Thursday, May 2, 2013

J&G's Gym

** New Year's Resolution time, the majority of goals set probably are about fitness or losing weight. I'm spoiled ... in our basement we have a large unfinished room that has become J&G's Gym. For cardio, there is a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationary bike. The wall I face as I workout has a plethora of pictures ... I love to look at all the memories (it's my happy place). To help keep me entertained and motivated, there is a nice speaker system and Ipod to blare music ... there is a TV, with both a DVD player and a Wii attached (the Wii streams Netflix ... and is there for WiiFit if I'm so inclined). I always need a little bit of a breeze, so there are fans on the bike and elliptical (which can be tilted toward the treadmill, although the treadmill has its own fan ... it's just a very NOISY fan). Those are my fuzzy slippers next to the elliptical, because yes ... I like to wear slippers instead of shoes when on the elliptical *Ü* (I'm not sure if they'd go for that at Gold's Gym).

And fitness isn't just about cardio, so we have a full set of weights, a leg press, a calf machine as well as a full bench system. Add a ball, kettlebells and resistance bands ... as I mentioned, I'm pretty dang spoiled with this set up! Personally, I really like the treadmill (I know many really prefer running outdoors), but I have NO excuses not to work out with all this just a few steps away.

It's always nice and cool in the gym (sometimes a little TOO cool in the Winter months, but that is just a motivator to get moving). I like to lock the door when on the treadmill, but there is a little window into the room that the kids can safely poke their head in if they need me. Whereas sometimes it can be hard to get away for a solid hour, I can almost always slip away for 20 minutes here and there. In fact, the little ones sometimes get a bit spooked by "the basement" and don't want to be down there alone ... it doesn't matter if I'm in the same room, as long as I'm on the same level ... so the two little boys will say "Mom, I want to go downstairs, will you go exercise?"

... both Gray and I DO have a membership at Gold's too ... because alas, as wonderful as this gym is, we can't play racquetball in it.

** This was originally posted in the FamilyBlog January 2011 (alas, we haven't played racquetball in forever)

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! My fiance and I are working on building our home gym up now. Y'alls looks GREAT.


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