Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

At the end of the month I try to do a quick recap of the month and include my journal entries. I'm backdating this post, so you won't know exactly how behind I am. November was NOT a good month for weight, maybe that's one reason I put off doing my recap. I didn't even bother to make my "Streaks" calendar marking my good days, or my "exercise" calendar ... even though it probably would have been easier this month, as I did really cut back.

There were some birthday celebrations (my mom's, mine and the hubs). Some struggles with Anxiety Child and some homeschool days. Thanksgiving. More basketball. Even with my discovery of Play Later's new ad-skip technology which got me excited about catching up on my current shows, I just lacked motivation this month. The eating got a little out of control too, with the dinners out, birthday cake, the salted caramels making their debut, and the weather finally turning colder and us breaking out the hot chocolate maker ...

Weight to start ... 144.9.
Weight at the end of the month ... 149.0.
Not a good month.

I generally try to rearrange my "daily doings" into a chronological order for the month recap ... but I've been SO behind I'm just doing a simple cut and paste this time (so they are in descending order).

1130 (Sunday) Weight 149.0. OK Day. Fitbit Steps 12878. Total Burn 2323. Exercise Burn 650/645 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Slept in today! Finally did get up and do my first session on the elliptical then made breakfast. Went to church. Anxiety Child was having a struggle today. I'd planned on making tacos, but everyone was snacking on different things. I attempted the Brazilian Cheese rolls but they didn't turn out this time, not sure why. I made a double batch of brownies, leftovers for lunches. Hubs did some of the things on my "honeydo" list ... clearing the drain in the basement tub, filling my car tires, and screwing in a cabinet that was lose. I had some things on a list for #1 to do, but he didn't do anything! Back to the schedule tomorrow! Starting fresh with a new month too :)

1129 (Saturday) Weight 148.5. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 15503. Total Burn 2502. Exercise Burn 650/827 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Didn't really get to sleep in, as #2 had to be at his driver's ed today at 8:00 to do one of his required roads driving. Hubs went off doing errands much of the day. I took #4 and we ran to Winco to pick up some tapioca flour (for Brazilian Cheese Rolls)  and then stopped at the dollar store. Later in the afternoon I took #3 to the Sam'sClub parking lot where we counted cars who stopped at the stop signs for a social psychology experiment (are people more likely to stop when someone is watching?) In the evening, my BIL hosted his annual "Leg Lamp Lighting Party" featuring the leg lamp from "The Christmas Story" and hundreds of homemade donuts. The weather was pretty nice for it ... and my car has heat now!

1128 (Friday) Weight 148.1. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21689. Total Burn 2850. Exercise Burn 1100/1177 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2000. My car hasn't had heat, which has been inconvenient as the weather has turned. Hubby and #1 dropped it off at the shop to get it fixed, which meant #1 and I were sharing his truck for the day. I took it and #2, dropping him off at a church for basketball with buddies, then I hit the Zumba in West Jordan. I usually go out to Sandy, but wasn't sure I could be away that long today. I usually can't hit the MZL group as they start at 9:00 and that doesn't work with middle school drop-off, but it worked out perfectly today. I went to Maceys on the way home to grab a few groceries. I didn't have a very productive day. I was wondering when they would call with the burb done, which didn't end up happening until 5:30. I'd run #2 a couple more places ... he always needs chauffeur duty.  We did get the car back before #1 had to go into work. As he was working late, he said he'd pick up #2, so I was anticipating an early night in. Hubs ended up going out with a buddy, and #2's phone died and I didn't have a way to hook him up with #1 or Daddy, so I ended up making the run to pick him up at 10:30 that night.

1127 (Thursday) Weight 146.4. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 13329. Total Burn 2361. Exercise Burn 610/697 (60minElliptical) Calories in 2800. Slept in a little. My usual Zumba was cancelled, and although I'm sure there was probably something available out there, I decided to take the day off. I did still do some elliptical though. I got up and made the Pie in a Pan dessert, then Lemon Jello Cake (hubs request for dessert). The brownies were ready, and the turkey cookies .... well the kids were already eating them! They weren't going to make it to the party! Oh well. #3 and I also made up some Brazillian Cheese Rolls for a school assignment. We'd made them before, but everyone really enjoyed them today. I had thought we could take the leftovers to Thanksgiving, but there were no leftovers, even after making a second batch. We ended up with an impromtu cleaning out of the little fridge. The door had been left open a little, which made the ice build up in the freezer section until the door wouldn't close. It was a fairly nice day though, and good to get it defrosted and cleaned out anyway.  Hubs made the potatoes and we were off to my BIL's for dinner.Good meal and company. I'd brought Apples to Apples and #4 played with his cousins (we'd brought it to JUMP yesterday and played a little there too ... hopefully the kid got his fix). I went down and did a final 20min on the elliptical. I came back up to hubs already asleep (it was about 10:00). I did overeat today, but not too terribly.

1126 (Wednesday)Weight 147.1. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 23437. Total Burn 2910. Exercise Burn 1100/1243 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 1600. The kids were out of school today for Thanksgiving break. #2 still had an early morning practice, I dropped him off at the high school at 8:00. I should have planned to hit Sam'sClub quick during their early hours, but I hadn't thought ahead and didn't have any makeup on and was just wearing slippers. I went to Zumba, then stopped at Sams. Grabbed some potatoes (hubby is on mashedtaters duty for Thanksgiving) and a few other things. We had friends in from out of town and had plans to meet up at the local JUMP place at 1:00. The kids were very excited and counting down until we could go. We hadn't seen these friends in over a year. We joined up with them and it was a happy reunion. The kids bounced for a couple of hours and then we went back to our house for a bit. After they left, #4 was in tears, sobbing, so sad to have to say goodbye to his good friend again. He said "I wish Marc would move back and go to my school. They I would go to school every day without complaining." I am on dessert duty for tomorrow so I made brownies and sugar cookie turkeys. #2 was out late with friends, but I figured #1 could pick him up after his work (he finished up at 11:00) or Daddy went out with a friend (he ended up not getting home until around 1:00 even though he said it was going to be a short visit! *Ü*) But I ended up going to pick up #2 at 10:30, as his phone had died and I wouldn't have a way to contact him with one of the other rides.

1125 (Tuesday) Weight 147.2. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 35585. Total Burn 3325. Exercise Burn 1620/1657 (60minElliptical , Zumba, 1.5milesIncline, 60minWeights, BBWalk8000). Calories in 2250. #4 had seemed fine after school, and fine this morning, but he crashed right before school started. I told him he could come to Zumba with me if he would go to school right after. We were still late to Zumba, and he didn't participate the whole time. Said he wasn't feeling well. I gave him my phone and had him read a chapter of the book they are reading in school (which was what he was missing). Didn't quite get the numbers, coming in late and being distracted by the boy. I did do Shake and Chocolate. I dropped #4 at the school after and he went without too much more trauma. At home I got in weights and some walking/incline and did a little more Zumba on my own. I didn't pick up #3 after school, as he had basketball practice. I wish I had a carpool for the little ones, as they don't get out until 3:35 and #2's basketball game started at 3:30. So ... I was late. Hubs had come from work to watch too.  #2 did really well and the team won. I stuck around a little after (#3 was coming over from the middle school to watch the JV and Varsity games and I told him I'd take home his backpack so he wouldn't have to lug it around all night). #2 ended up dressing for the JV and sitting the bench, which meant there was a chance he could play. So I decided to stick around and watch, but NOT sit (my back was already hurting from the sitting so far). There was a little corner where I walked around and could still see the game. #2 did get to play for one whole minute right at the end :)  They won as well, as did varsity that night. Happy that hubs was willing to go back and pick up the kids, because a warm shower was calling my name that night.

1124 (Monday) Weight 150.3. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 31292. Total Burn 3615. Exercise Burn 1400/1929 (70minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 1850. Very rough morning for #4, but they say he's always fine once I leave. I went to Zumba. It was only Nina and T today. I helped out doing four numbers. I stopped at Kmart and picked up some slippers for #3 and a belt for #5 (with my SYWR points). I also stopped at Smiths and picked up a prescription and a few groceries. I had been a bit stressed for the basketball "team dinner" tonight but I totally lucked out! The JV and Varsity were having their own dinner, so we only had to feed the sophomores. We just decided to do pizza and cookies and the other two moms bought the stuff (although I volunteered). I brought plates and napkins. #2 had just stayed after school for practice. I had run #3 to his practice at 5:30, then I grabbed him from that practice and ran him and a friend to the high school at 7:00 and then stuck around for the dinner and brought #2 home. Back at 9:30 to grab #3.

1123 (Sunday) Weight 149.2. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 11624. Total Burn 2266. Exercise Burn 500/587 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Usual Sunday. Sleep in. Big breakfast ... again, I skipped the waffle, although I did sneak some cookies from last night. Hubs was looking through a box of pictures for much of the day. Church was usual. #4 struggled a bit, as it had been a few weeks since he'd been to class (with us going to my brother's ward, primary program practices, etc). Homework help and such too. Tried to get #4 excited to pass of the state capitals tomorrow. He has them down! He wanted to play Apples to Apples but we were all a little burned out on games and the grandparents weren't available (I did ask!). I made homemade oreos for the Sunday treat.

1122 (Saturday) Weight 148.2. Not A Great Day. Fitbit Steps 10797. Total Burn 2168. Exercise Burn 560/494 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2450. Feeling better,  but still not 100%. Just felt like taking it easy today. Hubs and the two older boys went up to Payson to help move Maga's stuff from storage into the new house. They were gone most of the day. It was a cold and dreary day out. Overcast and gray, rain, then snow. I stayed in bed until late and never even made the bed. I got in a little exercise and felt ok, but didn't want to push too much. Played some games with the kids ... Scattegories, BabbleOn and Boggle. Made cookie press cookies ... pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Hubs and the boys got home, and #2 had me take him to his girlfriend's house. He was going to practice his driving, but the snow scared him, so I drove. It was pretty bad. Not really slippery, but visibility was had. Couldn't see the lines on the road, and my windshield wipers leave a swath of stuff right at eye level. He was getting a ride home, so I took a shower and changed into jammies when I got back home. Hubs took the two little ones out to see BigHero6, while #1 and #3 chilled at home. A bit too many calories, especially without much exercise to combat them.

1121 (Friday) Weight 147.5. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 23214. Total Burn 2875. Exercise Burn 1159/1205 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba). Calories in 1800.  Even with school late start, it was a no sleep-in morning for me. I had to get #3 to practice at 6:30. Then #2 to high school at 8:15, the elementary kids off at 8:40 ... back to the middle school to grab #3 and take him home for a quick shower, then back for school at 9:30. Whew. Five trips out before 10:00. I went out to Zumba. Heather was late, and when we opened up the church, the power was out. We headed to the backup church. So nice to at least have that option. A few new people. On of the gals was standing so close to me though, I didn't feel I could move. I finally rotated to the back of the room where there was more space.  I need space. I stopped at Kmart to try and grab the new Pokemon game fro #4. they didn't have it, so I stopped at Smiths Marketplace and got it there. Home for a bit, then pick up the early out elementary, then middle school pickup. I was thrilled when I got back and #4 had pulled his tooth out! Hopefully no more pain there then! Hubs had a derby and #3 went along to help again. It was a pretty low-key Friday night. I'd made chicken soup earlier, but #4 doesn't eat it and asked for toasted cheese. I was making it when I was suddenly hit with a dizzy spell. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was cold and clammy. I just wanted to finish the sandwich for my son before I went to lay down but I couldn't find the spatula (which he finally handed to me, but I had burned them by then). I was DONE for the night. I felt awful. Freezing and like I might throw up. Hubs came home and got me a bucket and a heating pad and I fell asleep. I had mentioned to him that #2 was still out, so he took care of getting him home too.

1120 (Thursday) Weight 147.8. Great Day. Fitbit Steps 34754. Total Burn 3701. Exercise Burn 1700/2030 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba x2, 10milesBike). Calories in 2000. #4 has been doing SO well, but he reverted this morning and was crying about school. I walked him into the classroom and made my get-away. I'd forgotten my purse, and phone! I've been very absent minded lately. I ran home to get them before Zumba, but it made me late. I should have just gone straight and then stopped after. I did hit a store after, Sam's Club, restocking on milk and bread. Grabbed some salted caramels to compare them with the really expensive ones Hubs had picked up a week or so ago (they compared!) I picked up #2 and #3, and then took them to pick up the little ones. We went straight for haircuts afterward. #4 decided he'd just have me do it (to get us home faster, but it saves me $10+ too). I dropped #2 off at the high school for his practice, and got #3 home in time to go to a derby with Daddy. I did then cut #4's hair, and it didn't look too bad. I was running a little late to Zumba, I don't remember why. I don't like being late! Last week I hadn't been feeling well, but happy to say that wasn't the case tonight. I was able to keep the heart rate up. After it ended, I went and picked up #2 from practice and hurried home to #4, who had been texting that his tooth was hurting more and he wanted me :( Poor kid!

1119 (Wednesday) Weight 147.6. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 29005. Total Burn 2906. Exercise Burn 1350/1236 (60minElliptical, Zumba, BB Walk 8500). Calories in 2100. Happy birthday to the hubs! Unfortunately it was a pretty normal day for him, just working as usual. I put up some baby pictures on Facebook. I got the kids off to school and then hit Zumba. Didn't quite get the numbers on the Polar today. I tried to get the house straightened (that's what Hubby would like most) and left his b-day swag on the counter (Oreos, DietCoke and a new Roku ... I'd made him a quilt too but had given it to him earlier when he caught me finishing it up). Then I was off to see #2 play in a showcase game at the high school (just 20 minutes, against the other half of the sophomore team). Then the JV played the Varsity, then the Varsity played the faculty. That game was pretty fun to watch. Then it was a team meeting ... and I am officially overwhelmed. Required "volunteering" to make dinner for the entire team, pack lunches, work in the snack bar. All the money and fundraising. And the games had gone over, and the meeting was long, and #4 was texting me that his tooth was hurting and he wanted me home, and I wanted to be home. I'd made a lemon jello cake for hubby ... they had to sing and eat it without me (and the two basketball boys). Long night!

1118 (Tuesday) Weight 149.6. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 34759. Total Burn 3784. Exercise Burn 2050, 2097 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60minWeights, 3milesIncline, 10milesBike). Calories in 1450.  After not having my usual good Monday (eating wise at least) I was determined to have a good day today ... and I did. Got the kids off and made it to Zumba on time. Home for my weights workout, and some treadmill time and reading and riding. Hubs had received tickets for the Jazz game, so he took an excited #4 to that. Row 5! It was a quiet evening at home ... got in a little more exercise!

1117 (Monday) Weight 148.9. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 29796. Total Burn 3281. Exercise Burn 1300/1603 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2milesIncline). Calories In 3000. The day actually started great (even with 6:30 carpools in the morning). #4 was FINE and went to school without complaining. Unheard of for a Monday morning lately. I went to Zumba and got great numbers there. I'd invited the parents over for Grandparents and Games, so I spent some time getting the house cleaned up and ready. We had a little friend (old neighbor) over in the afternoon to play with #5. I had #1 pick up pizza (including a gluten-free one for Grandpa). I'd dropped #3 off at practice and told him I'd be there at 7:00 to take him from the middle school to the high school, but I got distracted with the grandparents there. He had to call and ask if anyone was coming. Hubs went and did the transfer, and picked up #2 at the same time. The younger kids talked about homophones with Grandma (we've been making lists of them) and then we played Apples to Apples. I ate too much! Pizza and ice cream sundaes.

1116 (Sunday) Weight 149.2. OK Day. Fitbit Steps 12030. Total Burn 2269. Exercise Burn 450/590 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000.  Sunday sleep in. I made the usual Sunday Circle breakfast and for the first time ... I did NOT eat a waffle myself! The boys have gone back to the regular pancake mix for their waffles. It's a ton cheaper, and it doesn't tempt me. I had been making just me a waffle from the more expensive mix, but I resisted today. We sat out church, although I still went to do my duty at the piano in primary. I walked to/from ... it was a little chilly! For dinner I made Baked Ziti, which I don't eat, so again, no temptation. I was able to stay at 2000 calories today. I cooked up some gluten free pasta and made a couple ziti for my dad too (they freeze well). Made brownies for dessert and leftovers for lunches, but again resisted eating any. Pretty good day.

1115 (Saturday) Weight 147.0. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 14919. Total Burn 2083. Exercise Burn 450/416 (20minElliptical, BB Walk 7500). Calories in 1950.  Love to sleep in a little on Saturdays. #2 is going to have 8:00 practices, but not today. That didn't stop him from knocking on the bedroom door at 7:30 saying he needed a ride. Ummmm ... I'm still sleeping! His friends picked him up. It was Sadie Hawkins that night, and I guess the date is ALL DAY these days.  I was still taking it a bit easy, allowing myself a relaxing weekend. I only got in one session on the elliptical. In the afternoon, the Hubs and I hit a matinee,  "Catch Me If You Can" the musical at Hale Theater. It was good. Quite a workout for those dancers! In the evening #3 had his final basketball game for the fall season. I got in some steps before and during the game (about 7500). That was my only other "exercise" for the day.

1114 (Friday) Weight 145.8. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 21383. Total Burn 2784. Exercise Burn 1000/1124 (60minElliptical, Zumba)  Calories in 2300. Still feeling a bit off from whatever hit me last night. I got to sleep in a bit today, but #3's early morning practices will start next Friday. As of today, the kids wanted coccoa and toast, so I made that for breakfast and indulged a little myself. I did make it to Zumba and felt fine. Stopped at Maceys for a little grocery shopping on the way home. Early out at the elementary. Hubs picked up some Popeyes for dinner. I didn't like it the first time I had it ... maybe it had been the spicy instead of the mild. But I liked it tonight!

1113 (Thursday) Weight 144.8. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 34041. Total Burn 3710. Exercise Burn 1600/2000 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, 10milesBike). Calories in 2350. Got the kids off to school then hit Zumba. Got in some reading and riding, although my bike book isn't totally keeping me captivated. Picked up the kids after school. #2 stayed for the last day of tryouts. Hubs had a derby and got #4 and #5 to go along and help. I dropped #3 off to his basketball practice on the way to Zumba. I was OFF at Zumba in the evening, I'm not sure what it was. I just felt a little dizzy, and cold. My heart rate dropped and I couldn't get it back up and I really didn't even care. I was able to finish the night but just barely. I think maybe I hadn't eaten enough. I did come home and eat some, and then snacked on some chick-fil-a that Daddy and the boys brought home. I had to run pick up the kids from basketball. #3 came out, but #2 was waiting for the final list to be posted. The coach saw me waiting and said "I don't know why he's being so slow, he KNOWS he made the team!"  We had been pretty sure he would, but until it's there in black and white you just never know for sure! He's a happy boy!

1112 (Wednesday) Weight 145.6. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32238. Total Burn 3432. Exercise Burn 1800/1773 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2milesIncline, 10milesBike). Calories in 1900.  Writing in retrospect ... why can't I keep more current on my entires? It's hard to remember when a week or more has passed. Good Zumba numbers today. Anxiety child seems to be doing a little better this week. Continued basketball tryouts for #2, he's been making all the cuts as expected. Hubs, #1 and #3 went with the church young men to see the movie "Meet the Mormons".  I had to go to the high school and attend a driver's safety showing for #2's driver's ed class (he came after tryouts). With my already existing anxiety regarding cars, it probably wasn't a good thing for me to see. It WOULD have been good for hubs, as he has some bad driving habits!

1111 (Tuesday) Weight 147.9. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32706. Total Burn 3632. Exercise Burn 1965/1960 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 3milesIncline, 8milesBike, 60minWeights). Calories in 1450.  After my so-so Monday yesterday, it was good to have a good food/fitness day today. #4 did have emotional issues getting off to school, but I managed to make it to Zumba on time. Got in exercise during the day. #2 had more basketball tryouts today but said they went well.

1110 (Monday) Weight 147.1. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 27653, Total Burn 3116. Exercise Burn 1300/1449 (60minElliptical, Zumba 20min/1mile Incline). Calories in 3400. It's my birthday today! My one wish was that #4 go to school without tears. That didn't happen. I didn't stay with him long though, as everything says dragging it out just makes it worse. I had been afraid I wouldn't get a Zumba class in. My usual Monday was cancelling to perform on a local tv news. I had a backup planned, but it started at 8:30, which didn't work. It ended up changing to 10:30, but then my usual ended up NOT being cancelled. So I still went to it after all. I skipped my Kmart stop, as I'd gone on Saturday and didn't have more points yet. I did stop at Sam'sClub and grabbed a cake ... I'd At home, I did get a call from the school from #4. I went to go pick him up, and we homeschooled for the afternoon. #2 was SO nervous this morning, as it is the first day of basketball tryouts at the high school. He stayed after school, and then tryouts were from 5:00-7:00. The rest of us went out to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. Dropped #3 at practice and thought we'd pick up #2 ... but he wanted to hang out until the cut list was posted. I'd invited my folks out. My mother had been craving the cake on her birthday, back on Friday. Hubs and I had stopped at the store to grab one for her but they didn't have one in stock then. They did today :)  My MIL stopped by too. We had cake and then played games. Then picked up both #2 and #3 at 9:00 ... of course #2 made cuts!

1109 (Sunday) Weight 145.6. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 13559. Total Burn 2339. Exercise Burn 609/680 (60minElliptical) Calories in 1900. Had the usual Sunday Circles for breakfast. We went to our church, where the boys were in the annual primary program. Maga came out to see them. #4 was NOT happy about participating. After that meeting, we hurried up to my brother's church for his daughter's baby blessing. We went to his house afterward. He's lived there a year and a half and we hadn't been yet. They had BBQ chicken and meatballs, and lots of desserts. I ate too many cookies!

1108 (Saturday) Weight 146.4. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 17532. Total Burn 2359. Exercise Burn 600/689 (40minElliptical, 40minBleachers). Calories in 2400. I'd set out some croissants to rise last night. #3 and I were a little rushed in the morning, getting him to his 9:00 game, but still managed to get out croissant in. I didn't have a good spot to walk, but I did have a set of bleachers to myself, so I "stepped". Up and down, during the game. I worked up a pretty good sweat! The boys lost though. Hubs had come home with a new enclosed trailer for his derby stuff. He was busy with that, then helping a friend build some derby cars with his boys. I picked up #2 from his driver's ed range, and then let him drive as we did a little shopping. Hit Kmart and Kohls, got him some jeans and a couple shirts. #4 accompanied us ... which is unlike the homebody him. In the evening, Hubs and the headed out to my folks. It was my mom's birthday yesterday and we were taking her out to dinner. My brother and his wife, and my sister (in from out of town) came too. It was fun. We went back to the house after for games and didn't get home until late. Of course #2 was out even later, but got a ride home.

1107 (Friday) Weight 144.7. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 21070. Total Burn 2802. Exercise Burn 1025/1142 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. No school for the little ones, so no emotional upheaval from #4. In fact, he had almost been on a high last night, super happy and silly. He's had a couple loose teeth, and pulled one out this morning. I still had to take the older boys to school (much to their chagrin ... "Why do the elementary kids not have school??") I still went to my Zumba. I debated going to my usual class, as it's across town and I'd be leaving the kids home alone for a bit. They assured me they would be fine ... sometimes they like it home alone, playing basketball in the kitchen or things I might not allow if I was there. They are really good kids though, and I trust them not to get into anything while alone. So I went ... and it was good. The two boys were vegging too much though, watching TV and playing video games. I made them go outside and "get some steps on their pedometers" and they did. I didn't get in much extra exercise myself though. Hub's birthday is coming up and I was making him a quilt. I'd worked a bit on it the last week and was hoping to finish it up. I did the tying and was sewing the edges when Hubs came home earlier than expected and caught me in the act. Oh well, I gave it to him early. I had to run #3 back to the middle school in the early evening for basketball again. He's been asked to play up with the 9th graders for the coming season, so he's happy about that. More practices and games! It's all good. Hubs took the two little boys to Arctic Circle to redeem a couple prize winning gumballs #5 had earned his last time there. They stopped for some Popeye's chicken on the way home. I haven't been a fan of the chicken, a bit of a spicy flavor I'm not used to ... but it tasted good tonight and I ate more than I should have. I'd also binged a bit on Halloween candy earlier in the day. Too many calories today! 

1106 (Thursday) Weight 145.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 33490. Total Burn 3629. Exercise Burn 1800/1721 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, 10milesBike, 1.5milesIncline). Calories in 2100. Part of the deal yesterday with #4, was that if I checked him out early, he had to go all day today without complaint. It was an "early out" day anyway ... he had some whimpers and tears but I just dropped him off. I didn't get out and walk him to class. I went to Thursday Zumba, which I'd missed the past two weeks. It was good to be back. I enjoyed my "alone time" at home. The elementary kids will be out tomorrow, and if this home school thing happens ... sigh. Kid pickups after school. Basketball practice for #3. The evening Zumba was happening, and I wanted to hit it and take #4 (as he had actually seemed to enjoy it on Tuesday). Tonight he petered out a bit. Maybe he only likes it if it gets him out of school! Still happy he came and tried it with me. We stopped and grabbed a pizza and some crazy bread on the way home. Picked up #2 when his practice ended at 9:00 (I hadn't seen him since I'd dropped him off at school at 6:30 in the morning) and it was an early night in.

1105 (Wednesday) Weight 146.9. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 35631. Total Burn 3746. Exercise Burn 1650/1822 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 1.5milesIncline, Hula and extra Zumba). Calories in 1800. Continued struggle with #4. He wanted to talk to the principal again this morning, and I did have some questions about a duel enrollment (1/2 at school, 1/2 at home) possibility. I should have just made him go to class while we talked. The duel enrollment does sound like a feasible option, and the principal sounded willing to work with us, just concerned about giving into his anxieties rather than facing them. I had agreed to a "trial run" today ... I told him to go to class and then call me after lunch. We went to class ok ... good thing I had thought ahead and brought me Zumba stuff with me. Even going straight from the school, I was late. It felt good to have an outlet for all this frustration though. To just be able to forget about it for a bit. I did get the call from #4 so I went and picked him up. We pretty much stuck to his school schedule ... we did a little "recess" (three Zumba songs), then writing, working on an essay for class. Then keyboarding. We could log in to the program used at the school, so that was probably pretty much the same. We did another "recess" (as they do at school, of course I think physical activity is very important!) then a bit of art (finishing up a project we had been working on ... they would have had art at school today). Then some computer stuff they do at school ... read theory, xtra math and raz kids. I had to go pick up #3, and as I left to go pick up #5, I put #4 on the stationary bike, reading and riding. The "home school" portion actually went really well. I had pulled out a bunch of workbooks I had on hand, and printed off some assignments from ... but with the school using so many online resources that we can access from home too, there was more than enough to keep him busy. So it was a good experiment at least. I am feeling like it would be workable ... just would it be best? What to do?? #3 had a basketball game in the evening ... speaking of anxieties, it was one clear across town. One I have to drive on the freeway to get to. My anxieties were kicking in. I was prepared to do it if I HAD to ... but Hubs came home and was willing (he hadn't seen #3 play with this team yet this season) so I was happily off the hook. So much for setting an example for facing anxieties, right?

1104 (Tuesday) Weight 149.2. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32255. Total Burn 3412. Exercise Burn 1823/1726 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBIke, 2milesIncline, 60minWeights). Calories in 1450. First morning with three school dropoffs. #4 was struggling, as usual. I gave up trying to get him out of the car at school and brought him with me to Zumba, telling him he had to dance along. He did quite well. After, we stopped home, finished up some homework, and I took him to school and checked him in. I walked him to his class, and he was balking as usual. As I opened the door, one of his classmates called out "Cooper!" in a happy voice, and he did go in. I have really talked to him, making sure he isn't having trouble with kids or bullying, but I don't think that is the case. Everyone seems really nice and supportive trying to help him through this. Back at home, I watched the phone in case he freaked out and called. He did actually ... but our phones have been having problems. He ended up calling Hubs, and Hubs texted me. I went back to the school, but when I peeked in he seemed ok, so I went back home. I did still manage to get in some exercise and such during the day, but I'm emotionally off. I did curb calories today though. #2 had practice after school, and then I picked him up at the high school at 7:00 and took him to the middle school for open gym, picking him back up at 8:00. Lots of running around in the car today!

1103 (Monday) Weight 149.0. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 28187. Total Burn 3049. Exercise Burn 1450/1364 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 2000. #2 now has early morning driver's ed. It adds an extra, early drop off. #1 actually took the boys (our neighbor too) this morning but said that wouldn't work in the future. Too bad. I'll have to go out at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30. Of course the elementary drop-off is compounded by anxiety boy. It was NOT a good morning. I let him tell the principal HE wanted to be home-schooled (I don't want that!), we talked to his teacher and the school counselor.  I spent 45 minutes at the school before I was finally able to peel away (and that was with him sobbing still). I headed straight to Zumba, making sure I watched my phone if I did get a call. This is emotionally exhausting! I was glad I was still able to get my head/heart into Zumba, I wasn't sure if I would. I didn't eat much during the day. It's my niece's birthday and their family was throwing an impromptu dinner. I had conflicts, picking up #3 from basketball, but Hubs came home early and took the two little boys and #1. It had originally been planned for Cafe Rio (which doesn't interest me at all) but got switched to Red Robin (which is a favorite of mine). Right when I was picking up #3, I got a text from Hubs that they had just been seated. I asked #3 if he wanted to head out. He answered in the affirmative, so we did. I probably should have taken a minute to try to track down #2 to see if he wanted to go too ... we got there just as the fried mozzarella sticks came out. Perfect timing! I was glad I hadn't overeaten earlier. I was actually able to enjoy, without really going over calories.

1102 (Sunday) Weight 146.5. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 12146. Total Burn 2359. Exercise Burn 600/689 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. Daylight Savings ... we got an extra hour this morning. Made the usual Sunday Circles and got in a couple sessions on the elliptical. #4 was having a complete meltdown during church. Not wanting to participate in the primary program, worrying about school tomorrow. Back at home I gave him a "chill pill" (basically a valium) and I'm not sure if it just didn't work, or if it had negative side-effects, because the child was crying non-stop for hours. He's now insisting that he can't be gone from home for so long, that he wants to be home schooled. Sigh ... what to do. Does not bode well for tomorrow morning.

1101 (Saturday) Weight 144.9. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 22619. Total Burn 2521. Exercise Burn 800/860 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2500. #1 went and got donuts ... so they were sitting there waiting, tempting. I give into temptation. Hubs wanted to check out "The Container Store" at the mall, so I went too, making it a mini date. We got a pretzel while we were there. Back at home the sleepies hit SO hard, for both hubs and myself! We joked the pretzels must have been drugged. We both took a nap. #3 had his basketball game in the evening. I walked around while watching, getting in 6000 steps. Then I went and picked up #2, who hadn't been home since noon yesterday! Crazy kid!

Sunday Stats

A bit of a short week with the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I still managed to get in FOUR Zumba classes.
Here's the weekly recap and stat sheet.
  • Monday with Southziders ...  Anxiety Child was having a rough morning, so I was glad when I was able to get him to school and make it to Zumba. Not quite as many people today ... nor instructors! Just Nina and T (who was not able to do much with her knee). I ended up leading a few. Happy to help out, hope those there are ok with little 'ol me! Very happy with my stats today. Maybe being up front helps with additional energy.
  • Tuesday with Marian ... Another rough morning with anxiety child. I told him he could accompany me to Zumba if he would go to school straight after. This is the early class, so he would only miss an hour of school. We were still late, and I was a bit distracted with him there, as he was saying he wasn't feeling well instead of participating. So not the best stats for me today. I did do a little more Zumba on my own at home to make sure I did get a full hour in.
  • Wednesday with MZL ... The kids were out of school, so I didn't have any issues with Anxiety Child this morning, he was perfectly happy at home. I asked him if he wanted to come with me, but he said no. There were several kids there participating though. Got my highest step count for the week here.
  • Friday with MZL ... My car was in the shop and I was sharing with #1 son today. I didn't feel like I could make it across town to my usual Zumba, but with the kids out of school, I could make it to MZL's class on time. They did a slightly different version of Baliando (I already know two different routines in other classes) and my "Shake" song with different choreography, which I'm too stuck on my own ... it made it very hard to follow (but I don't think that was just me).
With Thanksgiving behind us ... it's back to the schedule, return to the routine. I should hit all five of my different classes this upcoming week. Basketball is back in session though, so I'll be going to my boy's games on Thursday nights instead of hitting my extra Zumba class those nights.

Friday, November 28, 2014

WWI #71 and Friday Five

Okay ... up AGAIN. But, it IS the day after Thanksgiving, so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Unfortunately, I did bop up over 150 once this week. That is something I really don't want to do. If I can NEVER see the 150s again, I'll be happy. Anything under is okay.

The weekend wasn't great. Mon/Tues were 30K days, good in both exercise and eating. The kids were out of school on Wednesday, but I was still able to get in my Zumba and elliptical. Thursday ... Thursday was THANKSGIVING. I did still get in my elliptical, but that was all. A little overeating, but not extremely bad.

NUMBERS: Weight was up .11. Average weight  for the week stayed exactly the same. Average in was 2136. Average burn was 2789 ... definitely down this week. Still managed to have a deficit of -2499. 

I'm hoping that the weight will reverse this next week. With the birthdays and Thanksgiving behind me, I shouldn't have any excuses for a few weeks (until Christmas of course).  Linking-up with Fitness Friday with Jill and a late Weigh-In Wednesday.

 Speaking of Thanksgiving ...

Throwback Thursday Thanksgiving Style
Then (above) ... Now (below)
The boys have grown a bit!
I made those turkey cookies and had them set aside to take to the family party. They didn't make it to the party, these naughty boys ate them for breakfast on Thanksgiving day! Ok ... I must admit I ate one too. I'd been thinking about those yummy turkey cookies all night. I like them best after the frosting and candy corn have been sitting and softening overnight.  I was on dessert duty for the Thanksgiving feast ...
I'll do a quick Friday Five 
 featuring our Thanksgiving Treats this year:
  • Turkey Cookies: These are our annual family favorite.
  • Cool Whip Dessert: I don't make pie, but I call this "pie in a pan". It's a simple crust, with a cream cheese layer, then chocolate pudding and whipped topping. Yummy! I only make it about once a year.
  • Lemon Jello Cake: Not really a Thanksgiving themed dessert, but this was Hub's request.
  • Brownies: Fudge frosted and marshmallow.
  • Cookie Press Pumpkins: Another cookie that didn't make it to the family party. I made a batch a few days before Thanksgiving and they were going fast. #3 hide the last few so that he could snack on them solo (they are his favorite).  
There was some pumpkin and banana cream pie too ...
I mean, is it any wonder my weight was up a bit this week?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meal Planning

I don't talk much about food on this blog. My eating habits are nothing to brag about. I see many of you planning weekly menus, focusing on quality food. I'll let YOU all lead the way!

I'm just such a picky eater (Eating Issues) for plans made for "normal" people just won't work for me. While I don't have the quality, I at least try to keep the quantity under control. My exercise and activity allows me a few more calories than I'd be stuck with otherwise. With my exercise ... I participate in a number of reward programs. With Everymove, I earned a few "rewards" ... free meal planning from (a $120 value).

I glanced at the web site ... it looked like it could have some good feedback for those focused on food, with a more expanded palette than I posses. As far as I could tell, this is a FREE offering. I earned three of these awards (the code was the same for all three so ... I'm thinking it's not limited to a single use). I'm not going to use them myself, I figured about it here in case anyone wanted to try it out.

I know family dinners ARE important ... I'm just not sure how to make them happen right now! Yesterday, Hubs and #1 son didn't get home until after 7:00. I dropped off #3 at basketball practice at 5:30 and then picked him up at 7:00, dropping him at a second practice that didn't end until 9:30. #2 stayed after school and I didn't bring him home until 8:00.   Unfortunately that's pretty normal for our house. Rarely is everyone home (and hungry) at the same time. But hopefully this meal planning promotion can help someone out there who has it a little more together! Let me know if you use it and how it works out for you!

The code expires December 31, 2014 and only new members are eligible.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Worries and Monday Mornings

Ah ... Monday Mornings.

Monday mornings have been a bit traumatic in our house of late. Anxiety Child (#4) gets comfortable being safe and sound at home over the weekend, and so the thought of returning to school for SEVEN WHOLE HOURS is completely overwhelming to him. I'm sure other kids, and even adults feel the same way.  But Anxiety Child? He refuses to get out of bed, to get dressed, to eat breakfast. He says he's sick. He cries. He begs to stay home, or have me stay with him at school. 

Sigh ... it was that kind of morning.

I tried to distract him by reflecting on the weekend and all that had happened. 

  • He's had a loose tooth that has been causing him pain for a few days and on Friday, he finally pulled it out! I'm so glad to have that troublesome tooth gone. Oh ... the tooth fairy STILL hasn't come! Flaky fairy!
  • The boys got  haircuts (I actually cut #4's myself, although the other boys required a "professional" at the local salon). Would his friend's notice?
  • I picked him up the brand new Pokemon game for DS that he had been anxiously awaiting and saving his money for. Was anyone else lucky enough to get it too? Red or Blue?
  • Daddy took him and #5 to see the movie "BigHero6" which he loved. Maybe some of his friends had seen it too ...
  • He memorized all the state capitals and was ready to pass them off to his teacher ... one step closer to earning the "Great American Award" in school. 
#4 and his new Pokemon game.
 #4 in a silly mood.

 Me and My Boy...
He Survived School!

It wasn't really a great weekend for me. Last weekend recap I mentioned that on Thursday night at Zumba, I wasn't feeling well. I made it through the class, and went to my Friday morning class, but felt a bit off the entire weekend. Well this week ... it happened AGAIN! Not at Zumba Thursday night. I felt great! It was Friday night. I was making #4 a toasted cheese sandwich when it came on. I felt dizzy. Cold and clammy. Nauseated. I needed to lay down before I fell down, but I also wanted to finish up the sandwich. I couldn't find the spatula, until #4 handed it to me (after I burned the sandwich). Off to bed. I felt awful. Hubs checked on me when he got home from his derby. Brought me a heating pad as I was still so cold. I mentioned #2 was still out with friends and he took care of getting him home.

I felt better on Saturday, but still had a bit of a "hangover" from whatever it was that hit me the night before. I stayed in bed for a while, and didn't bother to make it when I got out. It was just one of those "I'm not even going to make the bed" kind of mornings. I got a little elliptical in and felt fine, but not up to doing a lot. I played some games with the kids (Scattergories,  BabbleOn, Boggle), made cookie press cookies (pumpkins for Thanksgiving) and caught up on some blogging (still REALLY behind on the family blog though!)

I'd actually thought I might get a lot of exercise in on Saturday. Hubs and the two older boys were helping get Maga's (grandma) stuff from storage into her new home and were gone most of the day. It was a yucky, overcast, dreary and depressing day though. Rain in the morning, snow in the evening.
 The Blackham Boys & Maga's Move

So ... Monday morning. Hubs took the day off work to continue working on the move. #1 was off to work. The boys (including Anxiety Child) were off to school. I made it to Zumba, ran some errands, got in some additional exercise, did some cleaning and laundry). #4 was fine when I picked him up from school. They say he's always fine AT school... it's the anticipation anxiety that kills us! Linking up with MIMM ... hoping for Marvelous Mondays (on medication *Ü*???) in the future!

How was YOUR weekend and Monday morning?
Do you have any anxiety issues to deal with?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Stats

A week's worth of Zumba stats!
Five different classes ... Five different instructors.
How did they stack up this week?

click on image to enlarge

  • Monday with Southziders ... HRM 506, Fitbit 544 and 8235 steps. In Zone 52 of the 74 minutes (yup, we got a little extra time today). Average heart rate 125. I'm always ready to get back to Zumba after taking the weekend off. Love starting the week with Southziders. It just sets the tone. So, based on the numbers today (and #4 going to school without issue) it looks to be a great week! Nina, Sabik and Deb were the instructors today. Missing T out with a hurt knee. Pretty good crowd, but still more room, it's a big church.
  • Tuesdays with Marian ... HRM 463, Fitbit 492 and 7119 steps. "In the zone" 54 of the 62 minutes. Average heart rate 130! (I think I've only achieved the 130s average one other time *Ü*) Feeling great today! I was a tiny bit late Marian is always so prompt starting exactly at 8:45). Wearing my new Zumba (official Zumba!) leggings that I got for FREE from said instructor (a coupon she gave me .. I did have to pay $5 shipping). I'm not quite comfortable in the tight fit (although actually the large is a little large, I generally wear baggy stuff), but wearing a jacket tied around my waist helped (covers up the butt!) Great way to start the day! 
  • Wednesday with MZL ... HRM 383, Fitbit 494 and 7101 steps. In Zone 42 of the 62 minutes. Average HR 117. Didn't quite get the Polar numbers as up today. I need a little bit of space to feel comfortable, and I felt a little crowded today (there WAS room, I don't know why the lady was standing SO close!)
  • Thursday with Claudia&Co ... HRM 373, Fitbit 444 and 7253 steps. In Zone 42 of the 56 minutes. Average heart rate 121. I've normally been on time (even early) to this class, but today I had forgotten my purse&phone as I dropped off the elementary kids. I ran home to grab them and it did make me a little late. It took me a bit to get into my groove. Just Claudia and Marian as instructors today.  Claudia has SO many songs and routines, I haven't done them enough to master many of them. I wonder how she remembers them all.
  • Thursday with Marian ... HRM 438, Fitbit 423 and 6618 steps. In Zone 40 of the 56 minutes. Average heart rate 133! This was the evening class, and I was late again! I had to drop #3 off at his basketball practice on the way. I was happy to feel much better than I did last week (still not sure what happened to me then). I lead a couple new songs too. Polar was actually higher than the Fitbit! I was keeping the heart rate up and felt great :)
  • Friday with Heather ... HRM 348, Fitbit 494 and 7437 steps. In Zone 28 of the 65 minutes. Average HR 110. It was a bit disjointed today. A late entry to the building, only to find out the power was out. Changed churches and got started. Again ... a little crowding of my personal space. I just need a little room to move without feeling like I'm going to run into someone. There was a collision between a couple of the kids which ended up in blood, tears and a fat lip.
I probably won't have a full report next week with the Thanksgiving holiday ... I know my Thursday group is taking the day off, and I'm not sure if I would make it even if they weren't (although we're going to the inlaws for dinner, so I don't have too much prep). The kids are out of school Wed/Thurs/Fri so that might screw with the schedule somewhat. Not sure if classes are happening those days either. I guess we'll see. Right when I really need the workouts to work-off those extra Thanksgiving calories!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #70

Well ... the good news is it's another week staying under 150. The bad news is that I'm up again. It's funny how quickly your perspective can change. I just updated my WeeklyWeighIns page - a simple listing of the once a week weight, which is a different look than this weekly check-in. I remember back in mid-September, for my WWI#61 I was THRILLED to see 147.6. Absolutely ecstatic about it! Now? Not nearly as happy about it, having had several lower scale readings the past few weeks. But ... as I mentioned up top, I did stay under 150, which is my main goal.

Last weekend wasn't great. I was running low on energy starting Thursday night, so my Friday, Saturday and Sunday weren't wonderful ... but that's not unusual for my weekends. My Mondays are generally pretty great, but not as much this week. I got in the activity, but also went overboard on the eating. I had great days Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday was pretty good too (Hubby's birthday). But I was eating a bit more overall. It IS TOM time this week as well ...

NUMBERS: Up 1.7 from last week (ouch!). Average is also up (1.98 there, ouch again). My eating wasn't as bad as I thought ... I averaged an intake of 2114. My activity averaged at 2973. It all equaled out to a deficit of 4000. So not sure WHY I'm up so much. 

I'll keep at it and hopefully we'll drop a bit again ... enough that I'm not afraid of popping over 150 with a bad day. Next week though? It's going to be challenging! I mean ... it's THANKSGIVING on Thursday. It also means the kids out of school (which means sleeping in and a disruption of my schedule). I'm also on deck to make dinner for 40+ teenage boys on Monday (apparently all parents are required to "volunteer" to do this as a pre-game activity). I'll be watching my son in his first basketball game on Tuesday. We have friends coming in from out of town to spend the day on Wednesday ... and did I mention Thanksgiving? I'm NOT going out shopping on Friday, but I don't know if the Zumba classes are still going, as that's pretty much a holiday too ...

I'm a little nervous about next week. 
Maybe I'll be too nervous/busy to eat?

  Link-up with ...
Fitness Friday with Jill and a late Weigh-In Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Oops ... I didn't get a post up yesterday. Usually I do! Monday is my MOTIVATED day. The return to routine, back to the structure of the schedule. I do SO much better Mon-Thursday. Weekends?  I'm "weak" ... exercise and eating suffer. I don't know that I really relax, but I don't hold myself to the same standard. It's the weekend ...

Yesterday, I was a little nervous to step on the scale. I'd bumped up a bit even for my Friday weigh-in. Up a little more Saturday morning. Up a little more on Sunday. Would I be able to stay on my "under 150" trend? I did. 148.9 Monday morning. But as I didn't get my post up yesterday, I also didn't keep my calories in check (had the folks over for "Grandparents and Games" night, with pizza and ice cream). Even though I got in quite a bit of exercise during the day... I was up to 149.6 this morning. So if I want to stay in my happy 145-150 range, I'd better shape up! No relaxing!

This past WEAKend wasn't great as far as food/fitness. The decline actually started Thursday night. I went to Zumba in the evening (after hitting a class in the morning too). Usually this is a good thing. One final push before the official Friday morning weigh-in. But last Thursday? I felt off. A little light-headed. I was COLD (instead of sweaty and hot). My heart rate dropped ... and I didn't care. I finished the class, but didn't get great numbers. I thought maybe I hadn't eaten enough, so I did eat more when I got home.

Friday morning weight was up a bit. I went to Zumba and felt pretty good. Not my usual bouncy self, but nothing like last night. I got in my hour of elliptical spread throughout the day, but I took it pretty easy.

Saturday was fairly low-key. I slept in. The hubs and I hit a matinee at Hale Theater. This is more high class than the Desert Star theater which we also frequent (and which I really do love). I actually performed at Hale Theater myself years ago when they first moved to Utah ... before they turned professional.

The show was "Catch Me If You Can" which you may recall as a movie starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio some years ago. I really enjoyed the movie, and I also read the book and really liked it. I enjoyed the play too. It was a musical, a bit too much dancing. I like dancing ... admire it as I can't do it myself. It was just a little overpowering on such a small stage (it's theater in the round).  It really must be quite a workout for those dancers every single performance! It would be interesting to strap a heart rate monitor and Fitbit on them and get their stats! *Ü*

Unlike Desert Star, it isn't a dinner theater ... so I didn't go completely overboard on popcorn, cheesy bread & drinks. But they do sell concessions, and Hubs bought me a GREAT BIG chocolate chip cookie.

#3 had a basketball game Saturday evening. I did my usual pacing around before and during the game and got in 7000+ steps. Not really active steps, but steps none the less. Better than just sitting. I don't like just sitting. I just hope I don't look too weird walking around. Everyone should be watching the game anyway, right? Pretty easy win for the boys, the final game of this season ... but the next season is just around the corner  (and I'll have three boys playing then, #3 playing in two leagues, so double the games and practices for him).

On Sunday I made the traditional Sunday Circles breakfast. This week I DID NOT EAT A WAFFLE. Every week I tell myself I can make them but not eat them ... but I always end up eating one. I didn't this week. I missed it a bit, but you know ... it was ok. I still snuck some bacon and hash browns, but I actually kept calories in check. I made baked ziti for the boys for dinner ... I don't eat that myself, so no temptation there. I actually LOVE making dinners I don't like. It's very helpful in controlling my eating!

I didn't even have any "anxiety child" excuses yesterday! #4 went to school ... maybe not happily, but willingly, with no tears. Unheard of for a Monday morning lately! He really struggles going back to school after spending the weekend in his home happy place. I think distraction is a key with him. We were very busy in the morning finding homophones (those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings). It was fun and it kept his mind occupied I think. On that note ...

I need to make sure my WEEKends aren't WEAKends!
Linking up with MIMM (a day late and a couple pounds over!)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stats

A look back at my Zumba classes this week.
Five different classes. Several different instructors.
Stacking up the Stats.

  • Monday with Southziders ...  I wasn't sure I was going to get a Monday class, as Southziders were going to do a bit for Fox News instead of our class. That ended up not happening, so class was back on (although due to the confusion it was smaller than usual). But I was so happy to have class, it's how I like to start my week! Good numbers today!
  • Tuesdays with Marian's Class... I actually made it on time today! We had a fairly full class today. Happy to have more people coming. I missed my shadow (#4, who I left at school sobbing this morning). Was it only a week ago he came with me? Feels like forever (as we try to figure out what to do about his anxiety issues). Good numbers ... SO close to 500/7000 on the Fitbit!
  • Wednesday with MZL ...  We did get a little extra time today which does help push the stats up.  I was happy to make it on time today... I've been bringing my Zumba stuff with me as I drop the kids off at school (and have to peel away from #4). I used to make a quick trip back home but that hasn't been happening of late. It was a very good class today. Started strong, and kept moving the entire time until the cool down. I didn't have water, and I think I needed it today! 
  • Thursday with Caludia & Co ... coming straight from the school I'm one of the first ones here (I didn't even have to walk the child to class today! He got out of the car himself!) but there are often a few things to do to get ready, like opening the overflow and closing the curtain to the chapel. Claudia, Marian, Kristy and Nina were the instructors today. Nina even did "Solider Boy" which I had requested. Several new songs though. I am getting better at picking up steps.
  • Thursday with Marian ... evening class. I was a little late as I had to grab #3 from the middle school and drop him at the high school (going from one basketball practice to the next). I was NOT feeling 100% though. I'm not sure what was up with me. I felt lightheaded and chilled (usually Zumba makes me hot!). My heart rate dropped and I didn't really even have the energy to care. There were only four of us there, and that might have affected the energy a bit too.  I did finish the class. I think maybe I hadn't eaten enough ...
  • Friday with Heather ... the gym is freezing when we enter, but we soon warm things up. There were SO many kids today! Around 12 adults, and twice as many children playing on the stage. It's a little distracting ... and maybe more so when they all disappear (I wonder what they are doing then?) A few new faces I hadn't seen before. Missing T who hurt her knee on Wednesday. Some sound issues, a short in the system. Hope it gets fixed! :)
Took a break from Zumba Saturday and Sunday ... back at it tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2014

WWI #69

I wasn't sure how this week would go. It was a birthday week, with ensuing celebrations. We went out to dinner on Saturday for my mom's birthday. Out to dinner again (with cake after) on Monday for my birthday. I was really surprised when I didn't have more of a bump up after all that. My Thursday morning weigh-in was right on track, so I thought I was good. I had a good day on Thursday too, kept calories fairly in check, got in a lot of cardio (two Zumba sessions). I was surprised when weight was up a bit for my official weigh-in. 

NUMBERS: Weight was up 1.1 from last week. My average weight was down (just a tiny bit, -.56 to 146.01). My eating intake was up, 2314. My exercise average was 3056, so still pretty good. It evened out to a deficit for the week of -3199. That didn't show on the scale, but oh well. Another solid week under 150, I count that as a win. I love being in the 140's after SO long stuck in the 150s!

Alas, no Friday Five again this week, but I'll join my weekly check-in link-ups: 
Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey and a late Weigh-In Wednesday. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Borrowed Books (and Birthdays)

Yesterday was my birthday. In addition to going out to dinner and having family over for cake, Hubs got me some red roses, and wrote up a nice tribute on Facebook for our friends and family to see. He said ...

Did you know:
  • This girl WILL NOT eat pizza. PERIOD.
  • She does not like when I try on her bras (I know...TMI)
  • She has attended/videoed/cheered on more of our boys' sporting events than me by a ratio of 30:1 (and that's probably conservative)
  • One year we were needing a new family vehicle and I needed a new work vehicle...almost without hesitating she said: No, I think you should get a new truck. (true love, right?)
  • Favorite restaurant: TIE - Red Robin and Texas Roadhouse
  • Favorite color: gray (get it? wink wink)
  • MIGHT have an acute anxiety for driving  
  • She is a walking infomercial for FitBit
  • Zumba, anyone?
  • A voracious reader! The length of the list of books she's read boggles my mind
  • She is the consummate caregiver. She might actually enjoy when I'm under the weather because it's then that she can "take care" of me. And, yes, I'm guilty of milking my illness from time to time because I know how good I have it.
  • She is the mother to 5 boys who simply don't know how good they have it. Someday they'll get it.
Here's to you, babe. Happy birthday! Love you
Wasn't that sweet?  But this post isn't about my birthday, but rather about bullet #10. I'm a reader! I've been happy to combine this love with my love of staying active, by "reading and riding". I'm a convert to digital books, and my Ipad and/or Kindle fit perfectly on the stationary bike. Unlike a regular book, where turning the pages and trying to keep them open can be an issue, digital books are so user friendly. The lighting in the gym isn't great, but that's ok, as digital books have a backlight.

Another wonderful thing about digital books is the ability to borrow them so easily. I love my library! It's pretty close by, but it was still a bit of a pain to have to go in and check out the books, and return them by the due dates. Borrowing books makes it a snap. I can make a wishlist, see which ones are available immediately. Those that are already checked out, I can put on hold. When it is my turn to check them out, I simply click and download. Returning is just as easy ... or do nothing and they simply "go back" when they are due. No late fees.  I've been borrowing a LOT of books from my library lately!

As I opened up my Kindle app the other day, I noticed all the white "covers". Those are books that "expired" and went back into rotation at the library. It's fine ... I was done with all of them! In the past, I did like to own books, and reread my favorites. But now? There are SO many out there and they are so easy to obtain, I don't know that I'll ever read a book twice again! Also ... some of the selections are for the kids (I'm not reading Zombie Goldfish or Big Nate myself ... although I do often read the kids books just to keep apprised of what they are reading).

Speaking of the Kindle ... that is my favorite way to read my digital books. Not ON the Kindle mind you, although I do have one. I prefer the Kindle app on my Iphone. I know it's small, but it's perfect for reading on the go or in bed. I recall reading book 5 in the Harry Potter series while pregnant with #4. That book was SO heavy! I'd rest it on my big belly and the baby would kick at it - I think it was too heavy for him too! My phone is so light, and it has a light (so I don't need a lamp) and I always have it with me anyway.

We did invest in Amazon Prime ... in addition to the free 2-day shipping and the streamable shows, our Prime membership allows us access to the Kindle Lending Library. Once a month, I can borrow a book (on the Kindle, it doesn't work on the app unfortunately). So in addition to my library borrowing, I grab one from Amazon every month too. Many are available there that aren't at the local library (many indie authors and such ... not all are winners, but it's still a nice option to have).

Just as the television is a motivator for the elliptical and treadmill time, my books are a great motivator for me to hit the bike. As I've started up monthly posts about What I've Been Watching,  I thought I'd check in each month or so with a quick spotlight on what I've been reading. I have touched on the topic a few times before in the blog (books) but I figured maybe I'd make it a regular feature (as my friend Runaway Bridal Planner does on her blog). I always like to look back on what I've read ... so I'll put it here and you can peek too! So if you're interested, check back on the second Tuesday of next month!

Are you a book buyer, or book borrower?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

My Polar greeted me this morning. Yup. It's my birthday. It was actually 6:30 in the morning when I picked it up ... I never got around to changing its clock during daylight savings last weekend. I'm not sure that I will.

I actually had a pretty good Monday morning weigh-in (147.1). Yes, it's up from Friday's official weekly weigh-in, but not as bad as last Monday. We are going out to a birthday dinner tonight, and then having some cake, so I'm not sure about tomorrow!

It was a pretty good weekend though ...
  • Friday, the elementary kids were out of school. I still hit my Zumba class, but went on a bit of a Halloween candy binge. I didn't get in quite as many steps as usual, as I spent much of the day making a quilt for Hubs (his birthday is coming up quick too). Friday was my mom's birthday. The siblings were getting together, but Hubs and I weren't able to make it.
  • Saturday ... started the day cheering on #3 at his basketball game. Lately, I've been trying to walk around during the games. I usually get in 4000-6000 steps. There wasn't really a good walking spot, but there were bleachers. I had a section to myself (so I wouldn't bug anyone) and I did a little "step up, step down" during the game. I got in 4000+ steps and actually worked up a pretty good sweat!
 Saturday Stepping

Saturday evening, I had made plans to take Mom out to dinner. My sister, my brother and his wife joined us. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant, and then back to the folks house to play games. 

  • Sunday was busy. We had the primary program at our church. #4 was NOT very happy about participating. Hubs mom (Maga) came out to see the boys. Then we had to rush to my brother's church, where they were blessing their baby. We went to their house after to socialize ... and eat too many cookies!
 The little boys and Maga ...

I did get in elliptical each day, and tried to combat the calories. With the candy, dinner out and cookies, I'm pretty happy I am where I am this Monday morning. I SHOULD have eaten better today ... banked some calories for Texas Roadhouse and some cake. Alas ... oh well, it's only my birthday once a year, right?

Linking up with Marvelous in my Monday ... how was your weekend?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Stats

Weekly re-cap and stacked stats.
A variety of different Zumba classes and instructors.
How do they compare?

Another week of Zumba ... I got six classes in. Not a Saturday class, but double duty on Thursday. This past week, my eleven year old son attended two classes with me. I thought he did pretty good! Here is the rundown ...

  • Monday at Southziders ... It was a really rough morning with #4, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get my heart into Zumba, but it was nice to have the release. I was a little late (having to stay at the school for a while with my anxiety child), missed most of the first number. Glad it still went over an hour. Nice to have Nina and her bouncy energy back! They had me do Hava Nagila. There were a couple "arm" songs that look deceptively easy, but really bring the burn! Ouch!
  • Tuesday with Marian ... I was late again. I just can't quite get the kids off and get to class. Mornings have been especially rough lately with anxiety child. In fact said child accompanied me to Zumba today. I told him he had to join in and I wanted him to get 6000 steps (he was just shy of it). I thought he did pretty good for his first time! I did a couple of numbers (Steph and Suzanne, who sometimes help out weren't there today). 
  • Wednesday with MZL ...  Class was longer than an hour, I was late (more anxiety child issues!) Good class, although I missed a few favorite numbers. I guess I should put in requests (they do take them!)
  • Thursday Morning with Claudia&Co...Good to get back to this class after missing a couple weeks for school functions! Just Claudia and Marian for most of the time, with Nina coming in at the end. Got my "Cha Cha Swing" on. I was actually early today, coming straight from dropping off the kids at school (and #4 went without too much issue today). 
  • Thursday Evening with Marian ... I was free this evening, so I hit Zumba, bringing along #4 again. He gave out after 40 minutes. We were a little late, so we didn't get in the full hour. Good numbers for the time I was there. Trying to figure out if the carpet makes it "harder" driving the heart rate up?
  • Friday with Heather ... the elementary was out today, and I wondered leaving the boys as long as it would take to get across town to this class. But it's hard to miss, and the boys said they would be fine. Heather had been under the weather and had sick kids, so this was her first full day back in a bit. I miss the A/C in the building ... the churches turn it off for winter I guess. It was really cool when we first got into the gym, but we heated it up quick enough.
 Nice to get back to five different classes. All the instructors have their own style.  Different crowds, different methods. SO many different songs! I wonder how the instructors choose the ones to fill the hour?

Friday, November 7, 2014

WWI #68

Since I've been blogging about my weight loss for over a year now, I haven't missed an official Friday weigh-in post! Of course I didn't miss the weigh-in, but I didn't get around to blogging! I figured better late than never ... AND I'll backdate this post to Friday too! It's the OCD in me.

My weight was up just a bit. Up .7 from last week's weigh-in. My average was up .41. But you know, it's all good. I'm staying in the 145-150 range, after months of being stuck at 150-155.  Monday morning was the high, as usual after a weekend (the Halloween weekend no less). I was pretty good on Monday, but we did end up with an impromptu dinner, so I didn't get my usual drop Tuesday morning. I kept working all week, and did manage to get a decent official weigh-in for Friday. 

It's actually been a pretty stressful week. Anxiety Child (#4) has really been struggling. You can read more about the day to day stuff in my daily doings.  Despite it all, I still got in my exercise. I think it actually keeps me sane! I just got in one weight workout, but got in my hour of elliptical every day (I got "Nashville" season 1 from the library and am trying to get through all five disks in a week, as they are due back), plus a lot of reading and riding and "hikes" on my treadmill (at an incline). Zumba Mon-Fri, with a double dose on Thursday.

NUMBERS: Even with Halloween and a family trip to Red Robin, I kept calories in check. They averaged out at 1979 per day (under 2000 is my goal). I stayed active, getting in some big step days. My average calorie burn was 3111 (I try for 3000). Crunching the ins and outs, my numbers show a deficit for the week of -7523. My weight doesn't reflect that (that would be almost a two pound loss) but I'm happy to see that number anyway. For months, I seemed to usually end up with a deficit, but it was always rather small. 

I'm completely happy with my week, even though I didn't get a loss. At this point I'd be fine maintaining ... although I'm not moving into maintenance mode (as I managed to barely maintain while actively trying to lose still).  Some challenges this upcoming week ... birthdays! Which means cake and dinner's out.  Check in next week to see how it all goes.

Linking up with my weekly check-in link-ups: Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey and a really late Weigh-In Wednesday. 
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