Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WWI #124 - Stuck in the 60s

Not having my computer for a couple of week, I got out of the habit of inputting my stats, writing a daily journal entry, and updating the blog on Friday. Not that there is much to tell. Weight has been stuck here in the 160-165 for a while now. This week is no different.  For actual numbers ... official weigh-in was up 1.4 from last week, although the average for the week was down -1.56 (162.57). Average intake was 2286. Average daily burn 2619. Itty bitty deficit of -80.

Here's a quick week recap:
  •  Friday 1204: With late start at the middle school, I stayed in bed a little longer today. #3 actually got on his bike and rode to the store to grab some apples for his teachers (it was cold! I'd have given him a ride after dropping off brothers if I'd know he was that serious!) We went to school a little early, so he could give away said apples. If I'd planned ahead, I might have tried to hit a free Zumba class, but alas. Didn't go to the later $5 one either. Just not feeling motivated. Managed to get in 50 minutes on the elliptical (all 10min sessions). Did okay at keeping calories in check though. #2 had a basketball game in the evening, I had to arrange rides for #3 and #5 for their practices, but it was worth it to watch my boy play.
  • Saturday 1205: Basketball for two of the boys today (#4 and #5). I hit both games, but didn't get in any exercise. Eating was over today too ... watched some Homeland with hubby and he made me popcorn.
  • Sunday 1206: I had 10min left on my show (as I'd only done 50min on Friday) so I jumped on the elliptical to finish it up ... but that was the only exercise for the day. We had our usual Sunday Circles family breakfast and just had a lazy day at home.
  • Monday 1207: Back at it after the bad weekend. Up early. 90minElliptical, my Zumba and bike. Did a store stop and made Haystacks for dinner. Good productive day.
  • Tuesday 1208: Not up as early as yesterday, but still got in additional elliptical today (80min) as well as Zumba. #5 had basketball practice in the evening and I walked the halls while reading my book ... almost three miles for the hour. Didn't eat nutritiously but did keep calories in check.
  • Wednesday 1209: An hour of elliptical and my Zumba. Stopped at a couple stores, that always gets me additional steps. #5 had a basketball game in the evening, it was close but they won. Did okay on calories until I overindulged in some brownies ... oops!
  • Thursday 1210:   Only 40min of Elliptical today, but did have a good Zumba class. Definitely went overboard on the eating today. Hubs had a new garage door opener installed. I dropped #4 off at practice, then took #3 to his game (and had hubs pick up from the practice). Our boys couldn't quite pull off a shot at the end, and lost by three. #2 had also played in a tournament game, they lost by three in overtime. He sat varsity, and the boys and I watched it and it was being broadcast, and #2 got some playing time! Fun to hear his name announced by the commentator :)
... and couple quick videos ;)

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

I sure do love watching my boys play basketball! I take all the video clips and turn them into a highlight reel (see the full Junior Jazz game here, and #2's JV game from Friday here. Sometimes with the youngest, I have to wait until I have material from a few games before I have enough clips to make a muvee.) With four boys playing, and multiple games per week, I have quite a bit of computer catch-up to do ... and then blog about it of course! Speaking of sitting in front of the computer, I've spent a little too much time doing that right now, gotta get up and move!

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