Monday, December 21, 2015

WWI #125 - Wimpy Week

Well, it was a bit of a wimpy week. Things are busy with basketball and the holiday season, but the truth is, I've just been slacking off some. I haven't been getting in my early morning elliptical, and it's slipped from my usual hour per day to a lot less. I only hit Zumba three of the five weekdays. No bike, treadmill or weights. Wimpy week.  NUMBERS: Weight was down .9, although average went up a tiny smidgen. Average intake was 2293, average daily burn just 2344 ... that is quite low for me! That resulted in an overage of 2635.

Here's a quick weekly recap:

  • Friday (1211): No Zumba today, and only 40min on the elliptical. #2 was gone to a basketball tournament. I wish I could have gone to see him play, but it's a little far, and I had school and  basketball practices to get boys to/from. Lost a little control with the candy eating today.
  • Saturday (1212): Busy day, there was a Zumbathon but I just haven't been motivated lately. No actual exercise today. I dropped #5 off at a friend's for a birthday party then took #4 to his game. #2 was off to his tournament again. #5 had a double header, games at 5:00 and 7:00, I watched the first then left him with teammates, while I took #3 to his basketball game. Now to make highlight reels from all the clips!
  • Sunday (1213): No exercise again, and eating was over. We did hit Mountain Mikes for pizza, but it wasn't as good and #4 was in a bad mood. Snowstorm in the evening.
  • Monday (1214): Slow and snowy for the commute. Got the kids off without too much trouble and headed out to Zumba, but then traffic came to a stop. Not sure if it was snow or an accident or what but it wasn't moving. I knew I wouldn't make it, so I headed back home. I did still make my stop at a store or two. Only 40min Elliptical for the day.
  • Tuesday (1215): Yea for Zumba. It's so close I could walk through a snowstorm if I needed to, but the roads weren't bad today. Only 20min elliptical though, as the late afternoon was occupied with Hub's Christmas Work party. I had to arrange rides for the boy's basketball practices. #2 left for Orlando with the basketball team.
  • Wednesday (1216): Zumba and 30min of elliptical.  Ran #4 to a friend's house and grabbed Little Ceasers crazy bread on the way home. #5 had a late basketball game (9:00) but at least it was close.
  • Thursday (1217): Zumba and 30minElliptical. Didn't do bad eating today. Dropped the little ones at practice (Daddy pickup) then took #3 to his game. They won this week, and #2 reported in that they had won their game as well. Hubs took the three boys to a late night screening of Star Wars. I didn't go, it was past my bedtime!
Some pictures from the week ...
 Got snow? Luckily #4 is so serious about getting steps that he volunteered to shovel!
Looking smart and slender in his new jacket (that should be under the Christmas tree, but oh well)

The team off to Orlando, playing at the parks in between balling!
Both JV and Varsity took the tournament! Big win!

Look who was cheering on the team on Thursday!
The boys were very good!

Star Wars ... starting at 10:45. Past my bedtime!

I'll admit. I'm in a holiday slump. I've had a slight cold for a bit now, I just can't shake it. Not really bad, just makes me feel run down. While I usually enjoy exercise, it's been an effort lately. With all the holiday stuff, the routine is off, and it will be even worse the next couple weeks with the kids out of school. At this point, I'm just getting through until the New Year, and then hope the return to routine will get me recommitted. New Years Resolutions and all that ...


  1. This is such a difficult time of year that I think that anything close to simply maintaining is great. And, you did better than that. I know that the New Year always gets me energized again.

  2. Merry Christmas. You are doing great!


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