Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekly Report #215

Well today's weigh-in isn't as low as I hit during the week, but still almost a pound drop from last Monday's measurement. I had 30k days Mon-Fri and 20k days Sat and Sunday. Staying active, and improving the eating ... quantity if not quality. Here are the weekly Fitbit stats and numbers ...

NUMBERS: Official weight down .9, average down too (-1.66 to 167.61). Average intake 1950 with average burn 3148. Deficit for the week (-5975).  Step average 29308 with 112.78 logged miles. Cardio minutes 1230/1171/1224 and 60min w/weights, 60min abs/core. As mentioned above, I hit 30k five days this week. Those same days had 3000+ burn as well. 

Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: Very consistent with my hour of elliptical and treadmill time. Every day this week for both. Five Zumba classes with a little extra on my own. Five times on the bike, reading and riding. Two weight workouts, and four ab/core sessions.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: A little lawn mowing, some shopping steps, two basketball games and the usual driving kids around. We had friends over several times this week, and Hubs left for a weekend biking in Moab

Here's a quick look at the day to day ...

  • Monday (0911) Good start to the week. Got in my hour of elliptical, treadmill twice, bike and Zumba w/Debbie. Workout movie was "Cinderella" today. A quick store stop to restock some groceries. Gathered Golden Girls eggs (I thought she'd stopped laying but she just switched spots). Spaghetti dinner. 32586 steps. 3313 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Tuesday (0912) Zumba with Marian, and I did a little extra on my own too. Three 20min sessions on the elliptical, two 30min sessions on the treadmill (watched "Allegiant"). Also did some weights. Hubs had a derby ... and a Menieres attack. Made it through with help from the boys. Dominos for dinner. Even though I had plenty of activity already, I might have hit the bike before bed ... but there were boys in my gym (#2 this time). 32798 steps. 3467 burn. 1700 intake. I wanted some ice cream in the evening but I resisted.
  • Wednesday (0913) Had to push to hit my 30k today. Zumba w/MZL ... a little shopping after. My hour of elliptical, 30min treadmill time and a session on the bike before bed. Small ab workout. Mowed the front lawn. Haystacks for dinner. 30283 steps. 3108 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Thursday (0914) Ugg ... bad night. Awake for a while, and then bad dreams when I did finally fall asleep. Woke up unsettled and off. Got in my hour of elliptical, and hour of treadmill watching "Nocturnal Animals" which was dark and depressing. Zumba w/MZL and a quick shopping stop after. Beef Stroganoff for dinner. No practice for #5, so it was a quiet evening. Good thing I had hit the gym earlier in the day, as #3 was in there for 2.5 hours. Still hit my 30k. 30959 steps. 3189 burn. 2100 intake ... oops, a little over goal. Caved to some cravings that involved peanut butter (Reeses). Passed on the opened bag to #1 son to finish (or hide!)
  • Friday (0915) Pretty active for a Friday! Only one elliptical early, with the late start. Zumba w/MZL, with a little extra on my own. Finished up my elliptical with two more sessions to equal my hour. One time on the treadmill, a session on the bike and I did weights. Hubs is off for a weekend biking in Moab. 31028 steps. 3313 burn. 1750 intake.
  • Saturday (9/16) Got in one elliptical session before heading out to basketball with boy #5. They won. Ran some errands ... dropped #4 off to hang with friends, grabbed stuff from the store and library. Two more elliptical sessions to equal my hour. Another basketball game. Another win. Some treadmill time and a little ab work. Made chocolate chip cookies. 23760 steps. 2862 burn. 1800 intake.
... and Five Featured Photos ...

 I had a video clip of these "bubble battle balls" in action last week. The boys and their friends had fun this week ... but alas, I don't think they (the balls) survived.

 ... had to restock the food for the ducks. All the wild birds seem to enjoy it too!
50 pound bags! #1 son carried both at once into the backyard. 

I had thought Golden Girl had stopped laying ... but she just switched spots. I found these Sunday night. Hubs said we could leave them and let her sit, but the thought of a whole new brood of babies got me a little overwhelmed and I gathered them. It's too late in the season!

 ... picking tomatoes left he with red scratches. 
I think it was actually a pokey squash plant!

 Restocking on Golden Oreos ... #1 posted this to his snapchat.

What I Watched While Working Out This Week 
A variety of movies this week ... grabbed some non-streaming shows from the library. Started off with the new Cinderella. I liked it. I never cared for the Rodgers and Hammerstein version, but loved "The Slipper and the Rose" from long ago. Vampire Academy ... I have vague recollections of this hitting theaters, but it bombed big time if I recall correctly. Watching it, I can see why. Bad. A shame, as I really loved the book series. Nocturnal Animals ... recently in theaters, I really didn't know anything about it but recognized a few of the big names. Oy. I thought it was terrible. Completely dark and graphic with no redeeming value at all. Interesting to check out the reviews on IMDB. Some people actually liked it? Not me! Jupiter Ascending ... I like science fiction stuff. This had some recognizable names. BAD. So bad. So so bad. Burnt ... I like Bradley Cooper. I'd loved the movie "Chef" and some of the other "chef" shows. A ton of language, and so very removed from any eating experience I've ever had (or want to have, I'm a simple girl with simple tastes), but I liked it.

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