Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Fitbit Fan

I am a FAN of the Fitbit! I don't know when the Fitbit first came out. I ordered mine in February of 2010. It was backordered, so I didn't receive it until the very last day in April.  Now I'd been wearing a pedometer for years ...I can tell you how many steps I've walked any given day since September of 2006. I started out with a fairly cheap model ... went through several of those! Upgraded to an Omron and used that for years (still using it as a backup in fact *Ü*).  Going from a $20 pedometer to one that costs $100 ... it was a bit of a jump. But from the moment I got my Fitbit, I was hooked!

Now honestly ... I can't say the Fitbit made me MORE active. I had been VERY active already. I joined Walker Tracker in December of 2008, and the competitions there did actually make me move more. I was hitting 30K a day with regularity. By the time I got my Fitbit in 2010, I was slowing down a bit. Changes in schedules and priorities and all that, but I loved my new Fitbit and the visual graphs and data it provided. 

I can't say the Fitbit helped me lose weight either. Since my initial loss in 2006, I seemed to put on five pounds around April every single year like clockwork, just in time for summer. Add the five pounds each year from my goal weight of 135 in 2006 and I was at 175 in 2013 ... actually more like 180, as I'd added a few extra pounds here and there as well. It was a little frustrating, as I was so active, yet I wasn't tracking my food, so couldn't say the weight gain was unjustified.  I probably WAS eating as much (or more) than I was burning. The Fitbit website does have a food tracker ... I had given it a half-hearted attempt a couple times. I also used another calorie tracking site but struggled with it as well. I then heard about My Fitness Pal, and it is SUPER easy to use, AND it syncs with Fitbit. Now that I am also tracking intake as well as activity, I am really hoping to make something happen.

I'd had my original Fitbit (the Ultra) for over three years. Honestly, I can't believe I didn't lose it or wash it during that time.  It was still working, but I noticed cracks in the top. I wasn't sure how much longer it was going to last, and I knew I didn't want to go even a day without it should it break. Right about this time, Fitbit came out with the One ... the new and improved Fitbit. So I ordered it and easily connected it to my account and was up and running. That was February 2013. 

As my old Ultra was still functional, I figured I see if my oldest son wanted to use it. Not really as a motivational tool, but just to see how active he was. He didn't really express any interest in it though. Now my mom was actually a pedometer person even before I was, so I thought I'd see if she wanted to give it a try. I took it out and she was hooked. She ended up buying a One for herself, and for my dad. Then my son DID show an interest, but wanted the new Flex (bracelet type) ... like many years ago when the Fitbit was first introduced, supply cannot keep up with demand and I've placed the order but am waiting for shipment. My 14-year old son also expressed an interest, so I did authorize a purchase for him as well. We are a Fitbit Family!

I love that the Fitbit is so easy ... just put it on and go. You really don't have to do ANYTHING else. All the information is synced wirelessly to the computer (or they've even developed an app for that!). I love the visuals, the graphs.. you can SEE your activity chronologically throughout the day. You can compare your total calorie burn with your food intake (once you commit to logging your food anyway). The Fitbit can give you exact numbers for a specific workout, and then also captures all your miscellaneous movement throughout your day. At night, it can log your sleeping habits.  It really is a great tool.

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