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Zumba Stats 2017

I'm a numbers gal ... I have no idea if my Fitbits (I wear both the One and the ChargeHR) are giving me accurate estimates as far as calorie burn, steps and heart rate.  I figure if I use the numbers to compare MY experience class to class, it will still be information worth having.

Based on previous stats ... for an hour Zumba class, I really hope to achieve a burn of 400+, steps over 6000 and I'm still figuring out heart rate (even after more than a year). An average at least in the 120s ... hopefully "in cardio zone" for at least 40min in an hour. Highs have reached over 500 calories, steps over 8000, AvHR ... in 2015 I was using a Polar (had some 139 numbers), with  my ChargHR in 2016 I only slipped into the 130s a couple of times. I also tried the Scosche HRM, a high there of 152 (it was always higher. I have quit the Scosche this year, sticking with just the ChargeHR for heart rate.)

Beyond basic stats ... for a while there I was hitting Zumba four days a week with absolute regularity. Weekdays, Mon-Thursday, four different classes. Occasionally I'd hit a Fri/Sat or an extra evening class.

So THIS will be a post in progress ... I'll update it each month with the stats. How many classes, the highs and lows, and fun photos. It's a new year. The chart image is small (to fit on the blog) but can be enlarged if you click on it.

NOT starting off good for January 2017 ...

Only eight classes for the entire month of January. I didn't hit my Monday Southziders once (it's my furthest to travel to, but it's a favorite! I usually get good stats there.) A couple of those Mondays were holidays (New Year's Day, MLK day) with kids out of school (and the class was actually cancelled ... not that I would have gone anyway). I've still been in a holiday slump, then got bogged down with sickness (nothing too bad, but it really messed with my motivation). I needed to step up and help teach a class ... which ended up being my high (as is often the case, being up on the stage and picking all the songs I know and like).  I got pretty great numbers that day! The ChargeHR 549, avHR of 131. Those numbers might be hard to beat.

February 2017
Again, not a great month. Not sure what I need to do to regain my motivation. Just 10 Zumba classes this month. Just two Monday classes ... once with Southziders, once with Debbie. I even missed one of my Tuesdays with Marian. I did get a good heart rate reading there at the start of the month though!

March 2017
14 classes. It's not that I'm burned out on Zumba ... well, maybe a little. It's more I got out of the habit. I hit my Tuesday/Thursday classes with consistency as always but all other days are off. One MZL on a Friday when the older boys were out of school. Mid month I started some "practice" Zumba on my own on Mondays and Wednesdays ... 30 minutes each time. 10 classes total and 2.5 hours on my own. No great numbers/stats this month though.

April 2017
 ...14 classes in April, a bit of "me" practice time too. I went back to Southziders once this month. I'm just out of the habit there ... it's a bit further, later start (so I don't get home until 11:00 or later) and they've moved more to the Zumba "strong" and I prefer the dance. I got a couple "subs" too ... met Cindy, subbing for Debbie when school was out one Friday, and a funeral cancelling Marian's Tuesday classes allowed me to hit Heather's, which was fun. 

 May 2017
17 official classes ... a couple days I did a full hour on my own (and some other smaller sessions). Pretty much just the "regulars" this month. This was the final month for Mountain View, which will be closing down. Sad about that ... but I do have a backup class!

June 2017
20 official classes, and two "classes" (full hour) on my own ... plus plenty of practice sessions. Some of the "official classes" were mostly me, as I was asked to sub. That ups/improves the stats some, as in addition to being able to pick songs I know and like, you do just give extra energy being up front. So I did have some 500+ calorie burns registered. One day with 7000+ steps ... Still not quite getting the HR up. Looking at the stats you can see just how much it can vary from class to class. Some days being in the "cardio zone" a majority of the time, other times not getting up there at all. So many different variables can contribute! Coriann is my new Thursday class. She has uber energy and prepared playlists (so no wasted time). A little more warm up/cool down than is my preference, and I'm still learning songs ... or I know the songs, but she has different steps. Also ... lots of crazy kids which are a bit of a distraction there. Kirsten subbed one week ~ I'd gone to her classes quite a while ago. Overall, a good month. The subbing (and upcoming summer subbing) has motivated me more, and in addition to official stats recorded here, I've done quite a bit of additional practice.

July 2017
Quite a few classes this month! Several full hour sessions on my own, plus additional practice that didn't even make this list. I had some subbing opportunities, and that is always a little incentive to brush up on some of the songs/steps.  With my Wednesday church having its floors refinished (thus gym closed for two weeks) I was able to hit Hollie (SunsetRidge ... it's been ages) and Southziders. I went to Southziders again on July 24 when Debbie cancelled class. Cancellation of classes on the July 4th holiday pushed me to the alternate MZL location. I had been there a time or two before, and somehow had it in my head as being further away than it actually is. Going back that Tuesday ... got me over the anxiety and I hit it again, getting in double duty for a few Thursdays.  While some classes had soggy stats, I had a few highs.

Pictures in Progress

ChargeHR screen stats from January 19, 2017
The numbers to beat this year!


My Monday-Thursday Zumba schedule is pretty routine at this point. I got out of the habit a bit for a few months there (Nov/Dec of 2016, Jan/Feb of 2017) I'm glad to be back to some consistency. 

During the school year, I can't really hit Fridays, as the free classes here start at 9:00, and the middle school carpool runs about 9:30. I try to hit a Friday if middle school is out ... and as school wrapped up, Fridays made it onto the schedule with regularity.  I did some switch up of classes ... while I loved my Southziders, it was a bit further away in Draper (about 20min) and started a bit later, which just took up most of my morning. So my Mondays are now with Debbie in Daybreak. 

I was asked to sub some in June (and will be subbing in July) and that has motivated me to practice more, even getting in a Sat/Sun session to keep up quite the streak there at the end of June!

 My sister and SIL came to my class one Tuesday in July when they were in town!

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