Friday, May 3, 2013

Musical Motivation

Music is a pretty powerful motivator when it comes to exercising. When I first started back in 2006, I had a couple dozen playlists. What I would listen to would depend on my mood. I gathered a huge library of "up" songs to exercise to. As we expanded the home gym, a TV replaced much of my music, and I do miss it (of course I can always listen to music if I want to, but I do like watching tv series or movies too). But during those times I leave the comfort of my home gym, I do return to music.  

Now I've always struggled with headphones. The "in the ear" kinds just don't seem to stay IN my ears! The over the ear kinds tend to push on my ears uncomfortably. And then there is always the wire from the headphones to the ipod or other mp3 player. Until I discovered these awesome headphones. These do actually stay in my ears, and there are no wires whatsoever. My little shuffle plugs right into them. They are also very durable. I can just shove them in my gym bag without worrying about anything breaking. Ok ... on a guy, they might stand out a little, make him look like a cyborg. But with my long hair, you can't even see that I have headphones on! These are a great gadget for this girl!

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