in several sessions on the elliptical ... and finished up the Reeses Eggs (so calories were over).
  • Wednesday (0715): Hit Zumba in the morning, then spent the rest of the day with family at a funeral. I hadn't eaten anything before, had a bit at the family luncheon, but did pretty good on calories today.
  • Thursday (0716): Hubs was supposed to be heading home today, but decided to extend his vacation a few more days. I'll admit to feeling a bit down, didn't feel as up to exercise, did feel like indulging in comfort food. Still hit Zumba and did some elliptical. 
Keeping an eye on the animals ... when kitty is out at the same time as the duckies. With Hubs gone, more "duckie duty" has fallen to me. The kids do help, but it does take some time every day. Luckily, we love our duckies (and our kitty!)

 #5 had cub camp on Wednesday and Thursday. 8:00 -3:00. So I was up a little earlier those mornings. The child was NOT excited to go (that's a very half-hearted thumbs up) but I think he liked it okay. He came home filthy both days!

Off in Italy, Hubs connected with his brother (and his wife and two daughters, they have been on a month long European tour). No "exercise" but all their sight-seeing has Hubs ahead of me in steps!

My cousin's family ... it was their little girl who passed away (obit).
Diagnosed with MLD eight years ago, she outlived the doctor's expectations.
(Little Eliza, Eliza'sWish).

So another week in the books. I didn't manage to make any real changes to my food or fitness, so there were really no changes on the scale either. I guess that is to be expected.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shop Your Way Rewards

I've never been a big shopper. I do it when necessary, but it's not something I enjoy. We have both a Kmart and Sears quite close by, but they weren't stores I would frequent. I do now though. Ever since I discovered Fitstudio! Fitstudio is a  rewards program, giving store credit for fitness. I simply linked my Fitbit, and every week ... $5 or more in points. As we all have Fitbits, I got my husband on board, my older boys, my parents. I now stop and shop at least once a week (as the points do have a quick expiration date, use them or lose them). I do enjoy getting deals and steals!

In addition to my fitness points, there will often be sales, coupons, and surprise points. These can often be used together. I ended up shopping enough on my own account, that I went ahead and paid for "MAX" which includes free shipping on many products. Usually this runs $40, but there was a special around Christmas, and I got it for $19. The Max program also adds $3 in points every month, so that definitely made it worth it to me. Anyone who doesn't have a Kmart or Sears around might look into that option. They offer a 3-month trial free as well (no strings!)

As the points do expire quickly, at times I'll have $5 or more waiting, and I know I'm not going to make it into the store. I'll jump online and check out the sales, find something within my points range, have it shipped to the store ... and my entire transaction didn't cost me a penny! I've picked up many t-shirts for myself and the boys. Shoes, shorts, sunglasses, a new basketball, a purse... I've picked up SO many things for little or no cost to me. I prefer the Sears pickup ... they guarantee to have you in and out in five minutes or less, and you can even pick it up without ever having to leave you car!

$5 doesn't sound like a lot ... but often I'll just stop and grab a package of paper towels or toilet paper. You always need those things! The savings really add up. If you watch, sometimes a new $5 will be added right before the previous week's one expires, and you have a little more money to play with. There are also additional ways to add a little more ... daily workouts, posting to FB or Twitter, participating in challenges. A couple of my separate Fitstudio accounts got combined into our main Shop Your Way rewards number ... and that account adds up even faster. 

If you have a Fitbit, or one of the other fitness trackers (Jawbone, BodyMedia, Nike, Moves, Map My Fitness) and a Kmart or Sears close by ... I absolutely recommend this program.  If you don't have a tracker, I believe you can add your workouts manually (it's just a bit more work). 

I'm a little surprised this program isn't more well known. The cashiers at Kmart haven't even been aware of it ... one of the cashiers that checked me out regularly (as I mentioned, I now make weekly trips in) ended up buying a Fitbit JUST to participate in this program, because she saw how much I was saving. 

So every few months, I'll probably jump here on the blog, and do a Thrifty Thursday post and tell you about all the things I've "purchased" for pennies (or nothing) lately using my Shop Your Way Rewards points. I actually feel guilty at times ... ;)

Anyone else enjoying FitStudio?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What I'm Watching - Sense8

Time for another edition of TV Tuesday. Television shows are my distraction/motivation while I exercise. While on the elliptical or treadmill, or even doing my weight workout, that's when I watch.

We have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. As I needed a new program, I decided to give a Netflix Original a try. Sense8. It was pretty bizarre, and definitely not network TV (more profanity, nudity and sex even than many HBO shows). And if homosexuality is hard for you to handle, you'll probably have a tough time. After a bit of a bumpy start, getting to know the characters and such, the story was quite intriguing. Weird. Bizarre ... but good. A couple of times I'd only planned on a quick 10 minute session, and ended up staying on my machines for a longer workout.

I've always loved accents ... this show had a LOT. The eight main characters are spread all over the world, and of course they all speak English. Accented English. I was glad for subtitles/captions (which I have on all the time if they are available).

It was a bit over the top ... too paranormal for my husband to enjoy at all. I'm into that stuff though. It jumped around a lot. Not all the characters were that likeable, especially at the start, but they all grew on me. It was interesting to see how everyone has their own strengths. All the sensates were new actors to me (I've never seen them in anything else). Naveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost) and a small role for Daryl Hannah were the only familiar faces.

I really hadn't heard about this show anywhere ... it was just one I happened to see added on Netflix, and I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did.

... and that's what I've been watching. 
What to watch next ...

Anyone else watched this show? Your thoughts?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Weigh-in and Recap (#103)

Well ... last weekend was AWFUL for food/fitness. It was the Fourth of July holiday, so there were family celebrations and such. A new high on the weight there Monday morning, but then I did get motivated enough to control calories, for a few days anyway. NUMBERS: Friday weigh-in weight was down 1.4 pounds from last week, but the average actually went up .79 (to 164.63). Average in was 2390, average daily burn was 2690 ... crunching the numbers, I ended up with a calorie overage for the week of 570.

Starting Monday, I did have some good calorie control days. Monday at 1600, Tuesday at 1750, Wednesday up to 2000, and then over on Thursday, right before weigh-in. But the weekend before those days was SO bad, even those under 2000 days couldn't balance things out.  I did pretty good with exercise this week. My usual Zumba and elliptical, plus I got in several sessions on the bike, and I did do some weights.

Here's a quick look back at the week ...

  • Friday: Hubs had the day off and wanted to take the kids waverunning. I was in an emotional funk that day. I really wasn't up to going (the long drive, the crowds, the sun, a swimsuit) so I stayed home, fetal position in bed most of the day, but still managed to consume a ton of calories.
  • Saturday: 4th of July holiday. Hubs suggested breakfast out, so we went. Had a family party in the evening, so there was overeating.
  • Sunday: Still got in a bit of elliptical today. Had a family party with my side of the clan.
  • Monday: Good day ... controlled calories and got in a lot of activity.
  • Tuesday: Pretty good day ... kept calories in check, got in my Zumba, elliptical, bike and weights. Hubs final packing prep, as he's leaving tomorrow for a week long Italian vacation.
  • Wednesday: Hubs was off early. I hit Zumba and did elliptical, but was having trouble feeling motivated. Barely kept calories at 2000. TOM time.
  • Thursday: Zumba in the morning, and evening! Got in elliptical too, but also overate today.

 The boys enjoying the beach on Friday (it was actually SO crowded, the ramps were full and they couldn't put the wave runners in the water).

 Saturday Breakfast (Big Head cutout representing #1 son who is in Mexico)

 Family on the Forth 

So ... this weekend wasn't quite as bad. Maybe I won't start of Monday with quite the deficit from last week. Hopefully I WILL have my Monday motivation. See if I can't control the calories going in. Even if I didn't give up sugar completely, or quit carbs or go Paleo or completely clean. If I just IMPROVED both the quantity and quality, just a little bit, I know I could  see a change. 

Did you know, that this little 10.5oz package of Chex Muddy Buddies is actually TEN servings (130 calories each). Do you know how easy it is to just pick at the package while writing on the computer and consume the entire thing?  It. Is. Easy. Unfortunately. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

WWI #102 - Failing

Not a good week. I feel a bit like I've given up. The weekend was really bad as far as food and fitness, although the scale didn't shift much. Managed to drop the numbers a bit by mid-week, but then they rebounded for the official weigh-in on Friday. 

NUMBERS: Down .02 from last week. Average was exactly the same. Average intake was 2514. Average daily burn dropped to 2512 ... first time it's actually been under the average intake possibly ever. That equaled out to an overage of 2410 for the week. 

I'm not sure what's wrong with me of late. I'm feeling a bit down and discouraged. Still exercising, but not as much. Not getting in much variety, intensity. Just Zumba and Elliptical. I missed Zumba on Thursday and Friday again (and Sat/Sun are off days). No bike, no treadmill or track. No weights again this week. 

In addition to not getting as many workouts in, I also didn't stop and record them in my Daily Mile tracker. I always really try to catch up on my inputs by Sunday night, so that I start the week fresh. I got this notice on Monday. I've dropped drastically on my Fitbit friends list, and you might notice I haven't been blogging as much either. Fails.

I also failed on My Fitness Pal. I'm not sure what my streak was ... I hadn't missed a day logging food since I started over TWO YEARS ago. My streak was 750+ days I think. And then I missed a day. Saturday. I didn't log. I just didn't really think about it. There goes my streak. Now I know I could contact MFP with an excuse and get it reinstated, but I did miss a day. No excuses. I did log Saturday the next day, and have logged daily since.  So there's that ...

Here's the quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0626) I did attempt Zumba in the morning. Went to two different locations and it didn't happen. No Zumba :(  Did get in a little elliptical. Took the little boys bowling. The bigger boys returned home from their basketball camp in the evening.
  • Saturday (0627) Not very motivated today. Got in 20minutes elliptical, but that was all. Didn't really have anything keeping me busy during the day either :( Hubs worked all day making a water balloon filler. The boys wanted to try Dairy Queen in the evening ... that was a total waste of calories!
  • Sunday (0628) We all went to church today (sans Hubs who was working), then I got in a nice nap! In the evening we went out to my folks to play games. 
  • Monday (0629) Had Zumba at the backup church, smaller, but it was fun and intimate. Picked up a swimming pool for the duckies on the way home. #5 had basketball practice, and #3 and #4 went too, shooting hoops for the hour. Then we had some drama with a lost iphone, but luckily it was located. Also got in some elliptical.
  • Tuesday (0630) Zumba in the morning ... walked to and from. Took the boys (and a buddy) to the rec center to buy them a month pass, then they stayed and played basketball for several hours. I should have got some stuff done at home, but I just didn't know when they would call for pickup and it impacted my motivation and productivity. Did get in some elliptical.
  • Wednesday (0701) I usually attend a Zumba close by on Wednesdays, but the Southziders class needed an instructor and asked me to fill in, so I did. Got in some elliptical at home too. Took the boys to the rec center again today, although #3 went in the opposite direction, playing basketball at a church with his friends. A bit of chauffeur duty today.
  • Thursday (0702) Morning Zumba was taking the holiday week off. I could have hit a different class, but just didn't feel motivated enough to try. Took the boys to the dentist, ran some errands, dropped the boys at the rec center.  I did fit in an hour on the elliptical (in several small sessions). Went to Zumba in the evening, but it was only three of us, and our instructor had just had some surgery so she wasn't dancing. We did a couple practice numbers. 
 Pictures from the Week

 Games with Grandpa

Hubs and his new water balloon filler

The boys putting the water balloon filler to work

The duckies enjoying their new pool ...
A video posted by JenB (@jenblackham) on

Still struggling. I'm feeling fat, not liking what I see in the mirror or picture. But instead of fighting it I just seem to be giving up. I'm not feeling very motivated to move. I am wanting to eat all the time. Sometimes I do feel starving, even lightheaded, other times I'm just eating for comfort or craving. I have been noticing a bit more eating out as I write my journal entries, and I am continuing to record my food in My Fitness Pal, even though I blew my streak.  I'm not sure what needs to happen to get me back on track ...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 2015 - Zumba Stats

My shadow self ... with school out, I can now walk to Zumba on Tuesday mornings. It's held at our local church building, which is maybe a 1/4 mile away. The weather has been beautiful too. I've been recapping each month of Zumba, so as June as come to a close, here's a look back at my stats ...

I hit 24 Zumba classes. I didn't make it out to Heather's class in Sandy (I'll resume it when school starts up, hitting closer classes during the summer as the schedule allows), but I hit a couple new ones. A Wednesday one out West (Hollie&Becky) is now most likely a regular one for me, and Debbie in Daybreak was back, so I hit several of her classes as well.

*click on image to enlarge

In the previous months, I've often had two stat numbers in the "heart rate" sections -- as I was including feedback from both my Polar and my ChargeHR. But the Polar was just was not working so much of the time. I decided to just give up on it, as I do have heart rate readings from the Charge. It is nice not to have to worry about the chest strap!

Also in previous months, I've listed the "winners" with the highest numbers. This month, I started out strong. Day 1 was the day I hit all my highs. Highest heart rate (153/138 ... same as last month's high), highest calorie burn, highest steps. All on June 1. I'm fairly certain those records will stand for a while.

... and what songs did we dance to that day?

Here's some additional pictures from a few different classes.

 Marian's Morning Class in West Jordan

 Southziders in Draper

 MZL in West Jordan

Marian with a little Zumba helper :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015

June ... it was a bit of a fail. Or a big fail really. You can see the custom calories in vs calories out graph. I had to create my own because I forgot to grab the image from Fitbit at the end of the month. Fail. Still over eating, while my exercise has decreased. Fail. My ranking on my Fitbit friends list dropped way down. Fail. I haven't been good about updating entries in Daily Mile, and alas ... I broke my 750+ streak on MFP when I forgot to log my food for a day. Fail. Not to mention the scale fail. Weight is up. In the 160s, which I vowed never to see again. NUMBERS: Started the month at 161.8 and ended at 162.60. The average for June was 162.16.  Average intake was 2368. Average daily burn was 2756.

School ended for the boys. I do think the summer schedule is a challenge for me. Suddenly, I can sleep in. And I do. Unlike my uninterrupted hours while the boys are in school, now I have mommy duties all day. Even though the boys are WONDERFUL and really quite self-sufficient, I never know when I'll be needed for chauffeur duty or other mommy jobs. I'm just not good at the wondering and waiting ... I don't feel like I can start a workout, and I get a lot less done. I have still been hitting my Zumba most mornings, and fitting some elliptical in during the day. It wasn't a good month for other exercise though. I did pull out the Wii (and WiiFit) and hit it a couple times, and the boys have enjoyed it too.

One week, two of the older boys were off at basketball camp. We've begun our summer bowling, as in years past. We celebrated Father's Day ... and my own father had a heart attack just a few days before the holiday. There were some stressful days, but he's doing great. Our duckies continue to grow, and have moved outdoors. Duckie time can cut into exercise time too, as I need to see to them in the morning, and then we usually spend quite a bit of evening time out with them as well. 

So that was the quick recap, if you want to delve into details, here are my journal entries for the month ...

*** JenB's Journal ***
0601 (Monday) Weight 161.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3346. Exercise Burn 1360/1595 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 60minTrackWalk). Calories in 2100. The last week of school, the last week of the school schedule ... Got the kids off to school. Not making lunches for the older boys, as they had to clean out their lockers and they don't want to carry a lunch around (so just hot lunch). #4 still taking cold, but it's harder for me to remember not doing it first thing with the others. Didn't get in any early elliptical, as I felt like I needed to practice a couple of the songs for Zumba (I'd prepped the playlist yesterday, it was ready). Zumba went great, another high on the HR for me. Stopped at Kmart on the way home and grabbed some black pants for #2 that he needs for work (starting at KFC tomorrow). I was going to stop at the post office, but there was such a line, I gave up. I had to get home, because the AC guy was there to look at the unit. I was NOT working yesterday and the house was HOT. Got it working again. Blessed coolness.  The little guy is starting up summer basketball, with practice this evening at 7:00. At the rec center, with the track above the court. I took my shoes and headphones, although I didn't feel like jogging. Mostly walked, did a couple quick little jogs here and there while I watched the boys practice. There was also a circuit training class going on on the track. Made it crowded and as much as I didn't appreciate them, I'm sure they didn't really love me circling around. There is a big park adjacent to the rec center and I might just walk it next time. Got 8000 steps on the Fitbit One (the Charge was a lot lower for some reason). Home for a shower and to bed ... although there was a little excitement first, as there was a mouse in the house! I called for the cat, and the cat took care of the mouse!

0602 (Tuesday) Weight 160.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 1050/1261 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 1mileJog, 50minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2500. I was running a little late, forgot to make #4's lunch until right before it was time to go. I was leaving the neighborhood as my Zumba friends were entering, coming to class. I quickly dropped the boys and got back to the church, I only missed the first song. At home, I got in elliptical, a mile jog on the treadmill, and then weights. #2 started his job ... and we all suddenly had a craving for fried chicken. Yes ... we went and saw him on his first day. I'd actually done ok on calories to that point, but fried chicken DID sound good and I did eat. #3 had a basketball practice over at the high school. I did a quick stop at Smiths after dropping him off, unloading at home, then back to pick him up. 

0603 (Wednesday) Weight 160.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3272. Exercise Burn 1000/1529 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. #2 slept in today (he had worked late last night) and said he really didn't need to go to school ... these last few days are a bust. But that meant I had to take #3. I've been spoiled not having to drive him to school lately. Got the younger boys off, told #2 to clean his bathroom and room before he went anywhere, and I hit Zumba. Stopped at Sears and Sam'sClub on the way home. I also hit the post office and did get the multitool sent off to #1 in Mexico. We'll see if it gets there. At home, I spent some time with the ducklings (isn't that in everyone's day?) and set their pen up and left them outside most of the afternoon, keeping an eye on them. #2 was gone when I got back, but had done his jobs. I got in some elliptical. Picked up the kids, bringing home an extra, a friend of #5 ... and another friend seeing this had his mom follow us home and he stayed and played too. Another friend came over, so I had three extra 3rd graders and they were LOUD. I think it stressed #4 out too, as they would leave doors open and such. I mowed the front lawn, then we moved the duck pen and I mowed the back (I often just do the front, as that's what people see). All of a sudden, a big wind blew in! I went outside to check on the ducklings, and the pen, and figured I'd  better get them back inside to the brooding box. Luckily, #5 was nearby and came when I called and helped me catch them. #3 had been playing out front when the wind hit, and he ran to help too. We got them settled in a new, bigger box. I had sent #3 out to grab a neighbor's recycling bin that had tipped over and was blowing. It was about 30 minutes later when I realized he had never come back in. It was dark out, he didn't have his phone ... I had a moment of mommy panic wondering where he could be. I figured he COULD be out in the neighborhood, maybe had noticed other cans over, but had that moment of "what if" something had happened. I tried not to panic, he is 14, figured he was fine and I'd give it just a bit more time before I posted on FB asking if any neighbors had seen him and did a drive around the neighborhood. He did show up, and he had walked all over the neighborhood righting garbage cans and picking up trash. I do wish he had just poked his head in before wandering off. 

0604 (Thursday) Weight 160.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3162. Exercise Burn 1235/1419 (40minElliptical, Zumba X2). Calories in 2500. Dropped #3 off to school, then the two little ones and headed to Zumba. Claudia was there to handle the last bit of class after Marian left. I stopped at Kmart after, grabbing a couple online orders and checked out with some points.  I had #2 run to school to grab his yearbook and drop off a check paying for #3's summer basketball. Had the duckies out most of the day. Picked up the kids after school, and made dinner, Hawaiin Haystacks. I headed off to Zumba. I'd arranged for #2 to take #3 to his 8:00 practice, and Daddy ended up taking #5 out to cousins, as he really wanted to play Monopoly and there weren't takers at home. #4 was home along for a bit, but I don't know if he even realized it. The NBA playoffs started, and he was happy the Warriors won. Grabbed #3 from his practice at 10:00 and to bed! TOM is here :(

0605 (Friday) Weight 159.9. Ok Day. Total Burn 2651. Exercise Burn 750/911 (40minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2300. Last day of school for the little ones. They had an awards assembly, so I knew I couldn't make my usual Zumba. I had a couple backup options I was toying with, and did make it to Debbie's class at 9:00 (after dropping off the boys and then going straight back for the assembly). I'd put the ducks out in the morning, and then the skies turned dark and the wind kicked up. I called #3 to have him bring the ducks inside, and had to take a call and some texts during class, which was a bit distracting. Polar also wasn't working. TOM time too. So not the best stats this morning. #4 got an award, but I think I could have just taken a picture of it at home (which I did) and skipped the assembly (I had asked #4 if that would be ok, but he said NO, he wanted me there). Home for just a bit, then back to pick them up. I won't miss the daily pickup, especially with the construction in front of the school! It is National Donut Day, and #2 had picked up donuts ... and I did eat. The weather was nice again, so we put the ducks back out. #3 got invited to a friend's church to play basketball, and then ended up hanging out almost all evening. #2 was supposed to have his second shift at KFC, but he came home with stomach pain and diaherrea and spent the evening in bed. Hubs wanted to go on a date, to the movie Pitch Perfect 2, but I wasn't sure when I'd need to pick up #3, and I wasn't feeling 100% myself. I suggested Hubs take the two little boys, and they were big Pitch Perfect fans and had really been wanting to see it. So that's what they did.
0606 (Saturday) Weight 161.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2577. Exercise Burn 450/827 (40minElliptical, WiiFit). Calories in 1900. Did I actually keep calories in check today? I believe I did ... unless I forgot to write something down in the food journal, which is a good possiblity.  In the morning, I debated possibly hitting Zumba, but it would have been pushing it a bit getting to #5's basketball game. They won. At home, did some cleaning and such around the house. Hubs ended up heading out to Mesquite with a work buddy and was gone for most of the afternoon/evening. I seriously THOUGHT about hitting the treadmill for a mile jog, or the bike for some reading/riding. I did pull the Wii from my gym and put it in the boy's room (they had a Wii there, but it was apparently not working). I got it set up, and did a little WiiFit. It had been over 200+ days, and 14 pounds up since I'd done it last. Yikes! But as it is now new and novel again, the boys seemed interested in it too.  Got a bit of blogging done. I'm actually almost caught up on the family blog! Got hit with quite a storm in the evening. Thunder, lightening, wind, pouring rain. I barely got the duckies inside in time. #4 was a little stressed, had to seek shelter in his safe room. Other areas a bit South reported flooding problems, including my BIL.  

0607 (Sunday) Weight 160.5. Okay Day. Total Burn 2395. Exercise Burn 350/652 (20minElliptical, ZumbaPractice). Calories in 2600. Laid out croissants to rise last night. Love them fresh and hot out of the oven. Then the kids and I went to church, I had piano duty. Home again, and we did our big Sunday Circles breakfast. I laid down for a bit, but didn't really fall asleep like I usually do for my Sunday nap. Hubs decided on a family hike, then included some cousins, which just added some extra time (and a little more babysitting than family outing to me) so I stayed home, as I really needed to practice some Zumba for tomorrow anyway. #2 was gone most of the day working the REAL game.

0608 (Monday) Weight 160.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3234. Exercise Burn 1300/1489 (40minElliptical, Zumbax2) Calories in 1900. First official day of summer. I still woke up pretty early. #2 was off with friends to the gym (not MY gym but the actual gym) and #3 was off to a youth conference for a few days. I dropped him at the church as I went to Zumba. Polar didn't really work today, didn't quite top my high numbers from the past couple weeks. Stopped at Kmart, Reams and Papa Murphy's on the way home. Got in some Zumba and Wii. It was pretty quiet with just the younger boys around. Then they ended up going next door to hang with a neighbor. I went to a 5:00 Zumba class, but was lacking in energy. Not sure if that's a great time for me. Got home, baked up a pizza. Should have taken #5 to basketball practice (and me walk the park or track during it) but he didn't want to go, and I didn't really feel like it either, so I let him skip. 

0609 (Tuesday) Weight 159.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3039. Exercise Burn 1300/1300 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. Not having to drop the little guys at school, I was able to walk to Zumba this morning. The weather was beautiful. Class was good. Saw a mama ducky and her babies on the walk home. The neighbor and #5 were busy playing and #4 was bored... second day of summer and he's bored. We called a friend and that helped out a lot. I still was able to get in elliptical, bike and weights.  

0610 (Wednesday) Weight 159.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2702. Exercise Burn 800/964 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. MZL Zumba had to change buildings, too far for me to travel. I'd been wanting to try out another class by Sunset Ridge anyway, so I did that. It was a good class. The instructors were high energy, the class was pretty packed. I didn't get that great of stats between Polar distractions and all the songs/steps being new to me. Back at home, our neighbor J was playing with #4 today, and #5 was the one left out and bored. So luckily HIS friend came over and it all worked out.  I unfortunately wasn't as productive today.

0611 (Thursday) Weight 160.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3412. Exercise Burn 1100/1670 (40minElliptical, ZumbaToning/Zumba, 2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2300. My usual Thursday class had to cancel as the church floors were being refinished. I went ahead and tried another class, not really Zumba, more toning (squats, lunges, arms) ... I do prefer my Zumba. Stopped at some stores on the way home (Kmart and Smiths ... bought lots of cookies on their $.99 sale). Did some simple walking on the treadmill and some elliptical at home. Had my usual evening Zumba ... the church parking lot was packed, which threw me off as it's generally pretty deserted. There was a piano recital going on in another part of the church. I stopped by Walgreens and grabbed crazy bread from Little Caesars on the way home. Daddy and #2 had gone to do a Lego Derby. The other boys were watching the NBA finals.  

0612 (Friday) Weight 159.6. Ok Day. Total Burn 2782. Exercise Burn 800/1044 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. I hit an 8:30 class for Zumba. I'd been to this one before, but not in a while, as I'm usually driving kids to school at that time. It is nice to get it in and done so early in the day. #2 was off for another day of basketball up at the university. I'd love to see him play but I don't dare drive up there. A guy came to find the leak in the A/C,  found it, but will have to order the part and come back (luckily the AC is working during this as the weather is warm). Got in some elliptical during the day. The boys were bored, so I said I could take them bowling with the "kids bowl free" program (still have to pay for shoes) but then I realized it was past the time (has to be before 1:00). We went and hung out at the park for a bit, then stopped at Macey's. I bought the boys ice cream cones while I grabbed some groceries (I'd forgotten bananas yesterday, and a few other things).  There was a Zumba fundraiser in Midvale in the evening, I should  have hit it, but I was dragging so much! Hubs had gone biking with my brother, and then went to hang out with a buddy. I might have been anticipating a bit more on a Friday night, and admit to being a bit down, and some emotional eating. It seems everyone is posting on social media about going to see Jurassic World. My kids haven't even seen any of the Jurassic series, and I had a bit of an urge to see it, so I pulled it out and we watched the first movie.

0613 (Saturday) Weight 161.6. Ok Day. Total Burn 2334. Exercise Burn 350/584 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2000. I'm wondering if that calorie count is too low, I was trying during the day, but still, I've just been going over so much. Hubs did ask if I wanted to go out in the evening for a triple chocolate meltdown and I passed (shouldn't pass on the mini-date, but definitely should pass on the calories). Started the day with a 9:00 basketball game for #5, they won. He and I stopped at a couple stores on the way home (grabbing some deoderant on sale at Walgreens for the boys, a new ball and purse at Kmart). At home, Daddy was putting the boys to work in the yard, much to their chagrin. My nephews were having a birthday party in the afternoon. I misunderstood and thought it was a family party, but it was actually a friend party. I had planned to stay for a family party, but I really don't enjoy kid birthday parties (as evidenced by my poor kids lack of friend birthday parties) so Hubs drove me back home. He went back, taking the duckies, which was a hit for the kids there (although it stressed MY kids out, and stressed the duckies out a bit too, although they got lots of mealworm treats). 

0614 (Sunday) Weight 162.6. Bad Day.  Total Burn 2065. Exercise Burn 100/310 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3200. I got up early and finished up the 10 minutes on my show that I didn't have the energy for yesterday. We made our big breakfast. I hit primary to play the piano, but I generally dread it. Tried to lay down for a little Sunday nap, but it didn't really take (like last week). I made jello cubes and prepped Brazillian cheese rolls, and we headed out to my MILs for an early Father's Day celebration (we we'll be with my side next week). My SIL who cuts hair gave three of the boys trims. 

0615 (Monday) Weight 163.7. Good Day. Total Burn 3194. Exercise Burn 1045/1432 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1300. Yikes, weight up. It did motivate me to control calories today though. Kept them low. Went out to Zumba in the morning. Had to put away chairs that people had left set up in the gym. In our Stake, it's church etiquette to put chairs away, whoever uses them last. Then ... the music would not work! We tried everything, and finally just had to say "sorry" and send everyone home. Very disappointing. I stopped at Kmart, picked up an order and checked out. The boys wanted to go bowling, so we left as soon as I got home (as we have to be done by 1:00 with the Kids Bowl Free program). In previous years I've bowled too, but I just let the boys (the three youngest and a neighbor friend). I walked around a bit while I watched them. I did get in an hour on the elliptical, and as I hadn't got my Zumba fix in, I hit Debbie's class in Daybreak at 5:00. Then I dropped #5 at basketball practice. I didn't stay ... it was looking stormy and rain had started. The storm just got worse. As we were in bed, a HUGE clap of thunder and lightening hit. Hubs and I just looked at each other, then I checked on the kids while he checked on the ducks (which are outside now). #4 had been downstairs, and had heard the thunder, but was somewhat insulated. #3, not one who is scared of weather, said that one did scare him to death!
0616 (Tuesday) Weight 160.9. Good Day. Total Burn 2893. Exercise Burn 1150/1152 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. Started the day with Zumba, walking to and from the church. The older boys had basketball camp. #2 from 10:30-12:30, and #3 from 12:30-2:30. #2 could drive himself, but I had to be on chauffeur duty for #3. The little boys were content playing at home with a neighbor boy.  I got in some elliptical, bike and weights. Didn't do as well keeping calories in check. #2 was then off to work concession at the REAL game. The other boys were excited to watch game 6 of the playoffs. #3 was invited to a friend's to watch, so I dropped him off. Then ... we got one of those calls you don't want to get. My nephew, who has been staying with my folks, called to say my dad just had a heart attack and was at the hospital. Hubs and I went out to meet my mom (several of her neighbors), and my brothers (my sister lives too far away). Dad was still alive, and there were reasons to be optimistic. He'd been playing tennis, a neighbor saw him go down and had her husband, a doctor, some perform chest compressions while she called an ambulance. The ambulance got there quick, got him to the hospital quick, and he was getting good care. There were a couple blockages, so they put in stents, but Dad was on a respirator and sedated and we wouldn't really know for another day or more ... Hubs and I didn't get home until 2:00 in the morning.  

0617 (Wednesday) Weight 160.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 750/1311 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. No change in Dad overnight, and they wouldn't even try taking him out of sedation until later in the day. I went ahead and went to Zumba. Got some elliptical in, mowed the lawn, got #3 to basketball. At one point at the computer, I looked down and realized I'd eaten a ton of Riesen chocolate caramels (there was wrapper evidence). Bleh, distracted, comfort, stress eating! Hubs and I were going to head out to the hospital in the evening, but Mom said there really wasn't a reason to come, as he was still sedated and unresponsive.
0618 (Thursday) Weight 162.4. Ok Day.  Total Burn 2697. Exercise Burn 850/943 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. I went to Zumba in the morning. I did need to run the last 15minutes of class, as Claudia wasn't there. Waited for word on Dad, and the doctors brought him out of sedation, and he was able to recognize everyone and respond well!  Still having some troubles communicating (throat sore from the breathing tube). He could not remember the heart attack, and was having short term memory issues. Hubs and I went out in the evening, and were taking Mom back home for the night. Dad did NOT want to stay in the hospital, he just wanted to go home. It was very hard to leave him :(

0619 (Friday) Weight 160.7. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2834. Exercise Burn 850/1089 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Went to Zumba in the morning, hitting MZL. It's hard having multiple options and feeling unfaithful to some instructors! I feel a little bad going to a class where I'm just one in the crowd, whereas in other classes I am actually missed. I do like my variety though. We had a pretty mellow day at home. I got in some elliptical. Took #3 to the last day of his basketball camp, and took the little boys and a friend over a bit early for pick up, letting them play at the park for a bit.  In the evening when Hubs got off work we went out to the hospital again. Dad was doing even better, off the oxygen. He would doze here and there, but when it was time to leave (and we were taking Mom home) again, he insisted on leaving with us. It was even worse than last night. He was sure he had driven to the hospital and that he could just drive home. He was adamant we get him his clothes and we were afraid to leave, that he'd try to get out of bed and hurt himself. We stayed later hoping he'd doze off again, but now he was wide awake. Finally Hubs and I were going to go wait in the waiting room, hoping he'd relax and fall asleep, but he did remember we were Mom's ride. He asked if we were taking her too, and I said yes, if he'd let her go ... and he did. Still hard!  

0620 (Saturday) Weight 161.4. Bad day. Total Burn 2338. Exercise Burn 250/589 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Hubs was up and off early going to the dunes for some ATV and motorcycle fun. I THOUGHT about hitting Zumba, but then didn't. Got a notice from the instructor that it was cancelled anyway. #5 had his basketball game at 11:00. A couple brothers came along to watch! We stopped at CalRanch on the way home and grabbed some more feed for the ducks. At the hospital, Dad was moved from intensive care to the 3rd floor, and seems to be steadily improving.

0621 (Sunday) Weight 162.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2090. Exercise Burn 0/335 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Father's Day. We were too slow to get breakfast in bed for hubs. He'd gone to let the ducks out, so we brought him breakfast outside. It was a lovely morning so the boys ate outside too. I walked to/from church to do my piano primary duty. We had a party at my brother's in the early evening. Surprise! Dad was released from the hospital and was able to attend! I brought brownies, Cool Whip dessert, Chex mix and jello cubes. I ate WAY to much Chex mix.
0622 (Monday) Weight 165.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3352. Exercise Burn 1260/1580 (30minElliptical, Zumba X2). Calories in 2350.  Started the day early, taking the two middle boys to the high school at 6:00 am. They are off for a week basketball and buddies 24/7. I went to Zumba ... there were chairs and tables (and plates of donuts) left out in the church cultural hall.  Very frustrating to have to do this each week. At least the music worked! Got in a good workout. Stopped at Kmart, spending my weekly Fitstudio points. Stopped at Smiths and Reams on the way home as well. Got in some elliptical. Took the little boys to the DollarStore, then picked up a pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner, and grabbed the boys some Wendy's for lunch. Went to Zumba at 5:00, quickly cooked up the pizza once I was home, then took #5 to his evening basketball practice.

0623 (Tuesday) Weight 165.7. Ok Day. Total Burn 2947. Exercise Burn 1030/1174 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 2700.  I must admit, I was a little surprised and discouraged when the weight didn't drop. It almost always does after a good Monday. I guess the food yesterday (with the Wendy's and pizza) wasn't great. Walked to/from Zumba. One of the gals stopped over after to show her little girl our ducks. Took the little boys bowling. Got in some elliptical and some bike, but didn't fit in weights. Hubs and #4 went off to a derby. I had to take #5 to his cub scout pack meeting. We'd been requested to bring a treat to share, so I'd made homemade oreos. With the baking and the yummy temptations there, I overindulged in the eating.

0624 (Wednesday) Weight 165.6. OK Day. Total Burn 3088. Exercise Burn 1128/1316 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 3100.  Every morning, instead of getting a quick elliptical session in. I'm spending time with the ducks. I let them out of the pen, so they can root around the yard for bugs. Sometimes I'll try to turn over dirt to find worms (but I think they've eaten almost all we had!) Empty their water and refill it, refill their food - grains and "salad". Let them swim in the bigger pool. After ducks, I went to Zumba. I really like this new class, I feel like I will be able to get great numbers once I master the steps, and bring a little more oomph to it all. I was dragging today a bit. I did get in some elliptical, bike, and mowed the front lawn. Took #4 to the library and grabbed some DVDS (Netflix dropped all the "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" much to the boy's chagrin) and books. I overindulged in treats today, then made the boy's favorite dinner, fried chicken and yellow rice. Definitely over in calories today, even with a good burn. 
0625 (Thursday) Weight 165.4. Not a Great Day. Total Burn 2200. Exercise Burn 400/429 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2500. My usual Zumba was cancelled, as there was a funeral in the building. I could have, should have gone to an alternate class, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was just a little off, some tummy trouble. I would have hit my usual class, but didn't have the energy to try something new. I got in some elliptical, then took the little boys to a local park and sprinkler pad. Hubs came home from work a little early to take my iphone (a 4s) in and upgrade it. I've been putting it off forever, but it has been really glitchy and sticky lately, and last night it froze and wouldn't restart (although it did eventually). I WAS planning on hitting Zumba in the evening, but still feeling a bit draggy and off ... and I had to set up my new phone, and enjoyed the Daddy/Ducky time (watching Hubs with the ducks is more fun than my morning ducky time).

0626 (Friday) Weight 164.9. Bad Day. Total Burn 2239. Exercise Burn 400/471 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2650. So I got up, did ducky time, and made it off to Zumba. At 9:00 I was at the church, and not one car in sight. I waited for a bit, then figured I'd try to hit MZL. I went there, and again, an empty parking lot (with a note they had moved to the Kearns building). I just didn't have it in me to try a third location, so I just went home. I later found out that the first location DID have a class ... I hadn't even tried the door! Duh! Some people walked and the instructor had parked on the other side. I wasn't very motivated. I took the munchkins bowling, I even went without bumpers. We stopped at Arctic Circle on the way home, and I indulged in some tater tots. The basketball boys arrived home around 7:00, and I picked them up. Hubs and I had a quiet evening in, watching a show (True Detective) and eating yummy popcorn.

0627 (Saturday) Weight 164.00. Bad Day. Total Burn 2343. Exercise Burn 200/580 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700. The little one didn't have a game today, much to his chagrin (they had a bye). I supervised the boys in chores, even made #2 clean the bathroom, even though he had to work a REAL game that night. Caught up on the boy's laundry. Made some coconut goodie cookies ... ate some too. Hubs was busy hitting several stores and then building a water balloon filler. He'd made a couple before, several years ago, but after much use and abuse they had broken. This one is even more "industrial" and should last a while! #3 raved about a visit to Dairy Queen while on his trip, so we made a family trip to try it. Hubs and I were NOT at all impressed, but the kids seemed happy enough. Ducky time in the evening, then another show and popcorn.

0628 (Sunday) Weight 164.7. Bad Day. Total Burn 2800. Exercise Burn 0/103 (No Exercise). Calories in 2800. Hubs went into work in the morning, so I postponed our big family breakfast, hoping he would be able to join us. I had the boys attend church today, at least the last meeting. It was so hot out we drove, didn't walk. I made breakfast after church. Hubs didn't get back until later. I got in a lovely nap ... I've laid down the last few weeks but hadn't had a deep sleep. I did today! We went out to my folks around 5:00. Played some games (Rat-a-tat-Cat, Scattergories, Clue) and visited. Mom treated us to ice cream and brownies. We hadn't really had dinner, so Hubs grabbed some Popeyes on the way home. Is that unfaithful to #2, who was working a shift at KFC?

0629 (Monday) Weight 164.3 Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2774. Exercise Burn 850/1019 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Weight didn't jump after the weekend, which I guess is good as it's so high anyway. Started the day with Zumba. I was running just a bit late, and as I turned the corner, I was passing the "backup church" where we sometimes move if we have an issue at the main location. I saw some of my Zumba-buds there, so I quickly pulled in. I guess the floors at the main building were being cleaned. This church is smaller, but we had a good crowd, and it felt fun and intimate.  I didn't get as good of numbers as I usually do when I am the main leader, but I did stop a couple times to video and download some additional music. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, and grabbed a bigger swimming pool for the duckies. The boys were pretty excited to try it out, and the duckies seemed to enjoy it too. Lots of splashing and diving. I'd stopped and grabbed a pizza and breadsticks from Papa Murphy's for dinner. #5 had basketball practice, and #3 and #4 went along too, and just played on the extra hoops. #3 left his iphone there, and although we hadn't been gone long, it was gone when we got back. It hadn't been turned into the front desk either, but the "find my friends" app showed it was still there. We were able to "ping" it, and found it. The janitors had picked it up but hadn't brought it to the front yet. Whew! Close call!

0630 (Tuesday) Weight 162.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2785. Exercise Burn 770/1030 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Tuesday is early morning Zumba day. I walked to the church. It's hot even at 8:30 in the morning! We had our class, and I got a thumb drive with some music on, and spent quite a bit of time on the computer today revising playlists and such. I'm hoping the new music revitalizes me somewhat! The boys wanted to go play basketball, so I took them to the gym, and paid for a 30-day membership. It was $22 per child, but it's for multiple facilities, including the outdoor pool. I think we'll get our monies worth. I left them there, with the older kids looking out for the younger ones. I went back home, but just not knowing when they would call wanting me to pick them up ... I wasn't very productive at home. #2 was also there with his girlfriend, so I was supervising that. They made gingersnaps (well, I made the dough, they rolled some out and I finished up. #4 was the first to give out, so I went and picked him up. As I went, little #5 was playing a pickup game with boys twice his size! I picked up the remaining boys about an hour later. We did Taco Tuesday for dinner. Hubs had stopped and picked up a ton of treats for the duckies (feeder fish, crickets, mealworms) so we had a fun evening with them. A storm hit in the evening. I did notice some wind (as did #4, who retreated downstairs). I heard there was some fabulous lightening, but I didn't see any myself.
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