Monday, July 1, 2013

Day to Day (July2013)

July 1 (Monday) Good day. Weight 169.2. Fitbit steps 30660. Total burn 3431. Calories in 2300. Calories out 1600 Exercise was 90minElliptical, 38minBike, 30DS1.1 and jogged the track during the boy's basketball practice. I forgot my HRM, dang it! About 9000 steps, so a little over 4 miles in the hour. Unfortunately there is a class going on right then, made the track very crowded. If it wasn't 100° outside I would have just jogged the park instead. Eating was a hearty breakfast of French Toast and milk. Quite a few snacks throughout the day. Skipped dinner. 

July 2 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 167.5 Fitbit steps 31912. Total burn 3653. Calories in 2000. Calories out 1850. Exercise consisted of 100minElliptical, 37minBike, 30DS1.2, some ping pong and jogging the track during the boy's basketball game (4 miles, 483 calories, I did remember the HRM today). Eating consisted of cold cereal, fiber one bar, tortilla chips and spaghetti dinner. Some snacks too. 

July 3 (Wednesday) OK day. Weight 166.5. Fitbit steps 24300. Total burn 3237. Calories in 2875. Calories out 1447. Exercise credit from 100minElliptical, 37min/10milesBike, 30DS1.3, and I mowed the lawn. Eating added up with French Toast for breakfast, Fried Chicken and Yellow Rice for dinner ... and lots of snacks. I was HUNGRY today. Maybe feeling a little justified after the past two days. 

July 4 (Thursday) Bad day (eating/exercise wise) Weight 167.8 Fitbit steps 5497 Total burn 2093. Calories in 2600 (and I got sloppy, might have been higher). Calories out ... 300 (no dedicated exercise, this was the Fitbit adjustment on MFP). Up early and off to the lake for wave running.  Stopped at Maga's on the way home. So mostly sitting and snacking all day. Supervising sparklers in the evening. 

July 5 (Friday) OK Day. Weight 168.4  Fitbit steps 18824   Total burn 2856. Calories in 2200. Calorie burn 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS1.4 + 35minPingPong. Eating: Small breakfast, then nothing until over eating at the movies (popcorn/candy) ... did not feel great that evening.

July 6 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 167.9 Fitbit steps 22416. Total burn 2850. Calories in 1800. Calorie burn 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS1.5, 40min/2.5milesTreadmill (10min10%incline, Intervals for the rest). Eating: late/small breakfast, Tepanyaki for dinner. Just a couple snacks.  Hubby took the kids to a movie, I begged off, so as not to eat popcorn/candy again and got in a workout during that time instead. Hubby and I did go out to dinner at Tepanyaki, but I had calories set aside and rice/steak/salmon isn't too bad.

July 7 (Sunday) OK Day. Weight 166.7. Fitbit steps 12826. Total burn 2464. Calories in 2000. Calorie burn 670. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 10minWiiFit, 15minPingPong. Eating: Sunday Circles for breakfast (didn't eat a whole waffle though). Crock pot roast beef. Homemade oreos ... ** Rude awakening at 3:00 with stupid teens doorbell ditching the house. Couldn't get back to sleep.

July 8 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 32086. Total burn 3361. Calories in 2150. Calorie burn 1550. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.6, 50min/3.5milesTrack. Decent food day for the morning/afternoon. Overdid it on orange rolls for dinner...but they were yummy!

July 9 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 27641. Total burn 3309. Calories in 2400. Calorie burn 1500. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 38minBike, 30DS1.7, 60min/4miles Track. Jogged during the boy's basketball game. Seemed a bit behind all day, after sleeping in and starting late. Not a great eating day. The orange rolls were still around. The kids wanted toasted cheese (and I had one too), and hubby made his yummy popcorn. But hopefully the activity offset the eating.

July 10 (Wednesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 25464. Total burn 3113. Calories in 2200. Calorie burn 1300. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS1.8 + bowling with the boys. Did good on eating until the evening when I grabbed breads from Little Caesars and made brownies.

July 11 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 22357. Total burn 3029. Calories in 2100. Calorie burn 1200. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.9, 38minBike(10miles). Too many calories in the snack section (but I did have to have some of the lemon jello cake I made). **tom

July 12 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 19547. Total burn 2799. Calories in 2220. Calories burned 1000. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30DS1.10 Eating: Cold cereal, French Toast for dinner. Quite a few snacks.  **tom

July 13 (Saturday) OK day. Weight 166.3. Fitbit steps 22639. Total burn 2845. Calories in 2800. Calories burned 1050. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 45min/3.5milesTrack ... would have done more but had to come down when #3 took a hard hit during the basketball game. Not a good eating day ... stopped at Dunford for donuts, and went to a movie in the evening.  **tom

July 14 (Sunday) Bad day. Weight 166.8. Fitbit steps 2325. Total burn 1773. Calories in 1800. Calories burned 0. Woke up not feeling well and stayed in bed almost the whole day. Did feel a bit better by evening, enough to partake of hubby's BBQ dinner.

July 15 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 166.9. Fitbit steps 25152. Total burn 3187. Calories in 1700. Calories burned 1400. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 37minBike, 30DS2.1, 15minWiiFit. Change up to Level 2 on 30DS ... whew! This level has some different, awkward moves. Hoped to jog the track today as the boys had basketball practice, but #3 wanted to come home right after. Eating: Made waffles (usually make them on Sunday but hadn't felt up to it yesterday) ... I thought I'd come in high starting with a big breakfast,  but didn't eat too much the rest of the day. It felt good to keep calories lower. Did feel fine today after yesterday's sickness.

July 16 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 165.8. Fitbit steps 28522. Total burn 3297. Calories in 2000. Calories burned 1500. Exercise: 80minElliptical, 30DS2.2, 37minBike, 55min/4milesTrack. Eating: French Toast for dinner ...

July 17 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 165.0. Fitbit steps 27780. Total burn 3410. Calories in 1550. Calories burned 1500. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS2.3, 37minBike. Not sure why(how) I kept the eating so low, grazed throughout the day and that seemed to do the trick.

July 18 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 164.5. Fitbit steps 22625. Total burn 3060. Calories consumed 1850. Calorie credit 1200. Exercise: 120minElliptical. Eating: Cold cereal & watermelon for breakfast. Dinner was a bit bigger, leftovers from Sunday's steak. Still too many snacks. Day Notes: It was a disjointed day ... a Dr appointment in the morning (my annual physical, all looks good), chauffeuring kids and we had repairmen around the house much of the day, finishing up the a/c install from a few weeks ago. Didn't get my 30DS in, I'll have to make it up on Saturday to stay on schedule.

July 19 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 164.5. Fitbit steps 24319. Total burn 3057. Calories consumed 2050. Calorie credit 1250. Exercise: 90minElliptical, 30DS2.4, LawnMow (45min, it was HOT and the grass was long, I had to go over much of the yard twice, 258 per HRM, not sure if that is accurate for this activity, just left the Fitbit estimate which was 206). Eating: the boys requested "French Toast Friday" for breakfast, #4 and I had some popcorn chicken and an ice cream cone while shopping. 700CEC. Day Notes: I had been worried about getting my 30DS in, as we had a funeral for a neighbor then waverunning. #4 didn't care to go, so I stayed home with him.

July 20 (Saturday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 165.4. Fitbit steps 27312. Total burn 3152. Calories consumed 2700. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS2.5, 75min/5miles Track during the boy's basketball game. Didn't eat much in the morning, then hubby and I went out to Johnny Carinos in the evening. Had a couple mozzarella cheese sticks (logs!) and chicken alfredo (did bring half home).  Hubby had stopped earlier in the day and brought home cheese cake (from The Cheesecake Factory).  I'm not a huge fan and won't eat most flavors, but this was plain ... and good. Dinner and dessert ... high calorie count!

July 21(Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 165.8. Fitbit steps 13858. Total burn 2497. Calories consumed 2300. Calorie credit 710. Exercise: 60minElliptical, Walk to/from church. Eating: Sunday circles for breakfast. Day Notes: Made rice krispie treats for hubby to take as a treat, then they weren't needed and the entire pan was home all day to temp me! Also made homemade oreos in the evening.

July 22 (Monday) Ok Day. Weight 166.2. Fitbit steps 14678. Total burn 2563. Calories consumed 2300. Calorie credit 770. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS 2.6. Eating: Skipped breakfast, snacked on popcorn. Market Street (fish and chips) for dinner. Day Notes: Friends in town, so we met up with them at JumpN Bounce for several hours, then a late dinner out with hubby.

July 23 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 166.6. Fitbit steps 27003. Total burn 3282. Calories consumed 2000. Calorie credit 1500. Exercise: 70minElliptical, 30DS2.7, 75min/5.5miles Track. Eating: Made snickerdoodles, ate snickerdoodles, but didn't eat a whole lot else, no real meals. Day Notes: Had our friends over (thus the making of cookies) to hang out for a few hours, but did get in some workouts and the boys had basketball in the evening. I would NOT have gotten in that much exercise that late without that! It was the final game though, I'll miss the basketball "push" ...

July 24 (Wednesday) Ok Day. Weight 165. Fitbit steps 11800. Total burn 2373. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 580. Exercise: 40minElltiptical and hike up/down the beach. Eating:  Lots of beach treats (chips, tootsie rolls, Snickerdoodles AGAIN!) Day Notes: State holiday, so family fun at the beach. We'd been a little worried about the weather but it turned out so nice. Got in some exercise to start/finish the day. I actually forgot my Fitbit (and Omron broken) so I didn't have it during the trip. #2 had his, so I wore it (as I wasn't really going in the water) and manually added the steps. Wasn't feeling great in the evening ...

July 25 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 166.5. Fitbit steps 23848. Total burn 3144. Calories consumed 1600. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 100minElliptical. 37min/10milesBike. 30DS2.8.  Eating: Some snacking early in the day. Chinese for dinner ... how many calories are in the sweet and sour chicken withOUT the sauce?

July 26 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 165.2. Fitbit steps 25060. Total burn 3290. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 1500. Exercise: 120minElliptical. 37/10milesBike, 30DS2.9.  Eating: Mainly snacking/grazing throughout the day. Had some bread from LittleCasears for lunch, leftover roast beef for dinner. DayNotes: Went in for my annual mammogram today, it was quick. Stopped at the store and had some chauffeur duty. Ping pong table came out today but my partner #3 was sick so I didn't get any games in.

July 27 (Saturday) Ok Day. Weight 164.2. Fitbit steps 27350. Total burn 3132. Calories consumed 2700. Calorie credit 1350. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 30DS 2.10, Lawn mow and some ping pong.  Eating: Started the day with a Dunford Donut ... or two. That's a ton of calories right there. Hubby suggested a mini dessert date in the evening, but I didn't have any calories to spare! I'm glad I got my one game on Ping Pong in because the boys put the projector screen up again, dang it!

July 28 (Sunday) Ok Day. Weight 164.7. Fitbit steps 19745. Total burn 2792. Calories consumed 2800. Calorie credit 1000. Exercise: 100minElliptical ... the last 20 minutes was done at 10:00 at night after feeling guilty about my day and trying to at least break even. Did walk to church as well (would have walked home, but it was raining). Eating: Belgian waffle breakfast. Some cinnamon rolls for lunch. Made stroganoff, but I just ate plain roast beef. The family expects homemade oreos ...

July 29 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 164.7. Fitbit steps 26116. Total burn 3247. Calories consumed 2050. Calorie credit 1467. Exercise: 120minElliptical, 39minBike, 30DS3.1 Eating: Didn't eat too much during the day. Haystacks for dinner. Lemon Jello Cake for dessert.

July 30 (Tuesday) Ok Day. Weight 164.0. Fitbit steps 17388. Total burn 2712. Calories consumed 2100. Calorie credit 936. Exercise: 60minElliptical, 30DS 3.2. Day Notes: Took the kids to a waterpark, so a lot of sitting during the day ... also some snacking, although I don't think I did too bad. Admittedly I did not actually count how many tootsie rolls or weighed my chips ... made brownies after dinner (Mac&Cheese, high calorie!) but limited myself to just one.

July 31 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 164.4. Fitbit steps 27562. Total burn 3274. Calories consumed 2200. Calorie credit 1495. Exercise: 100minElliptical, 30min/2miles Treadmill, 37minBike, 30DS3.3 & 20min Ping Pong. Day Notes: A bit of a chaotic morning, as hubby and #2 got off to scout camp. #3 was going to go too, but had an anxiety attack about it and stayed home. I'd laid out Rhodes cinnamon rolls overnight, I ended up eating three of them throughout the day. The family still says they are not as good as the ones I make, so I will probably end up making some this weekend. Although exercise started slow, I got in quite a bit in the evening.

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