Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making Progress

When I started here a few weeks ago, my weight was 180 ... as I logged calories and controlled them, I dropped into the 170s. Today, it dropped a little, to 169.6. The change in that middle number is a big milestone. 10 pounds. Happy to be out of the 180s, 170s ... while my goal weight is 135ish, I sure hope I can keep this up to at least 155, which would at least get me out of the "overweight" category. I remember feeling pretty good about myself at 150, even on the way back up from being lower. Just trying to keep it realistic. 
I'm really happy I've been having so many good days. I think I've only gone over my goal ONE day since I started (and that was over my expenditure, not just over my decifit) . I'm not sure what it is.  In the past, I would only need to think the word "diet" and be starving ... and I'd alomst always give in to that. I always felt I had no willpower. My initial weight loss several years ago was almost a fluke ... seriously. 20 pounds fell off initially, then I did start eating "better" (still not good, but better *Ü*) and exercising to lose the additional 30. But it was not hard. Not like keeping it off, not like trying to lose after I'd gained again. While exercise has become a part of my life, I've never got a handle on my eating.
 I'm still not eating healthy ... I'm simply trying to control my calories at this point (maybe once I feel I really have it under control I can start looking at macros and moving to healthier options). I still struggle. Most days, even when I'm really trying, I can't keep calories under 2000 (they add up so fast when there are a lot of empty calories in there).  I'm really trying to pay attention, no mindless or emotional eating.  I have days where my hunger is no longer out of control even on a low calorie count day.
Add to that my exercise. I'm a bit crazy with my exercise ... although admittedly, I'm a little more into quantity than quality. I would feel guilty if I just sat down and watched tv ... but if I'm walking, or on the elliptical, I can justify it. I'm exercising! I love to read as well, but again, feel guilty spending too much time on novels ... but if I read while on the stationary bike, then I'm accomplishing two things at once! I don't do a lot of just sitting ... I don't know if I could do a desk job. I think I'd go crazy.   
... well, enought sitting down writing this up. Time to get back on the elliptical!

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