Sunday, June 30, 2013

June ... Intake and Burn Graph

I love these graphs from Fitbit. Before I started using MFP though, I only had the burn line. No matter what it says, unless you have your INTAKE as well to compare, it really doesn't mean too much. As I had been gaining weight, even with a lot of activity, I must have been eating at the same level - or higher! Now I really try to keep those lines apart, and I was pretty successful this past month. Trouble spots were ...

  • Over Oops at the first of the month. It was a Sunday (always hard) and some emotional eating.
  • Whoops Weekend at the end of the month (not crossed but close). Movie on Friday, out to eat Saturday and Sunday ... Sundays are always a challenge.
Happy with the total burn average, and the average intake *Ü*
That is where I want them to be. 

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