Monday, April 9, 2018

Week #244 Spring Break Week

This past week was Spring Break. The college kids had theirs a bit ago, but their break didn't impact me much. For the younger boys ... it sure shifts the schedule. The boys slept in, and so did I. There wasn't any early elliptical every morning. There wasn't much elliptical at all, although I still got some in. Treadmill time was down even more. I still hit my Zumba classes though. It was Spring Break out of state too, and we had friends and family come visiting us as well.

Pretty much all the stats were down ... other than the scale of course!
NUMBERS: Official weight up again (.9) and the average was up as well (.7 to 177.01). Average intake (2771) was higher than average burn (2434) so it's no surprise that calories for the week were over (4795).  Step average was 16858 with 34.26 logged miles. No 30k days. No 3000+ burn days. No -2000 intake days. I was taking a break. 

EXERCISE: Only Zumba stayed pretty much the same. I still hit all five of my classes, I even lead on Monday, subbing for Debbie who was out of town for break. I hit the elliptical four days, but just half my normal time. I did get in a full hour one day (Saturday no less! No Zumba that day). Only one time on the treadmill the entire week. One session on the bike, but no weights.   OTHER ACTIVITIES: Not having to do kid carpools, driving was down. Just one basketball game ... but the game before ours went way over, so we spent more time there. I got out to get my nails done and as mentioned above, with friends and family in town, we had quite a bit of friend and family time! Just hanging out visiting and catching up ... and snacking. 

Here's the Day by Day ...
  • Monday (0402) Spring Break for the kids, and I'm taking a bit of a break too. Sleeping in, but still hitting Zumba. In fact, I was teaching today, subbing Debbie's class. Also 30min elliptical. #5 had a basketball game in the evening. 19550 steps. 2665 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Tuesday (0403) Zumba w/Marian in the morning, then 30min elliptical, and 2.5miles treadmill. #5 went to hang with friends while #4 had a friend over to our home, then went with friends to the Jazz game in the evening. 21084 steps. 2160 burn. 2200 intake ... estimate, not tracking food very well this week.
  • Wednesday (0404) Two times on the elliptical, for 30min total. Zumba w/MZL and I mowed the front lawn. Eating was out of control today though. 20591 steps. 2733 burn.
  • Thursday (0405) Only Zumba today exercise. Big crowd, as usual for the Thursday class. I stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home (oh dear, there was some clearance candy from Easter still available ... Reeses eggs!) Then we had friends from California over to visit for a few hours. Very fun to see them again. Hubs and #4 had a derby in the evening, #3 worked, #5 had practice. 17424 steps. 2537 burn. Intake ? ... tried to track but I'm sure I forgot a lot.
  • Friday (0406) Started the day with Zumba. Two mile walk on the treadmill a little later, with a bike ride (stationary, reading while riding) in the evening. Gotta get back to tracking consumption better. 19115 steps. 2550 burn.
  • Saturday (0407) No basketball today/Spring break weekend. Hubs had a derby, #1 helped. I went in for a needed nail appointment. Did get in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. Caught up on "Grey's Anatomy" and watched some "Travelers" ... 15306 steps. 2459 burn. 3400 intake.  
  • Sunday (0408) Got together with family for Sunday Brunch at Maga's house. Had ALL the cousins. I'd made lasagna for dinner yesterday, and chicken pillows, fried tenders tonight. Hubs made popcorn and started watching season two of "Stranger Things" ... 4939 steps. 1936 burn. 3300 intake.

*** What I Watched While Working Out ***
No movies this week ... I knew going in that I wasn't going to be spending my usual hours in the gym. I figured as I likely wouldn't finish a movie in a day, I'd just watch my streaming series ... Colony, season 2. I finished it up, and started season two of Travelers. I also caught up on the most recent Grey's Anatomy, which is the only current TV program I'm keeping up with.

Five Featured Photos ...

 #4 turned his hands ORANGE. Mixing silly putty and play-dough changed the composition and it stuck something awful. We had the hardest time getting it off!

#2 watching the game ...
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a bouquet basket of sunshine!

All the cousins on Hub's side.

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