Thursday, September 24, 2015

WWI #111 and #112 - Catching Up

So ... I haven't been very good at blogging lately. It goes a bit hand in hand with having success on the scale, and with food and fitness. If I have nothing to report, or just gains again, I'm just not feeling the motivation to spend the time creating a blog post advertising it all. I have had a couple readers check in ... everything is fine, just discouraged. I have still been recording my numbers, so here's a belated catch up for the last couple weekly weigh-ins ...

As of Friday, September 11, I was up 1.4 pounds from the previous week (167.7 to 169.1). Ouch. My average was also up (from 168.06 to 169.49). My numbers for the week weren't great, but again, weren't THAT bad. My average intake was 2571. Average daily burn 2800. I did have an overage of 1650. 

I'm not going to put a daily recap for the week, 
but it is all updated there on my Daily Doings page.

A few photos from the week of Sep4-Sept11 ...
 My SIL gave me highlights

We went on a Labor Day Hike
(along with the rest of Utah! It was SO crowded!)

 We celebrated #1 son's 20th birthday (even without him here)

 Had our case of pears ripen ... we've been eating a lot of pears! Yummy!

... and the next week's numbers. up again (.95), average also up (to 170). I did TRY to control calories some days, and dropped the average intake a little, to 2357. Average daily burn was 2715. Still over by 550 for the week. 

We did another family hike ...

 I helped out at the elementary - prepping shirts for their "Olympics"
Bleach and Vinegar. Smelly stuff!

... and the kitties are FINALLY getting along!

So there's a quick catch-up. I do enjoy my blogging. I often have little posts running through my head, and my weekly weigh-in and recap is good for ME to double check my numbers and reflect on the week. I'll try to keep it up (not the weight though! I want that to go DOWN).

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