Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Family 5k (2018)

We've done two FAMILY 5k runs (jog/walks) ... a number of us participated this year, but it wasn't the full family. Missing Hubs, who said he didn't want to have a heart attack, and #3, who wouldn't get out of bed. I wasn't going to make #5 participate, as he had a basketball game a little later in the day and I didn't want to impact his play negatively, but he thought he'd be okay (and he was). Last year we had #2's girlfriend, this year it was #1's gal who joined us.

The race we did last year and this year, is the Linda Butters Memorial Fun Run. While the purpose of many 5k races is to raise funds, this race is only about giving back to the community. Honoring this individual who gave so much. $10 registered the entire Blackham Bunch. Official clip timing for accurate results, nice swag bags and matching t-shirts.  

This event kicks off the 4th of July activities at our local park. The area was already cordoned off for the carnival set-up, so no worry about cars driving around the loop. Unfortunately, I hadn't fully prepped my music. I thought I had. I'd put my old ipod shuffle on the charger, but went I tried it out, it wasn't working. Neither were my wireless headphones (linked to my phone, as while my new Versa has the ability to hold music and stream it, I hadn't set that up  yet either). I tried plugging in some regular earbuds, but those just do not stay in my ears. So ... no music this go round. 

Last year, they had us run up the center, and then around the loop three times. As I mentioned in the blog post last year (Family 5k 2017) the fast finishing times made me suspect that it hadn't been measured correctly. This year, we were directed to the center, then the side, then FOUR times around the loop.  As I generally figure my average is 40min for the 3.1 miles, this seemed closer to correct (my time last year had been under 30 minutes).  Versa stats; 5648 steps. AvHR139. High 165.  In zone 36 of the 37 minutes. Estimated calorie burn 386.
Last year, #3 had been the first one to finish in our family. This year ... he was still in bed. #2 took the honors of the first Blackham to cross the finish line. Last year, with his girlfriend beside him, he had held back a bit. That may have been the case for #1 this year. #5 gleefully lapped me (#2 had as well) calling out "hi Mom" on his way to the finish line, while I still had another loop to go. #4 admitted that this run had been more challenging for him. He's a little out of practice.

Cute navy shirts made from nice performance fabric. I missed having the whole family in the race and the picture. Hopefully next year we'll get everyone! I'd love for this 5k to become an annual tradition. In the few days following, my calves were killing me. I was a little surprised, as I'd done some "5k" jogs on the treadmill in the previous weeks without much impact afterward. I wasn't the only one moaning though ... #2 also commented on his calves, while the two littles said it was their quads that were tight.  Looking forward to 2019!


  1. Ten bucks for the whole family is a deal!!!!!

    And thank heavens! Someone else that is admitting that ear buds don’t stay in their ears! When I tell people I get the ‘your just crazy’ comments or looks!!!

  2. Love a good family run! My family does two together every year!! We run the great race in Pgh and the Turtle trot in Stone Harbor! Annster's Domain


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