Saturday, September 26, 2015

WWI #113 - Finally Some Success

Finally, the scale shifted a bit in the right direction. Let me tell you, the weekend was AWFUL. I ate so much both Saturday and Sunday and didn't move much. Weigh-in Monday morning was the new high. But then, things finally started to move. My numbers don't really reflect the change, but then again they didn't always coincide with the gains either. NUMBERS: Down 3.6 pounds this week. Average dropped .81 to 169.63. Average intake was 2350, average daily burn 2791.  I did have a small deficit for the week (-395).  Here's a quick recap of the past seven days ...

  • Friday (0918): It was a busy morning. I dropped off the elementary kids then ran to the grocery store. Rushed home to unload and then drive #3 to the middle school. Went straight back to the elementary after to help out with the "Olympics" there (#4's class). Hurried home to meet the appraiser looking at the house. Finished that up in time for after school carpools. Hubs went on a hike (I was invited but thought it would be too hard for me, as it was just the guys) and I SHOULD have gone to a Zumba thing ... but I was tired. Only a little elliptical for exercise today. Kept calories in control though.
  • Saturday (0919): The 8-11 year old girls were having an activity over at the church, and I had been asked to come show them some Zumba. We did four songs and I thought it went well. Also did 20min elliptical.  But eating ... Hubs brought home yummy donuts, we went out to Red Robin (fish and chips! cheese sticks, mudd pie) and then watched a movie while munching popcorn. BAD eating day.
  • Sunday (0920): Instead of our church, we went up to my brother's ward to hear his step-daughter speak. There was an open house with socializing and food after.  Pot roast and mashed taters for dinner, and then popcorn again. HORRIBLE eating day.
  • Monday (0921): Got up early enough to get in some elliptical before dropping the kids at school. Hit Zumba and a couple stores. Got in additional elliptical and bike. Made more banana bread, but limited myself to one slice and did keep calories in check.
  • Tuesday (0922): Early elliptical again, Zumba, more elliptical, bike. In the evening, #5 had basketball practice at the gym with a track above. I jogged for 30min/2miles. Eating was a tad high, but a good day.
  • Wednesday (0923): An hour of elliptical, Zumba and bike. #3 has been in MY gym making afternoon sessions harder to fit in. I hit a little WiiFit (in another room) and mowed the lawn. Really kept calories in check today!
  • Thursday (0924): An hour of elliptical, bike and Zumba x2 (once in the morning, once in the evening). Kept calories right at 2000.
Hubs had three pinewood derbies this week. #3 went along and helped for all three. #2 has been so busy working after school, I hardly ever see him! My little munchkins SO want to beat me in steps! They have upped their activity. They went to a neighborhood park several times this week to play basketball, and have been racing around the circle, and #4 has pulled out the jump rope too. I was pretty active this week too though (other than Sunday, when I didn't even get 4000 steps in).  #4 really wants to achieve the #1 spot on the Fitbit friends list! He actually surprised his Dad and I by saying that HE has lost five pounds in the last week or so! I didn't even know he was weighing himself. He is 12, and is a little more hefty than his brothers, but recently he's really been working on being healthier; just drinking water, turning down some treats, eating his "apple a day" ... both Dad and Grandma had commented he seemed to be thinning out a bit of late.

So that was this week!


  1. Your #4 son has inspired me to turn down some treats. Your comment about that stuck in my head last night. Wow. If a 12 year knows what to do, then certainly a 39+ person should know better! Thank you for sharing (and for being a good example to your boys).

  2. That is absolutely awesome that your kids are in competition with you for the number one fit bit spot! I love it!


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