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August 2015

Well, I keep thinking the weight can't possibly get worse when I am still trying. I haven't given up. I'm still exercising and still tracking my eating (or overeating as is obviously the case). Alas, August again went up. Started the month at 163.10 and ended it at 169.70. Yikes. One week, I had an unexplainable four pound jump. Those were my low and high for the month as well. Average was 166.49. As noted in the chart above, average intake was 2584, average daily burn 2820.

August was busy, as we crammed in all the end of summer stuff. We went on a couple of hikes, hit the lake with the waverunners, went to Lagoon (the local amusement park). Hubs organized a very successful family reunion, and the boys spent many a day playing basketball and swimming at the local rec center. August was the end of our duckie days too, as two of our duckies flew away, and we found a home for the one who didn't (as she seemed sad and lonely all by herself). We will miss our ducky time, although they did require a bit of time too. Hubs and I also made a return to the racquetball court ... I hope it wasn't a one time thing!

Last year, September/October were very good months for me. With the return to routine and the structure of school, I was able to control the calories better, and up the exercise, and I lost enough to dip down below 150. I'm at a higher starting point than I was last year, but I really hope I can regain some of my motivation and willpower to have some success this September.

***JenB's Journal ***

0801 (Saturday) Weight 163.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2502. Exercise Burn 600/744 (50minElliptical + Lawn Mow). Calories in 2800.  #5 had his basketball game at 11:00. I hadn't been able to pull off my video from the last few games as the card reader on the computer seems to have gone kaput. Hubs brought out a portable card reader, so I was able to get that taken care off before gathering more video footage. Hubs brought home some yummy donuts, and I indulged in other treats during the day. Got in some elliptical, mowed the lawn and hit the grocery store. In the evening, we went out to my brother's house. He's been helping us get our trust/will set up (something my mother has been pushing all us kids to do) and had hired a notary to come over to finalize things for us and for another brother. So we turned it into a party with Papa Murphy pizza. We stopped at Cabellas on the way home, wandering past the trout tank, trying some fudge samples and seeing all the animals on display. It was a fun evening.  
0802 (Sunday) Weight 164.3 Bad Day. Total Burn 1993. Exercise Burn 0/228 (no exercise). Calories in 3100. Fresh croissants for breakfast. I walked to/from church, that was only activity for the day. Got in a nice nap ... I've been sleeping really badly almost every night, but I was OUT this afternoon. In the early evening we went out to my folks for the monthly family gathering. Hubs made his waffle mix (we'd skipped our usual Sunday Circles at home). My SIL stepped up to man the other waffle maker, so it was a little more relaxing for me this time than the past few, when I've been "on duty".  My brother and his wife announced the gender of their baby, another girl! I worked a bit with my dad's Fitbit, as it hasn't been working. Got it updated and charged (I think the upstairs charger may have been on the fritz). Hopefully Dad can get back to wearing it again now. High calories because of excess snacking, including a piece of cheesecake, which I don't even really like that much.
0803 (Monday) Weight 165.1. Okay Day. Total Burn 3027. Exercise Burn 1150/1257 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2900. It was a cool and rainy morning. An instructor I like has started a Monday class at 8:30 in the morning. I figured I could hit it, and then go straight to Southziders. Back to back Zumba! I took a wrong turn on the way, which made me a bit later to my second class, but they hadn't started yet. The divider in the gym was locked, so we only had a half. We usually spread out more, but it was fine. I stopped at Kmart on the way home, then went to Smiths. With the cool weather and the rain, it just felt like a soup and breadstick sort of day. When I got home, I got started on the dough and got the breadsticks rising. I got in a little elliptical then worked on the soup, and used more dough to make cinnamon rolls. I really felt like I was on my feet all day. It was a yummy dinner though. #2 had his girlfriend over and she and our neighbor boy ate with us. Daddy didn't make it home until a bit later, but I'd made a second small pan of breadsticks so he could have some fresh ones too. No basketball practice in the evening, as the rec center is refinishing the floors. It was rather nice to have the evening off. With all the baking, my calories were high for a Monday.
0804 (Tuesday) Weight 164.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2694. Exercise Burn 740/926 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. The day started good, I had invited a neighbor to Zumba and we walked over together. Class was good. Another friend got a Fitbit ChargeHR! #5 had a dentist appointment at 11:00. I took him in, and while they were working I ran a couple errands (Walmart/Sears) and got back before he was done. Set up some additional appointments for the other boys too.  I made scones for the boys with the remaining dough from yesterday. Tuesdays are usually great workout days for me. Should have been weights and bike, but I only got in 30min on the elliptical. I was going to do 10 more minutes, but #4 was beating me in steps and seemed SO happy about it, I almost didn't want to overtake him. Also ... I was feeling rather crappy! I spent a bit of time just reading in bed. I did finish TWO books. Prepping a bit of salad for the duckie, I sliced the tip of my thumb. Ouch! Already feeling off, and now woozy too. Hubs was out late with a co-worker, and #2 worked late then went with friends for a final "summer overnighter".  Another high calorie day. Tried some of the new "Jif" Keebler cookies, and obviously I liked them ...
0805 (Wednesday) Weight 163.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2712. Exercise Burn 881/951 (30minElliptical, Zumba, Bike30) Calories in 2300. Zumba in the morning, with a quick stop at the store for things I'd forgotten in Monday's grocery store run. A little bike and elliptical during the day. My current show, "Call the Midwife" is great, but it's 50minutes each episode, which leaves me with odd numbers ... either 50 minutes or 30 minutes of elliptical.  The gym floor is being refinished a the rec center, so the kids can't play basketball this whole week, but I did drop them off to swim for a while. Kept calories a little better today.
0806 (Thursday) Weight 164.1. Good(ish) Day. Total Burn 3294. Exercise Burn 1517/1530 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike30). Calories in 3000. Great fitness day, but ate back almost all of it in food. Zumba in the morning, with ANOTHER store run ... I haven't been keeping a good check on what we need (out of milk!) Got in elliptical and bike. Hubs took a couple of the kids to see a climbing competition in Park City. I hit my evening Zumba and grabbed Crazy Bread on the way home. Calories spiraled a bit out of control today... TOM is coming.
0807 (Friday) Weight 164.7. Good(ish) Day. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 1019/1233 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800.  Debbie in Daybreak has had to cancel classes the past little bit, but she was back, so I hit her class in the morning. Got in an hour on the elliptical. Fitness was good for a Friday. Food intake was high though (those new Jif cookies are yummy, and I had Hubs make popcorn as we watched a show in the evening).
0808 (Saturday) Weight 166.4. Okay Day. Total Burn 2664. Exercise Burn 660/887 (10minElliptical, 40minRball, Hike). Calories in 2500. Not really surprised with the weight jump with the high food, and the popcorn late last night. Hubs made pancakes for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, it was a little heavy on the tummy. No basketball games today. Got in a mini session on the elliptical, but then didn't make it back down to my gym. Not that I wasn't still active, after a nap anyway. Hubs and I went and played racquetball, and then we went on a hike with the three little boys. Both were a nice change! But ... food intake was high for the day, even though our stop at the cupcake shop after the hike had an abrupt end when Hubs didn't have his wallet with him.
0809 (Sunday) Weight 166.  Bad Day. Total Burn 2214. Exercise Burn 100/439 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3350.  We did our Sunday Circles in the morning. I got in 10min on the elliptical and walked to/from church. Lazy day. Hubs made mac&cheese and the boys played on the tramp while we had some duckie time. Food was BAD ... between some Krispie Creme donuts that appeared, some red gummy bears Hubs bought me, and me making homemade oreos. And of course the waffles/bacon and mac&cheese too ... sheesh!
0810 (Monday) Weight 167.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3147. Exercise Burn 1385/1365 (40minElliptical, Zumba X2, Bike). Calories in 2550. Weight is up even more... not surprising of course. Did my double Zumba morning, 8:30 and 9:30 class, then got in some elliptical and bike during the day. Back to basketball practice in the evenings, but I just dropped the boys early at the gym and they stayed. Made fried chicken and yellow rice for an early dinner before. I only had a little, but still was over for calories for the day.
0811  (Tuesday) Weight 166. Good Day. Total Burn 3096. Exercise Burn 1070/1321 (30minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Hike). Calories in 2700. Started the day with Zumba, walked to and from. Only a few more weeks of that, as I don't have time to walk once school starts back up. Got in some elliptical and WEIGHTS, a full hour! In the evening, we went up the mountains for a hike. It was quite similar to the other in basic stats. Just over a mile, but it was a bit more of a climb in elevation. This hike, we had the entire crew along (grandma, aunts/uncles/cousins and even #2's girlfriend), and instead of leading the way with a quick pace, Hubs was in the rear, helping out. So I know I personally didn't push as quickly as I had on our first hike, trying to keep up ;) We're lucky it turned out. On the way up the mountain, it started pouring rain, and at the top, although it was clear, there was thunder and stormy clouds. Poor #4, my weather-phobic child was in quite a state. I found some headphones in the car, and pulled out the ipod with music on it and had him use that to try and drown out sounds of the storm. He was okay after a while. We went out to Crown Burger after.
0812 (Wednesday) Weight 166.4. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3078. Exercise Burn 1177/1301 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2450. Hmmm, not much going on today. The usual Zumba and elliptical, also got in some bike. Food ... not good, I don't think I ate one thing that could be considered nutritious. Hubby was out late. 
0813 (Thursday) Weight 166.4. Good Day. Total Burn 3118. Exercise Burn 1487/1341 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. No key at Zumba this morning, so we danced in the parking lot. It was actually very nice, a shady spot with a breeze, but it was short (just 40minutes). I got in an hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike at home. Hit evening Zumba, taking a neighbor who hadn't been before, so I didn't stop and grab the usual Crazy Bread. Actually kept calories somewhat in control ... even with some Snickerdoodles that Hubs had brought home from work. #2 texts late that he's going to a friend's for a sleep over ... at 11:30 when we are already in bed. That kid! I didn't sleep that great, had to get up and lock doors and such (usually he does that as he's the last one in).
0814 (Friday) Weight 165.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 993/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3300. Hit Zumba in Daybreak, and stopped and grabbed some Crazy Bread on the way home, as I hadn't last night. That was lunch.  I wasn't doing good today on eating, too many treats! Still some snickerdoodles and candy temptations. In the evening, Hubs took the boys over to Maga's house where he had set up three tents. Cousin sleepover. He took his projector and they watched a movie. #2 had to work, and got home late enough that he didn't think it would be worth it to go over (after 11:00). I indulged in a little popcorn, which wasn't a good idea as I was already way over in calories. And when I make it myself, it isn't nearly as good as when Hubs makes it.
0815 (Saturday) Weight 166.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2585. Exercise Burn 900/808 (60minElliptical, Bike). Calories in 2100. Back to a basektball game for #5 ... the crew did return from the sleepover in time (the game wasn't until 11:00). #5 didn't make any baskets himself, but he had a ton of assists! Easy win. Hubs was out looking at cars, as we need something for #2 (he's currently driving the older truck, but it's registration has expired and it won't pass the emmissions inspection without a costly and time consuming repair). Hate car shopping and situations! Craving candy ... Twix and peanutbutter stuff!
0816 (Sunday) Weight 168.6. BAD Day. Total Burn 1719. Exercise Burn 0 (no exercise). Calories in 3500. Hello jump on the scale! And today won't help. We decided to make the most of the end of summer and hit the lake with the waverunners. Hubs and work buddies have been out a few times, but the kids and I haven't had a chance this summer (not that it's something I really enjoy). We set out pretty early, did the stop at McDonalds where I indulged in a couple of hashbrowns. Yummy. We also dropped off our ducky. She's been lonely since the other two ducks flew away. We contacted the fellow we had adopted those two from and he agreed to take Andy. It was sad to say goodbye, but I think she will be happier. Snacking on treats while sitting on the beach ... I got in a few steps, but I forgot my Fitbit! I didn't even get in the water. It was a nice day. We had to get back as #2 had to work at 4:00. Hubs was craving some fried chicken I guess, so we went to visit him at work. He treated us to some extra cookies and a shake. Too much food today!
0817 (Monday) Weight 168.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3356. Exercise Burn 1565/1567 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2200. Hitting my double Zumba mornings while I can, before school starts. 8:30 class, then straight to the next one starting at 9:45. Made several stops on the way home, at Kmart, Papa Murphys (pizza and breadsticks for dinner), Walgreens (I had earned a $50 reward there through Fitbit Sync and some purchases in their Balance Reward program) and then, as I was passing Little Ceasers, I grabbed some crazy bread. I really need to stop doing that, as it's so yummy and I can't resist! Got in additional exercise at home, even considered hitting Debbie's Zumba to make it three in a day, but I didn't. Eating wasn't horrendous (it wasn't good) but not my usual motivated Monday. 
0818 (Tuesday) Weight 168.4. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2988. Exercise Burn 1200/1200 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. When Hubs gets up and off around 5:30 each morning, I am awake, and I often don't fall back to sleep. I just lounge in bed. That will end once school starts next week, and today I just decided to get up and get going. I hit the elliptical and got in 20minutes before walking to Zumba (also the last week for that, as I don't have time after kid's carpool) and hit my 10X10 Tuesday, which I haven't done in quite a while. It should have been a great day, but my motivation slipped a bit. Ran the kids to the rec center, then #5 had scouts and I went back to Walgreens to pick up some pictures for a photo project for the missionary. That's been taking up a bit of time too. Should have done weights today, but it didn't happen. 
0819 (Wednesday) Weight 168.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3076. Exercise Burn 1310/1287 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2200. Got up early enough to get in 10minutes on the elliptical first thing. The 14-year old and a friend have been working out in the mornings, mostly while I'm at Zumba, but sometimes a little earlier. I've been hitting a different Wednesday class, but went back to MZL today. My last visit there hadn't been great, but today was. I could tell right from the first song, my heart rate was up, and it was songs I knew and liked. They also pulled me up to do one, and then had me stay up as a "backup dancer" which I usually shy away from, but I must admit I do think it helps up the heart rate. Good stats today! I stopped for some shopping on the way home, hitting Sears and Walmart.  Additional exercise at home during the day. The boys hit the rec center again, trying to get the most of their membership before school starts back up. Unfortunately the tramp has ripped, so I did order a new one (from Sears, using some Fitstudio points) so hopefully that will be back up and running for them. They get a lot of activity on that. I thought about hitting an 8:30 zumba, but it's hard to get motivated that late. And, hubs is often only getting home around that time and would be asleep before I got back, and I want to spend a little time with my man! 
0820 (Thursday) Weight 167.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1265/1272 (60minElliptical, Zumba x 2). Calories in 2250. Zumba in the morning, some elliptical at home. #5 had a friend over, but they all still went to the rec center for a bit. I did get hit with the sleepies during the day, should have got stuff done while they were gone but it didn't happen. Other than I did stop at the post office and mail off a package (photo album and such) to our missionary in Mexico. Hope it makes it there okay! Made spaghetti for dinner ... it's a little hard to Zumba on a full tummy, and I did have Zumba that evening, but still got good stats. Couldn't sleep well for some reason though ...
0821 (Friday) Weight 167.6. Good Day. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 900/1166 (40minElliptical, Zumba/Bike). Calories in 1500. Crappy night, I'm not sure why. I think I did sleep a little after Hubs left, and before I finally rolled out of bed around 8:00. Crappy weigh-in, up two pounds again. Off to Zumba ... and I forgot my ChargeHR. Duh! I almost turned around and went back for it, but I was already running a little late (although I did make it there before the music started, just barely!) Missed checking my heart rate during and after. I passed Little Ceasers ... and did NOT stop and grab crazy bread (I didn't last night either, but last night everyone was full already anyway). Had a pretty productive day at home. Got in additional exercise on the elliptical and bike. Also cleaned some, prepping for school stuff, lawn mow, really never stopped and sat all day. Also controlled calories ... which was really quite miserable! Hubs took #2's truck to get it inspected, although we really didn't think it would pass ... it didn't. #3 rode his bike to  the orthodontist (it's close) as his last braces appointment had left a wire that was poking him.
0822 (Saturday) Weight 165.7. Bad Day. Total Burn 2470. Exercise Burn 400/697 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Busy family day today. Hubs was up and off running errands. I took #5 to his final basketball game of the summer season (they won). Now I really need to get to his videos! In the early evening, we had a family reunion, that Hubs had actually put together. Over 80 people, all the local family (his mom's side) and even one cousin from out of state came. Visiting, waterballoons, jumprope, memory books, family photo, eating dinner and donuts ... uber over calories!
0823 (Sunday) Weight 166.2. Bad Day. Total Burn 2352. Exercise Burn 0/576 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Today we had a family day going to Lagoon, a local amusement park. I can't remember the last time we went, it was years ago. Stopped at McDonalds for a quick bit on the way. As soon as the park opened, some of the kids went to hit the new ride "Cannibal" (and it was still a 30+min wait). #4 and I hit a couple others with Daddy. We met up with the other kids. It was pretty busy. Long lines. We were ready to call it around 4:00. Eating wasn't great ... lots of snacking. I actually hadn't done too bad at the park, but I ate quite a bit back at home.
0824 (Monday) Weight 168.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3011. Exercise Burn 1012/1222 (30minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2650.  The high school started today, so #2 was up and off early, as he's taking LDS seminary before school and it starts at 6:00. I did set my alarm, but I heard he was awake, so I didn't get up that early myself. Hit my usual double Zumba in the morning, last time for that for me. Stopped at a couple stores on the way home, then #3 wanted a ride to a friend's church to play basketball (which was the church I'd been hitting Zumba at a few times on Wednesdays). We had "Back to School Night" at the elementary. Happy that #4's class is inside, no windows even. 6th grade has been in the portables for the past few years, and I wonder if the principal moved them in just for my weather phobic boy. My 4th grader IS in the portables this year. We found their classrooms, met the teachers, etc.
0825 (Tuesday) Weight 168.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1235/1502 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS, Bike). Calories in 2350. First day of school for the other three today. #2 again got up and off on his own. I've been prepping his lunch the night before so I don't have to get up that early myself. The other boys got up easily too. I had been worried after the summer of sleeping in. I'm back to driving #3 to school. I got spoiled last year after #2 got his license and started driving them both to school. One drop off at 7:20, the elementary at 8:30. I made it to my 8:45 Zumba and hit my 10x10. Had a productive day at home, getting in additional exercise, even weights! Did some cleaning and such too. It was a good day, although I could have controlled the calories a bit better. Too many treats, and then I put a roast in the crock pot and made Brazillian Cheese Rolls, and those added up too!
0826 (Wednesday) Weight 166.2. Ok Day. Total Burn 2892. Exercise Burn 763/1116 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. It was a bit stormy today, so the morning was a little rough with #4. I went to MZL for Zumba, as it's nice and close, and I just do tend to get better numbers there then the one out by Sunset Ridge. I hit some stores on the way home (Sears, Walmart, Sams). The big bags of Brachs candy corn were available ... yes, I ate too much candy corn today! Only got in 30min on the elliptical. I was waiting for someone to stop by, and I don't feel like I can hit my gym, as I can't hear the doorbell downstairs. So ... it wasn't a super productive day.
0827 (Thursday) Weight 166.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3562. Exercise Burn 1765/1783 (70minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2200.  On Thursdays, I don't really have time to go home after dropping the kids off to school, so I just go straight to Zumba, even though I end up there quite early. Today, I stopped a couple blocks down from the church, dropping the car off at our mechanic, as the power seats/windows haven't been working. Hoping it was just a fuse that could be fixed in an hour, I left it there and walked up to the church for Zumba. Good class ... lots of purple today! After class, I walked back and yea, it had been a fuse, so we were fixed. Stopped at Smiths and grabbed my prescription and some groceries. Got in quite a bit of elliptical today too, I'd started early, actually getting up at 5:30 today, and getting in 30min before getting the kids off to school. I was wrapping up a series, and watching the new Walking Dead show. Got some reading in too ... I've had several of my holds come in all at once! Did okay controlling calories ... dang candy corn temptations! Evening Zumba too.
0828 (Friday) Weight 166.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2818. Exercise Burn 630/1039 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Happy Birthday to my #4 today. I was going to have nice fresh croissants but I forgot to lay them out to rise last night, so we did french toast instead. I got the kids off and went out to Heather's class in Sandy. I hadn't hit it all summer, as there were closer ones, but with school back in session, and late start at the middle school, it is the only one that fits my schedule... and I love Heather. I was a little afraid I would have "first time syndrome" again as it had been so long, but it all came right back and I got good stats. I stopped at Sears on the way home and grabbed some shoes and t-shirts to add to the few presents I had (oh, and picked up a new mat for the trampoline as well!). Early out at the elementary, then middle school pickup. Then we packed up for the weekend and headed up to Park City for a birthday weekend of family fun. The boys hit the pool at the condo and we went out to dinner. I'd brought up a birthday cake too.
0829 (Saturday) No Weigh In. Bad Day. Total Burn 2258. Exercise Burn 0/479 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. We headed out to grab some breakfast. There are no chain restaurant places like Denny's or Village Inn in Park City. We did a quick stop at Walmart (I ran in and grabbed a swimsuit for #4 who had forgotten his) and Hubs filled up with gas. We ended up at a Mountain Grill, which a website had said was inexpensive, but it was pricey for small servings! We then hit the mountain resort ... and want to talk pricey! It was $75 per person! Yikes. We hit the Alpine Coaster a couple of times first. The two little boys went with Mom and Dad the first time, then alone. Then we hit some of the other attractions ... the trampoline, rock climbing, a bounce obstacle course and mini golf. Then we did the Alpine Slide and rode the lift up the mountain. The lines were pretty long, and we all got some sun, even with sunscreen. The passes/park closed at 6:00, but we were all pretty much done by 4:00. We had a nice dinner (some at the restaurant, and bringing some back to the condo, as they had a take out deal that was so much better than the sit down prices) and then some more swimming and then to bed.
0830 (Sunday) No Weigh In. Bad Day. Total Burn 2017. Exercise Burn 0/226 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. I wish we could have extended check out in the morning to let the kids get in one last swim. Check out was 10:00, and the pool didn't open until 10:00. So we just packed up and headed home. We were going to stop for breakfast, but the location of choice (Pancake Haus in Sugarhouse) was packed and overflowing. We decided to just head home and make our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. The kids were anxious to see the kitties (after leaving them for a day and a half). It was nice to have some home relax time before the week started up again. #2 did have to go into work, and the rest of us enjoyed a dinner at Tepanyaki (#3's birthday choice).
0831 (Monday) 169.7. Good Day. Total Burn 3432. Exercise Burn 1350/1636 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1450. Okay, I admit I may have stepped on the scale more than once to get a reading under 170. I really didn't think I'd be seeing these numbers again. :(  Motivated me to have a good day. Got in my elliptical, zumba and bike and mowed the lawn too.  I even kept calories in control, despite Hubs deciding to buy a brand new car (the cost of which stressed me out) and it being #3's birthday (I resisted the birthday cake). Good Day.

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