Tuesday, September 12, 2017

TV Tuesday - End of Summer Series

 TV Tuesday - What Have I Been Watching?
(while working out ... of course!)

I struggled a bit with my workouts during the summer months. I rarely even got in my hour of elliptical, which had been pretty standard until recently.  Not being on the school schedule, forcing me to get up early, having those few hours of ME time ... Another reason was I struggled to find something to watch that really grabbed me. I tried several series that I ended up giving up on. They just didn't hold my interest (hmmm, sounds like another TV Tuesday blog post). They didn't make me want to get in that extra elliptical or treadmill time,  just to see what happened. Didn't keep my adrenaline pumping.  I did go through three seasons/series from start to finish in my gym ... and Hubs and I watched a couple together too (not in the gym, but in this same time frame, so I'm including them here). 

  • Big Little Lies: As we are paying a little extra to get access to HBO (I would have been willing to wait on GOT, but Hubs wanted to watch week to week ... it IS hard to avoid spoilers) I figured I'd watch another show on that subscription. I'd heard some buzz about "Big Little Lies" and it certainly had some big names.  Not really an adrenaline boosting one to watch (except in just a few parts) but it did keep my interest. I don't know that I can say I liked it ... it was rather depressing, although it did offer hope/redemption in the end. I can't even comprehend the lifestyle presented (these mom's of 1st graders putting on a big fundraiser where everyone dresses up? So not my scene). It reminded me a little of Showtime's "The Affair" how it had a present day investigation going on, but we watching don't really even know what happened ... and then you see the story progress in the past until all is revealed.
  • Shooter: I'd watched the movie starring Mark Wahlberg a long time ago. I remembered the most basic premise (army sniper being set up) but couldn't really recall much after that ... so no spoilers for the series for me. This one was a good one to watch while working out. A lot of action. Definite storyline progressing from one episode to the next. It grabbed me. I got a little frustrated with all the people switching sides ... I actually cheered when one of the bad guys got taken down. Had some interesting background music throughout.
  • Scandal: Season six ... I came into this show a little late, catching the first season or two on Netflix. Then being caught up, it was one I watched week to week as it aired ... but I hated the wait between episodes.  This last season I did not watch until it was done and on Netflix. Not sure how I feel about this season ... especially the end.

Ozark was a bit of a binge ... watched it pretty much in a weekend. Started on a Thursday, got in a couple episodes, a couple more on Saturday ... and the rest on Sunday (that would be six. 10 episodes in the season). Many people have compared it to "Breaking Bad" (one of Hub's favorite shows) and I can see the parallels. Family man involved in a dangerous business as the premise. We liked it.

... and Game of Thrones. You almost can't wait to watch an episode, as there are so many spoilers all over. It's been discussed to death, so I don't know that I'll add anything here. The watching week to week does distance me from it a bit. I think I distanced myself a few seasons back (that awful red wedding really did me in). It will be interesting to see how it all ties up. We have a bit of a wait. Hmmm, shall we cut out our HBO subscription until then?

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