Saturday, September 5, 2015

WWI #110 - After the Birthday Weekend

Up a pound after the birthday weekend ... I guess that isn't super surprising. But, I did have some really good days once we got back, returned to the routine and the structure of school, so I was hoping to at least keep the status quo. Alas, the scale said no.  Up .9, and the average up .99.  Missing a couple measurements too, as we were on vacation, and I didn't take the scale! Some numbers were an improvement though. Average in 2193, average daily burn 2751, which lead to a deficit for the week of -775.  Not huge, but it was a deficit, which I haven't been having in a bit.  Here's the weekly recap ...

  • Friday (0828): Late start morning, early out at the elementary. I did fit in Zumba and some elliptical in. After everyone was home from school/work we headed up to Park City for the weekend. Did a little swimming, went out to dinner and had some birthday cake. #4's birthday today! He's twelve!
  • Saturday (0829): Got up and went to breakfast then hit the mountain resort. Alpine Coaster, Alpine Slide, lift, trampoline, rock climbing and mini golf. We were done about 4:00. Another dinner out and more swimming back at the condo.
  • Sunday (0830): Wish we had a later check out, to allow the kids to swim once more, but alas, we simply packed up and headed home. Did our usual Sunday Circle breakfast and relaxed before the week starts back up. 
  • Monday (0831): Happy birthday to #3, he's fifteen! Kids off to school, I got in my Zumba, elliptical, bike and mowed the lawn. Hubs came home with a new car (we've been car shopping for several weeks). Kept calories in check today, even resisting the Oreo Ice Cream birthday cake!
  • Tuesday (0901): Got up at 5:30 today, early start to the day. Got in Zumba, elliptical and bike. Should have done weights, but didn't do it. Wasn't quite able to control calories today either, ice cream and candy corn were calling. In the evening, I took #5 to a basketball tryout at the high school.
  • Wednesday (0902): Did really good controlling calories today, and got in quite a bit of activity (Zumba, elliptical and bike). Another basketball session with #5 in the evening, just to be told there weren't enough their age to form a team.
  • Thursday (0903): Zumba in the morning, some elliptical during the day. Didn't get to the bike. Zumba in the evening again. Hubs brought home a couple ducks! Ducky time again. Did pretty good on calories, but shouldn't have snacked after getting back from Zumba!

 #4's birthday cake! White with buttercream frosting.

 #3's birthday cake. Oreo Ice Cream Cake.

 Some of the activities at Park City Mountain Resort

New duckies! They are huge!

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