Monday, October 8, 2018

Week #270 (172.7)

I must admit ... I didn't try very hard this past week. I took it easy. Didn't stress about it. The previous week, I tried REALLY hard, and the scale wasn't shifting, in fact it went up. I gave up over the weekend and was bad, and then it held steady. So ... this week I just kind of did what I felt like doing with eating and exercise. I still got in a couple 30k days. I LIKE to exercise. I even kept calories under 2000 one day, without really being conscious about it. Through it all, the weight stayed pretty consistent, and even dropped some. The weekend wasn't good (per usual). For the official weigh-in this morning, I was exactly where I was last week. I'm okay with that. I wonder if I had tried, if the numbers would have been better or if my body is just doing what it wants regardless ...

Here's the weekly stats ... (step goal is 20k per day)
NUMBERS: Official weight stayed exactly the same (172.7) with average down a smidgen (-.46 to 170.07). Average intake was 2543. Average burn 2692. Ended up with a small deficit for the week (-430). Step average was 21359 with 56.31 logged miles. Cardio minutes 778/789, 886/934/990 ... no weights this week. 

My wearing/comparing numbers were a LOT closer this week too! I noticed my Versa came in close, and even higher, than my One on a couple of days. My HipClip was not as over as usual. It was 150,939. The One was 149510 and the Versa was 147133. #2 came in behind me at 94181 and #4 just at 48,782. #5 didn't sync. 

EXERCISE: I got my hour of elliptical in four days this week. Two additional days I did half an hour. Treadmill time four days. Pretty much just walking this week. Five Zumba classes. I was the sole instructor for one (helped out at the others). One time on the bike. No strength training.

OTHER ACTIVITIES:  Driving and grocery shopping as per usual. Lawn mowing time is going down a little. It's not growing as much with the cooler weather ... although it sure got water this week! Lots of rain. Two basketball games for #5. Some time at the school for Parent/Teacher conferences.

Here's a look at the Day by Day ...

  • Monday (1001) 30k day to start with week, and the month. Got my hour of elliptical in early, then Zumba. I finally made it back to Southziders and it was so fun to see everyone. Good workout too. Quick store stop on the way home. Treadmill time and a session on the bike. I also did a quick mow of the front lawn, rain is in the forecast for the next several days. 30563 steps. 3125 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (1002) Started the day with my hour of elliptical. Taught Zumba over at the church. A little lower key back at home today. Just one treadmill time for additional exercise. Some house cleanup, as Hubs is headed home. Picked up the boys from school, and had an appointment to go back with #4, but Hubs had issues at the airport. The car left in long term parking was dead. Someone was helping him jump it, but as the electric came online, it locked ... with keys and phone inside. As none of the older boys were available, I had to drive out with the spare and the portable charger. Not a great trip with my driving anxiety, but I survived. Luckily the storm waited until we made it home. 26859 steps. 2978 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Wednesday (1003) Bad night for sleep, draggy/down day. Still hit my Zumba w/MZL, but only got 30min elliptical in early ... and at all. I never made it back down to the gym. Had PT Conferences for the two middle school kids today. 17560 steps. 2509 burn. 2500 intake. 
  • Thursday (1004) Got to 30k today. Hour of elliptical early, Zumba w/MZL and then two miles treadmill. Some shopping steps too. Hubs had a derby, he went straight from work. #1 was at his best man's wedding all day. #2 got home from his work trip. #4 and #5 went next door for doggy duty while the neighbors are out of town. 30144 steps. 3077 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Friday (1005) Woke very early ... on a day I could have slept in. I still had to make sure #3 got off, but the littles didn't have school today. That meant I could make it to Zumba on time, but there was a building conflict. I often don't go when they switch buildings, but as this was my last free Friday, I wanted to make it. So I did. Had a good class. Also fit in my hour of elliptical and treadmill time. #4 hung out with a friend and #5 had practice. 27032 steps. 2960 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Saturday (1006) Slept in some. No exercise, but I did do some weeding, mowing and gardening. #5 had two basketball games. Won one, lost one. Pumpkin carving and popcorn in the evening. 8058 steps. 2104 burn. 2600 intake. 
  • Sunday (1007) Big family breakfast ... big family dinner. Uber eating! Hubs smoked a brisket and we had my folks over. Grandparents and games. Played Pirate. Did 30min of elliptical. 9294 steps. 2094 burn. 3300 intake. 

*** What I Watched While Working Out ***

Three movies this week, all fairly recent. I started with the cute Netflix original Nappily Ever After (2018). I liked it. HBO had added The Shape of Water (2017) which had won best picture last year ... even though most people I knew who had seen it said it was strange. I liked it.  I hadn't heard of The Book of Henry (2017), it was leaving HBO this month, so I figured I'd give it a try. I liked it. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. The last half was a little (or a lot) far-fetched, but ... many movies are. Other than my movies, I finished up the series Seven Seconds, which was sad. Hubs and I watched Amazon's Jack Reacher upstairs. 

Five Featured Photos ...

 Monday was National Homemade Cookie day ... I made Snickerdoodles. 

With September ending ... a look at our data.
A couple months ago, we barely squeeked under. In August, we were over (had to pay an extra $50 to Xfinity, now that they are capping data on customers). I went in and tweaked some settings on our Netflix, switching the quality (we don't need the ultraHD) and turning off the auto-play feature (often it would keep running when no one was watching). It sure seemed to help!

 Cute kitty enjoying a sunbeam ... there wasn't a lot of sun this week. Very wet and rainy!

Cal and Kate and their annual (3rd year) pumpkin picture.

I made it back to Southziders this week!
It had been a while! So fun to see all the familiar faces!

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  1. The boys back to school and away all day and some evenings probably helped the data usage also. Lol

    As for your week of ‘not really watching’. I think sometimes we need those weeks and I think sometimes the stress of worrying makes us hold onto weight! I’m anxious to see what your weight does next week if you decide to watch after your brief ‘half’ hiatus!!!


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