Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Weekly Review #209

And we're into August. School starts in a few weeks, and it will be interesting to see if the switch back to school schedules will help here with the scale at all. I think it's going to be a bit of a struggle to get up early again. Hitting my hour of elliptical as I get the boys off to school ... 10 x10 (10,000 steps by 10 am). Will that happen again? Will additional exercise help (it's the eating that's the issue). 

NUMBERS: Official weight was up .9. Average was down just slightly (-.33 to 178.93). Didn't do good with the eating (a bit of baking this week) ... intake  was over burn six of the seven days.  Average in was 2550. Burn average 2635. Only 295 over when crunching the numbers. I thought it would be worse. 19,076 for the step average. 58.2 logged miles. No 30k days, only four over 20k. One day with 3000+ burn (unfortunately a couple days with 3000+ intake).  Cardio minutes were 680/648/791. Weight workouts for 45 minutes. 

EXERCISE: No hour of elliptical, but I did hit it everyday (30min usually). Zumba classes Mon-Fri, so five total. Tuesday I was the teacher, on my own for the entire class. Didn't really get much extra Zumba on my own this week though. Four times on the treadmill, twice on the bike. One time with weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Back to basketball! #5 had a game on Saturday. Got out grocery shopping a few times... a quick trip to Kohls for new slides for #4 didn't take long enough to make it onto the graph (under 30minutes). The usual lawn mowing ...  my basic boring (and I'm okay with that) week. 

Here's a day by day recap ...
  • Monday (0731) Back to the standard summer routine. Started the day with Zumba w/Debbie. Only got in elliptical for extra exercise ... had some boys in my gym for several hours, I'll use that as my excuse. We have two ducks in the backyard again ... 20234 steps. 2787 burn. 1700 intake. 
  • Tuesday (0801) Good way to start August. I lead the entire Zumba class this morning. Sweat dripping in my eyes. My face was red for about an hour after! Hit the elliptical, treadmill and bike, and did weights (and a little hula hoop too). Lasagna for dinner, with homemade breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls for dessert. So yes, over on calories. I love bread! 25272 steps. 3082 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Wednesday (1802) A bit of a down day. Got in my Zumba w/MZL and 30min elliptical. Some shopping steps and I mowed the front lawn. 18871 steps. 2587 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Thursday (0803) Pretty good day for exercise, but over on the eating. Zumba w/MZL, elliptical, treadmill and bike. Had leftover dough from the other day, made scones for a late breakfast, and then rest into more cinnamon rolls. 23195 steps. 2773 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Friday (0804) Went to Zumba with MZL. Quick stop at the store on the way home. Got in some elliptical and some treadmill time. National chocolate chip cookie day, so I HAD to make cookies, right? 23043 steps. 2785 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Saturday (0805) Mowed the lawn. Just 30min on the elliptical. I'd hoped to hit weights, but #3 had friends over in the gym for much of the afternoon. #5 had a basketball game. 13135 steps. 2364 burn. 2750 intake
  • Sunday (0806) One session on the elliptical and a treadmill walk. Ozark binge! Finished the series while enjoying Hub's popcorn. 9784 steps. 2064 burn. 2600 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...

 #4 accidentally left his bag in the Uber after the airport. It had his nice headphones (which he'd bought with his own money) and his Fitbit Alta charger and other items. A few months ago, #3 had left his bag in an Uber (with HIS headphones and personalized water bottle and such) and  it was lost forever. Happily this time, Hubs was able to contact the Uber driver, reconnect and get the bag back! And if he looks a little under the weather ... he was. He started feeling a little sick on the trip and was down most of the week. #5 too, and #1 got it at the end of the week.

I had to clean out the crispers and restock veggies and fruits  now that the boys were back home. I THOUGHT I'd pulled out everything perishable (that wouldn't last the 10 days the guys were gone) but I'd missed a few items, and hadn't been in the drawers myself. There was some pretty sketchy stuff. Those drawers needed a complete cleaning!

Hubs on a hike Thursday morning.

My Thursday Zumba class has this HUGE fan.
I'm a fan of fans!

... and #1 napping in MY room, as I was using his room/bed to get the cinnamon rolls and breadsticks rising. His room has a Southern exposure, so it heats up, and I can keep the door closed to keep the kitties from stepping on the baby breads until it's time to bake. Unfortunately, I like to eat what I bake.

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